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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, January 25, 1890, NELLIE BLY EXTRA. SPORTING EXTRA., Image 1

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J The Route of Nellie Bly on the Homestretch of the Great Around -the-Wo rid Race Against Time. 9
0.10 A.M.. 7.W P. M.. 4 A.M. !J P.M. P.3.MM. 1.40 A.M. 0.45 A. M. .1 40 P. M 4 ,10 P.M 0 M 7 .M M. 10.10A.M 3.10A.r. ;l3H
JAN St. JAN. 21. JAN. 22. JAN, 2.'. JAN. 2J. JAN. 2 JAN. 20. JAN. 2.1 JAN, 21 JAN. 24 JAN 23. JAN -3. '31
(... Southern raclflolin., , t... Atlentlo and raeino ItR... ,. , ) ( ,,., Atchltoo, Tomta and S.nl. Vi ltltt, , , ) ( reninjlvatila nil , ",.., ) 429
. 1-AJ 1 I I I I I I l,t I t t I I I I I I I 1,1 1.1,1 I I II II I I I I I.I, I 1,1-LJ-M I.I, I I t.AJ-t.UULJ-1,.1.1,1.1.1-1.1.1 t-UI.I.I.I -.l.l-l.l ' ' " '-tl I I I I I I.I l l l I I , , , , , , , ,,,,iii .... t ... . . .,,,,, ?fe3ottti!SW4 iNJ
OBth PAY. (En(lu.4o.30A..i.TAn. 21.) i S9th PAY. (Hn.la n.-io.no a. m. Jn. 2. 7Qth DAY. Kn.l h.40.ioa. m. Jan. an.) 7 I at PAY, (llmls .4o.;io .. ., .tan. 2t.) I 72tl DAY. Olndn i.4o.uo a.sm. jm. sn.j I 73cl PAY. JHJ
Nellie Bly Arrives Safely
: at Jersey City at
3,51 P. M.
Salvos of" Artillery Announce
the End of Her Journey.
in Immense Crowd Throngs
the Station to Greet Her.
Officially Welcomed by
Mayor Cleveland.
The Utile Lady's Triumphal Jour
ney Through Her Native State,
dial ions at Pittsbnrg, Harrlsbnrg,
Lancaster aid Philadelphia.
Clasped Onco More in Hor Anx
ious Mother's Arms.
Tho Globe Girdled in 72 Days 6
Hours 10 Minutes.
jlloriouj Success Crowns 'The
.t-SYorId'i,V Great Enterprise.
Boom I Boom!
Cannon answers Cannon.
A.litUe woman has alighted in the Jersey
City Depot of the Pennsylvania Railroad,
ifter journey of 28, 000 miles.
She liai circumnavigated the globe with,
at escort, and wttb bat a little band-bag of
necessaries and the one plain nary blue
gown which ibe wore on the bright morning
of Not. 14, when the (ailed away on the
teamablp Angnita Victoria.
No chieftain retaining from a tour of
conquest ever received ft more royal welcome.
ne mammoth itrnctnra of the railway
company wai crowded to the very bridge) of
the ferries, or every road teemed to lead to
this point to-day, and there wero fully
15,000 people gathered to welcome the
pluoky mite of womanhood that had en
circled the earth and the aca.
Among thoie catbored to meet Nellie Bly
were the following from Jeraey City ;
, Mayor Cleveland. Chief of Police Murphy,
' ex-Chief. Nathsu, ex-Alderman John 11.
Ceb'o, Guitavui Metzler, Deputy Treasurer
George J. McAneny, Charles N. Perveil,
L. P. Dimmlck.: O. W, Holden, ex-Police
Commiaaioner John Smith, Thomas N.
Water. Alfred D. Weygaut, William Atklu.
aoo, Commissioner of the Board of Works
Charles Somers, Frank Smith, Senator
Brliikerlioff and their wives, slaters and
Oapt. Fftrrior, of the First Jersey City Pre
cinct, with Eergt. Carrol), Baundsman Hop
kins and twcntv-tlvo stalwart blue-coats
were not strong enough to keep
:he enthiiiiastie, hurrahing, shouting
i crowd back, and Miss Biy and her escort bad
' great Oifliculty iq forcing their way through
the crowd.
When the fair traveller stepped from
11 steps or the lis n three gentlemen with
stop watch, such t&a running time)
of horses Is decided by, touched the stops
and announced tho exact time of her arrival
and her achievement of the title of " Cir
cumnavigator. "
The timekeepers were Georgo A. Avery
and C.C.' Hughes, of the Manhattan Athletic
Clob,nd BobertStoU, of tho'Now Vort
Athletic Club.
