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IT HAS ALL THE SPORTING NEWS. ' 4j lj BISM18M WtH P ! llJ . see the su'day world. -S
Hany Arrests, but the New
York Ripper Is Still
at Large.
Detectives in Private Clothes
Swarm in the Fourth
Inspector Byrnes Visits Brook
lyn This Morning on
Alleged (.lues,
Proof bj the Autopsy That Carrie
Brown Was Strangled Before
Her Mutilation.
Parts of the Body Missing and
Supposed Carried Away
by the Murderer.
No crime whloh hat been oororaltted In this
Iclljr for years has stirred the Pollre Depart
inent to such tremendous activity aa tbo horrl
Die, butchery ot Curie Brown, alias "Old
HShskespeare, " by "Jack tne Kipper, " or bit
double, at the East Hirer Hotel.
Sluce noon yesterday th Fourth rreclnct Das
been fain? alive wttn detectives and policemen
In citizens' olothe Tney barn been drafting
all tbe low dives ana resorts on Cherry Hill
and Its vicinity, in the hope ot discovering
some cine to tne escaped murderer.
He la attll at large, and iti far ss can be
learned from the police authorities no trace of
biro baa et been brought to light.
This morning It waa stated that tally one.
bait ot tbe detective force of tbe Central Office
waa engaged in the Investigation nnder the dl.
rect sopervlalun of Inspector Byrnes und Capt.
In addition to theae all the available reserve
fosee of the Fourth rreclnct, together with
Ward Detectives Doran and Oriffln, nnder
Capt. O'Connor, are assisting In the work of
ehailng np dues and winnowing reports and
rumor., many of which are ot the wildest and
most Improbable character.
In every precinct, too, throughout tbe city
the police have been warned to keep on the
lookost for any one who answers to the dr.
scrlptlon of the supposed murderer which baa
been famished by Mary Mlulter, tbe house
keeper of the botel.
That they are on tho alert U shown by the
taot that one arrest baa already been made In
tnolber precinct.
This srrest waa made about 1 o'clock this
morning by Officer Mitchell, of tbe Elizabeth
street police. lie found a German, abont
ttilrtT.jive years old, who said hit name was
Adolph Kallenberg, and that he bad no home,
loitering In Cbutham square.
He waa sent down to the Oak street station
about 8 o'clock this morning. Capt. O'Connor
sjs thst be discharged blm became be waa
evidently not the man whom he wanted.'
Ue declined to say whether Mary Mlnlter,
who was one of those detained as witnesses,
bid seen tbe prisoner or not. He was aatlsflt d
that be knew nothing of the tnarder and was
liot concerned In It.
Mary waa dlaeharged this morning at Capt.
O'Connor's request,
"trim f i I
Belor daylight this morning, many arrests
were made In the precinct and a dozen or more
prisoners were brought to the Oak atreet
Some ot tbem were discharged, and some ol
Uem held. Capt. O'Connor said this morning
that ht bad only seven prisoners In tbe cells,
M of whom were women and two men.
Tbty vert all held, hs said, ai witnesses, snd
Bl out aa a principal In the crime. The man,
""W brands, alias ftenoby," wio ni
arretted early last evening, and was believed
to be a suspect, Capt. Connor says Is only a
witness who knew the old worsen "Snakes.
pear e," and who mlgnt give the police Infor
mation regarding her life and aaaocluea.
The others were Willi itn Bcklr, Mary ltellly,
Lizzie Carter, Florence May, Alary Lolsey and
Alice Sullivan.
At 10.30 this morning Capt. O'Connor ap.
roared at the Coroner's omen with James Jen
nings, tbe proprietor of the East Ktvcr Hotel,
snd Samuel Shine, his bartcnucr.
&v',y it "M:::i?"
At the request of the Captain, Coroner !
Schultze Issuid an order thst sll theae persons j
should be sent to the House of Detention
pending tbe Investigation of the murder.
Florence May was discharged, however.
Most of them were picked op by the police
and the detectives In tbe wretched dive which
abound in the neighborhood of Cherry and
Water itreets.
It la said that the man William flekle la a
sailor, and was arrested on board ot one of tbe
vessels lying along South atreet. lie wa seen
with "Old Shakespeare" within the past two
or three days.
Francis or Freno iy " Is a well-known char
acter In tbe neighborhood, and Is sa d to be a
desperate man. He la described by Bartender
Thompson, of the But Hirer Hotel, aa a dark,
swartliy-tklnne man, of medium height, and
Is snppo.cd to be half negro and bait Spaniard.
He csme from Cuba, and has recently occu
pied rooms at the "botel" on seeral occa
sions witb different women, of tbe most aban
doned class. He wss there nn Wednesday
night, and nn Thursday night bad a room
alone on the top floor, adjoining the one occu
pied by "Old Shakespeare "and the supposed
"Jack the Hipper."
William C. Mannlx, a coat bearer, wbo
works at the South street coal docks, and who"
jays be has lived with his wife at the East Side
Hotel during the paat week, told an Evening
Would reporter thla morning that "Frenchy."
who had a room on tho earns floor with him,
had on Wedneaday morning tried to break Into
his wife's room after he had gone to work.
