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Nellie Bly Starts Out on a Wondrous
Flying Trip Around the Globe.
Thirty Thousand Miles Through
Many Countries and Baok to
New York.
To Sorpass Jules Yerne's Dream of
Rapid Transit Round tbe Earth.
Tho World's " Woman Writer Em
barks on the Augusta Victoria.
It's Her Own Adventure and She Ii
Plucky and Confident.
"I never wept In my life, but I came very near
having a good cty when I bado my mother good
by. " f aid Mini Nellie Blv to an Evesiko World
reporter, as she stood on thehniricane deck of
the Hamburg steamship Victoria Aususta this
Miss Bly sailed away from New York thU
morning, bound for New York.
She will put a girdle 'round the earth, and will
tee all climates and peoples ero she returns.
She will give thanks at Ismailia and spend
Christmas at Hone Kong.
The new year will dawn upon her at Yolto
hama, in the land of tho Mikado, and on Jan.(
22 her great brown eyes will look again upon
hernatircland and she will enter Columbia's
domain by the Golden Gate.
A Ave days' ride across this broad continent,
and the spirited, plucky and adventurous little
Bly will touch the soil of this metropolis, after a
complete journey around the clobe.
Tnr Evisiso Wom.n reporter who bade Miss
Bly Rond-by this morninc is only a man, and as
he turveyed tho slight, willowy, girlish figure
of tho little circumnavigator clad iu a closest
ting travelling gown of dark blue camel's hair
plaited with a soft golden stripe, with here and
there a stray thread of red, and a dark blue
waist with puffed sleeves, it fairly took his
breath away.
He scanned the wide-eyed, girlish face, and
found it full of smiles aud with just thefaintest
business-like knitting of tho smooth, lowbrow.
The braid of black hair, doubled on the neck
and tied with a bit of ribbon, and one or those
absurd littlo tourists' cap in fawn-colored
check.with useless car-laps tied over the crown,
oomplcled the pictuie.
" fan I ho of any service to you. Miss Bly?"
suggested tho reporter, adding: "To get yonr
I luggage aboard or '
"Oh! My luggage' is aboard, thank you.
I brought it on myself. It is down in my state
room now.
"Oh: and that remiuds me. I want you to
witness my will. I don't expect anything to
happeu: bnt then if something should happen,
you know."
Therenoiter. II. C. Tarrott and another gen
tleman followed tho fair traveller down to the
stateroom in solomu procession.
Somehow it seemed the thing to be solemn to
these three men, either of thorn many years
older than the girlish testatrix, and at least two
of them old enough to bo her father.
"b'ee:" exclaimed tho blltho Miss Bly. "I
have the bridal chamber. Isn't it a marvel of
commodionsnoss 1 Why 1 don't know what a
small person like me can do witli so much room.
Tho bed's a bunk, but I just delight in cramping
myself oil up and sleeping in a hunk. '
Miss Bly gravely produced an air-tight ink
well and unscrowod tho top. Then sho drew
from a pocket in hor gown a slip of notepapcr,
folded m that tho dozen linos comprising her
" will " were hidden, ami these words appeared;
1TB 1'ONTEXTH a BKcriEr.
"Higned. published and declared to be my
last will and testament at the City of Ilobokcn,
Htato of Nfnv Jersey, this 14th day of Novem
ber, 1HRII."
Miss Bly wrote hor name in signature, and
then the witnesses signed it, too. Tho contents
of this will wcie a secret, but tho reporter saw
the last word, which was the only one on tho
last line.
It was "mother."
Miss Illy sighed as she sealed the envelope
containing her will and addressed it to her
outfit yon mr. oiieat JornSEV.
"Now, Miss Bly, toll me what you carry for
baggage and what Is your outfit," rcsnmed the
feportei.in an endeavor to relieve the oppressive
solemnity the signing of tho will had occa
sinned. Miss Bly laughed a clear, musical laugh.
Ilium it i,"she ejaculated in alndicroni
Jv. pointing slim, glood linger at a little
'' ii bag of leather in a cornsr. It was 14
liirlics long. i,y ii by io inches.
Ho tluco iiioi. whistled, und Miss My rat
tied on;
"'Hie 'outfit' consists of a comb and brush,
iwo suits or flannels, a big bundle of suoh paper
we reporteis mako our notes ami 'copy' on,
ami my paj.iHut-signed Dy that big. awful Mn
.. . .' . . ke " ROWn BaVe e " I bave on,
' If I did I'd hardly have room for It In my
BnaeriH brM1 c,",mu"-'" Ml" Bly went
' 1 AtMI .?" MB"'IN cumt,
nn Miss Bly, when asked If she bad provided
herself with a niodiclne chest, only laughed de
lislvcly. "Noteen a troche. " she repliod. "I
was never sick an hour in my life, and I shall
not bo sick now."
Her questionor at this moment noticed a
queer baud of gold on Miss Bly's loft thumb.
" Whatla that for V" ho asked.
There was not a blush nor an expression of
any suspicion that tho rlug was odd or tho Idea
whimsical as she replied:
"That Is the savage in me. lam Just super
stitious enough to believe in that ring. I woro
it when I applied for employment at The Wonui
ofllec, and tho only thrco days that it has been
absent from my finger I had hnd luck. I would
not remove It for anything. I shall not bo sick.
If I am I can get all the nasty mcdlclnol want
from tho ship's doctor."
Miss Bly's only jewelry was this thumb ring,
a leather bracelet, with a watch chain attach
ment; a chain bracelet of gold, and a pair of
crescent loops of gold iu her ear.
