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Carlisle Graham's Plunge at Last an
I AccompHslied Feat.
I Ho and Hla Barrel Successfully
I Mako tho Terrible Divo.
H He Hm Hntl Quito Enousli, Howovcr,
H of the Niagara Torrent.
Niaoaha Falls, Bept. . At last a man lit
H taken tho plmiRd with Xlaeara's roaring torrent
H and imcr-Rcd from the chaos of waters to tell the
M story of tho foolhardy feat. Tho man ii Car
H Nile D. Gralmni. tho younsr cooper, who, with
M Ms barrel-shaped craft, hai been before tho
H roblle for somo tlmo past, and tho trip wan made
M ibnt 7 o'clock tlil morniiiK In tho prosenco of
W half a hundred spectators. When the queer
JH llttlo craft, with its vcntiircsomo pasqengor
H securely prisoned within, eemod to hesitate, a
H shoit socoml on tho brink of the prcciplco
H there was not ono who did not think that
H was the end. Then down it shot into tho awful
war of waters, down the dirzy heigh to trcar.h
I irous rockn and maelstrom?, whoso circling
M anus would seek to drag it down. Afewfiag-
ments of wood and a bruised and ghastly corpse
I in tho stiller waters miles below might tell the
U story, hnt not deter other fame-hungered mono
nianics from attempting tho Kama thing. Bat
M Graham ha i passed through tho ordeal and the
i no ambition of his lifo is satisfied.
This morning Graham Hllontly stole across the
V ,uw suspension bridge to Clifton. Half an hour
'M later Constable Androw Horn droTO over in a
ll wagon with tho barrel.
H The iolico on the Canada ride had notified
H Graham that they would arrest him if he tried
H to so over tho falls, no he was very caution".
H Ko countable appeared and Graham cot into
H the wagon after it passed the Clifton Ilonse.and
was driven up to Chippewa as quickly as possi-
ble. Here tbevhad tooatry tho barrel across a
H jraeyard, in ord"r to avoid the house of a
:H Ctnadim constable They were reinforced.
)l however, by Constable Taloy, of Laxalle.
Ne,r York, who had rowod across tho
river to help launch tho barrel. Graham woro
a cair of black tights. Ho gave his clothes to
I Constable Horn. And handed him a watch and a
j small sum of money, with tho remark: "God
knows whethor I will come out alive or not. If
,M I don't, fee that my wlfo sets ror things."
"Oh. yon will beont all right 1" said Horn,
fl In about the tone of voice he would use to a
I prisoner ho was taking to Lockport Jail.
! I "I don't know." said Graham, "bat I can
i A rcalizo bow anybody feels who is going to die.
t H Eerier fasten down the coter and wo will have it
i BH otcr."
Oiaham seemed firm enough, hnt Constable
Horn weakened a llttlo. When ho locked down
! the lion band" which wore to protect the
m head of tho birrel there would be no chance
" for Graham to get out alive.
"I felt." said Horn afterwards, "just as a
M sheriff would who wis going to hang a man. I
Tho two constablos finally got tho horo safely
I locked in his ark and tnwed him ont to the cen
.1 tre nf the Ktrcam almost opposite the Chippewa's
mouth. Tho Horse-Shoe Hanids were not farbe
M low and It wan hardly a safo plac. Aflftr-oot
II rope, to bo urod as a drait, was lot go about
II tl.43. Tho con-dables then rowed aBhore and
'II leaped from Canada with all possible speed.
11 The be t point to so Graham go over Niagara
fy Falls was Tablo flock, on the Canada side. Bo-
l'flj aides sot oral newspaper men a'd auosts from
the Clifton Hnue, who ha I received tb tip, a
M policeman who belonged to Oueen Victoria's free
I park stood solemnly ready to prevent tho .barrel
'H from going over. At Ieat he said -o. At 7.05
1 B the barrel was righted up tho stream. It turned
1W over several times and its red top and drab
H bottom made o dizzy kalcidoseonio combination.
B ahlch convinoed tho onlookers that ltn occupant
wa having a lively experience. Jnst then word
camo down from Chippewa that Graham had
R hal an awful crash in the surf, whero tho rapids
begin, and that this rough treatment had been
followed up. The bont took a smooth course to
tho Horse-Shoe Tails soon after it came in eight
and floated easily d twu to tho brink.
It went over with tho great volume of water at
7.10. "That's the end of Graham," said a man
aa the barrel failed to appear in the foaming
water below, but in less than two minutes the
red top was seen. The barrel was sucked under
every alternate moment, ttntll llnally it swished
off into tho Uass Hock oddy. Graham had posted
friends along the river to rescuo him in case ho
needed it, for open boats could notventuroun
this far in tho river. Aimer Jonos and Mich
ael Cahlll happened to Ixi the men at
this point. They waited until tho barrel
Nwirlod around in the eddy cloo to tho shore,
when Jones swam out and captured tho drag
rope. The barrel was pulled over into too rocks.
Tho irons across the ton wcro bent and twisted.
Ono lock wa btoken on. but tho other wa in.
tact. No provision had been mado for supply
ing duplicate keys to tho watohers on the bank,
and Jones bad to break into thobaricl. 'J he
two men nulled Graham out and laid him on tho
"Ho is dead," said some one on tho cliff
above "His neck is brokon'sald another,
who saw the limp form pulled out of the liaircl.
Cahlll thrust a whiskcv flask Into the navigator's
mouth, anil nrctty soon succeeded In restoring
iilm. They trotted around to the Maid of tho
list Lauding, where a carriago was taken to
Andrew Horn's hostelry, ucar tho depot.
qcitc cucEnrui. AFTr.n it.
Graham was very cheerful and said he felt lit
tle ill oflecU from the trip. Ho was lame and
oro ennngh to be put to bed and a couple, of
New York doctors. , whono names woio not
learned, examined dim. They agreed that no
bones w pro broken. The iniurios were super
ficial. Graham was unable to gtt tin to-night.
His wife in some manner became, apprised or
his intention and came to tho Fail just as
Graham was dictating a telegram announcing
his safo trip ovir tho Falls.
His experiences wrro verv thrilling and. as
told by him to-night to Tnc Would rorrospon
dent, form an interesting study or what men
will bravo tosecuro a llttlo fame. There was no
money in the advouturn for li'm, and lie inada
the snlcidalvo) age to accomplish tho ambition
ot his life. Graham has been at Niagara l'alls
tor three vearsptopailug for the feat which ho
accomplished to-day,
ma urn's AsmiTios.
Ho came here in 1HRD with a prolty little bar
rel, which ho had built in an Ent Buffalocooprr
shop, to go over the cataract. He was told that
it would bo suicide. Capt. Wobb had just lost
his life trying to swim the tempestuous pool
rapids, and peoplo said that Graham would get
just as much credit trying to go through tho
whirlpool as to muke tho mora risky
experiment. Graham. July , 11, Ihmi,
made lit voyage thlongh tho whirlpool.
