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Bu sfio.'floioi'i' c y 'nit -i i
fi'" tCBSCsirnox to xmsJ etekixo
Hy ( JZDITIOX (Including Tottage),
BF ' i'XK month, 30c: rsn tsah, $3,50.
K j f
HcV J 37k fallowing coinparUon is an exact record
HfV y W cc'urti, rrytOar, txmaVldV) edition of Tnx
Hft Would pn'niaZ dur-inj (Ac tewfc xreccding and
Hr the xecck following Vie last 'election: '
H tTW Mrt. AftivHctlm.
Hft- Randnr S207.300 1205,000
K Monday, 02,510 805,510
. Vandagr 267,000 200,500
E& Wednesday 208.000 317,010
Kfr? Thursday 203,080 284,200
K' Friday 200,180 377,800
PSj' Saturday 200,000 203,070
HT Weekly and rjemt-
K, Weekly 107,420 107,000
Bfh Total 1,022,020' 2,170,800
Jp 11V, ft tindtr(jnnl, fAe pajxr manufacturers
KK icAo tvpply the ddte paper used by the AVrto York
Htv Would, hereby certify that we liane carefuUy ex.
K.- amirud fA a&oc statement of circulation, and
K1 solemn? rrwir fAaf M corresponds tcith the
Kp " omoutii o uMte paper mppHai ly ut, uted by
HEfi ' Tbx Would and ciarycd up to Viem (in accord.
BhL eneewWicur mitAod o charging Toe Would
Mk AUD pointed) during the two xceeks specified.
by David O. Qabaiiuant.
i . ' Ycmk Haven Papeu Co.
HE& Ai.'D Paper Co.
Hg ' Glens Falls 1'apeii Mill Co.,
Br?H by Wm. B. Dillon,
Vr . Manager of Bales.
H?' W. II. Pabsons &, Co..
& by W. IWPabboks.
Lm ' &taUqfV9Tor1t, CtttfandCountyqfKntYoTjt.it.
BlTt Personally ippwrad before ma David O. Oahaiiiunt,
K?V etBoIkley, Dvnton A Co. YVn. I, Dillon, minuter
y ctsalsafortheYorkllsTcnl'aporOo., tbn husanelianna
Kjr Watat-rower and Paper Co. and Glens Falls Paper Mill
Hk Co., and W, II. PAnaoKS, of W, II. Parsons ft Co.,
pfv who, belnc known to ma. did append their sb? nature
K hereto asd swore that the forecolns statement la true
K and correct. William I. Suiuzn,
H Commlrslopsr of Deeds, City and County of Now York.
H$?' Maw Turk, Not. 1, 1887.
HI '
K (Agate Meaauremsnt.)
Klf Ordinary, 20 cent per Una, No extra price for ao-
Eg erpUbla display, Bualnaas or Special Notice, opposite
Ej ir Editorial pace, 00 cants per Una. Heading Notioea,
H?t . (tarred or marked "Adft.'M First pace, 81.00 per
mf Una i Fourth pvge, SI. 20 par llnai Inslda psa, HI
ML per Una,
Ke Tki ratMbradvtrtlilna in Ms Daily WOULD Jo not op
V& . Sfy to Us Zwtnlng iw. Itor do (As rats qf that Itiv
Krtl to Ms Morning Edition.
Hfjt Any decision of tho Court of Appeals
Kt should command respect. Both press and
K' pnblio should bo slow to And fault with the
Hk deliberate verdict of tho highest court in tho
K And yet tho action of tho Court of Appeals
Hr, In xcversine the decision of tho lower courts
Hpl snd orderlne a now trial for Jacoii Huaep is
Ev a TeT remarkablo phaso of jurisprudence.
BJ Thoro are certain extmordinary facts that
Hycoa not bo eainsald. First No rulinp; of
B(7udco Basrett in n criminal caso has
Bjr', lierotoforo been rovorscd. Bocond Tho
Kti selections of Judges Fotteb and Ituosn
H.Vto hoar tho motions for nppcal wcro
Hpv the occasions of tmfavorablo comment
K'ou tho iart of Bench, Bar and
Hf public. Third This decision was discounted
K in this city two or three wcoks ago. Counsel
Hw' for Scaup have reiterated their confidence in
Etft the result.
Hr:, The decision, to say tho least, is unfortu
Mi Hate in its general, effect. It will give an im
K& prcssion of the power of'money rather than
H of the impartiality of justice Tho poor
Bfe boodlers languish in Biug Sing. But the
Hv rich offender escapefl punishment tempo
Kv rarily and hopes to avoid it altogether.
Eiv .Five cities aro contesting for the honor and
W5 profit of being solvctcd as tho meeting-placo
Rr of the national conventions.
l' Now York, which has the least need of the
HTl&fiux of strangers and tho incidental shokel
K&,listrlbution, is unquestionably tho fittest
DK place on many accounts.
P ! This State, and that portionKf it within a
HHSitodiusof ten miles of City Hull, will prob
H& ably decide tho Presidential eloction. This
Ef' j is therefore a good spot to work in any help
K . which a convention might givo to tho coin.
E paign. Hore, too, is the great centre of
K news-distribntiou. Neither hotels nor a hall
E Wpuld need to bo impiovisod.
Hg' And still the West is a great country.
H&. The Chicago City Council has found thoi
Bb ' tight weapon with which to fight the Trusts.
ff It calls for legal proceedings to forfoit tho
Hg charter of every gas company in Vko city that
HPj has "pooled" its stock in tho'Chicago Gas
B' Trust.
Bj The Trust has secured control of all tho
Mj companies, and advanced t'ue prlco of gas
RHp 35 per cent.
VJ Ti csmpttnics wcre chartered by tho
Idw Pople, to serve th pvfblio. When they
Jf merge themselves in a mo uopoly to rob tho
gT (" publlo their charters sha aid bo repealed.
Kjj ii Truunce the Trusts !
M' The cold snap isnoloubt regarded by Gen.
K&' ' ' Newton as a vindication.
k),' But as ono swallow doesn't make a spring,
Ki neither does ono cold wave mako a winter.
Bl' There will bo throe weeks of 6afo digging
Kft yet if December shall be no colder than thtv
Hw average.
m' IJet reason and not red tape rule.
Hf" Xo department of Government work makes
Mf., A better showing than the Life-Sttving Sor-
HBr viae. Durins the last year it has assisted 332
HUp, disabled or stranded vessels and saved 0,272
R?, livet and $5,788,820 worth of property.
