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The World" Heading All Competitor for
Ihfl Frosted Cake A Commander' Hword
Added to the Object to bo Hauled For
Theatre Ticket nt a Third of Tlielr
Valae Tbo Fair n Dig Huccei.
flp "yyJfT AT night was a very
JIOkS yA I .'crowded ono at the
I If fi III1 Jrnsonio Fnlr- 1Inn-
!"? Tn'il'iiw drods turned in from
tu I I I tho nipping oir nt tho
!H I cornor of Twenty.
fiiErPi V7 tllir(1 street nud Sixth
I jj 'XJf'TOjJSfr P3f nvcnuo and streamed
Iy wilv ' up the stairs. Maidens,
LL jJlY.ift almost ns cool as the
7T '" rVI Mejh ntinospbcro outside,
Sit Vv i hospitably recoivod
H IW vffitH ' tllenl wit" invitations
I If Iu2 to tako n chance
gg I H " M Tho urcnt hall was
fij , I jw" 1 m so thickly packed that
WW&VT777Mn il was Tery uard to Rct
ttW,lw by. This gavo tho
fascinating young women with artiolcs to ho
" chnnccd " on n better show. Tho victim
could not say, "Thnnks.no," and glidoelo
gantly, but briskly, away. It was n bustling
throng, and tho bustles must hnvo had thoir
limplo symmetry somewhat marred.
The visitor to tho fair who is n stranger to
ho Mosonto Hall is surprisod to And through
low many stories and rooms tho big snlo ox
onds.. Tho olovntor is in constnnt rcqulsi.
lion, bocause tho" restaurant is on tho uppor
Boor, as well as tho smoking-room.
Tho voting for the various objocts is
progressing with a groat deal of vigor. Tho
mysterious goat, " so young and so strong,"
which is awaiting an owner, will doubtloss
have Inspector Williams's nnmo on Ills col
lar, as that worthy has a big lend. Tho goat
will not buck against this. He is not that
kind of a buck-goat.
Last night a hugo cako, frosted and
adorned, was put into competition for tbe
nyst popular newspaper. Tns Would headed
the list of competitors.
Another handsome addition to tho objocts to
bo milled for is a superb sword at tho Execu
tive Table. It -is a Commander's sword, and
I will grace tho thigh of the most popular of
thoso worthy chieftains. The handle is of
white ivory, with tho arms of tho Grand
Chapter of tho Btato of New York cngravod
on it In colors.
Too strange almost for belief, something
Xros sold last night at tho fair for loss than
its valuo! Orchestra scats at the Bijou which
bad been presented to Hope Lodgo were dis-
' posed of for CO cents, which is only a third
, of what ono wouni havo to give at tho' box
The flowor-stand will bo on tho platform
after this, and thus moro space is obtained
(for tho floor. This part of tho chango is a
creat advantage to tho visitors, but possibly
'not so good for the revenues of tho bible.
, Robocca at tho well dispensed tho wators of
Immortal youth to gontlemon of every age.
ITho gentlemou apparently wero moro desir
ous of possessing n poronnial juvenility
than the ladies. Possibly if some comely
Jacob wero found to dispense five-cent
draughts of tho samo to a thirsty world the
Rentier sox would bo on hand in larger num
bers. Tho cruel maids with tho books read a
painful losson in human natnro to their vio
tims. Before a share is taken, tho winning
and appealing intcrostthat is exhibited in tho
victim would cajole Mr. Crowley himself.
Once the ohanco is taken, ho is droppod with
an unconcern that is vory mortifying.
Tho concert given in tho Commandery
Boom last night was by a varioty of muBlcal
talent,-the strong card being the Venetian
, Galatea tho illusivo held hor seances to
ft good attendance A young man explained
to tho spectators that they know all about
"Pygmalion and tho Galatea," and one un-
classio yaehtmau became ardused and wanted
to find out who bnilt tho Pygmalion. Tho
Etruscan English of tho annotator was moro
easily understood, however, than the transi
tion of Galatea from a strong young
woman ono" bust " to a Btrawberry blondo,
then to a bouquot of flowers, and baok again
to the stone age.
Tho Grand Master of the Bhode Island
Masons was present last evening, and what
he didn't take chances in 1b not worth men
tioning. " Do tako a chanco In this set of glass
tumblers," said a young woman, with suoh
an intensoly vivid red in her hair that a white
horse would havo to bo bleached before ho
would dare to show up in conjunction.
' " What are thoy for ?" asked tho young
xnan. ,
"Wino or whlskoy."
" But I don't drink."
" Oh, you can uso them for seltzer," was
tho retort. And so ho could, or for milk, or
k for soothing syrup, or for keeping stray
bhttons in. Henco he had to tako a chance.
Tho fair is progressing most satisfactorily,
and the solf-sacrificing ladies look forward
to (he golden harvest which the widows and
orphans will gather from their efforts as
abundant compensation for thoir zeal.
Seizure of a Canadian Tag;.
IirrciiL to the tojld,
CiLAis, Me., Dec. 8. Tho steamtug Storm
King, ol Si. Joho, N. 1)., towed two Bcnooners
from Dominion potU Into tbe docks here ye.ttr
dy, end apparently started to return without re
porting at tho Unstom-IIoiue. When abort dis
tance from the iocW itio was hailed bj the captain
of a lahooner and requeued to haul hU Teasel off
the flats. After hanllnir the vessel off, the tng waa
boardidjbj cnitomi officials and seized for viola
tion of the navigation laws, not having entered
and cleared as required to. The ofllcers nay that
the captain Wintered and threatened to carry them
Into KiijiI ah water, but Anally ba Ved dowu and
tettied. lie was released and Immediately aalled
down tto river.
Three Hundred Hand Now Idle.
Borrn Fiumoauitf, Mass., Doc 8. The
Immense straw goods factory owned by R. O. Bil
lings A Co. was burned early this morning. Three
hendred handa are thrown out of employment.
!, ITS, ooo. v
Hurley, Wis.. Nntd to be Ilurnlns. v
UnciAi. to riic wont.D.1 ,
I Chicaoo, Deo. P. A telegrjm from hurley,
I Wis., sutrs that o illsjutroui lire la raulng there,
No further particulars have been received.
Ilrooklrn New at a Ulanee.