Then a swarm or imitatois appealed
on thn scene, l'ntts and Haslctt went uh far as
heaudHadie Allen followed in their footsteps.
Graham, to ecllp'e their tcaU and hisown.next
went through tho rapids and whirlpool with
head ont or the barrel. Tho roar of the water
and tho dashing of tho waves made him deal for
lifo in ono ear.
Graham, in June. 18R7, repeatod his trip and
went further than before. This time his liat rel
partly filled with water and ho was nearlv car
ried down to death in the maelstrom when he
whs trying to swim away from the sinking bar
rel. Bince this thrillinii experience Graham lias
been experimenting with tho irtf a of goingover
the falls, lfo built and patented a torpedo lite
boat, which he named Tun World, and sent it
oer tho Horseshoe on an experimental trip. Ho
wanted to go into it hlovelf, but his wlfo and
friends insisted on a piollmlnaiy tc-t.
Tho craft was daslicl to piece June
:io, and only a few splinters camo out in tho
lower river. Hlnco then Graham has sent mby-e-albarielsover.
Thee eo-1 nmrh money, but
tho cash was willingly furnished by William
Devoe. who has managed several theatHeal
troupts. Graham got tho experience Tho
Niagara torrent kept the barrels Tho only ono
thnt escaped being dashed to pieces wan en
gulled in an eddy. Graham became very
despondent at these repeated failure aim said
the cext timo ho would go over in thobaricl,
whether he came out alivo or not.
"Illdlo with it If It goes topiecc3,"said he to
51r. Devoe, bnt ho did not hac to. He went to
liuffttlo and hottzht an old cask of Chinee locust
wood, which ho tore to pieces to convert into tho
ban el used In this morning's trip. Ho made it
sound and snug, but smaller than tho others.
In size it ia 1W feet long, weighs 100 pounds, is
S2 inches in diameter at the ton, 21) in, tho cen
tre and Ifi at the bottom. Fifteen a-lnch iron
hoops ulve liimncss to it and a man-hole
in tho top, 14 bv 10 inches, permits
of entravce to It. To the bottom, on
tho ontsido thlrty-flvo pounds or iron
is fastened llrmlv as ballast, and sand ballast
Is carried on the inrido. Graham mado a trip
last Bnnday afternoon, starting at the Maid of
the Mist landing between tho two suspension
bridges, and going clear thiough to Lonlston.
This wns by all odds tho most exciting advcntnro
until tliat or to-day. The tiip was made in
twenty-tlvo minntes and the craft travelled
part or the way at a ppeed ot thirty
miles an hnnr. The barrel encountered sev
eral rocks, but they mado no impression on
it, anl having behaved so handsomely
in tho Whirlpool and in the Pevil's Maelstrom
Graham concluded to go nier the cataract in it
without rurther test. Graham's wlfo lives in
Buffalo on Abbott road, and when be told her
his intention a tearful scone ensued.
a TEAnrttL wirE'n surruoATios.
"For f'0 sake of your fam'lv." said Mrs. Gra-
ham. on her kneo . 1' do lint try to killyonroir.
You know from past experiences that the bat rel
will only be dariied to pieces and you will die
Graham's little daughter clung to his arms
and pleaded with him to stay home The strong
man. who had four time" braved death at J.
agara. almost relente-l. He said he would r0"t
PO"o the tiip indefinitely, and came down to the
Falls a very sad ma , He had spent all his
monev in experiment, and was loth to give up
jntwhenhe was sure of success, ho he do
cidedtigo ahead without telling his Umlly,
When ho reachu I this ('rcMon he notif.el such
people as he wished to be present, including a
represe-tativonfTitE W bld. and qnieklycon.
eluded his arrangements. The story of hw
perilous trln as told to-night la vety thrilling.
It has taken mo three vear." said Graham,
"to accomplish tho ambition of my lite. I
could not bnhapp'er than I am now. though I
havo had misgivings all along that I m ;ht get
killed in this atterap. My repeated failnrcs
w.ththebariols I cxpotime ted on discouraged
me, snd I would willingly have committed
suicide if it weie not for my wifo and children. '
"What, then, induced you to make the trip:"
Pecau'oitisafeatthathas never been ac
compllshed before." said Graham. "Brodlo
was liere and threatened tocoover the falls in
his rubber suit. I do not bellove I would hato
gone so soon, but I did not want anyouo to get
the start of me.
" I was half roiisoIctf mo-t of the trip. When
they let go of me off of Chippewa I crouohed
down in tho bottom of tho barrel, secured the
Tall biodtr nEssnvED.
i !
Author o "Footprint! in the Enow," " The Broken 5faJ," " Tim Track of the Storm," c.
j A youtiB lifo bung on a thread; a voting
J and boloed life for In the sick-room tho
' ! mo'her was watching with speochiess misery
I tho fevered liuud tofcaiug ou tho pillows, and
, In the Hbraiy downaiairs tho gray-haired
' father was wnndering to and frc, unable to
' be still, so intenso was the nnx.ety of his
. mind. It was the e'dest si n and neir of tho e
grief.stricken parents who lay nigh unto
death, for even tho Hnooth-tongued doctors
tad not disau Bed from bir Robert Forbes
that Arthur ForhcB was In great dnt er. and
tliat his UlnesH might at any moment assume
a fatal character.
Ho had been so woll and strong nud hand-
l tome all his life It seomod nluu st impos-.ible
ho could be ho weak and wnMed now. Ho
tad taken typhoid fovor. it was supposed,
while tlayng' at n country hou'e in a neigh-
borng ciunty, nud ho hud ro uroed home
Terv id. nud nil tho demoted care lavished on
Wio had douo him no Rood, and a dark
i sbadow lay ovor tiip household on this Sep
, tembereveniuc nt Oorsfleld Hall, tot it was
'I known there that for Arthur Forbes thcro
I aiinht be no morrow.
J i Fnstutlyn preltv. falr-haired g'rl. whoso
, 'i face vi!B palo nnd whoso eyes were red w.th
J i fars, ( nmo soitly Into tho library and went
A i l to Kir Robert and put her hand ou the
) wotihohulf.dikliactodnnii.
" Have you heard how ho is now, Bir Rob
J tt? she half whisperod.
He shook his head In answer and tears be
gan to roll down the girl's cheeks.
"I Bkould like to f.ee him," sho eald with a
smothered sob, " but they say ho has to bo
kept tpi.te qu et and it might exoite htro. Oh!
why does Robert not o. mo down and toll us
how ho is? Ho promised to como down
ovcry hour and It is far more than an hour
since he camo!"
This girl was May YTynn, the promised wife
of tho young m n lying so ill upstairs, and
even amidst his own absorbing unslety Sir
Roboit looked at her with somo pity.
"Afavoiablo turn niny come," he said:
"wemnst try to hope."
Astenwas hoard at this moment outsido
the door o the room, nud nn intaut later tho
handle turuod end a tall.daik young ninu en-
lfot'h Sir Roliert nnd May Wynu looked at
him eager y. and he answered in words iheir
dumb, questioning ys.
