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jwJVmI? BvxscnirTioN to the r.rrsiya
jVaVsVS' EDITION (Including Toslage),
HKm pjjjj moxtji, 30c. : rsn yjcaii, $3.bo.
bsVaQhi ' ' "
Hsf Total nnmber or " World" printed daring
K (be month or November, 188T,
H' 8,505,840.
Br 283,528 COPIES
jjVB'k XOVBilBBH CIRCULATION during the past six
H.' veart compared:
Em! r Total. Affray.
Hrf- M8 043,801 31,403
Hf a3 1,301,070 43,380
IjVjVg. 2S84 3,843,834 138,104
JJWJK&' 4,048,433 104,048
jjfBW' iflSfl 0,107,430 303,380
r,, m? 8,505,840 283,528
BfflE The Now York "World" Invites every
HE& Newspaper Proprietor and overy Advertiser
jjwaWL y to examine Its Books and Press Room to
jJM Satisfy himself about its Circulation.
Hj&i (Agate Measurement.)
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Ejp eeptabls display. Bualneae or Special Nolle., oppoelte
B&j Editorial pate, SO cent per line. Reading Notice,
Efcl sUrredormuked "Adt."l Firet pace. 81.00 per
Hlf lines Fourth pice, 81. 20 per llnei Inalde pace. Ml
Mst''' Pr line.
HjSjjipi', tU raUiforadrtrtiiitig in IA Daily Would do nolap-
K' ylifetlJCreRf 'ant. Hot do te ral.l Mai dm
Hk Will to (As Morning Edition.
Hfcjjr The Democratic party could not have n
KL more popular issuo than tho ono with which
Hei the Frcsidont has supplied it.
Etv The appeal for free food, free fuol, free
Kjj' clothing, free building materials and free
EjL essentials of manufactures will moot with a
Bf wido-Bpread response.
Kf' A demand that tho surplus bo stoppod in-
0T .Btead of spent is sound economy and a good
B campaign cry.
K, The taxpayers outnumbor tho tax-eaters.
Kr Tho peoplo aro stronger than monopolies.
B? Tho policy of abolishing needless war taxes
HkF. after twenty-two years of pcaco will carry
B' the country.
Kt. The issue is joined: on with tho fight.
K.' NottholooatadmirablopassagolnthoProsi-
B$C- dent's message is tho one that was " writ sar.
Bv?' kastical," as Anruuus Wabd usod to say.
B- " Of courso," writes Mr. Cleveland, "it
Hv, is sot expoctcd that unnecessary and oxtravn-
Vf ' Bant appropriations will bo made for tho pur-
BS ;' pose of avoiding tho accumulation of an ox-
HCv cess of rovonuo."
E One can imagine tho grim smilo that ovor-
BB& spread tho President's features as he pennod
Hj&, these words, and thought of tho war-tariff
BK defenders on their way to tho Capitol with
Bk.' their pockets bulging Vith bills for "un-
Hc? necessary and extravagant appropriations"
BrlA to eat tip the surplus.
H&v'' There is a delicious irony in the President 's
B "of course."
B;fi "Why will the Paris correspondents' persist
Hfc-' in referring to President Gaunot as " com-
K& monplace?" Their own record of his caroer
v& and estimate of his character refute tho
Hfft adjective.
Kf Is a family that produced tho Oahnot of
' Bevolutionory famo " commonplaco ? " Is
HPJRfA tho new President's acknowledged ability as
t5r JJ a financier a "commonplace" quality? Is
f the sterling honesty that resigned b portfolio
410& rather than viuk at a job a "commonplaco"
Ba' attribute of politicians?
Bv Oaskot is heedless of glamour, gloro and
'' glitter, but devotes himself with energy and
KT diligence to his duties. The " common-
K place " Parisian has a well-known fondness
Ej&, for superficialities.
K$ Oasmot is anything but "commonplace."
IKjv He is decidedly exceptional.
Kim; Congressman Delano, of this Btato, who
B reproseats somo glass manufacturers, says
K ' that lower taxes would " make tho rich richer
Hfv t and the poor poorer."
Bi The war tariff on glass has made million.
Hfi& '' Qlresof most of tho manufacturers, whllo tho
Kj; wages of glass workers averaged only 1.79 a
H day in 18S0 against $2.00 in 18C0.
HP .And this is how one tax "protects Ameri-
E-'- can industry."
HL The schema to cucumber City Hall Park
Hp , with a brace of architectural monstrosities 1b
Hfef, cot only repugnant to tho artistio sense and
&, In deflanoe of tho genoral desire to increase
K& rather than curtail our downtown breathing
K& places, but it is distinctly illegal.
Bp(t The Legislature authorized the construe-
Bp? tlon of one municipal building. It is pro-
HSf , posed to pnt up two distinct structures, and
HgL to make them ono by the simplo process of
G? calling them "wings." Tho Legislature
Rp. passes many wonderfully olastio laws, but it
Mjp' nay be doubted whethor it seriously con-
K' templated or whethor the courts would ap-
KL proTo the bald proposition that 31.
HE - The architectural taste of the pomlstent
Hk , ' Commissioners is oboYit on a par with tholr
Q'' mathematical acumen.
K' Te sore-headed Old Whig journal accuses
Hbk the President of displaying "irritation
K. towards American manufacturers" in his
MP earnest appeal for an abatement of tho war
!'' tariff,
Hif ' V,'? Americaa people haye cause for a
l , v .
stronger feeling than lrrjtatlon against tho
"orKon'lMlStorablnaUoif'i which; s)W
President Uyi, hns prsventedVt rehootlfcn bt
tho tariff upon any artiole, no matter how
needless tho duty, lest tho chain bo broken
that gives them their monopolies.
There are manufacturers to-day suffering
for cheaper raw material who daro not favor
it lest they lose part of tho bounty which
thoy obtain on their products.
It is high timo for tho peoplo to combine
against tho combination.
Tho argument tlmtu postal telegraph would
not pay, as comparod with tho Western
Union, is by no means conclusive.
Even if tho Government's expenses should
bo somowhat larger, it would still havo n
wido margin in its favor. Tho Western
Union earns dividends on fin enormous
amount of watered stock. With tho reducod
cost of materials, it is estimated that its plnnt
could bo duplicated to-day for about ouo
third its capital stock. Prosuming that tho
Government's business but equalled in
amount tho Western Union's, only gross mis
management could render it unprofitable.
Tho danger of citonding tho spoils system
is tho big lion in tho way.
Tho London journals aro, as a rnlo, both
intelligent and candid in thoir comments
upon tho President's Mesbage.
The problom of an enormous Trcosury sur
plus is ono with which foroign governments
aro not called to deal. Ho sonsitlvo is tho
avcrago Britisher to imposition and oxtortion
that no Government in that country could
stand for six months that persisted in taxing
tho peoplo, as our citizens havo boen taxed
for six years, $100,000,000 annually in excoss
of its needs.