I Thomas K. Betta is In Jail on a charge of having
tried to burn the rout-iiory tenement 811 Van
! Brunt street last night
A Coroner' Jury bos decided that the death of
George Meuln woa accidental and Iteynold Bpecht,
who waa oimrged with having assaulted him, has
bten released.
' Vrldcet Nolan waa feand 111 in Itlcki strert at 8
o'clock lat evening an1 wis sent to hor home at
Hi Oirmli street. At mldnlTht she was lotind
j i agiliimuoa uio tlx ntiu thU time waa sent t' a
, ' hospltn', Hhcro It waa found that the had anal.
p' lowed a quantity of ammonia.. Her hnaband diea
not know why she wants to die?
1 - -
Water Fat Oat Iflre.
rAarrAimputa rot plaa quickly, OfdnacM. V
Tho Day When a linn or Blx l'olnt War
ltesardcd n Fbeuoinvnal.
rrVom l riilhldtlphla i)lrn.1
" It wtuld be au almost endless task to call to
mind all tho noted player of twenty or thirty years
ago and their achievements," Mr. Palmer eon.
tlnued. " llowover, I cau tell you Incidents of
some of them, Bpeaklng of old billiard player,
tho first name that comes Into one's mind Is, of
course, that of Michael Thelan. Ho was the Hist
plyer of note In this country, and probably did
more for the establishment and development of the
game than any ono else. Ho died In 1S78, 1 think.
He was a Una man. I'oaicsscd of a good educa
tion, mil of business tact and energy, tie made his
mark In the world. Ho was vi ry popular and made
us sood a companion as ever aruunhad. 1'hclan
waa born In Ireland, I think, and his father kept
three billiard rooms In New York in 184. Michael
himself opened tho Arcade Billiard lloom Iu
Barclay atrcet In 1847. After that ho went to
Europe, and In ls53 he opened a room on Broad
way, New York, In partnership with Joseph N.
White; soon after he went to Ban Francisco In the
hoUItt of the gold fever.
Heplajedn match with M. Damon, of Paris,
for f 1,0(0 at Han Francisco, In lbM, and won. In
the same year ho commenced the manuracturo of
billiard tables In New York wltn II. V. Collcnder,
tin Bon-lu-law, continuing In this business until hla
deatn. Iu 1MT rhelan played a big game with
ltalph Benjamin for $2,ow. It wis rt bIx by twelve
four-pocket table, aud, to show how difficult play
ing waa under these conditions, the highest run
made was six. That would hardly satisfy tne
plaveraof to-day, would It T Fhelan also played
ono of the biggest matches ever played in this
country, and ouc of the first of any account, it
was with John Beerleter for f 15, OOO. The outside
betting amoanted to about two hundred thousand
dollars. ThU waa April, 1SS9, and It excited groat
Interest. I'helan won by ninny-six points, making
the highest run, lot That match was for the big
gest stake ol any overplayed. Phelan was a splen
did player and was unequalled In his time.
"Joo Whlto was a great player, too. nawas
celclebratcd for brilliant shots and his draw shots.
Ho was a very unassuming man and generally
liked. He played and won the first publlo billiard
match for a stake In this country at Syracuse, N.
Y., with Georpo Smith, of that place. White was
a Philadelphia boy, but lived In New York, where
he was run over by an omnibus about 1302.
John Beerloterwas among the good players of
that time, and ho wanted I'helan to play a return
match for $10,000, but I'helan would not do It.
"Barney Chrjatnl wob another oid-tlmcr. He
waa a bright, curly-beaded fellow and helped
James McCormlck In his room In the Assembly
Building at Tenth and Chestnut streets, this
city, that Is now being torn down. Ho, with
Michael I'helan, Joseph N. White and Christopher
DIM, who will play in the room-keepers' tour
nament this werk, played n match at tho open
ing of Crystal Falace In New York. Then there
was Prof. Claudius Bcrger. He was a French
man and a real profeswr of the game.
He was a revelation to American players when
he came here In 1S81. Nothing like him was ever
seen. I played a game with nlm once and I waa
bewailing my luck, when I'helan said to me:
"Never mlnJ. yon uld as well with him as I did. "
We never heard of tho massi shot before be came
hero, but wo soon learned It from him. Ho also
was the first to Introduce a smaller table than the
big ones on which we nscd to play. Prof. Berger
waa ooly In this country about nlno months, but
when he returned to Franco he took with blm
fu.ouo clear profit, ne was travelling through tho
South, when the Confederate army seized his
tables and appliances, and that disgusted, blm so
that he left tho country.
"mil Tieman was another old-timer and a
mighty good player. He died not long ago. He
wai beaten In September, 'U, for the champion
ship of America by Dudley Kavanagh. Kavunigb
had tne biggest nerve I ever saw, and It would
pull htm through many a game that would seem to
be lost. Ho playeu a number of matches, and In
June, 1RC3, played In a tournament In Irving Hall,
New York, for tho championship of America
against Beerleter, Foley, Tieman, .Hstcphc. Deory,
(loidihwalt and Fox lie won that match and be
came champion. Ho playeu a big matoh with
'lleman in Irving Hall In April, ISM. It
was for the championship of America and
-f 1,000. Both men played excellently and won a
meat deal of admiration, bnt Kavanagh won by
205 polnu. The Mayor or Mew York at that time,
Edwards I think It was, gave a dinner to tho con
testants and their friends, among whom I was In
cluded. When we got down to talking, tbe Mayor
pulled ont Ave one hundred dollar bills and wanted
to bet that Kavanagh and Tieman could beat any
two men In the world. The bet waa taken up. In
May, '60, Kavanagh forfeited the championship to
Fox In New York, as be waa too sick to play.
