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Btlt Hnndreds of Children Thrown Into CJIoomy
Hffi' V -J 1'rlennt on tbo Slightest Hnsplclou.
Kk'"'1'. 'When Oco. StrclnlkotT wai Intrusted by the Tsar
KcLKu ' with almost dictatorial power In order that ho
EHRl'.' might exllrpato sedition In tno provlncct of South-
KK ern Russia, he arretted and threw Into prlion In
WBir'- the atnglc jltv ot Odessa no lesa than 118 persona
HK;, (a three days. He then went to Kiev and arretted
EQHfrT etghty-nlno persons almost simultaneously, and
EKsv ordered the Imprisonment of hnndreds of
Br'- m ft "KharkolT, Nlkolalcf, l'ultava,
jK''' Knrak and other Booth ltussian elite.
EHpjt Wont of these atrcst wcro made entirely without
nfflB', trhatla known aa " probable nauso," aud for the
HjflK ole purposo of obtaining cities to plota which the
ElH&, police relieved to exist, tint which tney had not
E'bB J been able to discover. Many or the person; ar-
BtkmmmK? rested were mere children Immature schoolboys
BfannnnK "hd girls from Mtecn to seventeen years of ngr
KiTaYaYaYaYK: wnocould not rislt)ly bo regorded s dangerous
gHr& cons, lraton, but who might. It was thought, be
IKl tcrrincd Into a confession of all they knew with
U regard to the movement conversations and otcu-
lL nations of tnelr older relatives and Irlcnds.
IK Ocn. Btrclnlfcoir flan was to arrest slmullan-
sWrJssssss. , coasly u largo number of persons belonging to tho
b "untrustworthy " cIbbs, tnrow them Into prison,
H? keep them for ten days or two weeks In tho strict-
mi cat solitary cnnnneinent and then subject them to u
V., , urilfylulnnuhltorlal examination, with the hop
miii of extorting scraps of information, hero a little and
LfakkW there a little, which might bo pieced together. like
Eft tho pins of a dissected Hup. so as to reveal the
H; outline of a revolutionary plot. It, for example,
sBnmmmViiii r' o. young girl belonged to nn " iintrtistwortny "
sR family, and n suspicions" letter to her had
BTV been intercepted by the autlmrltles, or If she had
HfC been Been aiming out of a "suspicious" house at
rV n late hour In tho evening, she was arrested In one
RV of theso polico raids, generally at nlttiit, coneted
H(; In a rloac carriage to tno Odessa prison, nut in n
Hm Holltary-conflnctiictit cell and left to her own
Kl' agonizing tliooglits. No explanation was given
B " her of tills summary proceeding, nnd If mis up-
H(': pealed to the sentinel on duty in tho corridor tue
vVJ only reply arte obtained wits- li-.aiMiiwn )ie
Pj purortf" "Talking Ij-forbmden." Hie 'licet
HLmmmmKr poduecd upon a young, tnsxperlenced Impressible
WKHi ulrl by the overwhelming shock of such a transition
HEr from the repose, quiet and secnrlty of her own
A home, to a natrow, gloomy cell In 11
, common crlmlnnl irlson nt night, can reaillly
B be imagined. Kven It sho were a girl of courage
Ktf and nrmneti of charm ter, her xelf-eontrol might
Lm Rive way under tho strain of such an ordeal. 'I ho
f,! Rounds which break tho sillluurs of n Itttsslan
K; crlmlnnl prison at night the stealthy tread of the
isftsssssWW guard; the faintly he ird cries nnd struggles of a
lK' drunken and disorderly "casual" who is being
ImlmnVSi'i I Btrtpped to his btd In anothir part of tho prison,
iKl cilei which suggest to an Inc.xp.Tlcncod gin mine
iiiK': terrible tceuo of violence and uulrsge; the occas-
K. tonal clang of a heavy door; the moaning and
Fj, hysterical weep tig of uthcr recently nrrcstod prla-
Bt'4 oners In cells on tho same conldor, and the
lK: sudden and noiseless appcarauca now and
R3- then of an unknown human face at
iiHV. tho little snuaro port-holo In tho cell
H; door 'through which the prisoners nro watched
Bfi all combine to mnko the first nluhtota young git I
IB) la prison an experience never to be forgotten
H'' while she live. This experience, howoier, Is
Brl- ' only tho beginning nf the trial which her cotirngu
HE&. and self-control are dcaltnod to undergo. One
K& day paste two days Ihreo dajs-ten data
iVt:i'' v llhout bringing any news from tho outside world,
iiB" or any Information concerning tho nuiuroof thu
H' ctiargoa mado against her. Twice every twrntr-
Wmf'i Xonr nours food la liandod to her througii the aquaro
rv porunolubj the taciturn gitiird, but nothing else
S. bleaks tho monotony and the sulltudoof her life.
K' She haa no books, no writing materlils, no nii'ius
('i whateter or dltcrtltig her tltotights or rciloilng
iiiP' tho mtutal strain, which soon becomes almost tin-
BKi endurable. Tortured by apprciieualonund liy 1111-
taiBR'l certainty as to her own fato nnd the fatoof thoso
KbIbHB'; ocur to Iter, situ can only pace her cell from comer
LBmmmmW to corner until hho li cxtiauatcd, and then throw
R(i herself on tho narrow prison bed and In sBep try
BJ to loso consclousncks ot tier misery. ,
fBBv At last, two vtocka perhaps after her arrest,
fliKiaV',,4 when htr tplrlt la tnpposed to be sufflclcnctiy
JB-i broken by solitary cootineinent and grief, she is
H- anmmnned tothu (loms, u preliminary examna
HammmmmV'i "0,li wltliout witnesses or counsel, conducted by
L Ocn. btrelnlkuff In pirson. Uu begins by ssylng
K'" to her that snn la "charged with crr serious
HKX' crimes under suoh and siicn sections of the 1'ciial
IKot... Code, and tnat Hlio stauds In dunger of exile to
WESS"' Siberia for n long term of rears. In Mew, how-
UK'i over, of her youth and luoxperlcncc, nnd of the
BiV probability that sho ha been iiilslt'd by criminal
BB.' ossoclnttH, ho ftclsniilliorUcd to lay to Iter that If
BHrV - Ilia will show rcpentnncc, and n sincere desire to
Bf-" reform by making a 'n-fjiloscidftiiif' ' clean.
