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You Should Begin It To-Day. ,..77"?, -T"""" ' "' i 'vHH
( xi n i r il P?S MP Trv- Avorago No. of " Wants " ''3HH
Tlie Conquest of the Air. ptL ??fflS ?A ww sMiwi:!!5!'.o!? isss. ism :H
Z; TrZr . "iBBKBBwi Jaaaaaaaal
A Fund Being Raised to Bring Book
Little Tina Weiss.
Public Expression of Disapproval of the
Law That Holds Her.
Influential People to Cull Upon the S.
1'. C. A.s President.
The Necessity for "The Evenlne World's'
Amendment More and More Apparent
Vraun fry a urtf-JrNouM Bprtvt Court J nJj. J
7, All proceedings under tbii Motion (SW, SOI Ckap.
678, ioiriolrMU, and Chap. 40, laxity 1884), when
a commitment shall have been made, shall be subject to
riTlew bjr an court of record, upon oertlorari on the
ficLaod the law, and in auoh a proceediug the commit
HfQt order or Judgment maybe affirmed or rererned or
modified in such manner aud to such extent as ma aeem
Lit, or a nhearlug of tho charge ordored.
Now that the friends of tho father and
mother of little Tina Weiss, whom the agents
of Mr, Gerry's chnritablo Society captnrcd
and Bent awny to sonio unknown locality,
have interested themselves actively in behalf
of tho heart-broken parents matters are be
ginning to brighten considoiably.
A reporter of The Evenino: World who
called upon Mrs. Kopolowlch this morning
learned from her that subscriptions were be
ginning to coino in rapidly already, and that
if it una found necessary to fight the case in
the courts there w ould lea fund largo enough
to employ tho most eminent counsel in the
' ' At first wo thought that $1, 000 would be
enough, but I think wo will be able to raise
much more than this if wo need it, because
every one whom I go to see has read The
Evenino Would, and tho dotails of tho Weiss
caao aro familiar to all of them.
"Why, only yesterday I went out for an
hour or so and saw somo of tho morchanls on
Broadway whom I know, and whon I got
back to my offlco again I had $30. Everybody
seems kibe stirred up ovor tho injustice that
has been dono and thoy are all glad to help
along so good a cause. If every one is as
successful as I have beon wo will have all we
want In a. couple of weeks."
Mrs.Kopelowich.wbo Bocms to bo tho loador
In the movement for the restorat on of Tina
to her parents, said that to-morrow evening a
big mooting would bn hold at whioh soveral
prominent residents of the east side would
jive publlo expression to their viowa in tho
Mr. Weiss has not been out of town for sev
eral weeks, but bos prosecuted bis business
in the city. He is obliged to remain hero on
account of the feeble health of his wife, who,
though able to attend to her household duties,
has never been herself since her last inter
view with Mr. Jinkcns at tho Society 'suffice,
in Twenty-third street.
As she goes about her household work sho
is continually moaning aud sighing, aud
when sho has nothing olso to do she brings
out the photograph of Tina, which herhus
hand sent to her last Winter, and which she
nlwayg kept with her, and cries over it and
kisses It.
The neighbors, who all sympathize deoply
with the Door woman, say that it is the must
pitltul case thoy ever witnessed, and wonder
is expressed ou every side that a charitable
Society like Mr. Gerry's should have treated
ber with such unnecessary cruelty.
" At least," thoy soy. ' he ought to have
E emitted her to Bee ber child before it was
iken away from hor, especially after sho bad
travelled four thousand miles Dimply to be
with her husband and child onoe more. When
a woman will do this it does not look as
though she had any lack of affection for her
It was stated to-dar that somo very influen.
tial people uptown had taken an interest in
the case, and were about to take active stern
in behalf of tho family. Thoy had been to
Bee Mrs. Weiss and tier husband soveral
times since The Evenino Wobld bad given
Publicity to tho matter, and bad promised to
get permission for tho mother to see ber
child at least.
NVhether thoy will accomplish this remains
to be seen, but as thoy aro represented to bo
personal friends of Mr. Gerry, thoir powers
of persuasion may achiovo that which tho
present law seems unable to do.
The friends of the family, however, and
the parents themselves say thoy will be satis
flea with nothing short of the absolute sur
render of the child.
Assemblyman Connolly on llie Prospects of
"The ETCllIno World" mil.
An Evenino Would reporter called on As
semblyman John Connolly, of the Nineteenth
D.fc ct, at his residence, 61 West One Hun
dred ana Tifth street, to inquire about tho
prospects of The Evenino Would'b bill to
nnU Section 291 of tho Penal Code giving
to tho Supremo Court judges power to review
the coimuitnientsof children to reformatories
"J police magistrates.
