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UIIUFRnilS AND HUMOROUS RECIPFS !W'- aveiuok noMnnn or worlds piuirrro H
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The Evening World ISta j3SL,mt F1 W From PossiLiiity io imy. fl
It edition
' '
Nellie Bly Starts Out on a Wondrous
Flying Trip Around the Globe.
Thirty Thousand Miles Through
Many Countries and Baok to
New York.
To Surpass Jules Yerne's Dream of
Rapid Transit Round the Earth.
The World's" Woman Writer Em
barks on the Augusta Victoria.
It's Her Own Advcnturo and She Is
Plucky and Confident.
"I never wept In my life, but Icams verynear
having a Rood cry when I bade my mother good
by. " said Mian Nellie Dlv to an EvENiJto Would
reporter. aB sho stood on the hurricane deck of
the Hamburg Bteamehip Victoria Augusta thla
Miss Bly sallod away from New York thi
moraine bound for Now York.
Bho will put a cirdlo 'round the earth, and will
sec all climatos and peoples ero she tetnrns.
Bhe will give thanks at Iamallla and spend
Christmas at Hone Eons. .
TJiejaew year will dawn upon her at Yoko
hama, in the land of the Mikado, and on Jan.
22 her great brown eyes will look again upon
her native land and she will enter Columbia's
domain by tho Golden (late.
A five dai a' ride across thla broad continent,
and the spirited, plucky and adventurous little
Illy will touch tho noli of thin metropolis, after a
complete journey around the globe.
The Evkmno Wnnr.o reporter who bade Miss
Illy good-by this moraine Is only a man, and as
he surveyed the slight, willowy, girlish figure
of the llttio circumnavigator clad In a close-fitting
travelling gown of dark blue camel's hair
plaited with a not t golden stripe, with here and
there a stt av thread of red, and a dark blue
waist with puffed sleeves, it fairly took his
breath an ay.
He scanned tho wido-eyed, girlish face, and
found it full of smiles and with Just the faintest
business-like knitting of the smooth, low brow.
The braid of black hair, doubled on the neck
and tied with a bit of ribbon, and one of those
absurd little tourists' caps in fawn-colored
check, with useless car-laps tied over the crown,
completed tho picture.
" Csn I bo of any rcrvice to you. Miss Bly?"
Isnggestid tho reporter, adding: "To get your
luccaeo aboard or "
"Ohl My' luggage ' is aboard, thank you.
I brought it on myself. It Is down In my state
room now.
"Ohl and that reminds mo. I want you to
witness my will. I don't expect anything to
happen; but then if something should happen,
you know."
Tho reporter. II. C. Jarrett and another gen
tleman followed tho fair traveller do An to the
stateroom In solemn procesion.
Bomchow it seemed tho thing to bo solemn to
thete three men, either of them many yeara
older than tho girlish testatiix, and at least two
of them old enough to bo her father.
"Beep exclaimed the blithe Miss Bly. "I
have the bridal chamber. Isn't It a marvel of
commoilioiisncss ? Why I don't know what a
small person like mo oan do with so much room.
The bed's a bunk, but I just delight In cramping
myself all tip and sleeping in a bnnk. "
Miss Bly gravely produced an air-tight Ink
well and unscrewod the top. Then she drew
from a pocket in her gown a slip of notcpaper,
folded so that tho dozen linos comprising her
will" were hidden, and theso words appeared:
"Binned, published and declared to be my
lt Mill ami testament at tho City of Hoboken,
Btatoof Now Jeisoy, this 14th day of Noiein
ber, ihbo."
Miss Bly wrote her namo In signature and
then the witnesses signed It, too. Tho contents
of this will were a socret, but tho reporter saw
the last word, which was the only one on thu
lt line.
It was "mother."
Miss Bly sighed as she sealed the envelopo
eontainlng her will and addressed it to her
otrrriT ron Tnr oniAT joukmet.
Now, Miss Bly. tell me what you carry for
tgage and what Is your outfit, "resumed the
"portfr.ln an endeavor to relieve tho oppressive
solemnity the signing of the will had occa
ioned. Ml Bly laughed a clear, musical laugh.
tv. ,08r 0NI! "TTLE njko
There it l, "she ejaculated in a ludicrous
wr. Pointing a slim, gloved finger at a little
i iwn ,Us of lcMhei ln B corner. It was 14
inshes long, by o by 10 Inches.
Hie three men whistled, and Miss Biy rat
Hod on i
iJT1'.' 'onlflt' consists of a comb and brush.
'o suits of flannels, a big bundle of such paper
a,, 1 ttWTttn mako our notes and 'copy 'on,
111.1 ""'Port-'lened by that big, awful Mrt
a i. hi V ?lrt . d hrdl' on ' It In my
I on msrrij bHclal chamb,r-'" Mlas Bly went
An,l 111 , MrD,c -IIEKT.
na Ml" Bly. wheu asked If she had provided
herself with a medicino chest, only laughed de
risively. "Not oven a troche, " she replied. ' ' I
ai never sick an hour in my lire, and I shall
not be sick now. "
Her questioner at this moment noticed n
queer band of gold on Miss Bly's left thumb.
" What Is that for 7" he asked,
lixn rzTisn a bino.
Thero was not a blush nor an expression of
any suspicion that tho ring was odd or tho Idea
whimsical as she replied!
