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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, January 25, 1890, NELLIE BLY EXTRA, Image 1

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"PUICE ONK CKNT. - - - NKW YORK, SATfKDAY, JAM' UV W, IWM). """ - --" Pinri? OIVF f.l.'.Vi' " f
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' '' B
The Route of Nellie Bly on the Homestretch of the Great Around-the-World Race Against Time. m
EAarRAKCiscD. mm the mm. toslow. kwmm. las yiqas. la iwta. nmul ot.iI topeka vmrni raiCAca ' riiiw .i.vcity)MFW york -1
D.10 A, SI, 7 4f. t M.. 4 A.M. 2 P.M. RiLIR M. 1.40 A.M. II. 4 A A. M. .14(1 I' M 4 in M 11 ! M - ' i. in -n w n . .. TsW
UN !!1. JAN. 21. JAN. 22. JAN. 2i. JAN.":) JAN. 2.'k ,M N I .UN .-I tV.M s'n .s J.a,,'..'- .. 'V
; ( Sonlherri Tactile lilt ) ( Atlantic siut rac.Be llK. ) ( Atcbl.on, Tnprk, sml hani's'le lilt i..'.'. ..'.IV..".. ) (.....,"..' ...."."".nn.jlT.i.U tilt f... ) M
I I : : i i i i t i i i i i i i i i i i i i i I I i ' ' h i i i i r ' i i i ' ' .' '-l'.'.ujjjjj.'.uj ii i i i i i i, .i, 1 1 iii '-'.-', '-ti! . t i . t . . ...... ,.,,.,,, SKfJCTtSraSESSjk -3
I r .C8th DAY, i.i...., .4o.BOA..,L.r.,,. ai.t 60th DAY. llsj..4n,ao,. m. jTam -?. 70th DAY. (lin.h . 4 o. ao a. m..i.. 2.1. ) 7 I at D AY. Hinds ... 4 ... an ,. M. . nTfliT ' " " " d"pAY. (Ends ii.4o.au L .' Jan. a...) 73d PAY. ' "'"l J
Nellie Bly Arrives Safely
at Jersey City at
3,51 P, M.
Salvos of Artillery Announce
the End of Her Journey.
In Immense Crowd Throngs
the Station to Greet Her.
Officially Welcomed by
Mayor Cleveland.
The Utile Lady's Triumphal Jour
ney Through Her Native Stata,
Ovations at Pittsburg, Harrlsburg,
Lancaster and Philadelphia.
Clasped Once More in Her Anx
ious Mother's Arms.
The Globe Girdled in 72 Days 6
Hours 11 Minutes.
Glorious Success Crowns TI101'
I World's " Great Enterprise.
Nellie Bly Is at homo 1
HI10 stepped from U.o platform of the
Chicago Limited Express, 111 thu depot at
Jersey City at .1. A I r. M.
A great crowd greeted lier and Mayor
Cleveland welcomed the yuung tiavellcr
otllcially. I
The comp'etion, till afternoon, of Nellio '
Bly' wonderful journey around the world '
will add one of the brightest races to the J
Imperishahln record of tha Achievements of
Woman. Without eulde or escort ; speak
ing no language but her mother tongue; 1
with none of Ilia paraphernalia I
which render circumnavigation of the '
earth a lour it !,(, with hut '
a single sown and an outfit which I
the ordinary woman would cbuidder '
Inadequate for a one day's visit to Newark, '
this frail, blender, plucky young woman ban ' I
travelled uer twenty-. luce thouaml miles,
has touched at cvei eoiitlnont. ha
obtained flying glimpses, of every pbuso
of the world's chiliauo",hai de'.ioiistrated '
the perfection and Himplicitv of ruodern 1
niethod of Irafel, ami hat ratsblUhed a 1
record wliicli within her own liut.u.u would '
bao bteu recarded oHchiiueneil as a jour
ney to tho ronnnttu of Hit moon. t
MlMlllyJelt Chitscit nt 1 0. 4 1 yeaterday
forei.om mi the l,mnylai.ia I'tnito ', The I
torv of her ride id told ijm-iIiciu liyheivcll.
