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J vTuTiit Brodie 1 A.V ffi" -TUJlD 1 the latest. jftl
I to-moomihb world WJ jkj rjf BlPHIPlillf itlitf 1l llll I rt N MORNING WORLP S
A Filty.Hile Gale with Heavy Rain
SwespiDg Down the Coast.
One Wreck Is Reported from
Fire Ireland.
Havoc at Asbury Park and All
AIon Jersey's Coast.
No sclentlno analysis la needod to convlnco
ever New Vomer of tbe extreme dlsagree
ablenessot the storm of wind ami rain which
Is sweeping over this city to-day. Tho cold
bluu eparo no one, the cnllllng tain la no re
specter of persons, and It la the unanimous
rote that Winter cannot have unylhlng in
reserve W hlch will combine more elements ot
hardship and discomfort than la being expe
rienced to-day.
'New York la being Bwopt by a regular
Sorilbern cyclone, " aaid Soriit. Jeaiiiiofsky, ot
the Weather Bureau, to an Eviinimi World
reporter thla morning, ' and like moat of thoao
Southern storms It la exlremely erratlo and
difficult to locale.
' It's a sort ot now you see It, and now yon
you don't arrangement, but Just at tao piescnt
moment It te pi city clear that wc are getting u
taoott or it."
SergU Jesuuofsky analyzed the nictcorolofi
eel phenomena of Ihe past tweuly-four hours
la an able and luold manner, and the reporter
gathered Inst the present norm would liavo
tttsn much worse In thts region If It had not
got tangled up with aome high pressure areas
la the extreme north and been squeezed out of
Ilts course.
Yesterday morning tho storm centra was
.oyer Chicago, bnt owlug to the disturbances
teferred to. It was deflected from Its course,
wales was then duo east, la a southerly dircc
ftlea. and this morning finds It raging In a
lurtons fashion off Cape Uatteras.
It Is ktown that the storm most bo very
rMTtreoff the Carolina coast, because none of
Vake weather bulletins from the stations In that
jyartot the country tad been received up to
Xl Is estimated that the wind there must be
lfwlng at the rate ol fifty or sixty miles an
near aas all the wires sre down.
' As ft la. the wtnd ts very Msb all ulong the
'ossit. At a'elook tun morning U was re
, ported to re blowing 44 mllea an uour at Block
Island, and at 10.80 in this city the velocity lud
reached 43 miles, dlreotly from the northeast.
The probability Is that It will Increase to SO
miles an hour before the day is oer.
From the present outlook It Is predicted that
the storm centre will remain south ot New
York, taking a southeasterly direction, pro
ducing sllgbtly oolder weatuer before early
The temperature to the extreme Northwest
d Southwest has rlacn coualdcrably to-day
and fallen slightly oyer the lower lake region.
SergL Jtsunofaky says the wind will con
tinue nun all day to-uay. and to-morrow ml
abont noon, wltbout any great change 111
temperature, except tho cooling to-night.
After the blow Is over, he su8, there mil be
a very rapid clearing, as la usually the case
wltb these soathern cyclones, especially If tiny
teaeb the average mteuilty uh thla ouoacema
to be doing.
The wind at Philadelphia at 8 o'clock was
blowing 83 mllea an hour; at Chicago 20 mile,
ad '. Loutaville 34 mliea.
The rats area this morning was bounded by
the coast line Ircm Boston to Florida, then
northwest to Springfield, .Mo., then to .Mil.
waukee. Wis., ond from there to Albcuu,
Uloh., where It was snowing.
Snow was reported all along tho lower lake
region nortb ot the toman paiallel ot latitude.
The temperatures reported at tj o'clock thla
morning were as follows: New York, aide
grees. Boston S3 degrees; l'lilladelplihs 84 de
grees, Chicago Si degreet, Cincinnati, aiilc
New Orie.mil, 41 di-greet, l.smrcK 91 degrees.
It begun raining hue at 4. Ell j. i., and up
to in o'clock hair an inch had fallen. 'Hie
Signal bervice stations ulcus the coast dis-
I played cantlonury signals, nlvlpg warning of
the storm as early as yesterday turning. Last
night, trom Charleston, H. C 10 Buetport,
Me., they were ohenued to storm signals.
The same was done aloug the lakes.
There wus a very nigh tide In tlio harbor
thla morning, the water at the Battery wall
comiug up within three feet of the leva
proiuenaues. If the wind had como trom a
more southerly point the water would Have, no
doubt, been dashed all over the walks.
At It was the sea was very rough and
choipy, and this witn the fierce wlud from
th northtast gate tne ferry-boats from Brook
lyn, Hud especially from Jersey City, lot of
tmuule. v tills tuelr passenaets were iiiit to a
treat dal of Inconveuleucr and discomfort.
A very siron lldrt, too, was tunning In the
last lllvtr, nhlcb was an additional cause of
wnrnment to pilots.
No weeks or accldenla off shore bnd been
reported at the Maritime Exchange up to noon
to.dar, but tlia newa that the wind waa cutting
np wilil cspeisoff tho New England and Jersey
coasts led to serious appreboualous for the
saictyof vessels coming into port.
At the Weatern Union once rjupt. Ilumstone
aaldthat ihe storm had wrought a great deal
of havoc vltli the wires between New York
and Wastitngtou and in Western Pennsyl
vania. lie ha! not yet ascertained the extent of the
"auiaae done and had no reports at nil from
the districts slong Ihe coist south of Washing
ton, but declared that the facilities ot the
Company between the points mentioned bad
bteo pretty seriously crippled.
Kxcltement was cauaed at t lie Barge Office
at noon to-day by ibo rumor thattietusbo.it
C. K. Iluckley had been sunk down ihi- bay
by an unknown steamer, and that all hands
were lost.
Cspt, AlcKlwee, commander of the tng, waa
seen at the office ol her owners, si bouth
street, and aild tho tun was not sunk or dum-
S aged, but wtasafe-Jn Atlantic dock.