He had threatened his wlfo wltn terrible
comeqneuces If she did not let him In, but she
refused to open the door, and ue finally went
away breathing vengeance. Mannlx ssys he
saw Frenchy lying drnnk In the narrow hall.
way on the top floor late on Thursday night,
when be went to his room.
Tbe description of tbe murderer upon which
the police are working was given by Mary
Mlnlter, the assistant housekeeper, who was
the only person who saw the old woman snd
ber compsnlon come in Thursday night and
go npatairs together.
She says he was abont 5 feet 8 lnehea In
height and was lightly built. Ills festnres
were sharp and bis nose was long and came
down to a sharp point.
Ills ninitache was brown and hoary, and tne
ends, which were long, neither curled nor
drooped, but seemed to stand out perfectly
strslght, like the whiskcra of a cat.
Ills clothing was dnsty snd well worn, and
be wore a derby hat thst waa broken and
dented at the top, whloh be pulled down over
his eyes.
Ilia ooat was of the cutaway pattern, and,
like bit tronsers, was made of dark-colored
cloth. He wore a cotton shirt and a lOllarthat
wss muoh soiled.
Despite the horror of the tragedy, which oc
curred there only twenty-four hours before,
the wretched rooms ot the 'hotel" were ap
parent!? In as much deman I aa ever last night.
When a reporter of Ins Evem.w Woiii.d
called there about 0 o'cloik, tnu morning toe
transient tenants of tbe old rookery werejuit
beginning to turn out.
Clear-eyed, painted old bags, accompanied
by rough-looking sallormen, Btraxuled at In
tervals down the narrow wooden stairway.
Tue clerk In the barroom said that mo.t of
the rooms o the top floor had been occupied
during the ht.
The door ot the little room where "Old
Shskeipeara" was bntciierel stood wide open.
One ol her shoes, which had been used to prop
up the window, was still in Its place.
The blood-taakrd isattreaa lay nn the floor,
and a pile or fllthr beJ-clothtng ameared with
gore bad been thrown Into the corner.
Tbe great patch of clotted li'ood which bad
dripped over the edge of the bed on the mlddlo
of the floor bad not yet been removed. Tne
stench In tbe plsoe wsa horrible and sleksnlng.
AI tbe end ol the narrow passageway lined
on each side with these miserable little rooms
and Just over the bead ot the stslrs Is a scuttle
opening on the roof. It can be reached by a
small Iron ladder.
One of tne theories advanced to aeoonnt for
the escape of the murderer without being seeu
as bo pasted out, Is Hi at he climbed up through
this scuttle and pasacd oierto a neighboring
Toe only roof which be could have reached,
for all tbe adjo'nlng buildings but one are con
alderauly lower than tho East Hirer lintel, was
that of the furnished-room house at SSJ Water
street. This 1 next door to tho hotel and Is
kept by a man narard llerlincr.
It wa said at tins place thla morning that
the scuttle on the root was alwsys kept fast
ened on the Inside and no one could possibly
get Into the house In that way.
On the other hand, if the murderer bad fin
ished bis bloody work before 1 o'clock In the
morning, be conld hare gone down the stair
way and pssaed oot Into the atreet through the
prlrste drlnklng-room, witboutattractlng any
attontlon Irom thoao In the banoom adjoining.
Many were In tbe habit ot doing tbls every
evening, Ilartender bhlne said, and nnless
some ono had happened to step Into the pas
sageway at the time a person going out would
escspe notice entirely.
Alter one o'clock tne door trading from the
hallway Into the private room is locked and the
key Is taken by the night bartender. This door
is not opened again nntll five o'clock In the
morning. Tbe ball door opening Into Ibe
atreet It kept looked all night long and the key
Is taken from the lock.
It Is barely possli le that the murderer mlcbt
have waited until B o'clock before he left the
pi ice, but this Is oot regarded as prohable by
the pollc, as he would have had fully two
hours In which to complete his work and then
get away before the door was closed at 1
V & CQES li U (' fljjjL
Astrsnge thing about the case is thst no
msrks of blood nppear either upon tbe furnl.
turo of the room or on the door knob or wood
How a man conld accomplish such a fearful
butchery without having the marks of It npon
blm Is a mystery which is not yet explained.
Daring tbe morning Detective Dorsu and
Policeman Cunningham, of the Oak street sta
tion, were stationed at the house. They were
on ihe lookout for people wbo might visit the
place, and who might be able to give some in
formation regarding "Old Shakespeare" or
ber companion.
lbere was considerable excitement at tbe
botel Juit before daybreak this morning. A
lamp in the housekeeper's room on the third
floor waa overturned, and It set Are to tbe bed
clothing npon which It fell.
It waa knooked over by a flapolng window
curtain when no one was In the room snd It
bad smouldered for some time before It waa
discovered, 'the hallways were filled with
smoke and an alarm was sent out.
The Are was extinguished, however, before
the nre-englnes arrived.
Inspcctoi Dyrnes declined to say this morn
ing whether be thought tbe mnrdertr ot "Old
Shakespeare" was resliy "Jack the Ripper"
or only an ImRator of the notorlons White
Cbspel butcher ot London.
He denied, however, thst he bad ever orltl
claed the work of the London police, or
boasted that such crimes could not be com
mitted In New York without a speedy arrested
of tho murderer.
