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Ko (Including Postage),
kV run month aoc.
K, i 2KB vj:au ss.ao
B ...
V. VOL.29 NO. 10 037
P-S-B).. EnUredattho l'cxt-OrDcoat New York u miond-clua
B, Having reccivod Bpccial authorization from
Bf , M. Julks Vr.nNE mid bis publisher, The
Ky ' Evening Would begins to-day thn publlca-
B ' 0on of " 'rho Conquest of tbo Air."
B , A fw among our hundreds of thousands of
HaK.f.; readers may hnvo bud tbo good fortuno to
KT ( read tbla rcmnrltnblo story iu tho original
HHf -' French, nnd a fow others may lmvo seen nn
HflHy;' unauthorized English version, But tho story
BEf essontinlly now to tbo ureat mass of tbo
Hp reading public.
K The Evenino World's authorized version
HHr, w"' uo roducod in its best stylo, and will
Hjf be profusely illustrated by tbo best efforts of
Hf-'- our inimitablo artists. It will bo n literary.
Bf BeiontiCo and imffginntivo feast rnroly, if
HR' , cvor, givon in a nowspapor. Wo confidently
Hfc oipeot tbat ' ' Tbo Conquest of tbo Air "will,
HKi ' M our l'aris correspondout intimates, rank
HE' as ono of Verne's unparalleled innstorplocos.
H? Itoscoe Dames, tbo famous second baseman of
H e old-time lioston nine, is now a resident of
H Chicago. Ho is on tbo Board of Trado and
HK makes a cood living.
HH1. One of tlio wealthiest norooii in Cincinnati is
K Mrs. Bellamy Btoi or, vvlio is worth f.!. 00(1,000.
Bl Bbo was tbo widow of George Ward Nichols.nrst
JB" President of tbo Cincinnati College of MumIc.
H' Bpnrgoon, tbo groat London preacher, bas a
K ' correspondence tbat avoiaiios r.oo littors a dav.
K' no 1b obliged to employ tbrco secretaries to an-
K' Bwer 'bo communications tbat como to bim from
R & Parts of tbo w orld.
H;' Ab t'ie result of an election wager, Charles
K Uludman, of Chicago, is now engaged iu a
HV weary tramp from that city to Washington, via
H Now Orleans. lie is now somuwlioro in tbo Into-
H rior of Georgia. Mr. Hindman has worn out
Hs tkroo pairs of Bboes slnco bo bcean his tramp.
m m
H Of tho Koyal House of Hawaii and a Nr
IK. ' Yorker' Ilaushter.
R't . Tb Rev. Dr. Aloxandor troatod tbo con-
B trrogatiou of tbo Uuivorcitv Placo Prosby.
HHr toriau Oburob yestorday morning to a gen.
HHBv n'ne surpriso by cbristeuing tbe infant of a
BB? gonulno Princess by birth and boritago.
B An olivo-comploiioned, blaok.oyed, chub.
HK by-facod girl of nino months nestlod iu
B-' 'ts mother's anus, opened its big cyos and
K looked greatly surprised at tbe uniquo sur-
B-. roundiugB.
U& 'lll mother is Mrs. Graham, who is a nieoo
H"i ?, tl10 lu, Queen Eiuwu, of the Ilawaiiiui
HBKV Islands, and who was cntertainod royally by
Km Queen and Empress Victoria. Young Air.
;i4 Urobam, whoso father is a member of tho
LiHBv ?."?, o(, Bcbuyler, Hartley ,t Graham, of
K Maiden lano, marriod tbo Dawniiau l'rincoss.
Kntt Bhe is a beautiful woman, with big black
Hi eyes, black hair and rosy checks.
B'' 'bo babe which crowed iu Dr. Alexander's
r) arms as be sprinkled it with vvator yesterday
K' morning is tbe socoml ono born to Mr.
E Graham and his l'riuress wife. Their homo
K IB at US West Twelfth street, and is fur-
f nished sumptuously It was here that tho
HHK' present Queen of tbo Hawaiian Islands was
C entertained about a year ago.
tHt Uo ' VlshUna the City far Land en tlie
IBt I!at Itlver l'ront.
H, A-Bait by tho city against Goorgo Luw, tho
INtt vealthy and eccentrio giver of diamonds, for
H;- ue possession of land and wator front on
K each aide of East Tenth btreot is on tho
IHKSf calendar for tho Goueral Term of tbo
Bflrc Supremo Court. Tbo laud was acquired by
B& GeorgoLawE many years ago, and tho lat-
R'i 'er was dispossesseu in 1885.
IHA The appeal is now mudo by Mr. Ijiw a"aiUBt
IHH'. dociiiou by J udgo Vun Vorst in favor of tbo
f city.
K Assistant Corporation Counsel Frank A.
L Irish will appear for thu Mayor, and Kobiu-
R; son, Scribuor ,t Bright for Law and tho
' Grecnpoint Ferry Company, which is alio
K interested in the case.
fKBY Vrre Leclurrs To-MBlit.
jBK' The ninth serien iu the course of fi'oo ovenine
BK, lectures in the publio suhools, secured to tbo
HE working men and women of this city by Tub
jfMIHA Evemino Would bill, will bo civ on this ovening
HBVTNqV eeTcn of tbe publio ncJiooU as follows:
BjKf Tlsl At BIO East Ono Hundred and Touth street,
j?-L X," Trot. Zaclios on "Novelists and Their In-
iXT -VS?'' fluencoi" at 30 Allen strei-t. Prof. Hloano on
i&JUMF " Uow to Btudy Science at Homo;'' at UOH Kast
MR' Porty.scoond street, Edward II. Bcr on
fl" ''Electricity: IU Theory, Hparks and Khoeks;"
lnii ' Seventieth strict and First avonue. Prof.
'H lielpzlKor on. Local and Bute UoMiumoiits
1- and the Conduct of EUctinns;" at rV!:i West
iC Forty-fourth street, Dr. Allen on llluuiinating
Hf fl! M.'i'i Wet Fortj.Jlrt Htnet. " 1'iofV
H, f J3U," Tll Chemistry of What We Hat and
,1' Drink, "and at 1U8 Ilroomo sticet, Prof. P. U.
BfL Caldwell on "Tho Solar Hyrti in."
