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f Winner ot Earopoan Trip to Be An
nonnced Without Delay.
Nellta Dry's Quiet Sunday at Home
Happy, but Not Tired.
The busiest place in Tint Wobld office
to-day 1 the room where the guesses
on the duration of Nellie Uly's Jour
ney around the earth are being assorted.
It Is hoped that the task may be com.
pitted this Meek, and the name of the
luoky guecasr may be announced.
! The magnitude of the task may be
imagined when it is stated that nearly a
million of the guess coupons were re.
oeWed, and that they fame in in scores
ot thousands after it was known that the
young woman had arrived at 8on
In addition to the regular clorical staff
of TnK Wobu, a score of "postmark
experts" from the Post-Offlce are em
ployed in their hoars off duty in Mr.
Van Cotl's premises, each giving as much
time as can be spared from his needed
It is now known that more than a thou,
sand guesses have hit the right number
of days, but ore out in the hours, min
utes and seconds; more than ten thou
sand came within twelve hours, and more
than fifty thousand within twenty-four
The time, as announced in the Sunday
Wobld, wan 72 days. 0 hours and 11 min
utes. The greatest pouiblo care has been
taken that no coupon received should bo
mislaid. Every guess sent in will, when
the assortment Is finished, he recorded
and take the exact chance m tho competi
tion to wnioh it is entitled.
The bright little woman who has been
the object of so much attention spent
Sunday quietly in her cosv uptown flat.
Bhe saw but few callers, though she sat
for her photograph in the morning. Her
rooms were redolent with tho scent of
flowers. .Bouquets, baskets, wreaths
every chair, tablo and window was filled
with them.
Kind friends began to givo thorn to
me at Ban Francisco." she said, " and I
received them at almost every point along
the route. In tho rush and crush I lost a
great many of them, and the accompany
ing cords from n great many more. I am
rery sorry for that."
She chatted gayly of her trip. Bhe did
not look tired or worn in the least. Bhe
looks heavier than when she wont away,
and in every way shows that her rapid
changes of scene and air have agreed with
" It seems good to get .back' to New
Vork."she chirped, '"still my Journey
'was a pleasant ouo from beginning to
end, and I am almost sorry it Is over. I
njoyod every day of it. I had no idea J.
should meet with such n reception. A
big crowd greeted me when I landed,
with a band of musio, and they kept it up
ell across the continent till I reached The
"Wobld offloo. I didn't like it at first, but
I became used to it. and soon did not care
for being stared at.
My pet monkoy does not take kindly to
life in a fiat He smashed pretty nearly
everything in the kitchen this morning.
Yon see, he gets tired of staying in his
cage all the time, and I let him out
occasionally to rest him. This mornln?
1 let him out, and the little rascal did a
great deal of mlsohief. He broke all the
plates, cups and saucers he could find,
and before I could get him baok into the
cage be had smashed pretty near every
thing breakable in the kitchen. I am
afraid I shall have to give him to the me
nagerie in Central Park."
Nellie did not hear of the guessing con
test till she arrivod at Yokohama, "then
she found copies of The Wobld, aud
some of the friends she mot there tout
guesses by the same ship on whioh she
came herself.
Showers of telegraphic messages of
congratulation have been received.
Chief among these was one from M.Jules
Verne, which reads as follows i
Amibns Jan. 25. I never doubted the
succeis ot Nellie Ely. Bbe ha proved tier
intrepidity and oourage. Hurrah for her
aud for the director of The Woblu.
Hurrah t Hurrah I Jcleb Vebnb.
Others who wired niesssges of congrat
ulation were Gonsul-Qeneral John C.
New. at London; Itev. Dr. Talmase, on
tho point of sailing from Liverpool; Prof.
Vtrchow, President of the Anthrnpologi
cal Society. Berlin i Baron Von IUchtro.
fen, President of the Berlin Geographi
cal Society; the editor of the t'igaro,
Paris, ana scores of others. The Iron
City Company, of Iron City, Tenn. , send
Miss Bly a deed to a town lot in thai city.
President Harrison Freed a Criminal
Who la Badly Wanted.
"Nate1 Blpnel was arre'ited Oct 31,
1888, by Newark detective! while in the act
of working the " sawdust " game in a room
in the Park Home. Blppel was known
throughout New Jersey as a bold and suc
cessful "crook.' While he was lying in
tall pending trial, a charge was preferred
against him by Post-Offiee Inspector
Edward Mullln for uiing the United
Btataa mails for unlawful purposes.
He was held on this charge and
furnished bail for his appearance for
trial. He 'Mumped" his ball and
the next beard of him was in January, last
year, when he was arrested in Philadel
phia on a charge eimilar to the one standing
agalost him in Newark. The Newark de
tective materially agisted the Phfls.
dalpbla authorities in convicting Blppel by
testifying against him. and newa leu
, tensed to eighteen months In Mpyamen
') slug prison. A detainer was lodged against
i Hlppel, which the prison authorities refuted
to reoofniie.
Hipper friends worked hard to secure hi
Sardou. 1 hey finally lucceaded. and Jan.
0 be was pardoned by President Harrison
and walked out of prison a free man. The
Newark police were In blissful ignorance of
tiippe)' release and were patiently waiting,
already armed with detainer and requisi
tion, for the expiration of tbe .term for
which he u sentenced, to get him into
their clutch once more and met oat to
him a full doe of Jersey Justice. Iherar
deeply chagrined at tbe etcaD of their prey
and ilo not mine words in condemning tbe
action of the Philadelphia authorities, in re
leasing blppel without tint acquainting
An Oyster Famine Imminent.
LscnxL, Del., Jan. 20. An orster famine
is now Imminent, for at least a few days.
Ihe laurel packer have been compelled to
clus indefinitely owing to a scarcity of
the oystart in the shell. Fir mono t, Crisflsld
and Beaford are alio running short. . In
fact the pealBtuia cannot all half the order.
The caste, auigoed is that the recant cold
snap caught Ultra ahort with their boats at
the bedt usahU to load.
SigDlog'Mammotti Petitions Tor "The
WoilM" Weekly Payment Bill.
Organ hied and Unorganised Labor n
Unttiu'Demundlng Its Passage.
The 20,000 petition blanks bended by
Tub WoBLh Weekly Payment bill, which
have beeii prlntod for circulation among
the pe6ple, are being rapidly taken up by
labor organizations all ovor the State.
