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I "i Js1
I SbbbV 1
i ' " "" - - - - iiH
j,er, Itti'tllna Throng Ever I'naalng- In
nml Oiii Olflu Uccriveil Ono .Mlmitn nmt
(-old ll'c Nnxl Tim Hrslnlirrtnt .linking
glflO n liny l'nncli tint! Jmlv HlinM nml
Muslcnl rntcrlnlninriitn At tlio rolls.
PY tho timo ono 1ms
viovvcd tho gny nud
brilliant scenes at tho
Masonic Fnir, ono may
Moll oxclaiiu, ," O
Charity! O Charity 1
how many festivitlos
nro enjoyoil in thy
nnmo!" But ns tho
good times bring forth
inouoy and plenty of
of it, loo, by tho way
which is to bo used in
n landablo causo thai
otherwise) might go
bogging, they lmvo
oven mora than thoir
tlieir Ubunl excuse for
Urns. Seeing tho cagor, bustliug, throng of
fooujo constantly passing in nml out, a
stranger might supposo that last night was
the first of tho fair ami never for a moment
famciue that just such crowdb had attended
the merry, mouoy-uinkiug entertainment
wry night for tho past two weeks and
Tould, in all probability, for two weeks to
But so it is, and although the closing timo
Taj at ono timo fixed for Dec. 17, it was ru
mored iu tho building last night that gifts
continued to bo mado in snob uumbeis und
purchasers wore, bo plentiful that tho man
ijcrs had decided Unit tho fair should not
Wcoiho a thing of tho pabt until tho night
Moro Christmas. This seems n littlo hard
on tho " dear giris " who since tho opening
havo caused many hearts to llutter and, ergo,
is many pockets to bo lightened of their con
tents, nut. aR ono of thorn (tho girls, of
courbo) said last night, "It is only six dnjs
longer than wo thought, you know, und I
juct-s wo ecu stuud it."
And then, in a nervous, half-forgetful, de
lightful manner, she too!; hold of the young
man's coat with hor littlo hands, IookimI at
him with hor big ojes, and in nu appealing
TOice slid : " Oh, won't you take a cuimeo "f"
It sounded bo much like " Don't you love
ne ?" that tho young man was at flrbt imol
nntanly inclined to jirots matters, but ho
didn't. Ho just put his hand into his pockot.
drew out sjl, and, almost beforo ho realized
it, had becomo the possessor of ono chanco'm
tho draw for a stove.
I Hut tho fair vendors of chances don't waste
time in talMng to him who talks and docs not
luy and ho who receives a smile must pay
for it. Tho principal booths aro still on the
first or mam lloor and tho many contribu
tions which nro constantly being roceived
cause tho largo looms to tako on an ever
changing appearance. Articles aro received
one luiuute und sold tho uoxt, and, what is
nost strango, thoy can bo bought at very
reasonable pricei.
In ono ofMho chapter rooms Punch and
Judy, under the direction of Prof. Campboll.
still offer " three shows in an entertainment "
nightly. Thoir repcrtoiro last night included,
''liio Persecuted VutiDman," "Tho Perso
cutul Cobbler," and "who Stolo tho
Gooso ? "
On tho third flooris tho smoking-room, nnd
Lore it is that thobo who bnvennvestod " not
widely but too well " come and with depleted
liockcts proc ccd to whiff their cares away
Itforo they, forlnok of a nickel, walk homo.
On tho i.flli lloor tho association still docs
thriving lcfctutimut business, tho receipts
from which lun oat no timo tunco tho com
ment cuiont ot tho fair fallen bolow 8150 per
ilu . Hero, loo, tho prices aro low and ono can
pit a slrlom steak for half n dollar or a plato
of ice cream for 15 cents. Tho restaurant is
most adimrably munaged by Mrs. If. II.
Drockwuy, who is well supported b a corps
ofablo nssistautH consisting of Mrs. S. L.
Terlmuo, Mis. M. Vim lllarcom, Mrs. Day
I andMiBsTillie Munroo. To reach tho res
timiant ono has only to tako tho elevator for
whit h, it is announced, " thero is positively
Bo charge."
Opposito to and on tho samo floor as tho
restauruut is tho concert-room, in which last
night a classical concert was given in tho
yrehento of a goodly audience. Tho concort
lousibtid iu tho rendering of v. ell. chosen
music on tho piano by Herman O. 0. Kortho.
ner, on tho violin by Louis Mollenhauer, and
singing by George Wcrrouruth, tho tenor,
baturday night will bo tho red letter for tho
conceit-ioom, for by tho courtesy of Mi.
Henry 12. Abbey tho members of tho Gerstor
compuuy will bo heard. Tho management
expect that tho following artists will tako
part in tho ontertainmout : Mr. Theo. lijork
iteu, tenor ; Sig. Do Anna, baritone ; Sig.
Carbono, buffo; Mr. A. Oswald, baritone ;
Miue. Sacconi. harpist ; Miss Lbthcr Jacobs,
contralto j Mibs Nettie Carponter, violin
JirtuoM) ; Sig. l'orran, pianist, and Mr. A.
Aeucudorft. conductor.
At tho polls tho interest is as great ns over,
Mid tbd plurulltios aro over arymg. Lust
evening tho lenders in tho diflercnt contests
were as follow s : For tho most popular clor
Fjnian the Itov.Dr. 11. S. MaoArthur is a few
otts ahead of lus nearest competitor. C.
0. Bhayuu isaway aluad in tho goat contest.
1. It. MoMillon, according to tho votes, is
the most popular member of tho lodgo and is
likely U get tint jewel. H. S. Hermann is
the nopular Mastei. Kobocca at tho Woll
and Miss P. Larason aro closo competitors
tor tho diamond earrings. Mis. K. 11.
nr j. s. -.
Continued from Wednesday.
tSTKOrSIS 01' Ol'ENINO PIUI'TEU. In ft little
IlililriK vlllago on the Il-lttslL- coast the Key. God
lie; Ueiunuug win preaching his llrst sermon to a
new charire one ttoriuy Hnmlajr morning;. A
mlunto gun at sen told thoslory of a vcbsqI oatUe
locks. 'Ihe ndntster dismissed tho congregation
tod Joined a llfe-enat crew la aiding to rescue the
Pwsenijeri and crew on the slaking ship. He
crew one hull-drowned wuuiau iroiu the waves
Uelstie oxelalmeili
" Whs, Oodfrey Hamming, li It you 7"
Tha vicar started like one snot, und stood where
M waa, sei'mlngly petrllled.
We'i'V0letl"LB "alJ! "vlolotJul UltpoMl-
Ullf aM&P5Ws'T w no ciactly
Sgll sfsftw Christmas ot Elmseo
yJZffifM3uL Hall.but it was thin
Pl' JiwJl fifour daysof " ETcry-
"W&WA t'B in active
wr$vix!i9''h ' llrel,nration for bravo
3K Vw '-Tlio old Squlro was
mCVi n'most Ijcsido himself
Mgp8 bsw'I ot 'uo confusion ; foot
G&uSs I ik men, hoiibcmaids and
wKf I 9 coouswero iu a itato
Yt fetostt ' Murry "nd impor.
