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f w. "' "" '" '' fcMi i i ,- -- ,. , -!-.,.. i.i a .... , . i.. - . - - . -. - .- ... - . . . . - . , , - "' ' ' -1 iLtftnH
Cf Card! for New Ttectptlona and Dances RtlU
'. Betas Sent Out Allan Uertrade Simpson,
, Oraaddaacbter or the Lnto Dlthap Simp
(t son, to be Married to Mr. Arthur I'.
i Gonery at ller Home Thla Evening.
u.' HEN the engagement
fiS-sfcsasL 1 of Mr R,chard Hon-
"1 f" lVYj'JCXMr derson' ' Anchor
Wjsr" BTaX Steamship Lino, and
f' jfls 9D "M,M mldft Oolrichos
"4 J fivTlf i Jl was announced in tho
J JllllNfa V -? early fall evory ono
f (lifflbsi fcTiC!$j1 was 1u surprised.
TbfinP l)tfe!?haWt II r Herman Oolrlchs
"" SrTeP Wjl MR jifttiaa? IM was said to bo quito
f Trli StSiKmjIIII disappointed, b ne
A Kw tVeISmI kn 'eftseil tho Beach
a JoKTrBA'' Grant llouse, in West
' MVInWtVv Twenty -third Btrcot,
' V kYlYvk now OC0UP'd by Mrs.
p ' ylVk Langtry, with a view
is dL .Jo of having thocompanv
fl rfvr-i of his sister, but thon
1 fiaxe it np. Tho marriago will take place at
I 11 a. m. on Wednesday morning. Doc. 7, at
1 fit. George's Church. Mr. Henderson is
' 'English, and is a widower with two children.
J The wedding of Mr. Newbold Lo Roy and
V Miss Ada Batos will take placo at i o'clock on
J8 the afternoon of Jan. 17.
"' Cards for new recoptions and dances aro
Jl still being sent out. Among the latest aro
1 those of Mrs. William E. Dodge, of 202 Mad.
fl ison avenue, who will givo a danco on the
m evening of Dec. 22.
3 Mrs. John Lawronco, of 83 West Seven-
X teenth street, will give receptions on tho
i afternoon of Tuesday, Deo. 13 and 20.
1 Mrs. A. N. Whito, of 2 I'ierpont placo,
9 Brooklyn, will givo a roception on Dec. 2.
3 Miss Dillon, of C71 Madison avenue, will
m i cive a luncheon to-morrow.
1 Mrs. William Whitney, of 11 East Twenty-
sixth street, will give a cotillion on Doc. 2.
9 Mrs. H. A. V. Post, of i East Sixty-socond
M street, will givo a reception on tho afternoon
Sj of Jan. 12.
M Mrs. James A. Scrymser, of 107 East
'M (Twenty-first street, will give a series of ro.
W ' ccptions on tho evenings of Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31
B and Fob. 9.
m Mrs. Archibald Rogers, of 310 Madison
fJI avenue, will givo receptions on tho after
Si noons of Dec. 10 and 13.
m Mrs. W. B. Williams, of 25 West Twentieth
im street, will givo a roception on Dec. 7.
w A dollB' fair will bo held at Delmonico's
ifll commencing at 2 o'clock on Dec. 3 in aid of
wA' tho cooking school.
'fflj' The marriage of Mr. Henry Kreuter and
J, Miss Mary White will take placo at 7 o'clock
this evening at the homo of tho bride's
m father, Mr. Gcorgo Whitu, 1,039 Lexington
S avenue. The Rev. M. A. Nolan will ofllciate.
sf The bride will wear a whito gros grain silk.
W with train and V corsage and trim
's mine of point lace. The veil will
"J be or tulle, and the bouquet of brido roses.
3 She will wear a pearl necklace and other or
. ' . naments of diamonds. Mr. Ferdinand
m- Kreuter will be tho .best man, ond Messrs.
fl M. Brennan, MasonHuddnnt, Disuoy Rob
inson and Jamos Just will be tho ushers.
... Miss Lilian White will bo the maid of honor,
4j she will wear a gown of point d'esprit, cut
Jt walking length, and will carry pink roses.
I' Tno reception will ioiiow tno ceremony.
Tho wedding of Mr Arthur F. Conery and
Miss Gertrude Simpson, granddaughter of
the lato Bishop Simpson, will take- placo at
the home of her mother, Mrs. Guinden, 222
West Twenty-fifth street, at 8 o'clock this
evening. The Rev. Dr. Van Horno, her
f grandfather, will officiate, assisted by the
I Her. O. W. Buoy, of Philadelphia, an uncle.
I The house will be elaborately decorated with
flowers. The bride will wear a white silk
gown with a V-shnped sleeveless corsage, the
whole covered with embroidered tulle. The
veil will be of tulle and tho bouquet of jas
mines. Miss Louise Bremond, of Rosevillo,
N. J., will be the maid of honor.
She will wear a gown of white surah silk,
made walking length, with tullo draperies.
Two little cousins will bo tho bridesmaids.
They will wear rose tullo over silk and will
carry baskets of flowers. Mr. Charles II.
Bimpson and Mr. Charles Dodd will be tho
ushers. Among the expected guests aro tho
following named persons:
Mrs. Van Home, grandmother of the bride; the
widow of Bishop Bimpson, the Aliases Simpson,
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Nell. Dr. and Mrs. Jinies
King, tho Rev. and Mis. O. V. Buoy, Mr. and
Mrs. Smith, tho Iter, and Mrs. North, Mr. and
Mrs. l)cjraw, Mr. and Mrs. Garber, Dr. and Mrs.
Benedict, Mr. and Mrs. George Broewer, Mr. and
Mrs. Fraxee, Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas, Mr.
Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bperry. rrof. Biwman,
and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Grlmn and family.
Mrs. G. H. Moore, of 833 Madison avenue,
"will give the first of a series of small sociables
at her home this evening. There will bo
thirty guests, including Miss Steele, Miss
Peck, Miss Burns, Miss Tissio Hall, Miss
Rice and Miss Hartloy.
Mrs. Robert Webb, of 58 East Forty-ninth
. street, will give a tea this afternoon. Miss
Starkweather, her daughter, Mrs. Arthur
Brooks, Miss Burgess, of Boston, and the
I Misses Carson will assist in receiving.
Mrs. E. Bergh Brown will give a luncheon
Mr. David Lapsley gave a dinner at Del
monico's. and a theatre party at tho Fifth
Avenue Theatre recently, in honor of Miss
Nina Smith, of St. Augustine. The guests
r included Mr. Samuol Roberts, Miss Tucker,
Mr. Gallup, Mr. and Mrs. Lapsloy and Mr.
and Mrs. Gordon Wcndel.
Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Thorn, of 23 West
Sixteenth street, havo just given a dinner and
opera party. The guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Mortimer Thorn, jr.. Mr. and Mrs.
a on'
1 Not So Black as Painted.
- $ From the French of PMlttxrt AuOettran.)