Crowd greeted her nt eiry tt mi.a-ul thu
iiuerct of th 0 public in her success wat i
appaient both in laiso otu and in tha .
tmallctftbainlet. ' l
The train tolle 1 into the I'nlon Ktation'at
l'ilt.burj at l',0"j tLi4 mnruin.'. Atompany
of more than a bundled newpaper men
were in waitlne and k'are Mm Illy a mo.t
tuthuiialic erretluv. Khe whirled away!
front the Smoly City at a.-O. with nut 444
miles remainiuc to ba trav crted. If no time
U lost she w.jl be in tLu depot at Jerey City
ArranzcmcnU hae been made byuchl
her arrivol will bo announced to the people I
of Net? York ami ISrooUlyu by the firing of a j
.uluu of (en nan 011 liattcrv 1'arK and
itmilar saluts at the same tnataut in l'oi t
Orient) l'ark, Urooklyii. 1
Thrct. competent ecntleuuu will stand on
Ibe platform holdiusktopwatchef. and the
exact momept that both her feet touch the
plstrorm will be rtcorde 1. Jly tbo record
thus made, the prize of a free trp to
Knrot. a hat be 11 dilallel, tli lJ
MtrvlaU the fortuuite BUti.wr who vre-I
dieted the exact time, or the nearest to it,
, at the earliest possible day.
Nellie's Arrlvnl at Philadelphia On
the Last Hundred Miles.
rniuwxLruii, Jan. 28. It was an en
thusiastic party that journeyed to Phil
adclnhia to encort Nellio Illy home.
Jersey people wtio had read In Toe
World of yontcrday monitne )f the 1
escort CTpeditinn nnited at the stations and
waved hats and handkerchiefs to the oy-1
accrti. I
Ihorewern good things to eatanddrml
011 hoard. There were games of whict, and 1
between hand' the players gueiO'Cd at
the time of tint little traveller's Journey.
If thn tiaiu fiom Pittidiurg was on time,
it whs Hiiid. JliH Illy would be in Philadel
phia nt 1. 2.1. That would give the New
York party an hour and a Quarter in the
Quaker city,
I'roni Newark a dispatch wa sent to
(ienrge Wn-hlimton Child, asking leave to
iit the h il'r r nfllce.
Ml- Illy- mother, a quiet little woma-.,
KSt in the stateroom of the car
w.th Cora Linn Daniel'. whoe Acre-s
of wele'Knis to Miss Illy appeared
in sctudsy's Would. 'I hey weio
iisilcd by the gentlemen of tho party, who
tuidered to the mother of tho little traveller
In art) cougratualiitioiis on the daughter's
mamlloim Journey.
l'hihidelidiia wai reached in kcason foi a
vinit to the Lnliev o.ltco and a lunch at the
A gieac crowd was at the Broad street
station at 1 o'clock. Tho train bearing Miss
Bly was reported to bo on time.
Tho crowd aurged up the platform as it 1
hove in sight.
The ti aln caino in on the nick of time.
Ml BlyV car was cut oil and backed on to
the New York train. It was imposiiblo for
her lo 1 ro the vestibule platform.
Tho crowd hung to tho train like ant'.
The mob catching sight of the vojager at
a window ahntket for Mi Illy, but she 1
li'inaiucil in hercar. The doors liAl to be I
locked, though. Auv semblance of order
was impossible.
The New York party pasaed into the car
and nearly oerwhe!mned the little lady
with their greeting and cougiatula-1
tion. The meetuig between IIu IJly
and her muther was very alfectiiiir. '
Thu elder lady treoihled inlcntly
and neatly famte 1 as her daughter caught
her in her anus aud folded her in a long,
laving embrace. Word were nuneces.ary ,
betnecli these two, who are all tbe.norht to ,
itch other,
fieluo had no eyes for any one eUe then. '
r-heiieurlybroUedonii lierelf with emnti n,
and whi.u the two mingled their tears of
gladness at the reunion thcru wasuotadry
eye 111 the car,
Tho tram men all this timo wero attend
ing stilctlv to bu.iiiC'S, aud at l.aa the bell
was nine ami the tram rolled away for tho I
l,t hundred mile of the mo.t wonderful
journey of modem time.