J.Ue "l(1 ne nd ! morning towed In the
l' aumaaied sohooner Crcsuywith ailonboird
safe, but had not been In colllaloa with any
veasek Uohaluol bwrd ot any tug being
A Sohooner Driven on Hnrt'a Island
Isnasi to ma rvrmto wosin.)
Crnr Ibland, Dec 17. The three-masted
ohooner, Ada ltarker, bailing from llalue,
and bound lor New York, la ashore off Hart's
JJB,.Ln ,De neavy weather she ran on a reef
5!ir 'f8 "oothe aat point ot the Island aud was
badly Ipjored.
.nte '? j.?n the reef all through the night. The
IS?' Wyoming went to her aaslstsuce, but
eouldnot getber off.
Bunk by a Steamship.
While Ihe steamship Ithode Island was go.
Inif up the Kast lttver this rnorulng In tow
llfj.h,w"i ,'ro16 wnch npposlto CorleRM
jJh-'J. "i!" ,,,c eolllded wlm the caiul.bua
t.r2 , "' 'iiiklug tho later. 'Jheirow
were taken urrmafoty.
Stonmor Amuok In Kayrjort Harbor.
IsracuL o tot stikdio wobld.)
"ETrour, N, J.. Dec. 1T.-A very heavy
wind and rain storm Is prevailing hero and
along the coast. Tho tldo Is neany as high as
that of September, mi, when to mucfi dam
age was doue. '1 be sett la very high.
-i.l !rie llt;l City of Long llranch.
v?S?kiW0. or '"If0 " tt Idled betwien
JrJ ?5cS',ort, "!'" N,w Yotlt' trol" loose from
the rdlroad pier and flouted tlirousu the har
bor in among the fleet of Masels ai anchor,
and a number of tho latter wcro immaged br
Soli a l tU CJt,CDt 0l "'"' thousand
The tldo took the mcauior up the narrow
creek towards Malawnn aud struck tho draw
brldue, where It now lit a.
Iloforo night, tno oystenncn say, ronsldcr-
J."01? ,umfte will be done by tho wind
and nlgu tide.
Damago by the High Wind on the
Outskirts of Brooklyn.
The high wind this morning blew down an
unfinished frame house at tho northeast corner
of lllchnioud and Fulton streets, In Brooklyn.
The house was a four-story structure, owned
by D. Mletlsb, who Uvea In Mynle avenue,
near lluahwlck avenue, and was being built by
George Dialler, of Vermont and Jamaica
It was located In the outskirts of the city,
whero most of the houses are frame buildings,
aud It had been reported by the police as au
parently unsafe.
The 1011 on the bulldlug Is estimated at
IT, 000. No one was hurt.
Tho Eleanor's Captain and Family
Had a Close Call,
The cancl-boat Elgenor, lying In tho North
lttver between piers Sii and 3i, sank this morn
ing at 4 o'clock. Capt. Daniel Mann and his
family wero on board at ibo time but were
awakrned and rescued Just 111 time
Two hundred and fifteen tons of coal, which
were on tho boat, also v, est duwn with It.
II. A. F. Bowers, 1 Broadway, were the own.
era of tno oargo.
Hqvoo at Asbury Park.
AsiintY i'AKK, Dec 17. A severe storm has
been raging for the past twelve hours along
tho New Jersey coast from sandy Hcok to
Point Pleasant.
Founder ilradley'a fishing pier at Asbnry
Park and the pavlllona at Asbury and Fifth
avenues are in danger of going to ploeea.
'Ihe bathhouses at the foot of First and Third
avenues are being undermined.
Hoof nave been torn off houses, and trees
blown down and tho storm Is making sad havoc
by beating Into the rooms ot tbu hotels front
the beach and destroying tno walls and
The atprm rivals tho memorable and dis
astrous one ot last September.
Sixty MII03 an Hour Down the Coast.
rsrecur, TO TnE EVXN1NO wonLD.i
Pi.EA3ANivn.bK, N. J., Dec. 17. After mid
night a heavy northeast storm set In and has
hourly increased. At 8 o'clock this morning
the wind Is directly from the east and the rain
Is pouring down In torrents. title the wind Is
blowing at the rate ot sixty mllea an hour. A
very high tide Is looked for to-day and mnch
damago la feared.
Heavy Snow at Plttabursr.
PiTTSBUiiu, Dec. 17. Ihe heaviest snow,
storm In six years Is being experienced, it Is
nine lucnea deep on a level and atlll snowing.
Wires aro down In all directions.
Only Three Days Remain ot Bis
Wonderful Feat ol Famishing.
When iitarver Hucci awoke tbls morning at
S.'.'O o'clock be listened to tbe howling gale
ontslde his windows, and the turbulent ele.
menta seemed attuned to the tumult which
bad raekod his soul for the last forty dajs and
It has been Indeed a stormy struggle which
Giovanni Sued has taken upon himself to live
for 1,080 hours without lasting food. But the
end Is near at band, and in bis waking bours
this wouderfu: man of mystery counts the
minutes as they flit away with Jealous assiduity,
Tbero is au exultant look In his lustrous orbs
on this the forty-second morning ot his strug
gle, and so plain In sight Is the winning goal
of his long race with gaunt, grim Hanger mat
Succl can smile at the certainty ot a successful
flnsle of bis awful famishing.
lie does not attempt to disguise the pleasure
he feels at the nearness of the end. Ktery
hour which lapses into history Infuses hope
Into his depressed breast.
Hucci will complete bis battle with starva
tion, a winner without any prooable doubt, lie
ts euro of tbls himself, and It has made him
buoyaat as a handle of corks.
At 8 o'clock hatnrday night Suoci's struggle
with Starvation will have been ended, and ho
will be us free as any forager In tbe land to
gorge himself with gaatronomleal delights.
This he doesn't Intend to do, however. Uls
lust will be prolonged ontil Sunday afternoon
at 4 o'clock, so that Ihe doughty abstainer may
prepare bis stomach for the good things in
store for It. Ho will enjoy them.