Kr The record of tho service is a record of
Hp heroism. Especially during tho past year
B' hi the press furnished abundant evldenco
H .'dauaUMidofoUoa to hardy dutyontho
part of the llf o-nvon of tho irreat lakes and
along tho coasts.
Tho attempt of somo politicians to apply
heir spoils theory to this service savors nl
most of sacrilege, Let theni keep tliclr lmnda
!0.' Np party, Lraud can inako or unmako 6
hero, and that is the sort of stuff required a
tho llfo.saring stations.
Jacob SnAnr has been granted a now trial.
Let It bo promptly given him. No now
preparation is needed. 'J'lio facts nro pal
pablo and proven. Tho evidence declared to
have been improperly admitted is not ncccs.
To lcavo tho veteran rich briber long at
liberty would scandalizo justice. Lot tho
now trial ho bet for an early day,
All tho witnesses on llcrr Most's sido,
whilo affirming that his speech wai liko tho
mournful cooing of a dove, admit that ho
did express a strong desiro to see tho execu
tioner of the Chicago Anarchists" only to
bo introduced to him."
This does not neccsuarily imply that Most
desirod to cxecuto tho executioner. Perhaps
he only wanted to tost his own norvo by con
fronting tho man who had mado Anarchism
unhealthy out West. Perhaps ho wanted to
ask tho instrument of tho law if ho sup
posed hanging really hurts much. Perhaps
ho wished to beg tho "minion" to repent,
and join tho " Joiiann Host Peace Society,"
and becomo a lamb.
That ho medltatod personal injury is not
probable. Big words and beer 'foain do not
hurt hangmen.
Tho word " monopoly " gives but an in
adequate idoa of tho naturo of tho Standard
Oil Trust. Thoro is indeed no ono word in
tho lauguago that expresses thofull meaning,
f or tho simplo reason that no Buch organiza
tion was over beforo known in tho history of
tho world.
Tho Standard Oil is not only n monopoly,
but an uttorly unscrupulous, conscienceless
combination of commercial buccaneers.
Composod of bouIIcbs corporations, its his
tory proves it tolio totally dovoi-fl of princi
ple, blind to everything but dollars, deaf to
everything but tho clink of gold.
It is born not only of monopoly, but
iniquity. Who will givo it auiamo ?
Tho proposed Burial Iteforiui Association
certainly has much to commend it. What
with exorbitant undertakers' bills and tho
prevailing ostentation ut f unorals.lying has
becomo very oxponsivo.
Such extravagant expenditure serves no
good MUrposo. It is opposed by clergy and
church. Only tho undortakors, Vho ilorists,
the hackmon, tho monument mak'crs aud a
senseless fashion favor tho lavish display.
With tho poor tho funeral oxpensos aro a
very serious matter. Tho draft upon their
slender means is often made at a time when
thoy nro least able to bear it. Itifcavory
common caso for a poor woman to hiio tho
mainstay of her support, and then to bo
heavily involved in debt by tho funeral.
llogpcct for tho dead should not bring;
needless Buffering to tho living.
Tho Harvard football team protctitB that it
has not protested tho roceut gamo in this
city, but docs not protest that it will not pro
testhoreaftor " at tho proper tlnioamd plnco."
Better reservo it till tho next garnet is played,
aud then try and lcavo tho othortf ollows to
A Baltimore mau mentions tho t" good
wntor" of that city as ono of tho inducements
to call tho National Presidential Convention
there. Ho must bo thinking of the Prohibi
tionists tho "tomporauco llcpublicans"
havo no uso for water at such.a time
Oh, not It cannot bo that IIiscocKfand
Belden aro out. Tho Senator could never
distrust nor-quarrel with a truly good politi
cian who has just received tho vindication of
a popular mnjority to Congress ten tiiuos
as big as como of Hiscock'h onru.
Tho ridiculous uso mado of tho word
'"lady" recclveslit latest illustration in tho
cnallengo of tho " champion female athleto
of America," whooxprcsscs a willingncbs to
" meet tho Pittsburg lady at any tiino and
placo sho may nuuio."
At last accouuts'tho Administration was not
chasing Commissioner E. Kllkuy Anderson
around Washington with a rod-hot iron
outlining tho brand of "Traitor."
Henry Geouoc announces that ho will not
rctiro from politics. Politics seems, how
ever, to havo retired from Henry Geouqe to
a vcryiconsidcrablo extent.
That General Term Judges must join tho
pnblio in concluding that "tho law" is,
liko tho proverbial whito man, " mighty
If Sullivan and Mncnr.LL really meet for
" busuicss.V politics und publlo affairs will
suffer temporary eclipso in England.
Tho pcoplo find it very difficult to retain
their respect for tho law sometimes, but thoy
try hard to do it.
Jacob Sharp's bail should bo high enough
to mako his selection of a foreign homo very
Tho boodlors in Sing Sing and tho exiles in
Canada must envy " tho old man " his luck.
James J, Belden is u very kind-hearted
man and on excellent legal adviser of counsel.
It is slow work making bribery dangerous
in this town.
A thrilling story in The World to-morrow
evening: "TheDeviVs Card,- or,Kol so Slack
a Painted."
Ilorr the Country Women Cat Down the
Wiiirrn or 1'oor People In New York
C'lty-l'lvii Hundred of Them nt Work
for Ono l'lrm-J'etr or Them Oblliud to
Tuke Hewing for a Living.
(trrciiL to Titr. ttohld.I
Paterson, N. J Nov. 29. A furthor
investigation by n Would reporter Into tho
business of distributing city shop work
through IWiiSc and ndjoining counticn has
ro culed n btcadily increasing business, tho
iixtcnt of which fow pooplo realize. Now
points of distribution aro being established,
and inoro agents aro being employed in this
now phoso of women's labor. Thoughtlessly,
no doubt, at first, tho stout, healthy farmers
wives and daughters wcro lod into a oompo
tition against their less fortunate sistors in
tho largo commercial centres. Although tho
city woman llttlo suspected it.tho reason why
tho shop work manufacturer has boon enabled
to continuously cut down her raoagro weekly
pittance, it has been bocauso ho had led tho
women in tho country to compoto against
In this strife tho advantages aro nearly all
upon ono sido and againBt tho shop girls in
tho cities, who aro compelled, by ndvorso
circumstances, to labor at shop work for a
livelihood. With thorn it is a desperate hand-to-mouth
strugglo for tho absoluto ucccssi
ties of life. To them tho landlord comes
around with tho first day of tho month. A
few cetits' reduction Iv. tho price paid for
"finishing" a dozen shirts or waists means
an anguish that no ono can rcalizo who has
'not been in want. Not fun ci oil want, but tho
want of warmth, food, sholtor or sufficient
rlothing to go about in to perform daily
Tho city woman is compelled to livo in tho
homo of many lioors and many occupants.
