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Von der Ahe's Ohampiona Meet the
Atlantio Leaguo Leaders.
Hot a Great Attendance, and Oakland
Park's Field Dlscouraglngly Wet.
Jersey City ... 5
St. Louis .... 7
larrrni. to Tnr Evrxiso wnntn.1
Oakland 1'abk, Jeurky City, May 81. Tlio
doubtful character o( the weather tlili f ternonu
sjiolled all chances of a cood attendance at th
exhibition (tamo between tli Ht. Bouts cham
pions and the Jorsov Citls tM afternoon.
When tho gamo wascal. ihero wore less than
one thotiroad pcoplo present.
Many ladles graced tho Brand stand with their
preionce a not unusual happening at Jersey
City's games, however.
Tho diamond was in sood condition, but tho
fielderj ployed with wot foet throughout tho
l'rcqnont showers of rain made tho Ions Brass
like a bugu sponge.
Tha wind blew hard and In fitful gust that
threatened to tear tho grand stand from its
It also madtt difficult patching for tho fleldors,
for judging a ball was next to Impossible.
Von der Ahe's pots expected to have an easy
thing with Jersoy City, but tho latter woro de
termined to play tho gatuo of tholr life,
both clubs sent good teams to thu diamond,
as shown in tho batting order:
Knowles. 3d b. Boyle 8d b.
inland, r. f. O'Ncil . 1. f.
O'Brien. 1Mb. ('omiskcy, lstb.
flerhardt, 'Jd b. Itoblnson, '-id b.
I,ons, c. f. ljutfeo, c. f.
Biiike. 1. f. fijJJer. ..
Hofford, c. Mtlllgan, o.
I.andmanu, p. Jlroyn. p.
Lang. . s. Mot arihy, r. f.
Williams, extra. Dovlin. extra.
Umpire-Mr. Knight.
Knowles, for Jomoy City, started things by
taking bin baso on balls, A singlo to centre by
lliland bent him to third,
O'lirien Uiumod one to Boyle, who throw
wild to C'omiskoy. allowing O'Brien to set first
Geihardt talsod a howl of delight from the
spectators by soaking a two-bagger to contro
fleld, Lriuging in Knowles, lliland and O'Brien.
Lyons went out at Urst and Oerhardt was
caught at tho platn. liurko rotlrcd the aide,
going out at first. Tbco runs.
Iho Missouri boys looked rather glum when
they went in for their turn. They looked moro
cheerful though when Capt. Couilskoy banged
tho ball over tho left field fenco and mad a
homo run. ,
That was their only first inning score, how
over. Tho next scoring was in tho Bt, Louis half of
tho third. '
O'Neill hit for two basos far into centre field
and wont to third on Comlskcy's single.
A safo hit by Itoblnson sent Comlskey to third
and brought O'Neill homo.
Comiukoy scorod on a wild throw by Oerhardt
to third.
Knowles' fumble of Fuller's grounder allowed
Robinson to icorov Three runs.
In the fourth for Jersoy City Burke and Hof
ford wmore presented with a base each on balls,
and Burke scored on Landmann's hit.
boobs bt lmnxos
Bt-KSaU... 1 0 3 0 0 0
They Are in Friendly Contest With
Newark To-Days
The Giants are playing an exhibition gamo
with the Newarkj at the bitter's grounds this
'Unfavorable weather prevented a large turn
I (rat, and the -utter demoralization of the tele-
graph service precludes a report of the game.
'Batteries Newark, MlUer and Trottt Mew
York. George and Murphy.
I '' soobb at miaes.
fSfa:::;:::::8n 8 88 z
National Io(ne.
'4 rsTXABaxraiA-Moaaixo oaue.
VuCciM-WbUur aa4 Dalls ; Uudmfend Bhilm.
, TJpW Ht, Cany,
LrtfjwgU. CO -
ffrU;,.wtt,,aVtkBiiikUy We4 and D.
American Asuolatlea.
tetegtsr 8 8 2 "
jyCKiVVtVVodCkTB4llwIn sad Pl.
fcalttoera-KaiuM Oity gam postponed.
vaajwiiar Baaaaall Net.
Olymptoi, laiBIJous,
I KaWnei, BilUrtlUs, ,
' ' namiltons, D rrospcoU, 0,
' aforett, T Mnlittfi (Jollose, 6.
flagampre JaniorOt ll Wkwoods, II,
M. V, UnlTliy "Oopht,," BSf Vrethmin.
rx p, Co. Bmpleross, U W, U. Tele
EMLHisri, 11,
i .llteMBiuitritUareeponfer chaUenge, 193
9f owns street.
' (joad ojub want a tnanagtr. W. U. Do Vail.
i 'JfrF.wtIlt8J nnder olghtoen yean. O.h.
1 Veilfiu, fiUJauestreui.
..Tlw ,?" Blip aro open for challenges. J.
lleiullAii, 13 Jamossllp.
The Puritan ohallonga clubi nnrlsr sixteen
1 reju"- w. -Jo.t, an tlinsovoort street,
, JUitsrjtantlafew plavon tinder twontr-U'o
jreMWati ,B.4U0BM)y(ftlllUt ,
This Will Bo the Condition of Affaira
Stock Eichango People Will Not Contract
with the Companies.
A Blow nt Bucket Shop and tho Con
solidated Exohanso.
At a meeting held this afternoon the Now York
Htook Eioliauifo decided to furnish no further
-quotations for tho news " tickers."
A a conioquence no quotatious will be sent
over thom to-morrow.
This action 1 said to bo only temporary to sea
how it will work,
It Is looked upon as a blow at the Consolidated
Exchangeand tha buckot-shops.
The quotations will be furnished to membors
by clerks regularly employed by tho Exchange
for that pnrpono.
Quotation from the Btoolc Exchange have
been furnished by the "tiokers" oftheOold
and Htook holograph Company and the Com
mercial Company.
