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5 O'CLOCK m'fK &Ptil( & O'CLOCK Ml
1 Jjj A 1 it A. 1 wfi'V OTS wW'W W HAlXiA. I - U
Hew cabinet.
Nominations Made by the
President To-Day.
Irfimar Named for Judge of the
Supreme Court,
Vilas Transferred from the
Post-Offloe to the Interior.
Don M. Dickinson tho New Poitmos-tor-QenoraU
Secretary Falrchlld's Name Sent In for
Secretary of lha Treasury and Isaae II.
Maynard, of Title City, Selected as Ille
Assistant George L. Hives, ale of New
York, for Aaeletant Secretary of State
Jainee W. Hyatt, of Connecticut! for
Called States Treasurer.
Wabiiinotoh, Deo. 6. These nominations
wero sent to the Benato this morning by the
President :
Lucius Q. A. Lamar, of Mississippi, to be
Assooiate Justice of the Supremo Court of the
United States.
Wm. F. Vilas, of Wisconsin, to be Secre
tory of tho Interior.
Don M. Dickinson, of Michigan, to be
Gen. Ohas. S. Foirchild, of Now York, to
ho Secretary of tho Treasury.
George L. Rives, of Now York, to bo As
sistant Secretary of State.
Isaao H. Maynard, of Now York, to bo
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
Bigourney Butler, of Massachusetts, to be
Second Comptroller of Treasury.
James W. Hyatt, of Connecticut, to bo
United States Treasurer.
Mr. Dickinson will be tho youngest mem
ber of Mr. Cleveland's Cabinet. Ho was
born at Auburn, N. Y.,
in 1845. His father,
Asa Dickinson, was a
distant relative of
Daniel 8. Dickinson,
but belonged to the
Massachusetts Diokin
sons. He went to
Michigan when Don
was a small boy. Tho
new Post mafltor-G ou
eral was educated at
tho Stato University at
Ann Arbor, graduating
in 1860. Throe years
later ho received his
diploma from tho law school and began to
practise, At first be had a desk in his older
. brother's offlce. When the latter, already a
rich man, went to New York to acoopt a re
tainer of 910,000 a year from one of the
largest dry-Moods firms there, ho gave his
ousinoss to Lion.
On receiving this encouraging gratuity Don
took into partnership another Dickinson,
Julian G., who was no kin whatever to him,
but knew how to collect debts. The two
prospered and separated, but Don held to
gether the large collection business, in which
he had made a good deal of money. The firm
is now Dickinson, Hosmer &, Tburber, and
the Benior partner is said to have an
Income all told of over $10,000 a year. A
large part of this comes from bis collection
bureau, which he runs Independently of tho
firm. He hires two or three good lawyers
and a big corps of clerks and pushes the busi
ness with an energetio hand. Ho is famous
for prpmptitudo and never stops when ho
getB after a debtor until he collects his judg
ment and hands over the cash to his client.
He is said to be worth half, a million, and
Mrs. Dickinson, who was a Grand Bapids
girl, has a fortune of $160,000 in ber own
right. They have only one child, a Uttlo girl
three years old.
i m m
Sir. Gllhoolry Elude the Police,
DtJBMif , Deo. D. M. Gilhooley, M. P. for
Cork, with Mr. Pyne, is defying the police at
Llsfinny Castle. It is rumored that Mr. Gil
hooley will attempt to escape from the castle.
Sullivan Sent to Tullamore Jail,
IsrxciAi. cable to Tine wobld.1
Dublin, Deo. 0. Lord Mayor Sullivan has
been sent to the Tullamore Jail, it being
claimed that his life in the prison here was
made too pleasant by admiring friends.
Love's Tragedy Averted,
Jnlunna Truax, a colore J laundress at 109 West
Twenty-seventn street, told ber beta, Eddie Alex
ander, yesterday that she "didn't love him no
more and was going to give him the
J hake." Eddie dropped around to the
sundry lat nlsbt and had Just
thrust a plitol through the window to shoot
Julianas when Policeman llnssey's olnb
fell on his badk. Eddie let hia
plitol drop and Jullanna said It was too much
lor her ana she hud to laugh. In the Jettera in
Market Police Court to-day Eddie was held for
Unconscious and Ille Hkull Fractured,
Herman Benjamin, the furrier, of 61 Forsyth
street, who waa found lying in the street near bla
home yesterday unconaclout, is still at the Gouver
heur llopiui. He has not regained coniclous
bas, and ihe house anrgeon says that he will un
doubtedly die. ma skull was fractured by a blow
behind the ear by a blunt Instrument.
Trying to Slil t Police Captains.
The Police Commissioners held a meeting this
afternoon, ostensibly tor the purpose of arranging
for the transf -r of fourteen captains of police.
After a lone dlacuatton the whole matter was laid
over until the next meeting.
Philippe Rousseau, the celebrated French
Pslnter, died on Sunday at Acqalgny, near Bng-
Jar Gould's yacht Atalanta has arrived at Genoa.
Sec. t ,tollt AlT arrived at Athens on
A general atrlke of tableware glaasmaker Is
"Mote J within the next forty-eight hours at Pltta-
"wg. Tne strike will affect snout 1,4.00 men.
1 l.t011 0wea HnMer, better know aa the " Walk-
LnWono;.,'dled yesterday at Mill Grove, Ind.
ES&' w5? affected with a nervous disease that
sb unpeua 4 aim to walk constantly,
sbes Sfjv k j't b j ..... ,. Ai-d.-fc,M(-.)i Hji
llamore of a Syndicate Makes Quicksilver
Take a Jump,
With tho excoption of a further jump in
tho price of Quicksilver Common to 12, or
rumors that a powerful syndicate has practi
cally cornered that product, tho movo
lucnts in stocks up to a late hour
wero confined within a narrow range
of prices. The bulls lifted the market X to 1
por cent, soon after the opening, but they
met with more opposition than on yesterday
and tne bears soon wiped out tho improve
ment. The story about tho thoft of tho President's
message and its sale to certain Wall street
speculators who, it is alleged, entered into a
combination to break the market, caused
would-be buyers to hesitate, and this of
itself operated against an advance. As
money continues easy at K a 6 per cent.,
however, and exchange is gravitating to
wards tho gold Importing point, tho
work of depressing tho last is
found difficult. The posted rates
of sterling wore this morning loworod to
4.81K and 4.85if, owing to a light inquiry and
offerings of bills by the German nrbitrngo
bouses. A small further decline will bring
gold from Europe.
