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i Moore Was Weak for a Time
I This Afternoon.
Herts Long 'Strides Took Him
I Near the Front.
I ilttlowood'a Friends Promiso a Sur-
I prise for Somebody.
1 Phenomenal Race Between the Lead
j ers on tbe Tanbark.
1 ft Scorns Posltlvo That tho Kocora
j I Will Do Broken.
''il Miles. Laps.
! niooro. - 302 o
U llrrly 300 O
I l.ltllervood 201 2
I llonmrtli - 78 "
I C'arlnrrlaht 281 O
' Buy BT3 a
G.ldon 200 4
fi Dl.SOn 203 1
ff C'ennor 235 2
,1 llmrt. 252 4
JVoremnc.,.. ., 258 3
m. Onmpniia......a 23T 3
AY"" ""
5 Titer were I'.IU eighteen pedestrlanB left In tho
1 lladlaon Equare Garden alx-day go-as-yon-please
S 'when Wednesday began, and E, C. Mooro, tbo
J Philadelphia boy, still led tbe procession.
I IIo ilcpt two hours In tho middle of tho night and
1 was qnlte fresh and Umber, with 2i8.tf miles to his
i credit at 6 o'clock this morning.
I The record for this, tho rifty-fourth hoar, is 578
I' wiles, made by Charlie Howell In lsSJ: but Jlmmle
Albert had scored only 237 miles s laps at 6 o'clook
, on Wednesday morning In hla record-breaking
j race, and Llt'lewood had scored bnt 250 mllos In
1 the raoe of May last, when he finished fill mllos.
' Herty supplanted Cartwrlght In second place at
1 n Ultlo after 2 o'cloct yesterday afternoon, and at 6
i this morning, with one and one-halt hours' slocp
behind him, he was still second, with a loid of
i just 5 miles, though he was UK mile behind
During the night tho Yorkaulreman, Howarth,
4 had overtaken Cartwrlght. Llttlewood, Day and
4 Golden, and was third In the race, with 211 miles
i 7 laps.
5' Llttlewood suffered again with nansea last even-
4 log, and fell behind a Utile. It was shown more
tby bis score than by his position, however, aa
Cartwrlght, Cay, Ilart, Golden, Mason and Con-
s nor had lagged from various causes.
At daybreak the race was a pretty one, with the
Ji scores of thb five leaders all within a raDgi of
n twenty mllei.
" Twelve men. Including the Bridgeport iragment
-'? of time, had passed the 200-mlle post.
,",; The work ot the leaders during the early morn-
. lag was like this: ,
('' floors 240.1 U.0 'J4B.0 jTu.l 2K1.5 VJ8.2
ui; JUrtr... MJ.tl WO.U UA.U X7.3 'HI 1 al.7
"KuS JtowMtb., Ill.l X1X3 227.4 lfi.1 J.18.7 J41.T
ffl IlttUood m.l ill.n . !lJ.a .135.1 H4H.U
uf CutwrlsUt U7.0 iii.'i Xli.u Ui.t Mi.t iit.O
!i At midnight Moore had scored 210 miles, whleh
15 was two miles better than Albert's work tn tbe
a iebruary race.
T To all apiiearonces tbe Fblladelphlan was In as
5 Bood condition aa was Albert at the beginning of
i tbe third d.j m his race.
J) George Uartwrlgnt, trne to ids custom, began to
A Ug aud shirk nt ruldnlghr, and spent k great deal
:, oi time In ihls hut. though never remaining Iodc
k enough for a refreshing rest.
Howarth was the subject of most commcntvinr-
3 lng tho earl morning. Having reached third
m place, ho had set his heart on supplanting Dan
"nJ In second place.
f 1o that end ho set abont worrylDR theawarlhy
'J llononlan, and the result was many and frequent
Spurts between tho two, wblaU wsra applauded by
tue fifty or sixty men and boys who have been
:j lodging at the Garden since Sunday and boarding
S at tnepopoorn and peanut stands. Howarth Is the
: best runner, but Deny nss demonstrated many
. times that he Is a Isster.
'i At lnlJnlznt Ueny led Uowarth hy U miles, hut
J at 7 o'clock this morntnir tuoro wero only Ave mlies
i between them, and to all appearance llowanh was
t In as fair condition as Herty.
Georae ilsjon. the new Engllahman, baa fallen
below ezpectitlous. At 8 this morning he hsd
i scored only S2l miles and was eighth lu the race.
S He was In flno form, however, and will prjoably
share lu Buiurilay'j dlyldo.
" J Imiule Albert ran ion miles on the aciond day
of hla race and Jloore did 105 miles ycstenlay.
, Albert oovcred 110 mlies on Wednesday tn his
i race, and Jloore declared this morning that his
schedule provided for a rnn of 110 miles to-dav.
1 hat would leave him two miles in advance or
J Albert's score at midnight to-ulnht, and to do it
1 , he must travel all day long at the rate ot a
A little more than five miles an boar, for he slept
2 - outing the earliest mornlmr hours. That was Just
2 , wnat Jim Albert did In February, and a scrutiny
s or Moore's score In comparison with that of Albert
will show that he Is runnlnir'on a eahcdule almoit
,. exactly like that of the champion, sleeping at the
' ajme hours, eating at tbe same tiino oud running
i( t tno same gait.
i v tub 7i.u, scone.
' .S T o'clock- the score was like this: Moore,
scj mllea l lant Jterty, 2Ji: llownrth,
T.j Llttlewood. D44; Csrtwrl8h X43.S;
! Ur. : Golden, S30.li Moaon, S23.l
I Connor, sso.0i Hart, Sii,i: Noreroao, sio.0i
5j,l2Pni.)i Vint, m; kuod, Wbli; Taylor,
l8J.lt JV. Umitb. Mi; bmyllr, 165; Peach, lSa.4.
, Ihelteeord; ltowell, 1B2.4; Albert, S8S.0! Lit-
"wood, Sou.
l'etey Golden slept from a to T o'clock tbls morn
ing, and then after few turusot tlie-Jrack under
i?.?M,!:aa l I'Mtime athlete resumsd his eld
tut aud ciioe rlul smile, lie waa in prime condl
' Hon, though bo did oxolalm i ThU la Inhuman I"
as ha snrveyfri his fellowiufferers.
Sua Day got a letter in the early aornlag wnlch
'ML u v - ' -
Howell's Marvellous Third Day Performance Still Leads tho
Procession of Peds.
tickled htm awfully. It made him feel so good
that his apoitroDhles to "Oa Uaryl" were untuu
ally frequent and lervant.
thk 8 a. v. soons.
Moore, tcrrnlleso laps; Herty, CM, 4; Howarth,
S5i4; Utllewood, S49.0; Oitrtwrlpht, U44.4; Day,
J13; Golden, 34.1; llason, Via. 3; Connor,
ssa.2 : Hart, kit t Noremsc, sie.3 ;
Ujmpans, 80S.1; Vint, 1'JO.B; Klion, sos.4; Tavlor,
1911.4; V. bmith. 183; Hmrlly, lW.flt l'esch, 18L4.
The record: Howell, vsai; Albert, February.
