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iIHWmB ,' ' HnlfUatoa Mondny and Sntnrdnys forK5 THJL? WORLD: THURSDAY EVENING, JULV 3, 1896. .St''P" nnd "Situation' " Wants In tho World.
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bbIbsB ' Ml ,
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B W SB' i (iiidoiln rvjtr)t
HbV J" 9V rEU TSAIt-..... - 13.40
HbWM ?f SHB . '
H' f E I VOI. Sl.v .....sNO. 10,044
BS ' 1 butlstitiftit-oaettwYekaKa4
Ba .'' j t " tttmmtttn.
mm ' j j ; . . i
BBK , I WOULD UPIOffW OmCK-1207 Beoanwir,
HBBB )j , . between 3tt sod 3Sd st., Ksw Tors.
BBSS - i , ' nr.ooxixn-tw rcvnw Br. darlim-
BBBB Xews Dersrtment, ISO Eur 12ors rx.i
BBBB . I AdnrtiBtatatS37XinllATaT.
BBJB. til miLADKLpnix, pa.-lo munk
BBBk'f 'I 112 Bora Ota R. WABiniIOION-010
BBBB; ( ; f 14nr rt.
BBBK 1 j r wxDoiornux-33 0ooToT..TmAu.
BvJB I 1 " sqtuans.
VAwK Th)eertainthingiwnlcliHisgood
LHPHj ' ' ' I lo jotj the memcy about frequently. Tbo
IBK ) I f flj American temperament i particular for-
BBp ! i W getf ul of those things which are out of
Bf, : 1Mb fight. The reason if that fo much it re
BmBhI 1H flecUd In the cUlIy mirrors of the press to
IBB tl engross the attention and enerer of the
HHH i ' J people that It baa no time) to recall thine
HH j m which ere not spoken about., ,
B I ),B TheehHdrensvnd'lnisniefntheeTttwdea'
HB ' ii'l tenements .and'alnmiBr by.ways of thif
BBI i 9 Eret town continue. They are sot a
BK i W mere ootbrealu)! a part of Summer. On
B&yBl ; ' i' vrouUnothavetoeeektofindonanyday
BBV : Ijl in themonths of Jane, July, August end
BhBBV 1 f R September UtUa one terninciwith pain
IbHW i HIV on "18 oot"
BBBrr' WM' For thU reason Is lt right and Just to
! r I recall ronstantly to the readers of Tns
KM Evxxnro Wosxn the neids of 'these poor
kH sufferers?, Do not forget them, gentle
1KB folk, Irat help on tie cause by jour con.
IQ tribntions.
B mm the rousTK or jult,
bTbB Wlm Tta ra4I'f THsErsarrao 'Wosxn
BBaB 'AH will find their fajorite ahWt In a paWotlo
B: jBI, Earbtoay. Colum6ta'i fair colors the
BTfl ' V " Iled.-Whlte and Bine," flash proudly
B ; mSm , from .the printed paces of this Fourth of
BWgl ' fil ' July paper. It Is our celebration of the
BBJ 1 r :BBr ct National Hotldsy. i
BBS' 'Mwm UnfortanaJely the Fourth. erf July, as a
HB BB ,. calendaray. is now a'sonrce) of Joy only.
HH H f ur ln Teryouac American. The prin-
BBB ' vflBf clples commemorated by the holiday are
bBBBv i'''Bb. as dear as eTer to the trae American. But
BBB -: "'sBb' the day itself is one rn which people fly
bTsB'I ' HavB to thtKra flelds and coot shores to
iBBM f iiP9 escape the" beat and tbe'maddeninB re.
HH 4 , .') jH Port ot tb9 cracker and torpedo.
BbMiI fiiB Theso-theyettnaer themselTes to
BBaK vf iiiifsl twenty-fOTir -hours' hibernation worried
BTsBrir iff B only by the tho'uBhtthat their hometmsy
bYbBm ) VrB hlarinsrsorrily throuch some Iodce.
BBsf 1 1 K' m mint in them of the emtio firework.
bbbT-i :'f rn But lt ' Katlo'&,.a Da7 nd u u
BVBcf S! I 1' ereat.
fl i III '
BBH ill' Sl OTer one thonsand cabin passencera
BmBm. ' l f aUM' wiled in yesterday'socean liners. The-
bTbH I :WB' immense number of Americans who c
BMl"itVTi' abroad eTery year is an indication of the
BVeB V';-IM13(?Bb5 ucreased,waith and creater cuUiTStion
bTbB 'S1 Wi ' of Americans. Trarel is one Of the beat
B vlx.Jsjf f meana,in the" world for broademnc char-
J' . 3 iff- acter and smoothing off personal aaperi-
, A JB5f tle rising from icnorance or insularity.
BsssBSBH A.w'JIr' It is.an ezpensiTe amnseent, and not
BBBIHfli all who would are able to permit them.
bTbB ftflS! aS-. ' f elreslhese leog trips, where -fatljrue Is
Basfl &f m reduced to that mlftj-mum by the luxurious
BTh IlhiW applianoee of -Mbdirn inTenUon. But it
BBaB JaffiB K th0? that it it increasing, and
BmbV' BBk speaks well for m as a nation.
SfW 4Bn' The starring clonkmiiers propose to
ill I . walk forthon to-morrow as a significant
r. II! ' n" f esturo of ,t& parade of independence
BB)j P S Daj'- TrdsVoold'bo a criaj commentary
BBB ;j Jil I on American Independence to see poor
Bmbh 1 111 Si creatures who cannot secure a wsgo which
BWaB i If ' 1"1 kM1' "'Uon from their doors,
B A ,', j5 and who arsirembling lest the landlord's
1 t' V M? nkase snail throw them homeless into the
B s W stieets, marching forth as part of the
BBl 'Si spectacle which the city make on the
BaB'' ('f-3- Kationalholidari
BnB '' f m ITieei strrggling men in worthy of
BBBr i i M- compassion.
BBB ' i-ji jl ''
BBB , , I' 1' The apprppriation for the Harlem Blrer
B ' Um ft' improTement has been etricken out of
BBJ .'!.. If tbe Wrer and Ilarbor blll'in the Senate
BBB flSarlS' Commerce Committee, This is a triumph
BBB".-ilrl' for the New Totk Central Bailroad. The
BBb tttXtB' priTate interests of a wealthy corporation
BmbBHRS. hare oTerridden the desires and needs of
BBBl, -Kb the metropolis. The public should bare
BBS: 'JiB'-'B: but ouemind in this matter. The Cham.
BBBw IBfllB' r ot Commerce and the Sinking Fund
BL HVaf I' Commissionars hare protested against this
BBVP JBByB action of the Senate Committee.
BJBBjBBJK9JB Fonr hundred telegrsph clerks, when
BBBBJBjnBJBF'l IB called on officially to cheer for Her
BMr IZ'IJmV, W Uajesty the Queen, not only declined
flBT I 4 1 1 CJaaf1 bat moaned at tbe mention of that august
B&ijMBBi personages. They consider that the Got.
BBjggBBBJK ernmeht has not treated their demands
BBwJEBKfll courteously. This is a large straw to
BmBBBBIK show bow ihe wind blows.
BBJ iBBlf Ex-RIng Mhjlx has been, requested in
BBB BK etrietly dlplomstio fashion to keep his
BJBJ JbBe. mouth shot, IXzLXtr said he would only
StEp talk by the card and sy nothln- nnoon.
Bj VawB- "Qottal. But, then, bow will h in.
BJHL BBVbK terpret the constitution T
BaBT 1'BIHh A lady was meditating the death of her
BflBj'i BBBJ def husband, whin be np and died.
flJBBJ ! B9BK Whether the good wife is to be congratu.
