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5 O'CLOCK . '1 rY W 6 O'CLOCK ' Jl
H A 1 XtA. I wH1 pSfM WVfW I XL A 1 HA. I 9
Ilarkrencr Kynn Acknowledge Tlint He
Did Wrong In AmntilllnK .Vliinnacr (II
inoro nnil Aakn the Jimtlcrn for Clemency
Tlio llcrniiclilntlnii In Court Homcw but
of a HurprWo to Sir. Ullinorc.
After nil tlio bustlo - liicli has boon
mado over tho Ip'ting and kicking
match botween Mnnogcr L G. Gilmoro
niul Bnrtcnilor John J. Itynu in tho
Motropoliinn Hotel on Thanksgiving ovon
ing, tlio affair ended up very meekly this
morning in Special Sessions beforo Judges
1'owers, Smith and Ford.
Manngor Gilmoro was on hand early with
ex-Judgo Dittcukoofcr, his counsel, and half
a score of witnesses. His loft ear, freed from
the oil-silk bag which formerly ornamented
It, looked rather jnggod and uneven.
A couplo of inches of court-plaster spread
across his forehead and a littlo red spot
tinder each cyo woro all that was loft of his
once badly discolored optics. Otherwise ho
was apparently in tho most cheerful spirits.
Kyan, tho defendant, vt as under tho wing
of Lawyer Charles Stockier. His head was
plastered up and ho looked disconsolate. It
it as rumored before tho case v as called that ho
was going to pleid guiltv by thondvico of his
counsel, although he did not fancy it exactly
to acknowledge himself in tho wrong.
Vhilo waiting, how over, tlio lawyers ar
ranged a meeting between Mr. Gilmoro and
Mr. Ryan, and it was observed that they
went over in tho corner and shook hands
very cordially.
when tho caso was reached Sir. Stockier
immediately camo forward and said :
" Tho prisoner at tho bar pleads guilty of
tho chargo and asks for tho clemency of tho
Court, lie has apologized to Mr. Gilmoro
and has acknowledged himself in tho wrong."
"Yes," hastened to remark Mr. Ditten
hoefor, "we are perfoctly satisfied with
Mr. Hynn's apology. Ho says that
his assault on Mr. Gilmoro was un
provoked, and ho recognises it as a
very serious matter, but wo don't want to
press it. Mr, Gilmoro has no desiro to be
revengeful and leaves tho matter entirely in
tho hands of tho court, asking the greatest
clemency possible."
After Mr. Steoklcr had further stated that
Ilyan was a poor man oud had no moans
whatever, the court hold a consultation, and
hnally sontenced Kyan to a flno of $100.
Mr. Dittenhocfer immediately announced
that if tho defendant could not pay tho nno
Mr. Gilmoro would advance one-half of it.
It was afterwards learned that Mr. Gilmoro
w anted to pay the cntiro fine.
Manager Gilmoro said that tho settlement
was on entire Burpriso to him, and that ho
had saveral times refused to seo Kyan, who
camo to his house to apologize.
When ho was approached by his assailant
in court to-day, howovcr, ho could not resibt
his appeal.
m m
TUo Two Dnnnya In tlio Tombs) on Their
Good Hcliavlor Poor Mrs. Driscoll.
Danny Driscoll, tho Whyo, who killed his
bcBtgirl, "Beezy" Garrity, and is waiting
his turn to dance, in tho air at the end of a
ropo, and Danny Lyons, tho east sido tough
who " fixed " tho athlete " Joe " Quinn, and
w hoso day of death has not yet been defi
nitely fixed, have been behaving theniBolves
like Sunday-school boys siuco the discovery
of thoir nttcmnt to cscapo from tho Tombs,
to use tho expression of Warden Walsh. Two
better boys there never wcro in tho Tombs.
They nre quiet, ordorly and cleanly. Their
sleep seems to be as sweet and sound as that
of tlio infant who has not yet learned the
word "sin."
Lyons says he has hopes of salvation of his
neck through the efforts of his counsel, but
ho says it in tho same bravudo style which
characterized him when he told from tho
witness stand tlio story which nobody was
going to beliovo.
Driscoll wears an air of resignation and
awaits tho 20th of January, when ho will
" tako some of McCarthy's medicine," with a
cheerfulness to bo wondered at.
Notwithstanding tho apparent contentment
of his prisoners, Warden Walsh is not asleep,
and vigilant watchers guard tho slumbers
and the waking hours of the two young
men. Deep sympathy is expressed with tho
poor wife of Driscoll, oven by tho hardened
criminals who aro confined near tho mur
derer, and after Bho has beon on a visit to
her condemned and graceless husband they
talk to each other in that softened, subdued
tone which is usually heard only in tho house
of mourning.
Tbe Gnu Company Cases Oo Over.
Tbo Consolidated Gas Company and the Mutual
Gas-Light Company, Indicted by the Grand Jury
yestetday forlmladTncanor Id polluting the waters
surrounding New York to the Injury of trie oyBter
bod lu il vicinity, wero on tlio calendar for
pleading before ltccorder Smyth In Part I. of
fie Court of General Sessions this morning.
Counsel for the Equitable Gas-Light company
I asked to enter a plea of not guilty, with tho
I privilege of withdrawing auch pie i and interposing
a demurrer to tho Indictment after he has an op
portunity to examine u. Not being armed with a
power of attorney, he was required to provide him
self with one before pleading for tho corporation.
No one appeared to plead for the Consolidated Qua
Company, and the case went over until tomorrow.
Killed nt n llnllroad Crossing.
Two fatal accidents at Jersey C ty railroad cross
, lugs aro reported slnco last evening. Mattimoro
Sullivan, of 318 Newark avenue, an em
ployee of tho local telephono "company, was
Instantly killed last evrnlng by a train ou tho Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western lta iroad at tho
Henderson Btrcet crossing, where he was unload
ing poles.
At 6 o'clock this morntnij John Greeley was
struck by an engine on the Central Railroad, near
the Comraunlpaw roundhouse, and received mortal
Hettllng the I.lvery Trouble.
Nearly all the leading liverymen have agreed to
pay their employees tho Increased wages de
manded and tne latter have decided to let tho
nistlerof hours of labor alone. There will not bo
any strike tula week.
On Sunday a meeting will be held or tbo Liberty
Sawn Association and some action taken and re-
, ferred to District Assembly No. for approval.
Strikes may tako place against a few stablts which
have refused to grant the Increase of wages.
Could Not Identify tlio Men.