He has " con conscious for the lost half
hour, and ho f over s a undo less," ho s.iid.
"" DnY, Robert, your mother fancies be 1 as
somo hing on his in ud he haB been rnui
hiconalldnv.hbe r.nys. about yoino diary
1 o i wnn'a hi. den. Hnvo .vou heard anythlug
of this ?" askfd Hir Itol eit. uneasily.
"Jtibt the roving of ior. I aPP;o-, " "
sweied Robeit Forbes, who wns hir Rober
JeiN.iidton.lut ho castdowu his oyn, as he
"'hV'wiw not linmlfomo. liko tho elder.
Arthur but lio had uu expresslyo ince, vr-.tli
u ro g cl a'Votersties and intelliaent gray
eves. He looked now tit May Wyuu, and he
taw that she had been crylug.
" He wked oftcr you, May." ho rold.
traps and prepared myself, for such an experi
cnea as I had gone through in the rapids. Iwa;
fooled, badly fooloiL The two rapids aren't
anything alike Tho first, ilo-o I. got was a
drop that seemed liko . thirty feet
tlon'ii into nothing. I didn't, expect It
ai ilmy head went against tho side of the barrel
with an awful thump. 1 was turned uprido
down screral times, and Anally I becamo to be
numbed that I did not realize the position.
Talk about going through tho rapids 1 It ts
fiothlng compared with going oyer the falls,
tut 1 don't want anymore of it. This is enoiiBh.
shall trifle with fatonomore Mv sensations
are hard to lietcrllie. I really can't say that I
knew the prccio moment I wont a er tho falls. "
"Tliotijroudonot know when you went ovor
"I could not tell from the inside tho barrel.
Thof g atost shock I got as the first ono at tho
start. I felt rtaeon afterward, and whon I
reached Bass Hock Eddy. Aimer Jones shouted
to mo through the ail. hole. 1 could hear what
ho said, but I didn't rcem to bo able to respond
to him. 1 should hate diod if tho barrel, had
gnueoii down to Lowiston; but thcro was little
chance of that, fori had so well arranged for
licople to bo piescnt to rescuo me.
west ovnn feet tibst.
"Black Jack Tlerncy told mo this afternoon
that I went over the falls feet llrst. Ho saw the
liancland says it came down with tho red tiip
up. Binco then several peoplo have told mo tho
samo thing. I thought probably I did a great
contortion act. hut I guess 1 didn't after all. Now
is the time, "continued he. "for somo or thoso
N'agara self-styled heioes. who have Imitated my
other trips, to uo otcr tio falls. Thoy went
through (he lapidsqulok enough: now let them
follow me he 'o if thcy.daie. , There is no string
or chain on them to keep them away, and tho
fall- keep on going everyday, lust as If I illdn t
itootorthoHorsolio3 to-day, They all kntw how
it is douo now. It's catyfor them when they
hate amaporit laid out."
"Could you not havo started closer to tho
falls, and rated tho trip through tho upper
rapids ?"
" Perhaps I could, bnt the Canadian authori
ties were bound to ston mo from doing aiiy
thlug.andlcouldnnt take chances. I wanted to
start at Clark's Hill Itaplds. but they nearly sent
mo up for ten yeais for asking them If I could
"Why didn't you try thla barrel on a dog
"No. I cursed myself Tor lettlnir that poor
doggoover in the ono that sank Thorowss a
ten. dollar bet ou tho dog' chances and 1 fool
ishly consented to let them try it. 1 ve boen un
lucky over Unco ivitll now."
Graham Bays that this was by all odds the
roughest cxpericme or his lire. Ho was bom
thirty-lite years ago on the Brandywine. lTela
ware, near Philadelphia, and has knocked about
n great deal. Ho has built all the barrels with
which ho has oxporimentod. For sotcral yean
he was engaged in tho cattle business, which
necessitated his taking ocian trips and
ho thought tho Niagara , surf was no
woro than that of tho Atlantic. Ho be
lieves differently . now, and s willing
to stay away from the Falls. Ho rolteiatcs his
stavuicnt that ho has enough. Ho has nolm
mudiato p'ans for tho future. During the evon
inn ho was visited by several editors, who ato
heie on a i excursion of the National Press As.
soe ation, which was in session at llotroit last
week. Ho wa' in such a weak condition that ho
refused to seo any callers except newspaper
men. Ho will evidently bo laid up for several
Whlttlrr'a Humble Home.
from 1A JJttroU TVlliuss.l
A friend of mine who recently visited John
O. Whlttior at " Oak Knoll," his modest How
England homo, writes intt restinglv of the anr
rouudmgs of the aged Qunkor poot. Tho reli
gion in which l.o was reared makes simple liv
ing nb Igatnry uimn its disciples, and to this
rel glou he hosnlwavs remained .aithlul. The
pool's honio ia a tdan two.Rtory dwollini;.
differing in no respect from tho averngo
Now England faim-honso. The pnrlor into
winch the visiior ia ushered Is furnished
w.th old-fashioned fnruituro. upholstered
in horse-hair, with a few artificial fl' werj
under glass shades on the cent re-tab'o and
mautelpieo. Thero is Dothinglu tho con
tents of tho little room which bes teaks Iho
culture and refinement of the owner. Tho
apartment wliich -Vir. Whl tier, culls bis
"slu lv," snd in which ho does a 1 his writing,
Is plainer stil . Resides an antiquated stove
itBomy aim lea of furntmra uo a bookcase
o niatuinp a couple hundred volumes, who o
iiptearaiio giV' s evide ce of age and fro
tiiii nt use, and a litt e desk 1 1 which the pret
works. All of wh ch. avB mv friend in con
clusion show how fully tho au hor of
" I"halioil" puis in o pr..ctico the gospel of
plain living nud high ihlnk.ng.
A Deceitful Apnllance.
lYom J1ifr.
Mr. Hprii uhead (who has ordered a detec
tive camera by cxpre's1) Ii's a gummed
fraud. Relay! I pullfd the trigper 'cordin'
tcr d'roctioiiR. an' now I've I en thronph
oterv o rt of th' did.blittered thing without
fiudin' no dergerrotypel
From n Ilfoilrrii Novel.
(finrl IW I Htgrnitt Blallrr.
" To aud 'ro ho paced in tho room, up and
down, on y now and then, without knowing
how or why. be sat down in the chair, richly
ornamntod nbovo aud below, nud tossed
I her and there. F-om timo to time ho l.ftcd
li s head aud strokad back and for U tho gray
hair which fell hither nnd thither ou tho
1 rov over and over deeply Btaniped with
Hues of tare."
" I should liko to seo him, Robert," she
answered. .
' i hat is Impossible : no one has to go into
tho room at present. They havo even turned
me out: they went him to try to sleep."
