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1 Blaine Men and Ohio Men Booming
I Their Favorites.
J Second Day of the Convontion
Opened with Llvoly Scones.
Delegates Whooping It Up at Every Oppor
tunity Great Bhontlng Done for the Mnn
From Maine Sherman' Friends Cheer
Also I'ornkcr Not Forgotten A Squab
Ill Among; tbe New Yorker Bloody
Halrt Resolutions About Lamar.
, Despite tho precautions taken by the Ro-
j publican Olub Contention in Chtokering
Hall to avoid all consideration of can-
dldntes, for 1888, and for the promotion
of bnrinony in the great work which the
clubs proposo to do the salvation of
the Gone Out Party the contest between
j Blaino, of Maine, and Bhorman, of Ohio,
,' fairly and distinctly outlined itself.
Blaine and Bhorman could not bo kept out
of the conflicting minds of any Catherine of
Republicans nny more than Air. Dick could
keep the head of Charles I. out of his " mo
mofrs." The selection of a temporary President
brought it about, dospito the efforts of the
managers of this love-feast.
The committee did nicely. Recognizing
ithat barring his own remotely possible can
didacy, Senator Evarts, who was about
agreed upon for permanent chairman, is a
" Blaine man," thoy amicably balanced that
seeming boom for James Q. by naming Daniel
J. Ryan, President of tho Republican State
League from Sherman's own commonwealth,
for temporary Chairman.
Tho only other candidate that hod been
thought of was a Miohlgandor, Col. John
Atkinson. But he wouldn't do, borause his
scloction would mako tho convontion look
very side hIIHbU for Blaine.
All thi was very pretty and brotherly, but
when Mr. Ryan's name was announced to tho
convention there was an uproar. Tho unex
pected happened.
Col. Snouden, of Pennsylvania, jumped to
his feet with a protest against the attempt to
force any man on the convention, and noini.
nated Gen. Nathan Goff, of Virginia, a
stanch follower of J. Gillespie Blaino.
There was wild excitement, shouts, hur
rahs for Blaino, for Sherman, for Goff.
On the vote the nominee of the committee
Cot 109 votes and Gen. Goff polled 165,whIoh,
considering that Mr. Ryan had the prestige
Of the committee baoklng, and therefore the
Votes of f orty-five New Yorkers, every one of
whom is dovoted to Biaine, wag not mnch of
I a viotory for John, of Ohio.
Evidently Mr. Sherman's friends felt the
sting anc realized that the convention was
not particularly in the interest of their
leader at least, and, ob a result, thero was
much indignant caucusing among the adher
ents of Sherman last night, and loud threats
'wore made that they would bolt Evarts for
Permanent Chairman to-day.
The line between the Blaine men and the
I Sherman men is distinctly drawn to-day, and
it would require but vory little rubbing of
tho hair tho wrong way to get up a urst-rato
fight between the two factions.
The fight came up again unexpectedly last
evening at the meeting of the Committee on
Resolutions at the Republican Club in
Twenty-eighth Btrect.
John A. KasHon, of Iowa, who is set down
as a Blaino man, was selected for Chairman
Sf tho committee, but when "Joe" Mauley,
ilaine'fl right bower, emboldened by this
seeming victory, insisted that Blaine's viows
bn the tariff question, as expressed in his
Paris lnterviow on Presidont Cleveland's
message, be adopted bodily as tho senBo of
the convention, he was met by an opposition
; Unlooked for by tho Sherman men.
The Ohio men advocated the adoption of a
' set of platitudes meaning nothing and strad
dling tho question completely.
The opposition was strong enough to refer
the whole matter to a committee of Chairman
Kasson, Editor Emory Smith, of tho Phila
delphia Pre$s, Col. John Atkinson. N. D.
Sporry, of Connecticut, and Congressman
llouck, of Tennessee.
E., H. Alger, of Michigan, was chosen
Chairman of tho Permanent Organization
Committee, Benator William E. Chandler of
tho Committee on Rules, G. I. Batchellor of
1 the Oommitteo on Credentials, and James
A Boyle of the Committee on League Olub Or
The Committee on Resolutions had another
hard tussle over the attempt to say something
definite on the saloon question. Col. Manley
fought an anti-saloon resolution and it was
left In abeyance
PrpviouB to tho reassembling of tho con-
i Tontlon the delegates from this Stato held a
xath6r stormy caucus in tho gallery.
Mr. L. T. Hrackott, who is a member of tho
Saqhlne Btato Committee from tho Saratoga
istrict. presided. The representatives of
the various clubs throughout tho State de
sired to havo a meeting.
" We should get together for the purpose
of coming to some conclusion about voting
as a unit or othorwlse," shouted a Herkimer
County farmer.
"That's bo; that's bo," chorused fifty dele
gates. A motion wfis made that tho New York del-
J gates should meet immediately after tho ad.
ottrnment of tho morning session.
Ex-Alderman James W. Uawes offerodan
amendment. He wantod tho mooting to take
plaoe at S o'clook this afternoon.
About a dozon delegates tried to get the at
tention of Mr. Braokett. It was finally de
cided to assemble immediately after the
morning session,
I Then a fight occurred ovor tho place of
mooting. Alderman Alfred 11. Conkling, of
the Bevonth DiBtriot, a nephew of Roscoe
Conkling, moved that the cauous bo held at
Wallace's, In Fifth avonuo, near Nineteenth
Wallaoe's was about to bo accepted when a
haymaker from St. Lawronco County asked
If Wallace's was a hall or a town meeting
place. He was told that it was a restaurant.
" Is it a saloon f " demanded the haymakor.
This question caused a rumpus.
'' No saloon, " come from a number of tho
" It is t restaurant," yeUed Aldorman
r It liquor told there?" was tho question
notat fired at hhu.
Mir. Conkling udmittod that liquor could bo
obtained thero, bit vouohed thot Mr. Walloco
' keiit a very respeitablo plaoe.
i Most of his outtomers are Republicans,"
i addled the Aldent&n, and his sally was
greifcted with laughter.
, " fit i ooaTfciat to this hall," continued
ilr .
fcJL W3foal!ilittMi&iAStftWnS
the Aldermau, " that is tho only reason I
suggested tho placo."
