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Ill Kxplnnntlon or Wliy Ho Mlinuld Hnve
Ilccn Vindicated Hurney Kourkc n, l'rcp
I.nnco O'llrlen iiurt JilMlco l'utti-rnon
Just Nntl iih They 1'nss. by Now Adnts
.luliii J, In tlio Sumo C'nr Willi Miss
John J. O'Brien, tho Republican boss of
tho Eighth Disti ict, walked into tho offlco of
tlio Chief of lturcau of Elections at l'olico
Headquarters (it 10.30 o'clock this moriiing.
Tho clerks f.ivo u Happy New Year's greet,
ins tu their chief nnd then congratulated
him on hUtntccvES nt hibt night's meeting of
the County Conimittco. '
"Thuy did not down mo altogether," ox
claimed John J. Then, turning to This Even.
Ino Wo.nLD reporter, who was awaiting his
nrrivn'i, tho Eighth District mogul Mm led
nud (favo a hearty " How aro you ? Want to
ceo we about last night's meeting. Isupposo.
Corne in hero, " and Mr. O'Brien led tho way
to his inner room.
" Yes." baid ho, after ho had seated him
Keif at a tahlo and unbuttoned hie big ulster,
'' they gave me a chance to bo heard and they
amended tho leport of tho Discipline Com.
VTho Investigating Comraittoo went too
far in their languago m condemnation of our
organization. I objected to that part of a
resolution stating that, by reason of its dis
loyalty and treachery in tho lato general
election, the district tnachino should bo
abolished. Tho words I objected to were
strickuu out.
"Anil satisfied? Why, yes. Thero will
bo n now enrolment and nothing more.
"You will bo returned as tho district
leader ?" suggested tho reporter.
" Boyond u doubt," replied Jlr. O'Brien.
"Tho now enrolment will result in my ro.
tention as tho district leader. Thero is no
question uncut that."
" How ah out liarnoy Kourkc ?"
" Barney Itourko is outuitlo of all orpaniza
tions. Ho is a ' go.as.you-pleaso ' politician,
and is free to act to suit himself. I have no
control fiver him, although wo aro personally
great friends.
" Ho is immensely popular in tho district,
and has great influence. Thero is no secret
about his pull or his popularity. Barney is
u liberal and kind-hearted man."
"Do you and Judgo Tatterson speak as
you pass by ?"
' ' VVo just nod to each other. It would
taVo mo a long time to tell you tho whole
story of our disagreement.
" It wos decided by mutual consent that
iho Eighth District should namo tho candi
date for Senator and tho Tenth District tho
candidate for Civil Justice.
" We did not attempt to dictate to the
Tenth District whom they should nominate
for Justice, but tho Tenth District objected
to our choice for Senator. Judgo Patterson
pinned his ears bohind him and said ho
would not support Gcorgo J. Kraus for Scu-
" Wo ran Kraus, and tho Tenth District
went for another candidato, whilo the. mem
Tiers of tho machino in tho Eighth District
rofiiBed to support Botty for Justice. It re
solved itself into a ' get even ' fight between
Iho two districts, and the cutting Botty re
ccived in our district was dono oponly and
above board."
" Who is your choico for President ?" Jlr.
O'Brien was asked.
I have no choice at prcsont," was his re
ply. ' ' You may say that I am looking over
the field for futnro action. It does not pay
in politics to dcclaro your intentions too far
, " Tides chango too ofton in politics. tThero
is no calendar to show tho exact time of tho
changes that occur in political tides."
" ou were a great Blaino man four years
8o ?"
" Yes, and I worked hard for him. The
voto iii tho Eighth District will prove that.
As I said before. I am at present without a
Presidential choico."
Jlr. O'Brion said ho returned from Albany
yesterday and that ho was seated in tho samo
car with Jlii-s ltoso Cleveland and Jliss Van
Vochten. Ho said that Jliss Cleveland was
reading a book during tho entire.four hours'
triii, while Jliss Van Voohten seemed to be
enjoying tho sconory.
hho Weill After Her Husband nnd Used a
Weapon to Fetch Illm.
Miss Mary Egan appeared at tho Jefferson
Market Police Court this morning with her
hood dono up in bandages. Upon tho oppo
site side of tho witness-stand stood Mrs.
i ) Itachcl Costcllo, ago forty-fivo years. Police
man Joseph Dowliug, of tho Sixteenth Pre
cinct, placed a bloody towel and a wood axo
upon the desk boforo Justico O'lteilly and
accused Mrs. Costcllo of chopping Miss
Egan's head.
' I'll tell you how it is," said Mrs. Costcllo,
rind she shook her fist at Jliss Egan. " I
went into this woman's room to look for my
husband, in 240 West Sixteenth street. I
found my husband having a tete-fc-teto with
her, and I pulled him away from her.
Hho attempted to pull my husband
from mo and I hit her with a tin kettle. I did
not uso the ae upon her. What does she
I want with my husband,, any way tho old
I maid and she's forty-five if suo's a day."
I JIary did not say a word. Jlrs. Costcllo
was held in $1,000 bail for trial.
Tho Mullx Sllll III Control or the Market
nml tint Short llmlly miiicc.ciI.
Oil Is tlio special feature of Wall street this
morning. I'lpo-llno certificates Jumped lour points
yesterday, unit last night closed at S3)., with sales
for the duy aggregating over alx million barrels,
Whjle even after tlio close there were outside trans
actions, us high as 90 being bid.
ltcfore the opening of the Consolidated Exchange
this morning a larjc and exeltod crowd had gath
ered uround the o'.l pit and us soon as iho hands ot
the clock pointed m it) there was a perfect babel,
l'rlcis were ma o ut SO, W, Pi;, aud they canto
bo t nick auo fast that a dispute aroe aa to what the
opening iinotation was, but U was dually officially
stated at W?,.