England has for somo tlmo folt tho stress
of competition with untaxed Amorican prod
ucts. If by securing untaxed raw materials
mid machinery our manufacturers could com
poto with her in tho open markets of tho
world, hor commercial supremacy would
suffer also.
Tho improsslon that politics rnoro than
anything else brought about tho dlschargo of
Miss Monnis, tho Brooklyn teacher, is likely
to prevail.
Tho chargos of a lack of efficiency and tact,
if not entirely frivolous, rofloct less upon
Miss Moanis thau upon tho successive school
BupcrintondeutB, who for many years havo
especially commouded hor work. Moreovor,
hor dofenso was not heard.
Tho fingers of the politicians will surely
got scorchod if thoy moddlo with tho schools.
With Tins World, tho Times, tho Boston
IleraliX and Globe, tho Philadelphia Prett, and
a dozen othor highly prosperous newspapers
of tho first class selling at two cents, it is
quite amusing to seo tho sobor arguments of
tho old-fogy portion of tho press that tho
thing " can't bo dono."
Ciiahlis H. Knox hns resigned from tho
Republican County Committoo and an
nounced his purposo to support Frosidont
Cleveland. Ho is tired of war cries, war
taxes, dead issuos and qundronnial " scares"
at nothing. Thoro will bo thousands liko
him noxt yoar.
Tho Pennsylvania organs aro hilarious
over the President's Message. No doubt tho
monopolists might again pllo up 80,000 ma
jority in that Btato for their Presidential can
didato. But what of it ? They don't run tho
United States.
The perfect succoss of TnE World's foro
cast of tho President's messago was duo to its
observanco of tho wlso admonition of Hosea
Bioelow: " Don't uover prophesy onless yo
know." The Woiild'b correspondent know.
A young llhodo Island artist, a passcngor
on tho ill-fated steamer Boholtcu, who had
been regarded as lost, has finally turned up
alivo. Itomauco of thl,s sort affords u very
satisfactory sequel to a inarltlino disaster.
Tho Tribune's European correspondent
says that Mr. Blaine " is always laughing."
It is plain that ho had no opportunity to
study the Plumed Knight's countenance
when the New York returns cauio in.
Bevon cities of Massachusetts havo gouo
baok to taking tholr toddy openly, instead of
behind tho door. Their " local option" is
now expressed in this formula i " What'll
you tako ?"
It is proposed to light tho harbor buoys
with electricity instead of koroseuo. That
this has not been dono beforo is rathor ro
markablo, in view of the fact that wo huvo
long had a Battery.
Tho Baltimore gas companies cannot agreo
to tho conditions of a trust. When oorporuto
greed meets corporate freed thon comes a tug
of war that tho peoplo can view with complacency.
Tho rumor, started by tho boodlors, that
Katie Metz, tho important witness agahibt
tho " combine," bad departed for Europo, is
false. Tho wish was father to tho thought.
If A party of Prohibition politicians was dis.
covered tho othor evening at Portland in
dulging in a champagne supper. " Mumin "
is tho word.
Senator Frye will at onco set about organ
izing a Society for tho Proveution of a lto
duction of Pap to Sixty-Yoar-Old Infant
Tho Eccentrio Engineers havo been danc
ing. It would bo an eccentrio engineer who
wouldn't donee if he had an opportunity.
After all, the President's Message was too
long-f or the war.tarlff admirers.
A single lofgf dr la London costs the town
omethlnft lite ,ooo for extra km.
A blockimlid ot Klngiton, N. M. , declares that
nil mother found a htadiomc Utile nugget of gold
In the itlzrard of a duck which she klllod for hia
ThanVaglvlni; Ulnurr.
Matla tstccl, a colored woman who died ot
Havannih, Oa., laat week, was reputed to bo IIS
Teats old. Clio was certainly overs hundred, for
tho old tlavc record!, in tho shape of bills of sale,
showed thai.
1'rtul Morton, of tho Chicago, llnrllngtoa and
Qnlnej ltillro.nl It said to bo the youngest general
tiauengcr astrnt In the country. He Is thlrtr rears
old, unci u few rears ago was a clerk la tho general
freight onlcca of tho company,
A society for the promotion of reform la burials
haa joat been Incorporated at Cleveland, O. Its
pnrpoao Is to provide funerals tor Its inembcra,
rich nml poor alike, at a minimum of coat by
avoiding the excessive charges of undertakers.
The City Cierk of Aahland, Wis., ahot a deer
and wliticl to send It to frlenda at n distance, but
thocxprcKS ompiny refused to receive It. Ho
thereupon placed tho deer In a cheap pine cortlii,
marked It "John Deer, deceased, aged twenty
one, " and shipped It as a corpne.
The recent whirl In grain In tho Chicago market,
which advanced corn ten cents a bashel and wheat
eight, made a comfortable forluno for a man
named Race, llcfore tho rise bogan lie found It
dtmcult to borrow i without aecutlty, but laat
Saturday lio retired with f 50, 000 to his crsdlt.
Thomaa Randall, of Iluflalo, owca hlsltfolotho
reprehensible habit of wearing celluloid collars.
In a quarrel which ho had with a laborer named
McKcrocy tho latter drew a knife and made a
lunge at Randall's neck, hut the collar broke the
force of tho blow and ho escaped with slight ln
nrle. Vtillo a lady of Xcnla, O., was preparing feed
for her chickens recently tho diamond In her en
gagement ring dropped Into the mixture, and tho
loss was not noticed until the feed had been eaten
by tho fowls. It becamo neceaaary to massacre ten
chickens boforo tho stono was found, but It was
found at last.
A professor of hypnotism at Carlsruhe, Oer
many, put a young man to sleep by intsmerlzlng
him. The patient remained In a coma for
eighteen hours, and was ufterwards attacked by a
lit or violent mndness. Tho hypnotlzcr has been
fined by tho authorities and condemned to two
weeks' Imprisonment.
An old woman, a beggar, limped aboard a cable
car In Kansas city on crutches tbe other day and
uroused tho sympithlcs of everybody in the car by
her apparent hvlplessiicss. As she loft tho car,
however, she forgot her crutchCB and Jumped to
tho ground with all tho agility of a school girl.
Then tho condnctor handed her the crutches amid
the Jeers of the passengers.
Two years ago Fred Arndt, a farmer living near
Denton Harbor, Mich., had his hand shockingly
mangled by a circular saw. In course of tlmo ho
died, and not long after his death a young man
employed on his farm dug up In tho vegetablo
patch a carrot ot unusual size which frightened
him when uu saw It, It was an oxact representa
tion of Arudt's crippled hand, 'and for a moment
the young man thought It was really tho dead
man's hand Itself. Tub discovery created a super
stitious awe among tho villagers.