Tbe general opinion among tbe members of
the force who are working npon tne
case Is that If the slayer of "Old
bhakeipcare" It not really "Jack the
Hipper," be Is a person wbo bos followed
the blstory of the crimes of tbe Ixjnilon mur
derer very closely, and bas followed bis
methods alraont identically.
"Jack tbe Hipper "usually cnt tbe throats
ol lil victim before be disembowelled them
andcirvrd them up, and In the ptesent case
the evidence shows that th woman was stran
gled aw.
Dr. Wlllam T. Jenkins, Deputy Coroner,
whose skill brings him Into requisition for all
the difficult autopsies coming to tbe Depart
ment, went to Ilellevue thla morning and
mods an autopsy on the body of the victim.
'Ihe mutilated form ot the old woman was
brought Into one ot tbe little post-mortem ex
amination rooms of tbe Morgue, and, in tbe
ptesesce of seven doctors from Ilellevue and
an Evenimi Woki r reporter alone, Dr. Jenkins
made his examination.
He found that death was probably caused by
strangulation, the murderer having probably
first choked tho woman and then
while tho body was yet warm, mutilated It with
Ms big knife.
He found, however, a cut on tho right ear,
from which blood had flowed, and wblcb Is
evtdenoe that a struggle took place between
tne murderer and bis victim before tbe Hipper
accomplished btspurpone.
The autopsy showed thit the first cut msde
with the knife was a downward thrust near the
nvel, with the kntlo held perpendicularly.
from that there was a Jigged cut four Inches
deep and nhlch wai carrlttl round to Ihe back
ol the body, ending one Inch above the tcrml
natlonof theaplnal column.
Toe two cnta lu the oticrlor reglin forming
tbe murderer's cro.s were six Inches long and
one Inch deep.
1'artof the Intestines were minting snd the
left ovary waa completely torn away.
Ou the woman's neck were three abrasions,
taused when Ihe woman wss cooked.
The Brooklyn police evidently obtained
a cine to the murderer, as Cllef of I'ollco
Campbell sent out to all the siatlon-housca in
llrioklyn a description of a msn wanted In
conuectmo vtlth the murdsr. Ths message
wss a recret order, and a copy of It cannot be
As soou as It was recclvnl in the stsllon
houses officers were aent out on tho esse As
a remit, nt 2,49 o'clock this morning 1'olke
Capt. Eaaou, of the lower Fulton slieet I
stsllon, visited Ihe reoiilo's Lodging Home, st
C8 Fallon street, snd there arrested on sus
picion s man who gave bis name t Frederick
bimbo, do la a German, twenty-six years old,
jas.... h fii JssrTthf'Vnssf i fi '.rsjiBllssrt.fts.BBrs
and asld that he hid formerly worked aa a
no came to Ibe lodflnc-house at 1 o'clock
this morning. He ssai "ilela'ned" In the
elation. liou-e. And word was telographcd to
Chief Campbell, who notified Insiector Byrnes
ot the arrest.
No regular entry of tho meat wis mado on
tho cmclal returns Bent to Ilesilqinrtcrt, and
the arrest wss kept eocret ustil some hours
Shortly after S o'clook Ditectlve Hcrgt. Mo
Naugbton, of Byrnca'a alaff, went over to
Brooklyn and had n talk will the prisoner.
Strube fully accounted for hla time for several
days past and McNaughton waa convinced he
was not tbe man wanted. Strnbe was then
At 10.00 o'clock a group of reporters, among
whom was an Evening World representative,
were waiting In Chief Campbell's outer offlce,
when Inspector Byrnes wslked In snd imme
diately dlssppeared inside the Superintendent's
He remslned there until 11.10 o'clock and
then came out. Aft'r leaving the bull, ing he
wss Joined by Detective "Jack " O'Brien, and
they boarded a car and rode to the bridge,
when they csme to New Tork and took a
Third avenue train.
Several precinct detectives were cslled to
Drooklrn I'ollce Uea 'quarters this morning
and sent on a special mUilon. When asked If
they were working on the murder osse they
declined to speak on tbe subject.
J. F. Devoe, night clerk at the llatflcM
House, 40 and 48 Hidge street, told the police'
thst he believed that a man who answers the
description sent out by Inspector Byrnes
stopped at bis plsce on Thursday last.
When Devoe came on duty on Thursday
night he aavs be saw written on a slate a mes
sage left for Blm by the day olerk. It read:
1 Wake up lodger In room 63 at 9. BO. Ssys bo
bss got Important business"
At that honr Dcroo entered room No. W and
awoke the lodgor. Ue shook him by the arm.
Tne man Jumped out of bed and looked fright
ened. Ho dl I not say a word, and Devoe took
a good look at him.
Devoe saya that he learned that tho man en
tered tho lodilng-house about 11 o'tlock ou
Thnrsday morning, and said mat he was going
to sleep. He asked the clerk to waku blm op
at 9. 80 tbe tame night, aa he had an appoint
ment to meet a noman. He gavo the name of
Itaao Dcrrlger. All the Bowery lodclng-nousis
are being searched for a man named Dcrrlger.
