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Mayor ' Hewitt Inadvertently Lets
the Oat Out of tho Bag.
Tho County Demooraoy's Neat
Little Scheme Exposed.
Smith and Bookman to Roelgn Bo
fore Howltt LeavoaJHnco.
Tho details of tho plot of the County
Democracy to obtain control of the Depart
mant of Publio Works and tho Law Depart
ment for tho ensuing four yonrs has beon dis.
D.Lowber Smith and Henry E Beekman are
to resign and to be reappointed Commissioner
of Public Works and Corporation Counsel ro
speoUroly somo timo between Doc. 10 and
Jan. 1, and will fight to maintain themselves
in office for four years.
Mayor Howltt hinted this yesterday, and
tho Tammany Hall leaders, who had hopod
that Thb Evenino Wom-d's nisertion that
enoh a sohomo was brewing was not true,
aro to-day obliged to admit that thero now
eeems to exist no doabt that the County
Democracy, with tho assistance of Mayor
Hewitt, will attoinpt to denriTO Tammany of
tho choiecst fruits of her rocent victory.
Tammany Hall men had based their hopes
on Mayor Hewitt. They did not believe that
he would place himself on record as a law
breaker by appointing successors to Commis
sioner D. Lowber Smith and Corporation
Counsel Beekman for full torms from
Deo. 10.
They did not believe that Mayor Hewitt
would dare set himself up as a court of lost
resort and declare tho unconstitutionality of
the Consolidation act, which makes the term
of offlco of those two officials expire May 1,
A prominent Tammany Hall man said to
day t
" Yes, sirt tho Counties are coins to try to
steal the Publio Works and the Corporation
Counsel's office. There is no use of further
coddling ourselves with the beliof that they
" " Mayor Hewitt has let the oat out of tho
bag. He says that thero exists no conspiracy.
r Of course not. Mayor Hewitt is too hon-
-oroblo a gentleman to become a political con.
L isplrator.
" Neither would ho violato the law which
5 plainly says that the terms of office of the
H Commissioner, and tho Corporation Counsel
cxpiro May 1.
1 untie Abram's resources are many, and
I bo has found a way to avoid being both a
a conspirator' and a law-breaker, and he bos
W beon getting the evidence ready" in advanoo
I to prove bis innocence. ,
I ' " He asserted yesterday that he would fill
f "every vacancy which exists or may exist prior
' to Jan. 1. and takes tho trouble to tell tho re
porters that if Corporation Counsel Beekman
rero to resign he would appoint his suc
cessor, V " In that statement is to be found tho meat
'In the cocoonut. It reveals every detail of the
7 " The position of tho Counties is that tho
Consolidation act is unconstitutional, and
that the terms of office of the officials to bo
appointed expires Dec. 10.
' " Mark mytwords. Borne time between
Deo 10 and Jan. 1 D. Lowbor Smith and
Henry JR. Beekman will resign.
" According to his previously expressed in
tention Mayor Hewitt will fill tho vacancies
most probably by the reappointment of the
tame Individuals.
"They will not be appointed for any
epeoifled time, but for ' unexpired terms.'
" If the position of the County Democraoy
that the Consolidation act is unconstitutional
is correct, tho ' unexpired terms ' for which
4hey will be appointed will end four years
from Deo. 10, 1888. If not they will go out of
'office May 1 next.
"By this clever arrangement Mayor Hewitt
will clear himself both of tho charge of con
spiracy and law.breoklng.
' ' He will simply appoint for ' unexpired
terms, and will let the incumbents of tho.
offices fight it out in the courts with the men
whom Mayor Grant will appoint next May,
as he suggested in'his Interview of yesterday,
when he said :
" If anybody objected to my action In the
matter it would be his duty 'to go to the
.courts and test the question.'
" This is the scheme, you may depend on
it. It is a pretty soheme, too.
"Mayor Grant's appointees will find a
lively time before them next Summer when
they try to take possession of those two de.
i partments." ,
Asked why he thought that D. Lowber
Smith and Corporation Counsel Beekman
-would be reappointed, the gentleman said
that they probably would not agree to the
, scheme if they were not to boncfit personally
by it. i .
.- -i
Jokers Playing White-Cap Prank.
CrKcrxiUTi, Bee 5. Tho excitement about
White Caps in Southern Ohio, notably In Brown
County, continues, and is kept alive by numer
ous and startling rumors. The facts aro, how.
ever, that only two persons have been whipped
as yet, the last victim being Adam Barkes, of Sar
dinia, but noticed written in red ink and bear
ins frightful devices are plentiful. It is easy to
xeo that practical jokers can materially assist in
this business. It in said thst the authorities
will make extraordinary eflorts to find and
punish whoever may be guilty of this crime,
Their Hours nnd Wain Hrduced.
Bexdiho, Dec. G.-The Philadelphia and Itead.
ing ltailroad Company has posted notices in
all of its shops notifying its employees that on
and after to-day eight hours will be a day's
labor, instead of ten as heretofore, with a pro
portionate reduction in wages. Tho cause of
tho reduction is due to a suspension of the coal
Fu,i?s' -ivY1 t" persons connected with the coal
trarno will also bo reduced to eight hours. Three
or four thousand men is about the number
affected along the entlro system. The men ap
pear satisfied.
Assassinated at Ills Own Door.
srcciAL to tot woaut.)
Mohtoojuuiy, Ala., Deo. 5. Wm. Meitencr,
quiot. inoffensive Jeweller, of Whistler, was
uvr?Idair?.,J80w,ndoo;bJr, ' assassin Mon
ay night. Thero is no clue to tho murderer.