There was a court full of alleged bunco and
green-goods men this morning In Jefferson Market,
Central Oraco and ward detectives were there also
in full force, 'ine live men, Henry Clark, Henry
James, Frank Starr, John Clark and James Welsh,
were niaced at tho bar. Alfred Ufery, Urn couutry
Man from Clovcland, O. , failed to Identify any ouj
of them, and they were discharged. The two
men, fcerblo Artega and Walter V. McNally, wero
also diacharged for want of evIJence.
A nay Hunter boot by n Comrade,
Wm, Dujunold, eleven yean of age, of Wood
Me, N. J., shot Alox. Hllderbrandt, aged four
teen years, whllo ont punning yesterday.' The
hooting ltu accidental, but tho boy will probably
$Sw im'..jttri, . i,. Ma .rsiinriuly nrfiirn
Inny I'rlcmla I'rty Tliclr l,nt Umiircta In
the I'lrat Presbyterian Clinrrli.
Tho funeral services of Algernon S. Sullivan
took placo this tnorulng at 10 o'clock at the Plrat
Presbyterian Church, 1'lfth avenuo and Eleventh
The pall-bearers wcro Mayor Abrara S. Hewitt,
Judge John It. Brady, Judge Ednnrd rattorson,
Judge Van Vort, who took tho place of r-urrngnte
Daniel (1. ltollln; Joseph II. Choate, John C.
Carter. William Mulr, John II. Flagler, A. J.
Dickinson and John A. Ilardenburg.
'1 he church was tilled, thu greater part of tho
church being token by deputations from tho socle -ties
witn which Mr. SullUnn wa nstoclatcd, Iho
Olio Poclfty, S ntliern Society, liar Assocl tlou,
New York Colli i of Muslo aud tho l'roduco V.x
chsnze. Tne sorvlcci listed nn hour. Tno Hcv. Richard
D. Harlan, pmiiurof the church, wa nsHlstcd by
theltev. William M. I'axton, a fotmer is.tor of
tno church, aud the Hcv. F. U l'atton, one of tho
I'rlnciton Faculty.
Among tho h who were present wero the follnw-Ing-mmed
persons: a. U M. Harlow, Marshal
Joseph 1L Tookcr, John II. Heard, J. Edward blm
mons, A. W. l'etrrs, Chairman of the C'jii
mdldated Exchangei Mngrano Coxc, President
of the Southern Soclity j. lolinE.l'arsoni.CN.Illl's,
John Graham', Charles t. ltennan, Charles
Lanier, A. II. Smith, W. 11. Ht. John, (ieii.
Jnlm Newton, (leorgo W. MncLean, Mcphin
A. Walker, I'nllcd States DlRirlct-Atturne ;
'Ihomas Itu'ter. Heswell P. Flower, James
.M. Constable, Houry A. Flnnerty. William n.
ltlckettK, Horace Huh-.cH, Assistant District-Attorney
Semple, John It. Dos 1 a'sot, Judge Sillirn,
Major Sayne, John Kparki, F. F. Mowbray,
Cuandos Fulton and Alexander Lambert.
inibrelli ninldi Her Owner nnd fllnnngcr
Impelled for " KIukIuk."
Tho Hoard of HcWew of the National Trotting
Association finished lta work at '2.110 this morning.
'1 he numbers hae worked day and night. Of the
119 cases before them, 112 wero adjudicated on and
acren were Bent by n quest to Chicago.
One of tn cases coming before them late last
night was that of Gllbictti Maid, alias Hollo Kid
der, allaa Fanny, a mare with a record of t.2
She had been "rinsing" West and Kust
through tho Bummer and full and
making plenty of money. She was hired
from tho owner for th's purposo by Frank Casey.
Thonuerl8 a farmer, Edward Lsllr, of Massa
chusetts. Out W e t she w cut under tho name of
llclle Kidder and at llolyoke and at New II iven
under the name of Fanny. Her driver, T. N.
Hiiydcn, Kave the Information lu tho Hoard, Tho
owner, Casey, and the nitre wcro expelled.
Driver Hat den, who was Bttpcnded Rome time
ago. was reinstated during good behavior lor tae
lnformat on he nad given the Hoard,
George Hossack, who w b suspended some tlmo
ago for fraudulently obtaining a belter record lor
Mary Sifc than she wai entitled to, was reinstated.
He has been out more than u year.
William McHwygan, who was suspended twelve
ycirs ago for 'Tinging" Small Hopes, a horse
tnat W. II. Vandcrcillt afterwards bought and
drove, was permanently reinstated. He lua been
tempor irtlv rtluslutcd for two or three years, be
ing on his good behavior.
Frederick W. Noble, who was expelled at
Goshen, N. Y. , last fall for tho alleged pulling of
Fred M., was reinstated.
The Hoard will next meet In Chicago In May,
Tbe ninn vtbo Threatened to niovv Up tho
Eric Itond Hint to Prison.
Charles J. Campbell, tho young man. who wroto
a threatening letter to President King, of tho Erie
Hallway, demanding 130, which ho said would pre
vent the blowing up of that lino with dynamite, was
tried before Recorder Smyth to-day.
Too story as elicited on tho trial was essentially
tho sjmc us that related In The Would after the
defendant's arrest on the nlghl of Nov. 8.
A decoy was set to catch tno sender of tho black
mailing letter, which resulted In the capture of
Campbell by Detective William Flynu, of tho
Second Precinct.
Campbell's defense was mistaken Identity, and a
comparison of the acknowledged handwriting of
thn defend int with that of the offending letter bore
Mm out in tnat pusltton. Unfortunately for him,
however, ho could only deny that lie had ever
Been the boy, PitrRk J. Coffee, who swore
that Campbell employed him to receive the too
from a messenger buy ou tho corner of Vesey street
and Broadway.
In view of tttese facts the Jury could do no less
than ilnd the defendant guilty, which they did al
most Immediately, and was sentenced to two years
and three mouths in State prison.
Tbe Nntloiml Committee Selecting a Place
for tbe Convention Jones's Speech.
Wasihnoion, Dec, 8. The Republican'Natlonal
Committee Is In session to-day at tho Arlington
Hotel. Chairman Jones presides and Samuel Fes
tenden acts as Secretary. Mr. Jones said the pur
pose of the meeting was to select the time and
place for holding the next National Convention.