" f Vlif T waa miJn'skt. Fer-
(f f nand de Roquofeuil
CP QjnP II was seated in a cafe on
f W vn II k boulevard among
V; f' 1 1 B 1 0 companions, all young
3 I aSMI &. fmonof the world like
8 lL ElU V)' fifzL. VimBelf. In accord-
vv nnce k ftn nnc'ont
i V f iSfy Faris custom, ho
i vUtrVltl!9t "fe BnBle llessed-
(flliVOk 5?rvv noss an en 'Dy G'v"
a Vl l ringomerry entortain-
i . CIIJs 6 nient to his former
3 1321 rrja comrades. He was to
j il1ll I V3 e married in threo
,- e- V daysatSaint-Philippo-
..!'! dn-Roule. The intended brido was Mmo. de
Lucay, a charming young widow, who had
many ardent suitors. As the wine went round,
i his friends heartily congratulated him on bis
f triumph. During the repast his good fortune
if was tho chief topio of conversation, until, at
& dessert, many already had begun to envy
"Well, Fernand," remarked one of the
fii gneits, " I must say that when you came Into
ilk. the world you drew a lucky ticket in the
JOl, lottery of fortune."
jW " Yes, indeed, between (Ourselves, I must
3 1
JbH iii i'jzmr.'.i ' . aiiAm" ,u.
aiel.Misorn.MiliUaiTyBn and
Mr. M.L; Thorn, Jr.
Mrs. Samuel O.Thompson gave a small
dinner on Friday evening in honor of Mr.
and Mrs, Isaac Lawrence. Tho guests in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. Colburn, and Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Thompson.
Mr. E. F. O. Young, of Jersey City Heights,
will give a dinner on Friday evening to tho
Governor of No w Jersey aud other prominont
guosts. Pinard will serve.
They Attract Attention by Wearing Their
Brothers' Old Derby Hats.
Not content with adopting many ortloles of
masculine wearing apparel, tho young ladles
of Brooklyn havo now seized upon their
brothers' old derby hats as something new
to wear. Passing along Fulton street, Brook
lyn's most popular business thoroughfare, a
Would reporter has noticed hnndrods of the
gontler sex upon whom this mania has seized.
Except for a narrow band of dark ribbon,
freo from all trimming whatever. Occasion
ally a fow may bo seen with feathers neatly
arranged on tho side. In conjunction with
theso hats the stylo of coot wor-1 is somowhat
similar to tho Newmarkets - ropular last
Tho noat appearance that the girls present
in this rapidly becoming popular streot cos.
tumo is pleasing to tho eye. After the mon
strous era of tho sky-scraping stylo of bon
nets, it is a decided relief.
If tho girls can only bo indncod to wear
their derbys to tho theatres and matincoB it
would provo a great blessing.
Inspector Steers Tells Ilovr Ho Wan Onea
Fined Fire Days' Pay.
Inspector Steers tolls, in a very interesting
way, a story of how ho was fined five days'
pay during his captaincy. Inspector Will
iams refers to the eighteon or twenty charges
preferred against him from tlmo to timo as
"honorable mentions." It was Saturday
night and Capt. Steers, as he thon was, after
seeing that all was correct in his precinct, re
tired long after midnight. Sheridan Shook
was in tho theatrical line, and in order that
the public might ho surprised be sent a man
to bill" tho town for a now play called
' Conscience." Guttor snipes wero used
liberally, and when Capt. Steers awoke on
Sunday morning tho gutterways in his pre
cinct wore covorod with black-lottered " Con
Bcienco" on a white sheet of paper.
At 3 a. m., Billy Wickbam, then John
Kelly's Mayor, was driving home in a cab
from the Manhattan Club, and everywhere
ho looked, he was confronted by " Con.
science," staring at him from fences, and
blinking even from tho street gutters. It
worried and then vexed tho Lexington
avenue brown.stono.frqnt Mayor,who, Steors
thinks, felt that the .terrible accusing word
was construed as personal to the Mayor for
doing the club act on Sunday morning.
Wickham complained to Supt. Walling,
charges were preferred against Steers, ana,
notwithstanding the fact that tho samo evil
existod in a number of precincts, Steers alone
was fined five days' pay.
" So much went into the Pension Fund,
whero it would do good," says tho now In
spector 8teers, " but o friend Shook sent
his chock for $175, so I lost nothing, and the
retired policemen were benefited also."
Wickham'B conscience wos eased. Shook
secured a splendid advertisement for his new
play, and altogether everybody was happy
except Steers, whose record was dotted for
something that he could not possibly have
averted had he walked the streets of his pre
cinct all night.
Large fans in the stiff coquo feathers aro
mode to resemble tulips in different colors.
A high lamp to stand on tho floor, is shaped
like a helmet, and rests on a tripod of three
A turkey's claw in brass clutches a glass
inkstand that has an owl's head in oxidized
silver as cover.
For a smoking set, a brass tray holds three
brass cuffs of different sizes, and a collar, in
imitation of linen.
A fan in pale-bluo gauze is a mass of loops
of narrow, pale-blue satin ribbon. The stioks
are of wood inlaid with silver.
A silver lamp suspended from a standard,
has a design in perforated holes and jewels,
through which a candle shines.
A low silver candlestick has an attached
screen of copper. It is studded with jewels,
through which the light shines.
An oxidized silvor paper-cutter has a
handle formed of two monkeys, one uphold
ing another who holds tho blado.
A novel holder for a whisk brush is half of
an ornamental drum fasten od to a brass
shield. A chain hangs it on tho wall.
A small ornamental mirror is uphold by
two oxidized silver kittens, while a third
climbs up behind and looks over the top.
A clock about a foot in diameter has a
whool on the face. The figures aro between
the spokes. The hands are fastened on the
A largo silver disk has a small clock in the
centre ; above is an oxidized silver star, and
on the edge of the disk, the crescent moon
and face.
Small snowshoes have satin bags stuffed
with horsehair fastoned to them, in which to
stick hairpins, and aro to bo hung beside a
lady's dressing table.
In silk purses, gray with steel beads is the
newest style. A gold ring is fastened se.
curely in the middle of the purse, and is in
tended to bo hung on a chatelaine.
Tonne and all we wr ate Adamson's BOTA2TI0 Oouan
Balsam, llert dnucgiau. .
admit I havo very little to complain of,"
answered Fernand.
Just as ho had finished speaking the first
bottlo of champagne was opened. The foam
sparkled in tho crystal cups. Tho young
men, wholly intent on enjoyment, scarce
lent an ear to tho expiring din and noiso of
Paris when tho great city is about to sink
into slumber. But just at this moment one
of tho waiters entered and handed Fernand a
dainty little card.
"A visit at this hour, and in a pnbllo cafe","
exclaimed the jolly host, refusing to accept
tho card with an air of lofty disdain. "Tell
the gentleman he may present himself at my
rooms on Louis-le.Grand street to-morrow.
If I be at home I shall be very happy to ro
ceivo him."
"But, sir," one of the guests aptly re
marked, "you have not evon taken the
trouble to look at the name of the visitor who
sends in bis card."