When the train began (lowly to onter'vho
long, arched depot the assembled multi
tudes sent up cheer after cheer, and when
the lithe little traveller stepped lirthtly
from tho train it wan into the very arms
of ft surging crowd.
One of them managed to throw a basket of
roses and callas to Miss Bly. It was a lady,
Mrs. Mary E. Itemseo. of Brooklyn.
The cheers grew lender and louder, and
there seemed to be danger of the roofs rais
ing from the depot.
It was nine minutes of four o'clock
when both of Nellie Bly'a bootines touched
the platform and the watches were stopped,
making the length of her trip aronnd the
worlJ 72 days, o hoars, 10 minutes.
Miss Bly was escorted out noon the ferry
platform, where thousands who could
not by hook or crook gain a pawnee
beyond the depot gates crushed upon each
other to get a glimpse of the pretty whlto
face set In black wavy hair.
There were three carriages waiting hero
for Miss Bly and her escort, and here, too,
was Mayor Orestes Cloveland, of Jersey
Mayor Cleveland, looking more than ever
like the late Henry Ward Beecher, alighted
from bis carriage and. dolling the big black
soft bat, smiled with benevolence- and
geniality as he addressed, as follows, tho
young womau, who was on the point of
stepping into the carriage provided for her
and ber mother,
"Welcome home I
" On behalf of millions of people who have
watched your progress aronnd the globe
as noted In the press of every civilized coon
try and espeoially on behalf of tho people
of the United StaUs, I give yon a hearty
Tbe American Olrl wil) no longer be
misunderstood. She will be recognized as
pnshing, determined, independent,, able to
take care of berself slope 'ami single
handed wherever she maygov
"Yon have added another spark to the
great beacon-llgbt of American liberty, that
is leading the people of other nations in the
grand march of civilization and progress,
" Pausing rapidly by them, you have cried
out In a language they could all understand.
jTonvsrdl' snd you have made it the
wakhwordof 1800. The American people
from every part of this great and glorious
country, shouted back to you, 'Forward!
and Ood speed you on your wonderful
"Orcat progress has been made In the
history of mankind slues you left home.
" Forward!' cri;d the people of Brazil
two days af tsr you started. ' Forward I 'cry
the people of Portugal at this very moment,
sud ' Forward !' comes the cry of the rootless
and toilirg roasies from every quarter of the
"'Forward' is the very essence and
spirit of the age and times in which we live.
"Iu that spirit you have carried safely
and srleudidlr the Interests of a gicat
newspaper more than twenty-five thousand
miles uxtr sea and la-d;. but there is some
thing higher and greater as a result of your
achievement than the interests of a tingle
" People the world over have been tauibt
that they are not so far apart as they bad
Imagined, and that is ft great lesson, you I
bsro set the whole world to thinking sboot
it, and so have brought mankind nearor to
gether. Tell that wonderful new Wonui yon now
represent to float out upon tho breeze, upon
the top of the flag that shall riso over the
maguiflcent home it is building for its fit.
ture abiding-place, your own cry and watch
word. :;Forward'"for us all ta. catch its
dally Impulse. "
, ' That word represents the spirit and pur
pose of their own vast enterprise. New
Jersey greets von. The city I represent
greets and welcomes you home. "
Tho den.o crowd could hardly bo
qnlst during Mayor Cleveland's re
marks, and when he had
ceased speaking their shouts were deafening,
and it was some time before the police could
clear the way for the passsge of the car
riages to the ferry-boat that was to bring
them to New York.
And when Nellie Bly reached Park
Itow she found that thoroughfare
packed from tho Post-Office to the Wobld
Building, and from Ann to Spruce street,
with a shouting populace, who had been
gathering there all the afternoon, In an
ticipation of her arrival.
Street cars were blockaded beyond
relief. for tho crowd would not
move an inch, and trucks that had
unfortunately driven into Park Bow and
were hemmed in tbero by the eager crowd,
were utilized by the crowd as standing
places, and every trank was crowded full of
men till tbe carriage bearing the heroine of
it all appei led, when shout was raised!
" Lone live Nellie Blyi" "Brave Nellie
Bly!" "The bravest of women!" and tho
like, and then tbe crowd rsrted gallantly
and roide passage for the carriage.