, Value of Advertisement,
tnent ?.!u!?1Ioye In advertising " said a prom
iSilin , t?Je t'i i1" or, wo , ,X Well, rather:
2r$ &? r,den "rertisement more than in
.!. ller' ., remember, ono day. reading a
il WrM.?tfl.'7d.i"uu these samo llttlo
f4rreodUh8p,i;.k,,sn'mx,d' l..0Bhm
jjjh ,dAte3tSsMr??ffsBiass4kB
"q Termant Hehoal.TeacherM Thankn
Hhe Want to Bend lllra Her Picture.
tsrzcuL to ins xvemixo wontu.l
Bostok, Deo. G. Mayor O'Brien.a Thanks.
Bivlng turkey, a noti from a country school
toacbor in Vermont and tho gift of a gold
watch from the Mayor have been among tho
topics of talk the past few days. Somo of tho
'local papers have stated that the Mayor was
taken in, but if ho was it was in tho goodnoss
of his heart and in believing that the note ho
welvod was written with: honost intentions.
Tho letter whioh tho Mayor has received
from tho Vormout young laily certainly indi
cates that His Honor was right in bolioving
that tho young lady wrote her noto in good
faith, and that sho appreciates tho present
roceivod from His Honor. Tho lotter which
came to the Mayor in to-day's mall was as
. Bast RANDOLPn, Vt., Dec. S, 1888.
Jr. O'Xrlen.
MuciiItEsricTr.nFniENn: I hardly know how
to bcein this lotter to you after receiving such a
beautiful gift from yon last evening. Words
cannot begin to oxpross tho thanks which I re
turn to you In thislotter. !
When I wrote tho note, little did I ever expect
to rcceivo a reply, and whon Mr, ltolfe, tho
(fobs correspondent, called on mo 'astcYenlug
with tho telegram bearing tho nenn, I wan so
surprised I could not givo him anything but a
disconnected account. I will try and express
myself moro clearly in this letter. Nothing could
navo been more acceptable. I am an only child.
I was graduated at tho Randolph Btate Nor
mal School four years ago. Bitico then I have
taught three years, and one summer operated a
typewriter for a law firm in New York. I was
obliged to give up teaching ou account of ill
health for a timo. I havo never been able to
purchsso a wateh and chain, so I have always
borrowed one, and now to receive such a valua
ble watch from you I am very truly grateful, and
I think! can afford to get a nlco chain to attach
to it. I was so pleased on receiving it that I
could not express myself. I assure yon it was a
great surprise. I know now that there is one
good Democrat. I think a man of your
heart , ought to be a Republican. This
may lead me to turn and changq my
politics; at least, I shall always
cherish kind affections for one who has been so
kind to me. The watch is beantlful. I havo
worn it to church to-day, feeling very proud of
the watch and the giver. Mr. ltolfe, the (llobe
correspondent, spoko in very high terms of yon.
I think yon well worthy of being re-elected
Mayor, and one that tho city of Boston may well
feel proud of. Yon will not need to go to Qnincy
Markot next year to purchaso a Thanksgiving
turkey, for I assuro you. if I am aliro,
you shall receive as nice a turkey for
Thanksgiving as tho Btate of Ver
mont can afford. The watch camo just
in time.'as I go in my school to-morrow morn
ing, and the watch will bo my constant com
palnion. There was nothing I so much needed,
and nothing could have pleased mo more.
Bhould you like, I will send my photograph to
you. My parents were very much pleased.
Both of them are in very poor health, and they
join with me in thanks to yon. Hoping to hear
from you again, I will close with many thanks
and the best wishes of your Vermont friends.
Kate Blamcux Gillette.
New York' Tote for State Officer.
Albakt, Dec. C Tho State Board of Canvass
ers have completed their work. Deputy Sec
retary of State Willcrs enumerated tho dofectivo
ballots. For Milton H. Merwin 22,858 votes
were returned as given In Onondago County for
tho office of Judge of the Bupromo Court. Tho
Board directed that t hoy bo not canvassed for
the reason that the title of the office as deslg.
nsted by the constitution and laws of tho State
is Justice of the Supreme Court. None of the
changes by reason of defectivo ballots affect the
result of the election.
The totals aro as follows:
.aovBrnor-HIH. 060.40! Miller, 031.2O3L Jones,
SO. 215 1 Hsu, S.'MH: fige, UlWsrdner, 30 s blink,
defective, &c, 1,687.
Ueutensnt-aoTernor-Jones, , O60,801i Crngsr,
0S!8,ei7j"PoweU, 30,28Hj Psttberg, 8.040! Mk
nsr.f3,010 Martin. 670; blank, defective, &c,
'AjscUteJadf of ths Court of Appesls-Qry,
034,8781 Rnmsey,31.45!)i Htevens, 31.178; Mc
Psrlln, 3, 841 ; O.rsw, rf, 623; Woscatt, DUO.
Constitutional Amendment For, OlO.QiHhiKttnit,
G0,143;detecuve-for, 187,418; against, 0,0, U.
' ' ' ssssss i
Mitchell Unable to Fight.
Philadelphia, Dec. 0. Charley Mitchell, the
pugilist, is still at Atlantic City suffering from
two or three fractures of the bones of tho left
hand, tho pain of which he first felt two weeks
ago. An opcrat'.onlwas performed yesterday. It
consisted in loosening the tissues of the hand
and thus freeing certain nerves which were
bound down by an osseous formation. Ills physi.
clan says he will remain in Atlantic City until
the hand is well, adding, also, that the condition
of his hand would prevent his lighting any one.
The following telegram was received here:
.... MiHKiiroLis, Dec. 3.
.Leave ner to-nlsht for Cbtosgo. Expect to spar
there with Fonrty. Kcsch PhlUdtlphU Rnndsr af
ternoon. Will consult with Mttcbell on Monday.
Have sent challenges and forfeits, mine to Bulllvan,
.Fogsrtys to Deinpsey and Toff Wall.
IiOMnticK McOattbet.
For Sweet Charity' Hake.