HB7 9 tloketa of admlssiou for tho lectures aro
K? needed.
umiimiw i m .
jHK Ouilit Not to nn Minuted.
Hb, from Hit livrXtattr J
Hf The cornetUt ought never to be left out of tbe
KP- toot nsemble.
S' AnioiiB tlio WorUim.
K The Central Labor Union will appoint a com-
'.K'. trutteonext Sunday tornrmulutoelmrKOHHuaiiiKt
CHHf certain delegates uho aio aicuul of bribery iu
HflHK: eonuection 1th tho Ijecr bo cott.
ofleBFt." aon. lloKcr A. Pryor will appear befoio tho
im&-' Judiciary Committeu at Albany to-morrow and
'W'f arguo in behalf or tho Coutral Labor Union's
K amendments to tbo Conspiracy laws.
HBtv The Brewery EmploytOH' Protoctivo Associa.
r, li0,ifl8J.n!j.por,er brcweryuien) has declared
'1 thatDavid Stevenson i j the only ale brewer iu
H,' new York and Brooklyn vtbo employs non-union
ft-i T.be Central Labor Union has sonttoCigar-
' Makers' Intomatioual Union No. 144 a set of
K resolutions from tbe Building 'i'rades Soetinn
K oondemning Delegato Shakesncaic forubaiac-
jHK teririnc the walking delcgatoi as wliibkey.
Ht( drinkers, and asking for his withdrawal.
B1 A Committee of Division District No. 1 of N
bbbK 4 H60' Htreet ltailway men bas asked tho
WB. Control Labor Union to boycott certain strt et
r". railways because their ofllcorH refuse to employ
-HSr P,U'9U men. Action will bo taken next Sunday
K J' the oompauies continue to bojeott union
Hf ' j1"1,'1 '("' M Of SIONCLL'S TUTUISU C'OllDliL
ffiK t ntinftMitusaaisruUisiUwrboas, s euU. V
HHl 'i , 9 a it V
. .- .
SoeneB Takon from " Groat Naturo's
Second Life."
The Quaint, tho Fantastic, tho
Prophetic, tho Romarkablo.
Extraordinary Interest In tlio First
Dream Tournament Kvcr Held.
Itrinarknlilri If True.
I dreamed that my landlady rcfusod to
accept tho amount duo her for my board for
two weoks, wbon I tendered it to her, nnd
tbat she tnado mo a present of tho same.
K. H. E.
Tlie Prlnrlplr r Arliltrullmi Approved.
I lmvo been instructed by our union to
send you their hearty Uiriikh for tho nrtielo
which appeared in 'I'm: Evlmnu Smtn of
Tuesday, Iho Ctb inst., bcadod Arhitrutiun,
and it was resolved that wo urgo on tho mem.
brrs of tho Legislnturo to mlopt some such
niouRiiros that will in luturo servo to prevent
a roceurrouco of tbo lato milroad trouble.
'I hanking you for tho interest shown bv your
journal in tho wolfaro of thn workiuc cluss,
( II. Wllftl.OCK,
llocording Bocretary Bash, Blind und Door
makers' Union.
Kxperlenclng: n HIrnnRi'r'K Terror.
I had a dream in which I found myself iu
tho coiuotory, nnd in Homo way had outorod a
vault wbon suddenly tbo door closed nnd a
spring lock fastened mo in. I cannot tell
how long tbo torments of my imprisonment
lasted, but at last I was released by my bus
baud, who camo to my rusutio. I related
my d rcfin in tbo morning, und it was not
until soverul days later tbat I read in tho papers
of tbo experience ot Philip Zoh, jr., who on
tho samo night and at tbat very time was un
dcrgoiug tbo lorriblo experience of being
locked ovor night iu a sepulchre, sur.
rounded by lifeless bodies, a spring lock hav
ing fastoncd bim in thn tomb. Air. Zcli is a
Htrangor to mo, and my thoughts bad not
tinned to gravoynrds until tbo dream camo
over mo.
Mus. D. , 4SG Franklin nvonuo, Brooklyn,
A Prediction of I'rnri.
A fow wcoks prior to tbo collupso of tbo
Houtboru Kcbolliuu I retired to my room for
an after dinner siosta. I dreamed I was
looking skyward, and tbo entire nzuru arcli
was occupied by a sharply deliued map of
tbo United States. Tbo soecdod HtutoB wcro
u darker hue than tbo rest. Koou a tiereo
bomliardmout coiumoneod, and balls of tiro
(low from evory loyal State cuntorlug upon
tho rebellious ones. Iu a fow moments ail
was still. Boon a Rccocdcd Ktuto assumed
tbo samo appoaranco of tiio others and suc
cessfully, ono after another, returned until
tbo map was complete and then disappeared
as a dissolving view. Instantly iu tho placo
of the map camo tho American eagle and all
tho inBlgnia of our glorious Union, shining
with all tbo rofulgenco of a thousand noon
day suns. Iu tlio ocstusv of my footings I
awoke, tho vision only being ot ton minutes'
duration. I told my family tlio wur would
soon oloso, which prediction was speodily
vcrlflod. E. Deeman, U80 Third avonuo,
Found a Last Ilrotlirr.
My father was a widower when bo camo to
Amorica, wboro ho married my mother and
settled on Ktaten Island. Ho loft behind him
in England a sou, a boy four years of ace. iu
tho caro of bis motbor-iu-law. Aftorwards,
when ho went over lor hmi, ho could uotruco
of tbo family. Ono niuht three j ears ugo I
visittd a music hall in Liverpool iu
company with u number of friends,
nnd whilo thcro I fell asleep in it
chair und di earned I suw a man rtiu
uver by a dray, tlruun by a whitu borso in a
narrow strett near tlio docks. I thought tlio
wounded man called mo by name mm said ;
"Sam, I au your brother. Don't you know
mo ?" 1 awoke much impressed, and tho
noxt dav looked in tbo impels to see if such
an accident hud occuried. I told lnydieaui
to my uiatos, and ono ot them, an Irisluu in,
bad seen a similar accident a month before.
He told mo tho placo and I visited tho police
station near by and mudo inquiries. Tho
story was truo. Too man had been takon to
a hospital with a broken thigh bono. 1 wont
to tho hospital ami found tbo lnauroeovor
iug, about to bo dlschaigod. Ho was my
brother. L. A B.
