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I O JJjOCIk w " w SIC & k . w w nL O'CLOCK. JH
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lie Thinks tbe Money Hbsold be In Circula
tion Anions; ibe People If U liNn There
AVIII be No Media, for thu Purpose of
f rtusliieas Three Cxpedlcuts tVugaested
Tor tbe Relief ot"nn Orertsuccd.rVatlen,
IflCliL TO toi would.) v
: Wasmnotoh, Doo. 7. Secretary of tho
' Treosury Foirehlld'B roport on the finanoos
of tho country says that the ordinary rev
enues of the Government from all sources for
tho fiscal year ondod Juno SO, 1887, were $371,
403,277.00, and tho ordinary oxponditnrcs for
tho tamo poriod $315,835,428.12, loavlng a but.
. plus of $f5,GG7,8W.51, which, with an amount
drawn from tho cash balanco in tho Treasury
of ij2 1,455,720.40, makes o hurplus of $80',023,-
670 In tho Treasury, as compared with tho
fiscal year 1880, tho receipts for 1887 hayo in
creased $34,003,550.00. Thero was an in
crease in tho expenditures of 825,449,041.47.
Tho rovenues for tho prcsont nctual and
cctimntcd fiscal year aro $383,000,000, and tho
expenditure fr same period, actual and
estimated, aro $316,817,785.48 of tho surplus
Secretary Fisirchild Bays: "Taxation and
currency reform woro tho questions which my
distinguished predecessor deemed to bo of
most pressing importance, and to them ho
devoted n laj.'go part of tho two annual re
ports which ho mado to tho Congress.
In thoso voports ho statod his honest
convictions with a vigor and boldness which
together with the ability and fairness that ho
fhowod in tho general management of this
department have given him a high placo
among Btabesmon and financiers. I find tho
Fnnio subjects to bo still tho most
important of all those to which
it is my duty to coll your
attention, ana it is not necessary to do oihor
wiu than follow tho general lines laid dawn
by liim in treating them. Circumstances
havo heightened tho Immcdiato urgoncy of
taxation reform as affecting tho surplus
revenues of tho Government. Tho urgoncy
is so great that tho question of surplus
lovcuuos domaiids tho earnest attention of
both tho legishttlvo and executive branohes
of tho Government.
" What shall Ho dono with this surplus rovo
nuo? It comes, into tho Treasury in the form
of gold coin, silver coin, gold cer
tificates and United Statos notes.
The Govern ment , providos, at largo
annual cost. mints and a bureau
of engraving and printing to coin and print
these various forms of monoy and represen
tations of monoy, that thero may bo a suffi
cient circulating medium in tho hands
of our pooplo to enable them to
conveniently oxchango tho produots of
their labor among thomBolves and with
tho pooplo of the, world. If wo tako into tho
Treasury larffe amounts of thoso circulating
media, in excess of what wo pay out, thero
villi soon not bo money enough in tho hauda
of tho pooplo for tho purposes of business:
serious dorangement and disaster must
follow, and a 'portion of labor must ccaso
until tho votv evils which this wrong condi
tion creates shall havo worked a tomporary
cure by so diminishing tho consumption of
food, clothing, fuol and luxuries, by
tho taxation of which the revenues of tho
Government aro raised, that taxos do not
exceed tho expenditures of Govommont.
Ibis ovll and this euro every one wishes to
avoid. There are various expedients by
whioh thbmay bo dono.
; 1st. Tho purchase of tho Interest-bearing
debt of tho Government.
2d. Laior expenditures by Government for
other purposes than the purchase of bonds,
Bci that thoy shall each year equal tho taxa
tion of that year.
3d. Hoduction of tho rovenne from taxation
to tho amount actually required to moot
necessary exponses.
All of these expedients havo in common
tho ono merit of preventing tho derangement
to business which must follow hoarding or
looking up in tho Treasury tho circulating
media of the peoplo.
Secretary I'airchild thon goes on to discuss
tho expedients to prevent thoderongemont of
business enumerated above.
Concerning the reduction of roronuo ho
says: " lteductlon of tho revenuo from taxa
tion is the only fit remedy for tho evils which
threaten the country. This may bo accom
plished in villous ways.
"Ono which has been proposed Is to compel
n doereaso of Importation, and consequently
a decroaso of rovonuo from customs, by
lorgoly increasing tho rates of duties. This
plan oould bo mado to reduco tho customs
rovonuo, but it would incrooso tho people's
taxation far more than it would decrease the
rovonuos, and should not be adopted.
' Still another is to havo loss customs taxo
tion by adding to tho froo list lis many articles
as possible." Ho urges tho reduction of tho
tariff on wool.
Speaking of tho coinago of 'silver dollars ho
says: Tho law should bo so amended as to
authorizothe Secretary of the Treasury to
issue certificates against the coinage value of
the bullion bought, and to coin only such
number of dollars as he might deom expe
dient horeafter."
The Police Hay There la n6 Evidence to Show
Tbat He mu Assaulted.
IIerman Benjamin, tho Forsyth stroot fur
, rior, who was picked up by tho Eldridgo
Btroot police oarly Monday morning with a
lirokou skull, is still at the Gouveraeur Hos
pital in a state of unconsciousness.
House Surgeon Holroau thinks that his
phancos of recovery are plight and says that
ho may die to-day. His entire family visited
him this morning at the'hospitol.
Copt. Allairo.of tho Eldridgo street station,
says that ther is no ovideneo thot any of
llonjomin's friends assaulted him, and that
no steps hove boon takeii to make any arrests
in tho case.
Benjamin was ablo to talk when ho was
brought to tho station, and ho said nothing
about having been aipanltod, but told tho
, "flrgeant that ho had fnllon down and hurt
hiuiself. Tho skull ts'fractured just behind
the right ear, and th wound might easily
novo been rocolved frqm a fall.
