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Bk EDITION (Including Fetiage),
K , B MONTH, 30c ; PR JTTAJJ, $S.BO.
p Hl Total number of Worlda" printed during
fc'EMS ttoe month of Norember, 1887,
iJm'i 8,505,840.
giffViw MONTH,
Up 283,528 Copies.
BBk rbwmeer cfrcutation durtnp the pott tiz tieart
EHW'.'jrowmbar, 2889..,. 043,80 CopUt
BBff t.jrooemear, 1883..... ,.l,801,07O CopUt
KEKTr.y lfpvmbr, 1884..., .' 3,83,834 CopUt
WBHk'hXbvtmber, 2883.,.,.. 4,048,433 CopUt
BBBjilAWmttf, 1880.. ' 0,107,430 CopUt
MMra-VevamUfy 0.887 3,303,840 Copies
WEi-' .
Hi iS (Aiata Measurement.)
gHBE,'.' Ordinary, SB eenta pr Una. Ko extra pile for ae
HR.1 eapUbla airplay. Buslaaas or 8peotal Notioea, oppoalta
MRi.l'l' Editorial pace, 00 cant par Una. IUdln Notices,
H'atemdormukad "Adrt."i First pica, 81.00 par
MBl'?3JbM South pica. 81.20 par llna Imida paia, 81
HB $ Pvliaa.
jRnf -i ptoratMforainrttrtiit imtiu DallvV!alJi!otep
RHk! rwOOiXmloftou, Kdt do Ma ram Oat Unu
B,l'.f-' War a Ot JkVrataff JMtUm.
K' JTho Pnclflo Railway Investigating Com.
IHE'f ipaisdon has foiled to agree upon a report (is
KW' to tho best moui of securing the Govern.
IHv iment's claim of 8110,000,000 against tho rob
E4 j'Mdked roads.
BHHP i Messrs. Andemon and Ltttleii aro Bald to
HKy, fevor a now long funding schoruo. Mr. Pat
eHi TOon bclloves in a moro vigorous polioy-of
H&' dealing with tho dilatory corporations.
EHfr.'- It is to bo hoped that this difference does
gHS'i'H.feOt oxtend to tho moro important question
lBF ""Of bringing to jnstice tho colossal corrnp.
jjHLV tionlsts of tho Central Faciflo Company. Tho
EHH&ation can afford to loso its monoy, down
IflHtTigut robbery though it would bo. It cannot
i.Ht'.v ,ord to have tho money and tho lobbyists of
fH&)'vB dsantlo corporation control its politics
iBu A?11 Its Government.
,He2U Eho vlowa of tho Commission on this phaso
jJBfe'S" D$tho inquiry aro awaited with intorost,
IgH: oonia fob the eaeth,
S9HH. Tho formation of tho tin and copper syndl.
DlBRIwtes illustrates a now phaso in tho dovolop.
HHKjj'dlaea f mohopolloB. Heretofore thoy havo
Hi; operated almost exoluaively within national
l&nits. Tho ambitious aim of thoso now
HHHVx iangledtrusteis to control tho entire product
HBeL- the world.
jlHP" - ,Tnlfl example is llkoly tobe followed sooner
&BHKK' or later by tho other monopolists. Tho
! 'Standard Oil s already reaching out its
BBpftf teaitaoles to tho oil floldB of Bussla. Rumors
BK ot an international sugar trust aro in tho air.
Ec'V, Born and nourished behind tho barrier of
, an abnormal war tariff, not a few of the
& monopolies in this country realize that thoir
BflHff ' basis must be broodoned to insure penno.
M1, 'WUl the people clip tho tentacles of the
Jk octoPttSi "r will they wait to bo fastened in
jfitv Hsrip?
'. -The interviews with a hundred Congress-
flBS en show that "the proposition to take
jHH& tho tax off Whiskey has hardly a supporter."
i "Why should it ? Tho whiskey tax is a tax
IflflKV that every man can abolish for himself. Not
EflHEi'. m with tho taxes on food, fnol andolothing.
QHBjjrf Tho attempt of tho old Whigs who are
jk- Jnasquerading as Democrats to abolish tho
HflflSfV whiskey tax in order to prevent a reduction
GBK ot wx tariff, is already a failure.
HHjK',, The striking Lohigh miners have appealod
Rtothe editors of tho leading Philadelphia
B1 'journals to help them soouro Justice.
BSVIp The companies have advanced tho price of
Bwjg( cool $1.25 per ton since last summor. The
BSSS' Ulnars ask only for about &i cents of this
HHJk), Wlvanco, to be added to their scant earnings.
VHp) ibid tho combination that starves " American
nBEte' hxbor " with ono hand and robs tho American
QB'' jfeoplewith Uie other will sot grant this
H.f beggarly increue in wages.
B; Arbitration may help the present situation.
RnHJP?1 u the real remedy for saoh wrongs is to
lH mash tho monopolies and repeal the robber's
IfK tariff on coal.
iBi'' j
HK. When tho predatory Boodler's not a-bood-
DB; Itoe he is very apt to be o-bribing.
Hft The Louisville disclosure of yesterday
HC''' shows how he works. A rich contractor and
BSKji Dolitlcal boss offered to " assist " a condidato
B for the City Council, and was permittod to
HKl ftivo him money for his uso and also to buy
RM votes at $3 a head.
M3BKL In return for this aid the Councilman was
Bft) to suppcrt the Louisville Gas Company in its
QjHjff' application for a renowal of its charter, and
&, also to work for tho ring candidate for Mayor.
K.V 'ne candidate chanced to bo an honest man,
HHK' and gave the corrupt proposal to tho publio,
IHH& with witnesses to substantiate it. If tho ex.
f(HR& .- posmo and denunciation of such transactions
EHHv earn for any editor in Louisville tho titlo of
SBc&A XewspapcrBoss," he ought to bo proud
?rf, 'oik.
H The report that somo of the Aldermen in
IHHf Boston are to be indicted ought to bo true
Hflkl ' Whether it is or not
jBBf,, It was perfectly well known in that town
BHBL that tho concessions to the new gas company
BBSni' were obtained by afree uso of boodle in the
K-y, City Hull.
jBBaRv'' ' 33b street-car companies there " keep "
HHKT '. Aldermen and "retain" Councilmen almost
BHp asoponlyM thy do their superintendents
BHBl kfd fowyan.
