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A Genuine Sensation at the Market
The Assistant Commissioner of Ac
counts Suspended.
Forty.flvo Dollars Paid for Getting;
aiurkot Stands.
CoL Hamilton Admits Receiving the
Trimo uport was expected at to-day's sea
Fion of tho Commissioners of Accounts in the
inestigatiou into tho allotmout of btandsiu
tho new West Washington JIarilct.
The material to furnish it was present
when Commissioner Ilolahan announced
that court was upon.
There was Mayor Orestes Cleeland, of
Jersey City, who was a potential factor in
becuring stands for his brother-in-law Win.
H. Hoaz; Bookkeeper Davidson, to explain
the niystorious entry of "barrels,
575'" on tho books of his em
ployer, lticbard D. Brown : ' ' blond
bcadod " Tom Canrpbcll, Fatty AValshs rival
a; a market restaurateur, and ox-Assembly,
man Daniel E. Finn, who linn been wanted so
long tu toll about his Becuring u stand inttbo
Iiuw market, but who had successfully evaded
th j subpuma-servers of Mr. Nicoll and tho
Commissioners until Saturday.
Mayor Cleveland was the first witness ex
amiued. lie told how he secured five Btands
from his brothei.in-law's firm.
Ho had known Supt. Kelso forty-throe
yeirs, and visited him at his office to osk him
it the rumor that stands would not be allotted
to non-residents was tiue.
Mr. Kelso b-iuI tlutt it was, but remarked
Itat as two of tho i artners resided in tho
Stale that fact might make somo difference.
Afterwards the witness made tho application
iu tho uutiio of W. II Hoag fc Co.
He could not explain why tho permits were
istued in the name of Van Doreu & Co. and
Ku-bull Houg.
Mayor Cleveland said that he had come bo
furo tho Commission voluntarily to relieve
tlio memoiy of his old friend, bupt. Kelso,
(rum any imputation of wrong-doing in so
far us tbo granting of permits for btands to
bu brotber-in-luw wus concerned.
Thomas 1'. Fitrroll. of 27 West Thirty.
euuth stroot, was the next witness called
by Coniuiisbionor Holahou, and tho testi
mony begun was a bomb-ohell for the Com-
llio witness isa member of the Tnmmany
Hall Association of tho Fifteenth Assembly
Ho said that he hnd heard through M. J.
Smith, a saloon-keeper at Thirty-seventh
stiect and Eiebtii avenue, that it cost John
Ctulcy, a stiuul-liuldor in the new market,
$50 to secure his permit.
" To whom did ho pay it i" was the next
"'Jo uman connected with your office at
present. "
' What man ?"
" Col. Tlieodoro Hamilton, Assistant Com.
rui'.sionoi ot Accounts. "
Tbo witness said that ho bad told this story
to M.iyor Grant, who wud that ho must go
before tho Commissioners of Accounts and
tell it, as ho, (tho Slayor) was bound to silt
this matter to tlio bottom and see if there had
liceu any crookedness in the allotment of
, Jolm Curley, tho Btandlholdov mentioned
by the precodiug witness was next sworn.
He testified that he applied lor a stand. and
through hie son tried to iuterobt Gen. F. 11.
Spiuola in his behalf. Ho thinks that tho
Ueneial got the Btand for him, for Gep.
Spiuola had told him bo.
Col, Theoduro A. Hamilton, ho said, had
offered his services in assisting tho witnesR to
kocute tho stand ond ho had accepted Mr.
Hamilton's help.
The Colonel claimed that ho got tho stand
Permit, but the witness behoved that Gon.
npiuola's influence was raoro potont in socur
iii"it KO,'"just to mako things easy," be gave
Col, Hamilton if 15 to pay him for running
' ' llelore 1 got my stand, " tho witness went
on, "Col Hamilton askta mo for money,
"I told Lim I wouldn't pay five centK to any
Ban in the city government, but if ho wanted
Jheuiouoy for himself 1 would gne it to
win. I gave him 425 then.
" Afterwards I gave him $10 when ho asked
me for it, and about Christmas time I gavo
him iio more."
Mr. Cur.'ey said that he hnd bought two
boxes of cigars for $20 and presented thomto
Supt. Kelso, and had given 814 to Chief
tlerk Graham MoAdara.
Col. Hamilton was next summoued to ex
plain hl connection with tho matter.
He said that he knows jslr. Curley. Lost
Juno Mr. Curluy asked him if he could gota
corner stand for him. Ho said :
IisitcdMr. Kelso's offico over n dozen
times about the mattor. I. never paid a cent
o any city oftlcal. Mr. Curley pavo me the
"".'."sv voluntarily for my services.
Mr. Curley gave $25 in September last.
Alti-rwards, at two different times, bio sou
Rio me $10,
." never govo Supt. Kolso or anybody
Jise in the Fiuanoo Department any presont
ipr any specifio put poses. I gave bupt.
helbo a box of Perfecto cigars, I did not
C've them for Mr. Curlev. I never
Ee Mr. MoAdmn 14. That's absurd. I
sonly making myself solid with theso
wen. You couldn't bribe Mr. Kolso or Mr.
MUdum for 85. It's absnid. il.aughter.)