"That is tho savago In me. lam just super
stitious enough to bellevo In that ring. I wore
It when I applied for employmeut at The WonLD
office, and the only three days that It has been
absent from my finger I had bad luck. I wonld
not removo it for anything. I shall not be sick.
If I am I can get all the nasty medicine I want
from tho ship's doctor."
Miss Bly's only jewelry was this thumb ring,
a leather bracelet, with a wntch chain attach
ment; a chain bracelot'of gold, and a pair of
crescent loops of gold In her cars.
Ascending again to the hurilcane deck tho
bright-faced little newspapot woman found
thero a dozen f rionds from tho now snapcr world,
and thero was much shaking hands and good
b)t, but Miss Bly was tho liveliest of all.
urn MOTitEn toxoite must scrricE.
"Dear met" sho exclaimed, tho white brow
corrugating again. "Thero are people, all
around me, but nobodv speaks English. Tho
purser and the stewardess do, though, and I
spent some weeks ln Mexico once for The
WonLD, and though I could not speak Spanish,
I managed to get along all right. I can speak
no language but my own English, but pshaw I
I shall be home again before 111 want to tali: at
Capt. Albers was brought forward and intro
duced to his fairest passenger, and tho passen
gers, standing In groups at a little distance, gazed
ln amazement and admiration at the almost
little girl who, of her own notion, was setting
out to beat the wonderful record of Jnlos
Verno's hero, Fhlneas Fogg, who wont "Around
the World in Eighty Days" ln the author's
she'll enjoy Tne ftnr.
"I've nover beon out of sight of land, "said
Miss Bly, "but I have, no qnalms of fear. I
may be seasick, but I'll get over it, and I know
I shall enjoy the trip. I am going to mako a
record for The Would for somebody to beat,
if they can."
Thero was a lull in tho hustling, bustling of
the stevedores. The luggagn and cargo was all
shipped, and n. 30, tbe hour for departure, had
arrived. The bo's'n's shrill whletlo piped all
landsmen ashore.
railed at 0.30.
Miss Bly's dainty little glove of undrcBsed kid
gavo tho hand of tho reporter a hearty squeeze,
and tho farowoll was said. The three stacks of
the Augusta Victoria emitted puffs of blick
smoke, and the groat ship steamed majestically
out Into the North Blvcr and passed down the
bay and ont through the Narrows into the
When it was decided that Miss Bly should make
the trip sho was all animated enthusiasm ln a
moment, and in another her pretty head was
buried ln "guides" and her girlish faco
knotted in tboughful study of '"routes."
After an hour's study she announced: " I can
beat any record. I think I can do it ln seventy
flvo days. I can go by the Hamburg stoamer to
Southampton, then to London, then on tho
India mail to Calais, Farls, Turin, then to Brln
dlsl, and from thoro the steamship to Cathay;
then Ismallia, Aden, Colombo, in the Island of
Ceylon, Fenang and Singapore in Farther India;
then Jlong Kong, the British city on the Chinee
island, and then to YoKohamn.
"I will arrive at Yokohama abontNow Year's
and sail for 'Frisco on Jan. 7, reaching New
York Jan. 27. That is ln just seven tj -five
Having determined on tho trip Miss Nellie was
thoughtful. Then sho remarked demurely.
" Now the first thing for mo to do is to go homo
to my mother and have a good night's sleep. "
And that she did. Then next day Bhe began
her prepaiations. Ghorniley, the man dress
makor, builded her camel's hair gown in a day.
Bhe procured a watch which notes the hour
from 1 to 24 o'clock, and by this' sho will bo able
to compute her exact travelling time. By her
own little repeater she will know what's the time
o' day by tho time in voguo wherovor sho may
be located, and when she gots homo again she
will find that she has beaten Now York to the
extent of a day or two, for sho will constantly
travel towards tho rising sun.
The little traveller will pais through the fogs
and chilly atmosphere of Labrador and New
foundland and the thrice-heated calms of tho
lied Sea aud Tarther India. Miss Bly will pass
among the English, flcrman, French, Spanish,
Arabians, Hindoos, Chinoso and Japanese, and
readers of The Would may confidently look for
tho elaboration of many notes made in the llttio
books of tho fair "nowspapcr woman."
Miss Bly, when her journey is completed,
will havo travelled nearly no.UOO miles, or at
tho rate of 400 miles a day over land and sea
for every day of her absence from her nook in
the "city room "of The Wobld.
The first circumnavigator of tho globe was
Magalhacns, afterwhom tho Strain of Mage'l-n
wero named. He was a Portuguese ami set out
on his journey ln in 10 with the idea that tho
world wai a flat surface and that ln tlmo ho
would reach the edge and find out what was in
tho abyss Into which a straggler might tumble
if he ventured too near it. The compass
was then unlnvented, and the Bhlp was steered by
tho stars.
Capt. Francis Drake, a bold, bad buccaneer,
out for what he could flml, sailed ftom England
in 1077, paasod around Cape Horn and across
the Paclflo and back to his native land.
Capt. Cook did It at about tho same'time, and
his chroniole shows that he was three years on
the crnlse. He touched at Terra del Put go, the
"Land of Fire," Tahiti, New Zealand, Van
Dlemen's Land. Australia, the Friendly Islands,
wheie they didn't eat ou. but Just robbed ou
and turned you loose; New Hebrides, New Cale
donla. which, has been for many years tho
Freuch penal colony; the Sandwich Islands,
which had not then a King who had learned the
soduotlve game of draw-pokor. and Western
Noith America.