M $rtii&fi'Wll V tonco, and oven tho
m GaMjy Jw leiwfe vory 80B' aya wero
?&Zi&ti 0W wf& 'u u'c'' C'C6, 'or ,vaa
K 2 Kwi t$ not Squiro's
"yfjiriflvtaiAt TOJ.inMitni. ya only
Mid, tho ono delight nnd sunbeam of hie
"! coing to bo marriod ?
Squire Lcightou stoodjn his lifirary nnd
looked ont across the park. Thero was
plenty of show lyimt on its broad expanso,
Jf d the wholo scono looked wintry. But
""re-was M0 feeline of winter In Bqnirc
Mlghton'a heart.
A ho walked from tlio window to tlo fire.
nnrpor. r.t tho po Is, is tho most popular
Mastor Mason's wifo, and Josoph Brittou
seems likoly to tako tho sword of popularity
from other Commandors of New York and
Drook yn. E. L Vnu Saun will probably bo
elected Junior Warden, and Tub Wonu still
maintains its load in popularity over all other
Scrap -Ilox rirturen rtlndo In Incredlblo
Qimmltlc. for Llilldrcn Notvndnx.
. j vv '"l'ay nro sometimes
if rVT sen iu conjunction
hi r7 ''k a " Bcrni'-uo1-"
vw. IlE!?C$ - lls 's' l,resuniably,
W. sS n reccptaclo for
W? iW "scraps." llut it is
ASi"'"na not ' so lnuou 'ntcr.
( (oefSis- Cbt in its uses as it is in
" tho autiquo and simplo
art which bus sought
to add ornament to tho unpretentious ex-
terior of a plain squaro box.
Small woodcuts representing anything tho
fancy can concoivo hno been cut out of
magazinos and " picture papers" by tho
grandmothorly scisssors nnd conscientiously
stuck upon this pinewciod box. Then sho
arnishcd it and was happy. Hor art souse
was Hoothod.
Children of this favored hour can "seo
thoir grnudams and go thorn ono hotter "on
tho scrap-boxos. Tho manufacturers of
Christmas cards and other lithogruphio pic
turos print small objects by tho hundred, all
ready for children to pa6to into books or on
boxes. Thcso pictures nro cnt out, tho paper
is stamped so ns to givo tho object a certain
roundnosB.nud thoy uro in bright colors, still
further heightened by arnish.
They como iu sheets of half n dozen or
more, nnd nil tho child has to do is to cut
them apart nnd paste thorn into n book or on
tho box. Two hundred of them, each ono
dillcrent from all tho othors, can bo bought
for 60 cents.
Tho animal kingdom, tho realm of flowers,
small landscapes, with pictures humorous or
seutimoutal, liavo helped out tho inventor.
In one houso which prints tms sort of thing
more than seven hundred workmen aro em.
ployed. Thoy ato trained to tho work from
A Nassau stroot dealer who handles thorn
has sent these tiny " scrap pictures " to tho
four quarters of tho world. Young ones in
Australia, small droll-faced Chinese- babies,
dusky South American children, littlo Rus
sian connoisseurs amuse thomsolvos with
these bcraps.
Ouoycar.the dealer received nearly forty
thousaud lcttors. Of courso, ho luhertises a
good deal and carries n large stock, but tho
number of thcso small pictures bought is
almost incrediblo.
This is an art kindergarten for children.
Thoy learn to select tho ones they liko best
and their imagination is stimulated, bosjdes
being kept out of mischief and finding amuse
ment iu a clcnu play.
It is a great schoino, a good deal of monoy
is made by it and a good many children aro
mado happy.
'Walters generally complain of dull times and a
lack of employment.
Plauomakcrs and furniture and woodworker are
busy and few of them are out of nori:.
licports from tho International Unions Indicate
that a, (XX) clgarmaKcrs are out ot work..
It Is estimated that 4,uoo of tho Subway laborers
are idle and likely to remain to nntll next spring.
Union waiter' are moving to stop the blackllitlng
of members by the Parr and Ballroom Proprie
tors' AiBoclatlon.
BrlcKlayera and plasterers are very bnsy. Car.
renters and painters complain of a lack of work,
but look tor better times after the holidays.
Of tho W,ooo men engaged in tho harbor aa
fre ght handlers, boatnnn and lunfraborcmon,
3, coo arq said to be unable to And employment.
Nearly sixty thousand men aro engaged in the
bullillng trades In thUcity nnd not moro than lO.ooo
of tho number nro oat of work at the present. The
sfonon uai been thus far cry favorable lor out
door work.
Work la plentiful In the clothing trado, and It Is
estimated that 15,000 men ana womcu are kept
busy making all kinds of wearing apparel. Slucn
of tno labor Is done in tenement houso work-rooms
on tho Kst side.
Tho pamphlet turned by tho'l'.rottiorliood ot Car
penter and Joiners ot America discumlng the
question or amalgamation with tho United Order or
American Carpenters und Joiner and giving tho
correspondence between the two bodies, has not
been replied to, nor Is it likely to be. The organi
zation lait named does not seem willing to eater
any arrangement whereby it win ba required to
recofnlzc the cards or tbo Brotherhood.
A fiecoml Avenue Inoldont.
Oaraln Wot's der matter, Flddjoy 7
Ftddsey My bes'ball rolled t'rough dor fence,
n'dcr gate's lockedl
Gamin llraco up! "Mister Evarts mos' gtnerally
klina up on der 5 o'clock car. He'll crawl t'rongh
'n'rjlt Itferyerl
m m
Not Scriptural, but True.
ITtom .)
Clergyman My boy, you were very naughty to
run owny. Don't yon know the way of the oarnu
Boy Yea; towards Canada.
Illkcr'a Hucliet Powders
are finer, Rtrongor and mora luting than Lubtnft, At
kinRon't, Ooudnr' or. Iu fuct, fcnr Mchet ponder la the
nmrkot. T)il la irurntel bjr RlSEn, 85J fitb aye.
11 tllutrope. Ttulet. Jockey club, white roi, luutk.
Inniston hMinc IUitrn's Haouet PowDEtt and Pin
yuMLStn thoorifflnal nacksce. Do not allow any one to
ttersuailo yon otberwuo. Bold by almost all dealers
hroughoat the United Btate. If any drugslrt refute to
supply run yon can be sure of setting what you aak for at
the dxy-gooua boueea aud general atorea, or dlreot from
Wll, 11. RIXMI i. HON,
DrYtlclfta and Perfutnera,
atawethaTo., New York.
placo ho looked overy inch a lino old English
geutloman. Toll, burly, fresh healthy color
in his cheeks, clean-shaven uppor lip and
chin, short crisp whiskers nnd olose-croppod
head, no ono would hnvo taken him for any.
thing other than ho was a country squire
a great, broad-shouldored, gonial English
man, fond of tho fresh air, fond of rurn
life, fond of agriculture, fond of bunting, ofl
shooting, aud fond of the land that lay about
By tho firo eat Mr. Hemming. It was somo
months nftor his entry into the parish, and
ho and tho Bnuiro had uocome fast friends.