"Why, that's so," replied Fernand. ' 'Let
us see who is this fellow who chooses such
queer visiting hours."
Hating pompously adjusted his eyeglass,
ho held up tho card aud tried to docipher the
name. He had to give it up.
" There is some name scrawled on it," ho
roraorked, in a puzzled way, " but for tho
life of me, I can't make it out. Perhaps
some of you may suoceed in deciphering it,"
he continuod, handing it in turn to each of
his friends seated around the table.
The six of them struggled with it in turn
and finally gave it up in despair.
The circumstance alone was enough to
excite the curiosity of a less inquiring mind
than Fernand's. A moment before he was
about to dismiss the stranger unceremoni
ously; now he had the keenest desire to see
" Tell the gentleman to come in," he said,
addressing a waiter.
In a moment the seven gay youths saw ap-
Iiroach a young man, hat in band, rather be
ow medium height, who saluted all present
with a graceful bow and in a pleasant tone- of
an .
Salt Water and Itonch Towel Gymnastic
The Manhattan Athletlo Club's Coulnar
It ond Itnn Hkallnc Carnival at Green
wood I.akeriportlaar I)o and nirds In
the Conilns Dog and ronltry Exhibition.
N every inoh of tho
$5jj8??x:orY human skin aro hun-
rODM. dreds of inioroscopio
Wft- ) 31 pores. Every one of
WMisjC W! 3? these pores is con-
xMtfaf jf stantly busy throwing
(VFtihx HI off Impurities, and if
iff m'V) ial the mouths of theso
mt siinWl I'0 rivulets aro
Ji) Km. f s choked up tho health
'ylWn lirll 1 is threatened at once.
vffl y JJ Somo FT'0 profess a
I ( VMy great fear of water.
iC ifit J They say it is weaken-
c ' ) t, && m,,on of ' Bnt o
ttV AT) regular, ovory morn
IjLZM ySSf I lnC spongo bath is al
FVB&5vy 2? C mo8 ns beneficial as a
TyvbW courso n n gymna.
m v ) sium' A llttl0 Balt ,U
) X, i I, l moro cleansing and
""V VJk vfeJ keoP8 ll k'n brteht
p,Q)r and hard. After a
good rubbing with
rough towels a going over with fleBh brushes
is a still further stimulant to the circulation.
It's a splendid way of getting over a littlo
outing with tho boys, and any ono who keeps
himself healthy nnd strong with the daily
bath will soldom suffer from a cold.
Jack Dcmrmey donies that bo was instru
mental in robbing Carnoy of a victory over
McAuliffo. Ho says ho twice protected Car
noy from tho mob, and helped to rebuild tho
ring after it was torn down.
That invitation road run of the Manhattan
Athlctio Club will tako placo on Wednesday
of noxt week. Entries aro coming in rapidly
and good sport is certain.
Mickoy Cobnrn says he will spar Jem Car
ney four rounds for naif tho gato receipts if
he wins, and nothing if he loses.
The prospoct of a Greenwood Lako Car
nival, tho arrival of two prominont Nor
RCgian skaters and tho certainty of a cham
pionship skating meeting with Canadian
entries in it ought to create lots of interest in
skating this winter.
The Manhattan Athletic Club's pool tour
nament, whioh commencos to-night, will last
ono week.
The Manhattan Athlctio Club will hold a
ladies' day and musicalo from 2 to 6 o'clock
r si. on Thursday, Deo. 8.
It was the tip somo weeks ago that chicken,
fighting this wintor would be revived, and
that Kearney waB out for tho money. Tho
once.invinciblo Long Islander started In last
Thursday night with a repetition of last win.
tor's dofeats.
A very sensible departure for coming dog
and poultry Bhows would be a special class
for tno pit speoimens of bull terriers and
game fowls. Its Very seldom a pure white
dog, such as would novo tho preference In
the show judge's hands, wins in a pit, and
there ore more battles won by cocks that
wouldn't have a 60 to 1 show in an exhibition
pen than thero aro by straight bred standard
colored birds. Tho experiment wos tried
with great suocess down South, Col. F. E.
Grist, of Fort Gaines, Go., being chosen to
judge the pit fowls.
- -
"The World's" Dollar Dinner for Four.
Sour. Contributed Sally to
Oyster Bonn,
Tub Wobid
Baked Codfish, ty One of the Best
Known City Clefs,
Baked Potato. At to-Oav't market
price the material or
TJesssrt. thie dinner can be
Apple 1 aploca Pudding.
Cneese. Coffee. purchased for l.
Fntnl Ignorance.
IFrom thi Omaha irrM.
St. Peter You were an Andover professor, I be
lieve. New Spirit Yes, sire.
' ' Did you believe In tbe syglglglhlhlglgl :"
"I don't know what that means."
"Don't you know the meaning of plpldldlglgt
hltillliflslglJ "Never heard of It."
"Such lgnoranoj is Inexcusable. Go over to
that smoke stack and dlvn down."
Fully Convinced.
it Durrin.n t.. nnooxtrir,)
Jane, lSBfl. !
Meun. ItlXKB t Softs
PImsa Mnd raa M soon ss pnwlble s bottle of EXPEC
TORANT; I h&Te UMd one bottle snd hare reoeired inch
treat benefit that 1 am fallr orinrlnoed that a few dotes
more will effect a permanent ccnE of a ling standing
and xuniERTO xncuraulk pulmonary affoetlon.
Yuura In haate, Mrs, I!. A. PATTrnsoif. .
luurn m uui, noBi a. ..r noun.
voice. Ho was dressed in tho most approved
fashion, with white cravat and gloves, and
wore a dainty little eyeglass. Ills face was
extremely handsome a trifle too effeminato
for a young man, perhaps, but it bore tho ex
pression of a quiet resolution that seemed to
compensate for tho absenco of board and
" Sir," said Fernand, addrossing him,
" you havo been considerato enough to send
in you card, and I should therefore know
vour name, but truth to tell I have not
boen ablo to read it not oven to spell it."
" Very well, sir, I shall have tho honor of
telling it to you in an instant," roplied tho
stranger, with a pleasant smilo.
"liut.in tho mean time, you will please in
form me in what capacity you havo come to
speak to me ?"
" In that of creditor. Perhaps we had bet.
tor retire to a private seattfor a moment."
" It is not necessary. A creditor! Ah I do
not be at all embarrassed, sir ; speak out with,
out tho least reserve. These six gentlemen
are very intimhte friends. They will not bo
at all surprised to learn that I have a fow
outstanding debts in Paris. And now may I
inquiro wbnt it is about ?"
' Monsieur do ltoquefeuil, somo ten
years ago, if you doubtless remember, you
sacrificed your entire fortune to save tbe
honor of tho Viscount de Urevannes, an old
friend of your father's boyhood. After hav.
ing paid a debt of 300,000 francs yon found
that your oxcossive generosity left you en
tirely dependent. What could a young man
like you, brought up amid wealth and luxury,
do, on finding himself suddenly deprived of
all his means ? In your apartment on Louis.
le-Grand street, you took one evening a sheet
of note paper, and wrote in large letters the
following words t
I, the undenlgnf d, do hereby aire to deliver
ap my soul to Satan, provided he be tow on me ten
Tears' riches. Tirnakd di Roqusrsuii.