Each blank has room for fifty uomes,
and the signatures are filling up at such a
rate that the members of the Legislature
who are asked to enact tho bill, are likely
to lie overwhelmed by tbls manifestation
of popular sentiment in its favor.
Senator Iloesoh, who stands an sponsor
for the bill, is delighted with the rocep.
tion whioh it has met at tho Hands of the
pnbllo, and is enthushutio in his bollof
tliat it will be paaiod by the Legislature
without serious opposition.
The bill baa been carefully examined
and analyzed by some of the most eminent
jurists in the Stato, and it haa been pro
nounced a perfectly sound and constitu
tional measure, and oue which is calcu
lated to Insuro untold benefits to wage
earners ot every class.
The laws as they exist at present are
framed so as to givo the claims of laborers
and mechanics a preference over all
others in matters whero the payment for
work done is involved, and their special
liens come In before the claims of all
other creditors.
It is tho policy ot the law to make them
a privileged class in this respect : but,
despite the favor with which it has re
garded them lu tho past, there are a great
many oases of employees ot insolvent
companies and corporstlons whose wsges
have been allowed to run behind and in
tho end their claims have bceu sweptaway
in the final wreoknge of such concorus.
The Weekly Payment bill w ill do away
with all these risks by compelling all cor
porations, whether solvent or continning
their business in the hands of receivers.
to keep thoir servants' wages closely paid
up, so that if a final crash should come
ther would loso as littlo as possible by
the disaster.
Among tho numerously signed petitions
whlcli-have already been tent to The
Wobld asking for the pasago of the bill
one of the first cam from toe employees
of tho Postal Telegraph Company's main
Additional communications have been
received from representative firms and
business houses in various parts of the
State, favoring the proposed law and
pledging their hearty support of tho bill.
- .. . . .,
XoNDOsr. Jan. SO. Capt. McMickan, of
the CunardsteamerUmbria, from New York,
reports that the passage wan the roughest
that the vetasl had ever experienced. Sev
eral passengers were injured by being thrown
violently upon tbe decks, snd it was finally
found necessary to issue an order prohibit
ing passengers from coming on dock.
Terriflo weather prevails in the Channel.
The Hamburg steamer Buevia, from Ham
burg for New York, was compelled to put in
at Southampton, having broken her shaft.
The malls were transferred to the Vulds.
The gales continued with increasing
strength and velocity in the southern por
tion of England throughout to-day. Menai
Strait, In Wsles, is rendered Impassable by
the fury of the bale. Many sailors have
been swept overboard and drowned. The
parade at Sandgate Is partially destroyed.
The ship Irex, bound from Greenock for
Hio Janeiro, was wrecked off the Needles.
Several ot the crew were drowned. The Kir-.
vivprs clung to the rigging all day Baturday
and part of Sunday. It was impossible to
tend a lifeboat to the rescue, a no boat
could live in tbe turbulent tea, but a life
line was finally tbot across the vessel by
means of arocket, and in this way the men
w,ere safely lauded.
.The bark Janet Crown has returned to
Plymouth. Bhe reports that two of her
crew were washed overboard and drowned
and that many were Injured, The steamer
Yorkshire, at Liverpool from Baltimore,
Was flooded, had her bridges dettroyed and
sjittslned other damage. Tbree seamen
w,ere blown from the rigging and two were
,Tbe lightship in the mid-channel cannot
ho relieved and provisioned, owing to tbe
sales. The men on board of them are be
lieved to be in a sail condition, and dan
ger to ocean steamer is imminent, from the
lack of light and signals.
'A telegram from Queens town states; "Tbe
westerly hurricane now prevailing is of un.
nrecedented severity, .The tea has caused
uinch damage to the town. A number of
sinsJl craft have been swamped. Outward
Hound line stesmert report fearful weather
ip the Irish Channel. The bark Bidlaw,
from PIsagua, encountered hurricanes for
tin days aud lost ber first mate by drown
, Trying to Help Authors.
'WismsoTOK, Jbu. 38. Oardlner O,
Hubbard continuad his argument in oppo
sition to tbe International Copyright law
before the Iloosa Committee on Judiciary
yesterday. He said that it was for tbe
good of lb people that we should have a
domettio copyright law. bat its benetiU
Should be confined t American citizens,
Ir. Buchanan asked if e were Justified la
praying upon foreign authors.
Ur. Hubbard replied that tbe re
suit of the present system was
cheap books, aud the interest of
the people were therefore best served.
Tbe pending bill would create a great trust
qn both tides of the, Atltutio and give to a
few bousea a nxouopolr of book publication.
With resulting bigb prices. It wa au ad
mitted fact that the authors' status in this
bill was not satisfactory to thtm and they
had been forced into it by tbe publishers
and type-tetters.
i H Sii
Cornell Students Yell.
Iraaca. N. Y., Jan. S0.-Oreat entlmtl
akin was manifested here etterday after
noon when NelUe Bly's remarkable Ztlme
was known. Cm nell students have watched
her progress for weeks, and when the time
was learned gave the sollege ,, yell for
ber beneili. Mis Floy Crowell, of the
Urowell .Comedy Compasr, ow play,
fog a waek engagement at the Wilgers. an.
iiouned tbe tune front the stage, amidst
about and cater for brave NelUa Bly.
Upper County Delegates Want a Yoke
in tho World's Fair.
Tho Committee of Ono Hundred to
Bo Increased by Twenty-five
Tho second hcarliit; ot the World's Tatr
bill is expected to bu held In tho Assent,
bly to-night, with a prospect of its imme
diate third hearing and subsequent pas
sage. The merits of tho bill will bo discussed
in the Senato to-morrow, nud the third
reading having been ordered for Wednes
day, but little donbt Is expressed of lib
passage on that day by tbe tno houses.
It is now claimed that tho delay in
passing tho bill boforo is mainly duo to
the ways of W . E.D, Stokes, who is wild
to have added threo names to the original
Committeo of Ono Hundred.
Senator Fnssett and his colleagues ob
jected to what they considered au ns
sumptlou of authority on the part of Mr.
Stokes, and the blckcriug over tho bill
It had been agreed by tho World's Pair
Committee that there Bliould bo 100 com
missioners, but in tho copies ot the bill
brought to Albany by Mr. Stokos, tboro
Were 103 names.
One of tbe extra throe has been identi
fied as a clerk in a Twenty-third street
store, aud all three are supposed to bo
personal friends ot Mr. Htokos, upon
whom he desired to confer tbo honor.