' ' This is Into wiutor, Hemming," said tho
Squire, as ho stood in a truo Englishman's
position, back to tho flro, hands under his
coat-tails. " Ah. Hemming. I shall feel it
wrhen I como to loso rov girl."
"I am sure you will, ' replied Mr. Hem
ming; "but you mustn't forget that sho isn't
going far away."
"No," said the squire; "no, sho isn't go
ing far aw av, that's ono comfort. And Ed.
ward Lascellcs is a fine fellow, a truo, noble,
hearted lad thut's another. No. I oughtn't
lo feel it, for Dl is hnppy. And if bho's
happy, I'm happy. "Whero is she this morn
ing. I wonder ir" , , ,
"I met Miss Lcighton and Sir Edward as I
camo up tho drive," said Mr. Hemming. "I
fancy they wero going down to tho lodgo to
seo Grnuuy Smith, who has got what sho
calls tho 'roomatiz' vory bad.
"Ah," said the squire, "she's on old favorito
of Diana's. Poor Granny Smith 1 Her roo.
matiz' is always bad in winter. But there's
Ui coming back. Bless her bonny fncol
She's ns handsomo n girl as you'll find in tho
county, Hemming 1"
Tho squiro's daughter cntored presently.
Hho was a pretty girl, and her prettiuess
was not of the doll. liko beauty which ono
finds overywhero.
" Oh, Sir. Hemming 1" she cried. " Granny
Smith's rhoumallsin is Tory troublesome in-
deed this morning, and sho wonts you to pray
that the cold weather mnj u't continuo, for
, if it does ahe's sure you'll have to bury her
1-in Elntsen -churchyard befor long? Toor
old Granny I Oh, nnd I wanted
to toll you, Mr. Homming, that Ed
word ta coming with wo to-morrow
Trying to Jet Up nn Amntrur I.ncrop
I.rngne Polo In Jrrery (llj i:.rllciiicnt
Aniniiff Hi'trnlli Itrulmciit Athlctra Over
tlllbprt An Old-Time Simlrer ut I lie Hull
uum llouac Tnclflh ltcsliuciit Oninea.
voUST ns wai predicted
fM -"in this column that
wJvtf triplo athletic nnd uiu-
vjTjCjl sical eutortaininent
, f cxTjj which tho Manhattan
JLV)' Athletic, tho Essox
rWfiWKvfl110 Stn,ou IsInnd Ath'
"m VhMj V )'e'' Clubs havo com-
icVcWKk Vfbmed to glo at
IHTlffiil r I Orongo, N. J., on
I'ntllwi it l!K P00, 15' ntstnteuIsl-
K53jiy?7 cA 1 3.nml on tno 1'tu mu
' ' " "f JEzA Jat tlio Metiopolitnn
Opera-IIouso in this
1 H city on tho 20th inst.,
Jtj fll t will bo n tromendous
Itfsiii success. Almost oery
seat is sold already and yesterday tho Triton
Boat Club, of Newark, purchared a bunch of
100 sents in tho first balcony of tho Metro-
politan Opora-IIonso. All thrco houses aro
so well sold that what to say to eager in-
qulrers is all that worries tlio committees
John rinnnery, Brooklyn's most enthu
siastic lacrosso playor, is trying to got tip nu
nmatcur lacross lcaguo similar to tho organi
zatious ruling wheeling, athletics, rowing,
tc. Ho has written to noarly ovory club in
tho country and rocehed favorable replies.
Tho Now York Polo Club will play the
Jersey City club at tho Pnonin Itiuk this
evening. Tho Now York team w ill piny tho
Brooklvns at tho Palaco Kink in Brooklyn on
Saturday ovening.
Tho result of tho Olympic Athlotio Club's
annual competitions, which occur overy
other Sunday from tho 1st of May to Doc. 1,
is just announced, Mr. E. Hjcrtsborg scored
nineteen points in tho twcnty.two oicutH on
tho list and is the nil around champion of tlio
big O's. W. r. Thompson is second, w ith
fourteen points; F. Ishorwood third, with
thirteen, nnd T. Nnmack fourth, with tho
same numbor. Ishcrwood got ono moro first
placo than Namack. W. A. Halpin is fifth
with cloven points.
Quito a littlo excitement has been kicked
up ovor tho Sevouth's games last Saturday
evening. Every company in tho re"imont
but ono hns protcstod against G. Y. Gilbert,
tho Now York Athlotio Club man, who pullod
off tho quarter, 1.000 yards nnd ono niilo runs.
Gilbert is to bo dobnrrcd from rocoiving his
medals, it is baid, becnuso ho was uovor
elcctod nnd was only posted for cloction
three days boloro tho games.
Another matter tho Sovonth boys nro kick
ing over is tho handicapping. Prof. Goorgo
Goldio. tho Athlotio Iustructor of tho Now
York Athletic Club, did it aud it is claimed
ho gavo his pupils unduo advantage A pe
tition is being circulated among ntuateur ath
letes to tho officers of tho athlctio association
of tho regiment to havo tho official handi
capper of tho National Association of Ama
teur Athletes do this work. Tho signers of
this paper say say thoy will not compoto nt
Seventh Itogimenl contests again till thoir
demands aro acceded to.
Billy Tracoy now has tho only comploto sot
of colors that hang o it any bar in Now York
City. Ho has both Kilrain's and Smith's.
Jack Baldock, who is to second tho English
champion, sent tho Briton's colors over yes
terday, bmith colors aio n bluo nnd red
border running around a largo white silk
handkerchief, with o picturo of himself iu
fighting attitude in the niiddlo surrounded
by four royal standards.
Tho clever old-time heavy-weight. Charlie
Porkins, of Rochester, is at tho Hoflman
House. Perkins used to spar with John C.
Hoennu, tho "Bonecia Boy." His latest
achievement was tho rcforccing to tho satis
faction of everybody tho glove contost bo
tweon Koddy Gallagher, of Clevoland, and
Chntlio Mitchell. Tho old champion will
probably witness tho battlo between ltcagan
and Dompsoy.
Tho athlotio entertainment and reception
to take placo nt tho Twelfth ltogimcnt Ar
mory, Sixty-socond streot and Ninth avonuo.
Now York, on Saturday ovoniug. Doc. 10,
promises to bo of unusual interest. In tho
nned programme of walks, runs, tug-of-wnr
and bicycle races, a vory largo number of
athletes w ill compote (thoro being 2S3 entries),
among whom nro the bost athletes rn the
country. Besides the largo entry list from
Now York City, a number of entries hnvo
been roceived from othor States and cities.
Tho bicyclo roco and tugs will bo especially
interesting. This is the greatest list ot entries
over received in Armory games.
Couldn't Answer OfT llnnd.
(from (A Uurlinafa V Ym.
