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Ths Giants Gall the
Hoosier Boys This
Only the Batteries Changed for the
Second Con e:t
Indianapolis . 3
New York a . 7
New York , 5
Indianapolis . . 6
Bt. Oeoboi, Mar 80. Memorial Day in tho
afternoon and tho second came of t ha dr be
tween the Oiants and Hooslers.
I The morning gamo was not inch as the pat
rons of the New Yorki are accustomed to aee
them pnt up.
If Hatfield had been properly supported in
the field he would hare won the same; but tho
ficldwork of the Giants was at times of a very
listless, not to tay lazy sort, and their errors
were sandwiched in with thoir opponents' hits.
Those fond hearts therefore that hoped for
four straight were disappointed.
One short half hour before tho time for the
afternoon same to begin, everything on and
and about the srounds was as lovely as a Bum
mer's dream.
The sun sbono warmly, the breezes were soft
and uncertain, tho sky had just that tinge of
dark blue running into the lighter that the eyes
of a ball-player love to dwell upon.
Small boys ran riot over the diamond, chasing
impossible dies knocked from the player'
Tho reporters, refreshed by a hearty lunch
tendered them by Manager Mutrie, were in cen
tre field, unconsciously imitating the small boys
in front of the stand. ',
The grand stand was fillod to overflowing with
its expectant human freight and the bleacheries
were well flocked by people.
Then all of a sudden a ohange occurred.
A few fresh puffs of air, a quick appearing
aloud and then fast falling drops of water put a
damper on the whole outfit.
The players fled for shelter, some to the club
house, while others improved a cabin or lean
to by placing boards at angles up against tho
fence in centre field. .
The oooupants of the bleacheries, for the most
part, fled from their rain-struok resting-places
and suddenly became empowered with an over
whelming desire to swell the coffers of the home
club by contributing 25 cents for tho sake of
crowding the grand stand.
The shower lasted for fifteen minutes and
then at the stroke of the GlanU' practice bell the
clouds, aa if pulled by strings worked by Man
ager Mutrie, poshed apart and allowed a strug
gling and suffering sun to get in its work on the
wet grounds and the outraged feelings of the
The great crowd present, numbering nearly if
not quite 8,000, roso to its feet and applauded
old Solas he made his smiling appearance at
A change of batteries was the only way in
which the clnbs differed their appearance from
the morning game.
'Everything at the commencement of the con
test angured well for an enthusiastic game on
the Btaten Island grounds, for big crowds will
ntbuss, no nutter what is done by the con
testants. The batting ordart
new tosju rxniAWaroLis,
(lore, c f. Beery. If.
George, r. f. Glasscock, s. u
llichardson, Sh. 11 in ex. lb.
e (Jpniior, lb. Penny, 3b.
Ward, s, s. Hull'.vau. c. f.
Oikmrk. L L I)iley r.
Whitney. 3b. MeUesehr, r. t.
Brown, c. Bassett, 2b.
Welch; p. Iloylr, p. ,
Murphy, extra. Whitney, extra.
Umpire Mr. Lynch.
Tlio Usn,
Contrary tn their ctiitom heretofore the
Oiants this afternoon took the Held and sent the
visitors to th bit.
The Boosters' turn at tho stick wan short and
not productive of much.
Beery struck out.
Glasscock, looking dangerous, but proving
harmless, sent out a high fly to Ulcbardsoi ,
ami O'llourko captured a fly sent binibylHuos.
No runs.
oot to TniBD. itirwjtr.
Gore led off for the Oiants in a manner auspl.
tfous, hlit fast leaping grounder skimming past
Mines' legs and lolling so far into right field
bat Goro wan enabled to rcsch third.
George then went out at first on a brilliant
' assist by Bassett, and ltlchardsons pop fly was
collared by Glasscock.
Coasor, hovertr. was uUn first and stole
second, but on Dalley's throw-down Gore tried
to score and was caught between third aud
home. No runs.
Ward's protty assist on Denny's grounder
provoked muoh enthusiasm.
llichardson, howover. fumbled Bulllvan's
grounder to suoh an sxtont that the runner got
He took seoond on Dalley's out at first. Rich
ardson assisting; but that was the end of his
rope, for Welch took caro that McGeachy's
grounder should arrive at first ahead of any
thing else. No runs.
As a dangerous customer, Ward was send to
first on balls, and promptly repaid the implica
tion by stealing seoond.
After a good deal of fussy delay on the part of
the Hoosier battery. O'itourke rolled a grouuder
to Boyle and was declared out at first
On the retirement Ward sprinted to third, and
a moment later, on Glasscock's difficult assist of
Whitney's grounder to first Ward scored.
Bassett then made a wonderfully pretty one
hand stop of Brown's liner and assisted the Call,
fomlan out at first. One run.
Ward fumbled Bassetfs grouuder. so that the
latter reached first, but J. Moutgomery then
4. chucked the ball
jrtP "en kuocked to him by Mc-
'""' j Goachy to Richardson
BE in time to force Mc-
. SMte'sK Geachy t second, aud
5ls7A Danny, with a snap of
5; njLv l'l' wrist, turned the
Qi ""dW ball In Connor's dfrec-
lSo ssrfsfr tton.ltogerreceivingthe
"CST'' sphere in time to com-
plete tho double.
CWfotfJ'Mai'" Gore brought the half
to a close by squeez
bassett nocnLKD up OS jus Bosle's fly. No
M'OKACHV'B HIT. ' " ""'"" ""
Tho Giants' half aroused moro enthusiasm, but
was equally unproductive of scores.