1888, so;. 4; Llttlewood, May, 1BS8, 861.4.
i Moore, 272 miles A laps; Herty, Sot! Howarth,
5M.1; Llttlewood. 254.3; Cartwrlght, m.S; Day,
217.;; Golden, 59, Mason, 232; Connor, SKlo;
Hart. 531. 3; Norcmae, 222,2; Csmpana.siS. , Vint,
lilt, at Elson, son; Taylor, 11)4.4; W. Bmllh. 187;
bmylly, 172; reach, VM.
i no Heoord: ltowsll, I93.S Albert, 273; Little
ttood, 2M.4.
xoonx Dnors raou Albert's nkoono.
At D o'cloct Moore's score waa less than that ot
Albert at the same honr In his race. Tbla was the
first time this had occurred alnco the beginning of
tho race.
Howarth waa In his hut CI minutes botweon 2
audio o'clock lor a ruboing and aponittug. Ue
showed up In good form and bids fair to be In at
tho death, if he continues he will have a decided
advantage, other things being equal, on the last
day, lor ho is a very rapid sprint runner and can
rnu away from anr of tho others for a few miles.
When he resumed, Herty had lengthened the
stretch which separated them to lOmlles, and Llttle
wood had caught and passed him a quarter of a
'ihli gavo Llttlewood third place again, with M
miles 3 laps, which waa twelve mllea leas than bis
score at the same hour In bis May race.
L'btrlle Kowell has tbe record lor three days,
bavluir scored S53 miles 1 lap at tho seventy-second
hour In bh eoMnlle race in 1883. Albert scored
S4tt tulles at that hour In hla May.raee, having Jono
llu mllea In the day.
Tbe fact that Moore Is bo many miles behind the
record of ilowell leads to much misapprehension
on the part ot tyroi. The go-at-yon-ple&iu la
a contest of endurance and physical excellence
rather than of speed, and a ped who ban made a
stii'tv of tbls variety ot race and arrived at the
exact philosophy of the thing will win.
ltowcll had scored at ucon on Wednesday
In his race In IbSt 8U7 miler. I'addy Fitzgerald,
in 1881. bad scored only SV mllea at
that hour, but went on for eighty hours,
longer and beat alt former record, niaKIng MO
mtlej, and Jlmmle Albert, who acored bnt 28HX
mtleH at the sixtieth hour, beat Fitzgerald's record
by 11 miles.
wur old sroiiT kbits ok.
Old Sport Csmpana and Three-score Elson,
twelftn and thirteenth In the race, and without a
ghost of a ahsuce of covering the 625 miles neces
sary to entitle them to a share In the division of
tho receipts, still plod en, their ancient JoluU
creaking like rnaty hinges and tnclr faces full of
puticut suffering.
Why do they continue In their hopeless task 7
Tills is why: Vrsterdsy a dozen different people
I whose sense ot tbe ludicrous or whose loinpasslon,
or some other emotion was touched, went duwn to
the feu co arid reached over to the Uridireuort
newsman sums of money ranging front $1 to S3,
and one gentleman gave ti3 to Uainimua's wife.
As to Elson, sslde from tho tsct that like the dis
carded aged wsr horse ho smells the scent of bat
tle and Urea np for the fray, lie has In recollection
that In the last race, tnnujrn he did not score the
nieded 623 miles, he wss tbe only man who tailed
to do so out of seven who finished the race, and
the audience chipped $300 Into a hat for fill benefit,
THK 11 A. u. SCORE.
Moore, 231.6: Herty, 214; Llttlewood, 2M.2;
Howarth. 260.3: t'artwrl?ht, 230. l; Dav. 238.2;
Golden, 218.4; Mason, 240 Connor, 234; Hart. 132;
Koremac, 233; Caupana, 218.4; Vint, 807. 8; Ellon,
214.7; Tailor, 129; VV. bmllli, lvt.3; binylly, 177.6;
Teach, 157.3.
Tho record) Howell. SOL 3; Albert, 2316; Fitz
gerald (1884). 275; Llttlewood, 278.7.
Mrs. Cathcart, the handsome wife of James
Albert Cathcart, and another lady, occupied a box
daring the morning, aud cheered the peas on their
weary way.
Moore lias got word that twenty.flve of his
Philadelphia frlenda will come on to look at him
Tbls race has been phenomenal In many
ways," said Jimmy Albert, near noon to-dav.
"Ten mcnTiad finished 200 miles at the end of the
forty.elghth hour, a thing I never saw before, and
at this hour there are a half dozen men in front,
almost lb a banoh. Moore's lead of eight or ten
miles would be lost to him If be stopped to prick a
I have Jmt talked with Moore. He Is In good
form and says nobody can rattle him, nor get him
off hla schedule. Ho Is running on my schedule,
cslculatlug to do better than I did on (Saturday;
for yon know I loitered by the way on the last
dav, having plenty of llnio to fluuh lu. "
of Herty and Uowann Albert said, with a abate
ot hla head) "Heny was foolish to spurt with
Howarth. Uowarth cannot win. nor can be beat
Herty. Herty only tires himself by spurting, and
he la not usually so foollsl. I never ssw len men
In such good shape at this stage as the leaders are
in thla race, and my reoord will surely be broken. '
Moore. 2SA miles laps; Herty, 278. C; Llttle
wood, 209.6; Howarth, 203.3; Cartwrlght, 2G0.7;
Diy.SGO; Golden, 251.7: Mjsou. Si4.3;Connor,237.0;
Han, 234; Noremac, 2J3. 1 ; Campans, 220.4: Vint,
212.1; Klion. 218; Taylor, S04t W. Smith, 1J;
Binylly, 180.3; Peach, ISO.
The Hecord-Rowell, 807.0; Albert, 288. 8; Lit
tlewood. 381. 0.
In the aixileth hour of his record-breaking race
Albert ran six miles, and be ran twenty miles In
too next four hours; bnt he did not touch the
record of Howell till the seventy-ninth hour thst
la, at 5 o'clock on tho morning of 'I hnra lyy-and
be was again beblnd the record ot llniel at the
nincty-nlath hour; that of Fllzaerald from the one
hundredth to tue one hundred and fourteenth
hour, except at the one hundred and twelfth, when
ha lied Mm, and btiwti attain behind Hel
reooM from iheono hundred and twenty-third to
the one hundred and tiirty-aeoond hour.
Llttlewood Is the greiteat eater of all the peds.
This morning he ate not leas than eleven lamb
oiiops for breakfaat, waahlwrbera down with two
lame bowla ot oatmeal gruel made by the wife of
Happy Jauk Bmllh. ., . ...,.
Bam nay abared a dozen aaddle rocks on the half
.ahellwjth Canwrlsat, tbe men irieklastlns M
ifooro had. a lunch of obope, and after It en.
loyod a irsgrant cigar as be rsn. He has a good
appetite, apd sleeps well when he nu a ehance.
Tn scons at 1 r. u.
Moore. SOI mllea 3 lai: llerti. 283.8; Little
wood. 74.0t Uowarth. aAs; Cartwrlght, 2W.
For Tli.li.alvliiir IHnnei".