1 paid for Mr. Cm ley's permit out of
n ,S iu moue.V and I sieut Bometimeg 3.50
of Itf treatin'- l dldu'' maka cent ou'
i. ' I J.iJ this out of friendship lor Mr. Cur
ill f" '" ton- rve uoue uim hundreds of
ti i ' 'flli' uonev on the wholo trausac
peiiiilo " CBt U1 mure tliaU J COt in ,reati"B
Col. Hamilton oautinually appealed to Mr.
ti. .ey ". Cktify to the tiuih of hU Btavn.
enth, which tho old gentleman did each
"fU)',0I?aiitiui: in tho matter of tho psyiug
S;.?U. Chlef Clerk McAdaui. In Ibu
S,.ilfir 'k'T ""'erced. Mr. Cnrley insisted
SUle Colonel toM him that he paid Mr.
ilcAdnm that amount.
Aslstaut CorporoUon Countel Wiokca
1 1, , r,,OTWrtntwi
made the announcement that ho bad, ,
at iho reiuost of the Commissioners of Ac- i
counts, subpnuaed sixteen witpob-.es, mid
liad experienced nn difliculty iu finding
them such as Mr. Nicoll complained of.
Hlchard D. Brown, the witness who was
nearly frightened out of his boots by a threat
of Mr. Nicoll to probocuto him for perjury,
was prevent.
His counsel, William It. Wilder, said that
hie client had iimdo bomo luaccuiato btito
uieuts in his ttstlmony which ho dosiied to
collect. Tbo witness mid i
I neor paid to any city official any
amount of monev for the chanpe in tho loca
tion of my stand. I Mated openly that it
would bo worth 10(l to mo to have tho loca
ti n of my stand changed.
" Mr. Josoph Carson heard mo say it and
reworked that ho thought ho could fix tho
mutter for mo. Ho accompanied me bi'foio
Mr. MoAduin when I made application to
change the location of my btand. When 1
went agoic my applhatiou wus grnnlod.
"I ofterumd guo Mr. Caion 475. I
didn't give him 4100 because he Mild, I
think, Unit Mr Caison Slid that 475 was
enough. 1 made n check for the amount,
got it cashed and gave him the mouoy.
Mr. Carson is a stand-bolder in tho new
Mr. Niooll questioned tho witness at length
on tho subjoct of his " barroU" outry in hiB
' ' Brown said at the time he gavn his fornior
testimony he did not know what word had
been erased to allow the writing of tho word
' barrels.'
He had bIiico learned from his Lookkeepor
Mr. Davidsou, that the eraiod word was
" boodler."
This word had been written there by his
bookkeeper, and was discovered by tho wit
ness two days later. He said :
" I told jlavidson ho was a d d fool to
writo that word there and wo erased it.
"My raotho in testifying falsely regarding
this cntrv was to slue.d Mr. ('aron so that
his naino wouldn't be brought into tho
JoheuhK. Carson, who secured tbo favor
for Mr. Brown, bald that bo visited tbo
Comptroller's office several times and saw
Mr, McAdam with lofercuco to cbauginGtho
location of Mr. Brown's Btand
He testified that ho received tbo $75 men
tioned by Mr. Bidwn and usi'd it for his own
purposes. None of it found iu war to any
one connected with tho Finance Department.
I.nwyor Nicoll took hold of tho witness and
by a olevor crobB-esaruinatiou mixed the wit
uoss up like an addled egg ami inudo him ad
mit that ho had consulted with Brown re
garding what thoy should testify to to-day.
Col Hamilton was suspended by tho Com
misoiouors of Accounts immediately alter
giving his tostimouy.
The result of theiiending investigation will
determine the question of his reinstatement.
Co). Theodore A. Hamilton has been an
assistant to the Commissionors of Accounts
since tlio first of this month only.
Ho was born, educated and reared in this
city. His father was a former well-known
broker iu Wall street.
At present ho is a raombor of tbe.Tammany
Hall Gencial Committee of tho Eleventh
Tho Colonel has hold office before, as
Deputy Assistant under ltegister Docharty,
and as Inspector in the Department of Public
Works under Commissioners Thompson and
Squire. He then belonged to the County
Until his recent appointment by the Com
missioners of Accounts ho bad not held ofllco
since I860.
The charred and blackened bodies ot eight
horses lay this morning in tho basement of
tho burned two-story brick stable in One
Hundred and Thirty-flist street, near the
Western Boulevard.
Tho animals lay in the passageway with
thoir chains stretchod taut. One had broken
his halter, but was overcome before bo could
mako hU escape. The struggles and suffer
ings of tbo poor animals must have been ter-
Tho horses wore owned by Bornard Kier
nan, of Eabt Eightieth streot. Five of them
woro haudsome young animals, while tho
other throe wore heavy and used for druwing
trucks. Thoy wero valued at 2,000.
Fire was discovered in the stable shortly
boforo midnight by Denis O'Mahony uud
John Divers.
O'Mahony ran to tho fire box at tho corner
of One Hundred and Thirty-socond street
and the Boulevard and sont in aii ulanu.
Threo fire engines and two book and ladder
companion responded and the firemen went
to work witli u will, but the flames had been
quietly accomplishing their mischief some
tune before thoy weio discovered and the
eight horsen had already pf ribhed.
After an hour's hard work the Homes wore
Tbo Hudson Boat Club, which occupied
the top itoor as o repair bhop, lost several old
boots and two new racing shells.
Tho ciiubo of the fire is unknown. When
the man who had charge of the Btable left at
7 o'clock last night everything was all right.
Mrs. Lavin, who occupies a cottage on the
Boulevard, heard loud neighs and a great
disturbance in the direction of tho stable on
hoar befort the fire was discovered.
She looked out of her window but saw
nothing, as a building was between her house
and tho Btable.
There is $500 damage to the bnilding. It
is ownod by Mrs. J, Tone, and is insured for
i s
Just Two Years Klnixed Uemeea It Tho
Ill Oil llren.
incur, to tux ivixixa world.)