If Lord Tennyson could havo soon Miss Annie
Russell laat night as Elaine ho would undoubt
edly havo wondered how lie could havo written the
poem without having known her, so exquisitely
true was alio to tho spirit of the Idyll. And the
poet laurcato would havo tbankod Mr. A. M.
Palmer for a production so careful, so marvel
lously bcautlluj that it held a otltlcal audience In
abaoluto cnjoymonl fur threo hoars. "Elaine,"
nt tho Madison Bquaro Theatre, Is one of tho
things that It la a sin not to soe. It Is Tennyson's
I oem In a series of lovely pictures. Nothing moro
artistic has been seen at tho Madison Bquaro
Tneatrc. Mlas Annie RubscII received great praise
for hor Impersonation. Miss Marie llorroughs, as
Queen Guinevere, was delightful to look at, and did
na much as her small part would permit very
effectively. Tho Hir Lancelot, however, was by
no means Tennyson's creation. Mr. Balvlnl
ranted In a way that was not Anglo-Saxon, and
rollod his r'a In a terrific manner. Ills make-up
was not effective. Tho remarks mado by a lady In
the audience covers all criticism coucernlug Mr.
Salvlnl. 'Mtow two women," said she, "can
fall In lovo with a man so odious-looking (by rea
son of his make-up) Is moro than I can understand.
What could Elaluo and Qulnovcre have been think
ing of 7" Miss Hcligman made her Aral appearance
on the stage a Lluuyd, and did fairly wall.
Charles Overton was King Arthur, Louis Maaaen
Sir Torre and E. M. Holland Blr Gawaln.
In no pluy are Henry Irving and Miss Terry Been
to such udvantago as In "Tho Merchant of
Vcnloo," which was produced at the Star Theatre
last night. Not all tho sccnle pomp of ' ' Faust "
can give such pleasure as the delightful Impersona
tions of tthylock and Portia. Mr. Irving U a won
derful Hbjlock, und all the unpleasant peculiarities
of that unlovely belog were given with great force.
Miss Terry's l'ortlii Is, perhaps, the best thlngsho
docs. Tne stage scttlug last night was faultless.
Young Josef Hofmann appeared again at a
matln6e at tho Metropolitan Opera-House yesterday
and played llccthoU'n'B concerto In U major, No.
1, In a niannrr that astonished tho large audience.
Young Holmami could undoubtedly continue
crowding the large house for a month. Peoplo
listen to him with rapt attention and novcrscem to
tire. Tho boy also playod the Weber-Liszt polacca,
a mazsurka, a rouiana, a souvenir and a waltz.
Mine. Teresa Careno gave him a theme and tho
manner In which he Improved upon It seemed to
electtlfy the lady. Bhe kissed the boy and shook
his bund warmly.
Miss Annie Meyers, a young Australian actress,
who came to this country laat winter and was en
gaged by Mr. l'jlmer to understudy Mrs, llooth In
"Jim the Penman, " has beca extremely unfortu
nate la America. Mrs. llooth gave her an oppor
tunity to appear at the Madison Square Theatre In
her place whoa sho was HI. Miss Meyers, how
ever, wu4 111 at tho same time and the theatre was
closed, bhe has never had an opportunity to do
anything. Yesterday Mr. Hayman, of San Fran
cisco, engaged her as leading 'Juvenile " for his
Mme. Modjcska will not play In tho United Slates
next season. She Is going to Poland to sell some
property she owna In Cracow and Zakspauo In the
early fall. It Is probable that she will play for a
season In Ruasta aud Germany as well as Poland.
Mme. Modjcska la anxtona to appear with an
Kngllah company In those countries.
A representative of Edwin llooth and Lawrenco
Barrett la la this city arranging for the forth
coming engagement ot the tragedians at the
Academy of Music, beglulng Dec. SO, when a
revival of "Julluacreaar" will be presented wlla
Mr. llooth as llrulus and Mr. Uarrctt as Casilua,
A fore of wo people will be employed In the repre
sentation. " Julius Cxsar will be given fur the
entire two weeks here.
A President with Nerve.
Vo rb-Miy' Journal of Contour?.,)
It 1) refreshing to find a President with sufficient
nerve, as well as common sense, to lay aside all
unmeaning and Irrelevant topics, and to address
himself with vigor and dlrectncsa to the one great
need for legislative action, whose Importance as
ulfecllng tee material Interests of the country can.
not well bo overestimated. Tne peoplo are literally
groatilug under a ncavy burden ot taxation, which
upprcsaes labor, Interferes with productive Indus
try, and puts a dragon the wheels uf trado and
commerce. The unused funda aro piling up In the
Tro sury, creating a flnanolal disturbance wherever
capital Is needed and cnecktng enterprise by caus
ing serious oppreaeajiou in regard tu the future.
A nilghtr Enclnt) Moved by the Fluctuations,
or the Pro.
TVem (A. San rrantlieo Call.
After many accidents and trials the wave-power
motor, so long talked of, has bom finished and
proved a success, The construction of this ma
chlno or apparatus, which was begun In July, 1kS,
was at that time considered a halr-brsined scheme,
but the projectors stuck to their plan, and seem
now to be in a fair way of success. Great dimculty
was experienced at first In getting tho
materials to. withstand tho ,forc of rocks
thrown against them by tbe waves,
ami tho pipes wnlch conduct the water
up tne bluff were broken and carried awjy no les
ttian fourteen tunes. When the achoiuer Parallel
went ashore, and her c irgo uf dynamite exploded,
the motor was completely wrecked. A mass of
rock, weighing coo tons, was tnrown from tho cllrr
and fell acroiu tho ctiaam over which the motor
waisuipended, blocking it up to such an extent
that nearly three months were consumed In blast
ing out the debris. Hoon alterwards another mass
of stone, weighing 160 pounds, fell and had to ho
removed. The motor, designed and built by K. T.
Stecn, Is a very alinple contrivance, and still Is
capable of exerting a great power.
Across a chasm In tne rocks, Just north of
Parallel Point, a bridge of heavy timocrs was built.
Suspended from tnls is a huge Ian or paddle of oak
timbers, with the spreading portion downward.