"Iniuranco Agent now many times have you
been married, ina'mr
Widow Hold on, I'll look In my hair-album and
To one and all we say uae AtuMSOll'B BOTANIC Couon
BlLSAM. Ileit drugfiitta. ." j
morning to decorato tho church. Wo will
bring my cousin, tho West-Lcightons. nnd
Capt. Probyn, and Liout Seaton and all tho
othor pooplo who are coining horo this after,
noon, and I suppose Mrs. and Miss Vornon
will bo thoro. And do you think Miss Spicor
nnd Miss Arabella will bo thero too ? Do you
know, I liko Miss Arabella immensely. Sho
always tolls mo such a lot about church work,
and last timo I saw her sho gave mo a pattern
to mako a stolo by. Sho said St. Oriel's
wanted on for Christmas very much. Do
you want ono, Mr. Homming?"
" I havo no doubt we should not rcfuso ono,
Miss Leighton," said Mr. Hemming, who
had a greut taste for ecclesiastical millinery.
" Then you shall havo ono ; miuo is nearly
finished, and I'll havo it quito done by Christ
mas Day, and you shall wear it for tho first
timo. won't Miss Spicor bo delighted, and
wou!t Miss Arabella think it protty ?"
" Diann," said her father, who was nn old.
fashioned churchman, " yon nro simply en.
courngiug this infatuated j ouug man in his
ritualibtlo craze. I'm ashamed of you 1 You'll
turn out a second Miss Spicer in timo, I sup.
poso. But whoro'a Edward gono to ?"
" Ho is hero," said Di, as a tail young man
entered tho room. " Como hoio, sir, nnd givo
Mr. Hemming your ideas concerning tho
Sir Edward Ln6collcs was a good-looking
man of thirty-two or three; in another twon.
ty years he would bo like a Squire Leighton j
now ho was liko tho squiro had been twenty
years bofore very straight, at least six fcut
two, broad shoulders, frank, open counte
nance, bluo ejes and fair curling hair. Ho
was as handsome n young baronot as tho bar
ouetago could produce.
As ho stood by Diana's slilo it struck tho
two men watching them that a finer pair
could not be found in tho wholo county.
" I must give Hemming my ideas respect.
lug tho decorations afterwards," said Sir
Edward : " at present my thoughts nro in
tent on luncheon, which is just.rcndy, I bo.
Hove, Squire. I am ravenously hungry."
It was 2 o'clock when Mr. Hemming said
good-by to his host, and stopped out into tho
cold, frosty afternoon. Iu tho drivo ho met
Bli Edward, who was ou his way from tho
" Going, Hemming ?' asked the Baronet.
" I've half a mind to walk with you to the
Olive Harper Telle llo n Practical Arinc.
nlnn tlcle n Wife.
ffVoet St, leuil Ittpbllean,
Whllo afc Constantinople I had an Hnvltatlnn to
assist at an Armonlan wedding, the young bride
being tho daughter of a wealthy powder manu
facturer nnd tlio bridegroom a rluiplo clerk In tho
onlru ot the I.emnt Ttmtf, a tapir ulilchlnra
longtime enjojed the csjieclal f or of the Suit in
Azl7, on account of Its nducacy nf a change In the
succeimlnu ol prince to the throne. As the law la,
tho whole ol Ihe family of brother muit rcum be
foro the on or tho oldctt brother can nplro to the
throne, and Sultan Ariz nlwnys wished to lno the
succession changed so that his son would take ti la
pi ice Instead of his brothers. Afterwards this piper
was suppressed arbitrarily fir somo trlflo nnd
sul seipii utly nlnat'teil tn lie iiimIii suppressed. A
ncMsiuipir nnsnhurd tlnioln lurkej.
1 hi young brldoironn was tall. cll built and
good-looking, with blown, curly board nnd lulr,
nnd ut ho was but n poor clerk. Hut the ureeks
nnd Armenians, us well as the majority of Uuiopem
nations, are not proud la that riapect. A y'jinig
man iwtnuut a Jilalcr Is not too s.nallivo to meipt
u lortuno with his bride, nnd, liuiccd, no vmng
tilrl In tnojo notions can get a liimlmml at all with
out having a handsome dowry iho larger tho
dour) the younger, handsomer and mure aristo
cratic a husband alio caught and tho amount of
duury Is stated when ho la naked to consider the
inaluen'a claims lo his admiration. Among tlio
Aiimnlani, .11 tho Grcckr nnd lurks, tho )uug
people never meet nlone, nor do they no their own
preliminary courtlmr. Old women go-betweens
reemployed usually toco to tho young nun and
descant upon her bcuutles of pernon niul character,
nnd tho uiuoiint of hei dowry, und then, ir the
latter h l.irce enough, the woman returns and
ictlM the family that the younj man demands the
hand of the ouug lady, gomttltno brothers un
lertjke tn find miltnMu hitidmntls for their r-lstcru,
but usually tno professional matchmaker are em
ploy cd.
In tho case of tho couplo to whoso wedding I
went tho old woman had gonn oown to the oillce
and made ncr proposal there, winch ho accepted
on condition that thu dowry was actually what It
represented, which waa S0.U00 'InrKlsU llr', or
nearly $100,000, and this was considered a ood
dowry, and therefore the young girl wo ury
atirac tle.
'lho oimg man, Haskar byname, received the
money all together the day before the ceremony,
according to custom, and nut of that lie bought his
weddlog suit and a nandiome necklace or tur
quoUc and brilliants lor his wedding present to
her. In lho evening, after liaMwr iccetved tho
dowry money, ho culled on .Mr. llaniy and pro
posed to buy 11 lartnersnlp In the Leuint Tiuirs,
aud so In one day from a clerk ho aspired to bo
ooinn pnrt owner or the- paper. Ho talked or tho
dowry lu the most opcu manner, ami said that ho
thought that so wealthy a mnu should have given
his daughter n larger portion, but mat In time he
hopod his wile would Inherit a fortune, as her
father lived near a very unhealthy placo called
crliiibnurgas, and already had malaria. Mill,
tlio Jamil) oft 11c bride were satisfied, nnd custom
blunts nny ti cling they might hav c ou tno subject;
Hit It seemed most nbnoirent to hoar him talk In
this cool, calculating way. .Mr. and Mri. llaniy
say Unit It la the Uihlou nmong tho Armenians,
uiid as long aa they aro saiislled everybody clio
oueht to be.
I forgot to mention that thero wero two houses
nlso plven to the brbie, 0110 In Constantinople and
one In l'rinklpo, boih furnnlied and ready for
occupancy, but both these wero settled upon her,
at which Haskar compl lined, and he sent his
cousin and mother to prove that the Inventories or
furniture aud tho bride's c'othes were absolutely
correct, as stated.
el es 1
Bismarck Hnil an Olllcer Thrown In a Pis
Ten to Win a. Hot.