AH contract woie made fiom month to
'1 ho Htook Exchange wished to prevent the
bucket-shops from obtaining their quotations,
and applied to Judge Andrews for an Injunction
restraining the Comroorolal Company from
sondlng out tholr quotations.
Judge Audrows decided that if tliey furnished
quotations to tho Gold and fitook Company, they
must also furnish tho Commercial Company.
The Oddest Museum iathe Country Head
-i i
Tho League.
Vrl JVr
TTrti Xt. en Won. lull, fl.
PMIM'p'U. 17 10 .lUIUIPIttibuTst . la JR .400
Now York.. 17 V2 .ANli ndl.mpV 15 JH .il..7
Dlt.elAod.. 17 111 .flU7iWMh'nst'n 0 IB .U5U
American Association.
Fn Fir
Worn, Iclt. fl. Won. Itl. ml,
St. IinU... S7 1U .Ora Kni'Clt7 1H 17 .f.l4
Ilrouklrn ,.31 14 .000 lUltlmors. 1H If ,,K.S
Clnclnn.tL i!l 17 M: Utlumbus.. 11 Oi ,rl!IU
AUUttta..,. IB IA .A4A LouUtIUs,. U XQ .UJ&
Atlantic Association.
rr Ftr
Won. Lmi. ctnl i TTm. lH. tent.
ftBK5!?:w 7 ofav-.'.'.'ii -m
Wilke.b'r 14 7 .(1117 Bsston 7 17 .elf
Worc.ttr. io 0 .tUolNawltana 8 10 .UU5
A Year Ago Ta-Ilny.
Ft Irit
Wn, Lwt. .nl, . Won. I4 Mf.
rhlesso.... Ul l ,7O0 Brooklm... US 0 .7:iA
Jlo.ton. . .. CO li .flJSClnclnnstl. SS O .fllf
N.wVotk.. 1(1 13 .ftfl Bt. Lou's." 10 tn:
l).troit.., 17 lit ,r.((0 AthUtla.. . 14 15 AXi
Fbil'd'lp'U i:i 14 .4H1 luitlmore. 13 lit ,404
PltUburg.. IS IT. .444 ClT.Ind.. 11 Ol .M.t
ind'nspoUs li UO .QU I.onlUU. 0 S3 ,SH0
VvuaiDsl'a 8 Ul .2(0 Kaat's Cllx 7 git .'.'41
M 1
Bill Jff-9 on Stnten JslAud-In the SUN
Great Times In the Nuracty When Oraudpa
Cornea In for a Itomp.
FModtlfla Timu, VTthUlton UU,r,
Tha strouccbt, sternest mon frequently lovo
babies. Frculdont Uarrifon, who ia uothinc
if not stem and determined, is very fond of
his grandchildren. There's Benjnmln Har
rison MoKoe, full of romp. When tho Trcsi
dent got tired of tho offioe-aookers ho often
slips out of his office, puts on his dressing
cowu and slippers and stoabj off to tho nur
sery, whero llonjoniin Harrison McKeo im
mediately sets up a shout of delight. Whilo
Mnry Dodge MoKeo is only nine months old
she has seen a good deal of life, and she
scorns to know bor grandfather. Marthena
Harrison is fifteen months old. Hor mother
Is Mrs. Russell Hairlson. Martbena's grand,
mother, after whom she is named, is as fond
of hor as the President is of Benjamin Harri
son McKee.
Them aro great limes in tho nurnorv when
Grandpapa Harrison breaks In. Crios are
stifled and tnrned to laughter, and with Ben
jamiu Harrison McKee crawling up his baok
and Mary Dodge MoKoe on one knee and
Marthena Harrison on the other, the Presi.
dent has bis nanus tun. ue sings, aances
the babies and yells at young Benjamin when
he pulls his grandpapa's whiskers.
It's a great transformation to see tho Presi
dent at 1 o'clock, shaking bauds with a crowd
of strange people", nod then to see him two
hours later, in dressing-gown and slippers,
with tho babies pulling his whiskers and
crawling between his legs, while young Ben-
Ismin was making his grandfather shake
lands. The little man who has been so bard
to fathom and whom nobody is able to
handle is a slave to the babies. He doos
whatever they want bim to do. Last Bum
mer, when the President was receiving dele
gates and others at his Indianapolis home, it
Fio did not begin to shake bands at once, lit
tle Benjamin Harrison MeKeo would eelito
bis grandpapa's hand and motion for him to
go through that ceremony with his visitors
Grandpapa Harrison always takes Benja
min'! part and helps bim fight his battles.
Little Benjamin is indulged by his grand,
father in everr way, while Grandmamma
Harrison is very Indulgent with little Mary
Dodge MoKee and Marthena Harrison.
A Fortune la a Feather Ded.
llfrm&t BalltrtaM AmtrUam.1
Every housekeeper knows what His to have
the feather renovator come around to get the
feather beds and pillows, put them through
the steaming process and return them in now
ticking, clean and good as new. There is an
old colored man in Annapolis who concluded
to have his bed renovated, but having beard
that renovators were not honest, he con
eluded to weigh bis bed beforo
turning it over. On its return he
weighed it, and found It several pounds
short, and a said to , the man. r,Look
yero. boss, di vera ain't my bed, dese ain't
fur fedders." Toe man said i "Ain't, eh
All rights but is this yours 1" end be pulled
from bis pocket a roll of greenbacks contain,
ing 4.000, which he baa found in the bed.
Tho sight 'paralysed the oldm eplored man,
and he was then willing to admit tha owner
ship of the renovated bed. The man who
cleaned it and found tha f t.000 is hesitating ,
now whether he will lve up the money or
not, The colored man will have to prove
ownorshlp, which he con hardly do.
Baamlalnsr Taa Offlelals.
The Board of fltate Aasessors are meeting at
the.Tax Commissioner office to-dy to examine
the tsx ofiloUls of Kew Tork and Brooklyn for
hifnrnietlpn whlphwill assist thoiij lu equalising
iViBHtsfr tax. Mayor dhapln, of Brooklyn, was
on Uio iiaud this ajotaln.