This Is tastencd to the bridge by Immense hinges,
which allow It, when In operation, to spring back
und forward a ul.utico of ss feet as the wave
strike It. The handle, or upper part of tho fan, Is
connected with a solid plunger pump Vi Inchc in
diameter and having a stroke of v tu VI feet. This
pump. In turn, la connected with a auction pipe
ruiinlog out Into deep water. The fan Is so rigged
that It can be drawn up out of riach of the wuves
when not In use. When a wave comes In the fan la
thrown forward and forces the air out of the pump
barrel In which the plunger works, on the wave
receding tho fan Is carried seaward und the lunger
la drawn out, causing n vacuum, and cause a
quick rush of water into trie tuctloo pipe. Tho
force with which tho water Is drawn uiilsaiinicleiit
to raise It to an elevation of 8M feet above tho tldo
Shuuld this motor prove as successful as the pro
tectors seem coutldint It will, several others will
bo built in the suinu neighborhood, ami uu Im
mense reservoir built on the bill to contain tho
This ono motor, with Ita 18-Inch plunger. Is
capable of raising 12,000 cublo lector w iter 830
feet high In every iweuiy-foiir hours. Tho uses to
which tne. water will bo put are valuable. A cl
inch plpo will bo conducted to the city and water
will be supplied to all branches of Industry where
machinery la used. Hathlng-housca will alio bo
supplied with salt water aud sewers flushed when
It is necessary.
The llrst work performed will bo begun In about
ten days, and an tight-Inch pipe Is now being laid
for tho purposo.
Tho last-mentloncd pipe Is for Adolph Sutro, and
Is to bo utilized In sluicing away a large amount of
drilling sand from the hclgnis Just nack of tho
aquarium. This work la rendered necessary to
prevent tho sand Horn waahlng on the beach and
retarding tho work.
Trie Immense fan of the motor generates a large
amount of energy not used tu working the pump,
and when everything Is in shape electric dynamos
will be erected to utilize this energy for nesting
purposes and the like.
How Amiable New York Ulrla Teach China-
men In Hunday-Hctiool.
fA'.w Tor Corr$pondnet Kantai City Journal. J
I attendod a Sunday-school of this nature In
session last week, with the purposo of studying
tho teachers. Kach Chinaman had a yonog lady
seated besldo him, and repeated after ner, In the
most docile manner, the words of a hymn. It was
written on a card In Chinese and English. Tho
toaolier would pronounce too English word and
tho Chinaman would repeat It and at tho same
tlmo read tbe Chinese word and ,et tho meaning
of the word In that way.
Their pronunciation was very launhable. "Je
sus, Lover of My Soul" waa rendered, "Jeans,
Yovcr uf My Soul." In a slng-songy manner, which
the teachers could not correct to save themselves.
Wnen tbe Chinamen Joined In a chorus even the
teachers found It dtmcult to keep sobor counte
nances. The teachers all addressed their pupils as
"boys," although some of them were grown to
that ago when bald-beads and toothless gums aro
found In our own countrymen. Nearly all tho
Chluisu were dressed In Bilk robta of different
colors, and somo of them lookod quite dignified. I
was told that they wcro all lauudryinen. A few
were dressod In tne American style, aud some of
theso werequlto dandified, woarlug diamonds In
their polished yellow shirt-bosoms ami In their
cravats, and wero otherwise gotten up in the latu.t
style, Tho pupils soomed to bo very apt under tho
Instruction given them by the young women.
The Rev. Dr. MacArthur, who was superintend
ing the Instruction, said ho thonght the Chinese
wanted women teachers becauso they arc In their
natures ao much like children. To my oyis tho
achool looked more llko a Joily meeting of men and
young women than like a class ot pupils receiving
I talked with a number of young women and
asked them how they liked tne work, and founa
thilt they were quite gushing over 1U They ouo
aud all agreed that they would much proier to
teach the Chinamen thau American men. Tho
Chinamen, they said, were very appreciative, and
did everything that was told them. They snowed
a great desire to learn and wcro aa gentle as sq
many doves.
' ' Why," Bald ono pretty tlrl, " If wo would let
them, tney would Just shower us with flowers and
tokens of their esteem. We have to check their
gratitude. They lookup to us like so mstiy llitlo
chlldrcu, and wo feci quite motherly towards
Cabllus money from New York lo Europe.
I J'rom IA PMIaitlphin J-ru.
It has gotten to bo a common thing for small
sums of money to be transferred by cabio between
New York aud London. A twenty-dollar order
may bo flashed ander the Atlantlo from New York
In ample timo to serve as a Bhoppluc fund In In
dou the same afternoon. And the transfer Is
cheaper and easier now, not1 to say doubly moro
speedy, than it waa a few years ago to send ten
times tbe amount. Few people reailzo how
closely the great cities of the world are connected
bv chained llglitiilug and how cosmopolitan
civilized humanity has become. The tele
graph companies do this sort of banking
business by wire every day between tho cities uf
America, Hut it won't send a dollar, nor a thou
sand dollars, at any price across the uctan. Ranks
will cable money lu large amounts, or for valued
customers, but only at a cost rohlbltive to mod
crate pockotLooki. The great banking-houses
will not transfer a smaller sum than 10, and then
only at the rato ot $J per pound sterling, lrropic
tlvoof current rates of exchange. After adding
the cable toll tho operation hecomea Impractica
ble, lint It remain" n fact that much smaller sums
are cabled ncross tho pond dally and weekly and
monthly without difficulty by people who know
how to do It.
Kngllsh theatrical people playing engagements In
New York, or anywhere In tho United States, con
stantly Bend a regular percentage of tin lr salaries
to friends or agents In the old uouniry for domestic
use or Investment. Constantly on the go, and
accustomed to the "so of telegraphing for every
day purposes, the slow process of transm union by
mall soon becomes Irks mie to them. '1 hvy founded
the system of cabling money to tho other side and
It has already grown to a most Interesting propor
tions, dhey do It through their steamship agency.
AFIrm Receiving 8,000 Letters u Hay.
(A'.w York Corrtipondt, Urfonl Timfl.J
Thero are In Now York no less thau EO0 firms
which receive moro than l.ooo letters a day the
year round, moro than 100 firms that receive 2,600
letters, fifty tlrma that receive between"if,uoo and
4,000 letters, aud one firm which receives an
avcrago of S.OOO Utters a day, tho number fre
quently running above 10, 000 lu the busy aeasou.
Therefore, the mere fact that l.OOJ letters a day go
to ono address doei not call for un Investigation.
Not Deceived.
(m IS. I'HhKUlrHa Tlm,i.
Paps (to little Tommy, wno haa been to see
"Uncle Tom's Cabin") I suppose you saw little
Eva die and go to heaven T
Tommy 1 saw her die, but I don't bellevoshe
wont to heaven, 'cause I saw her come out after
the performance.
Alwny Moving.
Von .!
" John," said a frightened wife In the middle of
tbe night, "thero Is something moving down
cellar, I'm sure."
John listened Intently.
"Oh, It's nothing but the gas-metro pegging
away," be said, with a sigh of relief.
Hoiiietblntr Cheap.
irron Cpoeh.