BBJf. BBB. hUed or condoled with U hard to tell. It
BflB, B' Uht hsve cheered (itx so to put him out
BBl' VvBBH of the way herself.
QlK S Bhc A decision of the Supreme Court de-
BB tAMaUam cUres'thst pbotojErDh may not be ex.
BBJ- sBlBf poed,to theo publio gaze independently
BJBJk :mwmB- ot b8 tez w or command. This is
B:,' mmwM, a Just and wholesome decision.
BTflE mWmmL St. oa!swanU tob coontsdall orer
BBBl BjflH vt $"'$ f .WjatVd.Hith the
BK Wjflavf howicj she makes In the census returns.
BB9K. BBJl A new count oughtn't to be disagreeable
BBJRp BJK to the eaumsrators.
rViBJ Tb' V9W yaif fca ehosen
' JBJal CWegojiMeooU4 down, Cu and
n SBBBln ' sr - -w?-'
11 llWSfSSfJSfSfSj fcn m . iiJMJ.)M
The tmnit ho iueeette 1 the new rieht
lac thne. mtde of rubber end tintii to pre.
rent iliopinK while welkins on tne wet deck.
Then. too. there le s top boot for moon
tsiueering, when the weither it dempand
the fair athlete In entlm'Uitlc.
Mrs. Frederick Vandirbilt hi neter been
Mli nrtht Poblnisn. daushterof Mr.
J, iloo.1 Wright, han an income of her own
amonntlnu to i'j.,noo a rear. With thii
be kxtx her troueau in order, keep pace
with current literature and keep) ereral
pet charltici In a condition of romantic
Detplte the fact that the majority of F.ne
ilth ladle are iti fitor nf holding !)rwiiz.
Xloom In the erciiinc, theri U (null charc
that xtich an Inncratlon will eer he tnaile
at Court during Her UJetr' lifetime.
One Inaopcrible oli'ecli. n to the etenln:
llrawlnE'ltoom would be the extra fatigue
impoeed ut on the 0'ieen. and at her age It
would be nuniteillr untcaeoi able to ctrcct
herto.rlaoe atir turner itraln upon her
(Irength became rouncer women imagine
that tlier do not look well In etching dro
br darllght. Of foiire there can l-e no
queation a to the fact that women alwar
lookbetkr tr candlelight when arrare.1 In
'thetrring cotnme demanded br the rule
ot Court etiquette! II la alo much more con
Tenient todon e'enlng drcaa at the prowr
hour, while a good dinner preriona to retting
out for Uuckingbam Palace would not only
be a great comtnrt to ladiea who now bate
frequently to go withont food for hours on
a cold, bleak dar, but would tned certainly
tend to improte their outward awpearance.
In theae clrcumttancea they wotild not b o
liable to feel or take cold while waiting In
their carriage a ther now ilo, and finally,
"Drawlng.Itoom tea "could be replaced by
etenins parttea after the prcentatloni,
which would inereaae the featirlties of Die
easoD, mark the importance of the Conrt
function, and le tenr much more enjoyable
than the hybrid entertalnmenta which now
follow the ceremonial at the 1'alace.
Ton mnt not buy ahr mora blackened all.
Yer. Faahlon cafta for the bright, white
sUn llnlih. Dtackencl braas and bronze
are in demand for door, chest and box trim
mlng. By box ia meant the square oak and
cedar ease in which laces, linen, fura. tal.
uable papera and ailterware is kept. ,
Marguerite, the pretty Princeat who la go
lng to marry her cousin, the Due d'Orleana
"the Prisoner of Clalrtaux' has a good
temper, good manners, and radons musical
and artistic acomnpliihmorita.
Mrs. IUrriion la said to lite the air of
"Little Annie Hooner." and the Marine
Band frequently plays it for her.
Yice.Frealdent Morton's daughters are ac
complished horsewomen.
An Illustration that women may acquire
large wealth ia shown by a Silas Stewart, of
Cincinnati. A few years ago she was super
intendent pi the reitaurant department of
the Woman's Exchange at a small weekly
salary. Bbe and two siatera are now run
ning a restaurant nf their own in the Cham.
ber of Commerce Building, where they earn
10,000 a year. They fnrniah but one meal
a day, from l'Jv. to a r. u.
Miss Tennant. the lady who la to marry
Stanley, baa Olirer Cromwell for an ances
tor. Birds are again making their appearance
among fashionable garniture. Not only
are they aeen on hata and bonnets, hut they
are found nestling among the aoft white
feathers and bunches of liebe ribbon that
ornament reception dresses.
White and ecru embroideries can be had,
like skirt lace, by the yard, and are used for
entire akirta and for parts of skirts, fronts.
OTersklrts or panels. Dreates of this kind
hare the corsage draped In the embroidery
and are finished with bows of light-colored
s m
Cannibals ar now employed in picking ron.
Thar still ypreftr picking lbs bones of a tooth
some missionary.
Mayor Oleason Is still np to bis bleeps In poll
bea. lie threw a Fkbool Commissioner down
stairs lately, Ih Mayor la a warm friend to the
cause of education.
A tigress bad ber tall rbawed off by a ntal
tigress. What a tale of a tall I
Beat Hatana rUrara are going to be labeled
after this. Hownlcs! Tberscan be no decep
tion now.
If bretltys tbe soil of wit,
Tls esty, nulls to hi
llnw nien whose fancies lltellest ars
bo often "short" should ht,
M aAiiifff rwt.
A awarm of bees lnraded a clothing store and
ths employees fld. They were atrsld of the
bsa'a whacts.
"Csine In and hata an Ice-cream," bs said.
"Tbsnka.sbssild. with a snslciona glance,
" I am not ot a testamentary disposition."
Aconaelentloasclerrrman, when called on to
saygrac before meals, wantad to know If ths
meat waa caanej or not.
"If yon had beard Iks aay 'Kow I lay ma
down to sleep' yon would eater hat a thought he
eonldbacomsea aero tic,"sid Mrs. Iartlsgton
"Conida'twsengaga that fallow to make ths
lemonade at our picnic 7 " said Dewon Bharp, as
ha saw tbe bartender assets a shell of lemon
rtad oter a cocktail.
C. i. Urn-phy, of ths Kings County Wneal.
men, besides being one of tbe leaders of ths club
Ucyclely. la a capital entertainer and story
taller. 11 la the centre of a merry group on ths
dab ndee.
"BllWukbardt, ths cnanpioa pedestrian,
haa walked htmsslf Into ths friendship cf most
ot hi club-mates by bit sunny good natur. Ha
trlea hi hand at tenon all-round athlette
gams In practice, aa ta says It detrlopa bun Uio
much ut one direction to silt k to walking.
Horace W. Walter, better known a "Mod"
Walter to hla Irlcnds, holds the office ot Presi
dent of tbe Datiutless llowing Club. He bat had
a famous career aa an osiemen, bating been a
member of the renowned UaunUeae "an,"
which bast eterythlng they rowed avalnit dur
lngtbaeertutlee when they Leld the chami Kn
stlp of America.
Uowerd A. Taylor. It prominent tennis
plejtr, who Is now a lawyer In Ibis city, tries
hla band occasionally at -lie let, in which gam
he used one to aieel.
Maktntr Him Hear.
irttm tie nmii Bum,
Scene, a Swiss Cefe-,I lay, waitress, why
did you shout so loud at the geotleman sit
ting at the other tablet Is the poor fellow
"lie's not deaf, but he's an Engliehmau,
sod dossal understand a word of Oer.