All the remarks msde by the heads of the
New York Police Department aoout the failure
of the London police to discover "Jack the
Ripper " are recoiling like a boomerang.
It was Ibe day alter the murder ot the Rip
per's ninth victim, Nov. v, lSbS, that Superin
tendent Murray sild:
" I presnme that the London pollco are doing
the very beet they can, and will ultimately un
ravel the mysterr. It would not be fair to
draw any comparison betweeu onr policemen
and loose QfLopdon in the ess, becausejl
have been Informed that New York bas no lo
cality that corresponds In misery and crime
with the Whltcchspcl district. I am cotiddcnt,
though, thst no sue i ctlracs could contliiuo un
der the sya'om of tbo New York police. The
entire forco would, l necessary, bes-titcntln
citizens' dress to tun down tho assassin. "
( hlef inspector lit rues wsa eiiiully as con
DdcDt thst stun a t rime could not be cam.
milted In Ness Virk without the murderor be
ing run down In f irty-clgat hours.
That tho Citct liinpector mil now Acting
Superintendent feels that bo Is placed upon
bis metllo la cMdent from hla action last night,
when, for the first time (.loco he has been at
toe head of tb Detective Bureau, he changed
his of&oo, leaving Police Headquarters and
locating himself at tie Oak atreet atatlon, with
Inspector Williams as otilof assistant, for the
nurpose of directing tho search from the near
est lolnt to the murder.
Tollce In citizens' dreas hsve sogmented the
regulsr detectlvo force and tho Aotlng Super
intendent has certslnly got ont a drag net
through the meshes of whlcb no fish should escape.
First rtaes. Selling! isren fgrlonst.
ft'f.r. M. i ritft-e. Ih.
TIKI Lord of Ih T.MI HaitlaDaill Ill's
llarmti. . 1C1 - Jor nllr 101
7IKI Vf.stneld. llf.l 7C0 lUppyOmrss 100
7IIII l(fIwnod 11'." McO.f.e 1(10
TI'd Otllen 110; 700 ,lo..phln.... IH)
HOI! KenttickjHan lOSI Mini fill
Hilt Windham.. . ID'S 73J Hleti Clala. . Ut
7IU1 Bpcndall 10'JI
Nernnd Kao. Hatlinr fl and a half furlong
800 Black burn .. IS t 7HS !. K .... 10(1
Till Monro lift HON lima II lllll
NO 7 Klngstook... J1M801 Oantwm 101)
K07 llsrri.buri llol lllll Innoronoa 10.
Kill' (tensor lift 714 Dlsonnnt 117
(7PM Thspman If'-! ,7Jt Freedom .. lit
(NO'll Moliloan 1112 - Nuggetl . . UT
(7081 Imon llsil
Tnlrd ltaiw -Railing mil and a furlong.
75'J .loo Courtlier lllll 7114 l'lhsm 100
HI Crispin JIN 8 IS) Mlddstona . JOft
Hit llnser lir. 8(Ut Rr'n Chsrlis. ltl'3
7HN (Hosier ItJi 804 Itoshllabt 111!
Fourth Itaco. Tho Sporlstnau Handicap! Mfen
for opt
(Himverlden 1171 HO-, Dslsjrlan. . 10(1
7H(1t Il.lwoo.1 . 11'jlTUJ Ilnbj. 101.
(7H'JI llamblrr Willi - Altij DH
774 Tost 10H 7011 Li'noITrump U.I !
Ilfthltaoo forsllaset rtre lurlonr
(HI'.') CI, II Hersico IVtli 7811 Xnno bon I OH '
IHtll) Morldan Il7it'd7 Monterey 10S
Hl'J Doanltrr 1 l.ll(7IU) tiilpw 1U8
Mxth Itaee -Helling, ono mlla I
7KII r.enhrrua, 1101704 Kd McOlnnl 10.1
77.1 Hill 110 Wit Altermath . jO-2
7IM This llvum . 107, Kltlt Landsoer Itrl
Rill I.irandrr . 1 tlfii 8USt l'orlolo 1U-!
HUH III Hlient, lujl
Doolslvo Stops Soon to Bo Taken
for Nntnllo's Expulsion.
IrrrsuLr to the raias news AesooiATinN.l
Belorade. April S3. The Oorcrnment will
'take dei ibIvo steps within a few days for the
expulsion of Queen Natallo from Hervia, In
accordance with tho recenV resolution of the
Amateur Baseball Notes.
A rit tamo may be lookad for nat Bandar sthia
th- Acmns and the oagamoraa erost bati at Atlantio
l'ark, Loug Island.
1 h Msrey Ilsta'iall Club woald Ilk to arrange for
Kms with sit tiara who player ar tindsr la
te i rear of as. Addro T. Daofang, 'ale Fno
trst, Brooalrn.
The Itiokonr Jonlora woold Ilk tobMrfrsjos a
foo I tm, with player about tlften rsr of g.
or a sni on ntxt Sunday. Address Joph Dorl,
1113 Arena C.
Th lontlne Jaators ehsllensr alt teams with
plar-ra under nfteen year or ag lor Hnndar gams.
Address millaa (idea. Ma Third qrynue.
" Th TTet "lindr-of PomoTifile, rdT&T"gUW
Island Athletto Ulabwlll oroee bets to-morrow oa
tbe litter's grounds it Weil Brighton, H. I.
