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SPECIAL ELECTION. 'W'- World " Wants " Sened U
llllllill,lllllllllllllllllll1illl'llllllinillll!llllllllll.llllllllll'll lllllll II HC V- --J ---"-- lJ"-. a.ijx4 !. 'lillllllllllilllllllllllllll,lniig J
frlllCE OiE CENT. KBff YORK, FRIDAY, N( EMHElt 15. 1881). PRICE OIVE CENT. )m
"EEl Vl Kv N WT3-yv fE II
The World's Fair Guarantee Fnnd Hear
ing Its Fourth Million.
Over One Hundrod Thousand Dollars
Pledged Yesterday,
'Tho World's" Pcraonnl Cunvuss Fund
Now a Quarter of u MllHou,
I Over 0110 hundrod thousand dollars was
H plcdgid to thu World'H Fair Guaiantco Fund
B je terday. which leaves something less than
$700,000 to bctecurcdin order to couiploto tho
'H li uith million.
i TI10 brewers' 6tibforlptlnn of $500,000 was
H nut sent in jesterday, us the returns'frorn the
H teiEinl firm woie not all recolved.
jm 'llio JewcL'eis' Board of Trade subscribed a
HB tilf.u 'out $lfi,)00, und piomiso to increase
HJ 1 "" KOOll OH possible.
I 'Ihe annual meeting of tho Manlmttan Elo-
H x.itcd liailway Company was held jestorday,
H but contrniy to expectation, nothing was done
n u'lit l.iig a subscription to tho Fund.
Iti'tnld that several of the steamboat lines
nml rniltondn would bo heaid Ircnn Mtlun a few
iiuy.. and if this is so, tho Ouarunteo Fund will
In- .1 Mil oty.
Including tho subscriptions received yester
H dn . t! c books this morning showed the total
amount pledged to bo $3.3rtl. mil, with tho
hi ewers' subscription yet to bo heard from.
Ihe following amounts woro pledged too latu
fur publication yesteiday:
H illm Kiui loyees (additional) $J,89.r
N w York .Jewellers' Hoard wITrado l.i..00
'iHrnTi-lhlril Street Kailtoad 10,1)110
National TulraWoiks A, 00(1
llcneiilct llioa 1,000
hndike&Co 1,000
Ceorgoll HurdACo 1.000
Is llu, Niescr AOo 5.000
I has. I). Landi.n A Co 5,000
Vli-tnr.tAcb.il S.fitlO
"H Nammacher. Sihlemmer A Co 1.000
"H I avanagh, Hautord A Co . 1,000
rred'ktschuli 1,000
1 . M.randa A Co 4.000
V Martinet, Ybor 4 Co 2.111)0
I A l'. fin (!o.... 1,000
1 t.arcia, Uro. A Co 2,000
Hi I. Friedman A Co J, 100
DH I'lnrralhtamplogCo 0,0110
H V. alter Lawrtnoe 1,000
H Mr. Josoph PuHtzor'H subscription of 950. 000
was tiausforred to The Wohld's list of sub-
I n-nliois, and tho books this morning show tho
f total sum pledged to be $UU4,bB, as per tho
following table :
J -31 r. I'ulllzer's iiubncrlitlfin 8G0.OO0
J PrrTloualy arknonlcdired 1G3,1)(I8
HJ " TUn World'. " canrniiH rstcrdayl
HJ A. W. I.uvendor, retlrrd merrhantt
J 1SI) Pcurlnud232 l!ast lOOlhnt.. 3,000
Hj .lull n Cullcii! ISmptre Slrmn Neoiio-
J W'orlin, l()7llit.. nenr 1st live ... 1,000
J iii-n. s. Illrknk) ta'l Hr. Moliolas
J mt- 1,000
HJ i'va. II. I)- Ucvere, Titylor'n Ilalrl,
J Ji-rki-y City LOOO
J D.llimkeii, grocer. J!UI2 2d nvc. 1,000
J ,1'ullliis, Hroi-rr. 21711 itil nvc... 1,000
J llrury .lluniiiurt, liquor - dealer,
'-ilSHUdnve OOO
Jiuiii-N Woods, unk drnlcr, 2102
J lid m 000
HJ Jiinun 1'urlniiE, liquor di-nlcr, 245
Kttst HUlli .t 000
HJ t'liurli-a Kupiira, llnuor ilrnlrr,
HJ 227l2davn 000