Oceaa Ileiel, Leag Breach,
Open utu Oetebtr. $3 sai sa 60 par day. 17 (in
fu weak asd . Lawta taiud, rVoprMtos. V I
mwmMESPT: W Wi "r Y b i a n nvsi
i -ig-"r -- f
I t
Ton Can Be Oos by Helping tbe Frcs
Incroaso tho Corps tand Add to
tho List Of Saved.
Nell Nelson Telle IlptVto 8Ike Up a
Garden Party.
'"flf ' .
the BtJBBcn.nmoMa.
The Ktenlnw .XTwrM ...' JK.-'K
PrtMi,ir fknowledfed.,.,,.,,..,. .. WV.fV
lUrhm.n Itr.wirir Ce .,,.-.,r..i,..M-M. 60 no
Fmmft l'..r.m and iUsisCress.. ..,. H.60
Crar rt II. Al f ,.,..-.U.,.. 6 tui
l.,.. ,n.l Mm, n rr-lrlt.rt,..;w... J 'JO
l'mpior. of It A. tTeDtr.J.. l.o I
h .ndsy Hhool L'law ...'.i...l.uiM .-75
Frsl l .Vur. ,.....iM.,(..n,i, .., ''V
! .. . ..;...-.;..... 4.IIJJ
l"rJltn. .,,,;... ln
II. It K .,..,.,...,. l.tM
II II ......... y.)j
A Mothr m...,,.,.., .M........ -To
l.i' tt- Mill Rink.,., ,.,.1.., .10
(lor tr lu u .mm,...., ....... ..i
Alr.ni),. . (A D.to
l.ttSl.lcj WuI.UfWH,u,M ,l0
, tl i) I I
Anothor Fifty-Dollar Check.
lncloeil pleas Rnd, our check forB0 In
sld nf Tue KrrnmWoai.n'n Hick Children's
Fund. BicmcAM Bazwrxo CoxrAai,
Wlshee'lt Wejo'Uoro.
r i ' A- i '
I inclose 1.1 for the Babies' Ennd and wish
it might be fjoo. . .CnAU.xs B. Allth,
' s
Two KlnaU "Daughters;
rw t. ru
Inclosed find 1 for the Sick Babies' Fund
giten "In His name,' 'from .two king's
daughters., ' r: "' '
Lizzrjt and UtslB Faxor-slci.
rrocoeda.bf js Haffle.
rt i. wiioe " " 75 "
I'lease find Inclosed 5lB0.- ThUamcrant
waa receited forahal'aal a pair aios that
wen raffiel for "bythe. employees of ,11. A.
Wagner, paper box' waonfacirtrer. 114 and
r.'ii Woster sueet, for-.the benefit of tho
h'aby Fund. '. . -
A NorsVe rjtft.
p l. Mlf J
Incloted find 1 fo the BIek Babies' Fond,
with my beat wishes for the' stood work of
Tui EriKiiio Wojxd. y EjroLtsn Nctue. '
11 i
From ft OoontrT'Boy.
To l. rdllT
I am s little boy llrinir ,ln , Flatbuih and
feel as If this 36 cents I send may sire some
little baby a breath of fresh--vonn try air
such as we hate here, . Qor W. Dalt.
. f i.
Collected by Borlero Olrle.
T Ik. tditort . -
Minnie Steinberg, aged thirteen, Carrie
Glauber, aged tbtrteerf.and EesloBtelnberyi'
aged nine, of Harlem, request me to send
you (.1, their satiuw'antj collection from
llarltm torekeepersfortbe benefit of the
Hick llaby Fund. -Although tbsy regret
they could not make II more-they hope It
will do the sick babies softie good. M. B.
Nell Nelson Qtyoe Vnluablo' Hints
on How to ArrfttasO It.
Dbab I.ittlb Bum Tlon't Ualhk me
rtula for not answering your letter
sooner. You see, small tnlerrogatire, I
could not read your writing Terywell.
The punctuation, nuafka were tery
Iec4ble, but some of thew'ords puzzled me,
althnusb I bad the. assistance of sercral
cxjicrt copy reader. I -wis xTeVer the
less clad to bear from yon, and the con.
templnted enrden party for (he benefit of
the Sick Baby Fund is a joyful piece of
Now, tender-hearted Bun (that'a a droll
sort of a name for., little girl, but I like
it; I fancy yon; not hot nor cross,-but
brown, sweet and snort and soft), I'll tell
you wbnt I'll do. I CAn't possibly dressr
the seven yellow dolls, but I want to help
the Committee, and ityou like I will get
a grab bng and fill it' with what you call
" dainties." ETery ""draw" will eon
tain a prizo package and I promise not' to
bare a single duplicate,, You, can charge
10 cents a grab.,rind'tKs grabber will be
certain of Retting a good article. To
moid heartache, Iwill make lt a double
barrel affair and bare .one compartment
for tho boys and' the "other for the girls.
II j- that arrangement the ypung pentlei
men will be spared the mortification of
wnining n doll'sbedstead and the base.
balls will not go.iothA little ladies who
pitromzo your hag. ,, ,
Now fur the Jhlntt' yon est for so
prettily, if blindly." Endeator to get
noelties in erery department People
waut to be surprised. They do a great
ileal of romsncingnbout old friend, old
cenes, old songs' and old favorites, but,
my dear, they arer'Only. talking Ancient
history. They don't want to be taken at
their word. '
Tliey want new-bings. new ideas, new
styles, new sensations and new worlds to
conquer. TheTjery werd,,old" 1 odious,
fur with it duat,-dcAy and death are asto.
cmted. ?!.
Now for n uorelty. Bnppose yon haye
a teatity sho) in one' corner of "the yard,
with a complexion parlor in an adjoining
tent, in charge of some eweit but Tery
beautiful lady, She will preside at a
toilet table containing powders, -grease
paint, rouge, Ho tint, crayons for
uiakiug over the webrpws and lashes,
enamel for the finger nails, tissue cap
for the bairsnd asopply.'pf court-plaiter
for beauty spot. Let hsr.charge 10 cents
for a sunlight makeup, and U cents for a
" gaslight effect," The "cosmetics will
not do a particle of injury to tbaweet,
youug faces of your patrons.and yon will
liaro no end of merriment oyer the imi.
tation of court etiquette; The queen of
faces will no doubt hare a fan, a' dreamy
lace scarf or some' free "instttetiou in
Chesterfield's art to volunteer. In the
Uautj sh.ip pi-per yon ean'haye acenl,
soap, pmked-out wash )nga, toilet table
furniture, sa'chet powders, toilet water,
bath herbs and fine sponges to sell, Now
don't be alarmed. I know thai this iisn
expensive class of goodi, bnt 70a hays'
beard, no doubt, of reducing fractions to
lotrect term and nnmbera to lowest de
nomination Suppose, for.imtance, ypo bay a pound
of nice, white Bpanish easUle soap.
With the help of yoarmathsi's earriug
or bread knife yon cau alio t( (nto four
or five dozen cakas, wrap each gas np ia
tinfoil or paraffins paper, sell (tat three
cents, and every mother in ths neighbor
hood will bay it. not only tq put ia
1 (faBBMliagf -
baby's bath, but to wash her own deal
face with. You may help the tale of thii
article of merchandise by telling youi
customers that It is the purest and 1el
toao made, and the only kind used by
Mme. Fatti, the Duchess of Marlborough,
Mrs. ex.Henalor I'Utt. Mrs. Col. Tnger
eoll, and other beautiful women. Men
wilt boy it, too. for their stating mugs,
and so will the young lady who wants to
keep her complexion soft, clear and
clean. Bo much for the soap.