Bedoem Point, N. J., Feb, 11. At day
light this morning, jtho great fire in tho
Standard Oil Company's works at Constable
Hook was still burning, but was under con
trol. Tho loss is now estimated at about
9150,000, and is uninsured.
It is now bolieved that the fire was caused
by the ulectrio light dynamo getting out of
Two paraffin stills wore partially destroyed
and several thousand new barrels stored iu
the building holpd to add fuel to the llame.
By a singular coincidence this fito occurs
just two years since another groat lire in tho
btondaid's works.
Ills Utcort Attacked vrltU Htnoea and Oilier
Sllulles by a Crowd.
Iirxcui. cauls to m srEaixa would. 1
Dum.i. Feb. 11. William O'Brien was
token from Clonmol to Tralco Jail thiBmorn
iug. He was under n strong guard of mili
tary and police
The escort was attacked at Clonmel by n
crowd, who threw stones and other missiles
at them.
i At 'Upperary a lsrgo crowd surrounded the.
railway s'atlon and resisted the efforts made
to disperse it.
Inmates of a Burning Hotel Esoapo
in Nightolothos.
Flames Eat Up the Wave Crest at Far
A Suspicion Hint nn Incendiary Started
tlio Klrc.
Fxri Bockaway, Feb. 11. The Woo Crost
Hotel was burned early this morning, tho
fire being disoovered at about i o'clock.
The hotel was one of tho laigcst in tho
placo and was owned hy cx-Asbemblymaii
Kdward Darragb. Tho loss was 510,000,
which is said to be fully covered by iribur
an ce.
The firo made rapid progrcrs, ne a high
wind was blowing. Soon after its diwoery,
tho big building was entirely wrapped in
flames, wh.lo in little less than half an hour
it lay iu ruins.
The inmates had barely timo to escape in
their night -clothos. Somo of them leaped
from the second-story windows.
So fiercely did the lire lugo when at its
height that tbo United States Hotel uud
other buildings in tho Immediate vicinity,
were seriously thrcateuod,
'llin local fire Dopaitnicnt ond the hotel
watchmen fought tho flames vigorously and
did much towards saving tho neighboring
structures. Leander Petit, of Oceanic lloso
No. 1, was seriotihly injured while on duty.
The cousrt of tbo Firo is iu, yet unknown.
"There had been n litigation in piogrets ovor
tho properly for somo time.
A Mrs. Clearv claimed to have a title to tlio
property, and had brought proceedings iu
Both claimants held insurance policies, and
an lutciesting legal question will now come
The building stood in Coster street, noar
the inlet. It was a three-story frame struc
ture. Mis. Darragh and lnsr family lhedin the
Tbero oro suspicious that tho firo was of
incendiary origin. Mr. Dairagh has been
burnod out before
m m
The MrIu In a Cell Wlilvb .Itr. IlrK.au
Cnu.ed Her lo l'ana linn Mucin llrr III.
Mrs. Carlton, janitress of tho flats at I'nrk
avcuno nud Eighty-fifth street, who was ar
rested Saturday night obarged with black
mailing Simon Dessau, diamond broker, of
4 John street, 1b confined to hor boil from
the effect of her night's incarceration in a
Her Btory is tint on Dec. 18 a conple rented
a fiat at 1500 I'nrk avenue. Thev said they
woro Mr. and Mrs. Oilbort, but Mrs. Carlton
learned that Mr. Gilbert was Simon Dossau
mid that the woman, who was a pretty blonde,
was not his wifo.
There were several rows In tho Gilbert flat
and things wero decldodlv unpleasant.
Mrs. Carlton ordered the couplo to leave,
and they moved to 1431 Park avenue. Sbo
liicsented a gas bill for $0 aud a bill for tr39.
out Dosan refused to pay it, and when bIiu
went to collect it Dessau's father had her ar
rested. Miss Harris, who keeps the top flat, said
that Mrs. Gilbert was Miss Lu Martina when
she lived there. Mr. DeBS.ui is very cool
nbont tho matter, and says that if thoro is any
uindslingiug ho will do a i-haro f it.
Mrs. Carlton says that shn will suo Donsau
for damaged for false impugnment.
.lira, (icliner Died of I'xponiire and I)ll
pnllon In llubokeu.
This morning tbo Hoboken police woro
notified that a woman had been murdered in
Haley's tcneineut-houso in Newark stroct.
Tbo victim proved to bo Annio Goltuer.
about fortv-eight years old.
Annio has seon many ups and downs in
life. Eighteen years ago sho hod a good
home, an attentivo husband and several
children ; but sho took to drink, was
divorced from her husband, and since then
has bocn going back anil forth between
Hoboken and tho penitoutiury.
County Physieian Anion, aftor investigat
iug tho cano, said the woman died from expo
sure and dissipation, and not from foul play.
Two fllen Lo.e Their l.lvi- by a Holler Ux
CnATTANoooA, Tcuu., Feb. 11. An ex
plosion occurred this morning which cost one
man his life and injured uuother so that he
will die.
t It took place attheiCreosotiug Briak Works
owned by Guild, White and Gillespie,
The boiler was filled with coal tar aud
brick and heated. It exploded, and Charles
Falls and his son, who wero standing by,
were submerged by the boiling fluid. 'Iho
former died almost instantly and the latter
cannot recover.
Ilurulnr In Illsdun's Fuciory.