The rural delegates, howover, decided
against mooting at Wallace's, oud it was
opreod to hold tho caucus at tho rooms of the
Thirteenth ABRcmhlv District Republican
Club in the Grand Opora-Houso Building.
The caucus is to fix up a plan to orgunizo
tho Now York olubs into a Stato League.
For a timo thero was danger of a split in
the big Pennsylvania delegation.
By a mistuko yesterday Mr. Warren, of
Scranton, and Capt. Thornton, of Philadel
phia, irero both appointed as tho Keystono
representative on tlio Committed of Perman
ent Organization of Leagues. Tho friends of
Mr. Warren claimed that it was distinctly
understood that Capt. Thornton was to with,
draw in case there wore only five committees
instead of six, as some stated.
STho latter's friends denied this, and the
elegation held a hot meeting in the gcntlo.
men's room in tho hall, aftorooing unable to
sottlo tho difficulty at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel.
The debate was hot, but tho oldor and moro
cool-headed delegates provailed. It Mas do.
cided by 40 to 18 that'Mr. Warren was to bo
tho man.
The Chickering Hall Convontion was to
reassemble at 10 o'clook this morning. At
that hour thero woro only a few delegates in
the hall.
The delegates generally "saw tho town"
last night and, as they stragglod in this
morning, their hollow eyes and wrinkled
brows boded ill for harmony.
Senator Evarts got a Beat on tho platform
without applauso, and Col. Frod Grant was
almost unknown und hardly noticed on tho
Joe Manly wore a thoughtful, bnsincss-like
air, and Sonator Chandler evidently thought
" Homothlng was going to happen."
Temporary Chairman Ryan rapped with his
gavel and obtained order at 10.30 o'clock, and
Chairman Chandler read the report of the
Oommitteo on Rules and Order of Business,
as follows t
1. That the tint of repreacntitton when a roll
call la demanded by the churinpu of rive Htates or
Territories (hall bo that of the club, each olub to
have one vote, to bo determined by a majority of
Its delegates preterit.
2. Kach State trull bave a Chairman, who shall
asoertiln and announce the vote ot the various
clubs ot the State subject to a demand (or a roll
call of the clubs for that Stale by any one of Its
8. The order of business shall bo: (1) Reports of
committees. (2) Ore initials. (8) Permanent or
ganization. (4) Extension of the club organiza
tional and (5) ltesolutlons.
B. No person shall be permitted to speak on any
pending question more than Ave mlnutts without
the couacnt of the convention.
The report was adopted.
Gen. G. 8. Batchclor presented tho report
on Credentials, and the Secretary read the
official list of clubs represented in the Con
vention. During the reading thero was frequent ap-
Elause. When n club bore tho name of
Incoln or Grant or Logan thore was especial
applause aud sometimes faint cheering.
When tho "James G. Blaino Club," of
somewhero, was called, there was a tremen
dous cheer, long prolonged, and cat-calls and
Every eye turned Instantly toward tho Ohio
men under tho gallery, and they were found
to be clapping their hands and cheering and
But the laugh was rather mechanical and
their huzzas were faint. It took only an in
stant for them to compose thoir features into
soberness and sobriety again, while tho
friends of Blaine laughed and felt good for
an hour.
The Sherman Club, of Mansfield, brought
out hard slapping from scattered enthusi
asts all all over the house, but an effort to
raise a hurrah was a blank failure, and tho
Ohio men grew more solemn and sovero of
A little later tho followers of the Plumed
Knight rubbed it into thoir foes at the call of
a Blaino club of Philadelphia, yelling, clap-
Sing hands and stamping on the floor for
ear life for five minutes.
And the Ohio men smiled not.
Thero was no applause for Garfield Clubs
at all, although there were half a dozen in
While the list was being read the platform
was filling up. Frank Hattou found his way
to a scat thero, and so did E. A. Bumner, of
Minnesota, and Assemblyman Ernest Crosby,
of this city.
Ex-Congressman Horr. of Michigan ; Chair,
man B. F. Jones, of the National Committee ;
Secretary Honry Gleason, ex-Lieut.-Gov.
John O. Robinson, of Binghamton ; ox-Congressman
J. R. Lynch, of Mississippi (col
ored), and others followed them.
At the closo of tho call, Judge King, of
Ohio, arose to make a statement. This caused
tho friends of Blaine to laupli dorisivoly, but
Judgo King went on with his statement.
He sot outi " I want to oxplain about four
votoh that wo havo claimed and exercised.
We camo not as a Stato organization with
four delegates-at-large."
At this thero was a momentary hush and
then tho Blaino men. with the sudden
thought of tho effect which these four dele
gates at largo had on tho voto for temporary
Chairman yesterday in which Blaine's op
ponents won by only fivo majority raiso a a
derisive "Ah I"
But Judgo King proceeded to read a list of
the Ohio clubs. At the mention of the For
aker Olub, of Delaware, the Ohio men made
a great deal of noise, and it looked as if per
haps they wero not so much Sherman men as
they might be.
This tioklod the Blaineltes! too, but thoy
were fairly rattled off their seats when an
other Ohioan, with a white top and dyod
beard, arose and announced angrily that
thero wero other clubs, and that he and Ma
jor Somebody represented them by authority
of telegrams which they held.
Thero wero orios of " Proxy I" " Oh my 1"
and " Good for Ohio 1" whereat the Ohio
men waxed very uneasy, and looked as if
some wicked persons had dropped burs down
their backs, and thore was no fun in it for
Then a Now Jersey man asked if these
clubs from Ohio wero entitlod to vote in tho
convention. This was decided in the nega.
tive, and Maine laughed and Ohio grimaced.
Gon. Robinson, for Congressman Huston,
offered a resolution in the line of Blaine's op-
Fositton to President Cleveland's message,
t demanded that tho surplus be dovoted to
tho muoh.needed fortification of our ports.
There was a heap of cheering, and tho reso
lution was referred to the Committee on
John Mitchell, jr., oolored, of Virginia,
offered an indorsement of tho Blair Educa
tional bill.