Now for the scent. Buy nt wholesale a
pint of white lilac, while hyacinth, jat.
mlne'and violet, tbo four most fashion.
able eitraclt of the scovoti. In the same
house get two quarts of Intruder and
.violet water and a cro of small bottles
of two ounces and qtiartcr ounce each,
using the smaller for the scr-nt and tho
larger Tials for the toilet water. Don't
be tempted to dilute tbee Goods, for as
surest yon put water in the perfumery it
will Jbecomo turbid, and then, too, it is
mean to snindle tho people who honor
TOO with their confidence. These tiny
bottles may be sold very cheap to tho
lovers of svecl odors. Tell the girls they
are Intended to b carried in the pocket
and nacd & drop at n time to mako their
eyebrows ami litm fragrant.
-Bows of bright ribbon tied about the
necks of these bottles will enhance their
, The sachet powder may be bought in
bulk, and for tho Utiles glove, bonnet
crown, bat band, corsage aud slipper
sachet cases lire riblon of two colors or
brocade. Long Mrhct bags for a (an or
ft glove box are made the same way. Those
intended lor linen chests should be made
Of 'tho thinnest muslin or silk and filled
with crushed lavender flowers. Sweet
clqveris in full hciutyuow.nnd for closet
bags you need only go to the expense of
making cheesecloth sacks.
Bags filled with orris root, almond
meal and lavender to perfumo tbo bath
will surely sell and costs but a trifle. If
yon care to attempt cold cream you might
use, doll cups as jars, covered with tinfoil
or bits of white kid.
Abo the r use for dollv's coffee cups.
Decorate tho bandies with butterfly bows
of pink, green nnd gold, or crimson
orange and blue ribbon, and sell them to
the ladies and gentlemen for rings and
collar buttons, 'lho tiny saucers will do
to hold hair pins, so will the little milk,
jogs, end all will ornament a toilet table.
If yon decide to have a cafe al fresco
buy bonbon cakes; they aro prettier
than loaf cake and a great deal cheaper. I
You had better buy tho ice-crenm, but it
can.bb fixed over by throwing a pound of
mixed fruit in the can before it is too '
hard. !
Use pitted cherries, ,'red currants and
bits of apple, apricot, pineapple, apple '
and melon. Candied fruits are vrrv nice
and half a pound will fairly gem a three,
gallon can of cream and convert plain
vanilla into Neapolitan, Evexixo Wobld,
Bick Baby cream or any other title you
care to bestow.
Notice of your garden party if sent to
this office will be inserted in the columns
of TnxErz.Niso Woblp free of chnrgo.
And now, dear sweet Bun, adieu, aud
in the 'name of the poor sick babies of
New York fucccss to the garden party and
yon. Nell Nelson,
Billiard Trtble Profits Otven.
One of the mot enthusisstie supporters
of TuxEvemno World's flick llsby Fund is
James Beid, of ni6 llroadwsy, who has hit
upon a plan to materially swell the fund and
aMlat the siitlering Infants.
Mr. Beid hss eight billiard and three pool
table In hi establishment, and he has tal
unteered todatnte the profit of his tablos
eatb Satnrdav this month to the fund.
Frank WaMman, Mr. lleid's maiiacir.whn
is no, less cntlituimtio than his 1 mplovcr, 1
arranging a pool match between local ex.
Derta. for a puree which will also bo siteu to
tbe Fund.
.An, additional rest will he felt hrtlio.e
who patronize Mr. lleiu'a tables on the Hat.
ordtys mentioned, aa thercan realiro that
while anjnring themaelvea they ari at the
am limn helping the free doctors in ihcir
errand of meicy among the poor sick babies,
i - -., .
Tprre'll fie No Otrrrrntrrilng.
The big increase of Fourth of July travel
wiil be protided for by the Iron Steamboat
Company, and there will he no orercrowtl
lng on an v of the boats to Coney Island and
Long Branch. Iloatt for Coney Island will
leave Wet Twenty-third street and 1'ier No.
1 North Iliter every fortv-titi, minute.
aft r 0 a. x. to-morrow. 1 Taurus and
theCephous will run to Long Ilranch, link
ing four round trips to the Ucesu 1'ier.
' The Fnlr-Mlnded Kicker.
Wa don't like the men who fnrerer complain.
Vo matter what ha) pens alons.
And who from their klrktnir will neter abstain.
laoos a fortune be rUhl or be uronr,
They will not be pleased though the kindliest
May doeterrthing it that ran,
Tbej'ra round lo he kit sing uth early and late
Because they are built on that plan.
We don't like tbe martyrs who nerer complain
Thonch ever) thing's vi'lniraarr.
Who alwats their ra'hllke n rekness retain.
Though clouded for a e I tbe sk) .
Tbst'r really toogoo.1 for a pliuel like this,
Vlitfr tee anythinr wren
TbT were meant lor a rvaliu of unqualified bllst
And ought to go where they belong
A fair-minded klrkerdesertes our respect,
for he 1. lojustfeafilend
The tbinirs Inst are wron he will soundly reject
And those thst are Kil be 11 commend.
But tbe two great eitremes we should always
W&enetrr their ttsja-e Is seen.
Bnt our kindliest frellnrs we ouzht to express
foe lb sort that stwmlil and between.
CktiM Ami.
Tbo AniRtour Gardener.
Some weeks aao, with rsk and hoe.
He carefully put d.-n.
Indrill by drill and row hy row,
Tbe Meds be bout-hl lu town.
A rleisure 'twas for him was filled
with Joy esch day life's enp
Aahe perretted lo beds he'd tilled
The green thlu.s shootlug up.
Why does be sadly more to-day,
Asd il.-hlna trend bit hours :
The papera hste len blown swsy
lie cannot name hit tonri !
ittniim Cortr.
A Morn In June,
A laace'of fid across an asure sky,
A flood uf music from tbe ihrtuti's throat.
Sweat odors trutu tne jeuu)lnr, and a sigh
From tmubllufc treetup. and vu high
Thaakyl.rk sa'lad, clear bote.
A Sin of de upon the sprouting grass.
loat (Utters like the radiint nar est moon.
atakn.g of rsrth one t at,suiooth looklug-glse
Amoralu June.
. ifUiitk ru.na.y farktr im rAelftr
Her Preference.
Tbuj stood on the Uavh by the billowy sea.
And i seemed tbtl tbe self t hours raced
For be waa m lots and to wss the.
And his sroi w as artund her waist.
V'. watrhed tbe sail la the moonlight glow,
,Aa tbe ships went sslllac by, '
And they soitl rontersedln whisper low
Asd with many a tender ela-h.
"ii fc".1 "li? tbJ w "w4 yacht,"
Bald he, la a wistful tone.
"Hot. harpy we'd be, and how bright our lot.
As w sailed o'er the aeaa alone'" s
It aa tims rtrbt then, as It aeemed to her.
Has prefsrtaie to atow.
"Fooy cart."aaidahe. ' I think I'd prefer
AweelltUeamackJuataow." f.r
-UUtill4 eweel.
ewsdlj laeaell' Teetata CerduJ. Frits Sie, v I
Suburbs Where Eiery Han Pays'EcDt
to HlmsilC
How Wage-EarnoraCan Guy Land
and Build -Tholr Homos.
Hints to an Inexperienced Couple on
f-'urnlthtnx the New Home
When William B. Attor found himself the
1 potscsior of ths vast estate lefTf by h's
father, the old furrier, John Jacob Astor,
, which the younger man had managed for
many years, he went about securing a retll-
ration of his life' dream. The ettatntiom-
j If f-l mom than one thousand building,
t end William B. Aator had long- been im-
prc.se 1 witb the idea that th tenement,
hou-c system then In vogue wss very baa.