"Mr. Connolly, you have given yoursup
lort to The Evenino Would bill, did you
not?;' said the reporter.
! i es --ly D1" was Introduced the same
"But that Mr. Hamilton's was. neither of us
ti i Vi1B tuM tne otuor intended to introduoo
jue bill. So I waived my right and threw iu
my influence to support Mr. Hamilton's bill,
...S,88-'" EvEtLNO WOBLD'B."
. . ' .Prospects are there o' the bill be
coming a law V"
I think that The Evenino Would will, as
u'ual, corn- the doy. Hut I have never
uown a bill which has aroused so xnuou
ureaucratio opposition as this. All the
I fi , pal reformatories in the State are fight
";." tooth and nail. They remludedine
Privif ' "mods fighting for their waning
Ti,.ilie'r on'y argument is one of sentiment.
,,,,? contend that tho discipline of tho msti.
J",onwould be Impaired by the passago of
onf.Sn lav!t aml tu8t w-d pave the way to
p0"1- e litigation. They lose sight of the
Fi,? U.,nolule Evolved In the bill, namely,
liii,. tlle riRht oppeol from a lower to a
i.Sr. r f?urt- wulch every true American
r!ifi old """ed. Thoy forget that only the
5 "la cai eoeroo citirens for causo and after
uue Process of law.
w1,1Bob.eoto- tUB till clearly is to pre.
vtnt any abuses ou the port of the Iuatitu
u.j.1, ,wd.,het' wfauesi is in no wise im
lnn!auAny li',,utlon " oauuot get
imSiTi uo"t,ma!?tl-lnlu-' nl,uses must have
Simstbiug radically wroujr about it. Toe
Jk HAJ.T, iTisns-.i.lfiiftifi-itiii VssWr4i
bill helps Institutions of tho kind because it
Will mako them inoro cautious about the com.
mitment of childrou, knowing thoro was an
appeal to a higher court, Pollco Justicos
would exercise more discretion also if this
bill beoumo a law."
"It is an outrage," continued Mr. Con
nolly, that any agent of a reformatory can
prowl around ond whip off a child without
tho consent of its parents. Thoso agents
often doceivc tho heads of tho institutions as
well as tho l'olioo Justicos. and tho parents
aro not in court. The bill in question will
proteot tho rights of parents and ullow them
Proper voioo iu tho disposul of their own
''The present law is a rello of feudalism
and is nn outrago to Amoncan oitizeus, and I
trust that public opinion will support this
bill of Tub Evening Would. I have no
feeling whatever against uuy of the institu
tions or thoir heads. I appreciate tho good
work they are doing and have no desire to re
strict it.
"llutwhen a thing Is wrong," Assembly
man Connolly ooncludod. ' I think it is a
good thing to right It, and the efforts of The
Lveninu Would to retires this very reason
ublo grievanco by tho passago ot this bill
should appeal to cvory American citizen,
whothcr bo Is a father or not. I think wo
shall win. Tiik Evenino Worn olwavshas
succeeded, and there is no rsason why it
should fail now, even if thero is a tremen
dous opposition from interested parties."
It Appeal to Every Iliitnnrj llenrt.
To Ikr EtUtur oTht Emilna IIWM
I read in 1'riday's Evenino WonLD tho
thrilling story of poor llttlo Tina Weiss. In
all my llfo I have uover read or heard of any
thing so distressing. It is a case which ap
peals to every human heart in the land, aud
that such bold authority aud brutal treat
ment daro be exercised in a civilized and en
lightened country liko Ameiica, and in tbo
vory heart of New York City is beyond my
I know The Evenino Would will use all Its
influence to right this outrage, and I am sure
every good citizen will unito and rise in re
bellion against such coiduct,and then I hope
with tho will of the Almighty it will be a
matter of a short time only when this poor
child will bo restored to her parents.
A Brooklyn Ladt.
Oarolin and Oarlton Battle in the
Tombs Corridor.
Two hollow-eyed prisoners who stand con
victed of murder and are locked up in the
Tombs remained in thoir cells this morning
when the other prisoners were released for
thoir daily oxorciso in tho corridors.
They w ere " Handsome Harry " Carlton
and Frederick Carol in, both of whom were
to bo hanged to-morrow morning, but whose
elocution has been postponed for a short
time by an appeal.
Both men sat In their colls, growling and
grumbling. Carolln took it harder than did
his companion.
They woro kept closo in their colls by ordor
of Deputy Warden Finlay, who is in chargo
of tho Tombs while Warden Osborne is down
South recovering his health.
" They didn't know how to behave them
selves, so we'll keep them locked up till they
learn how," said the acting Warden this
The colls occupiod by tho murderers am
located on tho first tier in the old'pri'on.
Corolin bos been the longest in prison. Ho
was committed on April 10 last for murdering
his wife Bridget.