Mr. Grosvenor. of Ohio, offered tho follow,
ing resolution, which caused a sensation :
Whereat, It la the opinion of this National Con
vention of Republican Clubs that no man who at
any time denounced Abraham Lincoln while he
was President of tbe U ailed Slates as a " buffoon
and clown," or who ever declared from bis
seal la the United Urates 8cuatetl)nt no
man ahonl i denounco Jefferson Davis ua a traitor
In his prcaence ana go unrrbuiied by him, or who,
in Ida official capacity as Secretary of the Interior,
ordered that the Osg of tbe Untied Btatca
ahould be displayed at half-mast on
the oocaaloa of tho death of Jaoob
Thompson, or who, as Senator ot the United
States, msnr years after the war, refused to vote
that the thirteenth and fourteenth aud fltt
trcuth amendments to the Constitution are
valid and binding, ought to be appointed to
or hold the hliih office of .Tiullco of tho Supremo
Court of iho United Btatos; therefore,
lUmltva Th.it I. Q. U. Lamur otiitht not to uavo
beeu tti pointed Justice ot auld court.
It was thon carrlod, on motion, that nil res.
olutions should bo referred to thn Oommitteo
on Resolutions without being rend.
Tho dolegutesnoxt howled, yelled, laughed,
gavo cat-calls and had lots of fun for ttvo
minutes over a mistake made by Chairman
Ryan. Ho recognized a delegate from New
York and announced his niuiio us Burchard.
After the lmentor of "Rum, Roinnnisui
and Rebellion " had been laughed ot, Chair
man Ryan said tho namo of tho delogato was
really llirdsall.
Mr. Blrdsall hnd a resolution favoring tho
present tariff and tho distribution of tho Bur
plus rcvenuo received from the tux on
wliiskoy and tobacco among the several
His resolution was laughed at and then sent
to the Resolution Committee.
Tho Cominltleo on Permanent Organization
rooommended Senator William M. KvurU for
Permanent Chairman.
Mr. Evarls's namo was greeted with great
applauso, Ho was escorted to tho Spoukor's
desk by ex. Gov. Algor. of Michigan, and
Mr. Jnmes P. Foster, President of tho Re
publican Club of this city.
It was somo minutes boforo Mr. Evarts
could begin his kpoocu. The delegates gavo
him a roUBing welcome and ho kept nodding
his head. He spoko for an hour.
His address whB a regular Republican cam.
puigu spcoch and his stylo and oratory did
not evoko too much enthusiasm. Towards
tho cIoro of his remarks many of tho dele
gates became tired aud loft thoir seats.
Ho occasionally stirred up his audienco,
especially when "ho reforred to tho alleged
ballot-box frauds in tho South and tho pro
taction of Amerioan industries.
His remnrks against free trade and tho con
tinuance of a Democratic Administration mot
with thu most favor.
Mr. Evarts began by saying that tho form,
ation of Republican clubs and tho organiza.
Hon of leagues or clubs injtho vaious States
would not intorfero with tho established
machinery of tho Republican party.
Ho alluded to tho call for tho convention
and thu understanding that thu convention
would not recommend or namo any candi
date for the Presidential nomination.
Tho party, ho said, wai greater and bettor
than any candidate who could bo mentioned
or nominated. It was now tho habit of tho
Democratic party to pride itnolf on nominat
ing a candidato hotter than his porty.
Mr. Evarts gave the Mugwumps a rub by
reforriug to people who wore deluded
threo years ago, and who helped to elect tho
Democratic candidate." The illusion that
led men to vote for tho Democratic candidato
had passed away, ho declared.
The peoplo of the United States oould not
bo fooled a second timo.
the noire In 1888.
In referring to tho Presidential contest of
1888 Mr. Evarts captured the convention by
saying! "Our party t has never had a
candidate and nover will have a candidate
for President who is hostile to any of tho
great interests of the country."
He then branched off into an attack on tho
Democratic party as responsible for alleged
suppression of the suffrage in the Southern
States. He charged that free and honest BUf .
rage was unknown in tbe South and claimed
that the votes of the colored peoplo wero not
" Crimo against suffrngo," he said, "is a
crime ngainbt tho majesty of tho nation. You
and I havo tho right to havo every vote in the
Soutbora States counted."
Ho averred that elections in Georgia and
Mississippi wero mero farces.
Mr. Evarts was listened to closely when he
touched the tariff question. He arraigned
President Cleveland for his recent message
and said that tho Democratic President and
and the Democratic party were opposed to
tho protection of American industries.
If the tariff lawB wero to bo changed, tho
peoplo ot tho United States would prefer the
change to be made by a protection party.
" As a last word "and Mr. Evarts was pro
vented from continuing by a round of ap
plause. He remained silent for a few sec
onds. "Go on," " Go on," came from the
"tireen Good" 3Ien In Court.
Charles A. Forth and George 1). Oliver, the
"green poods men1- arrested over a week ago for
carrying on their criminal operations, were to-day
arraigned In the General Sessions Court to plead to
Indictments charging them with advertising coun
terfeit money. They pleaded not guilty. Froth
wont back to the Tombs, and Oliver, who baa
furnished bill, left the building.
In tbe case ot Ilym in aud Nelson, who are In
dicted for like olTcmcs, Lawyer Ilowe to-day
moved the caie for trial, and It was fixed for next
Tuesday before Itecorder Smyth.
Trylnu to Find Three Note.
Three notes to tho amount of 12,000, signed by
II. llcrger, dated Sec 15 and payable In throe,
four and live months after date, were lost by that
gentleman yesterday. William J. Llppman, who
is the attorney of Mr. Berger, said this morning:
' ' We bave cautioned the public against receiving
them and will pay a anitable reward for their re
turn, ir the peraon who found or stole them waa
Inclined not to deliver them to us, we would have
to go to work to prove that they were not legally
transferred to nun, which would Involve consider
able expense."
A Colored Women Iturned to Ueatb.
Hartford, Dec. is. Carrie Clark, colored,
aged twenty-four, wife of Samuel Clark, was
burned to death this morning. She arose at 4
o'clock, lighted a band-lamp and went to the
kitchen, tier huBband heard screams, and run.
nlngtothe kitchen found tils wife's clothing In
nam ea and tbe lamp on tbe floor, lie threw a coat
around her, but abe waa terribly burned he fore the
flames were extinguished and died in a short time.