Tho biggest fight was in Union Pacific.
This stock has uy common consent been
mado the leader, although it is
not yet known what recommendations
will be made in tho report of tho Pacifio Hail
way Investigating Commission. Tho fact
that the Transcontinental roads have fixed
up their differences, and reports that tho
Union Pacifio and St. Paul have entered into
trnffla agreement makes these stocks special
favorites at the moment.
The new issue of bonds by the Manhattan
Elevated is telling on the stock which is
down to 07K regular and 68 seller 60.
. Tho commission houses say they are carry
Ing no largo linos of stocks, and heiico that
tho market is in no danger of any
great reaction. There is, however,
an indisposition to trade, and tho
changos are almost entirely due to manipula
tion by tho professionals. After the
President's message and Socretary Falrchlld's
annual report are digested a revival of busi
ness is looked for.
Exports (exclusive of specie) from tho port
of Now York for tho week wero $7,056,669,
against $6,672,244 last week.
Governments oro steady for tho 4s at 107K
a Vi1 and heavy and lower for
the 4s at 128f a 124K for reg.
and 124 a Yi&yi for coupon. In State bonds
Tennessee 6s sold, at 118, do. 8s at 72 and
North Car. speoiol tax ot 12. llailroad
bonds wore firm. Lou., Now Orleans &
Chicago lsts roso 1, to 114;
L. fc N. Trusts if, to 107Xj Morris
& Essex lsts X, to 189; New York Central
dobenturo 6s 1, to 103 ; Hook Island 6s X, to
109K, and Northwest debenture 6s H, to 108.
Fort Worth lsts declined 5f, to 80 a BOX, and
N. Y. El. lBts U, to 118. Nickol Plato 4s
sold at 86 a 86 and West Shore 4s at 101.
N ronuoM markets.
American railway securities wero irregular
in London, opening firm but closing frac
tionally lower for some shares.
0m. BltK aVw. CW.
Oarada Southern H MM MV Mk
CanadiauPaolno f& 65 OIK 64J.
Oantral Pacmc, fcjs JJH MK gj
CleT., Col., Cln. 4 tni MX .! .&!H ,K8
OhlcBaf). UaCier t' W 19 149U
CtioT.MT. A Hi. Pail... UK TIH 78 IJK
Colorado illooklMOiii gOtt SOJi M i$
Colorado Col a Iron ffU KVll pit 7M
Consolidated Ou I? 11 Y TO
Del.. Lick! v1.Ura:.......: WOW 18t( iHH ISOH
fi Tonn . V.Oa.W pla.. 4V MS ,JJK
ilil,iol.CDtrl 116 116M 110i 11 6X
Ind., Bloom i Wetrn 1 11 U H
KlnntonA Pambrok 30 SO 80 80
pk. Bbore iik 95JJ 8& J5j
IVe Kri. 4 We.tern ptd iOk Wi & 45
MannttunContol W 69 TM STH
MioalaanUentni... 68 UiU tjH MU
MlnnupolU A Ht. Coola VX S Jl J
MlMourtPMlflo Jl Jig fO W
Morrt. k EiMX. . . . ljt VC 131 lW
Na.huOhatt8t. tx)ula 79K V)H f 79
Naw York Central 10; 100 108il6
N.wYorkAN.wKna-land 89V tau 39 Js;
N. T (Jhlo.4Bt.UmU ad pfl SO 80 69 80
rt. Y., tike Sra A W.rtern.. 80 SOV 39 '
N. Y.' Mka Krle 4 Weat pfd. 61 67)3 6lfi 67ff
NorfofkJIWMUm..... left lb?, KJi, lO-J
NorolkWe.Urnptd....M... tni ., , 3
Kortharn Paella pfd jTH K iH UK
OrfnnHallyP N'iiaUon.' H8VC t iK gvd
OrcronfranaoonUnental 31 31 30 30S
Orrgon ImpruTament 4flf afl aQH 40H
Orexun Short Una 18 18 18 18t4
PaoTnoMall...... WH 89 1WK 88B
Pbllidalpbla tuidinr C9 C SgJa 68'J
l'ullman I'alioo Oar lib....... 1'1 UiU 11 U
UuiokailTtr U 11 11 U
QnlokallTer prjf...!. 84K 84f 84 5t
Ufonmond tint Point Tar.. 3T 30M p 26V
lllch. 4 Waat Point Ter. pld.. M 61 lilu
bt. Panl 4 Omaba...,. ....... 40 40a 89j 3'JJ
Bl.l'aoJ.MInn.A'Manitoba.... 107)4 107M lMti 106)4
St. lx)uli4 8anPran..... M S4W U MW
bt. Loon 4 Ban Fran. pld.... 73 78tf p M)J
T.iaa HaclBo. 38)4 MK SB 86,
f ann. Goal 4 Iron 39)2 39)2 39)f 39U
Union Paotflo 69 69(5 67l( 61
Wabaah,bt. Lonla4Paolno... lW 1'H 17K 17,'t
Wabaih. Rt, h. 4 I'ailflo, pfd 81 l)a 8i)2 81
Waatern Union TalaTaph... 78? 7a 78 78),
WbalinsLakaKri 46)2 46.H 45 -
Rourbo and rfmllb Must Go.
Tho Republican Discipline Committee that Is
to Investigate tbe management of the ma
chine ot the Elghtn District at the last
election will meet in Cooper Institute
tola evening. The evidence of treaehery and
bolting against ex-Assemblyman Charles
Bmlth and llernard Hourke la conclusive.
They are to be read ont of the partr. John J.
O'Urlen, the district boss, is confident that he can
prove that be worked the county ticket straight.
lie Stabbed Ilia Visitor.
James Campbell, tnenty-nlne years old, of 1160
Third avenue, waa arraigned in the Yorkvllle
Police Court this morning on a charge ot stabbing
Luke Mead, of 1123 Third avenue. In the wrlat with
a table knife. He waa held to answer.
Both men are car conductors. Mead called up m
Campbell last evening and they got into a iilsp i e.
duhiift which the stabbing occurred. Cam, bell
said that he aoted In aelf-deienae, as Mead tried to
brain him with a ohalr.