Carlton murdered brave Policeman James
nrennan on Oct. 20, and has been in tho
Tombs ever since.
Carolin is of a sour disposition and is always
finding fault. Ho occupies cell No. 3. Carl
ton's cell is tbo fourth cell away, No. 7.
It is customary to allow the prisoners to
leave their cells fer exercise in tho corridors
between 7 and 9 o'clock in the morning and 2
and 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
During yesterday's afternoon recess they
got into a dispute which came very near sav
ing the county tho expense of hanging them.
Shortly after a o'otock they left their cells
and began to pace up and down the corridor.
Carolln was in an ugly mood and as he passed
Carlton he called him a vtlo name reflecting
discreditably on his paternity.
Quick as a wink Carlton jumped at his fel.
low-murderer. He has an ugly temper and
he displayed it. liaising his arm, ho planted
a stinging blow upon tho ' ' Dutchman's "
Carolin recovered his equilibrium, and,
raising bis hand, was about to return the
( nmpument, when Keepers Hmith, Casey aud
O'Brien ran forward and separated the bellig
erents. Both struggled fiercely in an attempt to
got at his antagonist, and it required all the
strongth of the keepers to drag the infuriated
niou to their cells.
Commissioner Porter, of tho Department
of Charities and Corrections, called at the
Tombs to-day aud listened to a report of the
llttli' misunderstanding.
He to'd tho Deputy Warden and the keep
ers to keep a sharp lookout over the pair and
was assured that no pains would be spared to
save the crtinials for their punishment.
Clifton Entries for ToOIorrow-.
Clip-ton Back Tuack, N. J.. Feb. 12. Tho
following Is the programme and probable
starters for Clifton raws Wednesday. Feb. 10:
First Itace Parse, S2A0, one mlli selling allow
anoea, llatins, I'-Jll lllecVthorn, 110, Quinc. IK
tit. Ulmo, llfiiUeorge A., llfii Coslello, 116 i Canon.
Icus, lifts VaVlr. 1001b
Beooud Itaoe Purse i'-'SOj one mils selling allow.
aneea, -Wayward. 1U4 Vlgtlenoe.ll&i Freelance, llfti
Tax-Oatberer. ijoi Granite, llfii Osborne, lid, and
Third lUoe-1'urse SS50 seren-elghthe of a rnlls
selling allowances. Olsudsle, llfti TrJII.er Star, 113;
Itnnwpod, JIB I Uounod. 10(H Alfred, 10(1, E.terbok,
joS. Hermitage, 101 1 OarrleO., 100, and Flddlehead,
Fourth Kaoe Puree f ftOOl Handicap; soren-etghthl
of a tmle.-Oeeeota. llUt Hector, li'ii Otld, llli
Mettle Loorem, 100 1 Van, 10(1; Ernest, 104 1 Usury
Oeorge. 101 1 Alan Arohsr, 100 1 LaClefr, 00, and
Dnjplel, lialb
Fifth llaoe-Purae tZnQi sit and one-half furlongs j
selling allowances -LittlsTellow 11., llfii Hoodie, 10U
Fountain. lDUi His Oraee. iuO, Chancellor. lOOi l.or
Ha, 100 1 llowerson, lotli Too Pastor, 100 1 Annie
LleWnt, 100, andMotOullt, 100 Iu.
m m
Sensible People
will have nothing to do with "cnro-alli" medl.
vines that are advertised to cnieeverythinu from
a chilblain to a broken nedk. Head the list of
diseases that Da. FisncE's Goldkn Medical
JJiscovkuy will curei " Affections of the throat
atid ltities. incipient consumption, disordered
liver, soi e throat, bronchitis, asthma, catarrh,
ulcers, tamnrs. and swellings caused by scrofula
and bad blood; lever and ague and, dropsy.
This seems like a onre-all, but it is not.,. This
great. 'Disopvint" will really cure all these
complaints simply because it purine i the blood
upon which they depend, and builds up the
weak places of the body. By druggist. V
Assemblyman Martin, of New York,
Confirms the Boodle Beport.
In Due Tlmo He Will Toll the
Whole Story.
(srreiAL to the ivehiho wonLD.l
AuiANT.Fob. 12. Assemblyman John Mar
tin, of Now York, In open Assembly to-day
created a seusatlon. Ho said :
An attempt had been mado in New York to
bribe him.
It was In reference to tho Assembly celling
Ho dorlincd to give tho namo of the would
bo briber.
In duo time bo would tell all.
tsrxciiL TO tjii ktekiko world.
Tuenton, N. J., Fob. 12. Tho trial of
Austin Wvatt for tho murder of James E.
Cavauaugh was begun hero yesterday beforo
Chief-JuBtiro Beasley.