" The window chanced to be open at that
moment There came a sudden gust of air.
The wind snapped up tbe sheet of paper,
swept it through the window aud carried it
to the Devil I mean to his address."
' "FiRbT nianTsw; in nlw iork.
It I m Qneer Int Nowaday That Pay Well
to bo In tbe Hwlm.
in Tor ifle to nrw.,rert.l
A genuine " first night "that ta the Initial per
formance of a now troupe or player from abroad or
of a new play by a noted author now actually dis
turbs tho town. There aro so many persons who
cannot afford to mtsa It that wo ace the seata auc
tioned off and bruising ridiculous prices. Tne
event Influences a doten circles. First there are
the crlilcs, whose business It la to go, and who
number about sixty, and with their companions
occupy more than a hundred seals. Only a few
amonif thcin are known to the suill nces. and that
lew Is not wholly .compocd of the best, fir the
leading critloo are modest worklusmi n ami do not
go tothe theairoto tmse. Then thrre are the club
men and the men about town who make It a point
not lomlsa any such ocraslon especially now
that It la the newspaper fashion to accompany such
crlilo with a society reporter, detailed to report the
n'datilea In the auditorium. There are hall n hun
dred nf those showy Idesa tno richer mc with
aeals In the boxes; tno othera seated In the orchci
tr.i tows. Most of these aro known to no tly
everybody. It Is their aim In lit to make them
selves seen and known, lhat Is more tothim than
me play or fie players. Very different are their
shadows In tho gallery.
Tho famons nrst-nfghters may not bo aware of
It, and few of them aro, hut for eat h ono of them
aro two that the public nover heard of working
men on microscopic lncuncs who stand In lino
hours before box-office opens to get tho choice
Sf ats In tho gallery. Ther have seen e cry actor,
troupe ami piay of note s'neo their boyhood. Home
look back with keen rccolleMlou lo tho days of
Jaok Hcott and Tom ilsml ton. They collect first
night play-i Ida and scrap-book them; they know
the literature of the drama and tho biographies of
lis best exponents oficn better than tho msn ou
tne ground floor, and they aro as skilled In In
telligent criticism as any of tho falarled Judges.
Then there are the literary folks to whom it Is a
part of religion to see eery famous delineator of
nhnrniMer ami Hlarnfa nn flrat nlffhtt. herantM
' "everybody who amounts lo nnythlnir " goes then.
Gcorgo V. Curtis, Stcdmnn, llawtnorni, V. D.
tlowells and all the test are in the throng. Homo
have llcketa sent to Ihcm snd some go nlth the
critics or the newspaper editors. With tnem are
the men whosre famous in trade In Wall street and
the professions, the pillars of Hie town like Ciiaun.
coy Depew and John Ilocy, Hocoe Conkllng, (Un.
Kh-rmnn. Joe Choate and the rest. L-nt of all
comes "aaailety," poor, staring, glgsllng, llgiit
min ed, lll.behaved society. It Includes all
the new belles and the old bellta, all tno
snobs nnd dud s and people with m 'iioy, nil tho
matrons who entertain, the wives who flirt nnd tho
painted studies In Ihoeemlnude who aro at oilier
times seen framing their uncoieiedanatomy In tno
red satin boxes at tne grand opera. "Society" ou
first nlihls tako In all tho shoddy, aa well as all of
true Indigo blood, aud lucludca ccry vuUar cad
who haa got rich out or soap or crackers or lead
or cows or 01), and has come to New York lo Jl o,
or Is hero on the way to or from Kuropc, or with
tne women on the semi-annual shipping tour. A
" flrat night " la n hcvcn-sent uoou to them, for
then they can aco and be teen, and "it cost a
rietwecn the Acta at Hie Opera.
IFroma JNVw 1'orl Lttitr,
In opera a first night Is different, at least In one
respect. At the theatre there Is a general unnu Im
II y among the men In tbe lobbies. They like tbe
performance or they don't, and all aro agreed.
But at the Metropolitan Opera-Housc the lobbies
are Oiled with excited and often angry dlnpuunla.
The mercurial musician and tho tiogmailn
critics creatures of different schools of musical
composition or cxeontlou fall upon one an
other tooth und nail, flgurativtly speiking,
and make It a point to disagree flatly with ono an
other. Strange, passing stranvo it la. that tho
gentlest themes, music and religion, excite the
quickest and bitterest quarrel. Every Brat night
at tbe opera-house Is a battle ground for tho dev
otees of tho Italian tctiool on one side and the
German on the other, for tho Wagncrltea ot the
old school, for the men who write tno librettos for
this house and the men who do not. Then again
these musical folks hum snatches of wnat
they have heard, give burlesque Imitations
of the manners of the people of tho smite and In
one way or another turn the lobbies into a mild
beer garden. And within the house tho box-hold-era
who pay tt.ouo a year, tn lost of Interest and
outlay of principal, for the privilege ot posing be
fore ono another, and who care lets for lmislo than
a cat does about religion, are flitting about tho
upper halls In rich opera cloaks or bare necks, and
dangling here and there at the box doors In claw
hammer coata, exchanging vlslla, boubons and
small talk.
Beault of Not rlnmtntt Weddlnat Presents.
IFron k St, Loutt Sptttalor,
Fashion has decreed that a gift display It a vul
gar display, and there are gennlno tears at the au
tumn weddings over the poor little presents received
from admiring friends. Think of getting a case of
tortoise snoll hair-plus from Mr. and Mrs. Married
A Tear, In return for a repousse silver aalad-dlsnl
Iteally, Isn't It maddening? And wouldn't you feel
like paying W. U. T. ratci for returning them 7 Of
coarse. It's tbe fault of the age. If the guett knew
her gilt would be displayed, bazaar-like, with her
card hnng on like a price-tag, toe belief la that the
donation wonld be worthy the donor; bat secure In
the knowledge tht tho bride Is too well-bred to
transgress established form, she Is true to herself
for the nonce, and favors the young people accord
ing to her feelings. Morally she Is rlgnt, but so
cially she would hardly be sustained, for tho bride
and groom do not live who are content to rerclvo a
$3 book for the Its lamp sent a year or so ago.
More friends are lost through wedding presents
and wedding cards than from any other social cus-
m m
A New York Nnrse In (loraeous Attire.
yVoin a At0 York rfr.)
A frequent sight In our streets is that of some
woman, herself modestly attired, attracting atten
tion by means of an attendant. Yesterday I saw.
In Fifth avenue, a uuracmald doing this duty. Sho
was rolling the conventional baby-carriage along,
as she talk, d with a plsln'y dressed mother, who
walked at her side. The servant's dress was a
wonder, but hardly a thin i of beauty. It was all
of flaming red. Not on'y tne underdress and
sacquoweie of thla color, but the hat an i cloak
al.o. The cloak was a peculiar one in style. It
was long enough to reacn about to tne knees lit
front; thence It was cut away In a grauual
curve until It touched the ground benlnd.