Hl.' hearted' confession, nnd will nnawtr truthfully
Pv; alqucs!luna put to tier, sho will bolinincdlmcly
HBHuy released. If, on the contrary, alio manifests au
KBKi' obdurate deposition and lima proves herfelf to bo
K'j . vunworlhv n( clemett'ty, It will become nl dniy, ns
BV1 prosecuting olllcer ol thu Crown, to treat her with
fc.. kll tho rigor or the law."
BHL Tho i oor girl la well nwnro that the reference to
Ert Hlberlnn exile Is not an empty threat. Holonglng,
BV'C rs Bho lloc to an " untrustworthy " fumlly, she
HRi; has ultra heard dlsniasod the cmo of Marie l'rued.
t' Bttl, who wos exiled butoio sho wua sixteen jeurs
Br Df ase because sho Viottld not betray her older bis-
k'' ler, and the case of the lvllchctltcb children, ono
Kx Bevcatecn and ttiv other fourteen years nf age, who
HHEt veto arrested In Kiev uiiil cnt to .Siberia In lsiu
H-'' lor no panlcitliirreuson except that I heir two older
i'' brothers wcro revolutionists mid had boen shut
Hfc'i. dc id while resisting arrist.
Bv ' It la not a matter ol surprlso It a yonng girl who
Hh ass thus been torn from herhomcwholsdepreiscd
IHKv and disheartened by solitary conlluetucnt, who ts
El" withont counsel, without knowledge of tho law,
HT- withont tte support of a single friend In this
PflNMBj. supreme crisis of her life, breaks clown at last
"jPfjlY 'fW under tho strain of dpudly fear and tells the innulsl-
Jp l tor all she kkows. She Is at once released, but
VA Ml only to suffer ngonlC3 of self-reproach and n morso
DSBhoBccH her relatlvea nnd dearest frlcniU ar-
V.naV rested. Imprisoned and exiled to hibcria upon In-
ajU"" formation and clews which Bho herself has lur-
IK Dished. It fruiuently happens, however, that a
pi ' girl remains steadfast and ruiusos to answer cities-
H.'. lions even after months of so ltary confinement,
E! t Iho authorities then rcaort to other and oven moro
iiKimL aiacredltable mclhoda,
ammmmmmHl'v' ' -
IE The Blnsnlnr Itlntrlinoiilnl lixpcrlencet of
fib Jo Allen nml Ann inllli.
HHy (Von CSa ll"u.A7Ui. Crllle.
Hr Tho Dntshlng touch haa Just been added to ono
Hf; ot tllB strangest romances ever enacted In real
Hij, life. iMost ot the actora lu tho Btrange drama are
JKf1 personally known to the writer, and tho accuracy
Hk of this narratlvo Is vouched for absolutely.
K V1 1S43 ln th0 1U11 ,uwn of Dorset, O., Joseph
,K-', .Allen, then In his twenty-llrst year, was married
HHt -Marf Ana Biultb, Hired ilghleen. Two children
K boys wcro tho fruit of tliU marrlago, and noth-
inghappenodforslxyearathatiudlented t'uit there
1 mKt. wua to lie anything unusual In the lives ol the
K.' young husbauu and wile.
When the Cullloruia "gold fever " broke out It
K& prevailed with mure than ordinary Intensity lu the
tt.uTJ ' Western ltescrve," In wlilchl)orset is situated.
IHwr ond lnlm the jounghuaband went to the mlucs
B, to make his fortuue, prnmlalng to keep his w Ifu In-
L 'e ' termed of hlamovuments. as well us of what lor.
feK' tune attended him.
LH This for some reason, hodld.not do, and Idary,
BH- after waiting till srvcral years puscd without ha-
BkiHrJi lug lieurd from net ut-fent hutbaiui, lu b.-- mur-
K- Tie her ntcou.1 husband, Auirl Low, then clerk
Kt of thotownthii.
Bl' , I'hc urwly niarrleil couple roon moved fo a farm
K4 ln.lhe Joeeut tuwusnip, chetr.r Valley, taking
si. jvlttttnemtho two sous of the absent husband
rg m before supposed to be dead. And now couiei
K' u tbo Enoch Aruen element of tho story.
kK' In VW Joseph Allen returned frim California,
K? not rich as ho really deserved to be, for ho was an
K honest, hard-working inuu, but poorer than when
iKt' bewentWet.
LnHBL Finding ins old lovo married, he did not make
nnK !ul."elr ''if reonlilo or disappear ajoiD, but made
E'. bithomMnllsract. and luu hort whl o married
H- Honor, the widow of j3im o Crul,-. """'
fr Ir. Ci.ilg had been until tho da) ot Ms death a
f tjlmnit Niutliern vymp.ithlzir. The Western lie
R serve was an abolition strouvhold, and Craig's sen.
MbHRl JL,uen,ferv,e,,,tu ,,,Jk.e hlmaweii-kuowu clmruc-
kr' ,cr- ln wlr wu "" Intensely Union In sentiment
LM' , u ner hustiatid waa " beccs!!.'" aud I their mirrie I
HE 'JlfawaaanTihlng but pleasant; but Instead of bo-
HK Irrg discouraged from further matrlmoulal ventures
K .wrs. Craig looked favorubly on Allen's woomir'
B' wlnd'olhe"18 ""mer w"8 WB8 J" "five and i
tlaliHsW n5S ?X? TV"1H".', l,b en""1' In farming and
bILbIK i1Jlin5ibH ' ? ,ew, "".lc" n'Jm- ,vcro lullmnte irlcnds
KN Jind visited each other fr.ciuemiy. Neither Mr"
V . Low nor IIP scemd Mrs. Ai en ' d atii ciilldreo'
Hf y i nd Allen's two boj . by his Hrst u, rrf ao ved al'
K Icrcaielv with Ihelr (ather and mother. 'M-uul
Pv' . ?rlJr m tlie ,'.'.vrmlt" " and " I-ow moved
fHgf to Ntgaunee, Mich. , wh re, In ISmi, Mr. Low ltd;
EaH-,' J1b widow continued lollvelnNegsutieonutlllast
p Jlnter, when sho' returned to her old home in
bIbIIE''" let(prlno; Joseph Allen's second wife. Honor,
H, 5'd. and ln tne e.rly part of the present month'
Hf . AlltnanJ Mary Ann Low were remarr.ed and the
Jut touch added to us strange aeries of ma 1-
H ' . luonial adTtmures as two p?oplo often experu
HK .Joseph Al'en Is now a prosperous farmer. The
HaH- 5W. ,rill8,?!;U0,T ""'Wle-aged men en, have
kkBK ''"" 1U'" "' ""'tr "n who siq in ctMitsh in be In!