Tho Ohioago Polico So Eogard That
of Thomas Maok.
He Is Believed to Know Much About
Dr. Cronin's Harder.
Ills Perturbation When Informed that
Detectives Wcro After Ilttn.
Cuioaqo, May 81. The polico lookod tip
at tho Contral Station to-day a man who
knows u groat deal about tho Oronln murder.
His name is Thomas Maok, alias Mc
Williams. He may bo a guilty accomplice but at any
rale his arrest Is regarded by tha police as
one of the most important yot made.
Chief Hubbard refused to talk about tho
matter, buCfrom outside sources it waa
learned that Mack knows protty well who tho
men wore who occupied tho Carlson cottugo,
the assassins' den.
Ho told tho detectives who arrested hhn
that he overheard. n woman named Mrs. Dud
ley talking with another feninle about a plot
against Dr.Orouln. the particulars of which
had in sonio way rouio into hor possession.
She said sho expected to move into the
Carlson cottsgo with her brothers.
The latter are believed to bo tho oMu&sius
themselves, and as tho polico nro possessed
of information about Mrs. Dudley's wlioro
abouta it may not bo laug bofnro thoy lmvo
in hand tho men who struck tho deadly
It is rumored that Mo Williams is tho inau
who drove Dr. Cronln to tho ussnhsin's dcu.
but there is tio truth lu this. MoWilllams
was captured In a choap West Side lodging
house. Ono of tho lodging-houso omuloyoes
wont up to his room and knocked at the
door. Baying:
" Maok, thure nro two mon in tho offlco
who want to seo you."
Mc Williams, or Mack, was alarmed at once.
In groat agitation ho inquired :
"1)0 thoy look like dotoctivos?"
"I thing thoy aio Central dotoctives," vas
tho answer.
Maok sprang out of bod and cxclaimod in
an imploring voico:
" For God's sako 1 you didn't tell thorn I
was bore, did you f"
"Oh, no," was the answor.
" Don't tell thrm j don't tell them. I'll try
to get out of this."
Loaving Mack in a state of violent alarm,
the amployve returned to tho office. A
moment lntor Mnck was captured.
Cuicado, May Ul. About noon to-day W. J.
MoUariglo, thv fugitive ox-Wardon of tho Cook
County Hospital, walked into Jndge Bhepard's
court and announced that he wanted to give
hlmsolf up.
Ho was accompanied by Francis Adams, his
attorney, and States Attorney IioiiKoiivckor.
Tho Utter said that he would let MoUariglo oil
with a line. . .
lu t'ouveniation with a reporter of Tun Evkn
lan Would tho fugitive said:
"Icauio bocatlHo I was just sick of Canada
and wanted to liu in Ohieauo."
McOuru'lo id iu good health and is looking fat
andhoarty. ,
llo Is the boodlor who two years ago protended
he wanted to toko a bath and gave Sheriff Mat
son tho slip, going to Canada.
John Montgomery Ward on Btsebill
Players' lights Road the SUNDAY
m m
A Peculiar Dlvprcr.
(y-ON(A Jlo.toit.AwrfMi,J
The lawyer was Hitting ut his desk absorbed
n the preparation of a brief. Bo bent was lie
on liis work that ho did not hear tho door as
it wiis pushed gently open nor seo tho curly
head that was thrust into bis nfllco. A little
sob attractod his notice, and turning ho saw
a face that was streaked with reoent tears, and
told plainly that tho littlo one's fceliugs bad
been hurt.
' ' Well, my little one, did you want to see
' Aro you a lawyer?"
" Yes. What do you want ?"
" I want. " and there was a rcsoluto ring in
her voice, " I want a divorce from my papa
and mamma."
The ('IosIbst Quotations.
Am.rUsn Cotton Oil, ugu 0jM $wi
Atoh., Top. AStnUto... 4M4 4rt 440 45M
Quito't BoutTi.rn Mil MM Ml AM
Caalul I'.cmq....,,, Ml M Mi Mil
Ql.f.. Col.. C. iua... 7" 7l1 70 70
OhHsuuis Ohio SO 2111 -M -!1
Oh coiiTru,,., TilIU AtM WH OMW
Ch cUo, Hurl, i UuUcr.. lfH H-'h 1011, IVi
ChoMo'AKorthwlit...... illlW IV.-B lllJ lY2x
Che., Mil. Bt. Ptal...... MM 74M 73(5 7-tS
Cho., Mll8t.l'ul pfd.. llft ll.'.il llXU ljrU
gh(o.,'ltookl. Po. till IWM iikU OiiU
ChoVKMt.rn III...... 43V( 43U Ail 4:iU
Cho.H.ttniJl,Da.... (tit t;Q Oil flllM
Oo.A Hokln Vjlir. ... l. jjUl 10.. M
Col. Coil i iron U4W 2A. U4U 2S
Ooosolld.uj Hi. .fcpM MH ' WH
noL.Luk.a Wwiom ... 14SJI 143t! 14.1 14:lH
Utlswirs IJudton 1UMU UMl 1;1hM IjnU
D.n.l.i, Ft. Worth... V.W 2Mt V V'H
K. Tenp..v. A iioorsu... iy lm iim ill
if. T.,V. AQs. ltpM... 74W 75M 7411 7W
B. T.,V. 0. iidpfd.... 'Ml WA U4r 35
(Iroia U7 4 Wlnons OH (4J y
IlllnoU 0.uirl . 117 117 117,, 117.