It ws 4.20 o'clock when Neilio Bly
alighted fn front of Tub Would office, and
it is not to her discredit to repeat that ber
first words were: "I am glad to be homo
Tbe crowd in Park Bow stayed for an hour
cheering Nellie Blv and making their
demonstrations, while Miss Bly was tbe
centre of an enthnalastio welcoming party
of old fi lends in tho office.
News from Nolllo Bly at Important
Points Alonff tbo Road,
Iirsrtiis to the xvisruo wnnai
HiSBisBUBo.I'a., Jau. 23. 10.40 a. x.
Nellie Uly received an ovation here equal to
any over accorded a President. Tbe train
was exactly on time.
Lamcactib, Fa,, Jan. 23 11,45 i. x.
An immense crowd grcotcd Nellie Biy here
when tbe train arrived at 11.37, three min
ute, late. The oration exoeedej anything
eter seen here lafore.
pHiLADEtruu. Pa., Jan. 35. 1.30 r. m.
Ncllle Uly arrived in tbo Broad ttret
etstionfrom llarrisburg at l.tts.u. 'lho
depot waa packed with renpi walling
for a glance at 'Iue Would fair traMllcr.
Her mother and the welcoming party from
New York greeted her warmly.
I'UILAUrL.'.iu. Jan. .'", 1.43 r. M The
irain with Nellie Blr on board Jeft atl.'i.l
n.tead of 1.40, thus gain ng seven minutes
ceaay to make time to Jersry City,
Teu Dollar, for a Mmple Ji.ru.
Tb.SiTCUUiT l-mrr,. Oc.nl fml ,lorj lupar.
tild lot 3 c.au. A UJ't (aid watch ft... .
" V. X- 8." Hdck I.tcsrlce
lutsrUMr oUi4 L.jr d.il.r. u Ifel Mr? tail. .-
- m w 1 1. in
Obsvmatb cD.tlptiaa r.idli jl.Mi to lb.
r.sulwsuMtABiES'slaTXi.sI.ivtsr'm.a. .
Plpslms stomtchw.r qcicklf ccr4 tr Pr.
Sceti's tlw-lrio Piwtvn. -U a. Itsi uva,1 ol.io, .
To nccautallr ul spaa tb. lii.r ui bli. Uk.
s3!ldM4. CAorss'surrutl-ivsai'iLu. '.
Bud Jalx 'SVrn.'. Imi torr. "Uusisto.- u
Written bti Jfr. (Iroru llotv for Mr.
Jnmrm ,r, iliirdrff, lrio llttt RrrUo J I
(ii Chlttttrtng Unit TAIs Zrmina at
J, X, 1'htppt'i Cnctrl,
Up from Tark Bow one November day.
Bringing tho Extras to tipper Broadway
Tlio newsboys on their shoulders bore,
I.ll.o heralds In hasto, to tbo people's door.
Tbs New York World, telliug how and no
The "Angnsta Victoria, "bore away
On her deck Nelllo Bly, cheerful and gay.
For hor trip round the world, without atop
or stay.
And back to New York 'cro the eightieth ilav.
And the nowsboys "Extra "was heard near
snd far,
As they ilaihod cross the street into each
borsa car;
And londor yet Into Westchester rolled
Tho cry of the newsboy uncontrolled.
And many a Wobld that day was sold
Telling how Nelllo Bly sailed down the bay.
And was twenty-fito thousand miles away.
And so Nelllo Bly to the sea went down
And bado gond-by to thn busy town.
And soon to tho watchers In Highland Light
An ocean greyhound came Into sight
And parsed tliom by with eaglo's flight.
As if aba knew tbe precious freight
She had vowed to land not n moment lato.
And the anchor waa cast into Southampton
With Nell twenty-two thousand miles away.
Across tho Channel, then thundering south
On a train like smoko from the cannon'a
For Nellie resolved from her path to turn
For a moment's chat with the great Jules
Then a prayer from the girl, and a prayer
from the master,
Asking Heaven to spare her any disaster;
Then aboard again, and tbe Iron steed's
Told all Europe tbe precious load If brought
To Brindlsl. where lit Ihenfflns-'lsy '
A steamor, w(th each iron nerve at full play.
And Nell, nineteen thousand miles away.
Under he? flying feet the road
To the Fast like an Alpine river flowed.
For tbe Occident slowly faded behind.
And tho Orient's perfume came on the wind;
The steamer was swift-its shaft at each
Made the Mediterranean's blue waters
Port Said was passed-thon Suez astern.