It was made of a rich matoilal, tint en
tirely devoid of trimming or embclll-hinent of
any km i. At a Utile disuuco It appeared like a
reproduction of tho looio cloak which Mcpilsto
phcles wears wnen he a pears on the stuie in
grand opera. This effect wai heightened by war
ing the strange garment halt opened to tho breeze
so lhat It swung about and flapped suggest I tely.
Hut tho cloak was not tbe climax of tin- coilume.
lhat was nut reached until the hat had been put
on. It was, as I said, of the shadn ot flaming red
that made up the rest of the dress, and had at
tached to It an Immense ribbon, at least ten inches
wide, and double. It wai plu tod into a ruche
--- i
" How did you coino to the knowledge of
all theso things, sir r"
" Allow me to finish my story, if you plcaso.
From tho following morning your lifo wns
perfect run of good luck. Fortuuo flew to
you. In rummaging one day under an old
piece of furniture you discovered a large roll
of money, without knowing how it came
there 10,000 francs in coin. Having gone to
Baden-Baden, you risked the entire sum
three successive times on the wheel of for
tune and won each time. With this capital
you then engagod in railroad speculation.
Before a week had passed you found yourself
a rich man."
" All that is very true, sir, but"
" Just wait awhile I Let mo finish. I need
round the hat, and than the endt Were allowed to
fall off free beh nd. They were to long that ther
fell to the ground and so ually, dragged lor a foot
or ao alter the girt aa tlw walked. As a display,
tho coilume was an Immense success, for every,
body on the street atoipeo and turned about lo
get another view of the tpectaclt, at If they could
not believe their eyea.
A Wlao Woman Knows When to be Hllent
In Her Home,
tr. It. IT. ntirktr In If lli? Jfplf.l
But no matter how much a woman mar crave
gentle attentions and loving notice, If wbo ahe will
teach herself to understand tho great power she
may earn br silence not grim, unamlahle silence,
but t.tat which gently, un latcntattinsly tends to
peace. Its patient cjmtltiuaiice will olten enlighten
ihe eyes which have been unconuioualy holden to
tno unintentional neglect which has, p.rhap, left
shadows on tno home life, and once recognlto I tbey
Will love an I honor the wlfo all the more for tho
quiet lesson she haa taught by dcr sllentc. There
am tlmea tn men'a Uvea far more than In women's
wnen any reply to hasty or cam ess remarks
or complaints, however lust, of lnitlentlon or
supposed neglect would bo most untimely and,
perhaps, ouise serious trouble.
A woman In comfortable health na'urally rises
In tno morning lit aihccrtul.happy frnnto of mind,
Inclined lo sprightly conversation, and, Here her
husuuiid able to bo equally so, could In lhoe fow
moments of morning ronverso and greeting urink
In enough nectar to mako ner eyes bright and her
step rliistln all d.iy long, lint a life ot business or
publlo dulld 1 seldom londuclvo to a (rood nlalit't
rest or a cheerful, happy waking. Unfortunate!,
however. It often happens mat the snort t nic de.
oted to waking and ilrc-sing nro the cry momenta
when a wlso nonutn will hold her peace, content
to kntiw that kltiiily attentions and pie isant womb
hate more power and am belter approbated after
a hot steak or chop and a good cup ot colteo than
Women Too Tired to Drraa Well.
trroai IA rlla,UlPM rtm'l.l
If a woman n orka for her living or tolls at horn
all day to help her husband earn one she is likely,
at the present raio of prcssuro and struggle, to bo
too weary to pay more Man a fitful and carcles
attention to drcs, and tbe careful consideration of
harmony nnd of tno nuitabletiea of one garment to
another, Is often pressed out of her imud by mat
ter of muru luipintunce. Perhaps It ought not to
bo no, but It Is. The small refinement and
thoughttiilnciBi s of ilrets which git o It. aa It were,
Its grnco and wit, mnybe cent littlo Inoucy, but
muni thought and euro; and son woman, wnoU
keenly sensitive to biiuity or raiment, oft'iiKhows
littlo etgn of tho nstlnct, nnd Is dreary, even If
ne t, in her attire; sue has an muny oiherihlnas
of wiilih to think that dress gets 'crnmlel out."
And yot It la a plly, for to most women dre-s Is a
pleasure, and u right one; and when the lemlnloe
Instinct I mulicd or laoklnir In a woman, so that
she does not care how she looks, It shows a want
In her nature. I am not speaking of slovenly
women; they nro rutitly an abomination In all
eyes, but of the wotnon wan, from economy or
core,cs-lo. or want of time or taste, or from ro
llgloiia opinion, may bo and most likely aro neat
painfully neat, but whose gowns am dreary, dull,
unfitted to tho wearer, or possessed nf no Indi
vidualities whatsoever.
Washington CSIrli Hnvn News Classes.
tvmt (Aiuefer-Joarnal.
The latest fad In social circles at Washington It
ncwa classes among young ladlis. A largo party
meets twlco a week lu Ihe afternoon, nnd the
teaoner, a lady of great culture, discusses with
them the news of the day. Hue takes a newspaper,
and, selecting matters of foreign and domestic In
terest, dhicu aiSrtUd explains them in a-most en
tertaining manner, tho members of the cIjbh ask
ing questions aud making comments und sugges
tions freoly.
modern l'nrenlnl Discipline.
from 7Vuraa A(Hnff.
Parent Look here, boy. this will never do.
Bon What will never do t
" Your report shows that you have misbehaved
at achool. I hopo thla will not happen again."
"That'a right, dad. Keep a atlff upper lip.
Don't lose courage. Wo must hope for the best."
A I.oiiletit Conclusion.
Mlts Lumpy. I don't think "She" can have
been so beautiful as people Imagine.
Mr. IMlboad. Why not?
Mia Lumpy. Beoause ahe was decidedly "Hag
lie Conldu't Fool the Yankee.
From Lift.
"This red flag," shouted the Socialist orator,
"is the emblem of tbe brotherhood of man 1"
"Not much," growled a voice from the back
seats, "it's a sign that auctioneers, small-pox,
rouk-blattlng'or some otner nulsancct are around,
snd that It's time for wlso men to aklp out. "
. Struck tbe Wrong- Town.
rrtn ruri.
Lord Donnywockt I 'want extra tteam heat,
weather strips on the windows, a special hall
boy, private dining-rooms, elder down quilts,
Hotel Clerk Hold on, my dear sir. I think
you've madf a mistake. This Isn't boaven I
Hbe Waa Equal to It.
IVow ih tioMton Courfer.l
There were two society women who loved each
other with that rancor ouly known In the flrat
circlet, and they had Just met after a separation
hardly toll you that your sudden acquisition
of wealths as tho result of vour letter to tho
mystorious and powerful being whom you
invoked in vour hour of distress."