Her quarters nro narrow and dark. Thutiilo
of fuel necessary to keop them habitablo is
jealously watched for fear of wnsto.
How different it is in tho country! There,
lasgo, niry rooms, with tho pure sunlight
streaming in through many windows, and a
bright, glowing tiro sending forth nuiplo
heat und cheorfulncss. In mott of tho
houses visited tliero woro two or moro work
ers busy. Their merry laugh aud happy
mien wero in striking contrast to tho appear
ance and circumstances of thoso whom they
woro forcing to greater distress. No rout to
pay, no added fuel to buy, a man or boy to
keen tho nro going and bring in tho wood tr
coal. Every nosh of tho busy little needle
and every turn of tho unwinding spool of
thread meant smaller wages for those, women
liko them, sistors in want, who, for reasons
of various causes, wero compelled to compoto
against hrnltli and strength, which must in
tlio cud drive poverty to the wall.
the pioneers in tub business.
Tho pioneers in this country branch of
shop work, so far as can be learned, wero
Levi it Prico, Now York manufacturers, who
built a mill in Paturson about fifteen years
ago. Paterson was solocted bocauso of tho
largo number of farmors who visit it weekly
tho year around to ninrkot thoir produce,
which is sold on tho opou street or dolivcrod
to privato customers.
In most of these farm wagons a wifo or
daughter is sure to bo found. Sho can stay
in tlio wagon whilo tho fnrmor carries away
his goods. Tho Manhattan Shirt Mills, as
Levi .t l'rico called their new venturo, was
built in Itiver street, through which most of
tho farmers drivo to tho Main street market.
Signs of inducement woro hung out to tlio
country peoplo, and tho market wagons soon
begun to stop at tho shirt mill on their way
homo, until twenty nt n time could bo
counted thoro on n big market day.
A little work wus given, to bo returned tho
next week. Tho farmers' wives and daugh
ters told others, and tho now sourco of rev
enue becamo county talk.
Driving through tho country to-day, it is
no uncommon sight to see before eucii win
dow of a fnrm.houso n woman or girl busy
working witli a sowiug-machiuo. If tho vis
itor will enter tho houso ho will find them
working on shirts or waists. When spoken
to thoy sny manufactured, or as they term it,
"boughttm" things nro prottier thun homo,
mado. They nay that by doing shop work
thoy get mouoy to buy what thoy want.
not ron a livino, hot ron luxumes.
In somo cases tho work is done to really
cam a living, but in most cases this is not
true in tho country, wiicro tho husbands or
fathers of tho workors own thoir homes, and
vhoro tho oxpenscs aro met by money from
tho outside work.
The Would reporter in this travels was
shown a sot of furniture, a now carpet, a sot
of curtains, and, in ono caso, a wedding out
fit bought by money earned at shop work.
Ono woman said that her husband hud moro
thun $1,000 saved up to build a houso, and
sho wnH working to get mouoy " to furnish it
nice." In another instance tho man possessed
proporty that could bo sold for $16,000. His
wifo ww working at tho maehine to buy a sot
of lino curtains for her parlor.
Levi t Prico, after threo years, separated.
Tho original plant was kept by Levi t
Wechslcr. They havo 120 families stopping
nt their mills for work, and ninny of tho
farm-wagons on tlio market will bo found to
enrry n bundle of finished Bhiits to bo loft at
tlu mills on tho way homo, as tlio farmors
como to Paterson in tho middlo of tho night.
It was found necessary to have instructors
and distributors in tho now work to teach
und supply now hands and thoBo who can
not drive to Paterson. Mou weio taken to
tho factory, nud taught tho quickest and best
way of doing tho work. Then they woro Bent
out as agents for tho firm. They now have
two of theso who Urivo through throo coun
ties. now one aoent wobeb it.
David Allen, ono of the men, livos on tho
lino between the States of Now Jersey and
In'ow York, which gives him a central location
for tho two counties of Bergen and Itock.
laud, through which ho works. He has
several machines at his homo whero ho will
teach beginners until they aro cohipotent to
tnko Bhup work homo. Ho has taught num
bers of others at their homes.
Creating a demand for sewing-machines, ho
added an agency for thorn to his other work.
His homo at Chestnut llidgo is fouitcen
miles from Paterson. Ho works as far us
Nyaek, eleven miles boyoud. Ho gets his
shirts from Paterson, nil cut out and partly
sewed together. At first ho gave u shirt to
ouo woman to complete But now, ho says,
ho subdivides tho work, giving ono tho bosom
(o sew in, another tho ueck bauds and wrist
bauds to sew on, and n third tho bottouholcs
aud hems to make. This, ho claims, makes
oiperU in their lines and expedites matters
much. Ho haudles as high as 3,800 shirts a
week. Ho has morn thun threo hundred
women, employed. Some of theso do littlo,
nud very fow us much as thoy cnn. He said
that he had ouo girl who earned SO a week.
but he refused to givo tho prices that ho
puid. Holms had to strugglo for his work
and to koep his territory.
During tlio past summer It. H. Macy A
Co.. of Fourteenth street. Now York, openod
a factory in Nyack und placed it in chargo of
Miss Aood. A wagon route was started,
nud work was distributed by agents, but the
fu.ttory was closed this fall.
Henry U. ltothschild, of West Broadway,
Klingtmsteiu Bros., of 61 Walker street,
Myor Crans. of Walker street, Litchenstein
&. Lyons, and Miller it Sou, all of Now
York, also established agents.
Mr. Allen's tlold includes tho towns of
SpringVnlley, Mousey, Pearl Itivor, Clarks.
villo, Bardon, Blauvoltsville, Nyack, Pier
raont and Toppau in ltockltmd County, Now
York, and Park Itidge, Mont Vale, Itiver
Vale, Paskack. Hillsdale and West Wood In
Bergen County, New Jersey. This season he
. " .....: . i ' . " ' ' j ' , ..
will have a man to drivo' about for hurt. Be
does not wprk on, salary.
AMOTnxn field or competition.
John llcmsen, tho second out-door agont,
is paid a fixed salary. Ho lives In Patorton.
Ho drives a double teum, and Is off Hin,rondj
fivn days in tho. week. .His best routp'.lid;
says, is in Borgon and Bockland counties,
along tho lino of tlio Erie Itailroad to
Sufforus, twenty ndlc-s from Paterson. In
this drivo ho distributns in tho towtis of
Itivcrsido, lUdgowoud, Jlohokns, Alleiidnlo,
Itaiusoysand Mnhwah, Ho stnys ut Huffcrus
nil night, and crossing tlio mountains, as it
is called, at Masonictis, and roturns to Pater
son by way of tlio towns of Campgmi,
Wyokoff, Wortendyko and Midland Park.