On, on, swept tbe travoller down the Bed
With Horeb and Sinai in sight on the lea.
Through Babel-el-Mandel to far off Cathay,
And Nell seventeen thousand miles away.
But meanwhile at home. In city and town.
They wait for the Woblds that the mall
brings down,
And offer a prayer, crying: "Ood save each
Bringing Nellie Bly home on her wonderfnl
Then open the paper with trembling and
To the picture of Nellie Bly girdling -the
And read tbo good news, tbe best of the day.
That Nellie's arrived, and without a delay.
At t?ingapoie. twelve thousand miles away.
The eyes of tbe civilized world are on one,
'Neath the heat of the blazing equator's
While the fairest of travellers sticks to her
Lit by the light cf the bright Southern
On, pest the land of pepper and spice.
Land of Chutney and curry and everything
To the Ho very lend of tea, pigtails snd
Hope glsddons Nell's heart, for this Journey
is short.
And tbe land of whits elephants drifts fsr
Then Hong Kong la reached before Christ.
mas Bay,
With Nell only ten thousand miles away.
Japan is but touched by ber footfall sollght.
At Fniiyama a glance a wonderfnl sight
Fsrewell Yokohama, yonr port is tbe last
Of foreign ones touched at as Kallia Ttlr
For tho flag of her conntry now flies from
the mast
Of tbe ship bringing home onr venturesome
The whistle has Mown, tbe anchor Is
The lend fades away in the gloom of the
But (nou in the East breaks a welcoming
And America headlands come Into sight;
On, on through the Golden Gate ere break
of day
Sails thu ship, amid shouting and cheering
io gay.
To "Frit co," but three thousand short
miles away.
Then across mighty mountain, across arid
Cornea Nellie Bly whirling eastward by
And millions of voices sing onl, "Home
And Am.-rlca beats eiery record again.
Then hurrah for tbe girl who voaed ahe
woul I do
What Jules Verio did In ttory-that 'trip
wasn't true
But Nellio's was roil and in tetter time, too.
And hurrah for the paper whose great
Caused all tbe earth's nations to open their
On Nellie Bly'a pluck grest credit It lays.
But pay to Till Wobld your wealthiest
For a trip round the world -way Inside
eighty days.
ssglBasWtsiasssssssssssiF si ill -'-e
Nellio's Arrival at Philadelphia-On
thet Lost Hundred Ulloa.
IsrcciAL TOTBCEvzxiiia woaLn.)
PaiLADiLriiu, Jsn. 25. It was an en
thusiastic party that Journeyed to Phil
adelphia to escort Nellie Bly homo.
Jersey people who had read in Tub
Wobld of ye.tcrday morning it the
escort expedition waited at the stations and
waved hats and handkerchiefs to the voy.
There were good things to eat and drink
on board. There were games of whist, and
between bauds the players guested at
the time of tbe little traveller's Journey,
If the train from Plttaburg was on time,
it was said. Miss Illy wonld L in Phllidel.
phis at 1.2S. That would give the New
York party an hour and a quarter in tho
Quaker rity.
From Newark a dispatch wa tent to
George Washington Child., asking leave to
visit the UajT office.
Miss CIt'b mother, a quiet little woman,
sat in the stateroom of the car
with Cora Linn Daniel', whose term
of welcome to Miss Bly appeared
In yesterday's Woai d. They were
visited by the gentlemen nf the parly, who !
tendered to the mother nf tbe little traveller i
hearty congratulations on the daughters
msrvel'ous journey, I
Philadelphia was reached in aeaton for a '
visit to thn Ltiigtr o'hco and a luuch at tbe
Bellerce. I
A great crowd was at the Broad it rent '
station at 1 o'olock, The train be a rim, !!hi
Bly was rt ported to be ou time.
The crowd surged up the platform as it
hove iu sight. j
The train came in on the nick of lime,
lltirt Jit)' car waa est oil and backed o i to '
the Nw York train. It imposs.Uio for
ber to cto. thevc.tioule platform.
Tbe crowd huuf to the train like a i. '
The mob catching sight of the voya,r at '
a window shrii-Lel for Mim Bly. but be :
remained iu tor car. The doors 1 ad to be '
locked, though. Aur seisblanco of orucr i
was Irop'utiblr. I
Tfce New York csrty passed into tho err
snd ntsrly orerwbe mned the lilt e laly -with
their greetings and cougrattla- :
tioos. The Electing between Jlt Bly I
and her mother wa. very electing. I
The elder lady trcuib.cd violently i
and nearly fainted ai hor daughter caught
her In her arms and folded Iter in a long, 1
loving embrace. Word, were utiuccemry I
between tht.o two, who are all the world to '
each other.
