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BfBBSBflift ' '' ' rrrriiiin t
Rv (Including Poatae),
V MJIt. MONTH 30c.
K Mill YJSAlt SU.fiO
f VOL 29 NO. 10 037
& - .
g; , EDtaradattliaPoit'Offloeat New York u eecond-claaa
t mail rattler.
V Ilaving received special authorization from
v. )X. Jolzs Vzhne and his publisher. The
HL Evenimo World begins to-day tho publlca-
B lion of " The Conquest of tlio Air."
K A few among our hundreds of thousands of
H teadors may havo had tbo Rood fortuuo to
K- read tliis remarknblo story in tlio original
Hv' French, and a fow others may havo seen an
H-' unauthorized English version. But tlio story
ft. is essontially new to tho great liia&a of tlio
K rending public.
H TnE KvENivn World's authorized version
K- nvlll bo produced in its best btyle, and will
R ho profusely illustrated by tho bosl offorts of
H - our inimitablo artists. It will bo a literary,
Hfl' scientific and imaginative feast rarely, if
E over, given in a newspaper. Wo confidently
Hp expect that ' ' The Conquest of tho Air " will,
H os our Paris correspondent iutimalcs, rank
Hi' OS one of Verne's unparalleled masterpieces.
fc Itoicoo Barncn, tho faniotm socoml baseman of
H. tho old-tlmu lioBton nine, l now a rcHiilcnt of
H: Chicago. Ho Ih on tho Board of Trado and
B makes a good living.
K'' One of tlio wealthiest viomcn in Cincinnati is
H' Mrs. liollamy Htnrcr, who in worth t'., 000. 000.
B-' Bhe was the widow of Georgo Ward NIchols.UiBt
Hj 1'rcKidcmt of tlio Cincinnati College of Mmdc.
PBV', Bpurgonii, the ureal Loudon preacher, has a
PPK' correspondence that avciauuH fi)0 letter a dav.
PPB Ho is obliged to employ three sociotarien to an-
PBB ewer tho communications that couio to him from
PPHi' all parts of thu world.
PpS As tho remit of an election wager, Charles
PPB; Ilindman, of Chicago, is now engaged in a
PPST weary tramp from that city to WaHhlngton, ia
PBS New OrlcaiiH. Ho Ih now somewhere in tlio Iuto-
PPB- riorof Qroigia. Mr. Hiudman linn worn out
Ppfl;, throo pails of shoes since ho began his tramp.
PPBi Or the 1 toy ill Iluune of linn nil nnd m. New
PSH Vorker' Dauiflitfr.
PBs Tho liov. Dr. Alexander troited tho con.
SB irregation of tho Univor-itv 1'laco Fresbv-
PJBBti toriau Church yostordBy morning to a gon-
BBB -niuo RurpriBo by christening tho infant of it
Bm genuine Priuciss by birth and heritage.
PPP' An olivo-complexioneU, black.eyod, chub.
KJ; by-fuood girl of nine months uestlod in
PBSr its mother'? arms, opened its big eyes uud
H' looked greatly sui prised at tho uuiiiio sur.
BBBfl: ,' rouudiuLH.
PPJp; Tho mother is Mrs. Graham, who is a nicco
PpSi of tho lute Queen Emma, ot tl.o llavvidiun
BBS Islands, and who was eutortainod royally by
pBBt' Queen and Emiiuss Victoria. Youui; Air.
SB Oraham, whose father is u member of thu
PBBJ1 Arm of Schuyler, Ilitrtloy &, Oraham, of
PBBtj, ilaideu lane, married tho Hawaiian Princess.
BBB!' fiho 1 a beautiful woiimu, with big black
BBBK; eyes, black hair and rosv cheeks.
PPB, The babo which crowed in Dr. Alexander's
BBBr nrms as he sprinkled it with wator yesterday
BBBjC morning :s tLe teconct one lioru to Mr.
Bjlr Graham and his Priucets wife. Their home
PBw is at 113 West Twelfth btruot. and is fur.
BBj'- uished Bumptuouely It was here that the
PBBJf present Cnecu ot the Ilawniian Islands was
BBBp entertained abjut a year ao.
Hi, JUe l'lslitliiB Hie City lor Laud on the
PPPJ- Eamt lllver Front.
H. A -suit by the city against George Law, tho
PBB Voalthy and eccentric giver of diamonds, for
B'.' tho possession of land and water front on
PK each side of East Tenth street is on tho
K'' calendar for the Gouoral Term of tho
HK'. Supremo Court. The land was acauued by
BV; GoorgoLawI. many ycais ago, and tho lat-
pBBtj' ter wus dispobsesseil m 1835.
PPflj! Tho appeal in now made by Mr. Law azainht
BBBjV; a ftociiion by Judge Vuu Vorst in fuvor of tho
PBBm city.
BBj.' Axsistant Corporation Counsel Frank A.
pSBll Irisli will appear lor tho Muyor. and ltobiu.
RBBk aon, Scribuer A llright fur Imw and tho
BBI;; Greenpoint Ferry ('ompany, which is also
PpM' interested in the case.
PPP, Free I.ecturcn To-Nlutil.
B' The ninth bcric'i in thu coiuce of fieo eveninc
Bl lectures in tho public rclioolu, htcured to the
PpSf working men and wnmm of this city by Tin:
PpMMBm Evxniko Worlu hill, will bo uivun this eenhiK
BffkAW in aovcu of tho public boIkioIh an follows ;
i't?' TB At mo East Ouo llnndrtdand Tenth ftrcet,
C Vi,-i rrof. Zivchos on " NoveliBts and Their In-
jjp" fluence;" at 30 Allon street. Pi of. Hloano mi
jBBJt " How to Htudy Hcicr.cu fit Homo:" at ','UK Kftt
i Forty-second btreet. Edwuid H. Iloyer on
K1 "Electricity: Its Theory, Sparks mid Hliorkn;"
BBBI' at beventietli street and l'ust ueiiue, l'lof.