Lady (to clerk) I want to look at something that
would be a suitable Christmas gift for my bus
band. Clerk Yes, madam; something cheap, Is'poset
No Frills.
rVon I, ilurliaf ton Fr. JY.M.l
Do Smith Well, Travis, bow aro you r
Travis Ob, I'm robust, llowaieyout
J '
' -
Mr. Thomne J. Driuninnnit nnd Mies Mnr
unret (.'. Ilnniltton to bo Mnrrlcd This
Kvenlnu Dr. nnd .lire. Arthur M. Loomla
to fllvu it Reception This Afternoon
Tho '.1st of Mntrlnrclie for the Aeecinbllea.
--SS-vjHE wedding of Mr.
or yTtw''? N'cl'hrtl Henderson,
7 tVisb!1 ono ' 'no owners of
J ) ?y3CJ jJtho Anchor lino of
i v. ft tVBtcilIucrs' nm 'ss
K? J Y45Hildn Oelrichs took
KfMJ'jfVY ywOTBplaoo precisely nt noon
aJVnAjVHto'lny nt 8t' GcorG'8
WWVTrTMTOvfM cllurcl1' ThoKev. Dr.
HJMlJ'jviil AlHnlnsford officiated.
Infe&'ua W IvS- "" 0c,ricliS is
sRsCmu, m . daughter of tho lato
sWL " jit. WjMr. Henry Oelrichs.
IAtTyS (fjtjV I Sho woro n bridal cos.
IWkisw wAitf 'un, ' l'cnvy whito
hnVl U 1 B"k' w'"' front drn.
'SSJL5',' I'ory of point lnco, nnil
'P high corsngo. Tho
point laco veil complotcly enveloped the long
triiin, mid was secured to tho coiffeur with
ornngo blossoms. A Inrgo bow-knot of
diamonds und a pendant and star woro tho
oriiamentH worn.
Thero was no bridal procession. Tho littlo
nieco of tho bride, Miss Julia Joy, who woro
a whito cropo do chiuu gown, tiroceded thn
bride, who whs escorted to tho ullnr and
Shen away by her brother, Mr. Herman
ulrichs. Mr. Ednnrd Henderson, tho
Groom's brother, uns tho best man. Mr.
Frnnklin, Mr. Frederick Tarns nnd Mr. Ferry
wcro thu ushers. Among those nt tho church
wcro tho following named persons :
Mrs. John Jay, the Messrs, Henderson, Mrs.
LlvlngBtnii, Mrs. Wctmore, Mr. und Mrs. Ocorgo
Recti, Mrs. Purdv, Mrs. Julia May, Mrs. J.
lleavor Webb, .Mrs. Randolph, Mrs. Schlcffelln,
Mis. Sands, Mrs. culling, Mr. Ilrockholst Ciiltlnir,
Mr. and Mrs. Fulton Culling, Mr. Theodore
llavcmrycr, Mrs. J. M. Wunrbury, Mrs. Mur
quaiid, .Mr. and Mrs. Lauterluch, Mr. and Mrs.
Llvcrmnri'. Mrs. Midulctou Hurrall, Mr. and Mrs.
Hern Hid, Mr. Hit-sen, Mr. and Mrs. William K.
Stroii;.', Mr. Child, .Mrs. John Cowden, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Chase, Mr. Ward, Mrs. August Hel.
mont. Jr., Mr. Charles Mnnn. Mr. mil Mrs.
Plirro La Montagne and Mr. aud Mrs. J. Bowers
After tho church corcmony n small wed
ding breakfast was given nt tho houso of Mrs.
William Jay, tho bndo's sister, 232 East Fif
teenth btrcct.
Anothor wedding to-day will bo that of Mr.
Thomns J. Druunuoud and Miss Margaret 0.
Hamilton, daughtor of John L. Hamilton,
which will tnko placo at 7.30 o'clock this
evening nt tho North Presbyterian Church.
Tho llov. 8. B. ItosBitcr, assisted by tho Itev.
Dr. Deoms, will officiate. Tho brido will
wenr combination of white satin
and moiro, tho gown hnviug a train
and V corsngo. Tho tullo veil will bo
secured with diamonds. Hho will enrry
a bouquet of roses ana lilies. Miss Minnie 11.
Hamilton will bo tho maid of honor. Miss
Jennie Drummond, Miss Edith Drummond,
Miss Alico Lent, Miss Agnos Anderson, Miss
Jcuuio Hamilton and Miss Attio Elliott will
bo tho bridosmaids. Mr, Samuel Stewart
will bo tho best man, and Messrs. Charles
Simuis, Thomas Dculy, Alexander Hamilton,
Baimiel O. Orcutt, A. Thompson and D.
Simonson will be tho ushers. Tho brido will
bo given nwny by her father. A reception
will follow tho wedding nt tho homo of tho
brido's parents, 310 West Twcnty-soventh
street. Among tho guests oxpoctcd aro tho
following named persons :
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs.
John Graham, Mr. and Mrs. 11. I). FlBher, Mr.
and -Mrs. John Watt, Inspector aud Mrs. Williams,
Mr. und Mrs. Richard Drummond, Mr. and Mrs.
James L. Drummond, Mrs. James Waterlow and
Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Arthur M. Loomis, who woro
married n short timo sinco, will givo a rccep.
tion this afternoon, nt their homo, 10 West
Thirty-fourth strodt, to introduco Miss
Loomis. Mrs. Loomis will receivo in a black
laco gown with trimming of stool passomen
torio. Miss Loomis will wenr whito silk with
lnco trimming and Y corsngo. Those ox
poctcd to bo present aro as follows :
Mr. rlorpont Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Van
Rensselaer, Mrs. 1). If. Van Auken, Miss Van
Aukcn, Mrs. Potter, Mr. and Mrr. De Lanccy Kane,
Mr. and Mrs. Abram 8. Hewitt, Mr. aud Mr.
ILirrlm in, Dr. aud Mrs. William Draper, Mr. and
Mrs. Del.itleld.Mrs. James 'lownsend lluideu, Mr.
and Mrs. George nil's, Mr. and Mrs. John Dlge
low, Dr. Pardee, Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Culling,
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselln, Dr. and Mrs. Fordyce
Darker, Mr. und Mrs. Charles II. LeUnd, Miss
Aland Leland, .Mr. and Mrs. Willis James, Mr. and
Mrs. lluvwloin, Dr. Thomns, MrB. Lentllhon, Miss
Lentllhon, Dr. and Mrs. II. P. Loomis, Mr. and
Mib. v llllain Jay, Dr. L. btluson and Dr. and Mrs.
Tho first of tho nsscmblies for this season
will bo given to-morrow opening nt Delmon
ico's. Tho fifty matriarchs for this year aro
as follows :
Mrs. William Astor, Mrs. Welman, Mrs. Sidney
WeoBter, Mrs. Cornelius Vauderollt, Mrs. I'arun
Stevens, Mrs. James Toler, Mrs. W. 1). Smith,
Mrs. Shcldou, Mrs. W. 11. Schloffellu, Mrs. Wl'l
lam Hci'ermernorn, Mrs. E. Roosevelt, Mrs. F. R.