Ascending again to the hurricane deck tho
bright-faced little newspaper woman found
there a dozen friends from the newspaper world,
and there was much shaking lianOa and good
bys, but Miss Bly was the liveliest of all.
nr.n Morn En tosode must bctfice.
"Dear mo!" she exclaimed, tho whlto brow
corrugating again. "Thero are people all
around me, but nobody speaks English. The
purser and the stewardess do. though, and I
spent some weeks in Mexico once for The
World, 'and though I could not speak Spanish,
I managed to get along all light. I can speak
no language but my own English, but pshaw !
I rhall be homo again befoio I'll want to talg at
Capt. Albers was brought forward and intro
duced to lus fattest passenger, and the passen
gers, standing in groups atalittledistancc, gazed
in amazement aud admiration at the almost
littlo girl who, of her own notion, was setting
nut to beat the wonderful record of Jules
Verno's hero, Fhlncas Fogg, who went "Around
the World in Eishty Days" in the author's
"I'vo never been out of sight of land," said
Miss Bly, "but I have no qualms of fear. I
may be seasick, but I'll get over it. and I know
I shall enjoy the trip. 1 am going to mako a
record for The World for somebody to beat,
if they cau."
There was a lull in the hustling, bustling of
tho stevedores. The luggage and cargo was all
shipped, and I), no. tho hour for departure, had
atrived. The bo's'n's shrill whistle piped all
laudsmcn ashore.
Miss Ely's dainty little glnvo of undi eased kid
gave the hand of the reporter a hearty squeeze,
and tho faiewell was said. The thteo stacks of
tbe Augusta Victoria emitted puffs of black
smoke, and tho great ship steamed majestically
out into the North lliver and passed down the
bay and out through tbe Narrows into the
When 'twas decided that Miss Bly should make
the trip rhe was all animated enthusiasm in a
moment, and in another her pretty head was
burled in "guides" And her girlish face
knotted in thoughful ittidy of '.'routes. "
After an hour's study she announced: "I can
beat any record. I think I oan do it in seventy
five days. I can go by the Hamburg steamer to
Southampton, then to London, then on the
India mail to Calais. Paris. Turin, then to Brin
dlsi. and from thero the steamship to Cathay;
then Ismailia, Aden, Colombo, in tho Island of
Ceylon.Fenang and (Singapore In Farther India;
thon Hong Kong, the Biltish city on the Chinese
island, and then to Yokohama.
"I willairivo at Yokohama about New Year's
aud sail for 'Frisco on Jan. 7, reaching Now
York Jan. '27. That is in just soventv-tivo
days. '
Having determined on tho trip Miss Nellie was
thoughtful. Then she remarked demuiely,
' Now the first thing for me to do is to go home
to my mother and have a good night's sleep."
And that she did. Then next day she began
her picpaiatious. Uhorinloy, the man dress
maker, builded her camel's hair gown In a day.
She procured a watch which notes the hour
fiom I to '.'4 o'clock, and by this sho will be able
to compute her exact tiavelling time. By her
own little lepeatershe will know what's tho time
o'day by the time lu vogue wherever sho may
be located, and when sho gets home again she
will find that she has beaten Now York to the
extent of a day or two, for sho will constantly
tiavel towaids tho lising sun.
The little traveller will pass through the fogs
and chilly atmosphere of Labrador and New
foundland and the thrice-heated calms of tho
lied Bea anil Farther India. MIbs Bly will pass
among tho English, Gciman, French, Spanish,
Aiabiaus, Hiudoos, Chinese and Japanese, and
lenders of The World may confidently look for
the elaboration of many note mado iu the little
books of the fair "newspaperwoman."
Miss Bly, when her journey Is completed,
will havo travelled nearly :)0,U00 miles, or at
the rate of 410 miles a day ocr land and sea
for every day of herabsencu fioui her nook iu
tho " city room " of Tnr. World.
The first ciicumnavigatnr of the globe was
Magalhaeus. afterwhom tho StraiUof Magoll' n
weio named. Ho was a l'nrtugucso and sot out
on his joumey in 1510 with tho idea that tho
world was a fiat surface and that lu timo ho
would reach the edge and find out what was iu
tho abyss into which a straggler might tumble
if he ventured too near it. The compass
was then unin.enteil.and the ship was steered by
tho stars.
Capt. Francis Drake, a bold, bad buccaneer,
out for what he could find, sailed fiom England
in 1577, passed around Capo Horn and across
the IJacluo and back to his native hsnd.
Capt. Cook did it at about tho sameltime, aud
his chronicle shows that he was three years on
the cruise. He touched at Terra del Fingo, the
"Land at Fire." Tahiti, New Zealand, Van
Dlemen's Land. Austi alia, the Friendly Island,
where they didn't cat you, but jubI tobbedyou
and turned you loose; New Hebrides, New Calo
donla, which has been for many yeais the
French penal colony; the fiandwlch Islands,
which had not then a King who had learned tho
seductive game of draw-roker. and Western
North America.
Since Cook' day the globc-tiotteis havo be
come an aimv. The most famous of the Ameri
can circumnavigators was the late Secretary nf
State. William H. Seward, who wrote his ad
ventures iu an 800-page tome. Gen. Grant
did it en suite, and Jay Gould aud tho Vander
bills do it now and then, but Nellie Bly is prob
ably the first of her i ex to undertako it alone
and unprotected, and it is no hazard to predict
that her tour of tbe world for The World will
become the moat famous iu the annals of travel.
Bbe carries with her the best wlshss or a mill-
ion leaders and admirers, and they will heartily
welcome her on her icturn.
mxKitvnr or Tnr. Tnir.