KCDXliOVAI. BBO"-aa;iitedryrsdhaaipaga. ,
Pay, 060; Golden. 235.8; Mason, 24K.8; Connor,
242.2: Hart, 233; Noreraac, 242.8; Campana, 223. 7;
Vint, 210; Elson, 220.4; Taylor, 208; W. bmllh,
1W.4; Bmylly. 1H0.8; Feaen. 141.8.
the Iteoonl Howell. Sits; Albert, 294.8; Llt
tlewood, 2S7.4.
iioorb orr roil triatmbxt.
Moore, who nad been troubled wttb bla atomaeh
all day, loft the track at 2.21 to rest and receive
Herty kept pegging along steadily, snd Llttle
wood only routed nlno minutes from noon to 8 r. u.
Smith leu the track shortly botore 2 o'clock and
returned in good shape at 3.
When Mooro left the course Herty Increased bla
speca and begin to sain steadily on Moore's stand
ing score of vn miles. He was very fresh and
kept up hla long easy stride that mado hla scoro
loureasr ominously.
Ed l'lommar predicts that Albert's record will
surely bo broken. It looka decidedly thst way.
During the six hours following d o'clock Herty
kert up a stoady apceu of flvo miles an hour.
Noremao baa nearly equalled Uerty'a speed to
day. Moore returned to hla work at 8. 18. no was Im
proved by his rest and looked critically at Uerty'a
record, then only two mlies behind his own. It
was prcdloted at ibat time that Herty would over
take Mooro before 0 o'clock, but Moore gave no
promlso ot permitting such an event.
LHtlewood, If he la wall. Is going to do somo
work before the week la out tbat his triends claim
will be surprising. Ho never loses spirit or de
termination. tub isroRB at 3 r. u.
Moore, 207 miles; nerty.203.7; Llttlewood. tsi.O;
Howarth, 278.2; Cartwrlsht, 274.8; Day, 267.7;
Golden, 263; Mason, 257.lt Connor, 230.8; Hart,
8I5.5; Noromao, 251.5; Campana, 232.1; Vlqt,
84.4; Klion, 887; Taylor, 215,5) Bmltb, 200.6;
Bmylly, 18018; reach. 140
Toe ltecordi Howell, U23.7; Albert, 303.4; Llttlo
WOOd, 299.8. .
At 3. 80 Old Sport Campana reoelvod a telegram
from Bridgeport, Conn., telling Dim not to lose
heart. The telegram whs signed "Jenny. "
When Old Bport received tnla oheerlng message
ho looked happy enough and started off at a gallop
In high glee, blushing like a schoolboy.
Moore scored 300 miles at 8.82, amid cheering.
Dan Uerty was still two miles behind.
the score at 4 r. .
Moore, 300 miles 4 laps; Herty, 7)3.4; Llttle
wood, 280; Howarth, 470.3: Cartwrlght, 279;
Dar, 271.4; Golden, 867.8: Mason, 261; Connor,
234.B; Hart, tsu; Noremac, 256; Campana, 23&,8t
Vint. 27.8; Elson, 2.A.4; Taylor. 219.11; W.Bmlth,
SOL 7; bmylly, 160 4; Teach, 147.8.
'ihe Kecord: Howell, 829.7; Albert, 803.7; Llttle
wood, 303.2,
Herty patsod the 300 mile point at 4.20. Ue bad
gained nearly a lap on Moore.
Hugh O'Keefe Shot nnd Instantly Killed
'What appears to havo been nu accident,
and yet may turn out to bo a murder, kap
poned nt 11 o'clock this morniuz in a aaloon
at CIS Elovcnth nvouuo.
David Honnesiy, twenty years old, of 683
Eleventh avenuo, shot and instantly killed
Hugh O'Keefe with a 88-calibre revolver.
Hennessy left the plaeo and wont to bis
home, where ho was arrested later by Folico
mau Kash, of tho West Forty-sevonth street
police station. The officer locked his pris
oner up.
Heunessy's father is night-watchman in
EoGtuiau's slaughtor-houso, Fifty-ninth btreet'
and North Itlvor.
It appears that the elder Hennoasy gavo his
son a revolver to cell. Tho latter started out
this morninc; to dispose of it. IIo failed to
do so in two or three placet at which ho
He finally visited his unole's saloon, at No.
013 Eleventh avenue. ' In enterinc tbe place
IIonnesBy brushed ngainBt Hugh O'Keofe.
Tho latter felt the rovolver in lTeuncssr's
pocket and naked to havo a look at it.
"No." said Hennessy, "you wight hurt
soma ono."
' Oh, let me look nt it," replied O'Keefe,
and Hennessy handed over tbe revolver.
O'Keefe examined it critically and Anally
tried to tako out the cartridges. Ue could
not do so. Then Honncssoy said :
" Let me havo it. I'll get them out."
He fumbled at the weapon a few minutes,
and then it suddenly went off. O'Keefe sank
to tho ground with a groan. Tho bullet had
ontered his right eye.
Honucssr then went to his homo as stated,
and waited to be arrested.
The other aido of the story is this i Police
man Burke a half hour later met one Jim
Hart, en ox-convict, and told him of tho
shooting. Burke alleges that this convorsa
tiod ensued t
' ' Young nenuepsy has shot Hugh O'Keofe,"
Bald Burke. " Did bo f" said Hart.
Tho o nicer nodded.
" Bv ," ejaculated Hart, ho said last
night he'd shoot him."
Hart, however, when brought boforo Copt,
Killilea, denlos that he ever said any such
He said that ho had beard Hennessy say
that ho would do O'Keefe, but then ho wa
only joking.
Hennessy cannot give a very straight ae
' count of his movements for the post few
months, and Oapt. Killilea is investigating
tho case.
O'Keefe's body is at the station.
Hennessy is a neatly-dressed, rather hand
some young man, and appears to foel very
bad over tbe affair.
lie is said to be respectably connected.
M.yor-EIect Croat Sworn lit,
Mkyor-elact Grant took the oath otoffloe before
Supreme Court Jtutlce Morgan J. O'Unenat 8.W
this afternoon.
Mr. Grant will be succeeded as the Tammany
leader of the Nluteenth Assembly Dlttilct by 1). P.
McMahon, Clerk of the Eleventh District Civil
Court tad present Bacrctary of the district organization.
p. . I. s
Lovors of Coursing Arrostod at
Garden Oity.
August Belmont, Jr.. and Others
Taken Boforo Judge Clows.
Keleatod Until the Case Comes Up
Friday Attornoon.
(sntctAt, to tub rvmina would, I
GardbnCitv, U L, Nov. 83. The llempitead
Coursing Club began Itsseoond meeting on Ha new
grounds at Garden city, shortly before noon to
day, with a match between llutherford's Warren
Spider and Wlnthron's Mcadowbrook Jack, which
the latter won In three couraea out ot flvo.
When In the foreground ot the Challenge Stakes
the oilloers of tho Boclely for tha l'rovenllon of
cruelty, nuder Supt. ciark, arrtstad Mr, W, ltulh
erloro, who was acting as Judge ; August IK-lraunt,
Jr. t F, C Vuach, W. Kearduu aud J. Doty.
All appeared before Justice Valentine clowl at
Hempstead, whro the amdavlt made by Supt, F,
u. Clark, of the Urooklyn Society for tho l'roven
llon of :rtieUy, was load.