A During Pickpocket Caught,
James Thompson, ot Jerome avenue and One
Hundred and Eighty-seventh street, was walking
t&rough Forty-second street at about 10 laat evrn
Ing, when Lewis Martin, of 164 West Slzty-thlrd
street, snatched his I8S0 cold watch from bli
po ket and ran towards Fourth avenue. Policeman
ltvan gave chase aud cauuht the pickpocket In front
of tneorand central station. At the Yorkvllle
Court this mornlng$!art n was held for trial.
Crnrkamcn Committed for Trlnl.
Itoberl Johnson, alias Nichols, and Robert Wil
son, the cracksman who were captnred by Police
men Cottrtll and Kane after they bad robbed the
grocery e'ote of ueorge F. Hel-enbuttel, st 3363
tteoond avenue, on Sunday nlsht, were committed
without ball tor trial at the Harlem Police Court
this morning.
Jerry Unrtlaan Much Better.
Jerry Uartlgan, the blztb Ward politician, was
reported to be much better this morning, rand
although not yet oat of dancer his physician Is
tnuca encouraged by the obange.
Dove' (lothlnn.
VTtntar Orareoata, Ulstata. Car Cost. SulU and
Tronaera, naweat patUras and BtriMt modsrats prloas.
tlHDiBUtLL, blot; 4 OoairsLL, 146-769 Braadwa, oat
Illslier Vuat O runted In Rome Case
Firms Untvllllut; to Ittsk Lose at Tula
Heaspn by st Strike Decisive Action Mnr
He Tnken To-Nlaht-The Demands of the
3Ien In Clinrne of KnluUts of Labor,
According to the latest advices none of the
men employed by tho various livery firms
and corporations had struok for tho increase
of wages and the decrease of hours, the do
maud for which was reported exclusively in
tho evening edition of yesterday's Would.
Unless, howovor, tho demands are acceded
to, some stables aro likely to bo without
hands boforo nightfall, tho men say.
Ryerson &. Brown, who control tho Now
York Cab Company, are not members of tho
Association of Liverymen, and have arranged
satisfactorily with their mon.
Many of tho firms alleoted knowthat it will
not do under any cirotfmstanoes to have n
strike, for if one took placo they would lose
their customers, who would resort to the elo
vated railways, and many of whom would
never return to the cab jyetem. The elevated
railways have seriously aiTected the cab busi
ness, and the liverymen are loath to educato
any more of thoir old patrons into riding on
tho cam.
llradley fc Co. have settled matters satis
factorily with their mon, but have not
granted the short-hour rule.
" Liberty Dawn " is the name of the local
assombly of tho Knights of Labor to which
tho livery stablemen aro attached, and it is
within the jurisdiction of Dlstriot Assembly
49, whose Eiooutlvo Board is conducting the
negotiations between tho employoes and tho
Joseph Seaich thinks that the liverymen
will do with less hands if the demands aro
Quite a numbor of the leading livery firms
have yielded to the domonds, and it is thought
that no serious strike will ocour. Tho loss to
tho employers would bo particularly severo
just now in tho holiday season.
Tho "cabbies" will, it is said, meet on
Sunday next in Beckor's Hall, when tho
whole subjoct will bo discussed and noted
upon after reports havo been read' from tbe
tho committees from eaoh stable.
Two Attempts Made to Derail the Amboy
Kxpress at Prince's Day.
It was reported this morning that a des
perato attempt was made on Bunday night by
malicious persons to wreck the Amboy ex
press train by placing ties across the
track at tho grade at Prince's Bay
Station. Wesley ltomor, who was walking
along tho track about ten minutes before the
8 o'clock train was duo at that point, noticed
the obstruction and removed it from the
track. He then proceeded on his walk.
William Butlor, also of Prince's Bay,
walkod along the track a fow mlnutos after
Mr. ltomor had removed tho obstruction,
and found that tho ties had again boen placed
on the track. He immediately realized
tho danger and set to work to
remove the ties. He had but just completed
this when tho train camo rushing along.
Had the train been derailed at this point, it
would havo resulted in a frightful disastes.
Tho railroad officials deny any knowlodgo
of the 'affair.
i a.
lie Reads the President's Message and Calls
It Excellent.
At 1 o'clock a World reporter showed to
Mayor Hewitt a copy of the President's Mes
sago. " You have offered me the first ovidence I
have seen that the President has sent a mes
sage to Congress," said His Honor amiably.
He sat down and ran his eye rapidly over the
columns. He seized the salient points with
tho rapidity of a practised reader, and said :
" Mr. Cleveland has dono well to confine
himself to tho presentation of this all.im
portant subject of the surplus and the
tariff. So far as I can see, from this
superficial reading of the message, the
President seems to have affirmed my
own views on the tariff, whloh may bo found
in my speechos and writings. Of course, I
am in favor of his suggestions. Tho message
seems to mo to bo on excellent one,"
Panl Illnes tor InrilanapolU.
iNDUNAFons, Dec . President Nlmlck, ot
the Pittsburg Baseball Club, la In the city to-day,
and with President Brush male an amicable
settlement of tbe Hlnei matter, Tho Pittsburg
management waive all olslms to his services, and
he will play drat base lor Indianapolis next year.
The removal of Gardner leavea Indianapolis lth
out a desirable second baseman, though Donny
may try hla hand at second. Twltchrll.of Detroit,
will be BtcnreJ for left field and change pitcher,
and with these additions the Indianapolis Club will
begin tho season of 1888.
One Missing' nnd One In Chicago.
HKWARi.Dece. Mra.Dourgette, the old French
lady m sslng now for nearly three weeks, has not
been found as was rumored yesterday. She Is be
lieved to be In Savoy, her native country.
Young John Uauer, the mlsslns Orange hatter, is
believed to be In Gtitcairo. l'lukerton.of Chicago,
telegraphed to lliutr's fither thu morning:
'Think we've caught your man, "
Two Mysteries to be Investigated.
tarrcuL to the would. 1
Niw Drdnswicx, Dec. 6. The Grand Jury were
Instructed to-djy to Investigate the acts of Major
A. M. Way, the Empire Lo in Secretary, who frit
tered sevrral thnunau'l dollar, on bogus loan atock,
and tbe Oram waid murder mysteri. New Druns
lck Lodve No. 6,0 1 odd Hello" s, offered a reward
of 2oo for the a prehension and conviction of the
Uruaewald murderers.