Nov. 14. Leave Now York by Augusta Vic
toria D.:10 a. M.
Nov. til. Due Southampton, London, by rail
iu thrco hours,
Nov. J,,. Ltavo Victoria Station, Loudon, 8
r. 31. on India Mail.
Nov. 'J.'!. Calais, l'aris and Turin.
Nov. J4. Bilndlslat Id. 14 p. i.
Nov. aft. Leave Driudlai, steamship Cathay,
ii A. M.
Nov. 'J 7. Ismailia.
Dec. SI. Aden.
Dec. 1 0. Colombo (Ceylon).
Dee. 10. I'enang.
Dec. IS. Ktngupoie.
Dec. '.'. Hong Koug.
Dec. an. Lcavo Houg Kong for Yokohama,
Jan. 7. Leae Yokohama via Pacific Mail
Jan. aa. Duo San Francisco.
Jan. a". Duo Nes; York.
Nov. 14 to Jan. a7-sovcnty.Hve days.
Daniel Lano's Desperate Effort to Murder
Ms Aged Father.
Daniel Lane, who is just two weeks down
fiom tho island, where hercrved six months for
thicalcuing to kill his aged father, was a pris.
oner in the Jefferson Market Police Court to
day. This time, lu addition to threatening to kill
his father, lie attempted to set llro to the houso
4.'IS Wct Thiity-fitth street by throwing kero
sene oil on tho lloor and lighting it.
Hciotuinedto the housoat K o'clock this morn
ing, this timo aimed with a big carving knife,
and thicateucd to cut his father to pieces.
The old man lied the placo precipitately and
ran down Ninth avenuo hatlcss, with tho on.
raged and inhuman sou e!no brhind with the
mm denim weapon in his hand.
An excited cimvd followed in the wake of
both, expecting every moment to sen the old
man cut down as he I an.
Policeman Thomas O. Kennedy saw the ciowd
and joined in the chase.
'lho policeman lan behind I.ano and tiipped
him up, and the would. bo nitirdcier went head
torcuiont to the sidewalk.
Ho still maintained his grasp of tho carving
knife; and it was only after a sevcio strugglo
that ho was disarmed ami captured.
Micn anaigncd iu court he looked as sullen
and determined as ever, and when rcprocd by
Justice Gorman for his unnatural conduct,
muttered, " I don't care If I hang for him."
About a Near ago Lunc was sent up for
burglar. Upon being released ho called upon
his lather and demanded that a regular allow
ance bo fixod for his maintenance.
This iequet was tcfuscd, and uu fell upon his
father and threatened to murder him. It was
for this that Judgo Duffy sentenced him to the
island for six mouths.
Justice Goiman, having heard this recital,
sent Lano back to the island for one year.
En en then ho was led away vowing eugeanco
on his tather.
Oxtye Wins tlio Nursery and Slartnlgne
tho Derby Handicap.
fsr-EciAt. to Tnr ivknino world 1
Losdo.n, Nov, 14. This was tho third day of
the Derby Autumn meeting, and seventeen two-year-olds
faced the starter for tho evont of tho
day, tho Osmaston Nursery Handicap, of fiOO
sovereigns, for two- ear-olds, at about seven fur
longs straight.
Tho race wan won by Oxeye, bv Ovlip. out of
Lady llaglan. Shall wo llcnicmbor, by Clan
aui. out ofSonsic Queen, was second and Gal
wav thiiil.
Tho Derby Handicap, of ft 00 sovereigns, for
tin ee-year-oldd and up" Bid, one mile straight,
bad six starters and was won bv Maitaigne. by
Itnsebciv. out ot Empress Maud. Happy
Thought, by Albeit Yirtnr.oiitnf Honeybourne.
was second ami Aiiquilni". by Petroncl, out of
Avouhoc, third.
A I'lcii for llnriuless I.unntlra.
Wahsiw, '. V., Nov. 14.-Tlie Supervisors of tills
county passed resolutions yrstcrdaj denouncing the
proposal to enact a Mate law compelling the r inoal
of all indigent chronic Insnne l ersons from county
a.jltmis to the Urge htsle Institutions. The resolu
tions u larc that the c onvreRatinir of many lusinx
persons 1 not AclNlsahle, especially sines the rural
touutiescan keep these nannies lunatics on iarjro
laruts with more lxnent and pleacire to themselves
and fi lends and nl lefs expense; and that it ts a gloss
injustice to such counties as are taking pood rare of
their unfortunates, to compel them to railroad their
Insane to distant Htate Institutions where many of
them can neNcr to visited by friends. The represen
tatles ol this county lu both Houses are requested
to oppose any hill halnr for Its object the removal
of the county Insane to Htate asylums.
Cone nllb Ills I'ntrons' Funds,
sn ir. to THr worn i,
Hloomimotov, III., Not. 14. William II. 1'iir.nian.
who for many je.rs ha conducted a larau reabc.tate
aud hankinft bu.lnrs at Pontiac, III. , diiapprared Sat
urday night It ban sinet, been diiicorered that he had
bemi fur a Ions' time rfsltmatically emiwxzlinc inonej
ttirnl.lied ly Hudson. Ilurr t Co , money.lenderu of
tlllftUtJ. who represent heaty capitalists in New York,
Jtoatuu and other Sastorn cities. Hudson, Hurr A t'u,
aralos-ra to tileextrnt of tO.OOO. A a s ursman rep
lesontedotlitr linns in Illinois and in the Kast It is b
jfered that the amount of his defalcation will fall Itttlu
short ot $1IIU.UOO. The accidental ctlscorery ttiMa
mortaan puttorliiig to Iteara certlnratnof record had
never heeu lecordrd lirnusrht about tile eipoaurn of
hilrstnan'acrookHiluess. Fursman is lllty yiar old and
married. He is believed to ha on his way to Canada,
Drnnsed In Krnllint llrr Home's llcrle,
IsrictAi. to tiik would
St. JoiiNsnuv, Vt., Nov. 14. Mis. Dcrtha A.