Mr. Jones made a speech, lu which ho Bald:
"Tno momentum acquired by twcnty-flvo vcars
of the prevalenco of Republican principles has not
yet lost lis force, and the material interests of tho
country nre "till prosperous as tho result of Repub.
llcan Industrial legislation. Recent mteram.es,
however, ludteato a determination to
end this prosperity by adverse leg
islation, forced upon the country by nn
administration hostile to American Industry,
and albo Indicate tno necessity of the return to
power of tho Republican party In tho
national Government, so that American indus
try, wool-growing and sugar-raising equally, with
Iron making and textile production may have con
tinued prosperity utid tho employees in these in
dustries constant employment aud continue I good
wages Biieh,as American workmen should roccli c "
Nearly every State and territory Is represented
in the meeting.
A Device of Ilrooklyii IIonnc-Tlilevcs.
The police of Brooklyn aro on the alert for two
young men, who during thu past month have been
calling at homes which aro to let, and after Inspec
tion they leave, bnt not empty-handed. Their latest
cxilolt happened yesterday, when they looked at
IB., Macon street aud stole, nil the trinkets they could
tlnd of the present m cupvnt, Mrs. Lucy Welman.
'Ihcy are both described as about twenty-thrco
years old and 6 feet U Inches In height. One b of
light complexion and wears a gray overcoat and
derby hat. The other la dark, has u black mus
tache and wcarB a dark overcoat.
Trucking a rnfe llobbery.
Capt. Copelaud, of tho Ninth Precinct, has suc
ceeded In partly clearing up tho mjBtcry that has
surrounded tho burglary ou tho two safes In tho
tin can factory of John D. Hast, In Jane street,
wlikh wero blown open on the morning of Nuv. lu,
and a lot of bonds and $90 lu money kt den. Detec
tives Vulllsii nui Burleigh arres.ed Patrick Egan.
ago nineteen years, of SO Cherry street, as one of
the men who robbed the safe. At the Jefferson
Market Police Court this morning Egan was com
mitted for examination on Sunday morning.
HroUrra Fall Too Much Corn.
LocisviLLK, Ky., Dec. 8. A. O. McCampbell A
Co. , leading brokers here, suspended thl morning
and refused to received any more trade. Their
failure was due to tho same cause as Hut of Hodgen
A Miller too much corn. McCampbell A Co. havu
a dozen braneh onices In the West thst will bo In
cluded in the failure. Tuey claim to be able to
meet all their attachments. Thu wipes out the
last Louisville bucket-shop.
Daly Will Wind Up Willi Cnrney.
Boston, Deo. 8. Last evening It was agreed by
tho backers of Mike Daly, the New England cham
pion, tolettueir man wind up tho Carney testi
monial with the English champion, to that those
who attend tho Carney testimonial could get an
opportunity to Judge of the sclentlno merits ol both
men. I
.,,.. .
II" tlio 1'enniurlTnnln, In Selected Mr. Knndnll
Will Probnbly Not bo nt tlio lli'nd or
Ibo Appropriation Committee The (leu
llemen from Trxim In Now Lending the
Democrats ol llio I.ovvor Hrmicli.
Warjiixoton. Dec. 8. Homo who aro in tho
confidence of Speaknr Carlisle say Hint it is
a fnct that he is considering tho propriety of
appointing ItoprcRcutativo Scott, of Penn
sylvania, Chairman on tho Conimitteo on
WnyB and Menus. Should this bo dono tlio
rcbult would probably bo that Mr. Itnndnll
would not bo appointed Chairman of tlio
Aptiro'irintionx Cimuuittco, for tho two most
important chairmauHhij.s will hardly bo
given to VotiUHvlv rutin.
Mr. Scott spi nt two or throo hours with
tho President in consultation, and though ho
refuses to snv anj thing about tlio result, it is
very nvident that nn iTort was uiudo to
actively forward tho tariff reduction scheme
outlined in thn meHhnjze.
With Mr. Scott as tho head of tho Wnvs
nnd Means Conimitteo, it would ho carried
nlonu viuorously and have tho advantage of
beiuj; practically in tho hands of tho Admin
istration fioin start to finish. Mr. Scott
was the closest friend of tho President
in tho last Congress, Hu has mado very
few moves without ndministrativo approval,
and from tho time of tho President's inter
ferenco in the silver question ho 1ms boon
willing nnd anxious to ndvocato any of his
plans. It would be a blow at Mr. ltaudnll
also, which would bo satisfactory to tho
President, and it might delude soino peoplo
into the belief that protection was not tho
unanimous sentiment in Pennsylvania.
llut while thesn consultations between tho
President and Mr. Scott have been roiiij; ou,
Mr. ltoger Mills has been taking tho leader
ship of the Houso by making all tho small
motions for adjournment aim rut and dry
resolutions nbout routine businoss. Mr.
Morrison used to ir.nl. o them, nnd if Mr.
Mills has not tlio assurance, that ho is to bo
tho chief of tho Ways and Means Committee
ho is making himself ridiculouu.
Meeting of tbe Ainerlcnn Association Man
agers lu Cincinnati.
IsrrruL to rm wom.n.l
CrecraNATi, Dec. 8. Tho directors of tho
American Baseball Association met this
morning. President Wheeler Wikoff sub
mitted his annual reports, which took tho
usual courso.
The pennant was formally awarded to the
St. Louis Club, aud tho standing of tho clubs
wits declared officially as follows:
St. Louis first, Cincinnati second, Balti
more third, Louisville fourth. Athletics
fifth, Brooklyn sixth, Metropolitans seventh,
Clovoland eighth.
Wrecked on tbe Island of Ilnlnnn Tbo Num
ber of Drowned Unknown,
London, Dco. . Word has just boon rc
roceivcd that tho steamship Lorno was
vrecked on Sunday on tho Eastern coast of
tho Island of Hainan.
Sixty-nine persons nro reported saved, but
tho number of fatulitlcs is as yet unknown.
Tho Lorno was a British vessel plying in
Chinese waters, nnd was of 1,035 tons burden.
Houlnnger for Minister of IVnr.
Pams, Doc 8. Thoro is a rumor that M.
Goblot will demand Qen. Boulaugor for tho
War portfolio.
linn Iloherty Arraigned.
IsrrriAL cadle io the world.1
London, Dec. 8. Dohcrty, tho man who
shot Qeorgo M. Graham, of Kochestor. N. Y.,
was arraigned in court to-day on a chargo of
1 m
T.ntlmer 1 Jones Una No Counsel.