John O'llearn, tnenty-four years old, of 001
West Korty-teeond street, was held in the York
ville Police Court this morning to answer
a charge of burglariously entering Hig
Kina'x carpet factor)' laHt iiisht. Hunt. Charles
E. Tibbltf, of the factory, testified that
O'Hoaiu climbed the flit-etcapo and forced a
window on the hecoud ftory of the factory,
where ho was arrested by Policeman Jlalone.
Shaken by an Knrthqtinkr.
ar-rciAt niiLiTo the evekinu would, j
London, Feb. 11. An earthquake shock was
felt at Bolton and Manchuter to-day. No dam
age was done.
Know nnd Colder Wruthrr.
Ljiillliw VHJAEK-t V'-L8U'!"T'!'' I'e',a ' '
Afflolkjfe "0,,J """ tuttera Ai"to
'TO.WSHk-l rt iw. .snow;
ifc. r& VKl twiner, ullnxeea Vv
"efr!JffiiiJ totter, yofttrrly wiitiU
"1k, JRkw The Iajcal WEATiira
'- , "yiyl To.I)at. -Indicated by
W.Wr'CLjOv Jm Blakely's telc-tbormoin-T-
- sfWTi etcri
y m yrtoryi I lhl?a 18SH-
gri,rtR&AiJih:g ";;;:;;i I
. lie t as ?.o
lmu lor PMl lntr-loor hour, 35 4-11 dr.
ATr 10' cofrt.(oudius Urn 1m! lu. U1U
A WrlUFInUbeil Trnrk Upon t lilcli I'nnl
Time nnd llfir lEriordt Are Kpecled-
The Itldlnii Ciistii h ml" llie I. Ill lio
Will CiiiitFnl An I'lil.mmli A.li-iiiil lor
lloiiorit IlruWK No. IU nn the Mil.
Kerylhing was in readiniss this morning
at Madison Squaru Gardcu for the aftei noon's
begiuuiug of tho six-day bicycle tuiituat for
Only one or two of tho young women who
are entered for the contest were on hnnd in
thf morning Tho othtrs weio taking oil tho
ifvt thoy could prep.uatory to tho grand
The finishing touches put the track in (list
chi'b condition, nud experts pay tbat.jiidgiuj
from tho appcaioncc of the contestants, there
ought to be somo exciting sport. Tho riilcr.i
aro all piofoHsiouals, and several of them
hu o good records,
Tho riding drchsoa will bo heavy woollen
leggings of mu ions colors aud design, with
tight-fitting jnekots and knit skull. cups, and
these costumes will display to adwtntogu tho
hhapoly figures of Iho fair contestants.
Tho tiding hours aro limited to eight nilav,
the sehediilo biing from 3 to (I iu the after
noon and from 8 r. M. to 1 a. m. at night.
Tbeio aro no tmiiiers'iiunrtersintlio Gordon,
as nil tho contestants have their rooms iu tho
niighbonng hotels. F. J. l'rinl, editor of
y.e Whirl, v be rcftrce.
Hem lsn li-t of tho contestants', with tlio
numbers which hiuo been ussignod to them :
No. 1 Hilda Hnallnr is a Swidiib beauty,
weivhiiik' 13(1 poinids and Htanding 5 feet -I
inches tall.
No. J JisfIii Woods haNroiupotriliu Iirnoklvu
and is an cxpuiienceJ ridi r. Hlie neluhsl'Jl
No. :i Kitty Brown is a I'.'il-pimud. olnhtcen-yiai-ohl,
5-toot 5-iueb beaut), who will bo mil
loi a few dayn at leait.
No. 4 Jewdo OuKrt, the I-tilini champion,
and bieauiu of her cotitiiluii, graceful style
placed by ninny as tlio wimii.1.
No. 5 Klnio cm lllumen is the well-known
riiiei with n iceord riililiiliK buck ocryeais.
Hho lias bien a walker and has ninny trlendi.
Hhi lb the champion ot America U her line aud
will KIM' the i;irl, Oul.it, a li.it d Unlit.
No. il I.uhi Hart, twenty-two years old, 133
finundit wtiidit and .' feet ilWiiiclus tall, couu'S
mm tlio Interior and has pluck and grit, but no
No. 7 Siaggie SlcShano, who is the Accio
II iiney of previous trialr, but who now doiis
the uiten and comes out as an Imh gill to cap
ture the heart of tholrinh lours of cjcliug.
Hho comes finm Dublin and has won tcMral
walking and cycling lacm. Hlie is accieillted
with being the prettiest rider of the lot
No. H I.ottfo Ktanley comes fiom Piltubuig
and is a flncHpurtcr.
No. u Helen Baldwin has an abundance of
No. 1 o Battle Lewis h twciity-ono years old,
feet T inches tall and weighs ISA pounds.
No. 11 Louino Fox is from New Jersey, and
is but seventeen years of age, weighing but 110
No. IS Gertrude Frsnko is a dark-skinned
Polish lady and, it Is whispered about, has a
rinht to bomo sort of title or nobility, hho is a
latecomer in the list nf entries anil was tntuied
with i-otral others by a well-known sporting
man from tho Interior of the State.
No. 13 Mine. Louii-e Armaindo is tho well
known ktaytrof thewhtel. Bhe has nililen in
oveiy pnrt of the woild and has won tho title of
champion 9cr and overngiuu. Herpaitneriu
team riding, W. J. Morgan, is hacking, and will
look alter her. Hho is a matter-ol-fact body nnd
ridei for money every time. Hho has the omi
nous No. 13 on her buck, but hopis to carry it
to victory. The fight lie, in the opinion of
many, between Armaindo, Von llluineu and
No. 14 Slay Allen is a now comer without
bleeial record.