' ' And you think he is a l.ttle better ?" aked
'ih"reB! you m"ht to try to get a little
rest too, May. 1 am rolns to Arthur's sit-ting-ro"m
to write somo letters, bnt I'll co
yon by and-b ." And Ro crt For' o turned
nnd left tho room as quietly as ho had eutertd
"it was about 9 o'cl ck, and as he cr ssed
Iho lighted hall he met tho I ullcr. who was
lingering about to henr a report oi tho Inva-
"How doeB ho seem now, Mr. Robortf"
asked tho man, lespoi tfullv.
' ' Forhnps a shndo I ctler. Barton."
' ' That's good news sir. "
" Yos. if it lft'ts,'' answered Robert Forbes,
gravely, and ho passu! on, ro ng diieot to i a
mi all room lit the other ride of tho hall,
wh ch Arthur Forbes always claimed as his
It was more liko a gun-room than a study,
forwenpous of nil sorts adorned thottals.
nnd it was fitted up in a maimer that sh' jvod
an easy nnd luxurious teste. Rut Robert
Forbes ueter glau cd (.round: ho wont
straight up to a handsome old 1 lack carved
onkpre'S which stood at one side, aud then
he urew a bunch of keys from his pocko',
and B'ood tiers for n nmmoiit or two with
tuem in his hind as if debuting in his own
niiud how to ni t.
Ho was repeat ng to himself words that ho
bad listened to n Hiirrt wide ago. words nt
lend by lis ' rother Arthur, v hose hollow,
wistful evo had gi zed et him w th strangn
pathos oud trust while he had utleied them.
All the early rait of tho day Arthur For cs
Lad Inn apparently uucoinoious, r ra1 ling
a times ns it in nhfrss dreams, at others a
dull t tu or Fei-mliig to overpower him. Rut
nl out 7 o'c ock his mind I ad l. cine o ea er.
I ninl he hud eti 'cntly recogu red l obott. And
Robert had understood thai ho wiriied to wiy
sniiietli'iig iu piivato to 1pm. for ho saw him
looking at his in thor nnd the nunc ns if ho
wisled tbem tDgon-tay.
"1 think ho ttlsl to to tell mo something,
mother." Robert wh sperrd to I.ndy I orbos,
who nt once went into thendjo ning diessiug
room, taking the nurso with hor.
" Are they gono whero they cnunot hear ?'
nsked tho Bick innu in husky accents, lookiut
Nell' flaws Well I!nonh t Fill All Ills
Enanaemenla 4,ltitlf-Iluaile CJIvra
It Name lo it New Fareesfeinrav
Helen llnrry to lie Hern In New Hole
nt the Union HqunreTula Alontli.
Troctor's Twmty - third Street Tboatro
opened Its regular season on a urdav night
with tho production of a local melodrama by
Jes-op and Teal, entitled "Tho Great Mo
tropulls." From n piosorlnl point of vlow,
nnd that Is about tho only point from which
tho production calls for consideration, "Tho
Great Metropolis " contained somo surprises.
Tho vi tw of tho opon ocean with thowreok
of thn ship "Flying Fish" was an excellent
piece of work of an extremely realistic de
scription. Tho Beetio representing tho Kast
River, nnd revealing tno floating eorpso
of Gertrudo ravornak was also very
well douo. Tho Hiiudy Hook Reach was
hardly as rcalistio oh iho other sots. The
room was a triflo too ktngoy, and tho clomls
weio not couviuclng. Oilier tcenes showed
tho wnl lngroom in the Ttventy.oighth street
Rlovulcd s ation. tho inter or of a city flat, a
room in n saitira' boirding liouso, nnd tho
Interior of the randy Hook L ghlhouso. Tho
story of Iho "Great Mtlropolis" whs hope
lessly itnoived. nud elided nt the closo pt tho
hlxth act with two pistol shots, conveniently
hilling iho villain and his murderer. Miss
Anuio Mayor did somo capital work. Bo did
Harry Merodtth. adelo Talma contributed a
neat little French sketoh.
Nell Rnrgcss was at the Tweuty-thlrd
Bticet Thentro fcnlurday night looking as
woll ns over. Mr. Buraesi's genial smllo hns
not been damaged in tho lenst and hla friends
w ii fca-ily forgive lnm his left-hand s-ilutn.
tion. that ho is still obliged to give. Mr.
Riirgess will bo ablo to fill all bu engage-
Mme. Anna do Nancazo, who has been en
gaged to plov in Victoria Vokos's rompauy,
will bo remembered as the lady who wora
that roinnrltublo sublo dress In " The Great
Fink Fcsrl." Now thit tho play is long ago
a thing of tho p.ist i: won't lie a cruel rcvoia
lion to sny that tho remarkable sublo dross
tti.su'i sable nt all. It was cleverly mado of
the skiuH of tho young calf, aud was abso
lutely not to be detected.
Ramsay Morris thinks that he has disposed
of tho Enclisn rights of his .play. "A Llttlo
American," to a thodtical Luglishman nt
present in tho city. 'J he play, it will bo ro
Hjoinbcred. was built for llttlo Tommy Rus
sell, intholovolv Arabian Nightlsh days of
Woou's West Kud Theatre.
' ' Razzlo.Da7zlo " is tho file of a new farce-
comedy ti at is to bo proven ad during the
eu on. Tl o tmmo of tlie au hor of the far-o i
is not lotcaled. bnt " Razzlc.Dazzle '' is wild
to ooutain some highly amusing sitratious,
manv c over litt o bits ot satire and lour
piettv girb. Fo haps tho four pretty girs
fiisbt to bo mentioned first. They are. alter
nil, mere Interesting than tho situations or
the satire.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Marcus Moriarty. ex of Har
rlgau's. havo bo n engaged to support Miss
Hel"u Blythe. homo manigcrs ore incon.
sistent enough lo object lo tho engagement
of husband an I wife. It is good to uoto tho
exc. piions. Dan Fmhman is' also one of
them. He has engaged Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Miss Helen Rarry is de'lghted at the Idea
of nppearini th s season m ft now line of
business. Tho io'o of tho heroine In ' Lovo
and Liberty " was wn ten csp oialiy for her
and rovi-ed ao ordinp to her own sugges
tions. I is dos nbed as in-euscly emo
tional, lolieved at times by louche of com
tdy. It is by no means n ono part pie e, and
Clarssa H-indyn do. Ilnrrv uwynette anu
other inon ler of tho company engaged to
support Miss Harry, are said to n.ivo a rhanco
a. somo fine character acting, "tiovonnd
Tjibirty" will bo seen nt tho Union Square
Tho tr'o Fopt. 23. Mis Barry's season bo
pinning in Albany a week curlier. Sho ba-j
liad a long Snmuier rest at the seashore nnd
is iu excellent health and Bpirits.
Miss Bl nehe Weaver, who is at present
clnv ng In " Boojles's Baby " at the Modlson
bqiiaro 'Jheotro, has had several offers to bo
started this season. If Ml s Weaver is wiso
she won't bo sta rd. Hor good work in
"The Tigress" will be remem' ered. In
" 1 ootles's Babv " she is loss conspicuously
in'eresting. thus afford us another instance
ol tho uiidesirublo fact that it is tho p.ir' that
makes the actress, not tho actros tho part.