HpWM.- ?'V Mioi4fauKr ivtlagea grontsd to
Bm tp- . tr it
the West End Land ootopus were without
doub obtained by putting jnonoy or stock
"whoro it would do most good." The
electrio lighting of tho streets has notoriously
been a mine worked for tho profit of tho city
officials and their frlonds.
Tho newspapers of Boston aro ovidontly
waiting for "legal evidonco" and a con
viction by tho courts before they vonturo to
discuss theso tilings.
In indicting a batch of bucket-shop keep
ers in Chicago tho Grand Jury has uncon
sciously indictod a member of tho Board of
Trado in regular standing.
Minnows and a shark in tho samo not.
And why should tho sharks bo allowed to
tcscapo ?
Now that tho ton-ycar-old pianoforte prod
igy, Josur Hovmamn, has scored suoh a
success, tho publio may as well preparo itsolf
against an Invasion of tho concert and
operotio stage from tho nursery.
That tho babies are naturally proficient in
a certain kind ot musio-no ono will dony, and
it often requires a vorykoon critio to dis
tinguish clearly between their performances
and noma of tho professional oporatio sing
ing. But it is to bo -hoped that tho parents of
thoso " prococitios " will bo a llttlo pre
cocious themselves, at least to tho oxtont of
confining tho infantile primo donno to tho
nursory and tho youthful emulators of Josef
to tho select audiencoof tho back parlors.
Gonitis, liko boanty, is it own exouso Sot
boing t but, unliko beauty, gonius is beyond
JlKii TUB Wobld HatwrOav etenlWfofiVie
pattietCc etorv Of SmUs Zoloft Jtrtt love.
Farmer Gheenmyeh. of Milford, Fn., op
pliod to Court tho othor day for tho arrest of
a neighbor on tho chargo of grand larceny.
Ho avorrod that tho aforesaid noighbor had
"Btolon" his wifo. Tho Court rofusod tho
Tho disconsolate , GnxuNMTEn 1b porhaps
inolinod to think that ho should havo ap
plied for a warrant for petit larcony. But ho
is wrong. His great mistako was in jogard
lug and probably treating bis wifo as a mere
ploco of property.
Mrs. GnEENUYEn,t of courso, did vory
wrong in doping. Bhe should havotalcon
somo mlldor method of rebuking tho old
fashionod notion that a' wifo is an itoniof
goods and chattels.
It is Mrs. Butcr and not Jacod Snxiir who
is most desorving of sympathy. In this caso,
as in so manyothoxs, it Is tho man who sins
and tho woman who suffers. Ho is caxo
hardenod and has boon struggling againtg tho
cousoquonoo of his own persistent misdeeds.
8ho has borno a hoavyburden-thrust upon,
Yet, whllo it is but, .natural that sympathy
should bo awakened in hor bohalf, that ad
miration, indood, should bo aroused by hor
devotion, thoso sontimonts, commondablo in
tbotnsolvos, should not stay tho courso of
justice As well empty tho prisons out of
pity for wooplng wives and Borrowing
Jacod Suaup and not the law is responsiblo
for the suffering ho has endured and caused'
Tho hubbub occasioned by Frcsldent
Gnnvi's disposition to btlck to his offlco
couvinood that statesman of tho wisdom
of The Wobld's admonition, that " tho way
to resign is to resign." Ho has now resigned
for cortain, and tho kaloidoscopo will toko a
now turn.
Tho Pennsylvania Fcaco Sooioty belies its
nomo by moking.war on tho National Treasury
in behalf of a $100,000,000 appropriation for
"manual training schools and kinder
gartens." Why not includo nurses and
soothing eyrup ?
It 1b said that tho President's Mossago will
bo shortor this year thou usual, " but will
mako up in strength and tersonoss what it
lacks in length." Mr. CurvELANU has evi
dently uiodolled his messago on tho ovening
Tho "envelope pool" is tho latest do-,
velopmont of monopoly. This great country
is very rapidly getting wrappod up in tho
folds. But there will bo a ripping and a
tearing Borne fino day.
Tub Wobld's service is pricking tho nas
sayampa gold ndno bubblo is ovidently
appreciated. There has beon a prudent sub
sldoncoof the cry of "Westward Ho" in
somo quarters.
Noah Davis and Noau Bbooks shared tho
honors at tho jowollers' dinner last night.
Tho flood was promptly on hand in a $1,000
Tho Italian Minister reports to Secretary
Bixabd that thorn is now no cholera at
Naples. Has it all been Bhippod to this
country ?
Tho Canadian challengor for tho America
Gup is to bo named " Blue Noso." Tho rest
ot her will be " bluo " after tho contest.
Tho St. Nicholas Society is considering a
proposition to iucroaso its membership. It
ought to include everybody on Deo, 25th.
A shock of earthquako is reported from
England. Perhaps Sullivan is giving
Mitchell a premonitory tap.
If Boss Platt will prevent the election of
"Jimiit" Husted as Speaker much will bo
Tho wiso child will now encouragotho pur
chase of long and expansive winter stockings.
Let the tobacco tax go. The native weed
Is ono of tho fovr luxuries of tho poor.
d t I a
, '
Thfy Work Hlxty Ilouro n' Wrck for 85
1'lnlii Clolhea, rluln Fooit and lf(W l'lrno
urra Tho (llrla nre All Knlshta of I.ubur
Tlio liinbrello-Mokora' I.ornl Aaaeuibly
Ilcpa to Keep lip Their Wati.
I!Lw I I N his search for facts
1 piv 1 relative to the work
t I TI and woges and tho
-jvtJ 1 UC"B mannor of living and
Tr, yQ fi,- social condition of tho
J&tf LnjjMi m foniale toilers of this
fl Wfinl IM crowdd citv a Would
1 Ml aIiiBa rePrt!rBonBu'outtho
LlaCrMl girl workers who cover
vSJXYYv&yv umbrella frames.
I'VXV'jA bright, blaok-oycd,
jjQ'Niv li tidy girl about bovcu
"jQb 0vv)3ili 'oen yoar8 "W, was ap
laTiinh t"T h ProacuC( ius' ns B10
n Iwl 1 Vi 'e"ono ' tuo 'vrorm
(Uyjll A . shops in Broadway,
J f ylj - near Canal street.