'1 ho trans ictlons were large and th prlO' strong
and advancing, one lot ot 5,000 i amis nellm; at
W In the jlrt no'ir. Then there came a reaction,
and on tieavr telling t tie price broke to 933.
Just before noun tho price of oil rose again nnd
Mils wcro offered and sales made above 91, running
op aa high as m
llrookljn News nt a (Jliinrr.
George V. riper, of GSO Ilcdlord avenue, Ilrook
lyn, was arrea'ed ycaterdsy on a warrant timed at
the UiiUiice of rroiloilck Mcytr, of Morrlitovn,
ft. J., v,lu charges htm with retaining merchan
dise valm d ut SiUU,
The tlrt annual ball of K'imct Temple, Ancient
I, Arabia Order, Nobles of the Mystic Hhrlue, Oasis
ot lirooklrn, wl.l take place to-morrow eveung at
.tlio Academy of Music, More than Cva thousand
blckcu bare been told.
What n Novel Advertising Experiment of
Cnw' Ink Conipanv lleiuonatrnted.
Caw's Ink and Pen Company has Introduced a
novel aolicnie, not only for bringing to the notice
of the public Hi desirable articles, but for testing
to the full the question aa to which ono of several
morninj papers is to be preferred aa an advertising
medium. On New Year's Day thoro appeared a
column advertisement, prettily Illustrated, simul
taneously to Tint World, Timet, Sun, Herald,
Ti itnme an I several minor Journals. It appeared
on the eleventh pave of The Would, and occupied
an even more conspicuous position In other papers.
In It this offer was made:
Tti Caw's Ink mil Pen Company will kIt a " Dssht
war " double-feed fountain gold pen, the regalir price
of which Is $1, and a quirt bottle of Caw's Ulack Fluid
Ink, price TSoents, for the sum of SI, the only condi
tion b?nir that the applicant oall si the .tore between S
o'clock A. M. and 1 o'clock r. M. Tuesdty, Jan, 9, 1S1.
Scarcely h id the dnnn of ttto company's placo of
business, No. IK) Broadway, been thrown open
yesterday morning than the establishment waa
raided by an eager crowd. It comprised persona of
all sexes, ages and conditions, lly 9 o'clock the
crush waa so gruat that two policemen had all they
could do to keep the, assemblage In order. The
Bldcwalk was blocked at that point, while the
struggling, pulling and hauling to get inside the
door were such that at times the throng overflowed
into the street, blocking thecals. One by one each
person was handed an order for the articles named
at the prices Indicated, the recipients recording In
their own handwriting tho namo of the newspaper
In which they had read tho advertisement. Man
ager F. C. Brown, Bookkeeper C 11. Nourso and
Salesmen C. J. Fels and Louis Brown were tor the
entire live hoars kept us busy as bees to supply the
enormous demands made upon them. At the ex
piration of the allotted time these were the figures
World 1.2J9
Time. Ml
Sn 11.')
Trlbunt 132
.roW liitf
At least a half thousand were unable to get Into
the store before the 1 o'clock hour struck, and It
was truly sad to wltnesi their dlaappolnttd faces.
By a glance at tho figures It will be seen that the
advertisement In The Would bad attracted
444 more readers than the other papers combined;
nearly four times those of tho Times, nearly
nine times those of tho Sun, almost ten times those
of the TYftmiis and Herald.
"I am tickled almost out of my boots," said
Manager Brown to TrtE World reporter. "Wc
simply desired to advertise our goods, and chose
this method of ascertaining which ono of the news
papers would famish ns with the most lucrative
results. There seems to bo little doubt as to tho
choice now, docs there? It's wonderful, simply
wonderful, how largely Tin: Would Is read. All
these people oan get their pens after the 15th Inst. ;
1, 9 can thank TrtE Would for tholr luck. "
Ho Will Have a Trial Bureau to Assist the
Grand Jnry.
Col. Fellows announces a number of re
forms in tho conduct of tho District-Attorney's
offlco which aro mado possiblo by an
additional appropriation and increased force
of assistants. Old methods, tried and not
found wanting, ho says, are not to bo despised
and disregarded, nor should new experiments
be thought lightly of.
Tho particular chango which ho contem
plates is oiio that will prevent tho accumula
tion of untried indictments in tho ofiico and
will, at tho samo time, placo the assistant
who is assigned to tho trial of a case boforo
tho jury in full possession of a complete and
detailed history of the people's case.
It is tho practical trial of tho caso boforo
indictment, all of tho witnesses for tho peo
ple heiug examined by tho District-Attorney's
deputies before indictment and the prepara
tiou of a brief of law and fact for tho assist
ance of tho Grand Jury and tho trial assistant.
I5y this arrangement tho work of tho ofiico
will bo facilitated and the lumbering of
pigeon holos'with untried indictments will
bo prevented.
The Colonel himself will be active in the
trial of cases, tho first to bo taken in hand
being that of Longobardi. the slayer of
Johnny Barrett. This will bo followed by
the trial of the cases of Rollin M. Squire and
Maurice B. Flynn, if those gentleman man
ifest a continued desiro for a speedy deter
mination of their cases.
Tho boodle cases will not be moved on tho
calendar until itfter the disposal by the Court
of Appeals of the questions of law raibed on
the appeal in tno cases of ex-Aldermen
O'Neill and McQuiide.
Ensrlneer XIToran Makes n During Itrecur,
but Itefueea the l'roffered Ileward.
A lady and a littlo girl stepped from tho
platform of a bridge train which arrived at
tho Brooklyn end of tiro bridge at 4.16 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. The little girl missed
her footing and fell down between tho plat
form and tho car-wheels.
Tho cars wcro just about to start and thero
was no time in which to signal the engineer.