Rlvea, Mrs. Hunurd Potter, Mrs. diaries A. Post,
Mrs. Jatnca Oils. Mrs. J. P. Morgan, Mrs. R. It.
Mlnturn, Mrs. Ward McAllister, Mrs. J. v. March,
Mrs. Plcrro LorllMN. Mrs. 1). Lock
wood, Mrs. John Kean, Mrs. Do Lar.ccy
Katie. Mrs. F. R. Jones, MrB. Imdln,
Mrs. R. II. Hunt. Mrs. J. G. Hcckschcr,
Mra. Onswold Grey, Mrs. Robert Wintiirop, Mrs.
W. C. Whitney, Mrs. K. T. Gerry, .Mrs. Stuyve
s.int Fish, Mrs. Fish, Mrs. F. A. Kmmett, Mrs.
Duller imueuu, Mrs. ,T, G. K. Ducr. Mrs. Paul
Dana, Mrs. H. V. It. Cruger, Mrs. II. G. Chap
man, Miss Callenoer, Mrs. (1. S. Ilowdoln, Mrs.
Lloyd Price, Mrs. Itelmnnt, Mrs. Astor, Mrs. Ibuso
Rtlmont and Mrs. Ocorgo l'cabody Wctmore.
Each of theso ladies aro subscribers, and
ran invite hoven guests each, tho participa
tors in tho ball being only 400.
Mrs. Henry E. Lawrenco, of 67 East
Twentieth btreet, will givo a reception this
A rucojitiou will bo given this afternoon by
Mrs. William It. Ferry, of 23 East Thirty
eighth Btreot, to introduco Miss Sadie Hnight.
Tho reception was to hnvo taken placo at tho
homo of Miss Hmght, but illuous mado it
nccusbary to niter tho arrangements.
A Cnrnlvnl In Aid of Poor (Jlrla.
Au entertainment fur the benefit of the Industrial
School for Poor G.r.a will be given on tho evening
of Dec 4.7 at the Metropolitan OLcra-lIonse. It
will be In iho nature of a carnival, with descriptive
ballets by 2Vi buys and girls, with tableaux,
dances, bulging aud dialogues. It will tuko Its
name from tho well-known Venetian festival,
" Fatting Thursday." Tno dances are all ar
ranged by Prof. Carl Marvvlg, aud will bo given on
the stago of the opcra-houBe, with full orchestral
accompaniment, 'the boxes havo already all been
sold to Wall street bankcra and brokers and down
town bu.luc.s men by private solicitation. Tbe
management of 'he entertainment lain tho hands
of A. II. Do Frccc. nss'Sted by J. A. De Lima,
Joshua Plz i, M. S. Wlic, F. Morris, J. Honlguian,
A. Han in and M. ToUob, who composo tbe Kxccu
live Committee.
Auintcum to Help the Nursery.
A matmeo performance of "Faint Heart Never
Won Fair Lady," and selections from " School for
Scandal," will be given by Miss Elsie Anderson do
Wolfe, Miss Kathryn llrady, Kdward Fales Coward
au l other well-known suuleors at the Lyceum
Theatre at tl o'clock Thursday afternocu. In aid of
the Wist Side Day Nursery, Industrial School and
Library. Tickets may be purchased at the New
York Kxctianto for Women's Work, at W. A.
1'ondV.ai tho theatre, and at Mrs. William Amory,
Jr. 's, lOi Kist Thirty-ninth street. Tho nursery Is
very much In need uf money.
Vogel Ilrolbem'
mammoth clothing house Is a sight worth seeing,
Tbo good things you can get there for your hus
band, brother or son, such as elegant overcoats,
ulsters, shirts, shoes, canes and umbrellas, and a
tbousaud other things which It would take u whole
page to mention are now being sold at special low
prices. Their vreat feature for the holiday seaaon
is their flue line of Imported smoking Jackets,
dressing gowns and house coats for gentlemen,
which they are stilling at b&ll tbe pries of cost of
Plenty of Candidate for the Mutual Union
t.' .nBleeilonTr.Mrr,owi 'i v- nO
Thomomborsof tho Musical Mutual Pro
tective Union aro all agog over their annual
election of officers nnd quarterly mooting,
which will tako placo to-morrow. Tho polls
will open at 9 a. m. nnd closo at 2 p. M. nt tho
union's offices, at CI East Fourth Btrcct. Tho
meeting will begin nt 2 o'clock in tho Gcr
uianla Assembly Booms, when tho election
returns will be canvassed and matters of im
portance brought up for consideration.
Tho candidates lor President nro Aloxan
tier Bremer and Anthony Hciil. Mr. Bremer
is of Dntiisli birth, nnd is n first horn-plnyer
in the orchestra of tho National Opera Com
pany. Ho is also a good politician, and is
well known as a lender of the Tammany Hall
men in the Eighth Assembly District. Mr.
Itciff is an Englishman by nativity, and oc
cupies tho position of leader of tho orchestra
at the Standard Thcatro.
Georgo A. Connor, who is identified closely
with regimental bands nnd martial inuBlo in
this city and Brooklyn, is n caudidato for
Vice-President. Ho is opposed by It. II.
Mnylnnd, a music dealer of Brooklyn.
An unusual degree of intorest is shown in
tho election of n Secretary. W. II. Anstend.
thu present incumbent, bus mado such a good
record thnt his friends liavo insisted on his
reelection. Ho is a member of Tony Pastor's
orchebtrn. His opponent is Henry Ottos, a
drummer, who belongs to tho Balfu Club,
nnd is Master Workman of tho local assembly
composed of tho members of thnt organiza
tion. Tho local is under suspension from
District Assembly- No. 49, and has delegates
in the Central Labor Union, wnich recently
expelled tho delegation from tho Musical
Mutual Protcctivo Union.
Tho candidates for tho other offices nro as
Treaurer Jscob Wallach, sr. , M. J. Salomons,
Trustees Emll Uoeltger, Harry Chuliman, Max
Franklin, Karl A. Uoepel, Jacob Kocukeller,
Thcoitoro Lotze.
Kxecutlvo Hoard Felix Bauer, Walter Clements,
Paolo Do Flna, Paul Grnnert, Philip Herfort, Karl
Kaltcnborn, Henry Lambert, Georgo Malney,
Thos. Messina, Emll Schcck, Herrmann Stuhr,
Ferdinand Vlnglprova, John Weber, Charles F.
Delegates to National League John McAdams,
John W. Beard, George A. Connor, John Hunt,
Joseph Nolan, JohuG. Ffclffcr.