BWDQEPOUT, Conn., Deo. B, At the armor
last evening was opened the "festival of the
year " nnder the direction of the Society of
Associated Charities for Industrial Relief. The
organization is composed of tho prominent
ladies of Bridgeport. The booths represent the
twelve mouths and are artistically arranged.
The armory is profusely decorated and lighted.
CoLT. L. Watson, of Watson, Uibson Co..
New York, opened tho fair, and a grand march
of 300 ladies, in costumes representing the dif
ferent months of tho year, followed. A court
dance and Maypolo dance were executed by
young misses and masters dressed in colonial
costumes. Over six thousand spectators attended.
First Shot) Then Hanged Him.
Cantox City, CoL, Deo. B. George Witherlll,
'whoiscbargodwith tho murder of Chaa. R. He
Eain near this place about a month ago, and
also with killing two other men in this State, ar
rived here from Denver Monday to stand trial.
At 4 o'clock this morning twenty armed men
otorpowered the Sheriff and tore down the steel
cage in which Withorill was confined in the Jail.
Tho prisoner broke up his bed and with a por
tion of the frame knocked several of tho mob
down. Three shots were then tired, and Whither
ill fell with a shattered shoulder, lie was im
mediately carried, without resistance, a short
distance from tho jail and hanged to a telegraph
Pnclfle Coast Kate Settled.
Chicago, Dec. C After a session lasting
twenty-two days, the Transcontinental Asso
ciation has finished its labors and adjourned.
A system of graded rates was agreed npon on
traffic Eoiug to the Pacific coast. The highest
class differential rate in favor of Chicago will be
three cents less than from New York, while the
lowest class will bo ten cents less. St. Louis
ratcn will be 00 per cent, of tho Chicago rate,
and Missouri River rates 00 per cent. Buffalo
and Pittsburg are 20 cents less than New York
ou first-class and live cents less on tho lowest
class. Cincinnati. Toledo and Detroit are made
20 cents less than Now York on tho highest class
and five cents less on the lowest class.
s '
Desert I.nud Entries Cancelled.
CnETTEHME, Wyo., Dec. B. Decisions were
rendered by, the United State Land Office here
yesterday which cancel fifty-one entries of desert
land held for cancellation by the Oeneral Land
Office on the report of a special agent. By the de
cision 32, 040 acres of the best laud in tho Terri
tory reverts to the Government. The desert
entries were made by fifty-one resident of New
York, Massachusetts and Now Jersey in the in
terest of the Union Cattle Company and the
Goshen Hole Irrigation Company of this Terri-
Ingredients af "Licorice Make It Invaluable.
V Yews Bs-fUf-f Psusrs for eoagas, eelds. V
it riiiitifetiTitfiliiifi irtiitir
They Will Not (live the Correspondence
lletvreen tho Firm nnd Secretnry llny
nril, but Iutlmnto that They Are Hnre
He Will Nee Hint Their Itlght Are Pro.
tected The Melzuro Was Unlanfnl.
Boston, Dec. 6. The news that Secretary
Bayard intended to send tho steamer Galena
to Iliiytl to doraand the restoration of tho
Haytian Ilepublio to her owners was taken to
tho office of B. 0. Mono & Co., agouti and
ownors of tho Haytian Repnblio, 30 Commer
cial street, by an EveSino Wobld roportor
thlB morning and tho tidings caused evident
pleasure, ituotnbsoluto joy, among tho men
in tho office.
"I had no idea what notion tho United
States intended to take," said Mr. Mortr,
" but from the tenor of the correspondence
which has passod between us, I felt euro that
our interests would bo protected."
' ' Are you willing to mako tho correspond,
ence publio ?" asked tho rcportor.
"Yes. And no. Bofaros wo.asowners.are
concerned, we havo no objection, but as wo
have placed tho matter in tho hands of tho Btate
Department and are awaiting results wo think
it would bo a breach of courtesy to dlvulgo
tho exact language and programme of tho let.
ters which have passed between us. Tho
Government is at present our attorney. Our
caso is in the hands of Kecrotary Bayard. Wo
do not feel like making a movo without his
"Can you tell The EvENrNO Woiild the
genoral nature of tho corrcBpondencs then ?"
was asked.
" Gladly. It has not been voluminous,
snd simply referred to what wo know about
the seizure. There was no argnmout outside
of a bare statement of facts."
" How many letters have passed ?"
"Ob, several. Hot ten or a dozen, but
several. Thoy wero all short and to the
point Of course, the first was a lotter from us
notifying tho Stato Department that our
steamer had been captured, and that we be
lieved such seizure to be unlawful and un
warranted Later wo were Informed that our
complaint would be investigated.
"After this several letters wero sent in
forming us how matters wore progressing. "
, " Did Secretary Bayard over express the
idea that tho capture of the Haytian repnblio
was a breach of international courtesy ?"
" Perhaps so, but not in those words. He
informed us that he did not rocognlzo the
Government of Gen. Legitime as tho ruling
power in Hayti, rod ho was, therefore, of the
opinion that the capture of our steamer was
an unwarranted violation of ihe laws of na
'"In other words, he thought yon had a
case against Hayti and thatjour vessel would
bo restored to you."
" We inferred as much from his letters;
still Sve will not say your conclusions aro
wholly acourate."
"Did he say that the United States recorj
nized any Government in HaytiT"
I do not remember that ho did. The
blockade put on by Gen. Legitime was not
known to tho Government at Washington,
nnd that foot alone was enough to mako our
claim good."
" What do you propose to do now, Mr.
" I propose to keen quiet nnd await the ao.
tion of the United States. I am very well
pleased with the way Secretary Bayard has
conducted affairs thus far. "
" Your agents in Now York say you intond
to bring suit against Hayti for damages. Is
it so ?"
"They wore not authorized to make any
such talk. It was wholly without our consent."