K' warriaei.U ""' "U"1 "' ""'" U"il'.r.t.' two
bIbIbIbIbW ' BSSM B-
HH!y '" , aotn aoottf fTW men mho tell vou ttckett tn the
BHf' theatre XxajaUh portrattt, viU be piintea
HV v. intiaBiuittav Would,
Btnr I'--,
lonie, the Pride of the Mill;
Daughter of a Knight of Labor.
AnTttun'g not-t avowal his bitteu disai--
It was n moment of thrilling Intensity to the
breathless throng that watched below, 'J hey had
heard Arthur llochester's lolco crtlng out out
tlm hoarse rumbling of tho fulling stones:
" Courugo, lonie 1 I will savo you or perish with
J0'1 1" ...
lonie heard, and realized that help was at hand.
Fhe Mri'lchoi out her arms to hlinwllha piteous
sob, falling in a deep swoon nt his fei t.
In an Instant her heroic rescuer had rntscd her
and laced nbout, but tho vast throng below ilnricl
not cheer or acnr.ely lireafio. for tno prlloua
descent wits a thousand Hints more dangerous
with Ms burden thnn the im-cm had be en.
Hleu by step Arthur ltochcsler undo hla way
down the swaying ataira with lilslowjy burden.
'I h slight failenlng which held them was strulued
to Pa tilinott tension, ami when the noble rrscur
hnd renclicd within twenty fictof the ground It
snapped asunder with a crush.
A c ry of horror rose from every throat; but In
that Instant, quick as Hash, Arthur hail made a
terrible Irup, and had staggered forward, laying
lonlo down, amidst mighty cheers, In her com
panions' arms. And at that moment tho great
wheel fell, but the noble rescuer and the lovely
girt he had periled his lifo for wcro safe.
Krank Lyons stood by, watching tho thrilling
scene with lowering brow.
"Itoeheaterlato tho foro again," he muttered
throngli uls clenched teeth; ami although ho wat
heartily thankful Hint beautiful lonle's lire hint
been aaved, hu turned awuy, bitterly chagrined to
know that Arthur ltochcsler had made himself the
hero of the tragic affair.
When lonie opened herryo', sho found herself
In her own apartment at Mrs. Gregory's, where stio
had been conveyed. ....
"Is It a dream:" sho cried, raising her dark,
curly head from tho pillow, nnd B.i7.!tig lu tetror
uhouthcr, , .
" It was real enough, poor child," replied Mrs.
(Iregory, sliding: " You mutt not talk. on are
still treinbllng wllh nerwiusn as."
"Hut who saved mef persisted lonio. us
It Mr. Mr. Lycius?"
" No, indeed," replied Mrs. flrczory. " It wat
Mr. Arthnr ltochcsler Ideas his dear hoart. He
perilled his life to rescue you. "
Ionic turned away, uttering no word, thongh,
deep lu her heart she felt sadly disappointed to
think It was not Krank Lyons who had aaved
"Ho sent you a bouquet, however," contlnnoJ
Mrt. Orcgory, pi icing In her hands the flowers
Krank Lyons had left at tho door un hour before.
Ionic took the roc eagerly, ami as alto tinned
her fiico among thtm, she found nmong their
fragraut depths a nolo, which read as follows:
"Ionic, will you grunt moan Intertlow thlsnf
tcruoonT 1 ahull count the hours until lseeyou.
Do not refine me, I pray you. 1 havo so much to
Could alio rotuao htm when her young heart
yearned for him: Ah, not And, rouoh to Mrs.
Urcgoiy'a nunoyance, the afternoon brought him.
Tno thrilling scene winch sno had gnno through
had shaken her turves greatly, leaving her pale
und weak, nut sue was by no means III.
Frank Lyons found her seated at tno window,
with tho bouquet he had sent closo beslds her.
lie csme forward eaircrly, clasping warmly both
the girl's fluitcrlug while hand',
'Hie rosc-lluah dcopeucil on ner face. Ho could
not help but note how her eyes brightened uud then
' You do not know how Jealona I am ot the man
who rescued you, Ionic," ho said, lu an agllated
voice. "The moment I taw your peril I darted
across the way to secure a rope and a ladder to
make tho deicent sure. Then I saw, when I
returned a moment later, that Itoehestor had
headed mo nlf ; tint tho fellow was mnd to risk
bringing yoa down those steps, Instead of waiting
for the ladder to be put up."
lonie gavo a great algh of relief. This was n
comforting insurance to her. and sho never
thought of doutdlng him when lie added "that hu
would glte twenty lives, If hu hud them, for her
dear sake ; for living would bo Intolerable to. htm
without her." Hu said It in so sincere a tono that,
looking Into his fuce, tho girl bellut cd him.
Tho world HU'iiicd to suddenly grow dark when
hotookhlc departure. At that Identical period
qullo a icon was occurring In Iho millionaire mill
owner's Lexington avenue, mnuslon.
He und ticen informed of tho terrible catastrophe,
and how his toll hud perilled his llfu to aavc a
huuutllul toting girl who had worked on the foutlh
floor of tho mill.
HU luce had darkened an ho llaleucd, but not
until Iho uietscnger hud departed old ho give lull
vent to his uutioyanoe.
"Tnls alfidr may end In n lovo scene and a
romantic marrlago If I do not nip It in the hud,"
hu muttered, striding angrily un nnd down the
luxuriously furnished room. "Hut surely the boy
has not been hot-headed enough to full ln lovo
with her.
"No, no," ho muttered, under his breath.