UkoHhor.... lOf. 4 10iJ 10,U lort,
UksEroaWoittrnpfa,, 01 i 01M nil illU
EoasTlllaHhtul,' 00 ,70 ,o()f, 70
LtobtlUnOonxil lftOtJ 101(1 lOOt 10lS
Hioblf sn OmttsL 'l i JJOV 111,
Mwourirselfl 74., 745, 7.U 74U
MoblloAOhlo. ... .. 1M ilri 11H IIS
Uluoart. Ksnua A Tliu. 11 If II II
!tt,LudTruit...... imi 5?1 i'xH iiiw
. .r.rwr O.ulr.l . , . 1JJ4 101 , 10014 IQol
Vorbnt4l....Z:I0Sli 1UHM lOKU lfiB I
. Y. a Sow Kai UofTT 4U 4ft(J i(M 40 i
Y , UV. ErtJ 4 Wwt. 2(iM I'lfli V.W4 3tt
N.V,.Lk.i:rl.AWel.pli 7nff fojf 70rf ?()
N V.', Hum. AVVoiUia... Q 8J M 8J
N. T . Sa4. 1 vVtsi. bio. ai 34 : 34
kortbwB Psolfl '-(0,, mi W. ill
Sorthsni VmIbc. pd iUM 07 MH 07
Ohlo4.MU.U.IpuL .. , "1M $M Tl 2i
Qnt. X WmI.:..... 17M 1l 17 l7
Oi. Tranuontlutatu UlMi HH AlH 81
Oroson Short Litto 43M 4:H 43)i 434
PteiHo Mtll...,. 3JW :)il :wU lib I
Pip lo MttlncHM MU 63K hi, g I
riUao Psiau Oar Oo ... iflX lSwJ lhS l6u
Wch. 1 AUasnaar,,u lOfl IbH 1MI lDfi
llleh. 4WfPolnt Tar... UVJ iMl M ?9
filch, I.W. P. Tar. pld.. t(3 Mw M 83.
El. Pao Omaha..,. 3SM SM4 3JM 3KW
bt. Pan Z Omaha pd MH tlOH Mi (mil
Kt louta Baa rfaa ISO, VII VH Vl
fit. Looja Ban . pid... t)t)H 56l Jl) 00
SosarTruat Wl ull JiH (ISM
Tsaaa Paolflo.. ,... 9U4 jjlM SIM VI W
J.on. fv.al froo STH Jiltt 5fr 328
ffnianPaolflV,. OiW tuU pit O.lll
Dultad BlaUa BiprMS. ., 0S14 jlj flit (13
WibaiTh, Hi. U APao..... 10 10 U VS
WabaaBLt: Jfao.ri. tiu ugu 4kC ttiu
Wolrn Union TolairapB, W RMJ HJV BttU
VVkMlUa-ALakaXrlt,.:,,, (ioij 00 OiM 0K
IU dltiilcau.
Oapt. Belknap, of tho Soventy-flrBt
Bogiment, Disobeys on Order.
He Insisted Upon Taking Command
Attor Being Deposed.
Col. Koppor Will Have to Prefer
Charge Against Him.
Capt. A. W , Ilolknap, Company 11, nf the
Soventy-flrst ltegluieut, N. 0. 8, N. Y..
knoua as tbe " Hnrlom Compuny." because
it was originally composed of young Harlem
ltos and is still largely mado up of tho Harlem
youth, sot into hot water yostordsy.
Last Tuesday weok Capt. Abol W. Belkuap
was houdod an order from Col. Koppor, de
toiliuc him to duty as Acting Inspector of
rlflo practlco for tho teslmeut. This was a
practical deposition from bis captaincy.
Capt. Ilelkuap has offondod the men of
Company I) on sevoral occasions by bis
rulings in matters under debate iu tho
company mnotlnRs hold at the armory and at
tbo Harlem quarters.
Knob company of a roirimeut is free to
adopt certain by-laws referring to IU woll
bolncr provided they do not coofllot with the
oode. The Captain may, if be chooses, ignore
tbeso by-laws and proceed as if they did not
Thoro is no actual delinquency hi such a
course but it Is possible for a Captain who
adopts it to make himself intensely unpopular
with his men. This is precisely what Captain
Ilellcnap did, A Captain Is elected by a com
pany for life, removablo only tor cause.
Captain llolkuon was requested to resign
by a majority of his mon. The doughty
Cuptaiu's reply to this request was to placo
tbe non-commissioned ofllcers under arrest.
Nona of the commissioned ofllcers signod tho
Col. Koppcr, knowing tbe strained rela
tions existing between the men of Company
II and their cnptnln, believed tbis appoint
ment of Opt. Ui'lknap as Inspector would
sottlo the difllculty.
First Lieut tiroilh would have charge of
tbo oompauy and Capt. Belknap would bo
quietly shelved.
Capt. llelknap did not approve of this view
of tbo situation, and kickod like a frontier
nmlo. Immediately beforo tbe formation of
tbo regiment at the armory for yesterday's
parade be demanded of Col. Kopper the com
mand of bis company.
Col. Kopper forthwith put Cant, llelknap
uuuer arrest, i.iout. tjnntou 11. amitn oom
mandod tho company in the parade.
This eourso commits Col. Kopper to the
necessity of preferring charges against Copt.
Ilulkuap for disobeying orders. A court
martial will bave to lie convoncd within
thirty days, according to the requirements of
tho code.
Tbo genoral Impression in Company B Is
that Capt. llclknnn has mado a mistake Tbe
only question is whether Col. Kopper had a
right to do what he did.
bhould Capt. Bolkuap not bo adjudged
guilty of tho charge by the court marshal, he
can sock redress by preferring a charge
against Col. Kopper for non-support in the
mauogemont of his company.
All About the Summer Retort in the
asV-dessso. a i
A dcplorablo remit of reckless skylarking was
the drowulng of Cornelius C'arr, nineteen yoars
old. of S40 North Beveuthstreet, Williamsburg,
in the East Illver off Eighty-ninth street this
Carr and two friends named Osborn Slacker,
aged twenty-four years, of 1)4 Ilroome street,
this city.nud lVr Linden, aged ninetoeu years,
of 14U North Bnvonth atrtot. WilliamHburg.
hired a boat and went out for a row about 1
o'clock this afternoon.
