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wmgSwZm . ni mi i.i 1 1 1 1 iiiiniiiiiiwiwiii 1. 1 mum mmimmmmmmmmmm
& 'I
8" A Wronged Woman Brings a Policeman
6 to Book in Special Sessions.
IE Sho Provos tho Charges, and He
W Must Support Her Child.
$f Evidence Tlint Will Doubtless Cause a
K Vncnncy on tlio Force.
JK rollccman William O'Connor, of tlio Bast
'W Thirty-fifth street squad, has laid himself open
1b to charges of Mich n serious nature Hint tlicr
Sr will probably remit In his dismissal from tho
m force.
: Ho was a defendant in tlio Court of Special
5 Sessions, tlio complainant against lilm being
E( Mari&nno Duffy, who chatged lilm with being
6 tho father of her tt e-montlu-old boy.
M Tho cvidciico against him. in splto of lil do-
r nlals, wa no tiu'rwhelmliig that Justices
K KUbrrth ami l'atteison crdeied him to pay $.1 a
W eok for the support or tho bab), without oven
JP hearing all his witnosscs.
W According to Mary Duffy's statement she hail
j? known O'Connor for moro than two years. Tho
J acquaintance began at tlio Uraml Union Hotel.
-V where she wa a chambermaid inl O'Connor
L was a porter.
!& lie mado lovo to her, nnd under promise of
W marriage ho wronged her. and when sho we:it
Jfi to lit o In the family of Mr. Jkstabloat lltl Bast
B Twenty-fourth stioet ho continue I tn visit hor.
'K Bho is a comely Irish Kir), twenty years old.
B and nays she is poor and at present without
WL means of support.
M. Mrs. Kochler, of Eighty-second street and
K Fourth axe uuc, wan one of tho witnesses In her
M behalf. Sho sajs that 0 Connor camo to her
. i liouso to make ariaugomcuW for Mary's lecop-
', l tlon, and that ho brotmht her ihcro in a car.
I , riago July 1. 'Iho baby was born tho aamo
' f Afterwards O'Cm 01 camo and a- ked about the
if. gill, but Mould not 10 her. When lie wan inked
for tho lialauco duo fur her board ho said ho
would pay it, but still owed her 10. Sho iilen
tlliod linn fully.
When O'Connor was pnt on tho stand ho as.
turned an air nf hraado, and iloulcil that ho
' had ccr been iutlmato with tho complainant,
and said ho bad only taki u brr to Mrs. l nobler'
out of kindness, bee hush ho had known hor
; When ho was a porter at tlm Oraud Union.
ilo also said ho had noier soeu Mrs. Kochler
f bofore. ami Hint tlm till ho bait paid m Mary's
money and ho had glen It to a girl at tho door.
Ho had n witness named 'Join Mclloldriek
Who snoio that ho had brim ititimato with
,, I Mary, but she denied that ho had ocr scuu
j himbelore.
ft Tho justices decided that the evidence against
E i O'Connor was coticlushe, and that ho must sup-
I ' port the child.
1 AlthoiiKh O'Connor has only been on tlio force
I eight or nine months, several charges have been
I ' made against lilm.
BB- Insanity I'lcndril far tho Murderer of
12 Jeweller Geiivtelii.
MS Tho caso ot Christian Devhlo, tho aged In-
WJL Tcntor who is accused of murder in having shot
mm Jeweller Clcsswcln in his office. Ills John street,
S on Sent. IS, was called boforu llccorder Smyth
in Part I., General r-'ossinns, this rooming.
v Lawyer dross, w ho is defending the old man,
It- raieda miction as tohlscllint's i-amty, and his
Si request toi tho nppniiiliiiontnf a cnnimiaslon to
M, cxamlnu into nhlo's mental condition was
t granted. Drs. Titch and l'lcld will make tho
lit examination and lepoit to tho Court im-
nit mediately.
'Jm- Tho millions of Ono of ihe I, out Ineas lo D
ijr Ilroiiglit to Light.
fft' Mall advices from South America say that the
.JJB, liiddcu treasures of Catalina lluauca, ono of tho
; lost members of tho Inca family, of Pern, valued
.fj' '' It many millions and frultlosly sought for
it ; many years, arc to bo tirnnglit to light.
H : Papers how bti-n found near Carmen Alto de
ft , scribing tho hiillng-placo or tho treasure, and
IB l men aro st work excaatingat the place inill
,!l . catod. which is marked by tno Btoues insoribod
t : ' -C. II."
'John O'Connor llrld for Complicity In Peter
. Ncluipllrr'n Ileal h.
Teter Bchnelttr, of Hit Third avonno, and
1 John O'Connor, 111 East Tiffy-flrst street,
wcntflsliing to-day in tho ncighnoihood of Hell
3 , Tho boat was upset and Sehneltor was
, drowned.
3f ' The police got tlio boat, recited O'Connor and
l ariehtod him on a charge of complicity in
if Schucltei'siUath.
- jr New Orlcmis l'nMirs Chicago.
Y : IsrrciM. to Tiir rvtNisu woiild.
I fi New Oblfans, Nov. 14. IIio Chamber of
Jffi Commerce has adopted resolutions faoilng
fV Chicago for tho World's Pair of 18ns. Tele-
utWi grams urging the Chambei to support New York
I' ' were rrceicil fioui ct.t'reshlent Cleveland,
j jnv. Hill, ChanncpyM, Hopowand nthcis. and
f, T the contest oci the mo cltits was a warm one.
!l Kmbrrxlcd 8 100,000 and Klip,,Pli,
'III Bloominoton, 111.. Nov, 14. William Tors.
& r man. a banker and prominent citiren o( Pontiac,
J f'l 'l1" mysteriously disappeared. A partial iineii-
1 iff tjsatinu of his alia rs points to the conclusion
1 el 'hat he is an cmbelr in the suinnf finu.min.
1 f Jur man Is about tlfty ears old and hails from
J ij UulTalo, N. .
J fi Mmrk Dim ii li u llnttle,
fjflkv A general alarm was scut outby theTremont
A police tins morning for the cantuie of Itobert
B Jackson, of Om Hundred and l.ighty-flrnt stiect
and Webster awn ue, who, during a fight last
mm l"??,'' "truck John Hullian on the bend with a
J' bottle, ami it la Itaicd tnof bis skull is rrac
H, tnrtd. Ho wustakon M tut iluilc n Hospital.
gm ' .llr. Iliimsri Aunrilrd 1,600.
fl After a fon hours' lellbr.itlon tho jury In tho
Hi tint of Daid II. r,n.n. against (Inoigo I.
Ill Ilyerson, for .'n,oon t,,uagcs for alienation
lif I P,' nl" w"f.'H afffctlons, in tho United States
IB , Court iii Ilrooklwi, rendend a terillct of
if! J -'.'OOInfawjr of tho jilauitiff. The case will
r r be appealed.
BL tSnblir to fpnr Klllnarr To.tlit.
OKI1 Dill flablg, the heavy-weight pugilist, will
jU par foui rounds at tho Knickerbocker (larden,
NIK Jlobokcn. to-night with P.lllngcr. the newly
HI- dl.coereilcrlorcd tighter, (lablg did not know
IB, of the meeting until a icwdajsago, when ho at
iy once began to get in trim.
Ndf, tVntrrbnrr Willi !' Tor llic nig I'lr.
FmX irrrruL to in irKiNa worlh I
n WATEnnuiir. Conn., Nov. 14. The Hoard of
l'l Tiado has appointed its President, Vredci 'ek It.