After Welch had struck out Goro sent a yell of
delight up from the stands by driving a single
to centre and thon littlo Georgo called forth
pandemonium by banging a fly to right, which
McGeachy, desplto his boat efforts, could not
llichardson popped a fly to Bassett, and a
mighty sigh swept through the air. for two were
Connor came to bat. and after some shilly
shallying was given four bolls.
A full house thus greeted Ward, but his best
was only a grounder to Benny and an out at
first No runs.
GlasscocK set his myrmidons a good example
by whopping a safe one past seoond.
He gained that base on Hlnes's out at first.
After Denny had gone out on a long fly to
O'BourkeCapt Jack called down much hand
clapping upon himself by making a clean steal
of third. ,
Sullivan heard four balls called, and then took
Not satisfied, ho lighted out for the bog No. 2.
Pile arrived thero in safety, but only to find
that his running mate, Glasscock, had been
caught by tho combined aud frautio efforts of
llichardson. Brown. Weloh. Whitney and Ward,
between third aud homo, while trying to score
on Brown's short throw to Blchsidson. No.
In their half of the fourth the Giants failed to
better their store.
O'llourko was the first victim, his high foul
falling iuto Dalley's hands.
Whitney was swamped by a grounder to
Brown, though he ran like a burnt cat, failed
to beat bis slow grounder to first No runs,
nrrn ito hoosiebs' vibst tally.
Daily began this inning by slamming a safe
ono to right.
McGeachey, after several unsuccessful at
tempts to bunt the ball, slashed a hot bounder
to Ward, which, bounding badh, passed the
fielders as though propelled by lightning.
Dally on this hit took third.
Bassett sent up a fly to short centre which
Gore got under all right, but which he muffed in
a most slovenly way.
The error allowod Daily to score and Mc
Geachy to take second.
Ward thon mado'a master play.
Ho allowed Boyle's pop fly to fall to the ground
in front of him, and then picking up the ball
threw it to Richardson at second, forcing out
Bassett, and Richardson sent the ball to third in
time to cause McGeschy's out.
This play pulled the Giants out of a no con
siderable bole, for im
mediately following it I t.
came Seery's foul out rLJn"
to Connor and the end X. J
The great crowd soL-TVsssslt
shouted their delight in JryS
an iusane manner, and HB
in the turmoil e,ven the AffHMBf
voices of thehawksters pQJiS
were drowned. One s0KmsJ0')
For the Giants, after Welch bad been retired
at fln-t, Oore gained his base through Denny's
error and took second on George's spanking
single to oentre.
Then came Richardson, and the four balls
which he received filled the bases.
Connor was received with every mark of de
light, and tho single he sent to right, and which
brought home both Gore and George, untied
the throats of every man, weman and child in
that 8,000.
Ward bit to Boyle and Blchardton was rnn
down between third and home; but during that
performance Connor had taken third aud Ward
Sir JimO'Ronrke, freshly cut as to his hair
brought both his fellows across the plate by
driving a beaut to centre, and the shouts grew
in volume.
O'Rourke gained second on 'the throw home
s id took third on Whitne) 's si illce. but he was
loft there uu Welch's out, Glasoock to first.
Four ruu Q
Glasscock's little fly was tenderly pressed by
Mickey Welch soaked the ball into nincs'a lift
arm. and after a few contortions expressive of
agouUcd feelings the Hoosier baseman took
Ho then took a small And mean revenge on
Mickey by stealing second, but Denny, Mighty
Denny, fanned the air, and llichardson attended
to tiullh an's grouuder. No runs.
Big Bill Brown knocked a little pop fly to Bas.
sett and then sat down.
, Welch craoked a safe lilt to centre and upon
reaching first proceeded to show how good he
was feeling by slapping lllne s on the back.
Mlokey's friendly taps must have been more
forclblo than funny to Hlnes, for he turned
about and proceeded to remonstrate, but Mickey
heoded him not, and with a gay and festive
wave of his lily-wbito hand he 'rotted off to
second Just as Gore got first on balls.
George's grounder to Glsssoock forced out the
charming pitcher at third, and. as Richardson
lapped a grounder to Denny and went out at
first, Miokoy slowly resumed the box. No runs,
Gore with great determination closed his
hands about Dalley's lino fly, and O'Rourke.uot
to be outdone, proceeded to greedily devour tho
same sort of a ball hit by McGeachy.
Bassett rent an easy fly to Gore. No runs.
The Giants' half of tho seventh Ward inaugu
rated by biding a beauty to right for oue baso.
O'Rourko mercilessly duplicated his brother
counsellor's hit and Ward flashed hlmsolf
around to third,
O'Rourke purloined second, and both lawyers
came home on a timely hit by Whitney.
Brown's bounder, well stopped by Glasscock,
caused Whitney's out at seoond, and then Denny
got a round of applause by making a veiy neat
running catch of a foul fly from Welch's bat.
Two runs.
Connor stuped Boylo's grounder just on the
foul lino and touched first
Beery went out because ha couldn't beat
Ward's throw to first.
The contrary happened to Glasscock, for from
his grounder Ward threw a trifle wild.
A wild throw by Brown allowed the runner to
reach second, and ho came home in a walk on
Hlnes's two-bagger along the left foulllne.
Denny pushed a clean single to right ana
Ulues ran to third.
Denny made a break for second, hut Brown's
throw to Ward caught htm. One run.
Gore got In a single to right Sullivan made
a brilliant catch from George's bat and Bas
sett received Richardson's pop fly:
A wild pitch advanced Gore to second, but
Glasscock grabbed Connor's fly. No runs.
Sullivan hit for two bases to contre.
Daily went out, Richardson to Connor.
Sullivan taking third.
Brown made a great catch of McGeachy's
Bassett hit to right for a base and on George's
error reached toird, Bulllyan scoring.