Nelllo had no eyes for any one else thon.
filio nearly broke down liti-elf with emotion,
and while the tun mingled their tears of
gladness at tho reunion thcro was not a dry
eye in the car.
The Iraiu men all this tiira were attend
ing strictly to buslneis, and at l.iin the bell
was rung and the tram rolled anay for the
last hundred miles of the most wonderful
journey of modern time
Cboerlntr Crowds and Beautiful
Floral Tributes Greet tho Flyer.
I.rrrul to ths rvrvita wosl-i.i
lUnuiMiuun, pa,, Jan. 2311 a. m, Nel
lie lilr arrived here on time, at 10.30,
She recelnd a niaguitlceut ovation. I
The demonstration was larger than wl su I
the President pasted through. Over 5.000
people, repicentatits I'ltUcns and their
wives, were m tbo crowd
li. Illy, who stood oil the rrar platform I
of the Pull-nan car, was cheer? I two dozen
timet, lho iKiiplo proi.ed forward, and
she shook haiubaith all she lould resell, ;
many of l.om tan two hundred jan'i alter
the tram .tilt r. aching up fur a hand grs.p. ,
Tho lieu .ml tr men tiled through the aitle
of the l'ullma'i and prtsenlel Ihe tinners.
A largo lloral iluir contained a ord in
frribcdasfolhiw' J
"To ellio Bly, the greatest traicllrr on
eanh. with romptimentnf thu Harri.bur
ism.tti v ireji.uu. May o l i.cur le uilh.
out aciin'ortabi' chair uleu ui dt.iit o '
miov a l-esruud rett."
A btiSitnf b i ' ha I thi. card attache 1: ,
"Coaip.iMLjiUanilcf.nsr4lulatn.miif the ,
Harm Inn: i'.("; 5f;r.p You hate ;
(!eiiuatratiil tl at the American url i i
plnck an Wt.l ai rritli, ,lul tLti.Uutly ,
ab e to tale oaro u( lum'f at Immc or :
abiozd, nhithir amid H w cud neurb.- i
math tag h.iu-x i n:i of the tropic- ' 1 1
Auot'icr Isrgc a-i 1 exqJiit bouqurt Lore '
a card fiom the ilarruLnrg Wbeelmcu. uith 1
their c inip.imeT. Ii
cllie ll.y it i ill. She !ooi,i bct'er ihin '
w en the Ic t 'c York te enty.tao d.y I
tS'X The res wiudt and mcuntaiu ar have
tanned her fcc ', but her vhrck. ar$
plumo an I i.o 'a iu tho bt or ulrltat j
ueanng tbe cad o' her lou.' jouruer, bhe c
nccopts the popular tribute modestly, and
has made a hundred thorn and friends
between here and Han Frauciscn. If she
could run for the Presidency within tho next
birty days the would get an overwhelming
vote along tho Pennsylvania line.
- i m in-
A Party from New York: to Greet
Nellie at Philadelphia.
The Beatrice, a special Pnllman car,
started ont of tho Jersey City depot at 0. 15
this morniug,oer the FenusyvanU Hallway
carrying a welcoming party to meet Nellie
Blr at Philadelphia.
A score nf gentlemen and two ladles made
up the party, among them being Nelly Bly's
mother and Mrs. Cora Lion Panlels; Judge
Le'cester Holme, who went as Mayor (Irani'.
special rnvny, to liesr the personal con
gratulations nf ths busy municipal chief
magistrate; Be Lancey Nlcoll, Clark Bel),
Potmatir Van ('"It. Jo'm II. Watson, ex.
President o.r the Columbia Bank; James I),
Metcalfe, nf 1.1 rr; James B. Tnwnsend, of
the Pres News Association; Charles 8. Scan.
Ion, of the Cincinnati Ettqutirr; II, B. Mc
Dowell, of tho San 1'rancleco Examiner;
Allan I'orman. editor of tho Jcumalfsl;
George II, DicLinaou, of the Bottoti (llor;
K. U. Harper, or the Mutual Besirve Life
AMMH-istiou; John P. Jackson, J. J, Wal
ton, Baron Da Grimm, President nf tho
German Prees Association, and reporters
for Tub Wield.