Another trip is west of Paterson. tbrongh
PnsHnio County and tho towns of Poinpton,
Prcnkiipss, Dloomtif Id and Butler.
A third route) is byway of Clifton, Lako
Viow, Pnssnio, Franklin nud Belleville to
Newark, whom the linn opened u branch es
tnblishmcut n year and a half ago. 'ibis was
dono, thoy said, to catch tho country work
ors, Newark being another largo market ecu
tro for farmors for miles around in nil direc
tions. ltomsen said that ho supplied about two
hundred hands. This, with the number
who work for Allen and those who work
directly for tho mills, shows about how many
country women nro employed by this firm
nlono in competition with tho Bhop girls of
Now York.
.1 !
Any ono who wants to mako a iuccmi as a pianist
nowadays mutt posscua exceptional ability, for
there Is no Imttumcut on tills earth that has been
eo fatally abused, and of which people aro beceui
lng so Intolerant,
Who has cnt Buttered from the cxqnlalte anguish
of tho "Instruction book" with its hideous
" Leila's a Lidy," The Swiss Hoy " and "Cherry
Itlpc"? Who has not wept tho scalding tenra of
bitter rilstrtKH ns ho listened to tho practising of
some mUzulilcd maiden, and cursed tho days when
plonoswcro Invented?
Ahl the piano Is frequently cruel, often despised
of men, aud Hlways looked upon with distrust. In
the salon It la tho accompaniment to conversation;
In the hotel it Is the terror of ttio guests; la tlio
home It Is tliuply tragic
Yet at Wallace's yeatcrday aflornoon a tiny boy,
clad In a rallor'i salt, with plump f see of bread-and-butter
Health and an expression of chlldmh
Bftllsfnctlon, sat down to one of the hackneyed In
struments, and In loss than an hour had roused a
thoroughly critical audience to wonderful enthu
siasm. Young Josef Hofmann, extensively advertised by
Mr, Henry K. Abbey as tho musical marvel of the
age, gave n private coucert to the press and Mr.
Atibcj's frlendJ. The result snowed that nothing
had been exaggerated about the child, and that he
la Indeed simply a musical mnrvcl.
Ibato gushlnj In tho superlative, but frankly I
must say that I havo never heard llttlo Uofmann's
playing surpassed. It Is magnificent.
Ho gavo Mendelssohn's "Hondo Caprlccloso"
superbly. (I don't think I'vo uced that superlative
before). Hut ho was most successful lu one of
Chopin's waltzes an extremely difficult one. Ills
execution was extremely brilliant, his touch
staccata and sure, and his rendition absolutely
correct. Nothing better could have been heard.
If young; Hofmann nlayed only this waltz ho
would bo worth paying to hear.
I'apa Casscincr Holraaim did somo variations on
a theme by Iieettioven, .irrangcd by Saint Saeru,
with tho boy, and though a duct Is not much of n
test as to tbe ability of either ono of tho players. It
was evident that young Josot did somo extremely
effective work. IIo also played n mazourku and
potonalso of his own composition, of Which It Is
not necessary to say very much. Then Itudolph
Aronson blushlngly suggested ten bars or so of his
exquisite two-by-thc-hour waltzes and young
Hofmann elaborated upon it In a truly artistic
manner, while too audience went wild with de
light. After the recital I spoko to young Hofmann, but
found he was too young and lnuocent to be Inter
viewed. Ho didn't even know enough to say that
ho loved America and the dear Americana, and
wasohl so glad to bo here, Alan Dale.
Prof. Dell has constructed a machine on tho
general principles of tho typewriter, for facilitat
ing conversation with deaf mules.
Tho fortune of Chris Yon der Ahc, the baseball
man, U computed at $200,000. It has all been mado
out of tbe great American game
Jacob Undcn, a carpenter at Unlnth, Minn. , fell
from a scaffold and broko his neck several wcckB
ago, but he la still living and enjoying eood health.
Ensign Stowe, of Caro, Mich, , was leading a
cow to pasture when tho animal gavo a sudden
Jerk on tho rope and polled his thumb completely
Mrs. George Winter, of Cincinnati, recently
coughed np a piece of bono which she swallowed
threo years ago and which lodged In one of her
Itusse'.l Bago cats cracked wheat for breakfast
863 djys in the year and Is very fond of baked
apples. Ho Is also very partial to bread and butter
with a thick spread of honey on It.
Abraham llurbank, who died in PlttsQcld,
Mass., tho other day, worth $soo, 000 was a stone
and brick mason, and worked at his trado until a
few days before his death. A trowel was his only
possession when ho settled In I'ltlsflcld In 1S34.
A burglar entered tho houso of Mr. C. 1". Jan
noscli, In Kalamazoo, Mich,, one night last week
and was passing through tho dining-room when a
parrot In the room called out loudly: "What are
you doing theret" Tho bird's cry aroused Mr,
Junnoscb, and tho burglar fled In haste.
The remains of a prehistoric race of giants havo
frequently been dug up at St. Augustlno, no.,
and last week. In excavating for a collar, a work
man disinterred an Immense Iron crowbar which
must have been used by tho unknown aborigines.
It It ten feet long, tapering at each end to a sharp
point, and weighs 190 pounds. ,
The peoplo of Chlco, Cal,, aro trying to solve tho
Chlurso question by colonizing tbe obnoxious
Celestials just outsldo the city limits. Gen. Bid
well has glvoa ten acres of land for the purpose
and the city agrees to furnish lumber enough to
erect bouses and all tho water that may bo needed,
free of chargo.
A clause In too will of John J. Ilid-n, Jvho died
In San rYunclsco recently, read: 'I bequeath to
my dear children my undying love, which I hopo
tlicr will as lovingly accept and retain towards
each other. This precious ultt will not perish with
my body, but will llvo for them throughout all tho
aiteaol eternity."
When Mr. W. II. Heaton, of Gl&asXoro', N. J. ,
was a guest at a Philadelphia hotel moro than
twenty years ago, a thief atolp his watch. Last
week ho received by express a small parcel con
taining a handsome gold watch and a noto which
read : ' In this box you will Cnd a gold watch
to be recognized as a substitute for tbe ono taken
from your room in a Philadelphia hotel In 1603. "
i si
Bcolt'a flllucra All DIschnraed.