"Arthur must marry Kliunc, my ward, whether
hu will or no. For long years this has been my
plan. Ills thu only, way out of the lubyrllitlt of
ullllciilllea lu which 1 am placed. "
'Ihecild man at onto sent lor Arthur, and when
ho came Into the library, roughly taid.
' Hit down. I want to talk to you about I'.laluo
(Iruugcr. Tula la no now subject between us.
Uon'l stand with your back to mo looking out of
tho window. l)o you hear or care for what I am
saying: If youddiid to make lovo to any other
girl, ty tho Lord Harry, you'd bo sorry tor It to
your dilug day. What's the reason vou have not
asked tlalno to marry .vou:" thundered thu old
gentleman. " Whit arc you fooling around for:"
Arthur ltochcsler turned slowly, laced Uls father
and said;
"1 havo not carried nut your wish because I
would do no woman tno Injustice to offer hor my
hand when my heurt did not accompany it I do
not love Elaine, and I do lovo another with all my
" Who Is this girl whom you lovo or think you
dot" said John ltochcsler, rising aud facing his
haudsnmo young son.
" Her name Is lonie Lawrence, father," said
Arthur, proudly, "blio hai no wealth, savn a
dower lu tier beauty, purity and goodness. Bho Is
the girl whom 1 perilled my own life to-iiuf to
roicue from death. Bho Is employed In our mill. "
"How long has this thing been eolngon:" cried
Mr, Itochester, harshly, fixing hla gaze on hliaon'a
fsce. "How long havo joti been luuklug love to
this working girl, lonie Lawrence J"
"I have loved her (rain the first moment I saw
her, fathtr, " he uiisnorcd, "and 1 will win hir,
HI can, for ray wife."
"Your wlte I I vtould rather see you lying
dead at my fcot Until married to Initio Lawrence.
1 will ticverglvo mv couwut toyuiirin rrjingher
vvhllo I lite. You milHt etioosu bet ween us,
Ariiitir," hi weut on, tiercel - between our
fuhcr and his wuillli or this working girl, lie
member, you arc clicldlng your own title. If you
chooso thl girl you shall never have cute dollar of
my money do jou hear, sir: not one dollar I I
will iiiuke a boullro of it llrst. Y'ou must give up
tnat girl or mo l"
"rutlurl" cried the unhappy young man, "I
rollout' give lotile up -not even for tuwaikc.
Yunr wealth Is us nothing when neighed iigaltut
Ionic's love. I cannot, uud will tint, glie her up."
" Do vou know tiio ionaeqiience, then:"
"1 cannot help the consequences," returned
' ' You shall be disinherited Vfuro nightfall cut
of! with (1. You are headstrong, und vou shall
suffer for I."
"leuu work for our living, father," said tho
young man, bravely. " I am no Uttir than other
men who have uud to faio the world with nothing
but a pair of hands and a resolute heart. Toll w 111
bo awe et when It is for Ionic's sake. "
" Y'ou ahull hu cull the 'sweet toll yotiwontl"
cried the Irate old gentleman, "Nothing will
tiring you to your senses more quickly, ciol"
Arthur took his liul.went from his father's ' ouso,
and, ilttle dre.imltg of the inlet ou disappoint,
incut uwaltlug him, hurtled uwy to Ionlu'a humble
l'or the first time In Arthur Rochester's lire hi
hi art lieal strugtlr us lie pulieu tho bell at the
door of Ionic's home a lot era heart Is alwaja mure
or less In n Mute of doubt, hope and fcur.
Mrs. uregorr answered the summons, and her
faco lighted up when she caw wbothclrvUltorwaa,
but she wat greatly rtustcrcd at such a grand gen
tleman at Mr, Itochester coming to the plain, bum
ble home.
All of a flutter, tho took his card Into the Inner
room to Ionic.
"II looks so kind and so noble," onmtn'nted
Mrs. (Jregmy. "You ought to have hcaid how
nice ho talk d tonic, u put mo .it my lasc. lie
lau't much lUc hii ii hei one -the dude, wi o look
nrouud us ir notulng was good enough lor him, and
makes my blood nod when he duns off mi ettalrs
with bit silk handkerchief beforo he ventures to sit
"You are greatly prejudiced against ulin, poor
fellow." saldlonte, with a bluthiliut In a pained
tone ol volco.addlnjr, gentlyt ' 1 hope you will like
Mr. Lyons tor mv aake, If not for hit own. A
truer gentleman never lived."
lonie quitted the room, walking slowly Intolths
meagerly lurnlblied apartment wnlch Mrt. Orcgory
deslcnaled as her parlor.
Arthur ltnchotvr rose quickly, h'a fair face
flushing, and came forward with extended bonds
to meet In r.
'leura euiuc li.to Inn c's eyes. Kor a moment
cobs choked her utterunco.
"I was trying to nnd words eloquent enough to
thank you for w hat you have done for me. Mr.
Itochester," the said, "and they fall me. iowe
my lite to you, and .while that III o lasts I shall bo
grateful to you."
UeraJaeo tho Utile white hand, to UU Jlnj una
kuicd them, LU whole toul lu a titnult of glad
ness. "Toll mo one thing, Ionic Miss. Lawrence," he
said, huskily. "Dolciwu all your favor to tbo
fact thstlBavcd your life:"
"No," she answered; "hot altogether for
"Take care, Ionic, " he said, "that you mnko
no mistake. Your words are lite or death to me."
Bho diew back with etsrlled pallor.
" Do y-m not know can you not noderstnnd-J
lonie:" he said, in A low, husky voles. "I lovo
yon with all the strength of tny heart, and I want
you for my wife. Now. Ionl, what have you to
say tome:" hu asked, hmklly, brndllu over her
so near Unit his fair, clustering hair touched tho
dark, curly rings that lay In soft love-loekt on her
white forehead so near that tho peifumo of tho
two palo pink blosioms sho woro reached hire.
Bhe was silent from sheer excess of amazement;
she almost believed her Bcnse were playing her
some strange trick. Mr. JtuclirttrrtuieitlnT I
And she an I she revered him she honored Mm
her gratitude luhlin wan boundless: but this wat
not love.
Hl.o drew her lltllo hand away from him and
raised thoso lovely, dffrk, childish ore, running
over with aenri, to his pale face.