BBBtl liulnziser on "Local uud Htate UuwinniontH
BBBl and the Conduct of Klections;" at r.'-i:; Went
BBBj! lorty.fourth stiect. Dr. Allen on " lllumlnntiiiK
BBBjS' :" at uas Wen Forty-nrst strict, "PrniT
BBBI9 Notton "ThoChemistiy or What Wo I'.at and
BBBj'. Brink, "and at 10H llrumno street. Prof. F. U.
BBBhr Callnell on "Tho Solar System."
BBBI ' '! tickets of admib.ion for tho lectures are
BBBKt needed.
Hr' OuRlit Not to II r rillabted.
BBBJI4 fVom A HwiHr Pust. J
r The cornetist ought ao er to bo left out of tho
u toot ensemble.
BBBjjt Among the Worker.
H' Tho Contrnl Labor Union will appoint a com-
BBBf4 mittoe next Sunday to formulato clmriies Hcaintt
BBBh certain (leloeatcs who are accused of bribery in
BBBjL' oouuectlou with the beer boycott.
Hr , Qen. Itoger A. Pryor will appear before tlio
BBBhf Judiciary Coinmltteu at Albany to-morrow and
BBBK. I arguo in behalf of the Central Labor Union's
BBfCt-. amendments to tho Conspiracy law s.
BBU& kTheIlrowery Employees' Protective Asxocla-
BBf i!01! i?' .a!1l Porter brewcrymen) has declared
BBBmC' tliatl)avidatovcnson it tho only alo brewer in
BBBVt 1ll'w York and Brooklyn who employs nou-uuiou
Bt men.
H , Tho Central Labor Union has senttoClgai-
BBBli Waters' international Union No. 144 a set of
BBBfr resolutions from tho Building Trades Section
BBBk coudeimiing Delcuate Hhakesneare forchaiac-
C, torizing tho walking delegatos an whikov-
BBBEv drinkers, and asking for his withdrawal.
ri A CoromitU-o of Division District No. 1 of N)
BBBKV JJ. A. yu of btreet Hallway men has asked tho
BaW Cimtral Labor Union to boycott certain street
BBBEL railways because their officers iefueto employ
BBBVt iinlonmen. Action will be taken next Sunday
BBBM jf "j6 companies continue to boycott union
BBVf ' ' TVi:j"ra.1fr UM "' 2Ioau.'s Tkktuimu Uokdul
Bti' stulsitMUascaKrutatdUnbus. '5 coats, .
sliBBt', ,f.
BMsBWssMJsiSssiSttssiShMM. 't fV'iirtfte-,! ';
m ' "
Sconea Taken from "Great Naturo'B
Tho Quaint, tho Fantastic, tho
Prophotic, tho Remarkable.
Kxtrnordlnnry Interest in tho First
Dream Tourniiincnt Kvcr Held.
Itemnrhablr, If True.
I dreamed that my landlady refused to
accept the amount due her for my board for
two weoks, when I tendered it to her, and
that fdio niado mo a present of tho name.
K. . E.
Thr l'rliirlpli) or Arbitration Aiprortl.
I liavo bcon instructed by our union to
Bond you their hearty thanks for thu nrticlo
which appeared in Tin; Evi.nino Would of
Tuesday. I ho Gth inst., headed Aibitratiou,
and it was resolved that wo tirgo on tho mem
bers of tlio Legislature to adopt home such
measures that will in Itituro servo to prevent
a roccurrcuco of tho I at o railroad trouble
Thanking you for the interest shown bv your
journal in tho wclfaro f tho working class,
('. II. Wm-Ki.ocK,
Kccoi ding Secretary Sash, Wind and Door
makers' Union.
F.xperlrtirltig n HlranKcr'" Terror.
I had a dream in which I found myself in
tho cemetery, and iu some way hail entered a
vault when suddenly the door closod and a
spring lock fastouod mo in. I cannot tell
how long tho torments of my imprisonment
lasted, but at last 1 was released by my hus
baud, who came to my riMitio. I related
my dream in the morning, ami it was not
until several days later that I read iu t he pupcrs
of tho experience ol Philip Zeh, jr., who on
tho fcume night and at that very time was un
dergoing tho terrible (xporiuueo of being
locked over uight in a sepulchre, sur
rounded by lifeless bodies, u spring lock hav
ing fHBtoned him in tho tomb. Mr. oh is a
htrangor to me, and my thoughts had not
turned to gruvoyards until tho dream eamo
Jlim. 1). , 450 Franklin avenuu, Brooklyn.
A Prediction ol" I'rnre.
A fow weoks prior to the collapse, of tho
Southern ltebelhon I letlrcd to iny room for
an after dinner siesta. 1 di earned I was
looking skyward, aud tho entire azure urch
was occupied by u hharply defined map of
tho United Stales. Thu seceded Stales weio
u darker hue than tho list. Soon a lleieo
bombardment commenced, and balls of l.io
How from ovory loyal Stutu, centering upon
the rebellious ones. In a few moments all
was still. Soon a sccecdid Statu assumed
tho Hume appcainuco of tbo otbers and suc
cessfully, one after another, returned until
the mail was complete and then diHiippcuiod
us n dissolving view. Instantly in tlio place
of the map eamo the American eagle mid all
thoiiiBiguinof our glorious I inion, sinning
with all tho refulgence of a thousand noon,
day Mins. In thu ceHtasv of mv fcolings I
awoke, tho ision only b"ing ol ten minutes'
duration. 1 told my family tbo war would
hoon close, which prediction was speedily
verillod. E. Hkumak. UHO Third avenue.
Found u liont llrollirr.
My father was a widower whou ho rnmo to
Aniorien, whom ho married my mother and
settled on Staten Island. He left behiuiLliim
in England n sou, a boy four years of ago, in
tho care of his mother-in-law. Aftorwuids,
when he went oicr tor him. ho could uotraco
of tho family. One night tbreo years ago I
visited u music hull iu Liverpool iu
company with u number of friuudu,
and whilo I hero I fell asleep in u
chair and droumed I saw a man run
ovt r by a druy, drawn by a white horse in a
narrow htreet near the docks. I thought tho
wouudod man called ma by naiiio aud said :
' ' Sam, I inn your brother. Don't you know
mo r" I awoke much impressed, and tho
next day looked iu tho papetbtouee if such
an accident had occuried. I told my dream
to my mates, and one of them, an Irishman,
hud seen a similar accident a month before.
lie told me the place and 1 visited tho police
station near by and made iuiiiiries. The
story was tiuo. Tne iiiuii bad been taken to
a hoBpitul with a broken thtah bone. I went
to the hospital aud found thu man rocovcr
iug, about to bo discharged. Ho was my
biolher. L. A S.