No. 15 An unknown entered by Harden, of
Lincoln, Nib. Up to )ctciday all that bad
been heard from In r was telegrams IropMan
ous places as the train came eabt-.
The (Juolnllono.
0-i IHtt'n, Zoi
AmtricinCnttonOil 5il)t f.TM 511)4
Am9ricAiiC4t.lt h7 H, h?
AUh.lop ihnn V 5 1 53'J 5'JJ(
nrunnvtuk I.s-id HHi 1IW IIIh
0nilSouirierii - . MlJ ,ri.i'i 5IW
Cliitii , Cut,, Oin. A lad 7-1 7-lHl 73W
Clio.il.e.kr j Ohio MV, -JKi 1U
i:hlco Uiv Trut 3s'i .'IhU Hull
Chic, llurl i Uulnry lU'. KJ.'.tg lir:H
Chic , tit. luu X ruts 1MJ 1SU IMli
Chlcntoi Norllmmt, KmJJ 10'liJ lOilfJ
chic . Mu. a tt. pui in ill it.n
Chic , Mi! iSt ! pld ., I'll', lom. llliK
Chio , llotL laltnd A l'Mnde 117 II7M ilOH
Chicaco.t t:ual-rii lllh.ou,.. . -H! J4' -4)(
Chic. A KutarD Illinois. p(d UK ll--?2 ),i
Cln, Inn. M I, i Chic Or.'. llisij 10..
Cauinon fjn.l...., 312 iViU 31f
Col A llo. kinit Vtlh-y -MU yTld !2UM
Col. HocaliiK Coil 41 VM SJ1
CMorad. I'o.li Iron 'HIM 3l IIHU
Colmolulatrd Uu SI Kl HI
H.I I.atk Wi'.lxrn 14l) Mitt HIU
tt Worlli 4 Don City !KI -'4S i'.l
Lkr Sh ro . , 10. IU 104M 10MU
Laka Ktlr Jt Waitaru pM ''til 5b 574
Loni i.l.n.l , I'll Ml nil
LouuiUIk A Nuhrlilx . . . 5HX .MU, ftOU
I, mi. , Mf All;. A Chi -II 44 43l2
Vtlchlgin Cantril HO HOW IIO
Mil , L. S IWm 7(1 7(1 70
Mil , I. N A Weitern ptd 100 10'i 10(1
Ml.Jourl Puiso ... ... 7vti 73 T1H
N.li.fhll ASt, L H7 H7 H7
Krw Jemr Uantraf IITU iltj 7J
Naw York i Prr Coil 3iM HlLj ;itj
N. Y t Saw Ungliiiii 47tl 4H 47K
N Y , Chlrico A III. I.onl. Ill IIU 10
N Y l-'hlo i hi I .1 ptil 44j 44K -IIU
N Y., UkaKrla A WV.tarn... ... Sh) Oil UMJ
N Y., I.ikaKna t Wo.larn plil . IIP 3(1 Oil
N Y '.i Wilt ..... .. I'W 1'K i'H
Narfolk t Weitarn pfi 5 It, 51W 5114
Nurll.tn 1'iviac ..... V!7 "JTH aJM
orlnarn ricuM pM . . ()'. IKW 111
Ohio A MmlMippI V.'IH !': U.tH
OntinoA Wa.latn lSlJ 1W lhM
Oraton Hllity A- Nirigition . I'll I '7 pil
Oron Trinaconllnanlil 3VK 3 IU .'I'.'H
Oregon lmiroiaruenl 7"W 70)4 "I'M
Orri n Sborl Una 47 4tl)i -ttlji
PioitlcMill .. 3k 311 3SU
Pipa Llna oartitlcitu hhU Hhli HMi
Pbllidalphli A llidin . 4K ih.fi SbU
Pnorli. U'citur A Kf in VUW -JA V'Ai
Pullmin PilicaCir airapiuy. . S03J1 205M "SiU H
HUhnionil A Allairhuir li;( KM l"H
RichincodA Wait Point Tar ,. '.'(Itf gUi 0'W
KlchmouJ A W'a.l Pulul I'ar. pld. SUM HI bQla
St 1'iulA Oniihi .. 31K 31U Ml (4
8t I'lulAOnuhs pM II1W Pit II I W
St Paul A llululh . JliVl 3llU ail J
hi. Paul, Minn A Manltobi .... lfr-'tj lll-.'K 102
Ht IxiuiaASan Krin...,. 'Jll '.'II W
Hi Louln A Sin Frm pfd I.I.M4 II5U 1)5
SjittlTru.t Sll Sli)a Sll
ti Pioitic. an ;- 2l(
Tann Coil A Iron 3W 34K 34UJ
t'nionPiclHc Ilt) ll'iti 114
rnttcdbtatiaKipraii 711 711 711
Viriima Mid R It . . 3ll 37W 3D
WiWi H 1, A i'aclllo pfd S!7 Vi '.'7
Woalarn UnionTala . . .. Ml Slilt hr
WhoollllJ A lAka Erla DDK UU), (l.'.ti
New York .lliirkeln.
Wheat. Tbo market opened about steady.
Ma) opened 3 points oil, at HHjs,c.,anil advanced
to Mi'-ic At noon the quotation blood at line.
June opened at liHHc.: Jul)'. '" 1 1-1 h. Chi
caeo opened uteudy. C'abloa steady
I iiTTO.v. -I'litiires opened stead) at itdieline
of 1 to 'J point, leh , 11.77; Man-li, P. sil;
April, P.Oli May. lu.Oli June, 1(1. o si Jul),
lu. XI; Aug.. in. '.".': hept.. U.H0; Oct., P.. Mi.