Slnoo Cook's day the globe-trotters have be
come an armv. The most fanions of the Anicri
can circumnavigators was tho late Secretary of
State. William II. Beward, who wrote his ad
ventures in an 800.pae tome. flcn. Grant
did It eti suite, and Jay Gould and tho Vander
bllts do it now and then, but Nolllo Bly is prob
ably the first of her sex to undertake It alone
and unprotected, and It is no hazard to predict
that her tour of tho world for The Would will
btcoino tho most famous In the annals of travel.
Bhe carries with hot tho bwt wishes of a mill
ion readers and admirers, and they will heartily
welcome her ou her return.
iTiNitiunr or the tbip.
Nov. 14. Lcao Now York by Augusta Vic
toria n.no a. m.
Nov. 21. Duo Bouthamptoii, London, by rail
ln thrco hours.
Nov. 22. Leave Victoria Station, London, R
p. m. on India Mail.
Nov. 23. Calais, l'aris and Turin.
Nov. 24. Brindislat 10. 14 r. M.
Nov. 25. Lcae Brindlsi, steamship Cathay,
2 A. M.
Nov. 27. Ismallia.
Dec. n. Aden.
Deo. 10. Colombo (Ceylon).
Dec 1(1. I'enang.
Dec 18. Blngaporr.
Dec. -'.-. Hong Kong.
Dec. 28. Leave Hong Kong for Yokohama,
Jan. 7. Leave Yokohama via I'aclflo Mail
Jan. 22. Duo San Francisco.
Jan. 27. Duo New York.
Nov. 14 to Jan. 27 soventy-flve days.
No Iireak In tho Association Dead
lock Tho Ijciikuo Serene.
Tho American Association, in annual meeting
at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, was still without a
President for next roar when the session began
this morning.
Tho delegates got together again yesterday
after the break of tho afternoon, but continued
with tho same old tie voto for PIioIdk, of Louis
villc. and Kranthoff, of Kansas City.
ThiB morning tho name of W. 11. Voltz. staff
correspondent nf tho Philadelphia J'lest. was
mentioned as that of a compromise, candidate.
The Loague people had on hand this morning
tbe subject of tho percentages for visiting clubs,
carried over from last night's meeting.
ItwaB thought probable that an allowance of
from 40 to 50 pet cent, of tho gato rcoeipts
would be established for next foason.
After disposing of this business the League
will consider tho question of admitting Brook
lyn and Cincinnati, which will probably tako
the rest of the day.
President Dav said this morning that the mat
tor mado no difference to him, one way or tho
other, and ho didn't care whether the League,
had eight clubs or ten.
Tho Lenguo last night amonded Its constitu
tion, by-laws, Ac.
lleioaftcr thero will bo flvo umpiros for tho
Leaguo, Instead of four.
Ham checks must bo issued and given to peo
tatois unit-be live innings or nioro havo been
T he salo of plavers was abolished, and it was
provided that a player must arrange for his own
transfer in case lie, can secure tho consent of his
club to leave its employ.
At 12. On to-day tho Association delegates ad
journed until 2.30.
Tho deadlock was unbroken and was said to be
likclv to bo maintained until the matter of
Brooklyn and Cincinnati being admitted to tho
League was settled.
The Byrne faction presonted tho name of Mr
Voltz, bnt Von der Abe and his people wonldn't
listen to the namo of any other than Phclpc
J. Palmer O'Nell. of PUtsbnrg, said to-day
tbafrbo had already signed a number of Brother
hood men, but how many or their names ho re
fnscd to tell.
President Day said he didn't care about sign
ing men. but that in tho light of the plajers'
actions ho would rather enjoin them when the
time arrives for them to curry out their inten
tions of playing ball. Said ho :
" Wait until these capitalists put up their
money. Waituntll thatnu.ooo mandstsndii
built upon that lot adjoining the Polo Grounds,
and then I think I shall havo all the plaers 1
want, and that very stand may piovo very useful
to nie."
" It is a simple matter for theso men to put
out advance money to tho plaers, for that will
be repaid, and it is an easy thing to ecuro a
two or thrte months' option on grounds, but
when it conies to putting out thouxanils of
dollars witli positively no seciuity beyond a fiw
worthless contracts, jou will find the capitalists
a minus quantity."
And then Manager Powers arrived upon the
scene and Mr. Day turned to listen to that hus
tler's report of his tluee dajs' wandoriuus in
parts unknown.
Hhe Took Out the fiold Fllllm In Her Teeth
nnd Hold It In Msvs llrr Children's Lives.
I was chat tine with a lndy who is encaged
in ono of the public offices of this citr. says n
writer in tho Chicnpo Journal. She is n u oil
educated womnn nnd a dovotod Christian.
Sho speaks French and Gorman as no
ourntelv as English, and her nntivo ton nun is
rendered fastidiously. Somo years ago sho
was left a widow in Chicago with two young
She had no idea of how to make a living.
Bho taught foreign lunsuages and uiusiu
evenings and took iu washing during tho day.
She taught night school and daysohool, and
Sassed six months an a cook in a hotnl. Tho
clicticy of licr children proiented her from
keeping ai'i linaition leug.
"Ouic," Hhn said, " they wero both very
sick at tho faint) time. I had not money to
buy medicine nnd my clothes, trinkets and
books had nil been pawned or sold.