The Sunday World
Will Be Pre-eminently Interesting in Its
Special Features. Among Them
Will Be :
John Burns on Organized Labor:
Tho Groat Aviator States His Viows on Trade Unionism
Past, Present and Future.
Gen, Wolseley's Tribute to Sherman:
What tho American Cavalry Amounted to, and Was It Keally
Cavalry, or, as tho Writer Suggests, Only Mounted Infantry?
A Possible Case, by Franklin Fylos, Showing How Mister Hudon
Wa8 a Very Singular and Elaborate Murderor.
"World" Correspondents Visit Enfield, Conn., and Describe tho
Customs and Manners of the Good Pooplo.
A Muster Eoll of til tho American Ladies who are Eligible to tho
Authors' Club.
In a Palatial Hotel on Whools in "Which Everybody Has a
Front Room.
Sketches of Several Charming Ladies Who Havo Retired to
tho Domesticity of Homo Life.
An Old Railroad Engineer Tells Somo Very Curious Stories
About tho "Iron Horso."
The Future of the Catholic Church.
An Interesting Articlo Sotting Forth tho Viows of Fathor
Dulon, tho Parisian Evangelist.
Next SundayY World fill Be a
Phenomenal Number.
Murderer Hunt Sbot by Men from
Walla Walla's Garrison.
Tho Commander and tho Shoriff
Powerless to Prevent.
Guards Kept tho Cltlzeni from rais
ing Heforo tbe J it II.
riVTrtAL to Tnr. rtshiiso wohlti.1
Walla Willi, Wash., April 23. One nt
the moat exrltinif occurrences In tbe history
of tbo town has been placed on record In the
lynching of D. J. Unnt, who killed frlrate
Miller, of Ihe garrison, on Wednesdsy ulght-
Tne lynching waa Ibe work of a crowd of
something like seventy. tie soldiers, who
came to the Jail, last Eight, and demanded
MnerlD MoFsrland was forced to opso tbe
doors and the soldiers then demanded the keya
to the cell, displaying; their revolvers aa an
Intimation that they were prepared to take the
keya If they were not delivered promptly.
Alt-r securing: the keya the soldiers pro
ceeded to examine the cells until they came to
tbe one containing tbe man they wanted.
As soon aa he waa fonnd Unnt was dragged
ont and taken to the Coort-Houte yard, where
bullets were tiro J at him from at least forty
He fell dead, and It was afterward fonnd
that sixteen shots nsd taken effect, lour In hla
besd and a doien In other portions of his body.
Tho town wss almost In a elate of riot during
and after the lynching, a surging mass of two
thouiaid people remaining In tbe vicinity of
the Jul until early this morning.
Most of the soldiers who took part In tbe
affair were masked, or otherwise disguised,
and It will be mtnenlt to Identify any of the
The Sheriff bad been forewarned, and had
secured extra guards at the Jail; but the forco
waa not all on hand when the soldlera arrived,
and It la doubttul If they could have prevented
the tragedy anyway.
Col. Compton, of the garrison, attempted
to aid in preventing tho lynching by ordering
check-rolls afler taps, but It waa of no avalL
During the raid npon the Jail the aoldlera es
tablished gnards to prevent people psaalng
along tho atreet in front of the building.
They a'jo compelled merchants in the vicin
ity to put out the lights In their stores.
' --
Tipsters' Opinions on tbo Various
Winners To-Day.
There sbonld be excellent sport at Gotten
burg to-day. The card Is one of the best ever
put together by Secretary Whitehead, and tbe
racing should bs really brilliant In several of
the events. Tbe Sportiman Handlcsp at seven
furlongs, will undoubtedly prove tbe best race
of the day. Meriden, Belwood, lumnler.
Text, Dslsyrlsn, Iluoy and others are named
to go. The race should be bot from start to
Onlab and the contending horses ought to bs
olose together.
The five furlong dash, Attn on the pro
gramme, abould tnrnlth an excellent race bs
twetn Eclipse, civil Service and Meriden, If
the latter starts In this event The other raeea
are well pnt np and ahonld be Interesting.
The first race Is a maiden affair at aeven
fnrlongs. Kentucky Ban bss been performing
so well lately that his ehanoes look very good
and he abould win. Josephine abould be
second and Wyndham rosy beat Ihe others.
The second race la a dash of five and a half
furlongs. Freedom loots to be well In, and
on the form ahown In bis last rsca he ought to
win. Then his besd stsll slipped early In tbe
race, yet he managed to finish third snd defeat
Censor, Jay Qu El, Harrisburg snd other fast
ones. Lemon should be second and Censor
may beat tbe others.
The third race Is at a mile and a furlong.
Hover's rsce yesterday waa a good one, and be
ought to win to-day. ltnshllgbt may be second
and Oloster may beat the others.
The fourth race la the Sportnnan Handicap,
at seven furlongs. Ilamtler. on the form
showed by him In the last rsce, should win.
Text u said to be In grand condition and may
be second, and Oelwood ahonld beat the
others. Ituby It very fast when right, and If
the betting Indlcatea that ahe Is receiving sup
port she will oe worth taking a onanca on.