' John McDevltt was a good player and a very
popular man. He playad a most memorable match
with Joe Dion, a Canadian player, in Chicago. It
was tho laat professional game over played with
tna push shot. Dion had 435 polnu to hi credit
when McDevltt had but flneen. McDevltt then
took the cue and commenced to ahovo the ball
around. He ran up SO, 100, 150 without stopping
and the enthusiasm waa unbounded. People
cheered and applauded, and It was very lively.. He
did not stop at ICO though, but kept right on until
hut ran was 1, 4851 With tho 15 oe had, this put
blm out, the match being for l,eoo points. Tbls ts
tbe largest ran on record. And you can imagine
the scene when he was done. Tho people could
not contain tnemselvea. They carried McDevltt on
their shoulders, and he was a big man for a time.
m m
Napoleon nt. and Hla American Guest.
irrom Jfail.ni Awfcry.J
The following relating to Napoleon III. the au
thenticity of which we absolutely guarantee Is not
generally known. On a citizen of Yankeeland
being presented to blm by Mr. Dayton, the Ameri
can Minister to tbe Court of the Tullerics, Napoleon
IIL , wishing to be most gracious, remarked pleas
antly, " I know New York well, and have some
very pleasant reminiscence of my visit there."
The feelings of the occupier or the unsteady
throne foun led by the ooup a'tlat may be more
easily Imagined than described, when the Oolh
nmlte, not to bo outdono In civility, blandly
replied, "I am glad to hear It; f none we
shall have tbe pleasure or seeing Your Majesty
there again beforo long." Bnt the poor Emperor
was used to this sort of thing, for when Lady
Bleaslngton, shortly after he bad been proclaimed
Emperor, went to the Tnllerles, expecting a hearty
welcome for the sake of the old days at Gore
House, Kensington, and met with a chilling recep
tion from the French Sovereign, who, full or his
now dignity, could not overlook the scandal which
her ladyship's known lntlmary with Count d'Oraay
ooul l not f.ll to give rlie to, the nephew of the
Petit Capornl distinctly got the worst or It.
"Do yon Intend Haying long In Franco?" coldly
asked Ills Imperial MajeBty, with marked em
phasis. No, Hire," recited tbe Irish Countess, with a
twinkle in her eye; "doyout"
A Moonshiner HUH.
llYowi IX. LcntnUU fbJ.l
The "Walkup brothers, Tolbert and Thomas,
whom we arrested next, had the best Illicit still I
hsvo yet seen. It was located In a room of 'about
the dimensions of to by 41 feet. It was dug In the
ground at tne bead of a ravine. The opening was
covered with chestnut stnnchlona, and over these
was placed tho earth from tbe excavation. The
mound was covered with brush, which made the
concealment complete, 'save for tho smoke arising
above It through a rent. The still was of recent
construction, and it the Walknps bad not been
molested they would have gotten rid or the tell-tale
smoke by pining It to their kitchen, abont one hun
dred yards distant, and running It out through tbe
chimney. They had completed their plana and
were on the point or putting them Into execution
When we interrupted operations. There was a third
party In the conduct of the still, bnt be got away
with the tint pro luct tne night before onr arrival.
We found l.EMO nations of beer and unbroken mash
for abont 500 gallons more, besides ISO gallons of
slngllngs or low wines. They wero hurrying their
product by high temperature, and claim that tney
would have bad fifty gallons of a salable article
In a few days.
From Florida to Tennessee In a Wagon,
(fraat . Caanf Ttmu,
A large wagon with four mules attached, In
which were seated a man, his wife snd several
children, pulled np yesterday at Eaat End and Im
mediately took a house and began living. Tho
man wai neoro u. Decker, ani he came from
ren'ral Florida, having left that State Just one
month of thirty-one daya itio, having iruvel vd
with bis family tho entire dlitunce in a wagon.
Uo explained that ho wanted to come to Chatta
nooga, be bad four uiuIim, plenty to eat. a good
wagon and a beany wife and healthy children, and
he didn't tee any reason why he ohouldut bring
them all by wagon. Tbe entire family were in
robust health and fall enjoyed tbe Journey.
No Dad Feeling Among Government Oftlcer,
Jlecause the Case Ha Itecn Managed Ho
Diplomatically that Tbey Will Not be
KmbarraMed No Lack of Cordiality to
American in Mexico.
Orrr or Mexico (via Golvoston, Tox.),
Deo. 8. Considerable excitement has been
occasioned hero by n report that Hocretary
Bayard had sent tho Moxioan Qjovernmont a
claim on behalf of Gutting for n largo sum of
monoy alleged as duo for illegal imprison
ment in Chihuahua and Paso Del Norto.
Information from Government cirolos, how
ever, is to tho olfect that tho United Btatos
havo not mndo poromptory demands on Hex-"
ico, but have urged Mexico, for tho sake of
futuro amicablo relations,. to modify her laws
regarding extra territorial jurisdiction, and
has suggested indemnity for Gutting, leaving
Mexico to name the amount.
There is no bad feeling in Government
circles, but likely to bo much angry talk in
tho press. Tho United States mado tho ro.
iptcstthroo weeks ago, sinoo which tho Presi
dent aud Ministers havo boon especially
cordial to American visitors. Tho matter, it
is said, will go through tho usual diplomatic
channels, and satisfaction is expressed that
Mr. Bayard lias handled tho case so as to
avoid placing Mexico in an embarrassing po
sition. No dooent American horo would support
a olnim for Gntting, for all believo him to be
simply n notoriety seeker, who deliberately
attempted to make trouble between tho two
countries. Gen. Jaokson was Minister hero
at tho timo, and nover believed that Cutting's
caso had n leg to stand on, and regarded it as
absurd. The reopening of the cose would be
buto to mako much feeling against American
interests here.
Thcro has of lato sprung up an excellent
fooling towards Americans and tho United
States, and the Kansas City dolcgation now
horo has boen superbly treated.
The Two Archbishop Itynn IJerrre on tho
Hervla This Morning.
The Ounnrder Borvia, having on board
Archbishop Byan, of Buffalo, and Bishop
Kynn, of Philadelphia, who aro destined for
tho Eternal City to present thoir grntulations
to'Popo Leo Xin, and to rcproscnt the Cath
olio church in this country nt his
coming golden publico, or fiftieth
anniversary of hiB ordination .to tho priest-,
hood, to tho priesthood, sailed for Liverpool,
with u largo fist of prominent passengers, at
7 o'e!6ck tli is morning.
Tho two distinguished prolatos went aboard
tho Servia last night after having been tho
guest of Archbishop Corrigan during tho past
two days. A number of priests of Buttalo
and Philadelphia escorted them to the
steamer, whero, amid a gorgeous- array of
flowers sent by admiring friends, they took
leuvo of thoir ciiiefs, wishing thorn a pleasant
trip and a snfo return.