Boyle filed to Ward. Ono run.
IndllntpolU 000010011 n
Now York ....... 01004020 -7
BtM Hits-Nr Yorn, 11 : Indianapolis, 6.
Krrots Nsw York. 7. Icdlsnspolia, 2.
Earned Bans New York, 3 i Indianapolis, 0.
National League.
Boston O 00101020-4
Oblotto O 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 t- 2
btttcrlM OUrksun ana Bonnetsi HutohuisoQ ana
oomniers Urrplre Mr fiarnum.
Philadelphia 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 0-4
Pltuburc 3 0 a 0 2 2 (I 1 -01
Daitories Dnfflnton and Olemonts, Htaltj and Mil
lor. Umpire Mr. Currr
Afternoon game at Washington postponed on
account of rain.
American Association.
at rHiLArJiLrniA.
Athletic 00022020 0-0
Cincinnati...... 0 0 0000010-1
Batteries Coleman and Roblnsont Viau and Baldwin
Umpire Mr. Coldsmltn.
Baltimore, 112010 3 0
Ksntas Citjr,,,, 000 0 0100
Batterlts Kllroy and Tata; McCArth and Hoover.
Umpiio Mr. Ferguson.
Atlantic Leaane.
Worcester 0003301 00 6
Lowell . .... 0 0001 0000- 1
Batteries Stafford and Terrisn 1 Buulraa ana
Ounnaso. Umpire Mr Maanlos.
Wllkesbarro 0 0 02 00
Euton 1 0 0 0 0 I
Batteries Jecors and Williams I uandlbos and
Illnes Umpire. Mr Curcoran,
New Haren 0 0 1
Hartford 0 10
uattriea-Sworbch and GauUI , O'Connell and Moo
llo. Umpire Mr. Clinton.
Even a eevea-ralamn pane does not anf
Oce for "The Evening World's" sporting
nen to-nlalit.
Keporte of the racing nt (ravesend the
morning New Yorb-Indlanpolla came, the
morning Tlrooklyn-Ht. Lonla game and
otber games throughout the country, to
ether with much general sporting Intolll
aencr, will be found an the Inside pagra,
" The Evening World " Sporting Extra
presents to-day more live eportlnar news
tban ever appeared In an afternoon paper
before In tbe history el Journalism,
Amateur Tlaaeball Notes.
White Stars challenge clubs under twelve
years. L. Mendelsohn, DO Greenwich street
Allertons, 10: County Fairs, 8.
Willainets challenge clubs under fourteen
years. P. Hubschmitt. 40tl Eai Flfty.secoud
Four good players wanted. J. McGIU, 117
Sullivan street.
Kohlman Club challenges clubs under fifteen
years. A. Woods, 107 Adelplil street, Brooklyn.
l'acifics. of Brooklyn, 12; Red Stars, of Long
Island. 10.
Mlneolas. 0; Young Fricndlys. 2. Challenge
clubs under teventeen years. J. Greene, 070
Eighth avenue.
Mickey McCrohans, 21; O'Donnell's, 0.
Young Umbrlans, 2; Liberty Juniors, 1,
Narrlelcss, 30; Oakcs, 0.
Players wanted under sixteen years by the
Centennials. J. W. Davis, 02 Gansevoort
Comet. Junlors.chsllenge clubs under fourteen
j ears. SV. Methrook, 01 Tenth avenue.
Volunteers challenge clubs under seventeen
years for Memorial Day game: Msrseys, Rod
ne s or Eureka preferred. L, Ueary, 243 Bed
ford avenue, Brooklyn.
Unions, 12; Jumbos, 0.
Dauntless, of Yorkvlllo, 17; Irving Juniors,
oflremont, 14.
Osoeolas, 10; Battey. 3.
A uniformed amateur club wants a manager
J. I.arkiu, 110 Central auuue, Jcncy City
Auburns, 11; Young Unicorns. 10.
Lexingtons challenge clnbs under seventeen.
M. DeLeeuw. P. 0. box J, 3 14.
Corks, 1,1: Alaskas, 7. Tbe Corks are a uni
formed club. Challenges to J, J, Collins, 1U7
Washington street
Young Independents. 21; Centre) Juniors, 7.
Challenge clubH under fourteen. T. Connolh,
147 Baxter street
Crescents, l."; Stivers Coach Company, 3,
I.eos, 0; llutlands, o.
Young Hanover. 11; Champions of Thirti.
ninth street, Brooklyn, 0, Challenges to 11.
Meyer, liu Pearl street
Black Birds challenge professional clnbs under
twenty-five. Pitcher, catcher and first base
man wanted. J. Fitzgerald, 343 East Fort),
eighth street.
Hibernians, 18; Young Hamlltoui,, 10.
Sho Beats tho Shamrock To-Day
by 6m. 7 4-6s.
& LoDg Delay and Llfit Dreezo Before
the Start.
They Shake Out Their Snowy Sails In
a Seven-Knot Breeze.
Isricui. TO TBE avixiKa woatn 1
Labcumomt Yacht Club, N. Y,, May 30.
Tho yachting season was ushered in with a
boom to-day. The most important event was
the rsce here betwoon tho well-known sloops
Shamrock, owned by J. Rogers Maxwell, and
Titania, owned bj Col. Oliver Iselin, which has
attraoted snch nl 'cspread attention of late.
Both jachts belong to the fleet of the Now
York Yacht Club aud are, In the 70. foot class.
They will undoubtedly eutor in the trial races
to determine tho defender of tho America Cup,
and the fact adds to the Importance of to-daj's
race, which is the first of a series of matches
betwien boats In this class.