Cbauaea at tbe Ctlatom.llouae,
Collector Magono made the following appoint
ments la the Custom-llouse to-day: John 1.
Kelley, of Westchester, to be a searcher, at 12. 60 a
day; Jacob Hauer, of New York, to be a watch
man, at 1440 a year; Samuel J. Cooper and Georgo
1L Dyer, ot New York, to be storekeepers at $1,400
a year each. John A. De Draw as watchman was
Ferajulaon Held for Trial.
George Ferguison, alias Cook, who was arrested
for snatching a pocketbook containing 18 from tbe
band of Miss Llllle Gee yesterday afternoon at Sul
livan and Houston streets, waa charged with high
way robbery this morning In tbe Jefferson Market
Police Court He aald thai he was a carpenter em
ployed in East Tweuiy-flf lb street. He was hold
In fioo ball for trial.
Hun Over by a Locomotive.
The body ot Jeremiah O'NIel, twenty years of
age, who was run over by a locomotive and killed
In the Long Island ltallro.d Depot, In Hunter's
Point, last night, while on his way to the theatre,
wasvlewodiiy Coroner ltoidnaon and ajurytms
morning at the Morgue. I'mnUalon was given for
the removal ot the body home to Woodslde.
Daniel Mullen' Jury Out.
Tbo Jury In the esse of Daniel Mullen, on trial In
Brooklyn for having killed his cousin, Michael
Mullen, at a christening party last June, rotlred at
14.40 r. M. to-day and are still oL Both Assistant
Diatrlct-Attorney Clark and the defendant's coun
sel attbinlliod tbe caao without summing up.
Claiming Hint Tlmntliy Wlinlrn'a Dentil mis
Dun to C'nrrlrm. Nuralng.
The trial of Joseph Byrnes, for tho murder
of Timothy Wlmlon last May, Mas resumed
this morning in tho Court of General Sessions
before Judgu Cowing. Whalen was a saloon
keeper at Ci)9 Greenwich streot.
On the night of tho assault he was shutting
up shop when Byrnos ranie along and stum,
bled against him. In tho suh&cipiotlt quarrel
Whalen Mas stabbed in tho abdomen.
Byrnes is quite a able-bodied fallow, short
of stature, with sharp features mid pleasant
face. Ho has but rocently been rolcased from
prison wliero ho was serving time for stabbing
n mati. Yesterday was devoted to tho prone
cution and to-day tho dofenso presented its
argument and evidence.
Ex-Assemblyman House mado the opening
argument for tho defense. Ho clnlined that
the wound inflicted by thn prisonor was mado
in self-defenso mid that deuth Mas tho result,
not of the wound but of careless nurMug,
which engendered serious complications.
Evidence is still being heard.
Dr. Thnddcus J. heau. who nttondod tho
dead man, tostitled that tho kuifo-wound in
the abdomen in no way hastened Wlmlcii's
death, which was duo to pneumonia. Dr.
Cliarhs II. Lewis nlso testified that death re.
suited from puoutuonia ougcudercd, how
ever, by tho knife-wound.
Byrnes, tho defendant, told tho story of
tho assault. He said that hn netod in self
dofciiso, and did not strike Whalen until biB
life was threatened with n revolver in thu
hands of Whiilcu's brother Jim.
Ho Nnys He Is Willing to Meet Dempaey
Aaaln for 81,000 a Hide.
" Ho was too good n wrestler, that's what it
was," woro tho words with which Johnny
Reagan greeted a Voni.D reporter as ho en
torod tho privato offlco of Richard K. Fox
this afternoon.
During tho talk which followed Reagan ox.
pressed his dissatisfaction at tho way in which
his light with Dompsey was conducted, saying
that overs-thing Joro Dunn said during tho
fight went, nnd Reforeo Btoveuson was noth.
ing but n figurehead."
Tho oliango of fighting-ground, which oc
curred after tho eighth round, Reagnn
claims, was particularly bnd for him, as tho
ground in the second ring was much harder,
nnd it thoroforo hurt him more to bo thrown.
Johnny thinks that if tho fight had boon
governed by tho Marquis of Quconsberry
rulos he would have won, as Dcmpsey would
havo been obliged to fight, and could not
have resorted to wrestling.
It M-as Reagan's first fight under the Lon
don prizoriug rules and ho holies it will bo
his last, but ho says ho is willing to put up a
forfeit to fight Dempsoy, Marquis of Queens,
berry style, for $1,000 a side, tho fight to take
place six months after tho signing of artioles.
IHIdnlfht Marauder Infesting New Jersey
Konds Near lteedsvllle.
Liedsvh.le, Deo. IB. Frits Smith, of
Asbury Park, who is employed by Abol Cole
man, of this placo, -waaaooostaJoVtJiy'-twa
highwaymen a few nights ago while coming
from Ocean Beach and robbed of 930.
On Tuesday night Howard Chamberlain, of
Red Bank, while going home afoot, was con.
fronted by two footpads, who demanded
money. Chamberlain refused their demands
and tho highwaymen attempted to garrote
and rob him, but ho was armed with a stout
stick and drove them off,
Zokial Hendrickson, of Morrisvllle, while
driving past Monmouth Pfifk last evening,
had his toam stopped by two unknown men,
who domanded his purse. Thoy got his whip
lash instead and lied.
Death of a Dl.tlugiilahed Jurist.
Worckstih, Masa., Dec 14. Judge r"ranelsn.
Dewey; who was stricken with apoplexy at hla
residence on Tuesday evening, Deo. 18, died ats
o'clock this morning. He remained unconscious
to thu end. He o.imea from a family of distin
guished Jurists, his futhor and grandfather having
served on the Supreme llcm-h ot Maiaachusotts.
Judge Dewey was born In Wlillnmmowu, July 1?,
1831, and waa graduated from Williams College.
He came to Worcester In 1849 and began trie prac
tice of lair. He held msny positions of trust and
was a director and one of tho heaviest stockholders
In the Washburn A Moen Manufacturing Company,
attending to a great amount of Its legal business.
" ltrrk " Donovnn Held for Itobberr.