Cabici quiet but steady.
CorYKE Oiieuud stiady at 10 to B.l points
adiauee. lib., 15. Ho; March, April and
May, 15.P0; Juno. ID; July, HI. 10: Aug..
in.aoi Kept., 10.30; Oct., Nov. and
Dec, 111.4 0. Cable tlrm,
J'ETKOLEi it. Ccittllcato opened ?ic. up at
HSHc. . declined to sm'i,o. aud at noon was
quoted at sHHc Market dull.
Knni'krd Out lu tbr I'lllli Humid.
Minneapolis, Minn , Feb. tl. Danny Need
ham, the champion light-weight of the North
west, knocked nut Pat Harrington, of lioitou,
in the Illth round. Toe tight was a fifteen
round gluie coute.t for (sou a side.
Pauio aud Terror on a Now Haven
Dynamilo Blown Up Heir Williams
bridge. Cur Windows lllown to Fcngincnls and
l'libsciiKers Cut.
Said to Bo Caused bv Italians Thawing;
A tcrrillo explosion occurrod about St. 15
o'clock this morning at a point midway bo
twoon Wil)lamshridgo nud lledford Park, ou
the lino of tbo New Yoik, Now IIacu and
Hmtfurd ISuilrood, just ns the tinln from
Klnnifoid, Ciii.ii., wnicli is duo m this city at
'J. in A. M., passed tbeio.
Tho tinin, madu ii)i of fivo iiasbongor
coitclies nnd a buggago cur, w.is nearly blown
olf tlio rails.
If it hud boon n frightful loss of lifo would
hao ensued, as there wero about five huu
drill men, women and children ou board.
Ab it was a miracle only provoutcd loss of
liver v window on both Rides m the four
forward coaches was blown out as clean ns if
cut uwuy witii ii gla7lor'H diiiiuoua.
Nearly eety window wob shattered iu tho
baggage ear, tin- eiigiuo and last car only ci
cnpitig uninjured.
Tho majority of tlio passengers wero cut
and bruibiid more or libs beriously by tbo
Hying glius, and tbo heavy jolting of tho
It was nearly brought to a standstill by tho
force ol tho concussion, nnd tbo ougiueer
louud little dillleiilty in halting his liiacliiuo.
'I ho set ne, as ho looked behind from his
culi window, was uu exciting one.
Kiery oiu of the bif, cars woro tossing nnd
tumbling from bide to bide, lino a large ship
in a furious sturm.
It seemud as if they would never stop
'1 ho ground trembled. Tall trees bhUered
as If beaten by a gale of wind.
The air was thick with Hying stones that
darted hither and thither, with the speed and
manner of a llock of frightened birds.
Somo of tlu bo stones lould not have bcuii
lifted by lohR than six or soieu men, vet they
weiu tbiowu t'i n great dibuiuce by tho force
ot tlio cplo ion.
Many of the stones pattered down on tho
cars like a ncavy showor of hail, but fortu
nately nouo that fell this way wero heavy
enough to break through tho car roofs.
Tho wildest excitement prevailed in the
curs. Men prayed aud swore. Women
tainted and children cried.
Olio loud voice exclaimed :
' 'J ho day of judgment has come. I'rny,
sinners, pray. "
This added to tho excitement, and for a few
soiouds it hicined as If tho stronger would
trample tbo weakor lu their mad oflorts toget
out b .mow bore anywhere.
They did not know aud did not cara wheio
they wanted to go. They rubbed uround
madly, blindly.
Ouo man kept jumping over the seals, back
and forth until his beues returned.
To add to tho terror of tho bcoiio, those
wtio i re injured were cut mostly about the
face, and they proaeuted u terrible spectacle
as they i ui about with tho blood besmearing
their cheeks aud dripping ou their clothing.
Only for the coolnesj of a fow passengers
pn tho tram tlio olhors would have surely in
flicted u'rioiiH injury ou ouo another in their
toiror, trying to get out of tbo train.
Police Justice A. P. Dnlciuiibro, of Pelham
ville, was ouo of tbo les. el-hpadril ones who
by voice aud oxamnlo encouraged tho fright
ened ouos to bo culm.
Mr. S. J. Smith, of Mount Vernon, was
nnothor, aud l'nrk CoimiiiShiiinar Stovousou
Towlu also woiked heroically to got tho
w'iueii and children nut of tho cars safely.
Only one passenger, as lar ns known at this
writing, was seriously injured. His name is
Taylor. Ho lives at New Itochello.
A fragment of glass was driven into tbo
ri.'ht temple. Uu pulled it out, whereupon
tbo blood button to gush forth.
Fortunately them was u physician on Iho
train. l)r Wayward, of Polbarn, dressed the
cut and Bloiipod tho How of blood, othorwUo
the injured man would have bled to death.
iietoio tho train cumo to a lull stop many
of tbo men wero jumping off tbo cars or
throwing thtmsehesout of tho train through
the bhattortd window b.
When it was stopped overy ouo struggled
out us best thev could, pale, frighteued, and
many of them covored with blood.
T bey described their Feusation as if suffer
ing from u soero fit ot Fcuhickness, aud it
had much the same effect ou more than a few
of them. Smiio of tho more venturesome
ones then began to look for tho cause of tho
extilosion, but there was npuo apparent.
Iu that vicinity thoy aro bbtsting rock in
or ler to lay a double track, aud some peoplo
ascribo tbo rxnlosion to carelessness on the
part of tliosu doing the blasting.
Another thei ry entertained by many is tba
it wosbu oxplosion of a huge dynamite car
Justice Dclc.imbre thinks so for one. He
was u p.iBsenuor on tho train.