People on shore soon aftor saw Linden and
Slacker rooking the boat, apparently endeavor
ing to overturn it. wbllo Carr seemod pleading
with them to stop.
A few minutes later the boat was overturned
and the three men n era struggling, in the water.
Carr could not swim very well and speedily
drownod. ....
Tbe other two were rescued by Aloozo Jerolo
mau. a boatman, and Patrick Fitzgerald, a friend
Ab soon as they reaolied shore and got on dry
clothing they were put under arrest.
Duuutf, May 31. The manager and assistant
of tho Uallymena Bank were assassinatod this
afternoon in the public road.
Uallymena is twenty miles north of Belfast, in
a thoroughly Frotestant community.
DiU Nye on Staten Island-In the SUN
Hue Dfs.de Onlr an Average rsuail Acrass
the Oesaa.
Lompon, May 01. The new twiu-scrow
steamer, Augusta Victoria, of the Hamburg
American line, which sailed from Ktw York on
Slay U3, arrived off the Usard at l.ns tbis
morning, making only an average paaisge.
Oroat things had been, expected of her, but
thoy remain to be reslUed.
Let the Little Tolks Read the SUNDAY
WORLD'S Children1 1 Page,
Aldermen Abandoning Uepe f CatCas the
Htrrtl Tbreal.
Tbo Board of Aldermen despairs of passing an
ordinance requiring the regulating and grading
of One Hundred and 'Eltvonth street through
llenibers of the Board realize that thoy cannot
net the necessary twenty votes, to pan it. and
they admit that i is quite possible that the Kew
York Club will play on tbe old ground ou their
return from Boston.
CuriositltM at the Deid Letter OtticeStt
..... , ..i,l;..JtaeHsVaa....,. ;; ,
Wrestler Muldooa Is Yot Too Much
for His Big Pupil.
He Just Picked Snlly Up and Slammed
Him Down on the Carpet
Three (Jrcut Flouts Ilefore -',000 De
lighted Pooplo at (Houcciter.
tsrirta'. to tbb svrsixo wostn. I
1'uiLAUicU'iiu, May .11. Twothousaud pco
plo nho IalUid the Uloucoster ball grounds yes
terday afternoon are still talking about tho de
lightful way lu which Wrestling Olsdiator
William Muldoon tussed l'uglliatia (lladlator
John L, Hulllvan about tho cushliined carpet
spread on tha ground to reccivo tho tallon.
Tlio Hulllvan party atrlvid iu this city from
Cincinnati in the morning and proceeded lato
iu tho day to (llniicoster', whero the wrestling
was called by Itcforca Tommy O'Neill at 4
After a few preliminary bouts by lossor lights
of tho gladiatorial atoua tho great events of tho
day wcro brought about.
lleferee O'Neill aunounccd that the "champion
nf all champions. John L, Hulllvan. would
wrestle William Muldoon three bouU " and the
crowd gao a great cheer, Gladiator Hullivaii,
in black tights, was seen to vault over tho bar
down tho loft field side of the grounds and start
rorois to tho carpet Mr. Mutdoou followed him
n lavender tights, , ... ...
Tho twpmpnweiit to work right away. Mul
doon took hold of Hulllvan V boad with both
hands and handled tbe big fellow vory lnuuhlv
for a few seconds, and tho crowd yelled with
Tiion Hulllvan got a grip on tlio wrestler and
tried to throw hlin ovor his hip,
He did so, but Muldoon landed on bis bauds
and knees.
The two locked anus and went at It again.
Sliildoou grasped Hulllvan about the waist and
tlnow him to tho carpet, but he landed on his
Then Billllvangot a good hold on Muldoon,
auil, by using all Ills strength, forced Muldoou a
two shoulders tn the carpet, and he was awarded
the first fall. The time was two minutes.
Iho second round was uiorp inciting. There
was not tunch sclenoo displayed, but a great
deal of strength nasoililhltvii.
The two gladiators alternated in picking one
another up anil trying to throw htm ou his back.
They rolled ovor each other several times in
their efforts, and when Hullirau fell upnu Mul
doon onca or tnlco the people thought be had
driven him into the ground, bo came down so
When Hulllvan was thrown ho went down on
tho carpet luo n log.
Af'or several unsuccessful attempts Muldoon
finally landed Hulllvan on his shoulders iu three
minutes, and honor were eveu.
Tho big Boston glaiilator was pufllng a great
doal at the end nf this bout, and it was ovfdent
that ha was slightly winded. He oamo up
smiling, however, for the third and last bout
After shaking hands Sluldoon went at Bullivau
as though he meant bnsluess,
Se grabbed bis head and shook it vtolously,
when John L. broke loose his faco and ears
were very red.
After Hulllvan had trlppod Muldoon and
thrown him ou his side the laltor grasiied Hulll
van in his arms, lifted bim from his fast and
threw him with great force upon the broad of
bis back.
Tho fall seemed heavy enough to shake the
earth. The crowd yelled delfghtodly as Muldoon
stood ovor the fallen gladiator with a look of
triumph on bis countenance.
Biillivan gathered himself together, and when
he rcachedhls feet he drew back his right arm
as if to deliver Muldoon a sledge-hammer blow,
bnt he didn't.
Thou nearly everybody In tho grounds made a
mail rush for tlio two gladiators. In a twinkling
thuy were surrounded by a mob of l,000or
l.noo people. Itwaa with tbo greatest diflloulty
that they reached their dressing-room, tbe ca
lico being unable to handle the crowd.
In the evening Hulllvan and Mlko Cleary savo
5n exhibition of boxing beforo five or six Inju
red people. They had tinea rounds, and it
was a very lively set-to. Cleary save Hulllvan
almost as many bard blows as ho received.
Men Whom You Can Blra to Murder
II Will Hasten to Baltimore la Attend Ills
Slather's Fnaaral.