(Vow (At ChUago rrf6un.1
This nildcbrand who w as llrst in lllsmnrck's ser
vice came to America after quitting his master,
finally settled In Wisconsin aud died a few years
ngo. He told a characteristic story of lllsmarck la
tho tough days or his youth. A party of olllccrs,
voting lllsmarck among them, were having a
carouse. Champagne n.id been flowing with tho
greatest freedom und lho spirits of tho party had
risen accordingly, lllldcbrand was a big, strap
ping man, aud physically ablo to handle any or the
company, ami iicrhaps two or them. A young
Lieutenant hid been rather overhearing townrds
tno servant and it had annoyed lllsmarck, wno re
garded lllldcbrand almost In tho light ot a brother.
Fluaily bo entered inio a short eulujiy or tne faith
fulness of his attache, asserting 10 tho young
Lieutenant that If he should be ordered to throw a
peraou, oven an olllcer. Into the plenty he would at
once obey. 'Ihe omcer doubted this, and tho
rlninpague was wagered on the matter. Illlde
brand hud heard none of tho conversation, but lio
did hear li'smarck when tho latter turned to him
suddenly and raid:
"Throw tint fellow into tho pig pen," pointing
to the smart joung onWcr,
Without a word he reached out Ills arms, folded
the Lieutenant In them, and, dcsplto his struggles,
bore him out of the house Into the barnyard and
dumped him over Into the trotich where the pigs
were fed, smld snouts of laughter, Bmmarck fairly
inarlng wl.h glee. Tho bet was paid several times
m m
Tlio illnlilen I'.acorled film.
f Voir) th tiuffalo Fzprtii.l
A North-street young man named Lo Marque,
Went to call on the charrnluz Miss Clarque,
Bhe asked him to stay, but be answered her,
' ' Nay
I'm afraid to go home after darnue. "
Then answered the charming Jllfs Clarque,
I'll escort yoo us fur us thu parquc,
Ileckuao there's a spitz on the block next to thltr,"
Well. I should remnrquel
1 s.
Tlio Idea of Suicide Absurd Tbo iTIrat Coin
puny lo l'nv.
The casualty reporter of the Woisr.n looked In on
Agent Johnson at the Travelers Ins. Co., 140
Broadway, this morning, and propounded the fol
lowing right out from the shoulder question:
" Will your company psy the claim lor the death
of Sir. bchnab, who fell through the baton way at
his store, 633 Broadway ?"
No purrylnc- occurred, but ho hit right back
with: ' We havo paid tlO.000 In lull. "When
waa ho Insured 7" "Sept. 21. 188J. Worecclved
proofs yesterday, and havo ftlven chock to-day."
1 Was there not somo newspaper talk about
suicide?" "Yes, but that is aoaurd. It was un
questionably nn acilt'cnt, and a very sad one.
'Ihere aro certain assessment associations who are
much more promrt in lollectlog assessments than
In paying claims, and this suicide cry 1s frequently
raised iu such eases to gain time to pass the hat. I
do not know how the rumor spread, but
some of tho associations Intineted in thla caso
hHVnbeen overauxtons to kuow what action the
Travelers would lute. Now they have IU Qood
morning." V
village Di is busy transacting somo wondor
ful business in connection with her wedding
dress, and I supposo tho Squire will bo hav
ing his afternoon nnp, so I am left to my own
resources. Stay.whilo I fetch my cigar-caso,"
Tho two men walked ou in silence for somo
littlo time.
" Hemming," said Sir Edward, "my lifo
to.day looks liko this road, white aud beau
tiful, and stretching nwny far into tho ells,
tnnco to toruiiuato'aR this road terminates In
shadow shadow that is not tho shadow of
night. It's been a poor life, Inm afraid, old
fellow. Kinco you and I wero at Oxford
togethor I'vo seen a pood deal of what people
call tho world. I'vo kuockod about a lot in
Australia and California and I'm glnd to
liavo a prospect of bottling down. Till Sir
llobert died Inst year I hadn't socu Elmsou
nor Eascellcs placo for ten years. Well, I
iiopo I bhall bo a worthy successor to tho old
man. Tho placo will havo tho best and tho
handsomest mistress it over had iu Di."
" You aro a fortunate man, Lascellcs," said
Mr. Hemming.
" I am. Why I desorvo such hnppincss I
can't mako out." mui! his eompauiou, " I
sometimes ueedto think out.lhoro in tho bush
tint nothing could rtdooni n man in this
world. The villainy, tho badness, tho open
contempt nnd utter disregard of all good
things which I had surrounding mo so long,
made mo misanthropic, and I began to despair
of ovor seeing unj thing good. But. if I bad
been ever such n villain Di would havo
changed mo. 13 oil bliss hor 1"
"Anieu," said tho vicar.
" You know, old fellow," continued tho
Bnronot, " I'vo n past to my lifo liko other
ptoplo. I'vo done bomo foolish things nnd
homo bad things, nnd I'vo not always been
what I ought to hav o been. But I'm going to
turu over a now leaf and lend n better sort of
life. When I camo home in response to tho
letter telling mo Str Itobcrt was (lend, I'd for.
gotten all oivilizcdlways, nud I felt littlo
hotter thnn n savage. Well, that's all over
now. and I'm to bo married in tight days to
the best and handsomest girl in England."
" Lucky man!" said Mr.Henimlug. " Hallo,
hero we aro nt my gate I Won't yon come in
for some ten, Ixiscolles?. No?. Well, theai,
good.by till to-morrow."
The vicar went uj) tho path to hisvdoor,
whiloBix Edward walked slowly down tho
People VVbo Mnbe a lluatncaa of Uobblnc
the Unknown Its ltd.
U'f'rrlfU ttOA A l.,tU A, A SulHrnn.)
" One of the teaanna why tho 1'uLllo Administra
tor la apt to be rcatlrti ot a night In thinking ovor
his position la thnt there are any number of combi
nations by clever rogues for tho purpnso ot hood
winking him nnd getting at the city's money.
Whim 11 man dies in this cltv who Is unknown nnd
whose n la Ives and heirs are nlu unknown, His
i-tiicls giiltitolhe iharite ot lho l'uli lu Adin tils
trator. lie .ulverno-s the fait bt tne man's It
1 euv, wlilt smb. iliacrlptlon of him as he mil live,
ami Invite alt) heirs or nlatliis to come and prove
their Identity
" It is tint at all nn Infrequent thing for such
deaths to occur. 'Ihcy are not common nmuiiit
wealthy clisses, but unumir those wnn nro nppir
ently poor It sunn tltiHS luppens that men ha in
their possession some wealiu whlih Ihor kept care
fully cunicaliiil from the knnaliMge of their ni'U'
bor. Mj expcrleniif shows thitt iniu of this kind
not only re miserly us lu Kalhcrlug nnd stvlng
their metier, but hIku vtrr Kiispliious of their
nclgnlioiH, and go tn great Icngilm to avoid making
acquaintances of any kind. ihcy confide in no
body is to their personal hUtorv, and, I avlug lived
lomlr and solitary lives, finally diu unexpectedly
without any utli'iiilsiiic,
or course were It known thu these men had
wealth It would bu possible for that wealth to ills-app-ur
before the police would I cumin aciuulnicd
with the fact, ami thu Public dmlulslralcr nuu el
bo nouu tho wiser; but this knowledge being
secret, tlio neighbor report the death to tne police,
und the), alter searching thu hnuAC and discover
liu proper!), turu It over to the Public Adminis
trator. " Less than ten years ago tho city waa Infesto 1
with men and women who miulo this klud of
thieving a business. Til y had a rcxtilar com
bination to bout tho city out of aur inoiicr com
ing to it lu this wnv. I uoti't doubt that thoy pot
some pretty uood fortunes, lor thoy were ns intel
ligent 11 set of rogues as I hav 0 cv er come In contact
with. It was only tlio frequency ol the claims that
inndo 1110 suspect tno existciuu of t ds gang. I
wulchcd verv closely und had detcctivis to asslBt
inc. We finally secured the nrrcst nud conviction
of a number or them and they wero sent to (Slug
Bltig for long terms."