Thero is nlso nn independent ticket in tho
field, togother with several independent can
didates for Secretary.
One llcnson Why n Unfile In Aid of Hugh
Mullen'" Mother Was Held.
The rich tones of nn untrained tenor voico
singing a patriotic Irish air, with a harmoni
ous combination of other nialo voices of dif
ferent register joining in ringing chorus, at
tracted tho attention of a Would reporter in
a Third avenue saloon Saturday night.
Tho musio proceeded from a rear room, and
tho bnrtender, who had just filled tho re
porter's order for a cigar, answered his in
quiry regarding its causo by pointing to a
sheet of foolscap pinned np behind tho bar.
This scrap of pupor bore this inscription ;
Tbo Hanie for Hugh Mullen's Mother adjourned
till Saturday, Dec 3, at 8 r. u.
Hero was n bull worthy of Boylo Kocho,
tho celebrated Irishman who said that ho
" nover opened his mouth -without putting
his foot in it."
It wasn't possible that Hugh Mullen's
mother, or nny othor old woman, was the
prize which had been rallied for, but tho ro
portor asked : " Who won tho old lady ? "
Tho bright Connnught boy behind tho bar
understood at onco and explained: ' 'Thero nro
ten men in that room who didn't leave their
country ' for their country's good,' but bo
causo tney woro too good Irishmen to suit tho
ideas of loyalty entertained by tho British
Government. Hugh Mullen wns a Dublin
lad who was sentenced to lifo imprisonment
a year and a half ago.
l Ho was tho only support of his ngod and
widowed mother. Tho men in thoro aro
Mullen's friends and companions and thoy
got up this raffle to raise a littlo money for a
Christmas prcsont for tho poor old mother
over the sea who has boen mado childless by
British oppression. Sho knows novor n word
about it nnd won't sho bo surprised to receivo
" But what did Mullen do to receivo a lifo
sentence ?"
" Oh, ho just killed ft constnblo nnd nnother
officer that attempted to arrest him and tako
away somo weapons which ho was concealing
for the glory of Ireland."
" Then ho was a Moonlighter or a Fonian?"
"no wns an Irishman," was the proudly
sententious reply.
Iionda of Christinas Presents.
The big fancy-goods firm of J. Llchtensteln &
Sons, at Grand and Eldrldgo streets, has just
opened a new department of Us storo on Forsyth
street. The addition Is OS by 123 fcot, and three
stories high, and this greatly Increases tho capacity
of the store. Tho toy department now occupies
tho eutlrc third floor, aud every effort haa been
made to make It attractive to the children. Thero
is a real live Santa Claus,who sits on a picturesque
throne and gives away picture-books to tbe boys
and girls wno call on him, and answers all letters
that they rend him, and later In tbe season he will
award a magnltlcent doU to the girl who writes
him the best letter, and a flno rocking-horse to tno
best boy correspondent. Tho other departments
are full ot elegant holiday novelties, and u new
department of household furnlahlng goods and
crockery has been added to tbe store, ,
Algernon H. Sulllvnn'a l'unernl.
Many organizations will do honor to the memory
ot Algernon S. Sullivan at tbe funeral services to
be conducted by the Rev. Richard D. Harlan, at
the First Presbyterian Church, Fifth avenue and
Kleventh street, at 10 a. m. to-morrow. Deputa
tions will be present, among others, from the
Produco Exchange, the New York Collcgo of
MubIc, the Soutncrn Society and tho Ohio Society.
The pall-bearers will bo Mayor Abram S. Hewitt,
Judge Joliu R. llrady, Judge Kdward Patterson,
Surrogate Daniel G. Rollins, James c. Carter,
Joseph II. Choate, William Mulr, John II. Flagler,
Andrew J. Dlcklnaou and John A. Uardenberg.
Quartered with the Honlfnces.
George Olds, of Montreal, Is at tbo Windsor.
Mayor C. W. Ulalsdell, of Chlcopee, is at tho
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hcmcnway occupy a suit at
the Brunswick.
Henry Fairbanks, of St, Johnsbnry, Vt, , arrived
at tbe Fifth Avenue to-day.
Mme. Blouct, wife of "Mar O'Rell," reached
the Everett House yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. M. Barry, of Cork, Ire
land, are staying at the Grand.
Simuel P. Celt, HhodH Island's Attorney-General,
Is booked at tbe Hodman.
Dr. K. F. Hoyea. of Indianapolis, and Cbas, W.
Wheeler and wife nave registered at the Ollicy.
John n. Stanchfleld, Mayor ot Elmtra, and the
law partner of Gov. Hill, Is booked at tho Hoffman.
W. Kauffman, editor of the Washington Star,
and Mrs. Kauffman aro guests ot tbe Everett
J. A. Butler, of the ButlJlo -Vets;, and P. T. Sut
ton, a prominent citizen of itichmond, are at tbe
bt. James.
Dr. M. Posnctt. of Now Zealand, Mrs. R, Par
lucutrr and Miss Parmeuter are among tbe many
arrivals at tbo Hoffman.
Gen. T. S. Peck, of Burlington, and Mr. and
Mra. J. D. Mowryand Miss Mowry, of Norwich,
are now at the Bartholdl,
Ex.Gov. James E. English, uf Connecticut, and
J. V. Mubi'S, of tho Union Pacific Railroad, from
San Francisco, bave reglatered at the Windsor,
A recent arrival at the Bartholin Is Mayor E. C.
flordou, President of the Land Improvement Com
pany aud brother of the Governor of Alabama.
Col. Johu It, Wood, General Passenger Agent of
the 1'eunsTlviinla Railroad, nnd Maojr E. F. D.
Myers, ot Richmond, havo rooms at the Victoria.
T. M. F.meraon, of North Carolina, and C P.
Atmore, ot Luulavllle, both of whom are largely
Interested In Southern railroads, are now at the
Among others at the Windsor are J. W. Mac
Cullough, of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and John
Caldwell, Treasurer of the Westlnghouso Alr
Brake Company,
Staying at the Fifth Avenue are J. Q. Bsttcrton,
of Hartford; Wm. J. inboard, of Chicago; W. P.
Rice, of Kansas City; Wayne MacVeagh, of Pnlla-
deipola, and dea, j, Nt Couch, ox Connecticut,,
i . v. 'I i
Itond Itun and Invitation Ilnee of tbo Man.
Italian Athletic Club It Will be a Week p
Ileforo tho Denipaey-ItcKinn Prize-Fight
Will be Decided Annual Games of the
Twelfth Regiment Atlilctlo Association.