HtatoScnator George Z.Erwin, who has
been appointed Chairman of tho Special
World's Fair Committeo by President
pro. tern. J, Sloat Fnssett, came to tbo
city yesterday and hnd a conference with
several prominent lawyers regarding the
Mr. Erwin expressed himself ns heartily
in favor of tbe passage of tbo bill at once,
but said there wore a numbor of porsoiiH
living in New York wbo object to the
nanmB of several of tbo incorporators of
the bill.
"Tho people of tho entire Siato are in
terested in the Fair," said he, "mid
should havo a representation among the
" I am in favor of going through the
State, selecting prominent mou and add
ing their names to tho list.
Tho names now on tho bill wcro pre
sented only for tbo considnration of tbo
Legislature which lias the power to
ohange thorn in any way and to add to or
docreaso their unmber."
From other bfcurces it was learned tbnt
the number; of Commisnionera will bo in
creased to 125, but wbo tho new members
will be has not yet bcon decided.
Tho Editor of the Paris " Potlt Jour
nal" Delighted with It.
Pants, Jab. 20. After my interview with
the editor of tbe I'rlil Journal in relation to
Miss lily's successful trip around tho world
M. Gifford took tbo opportunity to apeak in
high praise of The WonLD'a Bureau of Jus
tice. "It is a splendid ides," he said,
"and I would like to secure it for
France, for it Is an absolute necessity
in tbo interest of the poor and tho
bumble. The time will come when
the press mnst supplant In a great measure
the slowness of tho tribunal by rendering
speedy justice to the poor who cannot afford
to wait on the law's long delay. The press
can set many things right by publicity
which would otherwise never be repaired. "
A Son's Horrible Discovery.
IsracisL to Tim would. 1
Kisoston, Ont., Jan. 'JO. On tbe opening
in October last of (Jucen's Medical Collego
tberowata shortage of "subjeots" for the
dissecting-room. About tho stmo timo it
was telegraphed the local newspapers here
that ghouls had been at work in Tweed and
that the body of Stephen Johtipon had
been taken from tbe colli n and carried olf.
Mr. Johnson's son came bero Friday
and went to tho college accompanied by
several policemen. They were met by Sev
eral of tbe students, who vainly attempted
to bar their way. The officers searched the
cellar. In the darkest corner of which they
came upon some boards, and lifting them
up a horrible sight met their gaze. There,
thrust Into a narrow pit. lay the mutilated
bodies of four men. toung Johusnii recog
nized one of tho oodles as that of his father.
The body was conveyed home to Tweed by
the son.
deorge Gould Buys a Trout Lake.
Kinostos, N, Y., Jan, 'id OeorgeGonld
has purchased of Thomat Cornell, of this
city, for 10,000 a magnificent ttretm of
water in the Cattkills known a Furlough
Lake. It 1 well stocked with trout and
delightfully situated. Mho site consists ot
about 600 acres, of which the lake oc
cupies thirty-five. For a number of season!
Jay Gould and tbe members of bis family
have visited the lake and spent several days
angling. George intends to erect a hand
some bummer residence for his family. The
lake is about seveu miles from tbe village of
Arkville. on tbe line at the Ulster and Dela
ware road, to which point he will havo a
food road constructed. A telegraph line
rom tbe residence to the village, to con
nect with the Western Union office. U also
spoken of.
m 9m
A Centenarian's Birthday.
Spabta, N, Y., Jan. ae. Tbe friends and
neighbors of Willis Clsrk ssstmbled yester
day to congratulate him on the one-hundredth
anniversary of hit birthday, Clark
came here eighty yeara ago and became a
wealthy farmer. lie wat widely known for
bit operr-htnded hospitality snd his house
was the scene of many a merry gathering.
In recent years, however, misfortune over,
took him and bis property gradually dwin
dled until last Hummer his old homestead
was seised by a heartless creditor. He list
since been provided for by friends of bis
former days. A happy feature of yetterdai '
celebration was the presentation to Mr,
Clark of a snbstantlal token of regard,
which will enable him to pats the remainder
ot hit life ip comfort.
Examining Dr. O'Rellly'e Accounts. ;
LtxcoLK, Neb., Jan. S0.-Pretldent Fitz
gerald and Secretary Button, of the Irish
National League of America, left to-day for
Detroit, Mich., to attend the tessiout of the
Auditing Committee, which is to examine
and report ou the financial affairs of the
League from Its formation to the present
day. This Committee meet in Detroit on
Jan. SU, and it sessions will be open to tbe
public. Ihe Committee is composed ot the
following men: John J. O'Connor. Elniira.
N. Y. ; it. l Cutbing. Mavor of Omaha;
O'Brien, J. Atkinson. Port Huron. Mich. :
f'hlliD MeCabe, Ht. Louis; Judge James W.
itxgeratd. Kansas: Thomas Tneb. Detroit;
VlUlamJ. aiesson.tlaveltnJ: John Hearu,
auebcciFelix Carbrac, Quebec, snd Martin
attle, Ottawa.
Mayor Coapln Appoints II im Police
Other Iiiiportnnt Appointments by
tlio Brooklyn executive.
Mayor Clmpln, of UiooUjn, Out motu
ing uiado Hid lollowiuix appointments;
dipt. Hknhy H. Hamif.n, Pollco Com.
missioucr in placo of James 1). Hull.
John (limns, reappointed Health Com.
Joiim liNMs, renppolnlod Tiro Coinmis.
John C. McQuirf, renpiioiutod Keg
Ister. Jahpcb Mmiritv, npiioiiitoci uiombor of
tbo Hoard of Education, lu place of John
11 Fry.
Joitv KnitiEUtN aud John V. Cauill
reappointed I'.icIbo Commissioners.
Deputy liaan Says Tammany Will
Keep Us Word.
Street Commissioner Loomis still ad
heres to his original proposition that thn
contract system must be re-CBtablished if
tho streets aro to bo properly cleaned.
Tho Central Lnbor Union bai taken
issue with tho now Commissioner on this
proposition and havo requested him to
continue cleimlup; tho streets by day labor
uiid to employ ouly citizens ou tbo work.
When this nctlou oi iho labor orcauiza.