"I just remembered that two of mv teeth
wero stuffed with gold. The gold was
promptly roniovod nnd n jeweller giuo mo
Hires dollars tor it. Mv children got w oil,
they aro grown un now, and well educated,
and lam nappy."
Mime Older nml .Woman Carry Oil" ttie
I'nlin UlinrncltirUtlr nfilir I ulier.
The tallest women, probably, in New York
journalism, according to tho J-.)och, uro Miss
Jeanotte Gilder, of tho Critic, nnd Hiss
Morgan, cattlo market reporter for several
papers. Tho latter Mauris 0 feet high.
She has a fearless masculinity of dross and
deportment which inakei her a most striking
and picturesque figure Sho id n lndy by
blrlh and education a membor of mi old
Irish family, a dashing cross-couutry jider in
her youth, whom family resorses sent o,er to
this couutry.
Her home, which is a handsome new rcsi.
demo that sho hii9 just erected on biatcti
Island, gives eety evidence of comfort nud
refinement, and to her friends Miss Morgnn
is known as a most i harming compaulon and
In the cattle markets and in the ncwspipcr
offices in which kha is a well-known figure,
she is treated with a respect boideiiug upon
Is Coroim's Assnsstn limine T
uirri! to Tiir woblp I
Citt or Mrxico.NoT.m.-Tlietf aloDuz VXitrrt
(newsrsi er rubllUfS a letter putrortlmr to have
tien written by ltonia. tLe acsarsln of Uen. Corona,
which, If autbtnllc.rroves ronclnalve ly tbe Insanity
of Its uritfr. ItlssHrmooof Imppoilte UUtoilral
sllnstonskndbombaitlrdtirlsiiistUin Auionr other
nonituM) It says "1 will nut descend to Itie rrave
unacroiupauletl. I will drair lien, llaujon Corona do u
wltlimeand waaeor lilman eiuiple totbeDoveru
ors o( other Hutu a oil to the rulers of tli whole
world. 1 would bate challsnved bltn to mortal com.
bat, but Jlnew he would nut accept a challenge."
The final wordaot the letter arei ' I am weary ot this
world. I wlibtqsoboino. Justin, thou macalun
of Eitirdcles, Oulteau, Danton, 1w and Voltaire,
receive ue Into thy bosom." ., ,. ,. ,. .,
'1 LoreTa obtiuus reason to doubt the authenticity
pftTdi document In that It armies o mucli wider
Lnowlectto of blytury smt lllcrstur than la poaaesMd
by tbeaversiieMsslcaupollicoiau. I
The Guarantee Fond Gets a Big Lift from
the Brewers.
Tlioy Promise to Subscribe Noarly
a Half Million.
"Tho World's" Canvassers Jinking
Surprising llondwny.
A most encouraging boom has been given to
tho World's Pair (luarautoo Fund by the prom
ised subscription of 4440,000 from the Lager
Beer III ewers' Board of Trade, which that body
voted to subscribe at their tegular meeting yes
tcidsy. Tills generous sum represents an assessment
of 10 cents on cvoiy baiiol of beer sold by each
blew or during the year which ended May 1,
lHHIi, and tlioy furthermoio promlso to obtain
subtciiptlons from those who are not members
of the Board, and istlmato tholr total subtcilp
tlnn at o er half a million.
This subscription is conditional, the proviso
being that the previous sums pledged by Georgo
Ehret. Jacob lluppcrt and Dcrnhclnior A
Hchmtri, amounting, all told, to e.lo.OOO. shall
be cancelled.
Tho subscription has not yet been officially
sent in, but Is, of i'Oure, as good as sent. It
will tint be added to tho list, however, until
formally pledged.
The amount pledged up to sestorday morning
was 3. ii4fl, H4li. With citerdny's subscrip
tions ot (711,11114 the amount loathes $3.12S,
Kit), not Including the browers snbf crlptlon.
Meanwhile, The Would continues its active
wmk ot pueonal canvass, and the books this
morning show the following record:
Previously subscribed 8103.0418
(3. II. Clmrllck, clnrx, No. 1 40 l'.aul
37lh.it l,(H)(t
.lllrlmrl I.ynrli, liquors, ."No. 12.