Donna Mndlxxn was in tho city Sstnrday
gor-eoulv clad m green and carrying a
varasol that was a most too-too even lor
Broattay. TheayKsys h it she has been
stntrlng in tho Vest in "I he t nole." and
th nks of s'arrlug nga n this seuson, not
confiuin, heikelf to tho West, howevor, th.s
Si Si
" Tho Lion and tho Lamb" wl'l go ont
this season, and Messrs. Wilson a"d Lewis
nro now nt work w.th this end tn view.
Hpeelnl F'revrorhs nt Manhattan To-Nlnht.
In Paln'B Amphitheatre at Manhattan Boach
to-night a special programme of fireworks will
bu git en. "'1 ho Last Hays of Pompeii " will bo
shown in addition to tho special fireworks
i dUplay.
a'terfhera. .
"They eer'ainly cannot hear, " answered
Fobert.'beU'dng over his hrothor.
' I hnto sonit thing to sny to yon." w onl on
Arthu w th a si n of tasp. ' 'I am going to ,
oie. I supp so, Rolert. 1 fed ft if 1 were
"i hope not: yon look letter to-night.
Y ti will l utl through a'l right, I trust."
" Will you do touething lor me. Robert?'
"Of coiirfc. tuy dtar lollow, I will what
ever you wl h."
There is some writing mv diary-locked
away in the black j rcss in my room-no one
must tee this but you, Robert promlso me
that no ono sh ill see it oftsr I am deud."
" 1 failh.ullv promise." ...
"Go and take it out now and destroy It;
never lot my lulher nnd niotner huirof It:
let tho fetret rest between you anu mo I
know you will spate my memory.'1
"Godholp mo, yes! Rut what have yon
tohldo''" , , , , ,
A mi ver pased ovor the sick man s face.
" Don't hpcal: of it." he said with s thud,
der: "it has haunted mo night and day. I
did It. t et sometimes 1 think it Is a dream a
hideous dream!" . . , . ,.
Perhaps it is," answered Robert, sooth-
Take my keys and go; hido It whero no
ono can fiud it-ning it into the son-bury it
deei-deop down! Do you hear? Don't
watt; go now, cr it mny bo too late."
Ho was becoming excilod, and to satisfy
him Toloit For es took Iho kevs which he
had kept hidden un cr his p Lows during his
whole llluess, alwnys keuiiugo strange mil
jealous oye ou thui eun m his dollr.ons ino
in uts. l.o! ett then en I ed baok Lndt rorbes
into tho rrom unit leit it. going to give his
report to bir Robert and aiyy Wjnn ui tho
lit rnry, but imvc lime seen, ho said no I lug
to Ihoni of tho sttange commission his bio her
had given him. ... .,,,,,
And now, wnh the keys or tho lilark press
in land, ho siod woudimg if i tvoro nil
1 folly : only a ever p-itiept s distracted nnng-
'""'f'o'or fellow: " ho thought, pityingly, and
'liosiRhod. Yet the liK' tn mil us on tho
vorpe oj ilcalh Moid belwicn him mid tlm
strongeM wl li nnd passion oi l'i .onni: man-
lood. Arthur Forbe- had been from Jiomo
t-non (heir girl ron.iln May Wynn. whwe
ahcrwasnnofiiccr out in India, nnd who
os Lady Tori es's hnlf-l rother. had como to
. live at tho Hall. Aud there had becu bright
Matters Neuritis: a Climax for Carroll's
Meeting trllli I lie Mnrlne-rUllor llrotvn
Thr'ittens to llcllre from the Ulna
Tommy llolilen ttnnta to Fight Ikn
Weir Hid Tltomitt, the English Itnnner,
A great deal of sovore criticism against the
way in which the clovocoutestsarorondttctod
at the California Atli otlo Club Is being in
dulged iu by tho sporting fraternity of this
rlty, apropos of the recent Rcmpsoy-La
Rlancho fight. If the reports of that bnttlo
are correct, and thero isuoroason to bollovo
they are not, tho Club's official referee, Mr.
Cook, permitted delilenite fouls on tho part
of both men, aud nllowod La Rlancho to
clinch and throw Dvmpaey ou thrco different
occasions, which is in dlroct violation
of the Queenslmrry mlcs. Rut tho
Queensberry ruins aro more houorod
In the broach than lu tho obseiv.inco iu tho
California Club contests, aud it appears that
RefeiooCook takei it upon himsolf toletluton
fight as thev puio. The Club is known to
be opposed tu draws nnd decisions on fouls,
ud its course iu that resixct has lod loin
justicn to somo men who havefonght fair nud
sciuuro under tho rtl os. while uthors hnto
taken undue nnd mean ndtautnges by striking
foul blows uid wrestling, lue tliroo f bs
which La Rlancho gave. Dempsey a ter
a wrestling bout, must hato toudo.l
groat ly to wenkon tho Nonpnroll. It
hns been suggested that tho t idifornin
Alhlelio Club emn'iov some old nnd experi
enced fighter liko Joo Cohuro to referoe ts
contests iu the ring and award tho ticlory to
tho man who wins nftor n sqit iro 1 attlo.
Another thing the Ca Ifornia i lull is crl i
rlsed for is tho fnct tiiut it permits lis hot
ins instructor to cuter nug contests within
its rooms.
Whon Bpoknno enmo ont on the Morris
track on riamrduv just before tho rnra for
the 1 ellinm Lay Stakes, there was a roar of
applause iroin grand stand nud 1 old. Tho
gieil ehostuut appeared in per.'cel condi
tion, and moved so easily that tnnny who
had bought pools cm Trnny felt that thur
prospective wii lj'ugs woro vory shaky.
Whn tho signnl to start wns given
Sp kane got off Inst, nnd ns nor
ns ono enn judgo through the fiitilt of Onrrl
son, his rider. Iudoed. he trailed nil through
this race, which was not n fast no, and yet Ht
the stietoh he easily ran up Irum List to third
plnco without apiJiiou exe tiou. To tho
ord nary observor thu horso had it In him to
makon'crout inco, nnd hundred snul linil
llnimlton been a tride of him ho would have
at least got a place. Tho bookmakers were
confident that oknne would no: win nnd
gavo big odds ngmnst him, straight aud place
President Fulda'n roply Hint he will bring
1 the matter of a contest botwoen Jimmy Car
roll, of Brooklyn, and La Rlanche belore tho
Hoard or iree'ors of iho Calif o uia Club to
night, encourages Carroll's ba"kern to hope
for early word thai tho directors willbrng
about an eiuly meeting o' tl o two men. Car
roll will have substantial backing hero, and
if iho ( a if' rnia Club will make up a good
sized nurse tho men oirn-ot complain of the
financial inducement to batilo fur the su
premacy. Ed lor Lnmley. or tho VluttraM
A'nra, hns wntt-n Trcsn out Fnlda mnro
fu'lv of the desire of Cain It's irlonds to
I bsclc him nga'nst La Rlauedo. end after rt.
f erring' to tho nni'dint o money it is proposed
to put on Carroll I y his backer Mr. I mill' y
has a kod whit the Club will do miku the
battle moro interesting and a note I contest
in all respects, Au early auswor is expected
to Mr. Luml-y's letter.