Many Eligible to be I'allcemeii.
At tbe last clnl-Bcrvkto cxaminitlou of appli
cants for appointment rt policemen s out of MT
"Ppllcanls pa.aed. Tne aucciusful ones were
place! on an eligible list In the order of the
percentage obtalued by them. Toe Police Hoard
ii...u '""""tied with the u ami is on tbe eligible
jiat from time to time. The men who atand hlgheat
!.:. ,.el!V"ma"on wl11 " 1 "rat obanoe to
doa the blue uniform.
1'hlUd.lpliln. HucUet.Hhops Kalded.
FniLADXLPHu, Dee. 7. Thi) buckeHhop at tho
Olrard House, log. thr with half a dozen others,
htiiliVJJ,"'n Ki'Jed. Iu aomo Instances traders
i If.Vf i1r.retci "d held aa wltncaaes. Thero
great CKcttenieut in the strnets.
Jloir Mr. Htephenson Thlnus the UnTWYard
Inquiry Aroao.
Tho Court of Inquiry which was organized
yesterday, met to-day at 11 o'clock at
tho Navy Yard, to lnvestlgoto tho
rocont solo of condomnod material.
Commander McCalla, President, Pay
masters Carmody and narrls, and Lieut.
IiUmly, who officiated as Judgo Associato,
hold a session with closed doors until nearly
noon. Summoning witnossos is tho next
step, Admiral Qhorardl and Copt. Cook head
ing tho list.
" I don't care to say anything about tho
case, as I may bo called as witness," said
Admiral Gherardl to a Would reporter, be
fore the court of inquiry met. " It Is a good
thing to havo tho old rubbish gono, and 1 was
thunderstruck about Stephenson, who has
always bonio a good record."
Tho "precept" authorizing tho court of
Inquiry to investigate tho. matter does not
ohargo John Stephenson with anything, but
merely " enjoins an investigation of the recent
sale of condomnod material," which occurred
at tho Navy .Yard about a month ago.
Mr. Stophenson was in his ofilco. Ho is
indignant at tho insinuation against himself,
but calm and ironical.
"I court tho fullest investigation," said
he. " I am moro interested than anybody
else in having all tho facts como out. I range
mysolf with the court against Stephenson,
and shall not bo without somo shot to firo
" Tho .Richmond's boilers woro not In
cluded In tho cataloguo of tho salo. Hut thoy
woro utterly worthless. I told Chief En.
ginecr Mclvillo about them when ho was hero
prior to tho solo, and ho Bald, ' Soil them.'
Ho addod : ' Do it according to law. Now,
whether I did it according to law Is tho
conundrum tho court has to guess.
" Every sale of this kind has to bo signed
by tho commandant or captain. I don't
handle tho money. Tho boilers had to bo
moved, and it would havo cost $1,000. I
waited sir or seven weeks for bids on them,
and it was tho fifth offer which I accented. I
thought I was saving tho Govornmont 81,400.
" You saw Secretary Whitney's second lot
ter. He recalls tho insinuation of his firbt
letter against me."
" Do you think you know tho porsons orig
inating tho chargo ?" askod tho rcportor.
" Yos. I think it was tho Honorable,'
iu quotation marks, Tim Campbell. It was
tho result of a personal feoling. I am a posi
tive, man and mako enemies. Tho Now York
and Brooklyn crowd woro against my secur
ing this position."
Several officers callod on Mr. Stophonson
and greeted him very warmly while the re
porter was present. Tho green parrot at tho
door oyes everybody with silent scorn.
Iu Uepnted F tuber C'bnrgrd by It Mother
with Making- Away with It.
. Dovwi, N. J., Doc. 7. A child was fonnd
dead in a woll at Mount Hopo yesterday by
its mother under circumstances which cause
a suspicion of murder.
Tho child was tho year and a half old
daughter of Mrs. Cecilia Mack, a widow, and
tho evidence at tho inquest this morning
leads to tho belief that its death was caused
by John Corrigan, who is, said to bo tho
child's father.
Corrigan has boon a frequont visitor at the
widow's houso sinco her husband's death
about seven years ago. Ho wont thero on
Monday afternoon and stayed through the
evening. Mrs. Mack left the house at 10
o'clock to go to tho storo and was gone about
an hour.
Whon sho wont away Corrigan and hor eld
est boy, who is about fifteen years old, woro
lying on tho bed, and tho little girl was be
tween thorn. Whon b1iq returned tho man
and boy wore in tho samo position as when
sho loft, apparently asleop, but tho child was
Corrigan disclaimed all knowlodge' of tho
child, and Mrs. Maok flew into a rage and
charged him with putting it away. His denial
only Increased tho woman's anger and sho
threatened him with an axe. A search of tho
place was mado, but without avail. Tho naxt
morning tho mother found tho body floating
on tho waUr In tho well.
An Attempt to Itreak Into tbe Wrong Eor of
Typographical Union No. O.
An unsuccessful attempt was mado last
night to rlflo tho safe of Typographical
Union No. G, whose headquarters aro in
Frankfort stroot, near Gold.
The Bafo is an old-fashlonod, clumsy affair,
with combination lock, and it was against tho
latter that tho burglars diroctod their labors.
Two holes wero bared in tho door, both at
tho outer odgo of the- combination. Ono
went cloar through the double platings, but
tho Bocond passed ono-half way through.
Everything was apparently ready for tho
blast which was to complete the Job whon
tho thiovos were frightened away.