Gates daughter ot tho Ilev, M. A. dates, while rid
ing horseback jestcrday was thrown from her
horse, whhh had taken frljut at something. As she
fell to tho ground her right foot became entangled
In tbe stirrup strap, and she was dragged through
the streets at the horse's heels until her body was al
most dtnuded of cluthlug. Mheu the Luimalwaa
finally camrht life was extinct, 'iheyoiing lady's
tody was shockingly bruised and mangled. The
accident was witnessed by her parents, who were
nearly crazed by their inability to save her. Mi
ate wis twenty -one yeara of age, and graduated
last Spring at nrlleslcy College,
Acc'dint In a rilillnu 1'urtv.
Isri.ciAi. to the wont d.I
Carbondale. l'a., Sov. lit. A party of twenty
three rersons started from this clt) this afternoon lu
a Urge omnibus on their nay to s wedding near Way.
mart, six miles from here. The vehicle was over
loaded, and about half a mile from aymart the rest
axle snapiMl.ovcrtttrnlnir the mnnlbua and throwing
the pnsaengera out withgieat violence. The Injured
Huns, Mrs. Khans: L'., srui severely wrenched.
IlfBn, Mrs. Uahumiton, faco and head cut.
McMillax, Mtsu Anmk, face biulaad sod scalp cut.
McMillan, JilsnJrAN. face cut and brulaed.
MaxwrLL, Mrs.ltnnKBT, skull fiacturrdj may die.
rinrrurnu, Mrs. J. II., face cut.
NurnautP lllnrd by Ilia Countrymen.
Tno Spanish titilena of New York gate an informal
reieption to their lellow-rountryman, Pablo Harasate,
the famoua violinist, last evening at the Vlitona Hotel.
l'heSeenty-tirst Itegimant Hand and the Spanish Stu
dents discoursed music, and those who bravad the in-clenit-nt
weather enjoyel a pleasant time Among
those present were the Spanish Consul at New York,
Don Murual Snares tfuanea, the Portuguese Contul.
Itaron d'Alinelrlm the Peruvian t'onenl, ,luan Qulu
tana, tbe Mexican Vice-Consul, ltamon V. Wlibamat
Don Juan I., Inbaa, Dr. Julio J. lUnn, Den Pedro
de Salasar, Don Knndue Cacarea, Key. P. D. Felipe
Cardells, terndn 'lolsdo. lisnry Abbty, Mareua Mayer,
Pedto Y. di Horss, Mlf uel Martins., and Mmas. Mara,
Nalsar and Lopsa.
' m I
Another Day of Useless
Balloting by the Ameri
can Association,
The League Busy Settling a Ques
tion of Percentages.
Next It Will Considor tho Admission
of Brooklyn and Cincinnati.
At a Into hnu this afternoon it was whispered
ery loudly about tho Fifth Avenue Hotel that
next year would seo ten clubs iu thn National
League and a guarantee of 4 0 per cent of
gait receipts to visiting clubs.
The American Association, in annual meeting
at the 'itt!i Acuuo Hotel, was still without a
Picsident for next 3 car when the sotsinn began
this morning.
Tho delegate cot together again ycstelday
after the break of the afternoon, but continued
with the same old tic voto for Plielus, of Louis
ille. and KintithotT, of Kansas City.
This mtiiniug the name of W. II. Volt.:, staff
correspondent nf the Philadelphia I'rrss. was
mentioned ns tint t of a ciunpinmlsn candidate.
Tho League people had on hand this morning
the subject of tho percentages for visiting club.,
carried ov Tfrum last night's mcotlns.
It was thought probablo that an allowance of
from 40 to fto per cent, of tho gato receipts
would be established for next season.
After disposing of this business tho League
will consider thn question of admitting Brook
lyn and ( iuciuiiati, which will pinbably take
thereat of tho da).
President Dav said this mot nine that thn mat
ter mado no ttiflcrcneo to him. ono way or the
other, and he didn't caio whether tho League
had eight clubs or ten.
'J ho League Inst night amended Its constitu
t.on, by-laws, Ac,
Huicattcr there will bo flvo umpires for tho
Lcugue, itiHteuil of four.
ltaln clucks must be issued and gicn to spec
tators unless live innings or moio havu been
Tho sslo of players was abolished, and it was
provided that a player must anange for his owu
tiansfcr ill case he cau sccuru the consent of his
club to lease itt employ.
At l'-.Oft to-dov the Association delegates ad
journed until -'. :in.
Tho deadlock was unbroken and was said to be
likelv to bo maintained until the matter nf
Brooklyn and Cincinnati being admitted to the
Liaguewas settled.
The Jimp fneii.ut presented tho name of Mr
Voltz, put Von der Abe and his people wouldn't
listen to the name ot any other than Phdp.
J. Palmer O'NYll. of Pittsburg, said to-day
that ho had aircady signed a number of Brother
hood men. but how many or their names lie re
tused to tell.