HJ '"" renre Lynch, lliinor ilenlrr (se-
j cond siiliscrlpllon), 2130 2d nvc... 200
HJ II. Duscli, dry hooiU dcnlcr 2180
HJ Vdnve 200
H in. (Jrllllili, "The Columbus,"
HJ Kld.-J .HudUon nvc 200
HJ Alii-liiii-l Alrdloln, liquor drnli-rt
J 081) Utuvo 100
HJ "" I'uiillmbcr. Iinriie.s-inakrr,
HJ 2l7I2davc 100
HJ JMwurd jf. Willi, nacilt, 1002
Ate. A 10
U Tntnl 8221,878
HJ Ollior subsoriptlons woro recolvod'.to-day as
B lollons:
HJ At I'nKWouuionioo
HJ I.ulnl. Jnrlmnn. 200 W. Houston St.. 810
HJ J'hiiuuo'i. Krlniiraut. 28 K. 2Utlt.. 100
HJ ''ruiiMIn lloiiurd. Kit lliirrlmiii roc,
HJ IlinuUijn 10
HJ I At tlio Mayor's ofllco:
Hi U,ij, 4 AuU,r $1,000
H J-a-i Itlvyr l:iilrlu I.farlit Co 1,01(0
H 'w K. llf Ichrr, M I) uOO
V ':" a iiiiiier no
H iiuhn J Kott r,(i
H n'M ' Htanton (10
H P n. NlaUord. ., fiUO
I-r.llnana Vt. Hole ..... ......... .. . Will
Jain... . Hall. ., ..................... 00
H itu"'n Hair Fslt Company loll
' H "Mronck Co ",,,' Kill
H 'iar u. l.raoh , ......1;!.....!,,..! 100
f.':'"iillartkv.aj,.. ..." . lull
' U ii" '"" . Conway ......." 101
y i' wiikin. Mi). ::..::..;. ::.... K"
u ,V"lin MoI..an, MB..... ............... i.'f
' 5,'lirr,M I) M
!m f iiji'loyw, of Mutual Donoftt Ice Ooinpauy... "II
ii, '!""!""" M B ........ 10
i:""t1' w . . : r.o
B ii ?"" Mojulhan , 100
m immcriuanii.. ..;..,";.;,;.";,;;;"".", iotJ
I liy (ioorgo Kemp
1 vRrZp.idiuauouv;;nu.:::::::: 'feSIS!
" Henry (loldbergor
1 Ul M"l'it.n ,100
Kerkmann A llolacher 100
V ltippe 100
Mukenallroi 100
Kri-iVkll .laeiier 100
Chaa. Ilaa.e 100
rred rlla)irnlitirat 100
hredntljkll Hudio 100
lly the Hoard of Trade
Thomas Taylor , $100
Ad.ilpli Kitor A llro 100
! ali.lrelli it KlliK 100
lleeklall Kiuk Kill
V Ldiiar I'rudcn 100
l!y Franklin Ij. Gunther
Ctiarlcn A llrrplcli $.n0
MiiunoiiH A Miacllo !J00
Mai Honaky KOO
A. llowaky A Mm fil0
Jon. Htciner A llro. U.tO
h lUlnvuian 100
lly William Wicko-
noli.AIIrc $2,000
By McKesson A, ltobbius
J. .Miliiaii'alion $200
lly Hill llrotlicrs-
tiotthnl I A Co $500
lly William Htclnway
Ilelmlnz AKot $1,000
.MallniKliek A So 100
Kiaiiiih A linen 1,000
,1 A I1 H-olu-r 1,000
III. Iinr.l lUnlt l.OOll
Alircd Uolne 1,000
By 11. A. C. Kmith
W. V. (Inodnrin. Trealdent Ooodwln Oa
Move and Mi-ter Company $500
The IiHlieii'tet 3,000
11. f riliiv"l 600
lly J. A W. Soligman-
11. 1'. Colman $2.")0
FLYNS murderer
. .. I ,,.
Ho Is Described to the Police by a Wit
ness of tbe FigbL
Capt. Ileillcy. of tho Nineteenth Precinct, so
his two detectives, Haes and Brett, at work
this morning to clear up tho mystery which
surrounds the murdcious assault upon Martin
riynu. who died at his homo, 33 Bt. Mark'
l'lucc. ou Wednesday night from the effects of
a stab in tho 030 from tho point of acauoor
'llio assault took placo on tho night of Oct.Sfi,
at Bioadway and Thirty-fifth street, and I'lynn
was arrested for intoxication and takon to tho
Thil tietli street station, thenco to Bellcvuo Hos
pital. It was not until Nov. 0 that ho returned to his
home, so his brother Matthew Bays, and then ho
seemed verr wcok, but 111 hit right mind.