"Oh, he llt nine, I would have Hated you this,
Mr. Itochester," she sobbed, "If I had but known
Iff hid but dreamed-fir, oh I It bteaks mv
heurt to gito yon puln you who have been mo good
to inc to whom I own mr very Hie."
He looked at her lu liorrllno fear, a fear which
dtove tho color from his lace. Ills heart bent; ho
would have fund death In anr form more willingly
than irorn the lips of this girl whom ho lotc-l so
wellfor It tins death If sho did not lotc him
death to his hoei, his happiness, and hU futuro
pc aco.
"Let mo know Ihn truth nt once, Ionic," he
sold. "Hucpenso Is killing me. Is my great,
worshipful love In vnln: Do you not cure for
me :
" Not In tlm way yon you would hnve mo, Mr.
Itochestrr." she- faltered. "Oh, belletu me, I
would love jou If I could."
Her head drooped, and alio shrank back from
his outsin Irhrd hand. Again a great wave of fear
Ktriptovcr hi in.
" Tell me ono thing, Ionln," ho said: 'Mhavo
norlvnl in ittleiiipilngto win you, huvo I: You
do not lot o any one elso:"
Bhe r ilseii her hem!, her eyes heavy with tears,
her lips qtilterl ng plteously.
" I must answer you truthfully," sho said. "I
rto lotc another, undo deeply at its you lovo
lie stool nullo still beforo her. No word, no
mom, no sigh, escaped his lips to show how deeply
the Iron had entered his soul. Thla was an emer
gency he hud not foreseen, nnd ho had not pre
pared himself for It.
lie bowed his head, saying, hniklly:
" If it Is decreed that 1 should not have her love,
bitterly li rcl tnough It Is, 1 will bow to heaven's
wllh tonlo, I will say good-by to you," ho went
tin, " for I am going nway. May you ho happy
with tho mm who has won your lotc. Bay one
word to comfort mo that I shall romtmher till my
lonely life."
' ' I I do not know what to say, " sho sobbed.
"Buy Mlood-by, Arthur. Ood bless you,1" ho
said. "Let mo hear tho namo from yourllpajuat
"(lood.by, Arthur. May Ood bleu and keep
yon nlways, " sho repoateil,
'1 he next moment ho was gone.
"If I had not met and learned to lovoKrank
Lvnns, I might In lime havo learned to care for
Mr. Ituchestorl "sho nobbed, llo Is so good, so
noble I "
lonie went straight to Mrt. Orcgory, and laid
her head down on her bosom, saying:
"Mr. ItochcHtcr naked nit) to be bis wlfo."
Aery of delight broke from Mrs. Oregory'a lips.
"Oh, child. I can hardly bcllcvo ttl " she
gasped. "I nlways thought, that there was some
thing great In store lor you,"
" I refused Mr. Itochester, ' Ioulo aava, In a
low voice.
The plate Mrs. Orcgory holds falls to tho floor
with iienish.
" Y'ou refused Mr. Itochester I" sho gasps.
" I cannot believe It I"
"It la true," said fonlo, gently. " I refused
him because I am going to marry Mr. Lyons, who
Is coming here to-morrow for his answer." Thu
nbove wo publish us u specimen chapter of this
bountiful story, but the continuation of It will bo
found only In the New York Ledger. AlX, for tho
number elated Dec. 17, which can now bo hud at
any oltlco or bookstore. ,
- -
TrnnsiilantliiK n Forest,
(Vive th flf7liiiluf JVlf,
Tho Count nf Monto C'rlato wns tho first to tug
gctttho practicability of transplanting; full-grown
foreat ta-ecs. Ho has followers uuw In Indianap
olis. A primeval forest cast of tho city It being
moved boughs, trunks , rootaand all.
Col. Johnson lost summer erected n dwelling on
tho open ground near his garden this tide of Irving
ton; tho sun's rayH beat down nil that houtu tills,
trrlngly, and Iho Colonel concluded to protect It
with trees. One lltinucll was found who declared
hu i iiiild transplant tut adjacent forest to tho Col
onel's yard. Tno treea tary from ten to eighteen
Inches in diameter. Bunnell rigged up a ttotit
wagon, fastening to the hind wheels nn liuuicnao
Ictcr.fnrty lu tllty feet long, thick, and strong. Thlt
was luahed at ono end to thowaaon. Around n
tree to bo moved lie dug a trench, tho radii being
three or four feet. On ono side ho dngatwclvc
Inch trench close to the trie, and Into litis trench
ho backed hla wagon wheels wllh tho creet lever.
The leter then stood ptrullel wllh tho trunk of tho
tree, uud tho two wcro lushed together, boom
f.ivhlon. As fur up ns tho tree-trunk was slllf the
leter would be tightly fattened, git lug cute solid,
unyielding leverugc. Krom the top of tho logs
thus boomed n rope was run around npnllev fast
ened at tho surface of the ground u hundred feet or
more from the tree. Teams hitched to the end of
the ropo could then with ease uproot the tree with
a large quantity of earth nnd root attached. When
thus uprooted It would bo on wheels and easily
movable, held steadily from roots to tip. Tho
sncces nf the work on the Johnson place hits led to
tho removal of many large trees on the North side.
The process Is believed to bo of no harm to the
tree's life. However, spring will rovcal tho
Itrnl UlIt-HdociL
Von 1-urk.
A Chicago correspondent writes at follows con
cerning n wedding In what Is known In local circles
as "high-toned, gilt-edged soolety ":
"Thu groom, Mr. Hlldcbraud Maglnnls, la well
known us a young man of One testhotlu tastes. Ho
has been reared lu tho lap ot luxury, and hot never
hud u shoe-brush In his hand."
Pure to Uktrrmtiintn Them.
IJVum A CAirao TWAutf.)
Tho Australian Government hat offered a reward
of jm, 000 for anything that will oxtermlnato tho
rabbits, with which tho Island Is overnin. What'a
the matter with patent halr-rcstorcr: -It would be
Just the thing If It will do for thu rabbit what It
will do for thu hair.
I7nfcnrltinnle Fxperlcnce of n. Itrspeetnble
Old (irntlrinnn In Hctn Frnnelsco.