The weight Indicator told buccl this morning
he bad lost a half pound since yesterday. Tno
medical bulletin shows hla condition la these
Weight, 107 pounds; at commencement, 147V
pouuui1; temperature, US.'-'; pulse, G3; respira
tion, 111; dynaniomeier, H kilogrammes; apl.
roinettr, 1, KKKutilc centimetres; water drunk
during the past twenty-lcur hours Croton, 11
ounces: Vichy, So ounces; purgative, c ounces;
Ice eaten, 10 ounces; total, 60 ounces; general
connltlun very good; tongue slightly coated
It was signed by Drs. Henry J. Wlldman,
Hamon Goiteraa, F. II. Ingram, I:. C. Mason,
11. U. Ilagau, N. W. Lyude.
His Policy Boirardlnigr the Trial of
the Hune-Up Indlctmonti.
nisttlct-Attorney-elcct He LanceyNlcoll was
at t lie Mayor's office to-day meeting Informa
tion tegardlug appropriations for his oClce far
Iho next year.
Askcil about tho boollo cases, be said to an
Kvkmmi WoiiLb ri'port.T thai, after exninlus
Hon, If bo taought ach ai-ilon warrauted, he
would mute them for speedy trial, lie doubted,
hownvir. It oonvlciloua could be secured at
this late day.
Politics In Brief.
Iteptibllean BDalors, in caucus to.nlsbt,will con
sider inn oww Financial bill and probtDljr Hqnalor
Quar'a substitute fur iba Furce bill.
Mlchlssn's officii! rtturns ibow that Winans,
Hem., lor OoTernor. receirsd a plurality ol U,aaO
TotijAuvvrTuruor, Hep.
Inillaua Democrats am nslclns an offott t hire
Attcrntr.litnrtl Mllsr indicted for violation u(
lli,i tl-uicine piirllefdi I hey aibw thai, lit i.ut a
pnraiu litlr unilor uls ofiual liauk,
Srnalor Chandlor mtorititl la print the tharee
that a tisCa ti.U bun msda belw.au curfalu ltt.
pubilcsna aud Pouucmis In Ae llampstilra hv the
tartns ol which tlrftaue ot llcpklotnn It to Imi alectad
bpsaaar, Anudon (lot amor and Gallloser banator.
The Peoaarlvanla Stats Farmers' Laaauo is
asatnst tba bub-Trtasury sotiama ana other rarm
ara' AlUacea Ideas.
, ,. , , . .-. ..-..- 1 . "-.'r.--'f.
1 a s
Murderer Jackson's Sentence Post
poned Until Next Monday.
Judgo Martine to Bo Asked to
Placo Him on Trial.
Newly Discovered Kvldenco tho
riiisls of tlio Ucquost..
Cbsrles Jackson, or Buchanan, who, 011 the
night ot April vi last, in Chris Jo:,uson'a
saloon, at Sixth avenuo aud Ninth street,
knifed to death Mamie Murphy, whose dis
carded lover he was, mid who left him because
of his Jealousy aud brutality, was brought
down from tno Tombs this morning for acu
tenco. Ills plea of guilty of uianslanchter In the first
degree bad been acceptod by Judge Marline,
last Friday, upon recommendation of Assistant
District Attorney l'nrker, who said lie was
sstlatied that it would bo Impoaalble to convict
Johnson of the crime for which he waa lndloted
murder In the first degree.
Jackson waa brought down by Deputy
Sheriff Jack Lynch, at 10.45 o'clock. They
walked through the rain handcuffed together,
without an umbrella, Jackson considering It
a treat to get out and feel the raindrops on his
pallid cheeks after bis long confinement.
Hugh Murphy, the father of tho murdered
girl, who, as told In yesterday's Evenimi
Woki.ii, had called upon Aaalstant District.
Attorney Barker aud protested agalnat Jack
son's ploa being accepted, as he claimed there
was competent testimony that Jackson had
made threats to kill his aaughter Mamie, came
to tho Court-House early and waited anxiously
for the court to open.
lie said Assistant District-Attorney Barker
hud visited bin home, 41s West blxiccnth street
late yesterday afternoon snd listened to tho
story told by Mrs. Mnrpby of how Jackson had
threstenod Mamie a few days before the
Murphy said Mr. Porker bad told him that
Mrs.Mnrphy would make a better witness tbsn
he had thought when Murphy first told him the
story, and that he would move that Jackson's
plea ot manslaughter be rejected, and wonld
ask that Jackson be placed on trial for the
crime for which he was Indicted.
Assistant District-Attorney Parker had ex
pressed his regret, Murphy said, that he had
not known of thla evidence before he bad con
curred in accepting Jackson's pies, but now
having learned that good testimony of Jsck
son's Intent to kill waa available, be would do
all In bis power to rectify tne mistake and
bring the alsyer of Murphy's daughter to trial.
To an Evening Wuhld reportor Assistant
Dlstrlot-Attorney Parker said that Murphy's
statement was substantially correct. He had
called upon Mrs. Murphy, he said, and, alter
bearing her story, he bad decided to ask a
postponement ot sentence until Monday, to
give btm an opportunity to thoroughly examine,
thn new testimony as to Jackson's alleged In
tent to kill, and upon which he would ask that
Jackson's plea be rejected and ho be placed on
Mr. Barker accordingly placed the case, with
Its new developments, before Judge Martine,
who granted tho postponement of sentence
until Monday aa requested.
Jackson was taken back to the Tomes.
He did not know tho cause of the postpone
ment of his sentence, or that he might yet be
placed on trial for bis life, but was mnch dis
appointed, as be would be glad to escape wltb
a term of Imprisonment.
a .
The Supply Is Eunning Short, and
Hew Patients areForoed to Wait.
New York physicians are waiting with great
Interest for the arrival of a fresh supply of Dr.
liocn's lymph, wbloh Is due within the next
tew days.