He told his brother the story of tho assault,
and said that ho had been knocked down by
three men. 0110 of whom jabbed him iu tho eye
with a cano or umbrella.
Ho was taken sick on Monday, and Dr. Silver
was called in, who said there was nothing the
matter with his oye, except that ho had a cold.
Tho tollon-iug Wednesday ho grow worse,
and Dr. Hilvorsaid ho had inflammation of tho
brain and put a mustard plasti r on his head.
Mai tin died at fi.30 o'clock, and was con
scious up to tho time of his death.
About 10 o'clock this morning a voting man.
who gavo his nnmo an Henry Kramer and his
address as Hlxth street and Avenue II, called at
33 Kt. Maik's placo and told the Flynns that he
wis an eyo-witnesb ol the attacK upon Martin.
Ho said he was passing tho corner of Thirtr
flfth street nnd Broadway on Oct. 'H about mid
night, when he saw .Mat tin speak to thrcomrn
w ho stood on tho corner, and a few minutes
lator t-avv him knocked down and kicked.
"Iran towards them, and w lion they saw mo
coming 0110 of tho men struck thu piostrato muu
sevoral Units with a thin euno which ho earned,
and tho threo then ran oft.
'1 would n cognize any of tho men if I saw
them again. One iu particular was a stout man
with a red beard clipped close. Howes tho 0110
who had the cane.
Cramer fully identified Flynn as tho man who
had been attacked, and said that as soon as tho
police came up lie went away.
Flynn was sunt first to tho Now lork Hospital,
whero ho remained for a day hoforo ho was
transferred to Bcllovue. Ho was held at both
places as a prisoner, and according to tho diag
nosis madu bv tho doctors, was sufleriug from
acute alcoholism.
Cramer wont to report his story to tho police,
who aroas yet without any cluo aB to the identity
of Flyun's assailants.
. .
There was a largo attondauco at tho funeral
this morning of Onesirao Cypiot, lato foreman
of The Would composing room, who died on
Thero wero first services at his lato residence
300 Hart street, Brooklyn. Tho body was thon
removed to Kt. Matthow'a Episcopal Church,
on Throop avenue, win ro the burial service of
the Kpiscopal Church was road by tliu rector,
assisted bviieleigynian ill the choir of whoso
church Mr. ( ypmt had founcrly sung.
The pallbearers, who aie eniplojecs of Tim
Would, win- William 1 analmii, Chailes . .
1'isk, . 1). Hopsmi and several meiubets of tho
Among tho-f prcfont wero Cleorgo . Tinner.
BualiiiKi Manager of 'Jmk Wirnuii James I.
(Iraham, Citv Lditor; Thomas Craft, of the
Business Departments Serf no H. Pratt, of the
Philadelnhln UiVjer : Hugh Hastings, of tho
NewYoik Ttmn, and an army of mon fiom
The Would composing-room and several of tho
organizations of which tlio deceased had been a
Interment was at (Ireenwood Ceinetorr.
fTBroadway is plckettd to-day with detectives,
owing to two bold daylight robbei us which oc
elli rod yesterday.
A box of spool silk aluedat f 170 was stolen
from filavey. Poster A Biuiiusun's dillveiv
wagon alinoit In flout of their door, 411 Btoail
vny. andapackagoof cloth belts and bags was
snatched fiom the arms of an etrnnd boy em
ployed by James 0. Hahn, of 0(1 Hpruig street.
iMHKHfCbaraaina. Fine Overcoats from dint
tallora. MaxniiM's MiiriT Clothiso Co., l-'O Jd
are,, near Hlbat, ',
Miss Rnsseli Reported to Have Eloped
from Chicago and " The Brigands."
Denials that Wealthy William 0.
San ford Left with Her.
Miss Russell's Mother Says It's Too
Absurd to Bo True.
She Has Und a Surfeit of Foolishness,
und Wouldn't Kly with Any 3Iun.
A report from Chicago this morning that
Lillian llussell, the fio.diy and beautiful heroine
of " The Brigands. " had oloped with William C.