She Mnst Give Up the Illegally Seized
Steamer, Haytian llrpubllc,
nayti must givo up tho steamer Haytian Re
public, lately seized and sold at Fort au Prince.
This is tho conclusion arrived at in the State
Department at Washington, and tho U. S.
corvetto Galena will, it is expected, be des
patched to Fort an Frlnco within tho day to
make the final demand for tho steamer's re
lease. Secretary Bayard decides that the validity of
the seizure and subsequent proceedings in tin
case of tho llaytlan Republic cannot bo ad
mitted. The Haytian Consulate In this city was notified
of the decision on Sunday, but it has Just been
made public. .
Ill Revere Sentence Killed Him.
Fnn.ADELrniA, Dec. 6. Pilot William T.
Eldridge, who was suspended from duty for
three months by the Port Wardens on Monday
last, died yesterday at ids homo in Cold
Spriugs, Cape May County, N. J. His death was
caused by grief over the severe sentence inflicted
upon him by the Port Wardens. Tho offense for
which he was suspended was the runulng of the
steamship Lord (lough agronnd in the Delaware
River in October last. Eldridpo was aver sixty
yearn old. and for forty years had piloted vessels
up and down the bay without misfortune. His
father spent ills life upon tho sea. and he has
sons and brothers now following tho same occupation.
They Bagged Fonr Men and 80S.
SiooxCitt, Dec. S. A bold attempt was made
Monday momiug to rob tho safe in tho offico of
the Fonge packing-house. About 1 o'clock fonr
masked men rushed upon Thomas Coleman, the
watchman, and overpowcied him. A gunny
sack was tied over his head, his hands and leg
were secured and ho was laid down in a corner
of Die office. As the watchman did nut retiort,
tho engineer, the assistant engineer and ths
tank man went successively to see what was
wrong, and each in turn was seized and hound
HLo Coleman. The burglar worked hard to
open the safe, but at 4 o'clock broke a drill and
gave up tho job after going through the pockets
of the captured men and securiug 00.
A Great Night for Ileefsteak Clubmen.
Thirty members of the Beefsteak Club, whoso
headquarters are at no White street, attended
the lierformance at the Casino last night. The
party was headed by Congressman.elect Edward
J. Diinphy.who was one of the organizer of the
Club. When the play was over tho members of tho
club went in carriages to Clark's restaurant and
did not reach their home until an yearly hour
this morning. Among the prominent members
were Charloa Flanulgan, Johu E. Maloue,
Edward Condon. John D. Murray, Michael J,
Dwycr, John V. Whalcu and Henry Wilkens.
Another Kev. Warren Case,
Jauestowx, N. Y., Dec. 0. A parallel to the
cato of Rev. Walpolo Warren,' who was imported
from England under contract with Holy Trinity
Chnrch, has arisen in this, city. Bev. D. L,
McCrae, of Cnbing, Canada, has been called to
tho First Presbyterian Church, and this viola
tion of tho, statute has created a sensation in
church circlet.
Brother' Club Itrceptlou.
Tho first annual reception of tho Brothers'
Club of tho city of New York will bo held at
Adelphl 'Hall, Fifty-second street and Bcvcnth
avenue, Thursday evening, Deo. 0. The music
will be furnished by Pastor I'enalra'i orchestra.
l!lght Thousand of Them, Left by III
Mother, Await III Call.
Bight thousand good dollars are awaiting tho
call of Richard Walker, formerly of Providence.
Twonty-flvo years ago James and Annie
Walker camo from London to tills country and
settled in Providence. James took up ills trado
of plastering, and his wife was suceossfnl as a
drensmakcr. They had au only child, Richard,
then nine years old.
Things ran along smoothly until 1870, whon
one day James was surprised to find that his
wife had left her. home. Thero had been occa
sional spats between tho husband and wife, but
neer anything serious.
In Ihho James tired of tho plastering busi
ness and came to New York. Ho found employ
ment as a private coaohman, and dropped out of
In lHRQtheson, Richard, also secured work
In New York, but no trace of him is now to bit
had. When Annlo Walker deserted her husband
sho settled in Kansss City, where sho opened a
proll table Jrcssrnaklng business, and almost im
mediately married ono Ned Lawson, a well-to-do
farmer, who died shortly thereafter, leaving
Annie fonin tl2, ooo.
On March 1(1, IHHO, Annio died, bequeathing
her property, reduced to 8,000, to her son
lticlisrd. It would have amounted to $20, 000
had sho not had a penchant for making expen
sive presents to male friends, such as a $14,000
Iiouko snd lot in Kansas City, presented by her
to a musician who formerly lived In Now York.
At present John A. Cnrr, administrator of tho
citato1, is seeking Richard, ho having come to
this city from Providence expressly for that
Eurnoso. Ho is quartered at tho Mcl'yko Hotel,
0 East Tenth street.
Pat Dlvver's Young Hon-ln-I.nvr Fallowed
to the Grave by Thousands.
Tho funeral to-day of James V. Coffey.husband
of Jcnnio DIvvcr, daughter of Alderman Fat
rick V. Diwer, of tho old Fourth Ward, was ono
of the largest over noted by tho oldest residents
in that historic district.
Tho body of young Mr. Coffey lay in tho parlor
of ids father-in-law's house, 7 Madison street.
Tho coffin was encircled with smilax
and tea roses. Friends of tho Dlvver fam
ily gathered by hundred as early as
0 o'clock to take a last look at tho faco of the
dead and express their sympathy In tears and
words of regret, and a hundred members of tho
Pat Dlvver Association assembled with black
mournine badges on their coat lapels.
Supt. Murray and Inspector Steers, Congressmen-elect
Dunphy and McCarthy, Aldermen
Tail, Shcils, Ryan, Flynn and Noonan, Polico
Cant. Carpenter, Hergt, Farley, Detcctivo Carr
and Policemen Buckley, Brett'and Farney were
among thono who were present at the obsequies.