- -
Talbot's Dolna-a In the West.
Newark, N. J., Dec 6. Letters from Detroit
snd Pittsburg received hereto-day by Agent Wiles,
of the New York, Lake Erle-and Western Hall
road, prove that Talbot, alias Lord Courtenay, had
exploited successfully In tnose cities, where lie se
cured the sympathy of members of the Episcopal
Church.. "
Prob ;1Ioh to the Cold Wave.
- WisntKOTow, Doe. e.
" rTraiS indfooKon for the
WjlVfliV tuntWur "Of" com
yd W jJH tr Oonnecrtcw ana
NL "C drjfSEaHern AW PorTc, colder
fKi " vrOf0" Vtant,a tnorntng:
k yr41Jlh.tillotcea AI warmtr,JUir
Tbe World Monde
on two pillars. Lot and Charity. Pitt) PAnrr stands on
lis rapuuUoai thaonij sure core for phjaloal pain, '.
A Terr Polite Verbal Dnel llttireen Law.
yens Ilurrlll nnd Delano.
Mrs. Paran Btovous, as usual attlrod lu
black, sat in tho Surrogate's Court to-day
while Delano C. Calvin read her petition for
tho removal of tho executors of her husband's
will, Messrs. Melcher, Stevens aud lllchard
boh. Sho wore a handsomo bonnet trimmod
with ostrich feathers: ovor bur fnco as
drawn a littlo green silk veil, and around her
neck was wrapped closely a heavy fur
As tho reading proceeded Mrs. Stevens grow
warm. Sho removod the green silk voil and
another and shorter one of darker huo t as
disclosed. The uiufllcruas also laid asido,
aud she produced a large black fan.
Mrs. Stevens was Boinowhat nervous, and
hor llpa twitched almost continually.
Tho points iu the potition havo already
been published. John E. Btirrill replied for
tho defendants. Ho characterized Mrs.
Stevens's statements as so inaccurato that it
xi as hardly fair to hold hor rosponslblo for
them in their local force
Speaking of the affidavits of tho defend
ants, Mr. tlurrill said they had boon served
on Kir. Calvin. Mr. Calvin said thai no affi
davits had boon sorved on him legally within
tho prescribed timo.
"What is that, sir," asked Mr, Burrill,
surprised, but mildly.
"No affidavits wero served upon mo in tho
prescribed time," returned Calvin, firmly
but suavely.
" That is not truo, not troo I say I will
chango it to not correct," said Mr. Burrill.
Mr. Calvin hosltated about a reply, and
then said t "Thank you, sir."
Shortly after a recoss was taken.
m a,
Policeman John nerd's Htranae IlehavUr
Towards Sir. and Sire. Alorlta.
Henry M. Moritz, of 238 Ninth avenue, a
workman in Sergeant's Book Drill Company,
in Ninth avenue and Twenty-seventh street,
was brutally olubbod on Sunday night by
Policeman John lteod, of the nineteenth Pre
cinct. He had his thumb broken, his head
and face out and ho was injurod lntornally.
Mr. and Mrs. Moritz wero standing in
Fourth avenuo, between Twenty-fourth and
Twenty-fifth streots, botwoon7 and 8 o'clock,
waiting for an uptown car, when Hood
roughly ordered them to movo on. Mrs.
Moritz reminded him that thoy wero doing no
wrong, and would not movo on until a car
enmo along. Mr. Moritz moved away to
avoid trouble, and when a car came along,
the wife got aboard, but the old man was not
eo nimble and failed to reach it.
Then Policoraan Beed, with No. 1780 on
his hat, orept up behind Mr. Moritz and beat
him about the face and head with his night
stick, every blow leaving a mark. One of
the strokes struok hia thumb and broke two
Mr. Moritz was not arrested, but took a
car to his homo. His wlf 0 says that ho was
coverod with blood and bruises, and that ho
suffered greatly. A doator was oalled In to
dross the wounds.
The Moritzesoppeared before Supt. Murray
to-day. They were requested to return to.
morrow, when Policeman-Ueed will tell his
sido of the story, Charges will be preferred
against him.
Old Mr. Leed's Accusations Against lib Wife
In a Divorce Suit.
Laura V. Leeds is suing her husband,
James H. Leeds, for a separation ou tho
ground of cruel and inhuman treatment, and
to-day an application was made to Judge
Lawrence for alimony and counsel fee.
While Mrs Leods is young, her husband is
seventy-seven years old. He is an old sea
captain and a member of tho produce firm
of James H. Leeds & Co., at 233 Front street.
The marriage was performed last January.
Mr. Leeds charges that his wifo is an ad
venturess, and asks for an annulment of the
marriage on tbe ground that his consent was
obtained by fraud. He soys she abandoned
him last August after having swindled him
out of $4,000, procured a deed of his prop
erty and influenced him to make a will in her
In his affidavit he says that soon after the
death of bis second wifo, in 1880, while he
was feeling lonely and despondent, tho pres
ent Mrs. Leeds introduced herself as a
wealthy widow from Colorado, and fasci
nated and bewitched him so that he married
Will Smith Flcht Tor Reinstatement
Washington, Deo. . An undercurrent of cari
osity exist among members of the House as to the
final outcome of the removal of Mr. tlarry Smith
as Journ.il Clerk, of the House of Itepresentitlvrs.
The friends of Mr. Smith among the members
threaten to make a fight for hU reinstatement. It
Is thought by some, however, that Smith's removal
was indorsed by Sneaker Carlisle. Mr. Smith la
succeeded by Mr. John C. Robinson, ot Indiana.
Carlisle and the Committees.
WlsnmoTON, Dec, 6. Speaker Carlisle said to
day that the list of House committees would be
submitted to the House before the aollday recess.
m a.
Commissioner of Public Works Newton to-day
Issued live permits to open the streets tor subway
and other work.
The Municipal Council of the Irish National
League will hold a meeting at Eighteenth street
aud Fourth avenue at 8 o'clock, this evening.
Six hundred shares of Cincinnati, Hamilton and
Dayton preferred stock were sold to-dar at auction
at the Heal Eatate Exchange at from 10 to 11 pit
John Burgess and Patrick McDonald, younz
highwaymen, were aentto sing Slug ty HecoMtr
Symth tor eight ye rs to-d.y for robbing Petir
CalTeraia In South Fifth avenue.