Banford set all dudodom on tho tiptoe of ox--pectaney..
Tho giddy yonng things, so the story-went,
woro in Chicago last night when they decided
to "cut and run."
Miss liussoll was filling her rolo in "Tho
Brigands" acceptably at McVickcr's Thcatio
and Mr. Banford was thero to admire her.
Ho is thirty-flvo years old. Lillian is not finite
as old as that; at least sho saja she isn't, andsho
ought to know.
Tho story that was sent out to startlo tho town
to-day was to tho effect that Mr. Baulord, pcre,
had sent a nieseago oidirmg his son to couio
homo and Icavo that woman alone.
This sensational piece of information may
have stnr'.lid mino of tho commuu.ty, but it
only caused llpplcs of lneirinient among tho
initiated, for Mr. Sanfoid has been running
away with the lair Lillian lor the last two veal s;
that is travelling whero sho travelled, and thoy
oiiiiur uid,ii iiiuiiii.'
Mr. Bai'tord comes of a wealthy family, and is
anilllionaiieiii his own light.
Ho is u member of tho gnat carpet mannfac
ttiiiug firm of Stophou Banford A Sous, of which
his father is the head.
Ho is a member of the Union Club and tho
Meadow Brook Kenilol Club.
Ho is not a strictly handsomo fellow, but ho
is big and powortul. with a frank open face,
v ci y detci minod-looking and possesses a stj lisli
black mustache.
Ills father knows full well that ho is able to
takocnio of hinixulf, and would not dicimof
iutcrtiriug with his amusement, Chpecmlly
whero a woman was eoncirned.
Ml. Ilauford has been ou tho best of terms
with Lillian HushuII fin at least thrto years.
Two veais ago last Hummer his name first
bogau to be generally spokon of in connection
with hers, when they might ho kcoh daily vv Hik
ing or riding togettioi at Saiatiua, vvhoio ho
had a string of racors. When sho was playing
hero he had rooms at tho .St. James and tho
He could bo frequently seon conversing with
prominent turf and club men oppo-uto tho
Caaiuo while waiting for Lillian to finish her
Htio lived at 102 Wost Tvvcntv-nlnth stroot,
but her last addtons iu town was 231 Wist
l'orty.tluid stieet.
Sautnrdls thu man who was said to nave
slapped l'nddy Ocbluird'H lacu in Deluionico's
a fen ytarsago bicauxo tho lattir ruHouted what
liocousldored an aspersion on tho fatuoof Lily
Banford was mado famous ovou before that
though, as the owner ot Post (luaid, tho gland
old steeplechaser who won twenty-flvo out of
twimtv.sevcn racos ut HIh-opsIkiiiI.
Au LvtsiMi Woiii.d repoiter this morning
waited ou Mrs. Cynthia Leonard, thoniajtstio
hub who enjoys the distinction of having ai
sisted at Lillian's appearance into tins wicked
Mrs. Lconaid had not yet shaken the olvet
weight ot slumber from hi r eyelids, but shortly
entered the room, hoi tall form looscl) draped
in a quilted silken wiappi r ol loyal puiplu hue,
and with hn blonde locks In a light and any
whirl about her classic head.
" Is it tine that Miss llussell has run away?"
asked the leportei.
"Hun away! No!' exclaimed Mrs. Leonard.
"Whcio would sho run to 7 And what would
ho rim fur ?" . . , , ,
"There is a report that sho has fled with Mr.
Sanford," said thu tt porter.
Mirth and scorn collided on Mrs. Leonards
molnlo face. ... ,,...
"Why. she wouldnt run away with God 1
mighty! sheoxflaiiuid with iijpubolic cneigy,
" inurh les vv III Ml. Sniifnid.
"He his ilnjge I hii vvitli tho utmost pei
slsteucv. But what lines she want or any man?
rilie is Bin leiled with that sort "f thing.
'She Iiiik had nil of tin 111, lioiii boj s of four
teen to old men of ruMtitv, wining lurletteis
and besieging In r, hut she had hi r fill ot that
sort of thing, 'llio ohl mi ii are the woi st.
"Bhe lias hcrromtiiitablo homo lieieinNcvr
York; she has a binikaecmint, and she hasher
little girl, !Uo years o.d, whom sho iilolins.
Mori over, sliu loves het iirofessinn. liy would
sho tio herself to a man t She couldn't uiloid
to do it." , .
" How old is Mr. Banford?"