3U: ' "You are a Woblw
reporter, and want some facts,", sho said,
after un inqulry'by tho roportcr. "Well, I
con give you somo about our trade, but don't
ask mo for my namo : for if my boss knew
that I told you anything for tho newspaper
ho might disohargo mo. That wouldn't do,
especially just now coming on Christmas!
for if I lost my job I don't beliovo I could
get another right away."
Tho reporter promised that ho would not
print hor namo, and sho continued, various
questions being propound as sho went along
with her story.
" There about two hundred girls, as near
as I can toll, who who work in twenty shops
Bowing covers for umbrella frames. This is
our busiest season and there aro no idlo ones
about. Tho ages of tho girls rango from
twelvo to twenty years, but there aro a vory
fow much older thnn twenty. Wo cot an
uvorago of 98 a woolc each for sixty hours'
Work, beginning each day ot 7 o'clook in tho
nionnng and stopping at 0 in tho ovoniug.
"I llvo with my widowed mother, in
Avonno A, in two rooms on tho fifth floor of
n tenement house. Mother tukes in sowing
and iiinkos n fow dollars a woek. Wo pay ijH
a month rent, nnd livo hotter than somo of
thn girls I know who are orphans and depend
entirely on themselves for support. Mother
doos tho housework with a llttlo assistanco
from mo in tho morning and at night.
" Wo livo vury plainly. For breakfast wo
havo coffoo or milk, bread and butter, and
sometimes meat or "ggs. I tako my lunch
along with mo to tho shop. It is generally a
sandwich of bread and corned beef, with a
boiled ogg, and occasionally a ploco of pio or
rako. Our best meal is at supper, when wo
havo a nice steak and bnilod potatoes and a
cup of tea. Of courso wo cannot afford to
get cholco sirloin cuts. Wo soldom havo
pastry at our meals.
"Out of about f 10 a weok wo raanago to
savo enough to buy plain clothes, but wo caul
not savo any money, and that's what worries
us both j for wo can't toll when ono or tho
othor ot us will fall sick. Dear mo, I don't
know what I should do if anything
should happen to mother, or if I should got
sick. But wo aro both quito'woll, though wo
need a vacation badly.
"Do wo annual ourselves? Mostly by
reading until 10 or 11 o'clock. Sometimes an
evening edition of The Would now, or a
wookly story papor. I soldom got an invita
tion to the theatre. Yes, I havo a beau, but
ho is n young workingnian and can't afford to
tako mo out ofton. I sometimes go to a ' sur
prise ' party at somo neighbor's honso or
visit somo of my shop rantas in tho ovoning,
but I rarely go to a ball. Mother doesn't liko
to have mo stay out late, and I don't liko to
loavo her ulouo too long, I am fond ot .dan
ciug. though, particularly waltzing, liko
nearly nil my girl friends.
" In tho Hummor timo I go to two or threo
picnics and onoo or twico to Oonoy Island.
Homo of my shop mates, who are not as par.
ticular as I am, go often to balls nnd hops and
tho thcatros, but they got protty woll tired
nut dancing until 3 or 4 in tho morning and
then getting up nt fl and going to work at 7.
"With fow exceptions tho girls in tho um
brella shops aro poor and cannot afford to
spend their earnings for amusements, and
they aro ahvnys glad to accept almoBtauy
one's invitation to go to n party, a ball or a
"Do you belong to any labor organization?"
was nskod.
"Oh, yes," sho replied. "All tho girls in
our trado aro Knights of Labor. Wo boloug
to tho Umbrolla-Makers' Local Assembly. It
helps us to keep up our wages, if nothing
moro. I think that tho men who make tho
sticks nud framoagot $12 a wookoaoh. We
all work tho year round, and that is one
l canon .why our wages are small. I think
that wo girls ought to get moro, for I know
wo earn it. It is said that tho bosses
mako lots of money in the umbrella trado,
and thoy could nQord to givo us more. Oh,
if wo had only a dollar more a weok wo could
savo a littlt, something for an unluoky timo.
There, I guoss I've told you all I know, and
I'll bid you good evening," saying which
sho tripped off toward hor homo, across
From othor sourcos tho reportor learned
thot there are but two shops whoro tho sticks
and framrB undc(ners for umbrellas aro nil
mado. Tho sticks are mostly manufactured
in separate establishments devoted exclus.
ivcly to tho work. The girls who sew tho
covers for umbrellas are suppliod with sow
ing machines nnd thread and needles by their
employers. Tho stick makers havo an inde
pendent open trades union, and tho fruuio
makers and cover bowers arn members of a
Local Assembly of tho Knights of Labor.
KnUbtx or Labor Hero Not Aflrrted by tbo
Chicago Couiuilttoe'a Circular.
Knights of Labor in this city do not be
liovo that tho circular sent out by the " Pro.
visional Committee" at Chicago will havo
any effect on tho local assemblies hero in
good standing.
Tho work of organizing another order
similar to that of tho Knights, is progress
ing, but it is not believed by Now York
Knights that it Mill over assume largo pro.
portions. Tho anti-administration dolcgatos
to tho recent tleuoral Assembly nro the prime
movers in tho efforts to form tho new orgnui
ration, and tlrVy lately held a secret confer
ence at Philadelphia.
Local assemblies opposed to tho present
regime of tho Knights ot Labor and open
uiiious havo boon approached for tho purpose
of getting thorn to join tho now moemeut.
Tho suspended carpet-wcu ers' assemblies,
which includo seeral thousand workers in
this btato, will probably join tho new organization.
niethodlau lo Ilulld on l'lflli Avenue.
The real cutule lately fought Joluily by tho
MettiodUt Uook Concern sua the MelhodUt Mis
sionary Society constitutes a plot la tect on l'lttd
avenue, running south ot Twentieth street, sail
1T0 feet oa the street running writ. The aggregate
payment! were 4S5,(W. The bulldluca at ureivnt
un tbo tlto will be torn down and a handtome new
building vrlll be erected, corerlnz the entire area.
The llooK Concern and the Mlulontry Society's
headquarters will be moved therr.
Inspector Wllllaiua'a Double lit eat.