Christian Jloran, chief engineer in The
Would Building, saw tho child's great poril.
Without a moment's hesitation ho let himsolf
down sidewiso between tho platform and tho
car and threw tho child out upon the plat
form. A big policeman and soveral passengers
pulled Jlr. Jlornu out of the holo just as tho
truiu was moving away.
Tho lady was so grnteful for what had been
dono that she wanted to kiss Jlr. Jloran right
thero, but he was so embarrassed tbat ho for
got to get her name, and, breaking away from
tho admiring crowd, went homo.
His wife, who had just returned from tho
grocery store, greeted him with tho remark
that a lady livingon tho block had just been
tolling her of a dating rescuo on tho bridge.
Site scolded a littlo when she found that
her husband had been so reckless with his
lifo, but sho is proud of him jubt the samo,
and so is The Would.
New York Olnrkcm.
Wueat. The "January boom" In wheat waa
further demolished this morning by a decline of
e. Jrom last uluht's prices. Mny wheat opened
atw;c, and afterwards sold atoiwc, but later
In the forenoon advanced Vc hverybody bad
something to aelL Chicago was weaker than New
York, and tho cables weio dull and lower.
Cotton. There whs an active market to-day at
lower prices, following the dlse.ouraglng cable ad
vices from Liverpool. Futures op ued at a decline
of 8 to 4 points from lust n ght'scime; Jan., 10.4a;
Feb., lu.M; .March, to.f6; April. 10. Ttf; May,
10.63; June, 10.94; July, 10.99; Aug., 11.04. Tho
niur.ct was steady nurlng the morning.
CoFrEK. Cons det able excltemeut prevailed In
tho cotfi e market at the openin this morning,
t'aile advicea were all verv beatlab, Havre ahowtug
a decline of 9 fra cs. Futures n. re opened at a
decline of S5to 60polnti: Jan., 15.60; Feb., 15.20;
March, IS. IB; April, 15.IA Mar, 1S.0S.
l'ETBOLKru. oil had another Bpurt to-day and
was followed by as sharp a iieuilue. The local
market opened ut 17, and manlfexted a very fever
ls n and niifcitled tone. Tno aborts endeavored to
cover, but no one seemed to havo any oil to sell,
He viral small lot. lycre sold at "7(. Later In Iho
forenoon a reaction occurred, which sent prices
down to vm within a very few minutes, a consid
erable amount of long oil being thrown oh the mar
kot. At noon the market was feverish and un
steady at 9B;,
Alarming Derrenae In the Coal Tonnasrn of
the Itond UundreiU of limply Cr I'lll
the Trnckn-Tlip KiOtroru! 3ln' Hlrlko
(Ivrrnhnilowcd .llensra. Lee nnd Potvderlr
In C'onsultntlon To. Day.
Krr.cnL TO TUT. wonLD.J
I'iiiladelviiia, Jan. 4. It is estimated that
25,000 minors hnvo struck in tho Heading ool
licricB, in tho Schuylkill district. Privnto
operators in tho rogion have granted tho do
mauds of tho minors, and tholr collieries aro
in operation.
Oilicinls of tho Beading Company say tho
miners will bo back at work in a day or two;
thai they novcr return for several days after
a holiday. However, of tho forty-four Bead
ing collieries but fivo woro manned yester
day. Fully 90 por cent, of tho Beading em
ployees in this city havo cast their fortuno
with tho striko, but tho company seems to
havo plenty of men.
Tho Bonding Company's weekly statement
of coal tonnago shows a total of 47,671 tons
for tho week ending Dec. 31, ns against
172,302 tons for tho week ended Doc. 17.
All tho colliorios in Shenandoah oporatod
by tho Beading Company aro idle this morn
ing. Tho tracks in rottsvillo aro blockaded with
thousands of empty coal cars. Tho striko of
tho miners has overshadowed that of tho
railroad men.
Thero is very littlo coal passing Beading
this morning, and there is much alarm over
tho scarcity of coal.
Messrs. Lee and Fowderly aro in consulta
tion at Scranton to-day. The result of tho
meeting will bo watched with much interest.
A Beading official hero to-day said : "Yes,
thero is a striko and u darned big ono."
No special advices regarding tho striko
wcro received at the principal offices in this
city up to noon to-day. Jlr. Corbiu himsolf
is in Philadelphia.
"Jlr. Corbin's position with regard to tho
striko," that gentleman's representative baid,
" has boon sufficiently indicated bv his state
ments to the publio during tho last ten days,
and thoro is no probability that ho will rccedo
from it.
" Tho striko does not affect tho business of
tho road injuriously, and as tho dull season
begins after Jan. 1, it could easily stand a
six months' strike.
" I don't believe the miners will hold out
long, for soveral privato collieries have
btartcd up and tho strikers aro showing weak
ness already."
Jlr. Williams, of Williams & Peters, tho
well-known coal dealers, was seen at his
offlco in tho Field Building.
" Thero is no danger that Now York will
suffer from this striko," he said, " because
tho market for tho Beading district coal was
along the Pennsylvania, Baltimore and Ohio
and New Jersey Central railroads.
Thoso markets may fool tho pressure if tho
striko should continue a long time, but I
think thero is very littlo prospect of this, for
tho men have chosen tho worst possiblo tiino
of the vear to strike. We ore looking for
lower instead of higher wages during tho
coming year.
' Our advices from the Schuylkill District
this morning show that tho situation in no
respect differs from that of yesterday. All
tho railroads aro bringing coal to Now York
now in sufficient quantities to supply every
demand and thero is no reason why prices
should bo any higher."
They Will Try to Hell Small Quantities to
Poor Consumers nt Current Kates.