With u Monti to It.
lwas a poor sixtoon-your-old boy wbon I
got a job with a f rosco painter in Copenhagen.
Among tbo paiutors wnb an old bachelor who
shortly afterward died iu tho hospital. Ho
left a fow thousand dollars bohind him; but
boiug without relativoB and not leaving a will
tbo Uovornmcnt koiit tho money. In tlio shop
tbo old man bad left a good blouse, und 1,
who bad a very worn ono, took possession of
it. Tho following night I dreamed thut tho
old follow camo for bis blouse, and I
bud u vory hard fight with him.
Wbon bo was trving to pull tlio
blouso over inv hood n tall young mun
fcmalo entered tho room and B.ud to the old
man: Aro you not warm enough now -f Lot
tho bov keep tho blouso. He needs it nmro
than you," and turning to mo she mid
' Young man, you can keep thu blouse, but
do not forgot that vut uiU'.t always m tlio
future listen to tho voiio nf your coiibcientn
aud always tivo tho couscieiuo tho bouotit of
your doubt."
This droam made a groat impression ou my
miud, and has guidod mo many a time attei.
vtords. B. V. Wii:nu.i
1G05 Lexington avenue.
Tbe llrciile llookUri'iirr.
I drcamod that I beheld au iusoct of tlio
genus bootlo going through u sonos of fau
tastio motions on tbe leaves of my books iu
tbo counting-room. It bad eyes tbo sizo of
those sot in tbo bumau hcud, and they burnt d
with a fiarful lustre. It wo about ten
luohos in length, aud of n dull brown color.
In ono of its feit was clasped a peu. I diow
ncaior, to alike! vi lis motions It uiuvod up
mill down long columns of nguros with tho
lapidily of lightning, and at thu bottom it
wioto with nbsoluto aecuiaiy tbo sum total.
Tho most remarkable part of it uas
thut it discoverud an error that I had
vainly sought all tho aftirnoon. l'mii'lv.
it soued paper and emoiope nnd wrote n
note, calling my attintmu to tlio fact that
tho discrepancy thut had worried lue was
now mudo plain. This strungo insoel thru
unfolded its wings and disappuirod tnuu inv
view. Whou I roacbeil tho counting-room
next morning. I, ot courso, disi overed noth
lug unusual m the appeuroucu of mv bo ks
und luilod to hud the beetle's note, but 1 d.d
llud m error of tbo day boloro precisely its
tho llttlo lnboct h id desciibcd it.
It. Vki.hh Mack, Trenton, N. 3.
lie l'lmecl Piiliir nnd Won.
Tbo following dream took pioeo a woek
ago: ltetiring from a 25-ceut limit gamo of
poker I felt rather ploom, ns in about n
imiutcr of nn hour I win minus i 5. Bo I ro
tired to bed, uud, alter much thinking ever
the day's troubles, my mind was mudo up to
go to Franco. 1 arnv ed thuro iu tho short
time ot ton minutes, und came ucross some,
persons to whom I vushod to blow about iny
fast travel, when, iniagmo my biirpriso, upon
recognizing tbo poitessors of my last night's
loss, and upon t heir n quest to enter a social
guuio i jumped heartily iu,
1 My luck this time was great. The culpa
came in flying from all sides. They then sot
tlod up by giving me their checks, after
which my day's adventure was ended by
dreaming upon my fortuno. Bo great was
my eicitement that I awoke at midnight to
see whotber tt was really no dream. I sprang
for my test yes there they were, four paper
cheeks, and being now satisfied dozed off
When I awoke my h'art bounded with joy
at tho recollection of lust night, Opening my
lives slowly to gather in again tbo truo sltua.
tion, my joy gradually decreased into sad.
urns when I found inysalf back in Mow York
and so cruelly deceived. A. B.
And, O1I1II7 Knouili, HI Victim Had a
Nlmllnr Drrnin.
I droamod ono night last Bummor tbat I mot
a man of small stature, dark complexion,
black hair aud heavy black mustache, fash
ionably dressed, on tbo corner of Ccntroaud
Baltimoro streets, in this city. Borne quarrel
aroso, mid I shot him iu tho neck. Homo of
his blood spurted on my white vest. Tho
uoxt morning about 10 o'clock, as I was turn
ing tho comer nbovo mentioned, I met ,tbe
(Ileum man. Ho sprang back with a cry,
covered his nock with his band,
ami said "For (Sod's sako, don't
shoot mo '" We wcro both too much sbockod
to speak for some moments. Explanations
followed. Wo had both dreamed tho samo
thing. Oddlv enough, in looking at my vest
afterwaids I found a smoar of something rod
ou it nbout tho si7o of a quarter. This had
been concealed by mv eont and had not beon
noticed in tbo burrv of dressing. A chemist
afterwards reiuovod tho stain and said it woh
human hlood. J. E. .1. Hiickky, '
Cumberland, Md.
m m
An Optical Illimton.
I IV urn tX Jtutttrs M'Mt.
Josiah Cornfield (promenading Fifth avenuo
with his wife)-Wal, I declare, Marial Eftbar
don't go a young man Btono blind in the off eyet
lie kin unly wear barf a pair o' spoci.
(Fru Vc.)
Always rcmovo your hat when saluting a lady,
Aigy. Even the boughs of tho trees ore mado
baro at this season.
A Hopeful Outlook.
rVvn 1k Durllnglon if iif .
Blobson How is Dumpaey this morning T
Popinjay I undcrstaud tbo doctor has given
him up.
'Blobson Then there is somo chance for him.
Tho I'lonllng Vote.
IfVun Iht lHIUhura Crotet:
"The floating vota "'is probably so called bo
causo it mitterially assists iu sending a candi
date up Halt lUvci.
(Jive Vm Cbrnper Huiar.
liVom r.xaj(Hnr;f.
A Missouri editor who was lined $10 for kiss
ing a widow against her will, printed an anti
Hugar Trust editorial iu bis uoxt issue, headod,
Qho us cheaper sugar."
No Cliunyo There.
Yum fkf i'AiJ.i,l.;(u JV....J
English biowors aro gradually absorbing tho
beer business in this country. Tho beer itself,
howo or, will continue to bo .absorbed largely
by American citizens.
Darn Not Apply to Them.