Cheering: Crowds and Beautiful
Floral Tributes Groet the Flyer.
Iipriw. to mi tinnii wrm.") 1
IUeuisbcbo, Pa,, Jan. 2311 a. m. -Nellio
lily arrived hero on time, at 10.30,
I Mho received a magnificent ovation.
The demonstration was larger than when 1
the President paused through. Orer j.OOU
people, icpreaeutative citizens aud their
wives, vrcie '" the crowd.
Miss lily, who ttood on the rear platform j
of tho Pullman car, waa cheered two dozen
t mes. Ihu people prcc-ed forward, aud
th.; shook baud' with oil she could reach. f
many of whom ran two hundred ardt after 1
th tram titl reci hi.'g nn for a baud grJ.p. I
; The uewtpsveruca Sled tkroovh the aisle
of tho Pullman and presontod tho flowers.
A largo tloial (diair contained a card ln
scribxlni follows:
"ToNelhollly, tho greatest traveller on
earth, with compliments of the Harrisbnrg
.Sunday 7Wepnim. May on never he with
; out a comfortable chair when you desire to
I culoy n wclUcsmed rest. "
J A basket of buds had this card attached:
I .' ' Compliment and congratulation of the
I Harrltburg I'centui THrgraph. Y'ou bavo
demonMrstcd that tho American girl is
plucky na well as pretty, and abundantly
able to take care of herself at homo or
abroad, whether amid snow and ice or be
ncath the blazing sun of tho tropica."
Another largo and ewinlsltn bouo.net boro
a card from tho Ilarnsburg Wheelmen, witli
their eoinplimcnls.
Nellio 111) is well. RI10 looks better than
when she left New York scvcnt)-two dsys
ago. 'lite Kea wind't and mountain air haro
tanned her face a little, but her cheeks are
plump and she Is in tho bertof snlritsat
Hearing the end of her long journey. 'U10
acceptt the popular tribute modestly, and j
has made a hundred thou and friends j
between here and Kan Prancisco. If she
could run for tho Prtsldcucy within tbo next (
hlrty days she would get A'i nvcrwlielmiii g
vote along the Pennsylvania line.
Carried on tho Shoulders of an En
thusiastic Plttaburtr Crowd.
lurrlil. to tnr evinino wnnr.n.l
I'lTTsni'mi, Pa., Jan. 2.1. Mits Illy had '
an enthusiastic reception in thK her native
city, at .'1. 10 . t. More than three hundred
people were there, undeho was taken from'
the platform of tho car and earned on the
phnnldersnf tvvomen. I
riho lrceiviul dozens of congratulatory,
metaagoit, and during the entire tuna of her
stay at tho station she was huy shaking
hands and answering question.!.
Pltltburg i very jifoud of Nellie Illy.
Thexrayshc I tho greatest little nouiau
in tiro wjr.d.
News from Nellie Bly at Important
Polntn Along tlio Road. I
rrrMis to tht rvriii nw 1
HiniifBt'Uii.Pa., Jan, 2.1. 10.40 a. h, I
Nellie 111) received an nvat.ou hore equal to ,
any uveraccordel a Preidnut, Tho train
vra exactly on t.ine.
I.iMwnii, Pa,, Jau. 2.1 1 1,4.1 i, w,
An immense crowd groatad Nellie Illy hro
when Hie tram arrived at 11. aT, lliuc mln-.
utsslate. The oration eicci'dud aulhing
cm r iuu lure before.
PiiiLvon.piiiA. Pa., Jan. 2.1, t.an i u,
Nellie Illy arrived in the Iiioad stiretl
stafon from HariUhnri at t.-M.o. I he
ilepot wa packed with ieope waiting
for a.'ianccat Tiik Wiiiiidh tuir traveller.