The fifth race is at five furlongs. Tbe writer
doubts Civil Ssrvlce's ability to give Kcllpse
twelve pounds and a beating. The lattsr's per
formance ttio other day, with 151 pounds np,
running flre-cljhths in l.OA csnnot be orer
looked. Ith I welre pounds off Kcllpse should
win. Civil Bsrvice msv l seoond, and Men.
den. If she stsrts, should be tblrd.
Tne sixth race Is at a mile. The t'orum
my win. Zept.yrns should be second snd
Afiermala tnsy beat the others.
Keferee In tbe Sroritnj World males tbe
following selections:
Hrstltsce Wrnd'iatn, Kentucky l)sn.
Second Itacs tlackuoru, Chapman,
third Kaee Crispin. Drown Charlie.
Fourth Haie Mertdru, leiL
Finn User i trll Vrrlce, I.cilpse.
blxlh Hsie-Zcthirua, l'cricles.
Krom Other Mornlntr Papora,
Fltat Ilace Cltlien, Hlcn dale,
r-eiond Usee linn II.. Utnoo.
Third line llrown Charl e, Itorer.
Fourth Itace-Mendui. Ituby.
Filth Haie Civil fervtce, K. lira.
Blxia ltaoc Zsphytua, IdMcu.nuls.
First Itace Kentucty Hsu. ltlcb Gale,
r-econd llacc Ulackiiuro, Freedom.
Tnlrd Mac Umwn Charlie, ltushiighl.
Fourth Usee Itambler, Mrrlden.
Finn ltai.r civil bertier, Deliulter.
Uixlb Itace ephjrut. Iiudeer.
First Usee Kentucky llan, .McCabe.
M-con.l Use Fierdun. Mohican.
Thirl Usee I'einani, llrowo Charlie,
l'.iurl llice-Tex', HelwooiL
l'llin llacc Civil b. rrlce, F.clltse.
Mxth llaoe I'enciis, I.andseer.
FlsUnrmen, Take Notice,
It will be high water to-morrow, April 0,
si Handy Hook at 9. tf a. u.; at Governor's
Island at V.H a, u., aud at Hell Gate at 11. iT
A. X.
Monday, April ST, It will b high wster st
handy Uouk slktili.il.; at Oovernor's Island
at 10, IT A. u., and al Hell Oats at 1J.W r. u.
Tho Flower Market Open Until 8
O'Clock TkiB Morning.
A Thousand People Enjoy tho Scene
During the Last Hour.
Tbe Uuton Square Flower Mart was kept open
till 8 o'i loek for the first time this morning and
lorty florists were Jubllsnt, while not lets than
onr thousand people ahowed their appreciation
of this esrly beanly show by visiting tbe mar
ket during that last honr, between 7 and S
Not all were buyers, to be sure, but there
were so many who did purchase from the
brilliant groups ot flowering plants that In every
street In no neighborhood one might meet
men, women and delighted children, proudly
bearing away prizes secured at the new
market, some of them carrying their arms
full of tbe potted beauties.
Cltlien oeorge Franela Train was there to
enliven the scene, and he waa cnthualastlo
over the new Institution.
"Why.'-ssldthe Citizen, "New York bat
been behind the sge. Tbls it a great stride In
her civilization. There were (lower marts like
this botore tbe beginning of tbe ages, even In
" Darkest Africa. " New York la behindhand,
bnt she will make np fur lost lime. "
John Thorpe, of I'earl Hirer, known as " thi
original chrysanthemum fiend," was at the
market, enthutlastio over toe new departure.
Bald he:
I For years It bat been poislble for the mar
ket florist to come to the New York rosrt only
dnrlng the months of April. May and June, for
the bnyera of the later bloomers would not go
down to that dirty place at Csntl and West
Btrc'ata. Now let ns make the mart a perma
nent thing.
" In July and August we have the asters In a
glorlnua variety of hue from purest white to the
deepest re I, coxcombs geraniums, fnschlae,
zinnias, 'youth and old aje ' and a bott of bed
ding pltnia.
Then, beginning In September, we have
the glorious chrysanthemums, and ro,000 of
them can be told right here in Union Square
every year.
'We can make Union Square a namoot
bloesoms till tbe anow files. Lot nt do IL "
At thlt point tbe old florist espied Citizen
Train, and exclaimed:
" My dearetl friend! I first met my wife at
a leotnre given by Mr. Train at Leicester, Eng
lsnd tbe best tnlng that ever happened to me.
Bnt to return to the mart. It la stlmulst
ing tne love for flowers, and In a lew weeks
the honae that hst not a llitle window garden
will be a rare thing In New York;, The old
market could never have brought that abont."
Charles Diets, tbe North Bergen florist, said:
"Bnslneaa Is bonad to be doable wbst we
conld ever hope for at the old mart. Eaoa new
morning brings a larger crowd' Of buyers.
Besides, pur quarters were to cramped down
there that It a market florist got a place, to
stand hit wsgon be had to drive to town early
In the evening before, and that made a a re Ad
folly long day of It.
II We worked an elgbtten-bonr dty, and got
a mighty scaut living at that. Now we can
come In at a deoent honr after midnight, with,
out fear of being crowded. Down there the
ladles did not dsre to venture In such esrlr
bonra of morning, street cart did not rnn till
past daylight.''