(Von IA Snn rronrltto A In
A curious and amusing Incident occurred yester
day on Clay street hill, between Btockton and
1'owell ttrtcf. An elderly gentleman whose Alder
manlo girth and florid countenance bespoke a love
for the good thlogtof this life wat tolling slowly
nil the ascent. The day was rather warm and the
exertion canted tho old gentleman to perspire
freely. He had got at least a quarter ol a block np
tho hill when a Chinese appeared at the corner of
Prospect place wheeling one of Falrbank s patent
scales beforo him. Atlll-lttcV would have it, he
he had Juat rounded the corner, when he placed hit
foot on a banana peel, Blip- ed and fell to the earth,
letting the machine go ns ho fell. Tho so lies
starte d uown MIL Tho cldcrlv gentleman, stinled
by the rumbling nolae, looked nn and for a moment
wa paralyzed with terror. The machine was com
ing straight for him. Then hi- ttled to dodge It.
lie Jumped to tho ulae of tho sidewalk. The ma
chine Jumped too. Ho skipped to tno wall and so
did the scales. Hack he went, but his foe still
headed him off. lie Jumped and skipped and
panted and perspired, but never once tiiouptit of
getting off the sidewalk Into tne middle of tho
street. 'Iho machine wua almost upon hint. Ills
hat fell off. Iho few straggling hairs which orni
mettled Iho old gentleman's scalp stood straight up
and every poro ptoveil a fouulnin nf perspiration.
Nearer and nuircr enmo the machine. Hal ho
would run for It. Ilo turned, but a'ns! too late.
Tho deadly machine caught him aoottt tho ankles.
Up went his feel, and tho old gentleman mado tho
acquaintance a posteriori of the rnpldly-tnoving
scales. Down the hill they went together, thp old
Bcntleinau'a arms whirling llko a wlmMnm and
the wheels of the machine creaking out unearthly
sounds. Tobogganing w.is nothing to It. On
Btockton ttrcet crossing they came to a fall stop.
The old gentleman lumped to his feet unhurt nnd
glared around llercely. lie perceived the smiling
coiintenanco of the Innocent heathen, who ex
tended his hand with a amllo of ehlldllkcnlm
pllelty and Slid.
" Yon allco mine big Mellcnn man. My machine
nn maun wavce big man nllce name you. Him
blukeo two places. Huppoao you payee tno ten
dollu for mend him:"
"You scoundrel I" cried tho old gentleman,
purple tilth nigc. "How dure ou make such u
proposition: I'll sue vou for damages, sir, How
dure you let that machlno go: lly tflundor I"
The laal ejaculation was caused by the speaker
discovering that his IndlspcnauhlCB hail suffered
severely In tno recent toboggan rldo down hill,
and Unit several passers-bv. Including some young
ladles, could not tall to eibiervc his predicament.
" Orcat Caeaarl what shall I do:" he murmured.
"Mebbe Mellcati manulleo samo payee me ten
dollo," broke In the f'hln'sc, smiling blandly nt tho
victim's attempt to hide the state of affairs.
" I won't give you n cent, sirl"
" Mcllcan man no go homo like that. Officer
allrsthlm. Buppuio ou slto tno ten dollar, mo
go Mcllcan mau notno and bring pants. Y'ou nllco
same go In Chinaman's house. "
" Yon swlndllug'healhcii," yelled tho victim, na
he placed hla back Drinly against tho wall. " I'll
not give yon n cent. I'll huvo yon arrested.
At that moment a cir came over the hill loaded
with passengers. On the dummy sat the old gen
tlemun's wife and several friends. It would never
do to be seen lu such a sorry pllgnt.
"I suppose I must," he murmured. "Y'ou
hoathen, go to Lot kin street and glvo 'em this
nolo and I'll glvo you fj. "
" Five dollu too little. Heap too far. Mo go for
ten dolla," replied John.
1 he victim was obliged to give ln. Ho mado the
bargain and went Into tho Celestial's home He
waited thero until the Chinaman returned, when
he changed his nether garment and took the car
to his home. Inwardly vowing never to climb Clay
street hill again.
Wood's Model or the Ilielo Slietuc.
IFrom lh A'aw art, Journal.
A model of Wood's design fur a statue to Nathan
Hale, tho martyr's spy ot thu revolution, has been
cast ln bronze, and 1h now on exhibition ln Hart
ford. ,It la a splendid design, showing tho sculp
tor's genius. Ii Is such n statue ns Connecticut
would not havo canso to bo aihamed of If It were
Placed by.tho State on tho Cnpltol grounds, where
It belongs. This model, which is of course not as
large aa the proposed statue, stands on a pedestal.
Tho natural and linpresslto attitude and aspect
well befit tho Immortal Inst words of tho youthful
hero: "I only regret that 1 have but ono life to
loso for my country. " Theru Is & silent cloquenco
In that statao which will Impress every beholder.
Tho model will bo scntlo Now Y'ork as n compet
ing ono for ncocptanco for the Halo stutuo, which
la to bo erected on or near the spot whero, not far
from tno present City Hull, by Sir William Howe's
order, he was executed K'pl. 22, 1770.
Horr tu Untie.
irrmi ! Dilroll Trllunr.j
"Thoy will begin to flounder and Blip now,"
said a roundsman on Monroe nvenue the other day
after he darted across t.io pavement and nsalstcd a
lady who had fallen. "There'a nothing like win
ter to test n pedestrian. About ono person in a
hundred walks correctly. Tho world Is chock full
of heel ' walkers who inako the outside of tho heel
the in Jin pitrtot tho shoe. This Is caused by 'toeing
nut,' which Is at bad u fault us 'toeing In,'
and a good deal worse In winter time. Ladies fall
more frequently than men, not because tho heels of
the shoes are so small, but became thoy keep their
leet so close to ono another. Look at a patrolman,
a letter-carrier or any one elae wfio hub much walk
ing to do. You will find they uniformly pnrstie tho
Indian style of locomotion tho legs spread well
apart and tho feet striking the pavement flatly.
Civilization haa never Improved on the walk of tho
lie Was Put Out.