1 he presont match was arranged by the Larch
mont Yacht Club and uas for a trophy valued at
$7A0, in which both yacht owners arc. interested
to the extent of t230. tho remaining pait being
added by the Club.
Tho details of tho race were under the manage
ment of tho Regatta Committee nf the Club, of
which Mr. E. J. Orcacon is Chairman.
Tho opening of the (lav was not cry pro
pitious. 1 he mist Mas very heavy, but as tho
morning worn on tlio sky began to clear and tho
lfiO jaclitsmen representing the Larchmont,
New York, Bcawanhaka, Corinthian, New Jeirey
and New Rochclle aclit clubs, who camo to see
the race, looked to windward with a doubtful
The wind was binning a ten-knot breeze from
tho northeast and was highly charged with
The Shamrock and Titania were early on the
scene, v. ith mainsails shaking in the breeze aud
both tugging at their anchors. Tbe Titania was
in charge of ('apt. Haff, of Volunteer fame,
while Capt. Smith carried out tho directions
given him by Mr. Maxwell.
When waiting for tho mist to clear away the
two j achts were measured to accurately deter
mine tho number of seconds time allowance the
Titania, the larger ot the two by a few feot,
would hae to ghe.
'1 he course co ered a distance of twenty-se en
miles, from the Larchmont club-house to and
around a stakeboat anchored in Hempstead
Harbor, thence around stakeboat anchored half a
mile southwest of Stamford Harbor lighthouse,
and return by same course.
The start whs announced for 10.30, but the
crowd stood around until afternoon waitiug for
it to clear.
At 12.10 Mr. Oreaccn announced that the
start would be made In twenty minute. J'y
this time tho atmorphero had cleared, but tno
breeze had lessened its force, so that it scarcely
blew seven knots. Tho yachts crossed the line
as follows:
H. M . II. U
Titania 1 20 Shamrock 1 30
The rsce was an exciting one throughout
There was a stiff breeze blowing at the rate of
thirty miles an hour.
Tho following table shows tho time and finish:
Start, 1.20.8 1-5; Heraatcad. l.fi.1; Stam
ford, 2.4fi.l5 4.5; IlemsUad (return). 4.01. 22;
finish. 4. 17. 4' 3-5. Elapsed timc,2.49.35 2-5.
Corrected time, 2.40.35 2-5.
Start. 1.20.17 4-5: Hempstead. 1.56.14 3-5;
Stamford. 2.40.15; Hempstead 'return),
4.011.18 1-5; unlsh. 4.25.20. Elapsed time.
2.50.32 1-5. Corrected time, 2.55.43 1.5.
With a time alluwanco of 40 fccouds, Titania
won by 0 minutes, 7 4-5 tecond.
What might have been a very serious acci
dent, but which resulted in tbe injury ot but
one man, occurred at tbe Manhattan Beach
and Long Island Railroad Junction, at Atlan
tlo aenuo aud Vesta street, at 3 o'clock this
A a train of empty cars was being backed
down the Long Island road a train on the Man-
fiattan Beach Railroad, consisting of five cars
aden with oxcnrsioiiieU, crashed into the empty
Cars and locomotivo were wrecked, but, al"
thongh considerably shaken up. tho passengeie
were- uninjured, with the single exception of
Edward Docli. of 07 Hicks street, Brooklyn,
who jumped aud suffered a severe contusion of
tho hip.
Tun League,
rri p
Wo lo4l. ffl I , We. tot. eewl
Boston. .... IB t) ,750'Chlcaso ,.13 15 .404
PbU'a'p'ia. 10 O .040 Plttiburw .. 11 17 Sol
.New Yorn. ill 11 .50 1 IndlanspV 0 17 .340
Ulerelend.. 10 13 .552 Wash'nst'n 0 17 .'Ml
American Association.
"'I rm
Wan lott runt Wen, Xa 0nt
Bt. Louis. .. 2(1 J) 701Athletlo .III 15 510
Brooklrn , 'M l'J 000 Baltimore 15 If ,4n0
UtncinnstL 21 15 ,58.1 (olumbue.. 11 "2 ,311
Kans'sCOrlS 10 .520iUUillo . rt 2u !uji
Atlantic Association.
rri r,T
Won Loit. rtif Won T-t, tint
.Terser City 15 6 750'Newsrk .. 10 10 ,600
Hartford 15 7 ,tW2Iwell. H j'J .400
Wllkesb're. U 7 .Ma Kaston 7 ' ..118
Worcester, lU it ,5UllNew llaien 2 17 ,100
A Year Ago To.Ilay.
P'r m
Won. Loit rrmt Won to$( rmt
("hlcuo Ml 7 750 rinelnnstl, J3 7 ,7Htl
Boston , 1H 'i ,000 Rt LAUle., IK 7 fan
New York.. 15 1 570 llronklin 'il 0 718
hetroit , 10 5 571 Athlotlo . 1.1 14 .481
fbll'dlp'ia 12 'I 4R0i Baltimore, Vi 15 1444
Pittabors . 11 i ,440 UiuUtllle I) 21 .310
Ind'nspolU ft H ,'ttllrieteland . I V1 .110
Wasblnsl'n O 21 .2'Ksns's Cltr 7 20 .X'jl)
Mpaln'a First Trial bv Jury.
Maprip, May 30, The first case of trial by
jury took place liero jratertlat. Tlic rotirt-rraun
was crowded with liicmt-ersot tho bar and other
spectators of the novel scene.
Facta About he Erbo.
(Vvm (At ttinahamton NfptibKenH.)
" What is on echo ?" asked tho teacher of
tbe infant clss-i.
" I 's what .vou henr when you shout," re.
piled n youngster.
" 1b it caused by a hill or n hollow ?" ncain
asked tho leiicher.