Ul Iticc. tocoopciato with tho New York Wotld's
raw lair Committfo and gle iikstiianco or tho mb-
Mm etautlal supimit of Wntei bun's bu iucss mou.
)M A Itiir l'nal In I'lit.liiirw,
kfi ISIECIAI TO Till' rr.NINO WriRLt). 1
Wff PiTTSiiunti. Pa.. Nm. 14. -A beer pool similar
WgJE to tint at St. I.ouis has been organized hero to
W&2 defiat tho .lourneymin'H Vnion and irgtilnto
j mPJ tho Jirno of btei. 'Die men aro prcpaiiiig to
!Xv resist it.
H9K Milit. Ilophliin tllsrlinrgrd.
IMgfc Alonzo II. Hopkins, Mipcriutemleut of the
IK Palun Club, of Jersey Cit), whonas charged
Mt with halng robbed tho Club's safo of t4 0U, was
by discharged by .liidgo Htllsmg isterday after a
ra fit e hour s examination.
K .Kan (Mrrbuaril mid Drmvncil.
K Charles Auderi on, a deck hand on the steamer
MWm Watirhurr, all into the mer at lcr :ia Kast
K Utrer loAlay and was drowned.
L, fyf , Mf,,tM;n'Mxaii Tfl, -- -a-
i . ..n , -
Baronet Foster Seeks the Writer of a
Kind Letter of Advice.
Interesting Romanco in tho Llfo of
Janaushek's Manager.
An Unknown nenefnctreM Aided lilm
in Slcluicss nnd Wroto lilm n, Benu-
t If ul licttor.
WIM.thi. Chrlftlin U4r wlmslont s r' sin wrots
It t rrr lisutttnl lotlrr f s. Ivies to tl John.)
l'n.tsr, rsmiif tin Morton )toim, whsrp he wn sit
rinri. Iiu.in innnsssr nt Mr llrnrr I'. Itiir ss
" Ailonls." 'liSJsimnmt:lilrsts hr sMres- ' ( ol Hlr
.Inlm .1 Mnrllnisr I o.tr, llsrl , Ailsiio Mrrol
Mine. JamuiclKk, cir(lrsndOisrs.touw, .New York
A.i EVEVixct Wormi reporter found ibo ad
vertiser at tho Oraud Oiera-Ilnnre. Col. John
J. Poster ih also "Hlr John J. Mortimer Toster,
Hart.," and is tho advance manager of Mmo
Janauschck, the famous actress.
When nsked for on explanation of theaiher
tlsemeut Col. Foster said:
"About a year ago. while walking along
Ilrotdway, I fell In an cplleptlo fit right in
front of Oraco Church.
"As I afttruaids learned, a crowd gathered;
a humane policeman camo to my side, and a
richly-drestcil, noble-looking woman sprang
from a carriago and caused me to be removed lo
tho Morton House, whero I was stopping at tho
time. I was then advance man for Henry Dlxey.
"After leaWng necessary directions for my
care, the mysterious woman departed without
having her name: hut shortly after my recov
ery I receiwjd trom her a four-page letter,
couolied In the most beautiful languago imagin
able, giving mo 'ome wlinlpsomo advice on the
subji ct of temperate habits.
"That letter touched mo to the quick and I
have sluca acted on tho kindly admonition It
contained. Thore was no siguaturo to the
" ISeing about to goto England, my native
land, ami bid good-by to America forever, I
could not rnslst the nressuro on in v mind to ad
vtrtisti lor tho name of my bouofactross."
' ' Hut J on have not told how you came bv tho
tltlo of nobility which you lay 'claim to, "said
the reporter. ,
" I do not borrow the title I am a lineal de
scendant nf Sir linger Mortimer and of Hlr
Michail Poster, ot Tngland.
"1 have never befoio used tho title In this
country, bnt on my visits to Kngland I Imvo
dntio so, tiring the family crust at d cnat-ot
arms on mv cards tho name as any other noble
man In Kuglatiil.
"lam sixty.nno years old now," continued
Col. Poster, "and I had lit wir bieu slcl: a day
in my life until my epileptic attack, and I lmo
not bom ill since that cvontlul ilav. a year ago.
" 1 camo to America when nineteen joars old,
and after a brief career as an amateur Journal
ist in this city I drifted to tho Wist, lauding In
Chiiago. whero 1 fell in with the lato Ham J.
Modill, then of the I'm and Tritium; jn whloh
ox-Onv, llrnss. Dr. Ita, Joseph Medlll and other
well-kunwn journalists weie liitetesti'd.
"When tho wai bigan I joined the Chicago
Dragoons, a cavalry o mpanv, which after
wards acted as body guard to Ocn. McClcllan In
his western Virginia campaign,
llor.iro tho close of tho war I was promoted
colonel nf the Ono Huiidrod and Fourteenth llll
nols Volunteers by (lov. Dick Yates, senlng in
(Irant'H and Hhurmaii's canipalgusiiutllthocloso
of tlio rebellion.
" At Winchester T was captured by Stonewall
Jackson's men and kept prisnuerlfor some time."
Col. Poster is a nne-noklng, soldlorlv man,
who would readily pass for a man of forty yeate.
Martin Flynn Krroucouily Reported to
Havo Dlod Violently.
It wis reported at the Coroners' ofllce to-day
that Martin J. Flynn, a young man living at u:i
Ht. Mark's place, died last night from the effects
of a stab wound from an umbrella point, whloh
ho received during a quart ol some time ago.
Coroner Hani, accompanied by Drs. Donlln
and Jenkins, nf tho Coroners' ofllce, at once
went to the houso for the purposo of making an
Flynn, It was loarued from his brother, died
at (I o'clock last ocnlng from consumption, and
the report that his death was caused by violence
was emphatically denied.
Dr. Hilver, ho said, had attended his brother
for some tlmo past and had boon to aeo him yos
tcrda, Matthew Flrnn and lilt alster admitted that
the dead man had recciwnl a slight wound (in
tlio nolo I mm an iimbi ulla during a quai rol somo
weeks ago with a stiangcr.
Upon examination a slight scar was found on
the left sidn of tho irnni near the eye.
Neither the Coi oner nor ills depntles seemed
to think it Indicated aiiytlilng serious, and
came to the conclusion that ho must havo died
from consumption.
Ur. Hller could not bo found at his house this
afternoon, and the reason for his uoglect to gio
a cei tllicato of deal Ii is a nij stei y.
And Mow Ile.sle Knller Is Lost nnd Her
Honey I'lirlnlmcil.
A general alarm was sent out from Tollce
Headquarters this morning for Bessie Koller,
tliirty-lle )cars old. a cloak-maker, who has
been missing fiom hei homo since Hept. 1.
Iho womau lodged "Itli Abiaham Levy, at H7
I.ndlnn stiect.
Klio was seled with a drslio to save money,
and since last Spiing sho had started herclf to
add to hei bank account, and siiccco led in sav
ing owial htiiidicd dollars.
Priatioiis told on hoi and she fell ill, but re
fused to nnd for a doctor.
On Sent. 1 sho lelt tho houo to go to a bos.
pital and bus not since lctmuid
Hei biotliei. who llvis at Hhsdy Oap, Pa..
wintu ti tin; police, asking them to mid IiU sU
tei. hcuco the alaim. Hei bank-book is in Mi.
Let) s possess. on.
.tlrs. I!nckrit' Cruelly In Miopplns a
Child's (rlrs.