In ono of tho borings was found powder
enough to blow open a dozen safes, as Secre
tary Wildman said, while in tho second was
tho romnant of a bit, two inches long and
about a quarter of an Inch in diameter. ,
Assistant Secretary Thomas J. llobinRon
discovered the attempt early this morning,
Whon tho safe men arrived tho door was
opened without recourso to tho combination,
though tho burglars failed to mako use of thai
circumstance. Thoro was some money in tho
safoat tho time. Had tho burglars mado
their visit on Saturday they would havo found
moro than $l,00q In the safo. '
Tbe Oarsman Hllpi on a Boston Sidewalk
and Hpralna an Ankle.
Irrrrui. to Tmt world.!
Boston, Deo. 7. Champion Oarsman John
Teemcr, while passing along Bnlflucn placo,
West End, this afternoon, tripped and fell on
tho sidowalk aud sprained his anklo.
He was takeu into a fashionable lodg.
ing-houso on Uulfiuch placo and a physician
Ilunlun oud Trlckett Matched.
London, Dec, T. A Bjdney despatch states that
Ilanlan, the oarsman, has accepted a ohallenge
for a raco from Trlckett,
Unpleasant " Itloonahlne " for Hyatt.
United mate District-Attorney Walker made ap
plication to-day to the United Btatea District Court
for the forfeiture of the farm of Alvah Hyatt at
Curiae, Putnam County, N. Y. Hratt was ar
reatcd on Pic a for running an illicit itill and
manufacturing cider brandr. The farm consists
of WW acrca and la valued at $18,1X0.
Death of Jaiuei Canon llrevoorl.
James Canon llrovoort died at hla home, M Ure
voort place, llrookljn, this morning, at the ad
vanced age of aoventy jean. lie waa a uon of
Henry llrevoorl, a llfe-loDg friend of Henry Irving;
He waa a member of many literary, hlxtorlcal,
acientlllo and artlatto aocletlea, in which hla aland.
Ing as u literary man made him a coniplououa
t '
JtJtflff--LilJM.lSjrit.'Biiii'J i ifr 'ski, n"-ufiit 1 - "- -"-!-- iiiA
Nobody Killed, bnt the De pet and Three Oars
Were Iliirned t the flrsnnd A Itrakra
Wheel or Axle Tbrewthe Train from the
Track Kxaetly Oppxllo the Slutlon .tinny
I'aaaengere Aboard bud Narrow liaciipeit.
larxciiL to tot. woni.o.1
Aldant, Dec. 7. Tho Delnwnro and Hud
son express train for Montreal ran off tho
track and into tho depot at Whollonsburg,
eighteen milos obovo Port Henry, n littlo bo
foro 6 o'clock this morning. Tho dopot was
set on firo, aud tltrco of tho fivo cars woro
soon In Homos.
Supt. Hammond says that no one was
killed and but ono potson nn old lody who
was thrown from her berth was injured.
Tho accident woi caused, ho thinks, either
by a brokou wheel or axlo. Threo cars vt ero
The telegraph wiros aro down at tho station,
and definito details are not obtainablo. It is
known that tho train was filled with passen
gors, and that no ono was killed is truly
Robert M. Olyphant. tho Prcsidont of tho
road, was found nt his ofilco, 21 Cortlandt
stroot. Ho (.aid the telegraph poles had been
broken down by tho accident, and tho
account received was very mragro.
A telegram from Assistaut Prosidout
H. G. Young, of Albany, stated that
tho train was ono of fivo cars, which loft Troy
after midnight. Tho passengers transferred
to it loft tho Grand Central Depot at 0 o'clock
last evening for Montreal. Tho train went
off the track at Whallousburg at 4.30 A. M.
Mr. Young's Information is that but ouu per
son is injured.
Alleged Cac of " Kinging In" Beforo tbe
National Hoard of Itevlew.
Tho Hoard of Review of tho National
Trotting Association, aftor a session last
ing till nearly midnight laBt night,
in which about eighty cases wero
disposed of, wont again into oxocutivo
session at 0 o'clock this morning at tho Fifth
Avenuo Hotol. The members prosout wore :
Tho President, Judgo James Grout, of
Davenport, la.: Goorgo M. Storns, of Chico
pce, Mass. representing tho Eastern District ;
Major P. P. Johnston, of Lexington, Ky.,
representing tho Central District :E. A. Wil
kinson, of Newark, representing tho Atlantic
District, and Secretory M. M. Morse.
A number of cases of " ringing in" horases
on various tracks out of thoir class and under
different names were under consideration.
Tho board will contlnno in oxocutivo session
during the day and ovoning.
Of tho ninety cases bofore tho Board
twonty-fivo had boon disposed of up to 3 r. m.
to-day. Among tho decisions rendorod woro
tho following :
The suspension of J. T. Donovan and the horso
Hob llorun wefe removed In oomlderatlon of a
payment of f no to the Fairfield Aurlonltural Society.
8. r. Ilnntrrss, of Mouth Berwick, N. Y. , aud
the brown gelding Drown Dan, alia Happy Jim,
wore both suspended for the 'ringing la "of tho
horse out of Its clas at ltocheatcr.
On tho application for a renoartng of the case
acalnitS. v. Horry, of Blddeford, Me., a reversal
of the old verdict was bad and the suspension of
tho horse Fearnangnt was removed.
Little Cbance that Ilunawny Teller Jackaen
Will Anawer for I1U Tboft.
The first information that Henry Martin
Jackson, tho defaulting paying toller of tho
Sub'-Treosury, who flod two months ago with
810,000 of Government monoy, is now in
Winnipeg,. Manitoba, was given to tho offi
cials here by TnK Would this morning.
Up to this timo Jackson had evaded tho
police of tho United States and of tho Prov
inces, and his whereabouts was a com
plete mystery. Thoro is. howovcr, little
chanco that tho fugitito will bo brought back
to answer for his crime, as ho took tho pro
caution to chango tho stolon monoy for Brit
ish coin beforo ho went across tho border,
in order to avoid tho possibility of boiutj ar
rested for having brought stolen goods into
the country.