IIoiih wnv brought to tho attention of
Commissioner Loom.li to-day, ho re
marked: "This is nil vory well, but It doesn't
appear that tho Coulrul Labor Union bos'
mado nny provision for furnishiuc mo
wtli the extra aiuuunt of money I Hhould
require to do tbo work as they would liko
to hat o it done. "
Tho C'oiiimiHriloncr has introduced iho
European system of cleaiilii;,' on the
aphalt patement of Chambers Mreet and
ou Park avenue between '1 hlrty-fourth
and Fortieth streets. M"ii aro con
stantly at work ou thouo streets Catherine
thti dirt as fakt as it accuuulates.
Tbe owners of propel ty ou that portion
of Madisau aeuua which in similarly
paved have adopUd the tamo Hjbtom,
and tho result ix tbat tho asphalt paved
streets are kept vcrv clean.
Deputy Commissioner Hagau was on
duty bright and early this morning.
Ilo scouted tbo idea tbat bn bad been
placed in that portion simply to look
fifttr tho political interests oi Tammany
Hall in tbo matter ot appointments in the
Department, and said:
"Tammany Hull lias a great issue to
moot in this matter of streot-cloauini;
and it isn't going to jcopardizo it for a
small mattorof patronage. It lias under
taken to gito the illy cleau streets, and
that is all it is intent ou doing in this
Department now."
Tho Deputy Commissioner stated that a
mcctiui: of the heads of departments in
terested iu the cleaning of the tdreeta
Commissioners Loomis and Qilroy, Prosi.
dent MacLtau, of tbo Police Hoard, aud
1'reHidcnt Wilson, of the Hoard of Health
will bo held probably to-morrow, to
formulato n plan of campaign against vio.
lulors of ordinances, with a view to nuk
ing tbe work of tbe Street Cleaning De
partment less onerous.
Ninth Annual Dinner of the Depart
ment to Be Given This Evening.
Invitations to the ninth annual dinner to
bo given by the Bnpcrliitendciit, inspectors
and captains of police at Delmonico's to
night havo been limited in number, to that
tho iiuoimnlence of overcrowding will be
Among the speakers will bo Dr. Channcey
M. Depew. W. llourke Cockrau, Judge
llarrett and District. Attorney Fellow.
Mayor Giant rtill preside, and among tho
guests will he ollector Lrhardt, Corpora,
tiou Counsel Clark, Commissioner (,'rolu-r,
KlbridgoT. Oerry, Ellhiilloot. Chief t'ami
bell, of llrookliii ; Chief Murphy, of Jer
sey Clly ; Col. llaiii, ot the L road ; Ed
ward K. rltokes. John H. Htarin, Herman
Oelrichs aud Commodore Allei.
Capt. Mcl'dvafno, Is the "tictlm' this
year, it bung his luck to be detailed for
duty at Police Headquarters.
Uncle Sam's Works at Portsmouth
Feeding; a Blaze,
PoBTsaoDTH, N. II,, Jan, 27, A destruc
tive tiro is in progress at tbe Navy Yard,
across the river.
It cannot be seen bero on account of a
heavy snowstorm.
The Engineer of the Portsmouth Firo Be.
partment statos that the sawmill and iron
plauing shop at the yard were on fire when
, aid was summoned from here.
Nothing further ba been learned.
m m
Lester B. Faulkner Dead.
sraciAL to tui; ivsmsa wobld.)
Cansibaoa, N. V Jan. 27. Gen.
Lester II. Faulkner died at 8.30 o'clock
this morning. The funeral will take
place at DansviUe ou Thursday.
To Go tbe Eiffel 200 Better.
Cuicaoo, Jan. 87, Tbe lisle Elevator
Couiiaar.of Chicago. is preparing estinitti
for au elevator to lie used in the construc
tion of a towir in London, Knglaiid, to be
:;oo feet higher than the Uifltl lower.
Led Lady Franklin's Expedition.
IsrrriAL t tub svtsisi wosim )
WlxMrzo, Jau. 27. Capt. William Ken.
nedy, who died at Hi. Andrews, Mass., Hat
unlay, waa commander of the expedition
rated out in IHM by Ladr franklin to go
in search of Bir Johu franklin, in the Arctic
Throe Killed by a Bnowslide.
srsruL to tbe Bvxvno vobld. I
DowsikViLLZ. Cab, Jan. '", A woman,
child and Chinaman were killed by a suow
slido near here jrMtcrday,
Tbe Colored Champion Pugilist Ar
rives on the Adriatic.
Snys Ilo Won't Klglit Sullivan Under
London Prlrc King Union.
The Whlto filar liner ilriiilic arrived nt
lior pier at the foot of Cbr ttopber Mreet,
North Khcr, shortly before 10 o'clock
this morning.
Conspicuous aiiioug her passengers
lowered tbo (all, athletic form ot Petor
Inokson, tbo colored Australian heiwy.
wolglit clminplnii. Ho was surrounded
l Ills ft lends and lio Kenned to bo iu the
best of humor nud sp r.ts.
An 1'tt.NiMi WonLii irporlor greeted j
III in almost before tho gangway had been
laid, aud l'olcr expressed himself asj
pleased to return to this country.
Ilo wiih dieted tu a clove- fitting suit of
Scotch tweed that showed off his athletic
llgitro to perfection. Patcut loather
shoes, a square crown English dorby aud
a rough pra jacket completed his attire.
Ho looked rcmnrkably well, and in
reply to a (picstiou Bald that although Iho
weather was very lough comlug across,
he nc.ir felt bettor in his lite.
" 1 Hiippose you've, heard all about Kill,
llvnu'rt doclluiug 1lin offer of tbe Call,
fnriiia Athclic Club to fight ton tor a
purso of 15,0o0?" nuked tho reporter.
"Yes. but tbnt does not worry me,"
lie modoitly replied. " I havo not
challenged Sullivan."
" Why r"' Legr.ii tho reporter,
"You understand I have a contract
with the Club," ho went on, iiulrkly,
" that require me to meet n'l comers.
Any urraugctuotit tho Club may make
suits me."
"You aro wiling to rslso the stakes?"
inquired the reporter.
" It makesuo difference to mo," Jack
sou ropliod. "I am willing to go ns
high us Htillivau. so fur as I am con.
cerued. I urn perfectly willing to meet
him iu it tlulsli tight, tho gloves tu bo
mutually agreed upon, before tho Cali
fornia Athletic Club for a purso of 15.WJ0
or more, 'lhat is mv position. Hut I
v.-lll not fight uudur Loudon prize.riug
" Why not ?" queried the reporter.