The pall.bcarers Included John Hpellmau,
Jacob Poiser, Thomas W. Churchill, Harry
Ryan, Francis Corrlgan, John Bnrt, Dr. xf.
Namack, Cbarle J. Auffarth and Thomas M.
The Rev. Father Owens, assisted by Fathers
McMahon and Woods, conducted tho mass at St.
Andrew's Church in Chambers street. Tho in
terment was in Calvary Cemetery.
New York I)rnmmc Mistaken far Pick
pocket nt a Fair In Portland.
(triCIAL TO TBI evekiho WOBLD.
Pobtlaxd. Me., Dec 6. Two young -New
York drummers had a hard experience hero last
They wanted to kill time and to they went to
the Caiholio fair. They took chances freely,
spent money rapidly and wero fast making
friends, when they were arrested, handcuffed
and taken to tho station.
There had been some pockctplcklng, and
they wero suspected and pointed out to the offi
cers as suspicious characters.
They were searched, and allowed to go in
peace, having proved their innocence. "1
never expected, "said one, " to bo charged with
having picked a pockot simply because I spent
$20 iu one evening."
He Turned Up a a Possible Murderer at
Troy Hill.
Tho negro who, at Troy Hills, near Morrit
town, shot a white woman iu the breast and
then wounded himself in tho stomach, has been
found to be John Thompson, tho missing stew
ard of the schooner Lllllo Falkcnbnrg, who was
wanted In this city for robbing the captain's
cablnlwhile the schooner lay at tho foot of Forty,
seventh street. North River.
Mary Parker was the name of the woman whom
he shot. She was handsome, hut not of good
reputation. Thompson claimed that he was
married to her and that her unfaithfulness
caused his violent action. .
The negro and his victim are in the hospital,
tho former under guard. Tho woman may die.
It Ilroke Out at Night In an Ofllro Book
rase In the Big Chelsea Flat.
A servant whose room is in the rear of the big
Chelsea Flats, iu West Twenty-third street,
yelled "fire "shortly after 0 o'clock last night,
and Engineer Brown discovered that an ordi
nary plno bookcase, Iu the rear of the Hecla
Iron works' store, on the first Door, was ablaze.
An alarm was rent nut and in a few minute a
couple of hose lines were run in the building
and the blaze extinguished with bnt slight dam
age. A peculiar circumstance about tho tiro is
that no one can account for IU origin. Thero
aio no steam pipes around and nothing but a
cas; full of circulars and a small circle ou the
wall were burned. No one was In tho store when
the 11 ro broke out.
Belva Ktlll Advertising.
FniLAPELrnu, Dec. B. Belva A Lockwood
bas arrived iu this city from her home in Wash
ington. In conversation with a re.
porter she said she had been cheated out of
thousands of votes at tho recent election, and
was posltivo that in the large cities, especially
New York and Chicago, the noil-workers conns,
rsfed her bsllots. She declared that she had
eudenca to land several waid heelers iu tho
lower part of New York iu King Slug.
"I may contest tho election yet, "she added.
"Yes, if my fiiends succeed in gathering any
new evidence of fraud I Intend contesting the
legality of the election."
Belts did not smile as she ended her talk.
Typhoid Paver In Providence.
PnoVTDEMCi, Dec. 6. There hat been a sud
den Increase in the number of typhoid fever
case reported during tho past five days, and
the disease is now moro prevalent than at any
time since 18H2 There arc twenty-five caies in
th.it city. Tho recent excesslvo rainfall it
thought to havo somo connection with the
origin of the disease, as similar conditions pre
vailed six years sgo.
For the Brurflt of III Creditor.
IFton IA Ckieato rr4.
' ' Can you bear n pieoo of bad news, Ame
lia?" hoarsely whispeicd the merchant to his
' What Is It, Cyrus?" she exclaimed.
" Don't keep mo in suspense I"
" I have made an assignment for the bene,
fitof my creditors."
Oh, Cyrus I Then wo'H have'to give up
this liouso, and tho carriage and tho seal,
skin sacquos I bal ordered for the girls?"
, " Welf, uo. Amelia, it's hardly so bad ai
that. But I think we'd better discharge the
coachman ou account of "
" But you've assigned for the benefit of
the creditors. Won't they get everything?"
' Amelia, your ignorance of business it ab
solutely pathetic."
Not Clear Yet How Gambler Phil
Daly WaB Shot;
Addle and Ella Arraigned at
Jefferson Markot To-Day.
Tho Former Bays Bho First Know
Daly Four Years Ago.
Addle Slanion and Ella Hammond, in
whose Fourth avenue flat Fhll Daly was shot,
showed tho wear and tear of two nights in a
prison cell when an Evenino Woblp reporter
saw thorn in the West Thirtieth street station
house this morning.
Thoir faces wero wan and dirty-looking.
Thoir cloaks and dresses looked slovenly.
Their hats woro awry.
Their hair was rnmplod and Miss Stanton's
was of two colors, mud and golden yellow.
The first is tho original color of her hair.
Tho wash to produce the golden yollow can be
bought in any drng store. There had been
enough of it on aliss Stanton's tresses, bnt it
is gradually wearing off, and as it fades away
she looks less and less lovely.
In fact thoro is nothing of tho seductive
siren about cither her or Mrs. Hummond.and
pooplo are. asxing mora earnestly than even
' ' What did Fhll Daly see in such a woman as
Stanton is?"
That they wero well acquainted is the prev
alent opinion now.
Capt. ltoilly, in conversation with The
Evknino Wonu roprssontative to-day, said,
" My prirato opinion is thst Daly and Stan
ton were acquainted somo timo."
' What makes you think so ?''
" Many tilings that I have ditcovcrod and
put toguther, forming a chain of evidence
that is pretty strong. Stanton declares sho
know hlin well."