It is said thot Congress will bo oiked to ro
imburso Assistant Treasurer Cauda for tho
loss by Jackson's thoft.
The Drivers and Hostlers to Consider Their
Grievances on Hunday.
As yot nono of the drlvors and hostlers
have struck for increased wages and shorter
hours of labor. It is not likely that thoy will
do anything until Monday.
On Sunday District Assembly 49 will prob.
ably discuss the matter after hearing a roport
from tho Exocutivo Board, and If It lsdecidod
to call out tho men attached to tho Liberty
Dawn Association tho Board will attend to
tho matter.
A meeting of tho omployeos of tho various
llvorios is called for Sunday iu Becker's
Hall. It is said that tho hands attached to
soma of tho leading stables are opposud to a
stiiko, and will do all in their power to pro
vent one, but the largo majority of tho 5,000
cabmen and hostlers aro in favor of enforc
ing their demands.
All Present Bxcept the Ilrldrarroom.
Oretchen Etenkert learned to-day why sbo Is still
(Ingle. She lives at Union 1 1 til and her beau was
Chrtatlan Qutjabr, a baker's boy. The guests and
everybody clae except Christian were on time on
Btturday evening at the hour for the wedding and
Uretchen went la search of Christian. Hoo found
him devouring crackers, cheese nnn beer.
"Glte me a chance at my supper," he said.
" When I get ready I'll come. "
Oretohcii went nome to wxtt and Christian took
the first train for New York. The disappointed
bride coald not understand trio desertion until In
formed to-day that Christian was accused ot steal
ing two watouea.
A Hhort Western Upton Cose.
Col. Itobert O. Ingeraoll, on behalf of the French
Cable Company, applied to Jndge Lawrence
In the Supreme Conrt, to-day, for an
Injunction restraining the Western Union
Tilegraph Company and the Direct Cable
Company from using the company's blanks or
sending cablcirraina and blanks marked. "Via
Flench Cablo," on any one other than the French
cables. Judge Lawrence, finding tbat thoro waa
no opposition, iironted the Injunction, saying:
"This la tho anortest Western Union caao I our
bad before me. "
Westbrook Indicted for .tinnier.
Nbwton, N. J., Dec T. Tho Orand Jury of
Sussex County, has Indicted Kobcrt K. Westbrook
tot tho murder of Dennis Morns, which took place
near llranchvllle, N. J., on Oct. Wtslbrook
waa arruifrncd in court. He pleaded not guilty.
Ho was remanded for trUL
. i
They Arc Arretted In n Pollen ltuhl on a
t.ronnrd etlrrrt itpaori.
Alfrod Ufor, a woll-to-do and respectable
young man, of Clovoland, O., arrived in tho
city on Monday and put up at tho Union
Hotel, 80 Bowory. On that day ho was mot
by an innocent-looking countryman, who
gave his name as Henry James. Ho was in
duced to go to 160 Leonard stieet.
Here he was Introduced to Harry Clark, n
wnywnrd son of tho late PoUcn-Sergt. Henry
Miner, a young man who box done time anil
whoso criminal conduct broke bis father's
heart! Prank Starr, a Bneculator, of 140 West
Fourth t,treet, John L'lark, a sailor, of 2ft
Carroll street, Brooklyn, ami JoHeph Walsh,
a speculator, of 102 Forsyth stroot.
Wall stroot speculations wero disciiKnod by
these men, and Ufor was given to understand
that speedy fortunes could bo mode in Nuw
York if inrn only understood how to do it.
The old-time game of monto was intro
duced. Ufor lost $7U In betting on tho cards.
I'poti dittmndlng his money back ho was
turned adrift with dire threats of personal
violence if ho made nny trouble.
Ufer complained ot Police Hcodqunrtors,
how over. Tho place in Leonard street was
lidded, and tho gang of thieves locked
In a pocket of James's coot mis a letter ad
dressed to a supposed victim who hod re
fused to pa.v his lossos, in which ho was
thrcatencd.AUth exposure and personal in
jury unless ho walked up promptly to the
uiptoiii's oflleo and settled.
In the rooms used by the men woro two or
threo trunks aud a satchel full of green
goods circulars, imitation money printed on
our side only and other paraphernalia inci
dent to buupo aud green goods business.
William I. Making Ton Much Money Now
to bo Col. I'rllows'K Chief Clerk.
Damo Humor has been very busy with tho
District-Attornoy's ofilco of lato, and has
already furnished Col. Follows with a staff
of assistants and clerks buQIcieutly largo to
equip half a dozen offices.
Tho lady's latest appointment is City Prin
ter and ox-Exciso Commissioner William P.
Mitchell to tho position of chief clerk, now
occupied by Androw D. Parkor. Tho good
damo compensates tho latter gentleman for
tho loss of his position bvgiing him an
other as First Auditor iu the Comptroller's
Mr. Parker smllos incredulously nt this
rumor, and his smile is broader bocauso Col.
Follows has assured him of his retention, Mr.
Mitcholl has assured him of his lock of In
tention and besides an office with n salary of
$4, (JOO would hardly bo a bono of contention
with a gentleman whoso income from official
sources is at prcsont about 812,000, as Mr.
Mitchell's is.
Another rumor had it thot Peter Mitcholl,
one of Jako Sham's lawyers, was to bo an
Assistant District-Attorney under Col. Fel
lows. Tho frionds of Mr. Mitcholl deny tho
truth of tho rumor, saying that ho would not
givo up his legal practico for tho placo. Sev
eral County Democrooy leaders gavo it as
their opinion that no lawyer who has bocii
engaged in defending the boodlers would bo
appointed Assistant District-Attorney.
Tho Annual Elrrllon of Typoftrnphlcal Union
No. (I In Progress.