William Clark, a homeless man, was sent to Sing
Sing for one year and ten montns In tbe General
Se alons l.-day for trying to vut on another man's
ume tn tlis Eighth Assembly D strict.
Many breakfasta were left half eaunthis morn
ing In the tenement-nouse, 611 East Fourteen'h
street, owing to lb alarm cauaed by a Ore In the
rooms of Charles Kane. Only slight damage waa
Tbe annual election of the Atlanta Club was
held at ihtlr club-house, 74 East Fourth street.
The reault waa: Wm. A. Crowe, President: Chaa,
A. Uarreus, Vice-President; Hugo Ellensteln. Sec
retary; Cnas. Urandt, Jr., Treasurer; ti. J.
Mahu, Bergeant-at-Arma; It 8. Lehman, Trustee.
1 he annual meeting of the West bide Day Nurs
ery Association waa held at tho Nursery, sm
West Fortieth street, at in. SO o'oiock, this morn
ing. 1 be report of Mary K. Uacdonnid, the Treas
urer, showed that the work of the s.oclatlnn bad
been carried on during tne year ending Oct. si
with uuusnally good lucceis.
Fits Noodle," a new and aatlrlcsl comedy, by
B. D. Valentine and John Oroavenor Wilson,
scored a hsndsomesuccesi In New Haven last even
ing. Cedno llope.aa the luckiest Lord Fits Noodle,
MiasKutb Motsnnaathe heroine and Miss May
SU'iaon es Mr. Matchbang Oiled the leading parts
more than creditably. The new piece lea brtuht
and humorous attack upon the prevailing asglo
mania of the great cities.
Save Vour Herman Laundry Hoap Wranpere
and sand to your fayorlt oharltabl Institution, .
The President Appeals to Congress
to Stop the Surplus.
Reduction of Duties on Nocessi'tios of
"Paramount Importance."
Just as ' The World " Raid, tbo Mcssaio I
Confined to One Question, tho Necessity
of HtopplnaT the Nurplua by Hrduclna
Taxes President Cleveland Ursea Action
Ilrfore Dlsneter Comes "A Condition
Conlronte U, Not n Theory "Consumer
are Aaaraaed Beyond Iteaeon The Item
ed? a Subject for Careful Consideration,
fsrxciAL TO Tax WOBLD.)
Wasu-inoton, Doc. 6. The Capitol was
crowdod thismoming for an hour boforo Con
gress met. Tho Benato immediately after
it was caUod to order, on motion of Mr. Hoar
took a recoss for half on hour to await tho.
President's message
Tho communication was recolved at 1
o'olook, and after it waa read tho Sonato
The Houso mot at 12.20 and took a reooss
of twonty minutes to await tho President's
After prayer by the chaplain, Mr. Mills,
of Toxas, offered a resolution direct
ing tho Speaker to appoint the Com
mittees on Bules, Accounts, Enrolled Bills,
and Mileage, each to consist of tho same
number of mombers as is provided for by the
rules of tho 49th Cougross, referring the
rules of tho Forty -ninth Congress to tho
ooinniittee when appointed. Adoptod.
Mr. Cox, of Hew Vork, Chairman of tho
oommittee appointed to wait upon tho
President and inform him of the or
ganization of tho House, roportod
that the committee had performed its duty,
and the President would communlcato with
tho House at onco.
The messago was received at 1.15 and read.
At 1.55 the House adjourned until Thurs
lb faa Comgnt. q IA CW(cl StutM I
You are confronted at the threshold of your leg
islative duties with a condition of the national
finances whioti Imperatively demands Immediate
and careful consideration.
The amount of muuey annually exacted, through
the operation of present laws, from the Industries
and necessities or the people, largely exceeds the
sum necessary to meet the sxpeuses of the Uovern-
When we consider that the theory of our Institu
tions guaranteea to every citizen tbe full enjoyment
of all the fruits of his industry and enterprise,
wltn only such deduction aa may be hla share to
wards the careful snd economical raalntsnanoe of
the Government whioti protects him, It Is plain
that the exaction of more than thla Is lndefen.lblo
extortion and a culpable betrayal 01 American fair
ness and Justice. 1 hla wrong lnfllctid upon those
who bear Ihe burden of national tax
ation, like other wrongs, multiplies a brood
of evil consequences, 'Ihe pablio Treasury, which
should only exlat as a conduit conveying tne peo
ple's tribute to Its legitimate objeoia ot expendi
ture, becomes a hoarding-place for money need
lessly withdrawn from trade and the people's use,
thus crippling our national enemies, suspending
our oiuntry's development, preventing investment
In productive enterprise, threatening dnanclal dis
turbance, and Inviting scbemea of public plunder.
This condition of our Treasury Is not ultugettier
newt and It has more than oner of late D00u au
milted 10 the people's representatives In tho Con
fress, who alone can apply a remedy. And yet
ho situation still continues, with aggravated Inci
dents, more than ever presaging financial convul
alon and wide-spread disaster.
It will not do to negleot this situation because its
dsngera are not now palpably Imminent and ap
parent. They exist none the less certainly, aud
await tbe unfnrraten and unexpected occasion
when suddenly they win be precipitated upon us.
On tbe coin d.V of June, IbSS, the excest of
revenues over publlo expenditures after complying
with tho aunuai requirement of the Sinking Fund
act, wasllT,39,7S5.84; durlngtne year ended June
SO, 18, aucb excess amounted to M9,05,.J6.vo,
and during tne year ended Juno SO, ltST, It reached
tbe sum of i55,sT,Ml.M.