Although tho farowolls and good-byes wero
eaid lost night, a few of tho departing pre
late's clergy wore on the pier this morning,
and saw them safely on their long journey.
Charged with Having Polaoncd Three Peo
ple Strychnine In Drinking Water.
Cahtziisviixe, Go., Doo. 8. Amanda Bow
land was put in jail bore yesterday for tho
poisoning of three people Sho went to tho
rosidonoe of V. II. Ferguson, near Taylors,
villo, several days ago, and askod tho privi
lege of drawing water from his well. Ho re
fused. She left vowing vengeanco, saying
she would soori walk over Ferguson's grave.
Two nights afterwards Mrs. Ferguson, her
eldest daughter and Mr. Worron Gaston,
who was a visitor, became suddenly ill. A
physician was called in, who doolared that
the victims had been polsonod with strych
nine. Tho bucket of water in tho rear por
tico looked peculiar, and tho threo sick ones
wero the only ones who had drank of it.
Upon investigation tracks corresponding to
a woman's shoo were found, and at onco
Amanda was suspected of tho work. She is
twenty-ono years of ago, married and the
mother of three children. Tho poisonod
people are in great danger. ,
m m
Ambrose H. Pardy to Try the "Simple
Christian Life" Itacket In Ua-Hoae.
" I've mado up my mind what I shall do
nftor January 1st," said Deputy Assistant
District-Attorney Ambrose H. Purdy, this
" I'm going to rotiro from offico only to
again fit myself for offlciaVpositlon going on
probation as it were. Tho result of the last
election has proven that, io bo successful, a
candidate must have lived a siinplo Christian
lifo.' I'll admit that I haven't, but I'm going
into training up in Gen. Spinola's district,
and who knows but sonirr day I may become
District-Attorney or Congressman ? Thoy
need men with sltnplo Christian lives ' up
among tho gas-houses."
Among a Ttost a other initr&ttna features Vie
BunaavVfomneillpnnt a remarkabls ttorv a
ItnolUh aettctlve urvtce. Unttrtaintng reading
far the Oav ana alt the ntvnfor thrte cent.
m m
Having tho Jnl'e of the Oyster.
rrewt r. -V.it llitttn allaillun.
An oystonnan who haa just relumed from Mary
land say a a new method of preserving oysters In
tne shell Is In use in that State. A single turn of
Iron wire Is twisted around each shell to keep them
so tightly closed that none ol tbe Juices can leak
out. Tbe opening of tbe month of the oyster when
out of water causes the mest to spoil. There Is
evldenoa that oysters damped by wire by tbls
method have kept for several months. Arrange
ments have been made to ship several thousand
oysters thus prepared to Liverpool.
Not Frightened a Dlt.
(Yen l4 ryoth,
Girl (scraping her Ice-cream dish) You say
there It tyrotoxlcon In 11, George ?
Ororge (earnestly) Vts, lots of Ik
Girl What la a tyrotoxlcon 1
deorge-.lt fat a drug. '
oiri Wen, on onr way homo, George. I wish
Jos would stop at a drug-store and get mo some,
A nestles Utobn Trotter Trie the Air
Drake and Htop the Train.
IVom ( Omakn ITorM,)
"Of all the queer fellows 1 ever met, and I have
met a great many peoplo In my time, that little
ahrlvelled-np man you ace there Is the queerest,"
said an old traveller the other evening to a irortd
man ns the two were lounging In tho rotunda of
tho Millard Hotel. The man Indicated waa a gray
haired, nervous individual, who kept continually
sliding back and forth in tbo huge chair that ho
was vainly endeavoring to occupy, thrusting his
egs around, clutching continuously at the arms of
tho chair with hla hands and Jerking Ms bead
arouud as if trying to see everything going on
In every direction at once. "That man Is a
regular Jumping Jack. I have Jnst arrived from
Ban Francisco on tho same train with him, and It
has afforded us a great deal of amusement to watch
his antics. He haa been all over the world aud Is
on on his way East after spending the summer In
Alaska. He'll be all over this town In less than
two hours, and then prance up and down tho depot
and fume because the train 'does not leave Imnicdl
dlately. Ho can't remain quiet long enough at a
tlmo to get shaved, but gets up and charges
arouud the room two or three times beforo
the Job la completed. Hd la forever on the
go, and carries more baggage than
tne average watering place belle, taking better
caro of It than most people do of their babies. Be
fore leaving Ban Francisco ho procured aeveral
crates of choice frnlL Ho wrapped several lavers
of paper around the crates snd seenrod the whole
by buckling inree or four leather straps around
them. Actually, I don't think he slept three hours
on the whole trip, for ne spent all hla tlmo bobbing
about looking after his fruit and bags, washing his
handa and pulling hla ulovet on and off. Fuasy Is no
name for 1L He wonld Jump out nf his seat, rush
rrantlcally Io tho lavntory.wash his hands, throw
tne towel on the floor, snatch np the packages
containing his precious fruit, undo tho wrappers,
gazo admiringly at It, carefully tie It up again,
deposit the packages In a corner, wash hla handa,
throw another-towel on the floor, pull on his
gloves, gazo at himself in tbe glass, rush back to
his soat, fidget about for a few minutes, ralao the
window, lower It, Jump up all at once as If stung
by a wasp, cqarge wild eyed to tho lavatory, and
go through tno previous performance with elab
orate variations. At night be would get up about1
every half hour and satisfy himself that nobody
had tampered with his belongings.
" Among other things he nud a splendid Turkish
travclllng.bag, one of those affairs With a oount
Icsh number of pootcta that you can load up with
almost everytntng Imaginable, glvolta few kicks,
bucklo the straps, and there you aro with a bundle
that looks to tbe casual observer like a huge roll of
blankets. Ho wonld lug this into the smoking
room about nvo times every day, and take out
everything It contained, piling them up on the seats
around blm. 'J hen he would shake tho
bag, examine It minutely and proceed
to repack It, scrutinizing every article
carefully beforo putting ll In its particular
pocket. He informed mo on day in a burst of
confidence that he bud purchased the bag In Con
stantinople, and had carried It to every quarter of
tho globe. Ho laid particular stress upon the fact
that It was as good aa new, That's what ono gets
for taking caro or things,' said he Tvo got a
a nephew, a harum-scarum sort of fellow expects
to get some of my money when I die but I'll fool
him, d n him. lie Is at school. If I were to loan
this bag to blm for one vacation what do you think
would becomo of It 7 Why, sir, the hogs wouldn't
look at It again,' and the old gentleman slammed a
shoe-brush on tbe floor, glared at the boy snd
danced around as 11 the very thought of such a
catastrophe was enough tojustlfy him In slaughter
Inn Bome one.