Jako Kilraln and Charley Mitchell are due to
day on the Adriatic But the Adriatio is rather
a slow boat and it is probable abe will not heave
in sight until to-morrow.
In all probability Jake will not tarry in this
city oven for a few hours, but will hasten on to
Baltimore to attend tho funeral of his dead
The talk that Jake's sad loss might causes
postponement of the match with Hulllvan is non
sen so.
The men are bound by irnn-olad articles, and
a delay wonld be impossible unless one of the
principals desires to forfeit It 0,000,
The toss for a battle-ground, according to the
artlelss, is to occur June I. This next act in
the great piigilUtlo drama, will probably take
place in Charley Johnson's place, tn Brooklyn.
AH About the Summer Resorts in the
a ia .. ..
or Course " The Bvanloa- World " Issued It
Veslerdax. as Kvery Day.
Tub Eykvino Would Bporting Extra was the
only paper in New York which printed yester
day tho atory or the yacht Titanla's brilliant
victory over the Hhamroek.
This event was one of the most interesting of
the whole day, both locally and generally, hav.
ing as it may a great bearing on tho coming
race for the ZAinerica Cup, the two yachts com
peting being the fastest 70-footers iu the
In addition to this Tnr Evrxiso Woblp xtra
? Tenanted more completely and attractively
ban any other paper reports of tho baseball and
general sporting eveuts of the day.
U teal incomttarablu th brtt Sporting Kxtra
printed In Uu city, and (( will be fund so f rv
Ti'ie Evbkinu Wonr-n Is not given to making
rash promises, or promises to be left unfulfilled.
It simply goes to work and performs.
Queer Things in theMUSee the SUN
TurealeulstT Weather uud Ititlu.
.... , , WA.suu.qjoa;, Msy Ml.
Ts! CVVV4A I '" ateni ""
In6vjfli(fi York1 Thrtn tuning
ts iNlfcWVvM ' teei(irniid mfiif roofer
ff'wSKv WTsne'"'wriTnt , To
Bv CvJBJMCSa IX' - Indfcai1' by
a&roMCnJXvv, lllakcly's tele-thsrmom-
Wm"..."'.:V:i 73
Avaraa lo past twaatr-tour boura, Bd 7-U
ZaaraS lor aorraapoadlas ton lait jaar, 71 g-Q
Pussies and Prises in the SUNDAY
6,000 M1LEST0 WED
The Bridogroom Crossed tho Conti
nent and His Brido tho Ocean.
From England and San Francisco to the
Washington Square Parsonage.
A Kotnnntlo Onion Which Only Awnltod
tho UnllU'a Arrival at Her Duck.
aUOUdn-JENlON.-At the parsonsgo of the
WaHhiligton Hipiuru Metliodist liplncopal
Cliurch. Iiytlin Iter. T. II. MoAnm-y. MAn-
3 ix (Inonor, nf Han 1'iaticlsuo, to Cauounk
E.vKiN, of England.
Tho marriage of the contractlnji parties
meutioucd in tho abovo advorilsemout tukeu
from tbis morning's (ispor caps tlio climax to
a pretty littlo rumauca.
Mr. CI cargo is a mining operator of Cali
fornia, and the bride, Miss Juikyn is tho
daughter of an old English family. Sho ar
rived iu tha city yesterday afternoon on the
steamship Unllln, and the wedding was held
at 8 o'clock In the oveniug.
Mr. George Is described as a ttoUart,
healthy looking younif follow oi about
twouty-clgbt years, reilnod both in manner
and Rpeech.
Tho bride Is tall and stately, with a beauti
ful, well. rounded figure, ami was dressed
olcgautly. Sho is young, ami has a pair of
sparkling eyes, rosy lips, heavy eyebrows and
a wealth of beautiful hair.
Mr. Uoorge camo from England somo tlmo
ago and went West, settling down in Han
Francisco and continuing his profession as
mining onorutor.
Meauwbilo au active correspondonco was
kept up by menus of Uuele Ham's and tho
Iloyal British mail service, aud it was de
cided a short tlmo ago that tho young lovers
should meet in Kew York aud be married.
Accordingly, Miss Jonkyn prepared for bor
lournoy ncross the ocunu to tlio arms of her
lovor. Hho took passage on tho Gallia, which
left Liverpool ou the !ilat inst.
Mr. George, the happy bridegroom, mado
tho trip across tho continent lu a railroad
When tbo Gallia readied her dook yestcr
day there was not a more auxlous person on
it than tha young mining operator. Miss
Jonkyn stood ou the deck among a crowd of
passengers, and Martin George gased from
face to face until hi oyo lit upon tho form
of his idonl.
Then tbore was a waving of handkerobiefs
and thoro was oven a suggestion of a kiss
passing through the air.
Aftor the fair passenger hod disembarked
tbe couple had their baggage taken core of
and left for supper.
Shortly before 8 o'clock lust night tho couple
called at the residence, of the Bev. 0. H. Mc
Anney, pastor of tho Washington Square
Methodist Episcopal Church, who lives tn
West Fourth streot, near Macdougab
They were accompanied by Officer John
Bteveus, of tho Gallia, aud tbo marriage cere
mony was performed, Btevens acting as one
of the witnesses.
TheJbrlde said she was Caroline Jcnkyn,
daughter of Charles Jonkyn and Elizabeth
Wallace Hho was a native of England end
said her age was twenty nine years.
The bridegroom gave the name of Martin
George, and said he was born in England,
but was now a residout of San Francisco,
Col. His parents ato Martin George ana
Agnes Scarle, Be Is thirty years old.
They seemod Jolly and full of li'e. and
beforo leaving tbo parsonage tbey told Mr.
McAnney that they would stay iu Now York
a few days, In order to seo tho town, and
would then go out Wcat again.
Bev. MoAnuey says tbey appeared to be
oue of tbe happiest couples he has ever
united In mstrlmony,
Tbey became acquainted at Hows'
Academy in England when they were school
Mr. George left England when he was
twenty years old. That was eleven year and
eight months ago, and the lover bave been
soparated all that time.