The men who peddle coal on tho west sido
oro organizing, under tho direction of tho
Central Labor Union, and will hold a meet
ing to-morrow night at 350 WestThirty-ninth
street. .
It was stated by a delegate in tho Miscella
neous Section of the Central Labor Union
last night that eighty coal peddlers on the
west eujo had signified their intention of
joining the now organization. They propose
to divido their patronage among tho yard
dealers and will not charge the poor con
sumors to whom thoy sell a higher rate than
the regular market price.
To enable them to do this, they.wlll invite
competition among the yard merchants.
These eighty peddlers require 160 tons of coal
a day, and they are assured that dealers will
gladly sell at prices which will enable them
to deliver small quantities at market rates.
Should dealers refuse to soil to the ped
dlers, the latter will drow their supplies
direct from tho coal boatmen at current
The peddlers declare their intention not to
tako any advantage whatever of poor con
Burners during tho present strikes.
Talk About Worklngmen.
Rteam-fltterB are busy and all union men are re
ported at work.
Herman Cabinet-Makers' Union, No. 7, elected
ormers last night. Work was repined fair.
Louis Krnst bas been elected I'reldent of the
United Carpenters' Union, and J. Hellc Kecordlng
Secre ary.
John U. Cavllle, ex-Audllor of the Knlgbta of
Labor, Is a rain very 111, and his friends are en
dcavorlng to aid him.
ltcporta from the numerous organizations In the
Miscellaneous seetlon of the Central Labor Union,
indicate that work Is fair.
There are i.ana members In tho Ilousesmlths'
1'nlin. Finishers and blHCksmiths get from tii'7
to txOT u day each, and helpers from tl.tu! to fi.is
u day.
George Warner has been elected as President of
the llouicsmltus' I'ulou for ihe fourth time, lie is
one of the most popular men lu the ranks of organ
ized labor.
Complaint Is made by some of Ihe labor organi
zations lhat the Waiters1 unions have been unjust
and arbitrary in aaklna- them to refrnln from hold
ing balls In hails that tho waiters desired to boy
cott. There are not io many large Join In the building
line this winter as mere were a year ago, when the
Kniiltulilc, the Uallattn Hank and ihe telephone
company's nulldina-s were underway. Work Is not
therefore as plentiful.
At the meeting of the Miscellaneous Section of
the Central L nor Unlm last evening resolutions
were pased expressing sympathy with the strikers
of the Heading nd Lehigh Valby Ilailroad compa
nies and pledging them mural and financial sup
port. Seven hundred Junior plumbers are organized aa
an auxiliary to Ihe Journeymen l'lumeia' Union
They are oung men who act as helper- and appren.
tlcea, and a ter serving their lull time become jour
neymen and receive cards from the union wbicn
certify that tney are competi nt workmen. All the
plumoers and their helpers are also organized as
Knights of Labor.
Coal Intereala Discussed.
L. U. Lewis, A, O. Yatea aud V. A. Bell, repre
senting large coal Interests, held a consultation In
a private parlor ot th Hoffman Home tola morn
ing. t
tfrtoWtsstff' ''-'" "lJMffAaV-'- ' '' ..-.n.ih.Aa.i,
Bho Say lhat Maurice llnrrymore Must be
Out of Ilia Mind.
4fyrigU 1839, by fa Prti. PublUMny CVmriy (A'sw
1-or ITurM).
IsrrciiL caiile dispatch to the wobld.)
Pahis, Jan 8. I called upon Sarah llcrnhsrdt
last ivenng it the I'orte St. Martin Tneatre,
Sarah's dressing-room In htr own theatre Is not as
comfortable as the one she had at the Vauderlile,
win re she had a drawing-room and dressing-room.
Hut It Is, nevertheless, a very cosy and artistic
place, hung with tapestry, and aglow with
lights nnd their reflections In manv mirrors. Sarah
aceins to have dropucd things Jaianeso. When I
entered 1 found her sitting on her stool with her
back to a bright tire, literally drying oft. lti
ono corner stood an actor in a picturesque
dlrectotro costume, with well made-up wounds on
cither temple. It wub during the tho lust entre
acte of " La Tosca. " Sarah was In a low-necked
robe of dowered silk, with her hair tied loosely
with ribbon over her shoulders.
'So you apeak French 7" she said In Kngllsh as 1
came In. "Yea? Will tell me what all about."
I extricated a copy of Ihe cvonlng ednbn of
Wednesday's Woui.n from my crua hat and pointed
to a passage for mutating Mr. Uarrymore'a accu
sation. "Here, read me this," Bhe said to a gentleman
who was In the room.
When the purport of iho artlclo had been mado
clear to her she anld; "Why, the man Is mad 1
Tcocz, Monsieur, you may tell him from mc that
he la mad I Dltcs lul de ma part qu'll eat foil. No,
I do not know Mr. llarrjmore. I havo never seen
him. It Is not trno true, tnat be gave me nadJcBta
to read. He showed It to me. (Iron. Oh 1 Ko he
Is going to make things unpleasant for ns I Tlena,
tlcna 1 That Is very tojmldable. Well, then, I anp
Pobc he most mako things unpleasant (or us."
" (Test aenttU " replied Mme. llornhardt; "but
I should llko to know If there la any similarity,
It Is possible, of course. Undesigned coincidences
cannot be helped; on ieut ee reneonlrer. Hut see
how silly la tho accusation. Nadjeeda has been
placed now tbroo years, and wo have only Just
egan La Tosca. Is It likely that Ssrdou would
Jeopardize bis reputation by plagiarizing a scene or
an act from a play that la on the stage? And,
tenez, this gentleman might Just as well accuse
Molero or stealing his plots as Sardou. Yes,
Sardou knowa about this affair, and he says, as I
do, that it la ridiculous. Write to the Socloty of
Frenchmen of Letters, will bo 7 Well, let hlni
write. "
Barah seemed vexed, but was very quiet, though
there was a very cutting saroaam In ncr voice. She
got up and went to her toilet table, and, while
buaylng hcraelf with her make-up for the last act,
"I declare l-never law Mr. Barrymore. Why,
he accuses na of theftl We aro thieves thenl I
suppose you have seen 'Ls Toscaj' Well, have
yon acen 'Nadjesdat' Yon can tell me then If
there Is any resemblance between the two ,
When one sees ' La Tosca ' one only sees Mme.