Her mother and tie welconiiiig party from
New York greeted I er vvaimly.
Pun viu.i.iii, .l,i. .", l.l.'ir. ;t, Tho i
tra'li with Nellie Bly on board wit atl.TI
niMtad or !.., thn. tsiu ui khvtii minute
leeway to mcku Hint to Jer.vy C ty.
A NeTf "Gondoliers" Singer Also
Among; the Auranl&'s Paasor.gors.
Liveuhjol, Jan. 23. -Iter, T. PeWitt
Tslratje and wife, of Brooklyn, sailed to- (
day for New York by the Aurauia, ataltn,
did Mr, llillinjton, a member of 1)0) iy
Carte's company, who will b- aded to the
"Gondoliers" troupe in No oik. .
Or, lalmage was es-erud to the vessel by
Pr. Itjle, Lot U Uuhop of Liverpoo', anda ' .
largt party of friend. I
Tea Dollnr. for n simple fiurss. I
Th.SATCarsXl)tl2L sUccnt siui y.turrpsr,.r, !
soIUIor Jecoiy. A Isi's cll " stti If... '.
V, tV M. hilek l.lcorlce !
latstUtlrtSrt.J ty desl.r. u tbs v.rjrtett. ," i
f Ou.TISSlX constlpstloa r.J' llrld. to th '
rraaisr l l C nuti't Litiu: l4 it 1'u.ia , ,
Fsirtiiturs'cAscbsu. qiiok'j irnmt t Dr. i
Sll lOscuw lMt. -J M. Utxtaa, I'vUJo. .
llVlllfn liu Mr. titorae ltnri for .Vr.
,ltimm S. Ilurdett, io II til ltrrllr II
in VHthrrtnu llnll Thlm Jirmliia at
,, A', i htp n't Concert,
L'p fiom Tark Itovv ono Novenihrr day.
Bringing the l'tta to upper Broadway
Tho ncwnbo)B nn their shoulders Isire,
Like heralds In haste, to the people's door.
The. New York Wiini.1), telling how and no
The "Augusta Victoria "bore away
On her tlrck Nellio Illy, cheerful and gay,
l'or her tilp round tho world, without stop
or tny.
And back to New York 'cro tho eightieth tlav.
And tho newsboys "Extra" was heaid near
and far.
As tl ov tlasliotl cross (ho street into each
lioiKM'itr: 1
And louder yet Into Westchester rolled
The cry of the newsboy uncontrolled.
And many n Wnnr.n that day was sold
Tolling how Nollio Bly sailed down the hay,
And vvss tvvruty-llvo thousand miles away.
And so Nellie Illy ti the sea went down
And hade good-by to tho busy town.
And toon to the watchrra in Highland Light
An ocean greyhound camo Into sight
And panfd them bv with eaglo's Might.
As if she knew the precious freight
hhu had vowed to laud not n moment late.
And tho anchor waa cast into rlouthampton
With Ntll twenty-two thousand miles away.
Across tint Channel, then thundering south
Uu a train like smoko from tho cannon's
For Nellie i etolvcd from her path to turn
For u moment's chat with the great Jules
Thona prnjcr from tho girl, and a prayer
from the master.
Asking Heaven to srare her any disaster:
llicti aboard again, aud the Iron steed's
Told all Knropo the precioua load it brought
ToBrindlsi, where iu tho orflnc lay
A stcamei, with each Iron nerve at full play.
And Nell, nineteen thousand miles away.
Under he flying feet the road
To the East like an Alpine river flowed,
I For tho Occident slowly failed lichlud,
And tho Orient's perfume camo on tho wind:
The steamer waa fwift-lta shaft at each
i turn
Madu the Mediterranean's blue waters
i hum '
I Tort Hani was passed-then Hue astern.
On, on, swept tho traveller tlown the Itttl
With Horob and Rlnal in sight on the lea,
Ihrough Bahel-el-Mandel to fai nil Cathay,
And Nell veveutoen thousand miles away.