(srrciaL TO TBS WOnLU.I
PlTTSSuna, Nov. W. A most tlguldcant and
Important move In connection with Congressman'
Scott's Oat refusal to pay the S per
cent, advance occurred yesterday at Scott
llavon. William Duncan, tho superintendent,
of the 'Coal King's" two pits, known as mo
Southwest and Duncan Hollow, In compliance with
an order from Mr. Scott, dtichatged all the men
and suspended operations until further Instructions.
Now Euclnud Depot nt Hartford sliirned.
IsricuL to tux would.)
IUiitfokd, Conn., Nov. The temporary
passenger station of the New York and New Eng
land Itailroad In this city, a frame structure, was
totally destroyed by are at V o'clock tola morning.
Wbrift'of sooiETrtiiK;
, ,(" , IlMcitE TMry-ivfeHINO! ' 'A! Hi
' -"' .lrf-& "'' "oTCJ.lOt)
Mr. It. A. Mncrcruly nnd Itlliaa Katberlno
Motley to bo Mnrrlrilnt 001 I'll 111 Avenno
-Mr. I'reilcrle Tnlier L'aoper to Wed Mian
Killtli Iteilneld In I bo Writ 1'rcnuylerlnn
C'lmrrli-Otlier Horlnl livcnta.
filgV;, a ljPW IIUIIC II weddings
5&iMlif t0-dny' thTCl ot: l0
nwtz3 Fs& llny,tf 'bri,u,f"r t,inB
fel wi!i)"mri,cd ?! llom!!- A
U l&i& m5ZIyeTy l,rotty redding
"I Oj(ifcwli''""s ' Macrcndy nud Hiss
Wk!cotJ ' Knthcrino Motley,
) TvTlA 1 dnughtcr of tho lato
1 tOl la t Jnmcs M. Motloy,
I I 1 1 1 til which will be celo
' mi i )ljMnVri-Tr',rfttc nt 8,8 'c'oc'c
II CI t iMQpnftp lllts ovoning at 604
yfeL nb"l l'ifth nvonuc, tho
JF2,t( xllv. Arthur Brook3,
si ulvjxa?'? assisted by tho Itov,
7 t CP- T M Niven. of Dobbs
Ferry, an undo of tho brido officiat
ing. Tho brido will wear a whito satin
gown witli train, aud front of duchessn
lnco, Tho corfago will bo de'collotc' nud
tho veil of tulle. Tho diamond necklaro
worn is a gift from hor brother, Mr. T. M.
Motley. Tho other diamonds to bo worn
woro presented by tho groom's mother nnd
tho groom. Tlio brido will carry a bouquet
of lilies of tho valley.
Mr. W. Mnerendy will bo tho bcBt man.
Mr. Dunbar Wright, Mr. Elialm Walker, Mr.
Wnltcr Watson and Mr. James M. Motley
will bo tho ushers. Tho bridesmaids will bo
Miss Kstello Doremus nud Miss Josephine
Slono. Thoy will wear loso faille, with front
of silver nnd tullo, mudo walking length,
Tlio long drawing-rooms will bo decorated,
ono in pink and the other with yellow roses.
Tho couple w ill stand during tho ceremony
under mi arch of ferns und roses. Tho brido
will bo given nwny by her brother, Mr. T. M.
Motloy. Tho presents aro very haudsomo,
including many fiuo diamonds nnd bronzes.
Tho reception after tho ceremony will last
until 11 o'clock to-night.
Tho marriago of Mr. Frederic Tabor Cooper
and Miss Ldith BedUold. daughter of Amasa
A. ltedfield, will taka placo this ovening ut
II o'clock at tho West Presbyterian Church.
Tho llov. William II. Cooke, of Trinity
PnriBh, an uncle of tho bride, assistod by the
Itov. Dr. I'axton. will officiate. Tho wedding,
gown will be of rich French faillo with train,
Tho fiont drapery will be of old English
lnco, mado to older for tho occasion. Tho
tullo veil will bo fastened with
oraugo blossoms. Tho bouquet will bo
of whito roses. Miss Edith Stratton
will bo tho maid of honor. Sho will wear
draperies of braided tullo over whito silk.
Miss Eliza Gridley, Miss Ncllio Davis, Miss
Annio 'Whitney, Miss Plioabo Gridley, Miss
Mabel Lines and Miss Mamio Cooke, n cousin
of tho brido, will bo tho bridesmaids. Tlio
III st two in tho bridal procession will wear
rose tullo over Faillo, and tho last will bo in
caunry color, nil carrying baBkots of flowers
in their hands and wearing aigrettes to match
thoir gowns.
Mr.llobert Latimer ltedfield will bo tho
best man nnd Mr. Charles Cushmau, Mr,
Stovons, Mr. Henry Buck, Mr. J. B. Elnion
dorf , Mr. Henry Leonard and Mr. Luis J.
Phelps will bo tho ushers. Tho brido will
bo given n'wuy by hor fatlior. Tho reception
after tho wedding will bo nt tho homo or tho
bride's parents, CS West Forty-eighth streot.
Mazzotti serves tho supper. Among tho
guests oxpectod aro tho following-named
persons :
Judge and .Mrs. George C. Barrett, the ltev. and
Mrs. William II. Cooke, Judge and Mrs, Larre
morc, the Misses I.arrcniore, Mr. and Mrs. C. O.
Cooke, Judgo nnd Mrs. Brady, Mr. and lira. David
Ivlson, tbe Misses Ivlson, Judge and Mrs. Henry
Ilookstuver, Judgo and Mrs. George M. Van
lioeBcn, Dr. and Mrs. Paxton, Dr, and Mrs. Hast
ings, Mr. and Mrs. Koines, Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge
J' er, Mr. and Mrs. J.iincs K. Mason, Judgo aud
Mrs. Noah Davis, Mr. and Mrs. II, C. Bunncr.Mr,
and Mrs. E. A. Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
I'lielps, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Warner, Mr.
and Mrs. Austin Abbott and Dr. and Mrs, F. G.
Mr. Henry L. Wolff nnd Miss Lisetto
Boinhnuer will bo matried nt 7 o'clock this
evening at 012 West Fifty-eighth street, tho
homo of tho brido's father, Mr. F. Bein
hatter. Tho Itov. Dr. Ocrtor, of the First
Beformcd Dutch Church, will officiate.
Tliero will bo no bridesmaids. Messrs.
Louis ittith, August Wolff, Augustus Boin
hnuer and Alfred Jleinhaucr will be the) ush
ers. Tho bride will wear a gown of heavy
Vhito moiro, with train, nud front of
duehesso lace. Tho corsago will be high
aud tho tullo voil will bo secured with dia
mond pins. Thoro will bo other diamond
oruuuieutB worn. Tlio bouquet will bo of
whito roses. Tho couplo will stand under an
arch of Dowers.