When mtiruewed by an Eveoti WonLD
reportor. ho gao tho followiuc graphic do
beript'on of tho occurrence. Ho said
' The train was bounding along at tho rate
of nerrly fifty miles an hour. We left Mount
Veruuu at y. 10 a.m. We possod Wlllluma
br.dge liko a Hush of lightning.
"'1 bo train is an express drawn by one of
tho biggest and fnstiwt engines ou the road,
lietwiou illiambbriilgu and lledford Park
tba icouerv is iry wild .mil picturesque.
"I thought it heightened the effect
grandly, upon looking nut of a window iu
tlio smoker where 1 was, lo sco u group of
Italians, some staudiu and s uno sitting
around a roke fire on Iho ground about
twenty feet from Iho track on tho rior side.
" They sofiiiMl to bo thnwiug out a dyna
mite curtriilgi at the firo. which blazed cheer
fully iu the i in dt,
" Tbo though! t'.ashcd through my mind.
"'I hot infernal thing might explode, I'hen
whoro would thoso bri.'uudul.-iojking fel
lows be ?
I " Just then wo shot by them nud the ox
1 plohioii oceuriid. A cigar w Inch I was rais.
iug to my llp was blown I know not where.
I was dazed for a minute.
"I couldn't uuugtiiH what had occurred.
Mv hut was knocked ol. I i u' tuv
baud to my head and found my hair
I full of powni'icd glass. The oilier
in u in the en woiu dashing to and fro. 1
got up and sniggled to the door.
' ' 'iWtr.i n in- bed fiom aide to bide like a
MSSOI IU till tll'Ugllnf tlll'blO.
i " I felt tcaiick. I thought first that we
I had run into another train.
" Finding this not to be tho case. I did
what I could In quieting the ladies and chll-
dien in the other c.irs, but I noor saw Mich ,
a iiuic In my life."
" Did yuii look for tbo Italians when you
got off f" asked tho roportor.
"Yes. I did."
" When, worolhoy?"
"I will nover tell you."
" Do you think thoy worn killed ?"
" It is possible, though, that they escapod.
in which enso I suppose they just hustled to
get out of that lclnltv. uftor Feeing the I
damage caiiBed by their foolbatdiiicss," ho
Mr. S. J. Smith, of 31 Purk Uow. was an
other passenger who hud a thrilliug tide to
"The Occident just robbed tcrybody of
tl'uir sense," bo said to the reporter.
" Why, 1 saw a man jump olf tbo train and
pick up burning rag liko a fool.
" Others jiiiiiiK.il tip and down iu the most
foolish nud ridiculous manner. "
" Whut caused tho oxplosion r" asked tho
"Of course, I could not toll posithelv.but
1 think it was a premature blast that wus not
proporly handled. 1 would hun got off tho
triiu at Fordbam to notify the poll"o of tho
occurtoiico, but another gentleman did bo.
" A more Indignant sot of pnssetigois I
never saw in my lifo, and they had reason
to be.
" If it had been the up train, which was duo
thoro two minutes inter, I am posit io that it
would liavo bion blown from tho track," ho
Other passcugors related incidents of a
woman who in hir fright clasped hor tmel
llng satchel lo her breast and curried her
baby out of the train by Hie skirls.
Purk t'tiiniuissioner Stevens.iii Towlu, who
was n passt njer on tho train, gave hhI'sn.
imi Worn ii roporter tho following account
of the explosion-
" A terrillc t'onciission jarred tho train.
People foil from their seats from tho shock.
Many tainted, as many men it seemed, ns
woman. Others were affected just as lu sea
sickness. Women shrieked and Ihe greatest
confusion and excitement reigned for u timo.
" All tho windows, ventilators uud tbo
stained glass wero anttinlly blown nwny, aud
tho wiudow flames left as clean as if thoy had
never held any glass.
" This happotii d on every car but tho last.
Iho 1 1 ain consisted of eight passenger
coachoB and a bnggngo cor.
" As far as I Iiiimi Icariif il. no doath hasyot
resulted, though tho shock to tho nervous
system of many of tho women was something
very friglitlul.
" All thai saved Iho train from being blown
from tbo track was the rapid rate at which
wo weio going.
"Thoviolonco of iho concussion wob so
great that tho glass was shuttered into infin
itesimal particlts, like sand, 'i'bn explosion
was to the right of tbo tmu. nnd actually tlio
lino piocos of plasn woro blown through from
tho right sine of tho train out of the bhivered
windows of tho left,
" Tho reason Iho passengers were not cut
moro severely is owdng to tho powdery condi
tion to which tho glass was reduced. Many
Demons woro, howovor, cut luidly.
" Whethor tho oxplosion was canted by
blasting or from stored dvnamilo not off by
tho jarring of tho passing train could not bo
" Tho train stopped aud backed to the
Bceno of tho explosion. Not a soul could be
found in tho vicinity,
"Tho passongera suffered greatly coming
into Now York from Iho wind which rushed
through the poneless windows.
"I was glad to reach the dopot. I don't
enro tb pass through nuuthor such experience."
He's on tlio L'mlirln, Mghtcil nt Thin Port
Tho Cunardor Unibria, sighted off Firo
Island this morning, boro among her passen
gers young Joo Donogliuo, tho" skater, who
has recently won such bright luurcU abroad.
His greatest victory was won last mouth in
the grand skating tournament at Amsterdam,
Holland, whoro ho defeated Von Panschiu.
of St. Petersburg, tho champion skater of
Europe, iu a two-mile raco by seven bocouds
iu Cm. 21b. , which broke Lll previous records
by nineteen seconds.