tliirdnugnl l 1,000
II. M. Ilrinen, No. 1700 Lexington
avr 100
I). Ilnnlllmn, I2tli nvr., near 130th
st &
Jnlin (jrnsn, dellrutrssrn, 211(1 ltd
nvr 00
Itudnlph I'lpenbrlnk, druc More,
21 1(1 2d nvc 200
I'rlrr.llrnnlrr, grocrr, 2IIR 2d are. 100
John Hen, liquor denier, 2MB 2d
nvr 100
Jllnrk Knur, Ihiuor dculer, 21 1H
2d uvi ISO
V. 1). Koch, butcher, 1732 Lexing
ton nvr 100
Jnrnb Itosenbrlu, liquor denier,
1731 l.rxluKtoii nvc 10O
I.nvvrcnco Lynch, liquor denlrr,
2IA0 2d nvr 000
rra.uk I. l'nlry, denier In liquors,
2137 2d air OOO
John JHcArdtc, liquor dealer, 8130
2d nvr 000
l. J. Qnliilry. ulnr, tlr 3121
2d nve 000
3!nlMli (V Hrhrnbriiri eorperstnltlift,
207 I.nst 1 1 lid st ItlO
Nullum Itnlim, butcher. 2103 2d
nvr .00
Levi Kntr, shoe munnlacturer,
2740 2d nve 00
Tulnl 8100,123
Tho following was received at TnE Would
Amille (ionznlrs, 318 l.'nsl Iilthtr-
xi-vciitli atrert .... 820
Tho following subscriptions were received too
late for publ'cation J estvrday :
Haie urotlicro, Albany (2,300
Krhulll, lnnn ,t Co 1,001)
.lack. on H rlohults 1,1)00
llatld Wolfs liruce., .'i.IHIO
Daniel Am.eton & Co A.OOO
raru.er, Llttio A Co 2.000
Hoiuora Ilros J, 001)
Nathan Llttauer .. . 1.000
Kiw York Mutual (lost, slit Co 10 000
Union Ute Isina- Co 1.000
W. K MoutKOlurrjr 1,000
IVm.larx & Co 1,000
By tho Maor's office
Floinchmanii A O (VOOO
The I S. lireelei Companr 1,000
KctuTol A hsier Company 1,000
Jamxa L. l'errr 1(1
I In Font A Co.. 100
M. F. Jaoknon, M 1) 100
W 1 Hmltb , ,
John H. Mnlth . L'O
hranklln Crawford 1(1
I'h ilahu ,. . 100
Mlillken A ortliia llramatle Agency !&
h. Talltienbauin A Co 1,0011
cleorae Ihuinpaon , ,. . 'J'i
'eultteiichtr . 5
luso Oltpenbelru 10
(leoree fvarmel , 1(1
llowar'l 1, Hull JO
Ifiael Hairta fn
alhln HarrU ;
Ulchard (.ulden 25(1
F. llttpltentleiiner'aSntiH,.. l.OtlO
Otln r subscriptions wero received as follows:
1I William Vticko-
Kchumarher Kitinger. (1,000
By oliu Claflln-
Ivvltl It Mltrhell llro ,000
.1 II LriirAIn i 000
Hoot 4 Chllila .Vitl
Mokf-i lllneiuan 1,10
By John D. Ciinimlns
A 8. Walker I 1,000
I.rouard hrutt AOt)
Hkbird Denies (aecond suliierlpllonj 000
Hteirnnon Tmlo 2."0
Uy IT. fiiililliiiigcr-
ScbadnKrna $201
II llutchiion 210
I (! Cooper 100
Henry SIMdi-ndort 10 1
D, Iliinkmaii . 200
It llahiiiinlel I. 100
I'aU hrmliMdt 2o
N ,1 Mtrmle Irr 100
llj L I. llorsman
Auaii.t i.ortf 4 i o 'j.yi
I'duird Po.on 4 Co ',t
II llll.l lr i (.11 filX)
Henry Kuch 2.r0
11) hamml I. Knight
At.uiHlatlonary Paper Co 2M
llv Dav ill II, J nnien
Thoti'lllralhlarnplnx (i ,'),000
By McKesson A ltobblus
Klniirl Amend U.'.OOO
I anwall, Maair i Co 1,0(0
llerlmrt H llarnea , 100
By T. C. Eastman
Jnoph Hteni !, 000
l,nt it, kntihaul Co ..00
bviirett & Pldioik 2 0
I. H IMIIenback 1.0 J
A 1. riioiua- 100
1'ittick aUintyte ... . . no
lllllonliitk & Dewey .... Ill)
II Shanm lop
I), lliirnora 100
Variola autiavrloera .... 1t)0
lie nud llir Unigur fiialll't lo Vllit Nrnr
llimlorii llrr. 0
Jack McAiillflc. thcllrookljn light-weight, is
to have a go with Mike Daly of Bangui, Me ,
on m about Dec. 'i.
Tho match has bten arranged under tho
auspices of the l'arnell Athletic C ub.nf Boston,
and will takn place in or mar that city.
llieru will be tlftein rounds, according to the
arliclek of agreement, with tno-ounco gloves,
at catch weights, for a pnrse ot 11,000.
Aftei this tight McMiltfTe will be rcadv for
Carioll, and will only await that pugilist's de
claration that ho. In turn, is ready for Jaok.
A pal irmoa breaklaat dlablsprptreit fruii gi'axsn
ItoiLr.li iVhitk Oats In 20 intiutea, Atk tor lb
'viOASXR" paokan. .'
Henry Koehn's Family Hake No Effort
to Prevent His Suicide.
A queer rase has come to light through per
sistent Investigation by Coronor Ilanly and
his deputy. Dr. Philip Donltn.
Henry Koehn, a gilder, died suddenly at his
home, 2217 rlecond avenue, on Tuesday even
ing, and tho Coronets' olilco was notified.
Dr. Donlln and tho Coroner wont up there
yesterday to mako an autopsy, and their suspl
cions were at once aroused by tho queer actions
of the dead man's family.
Dr. Donlin (aid to-day that Mrs. Koehn talked
in such a manner as to lead tbrm to beliovo that
the man had died from cardiao or pulmonary
Tho man was taken sick on Tuesday ovenlng,
and his son Leo. a painter, aged twcuty.one
years, wan'ed to send for a physician.
" Let me alone 1" said Koehn, and for fear of
angering the man nothing was done. The
jounp man, who Is the present Mrs. Koehn's
htcpsnn, went out and returned at 10 n clock In
the evening and found hts fsther was dead.
A physician was then called, and he notified
the Coroners' office of the caso.