Mrs. Joshua J. Henry, of H East Tonth
street. will givo n reception this afternoon from
4 until 7 o'clock, in tho samo drawing-room
in which sho hersolt was married, in honor
of her son, Mr. Howard Hcury,and his brido.
Miss Mary Strong. Miss Honry, Miss Parsons
und Miss Marshall, tho bridesmaids at tho
recent wedding will assist in receiving, Mrs,
Howard Henry will wear her wedding
gowu of whito satin and moiro, with high
corsago, and tho bridesmaids tho whito Bilks,
w itli brocade stripes, worn ou tho samo occa
sion. Among tho guests expected aro: Mr.
nnd Mrs. Samuel A. Strong, Dr. and Mrs.
Everett Hcrriek, Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Par
sons, Mr. nud Mrs. John E. Parsons, Mr. and
Mrs, Barclay Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Derrick. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoffman Mrs.
Harry Allen. Miss Allen and Mr. und Mrs.
Daniel B. Allen aud many others.
Tho first musicnlo of tho season will bo
given by Mrs. W. B. Shattuck, of 123 Fifth
aveuuo, this ovoning, Mrs. Francis Bun-all
Hoffman, Miss Adolo Graut, Miss Paget,
Miss Cclcsto Stauffcr, Miss Ashmore, Miss
Cornelia Van Auken, Miss Ada Smith, Miss
Buttorflold, Miss Ely, Miss Darlington, Mies
itichardson, Miss Watson nud Miss
Dlunchnrd Thompson will assist in re
ceiving. After tlio musjcale a pink supper
will bo served. The amateurs that will assist
will iucludo Mrs. Florenco Itlco "Knox, Miss
Schack mid Mr. Percy Sherman, Tho pro
fessional talent employed will bo Miss ltfdcr,
Mr. Comstoek, Mrs. Dutton aud many others.
Mrs. Shattuck's musicAlos woro so successful
this season nt Lenox thnt sho will contiuuo
thnm thin winter at her city homo.
Mr. mid Mrs. G. H. Schwab, of 175 West
Fifty-eighth street, will givo an "at home"
this afternoon.
To Her v Ire us IIet Mttn, 8100-I'uId.
Locisvii.le, Nov. 29. It was published recently
Hut Col. Nicholas Smtth, the Kentucky beau, had
sent Klw.ird J. O via, 'ton, the Paris kid-glove
dealer, recently married to Miss Georgia Maize
here, a bill for nearly I23Q fcr his services as bun
man. Ovluiftou wrote to the editor of a Sunday
Ejper that It wus true Smith hud sent a bill and
ad been paid f 100. He njs jIpo that he returned
the present slvta. by tjuilth to the person from
whompuroliated. This was done because ho did
not suppose the present was paid for.
Cliarscd villi) l!uibezzJcmtut.
Charles McUce, an employee of the dry-goods
Arm of Northerner A Co., of WJ Broadway, ap
peared SB complainant In the Essex Market Police
Court this morning against John S. Wctherell, a
truck-dilv.cr for the firm, whom ho chsrgod with
collecting and appropriating to nls own use t70 or
bis employer's money on Sept, to. Wetbcrell said
that he was authorized by the firm to spend tlio
money la dramming up trade. He was held for
Annlo Vlftiiln Insane.
Mrs. Annie J. Flggms, who was brought to
Bcllevuc Hospital last 1'ildoy night, was pronounced
insane yesterday and sent to the lunatic asylum
on Blackwell's Iiltntl. Sue Imagines that she It an
actress and Is known on tho stage aa Annlo Nelson.
She ta the wife of James ITIgglns, a guard on the
elevated road.
''vftiH. ouNNEB'3'traw Quiima. ""'
The New Uptown Station Occupied by Copt.
Gunner nnd III Men.
. , , , ,, r. iJ, HE' iio'Ucoirien of tiie
' trJ ' wi!i'to'.ulfjWtiUTOrtdi
Wf 1, roll'Cnll In tho big hall
pi """vffd I ' uo uow sta"on n
m & E"81 Blxty . sovcntli
3Prk street. It is an impos-
s&M -fcXPy. ing-lookiug structuro
vMk. v.J nud is just twenty feet
VJ2rsM WC8t of tho Firo Do-
'"-JSUsT S partment Headquar
ters. Thcrb aro five,; stories, tbe top one
being n bo'rt of a tower, from which rises a
tall flag-Btaff.
Tho building is erected on what is known
ns tho " Hamilton land," which, ns values
run, is worth $00,000. It has a frontago ou
East Sixty-soveuth street of seventy fcot.
Tlio main structuro is Bixty feet ten inches
deep. With tho prison attachment ittukcB
up tho wholo lot of 102 foet.
Tho lower story is of granito, nud tho
other four of brick, with sandstone trim
mings. Two tall lamps shed thoir light on
tho fivo nrnnito steps that lend to tho en
trance. On tho right, insido, is tho desk
whero tho sorgcaut holdB court on tho hap
less prisoner. Back of tlio rail a door opens
into a business office in which is tho Boguo's
Across tho hall is tho captain's offlco, off
which opens his sleeping apartment. Down
tlio hall on tho right nro quartered tho senior
sergeants, in a nice, cheerful room with n
pretty carpet. On tho lett is tho room whero
the policemen gather preparatory to march
ing out.
At tlio end of tho hall is a small door lead
ing into the prison. Tlio cells hero nro mado
of bqilcr iron, and aro in tho centre of u
court. It is next to impo&siblo for a prisoner
to escape.
Tho basement 1h occupied by more colls,
bath-rooms for captain, Borgcauts and patrol
men, and n drying room for tho clothes of
policemen who aro caught out in tho rnin.
Two stories of tho upper floors aro occupied
by tlio patrolmen. Thoy nro fine, large, niry
room, with accomodations for 150 men. Tlio
fourth floor is vacant, whilo tho fifth, which
is n long room, is to bo fitted up as a gymna
sium. All theso rooms nre finished in cherry.
Electric bells lead to every room, so that
tho men con be called on at any timo by tho
sergeant nt tho desk. This will savo tho
roundsman lots of work.
All tho bedding, furnituro nud fittings nro
now. Thero aro 1)1 men connected with tho
btation, but thoy will bo increased by 20 men
in a Bhort time. Tho cost of building was
$85,000. Tho hotiBO is considered n model
ono in every respect. Thoro is talk of having
n patrol wagon connected with tho station.