(Voh, A T$rr iuul A'rprMJ,
Walking sticks aro now constructed to hold a
half pint of whiskoy. Thlsdoes not lofer to tho
Btago article, which holds from a pint to a gallon
of beer, according to tho activity of tho
Giving Her Time.
(JYoui Ih4 (hirago Trilunt.
Miss Canada (blushingly) If I were stirs that
you intend nothing but what is fair and honor
able I don't know but but 1 I might
Undo Sam (thoughtfully i caching ovor and
blushing an icielo from tho end of her nose)
'lake plenty of time, uiisn, to decide. I'm going
to invito vim uext Spring to como down ana
take a good look at my farm.
In the French Quarter.
(fVon ivcl.
tJ3 fi I Til
, 'ft $ VrA" .-.'? I"
Mr, HUcckcr Houston Haven't you anything
that hasn't gurlie in tt T
Lun'le-Oui, Munsieur. Zesngar-r-rl
Hood's Sarsaparilla
U carefully prepared (ruin hartftparill. Dandelion,
Mandrake, Dock, riptmea, Juniper Itcrriea aud other
well known aud valuable vegetable roraedle, by a pecul
Ur combination, pioportiou aud proceu, cItius to
Hood'a Hamaparilla ouratue powwr not poMaied Xtj
olhwr medicine.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
la the beat blood purifier It curat Scrofula, KH
Hbeum, Hoi It, Tuuplva, all Huruura, Dripepata, Illlloaa
ueiM, fikk lleadacbe, Indietion, Oenaral Debllttr,
(Utarrli, llbuumatUm, Kldnwy and I.ivej- ivimplalnta,
oiertvtniM tbat tird fneltug. creau an appetite,
ktituijftbviiritbtinft.htta, and build up tbe whole ajatetn.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
llu met iwcullar ami uupar&llalod tuccflai tt bom.
Such I. iti (HipuUnty in Lowell, .Miuiin it U und,
that utiolt neUaburbixsl art) taklUB It at the aanie time,
and Lowull druicgUU eeil more of Hood'a BanaparllU
I ttian of all other aaraaparllUji or btoo4 puiillera. It U
koMLraUilroggiata (1 tali for 3. I'repare4 oalr
t U, 1, HOOD A CO., Apolhtcailej, Loe.ll, iUu
I loo uoaKa o.Mi doljjlu
Influential Peoplo Interesting Them
bgIvos in Her Oaso.
The Father's Good Character Proven
Beyond Doubt.
Subscription Iloolcs ntlns Distributed
All Over tlio City.
The Necostltyof "The Evening World's"
Amendmont Plainly Apparent.
tJfjwit tyn will ittotrn ttuprimt LuurtJultt)
7. All irocedliiB uii(lir till action (.S.r I.MI1, Chap.
0711. tnwxlHHl, n.r7,n;i 41), rnrtii lhhll, when
a comntltincnt ahall liavn Uvn made, (.hall bo eulijcct to
rovlew by any court of record, upon tcrtlorarl on tlie
facte and the law, and In euch a prccpedlnir the commit
ment order or Judgment maybe atllrmed or roftrwjtlor
modified In eucti manner and to such eiti nt aa may seem
beat, or a ribeatlng of the charge ordorod.
As thorenult of imliriiiR efforts of tbo f rionds
of tbo uufortunato "iV'tinH family moro tbau ono
hundred and fifty subscription bookH aro
now in tbo bauds of cbaiitablo ladies, and
tbo work of raising mouoy to biing back
little Tina Woi&s to ber parents is going on
SA mooting of tbo Lady Foresters' Society
was hold yestorday at tbe bouso of Mrs.
Kopolowicb, 202 Ea'st Broadway, and a larpo
number of subscription booka wore dis
tributed, and tbo ladies aro entering on.
tbusiastically into tbo work.
Mm. Kopolowicb is doing a groat deal to
arouse interest iu tbo caso, aud has secured
tbo co-operation of 1'iesidcut Ilutkopf, of tbo
LUdridgo Street Sjnagoguo Association,
which is ono of tbo most influential congre
gations on tbo oust siilo.
Ho is going to engngo eminent counsel to
look after tbo legul interests of tbo Weiss
ltabbi Josephs speaks of tbo outiago which
has beon committed by Mr. Gerry's lociety
in tins mttauce iu tbo strongest toruis, aud
bo is ho indiguant ovor tbo matter tbat bo
bad written au appeal to tbo pastois of all
tbe synagogue! iu tbo city, urging thorn to
takonnactivo interest in tho ease, aud by
tboir assistunco loud inlluenco to tbo move
ment which has beou started to rocovor tho
child and restoro boi to her parents.
Ho says that it money will accomplish this
object there will bo an unlimited amount at
tbo disnobul of tboso who lmvo uudcrtnkou
tlie work, and bo flunks' it tho duty of evory
liborty. loving Amoncuu to help forward tbo
movement for tbe repeal of tho presout law,
which con work so much injustice
Tho Society to which Mr. Weiss belougs
has just issued uudor its seal a recommenda
tion of his character, tbo duplicate of tho ono
which was giv on him soma timo ago to give
to Mr. Gerrv's Socioty, uud vvhiob tho latter
refused to return to him. It is as follows :
Wo, the Dinuburgor Brothers' IScnovolont As
sociation, a corporation duly organized and ox
inttng uudiir tho laws of tho Slate nf Now Vol k,
horoby recommend Mr. lteruard Woibh as un
honeet. uprit'lit und sober man. Sir. IJcrnard
WoIms is a member of our Association and lias
not been in arrears since lie tlret became such
member, and is, in our opinion, able to support
ills fuuilly. Wo can state that ho lias been a
snbei and industrious man for tho last liltceu
yea is.
In witness whereof, we, tho President and
Secretary of tho Dinaburxei 111 minis' Ilcnevo
lent Association, by icsolutioii duly passed 1'eb.
II, 1KHII, huvo hereunto sot our hands and uf
tUod the seal ot this Association, tho day aud
joar uboo written.
Ibeal. Hamuel Thoihkt, 1'iesidont.