Willi u .llnrnl lo II.
1 was n poor sixtccn-year-old boy whon I
got n job with a fresco painter iu Copenhagen.
Among tho painters wub an old bacholor who
bhortly afterward died iu tho hospital. Ho
left a few thousand dollars behind hhu; but
.being without relatives uud not leaving n will
tho Uo orumeut kept the money. Iu tho shop
thu old man had left a good blouse, mid I,
who had a very worn ono, took possession of
it. Tho following night I dreamed tbat the
old fellow lamo for his blouto, and I
had a very huid light with him.
When. ho was tiving to pull tho
blouse ocr my head a tall youu,; ui u
louulo enteied tho room mid said to thu old
muii: " Are you not warm enough now? Let
the boy keep tho blouse. Hu neods it more
than you," and turning to mo sho said:
' ' Young man, you ciui ket p tho blouse, but
do not forget that you must always m tho
future listen lo tho unco of your conscience
mill always give tho conseiciuo thu beuelit of
your doubt."
This droam madn a great impiosdon on my
mind, and has guided me iminv a lime atlei
wurds. S. W. Wihcii'i.i.,
1110,1 Lexington uouuo.
The Heetle ItiioUUri'iier.
I dreamed that I beheld an insect of tho
genus bectlo goitig through a berios of fau
tastic motions on tho lca os ot my books iu
tho counting-room. It hud eyes tho size of
thosu set m'.tho human head, and they burned
with a ftarful luslro. It was about ten
luihos in length, and of i dull brown color,
hi ono of itb foot was clasped a pun. I drow
nearer, to observe its motions. It movod up
und down long columns of llguics with tho
rapidity of lightning, aud at tho bottom it
wrote willi absolute accuracy thu sum totul.
Tho most remarkable part of it wus
that it discovered nn error that I had
vainly sought all tho afternoon. Finally,
it seizod paper and euolopo and wroto a
note, calling my attention lo tho fact that
tlio discrepancy that had worried me was
now mode plain. This btrungo liibocl then
unfolded its wiugs and disappeared from mv
viow. Whon I readied tho eouuling-room
next morning, I, ot courso, discovered noth.
lug unusual in tlio upi.euianco of mv books
and fuilod to liu.l thu beetle's nolo, but I did
tlud mv error of the day beloro precisely as
tho little Insect had described it.
It. Welsh Mack, Trenton, N. J.
tin l'lnjnl Poller nml Won,
Tho following dream took placo a weok
ago : Iletiriug from a iiS-ccnt limit gamo of
poker I felt rather gloomy, as iu about a
quarter of an hour I was minus ij6. So I ro
tirod to bod, and, utter much thinking over
tho day's troubles, my mind was mado up to
go to France. I armed there in tho short
time of ton minutes, and came across some
persons to whom 1 wished to blow about my
fast travel, when, imagine my surprUo, upon
recognizing tho potsessor of my last night's
loss, and upon tneir request to enter a social
gamo i Jumped heartily iu,
Mi- luck this time was great The culpa
eamo in flying from all sides. They then sot.
tied up by giving me their checks, after
which my day's adventure was ended by
dreaming npon my fortune. Bo great was
my excltomont that I awoke at midnight to
see whether it was really no dream. I sprang
for my vest yes thero they were, four paper
checks, and being now satisfied dozed off
When I awoke tny heart bounded with Joy
at tho recollection of last lilpht. Opening my
eyes slowly to gather in again tbo true situa
tion, my joy grudnally decreased into sad.
iicrs when I found mysolf back In Now York
and so cruelly docolvrd, A. li.
Anil, O.lrtly i;nnuli, Ills Victim Ilnd n
Nlmllnr Dream.
I dreamed ono night last Summer that I mot
a mnn of small stature, dark complexion,
black hair and heavy black mustache, fash
ionably dressed, on tho corner of Centroand
llaltimoro streets, iu this citv. Some quarrel
arose, aud I shot him iu thu nock. Somo of
his blood spurted on my white vcs!. Tho
next morning about 10 o'clock, as I was turn
ing tho cornor above mentioned, I met the
dream man. Ha spuing back with a cry,
covered his neck with his hand,
and said ' ' For God's sako, don't
shoot mo .'" We woro both too much shocked
to spoak for somo moments. Explanations
followed. Wo had both dreamed the sumo
thing. Oddlv enough, in looking at my vest
aftcrwauls I found a smear of something rod
on it about thu size of a quarter. This had
been concealed by my coat uud had not boon
noticed iu (he htirrv of dressing. A chemist
afterwards removod tho stain and said it was
human blood. J. E. J. Hucket,
Cumberland, Md.
An Optlcul Illusion
itVutntKtJutUr 'i(y.
Josinli Cornfield (piomenading Fifth aveiiuo
with his wile) Wal, I declare, Maria 1 Eftliar
don't co a oimg man stone blind iu thooff cyo!
Ho kin unly wear barf a pair o' specs.
Alnajs reuiooyour hat when saluting alady.
Amy. I'.ven the boughs of the trees are mado
bare at this siunon.
A Uopc-rul Outlook.
fYoirt lAf lurfliivlui, Prn i'rn.
lllobsnn How is Dimipsey this uiomlng?
Popinjay I understand the doctor has given
him up.
lllohson Thou thero Is somo chanoe for him.
The FlontliiR Vole.
I from lf IHlUbmg ChrunMt,
"The floating votu " is probably so called be
cause it uiatei ially assists iu sending a candi
date up Halt ltivei.
fllve Mm Cheaper Nngar.
runt Txtu .SiHi. )
A Missouri editor who Mas lined ft 0 for kiss
ing a widow against her will, minted anauti
SimarTiust editorial in hu next Usui), headod,
" Give us chiapcr sugar."