Mlonael Donovan, alias "Heck," of Fourth
Ward fame, was arraigned In the Essex Market
1'ollco Court this morning chargrd with the robbery
ol tho three-bundred-dollar diamond pin belonging
to Mr. llaon, diamond broker, of V3 Grand street.
William Trimble auid tnat he was reading
a paper at a window In his house at Prince street,
and that be heard Mr. Bach scream, and the next
moment saw a man who appeared 10 answer the
description of Donovan run Inin tbe direction
from which he heard the acream. Donovan
said he was arrested Widnesday and that neither
the complainant nor hla daughter Identified him,
although he irus taken belore them threo times.
Douovun wa,held in 2,ouo.
Tnxntlnn Itrdnred 880,000.
Tbe Commissioners of Appeals of Jersey City
bave reduced tho asatsament of the Western Union
Telegraph Company from tioo.ooo to $20,000, a
allgnt difference ot 130,000. The reduction was
adopted by the Board on the recommcndtilon of
Commissioner Warren, who h id been unpointed at
the last meeting of the Board to confer with the
Janus Nelson Knocba Out Prof. Haley.
Norwich, Conn., Dec. 18. Prof. Haley, of
Hartford, and James Nelson, ot this city, fongbt a
twenty.two-round prize light to a finish, near this
place, early this morning. Haley was knocked out
In the twenty-second round and Nelson took tne
purse ol titt0.
Kx.Nrnntor Jonea Aakrd to Withdraw.
Dethoit, Dec 16. A change must soon occur In
ex-Senator Jones's method of living. It was
learned to-day that he bad been told by the detec
tive at whose bouse be la stopping and by the pro
prietor of tbe reatuuram wbero he eats that after
this week be musi leave. This la a part of the
scheme to force the Senator to his senses.
A Civil-Herrlre Kemovnl.
Mayor Gleaaon, of Long Island City, has removed
Postmaster James A. McKenna from the position
of Clvll-Servlce Commissioner and appointed John
McGraw to nil the vacincy.
J. Schuyler, the Otsego child murderer, bas
been granied anew trial. He was under sentence
to be uanged ou Jan. so.
During a heavy wind jeaterday at Crescent, Cal.,
ahotil with sixteen lumatei wus blown down.
Two people wero killed and all the others badly in
A Waahlngton despatch states tnat there Is every
Indication lint the Territories of Djkoia, Wash
ington, Montana and possibly Utah, will soon be
admitted Into Statehood.
Joseph C. Knight, a bookkeeper In the Manufac
turers' National Hank of l'hlUdelphla, waa com
milted to prison yesterday on a charge of embez.
zllng M, Poo of tho bank's funds.
Hong Kong and Yokohama papers received by
steamship yesterday state mat the Yellow ltlvtr
haa overflowed Ita bjnks and comple'ely Inundated
Chlogchow and ten other cities. Millions ot Chi
nese are homtleu ana starring, and tbe loss of Ufa
Is fearful. 1
Judae Monaon, Who Una Itrni Trenaurer
lor Tiroiitj-tlirrr Yenra, the llnncof Ton-trntlnn-.tlr.
llelinnnt Ilnlil. Ilir Vllln Hide
Aaanclntlon Itrapoiialblo An I'.lfiirt to In
duce Mr. llelmunt to ltemnln President.
Menibors of tho American Jockey Club urn
in a stato of anything but mild excitement
over the resignation of Banker August Bel
nioiit as President nnd Director, and the Im
pending resignations of Judgo Alonzo C.
Mdtison, Treasurer, and L. L. Withers, di
rector. Tho mooting at which President Bolmnnt
resigned was hold ou Weduosdiiy evening at
tho club-room on Madison iivenuo. Tho pro
ceedings woro unusually animated, hut much
rctlccnco la maintained as to what was dono
nnd said.
It is known, howover, that August Ilol
inont, Alonzo 0. Monsou, William A. Duor,
Leonard V. Jcrotno and John Hunter were
elected directors, aud that In conseqiignco of
what subsequently happened Mr. Belmont
Iiromptly tendered biB resignation, .ludgo
ilonsou and Mr. 'Witters also threatened to
r. August Belmont was found by a
Worn.') reporter in his Wall street office this
" It is truo I havo resigned tho Prosldency
of tho American Jockoy Club whloh I havo
held for tho past twenty-two years," ho said.
"It is also truo that owing to tho coimiosi.
tion of tho now Board of Directors Judgo
Monson, who has been treasurer sinco the
club was form oil, may also hao to retire.
" I wish to say that I appointed tho present
diroctors myself under a proxy which I held
as President of thn club. All tho fivo wero
members of tho old board except Mr. William
A. Duer, who was appoiniod in the placo of
his deceased father-in-law, William It.
" Tho reason why I resigned is that the
Jeromo Park Villa Bido Association, of
whom tho American Jookoy Club lenses
Jeromo Park, had for somo time past urged
upon mo their desiro and determination
to have a now Treasurer in tho plaoe
of Judgo Monson, aud as I thought that this
was nn unkind and ungenerous treatment
of Judgo Monson, I would not consent to his
being forced out.
" Mr. Monson hnd cived his sorvicos for
over twenty yoars to tho American Jockoy
Club without pay, and without him I do not
think the olub would have been ablo to live
through tho law against betting on the race
course, which was enforced against that club
while betting was permitted at tho Conoy
Island, Saratoga and othor raco-coursos in tho
" Tho Villa Bido gontlomen said Judge
Munsou was not conciliatory and amiable
enough aud soemod determined to overthrow
him. Mr. Loonard Jqromo, Mr. Hunter and
Mr. William A. Duor now form a majority of
the directorate against Judge Monson, and
.1 hear tJiat rtnWrillT-jttlgn,., 1 think Mr.
Withors willaWretire.
" I do notRw who will be the new Pros
idont or the'fw Treasurer. It will bo hard
for them to dit as good a Treasurer as Mr.
Monson has been."
Mr. Leonard Jerome Is In Europe, and nt
Mr. Withers' house Tna Wortm reporter
as told that gentleman was also out of town,
Mr. William A. Duor was seen at his ofilco
in the Boroel Building. He was very non
committal in regard to the olub difficulty,
and said ho did not want to bo interviewed.