Blilor Brown wants it nndcr-tord that he
will figh nut of his chnllengor fornny sum.
as low as a cent or up to SLOW. He snvs ho
Is tired of "picture fighters." and if he can
not get on a match soon ho will ictne from
t) e pugilistic. Held and onrn a llielitood nt
something olso. Ho also says L'ednm disip.
poi tod him in fa ling lo show up at tho
Illustrated -lew a office and make a match.
On Thursday tl ere will bo two mstoh
Bpriniing rares at 100 tarda e ou marks at
the New York Athletic Cub ou i ravers
Island. W. 0. Lohm and W. Co ter will
d ride the sup'enacy. a' d J. F. Thornton
and G. J. Btadlsh, well known M'rin crs,
will try conclusion". Dilferenros of opinions
on tho part of ho friends of Iho uon.estauts
have brought about the matches.
Jack ToohY( the trainer of Billy Murray,
who was anested with the lat or at Cohoes
for eucag ng in a p izo fight, iiud tv s stihso
quently re ea d on bail, is ngom in the ty.
T' ohev and Mmray expect to be tried nt
Tnti the present month. Murray broke his
hand in ho first round i nd not in tho four,
teeuth as firht reported. His backus tiro
said to havo lost $1,6(0.
Articles o' agreement hove been signed for
dnys snd bright hopes for Robert wlii-h weio
tu deuly cut snoit by the roti rn ol the bunil
fctmie heir of Gorseneld. Robert very soon
mw his brothe wns preterred I o o e hn .nud
tho knowledge nil deep to u." cart, though
ho ma 'c no Sign. Ho had noter told Jlai in
words th.it In o cd her. i ud ic ni ur toi.l
her of his d.sappoiuti enl. I o horo it niim
Inllv nnd sileully. but nil thn samo it was very
biter. He know ttry well that AttLurs
lovo wns not as his It to: lut he ki n, tno,
that Arthrr's stmight feniures. bright curl ug
lair md nulling eyes, hud won thociils,
heart, to what cou d ho say?
They hnd I eon cugngod alinut n moiilh- I
Arthur nnd ay whon Iho i augerous lliiosi)
had so zed him wh ch hnd roujlit t tin down ,
so low. " And now if be wero to die wouul
Mny forget him?" pnhnps Ro ert had
though n oro thnn one as hostoid by lis
brotnri's s ck-bed. bill I o had nover wljln d
him to illo; never w shod tnwinhis ottn hap
pines by watching a nluclant nuul torn .rom
its earthly tenemiut.
With tho keys in his hand he stood llilnk
iur of these things, nud then 1 o decirrd to
open the pres. It coirn lied a mi co laueoiib
collectioui ihe collection of nil liuud rare
less vi ung nun. But Robert jiibt clnuceil at
tho rings nnd studs lying about; at t. ogild
and silver cipswlo cases; at irttoin in
women's bun wrtiug: at u hundred tokens
of his brother's llto. What he did take up
was n volume bound in limp morocco, on
which wits printod in pold leiteBtlie single
word " D.my." .
Ho took it up nnd opered II nnd saw it wns
Ar.liut'M diary of tho lat two yu.r . Iho
LrM eutry wns dated ipunilor. 18W. I'
was commcuicd iu town and told a str.ingc
slort-. A ccrtiiin in tinl was fiequeutl. o
peated in it ; a "1 went with A to the
Gsitti'," nud so on. "A was iu n bhock nj
I a lemiitr, and I am relfug rn lit r tncd f
it all." " 1 havo iniidiiiip with A. but it cost
mo a pair of d iinvini earring ." I lien ho
had evidently returned lion e. nnd the eu no
woioii'in oiit ( orxMiebl au t Iho nun bo ol
budh hn bad s. oi i.ntl the p r i s lie hiul gj no
to iu the ui ii'i boihooil mul the g r H lu hud
n.et snd iidiiiireti. In belt's ow u nanio now
fret.eu ly apprnrcd in Ihodn-iv R. '
did" th k or the o bir. Then enmo " Hiwl a
letter from A lo duv ; winds ine bnik in
I town: don't menu to go. though."
I Robert turned over tho pngos qnicKly, ami
he raw that "A's" uame. or initial, rnn
I through them all. He did not lead it
the Bartbolomay.Flelder fight, London prize
lng rules. The men aro lo I attic at 103
pounds, nnd tho fight Is to take pin e in
about Ihr. o ttoeks. A foricit of 5250 is to bo
deposited somo day this ck,
James P. Horon, of 204 Soventh avenuo,
cha lengos nny man In tho Twenllolh Wnrd
to p ny x games nt quoits tor a small or a
largo stake.
The Victoria Bowling Club Is a new organi
zation of bowlors. with hen qttar ers at 110
Ktist Fourtienth street. Erich R uuler Is
Rrisident; Ci arles Wtuklonmnn. Vice-President
; Dr. Roemor. 8e- retnry, nnd William
Mcisuer, Treasurer. Meetings for games
will bo hold etcry Tuesday night.
Dominiok McCaffrey aud Joo Colmrn will
give a sparring oxhibitio'i at tho Now York
C reus tn-nlcht, showing tho old and new
stylos of tho manly nrt of solf-defcnse.
Tommy Holden wants to fight Ike Wolr
beft re having n go with the winner of tho
Wnrrcn-Murphf mill, and sivs il Wotr whips
him ho will forego his piivilege aud Weir
rnn try couoluslons with tho Winner of tho
Warrcn-Murphy Initio.
DeKehmcnts of the Kings County Whool
men and tho I rnoklvn Rieyelo Clnb aro on a
thrco iIbvb' Jaunt to l'utchouo and aro
having a lino time.
Sidney Thomas, the Fnglish rnnnor, nr
rived on tho Scrtio yeslerdnv, nnd will bo tbo
guest of the Cherry Diamond Clnb During
his stay iu this city. He will begiu (raining
at onrn at the Manhattan Atlnclio Club
grounds for the fito-inllu championship rnn
at Travers Is and on Sept. It. Ho will givo
au exhibition run at the H. I. A. C. games
to day. Ho is a blond and somewhat similar
to Cou self in built.
"Hlberln" at Ihr Amphlnu.