What a Now Yurkrr Hii)h Ho Nnvr on a
Chinese Hilliilny-Nchiinl Excursion.
.m J'urfc CVrrrjionitrnrs Kanms Ctly Journal,
On the return trip tho parly waa Jollier than cv cr.
In thcysoft twilight, as tho steamer turned her prow
down the Hudson, tho Chinese started to slag
hymns. I.litlo groups .were scattered hero and
thero about the decks and everything was as Jolly
as 1111 ordinary oxcurslou. Thero ws nu appear
unco ot restraint, nud pupils and teachers joked
aud laughed aud loolcd with each other Just as
they would ou a regulation American excursion,
lu some parts ot tho boat dancing was even be
gun, aud the odd sight or n plg-tullcd Chfbunun
whlrllnir a pretty American girl In tho mazes ot a
waliz was not at all umommon. When tho
steamer rescind her pier each Colnamm took one
or two American girls lu tow and escorted them
To a certain extent church authorities nro con
scious or thu inmdinrltv existing between the
tcachcrii nnd pupils nnd efforts have bcon made to
discourage It, though unquestionably tho frltndiy
feeling existing between pupil nud leachcr la in
the highest degree ennobling to the former and or
no harm to any one. It is a trlbuto to the unfail
ing klnunoB aud patience, as well us to the evident
high character ol the )oung ladles.
Beveral churches, however, havo put ustop to tho
entertalumcnta given by tho pupils and tried to
bring It down to .a strictly business basis. The
Cnli.kiucn, howover, objected to it very strongly.
In thoso oiurchcs where tho rules forbid tho pupils
giving presents to the teachers, thero has been a
notai.lu fallluK off In tho nttcndauco ot tbo China
men, Tho teachers do not seem to liko It cither, and In
those churches It Is much lnoro difficult to obtain
teachers than In others where theso rules arc not
enforced. Tho authorities who are cndeutorlng to
reform these matters coinpialu that is lung as
there Is not a union uf thu Huuda) -schools and a
Arm standing ou that basis, It is Impossible 10
compel tho chinamen to adiicrc to the mica. In
Bchools vvnero It lias been attemftcl to put male
teachers thu Chinamen havo left In a body and
have gono to churches whero they can havo their
way. Ihey insist not ouly upon having young
women to Instruct them, but also Insist thai each
Cnlnaman Bhall liavo tho same individual teacher
even Sunday, 'lho girls uppear to aarou with tho
pupils ou this subject, and the cfTorts to change
this state of alfairs has so far been unsuccessful.
A Coincidence
tVom .
It U a remarkable fact that I'opo wrote of Wol-
Behold thee, clorlousonly In thy fall!
Sutelv history repeats Itself, for tbo prcaent
Wolieley's greatness as a general Is attributed to
his tumblo from a camel In tbo African desert.
New Hpccuiatlng Kcbeme.
pn sj1"''.
Tho pcoplo who entered a Fourth avenno car the
other day were surprised to nnd signs " lteacrved "
placed on the seats.
"Come, now, gentlemen," said a tlcketscllor,
" pick out your seats, 'lho beat ones aro selling for
acven cents."
Not 80 llulned as It Might Be.
Iron Judgt,
Sister Emily Why are you so dojected, Paul?
Young Minister My lllo work U ruined. The
board haa decided that my opinions debar me from
being scot to the heathen.
Kmily Ttieer up. Do your work In the city
here. It Is pleaaanter to oat at nome than to be
eaten abroad.
Hho 1nvored II.
From th Burlington Tret PrsJf.
Mrs.Blogcs (to her ipouso) Will the redaction ot
tho surplus they talk about put an end to thosur
pluscd choir In our church 7
Bloggs ut cour.e.
"Tutnlam for It,"
r- 1
Competent lo Testify.
Vom Jujij4, J
"Doyonbcllcvoln luck, my good man?" asked
a superstitious old lady of a tramp.
I can't say that I do, mum, " replied the tramp,
" because I've never had any."
Ilewarn of Imitation Almond Meal.
Ttixxn t Rov, the dnif slits, nf 353 Ctb RTe.. are the
nnly parties In the city, i r t.eil.lr the United Htstes,
who have any (IrNDIXK AlMOXIi JlhCL, and TIIXT ham
only a few thousand xund. Insist on hariDg HlXEn'a
ALMUNll MraL. Pat up In elexsnt melsl esses at 20
rents, and sou are suns of the OENUINX article. Sold
br almn.t all dealers, or sont free to any addroea br Wv.
II. Illin & box, Druftiat and Perfumers, 353 Ctb
ave.. f. Y. V
road from tho vicarage, and turned into a
narrow lnno which led back to tho Hall.
Tho chut cb was nt his left hand: nt his
right a group of cottages, and behind him
tho cliffs and thn sea. Iu the churchyard
tho snow was very deep, and the lowering
sky nbovo seemed to threaten a storm.
But Sir Ldvvard seemed to bo in no haste,
nnd presently ho stopped, and leaning over
tho church artl-gato. looked long and ear
ncstly nt tho scene beforo him until tho clock
iu tho church-tower roused him.
One, two, three, four, flvo strokes sounded,
and thou ho pulled himself together, whis
tled to his dog nnd, leaping over the stilo
which separated the road from tho park,
strode into the fast-gathering darkness.
Ho crosst dthn park and went through tho
bolt of tries which separated it from tho
lawn. Thoro boforo him lay tho houso, every
window lighted. And there, ho know, was
his love awaiting him.
Ho was not a sentimental young man, but
somehow ho felt a strange thrill just then and
his strong young voice burst into song.
" You bing woll," said nvoieo which seemed
to tho Baronet to comu out of tho darkness,
and which wns jet so mar to him that ho
turned and started to find a woman standing
closo behind him.
" I was not aw aro that I was in tho presence
of nn audience," wml Sir Kdvvard.
"Or ou wouldu' havo favored tho
tald audience with that littlo selection,
ehV" said tho woman. "Well, per.
haps it's ns woll von didn't know I was
listening then, for I liko good singing, and
you can sing."
" You do mo much honor," said the
" Nny, don't begin nny formnl reciproca
tions," iutumiptid tho shadowy ligure.