When Mr. Belmont's statement was read to
him, however, ho denied having any personal
feeling against Judgo Monson. That gentlo
man had been a good Treasurer, but ho had
held the office twenty-threo years and a
change was felt to bo necessary.
He regretted Mr. August Bolmont's retire
ment but said that gentleman seemed to want
to go, and ho knew his own mind best. He
did not know who would bo elected President
and Treasurer in place of the retiring officers.
No mention of Mr. Belmont's offered resig
nation appears on the club minutes ot Wednes
day's meeting, and it is said that efforts are
being made to induco Mr. Bolmont to with
draw it.
Over Twelve Hundred MtudrnU at Yale.
isrxnAL to TDK woar.n.i
Niw HAVBN, Dec 16. The catalogue of Yalo
University for 1887-89, which bas been Isiueil,
shows that several changes bave been made In the
flnanolal affairs of that Institution. There haa been
an Increase of the charges for many of the rooms
on the cirapus, and some olj tho apartments In tho
old brick row will be rented for less than before.
The greatest increase Is on the rooms In Durfee.
Ihe tuition bat been Increased 110 per year. Thn
summary shows that there are I, StS atudenta, of
which 814 aro In tho academic school K91 In tho
tcleiitlnosohonl; graduate course, Gtl; art school,
(8; divinity, 117; medical, SO; law, M. This Is an
Increase of 1G1 over last year.
Fixing the Illaine Tor a Collision.
In tho United States Circuit Court Judge Bene
dict has handed down a decision In the case nf the
collision of tho Hoboken ferryboat Lackawanna
and the Pennsylvania ltallroad Compmy's ferry
boat Baltimore, In the North river, on March IV,
Judge Benedict decided that the pilot of the Bal
timore wus at fault In starboarding his helm when
he aaw thai a collision wsa about to occur. He di
rects tbat tho Hoboken compiLy should reenter
damages from the l'ennaynanla company. The
damages claimed, Including the claims nf persons
Injured In the collision, amount to tM,ouO.
Mr. Pondrrly No Worse To.Ilny.
Scranton, Dec 1C Tho pain with which Mr.
Powderly was attacked yesterday afternoon In
creased nls much enfeebled condition. He srent a
fairly easy ulirht, howerer. Nothing oufaioralde
haa occurred to-day. Dr. Allen la very much encouraged.
Patrick Brady, of 83, and Henry Wilson, of S3
Bowery, were held In ttAHHl bl each for trial lu
tbe Ksaex Market police Court this morning for
stealing two plush wraia und some clothes, vslucd
at fid, from Mrs. Mlnule I'aultcn, of 3-j Division
The assignment of Itobert J. lliechlnor, Itlchard
Ileal jr and Thotnaa J, Conway, of thu llr 111 of
Beechlnor. Healy A Conwar, to Chester A.
Uiaman, and the individual assignment of Itlchard
Healy to William M. Comyna, were Died 10-day In
the County Clerk's otllce. No preferences aro
Harry Williams, tho colored msn who was ar
rested last woek for stopping mrrsenger bots dellv.
erlng parcels at private boua.'a and securing! e
bundles by pretending to be a servant, p'taded
guilty in thu General Hesslons Court to-day to
aneak.thlevlug. Hcoordrr rlrayth aentence I him to
tling nine for three aud one-half years.
Kgypt, with her heavy slumbering repose moat
appropriately went to tue lutus flower, floating In.
doientlynn tne ilacid and myateriousNlle, for an
art motive. Hut Unit llreeie with her tingling
vitality and exquWI.e seine of tbo bouuil'iil should
borrow this motive from the laud of tne Pharaohs
an 1 Incorporate It into the most decorative fea.
tureaol her architecture seems strange. It is not
sostrkn? that an a dent student of urchxoloyy,
with American keenness and push, should have dis
covered tnls fact. Mr. Wldism Henry (loodyear,
Ihe Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Is
tho uU-orerer, and to-morrow night he will make
this brilliant ''And" tho aubjcoi of bis lecturo In
the Cooper Union Free Course. It will prove a
very Interesting theme.
iv 1 "Nla-'llsV
Finxr no vxn ron ritviixait.
Homo Hpeeulntlon, but Ids Transfers Very
Hmnll Indeed.
Affairs on 'Chnngo wero anything but llvoly
to-day, but nevertheless the feeling was
somewhat improved on account of tho strong
tindertono of speculation.
Whatever firmness thn market displayed
to-day was due to tho favorable turn in rail,
road matters. Tho Knstoru trunk linos will
now haie an opportunity to got profit
able rates 011 nil classes of- freights, and
it looks as though tho Northwestern roads
intend to follow thoir example. Mr. Hughitt
has culled a meeting of tho representatives
of the linos for this afternoon, and good re
Ntilts are expected from tho conference.
Up to noon less than fi 1,000 shures had
changed bunds. This, divided up among the
lt100 members of the block Exchange, would
give to enob about CD shares, if this sort of
tiling continues seats, instead ef selling at
$20,000, will soon go begging ut some thou
sands lesB.
Now England, Northern Pacifio proforrod
and Orogon Trans, each rose about a
point, but, generally speaking, the improve
ment was about half as much.
Holders of K. T. securities in Amsterdam
and this city hnve oppolnted a committee: who
will. endeavor to moke a thorough examina
tion into the affairs of the company. Home'
action of this kind is looked upon, as impera
tive in view of the extraordinary dooline in
tho bonds during tho past few weeks.
Silver here in up to VI. The riso is due to
tho movement in London, where bar silver
has advanced to 44 11-lGd. per ouueo.
Money is easy at 4 a i per cent, and for
eign oxohange is firmer, tho posted rates be.
ing up to 4.H3 and 4,HUH
In Government bonds $7,000 rcg. 4s sold nt
12S. Coupon 4s aro iiuotnd at l'J0 a 120,
and 4Ks at 107H a 103. Ilnilroad mortgages
continue stfong and in demand. Investors
are buying in anticipation of tho largo dis
bursements for interest aud dividends in
January. Chcs. ,V Ohio Cs of 1911 rose a, to 90,
0., C, 0. A I. peneralB H. to 10SK 1 Don. A
It. G. Western lsts Jf , to 68 s Jersey Midland
lsts IK, to 111. and Nickel Plate lsts X. to m.