No Change There.
JYot IA 'Alluilflj.Jkla .
English bicweis are gradually absorbing tho
beer business in this country. The beer itself,
howecr. will continue to bo . absoi bed largely
by American citizens.
Horn Not Apply to Thcin.
JVow, (Ac 7Vrrc Ilattlt AVpr. J
Walking sticks are now constructed to hold a
half pint of whiskey. Tills doos not refer to tho
stage article, which holds from a pint to a gallon
of liter, according to tho activity or tho
(living Her Time.
Miwt (A CMewjQ 7W6ifi,
Miss Canada (bliishingly) If I were suro that
you Intend nothing but what is fair and honor
able I don't know but but I I might
Uncle Sam (thoughtfully leaching over aud
blushing an icicle fiom tho end of her nose)
lake plenty irf time, miss, to decide. I'm going
to invite you next Spring to eomo down and
taku a good look at my falm.
In ttiu Frriirb Quarter,
yton "(.)
I7 ' t
Mr. Blccckor Honston Haven't you anything
that hasn't garlic in it ?
r.nn'le Qui, Monsieur. Zosugar-r-rl
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is crr fully iiprd from hrMpf.ri..4, Dndllon,
MtnJrakts, Dock, r.intiMeva, Junior llerrie and othtr
well knuwit and valuabl vrctabl remdii, bj a peoul
lar comb t nation, proportlou and procou, clTin to
lluod'M HartaparllU curatue uower not poMctMil b
otbvr mediciue.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
I, tho tot liluud purifier It curra Scrotali, (UH
llbeiun, Colli, I'implwi, all Humeri, IrippaU, Ililiaut
nvu. Hick llecli, IiiJitLtion. Utneral Uebllitr,
Catarrh, ItaeumatUm, Kidney and Llvar coniplalota,
oierocuica that tlrtsl (callna, trvalea an appoltta,
atruniithcna tha nenaa, and butldi up th ailiola ajattm.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
llaa met pMnllar and unparalleled auoraaa at noma,
tiucb la Ita popularltjr In Lowell, alaaa,,hen It ia made,
that whole neUihborhooda ara taking U at tha aame tune,
and Lowell drug (lata aall mora of llood'a Banapuill
than ol all other aaraaparlllaa or blood purlflara. It la
told b all dntisiau. li all for'ai. Trapaied oal
bjrO. L HOOUi CO., Apothacarlaa, LowalC Maaa.
too uoata oaa dollau
Influential Pooplo Interesting Them
selves in Her Oaso.
The Father's Good Character ProYen
Beyond Doubt.
Subscription Hooks Ilclng Distributed
All Over tho City.
The Necestlty of "The Evenlns; World's"
Amendment Plainly Apparent.
tJruirn lyo ittlt'knoiru fiufirttn' Court Judye. J
7. All iiroceedlnga under thU avctiou (S- '-'111, Ch"r
070, LairinflHHl, anj Chap. 4(1, iMKiqf 1KS1), when
a commitment aball have been made, ahall U aubjuct to
roTtew by any court of record, upon certiorari on tlio
facta and thn law, and In nuch a procnodlnic tho commit
ment order or Judgment may bo affirmed or roretaed or
modified in eucli manner and to such nitcnt aa may aeem
bait, or a rohearlng of the charge urdered.
As the result of untirinc efforts of tho friends
of tho unforttinoto Weiss fnmily moro than ono
hundred mid fifty subscription books are
now in tho hands of chnritablo ladies, aud
the work of raising monoy to brinu bnck
little Tina Weiss to her parents is going on
A meotluR of tho Lady Foresters' Socioty
wns hold yeslorday at tho houso of Mtb.
Koiielowich, 202 Eust llroadway, aud n largo
number of subscription books woro dis
tributed, und tho ladies oro entering en.
thusiasticAlly into the work.
Mrs. Kopelowich is doing n groit deal to
arouse interest in tho easo, aud has socured
Iho co-operation of President Hutkopf, of tho
EldridKO Street Synagoguo Assooialiou,
which is ouo of the most influential congre
gations on tho oast sido.
Ho is going to engage eminent counsel to
look after tho legal interests of tho Weiss
ltnbbi Josephs speaks of tho outrngo which
has been committed by Mr. Clerry'n sj.icty
iu this iiiktiiuco iu thu btrongLHt tonus, and
ho is so iudiguaut oer thu mutter that ho
hud w rittcn an appoul to tho pastors of nil
the syuugogues iu tho city, uiging them to
tako auuctivo interest iu tlio easo. and by
thoir ussistuueo lend iiilltieucu to tho move
ment which lms been stiutud to rocover thu
child and lesturo hur to her parents.
Ho says that it money will accomplish this
object there will tiu an unlimited amount ut
thu disposal of those who bine undertaken
thu wolk, und ho tluukn it tho duty ol etoiy
liberty-loving American to help forward tho
movement for tho repual of the presont law,
which cau work so much injustice.
Thu Society to which Mr. Weiss belongs
has just issued under its seal n recommenda
tion of his character, the duplicute of the onu
which was gieu him boine timo ugo to gno
to Mr. Oerrv's Socioty, aud which thu latter
refusod to return to him. It is us follows :
We, thu DiiiabuiKcr Hi others' lleueuileiit As
suciatiuii, u cm potation duly oiguiiized and ex
isting under the lav of the State of New York,
hereby lecuinmelid Mr. lleiluud Weiss ai un
honest, upright uud sober mail. Mr. lleruaiil
Weiss Is a number of our Association und has
nut been in nrriars since he first liocame such
member, and in, iu our opinion, able toHiippoit
his family. Wo can statu thut lie hus In en u
sober und industiious 11111:1 for tho lust llttien
Iu witness whereof, we, tho President and
Secretary nf the Diuiihuigor llrotlu rs' HeneMi
lcut Association, by resolutuui duly pased l-'tb.
I), 1HK1), lime lieieiiuto set our liuiids and af
filed tho seal of this Associatum, thu day and
year abovo written.
Stul. Hamuei. Tiiotskv, President.
Pkhktz Ooiipon, Secretary.