It was bad Americanism, ho thought, to own
the slully. umentiltled. dark hires in which
the laboring people were peeked, and It waa
bail for tbeir children.
Mr. Astor then inaugurated a movement
for Letter tenements tenement that were
more than hive, more than source of rev
etiue to '.heir owner.
The city was email In those day of forty
year ago, Th metropolis ha been grow.
lng at the rata of 7.1,000 a year ever since.
' her people iprcading out all over Manhattan
Island. Wcitchcater County, Brooklyn,
Statcn Island and New Jersey. To-day the
metropolis ha a population of .S, 600.000.
Along with thl wonderful growth haa
steadily advanced the movement for m
provrmenta In the habitations of those who
earn their bread by the sweat of tbeir.brows
the wsge-getters, breadwinners, salary.
earners; bnt ';iife"Uonly,'exletenc".In
the city's big flat. The street Is the
children's pi sy ground, and sunlight and
pure air are luxuries.
The development of the treet-cer systems
of New York, Brooklyn. Long lalsnd City,
llnboken and Jersey City: tho building of
elevated railway lines; the bridging of the
East Hirer and tbe perfection of the ferry
systems has given a new direction to' prog
ress in building during tbe past ten year.
During thl laat decade " home building "
in the truest sense of tho term haa occupied
the attention of thinkers, who have tried to
aolve tbe problem of how best to house those
of our people who are dependent on wage or
salaries for their livelihood. The result
are exceedingly gratifying, for there ar
actually 300,000 metropolitan who live,
not In tbe tall and more or lesa confined
tenement of Jbe' crowded city thorough
fare., hut in neat, pretty and homelike cot
tage In tbe ahadnd atreeti and boulevards
of suburban towns, dotting the landicapo
all about New York within a radius of US
mileiand within an hour of the City Hall
and i'ost-Ofiice of New York.
Ho strongly I tbe .tide now setting in
favor of suburban homea that nearly every
.farm, big or little, within twenty-fire mile
of Now York haa been aurvered and laid out
in city lots bf the regulation size, 20 by 100
feet, and the tonnd of the adze and the
trowel are to be beard everywhere. '
1 he dry bones of theanc)ents who inhab
ited aoma of theeo suburbs 200 rears ago.
mutt rattle in their coffin at the sound of
the rush and posh going on in their old
beuopeuixo or rxvsntxo., ,
Take Flushing, for instance: In l6i5
some English people who had tried to enjoy
their reliKioua liberty in Holland for a time
came over to tbe New Netherlands and settled
on tho shorca of th beautiful bay which
they called "VlUhlng." or "Yllastngon,"
anil we call "Flushing Bay."
There still stands the stately residence of
Godfrey John Bowne, on of tbe old' Quak
ers, and up to a very few year, almost
months, ago it waa a part of an, ancient,'
staid, slow and moss-grown village.
To-day it ia tbe centra of a teeming village
of lo.ooo people, enjoying free postal de
livery, city water, gas aqd lewerage. It ha
a park, banks, hotel, newspapers, police? a
tiro department and prosperity. '
Its broad streets are lined with tret; it
haa an elevated railroad to College Point,
and has several stations of tho north branch
or the Long Island Hallway within its limits.
It i a thtrty-minnte ride from the Thirty
fourth Htreet Ferry to New York.
Now, tho beanty of Flushing, aa it I of
Morn l'ark and LerTert l'ark and Bath
Junction and West Brooklyuand a dozen
other place In King and Uueen counties,
I thai almost every house is owned by lu
occupant, who i generally a salesman, a
mechanic, a clerk, and a salary earner in
.Sett or k or Brooklyn.
nx tub wssT.snoBg nolo.
Along the line of the West Shore Railroad
there are the sites ot many beautiful anbur
baii .ttilementa Ilka those which already dot
the line of the other great railway run
ning out of New York in all directions, only
along the West Shore land I lill to be had
at pr.ee within the Teach of every on.
One of the prettieit of place along the
west shore was chosen tor the ait of
Conger. It is teuiy-ix mile from the
lily Hall. The little city lie In a marvel
loii.ty pretty valley between the llamapo
Miiitntaliia and the Hook Mountain, 000
feet abate tit'ewaier.
ICocUand I.ato- Ilea at tbe foot of the
vtllapc. and just beyond the broad Hudson
roll majestically down to the aea. Here.
r,ero there were field of waving grain a
fow year ago, hate been erected many
hand.ouie, elegant homea, and many more
"home for the peupje," There ia an ex
ccllent school, ehurche. a line depot, a
ca.iuo. hotel and other edifices, and they
aretill bmldlngou all th? nicelr laid out
atrecte and avenue of the little city. '
cuabus or coxatus.
The resident of Conger enjoy all the com
fort of agreafcitr.. wbllb be haa pnre air
and rest hi eye in looking upon scenery
that I remindful of rlwttzerland. The
inoiiiiiaiiieou the east and west protect the
town irom the cold wiuda of Winter, while
in bummer tbo air i balmy and cool ou ac
count o( it elevation abotetho muggy at
UM'phereorUielidowaterli'tehi. lloi-kiand Lake has long been famous for
the t urily or it water. Ills fed br innum
erable springe, and furnishes the water-supply
of Congers.
C.macr isa city of homes, not of com.
merve. and although It la nearer to bus.
lie.. Sew kork. in point cf , time, thsn
the 1 wctitr.funrth Ward is to the City Hail,
the little city iaauiet. save for tho carolling
birds aud laughter of joyous, free children,
as they play upon the greensward, and th
relief to the tired brain of the worker in the
cciroiMjll ia great,
1 he w eat Hhorc liailvar.Qulek to perceive
It advantage, ha provided ample trans
portatiou (acllitlc for Congers, Iwenty.rlr
trains .topping there daily, eight of which
aro expre tram.
The tract of land that ia being o rapidly
lettdopedin "Little Itockland ' Couuty has
been kuowu for 200 rears as "Uiiaspeck
l'on.l I'aieul ;.' granted oy th Indlsns and
by King William and ?neen Mary in IU04
to Jarort Marshall .and Will am Hutchiu.
tu.l the title l bsolute!y cltr. ""
longer won the prise a the "best town
to In e lu in The Vosld' popular ballot
contest, receiving a majority over lu closest
'',?' .000, and a total votTol
160, 000.
lluihling lota at Conger rag in cost
from73 to 1330 each; and all aVwithln
Uii miniites of th railway Ution and post
office, while a few lota ar offered frceto
those who will buUd house upon tb.m-th
only expense being 10 or 118 for sur.
A pas'a over th Wt Shore Railway, good
C,J ii "h?1? 'I4'-' Prenied free toau who
build their home at Conger, while the
whwithAi I of Un fnVrdshed toporehuir
I n thort. the people who have fixed upon I
.Conger as th.ir boms for life are goiagat
litlaaraUoBAlway W baud up Vi place wl
' 1- -
that it will have all tbe com for la and eon.
renlent'" or a eity horn? withont the Incon
venieoces, end to that It can, by it. impor
tance and sire, command the railway and
other services. Aud Conger it "getting
oE-cit.ntxa AT OIKWOOP.
Another btautiful spot that is being de
veloped by the hom.btiildff is Oakwno.1,
belt mile bWnw New Dorp, on the Htaten
Island lupld 1 ransit llallwar.