On Jan. 9, ISM, Inspector Williams will cele
brate two Important events, his nttteth birthday
and tho twenty-fifth anniversary ol his appoint
ment on the police force.
Hit first fore and creates! dftanpofrtfment of one
of tht fvrtmoat tioreiuts of tht aot. 0t Tn
Wobld (o-morrow timing and read mflt tola't
fir tl love,
liilirri ti wi
While Intoxicated lie Vf ' Lliu'tfd Lamp
In Men of m. Tloinb,
Frederick Lamanu, 45 yearn old, of 228
West Eighteenth street, who claimed to bo
an Anarchist and a bitter foe to tho militia
and tho pollco, was arraigned in tho Jefferson
Market Pollco Court this morning. Tho
chargo against him was that whllo intoxicated
last night ha created a disturbance and throw
a lighted lamp at a young man named Fred
erick Gchhardt. tho brother of two militia
men, residing at the samo address.
Thn militia uniform worn by tho two Gcb
liardts steins to havo been ou oyesoro to
Lniimun, who openly expressed himself with
what contempt he looked upon them. Dls.
liutes arose frequently botwocn Lamann and
tho Gchhardt brothers regarding tho ex
pressions usod by the former.
At 7 o'clock last night Lamann staggered
into tho house, and whllo stumbling up tho
stairs cursed tho Gobhardt brothers and
threatened all sorts of mischief.
On tho first landing Lamann met Frederick
Gobhardt tho youngest sou in tho family,
and, with a curse, sprang at him. Tho boy
did not weaken, but held his ground, and
when Lamann camo within arm's length
dealt him a blow on tho bridgo of tho noso,
knocking him down.
Lamann aroso to his feet, and, muttering to
himself, ascended tho stairs, entered his
apartment, lit his lamp, and, grasping it in
his right hand, descended to tho floor occu
pied by tho Gobhardts.
When Gebhardt heard Lamann coming,
downstairs, ho opened tho door. No soonor
did he mako an appearanco than Lamann
throw the lighted lamp at him. We dodged
and fortunately escaped being struck. Tho
lamp struck tho wall and broko in several
Homo of tho tenants seolng tho oil of tho
lamp burning feared tho houso was on nro
and summoned two policemen, who extin
guished tho flames nnd after a strugglo ar
rested Lamann. Lamanu said in his defence
this morning that ho had been attacked first.
Ho was finod $10.
Overcome by the Kvnnto of tho l.nt 1'eir
Iiaya, but Expected to bo All Itlcht Noon.
Thoro was a joyful reunion of tho family of
Jacob Sharp last ovoning at tholr rcsidenco,
854 West Twenty-third street, the ngod couplo
having rojolnod thoir children, Mr. and Mrs.
Solms, and thoir grandson, Goorgo Sharp,
after an absonco of fivo months. But n reac
tion sot in with both Mr. nnd Mrs. Sharp ns
tho excitement of tho eventful day died
away, nnd thoy nre both prostrated to-dny.
Dr. Alfred L. Loomis, tho family physi
clan, called last evening. Ho found Mr.
Sharp much depressed, nnd ordorcd him to
bod, saying that ho must havo absoluto quiot
nnd rost for at least a woek. Thou Sharp
may begin to tako drives In Central Park.
Ho will go to his farm near Homo as soon as
it is safo.
Ono can woll imaglno that tho good wifo of
Sharp is happier to.duy than sho has beon for
many months, but she is hardly less affected
by tho oxciting ovents of tho past fow dayB
than her husband, and sho, too, is confined
to hor bed. Her physician thinks that a day
or two of quiet will bring hor around to her
normal, cheorful and enorgetio self again.
Dr. Loomis said this morning: " Mr. Sharp
has been a sick man constantly in my caro
for threo years. He has n heart affection, and
if ho 1b taken off his digitalis for twenty-four
hours ho goes all to piocos. Warden Keating
mado ovcry thing at tho' jail as pleasant for Mr.
Sharp as could bo, and had ho boon able to
obtain pure air thoro I do not think his con
finement would have injured him much. He
can nover bo a woll man, as young mon liko
you and i uso tho term, but ho will be as
right as ho could bo, under" any. cincum
Btancos, in a short timo."
Bass rintt'a Itevtsod Plana for tho Org-B.nl-1
zatlou of the Legislature.
It is said that Boss Platt has agreed upon
his legislative slate. Tho general opinion of
Bopublican statesmen is that Sonator Low
will be ,'hosen Prcsidont pro tomporo of tho
Senate and Fremont Colo, of Schuyler,
Speaker of tho Assembly.
Sonator Fnssott has no chanco of bciug
eloctod President of tho Senate. Several
Platt Senators havo informed the boss that
thoy would not support Fassett, nnd ho will
probably withdraw from tho contest. This
action on his part would insure tho election
ot Senator Low.
Tho throo ltepubllcnn Assemblymen from
Now York City Morgan of tho Seventh Dis
trict, Hamilton, of the Llovonth, and Crosby,
of tho Twenty-first District aro said to ho
plodgod to vote for Bremont Colo for
Speaker. Then it is said (hat tho four Kings
County ltojiuhlican members and tho repre
sentatives from Suffolk anil Kiohmond coun
ties nro also in favor of jhim. This would
Rivo him nluo votes below tho Westchester
Gen. James W. Husted Is still boastful and
insists that ho will bo ro-eloctcd Speaker.
Tho following is believed to bo tho Platt
slnto i President pro tempore of tho Senate,
Henry It. Low : Clerk of tho Sonnto. John 8.
Kenyou t Spoakcr of tho Assembly. Fremont
Colo ; Olork of tho Assombly, Charles A.
C bickering,
Mrs. Itrown ICecovrred Her Jewelry Her
self and Wiinta to Let the Thief Co.
Mrs. Kiouconda Brown, whokoops nboard
ing.houso in Iliviugtou street, has returned
from Philadelphia after her oxploit of cap
turing a thief nnd recovering jewelry nnd
pawu-tickcts representing $1,000. Tho thiof
was Georgo Haughliu.
Ho eloped with tho jewelry aud ablondo
threo weeks ago, nnd although Inspector
Dyrnes set Dotoctive Sheldon to find htm, no
progress was mado towards recovering tho
jewelry, airs. Drown began t,o work on hor
own account on Wednesday.