"Fiom the way he acts, about nlno." said
Mrs. Leonard, blithels and piomptly. "In
point of fact, he is thirty.elght."
"Ho has been paying Lillian attentions for
Bomo tinio?" ai-ked tho letiortei.
"Yes. Ho won't let her speak to another
man. Ho wants to bieoine lur luausgi i. lilt
Lllban will finish hoi iigageiueiit with Mi.
Aronson. and then she will have u opera com
pany of hor own. Bhe has plonty of backers. I
date say this lopoit was started by Mr. Manfnid
himself to convey tho lmptessioii to inaiiagors
that he bail a grip."
One of Miss luissoHs sisters cntciud at this
moment and itnitilrol what tho talk was all
about. WIipu sho was told thu report she
laughod. ' ' Now thoy w ill say that Nell ran away
to get even with llalton," she exclaimed.
"I am in constant coniniuuicatinn with my
daugliter, " eald Mis. Leonard, "and though
i iiiiHUHiii i niiii,ifiTiii Miiiw
she never mentions Ran ford becauso she knows
how wo feel about him. I know that thero is no
truth iu It. llo is simply persecuting; her with
his pertinacity. Ho wants to niako money out
At tho Casino this morning, noither Mr.
Aronson nor Mr. Barton could be found, but
an attache scolled at tho idea of " Will Banford
running away wilh Miss llussell." ,
"But do you know whether she has left
Chicago or not?" asked tlwrcpoitcr.
"I can't answer that. Wo havo telegraphed
on tor information, but havo received so far no
At H. Banford A-Bon's office. 801) Broadway,
the manager said that Ml. Will Bainon! had
hem in New Yoi It for a fortnight and was now
here. Ho denied emphatically tho lepoit that
Mr. Saulord had an) tiling to do with Miss Bus
soll leaving Chicago.
Tlio luolnIloiia.
Open. IJlQh loir.
American Cotton OU SI2i4 3'.' 30
Atlantln A I'acltte fi'J tH .V
Atehl.on. l'iekaA Santa to IHH 3,'iVi II I, H
Atch . lMik A nla lo riKUU. . H 41 H
Canadian Pacific 7:l 7114 TM
Canadabouthrru., 6 iH h'tH "VS
t'he.api-akn A Ohio 211 211 2li
Ch.-apeake A OluotM ufd -Cll 4t 4.'!
ridcanoOaa I'ru.t MV Mh fi.lH
Chic . Ilur A Ouincr 100H, 107 loillj
Clllcagci A Nortlli-l 11. 1 ll'l'i 1 12 U
Chic., Mil AM Paul...., Il TlVa 'iH
Cull. , Mil. A HI I'aui p d . Ill 111 ll'lln
Chic , Ito. k Imanl A I'acllic HH' I"1 lTl
( linati" A I'aaieru lll.ii in 41 4m 41
Chliacu A Kalern Illtnoi.pfd I'U, P.'i 1IIU
Col A HockiiiK Valley 214 -.'2 21'?
Cnh rdo l ofil A Iron .. Ill hi ;im :ili,
ruii.iilidat-d (,a O.tW III IMlv
Delaware, l.aek. A We.tern MM) 141M IDS
Delaware A lluil.nn . ... I4hCJ HnH 141-k
Denier A Klolirmde 'ii 174 171
Domer, TenaA tort Wortl 3IM !lii 3IH
K. Irnu . Vs. A iia 10 1IH 10
l.'len Va. A (la lalpld 74 74 74
I', lean . V t Ui. 21 pfd 2.H 2.14 2.4
llouat-n A leiaa 2 2 2
IllinnU Central 1174 I17W 1174
Lake Shon- 10TU llllli, lot
Lake I ne A Wi-l.-ru 1 , I Mi 1
l.ak. Tri",'. Wi-li-rn pfd 114m ll.i'( !
LniliMllle A Nashlille Mill, h7 Hal.
Maul-Mian ioiiwI ...102 102X 111.'
Muliiuan iVutial i; I', li'S
Mil , I. r. AVVe.nrn Il'l 111 llll
Mil , I., n A We.iern pld 11 M 1 1 .".4 ir'
Mi. .i.. Ill I'ailllu I ,n'i lll')
MUanun. Kali A !'. Ill( IOS 10
.Nil l.isd lrul 214 211 2d?