President Day said he didn't en re about sign
ing men. but that in the light or the players'
actions ho would rather enjoin them when tho
time arises for them to csiiy out their inten
tion of playing ball. Habt he
"Wait until tin so capitalist put up their
money. Wait until Hint $1(1.000 giaud stand is
built upon that lot adjoining the Polo (Irouuds,
ami then I think I shall hawi all the players I
want, nudthat very stand may piuu ery useful
i to inc."
' It is a simple matter for these men to put
oiitaiUaiue nu.nev to the plsers. tnr that will
; be repaid, und it is an cay thing to socuiu a
I two or time months' option on grounds, but
when it comet- to putting tint thousands of
dollars with positively no secunty beyond a few
worthless contract", you will lmd the capitalists
a minus quantity."
And then Manager rowers arrived upon the
scene and Mr. Day turned to listen to that hus
tler's leport of his tlueo days' wundcniiLs in
parts unknown.
Up Predicts n Prospermia I'liluir for Ilia
I'lnycra Lcugue.
lliuPOKronr. Conn.. Nov. 14, .lames II.
O'ilouike. the famous ball-player, who is now
at his homo in this citv, is ono of tho most en
thusiastic supporters of the baseball playcis'
new League.
Mi. U'ltouiko was seen at his lawofllce this
morning by an KvrsiNo World reporter.
llcside him upon his desk, carefully folded in
an envelope, was a contract with tho Players'
League which he had just signed. Thocontiact
binds him for tint years.
O'P.ourke had jnsl received a letter from John
Ward ill which the wilter said that Kcre, (inre
and himself nignul contracts for tlueo seals
During conversation the great loft fielder aid
that every member ot tho New Vork baebsli
team had signed an agreement to sign a eou
tiact with tho Plains' Club.
Of the champion New Voik team, nine of lh
plavcis hold sill. 000 woithof stock, tsch of
tho nine having isl.lltin woith and the iitnain
ing t.000 being divided between several or
O'Kourke said every member nf the New Vork,
Cleveland and Indianapolis club, and all the
old League playt i excepting Mnitli and Oanrl.
of the Boston team; Dav and Wllinot, ol the
Washington ( Inb. and all thn ( hicsgii plavers
but Anson, Bui lis and Hiitchitisoii had agreed
to sign with the Dsll-l'laycrs' League.
O'ltourko predicts a prosperous future for tho
plajers' venture.
Mend In Your Voir.
Tilt: World in inking a jutpiilar vot on the
Urn enavoeflng Itin-iiall iiufflinim ariliv iliiu:
(1) tt'liUh do (ir.it fftlnv teill bf tlir-bt tin; thr
Players1 Xattmial Lrngiw or (Vie .Vnfionn!
league f
(!) HVtfrh trflf receive vour support t
eml your role, preferably irrltttn an a postal
card, ailiressea ; Sronijxo Editor,
" The H'oWtl,"
.Veto llir-.
Jtrad some interesting answers in net "Sun
day's ll'tirtti"
Firing llrlrlix tin Hronduny.
Bricks fell Iroin the new building, SO IIioiil
way, to-day.
(leorgolllessing.of tl Vartck tticet, aplumbcr,
and Joseph Roberlng, of 411 West Tweuty.
sixth street, who wne passing, were cut iu tho
head and were taken to Chambers (Street Hospital.
A Diueinua breakfast dish ia prprd hem UUAian
ITollid Wuna Oais In MO niluutta. Ask for tbe
'QCAya"packs. .
.M S
Jack McAuliLTe and Hike Daly to Meet
Hear Boston.
Jack McAullffe, tho Brooklyn light-weight, is
to have a go with Mike Daly of Bangor, Me.,
on or about Dec. ,.
Tho match has been arranged under the
auspices of tho Parncll Athletic Club.of Boston,
and will take place in or nt sr that citv.
There will bu littecn rounds, according to tho
articles of agi cement, with two-ounce gloves,
at catch weights, for a purse ot sl.oou.
After this light McAnllfTo will bo readv for
Catroll. and will only await that pugilist's de
claration that he. in turn, is ready for Jack.
He Denies Aniprlcnn Citizenship, AVhlle
Ills Nutlvo Prussia Disowns Hint.
Deputy Collector McCIcunand has an indicate
question to mlvc.
Audita Koppe. thirty-three years old, arrived
at Castle Gaiilcii to-day on the steamship Hla
vouiafrom Hiimhtilg. Ho hails fiom Hchner
derwubl. Pioviucc of I'oiti. Prussia, where his
father H a wcaltbv wmo merchant.
Koupo came hciclllstiu lHTtl and found em
ployment in Dubuque. Ia. He returned honm
in 1H7H, and again came to America iu JHH','
and went In work in fit. Louis.
Ho r-nvH ho uevei touk out naturalization
paper lure. ....
lu May. lsmi. hoppi not. lie 1 the ficrman
Coiifiil at ht. Louis that lie was going back to
Prusma to take posei'in f sumo propertv,
valued at l.'i.ooo, vjllcd to linn by his mother.
I'pou b'suirivol in Kcblierdeimulil the Prus
sian cotitts n fiMil to rccognle liis tight to the
property, I'laiiningtliat undertho law bo was in
dcbtcil to his nAtlvo land foi a sum far in excess
ol the value nr the pioporty for military services
which ho had never rendered.
He was rurthcimore accused, as he says, on
faUiIieii statement", of being tin American titl
yen. a fnct in itself mi lucent toprcvent him flnm
hi'lding Prussian real estate.
hnpi-now want the United Rtates authori
ties to holp him obta'ii hi rights.