Covering her 250 pounds avoirdupois with
on ample mnntlo and nutting a revolver into
her pocket, sho went to tho holol in Phila
delphia, where Haughlin was living with tho
blonde, and " hold iiiui up" with tho pistol
until a policeman nrri ed. Haughliu is now
locked up.
To-day Detect ho Sheldon will secure tho
necessary requisition papers to bring him to
Now York for trial.
Mrs. Drown is not anxious to prosecuto
Haughliu, saying that ns ho captured tho thief
by hor own strategy aud without tho aid of
tho polico, bhe w ill not bo drawn into a court
Ilnrd I.urk for Copt, ltnbblna.
Too cast-Iron dlsclpllno of tho New York police
force U well Known la tho case of Capu JohuM.
ltobblna, of the Treniont Police Precinct, Sorgt.
Webb and Itoundiman MonatiaD, of the saino
command. Throosh the neglect of the aergcant
to note In writing a trivial charge asalmt fc police
man tho threo men are to be tried on formal
chants before the Police Commlaalonera. Capu
ltobblna will reach the age next month at which
policemen aro retired.
Ilinornuco No Kxcnae.
Christopher Levin, of CO Woostcr street, was
charged at the Jefferson Market Police Court this
morning with Intoxication.
' I didn't know I was drank until the ofneer ar
rested mo and told me so," ho aatd to Justice Gor
man. lie was fined 3.
JniUe Itnpallo'a Favorable Turn.
Judge Ilappallo'a physician auted thlt morning
that hi patient, last night, was belter than he bad
been at aoi tlmt. Ii several days,
" While 1 ahoal4 not Ukt to say that the change
wss permanent." added the dootor, "It Is cer
tainly a larorablo algn and we hope for the beat."
'A ! t - -
Mining Kxperta Advlso Capitalist Not lo
Inveat In tho New Cold 1'lrlda The
miner. Only n I'ocliet that Will Not I'ny
fur Development Whnt a Mine Owner
from the 1'reacott Dlatrlct Kara.
Tho more investigation given that alleged
" grent gold bonanza," in tho HaBsayampa
region, near Prescott, Ari., of which fabu
lous stories have been circulated, tho moro
reason is thero for tho belief that the less ono
has to do with tho schemo, tho better off ho
Will bo.
When tho yarn first appeared, thoro seemed
somo reason for a partial bolicf in its
claims. Now, however, from the opinions of
mining experts, as well as capitalists, who
havo visited that country recently, thero can
bo but a single infereuco, and that is that tho
story Is told for effect, with tho view of get
ting short-sighted capitalists to pluco money
in the property, for tho benefit of a fow claim
owners, who want to boom tho ledgo and
then get rid of it.
Gulling tho public is tho favorite pastimo
of many corporations whoso inducements
havo boon just as elaborate as aro offered in
this " richest of all modern bonanzas." But
gulling tho public has been carried so far,
and tho honest portion of the press has fol
lowed theso concerns so sharply, that thoro
seems little likelihood that tho temptation
offered by tho statements so full of glittering
generalities will hoar fruit.
Ono peculiarity of this mining claim, as a
well-known man says, is that tho further one
is from tho mining regions tho moro valuable
is tho property pictured to him. Tho de
spatches, he says, from Prescott, doscriptivo
of tho region, grow more glowing as they
travoIEastor West, 'whllo tho valuo of tho
" find " likowiso increases tho further tho de.
spatehes go. So that when tho l'aciflo Coast
is reached thn original announcement of cer
tain valuo is increased almost tenfold.
" Experienced miners," wild tho expert,
" are not fooled by tho stories of fabulous
wealth found. Thero probably aro somo who
fool that tho richest mining region is somo
spot whoro thoy nro not, and immediately
they rush off, to other diggings which givo
partial promise of rich returns.
"To my mind," continued tho speaker,
"tho story printed regarding tho groat
wealth in Hassayompa is simply a big adver
tisement for an Arizona railroad which is
being built near thero. Thoro may bo good
ore in that region, but nowhere near tho
value reported. But any boom that can bo
started now will help the road, and that is
tho thing desired. In fact, nil tho latest dis
patches from that country have glowing Bide
storics of tho now railroad lino. Thou, if
tho story is truo, so much tho worse for tho
mine, for tho richer tho ore tho less thero is
likely to be of it.
" Occasionally prospectors find rich
pockot3 and then quantities of very low
grado ore, but suoh fancy or specimen
mines, ns they nro callod, aro poor invest
ments. Thero is no valuo to n mine until
that valuo has been proven, and iu tho
Iircsont instauco thoro is certainly no proof
o substantiate tho claims mado."
United States Assayor II. G. Torroy, of
Torroy & Eaton, SO Wall street, had little
faith in the circulated stories of this great
find, and would not advise investment until
a thorough examination had been mado by a
competent and honest engineer. He thought
that tho discovery was only a pocket, which
would not provo as substantial as was as
sorted. Thero woro lots of them, ho said, in
that region. Tho story reminded him of a
mino in Halifax, whoro in a fow diggings
over $15,000 in gold wero taken, Then tho
wholo thing gavo out and tho mining property
became useless.
"It might bo a good idrn to telegraph to
somo mining export located near Prescott,"
ho added, rather satirically, and while no
did not speak tho words, his countenance
said, " it would probably savo somo one lots
of monoy."
" Don't put any faith in any newspaper
article about tho property," he said. " For
niy part, from tho tonor of tho original story
of tho mine's wealth, I would havo nothing
to do with tho property."
C. A. Stctofoldt, mining engineer, of 18
Broadway, commended tho work of Tub
Wohld. " Tho story," he said. " looks fishy.
It does not augur woll for n mining property
to contain such pockets, for tho best mines
aro thoso that turn out steadily oro that will
assay 420, $25 aud $30 to tho ton. Anything
under tho sum is possible but this story is by
no means prohnhio. I would not advise an
iuvestmont. Then, again, put no confidence
iu tho now spaper articles that tend to boom a
mine. They are unreliable."