Aftor somo talk, in which Mr. Uclmont spoke fur
the defendants, tue case wss adjourned until 8
r. u. on Frldsy, the prisoners being released on
There was a large and fashionable attendance of
the ptlndpal llempitead families.
And If IIo Should T.oae Jake Can Tab. That
Austrnllnn Trip.
The two notod oarimen, William O'Connor and
Wallace ltosa, want to the Madison Bouaro Garden
thla afternoon to ace tho peds, and talked about
mattcra ot Intcrcat to each.
J, A. St. John, of St. Lonls, the bscker of Jake
Gaudaur, bas repeatedly expressed a willingness
to rout cb Gaudaur ugainat the winner of tho
O'Connor-Ttemrr raoe, O'Connor la now planning
logo toAUatr.lla on a tour, but he aald toau
Evenim) World reporter:
1 want to race Gaudaur before t go away, and
now Is a good time lor Mr. St. John tomakoa
match. I win postpone my tour abroad aud will
row Gaudaur a race for 81,000 aud the champluu
ship of America on or about March 1 next. 1
would lit. very much to hear from Mr. SU John.
" It I loio thu rao Gaudaur can go to Australia
as champion and 1 will remain at home. "
Oldrelve Successfully Crosse the Enst
Hirer on 111. 1'iitcnt Wnlcr Hb'bea.
The attention of pcoplo on tho East Hlvcr front
between Grand street and the bridge was attracted
at about 10 o'clock Una murnlng by the unususl
spectaclo of a man walking on tho aurfaco of tho
water about tho mtudlo of the stream. 11. m
C. W. Oldrelve, who walked on the Hudson from
Albany to this city last week.
On hla feet were two miniature .boats, each
about an fert long, and a foot wide, built air
tight, with apertures la them Just largo cuough to
admit a man'a foot.
utdrclve'a first attempt thla morning was made
at S o'clock, but prove 1 unsuccessful. The ebb
tide wss very strong snd carried Oinnov down
stream rapidly, bo thst wneu he readied the bridge
he was only half way sos.
At about 10 o'clock he started cut again from
Grand atreet, and n.li time ha was successful,
reaching the Itrooklyn side of the river at Jowell's
Whar', near the bridge, at 11 o'clock.
On tho bottom of the water ahoos are Das ao ar
ranged that when the foot la moved forward they
He eloae to the bottom of tbo water snoe, but
when the foot is pusucd back in the motion ot
waiting they drop down and scenro a hold on tbe
Air. Qtinv, Wlint Are You Up To Non'T
Fittsbubo, Nov. 28. Mr. Co den. Chairman of
the Itepubllcan State Committee of West Virginia,
was in consultation with Chslrman Quay till late
last night, but tho results wero not permitted to
become public Quay leavea tor Nw York Thurs
day ulgnt.
Tlie Day In Wnll Mtreel.
The feature of tho market to-day was a sharp
break In the Grangers, led by Hook Island. The
decline waa accompanied by reports ot a proposed
reduction of dividends.
The leading railroad managers are making a
mighty effort to form a Trust In order to put an
end to low rates ot trarsportatlon. The matter taa
been taken in hand by tha I'rt-Bldenta themselves,
and Jay Gould Is supposed to be the real
leader of the movement. All aorta of good mints
for Ihe roads are predlctod, but this did not deter
the bears from maklog an effective raid upon the
whole list.
To-day's European steamers take out a little over
a million dollars gold.
Or.tt. SItok. Caw. CTa.
Allantle 4 PaeiS 8 eU 8 8W
American Cotton Oil tl!i 65U GO,' 8474
Aloh., Top. A . F 03 03 tl M
Canada Roatn.ro ft'. S2K B'J 8J
Cnlril Faoiuo........ 8tiJ Jjk 8J OJW
CIKTr., Uol UId. A Ind 65 65 63 65
Obeaapaka lbo ID 1H 18 ID
Uhieaio Uu Iro.tT SJJf SJV .'U 3UU
8blc. Uur. AOuloor 109 lb'J lulji 1U8H
bie St. l.otii. A fltu 14 14 14 It
tlliiceioa Northw.t ,. UOU 110V 1WW 10J
cuie.. Mil a lit. rial 62K iijK ,5214 M,
Ohio., Mil. Aft l'auiufd..,. 103 HIJ 10), 1UJJ,
Chlo.. Hues ftUDdAPu..... 1U1JJ luVi loo lUlM
Oio..Ind., 8t. L. A Onl Ill lu W lu
UauwonOoal 2JU 2JM 3iM 2?M
Ocd.oI (loal.... 26),' WM 20 'J,
Oanaoildatad Oa Hi 1)1 8JM 8t4
U.I. Lack. A Wastara 14714 137W ( lJ'J
U.lavu A IluJ.,.... ., 11U? Ltd 119W 1V0
K. Tann., Va, Ada. I.tpd.. M f.S CC.U 65a
K. Isnn. Va. AOa IdDfd... 31f 2U( 2IK 2lM
LakaHbor , 1UUW I00S U'J)5 loo),
Laka Kll. WMt.ro v& 60M VIH 50 to
LouufillaA Nuimllo. WW' MJ 6(fg Mlf
ll.mp'il. CbarlMton 8) (8 3 63
Mla.oarlJ'acluo , 7 4 TtH 7JW
Mbsonrl, Kauaia A Taxia...., 13 i8W 13 i3
ll.r.lull Uoal , 18 IS 16 15
Naw Jataajr Canual VO). Wl( -V 00
niv Yora Central lwy, lit))! 107'i 107V
Si. Y. AW.w KuaUoa 43 i' Mi 4U
N. Y., Uk 1 r . A WmiuJ. C U CI CI
N. Y.. Mll, W.,l.tu KV bU Nl Blf
Norfolk A Wrttn old 48W 4MJ 4H', 4ci,
North.rn PwiAa 34U 7lU V4t? US
Nortborn Psoino nfd tti ''"S M'' bk.
tlblaA MunuiDUl 21V 2t;I all, 211.
Ontario A tVa.Urn , 16 In 15 15
Or. lUllnar A fta.Uiatlon . VIV nu VI VI
Or. Tranioonuntolal Vtl 29, H'JI( 2J't'
Oreaon lroptoaoiant CU r'J Ctf t9
Ortaon HUort Una. 4JI Ah ilH tlH
PaolnoMau...., W, U71, mi 37
I'll l,in oartlncalaa 85. BO., hi)l 8i)a
1'lilUd.lDDia m lUanina. 47.S 47),' 46M 47
faona. Uaaaiur AUr.n...... 34 21 24 24
jticumond. AW.it Point 'I'.r.. 28 , 'id 25',' U
itleo. A..l'WBt7.r. efd , turf Mi Ho'J w,;J
bt. I'aul AOni.na.., SIM S4V, 3J aii
tit. J'.olAOmabapld. 100 JOO s)( U
M. P.ulADalalh....... 80W MM WV, MH
Bt. V.. Mian. 4 Manitoba.,,.. 101 1U1H 101 101
hr. LonltAban Iran. Ufa..,. 19' bH eaM rs4
Tesaa f aculo., -iii 2.U 'V( 2U
Tann. Ooal A Iron 8JJ4 84V. SJ34 3H
Union 1'aclOc... ....... ........ '). C3)i fiH 83
Wab HI. Louia A f'acina pld. 36 A 24U 24V
Waalarn Union T.li.pb.... i tS'J tV, ti'.