As a result of tho publicity given to the
case by the ctlorts of Tin Evlnimi Would
boeral gentlemen and ladles have called
upon the Weiss fiiuuly ut their home, 1112
liroomo street, to satisfy themselves as to tho
exact state of the case.
A gentleman uud two ladies callod tognthor
yesterday altemoon, and alter an iuteruew
with the husb.tnd, they expressed the great
est indignation at tho outrage which had been
The gentleman, who declined to give his
name or that ot the ludies, remarking that hu
was acquainted with Mr. Gerry, mud that he
would cull upon that gentlemuu ut tho oir
liost opportunity and lay tho facts bolore
him, and if ho could not succeed m having
justice duno by thut appeal ho wuuld omploy
a lawyer to bring tho ease before tho courtu.
A paper is now boiug circulated iu Iho
neighborhood whero tho Woisses livo, which
is buing higued by all thoso who are au
tiuaiutod with Mr. Weiss and certifying to
his good character and his thorough ability
to provide foi his family.
The Child Sin. 11 hi lie Returned.
To Oil Fihtar v Thr KtihIho M'urM
This case of little Tina Weiss is oven worso
than that of Joslo Khcphnrd. I fuel sorry
for her parents aud hopo Tur. I-venino
Would will inner let up on this easo till tho
child is returned to its mother.
An Old IU'adeh.
Hirmiuglmm, Conn., Feb. 8.
' Poor l.lltle Thin. Weiss."
lb tht ftt iOir qj 7Ur.ttmq HVrM
It affords mo gi eat ploasiiro to read of tho
interest your valuublo paper has taken iu
tho easo of poor little Tina Weiss. Your
paper is tho only ono of tho manv published
which takes any intoicst iu thu poor. I wish
you eery success. J. D.uiiuai!.
Would Not He Tnlrratrt! In ItiAshi.
Tt lAf y.lllor 0 r A'th(v II ui 1,1
I lead In The Evi'.mno Would tho sad aud
lamentable account of poor llttlo Tina
Woiss's fato, and I must confess, as a "free
bom American citizen," that I havonoor
read, eitlur ni romuueo or fact anything to
exceed tho cruel, heartless, and inhuman
trcutuiont of this child and her parents. Such
conduct would not bo tolerated iu barbarian
Tho public may depend upon tho fact that
there are a great many moro cases bluiilur to
Tina Woiss's within the walls of those insti
tutions which ought to bo investigated. Tho
conduct ot some of theso agents is nothing
moro nor less apparently than atrocious.
Edwam Oonnov,
337 East Forty-third street.
lie Know of Another Case
TbUt'Wilora TA 1V,I.J World
I have road the articlo "An Outrago" in
your esteemed paper of to-night's issue with
groat lnterost, and am dolighted to seo thut
The Evbnino Would has token steps to im
prove the law with regard to such coses as
rolatod iu tho articlo mentioned. It Is really
a skruno that thero should exist such a statu
of things, and it is high time to put a stop to
It. I know of a easo almost similar to the
one in question whero two sisters are in
volved, and thero is no way for their father
to set them back. Max Altman,
970 Hut Houston street.
Tho Glamonr of the Slnuo Already Ilnlolnf
the Ilrmtw of I.tlllp i:lstr nnd Tommy
Siimr llxlreiiic ly Wise Advice nml n I'cw
Inlrrestlliir I'liemAtiiiut Child Woiulrrn(f)
-Arllallr I'olnls nml Hinge Training.
Mv Dhaii Miis, Lvdk and Mns. KcfBKi.L:
In order thut no ono may over accuse 1110 of
gilng tho green. eyed monster tho very
smallest opportunity to haunt you ou my ac
count, I intend to address you both, trusting
that this charming impartiality will meet
with tho approbation that it most undoubt
edly merits.
As thu mothers of tho dainty little Lord
FnuntleroyH who aro at pieseut exerting a
pleasant influence upon tho community,
jour ma tr ruul instincts are perhaps more
dangerously likely to succumb tothoinsiu.
untitle,' advances of what is iu its early days
known us legitimato prido, nnd in its later
developments as illegitimate rivalry, than
you youroohes may o en suspect, As neon
sequence I feel that a fuw words may not be
considered wholly impertinent, coining ns
they do from an ardent admirer of both little
Elsio and llttlo Tommy, ltcmembor that I
sav both, and em only writing on tho strict
understanding that I consider Elsio as effect
ive as Tommy, and Tommy as precocious as
A great deal of nonsense has been written
nbout tho genius of your children, fond
mothers, that might bettor havo been loft
unwritten. Just imagine childrou being en
dowed with tho power to impersonate other
children, whon tho kuowledgo of thoir own
llttlo entities can hardly bo said to hr.vo bo
gun. The absurd statements that little Elsio
has genius and that little Tommy is a " born
actor " ought to bo nt ouco effaced from tho
tablets of votir minds. It is a mischiovous
fallacy, as oery scnsiblo " stage mother "
knows full woll.
As 11 mutter of fnot, your children remem
ber that 1 iiiFiui lioth have a special aptitudo
for mimetic tiniuing, and their performance
iu Mrs. Frances Hodgson Durnetl's little
play is tho itsult ot this special aptitude ex
tensively and perhaps unduly worked upon.
How delightful it would bo if wo need only
believo that our children might bo born
nc torsi
If only tho weary mother in tho agony of
soothing syrup could but bo made to think
that tho teolhmg cherub might merely bo re
hearsing a llttlo situation to be bubseuucntly
prodtn od a' 11 popular theatre, she might go
to her couch undibiiuiyed. If a child were a
born actor, would not this bo possible, and
would it not bo lovely V I hear u babel of
material toiccsnnsnor : "Yes. divine."
You know as well us I do, Mis. Lydo aud
Mis. Uusell, that the little artistic points
which we bine all appreciated in tlio per
formances of your children- romembtr. I
incuii both lmH all been carelnlly dulled
into their juvenile minds by a judicious stage
manuer. It muv spoil thu illusion to know
that llttlo Klsii 's urtlcsbUf si is no moro spon
taneous than little Tommy's boyisli enthusi
asm ; tbat they are both studied. Hut I sav,
lit us spoil tho illusion aud get at tho truth.