" llo'h," wss the ready reply.
" How KOf"
" Tho hill throws back the holler, "
1. f Fast Train to Washington.
R Hie arerue time of trains to Washlnrton and Baltl
V re via Itew Line Jereef Ontral. Reading and B snd
B ) Is (sstsr thsii ia tuj other route, Utstraa toot of
Tk petty st. .
Openinc Day of the Amerioan Jookoy
Olub'a Sprine: .Meeting
OTer Twenty Tbonsand People Witness
tbe Exciting Contests,
Diablo Wins tho Withers Stakes
After a Close Raco.
Eurui Get the Decoration Strikes by
Two Lengths.
Flrenzl Walk Over the Course Amid
LouJ Cheering.
fsrrriAi. to t Kvamwd wmu )
Jerome Tabk, May 30, Fully twenty thou
sand peoplo Journejcd to Jerome Fark to-day to
witness tho openlnu day's races. Never beforo
has tbe betting rltm and grand stand been so
uncomfortably crowded.
Tho club.lmiiso and lawn were crowded with
ladles and gentlemen, and the gay costumes of
the gentler sex added considerably to the bright
ness of the scene.
Jerome looks about the same as it slwajs did.
Tho grand stand has been paluted aud presents
Tho paint, however, was dry, and thoso who
inltol tlio track on the opening day last) car
aro duly thankful that this titno they "ill not
carry away any of tho paint on their clotlus.
Tho betting ring has bicn enlarged considera
bly aud Its length oxtendod fifty feet. Kevcnty
bookmakers hold forth thero and offer such
tempting odds that Individuals fell oor each
other In tlitlr efforts to "get on to tho good
lhe old-fashioned system of mutuel pools U
still In vogue, but tho now system to be worked
by electricity nill bo put in ucxt week.
Hundreds of carriages dotted the lawn behind
the club-house, and hundreds mnio were 'fen on
top of tho hill over the course, where a full view
of the track can be obtained.
The track nas In perfect condition save for the
dUFt. Tho occupants of the club-house got their
' peck of dirt " with a vengcanco to-daj, for tbe
hoofs of tho nying steeds kicked up clouds if It
aud tho breeze sent it directly into their faces.
Deiond this It was all that could be desired.
The only new features at the course is the ban
ner which stretches across the track below the
judges' stand and the bugle blower. Jerome
heretofore bas always summoned and started its
horses with the bell.
The Judges of the day were C. C. Whitley.
August Belmont and J. ODonnor. Thotlmcis
were Cspt. Connors and B. A. Haggln.
To tell who were there would be an impossibil
ity. Bome of Jje.nio,kpromiu.nt, lionLOiar.
were August Belmont, Jr-JlHuter, J. 'ODonnor,
A. J. Oassttt. J. Oalway. Chas. Whitley. J. Jl.
lveene. W. M. Connor. J. O. K. Lawrence, J.H.
llraidtord, O. Boffin jr., V. SI. Hare, II.
O'Brien, A. Hunter. B. A. Haggln. A. M.linck,
J. II. Brtslin, C. Bathgate. M. lteillv. Eugene
Kelly, J., Ilogor Its or, J. Langfeldt, John
Chambcrlin, lkrry Wall and " Wash " Connor.
Tho first race was scheduled to start at 2
o'clock. It was twentj.flve minutes after that
time owing to wretched railway facilities before
tho hoi ses were giveu the gooff.
It was a raco on the Titan course nf 1,400
yaids. Balbtou was installed taioritc, with
Bess, on the strength of her performances in
Baltimore and Washington, a second choice.
Ballaton was never headed and won a try easily
by a couple of lengths. Bess was second.
Die Juvenile Htakes for two-year-olds was the
first stake event to be run off.
Druldess, ono of the Morris's flllys. jumped off
in the lead and was noer headed, winning in
hollow style by two lengths from Devotee,
Tho next event was a walkover for l'irenzl.
This is her first appearance, this year and the
spectators gava the Queen nf the Turf a royal
welcome. The veteran Billy Hay ward rode hot
and tbe people clapped and cheered him and tho
Queen to tho echo.
lhe race tor tue Decoration Htakes nat rowed
down to a contest between three horse.
A rain-storm commenced Just as the horses
6ot tho flag. Enrus was away 111 st, with J, A.
. second and Ojpsy Queen third. A blanket
could hayo cohered them for the first three
quarters of n mile, and thon Kuril and J. A, B.
went out. EuruH fought hard to bolt, but Hay
ward kept him steady, and he drew away from
J. A. B. in tho last fin lone, winning by two
lengths, J. A. B. twenty lengths in front of
Gypsy Quien,
The raco for tho Withers Htakes was the run
of tho da. Bix good oues faced Starter Cald
well, all well backed.
When the Hag fell Sunshine was in front, but
soon he gave way to Orator. At the quart r
Reporter Joined him. and tho pair raced ahead
nf tho ncld until goibg out of sight behind tho
blurt. ,
There Iteporter ran out, and piloted tho field
into the stretch. ,
Then Godfrey began to work on Diablo Inch
byiuch. IheCaaaatt stables' candidate crawled
up. 11 ay want also sent Kria up. and the pair
were een at the last furlong pole, but there
Godfrey touched Diablo with the whip.
He responded gamely, and drawmg away won
haudily by two lengths.
rmsT ucr.
Purse 1700, for three- ear-olds and up
wards; entrance money, t-!0 each, U second
horse; winning penalties and maiden allow
ances; the Jitau course: 1,400 jards.