Barah Bernhardt. It la difficult to compare."
The call-boy here poked hut head In and cried,
" Madame, they are waiting."
Sarah had not qulto finished her toilet. She took
her ease. I could not help looking at the reflection
of her face In the brilliant mirror scon from where
I stood over tho low bamboo screen that hides the
mysteries of the dresalng-taMo. ' noticed that the
eyes of all present followed her as If fascinated,
even those of her familiar friends. Meanwhile her
maid, who was standing by tho fire, waa busied In
opening and reading a pile of letters that lay on
tho mantelpiece. Some she laid aside, othera
wcro thrown into the Are.
One of tho gentlemen present exclaimed: "Ho
la astonishing, this Barrymorc."
' Ah, there I Knoughl" cried Sarah Impatiently.
" That is enough, Barrymore; barry moro than
enough " (this In English), "for to-night. lam
not going to be troubled with It any more."
"Dlen; and little Maurice?"
" Oh, he la as happy aa a sing. "
"Madame, oi offend, "repoatod tho call-boy.
" Celt bUn; yes, as happy as a President of Bo
publlc, and Terka too. Tney seem to Idolize each
other, and that la very well. Maurice Is quite
changed now. He nsed to bo melancholy. Terka
has altered all that. I do not know who of us
three la the happiest, Maurice, Terka or L"
I availed myself of the opportunity to ask her
opinion on " La Tosca, " not as a lessee, but aa an
"It la magnificent, "she said. "Hike the role
as well aa any I have ever played In. fiardon played
out? What nonsense! We shall male & splendid
run of It."
"Madame, on attend," repeated the call-boy
again lu despair.
"Well, "I said, ail withdrew, "1 may say all
"Yet; dlltt lul, ma part. Que c"e$t un ou."
"It Is New Year's Day, Madame, dball 1 add any
greeting to the Americana? A wish of good luck
for the New ear?"
"Oh. onll out I" she cried, with an emphatic wave
of her graceful arms, as though sending a warm
message of love lar away. "Good luck to Ameri
cans! Ti m very good luck to Americans!''
Bhe was not acting when she spoke these last
words, lor sue has much love for and gratitude to
Players from All I'nrta FngMfio In the Com
plicated (iiiinr.
A grand tournament of the great Oerman game
of "skat " was held at 3 o'clock Tuesday In Osc r
Sclferl's hill, under the pair ma-e of the Weat.New
ark Skat Club. At a tnt cling held on Sun-Jay
Messrs. Selfert, Kraft and Finn were appointed
a committee and It was resolved to offer
about twenty-lira prizes. Nearly two hun
dred persona interested In thu game attended
duilng the afternoon un I evening, many Herman"
coming from New York, Elizabeth and other
places to attend. Tne JihUm-h were Dr. C. HakCii,
Hoi. ert Saddler, Howard Hoffman, Joseph K. Kel
hofer, Oscar teller! ami George Cious. The main
object of the tournament was to give skat players a
chance to become acipi .laic i, wltn a view of luund
Ing a national skat society In the future.
Tno game Is ..bout MXty tears old, and Is very
popular with Germans. Its origin Is not exactly
known, but it was nrst played by farmers In the
Duchy of Altenburg, and thence was Intro .ueed
Into ihe universities. It U considered very ab
sorb ug aud that It Is Impossible to rxhanst all Its
comblnationa. F.rueat Kdward Lemckc, of Astoria.
N. Y., has publtihed an llmatrael grammar if
"skat" in F.iglsi for the purpose of making Ihe
game familiar to American".
Three or more person ean play the game, three,
however, only being a tlo In each game, me
olt.cra being In akat until their turu arrives. One
hand plsys gau at the other two, and Is the play
er, ine remaining two being partners. It Is a
f;ame of point., not tricks. Two mar win and eight
oss the game, sin arda have a point value
itferlng from tnelr trumping power. A pack of
piquet, toim-lwo cards, Is used from the
seven up. Jacks arc the highest trumping cards,
no matter which soil Is trumps. Ten cards are
riven enery player, two being- laid tu Ihe ikau
These latter cards, eiilrd the skat, are uied to set
tle Ine different kinds of piaylnir, the "simple" or
"grand." ihe player has arlaht to take teee
two cards nd disc rd tno which he wlsiiei to got
ill of before bealniilng the game. Tut player,
without taking the sk t, plays wltn the ten cards
dealt to him, the toln ihe akat or their poluia
being added to his score. The suits arc o! grudtd
value, olubs icing beat, srades second, hearts tnlrd
and diamond! lowed. Ihe Jacks rank in tbetr
iruraplug value In the isms order. Eighty games
were played yesterday snd many prtxei of small
value were given out to tho beit players,
liplseopnt Clergymen nnd the. Pollen Senreli
Inu lor tlie Itrv. Dr. IMwnrd F. .Vlllrsi
Wlin Drni'Peil Out nt Sight In nn llnu
A Life llrvoti'd In the I'onr nnd Uiifor
ttinnlr- III Itrnnnn Thought to be tin
settled from Over" ink.
Tho Itov. Dr. Kdward F. Miles, rector of
tho Protestant Kpiscopul Church of tho Itel
ormatiou, in Stanton street, minister to tho
sick, visitor to tlio poor, teacher of tho igno
rnut and worker among tho lowly of tho par
ish, beems to huvo become lis completely lout
in one short hour last Friday as has been S.