TbMimcik.Krta, tin 6US tM toil
1 as
A Lovely Worn nil
overheard one aay or her, "By heavent she's
painted I" "Yes," retorted she, Indignantly,
and by heaven onlyl" Hoddy health mantled
her chock, euthroned on the roae and illy. Yet
this beautiful lady, once ibln sad pale, with dry,
hoctllig cough, night sweats and sllsht spitting of
blood, seemed destined to ml a consumptive's
srave. Alter spending bundreda of dollars on
pbyelctstm without benefit, she tried Da. 1'isnca'a
Uulubn Mbdioal DiscovBRTt her Improvement
I wss soon msrtsd and in a few months she waa
plump end raur again, tbe picture ot heHbacd
strength. V"
iftii 11 ir iiVfViMiiiiimti'f Vi" mniiii
Havlin Knooked Out in Twenty-fivo
Bounds at 'Frisoo.
A Great Surprise, but tbe Battle Was
Won on Its Merits.
Boston's Feather-Weight Wns In Flno
Fix and Had tho Modey with Illtu,
fsrrctit. to twb bvbkiko woslo.!
San FntNCisco, Cak, Nov. 28. There haa really
been recognized In the feather-weight class but
four men with pretensions to cbsmpionahlp honors.
These were Ice Weir, Frsnk Murphy, Jack Havlin
and Tommy Warren.
It has been the aim of tho California Athtetlo
Club to get tho question decided, and to tbat end
they aocured Tommy Warren and offered a purse
of tl, 230 for a meotlug with any of the men of his
Havlin was tbs first to make overtures for tbe
position, and nnder tho monlorahip of Tom
O'Hourka he roaohed the Golden Gato about a
month ago.
The men were to get Into the ring at 118 pounds
and thare was a question ralaod as to
Uavlln's ability to scale that flguro.
It being claimed that he bad never
weighed la for any of bla battle and that ho had
been over welaht. To clinch tbo manor O'ltonrke
made a bet of 1300 that his man would bo at tho
weight, and this action lad to noarly all tho betting
on Warren on the ground tbat Havlin wunlJ
be weak If he bad a hard job to net to lis.
As Havlin never weighed over 121 In his
lite, the knowing ones saw that the
Kaatern men were working for an objicl. and
O'llourko tot all his money on eves, though be
fore ihey siepped into the rlug ollera of Co to 18
went begglnir 011 the lioolon boy.
The Immense amount of interest ceutrod In
thu flslit uonld be gathered iroin the ex
citement manifested by the Club members.
There were aver one thousand people present
beforo the men appeared.
Tub Kvfuinii Vomlu correspondent bid a look
at both men a. they drcssea fur tha
battle, and found Havlin narJ and firm
aa a rock, and a healthy light
nnder bia akin, whlli- his eye flatbed lu tho nay
whleh betokens thorough physical condition. lis
was as cool ss If sucn an event wore an every-day
occurrence wltn him, and looked every Inch a
Warren was a trlflo worn and anxious looking,
and, though ovldeutly In good trim, had not the
clean-cut appcarauoe of hla antagonist.
At 9.10 the word was given snd Warren, attended
by Tom Hoynolds aud Frank 1'almer, aicemied the
stage, and was followed by Havlin, esquired by
young Mltehell ami Tom O'ltourkc.
Hiram Cooke was raleree, and soon all prelimi
naries were arranged and tbe procoadlnaa com
menced. Warren aatumed the offensive from the start and
altera wicked light ot Iweuty-uTa .rounds Havlin
wsr knooked out.
The writer aaw the dlrectora after the fight was
over aud learned that their mark for Warren was
probably tho Snider," Ik O'.Neil Weir.
They are prepared to hang up a big purse for
hi 111 to meet Warren, nod the Interest In the event
will beggar tbat fell In the big heavy-weight
Following t the battle In detail;
Hound 1 Doth men came to the scratch
promptly at Ibo call of time. Warren
looked the smaller ot tho two and
was very pale. Havlin wore his old
tlrao smile, and acted ss If be wanted to feel
out bla men. Warrsu led with a left-hand
wing on the ribs, and reuaod a nglit-tiaudrr
aimed at the Jaw. lie atarted in to rush Havlin
again, bnt waa stopped by a neat left-hand coun
ter, which brougnt tha tears from his eyes. Light
sparring followed, and Warren again tried his rush
ing tactics and succeeded In getting In several good
body blows. Time waa called with both men
sparring at long range. Warren bad decidedly
Ihe best of the round.
ltouud 2 Warrsu. evidently encouraged with
bla good showing in lb previous round, forced ihe
lighting In tho second, lie seemed to bo all over
the Boston lad at once. Uavlln's face and
neck anowed elans of the hard putilahment he nad
received, and aome of ihe apeutators, who knew
oiilr bv report of Uavlln's slaving powers, offered
odds ou Warren.
In trying to get hU right on navlln's Jaw
Warren was countered so aeverely tbat he
found It neeea.ary to ollnoii In order to
save himself from being punished. The
men were ordered to break away, and at once
nuie vary fierce Infighting occurred. Doth men
were pounding each cither lustily when the call 01
time waa heard.
Hound 3 odd were again offered on Warren,
snd a few beta were made. Warren started in
by forcing the fighting, and so fierce
were hi ruahe that Hav In was forced to
retreat around the ring to ssvo himself. Warren
became a Utile carelea In his excitement and waa
visited on the body several time by Havlin In a
way that mad him wince.
ltonnd 4 Tbe sharpen kind of Ogatlng ushered
In the fourth round, both men went at eacn
other like mad bulls. blow after blow
resounded through the tlub room, and
the fighting did not end uniii tno
expiration of tho three minutes. Warren rushed
Havlin to the ropes several times, and by savage
blowa In the face drew blood from the Uoaion man'a
erea and noee. ilavlin, In leading, waa cauybt
on the Jugular and sent to the floor. Ue
got up again quickly, bnt Warren acnt
nlm down by another blow tn tho same place.
'I be Uostou man managed 10 regain hla
feet before the expiration nr tho tan seconds,
snd just at the call ot lime be waa
tumbled tU la a heap again. Three knoct.downa
for Warreo. Utttlng at thla pobit was 2 to 1
agalnat Havlin.
Hound 8 Warren planted bis left on
Uavlln's atomaeh several times, ana was
In turn heavily hit betwren tho eyes, lu
this round Havlin began to ahow signs 01 weak
ues and his rundlera began to grow auxlons. lie
was bleeding freely from the noae and had a doep
cut under the eye, and acted very groggy.
Hound ft The alxtb round was a repetition of the
filth. Warren bctan to take things easy, evi
dently thinking he had everything hla own
way. Ue atopped several ot Havlin's blowr,
which seemed tu be decidedly weak, and It waa
apparent to all present that Warren would event
ually win.
Hound 7 ilavlin In thla round appeared to grow
fresher, aud made things very lively for Warrrn.
HI left waa continually collluing with the latter'
noae, and one very vicious upper cut nearly took
Warren off hla feet.
Itound 8 Warren rare ved two very ngly
blows on the neck snd waa caught twice very
aeverely In the wind.