It was stated on good authority this morning
that two will-known physicians will experi
ment with It on cows whose milk Is said to con
tain tne bacilli 01 tubciculuKls.
1 his morning no clungo for the worse la re
ported in tue condition of the (evenly odd
lymph putlenls In the various hospitals In tnis
'lno cans of lnpni, tho physicians siy are
the most promising in results, but the Inocu
lation of phtuila patients lias up to the present
b, en wholly without a vlslblo cnange either for
better or worse.
Passod Very Quietly with a Few
Friends at Oak Knoll.
DAM'Ktus Mass., lice. 17. John G. Whlttlcr
Is passing bis eighty-third birthday very quietly
to-day at Oak Knoll, whire he Is visited by
several literary Jrkum.
Tne uged poet is somewhat feeble, but ott.ee
wise is In excellent Health, and appears even
better than be did a yo-r ago.
Apoplexy Carrlos Off a Relative by
Marrlafcro of tho Vandorbllts.
Tbe death Is announced to-day of Lawyer
Miles S. Bromley, rclutlve by marrisgo ot the
Vanderbilts, who was attacked by apoplexy last
night at his home, 9 ct l':ty-ihird street.
) On 1
1'rrslilrnt llannrd Hlrll.r. Hark.
UricuL ti ihe wonr-n. 1
Htavhkkc, Vn,, Doc. in. Aaono of tho
results of tho arrest of I'rcsident Howard,
of tho Virginia Ktock ExcJiauge, two suits
were brought today In the Circuit Court of
this city, in both of which Howard la the
plaiiitill. One ol tlieto ia agaiuat William
J. Perry for malicious prosecution ami falie
arrest, 'iho other ia against John P.
I.snUos on the same grounds. Uamagca
wan laid In each caso at tl 0.000. It is ex
pected that tlio preliminary trial of Presi
dent Howard on Saturday will tlUcloao some
startling facta aa to tlio business of the
Staunton Stock Kxchsnge.
a m
I'firrery by a ltlrli Fariurr.
I.oritioiiT, !i V,. Dec. 3(1. Htepuni
Toner, a rich farmer, one of tho largest
land-holders 111 the town of Wilson, was
convicted to-day of foralutr the signature of
John UeiU to a pole for t lit), lie used tho
proceeds to pay his taxes.
. - a
His Injured Eyes Will interrupt His
Personal Canvass.
Corkonlans Ready to Rally to
Avengo Their Loader.
Tories Take Pull Advantage of tho
Quarrel In lrolaud.
intiKLAP rant p. news sieciai,.!
Kiiaksny, Dec 17. Mr. 1'anicll's eyes
were very seriously Injured by the lime thrown
into his face at Catlu Comer yeaterday, and
it is doubtful whether ho will be able to appear
on tho hustings for some time to come.
Do is, however, this morning somewhat
better, and is determined to fight ou, even
though blltm.
Hla aufferluga aro Intense.
Tho attack with lime-bags, In wbloh Mr.
Purnell was worsted, was led by Michael
Davllt and tho prlotts.
This resort to vlolcnco has greatly embit
tered tho feeling 011 both sides, and If the
contest ends without something very like mur
der being committed It will be surprising.
London, Dec 17. Tho Tory pspcrs are com
inentlugwltnno little satisfaction on tue fact
that while Messrs. Parnell and Davltt aro tear
ing each other's eyes out In the towns aud Til
lages of North Kilkenny, the Chief Secretary
leaves to-dsy for Ireland to distribute tbe seed
potato fund and to hasten tbe constrnctlon of
the light railway ordered by Parliament as a
means ot relieving the prevailing distress.
a bey add that while profesalonsl patriots
with a brogue are plenty, the only man who
thoroughly understands tbe situation and Is
heartily desirous of ameliorating It Is of Eng
lish birth, and his name is Bailout.
cohkomans won.n a. venae iuunkli.
I'ouit, Dec. 17. The feeling lu thla olty, as
manifested by the crowds in the streets, con
tinues to be strongly In favor ot Parnell.
It Is reported thst a band of Corkonians Is
organizing to proceed to Uallynaklll and avenge
Sexton and O'Connor, who accompanied
Justin McCarthy last night, wore also very
roughly ttcatcd by the mob.
He Says There Is No Political Sfgnin
cancs In His Rclnrn to Ireland.
T. D. Sullivan, the Irltb envoy, acoompanled
by Mrs. Sullivan, embarked quietly upon the
White btar steamer Britannic, and called for
Liverpool alt). yd this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan were assigned to
saloon cabin No. 3J, the finest and most com
modious stateroom on the vessel.
Messrs. Dillon and O'Connor wero at the
pier to bid their colleague bon voyage. They
partea wltb Mr. Sullivan at 0.15 o'clock, and at
h.30 the ship proceeded to sea.
Mr. Sullivan said he bad nothing to say be
yond the tact that be was not returning to
Dublin on any apcclsl mission.
Tbe object of Ills return was to spend Christ
mas ultn his family. For the present, at
least. It wes not his Intention to take any part
In the present campaign, and as to wnetner or
not he would return to this country after
Chrtatmaa depended entirely upon circum
stances. He had already expressed his vlows on the
situation of affairs In Irrland and was loath to
say any more on Ihe evo of departure.
.Mr. O'Connor, when spoken to with regard
to the pi luted reports of the iseault on Mr.
Parnell, said he Had nothing to ssy. Mr.
Ddlou might ssy something later In tho day,
but even that was problematical.
Frightful Disaster in the Shaft
at the Kornu Colliery.
LONbON, Dec 17. A frlgntful dtsaater
occurred to-day in tne Korna Colliery In Hal
nant. Tne cage, tilled wltb men going to work,
was descending the shaft, when the rope
orote, anti the whole party were dashed to the
bottom, several hundred feet.
Eighteen men wero Instantly killed.
m e
Body of the Woman Killed on Ktaton
Island Not Yot Found.