J. A. Macl'horsou, Chairman of the Mining
Comiuittco of tho Now York Consolidated
Stock nnd Petroloum Exchango, thought
that if tho figures representing tho vnluo of
tho first wore divided by two, or throo, tho
result would ho n nearer approximate of its
intrinsic worth. Ho put llttlo faith iu tho
claim that tho pocket would dovolop richly,
nnd advised a rigid investigation of tho prop
erty bofoio risking any money ou it.
llornco Jones, with J. W. Goddnrd & Sons,
importers, C1C Broadway, thought that tho
holo thing was pure romance. Ho returned
but recently from a trip through tho Has
Rayumpa region, nnd ho owns mining prop
erty iu thnt section of tho country. Ho be
lieves that there is nothing in tho fabulous
claims that ore being mado about tho Pres
cott mines, and to him it looked ns though
some miner had struck n lodge, found this
pocket of presumed wealth and now wanted
to boom his claim for all that it was worth.
Tho Hassayampa region, ho says, has beon
workod over more frequently and thoroughly
than any other portion of Arizona, with a
fow exceptions. Early miners to tho vicinity
got tho S.UI10 distinction as did tho California
mineisiu M9.
" It is claimed that they can trace the vein
a milo," said Mr. Jones in n tono of sarcasm,
" and see evidences of gold. It's nonsense.
Thoy can do nothing of the kind. Thoy havo
not workod tho property long enough to do
any such thing. In tho mines I own in that
region, minors ono day found a remarkably
rich pocket. It panned out hundreds of
dollars iu gold. But that was all. It petered
to nothing. It w as liko n kidney in tho vein,
and practically valueless. No doubt it is the
samo caso with tho Prescott mines. Thero is
probably a pocket thoro, nowhere near tho
valuo claimed for it, howovcr, and it will
piobubly meet with a fato similar to that
other pockot."
IHra. Peblon llxpliilnu it Fire.
Annie l'cbloe, arrested last nlzht on suspicion of
having tried to burn down tbo tenement, 3W Kast
Ono Hundred and blxth street, in which aba lived,
blanced a baby lu her aims In Iho Harlem Court
this mornlug whllo sho explained that tho lire was
caused tiy her irleud, Mrs. McBrldo, accidentally
drcpplng a match lu a closet. Justice Welilo re
manded her and ordered Policeman .Ferguson to
And Mrs. Mcllrlde. Janitor Hyer said tho woman
had no right lu the rooms.
A l'opulnr iinme.
From Jutf?.,
1 What kind of a game Is this you aro trying to
work 7" asked the judge, delecting one ot the
Erlsoncr'a friends engaged In packing the jury
ox. "Tho panel game I" cried a voice In tho audi
ence. a a
HrooUlyu News at a (Jlance.
A one-story framo shed at Maspcth and Morgan
avenues, owned and occupied by the Lawrence
IlopeMauufucturlng Company, waa destroyed by
tire this morning. The damago was slight.
About 6 o'clock this morning nre waa discovered
In tbo batcher store of Adam Startz, ftUXCourt
street, lielore It waa extinguished it caused a
damage of $300. Ir waa caused by somo paper
coming lu contact with a Darning gas-jet.
Jamet Carr, aged forty years, waa found deaaln
his bed, over the private atable of Solomon John
son, at 404 Wavcrlj avenut, thla morning, Carr
has been In tht employ ot Mr. Johnson aa a coach,
man lor the past fifteen years. He waa last seen
alive at 10 o'clock last evening, llcart. disease la
supposed to have caused bis death.
1 PcrshlonYVurHbrs'to Wallaces 'hentro '
next year will bo given up eHflrely to combi
nation companies aro still circulated. Sev
eral pooplo have been seen who claim that
they havo secured timo ot tho houso. Mr. Ab
bey donicd tho report somo timo ago, but
(liko tho wart on tho noso of the geutlemoti
in tho doggerel) it grows nud it grows.
In tho ocnt of Wnllack's becoming a com
bination house, it will provo a strong opposi
tion to tho Fifth Avcnuo Theatre, which has
already booked so far nheod ns November,
Mrs. Lnngtry to play ilvo weeks nud Booth
und Darrctt for six weoks to follow her.
McKco Banltin has at last succeeded in
producing " Macbeth," which it has been
tho " dream of his life " to do. At first ho
hod arranged to present the play nt Niblo's
Garden, but through somo financial compli
cations with H. Clay Miner his schemo fell
through. Mr. Itnnkin then decided to
produce tho play nt tho Brooklyn Theatre,
whero it is now running, though a first
presentation in Brooklyn docs not give
any conspicuous prestigo to a production.
What tho fato of " Macboth " will bo after it
leaves Brooklyn, no ono can tell, ns it has
not yet been oooked nnywhero else. Dif
ferent managers havo been invited to witness
the performance. It is said that Mr. Bur
leigh, who alternates nights with Mr. Itankin
from Macbeth to Macduff, is financially re
sponsiblo for tho production.
With the closing of this weok. tho " Held
by tho Enemy " company which is now play
ing at tho Grand Opera-IIouso will start on
its long journey, which will occupy tho en
tiro winter. The company will go as far
west as Nebraska and ns far north as Minne
sota. It will not reach tho metropolis again
until tho eioso of its third season.
a a
Eugeno Tompkins, tho manngor of tho
Boston Theatre, has been in town during tho
post week with Mr. Gilmoro and various
attorneys about various matters in connec
tion with the lcaso of tho Academy of Music.
Very llttlo difficulty was found in adjusting
things satisfactorily. Tho consultation took
plaoe in Mr. Gilmoro's office, nslthnt gentle
man is at present forced to blush unseen, as
it wero, ins face not yet having recovered its,
normal beauty, after tho affray iu which ho
was engaged. Timo at tho Academy of Music
undor tho management of Messrs. Gilmoro
and Tompkins, is being rapidly booked. Tho
gcntlemon have already virtually token pos
session of tho Academy, although their sen
son begius with the opening of " The Arabian
Nights." A curious thing connection with
it is tho way in which tho business of " Tho
Dark Secret," which opened with a boom at
this houso, has diminished. The piece was
to havo run up to tho holidays, but will be
seen no moro after noxt Saturday.