But meanwhile at home. In city and town,
They wait for tho Woni.UN that the mall
brings down,
Aud offer a prayer, crying; (lod save each
Bringing Nellie Bly home on her wonderful
Then open tho paper with trembling and
To the licturo of Nellio Bly girdling the
And lead tho good news. the bostof the day.
That Nellie's arrived, and without a delay,
At Hiigapnie. twelve thousand miles away.
T'hoi-jesnf the civ Hired world aro on one,
'Neath the heat of the blazing equator'
While tho fairest of traveller sticks to her
Lit by the light cf the blight Poutliern
cross -.
On, pait the land of pepper and spice.
Laud of Chutney and curry and oven thing
To tho llowery land of tea, pigtails aud
Hope gladden. Nell's heart, for this Journey
is ahorl,
And the laud of white elephants drift far
Then Hong Kong is reached before Christ.
mas )ay.
With Nell only ten thousand miles away,
Jatuu is biittonched by her filotfall so light,
At I'us.iama a gluice-a wonderful li.lit
1'i.rtwell Yokohama, )our purt Is the last
Of fmeigii one touched at a Nellie I'ly
l'or tho flag of her country now files from
the mast
Of the tlnp bringing homo our venturesome
The wlustlo has Uown, the anchor Is
The land fades away in the gloom of the
But toon in the East breaks a welcoming
Ami Ameuca headlands come Into light;
On, on tluougli the Uoldcu Oate ere break
of day
fails Ilia ship, amid shouting aud cheering
so gay.
To "I'ruco," bat three thousand short
miles away.
'J heu acros mighty mountain, across arid
plaiu. ,
Come Nellie Bly whirling eastward by ,
Aud millions of voices sing out, "Home I
A ud America beat every record again.
Then hurrah for the girl who vowed the i
would do
What Ju'.et Verne did in story that trip I
I wish t true
l But Nellie's wa real and iu better time, too.
j Aud hurrah for the paper whose great I
enterprise i '
I Cause 1 all the earth's nationt to open their
! ejtt; t
I Ou Nellie Bly pluck great credit it lay. j i
I But tuy to Tue Would your wealthiest t
I raise i
Fcr a tr p round the world way iutlde I
1 tight) day.
A Party from New York to Groet
Nollio at Philadelphia.
The Beatrice, a special Pullman car,
started nut of tho Jersey City dvot at t), 1 . i
thUmornliig.nver tl.o Ptiin)vania Hallway
earrying a welcoming party to meet Nellio
Il! at Philadelphia.
A score of gentlemen and two ladles made
up the paity, nmoug Hum being Nelly lily's
mother and Mrs. Cora Linn Dan els; Jndgo I
Leicester Ilnlmn.who weut as Msjordraut's
special envoy, to bear the personal con.'
gratulatinu of the busy umiiic.pal chief
magistrate; Bo Laucey Nicoll, I .'lark Bell,
Pustma.ttr Van Cott, John II. Wutsnu, ei
Prtsidentof the Columbia lljnk; James I),
Metcalfe, of t.tff, James B, 'I iwuseiid, of
the Pes New Association; Charles H.He'au
Ion, of the Cincinnati .' """'' II. li. Mc
Dowell, of thu Kan Frauciacii lismiit irr;
Allan Forman. tditor of the . umiiiltt: I
(I tor go II. Dickinson, of the Host n fYA)';
K. 11. Harper. n the Mutual Be.ervo Life i
Association; John P. Jackson. J, J Wa. I
ton. Baron He (Irimm. Pioideut of thu,
Herman Picas Association, and reporters
for Tue World. j
Any ono tcnuaiuted with Initio B'.y would
have xir:cnct:d no ililt.culty iu r ogu z.
ing lur mother in the great i road of p. opts I
gatbeied at the Jeituy Cuy i!t"t
Khu is a small, del ciilu lady, r'l
mi Idle age, with the samu soft,.
wavy dark hair, only tinted a little with
gray; tho same bright, quick, inttllirtnt
eyes, and the same p'easant, alert fate
familiar to those who know Nellie Bly. A
stranger would make no mistake in picking
oat the little mother, cither tor there was
atoft, half.tearful.buttnpreiue'y happy ei.
prcttion on the face of this br sht-oed lit
He woman thvt was uuni'-ttalaUc.