'Everything he 'sees excites his curiosity and
he has to Investigate it. This samo trait got him
into trouble on this trip and nearly soared him to
death. Three or four of us were seated In tho
smoking room enjoying our weeds and discussing
tho health ot tho German Crown Prince. All at
once we beard a terrific roar and Instantly tho
train slacked Its speed. We Jumped up aniTrusbed
out to Investigate. In tho lavatory stood the old
man, his eyes sticking out,, bis few remaining
hairs standing on end and but' knees wabbling
In a manner that threatened momentary
collapse. He waa a ridiculous sight. When
questioned hla tongue refused to perform It func
tion, and he muteiy pointed to a aecllon of cord on
the side ot tho car near the roof. Tho mystery
was explained. Ills coqoslty had gotten the bet
ter of his Judgment, and he had pulled the air
brakes on ns and brought tho train to a standstill
with a suddenness that startled overy one on
board and took them off their feet. Thero waa a
hurrying around of trainmen to dlacovcr the cause
of the stoppage, but none of na gave tho old man
away, nnd after a great deal of needless profanity
the crew got the train under way again."
For diagrams of the heads of veu-tnmen
people, as taken bt their hatters, see the Sunday
World. Three cents.
Keeping House and Hoarding.
fYom U. VhiladiipKia BIUlU.i
' The man who goes to housekeeping after hav
ing lived lu a boarding-house most of his llfo
.naturally rejoices at tho change, because, after
all, there Is nothing like putting one's feet under
one's own mahogany, don't you know r" remarked
a Benedict tbls morning; "but those who are not
so privileged shonld not Imagine vain thing. The
man of the house haa a thousand more responsi
bilities than the man who boards, and these. In a
measure, balance the advantages. For Instance,
It not infrequently happens that the servant be
comes obstreperous and has to be discharged. Then
he finds that there Is coal to carry np; that there aro
furnaco Area to rake down and keep ablaze; that
there areywlndow-shutters to shut, and that the
milkman and the baker come at a disgustingly
early hour In tho morning, and that If he wauts
cream for his coffee and rolls for hla breakfast be
must get up and ansner their knocks at the gate.
He finds, too, that there are clocks thst all the tlmo
demand winding, thattbt-re are people who seem
to make It a business to ring bis door bell and ask
where Mr. Smith live, and that there are a thou
sand and one little errands that Bridget nsed to do
that he baa to do now himself. OS, ye; there are
a good many thlnga to mitigate the Joys of house
keeping, espeolslly when you happen to be with
out a servant-girl'
i m
"Pant" at Ded-Uock Price.
From a Jto.ro llr.J
Tbo somewhat atartllng and 'amusing Inquiry,
" Do you wear pants;" which appears In large let
ters upon tho fences, sides of bulldlnrjr and the
bill-boards In different parts ot this city Is tbe
unique stylo of advertising which has been adopted
by a Boston clothing firm. Clothing was never so
cneap as now, bnt this enterprising Yankee Arm
are selling men's trousers at $3 per pair, made to
order. Their factory. In which many hundreds of
handa are employed, Is being rnn ntgbt and day
to lbs fullest capacity, to meet the constantly
Increasing orders lor cheap pantaloons. This
Is the way the manufacturers of this
specialty figure the cost of the popular " unmen
tionables. " The average pair of iiouaers calls for
lit ysrds of cloth, double width. It costs from CO
to So cents per yard. Two snd one-naif yards at
60 cent Is U for the cloth. The wslst and lining
are made of lnexpensli e cambrto and the pockets
of cheap cotton cloth. The but Ions cost a total of
5 cents, making the total outlay lor one pair of
pants it is. Allowing a sufficient percentage for
lalxir and rent, one can readily perceive that a
small margin of profit la left torthe manufacturer.
Thus can young men of small means provide them
selves with fashionable pantaloons at exceedingly
reasonable prices.
T,es Perfumery and Moro Comfort.
Ifrom rs A'w 7ar.n Journal,
A Voluntown borsc-traler pal up at the Wanre
gan House, Norwich, the other night, aud, on re
tiring, blew out tbe gas. He had not been In bed
long before be experienced a very uncertain feel
ing. Ho arose and raised the window and tbbn
retired again. The odor began to be atlfiing, and
he got np and opened the door Into the ball. Then
he went to work again. He then held the fort
until be was driven ont by nausea, when be
dreated, and going to the office, walked np to tbe
nlgot clerk and aatdt "Say, there la something
wrong about the room you gave ma It baa a bad
ttnell. and I have concluded It ain't healthy, can't
yon give me a room with leas perfumery and more
comlort V The odor Is upon him, the o'erk recog
nized II, snd gong to the room he turnrd off the
gas, aired the room snd ahiwod hla guest thit
iheio was comfort still left in the room assigned
It you own a ealuaot dog, and Want to know
Jr people in JYta l'crfc who win aattiapir dogs,
get the Sunday Wosto.
He Afterward Change HI Mind Abont tho
nrrakrnat nnd Take It Gladly Warden
WnUh Cannot Find DrlM-oll' Man Tho
Death Watch Io bn Met on Dec. 11
Scorching the Murderer' Cell.
Tho discovery nnd frustration of his plan
of cBcnpo and a night in condemucd coll No.
ffi put Murdorcr Dan
Driscoll in a bad hu
mor this morning.
When a plentiful
breakfast of tender
loin steak, fried po
tatoes, eggs aud coflco
was carried to him at
7.30 o'olock this morn
ing, ho callod ont to
Deputy Wardon Flu
DAW DBiscoi.t,. ley : " Don't bring
that in hero or I'll break tho crooks to pieces.
Tell Mr. Walsh that I won't eat any break
fast until ho gives mo back my girl's letters."