" Well, sir. what about it ?"
" Just this. M. do Itoquefrmil. In forty
eight hours' henco your tonth year t ill havo
"Well, and what then?"
" In forty-elght hours you will belong to
me. JamiheOrvll!"
One would naturally imngino that Fernand
and his six friends would only burst into n
fit of laughter nt this strnugo declaration
from this unexpected visitor. To-day, to
may bo sum ho would bo told to enrry his
transparent joko clsowhero. Hut this hap.
pencil somo timo ago, when his sutniuo
majesty figured prominently in romantic
literature. In tho first placo tho fantastic
writings of that day had a great number of
readers on account of tho Morics of Theo.
doro Hofluian, then largely scattered through
out Franco. Again Frederic Botilin, still
Jiving, hnd mado his sablo majesty Quito
fashionable bv tho recent publication of tho
" Memoirs of the Devil."
Novcrthless. Fernand ond his comrades
laughed in choriiH, ono of them ronmrking :
" Monsieur Sutnu, its this is tho 111 st timo -no
havo had tho pleasure of your distinguished
presence, you nill do us tno honor ot accept
ing a g!ns of cbtimpnzno ';"
"My ordinary boterago is human tears,"
replied tho King of Terrors, "but I suppose
I may make ono oxception. Four out the
He emptied his glass with apparent zest,
bound gracefully and retired, saying, as ho
withdrew, to Fernnud :
" Monsieur du ltoquefeuil, I expect to have
tbe honor of calling on you to-morrow."
With that not very encouraging remark he
So soon as he had gone the young men
laughed heartily ; but the supper came to an
end, and at about 3 o'clock in tho morning all
retired to their homes.
At noon the following day, just as Fernand
was about to rise, a sen ant entered his room
and handed him threo letters and a ci-rd.
Our oldMt child, now li yMxiof , whn an lnfu.ft
li monthi old w-va MUekM with a rtn-Unt m-llgn-nt
frkln diM-M. All ordluary rraedl fUtni w cUd our
ftmU phjiloUn, who attempted to ear tt, but It tprtad,
with almiwt IncrmlibU rapidity, nntll the lowvf portion of
thfl little fellow person, from tbe middle of hla back
down to hit ktiAen, waa rine tolld raah, nlr, painful,
blotched and mallctoua We bad no nt at nlht, no
pc by day. Finally we were adrUed to try the OCTI
CUBA IlKMcniEa. The effect waa dimply raarreUout In
three or fuur weeka a complete cure waa wrought learln
the little ffllm'a perenn aa whito and healthy aa though
he had. never been attacked. In ray opinion your valuable
rente dlee eaTed hit life, and to-day he la a atrong, healthy
child, perfectly well, no repetition of tho dlaeaaa having?
ereroccntTed. GKO. D. BMIT1I.
AttyatUwand Eirroe. Att'y, Aahtand, O.
Reference, J. O. WeUt, Drugglat, Aahland, O.
Are bom Int.. the world every day with twine eezematoua
affection, aitch aa milk crust, acalt head, ecnrf, or dan
druff, euro to develop lutn an agonising eoiema, tho
Itching, burning and dUflguratlon of which mako life a
prvlonuwl torture unleee proprrly treated,
A warm bath with Curictm Boat, an exqulalto Rkln
Ileautifler, and a ulngls application nf CJpticoju, tho
Oreat flkln Cure, with a little CtTTtCUlU IlKSOLTICNT,
the New Mood ruritler, are often pufflotent to arreat the
progTens nf the dlaeaae, and point to a epetdy and per
manent enre.
lie nee, no mother who lovea her children, who takes
pride In tbelr beauty, purity and health, and In bestow
ing upon them a chlld'e greatest Inheritance akin
without a blemish, and a body nouriahed by pur blood
ahould fall to make trial of the CUTICURA HXM-.OIK.
Hold every where. Price CUTICOIU. Suo. tFOAF.dto.,
ItrnoLvr.NT. (1. Treptred by tne Pottsb Unuo AMD
UlirMKUMJo., ('nation. Meat.
taVhtmrfror " llowt-Oureftkln Dlaeaaea, 64 page.
fiU Utuatrattona, and 100 teetltaonlali.
15 A TJVf Q Bl(ln "nd Scalp preeerved and beautified by
jl AchlnaBMra and Hack, lUn, Kldntr and
tnS Utrrlnit Palna, ltbtmnatlc, Hciatlo, Neural
ylA sic, Hharp and Hti't. Una Fains, relieved lit
f .10 uiinin mile tijr tlio I'mlpuia Anll-l'nln
l'lnatltr. Tho tint and only pain-killing plaator. 35
extcn Mng over tno summer montnt. Daring tbat
Him- Mr. A. hail unfortunately trcctlcl Dadlr,
wlillo in Mts. II. 'a once ra en mates tnono many
a grujr hair.
"lo)ou know, tletr, " .Mrs. A. said, regtrdlng
ber companion's head fixedly, "th.j Uosaj that
pnmlcnnif lor tne hair Is coining in again, and the
moment 1 heard of It I thought how nioe It wonld
be for Jou,"
Mrs. II. did not flinch. Sho merely lifted ber
Klanco with sn cet serenity and regarded ber com
panion steadily.
" Yes,"snereiponds, "all those old. fashioned
trlcka do help amazingly. How sorry yon mutt be,
I Annie, lhat tUe old style of patches foMDe faco
la nut revived, so you could cover thoao dreadful
And tuen they smiled atrertly at each other and
begun to talk auout their lapdojrs.
nirdlrallona of a Jealon Rival.
tVom tht Dtumhir Onfary.
Yes, here I lonngo and mope,
An ablect misanthrope.
As she walks.
And looks up with winsome Brace
In ins red mnatacbloed face
While ho talks.
Of ennrte she worships him,
You see he's "In tbettrlm''
And 1 ain't.
When no speaks, to see her laugh
Cine would think this golden calf
Wat a saint.
Tho fact It. he's an heir
And ownt hit coaoi and pair.
And a bouse
Whlcu he wheedled from "papa,"
hil.t I dwell In qosrten '
La church inouan.
I'm bnt a menial clerk
I have to mnd and work
Like a mill;
And I go with bagsT kneet
And my coat patched np; out he's
Dreaicd to kill.
Whene'er I call, alack.
Ills hat usurps tne rack,
Sure as fate;
And sho Jokes and romps wltb him.
Hut with mo she's very prim '
And sedate.
You aee tbe reason why
I moan around and sigh
I've noaaoiv:
She la all eyes tor tbe swell.
And I guess I might at well
Let ber go.