Maggio Haokett, fifty-eight years old, was held
for trial in the Tombs Police Court this morn
Ing charged with wilfully imrning the four-months-old
child of Mrs. IIcwsou, of UU Wanh
Ingtou street.
,Mis. llenson wont to work, leaving lier three
children, Kate, four -.cars old; Ibomas, tno
)cari. and tho baby. In Mrs, llackett s cans
Homo hours afternaids a boy going upstairs
heard Mis. Hnckett sav to the babvt "Htop
crying, or I will put yon on the stoe."
When Mr. llewson returned he found Ihe
bab's face frightfully burned, and on hearing
tho boy's story had Mrs. Hackctt arrested?
He H'ai the Mnn Who Died After Drinking
Isaac Counter's Cider.
tsrrriAi to Tin svkmsk woat.n.l
Rakatoha, ov, 14. The stomach of P.rnest
Jump, the tanner, who died at Joncsle. yes.
teidav, of strjihnitic poisoning after drinking
a glass of cldoi banded to htm by Isaac Cnuutei,
lus beui sent to Prof, I erkins.at Union College,
for analysis.
Counter l in the jail at Ilallstnn Hpa.
Cnnuler had accu-od Jump, who had been
woiKIng for him, of causing trouble between
him aiiii his w,fe.
ITnrnlnrs In n t'onl OtTlce,
Patrick lllieh, of 7S0 Past Twelfth street,
was held fortiial In Pssex Market Court to-day,
having been caught by a policeman trvlng to
brisk opi ii the safe in Henry Hienntch's coal
nftic", atrilThlanton street, last night. IlligU
bad a companion who escaped.
The Allei- linn Ilrnrlird Houllmmplnn,
lev cablf to the rauss Nrws associatiom i
SopTiiAtifToN, Nov. 14. -The steamship Aller
arrived Hits morning and trociedod on her way
to Urcmeii,
The Gnarantee lund Gets a Big Lift from
(be Brewers,
Thoy Promlso to Subscrlbo Noarly
a Half Million.
"Tho World's" Cnnvnerii Malcinrj
Surprising Headway.
A most encouraging boom has been given to
the World's Pair dual antcn Fund by tho prom
ised subscription of 444(1,000 from tho I.agor
Ilecr Hi owns' Hoard of Tiado, which that body
voted to subscrlbo at their logular meeting )es
tcrday. This generous sum represents an assessment
of It) cents on evoiy batrclof beer sold by each
brewer during the year which ended May 1,
1KK11, and they furthermore promlso to obtain
subscriptions from thoso who aie not membeis
of the Hoard, and cstimato their total subscrip
tion at over half a million.
This subscription Is conditional, the proviso
being that the previous sums pledged by Ocorgo
niiret, Jacob Itupport and Iiernheimcr A
Hchinlil. amounting, all told, to :i.-,OUU. shall
be caucelle 1. ,
Tho subscription lias not yet bean officially
sent In. but is, of course, as good as scut. It
will not be added to the list, however, until
formally pledgrd.
'1 ho amount pledged up to yesterday morning
was 4:i,04r),rHM. With yesterday's subscrip
tions of T,tm4 the amount loaches i:, 1 .",
HI :t. not Including the brewers' subscription.
Meanwhile. Tim Wom.n continues Its active
wmk of personal canvass, and tho books this
moi iilng show tho following record:
Previously etibscrllierl 8103.0(18
U. Tl. Chnrllcli, clears, No. 1 40 Hast
initial 1,000
Michael I.ynrh, liquors, No, 15J5
iilurdnngal st 1.000
II. .11. Ilemen, No. 1700 Lexington
ave 100
D. lloulllinn, IStli nve.( nenr I3lllh
st 6
JnhnCroas, dellrntrssen, 2141) 2d
are 00
Itndnlpli I'lpeubrlnk, drug store.
t!l l(ld nvv A 200
Petrr .Itrsslrr, srorer, 21 IS 2d nve. 100
John Itciir, liquor denier, 21 IS 2d
nve 100
Dlnrk Hnne, liquor denier, 2118
2d are 100
V. V. Koch, butcher, 17:12 I.cxlng.
ton nvr 100
Jncnb Hosrnlirln, liquor denier.
1731 l.rxlnatnu nve 100
I. nn retire l.jnch, llqnnr dealer.
2100 2d nve 000
Frnuk 1'. I'olry, denier In liquors.
2137 2d nve 000
John .tlrArdlr, liquor itraler, 213(1
2d nvr 000
II. J. iulnli'y, nine, Ac. 2121
2d nve 000
Itlnlsrh it Srlienbriiri coppersmiths,
207 i:nsl I Mill si 100
Nathan llnlnn. butcl'rr. 2I0H 2d
ar 00
I.rvl Kntat, shoo mnnulucturcr,
2740 2d live 0(1
Total I (It), 123
Ilia following was recohod at The Would
Ainrlle (ionales, 3 1H I'nst Klglitj.
srwnth street 920
The following subscriptions wcro iccelvcd too
late for publication yesterday:
Bsin llrothrr. Albany , t2,'flO
hi-hulti, Inri-i k Uo ),()00
JrStnliH rtohultl . 1,(1110
1)1,1(1 Wolls llruoe,, 0,(100
lUnlsl AunUlcti t Co 0,0011
l'srmsr, I.lttls 4 Oo IT.I'dO
hoinsrs Itro 1,00.)
Nsthsn l.tttsimr.,... . ,...,.,. 1,000
Nsw York Mutual tlssLlfhlOo lo.ono
Union llretljiim (!o 1,000
V. K Montiomorr ,ni)U
Wra. MsriXCo l.OUU
lly tho Mayor's office
FUltchminn A On., 811,000
Ohai: H. (Ircslsy Oonipsnr 1,1100
Ksugsl A Ksidr Uuruiiany 1,0(M)
Jauis I,. Ptfrry 10
l.lll lron Co JliO
M. 1", Jsok.on, M l 1(10
W. T Hmltli 2",
John H. Hmlth VO
Franklin Urswforu u
I'll. Ilslin , lOn
ftlllllkr-n & I'orti.s Drsnistlo Aftuoy ift
I Tsnns Uisiitn A Co 1,000
(Ivors 1hiitiioti h
rsiilllAulir , un
IlliKO OppMnhslni...,,.., , 1()
Osore Ksrinot in
lluwintl. Ilolljr in
ljrsl llsirls. BO
Nstbsn Harris ;
ltloh.nl (lulilh "-ill
F. lUppeiiliehuer'sHon 1,000
Oilier subset lotions were recolved as follows:
Hy Will lam Wlcko-
Rchunisclisr A Kttingrr 91,000
Hy fohu Clatllu-
LrsTltt A Mltohrll Ilros , tl.OOO
,1 II I.Mie .J. Co 1 1100
ltool A Clill.l. , ami
Moaes llrinemsn 50
By John D. Ctlmmlns
A.H. Walksr $1,000
Lvousril Hcotr riOLI
Klchnrrl l).ins (totomi anbrtorlptton) Alio
btevtn.ou lolls 50
Hy II. Ooldbeioer
Stfhailnltros eyoo
H Iliiti'lilMin tn
I It Ctopr. 100
llrnrr Mlhlsndort HM
1 ltitiikiiiau t.uO
II llshiionlrl I mo
Paul llsnitiarilt l
N. .1, htp'sletifr 100
Hy P., I. Hnrsman
Aucuat (.nnrts A Co 5o
l'dwaril Piiafn A Co , ,,ii
It Illtillsr A Co ?,ihi
Usury Kocu 30
HyHanmell. Knlght-
Annt Ntatlouerr 1 Papei Co ,,..,,.., 2.0
JlvDaWd 11, James
Tho l i.ntralStauiptugCo (R, 000
Hy McKesson A Ilobblns
Miliar A Ainsml , 2,000
Caa,oU, Msaaoy A Co , I.1K 0
HtrLort H llsrilr- Jgy
Hy T. C. r.astinan
Joarphrltrrn. tl.OOO
(iu Kst.-ham co ."!!."!!;;;.; so"
l'lerfltt .t I'hkoi k 1, n
1 S lillsnt.sck ......."...! !!".... -Oil
A. V rhotiia. m,j
Tatrirk Momtyio .... , , no
lltllrnback A l)way 1)1)
1) hhant n ,.., no
1, UariUiitun 00
Various auuacrlbers jpy
OT I'srllcular Interest to Persona of I.lm.
lied .llrnna.