Driscoll referred to a paokago of letters
which wero found in his cell during tho
searoh instituted whilo ho was nt court yes
torday. It mado him vory angry when ho
realized that ho had been dejirivod of them,
and his constant gruiublo last night was :
" Ho might hnvo been content with half
starving mo nnd taking away ray exorciso
without collaring my girl's letters. "
When tlio warden henrd that thero was
groat danger that Driscoll would not cat his
breakfast he langhod and said that ho didn't
caro. In half an hour tlio Whyo ohlof
thought bettor of his terrible threat
and took his food gladly, dospito tho
fact that, his lottcrs were still withhold.
Wardon Walsh is determined to render it
impossible for Driscoll or any of tho othar
condemned men to got' as near escaping as
Lyons and Drisooll were yesterday. Dan
Lyons, who is to hong for shooting young
Qulnn, has been taken from tbo second tlor
to cell IS in Murdorors' How. Lorens Itoich,
tho wifo murderer, has also had his quarters
Each of tho oondemnod colls woro searched
this morning by tho Warden in porson,
accompanied by two keepers. This pro.
gramme will bo followod twico daily in tho
caso of every man under scntenco of doath.
Tho puzzling thing about tho attempt of
Lyons and Driscoll is that all attempts to
find tho saw with whioh the thick iron bars
wero severed havo proved futile. A thorough
Benrch has bouu mado not only of tbo colls
formerly occupiod by tho condemned men,
but of the surrounding passageways. Tho
Erisonors, who woro at exorciso yesterday,
avo also been searched, and tho conolusion
is irresistible that tho implement has bcon
convoyed outside the prison.
Wardon Walsh's theory is that a friend of
Lyons, who has visited him daily, passed him
the saw through tho grated door of his cell,
and that after Lyons got his bar Rawed
through he passed it to Driscoll. Uo thinks
that Driscoll got wind of tho discovery
yesterday.in time to get rid of tho saw. in a
similar way beforo ho was searched.
Tho Warden saya that ho knows tlio namo
of tho man who brought the saw into tho
prison, but will not mako it publio bocauso
in tho absenco of tho implement ho cannot
prove anything against him.
Driscoll's dosperato attempt will liavo tho
effect of bringing tho death watoh to tho
prison earlier than usual. Hitherto tho Sheriff
has put his men in tho condomned coll ton
days before tho oxecntion.
Ab Driscoll's exeoution is fixed for Jan. 20
tho death watoh is not duo for fivo weeks
yet, but tho Sheriff is said to intend setting
the death watch on Deo. 15.
When Warden Walsh was asked about this
ha said ; " I wish Sheriff Grant would sond
tho death watoh right away and tako tho
restKinsibilitvoff niv hands. Drisooll is n
dosperato man and ho seems to have frionds
who know how to holp him.
' ' You must remember." said tho Warden,
. " that this is not the first attempt at escape
, from the prison. mado , by Driscoll. Eight
, months ago ho and the murderer Smith con
cocted a pretty olovor plan to get freo.
' Smith tried to dig through tho floor, but
1 Driscoll managed to got a key mado whioh
, fitted his coll door. He also had a falso beard
i and mustache smuggled into his coll.
" Soo," oontinuoa Mr. Walsh, opening a
1 drawor in bin desk ; " horo aro the articles.
It was arranged tha t in tho dead of night tho
friend who had tho koy should open Dris
coll's door and ha should como ont dis
guised in this falso board. Smith
expected to work his way out at tho
some time, and the two had planned to catch
tho koepor off his guard, hit him on tho head
and get out. But I managed to intimato to
Driscoll's friend that I knew all about tho
key and that tho scheme wouldn't work."
Tho key produced by tho Warden was of
muss and was vory cleverly mado. Tho falso
beard was also of thoxilnest make and was of
such a slzo ns to render a man totally un
recognizable by his best friends.
Howe A 'Hummel, PriscoH's counsel, in
tend to apply to tho Governor for a pardon,
but tho polition has not yot been proparod.
Tbo Myaterlon Bundle Foand nt Italia
ltaie Hill Under Investigation.
The authorities of Bnltus Roso Hill, N. J.,
have set to work to unravel tho mystery of tho
blood-stainod clothing which waa found un
ilor a largo flat stone in tho woods last Sunday
by I&aao Lawrence and Georgo A. Sayro.
Justice John L. Ourrie wlllhold an investi
gation to-day and endeavor to obtain soma
cluo to tho ownership of tho mysterious bun
dle. There is no knowledge that any crime
lias boen committed in that neighborhood.
He Knew Hotter.
From llarp,rt itoaar.J
"I tell yon what It Is, Ous; Arsmlnta'a father
can't appreciate ns. He has no souL "
Ob. be hasn't, eh' Well, If you'd been In my
place laat night you'd have thought be was all
Merely Oat of Heason.
Von (. lmitvilU fVmW.rHraal,
The gi ,t drouth which bss just come to an end,
snd which baa OJtued so moon complaint, wonld
have been balled with Joy In Noah's time. Wo
are, Indeed, a fault-lluding generation.
Ann Welaa, sixty years old, a servant at ttd East
seventy-fourth street, was found dead In bed this
Klliabeth llotberg. aged six years, accidentally
fell Into a tub of boiling water on Thursday and
was scalded so that ahe died yesterday.
Joseph Cook, of Boston, will deliver an address
before the American Temperance Union at Chick
erlng Hal) to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock,
Tbo police have sen" out an alarm for an owner
for a natr mattress, two hoop-skirts, threo books
and an aooerdeon, which were round In the alrett.
The next lecture la the Cooper Union free Satur
day night course will be delivered ibis evening by
i. A. File oa Norway and the Iaps," wlti
HareopUooaWaKrattoB.. ?
mat Will be the Outtome of the CrUls in
Reason! Why New York Health Official
Discredit tho Youngatown (.rare.
Tho health authorities horo say that no
alarm should be caused by tho despatches
from Youngfftown, O., to tho effect that
Asiatio cholera has broken out in that sec
tion and that germs of tho disoase woro
taken thcro in tho clothing and effects of ono
Jamos Donaldson, whoso homo was in Now
Bedford, Pa,
The despatches say tnat shortly aftor tho
man reached his homo ho fell ill and diod.
Ho was a passenger, tho story went, on tho
Fabre lino steamer Alesia, which was quaran
tined at this port for two months on account
of cholora aboard. It was furthor stated that
his clothing was disinfected and cleansed by
his wif e,who also died soon afterwords. Then
the man's daughtor and a dozen citizens of
tho town wero stricken with tho samo disease.