IFrom iWi.l
Missionary (at Sailors' llethel) My hearers, with
my limbs achlug to tread out theto evils; it 1th my
hands cllncnod to strike a blow that shall hit
straight and hard; with my soul beating against
tho confines of my poor body In Kb anxiety to burst
forth and envelop tho subject in u searching Itirht,
and ttltn my pent brain on lire with a holy enthusi
asm, what what, I ask, would you do were you'tn
my place:
Intoxicated Topman (In gallery) Let her so
(hie), Gallaghashl "
It Needed a ltest.
tYon IA iraaAlnron Critte,
"Yonrhtll has been running a long time," In
sinuatingly remarked tho butcher to Blopay tho
other morning.
"That's bad," replied Blopay, sympathetically.
"Why don't you let It walk:'1 '
Xellto lily's Bxjioricnr.o in a Matrimonial Agency Htis
bantls in tho Market.
Complete Description of Gambling in 2feto York, with
Sketches Taken from a Well-Known JEstabllshment.
Jrcw York People Who Own Pet Dogs of Great Value.
People Who Legally Change Their XamcsA Zist Taken
from the livvords.
The Tastes of Public Men in the Slatter of Drink.
Pill Nye's New Operetta, with a Critique by Bill,
Our Pig PZotcl Detectives and Bouncers, with Portraits.
Theatre Box-Office Attaches, with Portraits.
Diagrams of the Heads of Wcll-Knbivn Citizens, as
Taken by tho Hatters.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox on the Jealousies of Women.
A Jlemarkablo Story of English Detective Service.
A Vivid Chapter from Hit Experlonco and
the Valuable Lesson It Contalm-A Few
Timely Suggestions.
Ono of the notable ram to he vn In tbe corridor of the
Fifth Anmuo Hot, li BiuitoT Donvy. Thoeowho are
acquaint! with the Knutor realise what a remarkable
man he la and that aa Secretary nf the National Itepub
Hcan UommUU-B durin the Garfield campaign, and m
matiag er o tlm Irani wim Iron lutere ftta he now haa on
hand, hli aMlltlee baro nerer failed blm. Hot while
mentally and ptirslcalljr he I In perfect condition now,
he wan not always no. A few yeara alnce hla physical tya
tern K?e wpy and he trecame a rlctlra of the wont trouble
that eror com m U man or woman. Doll palna ln hla
body, MpcUHy In the back, a tired feeling, lack of
appetite loss of sleep. All theae pymptoma, which are
ante forerunners of dl stater, came to htm. Tula Is what
he nays on t ho subject '
"Dm. IIMm and Johnson, of Washington, directed me
a fewyean ! to jmi Hethesda Water tor eerer kidney
and blsdJer dlfflcuMe, and Itseffett wasmartelloua. I
cmnlder Him mter of !tttuflda Sprlna; h Iwwt in the
world f-ir kidney snd bladder troubles, jnd I hfiTe recom
mended it titmiviy irsons lnce my recorory. ror all
suchdlsefufcias I bsvn named it is worth more than aU
prvMcriptiunaand all the drugs, "
Jiut Senator Dorseys experience In the use of Dethesda
Is not n b 1H ry one. Krery leading physician in America
order Its use when patients ar attacked with kidney
Affection. l)r 1111m knew Its great Talue, and admin
isterod It tu President Uarfleld during that hot summer
when tho life of tho Kxecutlre hung by a thread. No
man, woman or child eter faithfully used Ilethesds, eyen
for minor complaints, without rnoelrlng benefit within
twentyf'iur hours. It Is a bererage for tbe home, and
the-hoalthof all faruilk'4 where It la regularly used In
variably Improves.
Inasmuch aa all reputible dealers handle llethesda,
and as it Is loomlng so popular, it la not surprising that
a marked decrease In kidney and bladder complaints haa
beoti noticed by tbe various Boards of Health, and the
proimrtlnn of dellcato mothers aud puny children ln any
cotstnuntty la Invariably lessened where llethesda Is
freely and constantly uwd. Such la Nature remedy
pure, palatnblo and yet powerfolj a godsend to Senator
Dorsey, a boom to physicians and ft blessing to all who
Furnish your House on Fair
Credit System, established by us
and proved satisfactory to
Between City Hall aoi Mm h
Established 1807.
tlio Prosont Month Our
Storo Will bo Open
An invitation Is extended to in
spect our large and fine stook of
Diamonds and other preolous
3tones, Jewelry, Watches, Solid
Silver and Silver-plated Wares,
Clocks and Bronzes, Musical
Boxes, Opera Glasses, Gold and
Silver-mounted Canes and Um
brellas, Inlaid Mosaic Jewel Cas
kets, &c, &o.
We have recently added to our
stock a collection of
Oil Paintings,
by noted European artists, and
also some line pieces of
Italian Marble Statuary.
These will bo sold at prices far
lower than heretofore.
52 West 14th St
Near 6th Ave.
Iew Wallace's Utile Old Mother.
Vom (S Aw Orlean. iHoayun.
Boms funny things happened at tne Nashville
Convention. Every day a nne lunch was set oat
tor the delegates during the noon hour. On one
occasion there camo Into the lunchroom two conn
try parsons, bent upon performing a dutj. Tho
duty was lo labor wltn Hste r Wnllace, the mother
of Oen. L-w Wallace und one of tin- mot noietl
euirraiitsta in th! country, on the -ror of her
yuiVJ. The IHtle i B'm tM Mrs. Wiiltace no felt
It uNliounilendU'y to couvlmc licrof the wronir
sho a doing In trjlng to Ret " woman's rights."
.Mrs. Wallace Is tne very plcturo of a strong.
,inlmled woman. Hlto wean short, common,
sense dresses, stout, common-sense shoes, haa
abort hair, and suggests to the observer the
'thought that she possibly wears that modern in
vention of the cemmon-sense crank the "chem.
lloon. This admirable and forcible lady ad
vaneed upon her adversary with arm extended anil.