To dress well Is tho ambition of everybody
who has any regard for his or her personal ap
pearance and tho good opinion of others. How
to gratlf) this ambition without involving a
larger cash outlay than can bo afforded, is a
Question that daily confronts hundreds, If not
thousands, or poisons. A solution of this ques.
tion will bo found by visiting the establishment
of Carey A Hides, credit outfitters, corner How
en and Oraitd street, who ell in ers thing in
drof s 1 oqmi ctnents for men and women, boys and
gil s. on easy time payments, h.mI at cali prices.
I eul Plush gaimciiis and overcoats am among
tho piominriit features of their immrmc stock,
which a. mi inc'udes g uor.il dry goods. The
marvellous ginwth of this houso .luce its ests.li.
fiient, lour jears ago. Is evidence ot the point,
laiityol itssy tern and tbo satisfaction given
tons patrons. '.'
! nlr nnd Cooler.
rn. Wasmmuox, Nov. 14.
'mttL II IO -ll"'fter Iiiatcattans
0 "j&1aln 1"' -'""" -"Vew
v" jMrnfL lorV'' ''n'r'' coo,er!
vBl tKu toulhiefilfrlu winds.
Mjtf wBS T,1 wratl,er to-day,
fk7rn Indicated by Hlakely's
Sjjr tele-tlierinomettr:
lHhU 18R8 1SK0. 1SSR
A.M... . 4H0AM f,4 48
tit.M . .V. 47 13 M Oil A4
Avarai e (or past iwrnt.four hours, S.'iH dasrrca.
A ar( lur corrsapooulDf tlui. last ear, 1U 7-0 de-
ii 11 idtrriiaMiiirrliii siiNiiiiir
Rejoicing at the Prospective Amendment
of the Street Music Ordinance.
Organ-GrinderB to Hold a Mass
Meoting Monday Evoning.
Instancos of Distress Caused by
tho Enforcod Separation
of Families.
Thcie 1110 many happy hearts tn-day. mado
glad by Tub Evrnimi Wdhi.d'h announccinent
that tho lloaidof Aldurmcn Is about to recon
sider the rirnlutlon forbidding street musicians
from carrying on their buiness in Now York.
'I he Alilcrmin will probably bo urgod to quick
action In the irattti by representatives of the
muslcaim thiiniclviM.
OiiiM'iipc Mnlinari, of 103 Kli'abith stlcet,
has been asktd by numerous orgaii-grlnilcis to
call a melting, that concerted action might be
taken in their own behalf.
Mr. Mnluinri has secured Brooks's As
sembly lloom, at 301 Ilrontnc Kttcet, for
next Monday evening, and it Is etntctod that
tbo hall will be ciowdcd. A petition to the
Hond will both awn tin and sigiod.
"AMciman Mortis s amiiulnu tit Is highlv
nraisiwoithv, "said Mi. Moliuaii this morning.
If the geutleiiieu constituting tno lloatd had but
reulied the great iu usticu thev were doing 1 am
sure that they nover would havo done what they
"Tho amendment permitting them to resume
thoir modest work betwiou n a. m. and N t. m.
is entirely consistent. Iho cniiditions withtc
gaid to keeping away fiomchttrc os and publio
schools ami moving -Ml) Rot anay whin 10
queted to do so am also satisfsctory.
"i'ho np'vting noxt Monday Is called In re
sponse to the ruiuest of the poor Cllovvs, who
camo hole and begged mo to do something Tor
" Mnnv of them buj Tun Evemno Wonui
and got their friends to read to thorn what they
aro niot mtoiesti'd m. and a good many of tho
poor lellnw-i have mid that if tlicv were ablo to
vttito they would thank tho paper for what it
has dope foi thorn."
.Inst then n tlne-lnnking yiung Italian entered
tho shop. He wa bioad shouldered mid had a
hcsltbv appearance, but his lelt coatileoro was
Ho gave his nanio as Alexander Tclosso, and
he cime to Innune what vveiu his chances ol ru
suming lnii o.s.
IIo lost Ins arm in n coal mine three years ago.
and since then has been ablo to do nothing but
gilndan nri'su, at which ho has managed to
malm a lliug.
"Tiik Uvknixo oni.D spoke yesterday of tho
possibility of separating families," contlnuoJ
Mr. Moliuari.
"1 happen to know of a caso whero tho bus.
band lias bum hcpaiatod ftnm his wife and
children by tho actum of tho Hoard. It is a
very sad one. too, as it involve, a wlto and thfio
cbildton who have been lelt destitute.
"A florman named Soblcn worked in a saw
mill oppoHto this place until three mouths ago.
He was sickly and was fa't approaching a de
cllni'. when his iihvsician told lulu that uiiIihs
ho got outside employment ho would not livo
toiy lung.
" Ho told mo nbout it, and on tho spur of the
innmiiit I paid, 'Well give )ou nn organ, and
on ciin pay lor it by iiistulmeuts. ' Ho has u
wile and Unco children living on tlio third tlooi
ot t'-'l Clinton stiect.
" Ho took the organ and started out. Ho
walked nlluvoi town, and succeeded in making
enough to keep body and soul together until ho
w, s ill lv eu avviiy.
" Ono day last week he called and with tcais
in his e os said thrtlichad got to go into the
countrj. Ho wa cnnsldeiablv affected becanso
ho had to leave his family, and said hevvas going
to Connecticut.
' His wifo had heard nothing from lilm slnco.
and tho 11 1 1 lo fnmilv are in a pitiable condition.
Thuv expected to recoivo sonic money fiom bun,
but have lint lienrrt a wind, lliev aro without
means, and theiu is no telling what will become
of them.
".Many people think the hand-organlst'sllfo is
an easy one, but 1 till you when a man has to
Ing sixty pounds weight around all day it la no
easy lob.
"Tho men are all very grateful to tho Hoard
of Aldermen fot their appaieiit disposition to
reconsider the matter. "
'the Aldei manic Committco having charge of
tho matter consist of Aldermen Norrls, 1'itz
slmniis, Htoims, Nonnan mid Walkei. 'llioy
meet on Tuesday, and tho poor organ. grinders
will prnlabl) ho givou the privilcgo they
formoilv enjoyed.
A commltteo nf exllod musiolans, accompanied
by Aldeimiin (loet, watted on tho Mayor this
foioiinou to uigo the repeal of thopresint pro
hlbitniy oidinance or the passage or Alderman
Motils's anuudmeiit allowing itiuetant mu
siciims to play between tho houis of I) A. it, and
H r. 31.