Miks Jenkyu is tbe only daughter of a re
tired leather merchant aud comes from Ht.
Ives, Cornwall, in the western paii of Eng
land. Tbey have been friends for fifteen years,
and th only reason why tbey were separated
all this time was tbst tbe bride was the pet of
her family.
Bill Nye's Observations on SUfo IslsnA
Monday Frsiranns at Jsroma.
ISVECUI.TOTSS avzaimt wosld.J
Jebomb T-axx Bace Tbacx, Msy 81. First
Ilace. Bweepstake for two-year-old, at tuo
each; 1,000 added; ashing allowance; half a
Hcoond Ilace Purse 11,000, for three-year.
olds and upward; penalties and allowance :
one mile. . ..
Third Raoc-Uandicap, 25 each, 11,300
added; mile and a furlong. .
Fourth Itaco lurse800; beaten and maiden
allowances three-quarters of a mil.
Fifth lUco.-lIandicap, $20 each, 11,000
added; 1,4 00 yards.
Hlxthltacc. Turse R00; selling allowances;
one mile and a sixteenth.
a a.
A Murdero us Th ug-SUNDA Y WORLD.
Immornllty at Ibe Capital.
ffraftia iraAfafftoit fyteiat. J
"Tho birth of 491 illegitimate colored
children in one year, of whom 121 were born
dead, by mothers mostly of the schoolgirl
age, unmarrieu aud very often homeless,
calls for more than a passing notice," says
Dr. Smith Towushead, Health Officer of the
District of Columbia, in his report just pub.
lisbed. " The status of tbe colored race in
the United Btatos, and especially th Southern
portion thereof, assumes growing importance
as a social problem as tbe years go by. Tho
normal proportions between tbe legitimates
and tbe illegitimates smoug tbe whiles is
maintained, there being six of the former to
one of the latter. Tbe return as to tbb col
ot cd race show continued growth of ille
gitimate relations botweeu the sexes, theie
belugoulv 1.4-!H legitimate to 1 illegitimate.
That Is. the latter uloss equals three-fourths
of the former aud over 3d per cent, of still
birth of every kind. Examination made by
the ofttco. as opportunity occurred, bave de
veloped the fact that a large proportion of tbe
mothers of these colored stillborn are unmar
ried girls, raugiug from fourleeu to eighteen
or twenty years of Rge. In most easy they
either cannot or will not disclose th nam of
the father of the child, or cite any cine by
which he con bo located.
The Oddest Museum in the Country Read
m s
The Saered River of Indle-mnk Q, Car
ponterux tho SUNDAY WORLD,
i 4 i &M sJrB aB
Garrison Pilots Fides to Viotory for IvI
tho Ladies' Stakes. m m m
Long Knight Had No Opposition for tho 3s
Second Race, 119.1
Thoro Will no an Kxtra Day at Jerorao $M '9
on Monday With Six Race. J Jl
" il iM
Jsnottc Task, May 31. Jeromo Park pre. Ml "M
sent a vastly different appearance to what It j2 S
did yesterday, Instead of a largo and excited Hll
crowd there was a slim attendance, most of ,$S jjjB
whom wcro regulars, and, of course, it takes iM jM
moro than au ordinary race to excite them. fM. jH
The "card" was a poor one, and it caused iM 8
some of tho bookmakers to complain, but their fM nS
feelings wore soothed somewhat when th an- Wl 3B
nouncoment was made that there would be an '5S( l
xtra day on Monday. This of course puts an -(HI J9
end to the Drlgbton lleach Ilaclng Association 3H IB
beginning their meuting on that date. w H
The racing hesan with a dash of five and a lm WW
half furlongs for twiwypar-old maidens. It had w jjM
three starters, with Telcnlioue the favorite, but ! S
ho was beaten a neck by Iagq. ridden by Barlwr. M. Jm
making tho lattor'a first winning mount thin W''M
year. , ,vg V
ixinp Knight cantered over, the course for tho ' ,.1u 1S
second race, having no opposition. ,-Jj jSal
Tho Ladles' Htakes, for thren-year-old fillies. , 3S .B
the event of tbe day. was next nn the card. Tha ' 'sm '
starters were Dlpsr Uueen, Fides, Auricoma . M S
andbenorlta. Mr. Ilelmont's Fides, ridden by iU ,W
Osrrlson. was the favorite and won easily by dsKJH
two lengths, with Henorita and Auricoma mak Sf-
Inn a dead heat for the place. . JB JfM
Tho winner was, prtsented with a wreath of x-m .'
flowers, which Traluer Itowos succeeded In put- Jtim
ting on her nock, '"WL
rmsT dace. "jM J
, Pnrso $000, or maidens two years oldl en- iKB
trance money, f lo eaoh, to second horse; those SM lm
not having been placed second iu a race of the Vw 3aB
value of 1. 300 allowed 6 lb.: live and a'half vlHB
Iago, nil .(Barber) 1 '3B
TelcphoM. IIS (F. LittleUeld 0 pRS
May Queen, llu (Doane) 8 i'!aB
BfttipK io to 7 on Telephone, 11 to 6 iliH
"tS.ln"i'1,"V4 to 1 May Queen. ' M
The Race. Telephone was first away and th flm Ml
two ran in eloso order without any change to "zM .S
the last sixteenth, when Ilarber got Iago in vflS
tront ana wpn or neck, u eiepnone was tea vm ','
gugths before May Queen. Time 1.10H. JSM
Uutuels paldl HtraiirLt. in.0; for a place, j'H
48.30. Telephone paid to. SO. IMS
. . ,ewon back. trMjal
ParsaiToorfor tbrco-yesr-olds and upward; SsMJaB
maiden allowed: ono mile. .. 'tHcH
Long Knight came to the post with WllUasu iSlB
UP, and walked over the track. itSal
Tho Ladles' Stakes, for illllns three year old. '"'!'