Capt. Gunner, who has command of tho
Twenty-fifth Precinct, has been on tho forco
twonty-six years, having been appointed in
April, 18C1, nud everybody wishes him a happy
timo in his new quarters. Tho old building
in East Fifty-ninth streot is being eagorly
sought after.
A Source of Anxiety to Captnlim Lest Bunco
Men Pick Them Up.
(y-a, f T OW many times has
tW) I i!r "ie fllwiug story
T&y r been told? A police
AT pr I I niau in full uniform
IVA "')V 1 1 wnB l'a,roU'nC an up.
US-rVA 4 town stroot. Astrangor
rr aM .Js 'u k cy approached
1 1 A m ' wh- him and asked the
.tWrl "(fAi d'rotfon of Broad
."YjrvSlia?" way. " It's over thoro
.r5--Ctjj--iiisomowherc,'' replied
policeman. " How far over," inquired the
stranger. " Threo or four cross roads, I
beliove," said tho policeman. " Keep right
ahead until you como to n stroet whoro you
will boo crowds of peoplo and hear a mighty
noiso that's Broadway."
Tho policeman had donned tho blno and
brass buttons tlio day beforo, Ho was fresh
from the Bait fields of Onondaga County, and
had been appointed through the iufiuenco of
a country Senator.
It is said on tho authority of an export that
there are nt least three hundred men on Now
York's polico forco who owo thoir appoint
ment to rural members of past Legislatures.
A majority of theso countrymen who ore
now members of " Tho Finest " wero for
merly potato-diggers or threshers of wheat.
Many of thorn had never seen Now York until
thoy camo hero to bo examined preliminary
to appointment.
Onco upon a timo a tall ' and very green
countryman was appointed a policoman and
assigned to the then Twenty-ninth Procinct.
The great nnd only Alexander Williams was
nt tho desk whon tho farmer walked in.
" Another bunco case," sighod Williams, as
ho glanced at tho Ser- .nfflitiilTS'
geant on duty. Jl tfffJ ,
When tho farmer IVllvfctfi' if
showod his credentials, ft I
Williams raised his yflL'i 1 1
eyebrows, lookod at Sr-lhu Ol I
tho farmer for a full " tLrGt J
minute aud then ro- nf L$
marked to tlio Ser- t-j I Hu-j
geant : "Got on Xr fJ
to him. Ho looks ( Cr Jl-
as if ho carriod a beet ; j-- r fg;
in his pockets. Guess cLJ-
wo will break him in B CJ5
on tho Sixth avenno
beat. If ho don't put his uniform on in a
hurry, somo of tho confidence boys will pick
him up."
" Supposo wo keep him dressod up as he is
and ubo him for special work," put in the
" No good," repliod Williams, "for if wo
don't put tho buttons on him ho will either
bo run over or shanghaied."
Moro farmers aro to bo nddod to tho polico
force, having passed a civil-servico examina
tion and being backed by tlio influence of
rural Senators nnd Assemblymen, nero nro
tho names of countrymen on tho eligible list :
Henry Atwater, Chenango Forks, stock dealer,
Elmer K. Knapp, HavcrstMW, salesman.
KgDert L. Uasbrouck, BolsvlUc, Ulster County,
W. J. Callaghan, Highland, Ulster County, line
man. Dennis Drlscoll, lloslln, Queens County, tele
graph operator.
Francis Tlmmcrman, South Cairo, Greene
County, farmer.
Democratic Mnjorliy Id Tlrclula 3,100.
IUcniiOND, Va., Nov, 29. The Stute Board of
Canvassers wero engaged all day yesterday footing
up tho returns of tbe recent action and cousldcilng
contests. At a late hour last night the
figures showed that tbe Democratic vote
lu tho Stato was 119,806, und Ite
publican 119.SS0, n Democratic mnlcrlly
of 420. In tho iivo counties lu which tho Demo
crats had no candidates for tlio House, the veto lor
Guv. Leo In lbS5 was o, ass, and In the two counties
In which tholtepubllcans had no nouse candidates,
Wise In tho same year received slU vote, making
the estimated Democratic majority lu the State
Ileal Clrntlllty.
ttt-om ur.J
"D'ye molndc, Mrs. Fltzpatrlck, a young lad
be the name ot Pat M'JIafly was stoppla' along wld
the Lynches about this timo two year ago t"
" An ta li tho M'Haffys of Carruk t Euro an' I
knew them Well In the ould countbry, an' It's an
llegant tamlly they are, Tho foloest family In
that part of Ulrland, Mrs. O'ltafferty, What you
might call the rale Olrlsh glntlitty. An' that young
Pat Is the dlvll'a own bod.
1 a
A Little Ctrl In Hard T,uch.
Nine.year-o.d Ann O'Kcefo, of 85J East Thltty
second street, ran to meet her father on the stairs
of her home last night, on his return from work.
She tried to kiss him, when she lost her balance
aud fell down a night of stairs. She sustained a
compound fracturs of the leg. The doctors think
tnat an amputation will be necessary. She was
removed to lieueiue Hospital.
AsHsliii iiii 1 1 iisti alBjssin a, -,k an 1 isrfiik lst Hi tf is Nift ts
MlaaW Just a Woelt To.NIBbt-Tbo Btrango
Dlsupueuninro of a Hliop.Utrl- Did Sho '
Walk Into tlio Itiver by Accident t-bnee
In IHooinlnsdnlr, but Ilcllevrd to IIslt
1'uUy Itccovcrcd Her Mental Health.
Tho mystery surrounding tho disappear,
nnco of pretty Mary J. Lynn, is to-day as
doop as ovor. It is just a week to-night since
Iho girl budo her sibter good night and
Blnrtcd for tho Sovonth Avenno United Pros
bytorlrm Church. Sinco that timo, kindrod
and friends havo discovered nothing of her
whereabouts. Tho theory was first ndvancod
that sho had fallen into evil hands, but that
theory has gradually given way to othors,
equally piausiblo porhups, but allko fruitless.
Miss Lynn wns young, modest, Intelligent K
and unassuming, with a round, pretty faco, . '
big eyes and a lot of wavy, brown hair. Sho ,'
lived with hor parents at 253 West Twenty,
first street, and was employed nt Lo Boutlllier
Brothers', West Twcnty-third street, Bho
was always full of fun and was always willing
to sharo another's burden, howovor heavy it
chanced to be.
Threo years ago tho young girl overworked
herself, nnd as a consequence was stricken
with malaria, her brain was affected nnd sho
spout a period in tho Bloomiugdalo Asylum.
After herdischnrgo nil her old animation
seemed to return, and no indications wero
noticed of aberration of mind.