In Ihe ninth and tenth rounds very little dam
aging work waa done. Warren by bis exertions
bad beeomo decidedly weak.
In the eleventh round llsvlm, who sppearel
very frrah, rnshed Warren to the ropes sod began
hammetlog him right and left. Warren was alruck
on the neck twice In succession, so nard that be
staegered. Havlin tried to follow up hi advan
tage, but Warren waa too clever for him.
The twelfth rond waa unln'ereatlnr.
ltouud 13 Ilavlin waa to burry hi man, and
the fighting was ft and furious Warrea kept
Jabbiugout hla left and eatohlng llavl.n on bs
damaged optica. The llotton lad boxed hi man
to tho ropea, but Warren waa the quicker on his
feet, and stepped out o( tho way of some danger
ous rushes.
Hound 14-Warren rushed at hi man aa If tn
weaken him, but Havlin met him wlih some
straight litr-bana pnnchea on tbe mouth snd
swung bla rlgnt for Warren's ribs. Warren caurht
him one or twlc on ihe head, but Uavlln's short
neck seemed 10 worry htm a good deal
ltonnd is liotn men spsrred away st the open
ing aud Warren led with his lelt, but waa abort,
and Havlin got in a heavy one ou the forehead.
This roused Warren and be managed to cross
couoler the Eastern rasa in clever ahape, and
Icarrlolblm totho ropea In a rusb In which both
men did considerable short-arm work,
ltonnd 18-lioth men were too esger to do
damaie. Warren met llatliu with some powerful
left-baad drivej, aud lUTlln showed nouo ot tbo
cleverness he Is credited with, bat wss receiver
gel eiul mr th bcit part of It.
Hound 17 Tills was more even and both men
got a Mr share of the puulshiuent.
Itound 1H -Ilavlin collected hla energies and
rushed Warren uli round the nuir, lint ti.e Mlnne
upopa man showed grest Judgment and woro Hav
lin out with tho sireugth of hla own rushes. He
put lu some hard counters and gave lluvlm blows
which would havo quickly laid out any one leas
powerfully constructed.
Itound l wneu tho men faced each other War
reti made a feint with his left nand and drove his
rlsbl aiiuure on the end of Ilavlin'. Jaw, atmlinu
him down all In a heap. Ue jumped up and met
tarrcu with iiallnirlng thnmponlhe lemple, but
went down a moment later fium a aavago loft-hind
bwIiik which ended more In a pmli than d blow.
He ducked a courlont smaahers, but went up In
the corner fiom a terrldo croas-couuler Juil betore
time" naa ualled.
Hounds 2ti to 23 Unih men were very tired snd
Warren old all ha knew how to put hla man out.
bnt hl4 blows lacaed steam, and he waa Instructed
to hold bsck a Utile, as Ilavlin was not by anr
means atrong aud it looked as If Warren would
recover far mora quickly.
Hound 84 Warren rushed st his roan wildly
and caught him a swinging rlght-hsuder on tho
throat, wblch sent him down near the middle of
the ring.
lUtlin J neaped up and commenced fighting at
once, but Warren puahed him duwn. Ho waa
soon at work again, and waa aent down for Ibo
third time.
Hound 23-Four times In succcslon did tho Ho,
ton lad tall under the heavy crois lire of Warren,
but eaob time ho struggled tn h.s feot with a guruo
noia whlcn earned lor blra the sympathy ol every
man In the room.
As he not up the last tlmo the referee saldt
'That win do. You wero down over th time
and the light goes to Warren. "
It bad been a great Oght and tho spirit of both
men was something wonderful. Doth received
terrible punishment.
Hecretnry Viae, rf tli. California Club, en
Here to Make Up n iUnlch.
Jlr. W. K. Viso. Secretary of tho Call
fornia Atlilotlo Club, who has boon in tho
city noverul days, called on llichnrd K. Tox.
at tho 1'olivt Gazette offleo this Morning, and
lalkcd with Mr. Fox about tho prospocls of n
mutch between Qburley Mitclioll and Jack
Tho California Athletio Club is vory nnx
iouh to bring tlioso two groat lighters to
gctlicr, and spooking for tbo Club Air. Viso
bald to an Kvknino Would roporlor:
" If we canuot roako a match between
Mitclioll nnd Dompsey, they uoor will moot.
I know positively tbat Deiupsey is anxious to
light Mitchell, and California will offer them
inducements which- should insiiro a match."
Mitclioll is In Ilaltiinnro to-day, and Mr.
Fox font him Ibo following tolcgram 1
" Mr. VIbo, Kocrotary California Athletic
Club, wnnta to know if you will mako a
match with Dempsoy, for what amount, when
and where. Wafting your nnswor here,"
Mr. Viso will leavo for Iloston on busiucsj
to-night, and hones to henr from Mitchell
beforo ho leaves.
Hulllvnn and Kllrnln May Meet Within Ten
Week. In tbe NorlbtveaU
fsrrciiL to the xvxNiiea would. 7
BALTtuonB, Mil., Nor. 18. It bas leaked out
here that negotlattona for a tight between John L.
Sullivan and Jake Kllraln are now In progre.
Around ihe vsrtous sporting resorts laat night It
wa itatod that aillUe bad been sleued by tho
rcpre.eniatircj of the pugilists, bnt Kllraln, who
who la In lown, denlea ihls positively.
He admits, however, that there la a chance for a
fight, aud If Ihe match Is made tl will takn place
within ten weeks, at a point not far irom Chicago
probably In aomo Kortnweatern city.
Hiilllrnn Not Iteuilv to Flabt Kllmlu.
Irrvcrxt. to th evenino would. I
llosTox, Nov. 21. John L. Uulilvaa was taking
a walk about tho h'outh Knd whonho waaahown
tho despatch from llaltlmore. After reading It
through very carefully the champion aald tuere
was no truth In it; thst neither he nor his rcpre
aeuiaitve were prepared to algn articles for a light
with lillralu just at present.
Dcdeu lu right Oablg.
Steve Drodlc, the bridge Jumper, leaves the city
this evtniug with. Mlko Voden, ttio heavy-weight
puslllat, whom he haa backed to fight lillly Gablg
to a finlah, sklu gloves, J1C0 a aide and a two-huu-dred-dollar
Tb fight la expected to tako pluco to-morrow,
and will be wltnei.aed by only a few spotting men.
lloib pugilists are well known, are In good con
dition, and a great Cght Is anticipated. Uoden
will fight at 2U0 pounds an I Gablg at 101. Tho lat
ter has been training for some lluir, and hopes to
aquuro tho fight ot laat bummer, when Ilodcu
beated him.
It Doesn't Clear Awny llie Cobtrrb. Around
be V. I). I'lrtt, However.
Mayor Hewitt's explanation or bis position with
reference to tbe alleged conspiracy to control the
Department of I'ublio Worka and the Law Depart
ment after May 1, ISbO, hardly explains. He said
' Toe allegation that there Is a conspiracy U the
sheerest tionaenae.
"ino queatlou of the termination ot Commis
sioner Hmllh'e term of odlco will bavo 10 be lelt to
Mr. Hralib aud tie count.
1 could only appoint him for tte unexpired
term of Geu. Newton.