..Oakwood used to be known as "Conrt
Ilnnre." being. s.loiit a mile from the llich.
mond County I'ourt. House. Here Hughes
A llr,the real estate hutlers ot 4T Brosd.
way. have cnt up the famons and historical
old Guyon estate, which haa been owned by
the descendants of .tacone Union since
in,", when Jacines fled, a Huguenot refu
gee. from France, berore the persecution
lhat followed the revocation of the Edict of
?ante by l.oul XIV. Ihe property et.
end from the line of the llspil Transit
road down to the shores of Lower New lork
it Is a besutllul site for a town, a pretty
s any on the south shore of Meteu Islarnl.
it lies on a slope, and etrrr lot cnmrnsiids a
superb marine view, while tl eic Is a mag.
nlficent grove of nol te elms, nan end hick,
orlea at tho north end. to be preserved as a
park. These trees sre fully fifty years old.
Th plot rises by a gentle slope to a height
of 1 00 feet above the sea level, and there is
a fine view of the Jersey Highlands, while
there ia a tes frontage of :nio ree. which
has been appropriated lor the use ol future
ixnccEMEiTs yon home juter..
A handsome new station is being erected;
avenues and streets aie being surveyed and
frradtd; substantial sidewalk are being
aid, and the development "f Oakwood bids
fair to surpass even the record of New Dorp.
New Doro was a wilderness two vears ago.
while now It l a collection of beautiful
villas. .The bet New Dorp lota sold for
linoinlHHfl. Now there Is nothing to he
hsd for less then t'J'iO, snd tint lens than
fifty hnnsea hate beetilercc'ed there at a cost
oM.'I.Sno each,
The Oakwom lots arc going rapidlr at
$100, and soon thoy, too, will begin to take
on gilt edges.
Oakwood is forty-two minntes from the
Battery, or ten snd one-hall miles. It is
live and nnchalf miles from St. Oenrge. on
tho Tottenville branch or the llapld Trati.lt
IUIIway. and free ra.se will be Issued hr ;
llngbe A llo.s to all whodesiro to person.
lly Inspect the property.
A feature of the Oakwood development It
the restriction of building to lesulences1
costing not less than '-'.000 each. They'
cannot be built nearer than twenty reel from i
the street line. '
There are other restrictions thst will com-1
mend thenuelves to many eeeke after a ;
nearby home radically different from the ,
city'a ecenee. No liquor can be sold at Oak.
wood, and shops, factories and mills are
prohibited, while stores are to be confined
ip a district clone to the railway station.
' Tnrin owx LAxm-nnns
Jere Johnson, Jr., or 00 l.ib'rtv street,
who is one of the oldest real estate men in
N(w York or Brooklyn, said to an Ersxixn
"It. is no i vaggeratlnn to say that when
we git our 'Greater New York.' which I
firmly beliore w will get before 1000. Mere
will beaoo.noo house In what are now tho
suburbs of Brooklyn owned by their occu
pants, "The progress in this direction during
the laat few years l wonderful," continued
the patriarchal veteran, stroking his long '
gray beard. I
" Why, in the town of New t'treeht. Kings !
County, within two years not lets than i
2,000 homes have been built cottages or'
modest house., miitily. and all built and
owned by tho-e who are living in them.
There bouses aro along the line of thoi
Brooklyn, Bath and Wet End Railroad, and
about thirty minntes from Newiork, and
that Is only one suburb.
"The movement is i. early aa strong at
West Brooklyn, which is twenty.fito min
utes from Drooklyn Bridge by way of the I
Fifth Avenue L to Thirty-aixlh street, snd ;
from there by Culver's or the Ilrookh n and '
Hath Beach Hold. Ilath Junction. I.etlert'
Park and Pfalzgrafi are five miuutes further
"Morrie TarR is just beyond the city
limits on the Itapid-Transit lino to Jamaica,
and only thirty-live minutes from the
"Thousand of homes have been bnllt in
East New lork and betneon Brooklyn aud
'" r statev tsLaxn axd jrnsET.
"Then Sta'en Island Is rapidly coming
Into notice among the home-makers. There
Is New Dorp or Month Beach. John Bur
bank, whose clambakes have been famous
for a generation, will soon be surrounded
py preur yuisKo inn oi neiRnuor. ior wie
town is being developed. It is only fifty
minutes from New York and is ono of tne
loveliest spots in Nature's realm.
"And those Now lnrker who are not par
tieular about what Mate they live in are tee
ing tbe advantages nt Jersey City Heights
tor a site for a home. "
Bensouhurt. Hollis, Mnrrsv FIIll. Duntnn
and Flashing Height also offer opportuni
ties to the home builder.
There are a score of real estate "hust
lers'' In New York who will gladlv furnish
maps, pictures and printed descriptions of
all these lovely suburban spots, and what's
more they w ill furnish any home seeker with
a free-paas that will entitle him to ride to
either of these placea and view the ground
for himseir.
Building Iota range ir. price at from (I no
to 1500, aud Sn will nay for a most de
sirabje lot in either of these suburban
The purchasers, as Jere. Johnson says, are
generally men or women who have uu ie
sources ravo their weekly earnings as me
chanic, salespeople, clerks, bookkeepers
and the like.
Tbe lots aro purchared by the payment of
10 per cent of the purchase price down and
the balance in monthly paj mcut of from
siOtot'iO, though terms can always be
made to suit the purchasers' most slender
The purchasers arc insured without fur
ther cost agamat any disputo of title by a
Title Guarantee ami Trust Company, and
the expense or a search nf the records re
(aiding the property is thti auided.
, The network of elevated and surface rail.
ways and atreet car line in Kings and
Queens counties, the rspid transit facilities
on titaten Island and recent improvement in
travelling facilities in northern ivework
and lb Jersey have brought these suburban
residence place within eay reach of New
York and nae reduced the expensoof travel
materially, so that commutation ticket co.t
the resident of cither ot these plaoes from
10 to 20 cent a day. As the suburbs build
nn and beome popular competition tor
their trade between ihe various transporta
tion linea will reduce tbe expense of com
munication with New York lo a still smaller
ArrnacTioxs or aouax tabk.
One of the most available locations for a
suburbsn home offered in New Jersey is at
the new village or Aguan Park, reached br
the trains or both the Pennsylvania and
Lehigh ailey road. It ia twentr.tive mile
from N'ew York, but the run Bnly occupies
forty minutes, or the same tims that it take
to go from City Hall to One Hundred and
Twenty.fllth street,
, Here are a great many attractive building
lots, laid out 100 fen square, which Mr.
Clark Balcom is offering to prospective
home-makers at terms within the ressti of
the most moderate meant. There i to be a
publio ssle July Is, but prior to that time
lots are oflervd at 10 each.
Th new town is being built un under re-
necessary for a model and most cbarmiug
residence village.
The location it midway between the Blue
Ridge Mountains and Amboy Bay. each dis.
unl about four mile, 'ihe ltnd is high,
with a beautifully .variegated landscape,
making it a specially attractive place for
people of refinement and cultivated tastes.
In leaving Mr, Johnson's Liberty street
office, the reporter askedi "Having got my
lot all paid for. what shall I do next ? 1 have
spent nesily all my more v.
"Get into some good Building and Loan
Association and then borrow from that asso.
ciatiQH enough money to build you a house
on your let."
'Inquest of a definition for "Building
and Loan Association ' tho reporter called
upon Charles F. noiithard. a little man who
lias dsvoti-d yesrs to tbe study of tbe subject
of "homes aud workers," and got this
"A Building and Loan Association is an
Good As Gold
So sathusLsttc sre thousands ot people over
th benefits derlted from Hood' Baraaparilla t
that they can tardiy find worda tosiprtsa their
confidence tnsni grstltud for this medietas.