Bartlcy Campbell's "fllbcrla"was tho open
ing play of the season at the Ampluon Academy
Haturday evening. 'Iho play ts well-known In
Brooklyn, and welt liked, too, for it contains a
ftoryof no little intriest, improbable. It is trne,
but one that carries the undivided attention or
the auditor tn the end. Thn management have
spaied no pubis iu mounting the piece, some of
Ihe. set.i Iwlng worthy of an Initial presentation. I
Of the company llttlo iu prai-o can be sattl.wi'li
perhaps twocteeptloni, the members sustained
their various roles In a manner amatctnisn, tn
fay Ihe lea t. Tho exceptions wero the Haia of
KlaitorMarettl, who pio-eutcd a conscientious .
portrayal of tho persecuted heroine, and tho
Michael Trnsky or W. M. lairbanks. Rven
Lizzie May Rimer, of recent starring fame, did
not come un to tno expectations ot hor friends. I
No doubt, ns thn week wears on and practice
mat'cs tho roles moro familiar, the company will
do better.
Thn Sngninnre Juniors Victories.
Tho Bagamoro Juniors, champions of tho
Ninth.L'ightli and Firth wards, played the Wce
bawken Juniors, tho champions of Hobnkon,
for tho championship of tho west sldo. at Allcr
ttin Paik. Wechawken. yestenuv. 'Jfto Haga
mores won by a score of 1 1 to 7. Tho all-around
plaviug of Kcllv was loudly dueled, and the
pitching or Kbhllng and f atchlni nf Mc.Vvoy
tvi ro also featnres of thn game. 1 he Bairamores
p'aytuo Burnetts at Allot ton Fark this afternoon.
Klzmiso Bros.
(IfHTLKMKKi Inolossd find si. for whtfli nim
hs sfnnlns Ur. O. SIcLaSX's CtLtBBATr.D Lives
1'ills. Thn dniss'st hers kps th eaantstfslt, bat I
must h ths snolm. W. hate btn nsins jrour pills
fortlilrtr-throsyoar and hais found them battar thso
any other. We use thsrn lo caws of chills and ferer.
dysentery, tad colds, blllounneu. h-adaaha and kindred
troubles. Wa hlshhr recommend them, to all sulterer.
Mrs. I'. D. lUuauiox.
Floral City, Fla Oct. 2S. 1BB7.
In rae of irk hesdiche, b'.ltouinsss, tnrnld liver,
dripeptla snd rotlraea. Dr. O. McI.iNfs Cstv
uiuitn Liver Pills neter fall to sla relief for both
exes and all as. Ther are cnmpoundiid with rsrd
to eten the mcit delicate eonstttutiont. Bold by all
drosulste; price 25 centa, Prepared only by Klemlnt
Ur e I'ituburc, Ta. L'k opt for an Imitation made
in Rt. Louis, xhlcti ia oiteu palmed oS on uiaooent pur
chasers a ours -.
are frequently -htny rrockery looiinsifalrs that put
one's teelh on . die Dut as made uy us they are a tntnc
ol beauty tnl a ju orerer. Irlia war down.
'Till! IIANKH I'll.. Uenllsts.
2113 llili nve.. ror. I-lsb st . Nety Vorl- .
Jeney Uity. York an I (Ir.Taeis. Newark, Broad and
Market ate.
KePA ItIThalr, iljth at.'AB'nay,
SI McKeimii'H Flirt ation.
Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers
are offering imitations which they claim to
fr be Pearline, or " the same ar. Pearhne.
IKfOLjyCI t'P It's false -thy are not, and besides are
JUV VV Cll an,erous. PEARLINE is never peddled,
s but sold by all go Jtl prnrers.
Manufactured only oy I AMES PYLE. Netvork
thronphi just elu- ns nt it hero . ud there
until he r.trae toadnio which brought the
blond to his l alo ilnrk face. It was n dnv
bo r. u (mi ered to well; tho dny Arthur had
retuinol io (Jorset.o'd. nnd interrupted his
own li ich love .ireains. The onlruBworo
nl now uli.fMnv. "The iiietus' l.ttle
pirl. old 11 etibutlN terv far cone. I nt
don't th nl; ?.invhiniiht i wo ii .'Ja
wak with .May iu Umwooilh a swe. t. fre-h
ias-.ii. worth making n mi inuir tor. thonch
ii wo Id lo a sl.nmo to cm l oor II out.'
" A nm-aiice o a letter from A to day.
Wh t a rage sho v ould be in if alio saw
no with my m.e ud." "I l'fl' ,f m
fal lug in lotoj if bo. thore will be a Unu
I rl obert read all that was wri tn now- with
I n throb ins lie.at. It wns s inply a brief nu l
lotted tlo. u ccmint nt Aithu 's wooing of
Mny. a- d ltol.cn remembered nil ho days
I thn were iiuntonoi only ton well. A plc-
1 inc. a rule, a kiss, ii promise! '1 ho old story
told .n words that went stinebt to the pile
ru tr'sbentt. linikiiic all the at wounds
I bloi-d nuetv. , ..
"Poor old It. I'm awful y sorry for the
poor follow, but ho bears it very well. Jlav
snvsaLo neter inred nnythinK fur mm lint
juM as u cous n ; but soiiiotluiCH pretty clrls
tell libs ubout these tblURS, fi ire nrt do.
Anotl or confouui'ed letter from A yosicrday t
sho tlircn oiir to come down nnd tell tho olil
mau nil about in (oniethiuc must bo ilouc.
'Iho diary 1 mho off nl.rup'lv lirro. nnd
tthni i wns ro-iiuic ! tho Imiiilwritinu' v.ts
iiibf.i-iit. me iibir nut blof.d. Ml U
wiiler'R in-u l ha I In-fit tin ally agltntcd wHeu
he n.ncd the nreatlful wo ds, w.t li llohort
1 oili s low ten l tvitti I ati-d reatli.
Hid I do ii .' Wns I mud. detll-possessod.
when 1 ki 1 d ii or -pno -Amie .ct u-tiie
girl tvlolo nl ne nud wholal litp wl h
mo so long ' 1 iiius- hato lien mnl-bllud
with race nud p.sson. Hiewrou-io n s o
whs 1 1 ni us ioaii hero, and that she, ttouii
liriic sonic fo..'' piom-.-e that I han miide
Inn-.' !: to ir.inrv hr. nnd s ov It o
my lather, and I wnt to I'i'v,.1',
bveppuiu ment on the rontl lienr the :ortli
- Iiidce. litendina I" Ct lur nttuv itiull).