SeaJfWj Central llll 110 ll
N V A .Nw I niiland 4" 4."i -(4V
N. V , Lake I'rieA Wet ...... liH 2MH 2,'
N Lake I.ne A Weatern pfd ,. 117 07 04
Nnr'o k A We.t 'M 214 '.'On
Norfolk a Weal uref OOH ill ilnik
Northern I'acitii , S'M 3 1 324
Nnrlheru I'tiihopfd .. Til1 7n'4 7.'ii
llh.o A Milipi 23i 2H ",l4
Ontario A We.l 20J4 2n 2 i
Or 'Irana-nntlnrntal t.iU 3'iU ,rvb
Orerouhhort Liue fi'i ?? .r"
Pa ilio Mail '144 34ft :IIU
Pipe Line erltlhoite lOUf, 1102 1(1 '4
Philadelphia A Hoidm I IS 4IH 41'a
PI t. i V et. rn pfd 4U 40 40
Pullman Palace Car Co . . . 18 IhH lhh
lliuika Ir-i pit ... 31 34 II
lllch A Weal Point Trr 2I4 201 211.
ltich A Weal Pointier nfd Hlj hl, M ,
ht Paul, Minn A Mauito ia 12o l'.'M I'M
H Paul, Minn. A Manitoba ruihta l." 1 "- I "i
Houthetn Pao'lle , 3IIH 30 3ilH
hilicar llelineriea 744 71 74
Teiai Pacific . 20; 20ta '-'Ol-
Ten n Coal A Iron ,,...., ... 117 0 07
lol , Ann Arlor AN. M . . 31 31 .11
Union Pacllio... IIS (IK. OK
VVahaah Ht. L A PaelHo 7H -47S 'TM
Wabaah.Ht, I- A Pacllio prtl. ... 32M p'-'ti 3
Weat. IJnl.n Tel. , K4H H4 H4I
Wawling A Lak. ri. (JuJ 7 of, Opt
Surprise in tbe Dock Department Inres-
tigation To-Day.
Witness William L. Smyth Charged
with Perjury.
Further 1'rolilnit of Corrupt Dealings
In tho Lenslufr of 1'lers.
Tho Dock Department investigation produced
uneipected results to-day. William L. Snijth
has been arretted for perjury.
His testimony before tho Commissioners of
Accounts which was directly contiary to his
afllilavit in tliu injunction casu in tho Com t of
Common Pleas, in which O'Brien, the alleged
lissee of pier "i-'i List llivir, was the phuntill,
wnt, tliu basis of the complaint.
In his affidavit Siuvth had sworn tint he was
the manager of O'llrieti's liUBiiiefS, which would
bo irreparably damaged if the injunction wcio
not granted, and that O'llnin had mado all ic
jiairs rcamrcil by the lease
B-foio thoCoiumisaioners of Accounts Smtli
testified that O'llrlen had no bu-iiiieKS to be
managod in daiuiged, ami, tin tliu, that no u
pan i lu I Im-i ii uiiulo on the piei,
llieordut Suirtli, nil tire pn ei-utation of furls,
issued a win i nut lor Must I, s nppu Iu-iiiii a-. ,i
leiurir. mill ..M i gut riitiohuatiJohu J. Iion
avan, of tin I in i oiation Cuuu-il ollii e,
ariestid .Indue hi Ii'- liiend at Ins n sulci ce.
No. ."is houtli 1'n.litli stiett, V illiain-liiug, and
he spout the niglit in a cell at Police Head,
Whintakin before thu llccordei. liiGineral
Brssious. Mnytli demauded an ekamiuatiou in n
lsilicu court.
Itei-orderSinvth fixed bail at f.1,000, which
the accused I ill lil-lu d.
What a profitable - mplu incut must be tint of
Doi-kiiiastii s asMstuut eomhiuid with a
partucislnp intirest m two pur- liacd tor a
ridiculously Ion rental was di-closed on the ex
animation of the fiist viitmss placed on the
stand by Coipoialion Counsel l lark tins
He was'.', fl. Jenkins, President of the First
N.itional Bunk of lliouklyn. and prndmul a
tiuiiMliptof tliu i.ccount of John A. Mclnith
in that bank. , , ....
Met arth) is limning the business of the villi
tauh I ui. ."nl ami i ." Last lliver, and sssistcd
Dockmaster piudirgast in Ins cidlictiuiis of
wharfage, accord. lie in then dome.