Mr. Noel, of the firm of Knevala A Hansom,
counaeltors-at-law, appeared in Part I. of tho
Court of General Sessions this morning on behalf of
the wlfo ot Latimer '.. Jouea, indicted for
forgeries a.grcgatlug cevoral hundred thousands
of dollars, and asked that tho trial bo not
pressed at an early date, s Jones has
ii.it yet secured counsel to defend him. ltccorder
Hinjtn lived tho trial for next Monday. Jonea has
not yet secured tho $15, (khi ball fixed by the He
coroer, and it Is the opinion of the complainant, E.
11. Lucid ngton, that he will have to Uugir lu the
Tombs until tried.
Hurtmnnn Plans Arrested for Murder.
Psonu, III., Dec, a Harlinann Plaag, the
Marshal of South Peoria, who was indicted by tho
Grand Jury for tho murder of hu father-in-law,
John Coldltz. on the evening of Jan. 6, 18), was
arrested last night and lodged In jail without hall.
At thn time Coldltz wss killed the Coroner's Jury
returned a verdict of murder by an unknown
party, but Plaaa's sister-in-law now comes forward
with tno statement that sho saw Plaag commit the
dotd, and was so much afraid of him that Bho
sworo falsely at the inquest.
- i '
Public Joy Over Another V., II. As 1). Failure.
(srrciAt. to Titr world.1
TxnuR ITaute, Dec. 8. Pvl Mo satisfaction over
the failure of the C, II. A D. party to get control
of tho Vuudalla system found expression to-day In
a flag which was run tip over tho Union Depot by
order of tho yardmaster. 'lho feeling now Is that
tills ends tne efforts of the C. , II. A D. to get con
trol of President McKctu's road.
(Secretory Fulrclilld'a Axe Ilcgins to Pull.
Acocsta, Me., Dec. 8. Col. Thomas Lombard,
Superintendent of the Augusta Public UulldlngB,
received notlco from Secretary Palrchlld this
morning of his removal from tho poiltlon. Col.
Lombard, who has been a Democrat for forty-nvo
years, aaya that ho was removed because tho de
partment could not handle him as they wished.
riiBtoni-IIouse Appointments.
Otto E. Stroclzel, of this city, was to-day ap
pointed as a confidential clerk and acting Deputy
Collector by Collector Magono, at a salary of
ts. 000 per year.
U. If. Nadal was promoted to a $1,600 clerkship,
and William Fletcher, a watchman at tbe Pnblio
btores, was removed for neglect of duty.
Tbo Tblrd liny of the Home Hpeecli.
Klluu Hoot continued his argument to-day lu tho
$9,000,000 suit of tho Danque Franco-ngyptlenuo
against the Now York, Iloiton and Montreal Hill
road Company In tho Unite I States bnpreme Court.
This la the third day of his apccih.
Dead Willi tbo Una Turned On.
George Harr, tulrty-dre years of age, was found
I dead In bed at es West street, to-day. It is sup
posed tnat ho committed sulcldo as the gas Jet was
lull turned on. Coroner Nugent was uotlued.
Hettleiilent of Ibo Ciirnry-lfcAiillllo Con
irovrrs bv Tlirlr HnelnTi.
lirrctAL to the worn n.l
Bostov, Dec. 8. Tho dilllculty is settled,
nnd within twenty-four hours tho money
now tip iu tho hands of tho stakeholder in
the Carney-McAulliro fight will bo roturuod to
tho respective backers, and thus will end the
gientest lighting draina on record.
'1 lireo days ago l'atsv Slieppird. on behalf
of Jem Camo) . nnd Jimuij I'nlville, on bo
half of MoAiilliTe, camo together and (lis
fiiFsed mutters. After it long conversation,
Mr. Colvillo agreed to draw MeAulifiVs slmro
of thn stnKo money if tho I'nrnr-v pioplo
would ugrcoto do likowise. Mi Vttlilln win
ready to go into thn ring nnd light at any
time, but some of his bankers wero not ready
to lot him do so, ns thoy did not consider him
a well mini nnd they wanted him to get well
before npniu trying conclusions with thu
Knglish champion.
Mr. Sheimurd said ho would consult with
thn Carney backers and gtt their viivv on thu
matter. Iln did so, tho result being that
Curnoy's backers woro willing to draw, as
them was no prospect for an immediate
"You cannot mako us fight if wo don't
want to," Niid ono of tho representatives to
thn other, and henco tho final decision was
ri ached. There was no weakening ou either
Auslcnd In tbe Lend for Necrclury of tbo
MuMrnl Union,
East Fourth street, between tho Bowery
nnd Second avenue, presontul a lively sceno
to-day, tlio 2,000 members of tho New York
MiiRicnl Mutual I'rotcctivo Union crowding
on tho sidewalks as if thoy were attending a
United States Presidential election.
They wero voting for officers to manago
their nffaiis for tho next y ar.
Tho main contest seemed to bo over tho
election of n Secretary. Tho candiilatis aro
W. II. Anstcad, tho present incumbent;
Henry Ottes, Luvvrenco O'lloilly oud l'cter
At latest advices Mr. Anstcad was decidedly
in tho lead. Tony Wright auptared to bo
thn favorite for President.
Tho polls opened nt 1) o'clock. An soon ns
tho ballots aro counted n report will bo mado
to tho quarterly meeting of tho union. It is
expcctedtliat lho liguicsvvill not bo ready
beforo 0 o'clock.
A Change of Administration In Typograph
ical Union No. II.
Tho voto for officers of Typographical
Union No. 0 will not bo completely counted
until to-morrow, but enough is known to in
dicate tho triumph of the nuti-adininistratiou
party and tho election of its standard-bearor.
James M. Duncan, as President. ThU rcbult
shows n disapproval of the Dolicyof tho
present administration iu relation to tlio re
cent strike.
Theodora O. Wildmnn is again elected Sec
retary, nnd Thomas J. Ilobinsnn, Scrgennt-at-Arms.
Tho rosult as to Vice-President,
Pund Trustee Trustees and Lxecutivo Com
mittee is still in doubt.
Plnn of Ibo Hon of n Jersey Clly Pbyalrlau
to Deduce Ibo Number of 1IU Wives.
William St. C. Furman, n druggist, twenty-four
years of ace, and 1H lug In Newark av enue, Jersey
City, was arraigned in tho Yorkvillo Pollco Court
this morning on a chamo of bigamy. Ills first
wife, Ida Furman, had tist fled that slo was mar
ried to him Rt the Church of St. Chrysosirom,
Ttilrty-nlutli street and seventh avenue, by thu
Hov. Thomas bill, on Sept. 15, 18M. She had also
produced a certificate of the marriage of Furman
io Llzzlo Dwycr, of 4U West Forty-eighth street,
on Aug. SO, lssL
When the prlioncr was arraigned nt tho bar tho
complainant had disappeared. In answer to
questions Furman remarked that he nad nothing to
aay except that ho proposed to get a divorce froui
his first wife and 11 x matters up with the second.