Typographical Union No. C is holding its
annual election of officers to-day, and as is
always tho caso, it is an oxcitlng time with
tho 4,000 " typos" who compose its member
ship. Tho polls aro kept open in ovory " chopol"
for two hours at any timo between 7 A. m. and
R p. m., and also at the Union's headquarters
in Frankfort stroct. Tho chapels of tho oven
lug and morning editions of The Womjj will
beinii to vote lato this afternoon.
Tho administration ticket is headed by
Josoph F. Kymor, aud its adhorents claim
that it will bo elected, while tho anti-administration
tickot has as candidate for President
James M. Duncan, whoso friends aro ulso
sanguino of success.
It will bo lato to-night beforo tho voto is
counted and tho result declared.
The Keds Will Hold n Dozen Demonstrations
on ISatiirdny Nlabt.
IsrzciiL TO Tilt WOULD. I
CntOAoo, Doo. 7. Tho Socialists nnd
Anarchists will hold a dozen dem
onstrations instead of one on Sat
urday night. Thoy declare that tho
Mayor lft orders for tho ball
at Battory D to bo prevented at all hazards,
beer or no beer. Now they will meet at tho
Turner Halls and Socialistic headquarters.
Demonstrations will bo held lator, at which
tho main point will be tho cuuonizatiou of
the fivo dead men as martyrs.
Tho leaders say that money is no object to
thorn, and that tho 30,000 called for to erect
a monument will bo ready beforo tho 5,000
to build ono to the police who foil at tho Hay-market,
rinlnflfild'K Charter fllectlon.
I'lainfikld, Doo. I. The charter electron was
held In I'lJlnneld last nltfliU Tho full returns did
not como In until after midnight. The following
persona aro elected: II. Diun'int (Itqi.), K. N.
ErlcUon (Itep.) and ll. O. sulrea (Itcp.), Council
men at large; Qoorgo W. Watson waa elected Ward
Councllmcu In tbe Klrst Ward; W. Itandolph
(Dem. ) In I lie bocond Ward, K. K. Marsh (ltep.) in
tho Third Ward and E. U Mnffett (Dem.) In tho
Poiirtn Wrd. The other oirlcera elected were:
John Johnson, Collector; J. A. Hubbard, Asses
sor: A. Tllsnrth, Treasurer; tlenrgo II, Hil
cock, Hehool Trustee, and A. Vanderbeck and
J. V. Hubbard, freehold! iu Tho question of ex
tra appropriations for s nool puri usra waa also
voted upon, uml ws cirrcd lir 827 to S'W, u ma
jority of ftW. The comilexlonof tbe next Coun
cil will be ltepubllcnn bj H to a.
rbokrd to Dentil nt Dinner.
Coroner Messciner was notld'd to-day to Invest!
gite thesud'lcn death of IMIilp Smcltzcr, forty-flve
years of ate, a salesman, residing at iss West
Seventy-ninth street. Vt hllo eatlug dinner yester
day a piece of meat stack In Mr. Smcllzer's throat,
and he died soon after from asphyxia. Dr. Ham
mond was called, but as unable to auvo Air.
Kmeltzcr's life.
No Judae in Try Hells; To-Day.
Judge ailderslccvc notified thief Clerk Sparks, of
the General Sessions, this morning, that he would
be unablu to preside In Part III. uutll Friday. Tho
caso of policeman Lou's Pellg Indicted for extort
ing money from the wife of H lonnkeeper Kriini,
of Chrvatle street, which was on tho caleudar, waa
accordingly adjourned uutll Friday next.
m m
Itrpubllruu tlt-rks Soon to do.
Thero n 111 be a radical elnuite In tho personnel
of the Horrogate's oRlce as soon as Haatus H. liun
som atanmes cbarce. Nearly all the subordinates
ore Ilepiibllciins, and they Include district leaders
Denis Mies and Jpim II. (lunuer. The patron uuo
will probably ic divided between Tauinany Hall
and tne County Democracy,
While Trylnc to Tnko nn Injured Man t
tlir Hospital Anibnlnnro Driver Krnnnn
l itlnbbid by an llxrltrd Crowd of Urn
lllnr.cKlii'd Atrrird by ilirt Arrival vt
Dr. O'Kelllr-Tlir fume nCllie Trouble.
IsrrciAi, to Tim wnnui.)
Emzamstii, N. J., Doc. 7. Tho nmbnlonco
attached to tho Kliahitll Konerol hospital
was mobbed by an excited crowd of peoplo
at Ellrabothport last liiuht. Harry Kociinn,
tho driver, toRother with tho horses, barely
escaped with their IheH.
Tho trcmblo originated ocr the romovol of
an injured man to the hospital. Patrick
McVuich, of 1U01 Ilurks ktrtet, Philadelphia,
age tonty.Boen jours, a fireman on a
Iteadinu' road engine, wns lrnniuc out of tho
locomotive cab when another etiu'ino thot
woh running off tho turn'tablo at tho cool
shntes struck him, knocked him out of tho
cab and imrtlv under tlm wheels, lln was
dropped Homo distance beforo I he engine was
Btopped. Huwni mortally iniurid.
MoYoich'H body was qnirklv extricated,
and a mesKimo was Mnt to lllirnhcth, two
miles distant, for tho ambulance. Mi an while
a bijf crowd catlierod at the scene, and when
tlio vehicle Arrived men iu the crowd insisted
that tho injured man should bu taken direct
to Father Oessner's house.
This Mr. Keenan refused to do, aliening
that tho priest hod ample time to see tho man
beforo the umbulanco arrived, and that It
was his duty to bo on hand when called.
The oxeited mob caught hold of the bridle
of the horses, whilo some armed themsolves
with stones and threatened to knock tho
driver off tho box if he did not comply with
their demand.