"Woll," he raid grimly, "I Wouldn't
csro to bo dragged to Mississippi, aud I
ulnn.vH steer oh clear of policemen as
poRRiblu. Whutover tho Club sjys Bulls
Jaokson was met by a delegation from
the Unlquo Club, a prominent colored
organization in tills city, wbo welcomed
him in warm stylo.
He was accompanied by "Parson"
Davies, his backer, who met him at Qunr
nutlno; Ham Fitzpatrick, bis trainer, uud
William Nnughton.
lle.wus very popular on tho trip over,
and tho passengers took n wonderful
lik'np to tho colored chainp'on.
This morning they drew up the follow
ing testimonial and presented it to him.'
Nzw Vouk IUnnou, Jan. 20, 1H00,
iVI.r Jarkaun, tI '
Ye, the undersigned, cabin passengers
per steamship Adriatic, from Liver
pool to Now York, desire, at the
termination of the trip, to convey
to sou our thorough appreciation of
jour modest, gentlemanly deportment while
crossing tho Atliut'o in our company. We
heg to assure you of nuresrnest wishes for
onr future success in your profession, aud
no have evoryionlidence that your uniform
ennrtesy and modest bcarinr will be at all
times b pataport for you into tho society of
gentlemen. .
Wo, tho undersigned, cabin passengers,
bave great pieasiuein presenting to jou this
slight testimonial of our appreciation:
I), It. Haxton, 1'. K. Lamalior. CoLUeorce
II. Coiuy, William It. Davidson. II. it. Will
lams. W. H. Miarles. Capt. Welsh" Ilegi.
merit: A.P. Hhleld, P.W. Dullard. J. Craig,
jr. : Col. A. 11. i.lncleiuaii. . lames H. Itnhertsou.
II. L t lifford Kemp, Vie I W, lliick, B.
itnraee hempner, M. D. ; C. P. Williams,
(lodolphiu liteislen. W. A. Cleaver, Aleck
H. litlf. I. U. llree. Charles Petersen. (I. W.
Denny. It. M. Whitney. Dr. James Hewitt,
J. White, 1). W. Way, John It. Palmer, F.
Denuisoii, (Hll Itobiusoii and James lilac! ,
Jackson was almost overcome by this
kindness, aud could only murmur his
thanks. Accompanied by his friends lib
took a catrisge for the American House,
corner of Thirteenth street and Fourth
avenue, where he will stay while in the
'ibis afternoon Jackson will bo tendered
a reception at the I'otiet Qaieile office aud
will then leave for n Brooklyn theatre,
where he will spar with Jack Ashton to.
(In Wednesday night ho will bo ten.
dcied n testimonial in Boston, appearing
at tbe Slublc Hall w Ith Athlon.
Ladies Who Lost Valuable Wraps
and Qoms at tbe Old Guard's Ball.
There are many ladies in this city who
still monni the loss of sealskin wraths, lace
handkerchiefs, diamond and other articles
of adornment at the Old Uuard's hall. The
bulletin board at the armory at Fourteenth
street and Vifth avenue is plastered all ovir
with notices of articles lost, stolen or takeu
by mistake at the ball.
Head Usher ('. B. Melgs't men were
greatly crowded and overworked in waiting
upou tbe ladies at the cloak-room when
the ball was over, and one Iir;e, strung,
minded woman crowdu 1 her way In and
began overhauling the artirlea that had
been placed on the floor because the pigeon,
holes were all tilled
Her action was the signal for a general
onslaught. The ladles rubrdluandiii the
frantic grab lor n raps several ladies fainted.
The employees lost iheirhraits, and the ie
suit was a miie, I up mass of garments be
longing to everybody in general aud uobod)
lu particular.
Koine of the losses are of valuable art.cles,
Mr. Ueii, of West Fort .eighth street, lot a
csshuieru eloak Until wire pink lur. ('.('.
I'hlllipi. of .10 W'e.t Flltr-eiulith street.
lost a gold halt piu set with diamond. A
luce mu.witb Urge pear! surrounded b dii-
moods set III the centre, was lost by Mrs. I
II. I. lloemer.oCMi Wt-t 'llt)-rir.l street,
and Mr.. Walter Dkiiuisou, nf ,14 West
hrventy-ccond stieet, lost a bracelet set
with diamonds, iulie-andsapuhires. I
The wife of Joseph Torre one of the Old
(luard members, mourns the disapptaramv
of a ttiuu sealskin tscque. Mrs. John bun.
ham. of 100 Wet hereuti.eiiihih
street, lost a ilncuess Isce hsudkrr
chief; Miss Ik-ue. two Isce scarfs;
Miss vveldon, uf 17 port Orieie
place, a lar pin of tvtilrd gnM, set vt,th
me diamonds, and Miss rip uiiiiik a valuable .
star Mime stoue. , '
ronio of the missing -tic!rs haw Urn
found, aud a vigorous search is iu progress
for the others.
Gibbens's Bubwuy Successor. ' ,
Asuc-essor to Daniel L. Oibbeut as Sub.
war CommUalouer, His reported, hss been
determined ou, and tbe polit.csl prophets ,
assert that he will be tPPoiutedbyOov. Hilt
within a day or two. He is said to he a
physician an J practical eleetrunan of this I
eit. aud, abor U, is retorted to bave a I
ui cure for sulwsj eaplosions. 1
staggering' into iiahbor.
Terrible Experience of the Steamship
Other Ships Much Dmiiiiged The
Krln Now fJlten Up.
Haltered and ceirrt'd, her funnel in.
crusted with lust nud brine, the steam,
ship Adriatic, uf thn Wbito Star llun,
stnggeied up to her pier at tho foot of
Christopher street this morning, aa though
badly wctniiled.
Her passengers looked nearly as bad
as tho steamship, mid nppinreil to bo
very glad when tbo gnugpliuk was
si retched from thu pier to the mil.
I Tho Adriatic lett LJiieeiislovviiJi.il. 10.
l'loni the Bt.itt sbo encountered severe
gales and bend so,iH, but nothing Keiioiis
occurred until r-nturduy, the Ihgi. '1 Ik ii
a hurrirniin struck thu vessel, and hun
dreds of tons of watfr poured over her
ducks from how to Nti'iu.
Loot.0 gratings, blocks i,ml lifebuoys
were wnshed away by thu whirling waves.
All tho pssihligers wcro locked up down
I. clow to avoid being swept overboard.
'ilio vrsMd bibnved nobly through this
rough experience, nud tame out right side
up. r.vor.vthiui; then went well until
tho 'llumdav following, when the ship
run iuto another lerrdlu grdo. Tho tctn.
penvturo dropped suddenly In 17 degrees, I
and wherever water struck the vctaul It
stuck fuvt 111 tbo shii n of Ice.