Much publio interest has beon manifested
in tho riiso and preparations were mado by
Warden Mutrboad to prevent a rush to the
Tho place was packed early and Uie court
yard was crowded with porBonswho bad been
deniod admission.
Tho interest iu tho trial is due to tho pecu
liar circumstances of the killing. Both the
victim and his slayer wero well known and
popular in Trenton.
Tho trouble between thorn arose over tbo
disputod ownership of a worthless old boat.
Over tho question a quarrel aroso and
during tho moleo Wyatt drew a knifo. Cov
anaugli grabbed him by tho throat and choked
bun until he was oonquerod and the knife
fell from his fingers.
Both men wero employed In tho Trenton
China Works.
'J ho priuoipal witucBS for the peoplo is Ed
ward J. Whitehead. He was on tho stand
yesterday and repeated, substantially, the
testimony ho gayo at tho coroner's jury.
In elf cot it was as follows :
"I noticed Cavauaugh coming down the
stops at the pottery Nov. 12. Wyatt had boen
in about flvo minutes. Cavanaugh spoke to
him and asked him how he felt.
' Wyatt rcpliod. ' All right.'
" My back wns turned foramomont, when
I heal da pistol shot. Turning, I saw Cavtt
nnligh falling ngaiust the post. Ho bad his
bead ducked as though trying to shield him
self from another shot,
" I turned to Wjatt and borgod him not to
shoot again. Wyatt then walked to the end
of tho building and tho shop was llllod in a
monioiit with excited girls and workmen."
The defense will endeavor to show that
Oavanauh's death, which did not tako place
until a day after the shooting, was duo to the
surgeon's incompetency.
Thoy will produce witnesses to show that
Wyatt beliovod bo was actiug in self-defense,
as Cavunaugb had a shovel in his hand when
ho addressed Wyatt.
They hope to prove by this at least that
there was no premeditation on Wyatt's part
and that anyway ho is not guilty of murder
in tho first degreo.
Wyatt is a handsome looking young: Eng
lishman and has a wife and child.
Cavaugh's widow and children sat in court
throughout yesterday's proceedings.
Bayard Stockton, with whom Is associated
ex Mayor G. D. W. Vrooin, are conducting
the prosecution. Lawyers Horotio M. Bar
ton and Chauucoy 11. Bcasley are dofending
the prisoner.
It is believed by many that a verdict of
murder in the first degree will bo given.
The Crew of the fltenmer Essno Meet With
a. Thrilling Experience.
Halifax, N. S.. Feb. 12. Particulars of
the wreck of tho steamer Esme, from New
castle for Annapolis, on Half-Moon Bocks of
Shelburne County, have just been received.
Last Tuosday night tho weather wns very
Vad, with a heavy sea and thick, rainy
The steamer's position was thought to be
several miles off Cape Sable.
At 4 o'clock on Wednesday morning, whilo
there was a careful lookout, breakers were
reported under tne lee bow.
JLThfl engines wero reversed, but the next
momont tho ship struck with a heavy shock
and remained fast. The water began to lush
in. and she heeled off shoro.
Tho breakers swept her fore and aft, carry
ing away the port boats and ovorvthing mov.
ablo from the decks. The crew barely
managed to hold on, and it was ovidont that
the steamer vrould soon go to pieces.
The crew acted bravely, although the fire
men and others were Improperly clothed and
buffered intensely from cold.
At daylight, when the shore could bo seen
not far to leeward, the crew left in the star
board boat. They were met by fishermen in
boats and guided through the broakers to the
The Esme had a crew of twenty.one men,
one of whom was disabled by sickuesB.
They lost everything they had on board.
The hull of the steamer Is broken into threo
At Stmt Netr York IloteU.
Q. R. nartnell. of Chicago; T. C. Northcott.
of Klmlra, and V. W. Oothout, of llochester,
are at the Olhey.
At tho Albemarlo are Oliver W. Mink, of Bos
ton; It. Ashworth, of Montana, and E. W.
llogers, of tiew Haven.
J. P. McDonald, of KnoxviUe. Tcnn. : Otto
Block, of llochester, and W. A. Mareau, of Den
ver, are at the Hturtevant
Among recent arrivals at the Hoffman House
aieJ. W. Wellsjr-. of Chicago; August Wcll.of
Loston, and J.N. Soils, of Philadelphia.
W. F. Hopkins, of St Louis; 0. C. Giiman.of
Chicaco; IT. C. Bancroft, of Columbus, O. , and
. J. Gill, of bteubeuvillc, 0 are at the Fifth
Prominent at tho Brunswick are E. J.Baldwin,
of Cleveland; John It. Watson, of Chicago; II,
W. Hibloy, of llochester, and William Diodgat,
of Boston.