"Oh." said Ne;il Blr mother to an I
Ethmso Wosld reporter. "lamsuhapp)! i
to bappy that Nellie is so near home again.
Yes, it has been lonesome without her. bl.o
la all that I have. '
"I am thankful that her voyage has oceu
so fortunate throughout: that no aoeideiit I
has happened au) where Iho wide worl)
'round to harm my daughter
She received the hearty words of congra'
ulattoii from a bun. tret ptople with usu-
premelr happy smile, but ou was too agi
latel by imnatieut expe-iation to eak i
more than a word, and that w id was grate- '
lul In tho exitenc. j
When the sun wis tcallj uisdi. tue frsa
i titair iwnn fMiiifciiii in. ikt
tnnthrr rcttla Idowu iu hi r tasy chair with
ucuiitunled sigh, and waited.
A dcnatch was received by one of the
newspaper men on the train from John
Mont.Mimerr Ward ami Nud Hauloit of tho
J'all.Pl-oers'L ague saving that they should
endeavor In miii the .t lly l.lv party this
afleiiioon and he a part nt I lie esiort to the
lair circumnavigator mi the houuMictcli.
Scl'.odulo of Her Journey ns Planned
nnd ns Actually Porfonnod.
I'nllowlng is the itinerary published m
The Would Nov. 14, tho day of Miss 111)'
Not, 14 I rave New York by tteamship
Angii. ta Victoria, n. Mil t. .
Nov. 21 I'm Smtlismp.on; London, by
ri .1 in i line hour ,
.Vii. 22-l.taM Victoria citation, Lon
d n, K I-, si. nn India mail.
Nut, '.'a e alair, I'ariv, lurid.
Nov. V4 liriudi.l, at III. I r, v,
,iv, 21. I eavo lliindlsl, steimshlP
Caiiisy, 2 x, v,
.i. :" lan.ailll,
Drf. : -,ilt u.
I'te- in -Ci.iumho, Ctjlon,
I'tC. ill I'tlUllg.
Dec. IR linga;iie.
ll c. 2.1-11 i.ig Kmig
I ti', 2h l.eatu lloug jvtMg for oko.
Jan. 7 -Leave Yokohama for Pan Fran,
ci ,ti by .tt'siu.i ip 1 ctaiitc.
Jai. '.' -1'iie at Aan I isiu'.se'o.
Jan. Hi -Dut.l'lliL WmtLpqaiccitl Now
-Vi-. 1 I in Jan. 27-Nevv r to N(.vv
1CIL -I .) tU.a,
Nellie Illy .a lelnl evacllyt). 40 'IUocIop'i
til Ihu luoriiii'gol n . 14, Hem Hld'Oktli,
ou the Atigit.ls tlcti ru.
A.tvr a stjiin) paage he arnvtd at
H"iithani'I'li at ' '. '. .Not, 2V,
t'nniuetll! I H In liie i ,).!..) h'rt .ee'lat.
'I... Ub- leael. d I ,md nt ,iii alter j
u'elock thn ajlllit miuu.og.
In-tead of t,ji:ji c i.ir ino I-dic mail at 1
p. v.. Jll-a It .t.u ,. 1 iiti'ivi'ho r.eattir.
hv li c tidal tia u vis l'n Le.ioec, ai.d made
siU.uur In Ain'e . nhrru.ue u a ea
Mit mtirv vw with ' ,,a irnt. Mie thsn
lutticeplcd the n u mail at (.aais, and
Umidi.i s, riaehe. nn ttnir.