S. Conaut, editor of Harjier's )nklj, siuco
Tho Rov. J. O. Foster, who who is endeav
oring to carry on Dr. Mlles's work till his re
turn ; the ltov. Dr. ltainsford, whoso assist
ant Dr. Miles was at St. Oeorgo's Church for
ono year ; tho Ilov. J. O. Fuwcott, of tho
J'rotestniit Episcopal MisBiou on IUoccker
street, and tho l'olico Department nro doing
all thoy can to discover tho whereabouts of
tho missing clergyman, but nothing has yet
been loarncd of his movements since ho left
tho church in Stanton streot on Friday after
noon to call upon n sick parishioner in the
lto carried somo of his vestments on his
arm with him. Ho novcr reached tho house
of tho sick ono, and only ono person has been
found who baw him after ho loft his study,
which, for his own convenience, was fitted
up in ono corner of the church cditlco. This
ono person is a parishioner, who met him
near tho church.
Tho Hov. .1. O. Fawcett briefly rotated tho
history of Dr. Miles to a Wobld reporter this
morning. Tho missing clergyman was an
Englishman, a graduate of Trinity College,
Dublin s had received a diploma as a member
of tho ltoyal College of Surgeons, and served
twenty years as a snrgcou, first in tho mer
chant marine of Oreat Ilritaiu between
Liverpool and Australia, and afterwards in the
Fronco-PriisRiun wori alterwards joined the
ministry of the Established Church, aud fol
lowed ins friend. Uishop Paddock, to tho
dioceso of Washington Territory.
Ho was called from this remote Hold to St.
Oeorgo's Church, in this city, as assistant rec
tor, and after a year was appointed rector of
tho old Church of tho Ehiphany in Ktunton
stroet. That church was afterwards con
demned as unsafo by the Hoard of Health
and torn down.
Then Dr. Miles raised tho money and built
a now church to which ho gnvo tho namo of
the Church of tho Reformation. It now in
cludes a gymnasium aud kindergarten, nnd
day classes aro taught in tho Sunday-school
room whero 800 children attend services ovory
The services in tho church aio always at
tended by crowds, and Dr. Miles was so
earnest, cnergetio and tireless in his work
thnt ho had his study in tho edifico, nnd
thoro ho and his wife spent much of their
time, lodging in a liouso near by.
Dr. Miles's medical knowledge was brought
into service in his parish work, and ho min
istered to tho physical needs of his peopln.
It is feared that tho immenso amount of work
dono by tho good mun has unsettled his rea.
son, and that ho is wandoring, perhaps novor
to roturn unless found by the searchers for
him. No other explanation of his disappear
ance is advanced, for ho disappeared in broad
daylight, leaving his work as if intending to
roturn within the hour.
lie was of gonial, hopeful temperament,
and suicido was out of tho intettiou his
friends believe. No one could have any en
uiity against him.
News of his return is anxiously awaited by
tho many friends of tho big-hearted laborer
among tno poor.
Ho Thinks the Iteductlon In Fees Would
iilvo Iiiiinei'io Heller to Shipping.
Quarantine Commissioner and ox.Senator
Thomas O. Piatt smiled mechanically on an
Evenino WonLn reporter this morning when
tho latter found him at his desk in tho offlco
of the United States Express Company.
Tho reporter asked : " Havo you seen Tub
World's Albany despatch which describes
tho Yedder bill reducing tlio foes of the
Health Officer of this port and fixing the sal
aries of employees, and which says that you
aro baok of it, and that it is to bo followed
by another bill which will legislato you out
of office?"
"Oh. yes," responded tho Republican
boss, with a half sigh. " Hut I do not caro to
bo interviewed. 1 ho bill speaks for itself.
The Would has said the income of the Quar
antine Department was $100,000 a year. Tho
hill will bring the income down to n much
lower figure. By its provisions the Hiath
Otlicer must turn over his collected fees ex.
ccedini' SlO.OOOto the rcliof funds, nnd the
bill will give immenso relief to shippiug
Tho bill is in tho interest of reform."
" Somo of the newspapers insinuate that
reform is a now role for you. Senator."
" Yes ; it's n new role for somo others, too."
" Is it true that this hill ih to he followed
by another which will legislato you and tlio
other commissioners out of office?"
" Thnt will havo to bo considered later."
- - i
- CoimlliiK Accident nt I'llt.neld.
Iirrcux. to the wont.n.1
riTTsnKt.r, M.i-s. , Jan. 4. Thomas Hums and
Miss Van ltennselacr h u! thdr let-s broken lu a
coasting aecldtnt here last night. Duma ulll re
cover in line tin e, but In Miss Van Kennielaer'
ease amputation will probably be necessary, Neds
from utfTerenl hills, while tolng at the rate of a
mllu a minute, collided, causing the accident.
linkers Only Can Sell llrrad on Siimlny.
srrciu. ro tiik woiilp.
Hostos, Jan. 4. The Supreme Court of Mass
achusetts has decided that bakers, and only bakers,
can sell bread on Mind.it. The deci ion la the re.
tiilt "I a grocer being ar cated and tried uad fined
for selling bread ou Sunday,
l-'rll llrod on the htreel.
Washinoton, Jan. 4. Charles s. .Moore, a well
known atlurney of this city, suddenly dropped
deaden Thirteen!-! street nortly after mldnlgat.
His death resultt d from oerebrtal apoplexy,
m m
Now Let the Fan Ilea In.
nirriil. to Tnr. wobld. I
Washinoton, Jan. 4. u jth ot the nousea of
Con rca were called together at noon to-day.