Among the Ht. James guests are P. H. Adams,
pf VlrKiula; Charles I Ulead, of Pittsburg; Col.
H. T. Douglass, or Baltimore; J. V. Scott, of
Chicago, and 11. L. Ayrcs, of Boston.
Among the Grand notel guests are CapL W.
W. Wttherspoon, U. 8. A. ; Assistant Engineer
J. P. B. tawrsnoe. U. B. N, E. . rfanna. of
Chicago, vnd 0. H. .Vnlckerbonker, of Jaokson,
There is certainly enough of tho eloment of
oxcitement in tho six-day bicyclo raco be
tween a dozen fair whcolwomen at Mndison
Square Garden to mako tho coutost exceed
ingly Interesting.
The girls, perched on wheels larger than
tho driving wheels of a passonger locomotive,
but light and llimsy as tho air, aro all euger
ness in thoir efforts to outdo each othor
and to gain the plaudits of tho spec
tators, and vv hen it is considered that they
aro riding at a spoed of twclvo to sixteen
miles an hour, and that thoy must, porforco,
bo close upon ono another on tho forty-jard
tiuck, tho danger of mishap is apparent.
At first tho spectators viewed the contest
with apprehensive eyes. A mlsstop on a
trcadlo, the slightest veering from tho path,
a failuro of any part of a machine must result
in disaster.
And it came ere tho rrcond hour of tho rnco
had been completed,. In a moment of care.
lebsueiH Hilda Swallow, the most putito and
Thought the Motion Will lie Ileuled on the
Ground of Illeaullly.
Auoosta, Me., Feb. 12. It is learned hero
with a good degroe of authority that Chief
Justice Peters will deny tho motion of Louis
A. Barker, esq., for a new trial in tho Stain
It Is stated that the law which prevatlod
when murderers wero being allowed an
appeal to tho full Bench for a new trial will
be hsld as annulled slnco banking was abol
ished. But Mr. Barker, as Is well known, at this
session of the Legislature secured in cases of
persons convicted of murder an appeal to
the Law Court, thus allowing three justices
to give a new trial the same as when capital
punishment was the law.
Under this Mr. Barker will proceed tomnvo
for a new trial baioro the full bench, and his
evidence will bo introduced iu July, and in
addition to tho old mass of evidence bo thinks
he has obtained milch that is new and valu
able. For instance, no longer ago than yesterday
he received a letter Irom a Medfield man who
was never heard from before and who savs
that he saw Stain in that town upon tho day
that Barrou was killed.
Mr. Barker will shortly take a trip to Mas.
sacnusetts and to Medfield to look over the
grounds and gather in new facts for presen
tation. This case, already one of the most famous
on record, bids lair to tetain the attention of
the publio for many months to come.
To Live Here, He President or Inn Avenue
C Line, and Otherwise Happy.
Col. Dan Lamont will fittingly pursue his
career by a residence in New York City after
March 4. Instead of being privste secretary
to a retiring President ho will bo a Presldeut
He is to hold that high office In tho Avenuo
0 horse-car line, officially known as tho
Houston, West Street aud Pavoma Ferry
ltallroad Company, whose jigger cars run
from the foot of Chambers street to the Grand
Central Depot.
The Avenue 0 road belongs to the big Phil
adelphia Syndicate, and lltury Thompron,
President of the Syndicate, retires to make
way for Col. Don. 1 he latter w HI also be lu.
terested In the new Trust Company of New
York, of -which -Secretary ffeJrohUd U to bo
I Praaldtnt.
taJS.. Jt-J..,t-'-g InYifll'sfliilflll 1
comely of oil the riders, walking for the mo
ment liy hor uicyolo, permitted tho wheel to
get lu tho way ofthono boliiud hur.
There wero oleten others on tho track at
the time, and It would lako but about thirty
(ticouds for the bluduiot olio to roach her.
Ilnltiu Lewis and Mucglo McShauo woro
cIom' behind MIbs H wallow, coming ou at
spurting speed, and
I MHhl
In less than a twinkling there was a tangled
mass of girls nnd wheels, and vari-oolorod
tights, hosleiv and (nssellod boots wero iuex
tncuhly mixed ou the floor.
Tbo little Swallow was at tho bottom of tho
squirming lieip. Thoro woro a few sharp
feminine shriuKH and cries and then a dozen
strong masculine anus straightened out tho
dainty snarl.
Miss Swallow was unhurt. Tho Irish
Maggio was inn dead faint, and was carried,
limp iu her scarlet mid grcou fleshings, to
ber quarters. Miss Lewis, usido from tho
jar. was nil right.
Thou tho leader in the race. Miss Stanley,
olatcd at her success, essayed a little playing
to tl o gallery, and ramo to griof.