Tho Committco eonslstod of John Hnlwlg,
Henry I andser, Jacob llitsson, Nicholas Keller,
John Walkor amlHauiel Hauff.
Knell claimed to ho the father of a laige
family, and complained that his only means of
livelihood had been cut oft bv tho nrilltriueo.
Thev wot e cheered with tho suggestion that
probablv tho Aldermen wniildiightlholr wrongs
at next Tuovlay's meeting.
1 -m
The flowing (InntnllonN,
Or. I, lA. Tow Clnn
American Cotton Oil 1 1 A- V1H 31H Il'.'U
Atch ,Topeka.t Rants Fs.. :HH U4U ,'nil ;HJ
Atch .'lop . autao rgla HUH,
C.nadian Pa ill T'.'l. T.W T'.'iJ 7:l'
( hiaviicakoi Ohio , y-,J 2d r,J t ll
hslKake Ohio. !M pld 4ilt2 4 'T 4'M 4.tt
Chteagnllaslrnst .. f)M TiMM S !f, i'i'IM
Chic . Ilur A Oulncr lu.") UMlt ln;,IJ loilU
t'liioigiA NnrthvTral .... ll'JH 11V.' ll'.'lj llyjj
I htragn 4 Korthv, st pM 14 ! 14.' 14',' 14U
I'hle , Mil. .VHt Paul llfM fOW iHH .U
Che, Mil -t Paul nut. 1 LVi 11 till 1CJ, ll"
Chle , Hoik la. A Pacltle . IITH II -H DTK lisij
t'lllu. A I a.tunlll ... . -10(4 411 )!)! 4IIW
line Alss-srnlll niii . O'i n."i II.-, -,
Clots., Olu .Chic 4Rt I... 74f( 74H 7IM 74
I I ,( In ,l hit AM. 1, ( 1 ll.s'i lmV l1! Oh.iJ
Col. Alio, k. Valley ...... .'() -J 01 l
( onaiillilati.il l.a II'.1 ll.ii II. i 11.1,
Del , I, .on A IV 14II'J 141)3 14' U 14lfl
Den., in A It Vorth.. :i.l II4W Il.l iHl
III. ACaltlnl'Hil Truat 40 4il 40 40
I' lenn , Va . (la. . lMi lOVs 1014 l(Ht
I'..Tvnn..Va. 4 0a, .lpld. .:( yt y.l " ;
Hmi.tiiii Iniaa U .i n ;
llllnos Centra! U7i J17W 117i 117i
Inwal'antial . . . 1 OW 10l 10 10
I.aks Shore .., 100M 107 Mil" llll.il
Lake r r k A Wxatern pfd lljlj (Uh II4! IHW
lmilTlliANaalirlll. Ml N7 W.U M)tl
Manhattan, i nol 1IIIU lllC) 10lU lll.'M
Ultfhlssnrratial II7M 07 II Ji (ITU
Mil., I. N . Hf urn . UK (n.jj im uxU
Mil , I. S A WVatorn pdt. IIS 111 MS 1 1 r,
Miasmrl I'a'inc llsH til U (IM Ona(
lia.ourl. Kan. a t lo 1) Ilia 10 TOlt
Natlunall.tad Trust yp ttlW v0 !1
Nnw.lsrai-yt vii'la ll llll 117 llll
.New Vork I antlal . 10(i4 100X lOtiW lOIIM
. Y. A Nw Kogland 44J4 4 44U 44
N Y., Clno A H I...UI. 17K 17 17W 17M
N.Y ,CIIO Ahl.l. latpM. IlK lllltt (18 llllVj
N Y., tlm AM I, '.'Intil. ail :nJ :m yuC
N. ..LaksKris A Wfat.. V.'7J( ahia U7M 5r!)a
N Y l.ak. IrioAW pfd (lOtJ il7 (tll( (17
N Y , Htln A VV..t ptd :u :uh H4 :4
Nnrtolk A V.lf m . . SQls SOW J!0 -jo
Kcrh.lk A Wo tarn phi . .iPtj llOl, Mill ll()U
Norlli'rn Pacltto..... IIL'u U'.'U ; u 3j,
Notllurn Pacinc eld 7oM 7UM 7A! ,(l
OliuiA .Ml .u.i.ipi . a:ila ym ".jU jjjm
Ontario A VYratsrn, 2ol VJOK 202 VnM
Oi.l ii way Narlnv. . lOOiJ 101 iRoi, 101
OrmonTtAnaconttnental. . M4W .ill M4H i,u
Orr.ourlhortl.lna 4 A4W 6I (WR
I'ipr I.lnMartiflcat 11 o 11IU Hl-) lniiU
t'nila'lrlplila A KsaiHnir 4J 41N 4()f 41M
Pullman PalifcCarC'V. IKr lSjU 1H7 " istj
hlth A Wait I-oInt Tar . . :MM -MM "H 4
HliHAW Point Ur pn . KIH Kltl fil aTJ
m, vaui a liuiuiii ... no an :io ao
HI. P . Minn A Slaniloha 11IIU lyo i lyo
M I, Arlanlrau luprl. lOrttf 10U ioK KIHU
Kouienn cotton on :vn :ni 2 :i.,). :iaJ
houlhrrn Pacific 7at 74t 7!1 745
Tnaa I'aclno 'M UOIt WH WOW
Tnn. Coa A Iron ...... llt (III o;,Vj nil
T . Ann Arlr A N il .ill, am :tl Ml
Union Pa, Ulo ., , . u,n nHli U7H t'HK
Waha.h. ki I. A i'aclnc. 17 1 7i 17 17W
Wah , M 1. Paciho pfd. fiyt 1,'W ;iyu jiajJ
Will. Union TOnrauh,. H4W 8lH 84H 4H
CtilrngnMI Up t'oldrr Yet In '02.
IH'M iai to m. rvrtiNii woRi.n.l
Ciiicaoo, Nov. 14, Iho tlrst snovvatorm of
the season Is i aging here.
Eyes Ears Nose
Ar ill mort or ' let4by cttarrh, Thetjpsbe
com fnfltmrd, r1 and witnry, with dull. heaT? pain
Iwtwrcn tliem ttaera ar roarln, tunlntr noUta in the
rara, ami ftoraailinoa th hranng la affocttdt therw 1
coo at ant diaaartrabla dlacbarce from tha note, bad
tweatb, and in manycaa lota of thaaenaacf ainell, All
tbMdlafrfab'njmptoinad(appftr whan tbadlaataa
Ucuradby lloud'aaraaparilla, wnlch eipelt from tha
blood lb impnrltr Irom which ratsrrh ariaa, toua and
i-Mtorai lha til a oraua to tiealtti, and bullda up tha
whola alaui
A Wonderful Rescuer.
Ttmalory of a wreck la al way a aad,but how twarf the
dlnatftra at fcfa compared with tho taut number nf
wrrrk of Intinnti licnltli and IHi y tll-p-f.