New posies sre added to Ibe variety of the
exhibition aa the season adranoes. Next week
there will be the calctolarla or "lady'a pock
ets " In brilliant colors, arbnuloat and other
One of the fsvorllss with all cissies It tbe
moat rose, and they ut generally told off
earlier than any other flower. Thla morning
sn Etxkino Woxld reporter witnessed a pretty
Two betntlfnl girls cams harrying to the
ratrt from a west side street. They flitted
from wagon to wagon, aa If tetrrnlng for
something. At tbe very last stand they gave
a little cry of delight, and both dropped on
their knees before a cluster of three moss
"How much?" one of them asked, fum
bling at her parse.
' Hold, mum, " laconically replied tbe florist.
On dear 1" came In a despairing voice.
It's not vet half.ptst 6 o'clock. Well, I
will have a mass ro.s If I have to come at
6 o'clock, " and tbls beauty's cbeska reddened
wllh eagerneaa.
Tnere were a number of ladles at the mart
at that honr this morning, but ibe pleaaantest
sight waa between 7 and 7.80 when anopmen
and factory vlrlt, oa tnelr way to tbelrwork,
passed through tbe flower mart, pausing to
admire the lovely blooms. Manr of them baa
came several blocks ont of Ibtlr way to see
the dlsplsr.
" Judge T. s. F. Daley is another of the
enthusiastic Union fquare norleis. He ssyt
there is no room lor comparison between the
old tad Ihe new market.
A few minutes belore 8 o'clock about forty
guettt of the lirerett Mouse came across
the pltza for a visit to the new mart,
but at 8.10 o'clock l'ark Policeman
Morrow and Itonndaman McAvlnoey were
alone In their glory, most of the tuny florists'
wagons taring gone away absolutely empty,
their whole atock having been sold.
Serious Result of a Butchers'
Quarrol in an Abattoir.
Two young botchers had a light In a west
side slaughter house this morntng, and one
siabbel tbe other so fiercely that aoother may
be adieu to the Iocs list of mutdera of the
Ibe fight occurred In fctern's abattoir, WO
West Fortieth slreot, about 7.80 o'clock this
morning, betweeu Joseph Wade, of 433 West
Thlrty.stxth street, aud Charles Knntzmtt, of
41. West Tblity-tixth street, employed In the
a attoir.
it ade and Kuntzmss got Into an altercation
oier a trivial matter, and after bandying epi
thets, Wade made rush at Kuatztnas and
ma le a vicious lun.-e at aim with ula butcher's
T .e keen blade sank deep Into Kuntamas's
leti ahoul ler and tin fell to the floor, tbe blood
etreamiug Irom the wound.
'l..e tiirut Blled Wade with fear, and he fled
from ihe place.
Kunttnia was taken to Roosevelt Hospital,
where he lies In a critical couulilon.
Pollttoal Note.'
The Central Democratic Club hat been
formed In Ihe Twtnty-flrsi Ward. Tbe tern,
norarr oroorn are Chairman. Konert O'Uyrne;
Treasurer. David Hawkins; ltecordlng bVoie.
tary, Daniel Ot'onnell; Financial Becretary,
John F. Donnelly and hergeant-at-Arms, Frank
Fittpatnck. 1 ho organization la independent.
- . Jjjifl
& Chilian Rebel Ship Destroyed by a " IH
Go.ernmeDt Torpedo. Iilifl
Tho Loss of Life by tho Olsas- 'H
ter Is Roported Vory Largo.
It Was tho Almlrnnle Blanco that !f!tH
Succumbed to the Oettroyer. 'v,,iifl
lav TAOLr to tux rnxst raws assocuttow.I $Sissifl
Boeioii ATitxs, April 23. -Newt reaehet H
bert from Valparaiso that the Ironclad, Al- fiil
mtrtnto Bltnoo, which hu teen lu possession ' rUsaaaaaaaal
of ths Chilian Insurgents, bas been blown np vMbsbbsbbI
by the Government forces by meant of tor- 'LLsbbs!
pedo. Niifl
The report says that tbe vessel wat entirely ltifl
destroyed and that tbe low of life was very H
. - mIbbssssssI
Must Take Advertising Fosterj fH
Of the Battery Park Struoture. J1H
The flrtt official bint that the Manhattan El". '
vatod Itallroad it occupying a atrip ot the Bat- w1tssssssl
tery I'atk on aufferanoe wsa received at the t'saaaafl
office of the llallro id Company thla morning In &1LL1
tho ahape of tbe following letter, tent by At- jLl
bert Gallup at President of the Department of 'eLssssssl
Publlo Works: VfJgH
"Geitlimim: The Department ot Publlo ,H
Ftrkt or tbe city of New York having become ,'Lafl
aware of tbe ftct that the New Tork Elevated fifl
Hadroad Company, which enjoyt a Hosts to ILH
maintain and operate Ita road over the Battery 'lasssssssl
Park, pnrsuant to an agreement between HtiiH
the New York Elevated Railroad Company ' aH
and tnt Department of Publlo Parka, tsaaaafl
dated Feb. 10, 1S70, bsa violated the Cl
aame In that It bat not prevented ssbbbbbb
the exhibition or distribution upon Xfll
or from Iti rotd, or ltt constructions, within ijasaasH
tne Battery, of signs, posters, handbills, and 1iil
other forms of advertising, yon ar hereby iLLfl
notified that It la the duty of th Manhattan slaiH
Elevated Itallroad Company to comply ttrtctly asLH
with the cltute of the said agreement herein- 'Itsssfl
above referred to, and thst nnless the game Is 'Jssssssl
compiled with In all respects thla Department, vJsLfl
will tike tucb aetlon In the premise at maSf ssbssbb
teem proper." ap4. jjsjl
Thlt It only a bint, and It la believed that lt 'H
will be followed op with action on tk part of W nasts!