Any ine ocoiuinted with Ntl'.io Bly would
bavo cxprlei ced no dilh'culty iu recoguiz
in.' In r mother m the great crowd of people
gatltrc-I rt tho Jencr City depot,
rihe s a small, delicate lady, past j
tut Idle sge, with the same soft,
wan- dark l.air. only tinted a little with
rra: tbe tame bright, quick, intelligent
Hit. and tbe tenia pca.cnt, alert fare J
familiar to tho-c wlij know NoMoBly, A I
ira tcir nnu ( make no mistake in pUkiuir I
nut the 1 ttle mother, cither, for there a ,
tsoft, hali.tfarfiil.butsuproaiel) bapnyex- !
preti i im the Uoj of tl U br ght-eyed lit.
lie or.in that a uuni-ttatab.e. 1,
"Oli." sail Ne.lU Blv's mother to an
EIvimso V.'osLD reporter, "I aai mj happy! j
io harp; that NeUie is so near home again.
Irs. it bait een lore ome without her. She i
s alt 11. at I litre,
"I am tiauWnl fist ber voyage has been
io furtcnate throughout; that t o seoldeut
lt!H H...U-..!cri4ts4U.).'.h.tJL, ,'
haa happened anywhere the wido world .iijB
'round to barm my daughter." 'HH
She received the hearty worJs of congra 'Jll
ulation from a hundred reopls with a su- LH
premely happy smile, but she waa too agt wSI
tated by impatlcut expectation to speak ifH
more than a word, and that word was grate- XszsB
fnl in the eitreme. 1avB
When tbo stsn was really made the frail jfel
mother settled down in her easy chair with wfl
a contented sigh, and waited. 1)1
A desnatch was received by na of tbe v'-JB
newspaper men on the train from John jnI
Montgomery Ward and Ned Hanlon of ths 'H
Ball-Players' League saving that they should ?B
endeavor to loin the Nelly Biy party this ?JiaTtVl
afternoon and be a part of the escort to ths Tl
fair circumnavigator on tbe homestretch. XH
Schedule of Her Journey as Planned 3H
and as Actually Performed, Hal
Following is the itinerary nubUahed in Jttzsl
Tub WobidNov. 14. the day or Mis Bly'a 9
departure! Sl
Nor. 14-Leave New York by stsamthlp fVoH
Angutta Victoria. 0.30 a. m, . AlsB
Nor. Ul Due Hiutbampton; London, by tflsH
rail iu three hours. ., UsH
Nor. 22-Leave Victoria Station, Lon- VtH
d n. a r. '. on India mail. aSH
Nor, 20 Talai'. l'aris. Turin. jfltH
Nov. 24-Briuttiti, at 10.14 r,. KssVl
Snr. 23, Leate Brindlti, tteamsbip IkaH
Cathay. 2 a. n. MaH
Nuv. 27 Itmailia, SlaTtVI
lire, :i Aden. .QisB
Dec- 10 Ctiiombo, Ceylon. Vlzfl
Det'. ii I'tiuinr. HllH
Dec. in Mngaiwre.
Die. 25 Jlonit Kuu7 SH
Dec. 28 Leave Uoug Kong for Yoko- JILH
bams. tMbbiI
Jan. 7 Leave Yokohama for ban Fran 4aUH
ci-coby tteaui.bip Oceanic. JVixB
Jat . "i Hut at Sau Francisco. SH
Jan. 3 f Duo ttt T'uu W oaj.u ofilce in New "V zH
t ofk. AH
..Nov. 14 to Jan. 37-New York to Nev Mmi
jcrt 73 dart. aUBssl
Nellie Bly sailed at exactly 0. 4 0,no o clock Sm
in the moiningor .Nov. 14, jrom lloboktu, aiH
0:1 the AiwutUMctt-lli. TIsbssI
Aiur a stormy patsage sbe arrived at tscsissl
S.mthtmt liii at - a. m., Nt. l, 4H
Comttiu with thu 10 t-o.iUe "iwchiL 'SsbbsI
' 1-1 Blr itached IjwiiIo.i toou atter S ''iM
aVIo7ktbettciv Lioriiii'g. 'itsaH
lutUeiloI nviiui: for The India ruaU at 3 .H
r. 11.. Mi-B vstsrietl ttcholi.ijr. earl er, H
Liy tho tidal xw via I'o. ia-n lc, mill cuule JH
t dtou. to Amicus, iruuro iu nwi a p ram 'M
tut tuteniew w th Jnlea rje- Una thsn 'H
Continue! tu out tk t.uf r.l H
on tho fourth Paso. WM

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