Ches. A- Ohio currency As fell off from 2SH to
HH. K. T. consols sold ot 100)i a m and
Cs at 72S a 72tf.
Tho Loudon market is dull and slightly
lower for American securities.
Gpn ifi4S. a,
Canada Simtharn i 6St( 6.1
Usnadlsn l'aclflo CU', CO;. CU
Central I'sclBo Sft'J m2 3V4
Cltlo,, llur. AUulner., -, ISO 12H HH
Chlcaco 4 Indiana Coal uf J ViSi V0)j WH
fJhlcsao a Northwest M3 loo;, 1U3I4
Ulik'., Mil. 4 HI. I'.ui 7Jl. 74;i 7JJ
IV, I. k l..cklnrC.,l 31 US ill
D.I., Uck. WwUrn 136k ls7 lMf
Dol. wire 4 Hull. n 10i 1I3 lUMt4
E. Tenn., Va. 4 Ua'Jilprd 'i it ri
K..rt V,th4 DenYortlitj ,. 4't 41 44
lyml.tllle 4 ffaslmll. CU' M't COW
Uka bhon Vtii Vl'i VlK
MtsMjurt I'aclno 7 7J B7
Missouri. K.nml Tfllll 17V 172 I7V
New Jrwj tjtntrsl UH 74S 74S
New York Central 101 1M 10S
N. If. N.wKnaland., 85,4 WH MM
N. V., I'blo. 4 hi. I..uf. 17 17 lllfj
N. Y.,(!blc-o4Nt. Iiul.'JJ nt H.I 3.1 S.I
ft. Y., UkfiKno 4 Western WK 'MH IM1
Norfolk 4 Went.rn pld 40) !( 40
Notthrm Psrlflo plit t't 4A'j 4S
Oregon H.iIwaj 4 Nsnsatlun Vol wh m
Oregon Transcontinental l'JH '.'Ull 1UX
lrra"n Imi'r.,THiiitit ........,. Hi. 44'. 41'.
Philadelphia 4 lieadlnr Cft roj C5V
Itloh. 4 West 1'olnt Tor Wi 2ii 'Jlj.
illclimond 4 Wst Point Ter pfd. . Mt o!U 01
Nt. Paul 4 Omaha SS SS !M
HI. 1 Minn. 4 MsulUma 100W lUDu 105'i
Texas Pselflo 34J 241, 'jU
Union Paolflo M'i S5'( Mw
Wstjash,ht,lHlti4rsclAopId Vi) T) 'iHW
Western Union Telegraph. . .. 77K 774 V''t
Whealin 4 Lake. Lri 43'i 43', ij,
Ea dlf .
Tips from The World's Ticker.
No Important moiement In stocks U expected
until after tho holidays.
CoromiHsiouers Kink and Illsnchsrd havo been
authoilzed to fix the (Irand Trunk differentials.
Every ono seems to bo waiting to seo what Con
gress is going to do about tho tariff before operat
ing to any extent.
The big men are doing nothing at all, and the
frofess onal sealpors und floor traders are having
lilnga all their own nay.
The Kansas ltallroad Commissioners say that tne
mileage of mat Slate will be ",000 lullei before Ihe
en I uf this yer. Two years ago It was only 4,w0
Thero Is moncr in Wall Btreet which says that
Mrs. Hetty (Jreeu Is going to come out alien.) In nor
row with Magnate ('. V. Huntington over the
Houston aud Texas Central stuck.
There was s Waiblnglon special circulated
around the street tnls morn ng stating that Presi
dent Cleveland, Secretary 1'airchlld and bpcaker
Osrdsle had urawu up a Tariff bill of their own,
making reductions of f01,ooj,eOO In the duties from
Imports alone. Artleles placed on the free list rep
resent f l, 000,000 of annual revenue.
Ureal Flht at H-nlllilown, L. t.
SriCIAL TO the wnnLo.
ButTnTOWN, L. I., Dec. Id. C. L. Hallock called
at Spurge's Hotel on Wednesday evening, got
Hpurge outside and knocked blin down. Theu Mr.
II. Hock and Mr. Spurge clinched and tumbled
down, with Spurge on top. llailock bit Spurge on
tho shoulder and kicked his head. Spurge had
Hallock brought before Justice Hansom aud warned
f-V) to settle. Hallock obtained stay of proceedings
for Ave days.
Lottery llenlrrs l'lned.
llenjamln, Ueurge and Thorns Wilson, who
were charged with selllog lottery policies two
years sito, were to-day called up In tho Qenersl
Brsaioua Court, when they pleaded eullty. All
three havo since engaged In lawful pursulis. They
said that they would neier return to their old voca
tions. Fines of tu were Imposed, which the men
Tbe Judge, Hnvs "tbo Jury Were Mar jejjfl
Merciful lo Yon Tlmti You Wero to Iho 'l
Derennnl, nnd Vnu Ouaht to tie Thnnk ll
ful to Tbem " TIip Convicted Mnn Hears) vH
Ills I'nlc Vitinovi'il Tbe Crowd Approve., tfl
John Woidlor, who wns recontly convicted f$H
iu llrooklyu, of manslaughter in tho first de- '-B
greo for tho killing of Dr. Edward H. Dugs ' TftM
gnu, Mns this morning seutonced to twenty wH
years in Hlato prison nt hard labor. This lti "4f9
tho full penalty. , &9
In passing snutenco Judge Mooro fsald that iflvfl
witli nil deference to the opinion of tbs afl
jurors before whom tho caso was tried, ha mM
was conviuced that Weldler was most de- WB
cidedly guilty of murder in tho llrst degree. 'UH
" Tho jury wero moro merciful to you than H
you Mcrn to tho deceased, and yau ought to' 'Kjfl
bo very thankful to thorn," ho added. ?wfl
Weidler throughout the proceedings watJ JwH
as unmoved as during tho trial. 'H
A murmur of approval arose when tho sen. $
toncu uas announced. vMB
Arrest of One of tho Moat Notorious Men lai .SH
tbo Country. H
Isricur, to thi wonui. lifIB
CnioAOo, Dec, 10. A despatch recolvodin M$k
this city announces tho capturo in Fulton 'rMsfl
County of ono of tho most olevor and notori- 9
otts toughs in tho country. NM
Itev. Wm. Hammond is an adventurer who H
assumes any rolo that for the time being) '!