tbe Park Board to revoke tber nit of 1874 W vjH
and compel the Company to St re.lta as- Vj; lPH
tightly and enenmberlng slrpA a tbo fo H
people'! pleasure ground. S v tlLsBaB
When tuch tctlon will be tstW & ird to VaH
determine from anything wblit ft, 'boob- -'aiifl
talned from the Park Commlasloi.5 Jfe" lH
President Gallop ttyi thst iSffls time stsssi
enengh to act when the matter vea before asssfl
the Board on tne petition of a-y property !ifl
owners, snd then be only promises that tbe ''.iLLa
complaint will be beard. isLbih
Tho new Commissioner, ex-Judge Tappen, Sl
refuses to commit himself on the gubject of LH
tbe occupation of Battery Park by the L road, JuIbLI
tiylng: "I am unlike the Jndge who com- Ussssfl
milled himself more frequently thin be did tbe IJLLfl
criminals who were brought before him." JR
Tbe CommlssioLcrs refuse to tty how they ILH
will act should the Railroad Company fall to '4LL
heed their warning and refuse to remove the njH
objectionable eigne from the etlll more objtc- uLl
Honabla ttrncturo In tbt Park. daLl
et as. ?bbbIIB
Examiner Leseur Beinstated with 'JH
Fay Since His Removal. li
Edward C. Leseur, tbe expert glove exam. "siLI
Iner In Ihe Appraisers' t-tores, snd who was rt '$aLH
moved by Appraiser Cooper after the dispute LI
with Assistant Appralsrr Burke over Faratrant , H
A Co. 's glove Importations, hat been reinstated LL1
by order ot Secretary Foster. Jajstfl
Mr. Leitur goes beck to work after a tonr JsjLfl
moutha' vacation for which be receive pay at iLH
the rate of f2.ona year. aLtH
The b-creiary't order It a surprise to Ap- )H
praoer Cooper snd Aislstsnt Appraiser Dennis 3ms1IH
1'. Burke, and It hailed with sstiafsctloa by erssH
everybody hot these two omclala. ltlsavln- MsssH
dicailonof Examiner Leseur and a rebnketo 'ta)lH
Mr. cooper, tien. Burke, snd to Gen. fieorg 1slH
II. t)iar;ie, tbt only one ot the Board of Gen- ,vlaiH
ersl Appraisers wbo sided with the Appraiser. dnssfl
Judge Patterson In Uupreme Court to-day rfl
granted the application of the Indicted dlrco- :tiH
tors ot the New York snd New Haven Hsu. ItJH
road to be tried In the Court of Oyer and Ter 'iastfl
miner Instead of In General Sessions. iiH
The directors, Including Cbssncey M. '"tfLH
Drrew and President Chtrlet IL Clsrk, were vlM
Indicted for misdemeanor, ennaeqoent npon Js)HH
the arctdtnt In the Fourth Avenue Tunnel flii)lH
Feb. zO last, wblca caused the lota ot lis tktlH
m J!eBeBeBeBei
Tail tielllis sit l.aultvllle. JM
Keeond Usee -Umon nd Caneor. IS each; alsslH
rhapman, ltt 111. tktum.lls'rl. burg na Vlohlcio. JklkS
10 escrti Irtedom and Centeeii. CO eaob t La Is(bibw
t. and Ilina It.. t each H-rv-. Discount. Kiel- klLW
tookaod Innoceucs. J.rb, Nmiel. ti. ' i2JalH
Third Itace -I'llharu, 15. Ilrown Caarle, 12l kkllH
Joe Courtlier, Koser and .Mlddlenooe, ttt saohl IsbII
lilosler sod ltu.bhlil. .'. escli (Jrisvm. .l. ' ielsH
lourlb Itace. -Meriden. SJIrts llelioa1 sad flkB
Test. elO each, Itambler, fill Uilijrtaa aad ittlH
Uueeoof PruBip. (4echi ffld, i"t. VnssH
Fifth IU.-e-Onllhrrlce. tHOl llrlde, tl5; 'JbtsH
Eclipie, 47i Xeeopben, tADtbere3eeeli, 'ilsisH
hlsth Itace Perielee aad Lndssr,l& eOi 'iklkH
Fd Melilanl. l!ti Lyaodr. SlUiThs FecsiK , vHHiH
mliblli and Aiiarmata, tdenht Espbrme sh
sent, (a eaoh. ' t 'JeLH
No telling on first race. . WL
Vi 'fsH
1 ' 'Ati' ;i' C ' ' ' JBbHH

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