Coroner Wood, of btaplelon, S. I., thts
1 morning empanelled a Jury aad will hold an
Inquest on the leg ot a woman which was
found about 11 o'clock last night 011 Iho rail
road trestle, between Livingston and t-allors
Snug Harbor.
It ia believed thst a woman belonging 011
some veaael anchored In the Kills was rowed
eehore In orlcr to take a tr.,lu, and that being
lgnuraut of the neighborhood she alarteitu
walk along the track. While ctosaing tbe
trestle, It la thought, see was atruck by a pass
ing treUbt iraln.
'I ne theory la that her leg was cut off and the
body feu into the water and was washed away
by the tide.
Onk Streot Pollco Undo a Die- Haiti
Without ICOHUltB.
Tho block bounded ly James slip, Water,
Oliver and Homb atrvcts Is la a ferment this
morning over tho unsuccesslul efforts of the
Oak street police laat night to round up burg
lara who were believed to have ascended to
tbe roof of 14 James clip on mischief Intent.
Hergt, McCarthy (alt his desk, aud at the
bead of Ihe brat platoon of alxty blueooata
sallied lortti and surrounded tbe block from
8. so la the evening until after mlJnlghi.
The coppera made a thorough search, but
although they found traces ot the burglars,
they uld not ulscover the dsrtni cracksmro.
Tne pcopl'i living on the bgck declare that
the neighborhood Is lule.lt it with jounir
toughs, and tl at crooked work Is going on all
iho time.
enow. Rain and Cold,
Washington, Dec 17. For Kailtm Au
York! Knout ana rain, uorlhtatlti 1 1 telndt,
gal' on fiettxisf, wind thtfttng nurffiuvif.
trlv fl'id colder bty Tliunaav morning,
. . .J
Ex-Alderman Patrick Differ and John
J. Ryan Appointed.
Joffertonian Democracy Repre
sented on tho Police Bonch.
JInyor Grant Still Una Two Other
$8,000 Plums to Glvo Out.
Mayor Oram's arrlvsl at the City Hall this
morning waa succeeded almost lmmedlstely by
the appointment of two Police Justices.
Patrick Buyer was named for the full term
In place of Maurice J. Power.
John J. Hyan was given the short term ot
Police Jusltco John J, Uotman, tno Sberlff
elect, which will explro Nov. 1, 1893.
'Ihe salary of a Police Jus'.lco fstSOOOper
In Mayor llrant's morning mail was found a
reaignstlon from Judge Uorman, couched In
tho following terms :
' ' Please accept my resignation as one of the
Police Justices of the city of New York, to take
effect when ray successor sbsll have been ap
pointed and qualified. "
Llttlo surprise wss experienced at the an
nouncement of appointments, for it was
pretty generally circulated among tho know
lug ones yesterday that but two ot tbe police
Justiceships would be filled to-dsy, snd thst
ex-Aldermen Divvcr and Ityan wonld receive
The Mayor has got to make two appoint
ments to succeed Pollco Justices Murray and
Smith, whose terms have expired, and there
are various conjectures as to tho reason for
bis continued delay In lining their places.
One story Is to tho t'tTcrt that he desires to
see tho outcome of Judgo Smith's right
for supremacy over the lteptibllcau or
ganization of tbo Twentieth District
before giving so valuable a place
to a man w no tny bo so reduced In power
politically that he can In future make no re
turn In servlco to tbe 1 aramauy Hall oigaulza
ttou. Friends of ex-Assemblyman L'dward P.
Hsgau, who has been considered as absolutely
certain of tbe succession to Judge Power,
aro fcellug very down lu tbe mouth
for fear that their fuvorlte Is to be left at the
polo by bturtcr (Irauu
Some of them, however, attempted to cheer
themselves with tho suggestion that he may be
ketplng for appointment as Street-Cleaning
Commissioner, should tl.e Mayor finally deter
rulne to rid ms administration of Hans S.
Patrick Dlvver is the Tsmmsny Hall leader
of the bctond Assembly District.
llu Is about fort) -six years old and was born
In Ireland, He came to America when a child.
His fslhcr died when he was a lad and be
was apprenticed to a morocco manufacturer
In Frunklort stroet. Tnero ho remained for a
number of ycara and while there employed waa
A strike In tbo factory where be was em
ployed sent him to Newark, where he followed
bis trade for more than u year.
Eventually he drifted back to the ' Swamp"
and here he became a political power, m ani
mating his ability In this line first In tbe cam
paign ot Morgan Jouca for Congress in tbe
He came under the notice of the late
Iteoorder Uackett, who gave him his first
political position, making him a court officer.
After he left this position he went Into the
saloon bnamesa on Park How, which ne con
ducted until a short time ago.
Mr. Dlvver defeated Thomas P. Walsh, cora
mouly known as "Fatty," In iksij, and was
returned to the Hoard lu 18S7--'fcU.
He resides at 7 Madison strict, end Is tho
father of thirteen children, uine ot whom aro
Mr. Dlvver Is said at present to be Interested
In a turutsnlDg goods buslueta ou Broadway.
John J. Hyan Is about thirty-seven years of
age, and was born In this city. He ts an un
dertaker, bis placo of business being at 68 Kast
Mr. Hyan has been a Btrong friend and sop
porter of tx-Aldsrman Tbomas shells and one
ot bis lieutenants In the 1 horn as Jefferson As
sociation of the Fourth Assembly District.
He succeeded Alderman shells as Alderman
In lswund it40.
Ills appointment la considered by the politi
cians as a reward to Shells for the support of
the Tammany ticket by the Jefleraonlana at the
last election.
Mr. ltyau is Captain and Inspector of Blflo
Practice on the staff of Col. Cavaoagh, of the
Sixty-ninth Heglment.
Dootor Newman Reports the Done
Graft at au End.
The bone-grafting case of Johnny (lethlna
aud bis apanlel Yip is now practically at an t ad.