How manjr tliouaanda of brUht and happy liron tire
thuN prr'almd, urrrkn In hope, urrrUn In tirnllli
rccliri In I If, 'ft mini homfn hntti hteomeilr- lnt
hy th qfthtir tfrnrttt mnnhtt lv "" fntrtt Uwt
How ttiuth unnrrrcMAry stitVriiiic and bow tuan) pruma
tura draiha aro thua due to nnUrt-to tnatttHtiurttotti
enrty symptom
Von become vak, tirnt, nrrnnt exbauttt't and run
tiatrn In toth tirtrovn and phyticnl 'rrw7i. othtootl
titcotnf a fiMrff jrnur appHttJatlt on hate tmlttjrntnnt
MttotitHrtt, ro-ttipntion or Kidney trttubt. lo ynii
not knoM- Unit (mi linvr run upon ttm roc It nl
dlnrnir and ir, like th wrrclcd ship, mrthj and
ttadlt$ afttltittfjf You bocome weaker and weaker, and
loinpleto prorttratlou, parn'yxlit, Innamtr or death wilt
follow unltsM ) oj Hate youriulf In tltnn ToOobouru
thai wcndcrlul rltal rt'nturatltet Ur Oieetin'a Netrura,
ttio (irentftt brnln, urn rand blond rrittnrt'r tier
illnciil rrrd. lti cleamttnpr, purifying anil at tha Mine
tlmo atrertiethciilnc and Invlaorntlns effect aie most
iiiarToltoim. Von Ii&yo nnlr tn line It faithfully in order
to regain perfect health and vigor.
A Sure Iti"torrr.
It RlTiametbesrentea pleasure to write tn regard to
that rrnlly noiidrrfnl incdlt'liir, Dr. Orpene's
Nerrura. Two year a a no 1 had a utroko of paratyiii, and
waa attended by eome eminent jibyjiiiinnn of thu city
without miuh benetlt. Th vffitn I m lured tmt
nlmott unUnrnbU My apeo hwaa partly Impaired, my
rro'ith waa drawn to one aide and th neuralgic pal tin
that ran up at tho aide and back of my head were mad
ilon log Dr. Oreene'a Nnrrura waa recommended to me
by a friend. Itook a bottle of It, and he for tint utit
thbottt I felt a uinrUrcl tinproM'iiirn.i and now,
after taking twelve bottlca, 1 leul mynelf again. It will
glreme grrat p'eaaure to recommend all trmbledwlth
netToiiNoinplattitaor any aliuilar afllktlon to tnlno to
uneDr. (jroeno'aNerrura. PAUI.IXI HOI
BOO 7th are., NW York City.
Dr( dreene, the apeclallat In the cure of nerroua and
ohrnnlodlaeaaea. of Il."i Weat 14th atM New York, can
be conaulted tree of cbargo, personally or by letter.
ONl joLly lark.
- - -"
Four Medical Students Sot Out to
Paint the Town Ked.
A coach with ilarlt lamps camo tearing down
the llowirj at 1.40 o'clock this morning, ilravvn
by n to 1111 of hones white with foam. When It
waa pullcil up shaip in 1 1 out or a tailor-'hon
just below Houston stiect cloiuls of Bteam roi.o
from tho Hanks anil bucks of tho panting boasts,
h ilf hilling the rig from the view of tho curious
eves that hail followed it on its mail lush down
tho street.
Dctectlvo Tttbbs, of tho JInlborry street
pohco. who hail been standing on tho corner of
Houston street, asked tho diier why his lumps
were not lighted.
"This is our rig and none of your business,'
ra'oltitd tho driver. Insolently.
"And join horsus aio all covered with fonm.
What makes joudrlvo so fast?" continued tho
detective, examining tho horses.
"dot out o'lnro. What kind of n steer are
you giving us, anyway?" snapped tho man on
the box.
The detective Bhowcd his shield and demanded
to know tho driver' business at that houi.
Just then the door of the carnage was pushed
open ami three mi n tumbled out. Like tl o man
on the box. thev were well diersed, and wore
heavy go'd chains.
"t Ibis is my rig," "aid ono of them. "Iiun
"Then," said tho detective. "I want that
mail,'' pointing to tho duvtr, "to comedown
and you take his place. Ho is drunk.
The man on tho box i ached (or his whin at
this, suit Detective Tubbs sprang up on tho
wheel. He wai pubed on", but spiaug up ugam
andscleit the driver, whom ho dragged to tho
atrcot despite his kicking and struggling.
Iwoof the tluec tnon Jiimptd back into the
coach, tho thlld got on the hot, ami tho vdiiclo
went tcaiiug up the street the way it had come.
At the Mulberry street station thu pilsnner
gave his name as James 1. Donovan, and said
he was a phjsician at .140 West lotirtoentli
A cbargo of diunkenncss and disorderly con
duct was entered against lilm.
'Iho prisnnei sent a message to bin father, a
rtal ctato dialer of means at :i!14 l!at 1'nenti
cth stnot, and an hour befoio tlajbicak he
camo down and balled out his son.
'Iho police meanwhile hud learned that tho
party in the coach wejn medical students fiom
Jcisuy Citv ovei tm u llrst-class ispuc. One of
them had :ino to help nnko tho marc go.
1 hey picked up Dr. Dnumati, who was their
f i lend, at his office, and whooped It up together
in i;riat htjlr.
While they vvoro all in n saloon uptown they
slipped out, le.iv ing the driver insldo and te
solvtd to go it alone.
Is Corona's Aaans.ln In,nncf
irrrriAt. to Tnr nor.m.1
City or Mrxico.Kov.lfl.-Tlie S oloDiez TXutre
(nensraier) publishes a letter puri orling to have
t'crn wtltten by Homa, the sssassln of Oon. Corona,
which, If authentic, rroves comluslvcly tho Insanity
of its writer. It is a runnou of Inspi oflte Llstn teal
alluslousanilbmnbaillcileiclaiiiatkn Amoux othir
niinsonte It says "1 will not ilfsrenil to tho gnivn
unaciorui anleil. I will rtrugiien.llaii.on Corcna ilown
vvlthineanil nmsenf him an example to the Uairrn
ore or other htates uuil lo tho rulers nf tho whole
world. 1 would havo rlisllrngeit him to mortal mm.
hat, liutl knew he would nut aeeopt a thalleiure."
1 he final words of tho letter aro i "I am wear) nt this
M.l'..,,' 'wish logo home .lustlce, thou ii.aiisiun
or 1 nil e im les, ilulteau, lianton.Jcsus and Voltaire,
reietveineintothv liosnin."
Jherolsohviousreajintii doubt the authenticity
ofthls ilotuinent In that it argues a much wider
knowledge of hls'orv and lite store than Is possessed
by Iho average Mexuan I olLeuian.
Uhlrlrd lo llrnlli by Hiri Klinning.
larrrui. to tiik wontn
BiuuoxiN, I'a Nov. 14 -Martin Mcl.alnwas en
a?ed lu feeding cojI into s counter screen in tLe
Luke llldcn Colliery. Suddenly s thump was
heard on the platform upon whlih he stood, followed
rai Idly by others, feveral planks were raised an
Inch. Thinking that the machinery Had broken,
he dashed down the steps leadinr to the
screen shafllinr, when his Wood turned
cold. M ranped around the ehattlnif waa Frank
NVelna. aired alxti-setcn, who had lelt him s fnir
minutes previous to aweep dirt Into the hopper. A
set screw had caught his coat, which was lnitantlr
wrapped around the revolving shatt. This pinned
Tielna'aliodysnLurelv sralnst tie shaft, whli h was
niakinsr JUO revolutions s uilnute, lletween Its
top and the platform there was a spsieot three feet,
and every time "tlna went around he would receive
a terrible erushlnr. He dlod soon after uelug taken
a a, i
Ex-Coiigrcsamnn .Horse's First llefrnt.
(srxcui. to Tin woni.ii.