Hut the would not bo tU et i sho n.veu ul ine,
nud flio httuto. too. that I should net or
niarrv -Mat-. I had laken out a Kuu for u,
oxcuie. but I nieuut no harm to her-Uo
..eiiimo. 1 did not! Yet she maddened me
sso that in a moment my reason seemed to
PrtOOTOn-rl 2.-1D T. TIIKATBB. J.LL" ' , HH
r.vtuy EVRNinp at 8.3a i fwicrra 'liH
T11R 3mOj., sssHI
fJItf'AT .llhTltOrnMS. n'V.1- 'iaaXaXSH
Bala of seats now opn, I a3li50. H
TrtOADWAY THEATOB," Comer 41 it et. , ' H
Ii JHndtomett, Coolest, Uafeet Theatre In the World JeXaXaXaXaxH
EveAinss at 8. Sainrdsy Matlnea at 2. '-'SSSH
17TH WEEK. I ffipSSSL. ' - "'H
FrtANCIS W1LS0H nr!,.u "lH
pain's mvanrmm-
1-EliraU.tlANCU AT P. JI tjLLH
Ud01arlsU TURWED TO DO?-. iei
U A IB McCONNHLL. the Snake Charmer. 4a
BIJOU THEAIRSr Broadway, naar SOths. ''LsaH
Ls weak of -
Trn"8-At nntiaus Vaudevilles. '
0a Ury- sriy. SsSkhn S'SuM ,l'- )
T fll RT. THEATRE , . UOlt. OTll VB ,'flH
Xtt: Matinees Wedot a 'ay and Saturday. &J-a-a-I
Laitweekof the reatiatlo play, '&Hi
A beautiful prodnrt Inn. NoTelandatartluJaT. rB
Sent. U-TlfE FAIRY'S WELL. '
Uynnntuiouaroiaeat -VHbHH
A Morning with Justice Schwab.
MAnNEES-Hindar. ATedneaday andBslnrday. " !
One Week, Co nnenetm MondJT, Hept. S, BbBbBI
Grand rlivKtaeutsr Melod.ama, WKDNKSDAT 'tsflsBsBi
Jtl .Kept. U-Ouo Week On y-Ealra Matlnea Monday. IbBbBH
MallnresMondty, We lne.day and Botarday al 3. .'9IHIHI
WILLIAM 11KOMI1NII and , . ,
milEATRE COMtQUE, lii.-.ih at .bat. 3d and Let- i H
X Incton ateo. Erery nltht dnrlas the weak and -Ik-
Wed. and Bat Matlnea llouciotull'e Ureat Anarkan H
Neat week, the eelsbrated aclrese Mlaa LUlUttLalns. , , ,fH
noLok'IKllrY-n. :H
DALY'S THEATRE. , Preliminary 8a- BH
EreryslshtatH.ia. JH
KOI I MstimaHalnrdaral-J. (
pAfeiWKa ," "'"aV " !
MATraiiKB Saturday. . -
fSTH AVE. Tlir.ATME-BTenins at Ml Ma, tiat., ft tfH
Last, srrate,t,bet of this eoaeon'a eomki opera neeeaaee -daXaXaXaXaXax!
. MttlneesManlty. Thursday an4itarday. isll
Mv::r-1 rut; blul. and tub gray.
PEPT D-N. B. WOOD. .'I'alxaXaXaXaXai
Cool n oai Itoo' G rJ-n Co io. rt 3 to Vi. -IalxaXaXaXaXal
A dm--1 nnOo ni-, Inol-idiu r both ' r a nment. itaXaXaHB
TjAiTmA:r0,,l battle os- I rniwrn, iiH
OOMiiNOiV, J.EVJt. .. 'f
: H
Etery Erentne M.llneee Wednesday and Batarda. "'PaarB
Erery Erenlnc. Matinees Wednesday and Batnrday. . JalxalalaH
. IbU seek the relanlnj Comedy irtumpb. ifH
A ter atnnot oer HO niglitaat the Itadjeoo Sqparo ttlH
th-atrr. MaOnw. M .nny Weineedsy and datarday. .
pnere, reeerted.SO aOanjSOcenU. iBaH
Jri, "atr Matinee Ulw Day-Monday. Septa. JaTLI
Ibis week tutiueaa WeJneidaj end Saturday. 0aLH
LllTLKLORII nProothe taSsH
FAUNTkLR'iY Broad.ayTaeatr-. LH
Neatwek: Ui o titader't M jiUela. AlSSH
j Oienlux ieaou, Monday, Kept. Si MatlaaaS '.'H
Wdneelay and "'j5;3fJjgu ' ''H
Neat week. Little LorJ fauntleroy. il
Proctor's Theatro (Latenovety. J'sH
- THE 1.UBF. 8
,M5r,a"Jsa A0d'.n5'pVp'pi-te ;H
F. Kalmbach. -ialxalalalalal
I . . i l.lll.l I. th-ekAAT- .laaXaoM
1 Bive way. sn'l '""".".V""" 'SaXaIaIaIaB
J?&& -. r horror :H
were w r tten a few moro miserable words. 9
I --icTiinot bear to think ot it; everj ;mo. ili
meut I am li-teuinc ami expecting lifrloM 4ssH
carried in, and then I hall shoot uiyuMi 1" t
. "i cnuuo staud it; 1 shall co ntfto 1H
Curtthrpoo.iLorrow. an if 1 hear Uierj UH
,Tv""f"uu!l. I shad net er return. If I had fH
I only buried h-r poor, po ir spun Bnt -YasTsH
I cail luot-1 could no I lifted her In my !
arms nnd laid her in tho deep diteh that runs 1H
I by tin, hedeo ai the s do of tho road, and cot- VH
ire lhr with tho lone pass. IllwtUe .
her a an I misht take her uwny-Jmt ronnof lH
-I leateit tocimnce and I write this baoanse 1tH
it she is diseov. red I shall shoot myself, and
I I want my fat.ter aud mother, and ; iul !
- poor May. to kuotv 1 wus not a dellbenUB . fflH
lu.rdo.cr. 1 . id not lmoi d to hart the -4H
noor L'lrl. !ut she drove me mad. In
KSSot o: Passion I WHed her. and I would 1H
Kivo my on wdle now to hear her epeaat
nKlhe"diarv ended here, and aa nobert BH
Forbes completed it. his heart seemed almost H
to s.and bill), and his brow grow wot with H
dew. It was at Courtthrope Arthur Forbe '
ndbeen aken ill; from Courtthrope that Mm
lio had been broneht homo perhaps io die! !
And if this uuleous story were, true ! IB
lioberl besau to walk ba-kwards and fer ,, H
wards n the room in a state of $" WM
nuution. Hi hnd heard o;, Annio Aotona
i."ue I u conuem on with his J'oth". JM . !
knew 11 at tl e poor pitl had 'muy bftjn , M
ou the at ce. Hnt of ate Arthur I at never IB
noi,tioue.ri.or.and had BVrl-j2iBrll,Ii ffl
demand that tho affair was ended. Had it !
eided thus Imcirally ? Uad hU brother K
stained his baud w.tli blood ? v M
hudd-ulyauother idea flawed tonobeit ; BH
I all Vistrucicd brain. Uad Ar hur been de- BH
h ous win u ho had wr tten this ji.rk ary? i H
He , nd only been at.ont a forminht at Court- BH
tbtope when ho was bronnht home stricken Wm
wtth lot.r. and it m lit havo been Mmlnc ) H
on bef ore l.o went. Court this be? nobert 5 H
as cd himself nznln and acaln. snd then- j OBB
thoiu'li ho shiul. o od at the thought-he de. H
eru tied to go out: tti co alone fte road by I Mm
the north lodKei to peer into the deep ditch H
whero AtUinr had written tliat Anne Aetou'a -.
body lay hid, MMm
(Continued to-morrotc) 9TH
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