Sho attempted to receive u glass of water
from lier jockuy while sho was ruling at full
s.joed. She got tho glass gracofu ly, but lost
control of her wheel, nnd iu an instant Hho
had ridden into a post and her beavouly Uluo
More Developments in the Market
At tho new West Washington Markot in
vestigation before tho Commissioner of Ao.
counts this morning the first wit
nets examined was Itussell Hoag.
Mr. Hoag is a member of tho
firm of Van Dorcn it Co., aud could not ex
plain why, when bis uncle. Major Cleveland,
of Jersey City, asked for sand permits in
the nnmo of W. H, Hoag ,t Co., they woro
issued in tho namo of Van Doreu A Co.
lUchard D. Brown was recalled and pro
duced tho "boodle" check for $7fi with
which ho paid Joseph E. Carson for his ser
vices iu getting tho location of his stand
Mi. Brown said tint his runaway book,
keeper has not yet turned up at tho market,
and bo bus organized a Bourchiug party to
hunt him up.
William Callahan, on employee of Mr. A.
Vauilerbeck. a butcher holding four stands
In the new market. Instilled that bo asked
Mr. Vanderbcck to mako an application font
stand for him.
All be knew about tho matter was thnt ha
reoeived a stand which is adjoining 'he four
of Mr. Vunderleck and which is uow used
by that gentlemau.
Ho proposes to go into partnership with
Mr. Wuderbcck, so fat as this one stund is
concerned, lu the Spring. .
Tho witness van shown tho signatures to
the applications of Mr. uuderboek and him.
Mlf, aud svvoro that neither woro written by
himself, or Mr. Vuuderbcck.
Mr. KicoU'H indcavor to ascertain If politi
cal lufluenco bad anything to do with Ciilla.
ban's pood fortune n-vialcd the fact that
Mr. Callahan is still a subject of the Queen
o Great Britain.
Mr. Nicoll said that it is strange if citizens
of New Jersey cannot git permits when
foreigners caiu
Itobbcd by III ClerU Willie at Hupprr.
Boston, l'cb. IS, Itaphael Cohen, keiiwr of
a pawn shop at UK 1 Hauour sticct, repotted to
the Hanover streot station last ufght that his
clerk, Joseph Cohen, had loft the store whilo
he (proprietor Cohen) was out to supper. He
aid fSo aud ss.ooo worth of jewelry had beau
taken by his olerk.
form wont ungracefully sprawling on the
Tho llttlo FnglisU champion, Jessio Oako,
ami Klsa Von Bliimcn, the veteran, like a
couple of Jills, "tame tnmbling after," and
Kitty Brown found tint upox of the pile.
Miss Stauloy aud MisB Oakus woro obliged
to rctiro to their quarters to recover from tho
alloclsof the mishap, but not for long.
Mine. Armaindo, tna champion, was vory
faint at midnight. Sho fell luto tho arms of
ber trainer and was removed to hor quarters.
Thoro w ero no other accidents last night, nnd
tho girls tiundled'ou in mad effort to down
each other. Tho riding is giaccful In the
main, though in a brush tho riders doublo up
over tho steering handle and work as If for
ihar life.
Among tbo spectators Inst night wero
Evnnder Berry Wall, Freddy Gobhard, I)om
iuick McCaffrey, Jim Wakely, Maurice Bar
ryuioro, 1M b. Stokes and Donuoy Harris.
During the veulng Miss Louise Fox, tho
Jorsov buttercup, witbdruw and only tlovon
contestauts wero loft.
The sooro in the rnco ot 1 o'rlock this
morning, when tho lucylists rctiied for tho
night, wns as follows :
htanlov. 10 nillos; Baldwin, 9H; Von
lllumen. 03; Woods, '.11; Hart. 8(1; Armaindo,
88; Swollow. M; Lewis, 77; Brown, C'J; Mc.
Shauo, (15; (lakes, (W.
Hut Ills Hmrl Wn I.nrge nml Ills Make.
I'p thai of n Hero.
tirt(Ui to Tur eviNisti would 1
Pottsville, Fob. II. At tho Coroner's in
quest on Thomas Hobln, who wns killed a
fow days ago at Hammond Colliery, a raro
bit of bravery was disclosed,
Patrick Dougherty, Hobiu's loader, was at
work at the gangway when Hobln wont up
into tho breast or chambor to firo a shot. Tho
liolo where tbo uljarga was placed was at tho
top of an eighteen-foot plank olovatcd at an
angle of 75 nogreos.
11ihiu had placod in tho stick of diialiu,
tamped tho hole and lighted the fuse, when in
coming down lie started u great mass of coal
nnd was caught and crushed by uu immonso
boulder against the wall of the breast.