Ills bank account was opened .Ian. 20, issti,
and the last dnH)sit was made Nov. 4. ltitvvetn
those dates he deposited $2.), 374. 82 to his
("apt. Edward Abeel. an old sea captain of tho
Black Ball line, whose realdciiie was iu by in
cuse when ho was appointed a dockmastor six
liars ago, was next called.
For two j ears hu has In en in charge of District
No. 4, North llivir, ami iirior to that timo of
Distru t No. 3, Last Itiver.
Iu tho Last Hi vcr District ho collected from
2.-i,0H0 to I'lti.noo per jear. and his collec
tions for two months in tho Fourth District, in
dicate that they will aggregate for a year
Witness testified that ho has a bank acconnt In
the Fiiitou and Market National Bank, of this
city, ami auothii iu tlio Dime BaviugsBank, of
Hi wile owns tho homo 1000 Bergen street.
Biooklyn, where they reside, which is valued at
7,noo. und on which thero is a mortgage of
$4.. .oo.
He said that ho novor had au assistant in tho
colli ction of vvlinita.'u, an t that no complaints
had ever been madu uganist htm.
Mr. Abeil has a son who has been conducting
an extensive manufacturing business iu Byra
euse fur two veins, but said that Ins eon's part
ni r furnishes the capital.
'I he examination was hero interrupted by tho
(iitiaiieu of Inspector Brncs, who hild a long
sicnt con fen neu with Coiporatiou Counsel
Tho Kit-it Itiver. Central Pnrlc nnd
North Klvcr Koiul Incorporated.
farrciAi. to tut rvrviNo wohin 1
Ai.uvni, Nov. l.'i. Articles of incorporation
of the I'.ast Liver and Central Park ltailroad
weie filed lo.ilav.
'Ihe length nt the load will bo five miles. The
capital is $.-00,00U, which is divided into .00
Ihe following aro the d rectors: Aaron B.
Baldwin, of llobokeii: John M. Con can and
John A. Lee, of llrnoklvn; Ldwnrd I lley. Bai
tholniiiew 1'. Kunicv, John P. Planner)'. James
Keeiiiin and Furl Schwab, of New York: Ld
watd O'llnin, of Jerns City.
Five Hundred li.ilcs of Cotton Dain
nst'ilt But tho Vo-sel I'n Injured.
Isrrrut nn-f to Tiir EvrsiNo ivnni.n 1
LiM'on, Nov. l.'i, Fire was di-covered in
tile cotton ou boaid the (luiou line steamship
Alaska, while sho was unloading at the Alex
andria dock in tlu port this tiiorniug.
About tu bundled bales wero quito badly
The vlsiiiI eacaped injury.
Ills tlle s ii hi in it u rd tram llrnuvolr to Ilia
lled.lde hi llrlrrflcld.
fsrrriAi 'o tii rvi iimi woiitn.)
jrississippi i in, Nov. 1 .", Jeflorson Davis Is
eiiticnlly ill at Ins I'lautution at Brierflcld on
the Mlssissipin liner.
His wife has been summnned to his side, and
she lett Beauvoir on Wednesday bound for tho
The ex-cliteftain of the Confederacy has borne
his years and his sickness with wonderful
strength, but It la feared that the tltuo of his
passing away is now not far lemoved.
Kansas City Leaves the American to II
Join the Western Association. ll
And Baltimore Is After Washington's II
Place in the League. ll
Von dor Alio and His Allies Out 11
in the Cold World Alone. M
"The Association In Dusted," Is tbo jlfl
Word nt the Fifth Avenue. jlfl
Kansas City this morning resigned its fran- j
chiso in tho American Association and will join '
thu Western Association, 4fflJ
Baltimore is also a "quitter." nnd her reproi if
sentatlvos are trying to buy the Washington , MM
franchise and get into tho National League. -91
"Tho American Association is busted,"eald mm
a prominent baseball man ot tho Fitth Avenuo SM
Hotel, ami it certainly looks that way to mojt . MM
ohsorvers. '
The effect of this development upon tholans Mm
of tho Plajors' League and tho old LeaguawlU
bo watched with interest. MM
Brooklyn and Clnclnnntl Are In tbe NntlonnI I 'SB
League Novr.