Nov, 2.1, Vi lliv aailo.t Irom liriudttl at
2 s. ii.. aeorduig to her itiiierarv. .i Ihei
ttetmahip utnria. erosiiig the MedHcrrt
utati and luts.iug ihioiigh the buez Canal. I
mail gal I. rial u Nov. 2b,euedsy Pehlud
liei l . dull. i
Front l.mt.iu 1 er m.'.te lav aero.sthe Bed
M'a .e sailed iu Ads-n Harb. r Dec 2, in
iltadot Dec. ... a uu oereir
1 lie nol out was t'oiouibo. the eh ef
jly ot the islsts.il ! n where bu ar
rivcilDti. . two ds). ei.eail m her lltuer
ir), 'llien the sleait'thu lion Calcutta
ras a da) 1st, o Nt- i d d not bid good
r to ti, i sal e I I ' f 10. nbe bad
i e t e ins j t r uran.-e andwondtr
l' fill t i) tit .. I rl( t ,
Aalleul.oi l v.U utile oi bt.Le lav be-
I ween l.rr and Hingapme, the next fmrnrtant
I ilestoue in hr Jnuruty. Uhe had accom
iiheil t is voyagn Dec. 1H, exaotly ou
tche inle tunc.
Hong Kong waa next. Mhe wat due here
Dec. 2.i, bit her good In.'k was with her.
and the wn iu the Clliue.e metropolis on
I hrlslmas K.ve. Here he spent live tlayt in
.Whtaeelug and shnppini'.
Dec. 2M Hiss lllyrsiltd away from Hong
Kong on the steamship oceanic, bound for
iikohnim. the great JapancM) port. This
was .o exactly on schedule time, showing
Hsu accuracy ol the plan mapped out for her
I In IT.ik Bow
1 Mi.s Bly made her bow to the Japanese
Jan. 2. Ihu steamship was compelled to
na.t Imre unlit Die 7lh for mail to the
I I uiti instates, 'liu- little newspaper woman
.nude bright uso of her time and gathered
matt rial for man) interesting columns to be
In ri after spread hefnin the readers of The
Jan. 7. Nellie sailed away again, this timo
her visselV (row belirz polnled straight for
Ihe Ooldi-n liale. II) ihu itinerary the
1 Oceanic was due at Kan Cianelaeo, Jan. 22;
hut si 7 s. M. of ihe - I at she steamed into
Kan Francisc.) hsrlmr, and the little lady
1 again -t her foot ou mencaii soil.
Ihe t.ir) of tie flight across tho conti
nent is fre-'i in the minds of reader of
, jus. I'.vt N.tu Wiikii . islie started sin. 02
ocloi ', Ttie.i1a mnrniiig over therinutheni
, i'sc lie to Mnjave. Iheeco over Hie Atlantic
and I 'nolle llailwa). Nevt mnruing she was
ei orttM at Peach Mprin:.', Ari. That night
I A briiii'liiuc. N. M.. was assed. Thurs
day In 'ml ler tlrmg through southeastern
to mad , over the Vtcidxut, Tnpek. and
!' la i r st--tem. That evening she wa 111
Kansas C iv.
Ut noav mnrni'ig ane was tendered a re
r pti it u ol bie-skfat bv lh Chicago Press
I lub. and Vtt Uu m.ily lityat to. 41 for
t e li-t ,!.' c I li-r 'iiiiri oy. Should no
tceiiltnt ,ir tie av i'.ierviie, sho will teii
lion the 1 cuiis)hauii road's Chicago
t. mile 1 La j re.s at Jersey City this after,
tin in. nt 4 ' hi'k, cmiii-lviiiig tho dr.
-s.it of tho earth in 72 dav, iihonr. 1 i
iniiiulp, nud .10 MCuud.. winch will beat her
itinerary by 2 day., 17 houis, 411 minute
and .10 seconds.
Loner Island's City's Welcome.
Mu.'h interest has bee i taken in Miss
Blv Journey b ie-idcuts in Major files.
oi,'s bai'mick. and a large drlexatio'i tiom
1 oug ls.a:i, City will welcome the little lady
at trr) I'ity. Ihe drle'atiou include.