"What do you know of Stanton yourself,
' 1 know that she Is an ' angol.' "
"An angel;-that Is, tin Sixth avenue par
lance. The angels you h(ar of about tho
Haymarket and suoh plscos are vastly differ
out from those you aro told about in church.
Yon would never hear of Addio Stanton in
church. Sho is a woll-knowu angel on Sixth
avonno, though.
" She is tho guardian angol of wealthy old
men. That is, sho protects them from every
ono but herself and angels friendly to her."
" How long has slip been in this city ?"
" Four years. She came from the western
part of the State. Sho has been married
twice ond divorced once."
Tho Cuntain could not give tho names in
tho marrlago certificates which were found
by his dctectivos, along with n decree of di
vorce, in Addie's small desk. Ono of tho de
tectives, however, thought that Stanton was
the name of her first husband and Henry Lin
ston that of her second.
In addition to these natnos she was known
as Eltie Edgecombe when she occupied the
five rooms on tho third floor of the flat house
at 210 West Twentieth street.
While sh has ulwnys been noted for her
love for wealthy old men, she has been
equally noted for hor weakness for young
men. Ono or two of such havo always been
seen about her various residences, and wore
generally represented as being her brothers
or something.
When young men were scarce or fought
shy of her, she would go out looking for
them, and it was while on such missions that
she was arrested twice in raids made on a
conple of houses iu tho tenderloin precinct.
Then she opened a place of her own. but
that was raided and closed by the police.
She says that she met Phil Daly, sr., four
years ago. That is about the time Capt.
Iteilly says she camo to this city.
She was younger then, and not an " angel."
Good-looking, young moneyed men were
glad to know her for a while, and there was
an effort made to put her on the stage.
It did not succeed. Addio hss never been
on Ihe stage, unless in somo minor part for a
short time. Sho was fond of wine, high liv
ing and lino dresses, and never minded tho
cost as long as she got them.
When she became acquainted with the
lTamniond woman is not known exactly, but
it is supposed to be about a year and a half
ago, when Mrs. Hammond was keeping
house for a number of ladies in West Thirty
second street.
Both are very shrewd women.
They went into partnership.
They established a bureau of Information.
Men about town learned that Addle and
Nellie could tell just about how much a man
was worth, if he carried money, and if it was
easy to get it from him or not,
It is bcliovel that somo gamblers made use
of tho women as decoys to lure mon to their
gaming rooms. Howover this may lie, the
police theory is now that Daly and Stanton at
least wero acquainted.
He did not need to receive a note of invita.
tiou to visit her. lie vent voluntarily.
When he got thero he found another man or
traces of him in Miss Stanton's room. He
got mad.
Addle screamed for help. Llnston ,'and
Hammond rushed in from the inner room.
Home ono drew a pistol. A struggle for uos.
session of it ensued, and Llnston (Addie's
Irieud) got it
In the excitement of the moment he fired
at the old sport, whoso blood was up, and who
could easily havo whipped Hammond and
Llnston alone.
The bullet quelled his passion. Wliilo he
was groping at tho door trying to get out the
men loft by tho kitchen door, and got out
ahead of him.
Addie Stanton's hands are all scratched
and cut. She says sho burned them.
Mr. Daly denies positively that ho over
know her. An Evknino Woulu reporter
asked him: "Whero are tho letters the
woman sent you ?"
" Oh, I burned them up," he answered.
"The three of them?"
" Yes."
A giimbler, who ought to know, said i
" Daly tells it well, but I do not bellovo his
story. One thing I know U that the $30,000
in Government bouds that be said he had
wore only that amount of stock of a driving
park in New Jersey worth about fiftoen cents
on the dollar."
Mr. Daly scouted this statement.
The reporter met a young man this mom.
ing who told him that he had once answered
an ad in a newspaper, which said that a hand,
some young woman desired to make the ac
quaintance of a young man. Object matri
mony. Ho answered it and met Addio Btonton.
She dressed very well," he sold, " and was
a glib talker. She claimed to have Just ar
rived from Son Franoisco. She referred to it
as 'Frisco continually. She told me she ex
pected to go to London this December.
" She Bald Bho had been on the stage, and
had tho names of all the small actors and to
t resses by heart. She referred continually to
theBlalto. , ,
" Sho invited me to call at 819 West Twen
tleth street on tho 8th of September last, but
betore the time arrived I got a note from her
telling me sho was going to Long Branch to
teo n friend and would bo back on tho fol
lowing Monday."
When tho roporter attempted to interview
Miss Stsnton this morning Bho declared cm
phaticnlly: " I will not talk with you reporters. I have
nothing to say, anyhow, until I see my law
yer." "Who is he?"
She would not answer the reporter, but the
told Capt. Iteilly that his name was Le Bar
bier, of 36 Broadwoy. Soon after she and
Mrs. Hammond, escorted by Capt. Iteilly,
Dctectivo llrttt and TnE Evenino Womj re
porter, left the station-house. They boarded
a bobtail car at Seventh avenue and went to
Jefferson Market Polico Court.
Lawyer LoBarbier was thoro waiting for
Ho told the reportor that ho had known
Addle for somo timo.
" Wat she over on the stsgo ?"
' ' 1 guess sot I bolievo she wai."
" How long have you known her ?"
" Oh, I don't know."
" Whero was she living when you knew
her first ?"
" I've forgotten."
" Whero aid you last see her ?"
"Thlrty-eighth streut, I think."
"East or West?"
"West, I think. Yes, it must have been
' ' What was the number of the house ?"
' Boally I've foruotteu."
He promised tho reportor, however, that he
would get all the information ho could from
his client for tho press this afternoon.
Tho women wero arraigned before Justice
Gorman. Assistant Dlttrlot-Attorney Hart
man appoared for the people.
He had a note from Dr. Smith, of 20
West Thirtieth streot, stating that Mr. Daly
was too ill to leavo his house, and could not
do so before Friday at the earliest.