"Worth U welsbt la gold" is a favortit sx
pnsslcu of these warm frisna.
If you are la need of good msdlcla to purify
your blood, build up your strtnrth, cure dys
pepsia or create aa appetite, try
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Bold by 11 druggist. (1( six for IS. Prepared
esly byO. I. IJOOD k CO., Lowsll, Uaas.
'organization of men, women and children.
1 1ncorporated under the laws of ths Bute of
New York, for the pnrposo of loaning to
each other tbelr eating for the purpose of
buying Improved real estate, building on
unimproved real estate, paying off mort
gages on real estate already owned, or
granting temporary stock loans to its mem
Do' not lay the paper down with a sigh at
this point, dear reader, and aay that all
thee thngt are not for you. because you
are only a wag earner, a mechanic, sales
man, bookUreoer, or a toiler in some other
field, with onlr the income wblch ia depen
dent nn coutinncdstrengthto your arms, or
your brain, add that yon have nn capital
wherewith to pdrcha-e the most modest
reradlee In the serie described. , , ,
fhere sre IB. poo men on modest eslsries
in this big town, who. Utilizing the happy
: discovery nf seme philosopher of long ago,
sre becoming -"capitalists." and doing a
, banking business whielfwooid have seemed
incredible to them a fair months or years
it Is a hanking lmslness in which the wage
I earner is both borrower and lender: in
w hleh he lend to himself more Money than
he po'sctes, and pars his house rent to
I himself.
There 1 a Building and Loan Association
in etery one of tbe newspaper ofljces of New
i lork and Brooklyn, composed of the work
1 ers in tho offices. The only object of each
Assoclstion is that of enabling its merflber
to own their homes. , Kacb member sub
scribe for stock, usually at 200 a share,
hut pays for It in monthly instalments of t)I
a share If there are. 1,000 shares In an
I Association that Association has a constant
, income or ! 000 a month from these dues.
. and that income la banked and then loaned
at orerccnt. interest.
It is loaned, however, only to shareholder
in the Association, and then only to aid the
shareholder in paying for hi home. HI
security mutt be invariably a first mortgage
on that home. v ,
A man who can spare tlO a month out of
his income can buy ten shares, aud In 200
months he will have paid up tbe sum and
will hate 2. 000 worth of stock, plus' the
Income which it has earned In loan to
other number of, th Association, which Is
usually much, more than the money could
'be made to earn In Interest'at bank or on in
vestment. , ,
But If at 'any time be desire to nse any
sum up to ea. 000 the lull value of tbe
stock he Is paving for be can borrow it
from the Association, provided lt 1 for
building a home, giving a mortgage on the
houso a security, and paying, besides the
j 1 o monthly dues on hi share. Interest on
the loan at 0 per cent., or tlO mora per
month. '
Hating nnrchased a lot In ooebfth de
lightful suburb described abbve snd nego
tiated lho loan from bla Association, the
member rear hi homo and moves hi fam
ily Into it. -Then hi f 20 monthly rent tor
a fiat ceases, and instead Ji pays 020 a
month to the Association till one day he
rinds that ho need pay no mora acd that he
is the nappy owner of a comfortable borne.
The Building snd Loan. Association is not
an experiment,. It1a a demonatrated prac
tical good thing, l'hiladeinbia ha 300,
uoo member of such associations, and the
City of Urotherly Love has been famous for
hslf a century as a vlty in which almost
eterybody owns lit own fumse. Chicago
has 70.000 eo-operativos. Brooklyn !;O00
and Jcrrcy City 1A.U00.
It is not a "money-making scheme for any
one. It lsa muncr-ssvlng scuem. There
arc no luch-aataned officers.
iho person with a little capital reaps the
advantage of that fact In the Association, a
he noiil! elsewhere, snd tbe advantage of
the scheme are apparent Irom anriland
pomt. Suopoe yon have your suburban lot paid
for. You wantll.000 wherewith to bnild
yrurlinu.o. You Join an Association, paying
an initiation feeof from 25 cents to 41. You
lnustonu eight SSOO shares, for which yon
pay (M monthly. Then, at the Drat sale of
nionev by tbe Association you'are a bidder,
finally getting the loah at a bid of sayiyo
rents a share per mouth premium.
Il.eii it ia plain aillng. Your monthly
due-on your fight barea will be $8, Your
interest on (l, ooo at 0 per cent will be.
and your premium of UO cents a sbsre for
your eight shares will be 2-10.
Thns your monthly payment will be
flsj.-tti about tbe average rental for.-'a
tour-room tjt high up In the air.
Your shares --.will " "mature ' in 'ten
sears, and then you will he free, nav-'
lug paid the tl. 000 borrowed and SrJOki in
terest on the loan, becaue of the profit
which your shares havo made. If you could
borrow the money from a bank to pay it. in
sitfaK utnsll nat-metita I troll ijefri , .- n I rl i
ruvii riiiait Hittwiita t"uva vuussau wt
the interest would be IU00.
Again, if yon continue to rent a (10 flat or
cottage von' will pay SI, 020, and you will
have to show for it nothing but a bundle, a
btc bundle, of old receipt.
bhan held aim ply as an inveatmont yield
n per cent, 'plus a premium paid on all
loans, for they are sold at auction. The
same monoy:ln bank would yield 'JMper
cent, interest. Tne borrowing member I
there.il winner, though, for ho thus ob.
tins u capital vbich he could not possibly
eet in any ot the. sordid, selah way of
borrower and loaner. Aud the moneythat
he pays into the Association aa interest on
the loan, plus his "dues "on hi own Orig
inal Mock. 1 no greater than the rent that
he ha been paying for hi peut-up, stuffy,
not lit'le flat, up wearyTijeht of stair and
without a natch or pod's green earth on
nhieli lie may plant his foot,
bate lUHceutsa day from your' wages
and it par the due on 41,000 worth of
stock, which will entitle you to borrow
(l.UUi) at any thmo from the Association,
eten though yon have been a member bnt a
month and paid but a aolitary five-dollar
bill iulo tbe,AMoetation.
what amib orA nonaa to.ijtjild.
Having pqruhased his1 tot in one of the"
suburban villages, aud bought 'aa -many
hare in a Building aud Loan Association aa
hi wages or salary will admit or. tbo houso.
builder must next decide what kind 'of
house be wants, the style of architecture
ami how much he wants to pay for.it.
There are .many book of design and
plans published' from which the house
builder can (elect hi design unless he is too
fastidious or, is desirous of something new
and original, -
A EM-XIHO Woblb reporter has seen the
architects' plant for a home- for a Mrv
William, who built last Bummer In one of
the lironklyn "suburb a modest but com
fortable and convenient little home of six
room for iD50,- ,
Ibere ia a cosy parlor, kitchen and
cluthe.-pre on the ground fioor. and three
bedroom and a (iueq.room on the second
lloor. A double window, light tbe parlor
and two side. window llgnt parlor aud kitch
en respectively, while tier are two win
dows iu tbe r id of the kitchen. There
is a pretty stoop and Portico in front and a
back stoop as weJi.- The bouse baa a gable
with a canopy extending over tbo front.
lor l,."iuo a frame-house can be built
that will be more roomy, more beautiful,
more elegant, more convenient aud more
homelike than nine-tenths of the four-story
and basement bouse of New i'ork. costing
from eti.uno. to eio.'ooo ito build; and
', t o o will bnild a palace, a bower of beauty;
a grand residence, with veranda all around
it and all of the modem convenience
rcBxisnrxa ijte. suEirBBAs'poits
To the young people who have' hut been
married the boslneaa of setting op an tstab-
11 raty-Hate yea MwtfabUtJ ,
dreelsd eul'""14' "' The " th c eM
i ',. ii. , s:
Chang a Ih'nt Tahln fa Walnut
A Poplar ffcA Pru ta dttttaut (hi.