Tbe annual contributions to tbe sinking fund dur
ing the three years above aneilfied, amounting In
the aggregate to J18i,0M,Si0. M, and deducted from
the surplus assisted, were made by calling In for
that purpose outstanding three per cent, bonds of
the Uovernment. During the six months prior to
June so, lb7, tbo surplus revenue had growu so
large by repeated accumulations, and it waa feared
the wltndrawal of tb's great amu of moueyneedel
by the people would ao aSeU the tmstntsi of the
couutry ti at tho sum of STf.bOt, 100 of such surplus
was applied to the payment of thu principal and
Intertst of the thrcu per cent, bonds still outstand
ing, and which wero then payable at tho option of
Ihe Government. Ihe irccarloua condition of
financial affairs among the people still
needing relief, Immedla-ely after the soth day of
June, 1M7, tho reminder ot the 8 per cent, bonds
then outstanding, amounting with principal aud
interest to thu sum ot 118,817, 50o, were called in
and applied to the aluklng fund contribution for
the curreut fiscal year. Notwithstanding theKe
operations of the Treasury Department representa
tions of dlattess lu bulne.s circles not ony con
tinued, but Increase I, ami atiso uto peril ciued
at hand. In tune circumstances the contribution
to the slaking fund for Ihe mrrsut ilscal year
waa at once completed by the expenditure of til,
bM,25.65 in the purchase of (Soverumeut boud. not
yet iuebeailng s aud 4X percent. Intenst, ihe pre
mium paid thereon averaging about 24 perctui.
for the lorinn and 8 per lent, for the latler. In
addition to thia the lut rest accruing during the
current year u.on ouiaiaudlng bouded lndvie
hess if tne Uovernment n as 1 some extent antici
pated, and barks selected a dep i.ltorles of public
money were perml.led to some a bat Increase their
deposits. 4
While tbe expedients thus employed, to r leae
lo tbi people tne muuey lying Idle In t 0 Trea ury,
arvedio avert Immediate dan er, our surp us
revenues liaw c.nllnued to accumulate, the ex
ce.a for the present year amounting n tne 1st day
of Det-euiber 10 I3J,KJ,i01 IK. aud est malm to
reach the sum of $113,010,000 on the soth of
June next, at which elate it I. expected that thu
turn, ad'ied to prior accumulation., will swell the
surplus la the Treasury to SUO.iioO.OOu,
or IHtVV.
There seems to be no aaaoranco that, with such
a withdrawal from use of the people's circulating
medium, our bualneas community may not in Ihe
near totuTa be subjected to the aamu distress
which waa quite iat ly producod from Ihe a .me
eauae. Ana while the functions or our Ntl nil
Treasury should be few sndslmple. and while lis bt at
condition nould be reached, 1 be. let e, by its eut re
disconnection with private boeluiaa Interests, yet
when, by a perveision of Its purposes, it idly holds
money uselessly subtracted from the channels of
trade, there seems to be reason lor Ihe claim that
somelegttlmate means should be devised by the
Government to restore lu sn emergency, without
waste or extravagance, such money to Its placo
amoni the people.
If auen an emergency arises there now exists no
elesr and undoubted executive power of relief.
Heretofore the redemption of I percent bonds,
which were payable at the option ot the Govern
ment, has afforded a means for the dlaburaement
of the excess of our revenues, bnt these bonds bsve
all been retired, and there are no bonds outstanding
the payment of which we havo tbo right to waist
aoixa ron the bviwlvh.
The rrctdmt it Jtight: Stop the tiurplui
and You hlojt the Jtaidtri,
?pon. Tho contribution to tho atnklng fund which
urulshes the occasion for expenditure In tho pur
chase of bonds has been already mods for the cur
rent year, so'lhat there Is no outlet In that direction.
In the preaent state of legislation the only pre
lcne of any existing executive power to restore,
at this time, any part of oar surplus revenues to
the people by Its expenditure, consists In the sup
position that ihe Secretary of the Treasury may
enter the market and purchase the bonds of the
noiernmentnotyctdueat a rate of premium to
be agreed upon. The only provision of law from
which such a power could bo derived Is found in
an appropriation bill passed a number ot ycara
ago; and it la subject to the suspicion that
It Tfs Intended as temporary and limited
In II application, Instead of conferring a
continuing disiretlun aud authority. Mo condition
oil lit to exist whlUi would Justify the grant of
power tn a alugte olTlclal, upon his Judument of lis
necessity, to withhold from or release to tho bual
noMsof the peoplo, In an unusual manner, money
held In the Treasury, and thus affect, at his will,
the flnmclal situation of the country; anil If It Is
deemed wlso to lodgo In tho Secretary of thoTreaa
ry the authority In the present Juncture to pur
chase bunds. It should ho plainly vested, and pro
vided as far as possible, wilh such checks and limi
tations aa will deflno this official's rtgnt aud dis
cretion, and at tho aauio time relieve him from
undue responsibility.
In considering tho question of purchasing bonds
as a means of restoring to circulation the surplus
money accumulating In the Trea.ury, It should be
boruu In mind that premiums muat of courao be
paid upon such purchase, that there may be a large
part of these bonds held aa Investments which can
not be purchase I at any price, and that combina
tions atnoug holders who are willing 10 sell msy
nnrenson.bly enhance tho cost ot such bonds to
the Uovernment.
I: has been suggested that the present bonded
debt might be refunded at a leas rate of Interest
and the dlfferenro between the old and new se
curity paid In cash, thus finding use for the sur
plus In the Treasury. The succcsa of this plan, it
is apparent, must depend upon the volition of lha
holders of me present bonds; snd It la not entirely
certain that the Inducement which must I offered
them would reault In moro financial benefit to
the Government than Ihe purchase of bonds, while
the latter proposition would reduce the principal
01 tho debt by actual payment, Instead of extend
ing It.
1 ho proposition to deposit the money held by the
Government In banks throughout ihe country for
use by the people is, It seems to me, exceedingly
oi'Jertlonable m principle, ua establishing too close
a relationship between the operations of the Uov
ernment Treasury aud the busluesa ot iho country,
and too cxtintlio a commingling of their money,
thus loitering un unnatural reliance In private
buslneai upon publlo funds. If this scheme should
b sdopted It should only be done ss a temporary
expedient to meet an urgent necessity. Legislative
nnd executive effort should generally be In the op
posite direction and should have a tendency to di
vorce, as much aud aa fast as can saiely tie done,
the Treasury Department from private enterprise.
Ol coarse, It Is not expected that unnecessary
and extravagant appropriations will be made for
the puipose of avoiding me accumulation of an ex
cess of revenue. Such expenditure, betide the de
moralization of all Jut conceptions of public duty
which II eutsl s, stimulates a nabit or reckless lui
provlilenco not In the lest consistent with the
mi.slon of our people or the high and beneficent
purposes of our Uovernment.