Xeer was the truth inoro necessary than at
the pieseut timo, when two of tho sweetest
little children are hav mg their golden heads
" turned " by a foolishly adulatoiy public,
who havo been treated to nbbtird stories
about impossible dramatic feat-.
ho st iv 11 manager could afford to rely upon
0 child's spontaneity. While it might render
a ci rlain passage iu a particularly fascinating
maimer one night, tho following night a very
dillertnt lebtilt might bo observed. That is
where tho work of tho Mage manager comes
in, und that is whoro your olive brunches
spontaneity goes out.
People wonder how it is that such young
children enn give such doligbtfitl nccontua
tiouto difficult speeches. 'I hero is no need
to wonder. Admit you know that, Mrs. Lydo
nnd Mrs. Iiussoll. C'oufi ss that you behove
that the more difficult the speech, nnd tho
less iutolligihlo it is to tho child, tho hotter
will thu effect ot tho training bo seen. I ven
ture to assert that if votir children both of
them, please had understood tho full mean
ing of nil they were obliged to say, the staso
luauuger's tusk would havo been infinitely
moro difficult.
At one time I coufoss that I was iuclinod to
laugh at tho fears entertained by many peo.
ide that little Elsio uud little Tommy would
be utterly spoiled by their work iu Airs, llur
uett's play. As time went on I merely smiled.
Now I couldn't get up a smile to save my life.
Th 0 subject is too cugiobBingly serious.
Tho glamour of tho stago.that most destruc
tive iqnu falvuf, has ulieady haloed the heads
of your dear little childrou. (This isn't pa.
thus.) Little Tommy gets a diamond ring,
nnd wants it over tho footlights fa diamond
ring -v o gods and littlo tlthos I ) Little Elsio
is delighted with How era. Theso childrou
have merely learned a lesson, nnd learned it
ndmiiably." They are row ardod by this cruel
est of kindness, and jou. Mrs. Lydo and
Mis. ltussell, not only peiniit it but if re.
port tells truly floliulit in it.
In addition to this devastating glamour
how many homes hus it devastated, I wondoi?
the spirit of le.-enlinent has boon engendered
iu the broasts of tho chlldiou. ' ' I ouly play
nt tho matinee." snvs littlo Tounuio. "I sup.
poso thev will nllovv 1110 to do that," You,
Mrs. ltussell, mav not foel any overwhelm,
ing affection for Mrs. Lydo, but would it not
bo as well. 111 the elfoct it might have upon
tho morality of your children, if you dill
gently cultivated ono another and positively
declined to succumb to potty jealousies,
which must bo 1 effected in the minds
of your childrou. Iteniomber thnt
tho " Littlq Lord Fauutkioy" crao
will not last forever, and the inii
littive writers who alvvuys spnng up when
a good thing appears will exhaust them,
selves. The fickle public will laugh at tho
chostnutism ot "Little Lord Fnutitleroy " as
it now siinhwat "Pinafore" and smirks at
" lluzel Knko. " For once tho lickleness of
tho publii. will inako itsolf usefully felt. I
confess that while thu oxquUito work of your
children has charmed me tho results with
which it has alicady been attonded havo
sickened mo
1 11111 sorry for stago children. They havo
mv heartiest sympathy. They aro kept at
school jubt long enough to lenrn nothing ;
they make n hit in u part, and remain nt it
until they aro too old to begin their studies
"at the bottom of tho class" with dignity, and
too Btupid to bo allowed a placo at tho top.
What is tho result t Tho country Is flooded
with u tribe ot uneducated "ingenues" and
illiterate "juveniles."
I heard somo misguided pcoplo pitying
littlo llliou Fernandez, because owing to hor
contract with Mr. Augustin Duly, sho was
unable to play ' ' Fnutitlorov. " Is it possiblo
that such idiots cau ho ullowod to utter their
inanities witli impunity ' Mr. Daly has taken
churgo of littlo Itijou and has placed her at a
fashionable school. He is, it is said, dili.
ficutly surrounding her with every refining
ulluunco aud preparing her to hold au envl.
able position upon tho btage. Sho is au ex.
quisitaiy ingenuous little child, with tbo face
of a thoroughbred, Sho went to tho Broad,
way recently to seo your children ono of
them, not both this timo- play " Fauutlo.
I roy." I heard a nianagor ask her how bho
w ould like to do the part. ' ' I'd like it. if it
were played at Daly's," sho said; "but I
would not like to leave him." Mr. Daly
ought to have heard her. I imagine that oven
ho would havo sinilod. ISijou Foruaudez
must havo been born uudor a lucky star. Sho
hus a future.
And what bocomos of tho avorago stago
children' Do you know, most fondly exu
berant mothers t They havo no interest in
tho stago by the timo thoy are adolescent, and
continue thoir dramatio work becauso there
is nothing else for them to do. Thero are
exceptions, of course, notably in tho cases of
Miss Minnie Madderu aud Lotto. Hut look
j""'"'.a ,
at that child actress who nt ouo timo was con
sidered a marvel I menu Itijou Heron. Sho
is ns charming n llttlo lady as over lived, but
sho has not realized the promise of her oarlv
days. Look nt Cordelia Howard, tho original
littlo Evn. When sho crow uu sho could
hardly speak a lino upou tho stago with
proper effect. Sho is now married, secluded
aud upstaged.
So, Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Lydo, if you
cannot repress your own enthusiasm, seo
that it does not extend to your children.
Tako Tommy's diamoud ring from him, airs.
Ilusncll, and spank him if ho ever nsks for
anothor, and you, Mrs. Lyde, try and impress
upon littlo Elsio ovou it t ou do not believo
it yourself the fact that sho is by no means
tho only charming littlo girl iu New York
City. Let us feel that our litjto Lord
Fntintleroys aro ns delightful off as on tho
stage. It will hoighton tho illusion aud do
any amount of good. Alan Dale.