The Coi oners became suspicions the moment
thev saw the body. The dead man's legs were
drawn up by cramps, which was not a symptom
of lung or heart trouble.
Mrs. Koehn also withheld tbn information that
her huaband had suffered from diarrhoea and
vomiting. Pending arrangsments tor the
autopsy, tho Coroner went out for lunch, and
while hi) was gone, the son Loo says ho heard
his stepmother chiding her daughter for having
said i.omothing which would arouso the
Coroner's suspicions.
The son told this to the Coroner, and the latter
rcsoh cd to make n full investigation.
The autopsy revealed that the man had died
from poisoning by parts green.
The Coroner then learned that tho man had
been out of work for two wieks, that ho had
been married to his present wife thirteen years
and that the couple had quarrelled frequently
during that time. .......
Furthei Inqiiirs brought out the fact that the
man had takt.u a doso of poison about ten jeara
ago, when no doctor was called, but ho re
covered, 1 lie Coroner also learned that his life was in
nil rod in tbe Knights of Honor for (2,000, the
policy being ma le in faor of his wife.
1 ho woman disclaimed ail knowledge of the
matter, bnt her stepson told tho Coroner that
liis mother told hiui his father had taken some
thing. ...
in view of tlioso conilictiug clrcumMauces,
Mrs. Koehn was luotight down to thu Lurnncrs'
othce to-day aud arraigned before Coroner
T he Coroner does not think that she ad
ministcii'd tho doi-e to her huaband, hut Is nf
thu opinion that ho ktitwnf his havitig taliin
it nml tried to ro iceal the fact from the of
ficers. He according!) laid her in 11,000 ball
to await thu inquest.
No Chniico of Turner 1'psotUng Lla
peniirtl Stnwart'a Klcutlon.
Iceman Turner said to an UESivn Wnnin re
porter that ho had practically given up all hope
of securing the Hi ntttoridnp of thu LMghth Dis
trict from Lisptiiard blcwart.
The Board of Canvassers began Its work this
mornlnc by starting in to canvass tho oto iu
Tiirmr's own Astetnbiy district, the Ninth.
'lliu young man was on ban I to seo If he could
pick up a loltit faiorati'e to binivelf In Hit can
vass, and ci-Indue Hank-on T. Morgan had an
u) open for Mil iouaiiu htenatt s Intsust.
The result of the eloquent irc-cait drhir's
watchfulness was n it I'liLotiraging, for on the
completion of the csn a. a of the Ninth District
lie difcoiered that he ha I received seventy Insa
majority than he supi used aud lias been tlgur-
Another thing which led Mr, Ttirnir to de
c'.sie his belief in hUdctial was information to
the (tlect that the returns Irom the lourtli
lllrctlnii District of the r-oitutli Akseuibl) Dis.
trict are probnbl) cor'ect.
It was on the possibility of these returns
belli wrong that 'lurpnr and his fruuds based
much of thilr hope for his success.
The Inapt ctnrs and n I ilerks from tlil di
triit have beon summoned Ik fine the Committee
on Corrected llitiirus In bo aked If the) nitlii t
make a mistake wht n thev letnrned thoDuuo.
ci atic State til ket as lecenitig I OS votes to the
Itepiiblicaus IH. but gle Htewart US to 24 for
Turin r lot Senstoi. ...
It i said thut thu DetiifK latli election workers
In that diatrict are it able to explain thiailis.
crepnnc), and ban none mi b sainj that tboy
thought that Turner had no chance, Mid sacri
ficed him for tho Count) ticket.
To Ilegulnte the Ntoninrb, Liver nnd
bowels, take Oabtss's Lit hi I.itsb Pills 25e V
Gears In tbre ralnulea-l)a hcott's Klkctsic F Lia
na. TbouMudsteatllr Iryintni, All drossl.ta. .
Blanrelt Coolly Adheres to His Story
of Dnggan's Hnrder.
The trial of William Blauvelt, accused of
murdering John Dugg'an in a vacant lot on
Oliver alreet last March, was resumed to-day In
Court of Oyer and Terminer beforo Judge
Tho court was crowded with denizens of the
Fourth Ward, most of them acquaintances of
Blauvelt, who described tho kllling.and claimed
that he was foiccd to the crime, to tavo himself
from death.
He was then subjected to a rigid cross-examination
by the prosecuting attorney, Mr. doff.
The prisoner's coolness was remarkable. Ho
showed llttio difficulty in meetipg the close
cross-questioning nf the prosecutor. Nervous
ness si emed an unknown quality to him.
llodeacritod his wanderings from city to city,
covering a period of several years up to last
March, when ho returno I.
His residence was ln No. 073 Hudson street,
but heweut on a spree with money he hail saved
and "strolled" into the Fourth Ward. He
made Mark Lanigan's his lndging.place. and
mingled with audi characters as Dig lorn Casey,
Kid, Brewery, Yorkey and Travis.
He was known in Lanigan's as Brennan, which
namo lie assumed, he said, because he didn't
want his family namo to be known iu that set.
Asked about the revolver with which he did
tho killing, he said be purchased it to "shoot
at a mark ' last January. It was not a human
mark he wished to make a target of, ho said.
In reply to Mr. CI off. but lie only used it once
In I'atersnn to test his marksmanship befoie
his conflict with the mnrdered man.