"That may bo jour plan of settling affairs,"
said Ills Honor, " but It Is not ours. Yuuaroheld
In 410, Ow bull to ansner and we will seo that both
of your wives appear to give e Idcncc acalnst you. "
Furman la tho son of u well-known physician.
Arcb-Abbot Wlmmrr Dead.
Sr. Vincent Coilkof, Pa Dec 8. Arch Ab
lot Uonlfaco Wlmmer died this morning a little
after 10 o'clock.
Arch-Abbit llotufics Wlmmer was born
at ThalmaH'tng, Havarla Jan. 14, IsO; ordained
a pr.est of tho Catnollo Church tu 1S1 and soon
after joined the Ileuedlct.ne Order of Monks then
nawiy established by King Louis I. of Havarla.
Prom mstoisi'lho was occup ed in toachlng In
thu arlous colleges ol the order. Iu 1M0 he camo
to IhU country aud nus alven a tract of land
lu Westmoreland County, Pa. , by the lute HIhop
O'Connor. Pope Leo XIII. created Abbot Wlm
mer Arch-Abbot nnd conferred the prlvllego of
wearing thu magna cappa. Thu fuucral will take
place lucsday next.
Desperate Encounter Willi n Ilurlnr.
NonwALK, Conn., Dec. 8. The house of John
Napcrvllle, near this city, was entered by u
burglar last night, lho thief met with a warm
reception. Napervlllo Brcretcd himself and while
tne burglar was use ndiug lho stairs ho attacked
him wltn a carving knife, the burglar snappol
Ins pistol Ttslit In the fnee of Napervllle, but lho
cup failed to explode. 'I he men ti.cn clinched and
both rolled down the stairway on to the lower
floor. The burglar was stabbed several times with
the knife. He escaped.
Lenders of the llronklng (Inng Captured.
Isirrui. to tiic woar.n.l
I'oitT Woktii, Tex., Dec. . Alter months of
watching and pursuit, the ring leaders of the famous
Ilrooklng gang of tnltves aud train robbers hive
becu capturid and lodged in Jail, lho at ems of
the crimes of thtso linn is 170 mills from Fort
Worth, but they aro brought hero for fear of a
Cnuuot tbe Plulierlrn CouiiiiUiloii Agree f
WAsniNdTON, Dec s It Is stated on good an
thorlly that all attempts of the Fisnerles Commis
sioners to reach an agreement upon a treaty have
failed aud that the uegollatlous are rapldiy ap
proaching an end.
It Is reported that tho Princess of Wales la lying
quite 111 at Marluorough House, London.
M. Hadl-Carnot, the new President of lho French
Iteuubllc has been Installed lu thu Kit see Palace.
M. Goblet will form thu uen MiuUtry.
Cable advices from London stato that there Is
danger of a dissolution of the cable pool, owing to
Ferlous disagreement between tho companies con
cerned. ,
Vernona Jarbcau, the actress, distinguished her
self at Newcastle, Pa., by rescuing a little child
who had wandered out upon the railroad track In
front of an approaching train.
Defaulter Ja kson, of lho New York HuIn
Ireasnry, lain Winnipeg, Manitoba. He changed
bis $10,000 worth ol stole n Bet urliiea Into Canadian
nionoy before eroislng the border.
It la now stated that Ihcro Is no probability of a
chango In the ownership of the Ciuuiimatl. Hamil
ton and Dayton ltallroad. Prealdtnt Dexter and
otuer ortlccrs of lho Una are In consultation at
Terto Haute.
A Thriving Businoss Done Until
tho Police Raided It.
Ladlos Who Camo In Carrlnrros to Speculate
In Stocks.
The I'einule limber AbiiIii In Jnll, Now on
n ( burgo of SmIiiiIHiik n Poor Widow
Will Oilier Coiuplnliinnlii t'omo I'or
vnrdr Tim Cnrrer of llm Wonmn Mnco
Ilerlteleu.e It out I'rlxon The Itmimi to
Ylblrli Her Ciialoinrra Were I.ured.
Mnrion Lit Touchc, tho woman baukor,
whoso peculiar methods havo brought hor
-,v ti n (1 o r Iimpootor
C j 'f Byrno's guardianship,
ttwOK was tho central figuro
rtw! this morning iu tho
TfVtJsi Jefferson Market I'o.
4 $$ l'00 Court. Mrs.CJnra
, fT & Johnson, who claims
Kffifo JS$tt' ,,u " Mctitn of lho
tfSr vjfc woman's porKiinHivoar-
,WmF S j gumeuts to tlio tuuo
I I of $160, was n second
figure, and appeared
MAlUOKLATOtattE. ,, ,,,,!, ,
did tho so.callod " femalti rordiuand Ward."
Mrs. La Toucho is n tall, Hharp-featured
blonde. Her careor during tho last seventeen
yenrs has been full of varioty, nnd sho is well
known to tho police. Sho has been four
times a wife, her mime, previous to tlio present
ono being Marion L. Dow, under which her
banking opeiations at her charming apart
ments, 1C5 West Tvventy-third street, woro
Sho has lived in all parts of this country,
and iu 1H7S, through necessity was a readout
of St. John, N. II. Then sho ciiiuu back to
Now York, hottied in Union Miuaro, operated
ii while mid disnppinred. Wlicn uoxt heard
of sho was in a Philadelphia prison.
Four years ngo sho re-established herself iu
11. 1- :, ..i ..
broker's ofllco in Tiiir- '"'"I
ty-bovonth Mroet. Her ; Sl
licculiarwork hete led IlCf'v
her again to prison lllr$isL
from whero bho wasfK IShAl n
liberated only eight m.' n1
months ngo. It isW IjKaJiAw J
siuco then that horjni IflBfSaY AiS
swindling ndvortise-fl,. I laia ,m
ments hnvo appeared,''; 13 iS
and it is claimed thatJajfl V
sho has duped couUd.fwJ Jl v H M
ing women to Ihoif'ivbl rf h"
extent of many thou
fund dollars. Mns- claiia johnson.
SVhon hho awoko iu her cell nt Toliro Ht ad
ruarters this morning, sho looked very little
liko tho handsomu woman nrrcsted yestor
dav. A night in n coll had not proved bono
licinl to her appcaranco.