of 100, half forfoit. or "0 if declared by July Va'aS
1, 188fi, with fl.tf&O added, of wiiich 300 to B-9
tbesacoud, the third to receive 1100 out of the .
stakes; one mile aud a furlong. -isS'tlai
Fides, 113 (Garrison) 1 -55 IB
Auricoma, 113 CFitznatriok) JH'JM
Bcnorita. 110 (Hereon) WvafH
uypsy Quson, 110 UJarber) 0 IJtB
Dad h.at (or tha plaoo. Vlj Q
Betting a to 1 ou FIdos, 3 to 1 against Benop. fffl Km
Its, o to 1 Auricoma, 10 to 1 Oypsy Queen. '410 IM
The Ilace. Auricoma was first away, but as iMtSbi
they want around l'icnio Hill Oatrison took iSot.KM
lldes out in frnut, and was never headed, win- ''?!
nmg easily by two longths, while Auricoma and Jill -
Bcnorita made a dead heat for the place. Tim intern
-tt.OOU. m m
Pise Ilettlng Fides barred, 0 to 5 against i yft
Auricoma, 5 to 4 on Henorita. MntucUpaldt, W 'as
Straight. H: for a place. s.2n. Auricoma, 'JIB 3m
paid fa. 80 ana Henorita paid 6. 30. I IdB W
FOUBTn back. 'fjl Ma"
Fnrsp$000, for three-year-olds and upward; ;a M .
Lonely, 1)6.', , .(Bonn) 1, w.S
Brown Charlie, 110 (Bergeni 3 -H W
Khaftan. 08 (Doane) 3 ,?Mmm
Betting 10 too on Brown Charlie, 7 to 5 ' jm TfM
against Lonely, 8 to 1 Khaftan. Km ,-m
ThsBace Loncly's saddle shifted while go iJK '
Ing to the post and he ran away about five fur- "Sm'm-
longs. This sent bim back in th betting a ?5A
couple of points. Whan they got the nag Khar- .'l '
tan and Brown Charlie went away In front and "W'
alternated in the lead tothe south field, wher ,!) '
Lonely Joined them. In tbe stretch Brown Bai
Charlie and Lonely drew away with, the, latUr M'M.
finally winning by a neck. Browo, Charlie was -W
tenlsngths in front of Khaftan, Time 1.J0. i9i9
Mutuslspaidi Straight, 17. Am for a ptac, islB'
$0.40. Brown Charlie paid S. 00. I W'W
Bwstpatakes of tSO each, half forfeit: far . ,,'ila '
three-year-olds and upward, 11,000 added, 'V'W
3B0 to second; Titan course. 1,400 yards., ''JKjm'
Kollan. 114 ..(Oaraisoo) 1 'TMlU
Connemara, 107.. ..v..., CW.Donobne) a MWm
Betting 3 to 1 on Eollan. 7 to B against Con- MmT
The Usee. Eolian led from start to finish and , Mmm .
won by two lengths. Time 1,'MH. BS(
Mutual paid f 7. 30. VsB
sixth back. IHLI '
Purse 1000; entrance money, 930 each, to sWJmW
second horse; for three-year-olds and upward; H
the winner to be sold at auction; tbe -Titan jflH
course. 1.400 yards. ''S
Miracle, 111 , (Hamilton) 1 SB
iirusaaer, Auit , jerow 'iBaSiTiEaB
Topska .(Oostello 9 l!Mam
Crispin, 107 .(J. JUgan 0 U
LlitleJake. 103 (.tndsrMm O S-'aH
ilarborUghts 08. ........ .f.. ...... (Muilaly 0 :
Betting 8 to 4 on Miracle, 8 to 6 against JaUH
LlttUJake, lOtol Harbor Light. IB to I 911
Crispin, ao to 1 Tppeka, 30 tp l Crusader. -S yH
The Bace Crispin, Little Jake, aud Harbor ,W,m
Lights altsrnated in thcUsd,to.nhestreUn.wba -Am M
Miracle drew away and wop by six lengths from 'ffiiM
cVusader, who was ten in front ofTopoka. 'JSgll
r"ce Betting-Miracle barred. 10 to 1 again 'SbI
Crusader, jlutnels pa di Btralelit, 0.60; for fRn
a place, 17.10. Crusader paid 10.00. LIkh
I.atenla Winners. E9i '
Oioinvati, My 31. -The racing wa eon- 'ffiax,
tinued bor to-day with the following results: sJB'WsT
First Bace Purse. $400: selling. allowances: Mya
threi-quarters of a mile. Won by Jaki Toms,' 'Hi 1 .
Holland second, and Clamor third. Tim .iiln
l.Sv!U. i 'IXaW '
Hecond Itce-I'ure tSOO; selling llowanoe JMKil
one mile. Won by Kedar Khau, (Jasuway so- ?Mti9
SSn.ananou Air third. Time-1.83. JHm
Third Itsco-Vurse 400, for tvro.i-er.olds ' '
foiir and a hair f ur oniss. -VVon by Adele M., JBll
Ballyhoo seoond aud aqd Lady BUokbum tblnU IHflB "
A Breukbn PUyalclau and Ilia .Holder Ar SSMbbV
rested tbis Artcrnaon. IHIbH
Dr. Charles Siion Jones and his mother, BJrW
Mrs. JIary Ann Dixon Joueit, of Brooklyn, were wH W
tbis afternoon arrested on warrant issued by 'SSii
County Jndge Moore, charging them with man "9 M
''Tl'sywe'tbe reputed owners of the Woman' !flal '!
Hopitl in DeKalb ayonne, wherein Ida L. ! '
unt and Sarah 0 Bate dicil. it Is claimed. SS ',
from the effoet of operations performed for jKBbI
eaneerf which did cot eiisU , im!m,
r tr,
' WW1'-n'-fj-

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