As The T.v eviso Would intimated upon good ' Sflj
authority in its Sporting Extra of yesterday tho SB
National Lcagno Is to consist next season of ten flHj
basoball clubs. ff
Brooklyn and Cincinnati have resigned from ' jgH
tlio American Association and havo been ad- ItU
mined to tho League. 9H
Thus another disturbing circumstance enter 'wl
into tho baseball ciuestion for the coming year. Ijfflj
Tho chango of alleglanco on tho part of these SflJ
two clubs can hardly be called a surprise. $U
though when all an angoments had quietly been. ' -JfU
pcrtcctcd tho denouement camo with a some- Jfl
what paralyrmg suddenness. S?H
Lato in the afternoon of scsterday, while tho MH
deadlock in tho Association was as fast as ever "j:"B
on the question of the now President, tho
resignations of Brooklyn and Cincinnati were WEE
plaiedlntho hands of Chaiimaii .on der Ahe. sm
Tbo Kansas City and Baltimoie dolegatesat H
once left llio meeting, and tho session waSKl- mm
joiirnod until this niornlng. . .. J MU
Meanwhile tho tepiesentatlyes of BroiOira m
and Cincinnati wont and joined the LeagGf i 3m
magnates in council, and congratulations ana '"
cliainpagnu flowed lioelv. , XM
When thu League finally adjourned until thij !"
morning, its accomplished business included T&mW
the following tiam-actions: ' jl
Ihe adnna. ion of llrooklin and Cincinnati. ffH
TbeaLolillou of tiie ilaisiucatl.ui rule and laloot JH
'lhu incrrasenf tlieataffof umpires from four to alx. ' ja-H
Ibetixins oi40pr csnt ot tlio Kite nHeipls to go to jSU
vi.il Inc clubs , . iflafl
rhe adoption of amendmenta to theopenlato rifl.ao SlH
that it simply reads 'Oainea poatlsined can Ija played
afterearls. butmotvmea can not bo P'areil on on. na
day Hiihout the pr.or consent of twclhlrd or au Vl
League club. " .. .. JllH
I'heeuthiirlratlonnf Prendent Young to Hi oiatino-
tire to or loreach cm!) unifiiriu. .. Sni
The appoinlment of Messrs. Spalding, Rogers and M
Day to prepare an address to the public. 1H
Too eteitiuu 01 the lotion irn; Snl
iioaiiu or imircTOBS. g
K lie II ItoM.on, of Clei eland. -?"
VV A Mmuk. o' Pittsburg, JB
Walter Hewitt, of Washington. it9H
Charlea II. lljn a. of llns.klrn.
A II Soden. of llu-ton ,
A (I hoaluins', of rhicago.
W. A. Mlulck, of Pittsburg.
uoAim or AiiniTRaTioM. Z
N I. Yoang of VVashiuolon ' "
John 1 Kogers, of lh ladelphia. "
John ll Day. of New York 1
A. 11 SpaMiu?, of Chicago. "
John 11 Day, of New York. "
John 1 Heger. of Philadelphia. i H
lhealecti iiuit Cleveland aa thplacefortheachedu 9 H
meeting in the bpriug. Mm
A Thlrteen-Yeur-Old Girl Accused BJ
of Thrlco Firing Her Home. aH
Mary Wilkins, a blight littlo thirteen-year-old Jl
gill, was committed in Yorkvillo Police Court jjfl
this moiuiug to tho caro or Mr. Gerry's society afflj
on n chsigo mado by Henry Hoidmau, of 1378 II
Fust avenue, that last Tuesday night, for tho IU
third time, sho attempted to set lire to the Tern
house. 3U
Maiy said hur patents had been dead six year 9H
and that Ml. and Mrs, Ileidman had taken her Am
after the death of her father and mother, who &m
were old acquaintances of the Heldmans.
Mho told Jusilco .McMahon that she was kept kt 'AM
home todo vvoiit and hadn't bcou allowed to go II
to school in tour years. rlH
Tho Fire Marshal will investigate the charge m
of scttnig fire to llio house, IBj
lire froui I'.lertrlr Wires. Xwm
A fire cause l by an electric vv ire occurred this
morning iu the Uctory. SPI Past Twentieth Mm
street, llio building, which was filled with '
rooting material, was damaged 300. $U
m m ' . uM
.llott'a hpnrkllng Cldrrs. I flj
Subatltotsfor Wine and Cart.onati-I Waters at dinner juHJ
Fre. aamples through your grocer, , t9M
mMMmmAjmJt'Mi't m' ' i ' i ItiVJHHHljflHHHHfHfJ

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