About a.HO o'clock, with Detective Mc
Mnutis for a guide, sho started for tho JelIY)r
bon Market Court. Ou tho way tlio pair
stopped at n photograph gidlery, whero tho
bankor vmis photograjihed.
Sho didn't liko tho idta and screwed her
faco into all kinds of wrinkles, noccbbituting
u second bitting, lhistimo sho was advised
to behave herself and sho did. Thou tho
walk was resumed.
In court sho Boomed as bold nnd do limit as
when arrcstod. Shownlkod to Clerk Hoim
hcrgor's desk with nouchulauco aud talked
glibly to tho detective.
Her dress was elegant, thongh nniet, her
costumo consisting: of a dark walking drths,
clo'.e-flttliig dark jacket, n pretty littlo diab
folt bonnet, with a bunch of feathers to
match for oruamout, and plum-colored
Sho refused to talk until sho had seen her
lawyer. Tho latter, Joo Stinor, was busy
witn other cases when her ladyship was bo.
lug questioned and Bho was at a loss what
to do.
"Is your uauio Marion L. Dow V asked
tho Clerk.
' Why, no, of courbo not."
" What is it r"
" I rofuso to answer," camo tho reply.
"Whero do you live?"
" I don't know," was nil tho satisfaction
" And your occupation ?"
" That is no ulluir of yours. Whero is my
lawyer V"
But tho lawyer didn't hear tho appeal.
" Will you sign this document,'' asked tho
Clerk, handing her a paper. containing her
" But Dow is not my namo," sho saidj "of
courso I won't."
But sho changed her mind in a miuuto and
signed " Marion L. Dow."
Then sho was told to stop down. Iu n
short time Justice Gorman was ready to hear
During nil this timo tho victim of tho w ily
woman, Mrs. Johnbou, bat patiently waiting
to bo called. Her mother uud baby boy
wero with her, Mrs. Johnson was dressed in
mourning, it littlo whito niching in the front
of her bonnet alouo relieving tho black.
Her face was Hushed and sho siomcd in
nervous dread of mei ting tho swindler. Her
hiibband died tun .vcurs ago, und her only
support wan tho littlo money, their savings,
ho left.
When tho caso was called both women
fnced tho judge, ono hut a fuw feet from tho
other. During the reading of tho complaint,
Mrs. La Toucho east reproachful gluuct s at
thu complainant, but tho little widow never
raised hor head,
Tin: complaint.
Itapidl y tho complaint was read. It
charged that the defendant, by iiieaui of ad.
vcrtibements offering remunerative positions
to wouit n, had attracted thu attention of tho
During n visit to Mrs. Ln Toucho, the lat
ter said to her that for tho consideration of
ijSOO she would givo Mn. JoIiumju a ?2)
week situation in connection Willi the Stock
Board. Tho widow did not havo the money,
io sho oflert.il all tdic pobM hhod, 5I.'0.
This Mrs. La Houcho took, mid Oct. 17
engaged her at a salary of t?10 per wt e!. Tim
complaint routiuues that hineo tlu.u only $a
all told havo been paid on the contract
Tho hketches of tho two women, taken by
The AVihimi nrtlht in court, nro excellent m
productious of their features, and givo mi
excellent Idea of their appearance whllo this
dofU.u.uit was being road.
Mrs. I .a Toucho wanted an examination,
AVhilo tho question of a postpoiu meiit wus
under consideration llovul Lu Touche, thu
husband, rushed into court.
Ho was btopped by Ijiwyer Stelner.aud tho
pair hud a long discission. Then tho latter
announced that 1m Toucho had engngod ex
Heimtor Thomus F, Grady to defend his wife.
As tho ox-Seuutor could not appear until
tho noxt day thu caso was continued until 3
v. it. to-morrow, bonds; being placed at
nn: iroitr.n Morr.s os:
2,riflO. Mrs. La Toucho was remanded to
jtrtfl. la touciic's HTOItr.
To n AVnni.n reporter sho snid that Mrs.
Johnson never gnvo her n cent, though tho
following receipt shows tho falsity of tho
statement ;
Nrw A'ouk, Oct. 17, 18S7.
lb reived of Mrs. C. A. .Tohnion ono hundred
and fifty dolbtrs, which I havo tnM day drpoilled
with Aifr d (.arr .V Co., brokers, to ere lit of Mrs.
C A. Johnson. MauunL. Dow.
Mrs. Jrihnsiin saysshn worked jtibt ono day
at Mis. La Touciic's stock board uud then
had nothing to do. From that day. Oct. 17,
she went to West Twenty-third street regu
larly and regulurly asked for her weekly pay
Oncn sho was given Jli, but sinco sho re
ceived nothing. A weulc ago last Saturday
she concluded that sho had boon swindled.
She knows of ono woman who paid $450 for
a $20 a week position, and did not get it,
At 105 AVost Twenty-third street, whero tho
littlo drama of tho spider and thn fly was
daily enacted by Mrs. Ln Toucho and hor vio
thus, everything woh in confusion this morn
ing. Mrs. H. B. Mclntyro. tho landlady, was
thunderstruck nt tho disclosures mado by
tho police in regard to tho fair tluaticloro.
nnd could scarcely behove thn detailed his
tory given by Inspector Byrnes.
Mrs. Mclntyro showed n AVimu) reporter
through tho rooms occupied by Mr. and
Mrs. La Toucho. Thoy nro two spacious nnd
elegantly furnished apartments on tlio parlor
floor and a slooping-room abovo.
Ono parlor was used nn a reception-room
and tlio other was a purely Business olllce.
In it wcro n telephone and a Btock quotation
ticker, two revolving desks, complnto tiles of
tho daily papers nnd financial bulletins, ami
a blackboard on which the current quota
tions wero marked.
Tho card formerly ottachod to the front
door, but which vvns taken down when dis
aster overtook tho La Toucho firm last even
ing, lay ou tho tablo among a heap of adver
tising cards and correspondence.
Mr. Mclntyro said that Mrs. lav Toucho
camo thero n month ngo. Bho then went by
tho namo of Mario L. Dow. Sho said sho
was a widow, her husband, who was a down
town broker, having died two years previ
ously. Sho said sho had many wealthy connec
tions, and had conBidorablo property inter
ests. She was in tho habit of investing
money for relatives and friends, and would
havo to uso ouo room as an otllco.