'1 his statement Is nuiio upon tho authority ol
House Surgeon Newman, of the Charily Hos
pital ou lllackwcH's Island, who this morning
lolil an Evenino Would reporter that all that
uow remained for tbe completion of the opera
tion was rtst and quiet for Johnnie and the
united bones.
"The surgical part of the operation is en
tirely finished," said Dr. Newman, "but it
may ot weeks or possibly months before the
unqualified success of Ins operatloo la as.ured.
"It will 1.01 be long heioreJn nnie will be
on slicks and Allowed to make his way around.
Ills Itu la now immobile, nuns ixuiud tigutly
lu a plaster cast and by iron binds.
"The cotton inside the cast will prevent
any Injury to the bone-union an there is uotu
10 Hinder Johnnie from walking around on
irutcnrs, "
Dr. Newman would not say whether or not
he considered that tho operation bad or would
prove a complete success.
a m
Mrs, McCorznack Fatally Burned by
a Kerosene OU Explosion.
Au oil lamp exploded early this morning In
tie apartments of John McCormack in the
seeond floor of tbo five-story building, No.
VH First avenue.
The biasing oil fell upon the clothing of Mrs.
Sarah McCormack and before the Ore v. as put
out she was badly burned. The fire caused
little damage to Ihe furniture.
Mrs, itoCormack was sent to Bellsvue Hos
pital, where It Is aald that she will probably
die. She is forly years old.
No. V. Fattier Knickerbocker's Christmas Presents,
He'll Drop Bridge Jumping and
Take to Leoturing.
Steve Brodle said be felt as though he were
still on tbe ocean yet, otherwise he was In
prime condition, this morning, when an Even,
inu Would reporter stopped at but Bowery
saloon to congratulate the Illustrious bridge
Jumper turned litterateur.
"Ssy, we hsd sn awful stormy time com.
lag over on tbe Gallia. Saturday we didn't
know but tbe bloonitn' boat would go down.
"Yon see I've brought back a bit ot Eng
lish, don't yer know, " explained Brodle, aa be
aw the reporter write that fatal word
" Bnt I ain't a dude, and dont you forget lu
I'm au out and out Kew Yorker. Seven Dials
Is nothing. Hot then It Isn't what It used to
be. Tho toughest plsce I see over there was a
tuppenny lodging-house In Queen street. I
stopped there two nights and say 1"
Tbe Bowery prince put up both hands, palms
out, and pushed the disgusting thing away.
"Unt the trip over. Saturday It stormed so
the aea wasted the decks and we bad to put
double laanora on the lifeboats to Keep 'em
from being carried away.
"Gent Oh, she's sll rlsbt. As fat aa a
young duck, and as bsppy as a lark. She's
abed now. You see we hsd a big blowont last
night. Opened wine right up ti "
Brodle suspiciously scanned tbo faces of the
crowd of curious people who thronged the
ssloon, and concluded:
' Itlghl np to 1 o'clock, A lot of the aaloon
passengers were here, and my friends."
At this moment a bill collector entered.
A bill tbe first thlngl Thai's tbe kind of a
greeting a man gets after he has out-Dlyed
Nellie llli."
Steve pulled out a wad of loose bills from his
trousers pocket. It waa big enough to nil a
two-quart measure, and be hunted a long time
lor a bill smaller tuau a tenner.
" say, Jt.'.i) tor a week 7 That's 60 cents a
nltlit. 1 only wanted a 1-o'clock light, mis
ter. "
'l his w lib another emplclooa scanning of tbe
faces In the aaloon. He paid tbe 1111 with a
wink and then went on:
"Say, about that man Barnes, He chal
lenged mo after 1 wsa on tne water. Here's
the London Hixjrtlwj Lift with my challenge
to the world."
Ihe paper was of the date of Nov. 19, ana
he challenge was to all comers to "Jump off
three blgb brIJges for XSuO a aids, each man 10
name one, the third bridge to be tosaed op for.
After e,cn dive the men to swim to a stke
boat 100 yards away, ihe one touching It Dist
to be d,-cliri d the winner. Tbe wlaner of two
out of three to take tae stake money."
"Oo, say; I've ordered the handsomest
little wsgon In New York for my donkey.
It'll bo a little Irian launiln' car,
punted green. On Patrick's Day I'm going
tn bitch up Willie O'Urleo I got him at
.Mallei, wnere Willi. m O'Brien was
born, anu so I named him alter the Irish
1 atrlot. I'm going to load the car up with
Irish tnrf, tied up with treen ribbon, and I'm
lining to give Ihe turf away to my customers.
1 bought seventy-five pounds of turf, a lot of
shamrocks, and blackthorns enough to make a
fence around all
"I've got an engagement for Willie O'Brien.
He opeoa at tbe nioue Museum next Uomiar,
at a aalary of 7f a week. I i.uppose they'll
advertlaa tSOOaweek, but :.VaJot what he
g, ia, and be boards him. Ilea the amallest
donkey ever Imported to Ameilca. Standa j
feel high, snd he's In sn KlUabelb atrcst sta
ble Just now.
"Hut Jnst wait nil hla mate gets here. The
Jenny 'II be ber about to-morrow on the
(iutun liner, tbe Nevada, 1'Vu christened her
Mrs. O'Sbea.
" bay, 1 thjught I'd get home In time to go
out and kill bitting Bull. It makea me tired
the way they have btsn dubbing along with
that bloke, and I'd nave Just gone out then aad
shot the sucker.
"I've lound out by several good men that
I'm too good a man tor bridge lumping aud
ti,e saloon business, sud I'm Jnst going to quit
risking inv life. I'm going to lecture up
through tee We.U
"Oh, I brought s lot of Irish pictures tunny
ones and prize-fighters, tor my art gallery.