Hostok, Maks., Kov, 14.-Leopold Morse, clothing
dealer and ei-l'oiigresiinsn, has met with his first
political defeat In hli failure last night to get tho Dem
ocratic nomination for Ma) or of llostop, He hsi
been sent to Congress from thne dltleretit distrhts '
in this Htate. and had con e to be regarded as almost
ItivlmlDle. The contest for Ihe Mayoralty no "lna
thu has heen short and h-p 1'la opueiit wus
fe? A- ,alMn. ex-lil.triit-Attorney ' . h" vote
stood. Halt In 141 Morse, Mil. Una puts a the. k
c'.fr:anndn,,e,r,y,i!i;r"nlV", " '""""'" Aw.!."
Kept n II ml y Thlrir-tlirce llnys,
IsrrciAt. to tiik wont p l
Nrw HrnroRP, Mass., Nov. 14. Toget the prop.
erty left to hrrown childa Vestpcrt woman Hron
tesllnrbtr mother's will, i lain Ing that she waa in
sane when she made it, Ihe West port woman. Mra
Idrdls Koseis, was rut on with ill eo .ilver s, non!: i
i..,,?.i"'ri,r,'i""'"'je''-0"1..'lu,"',"f Ahefileeu",!
natural child, was given the entire estate, worth '
msny thousands of dollars. Tho contestant U a tn.
sppesrlng woman of thlrty-tlx. Her t "itiniony wsS
TJlf.L0 tt0J". T ,'"9"r Inline sh,iiT,l '
Mother kept father's dead tiouyin the riont hali I
for tblrty.threo Oaja alter his death sn.il thin ti.i
authontfts lattrurtd." 'lhicMiilttuion mu. '
Shoe Sale .
Some of tfie Prices. Some of the Prices.
Lntlics' Paris Ivirt Button, in 150 pairs LtidicH' French Kid
Opera Too ami Medium Heel, Put- Button, in Opera Too and Opera
pnt-Loatiier Tips, Hand-Rowed Heels, sizes nnd widths somewhat
Welts, widths A, 13, C, D and E, broken, widths A and ; these
woi th $1.00, at $2-98. shoes havo boon sold for S-100 and
Ladies' Paris Kid Button, Pat- $5.00, at $ .98.
cnt-Loather Pointed Tips, all sizes, 72 pairs Ladies' Red Goat Tie
worth $4.00, at $2.98. Slippers, Opera Heel, sizes 2 to
Ladies' BoyalKid Button, Hand- G. woith $2.50, at $ 1 .69.
Sowed "Wolt, Patent - Leather Ladies' Cloth Gaitorettcs, in Tan,
Pointed Tips, all sizos and widths, Gray, Brown nnd Black, Bold
a regular $5.00 shoo, for $3.98. ovcrywhero for $1.50, at 98c.
Many .other special lots at equally low prices.
Bloomingdale Bros., A
Saloon-Keepers Combine to Ran a Co
operative Brewery.
Tho now Consunieis' Ilrewlns Company, tlio
subscriptions to which will bo wholly conilneil
to tho retail lmuoi trailoof thiseity, expects to
bo ilcllvtriutr IIh beLr to Its stockholders two
months fiom to day.
'J ho object of tho Company Ib to nial.e tho
saloon-keoporH iiulepenilcnt of tho brtwers.
Holm and llobiiihon, of No. 'Jl Park How, nro
the attorneys of tho newcorpoiation. To an
Eu'Atsn Would reporter Mr. Holm said this
"The Idea is that eventually tho capital of
tho Company will bo luoicasrd so us to include
almost all tho liquor dealirs in tho city.
"As far as tho capital is concerned, all tho
Hiili-ci iIicih have cxpiessrd their wllliiiKness to
double tho amount of tho stock which they at
pit scut hold.
"Tho men eueaeed in this new co-operatlvo
company aro all wealth v mon.
"'Jlicio air many similarly orcani7ed co
opoiativc concerns in (Icimnny, and nil urosuu-t'o-slul.
Tlittc skids tn be no doubt but that
suet ess nill nttend tho cntmo hole, in nhich
cory salnon-kcepei owniiiK stock inthoenm
piny will be his own blower and will regulate
thomaiiutiictuio an I solllin; pr,co himself.
"Twenty subsciibeis aio each woith oer
'.(l(),ti(iO, but each is. nevertheless, bmltod to
.',000 worth of stock at pieuuit, accurdliiir to
tho cxistlue by-laws.
"Anothei impnitant point about this Com
pany is that it is oruamcd altoirother ditlcrcntlr
Jroin any other company in this respect; not a
dolhu'H north of stock has beon reserved oy tho
Commissioners or auj body else. The Comnus
ainneis, licetiped by the Hccietary of Slate to
nrKaiilo tho Company, aro Herman II. lllnos
laire. John Itiefc. W. 1'. Itinckoli, Henry L.
Alejei and Diedrlck Knabo.
Tho stock of the Company is only sold at
par, which movents all stovk speculation. No
stuo. will bo -.old tn any ono jiot a saloon
kcoiier. and tliosolliiie is virtually icstricted to
Herman suncilbors. Iho Company wants nono
but lleimaus as -tockholders.
"Wo havo rictncil iiunieroits offers to buy
stock trom clcnt liim and other mcichants, and
if no tilled the outors wo Ket wo would havo to
hae a capital ot scxeial millions of dollars. Wo
limn ibsolutoly ufued to kcII stock to any but
"A small bronery turns out about 00,000
ban i Is of beer a tar. and itpns tl on oory
bairel as CMUiniisinn tn collectors or salesmen,
in ndditlon to salaries, Ac. 'ibis makes a clear
ditletenceof $1111, ono solely on commissions, as
we shall need no salesmen. Each subsciiber is
pruclleall a salesman, as if he doe" not woil; in
tho Interests of the Companv ho will be wnikniK
against liimtoll. Somo of the money saed on
commiHionscan bo towards payintr a competent
superlntetuliiiif bicwei llvo or six times what
foienitn brewers usually Kit
" We expect to manufacture at least aoo, 000
bairels a yeai. , This would ninko our annual
saitn.'oer the preiont system t.l(i0,0U0.
" 'this would allow us to ledtico tlio prlco of
beer to the consumer nor a dollar a bairel, and
mauulactiuo better Ijocr besides."
A I.n .Iiinin, 'nl., Illrl Who Itiinn llrrOnn
Kimeli nnd All Atom.
Thero is n youuj; lntly by tho name of Ada
Hlackwcll lining nt La-Iuutu, says tho Denver
7'imn, who exhibits moro fort it ml o ami en
terprise thnn uinuy of her no nre lioir to.
Misslllnckwcll lsa very haudhome brunetto,
nut moic tbnu twnutj-.fonr years of nco, and
will iiroxouiinn n pi cenip1 ion cluim this Fall
wliieli sho lilod on boipo tlnoe ve.irs ago.
'1 ho elnini is two miles from l.a Juutn. nnd,
while cmiilDyod in n tnilor hliou iu tho toivu.
she Iixoh upon her farm, coming to hor work
iu thu morniur mid returnuir iiRain nt nipht.
Sho has no coiupnnioii, not oven a Job or
cnt, nnd hor nearest ucighbor lives one mile
nwuv (ruin her much.
Hor family live nt Jimtown. Houlder
County, nnd somo four years njo tho town
and its surroundiiiGH became irksomo to lior
nuil she left and began to plan tho future for
hho desired to become n land owner, nnd
lias earned tho money with which to provo
up on her lfiO aoios this Knll by rawing. Sho
is xory dicnifled nnd ladyliko in her deport,
men!, and is urently respected in La Junto
by all who know hor.