Dougherty lnard his scream, aud, looking
up into tho dark i bomber, saw tho sputtering
fuse Not knowing what had bofalleu his
comrade, but knowing if tbo shot went otf
Hoblu would surely bo kilUd, at tho great
peril of his own life ho climbed tho sleep
plank aud pulled nut the fuse within on inch
of tho powder. Ho found Hoblu later on
with tho life crushed out of him.
Mine Iiispoctor Stein says that in all his
oxpcrieuco ho never saw a bruver act nor
moio presence of mind, and publicly at
the inquest commended young Dougherty,
aud then turning to the crowd offered to
head a subscription to buy him u gold watch
and chain. Tho ritizous of Giranlvillo haro
undertaken to present tho memorial.
The Wealthy Widow .llnrrlri! to the Count
do Caea tie Aaredn lu I'nglnnd.
News comes from Londou tbut Mrs. Gcorgo
L. Lonllard, widow of tho noted turfman
and one of tho brightest lights in Now York
sochty, was married yesterday to the Count
Casa de Agreda, who visited this country last
Summer and was very ntteutivo to tho beau
tiful and wealthy widow,
Tho ceremony was performed at St. Mark's
Church, Torquay, Cornwall, iu tho prvseuoo
of a fahlouuhlo company, after which tho
bride and groom loft for a tour on the Con
tlufiit. 'lue new Countess has a fine residence at 5
West Twonty-ilrbt street, this city, and in.
herded about MO,000 when George L.
Loriltard diod. This is hor third marriage.
Ten Hollars for I.etilac UU Tonuue Waff.
Joseph Kelly, a truckman, was fined 10 in
Essox Market Court to-day for jumping on a
Grand street car last night and abusing Boad
Inspector Jaiuei Couroy.
2 O'CLOCK. ' H
The Man Who Made the Sequel to $M
Byram Anderson's Dream. II..IH
-. -lH
He Might Have Been the Risen Brother of H
the Dreamer. Hl
The Living nnd tlio Dead Alike in Fea. Isssaaal
turn uud In Name. ftfaaBaaael
Tho letter whioh is appended has jnst been 9jsaaaaael
received by Tins Evenino World : isaaaaaal
r,i r. , NkwYoiIK. Feb. II, 1880. ,Saaaei
i i t ""'" "'"'''' Snsaaaaaei
I desire to have the following dream recorded M saaaaai
among thoso which The Bveninu Would is uow 31 saaaaai
publishing. 39 B
lrirr""' mr brother Borne years ago, Jan. 20, H IbbbbbI
Whilo in business in Twenty-fifth street I had aaaaaal
great need or an assistant, anil had often ex- saaaaai
pressed a wish that my brother had lived to be ssaei
With me in my busimrs. .V BBaeaeal
On the night of Hept. 'JH last I dreamed that jH
my bi other walked Into my onlco and asked If I & Saftaeaa
hailn t a position foi him. 1 UU awakened me. M
I ho next ila. Kent. H. I answoied an "ad." 3asHaai
which aptieaicd iu TiikWoulii, of a young man , aeaPfl
tin wanted n position in a real estate oftloe. 1 aeBsl
tel llntr him to call with a specimen of his hand. M saaeaei
Writing. T eaeaeal
hilu sitting at in desk tlio next day, Sopt. 1 aeaeTai
10, thodnor opened and in came a young man "? atU
so evaetly like mv brother In every respect that S sateaei
iiivntinitarily called him by my brother's pame. $ Beaeaei
Atthur. JS i M
i '.""'"""rod. "That Is my name, sir, but how saaeaei
Is It thnt you know me?" 'tKBaeaeai
I then explained to him. It turnod out that JsfsaaaaaBi
his naiiie was tho same as my brother's, Ar- Sfsaati
t hur W. Anderson, and still more strange, Mssaaaa
that even hhi slgnaturo and handwrlU JlsVaaaaai
"fn V?.roi."lB. Kh!0, . Inclosed yon -tHaaaaaa
w ill find the letter pf application and a noto of TMsaaei
Pi v In other's dnted Nov. UP, lHHg, showing 'jsaaei
how eiaet tho signatures are. Meaaaaea
Iroudtlieui as proof that my statement U Jaaaaaaai
tiutliful. lourstruly 11, W. Anueuson. laflaaaeaei
4. Broadway, Iloom 108. saaaaaal
Bvron W. Andorsou, the writer of the Jaaaaaaaa
nbovo lettor, was f ouud in his office by ft re. ''laasaaaa
porter of The Evenino WonLD. He Is in the iBaaaaaa
real estate aud Insurance business. j-i- 'saaaaai
"Tho facta as stated in my letter, "said aaaaaaaa
Mr. Anderson, " aro porfectly nnthentio, and aaaaaal
I think the scries of coincidences as thero ZlSsaaaaal
related Is tho strangest that I over saaaaaael
heard of. I have not yot rccovared from the Haaaaaaa