In tho first plnco thoro was no James Don
aldson on tho Alosia nor tho other Fabro
steamer, tlio only cholera vessels which
reached this port. Then tho symptoms of
tho disease aro uuliko cholera, and rosemblo
moro black small-pox, which often puzzles
physicians. At the ofllco of the Quarantine
Commissioners there is no crodonco given
tho cholera story, and nt tho offico of tho
Board of Health it is said tho disease must
have boen caught in somo other way than
aboard ship. Tho officials think that the
man is suffering from small-pox, and that tho
physicians, not understanding the disease,
declared it to bo cholera on the strength of
tho statement that tho man had boen a pas
senger on ono of tho quarantined vessels,
j - -
Criminal Case to Came Beforo the Conrl
Next Work. ,
Tho December term of tho Court of Gen.
crnl Sessions will begin on Monday with
Becorder Smyth Bitting in Part I., Judgo
Cowing hi Fart II., and Judge Gildersleovo
in Port III.
On tho Grand Jury, which will bo charged
by tho Beoorder, may devolvo tho duty of
indicting Joy Gould, Bussell Sago, Henry S.
Ives and Georgo II. Staynur, the first two
roigning nnd tho latter deposed monarchs of
financo, should Assistant District-Attorney
Vernon M. Davis determine that criminal
action will Uo ngatnst them.
No trials of special importance ore on tho
calendar for tho first day of tho term, but
Herr Most will bo brought before Judgo
Cowing for sentence, and Bobort F. FarroU,
tho Walking Delegate of tho American Car
penters' and Joiners' Union, will plead be
foro Becordor Smyth to an indicunent for
conspiracy to doprivo Carpenter Bobort
Hoyt of a Job last August.
Tho trial of Guiseppe Longobordl for tho
murder of Johnny Barrett will bo called for
trial before Justice Brady in tho Court of
Oyer and Terminer, Assutont DistricUAt
torney prosecuting.
They Hnd No Other War of Escaping from
a TJnmlng Hotel at Gnelph.
Isrxcut, to Tna wobld.J
Grrrxpn, Ont., Doe. 8. At 2 o'olock this
morning firo was discovered on tho first floor
of tho Commercial Hotel, ono of tho largest
hotels in the city.
By tho timo tlio guests and other inmates
wero awakened, the firo had made such head
way that escapo by tho stairways was cut off
and all wero compelled to jump from tho
windows in their night-clothes.
Several wero injured from this causo. but it
is thought nono seriously. Waugh, the pro.
priotor, was severely burned In rescuing his
Tho hotel was completely gutted and will
havo to bo rebuilt. Loss and iusuronoo not
yet known.
Disconsolate Ileran HI Friend Are Not
Allowed to VUit Him.
Jerry Hartigan, the well-known Democratic
politician of the Fourth and Sixth wards, is
slowly dying of consumption at the residence
of his brotber.in-low, John O'Leary, at 23
City Hall place. He is very weak to-uay,and
his sister, Mrs. O'Leary, says that thcro is no
hope of his recovery.
Dr. Walsh, who is attending him, has or
dered that the patient bo kept quiet and free
from excitnmont. Tho friends of tho famous
politician are not allowed to see him, and he
is wondering why thoy do not call upon him.
Poor Jerry seems to think that all his
friends havo forgotten blm, and is rather
Mr. Gllllgan' Offer From Barnaul.
lVot Ik BHdfftrt jyirmtr.
Mrs. Marcclla's Itickaid'a oow, which waa
mangled by tho escaped lion from tho winter quar
ters on the night of tha Are, is dead, having let go
ber hold of life early last evening. By way of rep
aration for the dead cow, the agents of Mr. Bar
num. have presented Mrs. IUcksrd with, a Jersey
oow from Mr. Barnum's herd. Only yesterday tbe
sgenta were in conversation with Mrs. lUckard
and Mrs. Gllllgan about securing both the cow and
Mrs. Gllllgan herself as attraction for the arena
next season. It waa agreed tnat tTS ahoald be paid
tor the cow, and Mrs. Gllllgan was offered t5o a
week to go with the ahow and be exhibited aa the
woman who prxxldeu the llou with a broom handle
while he waa preparing to make a lnnch off the
cow and calf he bad struck down. Tit Incident
w.a o widely reported In the papers that the ahow
managers concluded tne woman aud the cow would
be attractive drawing cards lor next yrsr. Tho
death ol the oow spoils part of thU programme, bnt
it is likely that Mrs. Gllllgan will pose among tho
curloattlM as tb only woman who ever thumped a
live lion with a Uc throaga a ballet Uui It vui
dog; T I
ESca.i-tioa3.m ml
1 : ia?
a VsTgg
Name of the Men Who Htood tiy M. Grevy tfijkX''
-The Comte do Paris' Hand Ip the I'rCiL 'TS
dentlal Klrctlon Tlio Klght Were In- jB
strutted to Vote for Nanssler Before tho vl
Count Knew the Oenernl Had Itctlrcd. j!$W
Paws, Doc. 3. Tho theatres wero almost "$m
deserted last night. The hotels patronized "jjjjj
by foreigners nro rapidly being emptied. FfM
Thero wero largo withdrawals of bank do- JjdBM
posits yoBterday. 'IfiB
MM. Gnmnlio, Lemolnno nnd Lobaitnrd ';1M
supported M. Grc'vy in tho Sonato, nnd JIM. 'VM?
Dilloto Guillot and Do Mahey supported WLt
him in tho Chambor of Dopntlos. Tho , $M
Deputies who had advlsod tho Prosident nob , '
to resign voted against him. Y .-Mi
Tho Comto daParlH instructed mombonl B
of tho right to vote for Gen. Snussior beforo JffM;
ho knew that Saussior had rotired from tho) MH'
contest ; ho has now sont fresh instructions-' .'