Keenan whipped up his horses and tried to
drive through tho crowd. This mado tho
man furious, and the closed in around tho
nmbulonco, threw tho horses book on their
haunches and tried to drag Keenan from his
llloodshod was only nvcrted by tho timoly
arrival on the hceno of Dr. (j'lteilly, who
rushed nnionir tho enraged men nnd begged
them for G d's sako to desist.
His appeals wero evontually successful and
tho ambulancu was allowed to depart.
Tho hospital authoritios nro highly indig
naut over tho affair. Thoy ascribe it
to prejudice against tho institution
on tho part of peoplo who think
that Catholics will not get proper
attention thero. Thoy say that no Catholio
is over neglected or permitted to die without
tho services of a priost and that Father Van
Schilgcn is oIwovh mnnmonod iu serious
casus, such as railroad accidents, and that he
was at tho hospital beforo tho ainbulanco got
back from Klirabnthport.
Mrs. Thompson, tho matron, said to a
Wobld reporter that a very bitter oud im-
inst feeling had been stirred up against tho
tospital by ovil-disposcd persons.
An Heir Who Prevented the DlrlsUn of a
I'ortuue Thought to br Crazy.
Ernest Kueiricm lias been an attendant at
Uollevuo Hospital for somo years. About a
year ago his father died, leaving a fortune of
StO.000 to bo dividod botwcoii Ernost and his
two brothers. Tho will was wordod iu such
a way that tho monoy could not bo distributed
until all tho brothers signed a paper agreeing
to tho provisions of tho will.
Ernest for somo reason has refused to havo
anything to do with tho will or tho money,
although his brothers havo been constantly
urging him to sign the paper. Yisterdny
Ernost began to act strangely, and tho doc
tors scut him to tho Insane Pavilion at tho
Ono of his brothors lives' at 93 Borrow
street aud tho other at Tenth avenue and
Twentieth street.
Rumor Hays That lie Wants to He One or
Justice Hteckler's Clerks.
A rumor was current to-day that James E.
Quinu, Master Workman of District Assembly
No. 49, of tho Knights of Labor, had ap
plied to Justice Steckllr for appointment
as Assistant Cleric of tho Fourth Judicial
District Court, and that it had been refused.
Hoverol men prominent in organized labor
circles declared it to be a fact mid said that
neither Quiiiii nor Justice Steckler would
affirm it, but it was true, nevertheless.
Eawyor Charles Htecklor, tho Justice's
brother, was seen by a Wonxi reporter oud
ha said that thero was no truth iu the report
and that the reporter oould wagor $1,000
of Lawyer fitockler's money against a
cent of any other person's that Qu inn had not
applied for a position as Clerk of Justico
Ktecklcr's court. The Assistant Clork of tho
Fourth Judicial District Court rocuhes 63,000
a year. ...
Her Children Left Destitutes)
Mrs, Adelo Capcn, who lives on tbe first floor of
410 Water street, known as "the barracks, " nas
taken to the (Jouverneur Hospital lato last night In
au ambulant e, suffering fr m tbe otTerts of Ill
treatment at the hail s or a quack In thedelliery
of a chili). I'ullcemju Mulcahy, of the
Seventh Precinct, visited tho house
this morning and founn Ita occup.uts
entirely destitute. Tho other members of tha fam
ily are Ho-ie, age live ycirs, Leon, age seven,
Jule, ape nine, and Ailrlsu Capen, their irrsud
father, nge sixty-one ycirs. The policeman hurlt
a'llre and trot thern something to est. The children
were lirouirht to the Kne. Market Police Court to
day. Acent Youni:, lor t Hoclety lor Ine Pre
Tcntlon of Cruelty to Children, took chartu of
them nnd will luvcstlirste. It may go hard lth
the quack doctor If the story as told by Mrs. Cupuu
Is true.
is m i
fllnrrlase or Historian I'rescntt's Sou.
1'oiiTl.ANH, ile. , Die. 7. A brilliant society
ovent occurrod to-day In tho marr ago of I.lnzoj
l'rescolt, of llnston, u grandson of Iho historian,
William II. presrett, and Miss Kanule ('. llru,
daughter of l'hlllp II. Hrown, of this city. High
Mnet Church was crowded nlth Invited guests,
iiiiiuj In Inn pre-eut from Boston, Nen York ,ind
otier cities. Tne ushers were (lordon Dexter,
John Puaiioily and A. II. siurp, of Huston, and
leoritc K. Upton, of New York. F. o. Darter, of
Now York, waa best man.
A New Deputy Collector.
The following appointments were nude by Col
lector Magone at the Custom. House to-day: Will
iam II. tearing-, Deputy Collector, at a salary of
13, ism In tho place of l ol. Jotiet: Dennis U Mice,
han, A. J. orlon and Krederck Down 'y, clerks, at
a salary of H.iflu eaen, ami Daniel .Nurtou, tem
porary engineer, at S a day.
Hemnvrd After Twenty-live Years.
Albert Ituynold, for tn cnty.il vo ei station
master and ticket agent of the New York Central
It.illroad at Ynnkrrs, has bceu removed, and J. I.
Hod en. of Mllroac, has suecicded him. Tills Is a
surprise to tho old Yuukcrltes.
Jerry llnrllunn's Condition.
Jerry Ilattlean's condition is uucbaiigcd. Ho li
resting comfortably and Is taking aomo noatlab-
ment. ills frlcudi arc not allowed to talk with
Tim rnr.sinr.ST at titi: uovvntt.
Stop '(Irtnilhij a Anr;ifi( for Tax Hitter
from -Vreesf If les of lite l'rnjile.
Mr. Scott, of 1'ennsylTnnln, nn tbe Rlnto for
CUulrinun of Ways und Means.