A concort will bo given at tho Star Theatre
Sunday night in nid of tho Sick Helief Fund
of United Council No. 1035, A. L. of H. The
following artists havo volunteered their ser
vices: Osmond Toarle, Do Wolf Hopper,
Mnrk Smith, Mme. Cotrelly, Miss Annie
Myers, Miss Iloso Coghlan, Harry Edwards,
Digby Bell, Mrs. Abbey, llubort Wilko, Miss
Bertha IUcci nnd others. This will bo the
third concert givou by this council, and will
surely bo interesting.
In tho lobby of tho Lyceum Theatre, Mr.
Frohrnnn has framed a number of interest
ing lottors written by Watts Phillips to E.
A. Sothorn, father of tho young man. One
of theso letters relates to a play called " Lost
in London," writton by Phillips. Ho sup
plements his letter with tho sketch of a
criminal standing beneath tho callow 8 with
tho noose around his neck, whllo below are
tho words, " Guilty of threo rash acts."
Young Josef Hofmann'a matinoo concert
yesterday was attended by an audicnoo that
tilled tho Metropolitan Opera-Houso. Tbo
boy Bcored another success, nnd roused his
hearers to demonstrativoness. Ho played
Beethoven's concerts in C minor, Mendols
Bohn Caprica's in B minor, a gavotto
by Pirani, a romance by Ilubinstein
nnd a "negro song" by Gottschalk.
Mme. Hastroiter, Miss Nettio Carpenter, Sig.
De Anna, Mmo. Sacconl and the excellent
orchestra conducted by Neuendorf! added to
tho onjovmont of tho occabion. Mr. Abbey
has decided that young Hofmann shall mako
two moro appearances nt tho Metropolitan
Opera Houso, so that thoro will bo concerts
next Tuesday afternoon and Thursday
A Coroner'o Jury Determines Hovr Grune
wald Camo to Ilia Death.
New Brunswick, N. J., Dec. 2. Tho ver
dict of tho Coroner's jury in tho caso of
Leonard Grunewald, showing that tho old
shoemaker had boen murdered and his body
tossed off nt tho foot of the Burnet street
cliff on tho morning of Nov. 10, meets with
tho npprovnl of tho pooplo. Coroner Daley
officially acquainted Prosecutor ltieo with
the verdict this morning and ho will insti
tute nu investigation before bringing tho caso
before tho Grand Jury noxt TueBdav.
Somo of tho leading detectives havo ex-
Iirossed tho opinion that Grunowald had
icon murdered wheu his body was found,
but tho decision then made by County Physi
cian llico that an inquest was unnecessary
staved off an investigation until many of tho
clues which could havo been investigated
thou wero obliterated. Tho members of Now
Brunswick Lodge of Odd Fellows aro still at
Becrot work on tho caso and havo sworn to
solve tho mystery surrounding tho death of
their associate.
Arthur llovey Itallnrd Telia ilia Ntory or the
1'ythngorna Ilnll Aaanult.
James E. Quinn, Master Workman of Dis
trict Assembly 49, was arraigned in tho
Tombs Polico Court this morning ou a charge
of assault, preferred by Alfred Hovey Bal
lard, of tho 2Vibuit. Qumn demanded an
immediate examination.
Mr. Ballard, who was placed on tho stand
as tho first witness, said that while ho and
two other reporters woro in Pythagoras Hall
last Wednesday ovening getting news of u
meeting of working girls, ho was ordered out
of tho placo by Quinn. As ho started down
btairs Quinn caught hold of him nud at
tempted to throw Lira downstairs. Ho only
saved himself from a bad fall by clinging to
the stair railing.
Upon cross-examination Mr. Ballard said
thnt ho did not know that Quinn was in au
thority in tho hall.
Judge Kilhreth adjourned tho examination
until Doc. 12 nt 10.no a. m. Aftor a wrunglo
by counsel ns to what evidence should bo ad
mitted, ho said that tho questions to bo do
cidedwero: Was Quinn in a position of au
thority nt tho timo ? Did ho request Bnllnrd
toco? Did Ballard rcfuso to go, and did
Quinn uso unnecessary violcuco to compel
him to go?
Varylns the Monotony of Country Life.
John Ellison, a grocer, of Atlantic Highlands,
came to thla city yesterday morning to purcnase
aome Btnck, After ho completed that business he
went on a spree and became to nolay at the corner
of Sixth avenue and Twentieth street last nleht
that he was arrested and locked up. ThlB mornluir
he was astonlahcd at nndlnit himself locked un lu a
cell. He discovered that he had been robbed ot a
gold watch and (to. All that was found lu his pos
sesion last night was a revolver and a broken
chain. He was accused in the Jefferson Market
Police Conrt of violating the corporation ordinance
and Intoxication. Justice dorm tn held him In I loo
ball on the II rat charge and lined him $o on the
second complaint. Tno sue waa subsequently re
Qet Tub Would fo-morrote evening ana read
Julet UocJte'i love ttorv, never before printed in
America a leaf from the Jtrti of the great lYench
nowfftf, Jtmlle Zola,
t . . - ?
lie la Ilnrd.IIcnrted nnd Mlacrly Indeed Who f&
Can Itralat tho Wllca and Binllee Tbo S
Voting C'ontrata ns Lively na Uvcr Skill ij
Learned nt the Antl. Poverty Fair vs. ' V
Artful Artlcsetiesa of Novices. 4
v NOTHEB day of de- 8
JyJX Hcht to tho visitors -
S38B. jf ftnd profit to the cause j'
5ysJ,.r Jc l'10 Masonic Asylum M
NTjjXV fund was yesterday at "S
cLlVM pN uo 'n'r 'u Masonlo M
lx-yTT(&Wzk "Bo your intonts H
TTttTfTAfyfjljStt wicked or charitable ?" jj
XlWriWWlwfyIf tho lnttor, they can. S
tBTtI? hT ino' k etter workod 9
EL ft$i)& iVtIi iv ou thau by attcxidaxico ja
V I Kj srW JllL(f O"00 'n attendance) 3
I ' TWI It sWlK' 's a Lard-hcartod ,
J jjy jindeod who can resist ,i
" tho wiles and smiles of -Jj
tho fair ones, with their many devices for J
drawing tho coin from his pockot j and it la
dollars to npples that tho susceptiblo young $
man who enters within tho gates will rotiro
leaving his wallet and his heart distributed jr
in fragments nil ovor tho room. !