A huge wave boarded Iho ship early
Thursday morning. It knocked rieoud
Ufllcor Cavau clear oil bit Icet uud left
him groaning with pain on a Ik np of iron
chains. Ills nnklo was liadly wrenched.
'I he wave pnscd alt nud ivrashod Into
the wheel-homo, whero tho sliip'tt iur
penter wns reuniting the steering gear.
It tumbled bun ninutid III lively stylo
ami finally lett him with n sprained bncg
and unUle.
'iho officers uud crew wero just con
gratulating thcmsolvcN that the wave did
no serious damage when another
sea. larger oven tlinii the first,
curled over tbo bow nud went
sweeping aft (Juatteruiastor Cnliiiu,
aud Heameu Cocking. Clucnv aud Allen i
could not iscaiH! it in timo nud wcro
nearly swept overboard. l'bey were
throw u heavily ugalust the Iron rail, aud
all were moro or less badly bruised.
llnyoi, another seaman, was frostbittou
Iu tho inteuse cold.
Everything bccttiuo coated with iro to
tho depth of sii Inches uud more and the
ship was hard to bundle. To mako mut
ters worse a lsrgo field of floating iro was
eucouutorid, and It was five hours boforo
the steamer finally cleared it.
No serious damnge was dono to the
ship, and the Injured men were fortuualo
to escape only with sprains.
Among other steamships that arrived
this morning Were tho Full of Inwreuail,
Capulet, Trinidad nud Foraterrv. All
bring tales of fearful suffering at sen.
'I he Cambria, which arrived yesterday,
struck tbo same hurricane repotted by
the Adriatic. Hlio lost the port lifeboats.
Her after bouse and kj lights were
smashed, and conaidorablo idber datuago
was done to ber, Capt. Kabliuau was
also iujurod in the right leg.
Thu Uermau steamship Sorrento also
hnd two lifeboats smashed.
Tbo Hir William Armstrong, reported
lost, arrived yesterday. Jau. 4 she en.
oauutored a hurricane, tbat svept awav
two lifeboats, bulwarks, bridge gic and
cabin-deck house.
The Moravia aud thn Colorado, also re
ported terrible weather aud boiuo slight
Nothing has been boon or beard of tl e
Erin by auy of these vessels. At the
Company's orllco no uows had becu re.
eeived, and it looks as though thero could
now be no doubt about bor loss.
Thirty Hen Drowned in a Wreck at
Lo.siKiM, Jan. '.'7. Tho Loch Moidaut bis
been wrecked at CalUnd7Cog.
Thirty of her crew were .Ii owned.
A Crazy Countess's Freak.
Int'NLtP cauls, xrws srrrui. I
Vienna, Jsii. ','7. -'Ibe Countess Hsrolts.
a member of the ancintne uilArtn, aud a
prominent figure iu court circles, who
caused a teinatloi not Inngajohy wooing
a pretty girl, the daughter of a citiep. and
going through tbe form of marriage with
her while dill ulsed as a nun, liss been con
signed by ber relatives to a lunatic asluni.
They have also written to the Pope,
i begging that he will grant au absolution,
! and not allow the blot to remain ou thu
family escut Jieou.
Baron Kaas Badly Hurt.
Vienna, Jsn. 'it. -Ilsrin Ivor Kaas. a
member of the Hungarian Parliament lrom
1'esth and a Uaderof thu .Modi rile Opposi.
tlon, fell in the street to-dai, producing con.
cussiou of the brain, ilo now lies in a
critical condition.
llaron haas is sii em Uf nt writer on rr-li-.
tics, and is highly esteemed by thelm-j
pcror, I
The Dockers' President Arrested.
lov risiiTnisi i-arssssws sso utiom.
Immi, Jan. V7 lorn Jlann, PresuUnt
of the Dixkers'l'niou, was rrretted to-Usy
at lis) a whsrf, tn the chat. c of dunrdtr
conduct. His tilsl is set for to-morrow.
The Couple round Nocrly Aopbyx-1
iated in a Filtoenth H'.re3t Flrtt.
lountr ( harles Harlo ai d Ada Ilsrno:i.
thepielty oug woman, who vine found
overcome l gas m the list at I I- West
1'ift.ctitii street were th.s inoruin. reported
as recovering
Ihe phrsieiaua at tbo Sew ork llrupital
ssv that the louple have mnvered con
sciousness, but thai, likeslltstieutsof the
ort. are unable to tell how il happened.
Ilsrlei is euiploved b) a rlori.ton llroad
way. At 10 JO o'clock vesitrday immune
the housekeeper at lti'J West I'lfttvulh
street sreuted e caping gas.
'Ibe leakage wss trai'v 1 to the first list and
the door was forctd. Hsrley and the jouug
wumau were found iu an uiuouseiou con.
ditiou. Both weie lakelt to Ihe New or
liospitat. ...
Tho other lemuls tu tbe bouse know very
little of the woman aud ssv that Ihe tirst
list was teuantid by Mrs. Hsrley. Her hus
i Uud, tho tt) , was a straugcr to uicu. i
Conference Between Postmaster Yan
Colt and Mgli U, S. Officials.
lokyll nud Hyde Kxttlcnco of tho
DcfittitttuK Cashier.
Tlio PosLOnice nulhnrlllesare sllll In a
Mnto of ueivous pxi'itoinent oier tho de.
fii'cnlion of Ocorgo It. Loiiusbory, the
late cashier.
Tin ro was a long conference this morn
lug between Postmaster Vau Cott, In
spector Whcolor, Acting Caililer Wood,
Commissioner Shields and Assistant Dis.
i trict-Attoruov ltnse.
'I ho Postmaster ilerllnod to fay after
i wnrdH vvl at discoveries hid leru mndo In
tho courso of'thc iiivesllgntiuu, nlthough
i lm iidiiilttcd that tlio shortage waa larger
I thati ho hod at lint been led to believe.
1'ioni ollior sources it wat learned that
tho inventory of nil thn pestngo stamps in
thn ofllco lial been completed and that it
fbowed that stamps totlio vahioof sjtS.&Oi
vvoio miislng, which, together with tbo
rash dellcil, will bring tho total amount
of Lomisherv's stealings to 1; 47.C90.
lu addition to this Iho hum of (500,
which has been contributed to tho Pear-
son Monument Fund, of which Lotins
bcrv wbh tbsciistodiau. ismiss'ng.