I have deemed It my duty to thus bring to the
knowledge ot my countrymen, us well ss to the at
tention of their repreientatlves charged with the
responsibility of legislative relief, the gravity ot
our financial situation. The Jailors ol the Con
gress heretofore to provide against the dangers
which it was quite evident the very nstureof me
difficulty must necesiarily produce caused a con
dition ot llu.ticlai distress uud spptehenslon since
your last udjournmeut which taxed to tbe utmost
nil the authority and expedients within executive
control, and these appear now to be exhausted.
If dlsksicr results I rum the continued Inaction of
Congieia, tho responsibility must rest where It
Though tbe situation thus far considered Is
fraught vilth dauger which should be fully real
ized, and though It presents features of wrornr to
the people as ell as peril to the eouutry, It Is but
a result growing out of a perfectly palpable uud
apparent cause, constantly reproducing the same
uurmiug I'lrcuiustunuea a contested National
Treasury and a depleted monetary condition In tne
business of tne couutry. It neid hardly be stuled
that v hlle tbe present situation demands a remedy,
we can only be eaed from u like predicament la
the future by the removal of Ita cause.
Our scheme f taxation, by meant of which this
needless surplus Is taken from ihe peupla und put
Into the public Treasury, consists of a tariff or
duty levied upon importatlous from abroad and
Internal revenue tax, a levied upon the consump
tion of tobacco and spirituous mid malt liquors. It
must be conceded mat none of tho tiling, sun
jeeted o Internal revenue taxi Ion are, strictly
sieakiug, necessaries; there appears to be no Ju-.t
complaint of this taxatlou by the coosumira of
these articles, and there seems to be nothing so
we ab e to bear the burden without hardship to
any portion of the people.
KEiisE Tim TAKtrr laws at once.
llutour pr-eeni tariff Una, Iboiiclou., Inequi
table, and illogioil source of unnecessary taxation
ought lo be at once rellud.illd aluendud. 'lliese
Una, as .heir rliuare aud imiIii effect, rsl-e the
p ice lo consumers of all artlclia Imported and sub
ject lo duly, bv precisely the sum laid for uch
du les. i hus itie amount uf t e duty lucaatirca the
tax pad by t ose who pdichase for us lu sMni.
lamed articles klauy 01 tlise tnlnga, how
ever, tire raise 1 or manufacture I in our
own country, and the duties now levied upon
foreign good, und pruduc a are called proteiilon
to these home manufactures, beiause they render
It poeslble for tho.e ot our piople wboare manu
facturers, to make tnese taxed article, and
sell them for a pilce tqusl to t nt demanded for
the, luiportid tood that have paid rus.ouis duly.
Bolt happens ilmt while couipsrathely a low uo
the Imported articles, millions of our people who
never use and never aaw any ol the fore gu prod
ucts, purchase uud use things of the same kind
made in this tountry, und pay therefor uearly or
quite the same enhanced price which the
nuty adds to thu Imported articles. 'I hose
wru buy Imports iay the duy charged thereon
Into the public Treasury, but the great majority of
our ciliA.ns wno buy domctlc a tlciesof the same
cl.iss, pay a sum at least approximately equal to
thia duty tothe home manufacturer. Ihla refir
ence to the operation of our tariff laws is not ma te
by way uf Instruction, bui in order that we may be
oonatantly reminded of the manner In whloh they
1 Impose a bdrden upon those who consume domestlo
products ss well aa those who consume Impoitel
articles, and thua create a tax opon all our people.
It Is not proposed to entirely relieve the country
of this taxation. It must be extensively continued
aa tho aourco ef tho Government's Income; aud In
a readjustment of our tariff the Interesta of Ameri
can labor engaged in manufacture should be care
fully considered, aa well as Ihe preservation ot our
Continued on Fourth rage.
Accused of Assaulting Her and Throwing Kananall
Her llownstnlrs Ilo fjnye that Sua waa tjLanfll
Obstreperous and Ilmt He Gently l,Id JHI
Hiinds on Her to l'ut'Ilrr Ont Tbo Case 'Hl
Called In Court To-Day and Postponed. aaanHI
Ilobert Sewoll, the well-known lawyer and ''tnnnnfll
a member of tho Arm of Bewoll Ac Pierce, Is "lll
defendant in a civil suit to recover 925.000 LbbbII
damages for assault aud battery. The plain. ' 4'saanfll
tiff is Ellen Foyo, a cook, formerly in the t'lHI
employ of Mr. and Mrs. Sewoll at their real- vV'auaBnM
denco at Tarrytown. s(f 'Vl
Tho enso waa called to-day in tho Court ol H
Common Picas before Judge Henry Wilder aaaaBall
Alton. It bus been on tho calendar for some ''LHl
timo, but has been repeatedly postponed at 'JjflHl
the request of Mr. 8ovfill. 'jHI
To-day his counsel, Mr. William A. Wolff, 'jJtjHI
handed up an affidavit from a physician cor- ' ' fiiEsnBnM
tlfyiug that Mr, Sewell was still in bad health. JHI
Judgo Allen granted an adjournment until th ''rEaaaaU
first .Monday in January, although Lawyers, JKi
Augustus 0, Vanderpoel and John M. '!bbubbbl1
Mackay, for the plaintiff, ojected to furthci "':JHI
postponement. 'H
Ellen 1'oye in her complaint says t -H
That Mr. Bewetl assaulted her at hla residence 4H
In Tarrytown. snd repeatedly kicked and aaanB
st hi ok plaintiff and flung her down SSU
with great force and violence from Eaaam
the etoop ot his residence, causing- her to fall ' 'H
acavlly to the sidewalk; and that, by 'tEaaV
reaaon of said acts of to defendant, saaaaal
plaintiff was greatly bruised sad permanently 'Jaaaaal
Injured In hrr health and suffered snd continues to JEaaaaT
suffer great pains sod anguish, and continues to bo 'HEaaana
unable to perform ordinary labor wltaoot sufferlflg EaaBal
great pals. JTssanani
The cook proposes to go on the stand and iH
testify that when the alleged kicking was tuaH
dono, Mr. Howell was under the influence of, lanaannT
liquor and that the assault took placo upon 3aanannl
his arrival from New York. CSEaaf
Mr. Bewell enters a general denial of the taaaaal
complaint. His dofense is that the cook was fBaH
discharged by Mrs. Bewell, and that she re- i'lsaH
fused to leave tho kitchen. In his answer to iLsaW
tho complaint Mr. Sewell says 1 f IflH
The plaintiff was unlawfully la said dwelling viLnBl
house and making a great noise and disturbance 'A'aenaasn
therein against the Will of the defendant IEaaanl
and disturbing him and his family In the VBaaanl
peaceful and qnlet possession and enjoy Jaannnal
ment of his ssld dwelling home, snd refused to ;isbbbbb1
cease snch noise and diaturbanoe and to go and UjbbbbbI
depart from and out of the ssld dwelling Bouse, jtEasaV
although requested so to do by the defendant, JBbbbbu
That thereupon the defendant In def ens of tssr IbbbbbbI
possession of his ssld dwelling house gently laid vbbbbbbI
bis hands upon the plaintiff In order to remove, BasBal
und did then and there remove the plaintiff from sbbbbbI
snd out of hla sild dwelling house, ss he lawfully -sanaana
might for the cause sforrssld. taBaan
Mr. Sewoll then asks for a dismissal of tho H
complaint. UJjH
Ellon Foyo Is now living with ber brother jaasaaal
on Forty-first street, and it is averred that knafl
sho is suffering from internal injuries, the ra. . fjH
suit of the assault. Her brother, James Foye. Xsaaaaas
is the manager of an uptown employment 'bbbbbI
agency. naanannal
-Lawyer Vanderpoel said to-day in court. 1st 'tijH
objecting to a further postponement Of the) -esbbbbi
case, that Ellen Foye, in his opinion, was la sEasai
worse health than Mr. Sewell, He alto re. '''asBBaai
marked that Mr. Sewoll's illness might bo obbbbbi
the effect of " too much dinner." iH
Ab Improvement flhovrn After Two Opera irjjjl
tlons on Ille Throat, abbbbK
Major James Haggerty, who was in a Terjr ta
criticallatato all day yesterday, was even wors JSbbbbb!