"Let mo go on with what I was saving. I
was observing that jou sing well, and I wns
going to ask j ou, Sir I'dward Lascellcs "
"i ou know iny mime r" interrupted Sir
Edward, rapidly getting m btitled.
"Oh, yes, I know jour namo," said tho
figure, coming out of thodarkui ss and laying
a hand on Sir Edwnrd's arm. " Sir Edward,
considering that you havo so good nvoieo,
avjiy did you nover slug thatjioug or -nny,.
other sonRwhoiiyoirwerw in Australia eight
ycors ago nay, don't start wheu you wero
tho huiland of Xstello rhiilips V
Fur Tor Pretty Women.
IrOM oA Vtrm Zsltsr.J
A walk through the principal stroets, a passing
view of the carriage) on parade In Fifth avenue,
and speep or so Into some ot the large fur stotca
mako one feel aa If women wero the most heartless
and unfeeling creatures In the world. We have
heard so much about their causing the slaughter of
the birds for their adornment that It Is with a
rcil shuck Hut we sie that the niilnul
kingdom suffer Just nt much, If not
mure, Ih.ut tin- birds c l ti t denier alone
shiined me sixty-three uinirint kliuis nf mr
muffs. Tne most nt litem nro of the long-haired
variety, nud from the texture in somo ot tliciii I
think some one h is discovered lion to utilise Hpllz
dogs. 'I lie le are all kinds nf luxes reprtsei' cd.
Irouithc siiiiw -white An lie to the Jit libit k unci
red. I vnxes, mnrtens, beavers otters, niton,
squirrels, rabbits, ihluclull.i, Mine, bison, er
mine, sable and skunk, to not mention cals utid
doits, Astrakun and gmts ami si.il. All Hush,
and tniiiiv moro which I umiint remember
have their places ns decorations tor pretty
women Besides these nro Mils for gloves end
ulllgittors lor poi kitbooks The furs are mmtlr
liiuilc up In mulls, Rtokii and long tlipcts nnd rhnrt
t apes or peieilnis NmIsMii New nisrkels, vvrapi
i lid walking Jackets nro Jut as oiulnr us ever.
'Ili wraps have a Itlimntng uf hlai k fur around
tliem or a u luge made of sible mils 'lho J irketa
nre most nlieu pbdii, but aim have tails as a fringe
whin It can bu nUoMcti. s.blutsnow the dearest
fur, a short vvrup of tine fur costing tl.uxi to
fl.foi. put rcslsklii Is richer In mlor ono mote
btcnmlnn lu the most uf women than sable, and
for ttmt reason probably will silll remain dear to
tho feminine heart.
(Sout. ltliciiiiiutlnni nnd No Dog.
tVem Judo, J
" How Is It you havo so many young men call on
you?" asked a Jealous girl.
"Ill-cause," was the reply, " father has tho gout
In one foot mid thu rheumatism la lho oilnr; be
sides, vie don't keep a dog."
Catarrh to Consumption.
Catarrh in IU deitructlro force itnndu nest to' and
tuidoubUttll; IpaiU on to oonaumptlun. It in tliTpftire
fliik-uUr Out thuo a filleted, with tlili fearful dlxmio
huuld not maltu tt the object of their Urea to rid thmn
Alruauflt Dewt.tlvu remedlea toncoctod by Ignorant
liretundera to uvdlral know ledga have weakoned the oon
fidenceof the throat Titajurltj of mitTerera In aJl ftiHwr-ti-wd
remmllcs. Tlir y Iwcoine roalg ned to a lifu of mlmiry
rather than UirturutbeinaelTeN with doubtful palliatUm.
Hut thla will nef er do. Catarrh tnuat be met at every
Uk and combated with all nur tnlirht. In many caooa
the dlftftajie haa asitutned dantertiua aymt'torat. The
bonra and cartllao of the nous?, the organ a of he&rlnff, of
aonttis and tif taittni; ao affected aa to te uauleM, the
urula bo elongated, the throat aa Inflamed and irritated
aa to produce a contnt and dlatrnaalne oouch.
SAXronD'a JUDICAL CuiiK mcota erery phaae of
Catarrh, from aalrnplo head cold to tho moat loathsome
and dratructlTn ataxia. It la local and constitutional,
Inatant lu relietlnjt, penuanont In curing, aafe, eoonom
leal and neTer-faillnff.
t-ch packafo coutaJna one lottle of tho ItAOlCAL
CniiR, nna wx Cataiihhal Hol lmt and an IurnoviD
iMUALFit, wlthtnatlae. price. $1.
PoTTcn Dnca amj Chemical Co., IJobtoit.
JMWlr-.!y Full nf comfort for all I'atna. Inflammi
xMa&tt Hon and Weaknenaof tho Aied (a tho I ml
MM rnra AulUInln I'iiimIit. the firat and
ffp .rift only ptnkllliug, Htrenjrthpninff INafter
ffttBteJlaft New. lnatantaneoua and infallibln. Vatfly
auperltr to all other roinedies and appliancoa for rellrv
fntr pain and atroncthenliiK tho muicle. 1 ttela kwh
fnm the m ment It la applied. At all drotfuiritit', 23
ciMiU; tire for 91 00, or. pbfttase free, of PoTTXU DliUO
aniOui:uxcal(Jo., Hton, Maa.
Mr. A. M. FAI..MKK .SoleMaiuflr
Kvenlnga at ti.UU. Haturday Matinee at 'J.
curries in Acconn.
TninrSE A $utnpiuut rrciml. " Heiuli (
vttl Ltfutm th fu'Jt n lA town, " WoBLle i"ty
Jathr thuulit takt hi iimffv tn f," 'I liltB An
nctttl pawm. HUK "4 iwtit d$Ught, JoUHVAL A
Itautiful riprestntaHtm. HTAli Iktciitti vUh htariv
applnutt." Phebi 77.4t tmrjfflton nf aetinn." AIaIL
AM) KxrjlEiS An untquitocnt $ureeM., TKLFOIlAM
Urtimitttc lrimph," ISKWa ' Miff rwn tht butane
cf th iain," COMUnnclAL ADVFHTIBEB ' A potn
iMloi(etf(f wfril," KVK(INtl VoLl A pay it
it a tin not ta ToT Jtattayimitnt tntttUd to
rmblte qratUud,
20c. c'JilffiiMlW.feJlA.
l)UCi Hernro ur Hests In Advanee.
OUCl lieu. U-U.NUMtTllh LAM II.
New llr-mps. Ni-w Paintings. New Vttractlnn.
ami III. HUNd AltlA.N OHUIlr..1lHA.
I'oncerts frrmi II t G anil H t'i 11.
Admission tnall, bfltenta, rhlldren23 cents.
AJLUH-The Mr-Hlylng Uln.ua Aufaimaton.
Mm sruriiT Tiii'AntK, uou. cnt avk.
I'l slUT'lr Ijiat 'I hree Weeks uf
iv "nn: oi.n itoMi.sniAii."