In view of thts Mr. Hart man naked to have
the case adjourned until then.
At first Lawyer LaBarbior wanted the esse
to go on, and askod for the ' ' discharge of
theso ladies."
Every ono smiled.
' ' What havo they done ?" asked the
This innocent question caused more smiles.
' ' If you insist on going on with tho case
now wo'H have the complaint drawn up, and
then you will Know what thoy havo done, if
you do not know," said Juttica Gorman.
" I am renly," said Mr. Le Barbler.
"Mako your complaint," said his Honor
to Detective Hayes.
Tho lawyer had n whispered consultation
with his clients, afternvhlch he retracted his
desire to go on, and tho case was set down
peremptorily for Friday morning at 8
There were a dozen Headquarters defec
tives in court, but not one of them could say
ho had ever seen Addle or her companion be
fore. Mr. Le Btrbier wantod to know if he could
not consult with his clients at the West Thlr
tieth street station-house.
Mr. Harlman said be hod no objection if
Sunt. Murray consented.
Thereupon Capt, Iteilly started for Head
quarters Coyiee It it could be arranged, and
tho lawyer said ho would bo at tho station,
house at i p. m. to find out.
The women were taken back to tbetr prison
cells, and another act in this mysterious, ro
mantic, puzzling drama was ended.
Who Will lie In Men. Harrison' Cabinet
Taking Hhape,
Gen. Harrison's Cabinet solution It beginning
to crystallize.
James O. Blaine hat arranged to take up lilt
residence in Washington, which is said to mean
that if lie is not to be Secretary of State he will
be the power behind tho throne and graud direc
tor of the new Administration's policy.
Vice-Chairman John S. Clarkson, of the Re
publican National Committee, Is pulling tin his
rnrixjU and tagging hit household effects Ior
Washington." and his Intimate friends in Des
llolnes say that he lias been onere,d and has ac
cepted the Secretaryship ot the Interior.
Next week Vicc-Protldeut-elect Levi P. Morton
will make the visit to Uen. Harrison, which Tiie
Evknino Worlo wat the first to announce.
Gen. Harrison hat been notified to expect Mr.
and Mrs. Morton on Wednesday of next week,
and the New York banker will remain with the
Harrison family for the balance of the week,
Mr. Morton will be the messenger who will
bear to Uen. Harrison the withes and desires of
the New York leaders and those of Mr. Blaine,
and when he leave the vexed question, who will
be New York' Cabinet rept esentatlve and w ho is
to peddle Federal patronage in the Empire
State, will be definitely settled.
Ex-Senator Piatt Is still looked npon as tho
Cabinet member. Mr. Morton is expected to
plead fur him and overoomo Clen, Harrison's
predilection in favor ot Wamer Miller.
(Jen. Harrison's known regard for Miller, and
his desire to reward him for his sacrifices in
aid of the National ticket lead the Herkimer
statesman's friends and supporters to believe
that ho will not be Ignored, however.
.Mr. Carter Insist That It' Not a Monop.
ol, Nor a Violation of I.avr.
Tho hearing In the case of Tho People against
the North River Sugar Refilling Company went
on tills morning before Judge Barrett, iu the
Supreme Court, Special Term.
James 0. Carter, counsel for the defendants,
coutlnned his argument. He said tho combina
tion of sugar refining companies was not in
tended as a monopoly for the manufacture of
sugar, or for the purpose of increasing the price
of It.
Sugar was a commodity that was only limited
by tho inability to manufacture.
The raw material wat unlimited in supply and
all that wat tcqulred for Its manufacture wtt
capital anil labor. There wero other commodi
ties that were by nature restricted iu supply,
and a combination to control such, for the pur
pose of increasing their alue, might come
under tho head of a violation of the law.
Sugar was not a necessary of life, Mr. Carter
argued, although It Is so generally used by peo
ple over all the globe that it might bo very
nearly so considered.
Hhot by Her Ilruuken Husband,
Hayebuill, Mass., Dec. 0. James CKeil,
employed in the Thomb hat factory, and living
near the foot of. River street, reached home
drunk about I) o'clock last night. He went into
the kitchen, drow a revolver and shot his wife
four times in the head. U'Nell was captured.
Tho woman will probably die.
Tho Thief Hnd a Key. f
About $100 worth of leather belting wat
stolen last night from tho store of W. M.
Bchwenken, 105 John street. The porter found
the door locked this morning and no violence
had been used. The thief must hare had a key.