Postmaster Van Cott cxpocla to com.
ptclo his investigation to-t!ay. when he
Fftvu lie will prepare n statement showing
thn niiiount of tbu defalcation to a penny.
Thoro 1ms been some talk of the bonds,
men resisting thn i uyment nf thn claim
which Poatmaalor Vnn Cott has against
ibeiii. but this Idea is ridiculed by tho
lW.Ofllro authorities.
Thev saj Hint tbo bond was a special
Ironclad obligation, which Postmaster
Van Cott compelled bis cashier, inslsjiuit
cashier and thn cashier of the uiouov
order department to givo when lin took
the oflice. Thero Is no cbauco that they
ci'li rHcnpn.
Tim ensbior's safe, which was sealed lip
last Friday, lints not been opened since.
i It was thoroughly ransacked at that timo
nud evcrv nook, crauny aud compartment
was emptied
A Istnnt Postmaster Morgan uvid this
morning that thn Inner compartment, in
which tho friends of Louuslery havens,
sertrd n large Kumoftuounv aud valtiablos
would lm found when opened, was ac.
jluallr open when tbo safe was first
All tbnt it contained was n fow New
Year's curds. There wa not n cout of
inonov in It. A box containing some
lowelry bclongiug to his first wife, which
I.oiuisbery kept thero. bad been removed
by him the night previous, when he left
tbe ofllOH for tbe last timo.
This explodos tbe .tan ejlui story which
has been in circulation ever since the
suicide of Lottusberv.
What Lounsborv did with tho money is
as much n lujstery us ever. And it is sug
gested by those who know something of
his habits of recent date tbat he bad for
a considerable tfron nstt, been leading a
sort of Jeky'.l and Hvdt existence and
that if the real facta could lie ascertained
they vvunld make n thrilliug romance.
It is still claimed by tho Post-Ofilco
authorities that they do not cuspect any
ono in the oftko of implication in I.ouus.
bery's criiuu, but they believe thst ho bad
ontslde accomplices. Chief Inspector
Wheeler is ou the alert, and is said to be
working up several c'ues.
Lots or Candidates for the Yacant
City Conrt Judgeship.
Tho desth of Jiidge William F. Pitsltke,
ot the City Court, which ocenrrod at Heidel
berg, Germany. Hatnrday night, ends the
complicatiom over tho succei!ou to his
placo ou tho bench and terminates tbo pro
ceedings for his removal pending iu the
'1 ho contest for bis place, which began
when (lov. Hill recomniende 1 Jndge
1'itshl.e'a removal, has uow I ocoinil lively.
Anion.' the uisny camlidsle in tl.ornlj
foi the place sie: HicLard M. Ifdiry, nf
tho Ills vriith District: ix.Aliterninu James
M. riutimoiis, of tlio Lioh'oeiitli Districl:
John P. Prliiichuiau. uf Ibe Fourteenth
illirtuct: i . Collector of Internal I'evenue
. I.ionard A, (liegerirh, who had frnui the
iwiltth Ili.trlcl. and ex-Judge Leu C. Pes.
sar, nf iho Mneteeiith.
I 'I here aro eve isl isvlitical elements wliich
will enter into the selection of Judge Pilsli.
ke's successor. .
In the first place, the position will le
claimed as Iclonglug to the l)rrni4i',a the
,li nl Imlgi the candldste of the tier-
111 n Deiuncrscr.
11 i c'aimi.l tlist if flov. HU reeogiiles
this o aim thst Leonard A. O'cgerich has
the bet chance for appointment,
tin the oilier I and it is urged that since
Judge Browne resigned tnbeeome attorney
for Ihe I'xii'u Hoard, there has bei n no
risb-Mnericaii Judge on tlio City Court
leneli, and that, for ibst mo e-v-Alder-1
man I itsir,iiu lead in the rac.
'the cv-Mderiiisu is also sal I o have the
isiweri ul harking of t lupiberlam CroUer.
(mv. MillV spiiniiitee will.it on the I curb
until Jan. I. thin, only, as an ejection In
till the uuex'i.r 1 term will l held utfe No
vember. Uutuhm is lio.uoo.
Tho Potftmabter-Oenoral Has Serious
Thoughts of Donnlns a Toj?a.
ifrrrisi io jsi; rvniimwn i
Pitti Auvirrn. Jar.. '.T. lterard.na Mr.
Yis'isniakers lepotted ai)iralinii to a
illiltel hlatis htnatortbip, a city olr'eial.
who is probab lusclojcst political friend,
taut t Philadelphia Tiinen reporter ye.
I lerda) tin., t re wis no doubt t'io Post.
iuaitor-Oi '' had thought seiiously of
lheucce' . ,
At the- i time le dlj not lc.it ve he1
mouM.icUii . a taudldate st tlu liui".
but .voiild hull Ills tune, although it is prob
able mat iu Ue near futuie his fiieuds
no lid uiskt their induence felt.
He furtUr tlioni'lit that lts uulikel)
tint )'r. Waiisuisker in any nent vtocld he
a candidate in the gem rat cc pulton of the i
it no, n lm ..oii.nirrs that thootbcois one
that should eniiie to a man as a high honor,
aud not bo obtained by the usual political
Mi. Wausiuaker himself satdio the same
rtiHjrteri "1 do not talk politics ou bun.
Mayor Kitler Is also a randhlste. and has
no dclicscy about using Ihe ordinary politi
cal methods mentioned by Mr. Wans,
ma ker' friend to secure hi election to the
Polled Htates Hi lisle. He Is a man of large
lower and great wealth.