Vivian nnrneit Deep In Ills Ntudles nt a
London Public Hcliool.
Dr. Buructt litis both his boys at homo with
him now. 'I hey nre deep in their studies nt
tho rrunklin nubliu school. Yhion, the au.
tol.peof little Lord Fnnntleroy. clldod past
us this morn ur on a swift bicycle, says tho
I-ondou correspondent of the Philadelphia
IIo is tiot a bit like tho young dudes who
lmie crown to roj restut tlio typical Lord
I'liuntlcroy to tho popular nilnd. but is a
he.ir y. diirk-lniirtd, lu 1-laccd Aliiericim boy
f tliittton, so fond of his native laud that,
tumuli ho had I ecu uuieli petlod nbroiul.
where ho has spent nil but mx uiimths of ibo
last two and it bill! yeais, he Hhoiited his salu
latioiiwltli brniniiiiK ttis to Ihe htiirs and
Slri on whrti he (list ciiucht BiKlit of thorn on
minim: laud on his huniiMoyaeo a fewwcekH
n.i',1;' ?iUUH.t lm,.,ft cle,'.lu'r l'omilritV hero
mil his Kilted wlfo. He is n sliRhtly built,
oetio-Iookina ii.mii. wilh a serious lameness
Hi one leg. Ills sons mo vorylund of him
?..af,li,lK i,?'!rl '." ,,ou'llin his homo a d
Ins friendships lu srleuiillo cirolos. Ho g r
lendm.' member of tha Costuoi Club.
Forty of Them Discovered in tlie Doc
Tho revelation nf Pccretary QouverncnrKem.
bio in the Dock Department ln extirpation, of
tha loohcnoss iu tho methods of tho Department
lecardinB leases, together with his statement
that certain lessees of docks woro not oxDcctod
to conform to tha conditions of their agreement
with tho city, lias led to a pietty thorough ex
amination of tho leases and the bonds accom
panying tlicm by tho Commissioner of Ac
counts. Tho result of such examination is startling.
A largo number f tho leases wero found to bo
impropeily executed. Bonie ate signod by the
Dock Commissioners, nlthnuch they do not bear
tho signattiri-s of tho lessees.
Home of the bonds accompanving tho leases
aro good and pinpirly executed, nhtlo others
arc signed only bv tho piincipal and not by the
sine ties.
"In fact." said Commissioner Barker, xvho
detailed tho tesultof this examination, tno
Dock Dopiitment officials teem to have been
xciy erratio iu tho niktter of the execution ol
Tlieie wero forty of these Irregularly executed
leases dbcliiscd iu the cxaminatii n mado by the
Commissioners and Corporation Counsel Clark.
When the pioeecdings wore opened this morn
inir, Corpoiutiou Coutn-el Clark produced ft telo-
fram fiom tbo officer who had boen sent to
'nit Jen is with a written ordor from Dock
master D. W. llogait for tianscripts of his ao
count" in saings haul s thcie announcing that
Dogart had telegraphed tho banks rescinding
In explanation Mr. Dogart, who was present,
said that his counsel had advised him that he
had no right to gie an order for tho examina
tion nf his wife's hank account. He had tele,
graphed accnidiugly.
Ktciotaiy Kcmblc. of tho Dock Department. .
was placed on tho stand, and alter a great deal
nf hard thinking managed to give the names of
tho so oi si dockmasters of the Department, and
hubliicnas were issued to secure the attendance
ora number of them for examination by tho
Tho whiti -haired Recrolary was questioned
very sharply cniiecriiiiin some of his acts, and
admitted that ho had suppressed a communica
tion tinm tho Comptroller calling attention to
iriigularitii's in bills of the Dock Depaitment.
This, he said, he had suppressed because di
rected to do o bv President l'ost.
Commissioner Cram had discovered the sup
pression by atcidont, and had warned tho wit
ness against doing anything of the kind again.
Mr. Kcrable testified that the tlockmasters
report to tho Ticasuier's cleik, who is John H.
Matthonr, son of Commissioner Matthows.
While this clerk is nominally under the con
trol nf tho Rrcrctary. Mr. Kcmblo stated that
he had nothing to do with Mr. Matthews'!
Noiccontof complaints agninst dockmasters
is kept by the Department: but. whilo the nom
plainta aro attended to, the witness declared
that noiecnrds aio kept of the proceedings In
the healing of titch complaints.
In tho lea-e of tlio pier at West Fortv-fonrth
street all tho blanks were tilled out. John Hney
and John D. Crimmitm's names appeared iu tho
body of the bond a stiieties, but neither tho
leasee nor either of the bondsmen had signed It,
and tho leuso was valueless.
The same n as tlio caso with the Fort Loe Ferry
Company's pier. It was unsigned bv anybody.
Ncnllincer, Hehmitt A Co, . tho maltsters, are
lo-seosof piets tin, llll ami a bulkhead, but the
letiko hold by the Dock Department Is absolutely
Dockmaster Rogart may be called upon by the
Bupicmn Court tn purge himself of contempt by
the production of his bankbooks or go to Lud
low ritteet Jail tor a peiiod.
Uncle "Jerry" Utish's KpltrrnminiuU
Nppecli nt AVIsconsln's ( npltsl.
Tho present head of tho Acricultnral De
paitment, " 1'nclo " Jerry ltusk, has an edu
catiou in nffuirs and men rathor than In Ut
ters, says tho St. 1'nul I'xonirr-PrtU.
His early days in Wisconsin wero occupied
in " stneinc" it, and tho Secrotary who drove
tho party at Baltimore last Hummer owes bis
skill to days when he guided his leaders and
whipped up his whoelcra over the rough
routls of Wisconsin.
Now and then tho lack of au enrlr school
training, which, porclmnco, might havo
turned the energy of tlio niau indirections
whero it would huvo been lass oflootrve, be
comes apparent.
At tho time tho riots wero put down In
Milwaukee Gov. Ruik and tho militia of
Madison returned home and rorelved an
otation. There was n pnrade und then the
crowd fathered at Capitol I'ark to hear some
specolimnltmg. Attor several orators had
painted in glowing colors the Governors
prompt action in subduing tho rlotors, tho
uoornor himself was oal'ed upou.
Modestly feellne tho oppressiveness of io
much praise, tho Governor nroee, aud cWyjB
duo credit to all others, raid for himself:
' ' I simply peon my duty and done it."
His lenmrks xvere toporled literally by only
one paper, aud that was ot tho Dcmocralto ,
persuasion. i
(Sorrows of the I'UotonrripIier.
Ilrow In. Onrllnnlitn Tl.t V 1 J
Bald-headed (and i ei y homely) Old aentleman
(to photcigtapher) Drat such pictures I Cant i
you mako me look any belter than thai, aftor
the sittings? . ,. , '
I'hotimiaphcr (thoroughly oxssperated)-i t
think l can. sir, If you allow me to tako the Hsok t
of sniirlirad. It hasn't fo much expression s
Che other side, but It is a blamed sight prettleii i
llrnlli III Hip I'ol. t
l'rom 'srlr 1
Mr. Boftpodal (assisting at a llttlo game i t
Nnvada)-Two tens will open a Jackpot, wont
they, If I get another In tho draw? v,
Mr. Drop (of the Three Ouocns' Cttsino)-K0, j
but tliuy'll open agrae. i

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