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' World "WantB" Supply tho Boat of Help. THE WORLD t MONDAY EVENING, MAY 25, 1891. Improvo Your Condition by u World "Want." 3 :fl
Keeping Up the Extra
ordinary Fight at
Collapse of a Big Pool Scheme
General Gossip.
Frort SahtrJau' Sporting AVrlro.I
The Uiht between tho pool-rootn men and
President Differ, of tne Brooklyn Jockey
C)u!, went on right merrily yesterday, and
Tialiore to the track were subjected to the
fame hub-handed proceeding! as on the day
previous One man waa clubbed and aeveral
caers were roughly hoatled and banged about.
Kumeron amu for damagea are threatened.
Noticee were potted at the main entranoe
vrtilcii read as followa: "These galea will be
closed aa exits between 3 and 4.3d r. u."
Several honra afterwards other notices were
potted tnat " eilts will be found on the Boule
vard side. " This latter notice was meant to
deceive the people. It la true that thero waa
an exit on the Boulevard aide, but no one waa
allowed to paaa out.
Mo experiences of an Etxnino World man
tho bought hia way ont by bribing three of
Flnkerton'a men la amusing and at the same
time Instructive. II ahowa In the Drat place
tnat the Club's hired servants are not faithful
to their trusts.
It shows In tne second place that the Club
breaks faith with Its patrons by directing
item to thla exit, where they cannot net out
I except by giving up money or by forcing
their way out. The course of the .Associ
ation anu its acting In thla arbitrary
Banner will not gain it any friends,
and from all account the pockets of
the Dwyera will Inevitably be deeply drained
by the damage aulta which will be brought aad
surely decided against them.
The dead beat between Reclare and Prince
Royal yesterday wsa pretty to look at, bnt It
was disastrous to the heavy plungers. Nearly
every one thought Reclare bad won, but the
finlsn waa too close for any one to Judge ex
cept the gentlemen placed there to do so.
Garrison went to aleep at the end and deserved
to be nipped.
Ed Corrlgan baa bought the colt Dundee from
John E. Madden. The terms were pnvate.bst
at tne colt is well engaged in the West and
East a good price undoubtedly waa paid. Dun
dee la well bred, being by Tne llske, out of
Flora McDonald, and waa Imported wltn bis
The Western Bookmakers' Association has
secured the betting privileges for the St. Louis
meeting. Reported price, J30,oua
It Is likely that Taral will ride Canvass In tbo
Ureat American Btaaes. Messrs. Walcott 4
Campbell will strain a point to permit hlin to
do so, wishing to compliment and encourage
Ur.Oebbard for paying 121,500 for thla fine
The scbeme of several New Haven capitalists
to form a pool on the Haburbsn has collapsed.
It will be rememoered thai only a snort time
sgo advertisements Inserted In the papers
ainounod that a urand purse of (100,
ooo, divided into 150,000 for the first horse,
$34, ooo for tne second an.i $16,000 for the third,
was to be pot up and the namers of the win
ning home were to share In the prize. The
tickets were sold at 15 each. Only $1, 000 waa
taken In and this will be returned. It la aald,
to the Investors. People fought shy of the
scheme, aa the details were meagre.
Considerable amusement waa caused vester
diy by the announcement that the w, stern
Union Telegraph Company had given np the
fight with the Dwyera and would no longer at.
tempt to get the news. This waa not bo, for
the western Union people were as determined
ai ever yesterday, and tbey claim that they
got the newa by signala previously arranged.
So pooli were sold at Louisville laat night.
The Dwyera refnaed to send the entries West.
Fred Gebbard'a $21, 600 colt Canvass baa evu
denlly recovered from hi lsmeneai. He waa
en the track yesterday between races, and
Worked baif a mile la i&X seconds easily.
The Morris stable failed to score a win yes
terday. They will more than make up for that
slip next week, however.
Frontcnao waa a good thing yesterday and
was heavily backed from 10 to 1 to 8 to 1. Car
roll, a despised outsider, beat blm out a neck.
Davy Johnson bet $1. 000 at odda of 4 to o with
ita Tnompsoa that Adventurer would be first
or second.
People who follow Hamilton's mounts got
an the money, yesterday, when he brought In
a winner In Baldwin at odds of 80 to 1.
,p''" Do Lacey declared yesterday that If the
locnes clubs persisted in their present course
R "nuld break up racing In New York State,
'lists no idle threat aa tho managers of the
w Jersey Racing Associations can attest.