lire jat'sut Ultv itu tl-csl. AU PjswU. ',
a O'clock. m
Bnr!ar Hlskell Is Custody for E1U M
H Policeman BnrnhaaL ' jfl
Hun Dorvn by Detectives forssMnrsi JH
ilcr Coniinltted in 1881. 'WM
Thomas Miskell, an ex-convlct sad' i9
burglar, for whom the detectives bar 'WrM
been scouring the land eight lonjf years, Sfl
is locked up at Police Uoadquarters 4 iH
last. jy
lie is charged with having hodahas4 'jiM
in tho murder of Policeman Burnh&ffl 14 SH
Lanaingburg. N. Y., in 1881. 'H
Miskell was one of the gang who WJ lH
surprised cracking a safe in tbat town by H
a policeman. In tho fight tbat etuund 3
Huruham was shot dead. H
Nothing was known of tho trogody until '4sl
tho noxt morning, when Ibe polictmaa'a
oorpso was found in the alley. By thai, fl
timo tho gang waa many mile away. ' lH
Miskell, Kit Carson and Tim Connors -JH
all well.kuown New York thieve, formed
a partnership for out-of-town operations JsH
about the time of tbe appearance of In- fl
spoctor Hyrnes on the scene at chief ot r 'H
tho detective force and his breaking np 'Jl
of the baud that robbed the Manhattan isl
Bank was scattering: consternation amone . HI
the " orooks " iu tho city. The trio H
robbed tho safo of tho Walter A. 'Wood, H
Mowing-Machine Company In Troy and ,H
foil into tho hands of the police up ther. 1
Miskell and Carson were sent to GM&lt -Cfl
Prison for five yean, but got out in 1881- "Jw
and immediately went to work again at -jB
their old trade, rH
Connors having; disappeared. ,tha 3M
formed a now copartnership with. " Al "dH
bany Mickey" and John Bweeney, hot 43
thieve of their own calibre, id uader SJU
took tho Lansingburg Job. Bweeney was) M
on gnard.Qutauio wbiba.tha others. WW ;
breaking up the safe, and he ran Bwa .J)H
before the battle with the pcdlcnwilW '. rS
began. "H
Offlcor Dumbam had heard hil wa?&iB0 .-';;
whistle, and went through aa allay tsr
catch the thieve in tbe rear. HalWMl M
found in the alley tbe next morning: i l 73H
a pistol bullet in his heart, !
The gang was next heard of breaking t .'.'
safo in Jackson, Mich. They made a big 7
haul, but were arrested after a whiU ana M
sent to prison for seven years. Bweeney,.'!
wbo wore the stnpea under the bisk of ;
hevmour, fell rery HI. and on hit deataaJ viU
bed confessed the murder. A Troy po,: !
liceman was sent for, to whom he re JH
Iieated his confession in detail, n"!")! ?H
lis fellow-conspirators before be died. 'i-jfl
" Albany Mickey " dented the truth cfi (M
tbe storr. When he wm released he was -mU
arreated again and taken to Troy, where) al
he now is awaiting: trial. . :M
Kvery effort had been mode during all 'fll
tbia time by Inspector Hyrnes' men and JH
detectives all over tbe country to And.
Carson and Miskell. As long as they wtro WLw
at large it wss morally certain that they JIH
would turn up, committing some equally vlM
desperate crime. H
The search was unsuccessful until a Mai
few day ago, when Detectives Adam S
and Yallely heard that Miskell was back
iu New York. They set a trap lor htm
aud caught bim Saturday night on Ninth
nvmue. The burglar made a flght for it, H
but was earllv overawed. - lH
To-day Miskell will be sent to I -'i'jfl
slngburc to stand trial for murder with iXH
"Albany Mlokny." What has become 31
of the fourth member of their gong. Kit jS9
Carson, the police profess not to know. sfl
To Be Sent to an Asylum and Ko4 JH
Tried for Attempted Murder. $
PiiiLAUELruu, Jap. ST. "I am very MiLW
sorry that I did not kill Bishop Whltakatt. uSLfl
j I intend to finish him a soon a I get ths jaMej
chance." JSi
Uuch were thU morning's words of DavM ill
' Alexander, who, last night, at St, John" P, . j-
! K. Church, fired at tbe prelate whoa he) ?.B
named. H
I Alexander was seen In hi cell at tat 'JH
8 venth Precinct Htation.llouse. 4aH
Nolhiug bnt bad aim saved tbe life ac ':eH
, Iho lll'liop last evening. 'VM
Alexander bred upon bim at the eoDchts 7H
1 siou of tbe Psalter, in tbe confirmation sarw -lH
I 1 be prisoner was not given a bearing thl i SjU
morning upon the charge ot attempted. VH
The church people are ssllsBed that he Xfl
was insano and will allow hi relative ta IsfH
ihs pose nf him bs tboy diem prorxr. mU
He will be sent to the horrUtoau Intaaa SH
'' Alexainlerkas ennfessed that ba had alto 'wLU
planned to sssAS-tu'. Itev. Dr. M. p. lies JkU
Uounell, who p-ie in favor of hlsb licensa 4H
the Acsilsmrof Music during thn ProhU CH
bllion cainpalgu. 2H
'1 be young man is perfectly rational on all
sublects but religion and temperance, hi 'flH
iu.aue views mi the latUr Question leading jJH
to bis attempt on bishop Wbitsker's (it. fclfl
Though No Ona Knows If Bis Was -fl
Accidental Death or Suicide. wU
Icrirui. vo van xvsMim wnai.1 I nl
, I'liiLiiitLfiiu. Jau. '.'T.-Th river har H
iuggitrnnp its ttead after forty-sit days, V
tho imsteryof Hanker JoepbCl. Hltman't JM
ilisappearnuee I" solved, though just how IffM
ihecsmuto hi death, wuether by accident -nlH
or suicide, will probably never Is-' known, MbI
'iho Cm o.ur's Jury, geniuir toi.itbrr at laH
noon to-ils), envcicd to rind no yv.denca vm
orroiilplsi, ...... H
'Ibe lo.iy mss found uuder the Penutvk 3sH
vanU llailriad bridge two lullcsbrli. wher wU
Mr. IHtmaii is suppo.ed to lis. u Ixtu 9H
drowned. It " tld vuvelojy.1 iu the Inert H
Ini-iriiiiiisel driving cost All the inlrfc 'iIbS
vsliialde". weie intact and tbe Uxiy bs woj, H
dtrl'dly uellprtserved. aflsH
'IIhic wasatbrce-proiiBed wori.il In th lH
crown of ttiy besd, which bm ii 'ured tka H
skull, aud which caused the drowiie t tuauw il
relatf res to loiileclilie 'hat the but oiu of a H
la-aiiig canal-Uat bad tansht him aud W-W
dragged 1dm down be'ow the hvl. sod Wmmkt
that the Usly, freed there, bad mma t Ikkm
near tbe daui ever since. 3H
After thsluqu.es!. the family bavearraugtdl .H
that lucre shall be no funeial. mule or H
private, 'lb body U1 simply l-lak.et fria H
tbe charge of the Coroner ?UU tu :H
ituitti) burled. ;H

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