Sho added that she had bean established at
40 Lexington avenuo for six months pro
v iously, but had to leave because sho could
not havo a ticker aud telephono put in her
Mrs. Dow was a profitable tenant nnd sho
seemed to havo plenty of money. Her office
hours worn from 10 A. M. to 3 r. M. Sho had
so many callers that Bho had to eniplov a
pago, drebsed in livery, to attend to tho
Sho also employed n young man as clerk
nnd corresKindeut. Mr. ltoyal Ln Touche
called regularly at tho houso from Mrs.
1 low's first nnpearauce. Ho married Mrs.
Dow on Thanksgiving Day, nnd afterwards
lived at tho houso with his wifo. Ho shovvod
Mrs. Mclntyro tho mnrnogo certificate.
Mrs. Molntyro said thn visitors secmod nil
to bo "first-class people." Most of thorn
camo in carriages, and bomo camo two or
three times a day. 'They nuvor gavo their
names or sent in cards.
Somo of Mrs. Lu Toucho's flowery adver
tisements wero found iu hor oQico. Ono
read :
A fortuno In a few months. A splendid oppor
tunity for ladles with a few hundred dollars to In
vtst. Tno advertiser, a lady of long experlcnco
lu financial matters aad unusual opportunities in
Wall street will act tor ladle,, oulr. Fifteen to
twenty per cent, per month guannteed.
Mine. la TouciiK, 108 West Twenty-third street.
Trom papers found in her ofilco it was ovi
dont that Mrs. Lu Touche did business with
at least a scoro of brokers downtown, and
had from sixty to oighty regular customors.
Her investments averaged from $400 to
tj 1.200 each day.
A very prominent nnd highly respected
banker ami broker, whoso otlico is withm
sight of old Trinity Church clock and whoso
name aud addttss aro withheld at his urgent
request, said ho had done business with Mrs.
La Toucho for tho past four or live mouths.
Ho lirst met her when ho had a house to let
uptown last summer. Sho called in responso
to tin advertisement. Sho did not tako the
hoiiMt, but mentioned in conversation that
her husband hud been a stock broker and
thut sho wus much interested iu linanciul
Sho said sho bought and sold many thou
sand shares of btock, aud produced a letter
from Narr A' Guuloek, a well-known l'hila
dolphin banking firm, in continuation of hor
While Mrs. LnTonchcwasat 10 Loxington
Hvcuuobho heguu to givo her ordirs to tho
hroker referred to. Ho charged her 1-1(1 of 1
per ei nt ou sales and purchases. Sho had a
womhrful knowledge of tho stock market,
aud se emeil to operate with unusual success.
Tho broker showed a letter from his client,
signed " Mario L. Dow," in which sho said:
1 scud ) ou herewith ttinO, which please invest m
St, Paul and LikrMiore to-day as follows: Tor
account of Mrs. II. VI. Stack, fuo. Lake Shore:
uciountof virs. Johnson, fit", sLl'aul; account of
Mrs. tlremir, "0, St. Paul; account ol Mrs.
ll.ilsey. J.ii, Lake Snore. Pleaso advise me of
the re.ult ss soon us pxaiible.
"I nover saw any of Mine. Lit Toucho's
advertisements," said tho hroker, "nnd I
had no idia but that bho was doing u per.
feollv legiliinnto business. Of courhO, I did
not Ituov. tliat bho took tho money of thero
iaditHiuid never paid them when they mado
a profit on their investments.
" 'I here is nothing unusual about ladles
bpeoulating iu Mocks. Ono of tho biggebt
and wealthiobt brokers iu town operates forn
hundred ladies t t n day aud has mado three
millions out of women's trade alouo.
"Mmc. La Toucho usttl excellent judg
ment in her investments, and was a match
for tho smartest men in tho street.
Sho is n genius in everything connocted
with money matters, nnd could havo gained
moro money in a week by honest and fair
dealing thou iu years of questionable trans,
Judge Cowing- Denies a New Trial H
to tho Anarchist. -4B
Execution of Sontenco Stayod PondlnsrAn ilftfl
Appoal to the General Term. 'iflB
I.nvvTcr Ilnno Argues tlint tlio Jnry Con 4jB
vlctcd III Client on (Hencrnl Principle -3Lfl
Jndse Cowing Overrules Ilia Motion tXB
Without Ilcnrlng Argument In Heply 'mbH
Most Hnyn Tlint Free Hpeeeli la nt Sttako B
nmlTnlics III I'unlsliuicnt Hullculy. ,laH
Hcrr Johaun Most was to bo sen- -B
lenccd by Judgo Cowing, nnd that StB
was why long-haired, sallow-faced, nn- HiH
kempt men nnd women gathered ?H
around tho brown-stono Oourt-House in iaB
which sits tho Court of General Sostions this B
nioining. 'B
Tho doorkeeper of Tart II., whom Judgo UB
Cowing presides, was not so rigid as usual, '-:B
nnd a number of tlio Anarchists gained ad- 'B
mission to tho room, nnd to these Most 'CiB
noddutl and smiled ns ho passed in to tho -fiiB
"pen" nt 10.30 o'clock. "'laliK
Most led tho procossion from the prison rsiB
van into tho Court-House. He was hand- 'lB
cuffed, on this account, not to a" common vfsB
thief, as ou his last visit to court, but to uSbI
John Ilcilly, a typical young tough, indictod 'B
for assault. .KB
Mrs. Ida Hoffmann, his bondswoman, was H
early on hand, and, with two or threo other KtH
w omen, occupied tho " box." 2H
At 11.30 Do Lancoy Nicoll entered hur- &ftlB
ricdly, apologized to Judgo Cowing for be- &IbiB
ing tardy aud w as immediately ready for bus- yH
incss. UbHI
Most was sent in from tho prisoners' pen 4!alV
and took n seat by his counsel. Mont's hair 4IbiB
had a toudoncy to hristlo, but his demeanor AdsiB
was carefully combed and brushed down, JsH
nnd he was as mild not to say pretty at a VGH
baliy. $H
Kir, Howe, unadorned except for a row of lH
diamonds across his bosom, addressed tho rH
Court, asking for n now trial. Ho Bold that .?