1'kiieiz UouiioN, Sicittary,
Asarosultof tho publicity givou to tbo
caBO by the efforts of The Evlnino Woklii
several geutlemon uud ladies havo called
upon tbo Weiss family at their homo, 1U2
Ilroomo htreet, to satisfy themselves as to tho
exact state of tho case,
A gentleman mid two ladies callod together
ycstoiday atturuoou, and after au interview
with tho husband, tboy cxprossod tho great
ost indignation at the outrage which bad boon
Tbo gentleman, who deoliued to givo bis
name or that of the Indies, remarking that ho
was nctputintod with Mr. Gerry, said that bo
would call upon that gentleman at tbo oar
Most opportunity and lay tho facts before
him, aud if bo could not succeed in having
justice done by thut appeal ho would employ
a lawyer to bring tbo easo before tbo courts.
A paper is now boiug circulated in tbo
neighborhood where tbe Weibsos livo, which
is being signed by all tboso who aro ac
quainted with Mr. Weiss and certifying to
his cood character and bis thorough abibty
to provido for bis family.
The Child Should lie Kctnrned.
To tht iUlxtor Q far Yrelmr llnrM.
This caso of little Tina Weiss is ovon worso
tbau tbat of Josio Sbephard. I fool sorry
for bor parents and bopo Tue Kveni.no
Would will never let up on this caso till the
child is returned to its mother.
Am Old Headed.
Birmingham, Conn., Fob. 8.
l'oar Llttlo Tina Weiia."
To (A tdlUT qf rA r.nlfii WurU
It aflords nio great pleasure to read of tho
intorost your valuable papor has taken iu
tbo caso of poor llttlo Tiua Weiss. Your
paper is tbo ouly ono of tbo mauv published
which takes any interest in tho pool. I wish
you every success. J. Daiiiuou.
Wmild Not He Tolerated In Ituaaln.
To (A. rJllor nf J A. ...Mn UVrM
I read in Tut: Hylnino Would tbo End aud
lameutablo account of poor littlo Tina
Woiss's fate, nnd I must confess, as a " free
born Ajuoricau citizen," that I havonover
read, cither in romaneo or fact anything to
exceed tbo einel, heartless aud inhuman
treatment of this child and her parents. Such
couduot would not bo tolerated in barbariau
Tho public may depend upon tbo fact tbat
there aro a gnat ninny uioio eases similar to
Tina Woiss's within tbo walls of those insti
tutions which ought to bo investigated. Tlio
conduct of Bonio of tboso agents is nothing
more nor less apparently than utrocious.
Edwaiu) Gonnos,
337 Fast Forly-third strcot.
lie Knovr nf Another ("nee.
To I Ae Fdilvr of r. ir(e IforM
I have road the artiolo "An Outrago" in
your esteemed pauor of to-night's issue with
great intorost, and am delighted to seo tbat
Tiik Evkkino Would bas takou stopB to im
prove tbo law with regard to such cases as
relatod in tbe artiolo mentioned. It is really
a shame that there should exist such a stato
of tilings, and it is high timo to put a stop to
it. I know of a caso almost similar to tbo
one in question where two sisters aro in
volvod, and there is no way for tboir fatbor
to set them back. Max Altman,
870 Cut Houston itrcot.
Tbo (llnmnur of the M(nr Already Ilalolne;
the llende of (.lit I o I'NIe nml Tninmr
HiniH" i:xtri'mel t Imp Advice riiiI n Vvvr
InlerrMlnu I'urls Alimit Chllit Wonilers (f)
Artistic 1'iilnlB uud Slne Trnlnlne;.
Mt Diun Miih. Ijvnr. amd Mas. Hcbsell:
In order that no ono may ever nccuso mo of
giving tho grien.oyed monster tbo very
smallest opportunity to haunt you ou my ac
count, I intend to nddrcss you both, trusting
tbat this charming impartiality will meet
with tbo approbation tbat it most undoubt
edly merits.
As tlio motbors of tbo dainty little Lord
Fauntleroys who aro at present exerting a
pleasant inlluenco upon tbo community,
your maternal instincts are perhups moro
dangtiously likely to succumb to tho insin
uating advances of what is in its early days
known as legitimate prido, nud in its later
developments as illegitimate rivalry, than
you yoursolvcs may oven stiHpoct, As neon
bcqiicneo I feel Hint it few words may not bo
cousidoird wholly iiuportiuent, coming as
thty do from au ardent admirer of both littlo
Hlsio and llttlo Tommy, Ilemombcr that I
nav hvth, and am only writing on tbo strict
understanding that I consider Klsio as effect
ive as Tommy, nud Tommy as piecocious us
A great deal of nonsense bos been written
nbout tbo gcuiUB of your children, fond
mothers, tbat might bettor have boon loft
unwritton. Just iniagmo children being en
dowed with tho power to impersonate other
children, wbon tbo knowledgo of tboir own
littlo cntitios can hardly bo said to havo bo
guu. The absurd statements that littlo Elsie
lias genius aud tbat littlo Tommy is a " born
actor " ought to bo at onco effaced from tbo
tablets of Your minds. It is a mischievous
fallacy, as ovcry scusiblo ' ' stago mother "
knows full well.
Asa matter of fact, your children romom
bor that I mean both havo a suecial aptitude
for mimetic tiaiuing, aud their peiformance
iu Mib. Francis Hodgson Buruott's llttlo
play is tho result of this special aptitude ex
tensively and perhaps unduly worked upon.
Hnvv delightful it would bo if wo need only
beliovo tbat our children might bo born
If only tho weary mother in tho ngony of
soothing syrup could but bo made to think
that tho teething cherub might merely bo re
hearsing a littlo situation to bo subsequently
prodmod at a poriular theatre, sbe might go
to lit r couch undismayed. Ifn child were a
boi n actor, would not this bo possible, uud
mould it not bo lo el v? I bear a babel of
material voices misa or i "Yes. divino."
You know as well as I do, Mrs. Lytic and
Mis. ltussell, tbat tbo littlo artistio points
which wo havo nil appreciated in the por
formaucos of your children remember, I
mean both bavo all boon carefully drilled
into their juvenile minds by a judicious stage
manager. It mav spoil tbe illusion to know
that llttlo Elsie's nrtlessuess is no moro spon
taneous tbau llttlo Tommy's boyish enthusi
asm : that they aro both studied. But I say,
lot us spoil tho illusion and get at tbo truth.
Never was the truth moro necessary than at
tbo present timo, wbon two of tbo swoctest
littlo children are having tboir golden heads
' ' turnod " by a foolishly adulatory public,
who liavo beou troatod to absurd stories
about impossible dromatio feats.