They've turned the corner now
She see me I got a bow I
And a tmllo I
Lovelier gltl I never knew.
l'Yapi it wonl i bo better to
Walt awhile I
Ringing Noises
In the ears, sometimes a roaring, buzzing aonnd, or " I used Hood'a 8araaparltU for catarrh and receltad
snapping like tbe report of a plutul, are canted by great relief and benefit from It. The catarrh waa Terj
catarrh, that ezceedinfljdieaareeable and very common diaaareeable, especially lu the winter, caoaing constant
dlaeaae. Lom of smell or hearing alsn result from dlecharge from my nose, ringing notsea in my ears sad
catarrh. Hood's "araaparllla, the great Mood purifier, palna In the back of my head. The effort to clear my
ia a peculiarly ancceeaful remedy for thla dieeaiie, which head In the morning by hawking and spitting waa painful.
It cures by purifjlng the blood. If you euder from Hood's Htraaparllla gave me relief Immediately, while In
catarrh, try Hood'a Haraaparllla, tbe peculiar medicine, time I waa entirely cured. I am nerer without the
" I have uaed Hood'a Haraaparllla for catarrh with very medicine In my house aa I think It ia worth Its weight in
aatlifactory rwmlte. I receired more permanent benefit gold." Mas. O. II. Oinn, 1029 8th at., N. W., Wash-
from It than from any other remedy." M. K. ItraD, Ington, D. O.
Wauaeon, Ohio. N. B. lie aure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all drngglata. 81: all for SB. Prepared only by Sold by all dmgglita. 1; all for 85. Prepared only by
O. I. HOOD A CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Hui, C. I. HOOD A CO., Apothecarlea, Lowell. Maes.
I 10(1 lOMI'.-i IIMi 1101,1. Alt 100 DOM KM (INK DOLLAR
This Inst wns a duplicate of tbe card of tho
eveninc before.
" Ah ! Indeed, tho Devil's card I" muttered
Foninnd. " It seems Hutau docs not intend
to civo mo much respito."
As for tho throo letters, they wero anything
hut pleawnt rondiup;.
Tho tirst nnnoimccd that tho banker, Isaao
II , with whom Fernand had deposited
the greater part of his fortune, was suddenly
mined by n fall in istocks. and, haviuc
hocureel all tho money he could, bad fled to
America on a Havro packet.
The second letter anonymous, of courso
informed htm that Madamo do Lncay, tho
cbormini; younavidow Tvhom he Mas to
marry in a day oWlwo, had givon him tbe
slip, and was nbout to wed one of his most
intimate friends ono of those six gallants
who wero seated with him at tbe table tho
ovcninc before Of course, a man of honor
Bhotild not bo annoyed at anything contained
in an anonymous letter, alwnys written by a
rownrd; nevertheless ho found such precise
details of things tlint ho knew to bo truo. and
which he thought to bo unknown to others,
that ho could not help give credeuco to the
whole letter.
Tho third letter contained n stenographio
nccouut of a roincrbution that recently oc
curred in a club, of which Fernand de ltoque
feuil was it prominent member. It was a
sort of a running commentary of the princi
pal members of tho club on the merits and
character of Fernnud himself. The latter
was by no means ilattorod, on the contrary,
lie w as regarded as tho most insignificant of
" Well, theso aro on odd series of coinci
dences," exclaimed the undeceived Fer
nand, as lie proceeded with a said air to com
plete his toilet. "Just think of it) For
tune, friendthirj, social consideration, all
gone 1 Not a thing left me. Oh, yes, I had
forgotten, I have still got the Devil's card!"
The idea then struck him to look at the
card again and to scan it more closely than
bo did tho evening boforo.
Tho signature was still illegible, but a few
words traced with a pencil In first rate
French told plainly enough that Satan was
a man ubout town,
eaSytafiaRatMaawaSafctH-v'.Sato -.M.4j?t&to
Th Barfe flalld 0a To-mrwfl VT09 fllB
Ttte Eariednild will open Its doors TiwjrX tsi i.H
Deo. 1, and suttT upon its twelfth year of itM4, , " fjH
terlng to the sick and deserving poor, IrrespnttralW t , 'PD
Ot creed or nationality In the downtown wards 'if v'i ' rlaff
this city. Last year tbe Guild distributed tn ' , 'iHI
sandt of ticket for food, toel snd medicine, ar? "kflaH
provided lee and excursion tickets to lokchildre; ' ' liftgfl
dnrtmr tho. bested term. Every application i , vi3H
Investigated at once, and tt found worthy, roils ve ' ' 'iraSJgB)
Every penny recolved In the way ot donations goe . it fawK
directly to tno poor and It nted for do other pur-t A I aaH
pose, as tho wild is under no expense for cTBee- I ' 'aH
rent or salanea. Donations, however small, art! I 'igfl
thankfully received. All checks should be tjude- Ma '-3gB
rsyahle lo the order or Ferdinand V. Earl, offloo Jt 'Scgl
18 centre street, New York. ij'lstai
AMUSEMENTS. VJ!tl ' ''fl
v4 .v ..ny''"AN JriElli'ia, .? 'JH
lJ;drriK."J'lnS"'!P "' Meesrs. Abbey, Reboenel 4 Oratt. rrrmn ' ftH
TO.MORBOW (fharailsv) ACTItilNrmir. Dso. l-ai HRDlt t
3.80 o'elook. OltAND MATlNSft, "'"" HTlgjtEii' rf-M
Aooompanled by the following artlatat Mme. nallne Haa- iStlSB aaH
treiter, Prima Dnnna Contralto: Hit . DeAnna, Baritonel ir.?Wl
?!".? 5li Uarplst. snd .Miss WettleT)anwitr. tliv JtiuSkm
Violin Virtnoao. (JranH Orcbeetral of 100 Mnielana, 't'ki f'SftaB
under the direction of Adolnh Neoendorfl. Satnrdar, WlsP .'SawH
M.M, Si. SO, Si, andBOe. TtosM, (19. LvscBb. 'M3B
beau on aale at M 'i OMc, MetronllUn Opera-IIoas. SUtH. rZ&Bm
aWO OPEN rilOM 10 A. M. TO 10 P. H. 9Lt w-ifl
ud Dear rlptlrn I.eet -re", delivered every hour In T'iSmWmNM
!h"f.,!,.I710,"?,,.,t?.,n, o'clock In the .renin b 'jftgVwB
fiiB's-a ismiA&s-UEv-8-T-aK nWivl
,A inlaelon, aOtinNTt. .aH
PrirUege Tickets and Hlnde nts' Cards recognised. iJgVwMiM
Y.kMKVV.A!!::!!!:::::::::::::::::?Ss' hB
, '"Hmfe.ATifsrN0' ;';.m
tn hiaaTtUyoajnd natural character acting ot eBgaVlawal
DAvflHtAH M and h'leTormffr Orchestra, " UaKlnl
Wedneaday Matinee Hatnrday. TnIgawHgaflal
Il'way and 3Dth at. Nightly. B.Ml flat. Mat., 3.80. rrJggWGlH
"Air charged with tun." N. Y. Bun. ' vxHeanngal
iii.n FAUST. 'Ha-KB
irred Seats, CORNER 31ST ST. AND 8D AVR JvHH
OC. Hnaea packed at eacb perfnrnune. J1. 'HgB JiB
oUC. KLTY COMPANY. "l (.IsaHflgai
ouc.a iiKWAitE ok Hi'KCur.ATOiia. r ( , K iaSmWLm
Lessees and Managers... ... Abbey. BcbosffelAOraa, tSkSiHPslga
MR, HKnAy' IltVIfVn. K'JawawKawfl
And the Lyceum Oompany "aawaHSgflBfl
, , Last Four Nht. M.ftBlHnH
44 fauSt." rjmm
tenth wEkic. fyfimm-imM
the eomediana, VQSaagBBaafl
under tha management of J. 3f. Hill and Joseph Broobaj , 2HaH awaa
in ilie great American nomeay. x,ls!tlBBH aHgal
by jlroneon Howard. WwBlaH
KvenlngsatS.lS. Hatnrday Matinee at X Oarrlaxatt lgVuai
lO.si. Heats secured two weeka In adianoe. 5 i jHasiwIgal
k OADEMY OF MU8IO. ' j 1'B1
Four More Nights. MJKfSM&RRf" I 1,9!