seems to best botvo his designs. He is vH
preacher, doctor, lawyer, bigamist and all, ' isljH
round confidence man ana has been guilty of WvH
much more serious crimes. ivU
Ho has belonged to tho Masons, Odd- T&H
Fellows, Knights of Pythias and Bons of 'edfl
Temperance. Ho tins been expelled from all ''Ttsfl
of them. Ho has boeu a preacher in the '&
Methodist, Presbyterian and Unitarian triM
Churches, also a Catholla prlost. J&iM
He got $1,000 out of a Mr. Jackson, of llcH
Havannah, (in. , by playing Mason and Odd- ifaB
Follow. It was for a piece of land that Jack- ftfl
son discovered hnd no oxistonce. IviH
He lived in California a few years ago, 'fiBaH
whero bo was a preacher. He married a mem- fptafl
bor of his Hock, placed $1,000 insurance oil Tlal
her life, and soon aftor this she died sad-' JfflM
denly. ;1kJM
Ho got her burled without exciting nny bus- jfH
plcion, collected the insurance money and hB
left at onco. Hn noxt turned up at Indian! tH
Valley, lnd., where he married another mtH
woman. He also placed an insurance on her '3sH
life. M
Lord Roseberv'a Interesting Hpeeeb at Had iiH
dersfleld on lrUb.llotne Itute. -. -H
Israelii. cAnu to tct woixd.1 fj
London. Dec. 1C In Lord Rosebery'sti B
nome lttilo speech at lluddersfleld last night! VmB
he said that the United States Government; 'B
would never agreo to coercing one of their; "sB
number, knowing full well such action would ,SjM
provoko a civil war. Great Britain in gov-j jitl
erning Ireland should note this worthy exv 'Ul
ample. 'rsH
Lord Itosebery does not thind Mr. Cham- 4ilB
berlain will succoed in his efforts to settle the 'Jlsafl
fisheries dispute, owing to the strength of :ll
the Irish voto in the United States. " We tififl
havo planted enemies in America through our WsH
policy," hd Bays, "and the only way to senate) ' fHH
success is to make thorn friends." kfl
cnsatlon In the Trial or Mr. Hbeehy, M. F.j VH
(ariciAL CAULK to the world. .$rH
Dublin, Deo. 10. A sensation was caused 'jdl
in court yesterday at the trial of Mr. Sheehyi vRB
M. P. Mr, Sheehy's solicitor sprang to hla' r$3
feet and excitedly called an opposing witness oj Jjal
perjurer, declaring that the witness answered - H
questions according to directions from, the) JB
magistrates. The court immediately ad- -tsH
journed, to consider how to deal with th . '''
solicitor's contempt. jOsB
Uxanilnlnc the Crown Prince's Throauk I'lU
Ban Kemo, Dec. 10. Dr. Mackenzie arrived .fH
hero last night and immediately visited tho VaLI
Crown Prince. After an examination of 1he rl
Prince's throat tho doctor doclared that ha 'iH
found no dangerous symptoms. 'MsH
Marquis of I.orne III. 7f,BssWAsl
Lovdon, Dec. 16. Tho Marquis of Lome; j7(0HJrJB
ex-Qovernor-General of Canada, is ill with V Iffiffi&Km
diseaso of the throat. WsiH
f t tr. v JKnasssaBBl
r.x-Benntor Pair lo Visit New York. &arT&lajH
srzcuL to ram wobld.1 'JIB'aasssssi
San Francisco, Ilea 15. Ex-Senator James Pf 'SrHW
Fair left yesterday by the Central radflo Hsj'r' xSU
road for the East 11 n nlll nn illn 1 1 In TTim TlisMr ' " !H
where bo has Important business connected wUhMsjJjw' H
road, banking and other matters, and will bo sjAtk. laH
from thla city snout lour weeks. Before his rMsJMf sM
be will visit Wahington. Kx-Scnator Falr'aJKf ''
nsrtu e for the East snows that the affair! oJffpA v'JtssH
Nevada llauk aro now In a sound eundltlOD. taKti : SkH
wise he would not bave gone away from huffHj1 JHH
ss the head officer of the Institution for so MiBZ' ligM
time as lour weeks. JZ5 f' s!B
Mr. Ilootl. Thrown Out of a Drug QsjZ'. , B
Wyman Tnbtloook, a drug clerk for sfl'jHsL J ,'mH
Klemeke, of West New llrlghton, S. LaUasS, 'JbHH
rested last maht on complaint of rollceJsHeter -JHssi
Cobb, for having thrown a llr. Joseph IBmmi jlH
the drug store and causing a compound jjHueVot ., BH
his leg. He was held in fJOO bail for esPsMitetW 'ssfl
. .aW I'lHsssssss!
Mrs. slrower (lettln WorsV , ; )3mB
Mrs. llrower, who was fo ' heateisHBaeat t4j ;39issEsi
death lu her home at Eaat , XJm., a fev ' "SssssHsl
daya ago, haa tailed so rs 'VlUsfT M waat ''Slasssl
twenty-four hours that her "ni JilTeMfrAsi t' HsssH
up all hope of herrctovery 'AsU r ,J 'SeHal
A Cold llloat for HaiuraUas iffissssssssss'
fit ' 'IssssssH
Cr v WAsntJfoir.i. ,'?mHk
iJ J Ina'ca" jtw h) -M
CS;7 hours oKmenefnf t "'sssssH
O ? r.r.mavi Itr'Ssxi , 'j.l
if-' ud, 1J-itrtlH(Mijfli 8HI
brceand becoming lUUIonaM, lTni liH
for Battern Sew ''-'fi1- lirifallUj ' 'jJulj r'.H
SaturOav morning, JUioumk b tuHLjZfgS IhH
ture; light tojreth vaAbl ufnai ,tMMsSsj" 'kSissssssi
toulhtrlv in tnt norVurnmillmt ' .ItlijSsisssssI

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