- ,)
What tbo London "New "and "Standard' :lrU
Etay of tbe Government' Action. 'MqB
IsrtciAi. cAnu to tux world. s'B
London, Dec. 3. Tho Daily A'cws sayst fM
" Tho imprisonment of Lord Mayor Sullivoa iK
is a national -Bcandal. Ho is a man of tho -Jj31
highest charaotcr, both publicly and pri. am
vntoly. Tho quostioii whioh tho pooplo of ifj9
Great Britain aro asking in shnmo and anger; 'B
is ' What manner of law is this, which con- sB
verts suoh men into criminals.' " 'JtH
Tho Btamlard says t " Wo aro sincerely cB
sorry for Mr. Sullivan, but if ho is a prisonor . IB
tho fnult is solely his own. Tho Govern- 'JkH
mont's task is a painful ono, and tho only' ; H
effect of tho present conduct of tho National- JJH
lets will bo to alienato tho sympathy of ovca- jiHB
those Englishmen who do not look with-dis- , vH
favor upon Homo Bulo." , -iaH
a ,JTTTa
Mr. Haines 'Wa Never So Deceived oa by , "WSLXW
the Flower Boy Mho Befriended. yftjH
Tho flower boy, John Dogon, of 241 East WHB
Twcnty-second street, did not put in an np jjJH
pcaranco to-day at tho Jefferson Market? - '.3fl
Polico Court as ho promised ho would. flafl
Mrs. Georgo B. Haines, tho kind lady of ' 1jM
317 West Fifty-third street who took such an jB
Interest in him, camo with her daughter and -'xH
told Justice Gorman that sho was nover so- a9
much deceived in any ono as sho was in that 'Hfl
boy. Sho promised tho Court to tako him to il&9
hor own home to savo him boing locked up, -- -''JM
and when they loft court on Friday she took ''Xm
him to the storo of McCoy, tho florist, 135 t,iflfl
East Twonty.third street, to givo up tho t'vlH
flowers ho had. ' ''-'SI
The boy sat down in u chair, refused to go 'iHfl
with tho lady to her homo, and was very im- "I
pudent, which shocked her after all tho NiB
trouble sho had taken to go to court and envo r'snaai
him from prison, Tho ladV waited iu court l-LWW
toseowhatthercsultwouldbo. !!
About 10 o'oloek tho boy and his mother tfLWW
entered, when Mrs. ITnines got up and re- 'LWmW
marked : ' ' Judgo, ho is a bad boy, and Ida wkWmW
not want to havo anything moro to do with; 'jH
him." Sho then left tho court, MmwR
Agent Stocking said it was only what ho M'Hsfl
expected would happen. Mrs. Degan, tho aflHi
boy's mother, said her husband was a cook ' HH
and able to support John. Jnstico Gorman, r'Vaaaaaa!
told her tho boy was too young to bo selling t'SH
flowers and if ho was caught at it again ho 1, 3jM
would be sent to prison. Justice Gorman ?JsBsl
added that John ought to be Bent to prison , -"jl
for his treatment of Mrs. Haines. Tuoboy'a -?jH
niothor took him homo. ,.- t'-''Sm
- . 'iv3arBrJ
Careless of Bullet Flying After Hla.' ' - ' VflH
Frank FUchor, a notorious burglar and, aneak ''H
thief , was caught by Pottcem m Jones In the net of t .. xBI
breaking Into a store on Grand street, Jersey City Hii,tsaHB
last night. Ho had a fnll kit ot tools in bis posses - rjuHlSfl
stun. A " pal, " who was with blm, escaped br ?Svaaaaaal
running through the meadows with bullets flying; filHS
atfer him. Fischer waa held for trial Una mora- vaBBBaa1
log. Z$-
Aldermen to lie-elect Their Officer. -jsaaaal
The Democratio members of the Board iHsjj
of Aldermen ot fis havo held several) i 'H
conferences regarding tho organization -SH
of the Board. ' Alderman Patrick: Dlwer riMaakl
Is to be re-elected Vice-President ot tha cM
Board, and the veteran, Frank J. Twomey. '.vjPHB
Clerk. Tho patronage is to be equally divided 7mMl
among the Democratic members. iJtESfl
PrD Prediction In General. 'jtSaaU
-nw I Wabtuhqios. Dec V $B1
iSSK J Weather indications or IBi
lV .V EatfrnA'r,B york: Coot ' J$affl
IgfcjfcVWap"" fr.'Oeneralft fair peatA , $Uh
lT S. 5l I mHoht to reshutndsj '$m
AS) j I Deinmtno southerly. ?SBl
jMk i. l For Connecticut: Cooler, ,l&aKfl
lH3 Nffl&fljV generally Jalr vceatliert flnflfK
rfy( T&W1 ",W ' Yft vinos, be- ' ''Sj)j0
(fT '"VlJ ewjf' coming southeasterly. WmWk
m i IMKy
Advices from Melbourne say that Beach, the) &Oi
oarsman.has resigned the championship and finally aju
retired Iroin aquatics. frgH
Sheppard Nelson, a wealthy farmer of Medina, iafi!
a, waa killed last nlgbt while walking on tha 'fSil
V. , W. and B, railroad tracks. Nearly every bona V9sf
in his body was broken. -.&'
Ellas' Cohen, a wood-chopper, appeared la iJ??
Savannah recently and naked for a medical exam- &&',
(nation. The doctor's pronounced blm a leper and 7m)
sent him to his bome In the Black Swamp region. Ai0
At Heading, Fa.. last night, Howard Potter '.
called upon Mias Mary Lloyd for the purpoaoof 3"
breaking their engagement. Without warning, tho ,".
girl daabed a glass of vitriol In Potters face, UuSg- ,
urlng bun ror lite. &$!
In a fox-hunt at Melton, England, yesterday. 'wWj
Count Zbrowakl was heavily thrown and carried ole SlafI
the Held uncoutoloaa. Tho Marquis deuanrnrco jHf
was also thrown, while the burse ridden by tho tMM
Duk of Portland stopped abort at a brook, pilch- 'Tul
Ills Grace into the stream headforemost, JHI
Jainca Donaldson, one of tbo passengers ef tha '' JH
cholera ahlr Alesia, returned to his home lu New jjaan
Dodford. ra,k reoenUy. Hla clothe were thor- Sl
ongbly dlalnrected by his wife, after which both A 'mm-
she aid ber husband oled of a straw disease. A ' m
dotes other reUdts art sow W4fMjy j 'Mm
gnmjmtmed: , -'WLj
"" i "3Hi
' f3taaTsal

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