Pouoghua was beaten by Von Pauschin in
several short.distance races, but by very
small margins, aud his victory in the long
distauco put him at tho top of tbo list.
He is only eighteen years old, aud livos ot
Nowburg, N, Y., where he has for many years
been known as a very fast skater, as his
father was before him. Ho has won no end
of prizes and medals in this country, and
easily downed all comers in races iu whieh he
took pait.
His father, Timothy Donoghuc. and bis
brother have been In town several days watt
ing for the Unibria to arrivo, and tniinv
friends aro on baud to give tho young cham.
piou a big welcome when he lauds upon the
He Warn n Collector I'ndrr Tippecanoe liar
Waldouoho, Me., Feb, 11. Gtorge Allen,
one nf our oldest nnd most respected citizens
died Saturday Ian, In 1310 ho was appointed
Collector of Customs for the District of
Wuldoboro hy President William H. Harrison.
llrukn Through tlir Ico nnd Drowned.
South Noiiwalk, Conn., Feb. U.-Apaity of
fhc men fell through the ice on Mill Kiv r, new
Ktamlnid, jci.turila) afternoon, and Thoinaa
Hilly wha ilrnwprd. The others wne rescued,
enuiiilctel) exhausted. Their faces were badly
cut h) tliu broken ice. It Is doubtful whether
Frank Jone, one of the number, mil Keener.
I A llnppy YVmtiHii.
I Harpy is the woman without bodily ills, but
I happier la the woman who, having them, knows
of the aavlug properties of Dr. Pikuck'h Favoii-
itl I'liEsouirrioN. Whon relieved, an)murly
! will be upon a trial of It, she can contrast her
condition with hor former one of suiTering and
i appreciate lualth a. none can who have not for
I a timo been deprived of It, The 1'avomte Phk.
I scKii-rio.i ronecu unnatural discharges aud
I cures all "weukueis " and lrrek'ulaiitics. .'
LAST 111 I
- .. ?!
-' - H
Jack the Ripper Said I
to Be Under Arrest. I
Murder at Dundee in the Ter-
rible Vhitecliape! Style. I
The Mutilated Victim Was This I
Time Found in a Box. ' I
! !
She Had Come from London vrlth tho
Alleged Murderer and Hysterl- H
ously Disappeared. 'H
Intense Exoitoment in London Over "H
tbo Sensational Eoports. 'H
London, Fob. 11. Another woman murder
and mutilation baa been discovered and tho 'i
probablo murdorcr arrested. '
The murder is similar in its details to thoM -'
committed in Whiteobapel. l
It is possible that the man arrested is tha H
Whiteobapel fiend, " Jack the Kipper." ''
The following are tho circumstances so far -U
as made known by tho police : HH
A man and a woman whoeo names aro un. '
known came to Dundee, Scotland, threo PH
weeks ago end took a small house. They
said they camo from Loudon. JM
Suspicion was directed against them from '
tho beginning, and they wero watched by de. '
tectivos. :H
liecontly the woman disaipoarod. The de. H
tectivcs bad not seen her leave tho house, and 1i
no traces could bo found of her departure.
Y'esterday tho man was arrested and tho '-
house searchtd, when it was discovered that i
& murder had been committed.
A box iu tbo basement was brokon opon by $1
the polico and iu it was found the body of ?
the missing woman. 'j
Tho head had been cut off, tho legs ainpu- iH
ta'od and the stomach ripped open. '
Tlio awful work boro all the appearauco of. '9
having boen done by tho samo hand that per- '!
potrated tbo successive horrors in Loudon. i
There is reason to believe that the man nof H
iu custody is that man. 'ji
The police authorities, however, moiutaia ifl
great rcticonce. JB
Later, Great excitement prorails hero tj-i
and in Scotland over the supposed capture ot ., :
"Jack the Hipper." jfl
The latest news from Dundee is anxioasly ,H
being nwalted here, and evening doilies have iH
iibued extras, for whlob thoro is a bis do
mr.nd. B
Father Ahlidrld Last Ills Life by tlte Unnd jK
or n l.uuutic lie llcfrlcuded. HH
irrrciAL to tuk EVEmxa wont.n. t JM
Mxvruis, Tenn., Feb, 11, Father Ash- JM
field, ouo of tho priests of St. Peter's Cat be. H
dnd, was absassinatod by Will Heed, a semi. iH
lunatic, this morning at a o'clock. ,H
ltced bad I ecu befriended by the priest, H
who had got hint out of jail, where he was H
confined fur luuacy. Lait night llcid 0). 'H
pearod at the door of the father's house and !
culled for him. Ho was sen. away by Father TH
Monm 'HH
This morning the sfxtou heard n noiso at &!
! the door, aud found Heed Ibere. Tue former
liivu went for a policeman, and while he was ,
' gor.o Heed slipped iu, ran to Father Ash- 4H
Btld'h door aud knocked. - H
When the priest oiieued the door Iteeil JH
btnbbed him iu Iho heart, ltced is under ar-
rest. St. Peter's Cathedral is one of tho !
laigost churches in tho South. H
ai .
Hoy lllttrn by il Mnd Doir. 'H
Six-year-old rielicau Statra, an Italian boy .H
liiingiti Ceutro atrvct, was bitten in tho right '!
thigh by a mad dog at Contro and, Walker 'H
street'. Ills injuries were dressed at tho New
Yorl- Dispensary. Ho then, left for his home. H
Uftlcer James Ilolahan chaseil the doir -it H
hot it dead at Canal street and Drr'1 ' H

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