Ballaton. 112 (J. Keagan) 1
Bess, 104. . (Anderson) 2
Salisbury. 104 (Uoodale) 3
i tanner Bearer, 104 . (Bergen) o
'ledB., 104 ... .... (Uuller) 0
Betting 0 to 5 against Ballston, 2 to 1 Bess,
5 to 1 Hallsbur), o to 1 Bauuer Bearer. 15 to 1
Fred B.
'lhe llace. They got the flag to a good start,
with Bess in trout- Banner Bearer and Ball
ton then alternated in the lead until they went
out of sight
When they appeared Ballstnu was in front and
was neer afterwards headed, winning ea.ily b
a length and a half from Bess, who was two
lengths beforo Balisbury. 'lime 1.24.
Place Betting 5 to .1 caeii on Ballston and
Bess. Mutuel paid: Straight, H.bu; for a
place, tS.UU. BesspaldtR.
second luce.
The Jnvenile Htakes, for two.)tar.lds, tO
each, hair forfeit, or onli 110 if dcc.ared b
Jan. 1. 18HU, with tl.100 added, of whleli
tto to the second; winners nf 42,000 to carry
.lib.; nf two such rates, . lb. txtra; maiden
allowed 5 lb. ; half a mile, straight enurc.
Druldeiis, lot ,. .iJ. lteagau) 1
l)i voted. 110 . Barber) 2
Ba arian, 115 lAm'usnu) .1
1'licoLe, 107, .. Milt) 0
Hoiiiicopath), 107 illtlgeu) o
jlambow, in 7, vJIiiiiiii 0
Paradox, 107. Idles ) I)
Ma Queen. 107 . Doauei o
Betting -H to ,' against Peinttu, 4 to 1 tach
Diu'Ini mid Bavarian, 0 tn I llmiuunpathy, H to
1 Druldess, 10 to 1 Paradox, 12 to 1 llatnbow,
20 to 1 May Quern.
'lhe Hace. 'J he)' wero started in the thuto
and all ran In closo order to t o top of tho hill,
when DruUleM drew away aud won handil) by
two lengths. Dm oli e win second, tin ee parts
ol a length beloro Bavarian. Pinio o.4Ul.
P.aee Bottmg I to I against Dntldess, 5 to 3
on Ieoteti. Miituo si aid- Straight, 20; foi a
place, . 20, Devotee paid M..Vi.
Tiiini) HACr.
Purse SHOO, for all agosi entrance nione), (20
each tnstcoud bntse; ono mile and a sixltrnth.
llrenziwas the only entrj tor this lace, aud
the etel an Jockey. Bill) la)ward, walked her
over the course, smld the cheers of thespecta
ors. rountu BAcr.
Decoration Htakes, foi all aces, at loO tach,
tH.c&3,10 if leo1'rl by April IB. w tit
ili'rnP f,M?l P', which mq to tho second,
r...?i'.,,,.!",n'r,,ii ihrer-jear-olds tocairy 10.".,
four 122. fio and upward. 126 lb.; penalties!
nou-wlnnlng and maiden allowancoa; mllo and
Kurus 118 (IUfward) 1
A. II.. 100 (Bergen) a
dun.)-Queen. 107 ......... .(Andcisnu) .1
Boltlng-O to 5 against J. A. R, 2 to 1 G)pa)
Queen, 13 tor. Eurns. '
Tho Itace The threo ran in close order, with
n)psy Queen leading until they wont around
Picnic ft 11. Then Elmis and J. A. B. made the
tight going round the bluff, and when thev
showed in sight both wero on equal terms with
aW Queen already beaten.
... .n'Vi 'S "l M'"'" continued their match raco
until the last sixteenth, when Eurus drew away
and won atnld great aoplau-o by two lengths.
&' .."A! twon,y lengths beforo Gipsy Queen.
Place Bettlng-2 to 1 on Enrus. J. A. B.
barred. Slutuels paid: Straight. 10.J0; for a
place, 20 J. A. B. paldio.au.
rirni back.
Withers Slakes, for three-) ear-olds, at $100
SlCMb.l "".It Rrf'it: 39 i' "Icclared by JuTyl.
18HM. with II. 230 added, of which $250 to the
second, the third to have 1100 out of the stakes;
witiniug penalties of 3, 7 aud 10 lb.; maidens
slowed 7 lb.; one mile.
.''''lo.-,JS1 ,'flodfro) 1
Lrlc, 118 (Hayward) 2
jleportsi. 118 (Anderson) 3
Hansom. ,118 .(Williams o
Orator. 115 ,v. r'ltzpatrick) 0
Sunshnt. 100 (Bunll)
Betting-., to 4 on Diablo, 5 to 1 against Ora
tor. o to 1 Lric. 8 to l lleportcr. 13 to 1 nan
som, 40 to 1 Hiinshine.
lhe Itace Suushino was first away, but soon
gavu place to Orator, who. Joined hi Beporter,
made the limn ng to the south Held, where Be
lMirter showed In front, and led thu hunch until
turning into the stretch, whero Ooilfrny mned
tip fast on tho outside, with the fa orito. Diablo,
and. coining on. won by two lengths fiom Lric,
who was the same distance from lleportcr. Timo
Place Bettlng-Dlablo barred, 8 to 5 against
Eric. Mutuels paid: Straight, 8.35; for a
place-. $0.80. Eric paid $0.55. '
HweepsMkcs at 20 each, for all ages, with
(.00 added, of which $200 to the second; to
cairy 10 lb under the scalo: peualtres. nnn
wltinlng aud uialdon allowances; mlio and a
Anrella. 118 (Hayward) 1
Orifiamtno, 11(1 ,. ..(Anderson) 2
Bettlrig-O to ft against Orlllammo.