For the first time while under cross-examination
ho showed confusion when asked why ho
reloaded the chambers of the revolver whicb ho
had dlschsrged "accidentally " while acuflling
with Duggau a half hour before the killing oc
curred. Alter some hesitation ho said that he supposed
ho substituted a loaded cartridge for the empty
shell because ho had cartridges with which to
The people then rested aud the Court ordered
a recess. m
How n I.nd Hour, from tlio Kltclirn lo a
Iteaponslble lluslnrsa 1'oslllon.
The tall, handsome man who, ai de
spatches conducts the business of tho freight
department of tho North Pennsylvania llail
road, at Third and Berks streets, is Common
Cotiucilnian William Geary, who is ono of
the leading rmlrond men in that section of
the city, hajstbo Philadelphia 1'it'H.
He litis been with the Company, In one
capacit) or uuother. for nearly thirty) ears,
or since be was r. boy. He Is a self-made
num. having ret eived but three months school
mi: in the st use of obtaining educational
tinur.ng at a public school w Idle a boy, though
lilt tn on he fitted himself for ndiuisbion to a
privule educational institution, and made
run Ul strides) iu his studies.
Hut it was not his book learning tlmt brought
him into railroading and freight dehtuitchur.
it win his iibilin as a baker of waffles that
attiactetl the attention of tho otlkal ho was
instrumental in gettiug him on the "road."
S hen n boy bn somehow learned the art ami
mystery ot inuking waffles.
At that tine lis was rugagod in doing the
chores for n family at ron Waslungti n.
President Prauk I. Conily of the North Pmn.
syhatuu Kailroad, lhed nearby. One of Mr.
Ctmilj's wcakuestes was an appetite for
(Jim day he took dinner where William was
working, nud his host, knowing the null out
man's loniltus-s (or tho )erv thing which his
hired bv was the most coinpetaut at making,
iusnui'tel (ienry to bake some waffles and
told nun to do tin in " first-clsss."
The boy was busily engaged ut his work in
nu outside kitchen and was in tho very net
o luuding u 1 eautlful cake doue "just to u
turn'1 whin Mr. Cuuilv, who was taking a
stroll iu the gnrileu, cume upon tho Bieno.
lie wns surprisod to see a boy at work bikiu','
waffles, Bill men waffles! They made his
immtli water nnd It was not long before he
was sampling the beautv just baked " That
bov has a good head on mm," he said to his
host H'terw ards. "He'll make a good rail,
riiitd num. He certaiuly understands the art
of nmkiug wntties to perfct lion "
After diiifier lie sought the boy and rondo it
proposition to him. which was not onl v flatter
ing to his pride, but wok indicative of Isrge
pecuniary results iu the immediate future.
Geary was overjoyed at his uueipeoted good
luck and promutiy acoepted the offer, with
the reserved condition, however, that he re
main with his present employer until the time
for which his services were engaged bad ex.
Hiss Theresa Kelly's Body Cannot Be II
Bnrled ln Calvary. H
Orders from the Church Authorities 1H
for Its Removal. IfH
Dr. Burtscll's Plea for the Antl-FoT jfl
ertylte Dlsctplo Unavailing. 'EH
Tbe Catholic Church antborities have dooided if H
that Miss Theresa Kelly, the friend and disciple S'saaexi
of Dr. McQIynn, cannot receive burial with 3l
those dying in that faith. H
Undertaker John Kelly, of 20.1 East Twenty. , H
fifth streot, who had charge of tho funeral, has , M
bceu ordered to remove tho remains at once M
from the rccolving vault at Calvary Cemetery. M
where they woro temporarily deposited at the M
direction of Mgr. Preston. ' H
Miss Kelly's relatives make a hard fight to : M
have her allowed burial in Calvary Cemetery, : M
whero she owned a lot. jl
Miss Kelly died at her home, 07 East Twelfth 11x1
stroet, Oct. 24. and her funeral was held from l
the Church of the Epiphany, Second avenue lal
and Twenty-first street, whero a solemn high ll
mass of requiem was sung, at which Itor. Dr.
Durtsell officiated. -laatlH
Dr. Burtsell gavo a written certificate that Tamxa
Miss Kelly waa a good Catholic, notwitliatand- 4sami
lug sho was a member of tho Anti-Poverty Bo- xa
oiety, and entitled to Christian burial, but Vassssssl
when Undertaker Kelly applied to tho trustees Jsssssl
of Calvary Cemetery for a burial permit It was j JJH
refused and the matter referred to Mgr. Preston : M
for investigation. , H
Iu the mean tlmo he allowod the body to be I-sssssl
placed in the receiving vault. IH
An Evenino Would reporter, who called at H
Mgr. Preston's rosldonce ln Kast Twelfth street ' , H
this morning, was told that ho was at the H
Chancery otllco In Mulberry street. H
At the Chancery office tho reporter waa told 'lsssssl
by a boy to wait a few minutes and the Hon- laxB
sfgnor would be in. 4ssssssss1
After waiting twenty piinutes another clerk ssssssal
asked the reporter's business, and on learning IH
hesitated a moment, then said: ' faaaeXB
"You will not bo able to see the Monslgnor ssssssssl
to-tlav, He will not be hero to-day." Isssssassl
" Will he bo at his residence ?" ?assssl
"I cannot tell) ou whero you will find him 'ssssssssl
(nervonsly) he will not bo here at any rate." tssssssssl
At tho Calvary Cemetery office the reporter tssssssssl
was told that the order for the removal of Miss tssssssssl
Kelly's body was issued by order of the Cemetery '-ssssssssl
Committee, and Hupt. Brennan knew nothing tssssssssl
further abont it. t.M
Undertaker Kelly was on his way to the office '1 aLssssI
of the Board of Health to obtain a permit for the tssssssssl
removal of Miss Kolly's body from Calvary. ssssssl
"Ishallbnry her. 'he said, " this alternoon axH
or to-morrow in Wood'. awn." asssssssl
At Dr. Burtsell's residence in East Twenty 'CH
flrststrcet, the reporter waB told that the eler asssssss.