Israelii, to the wonLD.l
Wabhinoton, Dec. 7. Considerable stir
was created among tho statosmen hero this
morning by tho roport, mado on apparently
good authority, that the Chairmanship of tho
Houso Committee on Ways aud Means has
been tendered to Congressman W. L. Hcott,
of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Hcott is conspicuous as tho only tariff
reform Congressman from tho Koystouo
William L. Scott was born in Washington,
D. O.. July 2. 182S. Ho received a common
school education, and sorved as page in tho
House of Kepro-outativea from 1840 to 1840.
Ho settled in Erio, Po., In 1818 and was
employed as a clerk in tho shipping business.
Iu 1HG0 ho engaged in tho cool and ship
ping business, owning aud running sovoral
vessels on the lakes. Subsequently he bo
camo largely interested iu tho manufacture
of iron and in coal milling as woll as railroad
construction and operation, clthor as Presi
dent or diroctor of various lines, aggro
gating 32,000 miles of completed rood.
Ho was a district dclcgato to the National
Democratic Convention held in Now York in
18G8, ami a dolegato-at-largo from tho Htato of
Pennsylvania to tho Democratic National
Convention held nt Cincinnati iu 1880, und
also represented the Htato of Pennsylvania
on the Ilcmocratio National Committee from
1870 to 1881. Howosoloctod Mayor of Erio
iu 1800 aud a'oin in 1871. and was elected to
tho Forty-uinth Congress as a Democrat,
supported by Independent Kopublicaus, re
ceiving 10,002 votes against 15,340 votes for
0. W. Mockey, ltopublican: 1,204 votes for
llorlaud, and li votes scattering.
InvrstlRntliia the Consolidation of tho New
Jersey and I.oiik Islnnd Companies.
Tho Assembly Tolephono Investigating
Committee met to-day at tha Coal and Iron
Exchange, iu Cortlandt btreet. Chairman
D. E. Aiusworth and Assemblymen Floyd
J. Hadloy, CharUs T. Hnxton, Georgo
Dickey and Samuel Conovcr wero presont.
Tho tolephono companies wero repre
sented by J. H. Camp, counsel for nil
the companies; William A. Hovoy, of tho
Americuti Hell Company, and Georco F.
Cutler, President, und George Clark, Secre
tary and Treasurer, of tho New York anil
New Jersey Company.
Mr. Ctitfor was tho first witness. Ho said
thot his company was organized on June 1,
lKHlt, with capital stock of $00,000. It was
afterwards, on July 1, 1883, increased to
SU.OIOOOO. The Long Island Company oud
tha Nuw Jertoy Company wero consol
idated. The stock of the consol
idated company was as follows : For
property, gi,8'M.r.7H : cash, $200,318.22,
aud franchise iJoOO.OOO. The franchise was
becurod from tho Metropolitan Company.
Tho stock of tho consolidated company was
issued to a trustee for tho benefit of the stock
holders of tho old companios. Theso compa
nies hud in operation about 2,400 telephones.
Dllrnbrtli Chase's Story of Assault.
Elisabeth cbjse, of llahjlon, I. I., repeated In
the YorkWlle Police Court to-day her story of how
she hud been enticed Into tho ' Young Mtn's
Volunteer Club" at 816 i:ust Scventy-flfiu street
aiiiias-uiiltni. Ch rles I.cvtin, of IBM Third uu
line, the only one of the accused eight men who
was arrested, w.i held for examination ou Hatur
dsy. He denied the charge.
Will DUroiirnan Thefts In Parks,
Henry htntth was to-day sentenced liy Kernrdcr
Smith to Sing Muz for iHe years for snatching nn
nmbrrlla from Nitnuel Lvnekc, of IS Vaiick street,
In City Hall Park.
I mean to mako the parks of this city safe at
ail Hues, "said llccorder Smyth, in passln'.' sen-
m m
Kir (ieorse Campbell Kxplnltis.
ici'teui. to mr would. I
Wasiunoton, Dec. 7, Four of tho members of
the Hritliti 1'e.iro Cominl-sbn wero before the
Commute o . n Foreign Relations this alternoon,
Sir (Jenrg'j C ilnpiiell, of Kuglaud, explained tbe
objects oi their organization.
Cnndrnsed City News.
An alternative inlunction was served upon tho
Yeiikvrs lt.idro.nl Company latt ivtuing restrain
ing tho construction ol a street railroad.
The flr.ind Jury of (iluueesier County, jf. J.,
tus indicted (it-urgo Dunbiia fur tho murder of
tils uiotlier-ln-law, Mrs. Kainllr, who was found
lead In a coriitlcld at I niuiivdir some wicks ago.
The properly of lleni) Krle iinaii, manufacturer'
of fu und funcv goo s .it in llroome street, at
tot) Kuit One Hundred and Fourth stroet, has been
attached by . II. firaef 4 Co. , on a claim for
Tne Hoard of Kireet Openings will meet next
Monday In the Major's oillee to take further action
on tho v.iablMimeut uf a publle park at Corlear's
Hook. '1 he act to cstatillsh a park at this point was
paased by the last Legislature.
William A. Haines and John names, proprietors
of a summer report and saloon at unu Hundred aud
Thirtieth street and Lexington avenue, wero lined
Slue each In tho Court of bpeoial Sessions to-day I
for permitting girls under sixteen years of age to I
frequent tbe place. I
Hawkins Convicted of Mur- im
der in the First Degree. t;M
Dramatic Scono in Court Whon tho fl
Boy Roso to Hear tho Vordict. fH
. '"!
lie Confessed Ills Guilt, But Ills Law- fl
ycrs Pleaded Insanity. liH
Crowds Tlirons tlio T.lttlo County Conrt. I.sB
Ilniist During the Trial and Make tha JsH
1'rUnncr Uneasy Tho Prisoner's Mother J'isH
Was a VVIdsw, and Ilccanse Hbe Advised H
Illm In a Lore Affair lie Invited Her la rH
Itldo and Killed Her. JB
Tho jury In tho enso of young Asbury lxH
Hawkins, who is boiug tried at Iliverhead for ' ,4JH
the murder of his 'jl
-2k mother, went out at $aK'
j-2jS"-sj. 12. 15 o'clock this aftor. 'tM
T-n tfi in noon. Tho young man
Hr V watched them as thoy itfM
flllil'lv Allllflllll ' from u court- LH
il I II L?yi (Hi ruoni nui' un 'Jh!