aVi..Mc..76..l. NeitWeek-ARADIAN NIOHTS. S,,wMBH
CAfllNO. nmadwar and 8tb aj. j U-'h LKtH
EvenlngfstS. Matinee SttardiyatO. ,i BaaiaFHaB
Casino's Most Ueautlrnl Uimle Open Produotten, tba HVX9HK9
(JreatOaat. ChornaofOO. Admlaaion, 60o. ' At' PfflgE.nBaal
Monday, Deo. 6. the Sparkling Comic Opera Madalcn.-i JrSHKaflH
Mr. A.M. PALMER ......Bole Manasar ''rtlsHgH
ETtntngsatS.SO. Saturday Matinea at 3. ' '''HHjflB
By the anthoVol TnETwS OhPUANS, ' ".vJmHBI
With New. Beautiful Scenery, Costumes and Effects. ,"t,nJMWjB
01ND OPERA-HOUSE. , , . , . (' .ilLg-Bgali
"OT Reaerred seats Orchestra Circle and Baloony, EOs. J rBgVHwawB
NTtwMk: JefTarvon. iiJz2LaaMaam
NsxuudaytPOJROWELL'Skctara. yfjfflKM
T7DEN muhee, -an st.. Birr, hth AsjnAVHa.1 ''pBgaSH
Ooncerta dally from 3 to B and H to It jCTvSgalaaH
Admleaion tn ail. 00c: chlldren35o. vTkHlHaH
AJEEB Tbe Myitlfytng Cheas Automaton. jf 2SB
JP RICE'S Rice ADi sey'a Snmptnoos Prodnetlaa, fH
COMPANY. with its gorgeous attractions. l rtJaBHaBal
W AltTIHTS. ETe'sat8(aharp).MafaWeABataa , WfgfKM
WALToSlloilT (WEDNESDAY). Nov. 30, ' ilSfl
OharacUrabyMeMrs. Oamopd Tearle. Harry Edwarda. Rjm 9
J. W. Plgott, Miss Rose Oochian, Mme. PonUi and Mlas ,' 'jHfB
NetU Onion. , ' !' 'jfflBgtaai
YCEUM THEATRE. 111"P " filHfl
':?B.c THE Wirt. - ;H1
Nowtm eihlbltlon at No. 18 Eaat Hth at., firs 5 S HH
floor, from 10 A.M. to 10 P. M. Sunday from I . M. , JKB
to 10 P.M. ftSaWMP
Foolo'a Theatre. 8th st and 4th av& ioW9
10c 30c..30a. Mate. Mon.. Wed.. Thur., BaU lxfflgHiwB&
5TH AVE. THEATRE. ' I ' 'afgKilH
rtl.;tnf. I OPERA COUPAirr. -rArBBlalawai
t A TH STREET THEATRE. , Cor. 6th eVfcJfiVIBewHsawa
Xtt Matlneni Wedneedar and Saturday. tnaaalalHgtl
Oallery. 35c. Reaerved. 85c., 60c. 78c.. SI, 9I.M. , HH
iV and ICO Heater at. The flneat variety company la h VLWLLWW
America. Engagement eitracrdlnary. Hugbea ana . y& BewalalalBaal
Clark, Frankie De Forrest and Uoutbem Sentuuura, a. ISsiggB
uuder management of Billy Speed. JSaawawaM
- ifl9.l
This is what Fernand read nndor the ro- 'iv'ijBHB
doubtable scratch t '"vlgraH
Fernand, "tho Devil's Par?," will be played 'v tBtjU
thla evenlDif at the Opera Comlque. Come there at 'AHiaHgH
o'clock; knock at tne third buz. Yon will Do 'SLWkam
sure to nnd me there. Your oldest friend, fSBmttm
Tub Devil.. &i9HH
Was this a mystery, or was it a freak ? For - fVHH
nand reflected a moment, " To go thero " 4HH
wonld be childish," ho mused. lgBawail
" And not to co there will givo tho idea , ''BmWm
that I am afraid." t, . -riHBH
Uedocided toco. gafawLll
About 9 o'elook in tho eveninc ho entered, V$taKawafl
the theatre, and, come what might, walked ''HflgB
straicht for tho third box, as directed. To , ttHH
his unspeakablo amazement, he found him- ' HH
self in the presenco of a lovely young cirl. IHagl
Seated in front of the box, she was dressed ' '!$KLwH
with the most oxquisite good taste, and vlflpnlaB
gracefully toyed with a fan in her hand. ;vHH
Btrangest of all, tho face was the same as that flKalB
of the Devil, who appearod to the six young WHLU
men in tho cafo on tbe boulovnrd the even- $MLW
ing before. But why should Satin present BJgB
himself this time under the semblance of a 'rRgawal
daughter of Eve ? Thero was somo new mys- 'iflH
teries hero. , . tJH3H
On seeing him enter tho young lady roso gflrH
with a sort of unconscious eagerness, and M , ' 'HflH
soon as tho door nas closed she began t .,
" llonsieur do ltoquefeuil, you see me to- ,1ggH
day tinder my real form. My name is JsLWWWw
Ophelie de Brevames, I am tbe only daugh- gggi
tor of that friend of your father's, for whom ?awawawaH
Tonwcrogenerousenoughtosacriflceyourea- , JdH
tire fortune. Do not be surprised then at see- '" .ftggH
ing me offer yon a restitution, I amrich, and i'wLmm
I wish to repay tho losses you suffered for my "VsHawH
father's sake in the hour of his misfortune. V,LWkm
All I possess is yours, myself included, if yon '"-4HH
think me worthy of the love of so generous ''ijtttM
"Ma'fbV exclaimed the youna man, half ''dBB
dazed with astonishment, "out If yon ays 'TBtKM
the Devil he is the most charming being I :?vggV
ever met in my life I" ..jHH
He offered her his hand and rat down be, '.JflggB
side her. '' . . i rxU,Wn,
Three days after they were spending tktbt I ,. 'tBfl
honeymoon at the watering-place of Bagnar. I . iK
de-Bigorre. ' 'lSH:
" 'IB

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