Besides I've got aptio'.oaraph ol myself aa Ibey
let me down eight' feet 10 kiss tue resl, true
Blarney Stone mat Cromwell cuthlamme
Into. Mot tourists ate faked Into klsalng an
other stoiiu on the top uf tue crest at Blarney
" 1 bought apbotoyrapb of an evicted family
and their poor stiautr. Barefooted children
sud ragued teusnl and n lie. Poor devils I
"OS, about that trouble witn the cabby at
the Cafe Itoyal; I broke my finger 00 that
blokle's Ueth. but fee howled for mercy, seel
You are I could ki ep on taltlug aad filling you
up for four pages ot Tux lvininu World, out
my eyes won't stay open. I'm going to bed."
An Old Employea Run Over by a
Train In tbe Yard.
Michael Urarll, a car cleaner for tbe New
York Central lt&llroad. waa run over lu the
yard of ihe Grand Central Depot tbls morning
and killed.
Brazil waa fifty years old. and lived at 333
Kast Forty-eighth street. Ills body wsa eon
vcjed to the police station In the basement of
the depot.
Erastus E. Ford's SaBpeneion An
nounced on " Change."
This morning there wss anothor addition to
the list of failures prsolpltated upon Wall
street by the long depression In the stock mar
ket. Erastus E.Ford, of 71 Broadway, aud a mem.
ber of tbe Stock Exchange slnoe April 5, 1888,
announced hie Inability to meet bis engage,
taenia. Us has no outstanding contracts.
From lo o'clock up to noon lees than JO, 000
shares of stock had changed hands. Specula
tion waa feverish, but the flsctuatlons In a
majority ot Instances were loo Insignificant
to merit comment. On tea talk of a strike
and on the unfsvorsble showing for October,
Union Paolflo wss sold down to
about tS. It later rallied a point.
The October atatement of the Company
shows gross earnloga of M, 430,01; a decrease
of H,M; expenses 18,017,3(5, an tnoreaae of
HftS,28l and net earnings H,ss,0T7, a loss ot
f 409. 110 as compared with 18S,
A decline In consols In London, acoompanled
by large withdrawals of gold from the Bank of
England for German account, has revived the
talk about a probable advance In the discount
rate to-morrow.
As this might lead to llqulaaUons In Ameri
can securities the foreign news hsd a bad
effect here.
The amount of bullion withdrawn from the
Bank of England on balance to-day was no less
than X670,ooa
Gould, Ssge and the other satellites ot the
financial world are quite confident ot a satis
factory outcome of tbe preseat rail
road troubles, bnt are not willing to
give their opinions aa to the proballe
effect ot their scheme on the stoek market.
Jay Gould, when asked by a reporter of Tni
World for hla opinion, blandly said:
"Vall street goes by contraries. II my
foresight were as good aa my hindsight, things
would go oftener to my satisfaction. Unfortu
nately I am not a prophet. "
Tbe Quotations.
Open. Ubrh. law.
American Cotton Oil UH 1SW 15V
Atcb., To. saau tm ), 2.M
CanadlanPaelfU lit nQ 71$,
Caaada bouttura 48H 4"S 48 la
Ohicsso daa... ., MM M), 34 "J
Caic, Bur. A QoJnor SU a 6
CLIcaao A Norttmaat, 103 103)4 103
Omc, Mil. A ht. Paul OOVf WH H
Ohio., MU. A Hk Paul praf 101V 1U3X rl
!hlc. Hoajk fa. A Pc. 701. 11 30
Ohio, a Ka.Um lillno a pref.... EO NO 0
Ulav , 01. Ohio. Bt. L. 67 57 67
I ODaolldatadO.e,.., OUa SIM Vita
Usurer A Hie Grand praf Wi 67 6bi
Usurer, Hloarands Wail UK 17,'; 7J
Ula. A OaltU Fd Trnal 40l2 41fc 0'.
lUinola Uautrsi AI VI 87
LakaSbor...,, IDS IDA 105'
Lata KrU VfutarD..., 13W 11IU 1JU
Laks Km A Wasters, pfd SUH SUM 41V
LooUTlUa A Nashville. fl 7314 71
Manbatlaa Oonaol SO M M
Memphis A Charleston aii 3V 3J
Mlaaourt Paolhe COk ficl.V lS
MobilaaOhlo 2S 9S 'M
National Lead Trust 16t ltu lSlj
New Jaraej Central H8; 90l; viu
New York Central. ft If (MH We
New York A flew Enaland 34 SIS 3lh
N. V L. K. A Western 1HH 1st, 18),
.N. Y,, boau. AWe.taro. piaf... M 'Ai 23
Norfolk A Wa.t U IS 1J
Norfolk A Ueat.ro pld Oil, Hii tlH
Northern HaciUc , 'Jo;, 'J I 20'.
N'crttiaru racitto pref. . ., fW SIM CIV
North American lit, ll'i i
PeeiUo II. U ttOlI 31 3V
PDila. A Raedloa; 19 1 'l'ii Wi
f oilman Palec Car Co 17VU now 179
Kicb. A Weal Point Ter laf! lt.'i let;
M. Paul A Omaha JritZ Wl ?iU
M. I'.ul A Uulalh 21C aiO 31C
M. 1'., Minn. A Manitoba. UK K)1, f3
Mllrer Iu74 ll 107U
fuaar Keflnsrlea. tU 63U .l
T.ia, I'aotno lav 13V 13V
Tanu. Ooei A Iron !1 'aU 29
Uoion PssUio. 441,' 41', 411.'
Ilo.oa I'ao., U. AQ 20H .0, 'aoS
Weatern Union Tel 76 76 75U
Wneetias A Lake trie 3X 'J8 Se
WDsaltoa A Lake su pfd It M M
Wis. Cent...... U it 10J,
A full account of Wall street attain will be
found In the Sporting Extra.
1 aa -
Judgo Martine Must Malta Hla Obolcs
of Contradictory Reports.
Messrs. Lord, Fowler and Fosdlck, who were
appointed by Judge Marline to examine Into
the sanity of young Stephaul, the slayer of
Judge Heynolds, met in the Judge's room In
the General Sessions building this morning,
sud banded tn two reports, one signed by Mr.