Tho storcopticon at tho junction of Broad- '
way, Fifth avonuo nnd Twenty-third street, ft1
last night announced at tho fair "beautiful -'x
women, rare wnrcs nnd entrancing music." " v
Tho wares and tho musio woro undoubtedly jj
thoro and so wore tho women, and ovory i
ono of tho adjectives usod in that advertise- f
inont was applicable to thom. 'jj
Last ovening tho contests for goats, jowols,
enkos, watches, aprons, articlos of usefulness f
nnd ndornment, was ns lively ns over, In- n
spoctor Willinms keeping woll in tho lend for
tho possession of tho emblematic animal of 6
tho north cud of tho island, while the Itov. a
Dr. H. J. Van DyKo promises to bo tbo popu. a
lnr elergymnn, who will capture the gold 1
Tho reporters recognized among others of 'M
tho Indies, severnl who took their degrco nt 1
tho Anti-Poverty fair, and thoy wore thor- a
oughly familiar with ovcry littlo trick nud f
device which would secure a penny to tho
cause. But tho nrt of thoso wns not mora 1
offoctunl in winning wealth than the artless-
ness of tho novices. k
Ono pleading faco, sot with bright bluo
oyes nnd rod-ripo pnrtiug lips, was upturned ,
to tho reporter nt tho lower end of tho hall j
after he had, by main force, crowded his .!
way through. The voico which proceeded T
from the lips was worthy of its boutco, and it
asked : " Please, sir, won't you voto for j
these gold tools ?" indicating a handsomo set
of gold working tools at tho booth of tho ,
German district. " Thoro aro so many pretty
girls down thoro who get hold of tho mon
that we don't get along vory woll with them
when they got here."
The minx know thnt sho wns prettier than
any of tho girls tho reporter had passed, and
hor artful artlcssness if such an expression 'i
may bo used wns uttorly irresistible. Tho ,
reportor is borrowing his carfare this morn- , ,
Last night there was no entertainment In ;
tho Commandery room, though Duncan, tho
magician, entertained in tho Austin room. i
To-night tho Vonetian Troubadours will
entertain, assisted by Miss Eleanor B. Ly- (
man, elocutionist; tho JScudder-Bishop A
Quartet, Leopold Jordan, " 'musical oxcen- J
triquo ;" Fred F. Kropff, violinist, and a host '
of othors, tho wholo entainment to be under a
tho direction of E. H. Warkor. 'I
Right Worshipful John G. Barker Is the
officer of tho day who will have tho general "
management of affairs this afternoon and j
evening! at
Tubac, a small town In Pima County, Art.,
claims to bo tho oldest settlement In the United
States. Its town records extend back to 1539. , v
The young sons of John Burdlck, of Alcdo, 111., '"J i
found thirty snake egga and batched them In the )
sun. They now hae thirty little Bpottcd adders, J
all as tame as kittens, which they feed on milk. 7
Tho various counties of Florida pay a bounty of ,(r
$3 for every wildcat killed within the county Urn-
Its, but this year there has been auch a drain on ,j
their treasuries from this source that it Is proposed
to abolish the bouuty. ,
It Is alleged that Allen M. Peeler, of Scott '
County, Ind., went Into tho barn of Almond Phil
lip:, his neighbor, and taking his horse's tall In hla
hands deliberately nnd maliciously broko It In two.
tillllps has sued Heeler for $100 damages, . Q
A hot weather story that comes rather late
In tho season from Buffalo Clap, Wyo., Is that J
a patch of peanuts growing In a garden there ,r
wero mature und roasted by tho sou's raja i i
one hot day during the latter part of the summer. t
Miss May Merrill baa been admitted to the Bar ff
of Sedgwick County, Kan., nnd Mrs. Bitten- tf j
(lender and Mrs. Fanny O'Ltnn havo been licensed ?
to practise law In Dawes County, Nob. The last- '
named ladles arc the llrst women to be admitted to
tno Bar in Nebraska,
A letter yellow with ago and almost undeclpher- .
able was found In a crevice ol the wall In the M
National Hotel, nt Dalton, Ga., the other dK It 'Tr
had been written by a wounded soldier wnd.
been cared for In the building when It waa used & " 1
a hospltul lu war times. "'
lire. Johnson Newman, ol Jasper, Tex., heard
her dogs baying the other ovening, and going out I
of doors she found that they had drlvon a hand ,
some buck deer Into a corner of tho fence near the I
bouse. Procuring an axe, she dealt the animal
two powerful blows on the head and killed it. ,
The discovery ot water at Baton, N. M. , by the
sinking ot an artesian well is hulled with delight
by the settlers In that part ot the Territory. It la
now thought that water may be found on the Max
well land grant, and if such should prove to be the .
case tho land will bo greatly Increased In valuo.
WlllUm Dunlap, of Chllllcothe, Mo., nad been
111 tor several weeks, und last Friday he felt sure
that he would die beforo night. He tbereforo
called in ills daughter und her betrothed, and had 4
them married at his bedside. Ho navo tho young '
couple hts blessing, and lu tho evening ho waa
The Pluto ludlans of Nevada aro just now en- "'
gaged In their annual rabbit hunt. It Is tholr car
turn to form a circle ten or twelve miles In diameter j
aud gradually contract It until large numbers ot t
rubbltshate been driven together In the centre.
Then tho slaughter begins, the little animals being
killed In thousands.
The great eottonwood trees In the swamps ot ,
Tennessee contain veins ot clear, sparkling water
which tastes somewhat like unsweetened soda ' )
water anu which spurts forth as tf nnder gaseous i
pressure when a vein is punctured. It Is said to ,
be dellclously refreshing, and hunters are In the
habit of carrying gimlets with which to pleroe the . '.
veins when they are thirsty. It la a point of honor .
with them to plug up tho oridec when their thirst I
Is Batisaed, so that the uext comer may not be dls- ',
appointed. ft ,'
-" t
Just Naved Himself. 1
rra Itarptr', Baar, ej
Florence latter being kissed very much against
her will) Suppose all my friends wanted to kits
met 1
Herbert Ther do, I
Florence (IndlgnanUjl-Wbatl J
I Utrbert Theydowantto, butthsycaa't.
v . . '

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