Spi-aVer Carlisle had not announced Iho committees
altual hour.
m m
Hcuufort, S. Ci Visited by Fire.
niicroar, N. C., Jan. 4. The business portion
ot this place waa destroyed by Are last night. Leu
between 50, 0W and lie, oorj,.
ft jxft- J
HcTcrnl London Public Houses Wero In
Danger An Incendiary Fire
UrrcuL caulx to tub world. I
London, Jmh 4. About 4 o'clock this
morning flro was discovered in tho Bolton
Theatro Royal, and in less than an hour tho
building was completely gutted.
Mr. Elliston, tho lessoo, had this year
mounted tho pantomime of " Mno Beard,"
and two performances woro given yosterday,
tho houso being crowded afternoon and
Everything was left sofo at midnight. Tho
first intimation of tho firo was given by tho
Tho theatre is in a most thiokly populated
neighborhood, and tho greatest difficulty was
experienced in rescuing tho inmates of sov
eral public-houses udjoining It.
All tho artistcb' properties wore lost.
A curious coincidence is that Elliston had
engaged several of his perforators from the
Grand Theatro at Islington, Tho theatro
was fitted with Orinnoll's patont Bprinklers
and all the latest appliances. Evidenco
points to a clear case of incendiarism, as
burglarious implements wero found at tho
office entranco and tho valvo-tap connected
with the sprinklers was turned off bo that
thoy could not operate.
Reception of the Italian Committees by the
rope Ceremonies of the Week.
Cmrtt, 1888, ty r J"rt rhUilnj Ompasy (VTm
Tar World).
Home, Jan. 4. Tho l'opo received the Italian
committees yesterday la the SalaDucale at the
Vatican. Nearly one thousand persona were
pre.enl, and the Pope, who seemed In excellent
health and spirits, made a speech alluding
In rather atrocg terms to the rela
tions between the Vatican and Italy.
Alter referring to tho many testimonials of
respect sent by Ihe different Coorti and Govern
ments of Europe, His Holiness declared thai Italy
a.one had assumed an attitude of hostile Isolation,
lu this, according to the Pontiff, sho bad made a
mistake, which must tell agslnst her home and In
ternational Interests. Ills Holiness Hill continued
to exprtas the hope that Italy would realize that
the Papacy la tie brightest Jewel of a strong and
loyal government, ana he concluded by Inviting
her to a reconcllatiou on a basts of Justice.
The allocution of tho Tope waa repeatedly ap
plauded. Tho Tope will on Thursday next again celebrate
ma-aluM- Peter's for the tcneflt of tne pilgrims,
who havo been detained on their Journey to Rome
by the snow and tho terrible weather.
A banquet will be given by the Irish College on
Sunday next in honor of the eighty-eighth birthday
of Archbishop Klrby, the rector of the .college, at
wMoa the Archbishop of Lmolln and the Irish
bishops In Home will be present.
. i m
.llurrlnge on 83 n Week.
"Ike" Isaacs, gnl tweuly, got married seven
months ago aud dlscovircd In a week lhat he
couldn't support a wife on the 15 a wtck which he
earned at cigar bunching. He and tits wile there
fore returned tu their mothers', he to 'WH Second
avitiue and she to Norfolk street.
Ilia wile ha hlni .rresied for abaudontnent. The
husband p ca led at be Essex Market Court to-day
that he could not upiort a wife, but Justice Pat
terson ald lie should have thought of mat brlorc
ne got married aud held him to pay nut wife 12.60 a
Annie Knelled by Ladles' Day.
Annie Andrews, a-ed twenty-three, celebrated
Ladles' Day yesterday. 1'olKemau Prowue found
her snoring on the stoop at 80 Klrst street early
morning, and when ne aroused her sho tore several
buttons off his e.oai and scratched his ace. It re
quirtd three policetin n to tnke her to tne station
house. Justice Patterson sentenced her to the
WorMioute for four months at the Ksaex Market
The Tank Is Theirs Alone.
Judge La Combe, of the United Males District
Court, banded down his decision yesti-rday sus
taining C. H. Jeller.on aud 1L S. Taj or's rignta
m tne great lank play, "A Dark Secret." This
Utci Ion will result in tnesupreislon ot all piracies
aud Imitation in the way of tanas and boats ou
real water In dramatic presentations.
Fire's Ileal rucllvr Work ou a I'nrnl.
Bokdkstow.v, N. J., Jan. 4. iheoutbulldlnga,
together with Ate cows, one calf, grain, hay aud
farming uteusils, nn the John Uaarousou estate,
near ilenigeiown, Ilurllu.ton County, were de
stroyed by Hie ast ulg'd. Th dre Is .imposed to
be the work of luueudlarlea. Luas, f-',5iC
To-Nltihl's Hrrnls.
United Wood Carver's meeting, 8 r. K.
U'ortlngwomen'a meeting, at No. 1SI Canal
street, 8 o'clock.
West side Property Owner's meeting, Murray
Hill Hotel, 8 r. u.
Annual dinner ot tho llowdoln Alumni Associa
tion, Hoffman House, 4.30 1'. 11.
Thell'ope'a Uotdcu Jubilee Celebration by tne
iauer Uuiou, Cooper Union, 8 r. u.
llccher Post, No. 406, O. A. E., Installation and
nag prtitatauon. Winder Anemblj Booms, 8
f. . J
' f
White and Colored Troopers Eght 'Jfl
at Jefferson Barracks. in
Three Men Fatally Wounded and jlfl
Fifty Badly Hurt W
Knives, Clubs nnd Hocks Used In m. Dea Jffl
Iterate llnltlo New York Holdlcrs He- a$fl
seated the Fnmlllnrlty of tho Colored . l
Men, Who In Turn Clot Mnd Caralrr JB
Arrive In Time to Have the Carondelet -Mtm
rollce Itloters Under Arrest All la y,B
Quiet To-Dny-On the Watch. H
sriciAL to mx wonLD.l Wfl
St. Tjotjib, Jan. 4. Thoro was a serious con- , JkB
flict between the whito and colored soldiers $H
at Jefferson Barracks last night. Three men "PM
will probably die, and it is estimated that Sj
fifty moro hare been injured. m
At this season there aro many recruits at
tho station, and yosterday they drew their Sf
first pay and mado an onslaught on the ggj
sutler. Numoroufl brawls resulted, and a K
crowd from New York resented the famil- sE
iarity of the colored troops, and a fight fol- fuj
lowod. Tho guard-house was filled with diar jfl
orderlies, and still tho row kept up.