The Diiujjliecr of thu Wlckcdcnt Itlnn in
Stccltun uu Her Klcvciilh llnv of Slum
ber Iter Fntticr Ilccavuip Iiiteuael) (4iind
mid (lot llln liuiiiiulcr lo Join n itellg
Iouh Seel Vert or I'aunri Her Trance.
llAr.itisuuna, Feb. 11. There bids fair to
be a formidable rival of Mrs. Emma Alt
house, tho Attica sleeper, in the person of
Lillio Bodmer, of Steelton, noir hero.
Sho has been iu a trail co now for eleven
days, opening her eyos ouly nt long intervals
nnd immediately falling again into a stato of
Miss Ilodmer's condition was brought ou
by religiotiB ficuzy. At first nothing wus
thought of it, n-. such cnes woro of frequent
occurrence among tho peculiar beets to which
sho belonged. A fow hours, though, wns tho
extent of tho tranquility enjoyed by her co.
This youug lady wai tho daughter of a very
wicked father. Ho boro tho reputation of
being tho wickedest man in Steoltou. To the
good people of tha puritanic spirit ho was
known as " Wicked John."
This most wicked man was converted, and
to n church of tho most pronounced ortho
doxy. Ho joined the Church of God com
posed of a sect of tho Duukard order, and
became as intensely good as he was beforo
abnormally bad.
Then ho exhorted his two daughters to
join, and after u supreme effort got them
within the t fold. A week ago Friday night
both " received tho blessing. "
A few minutes thereafter Lillio, the younger
one, fell into a tinnce. Her eyes became
fixed and her form as rigid as though in death.
As this condition is a common one among
" mourners " when they icceive tho blessing
iu the Church of God, nothing was thought
of it. Sho remained in tho franco so long,
however, that she was carried to John Par
themore's houso, not far from thu cliuicli,
whore she bus lain ever since. Slio has re
turned to consciousness at intervalr. but is
unubla to stand or seo. She insists that sho
is 111 heaven aud that all about her aio angels.
Sho has taken no nourishment in ull that
timo except tho jttico of two or three oiaugcs
and n dish of ico cream. Her cheeks rtinoiu
full and aro high iu color.
Tho most curious part of tho phonomonnu
is that the girl, who is hardly able to lend,
nnd who, her father dec nres, has nover, to
his knowledge, scon tho inside of n Bible,
because ho nover had one iu tho houso until
sinco his conversion, in her conscious
moments sho refers lo chapters iu the lliblo,
and will ropeat many passages nearly liter
ally. bho answers rationally nil questions put to
her, but frequently while talking tho singular
rigor ovorcomes her, nnd sho sinks back into
tho tran co. On Thursdav sho (nine out of n
tiauco and said: "Aui.tio will bo hero at 3
Her aunt livos in York. No one expected
hor iu Steoltou that afternoon, but ou tho
arrival of thu train at tho hour mentioned by
Lillio she appeared at tho I'arlhemoro Houso.
Soon ntterwuids tho gill mentioned the namo
of a neighbor, and fiiid that sho wus fetching
hor some ico 01 earn,
A few minutes later tho noighbor ontcred
tho house, and had with her a plate of ice
Lillio has frequently eomo out of a franco,
and sniil that such and such persons wero ill
in Steelton. llarrisburg nud other places, and
inquiry oliiitod that such was tho fact, nl
though tho girl could havo had no physical
know lodge of it.
Several Hurrisburc aud other physicians
have visited thu girl and studied tho case, but
aio unable to explain tho phenomenon by
physical laws.
Sho complains of no suffering, but hor'
words and tho expression of her faco denote
tho greatest poaco aud happiness.
Hundreds of people trom the village aud
sui rounding country have flocked to 1 atho
more's houso to seo tho girl, and tho pro
found impression it has mado is manifested
by tho throngs that besicgo Pastor Keofer's
church nightly seeking religion.
Thu pastor spends mobt of his timo at tho
sido of tho llodmor girl. Ho himself seems
overvvholmod with what he calls an " awful
demonstration of tho divine spirit."
A WbUliey llotlle In a Dead Hnnil.
Mimiio Hoffman, Janltrcss of tho lodging,
hoiino at SO Dclancoy street, found In the buck
yard this morning tho dead body of an unknown
man, Au empty whiskoy bottle was clasped In
one hand. Tho man was apparently thirty
years old, was a foet 7 inches in holght and had
browu hair and a sandy mustache.
1'or the l'urnell Iefcue.
Tho Irish Parliamentary Fund Association,
which, under the energetic leadership of Mr,
Eugene Kelly, railed in a few months nearly
$37B. 000. Is again in the held raining money for
the I'arnell Defense Fnnd. There will be a meot
ingat the Hoffman Home this evening, whero
the Committee will cordially welcome all friouds
and supporters of tho cause.
' flftritli-r.-! iiii'rtliiiikiif 11 lAMifJairi.k.
Preparations for tho Grand Open
Ina on Fob. 14 Groatost Display
of Fino Clothing Evor Soon in
Now York Entiroly New Stock,
ThoKr6AteUb.ishmt)ntor tha London and LWerpool
Clothing Company at tho cn-inur of the Bowery and
Hi'btvrBt. reopens on Thuuday. Feb. 14. Themammoth
atoro baa been closed since Chrlktmaa for alterations
whkh amount really to an entire transformation of tha
building. On the day of the opening will be spread be.
fore tho gate of the thousands of people who will flock
to the store a inamittlcent and palatial emporium a
mammoth stock. Including some of the most beautiful
clothing In the world a sight, altogether, which will be
the talk of New York for many a day. The first thing
people will see will be the grand show windows of the
store on both theHovrery aud Hester st, Think of a
shining, brilliant area of ttolld Trench plate-gUsson tha
ono ildti of the store fifty foot, ou tho other side thirty
tUe fett long, and on both sidus 11 f teen feet high! Yet
this U only tube tho front of tbo windows. These dac
xllng show windows reach back twenty-five feet to tha
store proper, and art) small store In themselves. They
will be tilled with samples of ver)thlng In themagultl.
cent stock of tho storemen's and boys and children's
clothing of all conceivable sites and shapei, and styles
and for all ages, alike only In a uniform eicellence.
beauty and durability; 'hats and caps and glores. col- '
Isrs and cuffs, beautiful neckwear, soft, silken scarfs,
tine linen, pretty stockings atl that man needa to
clothe and adorn his body. Skilled designers and
window dressers are already at work arranging tha
display here In the most artistic manner. Window
dressers will do well to study those windows tf they
really want to see what a beautifully dressed window
Is. The interior of the windows will be frettod and
cuned with rows of hundreds of electrio and incandes
cent lights. Outside the windows, too, will be a large
number of electrio lights in silver frames. When these
are turned ou at the tirst approach of thetnlghtof Feb,
14, the) will make one of ttie most magnificent specta
cles that the city baa ever seen. The London and Liver
pool Clothing Company only asks an Inspection of these
windows, and of the sampleaof their stock there dis
played, to convince any one that they have the finest,
the most beautiful, tho most durable; In every way the
best stock ot clothing In tho city, and this contained la
tho most luxurious and palatial store.