.Tuesday ovening Miss Lynn left homo to
visit her sister. Mrs. Fanny Kcnnody. who
lives nt Cll West Twonty-flrst street. Sho ro.
maiucd thcro somo timo, nud about 8 o'clock
btnrted for church to attend tho singing,
school, whither hor sister Knto had previously
gone. The missing girl was vory religious and
was exceedingly interested in hor Sunday,
school class, ns well as in hor musical work.
Tho girl nover reached tlio church. Anxious,
yot not dreaming of what had happened,
Knto hurried home, expecting to find her
sister thero, hut sho had not made hor ap.
pcaranco ; and from that hour father, mothor
and friends havo been waiting, with an ever,
increasing heart sickness, for somo niessago
lrom tho mibsing ono.
When Mary lett her sister's sho was in good
health, physically nud mentally. Policemen
on duty that night intlio neighborhood say
thcro wcro- no suspicious porsons around
tliero nor did they hear of any accident. Tho
entiro polico forco has beon notified to look
otttforjtho girl, and tho city hospitals havo
been searched but nothing has been learned.
Whero Mrs. Kennedy Hvcb is but a short 'i
dlstunco from tlio North Hivcr. and friends
fear that in a moment of excitement tho girl
may havo becomo confused, turned down tbe
streot towards tho water instead of in tho
other direction, nnd, beforo sho was awaro of
it, stepped to death in tho river. Her out
cries for help in that deserted district might
well bo unheaid. So Btrongly is this theory
entertained that guards havo been stationed
along shore, nnd tho work of dragging tho
river is proposed,
Tho pleasant apartments occupied by Mrs.
Lynn iinvo now moro tho appearanco of a
houso whoro a wako is in progress than any
thing olso, though, as ono gray hairod friend
said. "If it wero a wako one would know j
what to do and whnt ono was doing ; as it is,
though, how terriblo is it."
Tho mothor and father, haggard nnd enro.
worn.tmco tho narrow rooms incessantly. ,'
At each tiuglo of tho boll they start, hoping
that it may bo the forerunner of welcomo i
news concerning tho missing daughter.
"When Inst soon tho missing girl wore a
dark choviot dress, with light colored waist, .'
trimmed with bluo braid ; a black jacket,
and a felt hat. trimmed with blue and whito .
ribbon. .1
The nrcM Deslcncd to do Killing Work for .'
a Married Hello In Washington.
A gorgeous gown, fresh from tho skilful
fingers of ono of Gotham's artistes modistes,
nnd designed to do killing work this winter
in Washington, is mado of black Brussels f
net, richly embroidered in bullion and col- -4
orccl silks, draped over black moiro antiquo g
This embroidery is dull rather than showy, f
and suggestive of nono of tho vulgarity of
tho gold laco and cheap tinsel effects now '
soeu on many costumes, but it gathers all '"J
tho light into itself and flings it back with a
Eort of glow as lovoly as it is indescribable. ,'
Tho long train of moire is bordered with
full soft plisee supples of plain Brussels not,
a tiny sache of tho net finished tho edgo of
the moire petticoat but tho drapery is en
tirely of tho embroidered Brussels net and
caught on tho left hip in tho graceful fashion
known as a "Mnrguerlto," it falls in glitter. '
iug waves to tho foot and is again drawn
softly back undor tlio folds of tho rich train.
Tho poiutod corsago is half of moire, half
of net, has a narrow " V " of tho embroidery,
and a Bcrtho of tho plain Brussels net is car.
ricd in soft folds ovor the shoulders and down
to a sharp, closo point between the shoulders.
Tho modest prico paid for this charming
croation by a married bollo was $375. the)
piece of embroidered net which formed the
drapery alono being estimated at 8250.
Written On Hotel Resistor.
Col. James Forney, of tho United states MArlne
Corps, Is at the Oriental.
Gen. Sylvester Derlng and family occupy a suit
of rooms at tho Windsor.
Itusstan Minister Charles do Struva registered at
tbe Clarendon Hotel lost evening.
Senor Monlufar, Secretary of the Guatemalan
Legation at Washington, Is a guest at the Victoria.
United States Senator John Sherman, of Mans.
Held, U., U one of the guests at ttio Fifth Avenue
"Plunger "F. T. Walton, now of Philadelphia,
"booked "his name at tho Filth Avtnus last
At tho Park Avenue aro Carlos Wrenela, Mile.
Joscpa Wrenela, and lime. M. Colonua, all ot
At tho Brunswick; H. C. Pierce, of St. Louis;
W. S. Wilkinson, of Baltimore, and Henry Craw
ford, of Chicago.
Mr, and Mrs. Tlffiny, formerly of New York
but of late residoats of Kcw Mexico, are now at the
Murray Hill Hotel.
Judgo Alfrod C. Coxe, of the United States
Court for tho Northern Dlstilct of New York, is a
guest at tbe New York Hotel.
O. G. Warnm. of the Buffalo Commercial and
Editor Norman E. Mack, of Buffalo, arrived at tho
St. James Hotel this morning.
Tho autograph signature of John Dudley Ryder,
of London, was placed upon the register of the
Albemarlo Hotel this morning.
Speaker Carllslo left this city at midnight for
Washington. Mrs. Carlisle and her son, W. K.
Carlisle, are still at tho Gllsey.
Congressman II. II. Bingham, of Philadelphia,
and 11. 6. King, M. P., ot Loudon, aro recently ,
arrived Hoffman House guests.
Secretary of War Endlcott arrived at tho Fifth
Avenue Hotel last evening, having been preceded
tncio oy his wifo aud daughter.
Wm. L. Weber, of Saginaw, well known among
railroad men, and D. V. Tomlloson, aBalavla
bauk prcaldotit, aro registered at tho Windsor. :
With others at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel are: Ex
Congressman John II. Camp, of Lyons, N. Y. ;
cx-Asslstaut Secretary of tho Treasury Charles E.
Coon, Gen. A, 8. Buford, of Itlchmond; ex-Con-prosinan
J, It. Itamsey, of Albany, and Judgo C
W. Fairbanks, ot Indianapolis.
Thinks tho Free I.lat Will be Extended.
riTTSBDiia, Nov. S9. B. M. Cutcheon, Republi
can member of Congress for the Ninth Michigan i
District, was In tho cty this morning. Speaking I
of the tario. ho said the froe list would be)
extended, that lumber and salt would be
placed thereon. He thought tt probable that
the Internal revenue tax would bo taken off to
bacco and liquors for medical purposes. IIo thinks t
Carlisle win bo Speaker It he doe not anugonlio t a
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