No stage manager could afford to roly upon
a child's spontaneity. Whilo it might rondor
a certain passago in a particularly fascinating
mauuer ono night, tbo following night a vory
different result might bo observed. That is
whero tho work of tho stage manager comes
in, and that is whero your olivo branches'
spontaneity goes out.
l'ooplo wonder bowitisthot Buch young
children enu glvo stub delightful accentua
tion to difficult speechos. There is no need
to wonder. Admit you know that, Mrs. Lydo
nnd Mrs. ltutsull. C'onfibsthat youbohevo
that the moro difficult tho speech, and tbo
less intelligible it is to tho child, tbe hotter
will tlio cllcct of tbo trniniug bo seen. I von.
turo to assort that if vour children both of
thorn, pleiiM) had understood tbo full menu,
iug of all they v.ore obliged to Bay, tho btoco
manager's tusk would. bavo been infinitely
moro difficult.
At one timo I confess tbat I was inclined to
laugh at tho fears cutorlnuicdljy many peo
plo that littlo Elsio and littlo Tommv would
bo utterly spoiled by tboir work iu Mrs. Bur
nett's play. As timo went ou I merely Biuilod.
Now I couldn't get up a smiloto save ray life.
Tbo BiibjCct is too cngiossingly serious.
Tbo glamour of tho stage, that most destruc
tive iqmr fatttut, has already haloed tbo heads
of your dear littlo children. (This isn't pa
thos.) Littlo Tommy gets a diamond ring,
nnd wonts it over tho footlights (a diamond
ring v o gods and littlo flsbos I ) Littlo Elsio
is delighted with How era. These children
hnvo merely learnod a lesson, and learned it
admirably. Tboy are rewarded by this crud
est of kindness, aud you. Mrs. Lydo aud
Mrs. ltussell, not only poimit it but if ro.
port tolls truly delight in it.
In addition to this devastating glamour
how many homes has it do astated, I vt oudoi ?
the spirit of resentment lias beou engendered
iu tho breasts of tho children. ' ' I ouly piny
at tho matinee." savs littlo Tominio. "I sup
poso tliov will allow mo to do that." You,
Mrs. ltussell, mav not fool any overwhelm
ing aQection for Mrs. Lvdo, but would it not
bo nswoll, in the effect it might bavo upon
tho morality of your children, if you dili
gently cultlvatod ono auotber nud positively
declined to succumb to petty jealousies,
which must bo reflected iu tho minds
of your children. ltemember that
tho "Llttlo Lord Fnuntloroy" craro
will not last forever, aud tho itni
tativo writers who always spriug up whou
a good thing nppoars will exhaust them
selves. The ilcklo public will lough at tho
chostnutism of "Little Lord Fauntloioy " as
it now smiles nt ' ' l'inaforo " and smirks at
" Hazel Kirko " For onco tbo rlckleuoss of
tbo public will make itself usefully folt. I
coufons that while tbo oxiiuisito work of your
children bas charmed mo tbo results witb
which it bus already boen attonded bavo
sickened mo.
1 urn sorry for slngo children. They havo
mv heortiebt sympathy. They ore kopt at
school just long enough to learn nothing ;
they make a bit iu a pari, nnd remain nt it
until they aro too old to begin their studies
"nt thn bottom of tlio class" with dignity, aud
too stupid to bo allowed oplaro ut tho top.
What is tho roiult i The couutiy is flooded
with a tribe ot uuodueuted "iugc'nues" and
llhteruto "juveniles."
I beard muiio misguidod peoplo pitying
llttlo Bijou Fernandez, because, owing to bor
contract with Ml. Aneustiu Daly, she was
utiiiblo to play ' Fauntlerov. " Is it possiulo
tbat such idiots can lie allowed to utter their
innnities with impunity? Mr. Daly has taken
charge of littlo Bijou and has placed bor at a
fashionable school, llo iB, it is said, dlli.
gently hurrouuding her with overy relluing
lnlluonco aud preparing her to hold nn ouvi.
ublo position upon tho stage. Slin is au ex.
qnisitily ingenuous littlo child, with tbo face
of a thoroughbred. Sho went to tbo Broad
way recently to seo your childicn ono of
them, not both this timo play "Fauntlo
i roy. " I heard a manager ask bor bow sbe
would like to do the pi.rt. "I'd llko It. il it
were pluycd at Daly's," Bho saids "but I
would not llko to leavo bim." Mr. Daly
ought to bavo beard bor. I imagine that oven
ho would bavo smiled. Bijou Fernandez
l must havo been born uudcr a lucky star. Bbo
bus u futuie.
Aud what becomes of tho averago stage
children? Do you know, most fondly cxu.
berant mothers? Thov bavo no interest iu
tbo stage by tbo timo thov aro adolescent, and
coutiuuo their dramatio work bocanso there
I is nothing clso for them to do. There are
exceptions, of courso, notably in tlio cases of
I MUi Miunio Maddorn and Lotto, liul look
'4Uverilcr77 JdA, .
eaniae, 1
at that child actross who nt ono timo was con
sidered a ninrvel -I mean Bijou Heron. Sho
is us charming n llttlo ludy as ovor lived, but
sho has not realized tbo promiso of her early
days. Look at Cordelia Howard, tho original
littlo Eva. When Bbo crow uu sbo could
hardly speak a lino upon tbo stugo witb
proper eilcct. Sbo is now married, socluded
and unstagod.
So, Mrs. ltussell nud Mrs. Lydo, if you
cannot repress your own enthusiasm, seo
thnt it doos not extend to your children.
Toko Tommy's diamond ring from bim. Mrs.
Hussell, and tpauk bim if bo ovor asks for
nnotbor, nnd you, Mrs. Lydo, trv and impress
upon littlo Elsie ovon it you do not beliovo
it yourself tho fnct tbat Bbo is by no means
the ouly charming littlo girl in Now York
City. Let us fcol tbat our littlo Lord
Fountloroys aro as dolightful off as on tho
stage It will heighten tbo illusion and do
any amount of good. Alan Dale.
m ee
... ..