HE different ways of
'TV cross-countoring, as
j I was spokon of in tho '
(i) I notice mado in 'this I
Ja ep I 3 column yesterday of
YJ A V,' 'k set-to between Now
tCiii f York Athlotio Club
(&l A 1 inombors, W. J. M. 't
mFc J BnrryandN.A.Thomp- f
vA 15 ) , son, wcro discussed in
Qjul ll many sporting resorts
j CV yesterday. " The cross- I
(IS J counter by ducking to
rrJ l) Ul tho right, as described
cX-- f) I i in last night's WonLn,'
SjU?uj Baid BiUy Edv,nrds. .
-gjsX iPti " I considor the only
"sSW correct way of striking .
this blow." This is all '
very well, but in setting to with Edwards,
don't givo him a chuueo to " cross " you tho 0
other way or you'll got n thump that will f
mako you think Sullivan is a "tapper." c
Miko Donovan says tho cross-counter by t
dodging tho head to tho right as tho loft i
leads como in is tho safest by fnr. " It'll $ i
tako an awful good big man to beat
n clover littlo follow," says Mike, "if
tho littlo ono is careful about leading I
and keeps pasting the big chap in tho car ,
whilo ho kecjis himself wall out of dangor. .
Tho othor stylo of cross-counter is tho '
handier. It is described in Donnelly's box. 1
ing book very well, but tho cut thoro doesn't e
givo ft good idea of tho hit. Sullivan's swing. i
tug right-handers aro modifications of this
blow. If n lnnu should bo dovoloped clever i
enough nnd strong enough to stop tho " big i
fellow's" right with his loft and send in his t
own right at tho samo instant on tho jaw,
then wo should havo anothor phenomenon, '.
l 1
Fporlinq Topics is tho nomo of a now Boston '
paper devoted to Eastern sports of all kinds.
Mr. Ben Benton is tho editor in charge. This
weekly is very bright and newsy. '
a. a. "-
Tho road run and invitation race of tho ,
Manhattan Athletic Club will tako p&ce this j
Tho Manhattan Athlotio Club's LadiM
Day will bo hold to-morrow afternoon.
Tho Twelfth Eogimont Athlotio Assooia- i
tion will hold its annual games in tho I i
Armory, Ninth avenue and Sixty-second 1
street, on Saturday evening. I 1
Anothor meeting of the National Amateur
Skating Association will bo hold on Friday
ovening, Dec. 16.
Tho coming Poultry show, which com- i
menccs at Madison Bquaro Garden next i
Tuesday ovoning, is going to bo one of the
best over hold.
It will bo nearly a week yet before the
prizo-fight between DompBoy and Iteagan is
decided. Tho reports of its having been
fought and thnt it will como off inside of
forty-eight hours aro entirely un
founded. Dempsoy, who fought the
Marino on a Sunday morning, would
rathor liko tho mill to como off on the Sab.
bath, but his opponent and one of Bcagan'S
best friends particularly objects to this. It
is said that Frank Stovenson, a sporting man
both sides would liko to seo act, and than
whom ft fairer man does not live, will accept
tho arduous position of reforee. Billy Ed
wards was down to Bee Dempqev yesterday '
nnd ho says tho middle-weight champion is
in great fix.
Tho New York Athletio Club's football
team will not play tho Crescent team on Sat
urday afternoon us reported. Tho "Flying
Foot " Weaver's team is too much weakened
by tho withdrawal of, on account of misman.
ogement, it is said, of Lnidlaw and Champion
Amateur Swimmer 0. T. Schlcsinger. t "
Complication Caused by a Change of Fiona
ut the Union Square.
When Manager J. M. Hill arranged with
Messrs. Bobsou and Crane to continue thoir
.engagement at tho Union Square Theatre,
thoso gentlemen wore, of courso, delighted
nnd disposed of their dates throughout the t
country in a satisfactory manner.
It was also supposed that Mr. Hill bad
disposed in a similar manner of the attrac
tions which woro to havo been seen at the
Union Squaro Theatre. It seems, however, '
that tho company playing " Deacon Brodio " ,
held a contract with Mr. Hill to play at the
Union Squaro Thcatro tho week beginning ,
Deo. 19 on a rental, aud that they deposited ', '
monoy somo six months ago on account of ' -tho
rent. Mr, Hill telegraphed to tho man.
agersof this combination that they must
cancel tho weok for which they had con.
traded. No attention was paid to the tele
gram received from Mr. Hill, and thnt gen
tleman, giving tho mnttemofurtherthought,
went ou with his negotiations with Itobson
and Crano,
So now tho "Deacon Brodio" company
insist upon holding their week at tho Union
Bquaro Theatre aud refuse to surrender it
under nny circumstances. They claim that
thoy own tho theatro for tho weok beginning
Deo. 19. Thoy nro now in Philadelphia, but
it was said yesterday that they will Bhortly
bo in Now York prepared to tako possession
of Mr. Hill's theatro. Thoy havo put the
matter into tho hands of a lawyer. ;
A Fine Illaplny of Dreei Goods.
Such a display of combination dresses as Is now
Bhowu on the special tables of James McCreery &
Co., 801 Broadway, has rarely been made la thls
clty. A drets from wool goods In the plain mate.)
rial or with adequate trimmings la beads, plush or
velvet In ccdlcst varieties of color and design can
be bought durlug the holidays at extraordinarily
low prices, ranging from $7 to $20. These goods
were express y bought tor the hodday trade and
have been placed ou special tables aud marked at '
speolul reduced prices; elegant cashmeres from $19
to $30; figured casnmeres for tea gowns: beautiful
tulles, gauzrs and grenadines, with tinsel and
leather garnlturo for evening toilets dally attract
thousands of shopperB and sight-seekers. All-wool
dres-t goods of nine-yard lengths have boen reduced
In price to $2.60 und $3 per dress. Promlneci
amoug all the never-ending lines of goods to be
seen at this storo are the magntflcont combinations
In v, ool and pluih mentioned above, and tne mere
sight of these goods alone would well repay a visit
a e.
Election of Horace Greeley Post,
The election of olllcers of Horace Greeley Pott,
CT7, 0. A H., will tako place at headquarters, 189
Bowery, on Sunday, at S to'clock. This post la
unique, and different from any other ot tbe G. A.
R., Inasmuch oa it la tho only post formed of
tnule by Itself. All Its members aro printers, or
engaged In some branch of the printing business.
Congressman Cummings Is us delegate to tbe State
I'nctmpmcut, It has steadily Increased In mem
bership Bluco Its formation two years ago.
Secretary Wlldman, of Typographical Union No.
c, is Us present Commander. He has rteolarea bis
Intention to ablft tho honors ot another term to
somo one else,
Judge Ilapallo Worse, Then Hetter.
Jaudgo Rapallo was not quite so well late yester
day afternoon as la tbe earlier part ot tbe day, but
his physician reported that he was more comfort- B
bio at night, and this morning be U oaowaat,
better. '

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