The papers in the case have been turned over
In the Customs ollicial" and Kuppn will remaiu in
charge of tbe Lmigrstlou Coram sssoners, lend
ing tho advico of Deputy Collector McClcn-uand.
llnrvnrd nttd I'rliieetnii .Urn Itrfoie the
Cullrglnte Advisory Coininlllrr.
Tho Graduate Advisory Committco of tho
Intcicollegiatu l'ootball Astociation mot at the
Fifth Avcntt" Hopd this morning todlscurs tho
charge, hi ought by Harvard against Ames, tho
cicat half-back of Pimccton, and the counter
charges brought by Pi lliceton atrainst Cranston,
rpton, Htlckney and Dtan, ot Harvaid.
Aines'a friends in Princeton asseit that the
chaigcsnr pinrcistounlism against him are nun-r-etise:
that he is in hlsHiuior year and stands
tweltth in his class.
'lho Princeton men sav they are willing
to withdraw their charge against the four Har
vaid men, if Harvaid will withdraw hcrchaiges
against Ames.
At 11 o'clock the Committee went into secret
tcsMou, and it ia likely t hat their deliberations
will lust all dav.
A Young ."Vcvvnrk (ilrl Commit Suicide
Alter llclng .lilted.
Isrrci.i. rn Titr rvri-n wor.tp.l
Newahk, Nov. 1 I. Laura Barley, a voting
and pretty domest.o cmploscd by Ml. Lruust
Oodfrey. at llil Montclair avenue, died this
morning ira dose oflauilanum, which sho took
with siiiciilitl Intent, Mio said she hsd becii
jilted by a niaii to whom she was engaged..
.Illaaourl'a (iovernor mid Jnpnneso Poller
M.ll Hint.
Among tho-o who ptid their respects to Mayor
(Irant tu-dai wasliuv. rinnci'.nf Missouri.
Sutisiikn llajashi mid M. Y. Muinuutsu, ,l.ipa.
lit so Police Iuspciturs, who are studjiug the
police eystcins ol tbe world. alo called 'itnl pie.
seutid a letter of lnttuduetiou I loin I'lilted
htates Minister Hubbard at Tokio.
.Indiro llanrll tlncli Ilcllcr.
Judge Monell is reported to lo much letter
to-day, and while Ir.s phslcians decline to do
oiarchim out of daiiLcr, thoy look forwaul to a
decided change for the better.
Orara In three ralnuta.-Dri. Scott's Elictsic Plas
Trli Tlieii.anns.rstlty Iryth.m Allrirnasl.ts .
Jobn L SnlliTan's Literary Career Comes
to an Abrupt End.
John L. Sullivan is no longer sporting editor
of tho Iltutratet Xtirs.
Mauagcr and Treasurer Ocrmalne has sent
Sullivan a check foi t.'ltlO. for tho balance due
hlhVtp date, mid hereafter there will bo no
business connection between Boston's pet
pugilist and the Illustrated A'ews.
The reason for the severance of business rela
tions between tho paper and Hiillivau. as stated
by Mr. (icimulne this morning, was merely to
cut down expenses.
Htilhvan has been drawing a salary of tSO a
wetk from the .Vein as sporting editor.
The peerless John is much cleverer with bis
lists than with the pen. When his naino was
first Haunted at the head of the paper as sport-
I lugiditnr. John used to wrestle hard to master
the intricacies of English grammar, and sent to
I the Aura each week a column of bright, braiu
I scintillation"', signed with his nanu.
I Hoon. however, the delights of a literary oc-
cupatb u lost their glamour and manuscripts
fiom tho spoiling oditor became few and lar
between, linally they ceased altogether, and
it has now been many minns siuco Bullivan has
wntleu anything for his papei.
Of courM'. under these cjicnrastances, the
paper could not go on paving him $30 every
Matin day.
i Mr. (lermaino spoke very warmly of Hullivan
' this morning, saying he considered that Hulli-
1 van had earned cvervcent so far paid him. He
considered In services in the ting at Itichbiirg,
whin .loli n defeated Kilrain, as worth mativ
dollars In hi paper. He said the AV.r.. would
always be a fifcud to Hullivan Mid back him in
all his future tights.
Personally, he said he had a very nana spot
iu his heait for the big fellow.
lu tegaril to .Sullivan's recent challenges, Mr.
" A to Hulliv au's lighting again, I think It is
a CLitainty that he will tight Peter Jackson.
Thn battle will bo at the California Athletic
" Domlnick McCaffrey is out or tho question;
he would be no match at all ror (Sullivan. "
The Cnllfornln Atblrllc Club Asks tbe Dig
Fellow' Terms.
Isprriti. to Titr. rvrMvit world.i
Boston. Nov. 14. The California Athletic
Club has telegraphed to John I.. Hullivan asking
what money he wants to meet Jackson at the
Sullivan said to-day iu regard to Jackson:
Vmi can say tint if he right Kilrain lirst then
the California Club will not get me to meet him.
1 want the first chance and a good purse."
'I he champion has fully made up his mind not
to pay any attention whatever to the challenges
and letteis issued by Domlnick McCaffrey.
"He is only looking for iiotonety," said
John, and trying to give people tho impres
sion that ho is nun of the greatest pugilist iu
the world, when he is only a second-rate lighter.
Let him put up snmo ' Mull, 'and then I will talk
business with him. and nut before.'
Whin shown the desiatch lcgardiug his
leaving the Illustrated AVtrit the big fellow
said that ho hud icceived the letter mentioned,
tiiid that the reason for his minting tbe paper
was that they wanted him to do ton much.