Ahlcruuii Hogan, Contour Wetliug and a
uumbcr of local uewtt a per men.
('vino, liu . Jan. 2S. A heavy snock of i
earthquake wa teltat Be Moot Lake, Te-uu.. '
)tte'tday. causiug a panic
To succ.sslu j see upun lbs lir.ranlbll. 1st. '
ttusUilMsoi i su.sa Little Livs-nfiix. .
Itrau Jut.. Vtroo last .tory. 'Umbkbto. ta
bunds' nr srte 3 cut. ,-
MIX- "HXTWi-s;s TU ACTS"-'. Itg-SCCO ,
oss suss. Atsmuoilsroi tu4slir rstust.e. . i
i i rntrn
Belated Steamers Reported Ho Word Jm
ol tbe Ill-fated Erin. ' M
It it now twenty.soven days aince the Na- ' jjl
tiontl Una steamship Erin left this port, and M,
up to thia morning no tiding! had been re- Jn
celved of her at the National line office, at 'SIM
27 State street Her agents, however, atlll , -M
entertain a faint hopo that she is safe, bat , flE
I other shipping men are of the opiulon that lg
the hat gone to the bottom. W
i Twenty-eight incoming steamships are vjEj
due at this port to-day, and considerable fW
anxiety la telt bytereral of the owner on .11
account of the recent severe storm at tea. fU
None of the tteamthip tine bad lieen sighted -JH
this morufiig. Among litem i the Adriatic,
of the While rltar Hue. from Liverpool, Jau. H
13, it h tell has on board Petor Jackson, the SB
colored pugilist, vv ho want to tight tjallivan. iMl
At thu White btar Line olllco tht morning !
it waa said that the Adriatic was not ex- iw
ireted before to-morrow, allhongh she Wk
lulght posaiblybe righted to-night. ;ml
'Ihe American ahip.Skolileld, which tailed -B
from here Nov. ll) for Batavit, wa towed m
bat-k fiom the West Indies by tho ocean tug Tl
U Vi, Morse, wiih her spars cut down to tbe '
trueks, Tni was ncce-itated by .i hurri- fa
cauo which the struck Dee-. 4. Tr, . days M
later she was spoken by the kteamshln Ben- at
Jang, for China, which was aLo disabled
aud could render her no assistance.
Ihe Egyptian Moi-arch. from Faluicnth;
Cjeufueeo. from Cicufiiegns, Jan. IS..
and Ludsnte Hill, from Loudon, all report
ene-ouuteriug severe storm". 'Ihij Mary F.
Pike lost nail of her deck la' and light ;
sails, the Soldier I'm ce her .a Is, anil the
lfgyptiau Monarch three blades of her prc-
l all. r. t
'4he Oregon, from I.tsorooo:. m'uu her t
bridge, an I Capt. Williams, her fourtu ,
oidetr and aevural siamo.i iuin.-ed: Ihs
Lydian Monarch, from Louttoii, Jau. 7, '
hortff (oat, and the Vo'.turuc, fro'u Ham.
burg. Dee. :, witli lur lost lost and
several of her crew in'uicl, are ali at .
Htiiiax. Tbelatier twoaiuenerduoal tai
The .ne-horlme Atiehoi is, from fllagnw.
Jan. Id. armtd at bet dock ll.i-nierring
and reicrta an cxeecdms'ly roiua passage. :
Bnerland'd Ltgrht-Wcisht Defeatod 3y St
Jem Bursoes at Sydney, M
j (ieorge W. Atkhison oab!s the l'Ulet B
Uaut'r that Jem linrgos, li lii.wei'.Ut jp
champion of New Soutb Walet. kuoc' evt cat Si
Kam Baxter. I'gbt-welitht ebampion of Enz- S
lainl, at Foley's uyciuastaw, oyuuey, esv- jm
i Icrdar- .M
'1 tic men fought tt 130 louuds tax Wt
12, J J J. ? ::MM
s H
4 J,ltf ,...-. -h-m,sm,TrltsJJB

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