The llace Oriflauimn mads the runnlngnntll
reaching the stretch, when Hayward moved up
w'"1 Anreliaand won easily by half a length.
MutticU paid: Straight, $8.75.
ruiao000. for three-j ear-olds and upward;
entrance, 15 each, to the second: selling allow
ances; horses entered to be sold for $-1,000 to
carry full weight, if not to be sold to carry 7 lb.
extra : throe-quarters or a mile.
Miracle. 115 (Hayward) 1
fV.r.Tbe.?!1, ?05..: (YUlllama) 2
, "If Minnie. Ill (Anderson) 3
Firefly, ion . (Ileagau) 0
Queenof Hearts, 107 (Doano) 0
Gen. Ney. 107 iWeber) 0
Crusader. 105 (Hlnsa) 0
AnnleM.. OH (Berger.) 0
Arab. 08.... tUlnnn) 0
Bettlng-2 to 1 against Miracio, 4 to 1 I irefly.
f, . ' oLlttlf. Winnie. M to 1 each Queen of
Hoarts. Gen. Ney ajd Mlrabeau; 40 to l Annie
B.. 10 to 1 Arab. lTl to 1 Cmsador.
The llace. Miracle made all the running and
won by two lengths from Mlrebeau, who was six
lengths beforo tittle Minnr. Tlrae-1. 18.
Place Bettiug-5 to 4 on Miracle. 3 to 1 against
. Mntuels paid: Straight. $13.00; for a place.
$8,00; Mirebeau paid $17.00.
1 '"'"' At tbe T.atoola Track.
Xatokia. Ky., May 30 Following are the rc-
snlls'of to-day's races :
First Itace Pttrsfl i400. selling allowances;
(oven and one-half furlongs. Won by Kedar
Khan, Cupid secoud and Maid of Orleans, third.
Time 1.43 H.
Socond llace Sweepstakes for three-year-nlds
and upwards at 30 each, with 000 added;
mile and seventy vard. Jewel Ban won, with
Unlucky second, and May O.thlrd. Time 1.37.
Third llace Purse, $300; handicap for
three-year olds and upward: one mile.
Marchma won, Guilford second and Carlton
third. Time 1.50W.
Fourth Hace Tlio Tobacco Stakes, for three
) ear-olds and upwards, with $1,000 added
money, of which $200 to second; selling allow
ances; seven furlongs. Zulu was the winner,
Maori second and Leontlno third, 'iiinc
Results at C'lilcaa-o.
CniCAGO. May 30. Tlie meeting was con tin.
ntd to-daj. tho results of the races being ap
pended: First Itace For two-year-olds: soiling allow
sneen; five furlongs. Won by Palisade, Mamio
0. second ami Lily Kinney third. Time
beeond Bace Selling allowances: mllo and a
sixteenth Won by J. B. Clay, Lewis Clark sec
ond and Eatoutown third. Time 1.5 OK.
Third lloce Handicap, for three- ear-olds
and upwards: mllo and eeventy yards; won bj
Big Three. St. Alhaua second and Long Chance
third. Time-1.3h4.
Manhattans Win at Cricket.
The Manhattan eleven defeated the Ridge
fields to-dav in a holldiv game of cricket at
- e
Amateur Baseball Notes.
Jersey Juniors, 0; Hamlltons, 2.
Franklin Stars. (I; Pearls, 0.
School No. 25-Third Class, 0; Second
Class, 0.
rtesolntes, 30; Lees, 0.
Young Wellingtons, 24;FranUlni, 1.
Jamalcas, 14; Flushings, 4.
GcneralP. 0.. 13; Station E., 0.
tliance. 15:T)ros, 18.
County Fairs, 12; Hackenaacks, 10.
H. Whltbeck. of 224 West Fift)-ninth street,
wants to join a club whoso pla)erare uuder
eighteen years.
Tlio Noting Mohawks challenge clubs under
eighteen ) ears. Yi. Mezick, JU5 Lorimerstreet,
Brookl) n.
lhe Brooklyn Blues will play clubs under fif
teen Ncars. A. Matthew, oa Hkillmau aenue.
Brookl) n.
The Jaspers challenge the Wintbrops to an
other game to be plajed before June 25.
The Quicksteps will play clubs under fifteen
jears. J. Ha) pes, 2J5 Third street, Jersey
The Carletons will play clubs oor eighteen
)earr. J. Jordan. 13A Ivy sticet, Brookl)ii.
The Miueolas challenco cluln under aoventeeu
years. J. Greene, 070 Eighth aeuue.
The J. B. ,VJ. M. Cornell Club challenge shop
nines. 1. J. Dunn, T went) -sixth street and
Ele until aver. lie.
Ml-ainuiid pla)er (colored) wants to Join a
nine . C. Williams, 315 Fourth aenue.
The oiing Waahiuctons will play ulues under
nineteen scare. L. Mortis, corner Jtidge and
Grand stitets
'lhu John Simpson Juniors will play clubs
under tweiit)-ouc )eats- .10 Attorney strict.
On colas s. Oriom, Eraatina, P. L, May 30,
Thuoiiug Piosmuts (halleugo ilulii under
twelC)eais. M, Kinu, 47 Puptct plsee,
IhcMoni'HS are open for clisllencc. J. If.
ThnniP'on, 374 Monroo street, Brooklyn.
1 ho F.linprcs will play dry-goods clerks. C.
Bums, 184 LartBuveutj-Mxthstlect.
E. Hannljan. P. O. box 117. Station W
wants to Join a club with pla)ers about fifteeu
Ilo)s of fourteen jcais wishing to Join au ath
letic elub call ou Bill) Kent, 275 Spring street.
Tho llr)snls ehallcngo tnllego teams under
sKteen jcais. H. Ma), 725 Seventh aenue.