Later in the afternoon a drunken colored ig
trooper was seen pursuing a fourteen-year. g.
old whito girl, and n party of -whito troopers '
woro soon after him, and in duo timo handed "M
him over to tho officer of the day. . .
This seemed to enrago a numbor of the col- M
orcd man's comrades, and thoy forthwith left ?M
tho barracks, starting for Carondolet. yW,
On their way they fell in with a squad ot ffi
whito troopers, and proceeded to takev-ven. S?
geance. The white soldiers escaped with 'J'J
few bruises, and mado their way to tho bar. .4.
racks, where they soon made up a party to ra
handlo tho rovolters. .'-pi
Armed with revolvors and carbines, they
started in good order for Carondelet, but be- jjl
fore they had gone fur they were ordered to m
return and disarm by the officer of the day.
They refused to return to their quarters, Rji
but laid down their arms at once, and then 9
proceeded after the enemy. , ,
At tho ltivcr des Peres Bridge they met tho ' a
colored troopers returning. An encounter J
immediately followed and knives, clubs and
rocks wero used acainst eaoh other. ' .-m-;
Tho fight was of the most desperate) w
kind and the white men, in superior force,, gj
wore met by tho discipline ot tho colored yp
troops who uad entered in on a second term Vv
of service. -M
For half an hour the battle waged without 3h
advantage to either side, and on the bridgo m
and road nnd river bed men lay exhausted JE
and beaten down. ,tf
Finally tho belligerents, blinded and if
fagged out, withdrew. 56
A colored trooper reporter the affray at Car-
ondolet police station and bo was locked up ffl.
while tho patrol wagon was sent to the scone
to gather up the injurod. 'jS
In tho mean time the white soldiers had j
gathered in force, and marching to tho sta- , jb
tion demanded that the colored trooper bo JK
given to them. Tho officers refused and pre- rj,
pared for assault. In the mean time word of S
the battle had reached tho barracks and tho 'tfflk
four troops of cavalry were ordered out nnd $&
arrived in Carondelet in time to save tho po- f
lico from attack. Ttjl
The mutineers dispersed, and they -were) "jHi
arrested in detachments on a general order JKJ
to arrest all troopers. 'JfcM
Tho barracks, Carondelet and intervening ''&M
country assumed n military aspect and all J&ifl
night lung the soldiors' tread and the demand Wm
of " Halt!" rang out. &jM
Tho disturbance was quelled, and to-dar ' 1
peaco relgus, though bruises, black eyes and $mI
gashes on half a hundred heads still tell the tjfl
tale of struggle, while in tho hospital at tho ,-i
point of death lie Troopers Livingston, Pe- 1
lerson and Krummeknocker, all white. JM
Should They De Looked After by the Dion!- Gi
elpnl Police t 'jRd
" I am In favor of placing all the city porks Sa
under tho control of the regular police with ',jjK
ono general head," said Inspector AVilliams -K
this morning. " Now our jurisdiction ceases jg&
at tho fence curb and the patrolmen aro not 5ft
expected or permitted to exercise jurisdio- jm
tion over suspicious or disorderly persons
unless it is very berious or they aro called Sf
upou for assistance. jjf
" I would go further and forbid any ot the w
associations like Bergh's from adopting a m
uniform similar to that worn by the regular j
police. Frequently I have followed men into s
B.iloon while they wore in fuU uniform, sup-
posing that they were our men. only to find J
liergh's polico doiu;' the drinking act." :
" I havo advocatea police control over tho . j
parks lor many years," said Inspector Steers, mh
" and tho Legislature should amend the park '
and police acts so 11s to meet this contin- 'W
gfucv. M
Insulted ut Ihe Hrldge Hutrnnee. , SB
James Moran, age twenty years, ot 78 Sandl J9
street, lirooklyn, was bed In taoo ball for trial by '
Justice Smith lu the Tombs Police Court this morn- 'm
ing on a charge of t suiting and assaulting Miss K
Widget Dwyerat the bridge entrance yesterday. Jffia
Appointed by the Collector. ;M
The following a- polntments were announced at m
theCu-tum-llouse thu morning: John R. McDon- 'S
aid of Newark, N. J., stenographer at H.tftiptr
annum, aud Henry J. T. ileyer clerkat 1.XXJ a, .X
yer. .
Warmer Weather mid Haln. "
Wasiiinuton, Jan. . jt
A-jMl&gSV. Weatlier Indication or 3''
jflWlyISx l tieeittU'our hours, vR
NVwSCs2mS1 commencing at t P. M. to- W
MSl $3SlvVV lr Connecticut ami '!
V VJL tW Kailrrn .Vino JTort, Jft
NKjWjSjVOJjS triirmer, fr weather, aW,
5ow(Wjtfi oHotred tl) rain on the. Jw
MsVUS'3hi3 coast; tefndy nth to ' '
!". m
Twin, snrsly protltyou toknow, HI
Whit STMT chwers prlss show. 1
Tbl"YawlJur"taaIltheto,- V
1 Hi JTh -kilK uftfaTSrJ

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