In brilliant style and unanswerable argument laid
down the law to him, shaking her foreflnser under
Ms ery nose. 1 he other parsor, tried to coax his
friend away, and timorously pltiricd him bv the
sleeve, besi-cchlng htm lu sgonlzing wiilai ers to
??.Ti.fJr- J"" ,hc , IHtlif fellow timn.
fully held his grtuiml, mid would nvrrrliategheu
lu had not the oilginalof tho ideal mother In "Ben
Ji"i?u,y t'"0 .9 wasting shot and auell on ao
redoubtable a cnbject retired herself from the
Bcene. w
See the Sunaav Wown jar oUr i(g hotel aeteo
tte aitil" bouncer," with portrait
Men's Hack Holts nf dark Plaid 0wlmei, rlegsntlj Iloxs' Norfolk Mouse Suits, In dsrk mliod twtA
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Men's Dress Suits, In blsck Corkscrew orated s Bck Ilojs' Knee Jnt of g.iod quslllr casniiiiore, neat nal.
nr Fonr-Ilutton OuUw styles, taandaomely bound snd terns, Biles 4 to 13 years. To-morrow, our price, aa
lined throughout with sllk-rlnlihed serge. To-inurrow, cents. "" o
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ArsoentpurohiMnf a mAjnnfatotarpr! mttro Uok of Lid lea' nhpckoii anil Rtrtnrl T-V. m1e,.-uvi.
??.'lnd T''""""""-""! t almost half the Il'.Vei'Tdtl, made, Tall "lo ' atd sT,W?5
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L,d.e..WorW.ardJ.rseyD.partment.tempo. ,$ 3$$. KtiZl
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EIGHTH AVE. 24th $c 25th Sts.
Will offer to-morrow the followlne Special Bargains
In their
025 Pairs Ladles' French Finish, Paris Kid Boots, with patent An nrtl
leather tips, nowost shapes, former prlco $4.50, at u)UiOl !
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t, , no. ..W'th Inrgo assortments of yxiuw.
Beaded Oxford Ties, JSiSSSS :
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Uprights a specUllr. The best and most durable made.
Warranted all reara. Prices low for cash, or on Instal
ments onlr SIO per month. Also a large lot of fine
Heoond-nand blanos at groat bargains and on easv terms.
Pianos rented and exchanged.
The Sonar Sarrd the Day.
fffeary in lh. VletmUr Osersry,
The article on ths "Bongs of tho War," by Mr.
Brander Matthews, In the Century Magazine for
August, brought back to my memory vividly an
experience at Mnrfreesboro', jnat after the battlo
of Stone's Hirer. Thero wsb a good deal of
gloomy feeling there. Tho losses in the army had
been terrible, and besides, there were among the
troops a large number of KontucVy aud Tennessee
regiments, to whom the Emancipation Proclama
tion waa not palatable. A number of offlcers had
resigned or tendered resignations on account ot It,
One day a whole batch of resignations came ln,
all written ln tho same handwriting and
coming from one regiment, Including nearly
all the officers In It, aaslgnlng aa a rea
son their unwillingness to serve longer In conse
quence of the chanie In the purpose and conduct
of the war. The Instigator of these letters waa
found, and dismissed with every mark of Ignominy
his shoulder-strips were cut off, nnd he was
drummed out of camp. This licrolo remedy
cuuaed the otllcers whom ho hud in slid to with
draw their resknatlonu; but Die thins rnuklod. A
few days afterwards a glee club came down from
Chicago, brloplng with them the new irong,
We'll rail round tbe flag, bora,
and It ran through the o imp like wIM.fjre. The
effect waa Ilttle short of miraculous. Itputsa
much spirit and cheer Into the army as a victory.
Day and night one could hear It by every, camp
fire and ln every tent. I ahall never forget now tne
men rolled out the line:
And althongb be mar be poor, be shall never be a alave.
I do not know whether Mr. Hoot knows what good
work hla song did for as there but I hope so.
i i
One War of l.ooUlus; nt It,
o ".
A wlthy old gentleman of thla city, one hun
dred and four years ot age, haa used tobacco for
ninety-four yean. TJla heirs think that If he bad
netet.touched tobacco he might have been dead
long ago. They loot npoa tho weed sjtnruui,
Jtfcti Ja.lt fV ' Xl . 1 '-dMafali j ..at.' f
mT,!1.e."S'fmou.1?"tlrimenl" nUln Patented improve. '
ments not found In other p anoa, aud which makethmn
superior In tone and iluraiilltr to any "the? mae. l!2
J?iec iSf whrl P'1o bur. ealfat No. 6Ka.t FouE
fL'iw,"Sn'd' ,wUi u " at a UbeSoSdaJuoa
WmBt''vPaSoCv.ilolh''g.t'r9nt- Wm- &J?2ti
BAlA.IN,8,'.XAr'08at Wndeman fton'swari."
rooms. Its 6th ave.. near luth st. i a larn mlStl
SKi'f""'.""1 "''' nd PlaiSoXoui,rownJ
other makes at verj attraoUve prideaT own ana
T"iiAIU"?Iiii'0i th" most popular and thi" '
Bnest in the market, on t S10 monthlT nntU DaldT .
one Quarter's muslo lewons fn, rent orJTaloTsendfof
catalogu.. pk a Bon, 210 West 7th BtV.coroerlP'wail
PLRVI?i3 "PSINESS-A well.aUbllahed plumb.
T- . trig business for Bale; good reasons for aelllnjr iliC
fly to L. J. aloAlpln. HO gSa?j TtBokliSf '
GWFFKS "J" " 'ncUona for room or
J board. Address Professor, )1 World, uptown.
lllil llo Orlglnnte .Touriinllam f
tYnnt the rrrilint Vrtnlrr.l
An lncenloufl physician of Tarls, Kenaudotlby
name, more than soo ycara ago hit upon a good
Idea for "cutting out" hla more learned brethren J
which he waa not long In putting Into execution.!
to hla own no small advantage and tho great!
chagrin of his brother professionals. Ills plaa
waa an extremely simple one, for he obtained hi
popularity by the very Innocent expedient of ooU
letting Information, and the circulating delecta
tion and amusement. Dut, Inasmuch aa the sea
sons were not alwava sickly, and he found he bad
plenty of time on hla hands, he waa encouraged
by bis aucceu to devote hla attention more ex.
cjiialvelv to the business of Journalism by pro
viding the public at largo with tiewa, and, ac
cord ugly, lii nisi, no Biicceodcd ln oiitalnlug for
hltuBelf and family the aolo privilege of publishing
a newspaper called tho Gaunt dc rrtuHce. Hnoh.
at leait, Is the account of the origin of newspaper:
given by Do Bairn Folx. ' '
Oay WOULD twj ffir a ltt taixnAvm recora,. '

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