This grand store is in ono of the most accessible parts
of the city, and people w ho want to see the opening caa
easily get there. The elovatcd load and numberless
stroet-car lines .pass directly in front of the store, and
on the day of the opening there is sure to be a big travel
over them. Meanwhile, outside aud inside the store,
preparations of uncounted kinds are going on with mar
vellous rapidity lor the great opening day. Big (bays
aro blocking the llowery and Hester street, emptying
Into the cellar of the store and ou the sidewalk before
It Immense cases filled with the new goods which the
London and Liverpool Clothing Company has ordered,
'J he stock in the store will bo entirely and absolutely
now, not a dollar's worth of old goods being put on sals.
The mills whose entire output In controlled by t he com
pany hae beon working uight and day during the past
few niontbd to supply the large and varied stock which
the Ixmdnu and Liverpool Clothing Company demanded
lor its grand ojientng. In the cellar of the store now
the gieut cases of goods are being opened and unpacked
by (-cores of men. 'Ihe noioof hammers aud rip pint
boards made b) tluse men in the cellar U about as great
as that made by tho carpenters who nre repairing the
store above. Tho wlndow-droisers aro selecting their
samples. The elevators are groaning under the weight
of goods going upstairs. CUrks and carpenters, arlUU
and meeeengers aro Hitting abo it, and r.11 Is bustle sad
an apparent contusion that is In the highest and truest
sense a butty prosperity.
Mm. ltoiirlur'M Ilimlinmt lilupca for Ike
fet-roml Time vvIlL .Was lie I.udc.
Lowell, ?.rN,, Foh. 11. Louis Boucher
oloped with Jlibs Do Ludo from llochestar,
K. Y. , nhout tho iirst of January. They
cnino to thin city and took qunrters in tha
Fletcher block ns husband uud wife
A fow days ago Mrs.BoucherNo.l appeared
iu this citv, accompanied by her three
children, and compelled tho husband and
father to tako them to his homo.
MiesDeLmle, however, was permitted to
remain with tho family. A few days ago Slisi
Do Ludo packed up her things and went
The following morning Boucher left the
home with his eldest child, a girl of five
years, and has not been seen since.
Mrs. Boucher afterwards found out that
Miss De Luce took all of Boucher's clothesin
her trunk,
Boucner is a Frenchman, about twenty,
nine years of age. aud Misi Do Lude is a
pretty, stylish girl, about twenty-four yean
Thoir vvhoreubouts aro still unknown.
The Hnle ltlovvn Open uud (Seven Tliouauod
Ilnllari) .Stolen nt Amity! Ark.
Little Bock, Ark., Fob. 11. Word h&
just been reooived hero of tho robbery of the
l'ost-ODlco at Amity, Ark. , Saturday night,
AV.C.Hayos. is tho postmaster, and he runs
a largo supply Htore. When closing the
week's bubiuobs ho had $7,000 belonging to
himself and tho Government.
Tho safe in which tho monoy was kept wal
blown opou and the funds stolen. The work
iu entering tho building nnd in blowing open
tho tafo shows it to havo been done by
skilled experts, though partios in the neigh
borhood are buspoctcd. ,
l'ost-ollico inspectors and officers left tall
morning for Amity. This is the largest
robbery of pobt-otllco funds perpotrated la
the Southwest in yeu.
Tlio Sunday lllrcrtnrn Kny He Muit Cow
lean or (et Out lie In Innocent, He Maya.
Lowell, Mass., Fob. 11 Oscar It. BarelaTi
who was rocently dismissed from tho Branca
Klroot Baptist Church, and iu regard to
whoso pro-cnco in tho Sunday-school objec
tion was mado by the superintendent last
Sunday, was proBent in tho school yesterday
with twenty pupils.
Altor school tho directors hold a meetinff.
and it was decided to uuuult Barclay to uiee'
with his clabs in tho bohool if ho desired to,
hut thero was to bo no fellowship with mm
till he confessed to tho oharges of immorality
and wrong-doing.
Ilo still proclaims his Innocouco.
Prevention of Cruelly toMollicru TldiT'"1!
An aeent of the Society for tho Prevention of
Cruelty to Children arrested David Bach.. WW
fourteen, of 140 East Broadway, thin rnornji
The birr had been away from his home jUt
TliankHirivinp Day. Laiit night ho returned W"
niiarrolied with hin mother, uti iking her ia"
fiico and otherwise, maltreating her. A J"? it,
sex Market l'olico Court ho v as held for
Carpet UphoUtcrcra Incorporated.
Tho Carpet Upholsterers' Association filed at
t!clo of incorporation to-day. The ofliceri art
James McCoon, Presidents Jamos DceeariiWf
Pio.ideiit: Fiaiici O'llara, Tioaauicr: JoJSr.
Allen and Daniel 11. Hheehan, Bccrotui'
Ueorgo West, Hergcant-at-Arms.
A llrid.ro nt Mldnlaut.
Jamoa Bridge.of 1UU Avenuo D, was '0ulld
Eldrldge street at midnight shouting at theWP
of his lutiKri.in mortal terror on account of J0?,
imaginary pursuer. At Eiiiex Slarket to-u7
v?aa turned over to the Coramtionern of wj.
itics and Correction for examination u""
irtliVlVaantiftyilAftillillar-iiiaaialilfdiirii ir "WM

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