this morning. He still kuffars intense pain ' 'IbbbbbI
and loss of sleep. 'sJbH
The large glandular swelling on the side of I&Ibbbbb!
his neck had not subsided. At 8 o'clock thia' al
morning his breathing powers became very 4JaaBal
limited, and, it being feared that ha might "IfffH
choke to death, Dr. Beebe, the throat ivfaaasal
specialist, was summoned and performed vijH
slight operation, which rendered tha" patient aH
more comfortable. -iM
Late this afternoon a second operation was ilH
performed by throe physicians on Major 'fJBanal
Haggerty's throat, and mors favorable sytap 'SEaai
tonis at once manifested themselves. (isbbbbb!
The glandular swelling subsided, and the HLsasBaa
doctors said that there was no bamodiatoV 'Jsbbbbbb
danger of death. -lH
Walking Delegates Held for Trial. jmfl
Justice Gorman, In the Jefferson Market FOile jalBaal
Court this aftsrnoon, handsd down hla decision la ''fllH
the case of walking delegates Fetsr Klerauka, 'oJaaB
Edward MoLaugulln, Owen Ilarney, Bobert J. - xesbbbI
Armstrong and John McDonsld.who were ohalged v7bbbbbb
with conspiracy by William J. Uerrttt J Co., oar. v JobbsbbI
peuters and builders, of 1,07 Ninth avenue. IIS ,-?1bbbb1
has decided to hold them In $100 ball eaoh foi trust. 4bbbbb!
m a. ..uebbb
A Rnaalau with Five Wives. ''ijH
Charles Qaletxkl, a Russian, age twenty-BVo JansBs
years, was arraigned In the Essex Market Poos aaaa!
Court this morning on a oharge of bigamy prs bbbsbbe
ferred by an Austrian woman, daletxkl cheerfully iH
admitted that he had another wife living in adai- M
Hon to the Austrian, lie was held In 11,000 ball IsbbbbI
for trial. It Is said that he has taree other wives bbbsbbI
la this tlty. SIebbbbb!
Fuller Onee More a Citizen. 'ilfB
When Asplnwall Fuller went before the Local 'ISbbbbbI
Steamboat Inspectors to-day to show why bat ''-4al
license should not be revoked, on the ground that 'ebbb!
he had not ban his citizenship restored since serv. - vmsbbbbI
Ing a term in Mug Sing prison, he showed a oertl- 'MbbbbI
flcate of citizenship which was lnued by Gov. Bill rSEasi
yesterday, Tne case was dropped. jlffl
Japaurse Officials Nlaht'SeelasT. ??bbbb!
Vlce-Adtnlral Ksbaysms, Capt. TsmomotO Goto- S
bey, Vice-Minister of Alarlne; Commander Hlkado, TObbbb
Lieut. Yendo and Lieut balto. of tho Imperial!, aaUsBnsa
Jai auere Navy, p dd a visit to-day to the various .. bbbb
imbilo institutions on Ward's, liUckwell and ' , , 3bbb1
ltanilaU's Islands. Ibbb1
I'rohtbltloalsU Jubilant. 3H
The Prohibition sta of this city aro JoMlant over Kl
the decision uf the Supreme Court of the United iSsnl
btatca, holding that the prohibition laws of Kansas Jarl
aro cosstltutlunal, V uH
Six Persons Killed by a Falllos Tower. FTObbbI
Bavannau, 0a., Dec . blx persons were killed 'fflfl
snd many wounded by tho falling ot a lower at '-Jebbbb!
Tcomasvllle tcUay. -IsbbI
A Thrilling Zoce Story in Tna WoiXD tH
to.morrou evening ; "Hit Wife" I Othtt vIsbbbI
ustxrnd." flaasi
m a IsbbbI
A Card ta the I'ubllo. 'LIbbbb!
The undersigned begs to announce thst node ''IebbbI
special contract with the well-known Arm ot & AsbbbbI
Altmsn Co. she has prepared the nseatalaT Fow- Jbbbbb!
uer m two-ounce boxes, wtleh will be sold for SO tJebbbb
cents per box. This powder will not rub off ox Jfel
mske the fsee shine, and Is guaranteed not to 000- 'fLsaa
tain lead, bismuth or arsenic. Every lady Should Jbbbbb
avaU herself of this opportunity to make a trial of 3bbbbb1
tula celebrated powder. For sale In this stee oaly "ibbbI
oy a Altmsn A Co., Klghtesoth street, Nlaeieeaia LIbbbbI
street and Sixth avenue, where all the other . IsbbbbI
eamler preparations can be obtained. bbbbbi

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