The Ilnunliler of the Wickedest lUnn In
Stcclton on Her llleventli llnv ef Slum
her Her I'nlhor llrrame Intensely (Sooil
nnd (Sot HIh llntiuuter to Join a KcIIb
Iouh Hect Fervor Ciiuuch Her Trnuce.
larrciAL to tdk KvrNivn wonLn. I
HAimissuna. Fob. 11. Tboro bids fair to
bo a formidable rival of Mrs. Emma Alt
bouse, tbo Attica sleeper, in tbo person of
Lillie Bodmer, of Steolton, nonr here.
Sho bas been in a trauco now for olevon
days, opening her oyos only at long intervals
and immediately falling again into a stato of
Miss Bodmor's condition was brought on
by roligious frenzy. At first nothing was
thought of it, a; such ensci wero of frequent
occurrence among tbo peculiar sects to which
sho bolonged. A few hours, though, was tbe
cxtont of tbo tranquility enjoyed by bor co
worshippors. This young lady was tbo daugbtor of overy
wicked father. Ho boro tbo reputation of
being tho wickedest mun in Steolton. To tbo
good pooplo of tbe puritanic spirit bo was
known as ' ' Wicked Jobu."
This most wicked mnu was convcrtod, nnd
to a church of tho most pronounced ortbo.
doxy. He joined tho Church of God com
posed of a sect of tho Dunkard order, and
becamo as intensely good as be was boforo
abnormally bad.
'Ibouho exhorted bis two daughters to
join, and after a supremo effort got tbom
within tbo fold. A week ago Friday night
both " received tbo blessing."
A fow minutes tboroalter Lillio.tboyonuger
ono, fell into a tiance. Her eyes became
fixed and her form as rigid ns though in death.
Ah this condition is a common ono among
"mournorH" when they receivo tho blessing
iu tho Church of God, nothing was thought
of it, Sho remained in tho trauco so long,
bowovcr. that she was carried to Jobu 1'or
tbemoro's bouso, not far lroui the church,
wboro sbo bas luin over since. Sbo bas ro
turncd to consciousness at iuteivulr. but is
unable to stand or seo. Sbo insists tbat sbo
1b iu heaven and thut all about her aro augels.
Sho has taken no nourishment in all that
timo oxcept tho juice of two or tbroo oranges
aud u dish of ico croam. Hor chooks remain
full aud are high iu color.
'Iho most ou nous part of tho phonomonon
is tbat tho girl, who is boldly able to reud,
and who, her father declares, bus novcr, to
bis knowledge. s(ou tbo inside of u Diblo,
because lie never had ouo in tho house until
since bis conversion, in hor conscious
moments sbo refers to chanters in tlio Biblo,
aud will repeat many passages nearly liter
all v.
Sbo answers rationnlly nil questions put to
ber, but frequently whilo tnlkiup; tbo singular
rigor ovorcomes bor, and sbo sinks back into
tbo franco. Ou Thursday she camo out of a
trauco and said: "Auntie will be lieio at 3
Her auut livos in York. No ono expected
bor iu Stoollon tbat afternoon, hut on tho
arrival of tbo tram at tho hour meutionod by
Lillie she apuenied at tho l'urthuuoro House.
Soon afterwards the gill mentioned the uamo
of a neighbor, aud said thut bbo was fetching
bor somo ice cream.
A few minutes lator tho neighbor entered
tho house, and had witb her a plate of ico
Lillie has frequently como out of a tranco,
and said that such and such persons wero ill
iu Steolton, llarrishurg aud other places, and
iuqui'y elinted that Mich was tho fact, al
though tbo girl could havo hud no physical
knowlodgoof it.
Sevorol Harrisburg and other physicians
bavo visitod tbe girl and studied tho case, but
aro uunblo to explain tbo phenomenon by
physical laws.
bho complains of no Buffering, but her
words and the expression of her faco donoto
the greatest pcaco aud hupp ness.
lluudridsof people from the villogo and
surrounding country hnvo flocked to i'otbo
inort's bouso to seo the girl, nud thu pro.
found impression it hns mado is manifested
by tho throngs tbat besiogo Fastor Keofer's
church nightly socking loliglou.
Tbo pastor spends most of his timo at tho
side of tbo liodmor girl. Ho hiiusolf seems
ovorwholmed with what bo colls ou " awful
demonstration of tbo divine spirit."
A Whitney lliitlle Iu it Demi Ilnnil.
Mitmio Hoffman, janltress ot tho lodging
bonne at go Delanecy street, found in tho back
ard this morning tho dead body of an unknown
man. An empty whiskey bottlo wub clasped In
one hand. The man was apparently thiity
yours old, was 6 feet 7 inches in height and bad
brown hair aud a sandy mustache.
I'or Urn l'uriioll Defense.
Tho Irish Parliamentary Fund Association,
which, uudcr the energetio leadoislup of Mr,
Eugcno Kolly, raised in a few months nearly
f a7IJ. 000. is again in the field i aising mouev for
tlio l'arncll Uoense KiimL There will bo a meet
ing at the Hoffman Hoiisp this, oveulnir, where
tho Committee will cordially welcome t friend
aud supporter of the came.
Preparations for tho Grand Opon
ingonFob. 14 Groato3t Display
of Fino Clothing Evor Soon in
Now York Entirely Now Stock.
Thocrentratabllshmentof the London and Ltrsrpoct
Clotkintt Company at the corner of the Bower tit)
Ureter st. reopens on Thursday, Feb. 14. Tbe mammoth,
tore has beon cloned since Ghriatmaa for alteration
which amount really to an entire transformation of th
buildinir. On the day of the opening will be spread bo.
fore the gaxe of the thousands of people who will flock
to the store a maitnlncent and palatial emporium, a
mammoth stock, including some of the most beautiful
clothing in tlio world a eight , altogether, which will b
thu talk of New York for many a day. The first thing
people will seo will be tho grand show windows of the
store on both thellowery and Hester st. Think of a
shlulnjt, brilliant area of solid Trench plate-glass on tbe
ono nide of the store fifty foot, on tho other side thirty
five fiet long, and on both sides fifteen feet high) Yet
this U only to be tho front of the windows. These dar.
tling nhow windows reach back twenty-five feet to the
storo proper, and aro small stores In themselves. They
will be filled with samples of everything In themagnifl
tent Htockof tho More men's and boys and children's
clothing of all conceivable idzes and shapes and styles
and for all ages, alike only tn a uniform excellence,
beauty and durability; hats and caps and gloves, col
lar and cuff, beautiful neckwear, ho ft, silken scarfs,
fino linen, pretty btot kings all that man needs to
clothe and adorn his 1 ody. bkllled designers and
window dreaders are alroady at work arranging tbe
dleplay here in thn most artistio manner. Window
drettsers will do well to study theso windows If they
roally want to e what a beautifully dressed window
Is. The interior of tho windows will be fretted and
curved with rows of hundreds of electHo and lncandes
cent lights. Outside the windows, too, will be a large
number of electric lights in silver frames. When these
are turned on at the first approach of thefnightof Feb.