Tho Glendales t hsllcnge clubs under eighteen.
J. Micelian, 2 1 0.1 Second aenuc.
The Warrens want a few pla)ers. C. Monte
gel, 1 Second street.
m m
To Ttrgulate the htoraacb, JJver
And towels, uk Cabtxb's Utile Liter Film. 2v
Brooklyn and St. Louis I
Divide Memorial Day I
Honors I
20,000 Thronged to Washing
Park This Afternoon.' II
Brooklyn . . . . .' 9 m
St. Louis .... 7 ij
Brooklyn. . . 4 l
St. Louis .... 8 ij
BnooKLYH. May 30. Thero must have been U
fully fifteen thousaud peoplo present iu Wash- 'SBI
lngton Park when, at :i.:tO. It was decided to WMn
start the seoond Brooklyn-St. Louts game that iJM.
early on aocount of the threatening look of the JaWi
clouds. Later tho crowd became ono of 20, 000. Sf
Even tho grass embankments at tho lower end flJtSI
of the field wero entirely coveted by douss) 1m
masses of humanity. EflB!
The batting order: jBj
PlnVney. 3d b. Latham, 3d b. WK
O'Brieti, 1. f. McCarthy, r. f. Silt
CoTiiw.2du otJDw. , " JZml
- Burn, r. f. ComT.Vey. 1st b. ?
Koutz. lstb. lloblmim, 2d b. fflMt
Corkliill. c. f. Dullec, c. f. llMl
Csrutliers. p. Fuller, s.s. 'iSmv
Biishoug, e. Milligan, c. )
Bniltli, t s. Chambcrlin, p. '!
Umpire Mr. fi affne). ' $jM
Both sides drew blanks in the first aud second Mm
Inning. iBI
Burnes made a wonderful catch In short right 4 JIB
field or a ball off of Comiskoy h bat. In the first Tfll
innlug that drew mithusiastic torrents of op-
plause from tho vast assemblage. $11
In the third innlug the St. Louis Browns Mm
mark it well actually wero cttacl.eil by a sovero Xm
caso pf rattles, aud tho Brooklyn bo) s piled up
three runs. MC
Caruthcrs got first because Iiobinson seemed fil
utterly incapable of picking up the ball when it al
was hit gently into short right Hold. MM
Then Hnilth craoked a ravage grounder to MM i
Fuller, which tbe Bt. Louisian could not quits 31 S
get his hands on. Smith taking second and f lv
Csruthors scoring. jfl
After Bnshong had gone out Pinkney planked mm
asfuglc tocentic. aud Smith i-corod. El;
Plnktie) stole (ecoud and crossed tho plate on '!;
au error by Robinion on O'Bt leu's hit & '
Only one man of the team from Missouri saw J5M f
first baso in the Browns' half of tbe third, and x&f
he, Latham, waa sent thereon balls. 'mv''
In the first half of the fourth tho Grooms
scored two runs more. lyV )'
Koutx pelted a beautiful liner to far left for 1-
two bases, and crossed the plate on Corkhill's 3M
prctt7slnglo toceutre. WLn
Corkhlll stole second and was advanced to JM'S
third ou Smith's sacrifice, scoriug on Bushong's y'm h
sacrifice. fM
Iu theirhalf of tho fourth the Browns brought iM
in two runs. 'SB?
O'Neill plastered a rattling grounder toward -
Collins. all
The ball stmclt Hub and bouuded out towards ;f'S
right field, aud Smith. who was backing up CoU 'Mm
11ns, did not get it to Foutz quite iu time
After Comlskey had struck out Boblnson jll
pasted a hot one to left for two bag and fl
O'Neill, who had stolen second, scored. al'3
Then Boblnsou was advanced a base by JIJ j
Dulfee's base on balls, stole third and scored on l
Fuller's out to Corkhill iu centre. Wmi
Capt. Comiskey did not like tbe way the JHj
0 rooms sized up Chamberlain's delivery, so hs JJ
put McCarthy in to pitch in the fifth, sending; H
Boyle to right field. Although Devlin's name af i
was on the score card as extra man. ill
McCarthy gae 0 Brien, Collins and Burnt 31 j
bates on balls in quick succession, but O'Brien !
was the only one who scored. u
Ho crossed the plate on Foutz'a out at first, on M jB
which Collins was doubled up at second, and m
then Corkhill wont out. Fuller to Comiskey. JI ?
Otic run. iu $
In their half or the fifth the St Louis nine Jl ,1
alio added a ruu to their score. -
McCarthy scratched a littlo bit on the third $ vl
baseline A J
For some reason neither Carothers, Pinkney Cf
or Bushpiig picked up the ball, aud McCarthy M 3
sprinted for second, which he got, there being t jj
no ono there. X S
lie scored on Comiskiy's singlo to contre. S H
The next scoring t.aa U the loveuth, wheu 3 a
Brookl) n took another triplet. nB
The remainder of tho game Is iudlcated Iu the WK J
si onr hi nsisoa .Mm a
gnifc - . 8 n 3 is 8 fc ? i
ll.M Hil.-UltK,kln, 8. fit-Lou's, 10. ;jMll
hrror-lJriK)ktjn, 3 lit IouU. ,'L "Wsfl
Ills Propssnl. v9
Edgar Miss r.dith. I-nh have sonielbjbs aBp
mostlmportsuttoaikyou. May I that la ,H
EUh(so(lly)-Whutl it. Edgar?
Edgar May I Edith, would yon b vilU BtJ
ing to have our names printed in the papain WbwJB
with hyphen betwsenf -rilvl
Vvu niotUBADrcaoiirforllsacUoha. V 'fl J

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