Callerr, lis. I Heserred, 33e., I 75c., $1, and 8)1.60.
Jj U I UK'S HlceJtUliej'sriuninluuusl'r'MlacUan.
Tiuui.ihoiJK Tin: i'iit-Aiu,
COMl'AN V. with ItSfferstHMisattraotions.
Ca AKftalM. KTe'satMUbarp), Mat'aVVedASatata
Now on eiuiMllmi at No. 1(5 Ka.t 11th at., first
llwir, from 10 A. M. Ui ID V, SI. bundajr from 1 1', il.
lu IU 1. il.
POOI.K'8 TIIKATIIi:,Hlb St., bet. ithare.. & H'wa.
. 10c, '.'Or., Ullc Mats. Mnn.. Vvl , I'hur., tau
I he llrent Meliiilrama ill tjtilendlil Htj le,
mO.NY I'AhTOK'K TIlhAlltl-'. Hill hT.
ITn clutcliril tlio woninn'a arm ns kIio
bjioko, nuil btrovo to peer mto her facet with
eauur oyes.
" rstollo Phillips? Australia? 'Who nre
you?" he nskoil. iu thick, auilutcd toues.
''Tell mo tell mo (juicklyl What do jou
kuow of my liciiifr m Australia? What elo
j on know of Estullo Phillii8? Tell we, I
communil, who nre jou?"
Tho vvoiiinii cniiio u htep closer to hiiu.
" Your wife," Khe Buiil, M-ry calmlv.
Sir Edvvnnl stnt;si-riil lmck nnd threw up
liin arms as though to ward off a blovr.
"Kstelle!" ho nlmobt Bhni-ked. " You 1
Oh, God! I thought jouweru dead dead
lone billed."
" And jou nro very sorry to find mo alive-
eh?" said tho woman. "Jiut jou bco 1 um
hero, my dinr hiiuhiiud, and I can't re'ully be-o
liovv jou urn going to get rid of mo. Why
don't you take uit to jour arms and tell mu
how lunch and how dearly you lovo mo, nud
how jou hnvo longed tn mo mo once again.
Ha. lui. 1ml My dinr hiibhuud, how gluil I
mu to sen yon once moro!"
Sir r.dvvnrd hail turned dtntllv pnlo. and
oven iu tho darkness hibCompamoTi could wo
tho nsheu huo that was httitliug ovei his
coiiuteuiiiico. Ho htnggt red to tho gnta lend
ing out of tho purl: to tho lawn, aud stood
there ptiiiting, almost gasping for breath.
Tho wouinu spoku iignin.
"This is n nico surpriso for vou, Sir Ed
ward, lbii't it?" sho said, in mocking tones;
"imiinn pretty littlo roiiinutio eplsotloiu jour
(itili't Knglish lifo. Wo like romnnces out in
the hush, nnd bo did jou euto. or you would
never liavo mnrrud jour lml's daughter,
vv ould ou ? Hut you vi re ouly a boy, then,
of eourbi onlj n be'irdlcbs hoj-. Oh, whnt a
young fool jou were! Hut never mind, my
friend. You thought I was dead hero I am
nlivoi wn hlinll keen houso together again,
unit nil will go merry ns a luurrlage.boll.
Come, are n't v ou going to kiss mo ?"
She lifted up her faco to his as sho spoke.
With a mutteied imprecation ho flung her
hand from him mid started back.
"Kiss you!" hesnid. "Never! Itistrno
you nro my wifo, for vou trapped me into
,uyrrv lug you you nnd your father betwoen
you-Hlliii when I, maeldenoelrby thlrtyou
led me, left you, I resolved novor to seo you
again. Autl thenllcarut youweirodead.and
tho Present Month Our 1IH
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spect our largo and lino stock of 111
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All Star -uTelly Company Krery Nurnt. mlnLW
tbnnlvod Goel for tbo news. If it bod bat ttffll
be-eni truo!" ieaH
" So Hint v ou iniRlit liavo married tbd M
squirei'u tlmiciiter ch" llsiH
" Don't breatho ber uitmo with your lips," PH
lio burnt out. "Ob, God! to think what I 9BH
have loht lice-nnso of a fooliab action dona ' SBH
vrlie n a boy !" asal
" You nociln't go into n temper, Bir Ed- 4H
wnnl," said tlie'vv onion. "Yon bavon't lost WVH
your svvce-tbe-urt yet. Now listen to me. I'm jtVH
i our wife, nnd ou know it. Secondly, no vfVH
ouoolso kuuvvRor noed know it. Give mo a IVB
curtmu biuu of money every year, and you xSiH
nbiill never be troubled by me again ; yoa VSlH
shall miirry Miss Leigbton, andbeliappy for ??lH
tbe rest of your dnys." iWkaiH
Kir Udvvurd felt a ray of bopo spring us liJymU
within him. fjfcmiM
" Do you mean it?" bo Bald. invjCH
"Yes, I do. Give me your promise and ' JfliH
w rili) mo n check for tlio first year, and I'm l A- wH
lost to jou for ever," she said. " You know I JBH
me, Kdvvunl Lascellcs. Did lever break a S "EBH
promise Listen. I uovor loved yon, yon W 'rBH
poor foolish dolt, but I do love a man tvbo is t i il'H
u man. Ho in nil that is i;ood and honorable JJ7 i-.'IH
iindtruo.nuilloueedidhiuiricriovoiiswrone. "K -H
lie doesn't enro forme, and be little knows N-
vvluitHYilo cicnturo I am. But, mark mo,
r.dvv art! Lasci-Ue i I lov o that mftii, und I will , ( BJ
hnvo lnui. No povvor ou earth shall provent ,;. ,BI
it. So. you see, I don't want you in tbe i, i'JH
w ay. llut j on are in my power, and I sbull '! I
tisii thnt power. You will give me a certain f piH
sum every year ns tbo price of my silence.
Tlien um can do as you pleaso. I shall never , H
trouble you more." .mH
Sir Kdvvnrd still leant ogainst the cate, bis i 4BH
fut e buried in bis bauds. 4BH
"Meet mo to-night." tho worann wont oa, jPiH
"nnd givo mo your answer. Stay I do yoa "I8fl
know- the village!' Yes? "Woll, then, at 8 "H
o'clock como down by tho cburcb, past the ulBH
um, nnd knock nt tbe door of the little house 'KsiH
nt tbo ond of tbo lnno. I livo there, and yoa 'JlBH
will nnd me thoro if yoa ask for laiM '-liiiV
Cliarteris." 'ilBBl
She turned nnd loft him without another 'BH
word. He stooel there for one moment, and "HLBbbJ
then plunged into tbe untrodden mow aeroas BvBh
tile park, tprniug nwny from tbs bouse wliwa . ''etSBBBl
Ui Uood waiting lo welcome him. BvXh
Continued iWctay Estning, ,, 'dBHB
- t. i-iu .i-riii ij.X'ii.tJ ua'ji i f jBBBB
HiSMsTnfl rti . " -t 'tl!sjnsfirilla7e'VdMBt&ffiaaVinBKaBH

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