Lord, the oiher by Messrs. Fowler and Foadlck.
Judge Marline will examine ihe different
re porta at bit leisure and decide for himself as
to the young man's sanliy.
. a e 1
Was It Attempted Arson?
The police are Investigating a mysterious
little fire which ocourred at 4,'JO this morning
In tbe cellar of the tenement at 1S1 But One
Hundred and Tenth street. The blsxe was
near the bottom ot ire air shaft, but was dis
covered In tune to prevent It trom spreading.
mi ' ' ' , a fH
Filly Soldiers and Two Offlcirtfl
Reported Killed by thi ;fl
Indians. 9
Probably a Detachment of ItyrM
Toppers Siitli Caialry. fl
The Indians Repulsed, butTlitlriWH
Loss Unknown, H
Newa Brought by Courta? to (k l'M
Camp at Daly's Raacb. '
tsPECiAL to TBI xvxntsa waaxn. ;H
CniCAUo, Dee. 17. A Denver desnatofe says H
the following measage has been received froat 'fH
ltapld city, Dak., where it waa brought f c
courier from the camp at Daly's ranch! ival
"A rancher Just arrived in great hastate H
our commanding officer reports a commatvl -VH
of cavalry attacked and two ofnoera and fifty ofl
men killed, but the Indians were repaUedl.'H
with heavy losses. I'l
'The number of Indians killed la Mtj
known. The Indiana were put to root. - TUiiH
report la probably credited, H
" it la not known whose command It waa, i3rH
It waa probably that of Major Tapper, ofthetB
Sixth Cavalry, and hla three troops of 140 men. j H
Our command marches, to their aulatsao to. (VtI
day." .Ifl
raise )H
Reports as to the Pope's Eaaltk IjH
Were Exaggerated. j
oraur cablc kiws snciAil H
Rom, Dec la. The telegrams sent frasa iH
here regarding tbe health of Ilia Holiness tie ,1H
rope were grouly exaggerated. V-eal
Instead of being seriously lu from the effects'. '(HJ
of a severe cold, he Is feeling stronger than be 'a
has dona for aome time past and la fay better'-H
than he wsa a year ago. , ?
While his physical condition Is so satlsfAc-H
tory his mind Is exceedingly active for a maa
of his years. '-VeH
OnMondsy, on the occasion of the eelebra-jJH
tion of ' the bt-centenary of the Academy ot iJJJ
Itoman Arcadians, of which ha la a member. he 'H
composed two short Latin adaa, that wore rrH
read by Cardinal Farrochl In the Hall ol tue ;B
Canallarla. ''efl
Stanley Charged with Getting1 Blob H
Out of Darkest Africa, 'Nl
London, Deo. 17. kr. Harry Qwlter, editor H
of the Unttxrtat IUriexa, returns to the attack HU
against Stanley. NJH
He charges that the explorer made SQBj;
from the expedition, not counting what MiSB
may have reoelved from the King of tae BelelflH
alans. IH
Harry Marka Loses Hie But lWyaH
Criminal Libel. iJH
London, Dee. 17. The trial ot the action far H
criminal libel brought by Barry Marks, ettettt ,H
and proprietor of the .Financial Snu, agalBat JH
U. W. Butterfield, which has attracted aaaek MM
attention In financial and newspaper qasmaa,- 1
ended to-day with a verdict la favor of IM'fjiH
defendant. . .Kvaeael
Another Conspiracy A train at tba 7jxxiH
Amontr Russian Arlatoorate. '''lH
London, Dec 17. Beports hart reaoh4 1M
here from St I'etersburg that another eeav ''-JH
piracy against the life of Ue Caar Das beaa' H
discovered. ael
It was traced to a club of noblemen. (Several -;iH
Poles, who were members, nave been arreataei4H
and the dab-house has been closed by the' ijM
police, iH
Jaclc Burke Aooopte tba CbttUoiiap
from Ted Prttobard. '
Dtjxtjifa cABUt sm ersciAX.1 'vH
London, Deo. 17. Jack Burke naaaceeptettl i?M
Ted l'rltchard'a challenge to box wlthlalH
twelve weeks from this dste for XI, 000 a aldai VH
for the middle weight championship, iH
The articles will be signed to-morrow. ".!eS
Detectives Certain H Waa Mra.! '
Beennan'a Flendlab Aaeailant. 1 1H
IsnciAL to Txa amsmta woau. . yJH
Faibvisw, N. J., Dec it. WHitara Moaa,' jB
the negro who was arrested yesterday on ssa-J ,H
plclon of committing the brutal assault with H
an eight-pound tathwetfht on Mrs. Beermaa
on the Bull's terry Road on Deo. S, at a iH
o'clock this sfteruoon will bare but hearlnal' J
tefore Dr. Ay res, who la the magistrate oil tM
Falrvlew. t . I
Mrs. Beerman Is not strong enough to'
undergo the ordeal of being; confronted with' JH
Moon, therefore iters will oo no attempt made VM
to identify him In this way lor a day orao.ij ''S
Mrs. Beerman Is slowly Improving, but te. M
very weak. 1 ,,S
Moon's reputation livery bad. The deteo, SB
Uvea aay they can .prove tbu Moon was on the! ;'H
Bnll'a Ferry road that nlsat, vfll
Another Robertson Claimant. 'U
A letter from Henry H. Boberuon, Fotte. !sH
muter at Eaton Centre, N. U,, was received rjffl
by Mayor Urant thla morning making Inquiry, .
regarding an estate of It, 600, 000 left by one H
Lorlng A. ltobertson, a supposed relative ot ,
the writer, who left New Hampshire many ;jMB
years ago and wss probably between sixty-five gB
and seventy years of age at the time ot It ,3M
death. , i.fl
UnaisltloaablT the leadiag brand. All suntltats,ef A ,VH
In j. . AaJH

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