"It la not true that I am trying to hamper or
lntenore with Mr. oracl In tho matter of his ap
polnunenti. 1 .ball simply do wbat la required of me by law
and fill the vacanclea which exist during my term
m m
Clirtau Entries far To-.llorrotr.
ferrciar. to tux EvuiiNa wosld.1
Tticx Tiucx Cukton, N. J,, Nov. fli Follow
ing are ihe enttlea for Nov. 0;
Flrat rtaoo. Puraa C230t Mlbnr allowanoaai thrao-
a natters of a mila.Allon, XI61 lflaaaad, lt6i
iWar Nlar. 112; Ouuitlar. 113: ftialio
II. a. 107 1 Sou.omr, lodl M.ttl. Looram. 104:
Ortrktt, lOli Ailonl., 103) Lakoood, lUii Maraa
ladon. 102 1 Rlumbar, 101 1 lull ball, 07 1 Boust.r, ut
Jack Coot., 04 lb.
b.cond H.oa, I'ura 8 .'60 1 sllln allowanooy alz and
oue-htlf furlonsa. Ilrousbtou, loi Alcz T., 107s
iabar, 10J I'ark.llle. 10) 1 1 Prodif.l, I03t liasla
Walton, lOOiJ.OKbu., 10l;'na.nnm 100 lb,
Tulrd Itaio Puraa 60i all and hair lurl"ii: sail
Invallowaueai, It.rmonJ. lu.li l.ha,101t Ji.ihrona,
lOJi Uooa.n. 100: U.lni.m. ICO; ICirwLano, lOOi Tan
airlta, luot Adalaina, 109.
ruurtb llaea. I'ur.o (itOt aalllor allowaneaai aa9
mil. lonally, 113: lloiulm, 10t Van, 10a, All, a
Arth.r. lu2i AlbouatU, lull Wb.at, IjOi Uolsrt, 7i
Klns.li.ril, all ( l.o. Ourb-tt, 94 lb.
rlithllac. -I'urMCOO: Mlllncallotrsneesi rail and
a.litulh.-lUrmond. U: f.tio'.. m Allot, 113i
flril All-mot, I08t ll.ru.itx, 100 1 PartU 83 lb.
bistli ltmc.. Puraa i6v: tbra-qqarura of a tnlU;
aallloa allow. neea. trlpIlns, 139t Mar.li Haocn, 133i
AHolob.lUMaUaw.n.ll3 Full BaU,1180Ultron,
UJl Cuaraar, 119 Wood.took. tfdlb.
Winter'. Iinmlsratlon Tide.
The arrivals at Castle Garden to-day were tho
Werra, from Urenien, with 407 paaaengers.and the
Edam, from Amsterdam, wltu IDS a toial of 610.
MobqcWs HraTauaaxT will b. opo on TbankSAlv
b(DarizeUsatsappiyetlarky, daekandcama, V
. u.. j.. , han4Agfe- tf wflariii IV rstsVlTisVfi Tatisi'aBsBsBfiTiBslM
- -It? r LH
s 'H
. SiBbbsbsbx1
' ifl
J. J. O'B, Oomos in First for the ''?J
Delaware Eandioar). ,' !
, 'Il
" ' '''vi
Short-Horso Bishop Carries Off "JH
tho FIrBt Event i,l
Battersby, Elgin and Peril tha vj.
Other Winners. ''
UTrnL to i xvs nrs w oato.1 'i
naca Track, Clutch, N, J., Nor, 89, A large '
crowd, made up mostly of betting people, wit- '19l
ncascd the rsces to-day. The track was very bbsbsbsbbs1
heavy from the recent storm. fl
Many favorable enmmonts were made at tbe ,'jlLi
quick and efficient starting, a pleasant contrast for J
those present who were at tho " moonlight " races l
at Gutteuburg yesterday.
Th sport begsn with an ttpaet, Dlahor, assort '1B
hotsj at odd ot 8 to 1, captured the first racigy L
beating the favorite Fegaau and Dougan. ii
Datteraby, a favorite, won the aeoond race; and f
the talent were beclnnlng Is rejoice when Elgin, ,
a comparative outsider, catrled od the third race, UbbbsbbsI
healing tho choice, Jaek Cocks, who only auc- li
ceedetTlu getting third place. 4sBbbbbbbs1
Tne management have arranged an excelleot ijBsBBaf
programme for to-morrow. ,, 'H:
vikit iiacb. ' .bsbsbsbI
I'nnotssO; selling allowaucos; tUrea-quattcrs ot ktBBsBsBBm
a mile )4iTaBBsBBal
lllshop. lgl i... .(J. Harris) t SsbsbsbK
1'egasus, 103.,,., , .(cull en) B s ,riM
Van, lull (J. Itlbe) B ,i !
Mashor, Fulton, Alex. T. , Trlx, Dave S., Lake- IjjibbsbsbbI
wood, Pay muter, Dongan and Adelaide also '3j
aisrted. ;1ibbbbbbbb
The Hice.ulshop, Trlx and Paymaster had the
bestot the atari, I'syinaster took the lead, but 'JbsbsbsbsbbI
was patted by niihnn at the half-mile post, who 9bbbs1
was never alierwarde headed, winning by throe JsbbbbbV
parts of a length from Pegasus, who cam op com 'Isbsbsbsbsbb
ing oa the atrctch, with Van third, half .length ibsbsbsbbI
behind. ,',i
Betting Bishop straight, 8 to J; place, 8tol; ;.bbbbbbbs1
Pegasus for a place, even. Mulnel paldM0.0 'obbbsbsb1
place, 212.63; l'egami paid It, 83. 'H
second nick. , 'B
Puno '.30 ; aeven-elghths of a m le. 9
Hsttersby, 118 f nergen) 1 3H
Carncglo, 118 , ,,,,,. ,.,.(A, McCarthy) 8 bbsbbsI
Prtedom. 113,.... ....(Cullen) 8 tbbbbbbbbI
Tunc l.tn.- , - bbbbS
Hlchelleu and Lizzie Wslton also started, "ibbbbH
Dstlorsby, Jtlooalleu and Carnegie had tbe best
of the start. Carnegio Immediately shot oat snd BBBsl
kept the lead until coming on the upper turn, when ,
Datteraby overtook and 1 assed blot, 'IMI
Coming on the stretch it was a neck-and-neck trBBBBBB
raoe between lsatiersby and Carnsale, the former bbbbm1
finally winning by a length, with Freedom third, .$bbbbbm
ten length behind Carnegie. ',bbKj
Uetllog Batleraby straight. 4 to S; place, 8 to 1bbbVI
10; Carnegie for a place, 8 to 8.
ilutueU paid 83.03; place, 12. S3; Carnegie paid bbbbbtI
12.00. vtsBBsV!