gyman was in Baltimore. i!bbbbbbi
Shot Himself After Being Robbed of Ijl
All Ho Hod. fH
Loxa Bbamch, N. J., Nov. 14. Coroner Tan. jitxH
dervcer empanelled a jury here this morning to Sjbbbbbbbb!
investigate the death of James Wardell, who llH
was found at Ocean avunuo and Broodway yes. mH
tcrday morning with a pistol bullet in his brain. jH
A soveu-chambcred revolver with one barrel fH
empty was found near the body, though War- ?iB
dell was nc-nr known to carry a weapon, and sssssssl
this ltd to tho belief that ho had beeu mur JH
U lie' six loaded cartridges In the pistol were fasssssssss
each douted twice as if they had falld to explodo "'Ssssssssl
after repeated attempts. assssal
The evidence this morning proved that War. icsssssssl
dell had not bet n murdered, but that be bad fissssssssss!
committod suicide. fssasl
Cliarlis Deming said that he saw Wardell SsassH
standing on the Uceau Hotel corner about threa sanxa
minutes beforo tho tragedy. ssaH
As he turned to walk up Ocean avenue and y'ssbH
had go e about one hundred yards, when he 'tJssasl
heard a revolver click twice as though it had TnawlM
fsilod to explode. Immediately after he heard anxl
Augustus Hankins said he met Wardell leaving riaaaaH
his lodgings on Broadway about 7 o'clock Tries- 4hH
day morning. Ho said. "Good by, Uus, I'm SH
going aw a), bbbbbbbi
While walking down the street together jfsssssssl
Wardell told Hanklus about having been robbed issssssss!
Raturday evening in tho rear of the American SH
liotul of several dollars. The robbers even stole WaLsssssl
his trousers. -ILawiH
There was no evidence of murder adduced and 4H
the jury rendered a verdict that tbe dMeXsMa), IsbLbH
had committed suicide. jssssssssss!
Unlquo ' Independent" Faction for the IH
Klhth Dlstr.ct. il
Thero are no longer any OBrien Itepabllcans. ll
They ha e all become Iudepeudouts. Jl
Chief JohuJ. O'Brien ss j s that the Itepubll- H
can party has been very uugiatcful to him. and (il
he wilt not ally limifelf to Tammany or tho esssssss!
loniity Dimoirac), for these parties, too, are H
prouo to ingratitude. .... ssssssssssl
Ho fought bis last fight at the polls as an In. iH
dcoouileiit, with the Idea that a display ot the iflssssssssl
harm ho might do to the ltenublican party liH
might cud his pcr'ccutinn mid result in hia IH
being hauled back, within tbe protecting breast- XH
" orks. ,,.,,. llssssssssl
Ills hopes wero not real-zed, and last night issssssssssl
the John J. O'Brien Association became tu ssssssssl
uauic, as well as in tact, an independent polit- f.H
ical orgnuuation, which promises to make or tH
mar the prospects ot every camlidato who shall isbbbbsbbI
look foi i nice in the Kighlh District, according fH
as the chief shall direct. sssbbbbbI
" Wo aie all with thu Chier." said, one of lua -LaH
faithful followers to-day, "That is. all who lLaH
nrc not coeiced by Bond or Mulberry street IsbbbbbbH
methods, and wu aro going to make things SsbbbbbbbI
livelier In tho old district than they ever were 'lLLfl
befoie." JsbbbbbbbbbI
Young George, S. ltequa SI.v sterloujly 'B
Dlsnptieiirs from limit'. Il
The polioj of New York and Jersey City were m
notifie I thiinu tmng of the disaprearincoof sHT
George b. Bcqiu, who left lus home iu 'J'enafly, aLH
N". J,, mi luetday luoriuug and has not tiuee SK
been st en. issaH
Mr. Kequa is twenty.ono je.vrs old. and was SM
married to acliaruiiiig girl, hut twonceksbe. vIsbbbbB
rore his disappi arat.ee. He had been sutlcriuc sfJaH
from u a'aria tor somo montlis tmt, and it is ftH
believed tuut his illness atlccted his mind, as IHiaaaaaV
thuiui. im icasoii, u thur in ins family or basl. MM
hiss illations, for Ids sudden departure. aM
Young ltequa was seen to take the M.IIO train IsssbbbbV
for Jersey City on tho morning of Ills dliap. AsbbbbH '
pesraiicr, but all II ace ot him thereafter has XLB
bten lost. ...... SaHI
Ho was flvo feet 10 inches in lielchr, light IsB
mustache, daik clothes, and woro a light over SjH
coat and a silk iiat. , , . jJTjJsbbB
His family, particularly his jnnng bride, are IfJH
a'most proitrated with grief at his continued ilH
absence. .... .IIbbbbbI
Georgo W. ltequs, the missing man's father. liH
la agcut for the Kmpiro lliie, whose office Is M bbbbbbI
381 Broadway. 4H

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