tho jury wero prejudiced and convicted Most ,?HB
on his nrev ions record. -H
Mr. Howo declared that a juryman iold H
him that tho jury had finally agreed that JallH
Most was guilty when ho said he would liko silB
to know thu oxecutioncr of tho Chicago 'IbB
Anarchists anil that if ho had but that "bB
pleasure ho would never rest till the exe- 'nHj
cutionor had shared their fato. i SH
Hut Mr. Howe thought it outrageous, pro- uVH
poatcrotis that the jury should have called JrH
this a "threat" within the meaning of the tfial
law. Mr. Howo also pointed out other nl. fXH
logetl errors. SbbH
Mr. Nicoll asked if the Court cared to hoar 'tlsHal
him in reply. 'fiaBfl
Most wus thou directeel to stand up, and JSfl
when asked what ho had to say why sontenco AiH
should not bo pronounced, ho unfolded a big -'jflfl
sheet of paper und read a speech, in which ho sbH
declared that ho was innocent, that the right 3Hm
of free speech was at stake, nnd that the sen- 'IHI
teneo pronounced against an innocent man iiflS
would bo a blot upon tho history of this land. JHal
Mr. Howo apologized for Most, saying that i'3aBi
thn latter did not understand that the Court JHb
had been excocding kinel to him. 'ISfl
Then Judgo Cowing pronounced sentence. IXfl
Ho said : vBaa
You havo tho overwhelming majority of the 'BC
American peoplo against you. I believe yon could
not get twelve men together who would not be Vai
against you. Not long since I had Ave persona !
beforo tne charged with cruelly boycotting a poor TsbbI
woman. There was not ono ot them could vuffffj
speak our language There was not one of them ,bbbi
a citizen. Tney came here from other countries to vftH
escape oppression and their first act was to oppress Tbbbb
anotuer. I have had wituesica hire, citizens, who 'IbbbI
had not heard nt George Washington. 'Isbbb:
Somehow many of tho people who are Invited over iV;bbbbI
here to become citizens como here to be dlssatls. ibbbt
fled and to complain and break our laws. It you ibbB
are going to live here try and obey the laws. Tho ''VibbI
sentence of the Court la that you be confined In the VjJbbbb
penitentiary one year without fine. Hbbbbb
Most listened in sullen silence, glowering; SjBJ
on tho Judgo. Aftor sontenco Most waa ro- 'JbbbbLI
mantled to tho Tombs. 'iBbbs!
Htrannera Amonar Vt. JbbbbI
Anatln Lathrop, of Corning, la at tbo Glliey. ISiSB
Tbo Marquis D'Oyley reached the Grand to-day. wSlalB
nen. I. & Bryce Is registered at the Park Ave- aBl
Hdwln Q. Ogden, of Chicago, Is booked at the 'iSaHa!
Uarrett. 'il
Urn. W. P. Carlln, U. 8. A., la a guest of tho 'bB
Bturtcvant,; TnasBsa
Paullllouct, ,'MaxO'RelI,"has joined all wlfo JbsbII
at tho Everett. VjbbB
Oov. Smith, of Vermont, left the Broniwlck ' JbbsI
early thla morning. jHH
The Union Squire register ahowi that Frank bsbsI
Hngnea has arrived from England, -vbbbbbI
Col. John P. N. Nicholson and Cob. Fred ilaasB
Mason luduigo in war talk at the Brunswick; bsibbI
Hawland HardlngB, purser ot the City ot Bloo- VbbbbbI
tnond, arrived at the Iloffman this morning; 'Vbbbi
William O. Van Icecd and J. W. FersendeU. two tfH
army oniccrs, are stopping at the Bturtcvant, CMbbb!
(Ion. Joseph B. Carr, ex-Secretary of State. mbbbbI
and A. 6. Allen, an Elmlra Tax Commissioner, are Mbbbs1
guealaot thoOdsey. ibbbbI
Mrs. O. I). Barrett, better known as ' Sappho." J&aifl
has arrived In this cliy from Washington and IS MbbbsI
now staying at the Grand. MbbbbI
Among the arrivals at the Windsor are E. V7, ItasiB
Kinsley and A. A. Folsom, two prominent rail- .GbbVbbVbi
toad men from "Toe Hub." "3bb1
Mrs. CoL J. c Alexander and the Mlaaei Alex-' '5asB
ander have rccenlly returned from Paris and now .J YsbbbbI
mako their homo ut the Grand. 17 8B1
Cnb (leorge a. I'arsons, of Waterbury. George JF 101
.1. slcard, a former law partner of President Clove- r Ml
land, and Join J. Cruig, of Tuu4, havo sit ffB!
taken rooms at the St. James. ISIbbbV
Four offlcera at tho Grand: Major J. R. CamnbeB. v'aiiH
II. 8. A., Lieut. V. K. Ellonhead, U. a A?. fJeut 'A'bbB
Alleu Mertz, V. b. N., and E. U. Squlrea, l. ai. f M
instructor at k.L James College. -
Among others at the Brunswick Is Samuel Good- I
man, Vice-President of ilia Pullman Car Company. j bbti
nnd two prominent railroad men of t'lnclrlaaa. a 'H
namely, Orlaud Smith nnd W. V. McCllntlco. & )
Among tho more prominent arrivals at the Fifth '?
Avenuo are: E.L. Bartloit, a Baltimore con- J '
tractor; I)r. F. II. Iiiahon. P. I. Marcy, of Provl. . ,
elenee, and L. 11. Humphreys, the proprietor ot rf H
the Narragausctt llouio at Ilovldence.
Prob I'urnlsbea Itnln nnd Huuvr. i, efl
CS I WasniNdTon, Deca. j.
AiTA Vs I lnalca,tun for 1ft .' iW
i b1 t4 tirentilvr hour$ com. 4obB
As7Sy I V tinfiicing at 3 r. U. to. bbH
1 fSV V "" 'bax9
A-W -7YjO i'r Vw'n'"ru an vlasIB
YVN i Eastern Ano rorf, IH
rt MKy tltiMt coottr, thrtaUn. H
jV Cv ' tna veather' U"'A "9W A 'bsiH
' y rain, rxapt partly stunt i'bsiiB
In noi'fAern portttiui ''asiifl
ItQtit tafrtsh winds becoming norlTvatlerlii. ftasiiB
Wbnt U Worae .nasiH
thinhswklnt.tplttlnasnJoon.UnUtlosjInithstbroUf .bbbH
And yet th. rlctlm niiTsr droams that e.Urrb U am BsTflsTflBl
eauMandrMdUeanHlbr ulnar Wor-corCa Call ISM , ,H
AJuniii.STUB. Soldbjdra(iiiiui(tMalsy, V ' .sbbbIiiB
sVi'Ju.i. -. .-i-Afaf iM&t I1 v9rtlaMaasaaaMaaBBBilvvlvH

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