"I gave them tlm privilege .it using my namo
whenever tluy wished, but that did not satiafy
theni. They wanted mo to spend two hour
uvcry day m thcnllice, besides writing ajstory
every week for the paper. "
John I intends to goon to New ork within
ten day. to etc how his case in Mississippi
lnennr lllsa Hilton Itrcuplurrd and Token
to nn Asvluti.
Miss (Icotgianu Hilton, tho dementod young
woman who escaped from the West Tenth
street sanitarium yesterday, was sont this morn
ing to tho Insane Asylum at Amityville.
Miss Hilton is the daughter of Mrs. I ranees
Hilton, a wiulthy widow, who lives at l'.'l West
l'lirtv-uiiith street. Mio lis- religious mania
sml attended the Church or the Straugersjtwlth
theiiUa that Di. Diems continually prajcllfor
tJanc ol'Tlilevr llrolirn I'p,
MoxTiru.Lo. Ill , Nuv. 14. Thomas Huasell, tbe
Ira Ie r of tho gang of Ibiev es who have been breaking
Into stores, tailroad cars and dwellings In central
Illinois, I in 'all at Ibis jdair, having bren arrested
b Detective lljilanl. of tho Wabash, 'mere were
about Bftv In tho gang, with headquarters at Chaiu
I alirn, III., where they .ecreted their Btolen prop
ertv. Harry Latham, who waa flret arrested, con
fessed und told wbeie tbe gooda w ere secreted, and
hundreds ot dollar.' worth of them have been recovered.
To Regulate the Stomach, JLIvcr and
bowels, take Carter's Little Live Pills. 25 o. .
' i I
Ridden to Victory by Hamih I
ton for the Lascade : I
Handicap, I
Favorites Win in Three of the Races : I
Straight, I
But Garrison Breaks the Succession $,
in the Fourth. f I
fsriciiL to lire zvxnrrtri wostn. 1 ilamal
CLirToit Race Track, Nov. 14. There was "jfl
regular old-time crowd at the races here to-day. Sal
The fine weather and tho fact that there was ..jB
no racing at Elizabeth is what swelled the at- Wal
tendance. 'Xamal
Twcnty-fivn bookmakers woro on the line, and -Caaml
had tho fields been larger at least ten more dtl
would hav o dono business. i anal
The track was not so very bad, and it canted Slfl
Hecretsry Kass to remark that it was a pity they jssai
did not havo as good card as that of yesterday. Sama
Theio was a good Held in tho first race with iuaatl
thu'favnrite Van winner after a good raco with Mamal
Manhattan ran very prominently for nearly a Mamsl
mile and it was discnv ercd after tho race that be F'tm
was hadly cut in thn off fore leg. 4?eb1
Lancaster was a 0 to :i on favorite for the flatai
second rato and ho won in n. canter, with the faH
second choice, Jcuuio McFarland, fintiblns fll
second. s'bH
Dunboyno, with Hamilton tin. waa even Jfafl
money favorite for thn Lascade Handicap and HtS
won without any trouble. The crowd weretn fiaaal
high clce, aa hto was tho third successful fa- &natl
vorlte. aH
rimer race. j'aaml
Mile and a sixteenth; selling. fiM
4 fls.f.wj. - XrBaal
Slrirturi, Wht; Jffflsv'. Ctrnttiht. iaO JnaraTal
1 Van 107 Clartnn . .ito2 4tol Saaal
J Vltllsnt Ill .McCarthy. 4 to 1 ftoit !.'
:t Knilercok KIT ...Hlras ... . 7 to 1 Atn2 WaVal
(I tloenod..,., 107 . VV. Rrasan l.Mo I tjtol Egaal
(I Kink !(I7. ...Mnrrav. 1,'itui Htol WM
0 Chocney 1 1 1 ,...Hnn) . . . Htol .Itol 'i safes'
(I llonnleR 1 III .. Tbompson . 7 tot Atoa 4sfaffl
U Manhattan . 1 07 .Oxler, ... lllt-ol 4 to 1 -b affaff
O llntsUr K17 Murtha. ..4(1 to I 11 to 1 JtsTaTI
O Alan Archer...... .11)7 .Harton. .Mo 1 8toS V Caffatl
0 King. ford... 100 lacey .30 to 1 15 to, iifaH
The Ilace. Vigilant was first away, then Man- ?aH
hattan. Gounod and Chceuoy alternated in the ;
lead to the stone wall. Van then took Up the ' M
running and finally won by two lengths from . M
Vigilant, who was thrco lengths before Ester- j M
hok. Time-l.ntlM. ; H
Mntuel paid: Htraight. $8; for a place. : JM
t3.Hr. Vigilant paid $4. L'U. , H
Selling: seTen and one-half furlongs. "' B
tstiirtir. trsfs, .ftrl.r. ftiatahu rtaet, t sM
1 Lancaster lln. . Doane. .. flto5 oni ffavarJ
!1 .IennleMoFar!and.ll:i Mima . 'J to I lts3 M
:i I.irris KM. .lone.. lOtol tltoS J 4afaai
0 Moonstone llil 1'o.ter 110 tot Otol tasaml
The Ilace. Lorris took the lead at the start nH
and led on suflerance to thi stone wall, where JstflH
Doane gave Lancaster his head, and, coming; -f'laH
away, won in a canter by four lengths. Jennie XH
Melarland was second, threo lengths in frout jlaamal
ofl.otris. Timo-!.41W. -. Saamal
Mutucls paid : Straight, f.1.13; for a prace, tM
t'-'.aa. Jennie McFarland paid (-'. U3. H
TUino nvc'E. '-- 'f:aal
Haudlcap; ono mile. IH
. lUttxng . afaral
MnrtrrK tear.. JnfA.vt. .S'frafsf. rtnetu saXal
1 Dnnt oype 114 ...llatrtlton. even 1 to J Caravel
J Mpeedwell .UM Palmer -' tol :lto !, i.snai
II Iceberg lmi .linos.. SO tot llto 1 fiamaai
U Hsnt U. 1011. .Thompson. 4 to 1 UtolO vaTaTai
0 Vllid 1U." . .Klma ... . olol a to I &)H
The ltace. Speedwell was lirst away, but 8am rt'iaaai
D. soon took tho lead, and with Vivid alter- Ssnaml
listed iu flist placo to the lower turn. Dunbnyne 'Jmaaml
went to the front on the backstretch and won vH
easily bv three lengths from Hrecdwell, who was , H
two lengths before Iceberg. Timo 1.48H. ftamaai
MutuelB paid: Straight, ft: for a place, ta.05.