'' MO. "H
Dnt a Few Feet From Where flho Fell thW; BaH
Express Came Bashing Along The De J
mented fllrl at Flnt Accrued Venenata fpjl
Mr. Dialer of Criminal Aanlt sat' H
Afterward Retracted, i 1-bbI
Margaret Friedelum, a servant girl, threw' 4H
herself from tho wall at the foot of West Bev SH
cnty-flrst street, at 9.80 lost night, to tho
ground below, a distanco of forty-flvo foe$,,
with suicidal Intent liafl
The freight tracks and yard of tha Hudso' rH
River Railroad are here, and Brakeman John !J
O'Brien, of Albany, who was on tho track :o
saw the form of the young woman descend ' t
ing. :H
Ho ran to her, and gathering her up, car- 3H
ried her into a switchman's shanty. Officer 7)11
Matthow Hogan and an ambulance wero 3
summoned and tho woman, who bod not 'n
lost consciousness, was taken to tho Ninety !H
ninth Street Hospital. ' ?1H
Horn sho related that her employer, An- ' 'H
drew Maier, of 163 West Bovonty-first streot, LI
bad made a criminal assault upon hor, ana -jH
she had attempted to end her life lest her ,3M
ruin be complete '31
An offlcor went post hastoto the house of xfH
Mr. Maier, a retirod cabinet-maker of potrU 1H
arohicat whlto beard and hair. Ho was about .H
rotiringl but rotnmenl with tho offlcor to tho EH
bedsidotpf the woubbbe suicide. ,'3H
Bat " Maggie," as tho patriarch addressed l-'jH
hor, recanted her previous story and said SaH
there was nothing in it. Just tbon a police- tH
man entered and ho said he had ridden down .M
from Harlem with Mr. Maior at about tho JH
time of the alleged assault. iffll
Mr. Maier was released, and this morning ,iH
-the girl, strango to say, was in a fair way to H
be ready for arraignment in Harlem Polico H
Court to-morrow for attempted snioido. Sho raH
had received only bruises and a shock by bar jLH
big tumble. H
Tbero is only seven feet of tnrf betwoon rH
tho foot of tho wall from which sho leaped jH
and the railway track, and tho " Dolly " HH
train camo thnndoring along on that trade H
ten infnutos after her leap. ) VH
At the homo of Mr. Maior. who is a wid- '3HH
nwer of sevouty years, living with H
hta throe grown-up daughters, it was stated 'Hl
that the girl had been a part of tho household -H
for a year- That sho had no friends in Amor- Jl
lea and suffered with periodical tats of melon- LH
choly and depression, and that ono of theso jl
fits was on yesterday. She loft thohonsoot H
about 8. SO o'clock. '..laM
At the hospital Dr.Dunn doclsred the story mM
of a criminal assault to be entirely without , 3jH
foundation, the evidence being indisputably , HflH
to tho conlraty. The young woman had -H
been suffering from hystono, and leaped 391
during a fit of aberration. lijiafl
That Miss Friedelum escaped death is, ,jH
almost miraculous. The wall from which ' j
she leaped is at tho south ond of tho River. 4H
side drive -Lafl
' ' tsIM
- aH
The Eighth' Machine to lie Thrown Out at a
To-Nlght'a Meeting. !H
It looks like a unanimous "grand bounce "of j
tha John J. O'Brien machine in tho Eighth As- H
scmbly District by the Republican County Corn H
mlttee to-night. . . fiH
Barney 1)1 Klin, of tho Eighteenth District. 3H
was the only friend Johnny had at the meeting ,1H
of the Executive Committco last night, evon such. ftl
old friends aa Johnny Crimes, of tho First; ,,H
Frank Carroll, of tho Fifth, and Johnny Blmp- '.3H
son, of the Hlxth Districts, having becomo too 9H
politically pure to longer associate with tho fflH
gontlcman from the Eighth. )GbH
Big Six' Election. iH
Typographical Union No 0 has its annual clco a
tion to-day and this evening, and Its 0,000 H
members take aa much interest in it as they do J9
In the election of a President of tho United '.sH
Htates. -bH
Tho candidates for President are James M. '"fiM
Duncan, renominated, and W. E. Boscily. HsiH
Both are popular, and a nip-and-tnek contest is SsH
expected. "Dunk" McLcod is the opponent of lH
Thomas J. Condon for the Vtco-Prcsldcncy. 4H
For Beoxotary Theodore C. Wlldman, and ox- MM
President Everett Olackin are candidates. iH
Ueorge H. Mooro and Ezra B. Harney are can- mSPH
didates for Treasurer, and John J. Davis and tkH
Thomas J. Robinson for Hergeant-at-Arms. Y
Then there aro three Trustees and twelve Execu- v jflHI
tivo Committeemen to bo elected. ; E9
' ' ' . m 3fJjtJM
Morning Dlnce at Portland, Conn. "lail
Pobtland, Conn., Dec. n. Early this morn- 'j
Ing fire broko out in a barn on Main street. Tho "H
flames toon spread to adjoining buildings. E. J;H
E. Ellsworth's store wat totally destroyed; An- Q3
derson 4 Wilion's grocery, store, partly con. 'ftH
timed. The Central Bchool-Honse and the barn fH
where the tire originated were also totally, de. ftfnM
stroyed. Tho total loss isestlmatedstllU, 000. 'H
The lire is supposed to havo been of incendiary , 'jH
origin. aH
Shot Herself Tbrongh tho Heud. ''-lal
(ipr.CUL TO THS EVf.NIXU WOULD.) (jfll
Watebtown, N. Y., Dec. 5. Mist Anna May . -qH
Moore, eighteen years of age, shot herself imM
through the head and died an hour later at "fWM
Antwerp, this county, last night. Miss Mooro JH
was highly accomplished and of excellent &jH
character. Tho cause of tho deed la un. ?mM
known. aH
Tho T.aat Bounty Certificate Fald. "19H
(srtcuL to tiie smEsnto WORLD. ll
Pittsburo, Dec r,. Allegheny County has 4H
Just paid tho last outstanding credit certificate H
or .10, lieing the bounty given to volunteers in H
1H0U by the county to preclude the necessity of H
a draft to complete the quota of men required -mM
by the Government. The total issue amounted jBH
tofllO.UOO. js
A Hawser Slipped aud Killed Him. " tfH
Jacob Haddock, fifty years old, steward ou tha , !mH
schooner Andrew Patterson, from Canada, was 3H
this morning attending to a hawser which had jtiM
been attached to a tug. when the hawser. ran rgBH
foul of a cleet, and, slipping off. struck Had- ,JB
dock a terrible blow on tho chest. Ho wa ,EH
thrown senseless a couple of feet away and died 'jJM
iu a few minutes. ' JjH
Paruetl Commission and the Holiday. Uiafl
London, Dec n, The Paruell Commission iuH
will adjourn on tho lflthlnst. for the holidays, Bfl
meeting again ou Jan. in. "2B
Bright' Condition Unchanged. 'rilH
London, Dec. ,0. Tho bulletin from Rochdale QH
reports that Mr. Bright' condition is ua- '.XB
changed. - 'laS
Light ltnlus, Warmer Weather. JyH
'' SHI

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