A Cant floeifr to Mahogany '"
2191 K-1JL9 ON
WOLFF . aaspotFH, IadelpUa,
AA U Jfrtf. Tiat tsvl gnu JWaAfaj Jlsrsa,
llshment Is full of difficulties. It I a vert. T
' table bugaboo to them, especially if reither I
ef them brings any capital into the nw
. Aside from the expemes which they regard
as ine t liable, thero'ls an absolute lack, of
experience, which renders it difflcnlt to
icject the necessaries for a housekeeping
outfit, and the result Is usually thst the first
year of their married life Is spent in a board,
ing-hnnse. ... . t
At the end of the year they awaken to I
the fact that tliey hate (pent every dollar
which the wage-earner could get, snd spent
It simply for a place to sleep and enough to
The young couple, though, that set ont
right, snd, with the savings of their days
of singleness purchase a lot in one of the
pretty, pure-aired, and at tbe same tims
convenient suburbs or Ihe city, become
members of one of the popular building and
loan associations, from which they borrow
er, more properly, procure an advance of
the full value of their sharcs-wherewith to
build their cosy nest, the furnishing of the
house need give but little bother.
One of tbe modern schemes of business,
the Instalment plan of payment, has been
gradually developed by tliotightfnl, sterling
business men to the point or perfection, so
tbat the purchaser, if he be steady, sober
and industrious, can procure all the neces
sary furniture for hie home at reasonable
prices, and pay for the goods in payment
extending orera considerable period, andso
small that they arc hardly felt.
.There are a score of establishment in this
city and Brooklyn where the complete
equipment of a house from csllsr to garret j
can be purchased in this way. J
ntnixo ox ixstalmexth.
, An EvEXlxo World reporter Interview.
Ing Manager Fitzsimmoiis. of the estab
llshment of B, M. Cowperthwait A Co.,
20 Park Bow, the oldest furniture house
in New York, on this point and waa treated
to a eomplote expose of the system.
We have been studying schemes for
bringing tbe necessities of housekeeping
within tho reach or all for many rears al
most ever since our house was first opened,
eighty-three years ago. There are many in
stalment plan." said Mr. Fltzslmmons.
"We, like many other houses, undertake
to save all Ihe worry to the Inexperienced
home-maker, for we have thought lt all out.
All we care to know is Just bow much the
buyer donlres to spend.
"Take the kitchen, for instance. An out
fit couslsts of a Copper-bottomed wash
boiler, coal-scuttle, griddle, two pudding
pans, a dlshpan. two square tin pans, a
shovol. a poker, a lifter, a tin tea-kettle, a
dipper, a galvanized tea-kettle, an Iron pot,
a rinsing pan and an iron kettle. The whole
outfit will coet lust J4.
, "The best idea ot thl work maybeob. fl
taincd from a bill of goods which we have
just sent over to Mr. and Mrs. Williams ror
mix room homo In the outskirts of Brook
lyn. Here is the bill
D. Williams, l)r
iptdsh pcrlcr salt $35.00
walnut pier alts.., 10.00
1 walnut e-sht-dsr clock. .,., :l oO
I tmitatluncrjerrr eentre table.,.,. ,, 3,A
oantlqneoak pictures .. 16. Ov
20ysrdstsp.,try csrpet made, laid and
" lined, at kOc lflOfl
lantlqaeosk chsuoer salt ... 15 00
ljnte mattress r. 3.M
Iwlrespnns..,, , ., 3 .Ml
antloaeoak dlnlog-c htirs 4 ou
antique osk plltkr thl 0.00
antique osk sideboard ln.0u
ysrJs oilcloth 3 vO
kKcnen table Y.-'.s
lUnaesndsinc 7.00
20ynllDsrinrrpt. aOe 8 00
1 seistore lutures, lH pieces 4.50
I. lute tor.bol.ter J. 00
1 pair feather pillows M 4 Of)
tiasltetlan walnut bedstesd L'.AO
jale mattrts 3.00
1 yate top bolster HO
1 psir lluck pillows ... 1.00
3 woodchslr.et 40c I --0
S yards stair carpst at t0e ,.,., I.0 I
yard stair crash st 100 , 00 I
2 tssnrma oasts at T5c l.AO 1
1 teetskln ru 3 00 J
Lbrnsbdoor mat l.oo I
1 upnabt r.frlserator fl-00 fl
1 table lamp 2.00 H
carpet nasieek 50 I
Total 178. 83 1
"Mr. Williams is a mechanic He is pay.
Ing for hie furniture iu fifteen equal
monthly payments of not Quito 12 each.
He and hi nuug wife had been paying (20
a month for a furnished room, and I am told
that now he is paying about 411.60 per
month to his Building and Loan Associa
tion on his honse, so that his expenses now
are only -M. 50, aud ho will own his own
borne and furniture before he la thlrty.five
rear old.
"There are very few falturea to complete
tbe payment. Their pendency ia a conatant
spur to energy, and stimulates pride and
(teady habit.''
If you noecl a bright, nent, care
ful nurso girl to arauso and caro
for your children put a " "WANT n
in THE WORLD. No troublo to
got just what you wish.
A2-llne " Help Wanted "" Want "costs but 20 V
eeat.nn Mondsrskpd Saturdays, "The WorldV
Half-Rate bilaatloe Da;. I
Ths Intelligent Canine Bit the Homo
Tbat Fell on His Master.
.An undertaker living on the East Elde
has a tcrrior dog who once saved his
owner's life, says the Baltimore f'rte Prtst,
It happened thus; The dog's master
was riding in tbe country to n distan
point, the rain had been falling heavily
and had sapped the roadbed. The horse
snd rider fell down an embankment, the
man underneath and tbe horse on top.
For some time the late rider was insen
sible with the whole weight of the quad,
ruped resting upon him.
His little dog took in the state of tbe
case and bit at the horse until he moved
off his ruastor's prostrate body.
Then he sat near by and howled for
assistance which, fortunately, after some 1
hours, was forthcoming. 1
'ihe man of cofhus was confined to his I
bed for some weeks, hut be never foigot
hi life being saved by his dog and the
two are now nearly inseperable,
The Duke of Northumberland, one of the
largest landholders In Oreat Brltsln, hss r.at
roll of 1675,000 a yesr. lie owns 200,000 acre
ef land and la Northumberland alone he ha five
" Th lata altmult of Hsstisgs one lost 1500,.
000 on a single horse race.
One of ths tallest men la Congress Is Beprs- t
Matativ Manaur, of Ulssourl. Us Is 0 fsetS I
Inches In height and ia bull t in proportion. M
On of the moat noted of Kansas belles is alls H
Clark, of Leavenworth. Sbs is a blonds, with I
blue eyes, a retch-blow complexion, and a I
beautiful mouth, which reveals pearly teeth.
Tbe aeml-centennlal of the laying of the
corner-stone of ths 1'nlvertlty of Missouri will
be celebrated to-morrow, th fourth. H
Below Cost of Manufacture. I
Vfe are new offering many handsome goods left H
oier from Spring trade, aa room Best be mads see H
tae rail stock coming la toen. H
Orsa bargshts await those whe rem quickly. H
So cuscesat eaa be allowed from tat pUlal H
Starked prises, wblch an also tog lew for sale est H
red It. H
1 lOi. 100, 108 West IdtbltsV, B
I. sB

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