Speedwell paid $3.!I0. imaaml
tounTn nACt. Jaamsal
Celling; three-quarters of a mile. TH
Htumt a .samnai
Etarttr. VA.. Jorktvt Strntlkt. FtmtK jaamaTJ
t t;srrlsoo....i.Vlj.'!0'i... W. Ileasan. 6tol a tol tM
a Owen UoldW...Sl(H,.. Trainer..... II tol '' tol laB
:i Mischief !'.'. .('Isjton.... tltol 3to5 .IHTnTI
II Madel na cilL ItlH . (lender.,,. 5toa 4tofi oTlamaai
II li'l '1'lins H." barton. ... 4 to 1 4 too StafaTai
0 lolly P.). ..Jones Otol atol aB
TholUce. Owen' Golden made the rnnnlng Vaaaai
to the stonowall, where Harrison moved up. and ''aaaai
coining a wav on the stretch ho won handily by :1evbbI
threo lengths. Owen Golden second, half IIbbB
length before Jlisehlef. Time l.aiH. fnaaal
Mntnels paid: Straight. -'ll. 80; for a place, aaaaal
Jltl.li:.. Owen Golden paid $10,110, IbbbbI
rirru iiace. , H
Milo heats. H
, tt,tni-, ' H
Start., tVAM. Jorhfyi. frrafeAI. rtae. H
1 Vming nuke U17...UJamHton . :; t, JO one '- H
Fannie It 114 .Jones.. ,14to. on ' H
The Ilace-Fir.t heat. Young Duke led all the H
wayand won by six lengths. Time 1.47. , H
rUccond Heat. Young Duke won it as easily a) H
thellist. ; jH
Cliriou Kntrlr for To-.VInrrovv. ; H
Clittos IUckTuack, Nov. 14. Hero are the) 'jH
entries for Friday. Nov. 15 : , JsH
First Raee-Mile and a furlonx.-OTld, 100: She, Ifalnll
10.'. 4 Vlvlfl. OH i Wild Cherry. IKI Ih. " ImbB
Hrcond Kace Selllnir. hve-e artithsof amlle Trifle r, Safafal
114. TrasieK., 10H, Fustlo, 1(H: Hearst, Wcodbmr..- Safaffal
liouian, 104 .aoti, Nuaant, 100: Faust. 1 00 1 114 IfaTaal
l.utht, 10a, Verona, Oil. ltdr Archer, 00; tvea Tick, Vafaffal
Lillj.M., nil each, Isacy. Oa lb. ThTAbI
Third lUoe-.Kiv..siahth of a mile. -Ter rail, St. affeffal
Paris, 114 eaolli Fulton, 110s Osceola, 1081 Brier, laafaai
100, Uuardsroan. 104. Cray t'lond, 104 i Huasell A, inafl
itorme. ly Chiomopatluel. lOUt Ariel. Oils Alarlo, 00 1 'fafal
llull'a Kye. J. .1. Ilea'y. Merlin. Kial. 00 lb, each, Jasaal
Fourth ltae Handicap: all and a half furlongs. jasalaal
81. Jobn, tali Haymond, K (Jarnscle, Rrosra Vaasaai
Charlie. 115each, .MsryT.. KIT. rheora.HU: Virtfly, IsaH
lO.'ll HessleK.. ICi. I.skewood. Olllb. . . .. MvEsaal
Fifth Ilace -!eveu an i a hall lurlonss. Middltatone, iffaaafl
HO, Kleve, (r! Itesaie K., lit!; Mlllls lb, betky 4aaaB
Knott, H4 eaca Thad Itowe. 110 lb JsaaBal
hlith I'.sse -Willsr Handicap; three-quarters of a SsaTaTI
mile. 8t. John, 14K: llrait. 117: Eolian, ItSi Zang- dismal
bar. lao lvrria. laU; Tom Kearna, H8OleuAr- aJbbI
mond, 1171b TitLmWm
a YlaaTaTl
The upper telegraph wire on the poles ou tho
noitp side of Wall street biokc. and tho ends fH
dangled down to within a few feet of tho side- 4aaB
walk in frout of No. tta this afternoon. They 3jH
crossed the polico wire aud a low-tenslon wire 1H
or tho Daft Motor Company, causing sparks of "H
bre to bcintillato. aaaB
A crowd of aoo iienplo gathered, watching tbe SaWW
sparks in awe until Lineman William Hteele, of fH
the Metropolitan Telephouo Company camo laaaai
along. itaaB
He knew there were no dangerous wire hare,, VlmWWW
and he grasped this dangler and tore It away. Talaai

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