14, they will make one of tbe moat magnificent specta
cles that tho city bas over seen. The London and Liver
pool Clothing Company only aska an Inspection of these
windows, and of the samples of their stock there dis
played, to convince any one that they have tbe finest,
the most biautlful, tho most durable; In everyway the
best stock of clothing in the citj, and thu contained tn
the most luxurious and palatial store.
This grand btore Is in one of the most accessible parts
of tho city, and people v, ho want to see the opening can
canity got there. Tbe elevated load and numberless
utreet-car lines pass directly in front of the store, and
on tho do) of t he opening there Is mire to be a big travel
over them. Meanwhile, outside and inside the store,
preparations of uncounted kinds aro going on with roar
xcllous rapidity lor the great opening day. Big drays
are blocking the Howcry and 11 enter street, emptying
into tho cellar of the utoro and on tho sidewalk before
it Immense cases filled with the new goods which the
Londo.i aud Liverpool Clothing Company has ordered,
'lhe stock In tho btorewill bo entirely and absolutely
new, not a dollar's worth of old goods being put en sale.
The mills vthoe entirooutput is controlled by the com
pany have been working mght and day during the p&ss
few months to supplj tho large and varied stock which
the London and Lherpool Clothing Company demanded
tor itH grand opeulng, In the cellar of the store now
the great cases of goodu are being opened and unpacked
by scores of men, Iho tioUo of hammers and ripping
hoards made by these men in tho cellar is about as great
as that mado by the carpenters who are repairing the
etore above. The window-dressers aro selecting their
samples. The elevators are groaning under the weight
of goods going upstairs. Clerks and carpenters, artists
and messengers are flitting about, aud all is bustle and
au apparent contusion tbat is in tho highest and truest
sense a busy prosperity.
Mr. noucbcr'H Ilimbautl Elanc for tb.
Second Time wlili Alls Do Luile.
ItPEflAL to tiik r.vrsmo WOBI.O.1
Lowell., Mais., Fob. 11. Louis Uouau&r
eloped with MibS Do Ludo from Rochester,
N. Y. , nbout tho first of January. They
c.tmo to this city and took qunrtors In the
Flotchor block ns huslinnd and wifo,
A fow days ago llis.liouchorNo.l appeared
in this city, accompanied by her three
children, and compelled tho husband and
father to tnlto them to hib homo.
MissDoLude, howoter, was pormitted to
remain with tho family. A few days ajro Misj
Do Ludo packed up her thlucs and went
'J ho following morniup Bouchor left the
homo with his eldebt child, a C'rl of flvo
years, aud has not been Keen since.
Mrs. Boucher afterwards found out that
Mis Do Luce took all of Bouohor's clothe, in
her trunk.
Boucher is a Frenchman, about twenty
nine years of nee. aud Miss De Lude is a
prolty, stylish girl, about twenty-four yeari
Thoir whereabouts aro still unknown.
Tlie Hale lllown Oven and Seven Tbouaand
Dollar Stolen at Amity, Ark.
Little Bock, Ark., Fob. 11. Word ha
just been roccivod hero of tho robbery of the
Fost-Oflico at Amity, Ark. . Balurdoy nicM.
W. C. Hayes, is tho postmtster, and he run
a larso bupply store. When closing the
week's bubiuoss ho had 47,000 boloncins to
hiiusolf and tho Government.
Tho safo in which tho mouoy was koptwaa
blown opou nnd tho funds stolon. The work
in entering tho building aud in blowing open
tho hnlo shows it to huvo been done by
Rkillcd exports, though parties in the neigh
borhood aro suspocted. .
1'ost.olnco iubpectors nnd officers left tblj
morning for Amity. This is tho laxECSt
robbery of post-ottlco funds perpetrated la
tho Souths ebt in years.
Tbo Sunday Director Mny lie BInat Ceato
fe or iet Out lie I Innocent, lie Say.
Lowixl, Mass., Fob. 11 Obcar It. "Barclay,
who was rocoutly dismissed from tho Branch
Stroot Uautibt Church, and in regard to
whose proseneo iu thu Sunday-school objec
tion was mado by tho superintendent hut
Sunday, w as probeut in tho bchool yesterday
with twenty pupils.
Alttr st'houl tho directors hold a meeting,
and it wns decided to ueuiiit Barclay lomeel
with his cla'-s in tho kohool if ho desired to,
but thero was to bo no fellowship with nun
till ho confessed to tho chaises of immorality
and wrung-doing.
llo still proclaims his inuocenco.
I'rrvi'nlliin ol" Cruelty to Mother TbltTIm.
All asent of tho Soekty for tho l'revontion of
Cruelty to Children arrested David Sachs, aew
fourteen, of HO Bast Uioudway, this momlo.
Tho hoy hail been away from Ills home tafj
TliauUHuiMiii: Bay. Lut niubt lie roturneaaaj
nnai rolled with his mother. HtnUntf h".1??-:
loco and othei wine maltreating her. ""
hex Market l'olico Couit ho was held lorn"
Carpet Vibolterer Incorporated.
Tho Carpet Upholsterers' Ausociation filed ar
ticles of incorporation to-day. Tho officers art
.'allies McCnnn, Frtwiilmt; James Dcei:an.YiM"
l'rtsident: Francis O'Hara, Trcasuror; JoM)'
Allen and Daniel II. Hlicchan, BocretarlI
Ucorso West, UerBcaut-at-Arms.
A IlrldRo nt nililiilvbt.
James Utldue.of 1H3 Aveuuo D, was fonndon
Eldrldu-o street at midnight shouting at tho MP
of his lungs, in mortal terror on account of 'J1?
imaginary pursuers. At Bseex Market to-uJ i
was turned over to tho Commirsloncrs ol ytL
ities aud Correction for examination a "

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