(illltv ?&jWl rcR"L'Ha an& uneasy, )hH
f itfffl t "w storing at tho ''IH
Wl ( kJ "loorwny through sH
' which thoy had dts- jfB
AsnoitY iiawkins. appeared, and again 'H
throwing tptiok glances at thoso around him. , H
Thero was somo speculation as to tho vcr- fl'H
diet by tho spectators, but it was generally "H
believed that ho would bo found guilty of kH
tho crime for which hu was indicted. iK
Hut as tho minutes began to lly and tho jury 'tsV
did not return it bejrWtto bo whls- VJH
perod that tho insanity plcn wad iH
having its effect, and that ll.wns barely possi- VH
bio that ho might cscapeGbn. Traoy sab 'M
noor tho prisoner, but said U,ttlo. B
At length thero was a rustlo, and the jury -JH
filed slowly into tho court-room. ,MH
Hawkins nlmost glnredat 'them as they 'H
rouged into their seats. Thelr faces woro 'sB
solemn, and it was plain that the verdict 'IB
would not be acquittal. tH
" Oeutlomen of tho jury, havo yon decided , -:'H
Upon a yerdict?" tho Clerk asked. liH
" Wo havo," answerod tho foroman. JH
"What Is It f" H
Tho young prisoner, who hod been told to IrH
Btand, lookod upon tho twelvo men who held ' 'iE
his f atojjlth awed iac;o. ftvLHi
" Onilty of murder in tho first degree,' H
Eoid tho foreman solemnly. oil
Hawkons appcarod stricken for a moment, ' B
but he braced ui as ho was led from tho "mrnM
court-room. Ho will bo arraigned for sen. risisH
tenco noxt week. t sH.
YoungHawkins was arrested for the mur. TH
der and placed in jail to await trial. Tho $B
case was called nt Itivcrhcad on Monday.' A, iWB
jury wossocurcd at midnight of that day. iell
Tho taking of testimony was begun yester- -sl
day. Tho most important witness was young 4H
Hawkins, who was called in his own dofenso. "VJH
He seemed to bo without emotion of any -msB
kind. Ho gavo by way of testimony a lll
description of tho murder somewhat similar 411
to tho accounts of it published at the tlma .,H
that it occurred. v$
Ho said that ha called on his mother to fH
talk ovor his engagement with Hnttio Sohenok. '"H
He took his mother out to drive. As they 'fH
drovo along sho asked him about bis op. l
proacldug marriage, and objocted to his 'isD
choice on tho ground that Hattia Schenck KH
was a person of low character. When sho ' l
spoko of Hattio's character ho drew his ro. ttl
vol ver from his ovorcoat pocket and shot her. lil
Sho did not spoak or move after the shot was 'H
fired. H
When Justico Brown opened court this Hsfl
morning tho crowd of sight-seers was so H
great that tho Sheriff was obliged to close tho SH
doors in their faces. AC 8.30 thoy swarmecMk K'l
about tho building in largo numbers, waiting tH
eagerly for any little bit of information from 4?H
tho murder trial tbat was going on within. Jsul
Tho fortunate ones who succeeded in getting YH
into tho court-room pocked It to suffocation, sl
Every oye was turuod upon young Haw. fsfl
kins ns he ontored tho court-room in chargo ,'JI
of a deputy sheriff. He took his customary 'VH
seat by tho side of his counsel, Oon. B. P. Vl
Tracy. Hawkins uppearod restless and 1
uneasy under tho concentrated gazo of tho 111
crowd. -sJB
Whon Justico Brown took his seat a hush xsl
pervaded tho court-room. Qen. Tracy be. 'ssl
gau summing up for tho defense. Ho dis. HsLi
cussed all tho points in tho ovideneo in an isb
address occupying two hours. In his spooca irl
to the jury ho enlarged upon the theory of Jfl
young Hawkins's mental uusouudness.urging 3PB
thatho was not strictly respdnslbloforhlsact, fll
which, ho claimed, was committed while tho '"til
young man was suffering from mental aherra. H
tion. The lawyer pleaded hard for his client, H
and at times waxed oloquent in his behalf. Jg'ssl
Ho finished- his address at 11.15. .IH
Uistrict-Attorney Wllmot Smith then bo. 'H
gau his address for tho prosecution. il
IlDglnnil Dishonors (Sen. liordon's Dills. -ssB
Ixindom, Deo. 7. Hills to tho amount of
10,000, drawn by the late Gen. Gordon dur. isl
ing tho siego of Khartoum, have been dis. XH
honored by tho Government, which obtained HH
a decision from tho Cairo Mixed Tribunal la 'lH
their favor. Thu holders of tho bills havo .H
commenced action against tho private estate 1'nH
of Gen. Gordon for payment. !
Prob Thinks It Will Itain. i, H
Wasiiimotoh, Dec V -'H
i 'Jv Imlicatiom jr (As !H
)B0 1 rtwtiWtntr hours cow. tsl
My ) mencfriivafSi'.if. to-Oayt H
Jr uiiH v I ior Connecticut trartrs. ''
t PJi Jjblewindt. 'i
35w KorBaHernXeuYorA '
warmer; light rain. il

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