TUIBD racb. bbH
runs (230; selling allowances; mile and a qnaj. "i
Elgin, 111 (Palmer) t sbbbbbV
Hermitage, 107. (Ossler) S. ALbbbbS
Jack Cocke, ua (J. Tribe) B '.assVl
Time 2.24. JbbbbBI
Glenbrooa, Argo, Klug C Osborne, Delmont '.f8BHv
and Klnab were the oiber starters. ' ja
The Hacc. Jack Cocks sot off first, followed by BBLaW
King Ik, Uclmont and Elgin. Elgin ran ont and thaBBsal
waa leading passing ihe stand, but fell behind r'BBHI
Jack Cocka on the lower mrn. bsBbTI
Coming on the airetcn Elaln a jalm forged to the 4H
front an. 1 hold tho lead to tne end, winning by sbbWI
three parts ot a length from Hermitage, who nad VLsLVl
naa.Ail .l&nlr ClaeVa. Ilia latlAr mmlti. In thlr. a BflBSBBBflni
lenglb benind. JbbsBBwJ
Vetting Elgin straight, 440 1; place, 7 to Bj ?sHI
Hermitage, 7 to 6. Muluels paid 313.30; place, ,7
83.23; Hermitage paid J3-TO, 'V?gl
youum men.
Delaware Handicap, purae 1300; mile and as , JH
eighth. 't
j. J. O'B. 110 (Bergen) 1 bbbbbH9
Amos. 110 , (Camp) s sbbbWI
Tax-Oatherer, 103. (A. McCarthy) 8 TbbbBI
ilme-2.03. '
Vonsuza, Lancaster and Banbrldge also went to v'IHi
th poat. 'i?;IBBBBn
Theltace. J. J. O'B. got under th wire first, njiM
two lengths before Amos, who waa lour lengths fdBSBBBBBi
ahead of 'lax-Gatherer 3 v1sbbbbbb
Iletilns J. J. O'B. straight, Stol; plaoe, evenj T?fH
Amos for a place, 7 to 8, Mntuels psulliatSt ")
place, 7; Auioa paid $12.83. bbbbbbbsI
Film Itace. Puree fWO; mile and a alxteentn. bbHB
Woo by Peril, Specially second and Wahoo taint 'bbbbbmI
Time l.M. 3l!i
Mutnels paid ts.70; place, 13.03; SpeeUltf paid .
J3.73. 3bP
Gottenbarg Ii.trle. far To-IIIrrw. lDii
(a fecial to Tna xTXHixa wobld. 'Hf
Nonm Hl-dsoh DltlVINO Pabx, Nor, ts, Hl
Here sre the cuttles for Thursday, Nor. 22: 9 1
rir.t lUcs.-Pnraa t200, for two-yaar-oldai tbra. BBBBBBsl J
auartara of a mil. Hnntaman, llbi bam N., H9i 3sBBBBsll
latllni. U6itfatlot. 1U; lltmron. 112) Ayaia. 112; BBBBBBBsll
lir. .lekyll. U'i Annl. M., 112i Artbua, llii Uarvta, . ! i
Hooond flaca.Paraa 8200: ealllnjr allowaaoea: ale aad BBBBBBkII
ahaif turkuz. Jnarl.r, 118; M.I.xJramm, 11D: Utti. ftBBBBBBBli
Mlek'r. IW-l: Tanaeiou., IlUt (Iracla, 1U7 C Ifunda, 'jfrBBBBBl'i
107i Julia Millar. 103t lloialla. 10Mb. aBBBBwf
Third lUco. Purao S20O1 au and ona-balf farlancst 'JsBBHs
axilla. allowanca.Chanr Arnold. l'.7i Mamla liar. 'BBBBBbT?
lVJiTrron. liOi Mollla lbomaa. Il7 Cartaatou, lYi SHsBsas
Waif. 116; Dyn.mlta. ill; I'atDonnu. 113i Veto. 112) BBBSBBM
Count Lnua, 1U Kanklpoo. IIS, John Finn. US: Pas tafBBBBBS
Oakl-r, U2;socka, 112: llkkonr Jim, 1U Vihuum, 2iBBBBBBsll
liui KlraroJ, llui ltoy Uor, llOi tiMotfora. 107 1 Cole- SBBBBKl
obilla. 107: pMoock, 107 1 Buinu.r, 107 1 Valval, lOTt BBBBW;
ll.irllro.n. 1011b.' 'ObBBBbII
Fourth I'.acn.-Puraa J3S' one ml!..-Lord Boston. JaBBBBBBBl
Aald, 110; Fan.lon, ll'li Kuuiman, litis Jo. AUtobod, 'tBBH
101: IJnaU., 107i Lani)aMrri071b. 'SsBBBHt
Flltb llaca. I'ar-aSiOO: wliluxalloiraneait mltaa4 ISBSBBBBBfl
an tlahlh. Tinabom, 12s; Zero. 12Ai W.rw.id, last ;loS
Cl.yVata. Ml Pl.lfair, 122; Trav.llar, 119t IranluM, laBBHd
Hill Tunis, lilt: ltill Kcout, IlBi Dick Turpln. 118.) bbbbbbbII
Oompalliur. 1131 Waicb 'Am. 113i Havaza, lli)i AO- 'eBBBBBMr
ved., 104 lb. ' 2'
blitblta. Pnru(2O0ithra4iaaitara of a nlU. UbBBBBBBa
Tom Kaarn.. llii Uueaa. 112: Uqm o CbarwalL llji ABBBBBbIs
Ornaot-nt. lVll M.b-loull, llOi Not aullly, lOltCeBW- AeBBBBBBtl
pd, 101: l'hin bom pjn. lOfiltomanM, 1071b, , JSBBBBBsii
lUces commence at 1.30 to-morrow only, jibbbbBj
.- isflSMBBBBla
liutrle. for lbs Netr Orlenn Knees. jsbbbV,1
(rrsctiL to tub xvevuo wobu. JHlt
New Oblxans, Nov. S3. Following are toe est- 1 'li
trlea for to-morrow, Nov. Mi H0
First no. Kalllra allo.auaMi th ra-quart aaset nkBBB?
mlia.-r.vnt. Uti John Dal, ids lloprdala, 1 US 160- LBBSBsK
llahtly, V9 ItadlMi, 10; Oraof (litl. Ml He iooa sasBBBBBBT J
801b. ,4lsBBBH
Moind llioa. Ballinar allowaneaai Itvan-aUtaBShs f3aBBBBBBl''
ofa milr.-l'Uka Dart, llOi Ir.d tVooll-r. 110: oliar- 1
wood, HOiIauak, llOi LlttUa Em, 103t AtoMwav. i f
Third nica-B.lllnrallowano 1 Br. fnrlonra. Skalaaa .. ,'J9.
I.S, llOi Unhma, 109: Luc; Uoo.nT, 103) Dan Msetw, )3bbVbB
lOJl Moon.lou., Mi hUrnity. P41U. , ' T'?
Foarth Itaoa ll.ndlopi aavoa furlnnja, Brtu JBBBBBBBM--
IUi Wniianoae, 10 Hindoo ltosa. Ml Oanu, Wj ,,
Weather clear; track fast ' ' K4
ai. .' 'IbBbBKii
Knld t Have Been Abducted. P?
Yetta Iteimer, aged elshletn, Is rorortsT . 'Db
lng from 242 Delsncey alrect. Sh 'jaa't Hr JIbbbbbKS
English, bhe 1 thought to nave btati. !"
- - P f BBBhBBSL''
Convlno. youraalf of tha narttst' V'i awT'lIBnA . HB
Pale Alb by ordarlns aanpl. aaAa .'?' -" J !
CO.. 31 UroidMT. Anicalmta 14K. y j v Vn

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