shook whioh that first sight of tbo voung man Ssaaaaaal
gave mo, although it happened nearly six 'IsLaaaaaal
months ago." ''aaaaaaa
' ' Was tho rcsemblanco so porfeot, then ?" Oiaaaaaa
" Well, 1 have heara ot doubles and I Uasaaeaa
havo scoii twins so exactly alike that yon JlvjBBaaa
could not tell thom apart but thia iaaaaaal
was a caso of au exact Image. USaaaaaa
I had tho fnco of my brother in mind all that Sftaaaai
morning for having drcamod of him so '4H4aaaaB
recently, and when I turnod nround to tell 3 .H
my caller to Bit down I oould feel my hair vl H
bogiu to riso and cold chills rau up and down m JH
mv back. Tl H
" it was tho same woll-built figure, for my 1 H
brother Andrew was a good deal of an aih- M H
lote; tho same oxprcssion of face, the same : j Jsaaaa
black hair nnd mustache aud I could swear Hssaaaai
to tho very twist of the latter that it was my aRgaaasaa
own brother who stood before me. -JsQaaaaaa
" I was going to take him up to my mother, , nsfsaaaa
hut upon reflection I thought hotter of it and fflaaaaai
docidod not to do so, for tlio effect upon my- 'iftLsaaaaal
self was bo powerful that I was afraid it ijaaaaaaei
might otlect hor moro seriously." 'aaaaaal
" Did you employ the young man ?" saaaaaei
" No. I could not bring myself to do that, 'kaaaaai
for tho whole thing seemed so uncanny that rlaaaaaaei
1 could not bear to see him around. saaaaaei
About two weeks after ho came in H
that morning, upon my advice, he ''JUaaaBaeeal
started West for Kansas City. I 'saaaati
gave him a letter to the agent in that city ot aasaaaaei
tho Adams Express Company, of which I had aaaaaal
boen n correspondent for many years, and I , 'fJuaaaaal
heard soon afterwards that mv brother' .aaaaaei
doublo had obtained a good position in a if jH
bank of that city. -i aaaei
" Ho wroto mo himself, and I have had '; HH
soveral letters from him since he estab. 3 )H
lishod hiiuBolf in Kansas City thank. n jH
lug me for what I did for him. He) 'Maaaaai
had a photograph of my brother and Waaaaeal
will soon send it back, togethor with one of 'Maaaaai
hisowu. I wish I had them hero now to shovs Jtlaaaaaa
you, for the likeness is striking." 9i aaaaai
" Do you know anything of his anteoe- - 'Sfaaeaaai
dcnthl1" HaHaai
"I only know what he told me that hot vtaaeVSai
camo from Glasgow, Scotland, to make his "laaVaal
way in this country, for his family had been Itf saSH
broken up by doaths. He had only been in Saaaaai
this country two weekB when ho advertiied. 'M saaaaai
and he said ho wanted to go to some live and iaH
growing L'ity. WseaenBai
" I declaro. it seems to be almost a dream JaVeaeaaai
to me uow. That I should have mistaken yfaaaaaa
him for Arthur before I oven knew bis name. 7!aaaaaa
and thou to find that his name was idontl-al 'Msaaaaai
with that of my brother, almost stupefied 'gsaaaai
mo. Aud then the dream, too! I am not at 4laaaaBei
bollevor lu signs and omens, but this was a, 7 gaaRsa
little too much, and I must confess that I waa J' ntai
rattled. 3
" 1 found out, too. that thero was only two vj
mouths and two days' difference in the agea ;
of my brother and this Andorsou, which araaaTaaa
makes tho coincidence still more astound. ? rVeaei
lug." !(
The fac s'miles ot the signatures of the two BH
Arthurs ore given, so that our Evenixo) kL B
WoriLP readers may note tho striking ami. S mM
larity in tho handwriting : M
J! aaaaaal
iff aaaaaal
The lower autograph is that of the dead ? aH
brother, taken from a note, lhe upper hi J IH
that of tho living Arthur. 'aaaemai
Mr. Anderson, who is about thirty years of M H
age and was younger than his brother Arthur, j! H
said that many of his friends would voucU If saaaaai
for tho perfect acouraoy of bis story. ' '1 saaaaai
He had told it to many of them, 4 saaaaai
and they all thought it thd ' j-l
most siugular thing they had 'iaaaaati
ever heard of; but ho did not thluk of giving; laaaaaei
it to the publio until his attention was called Haaai
to the Dream Tournament started by Tiu 'aaaaaai
Evxnikq Would. -', '7jH

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