''d pnlleu up bleeding from the noitrlis
jeterdy. This aocounts for her poor per
formance, '
' if.. yPPOSITOKlBH eo constipation and
Wss. B j man, so. 6l Ifif lb av. and all dnwaists.
I -
. T11 I'ook and rsp.r Uatt.ra Aaaeablr he dene
lad 480 t j the .inline Uoke Worker.
The new dWejate of the (laid Beaters' Ualoaat
the Central Usor Ualon U Frank Kaelr.
The Fresco ralnters' Union evtlS tothastrlk.
Ids architectural irou milters on ttalnrdey.
Tba Union Hill Tranter.' Union a". eM to Uu
strialni eronlirolural iron wotk.r. on baturdaj.
Knallah wnrklnemen's elob. ara Ineraeala. Tbo
roora.eonuin libraries, billiard, and armsaalnm
, ThoCootral Labor Federation resolved renordar
to tab nolitioal action In conjunction with tbo Ho
clall.t Labor party.
The Shoe-Latter.' ProtMtlra Union of Brooklyn
Samoa nftj nw members list week and fortj.two
oandloate have been proposed.
Tl" member, of Baker.' Union Ho. 81 who erf
till on stria will receive their atriko benefit at VJ
li-ater street thla evening.
Open mnltna of tbo Lady Gotham Aasootation of
Slim Operators, K. of L., tbla evenlni at Moreno
Hail, hekond avenue and First .treat.
IboVe.tmskera' Union ha. appropriated rJH for
the .inking eaptuasers and 810 for lb architect
tural iron irorkor..
Tho hotel clerks, whos Local Assembly went ont
ol ell.lence eevrral veera aco, are belug orssnlseU
b tliBOfflcereut District A.sembly 4'J.
Ciiarmaksrs' Union No. 147 ha. moved Its baad.
qoarlers to Kiem's Mlllt.rj Hals. Bersenline avenue
nd l.ard, er street. Union Hill.
Ilak-rs' Union Ho. 34 baa (Iron np boldma Its
annual plcnio tins rear beososo the park which they
enaacedia a"aoab"park, and they will navo a
I nnj ball aud conoett Instead neat Fall.
On Houtb Ajnerlran railroads earineers earn ftUfft
per month, while flreruen ar paid all the way Irom
QJO to 44C0 per month.
Tbo organizer of D. A, 40 an now at work to
form local a.embliea of Janitors, cleaner, and ale.
vator men. babr oarrlac makers, blacking makers
and bootblack..
The Steam Fitters' Union will hold a special meet
ing this evening, at Clarendon Hall, to lew an as
se,iment for the bsnefltof tbestrlklncbouasamttns,
William Carr and Mlohaal Selton, of the Arohl.
teotural Iruu Workers' Union, have bren arrested In
Hoboken for.aa It la alleged. Intimidation ofocabe"
at floss Fagen'a abop.
The Journermen Barbers' Union hasgrantof the
Union sign to Boas Mola.L SCO West Kottl-tlrtt
street, and tho sign was wltndrawn from Boss Hudlo,
31 West Fortr-flrst street.
Tee Brooklyn Laborers' Union baaaeoepUd 'i.60
Instead of 92.76 ror elsht hours, tbe brteklarre
bavlug faded to aastst them In their strike, but tbe
' ' acab. " will be dlacbarg.d.
All borootU proolalmed bv tbo Oeatral Labor
Union will be deolared off within lour weeks uolea
the labor organisation, interested In tbe same aoS
vane valid reasons whj tbey aboald be oentlliued. .
Tbo Bakers' Advance Association haa withdraw
from tho Brooklyn Central Labor Union In oott
aequenco of tbo bojoott agalntt Boea lllldebiandt,
tbe matter having been taken In band by D. A, UJO,
K. of L.
Tbe co-oporattve aohemo Introduood by Tom Mana
at toe docks of London le said to bo working very
atufactortly to both tbe workmen and boseoe. At
the Victoria dooks the men are revolving nlsetoasa
cents per hour.
Tbo road to aoolal reform baa boon pointed out to
tbo nation. Men and partlee wbo are not In lino
now ar bablnd tbe prooeealoo, and tber oaoaot be
depended upon.
Cltar. Makers' Union No. 149 haa requested the
Brooklyn Central Labor Union to expel tba United
Brewers' Aaaoclatlon beoanae tbey bare been agttat.
ing sgalnat tbe blue label of the International
Cigar.Maaera' Union.
Branoli 1. of the Cloakmakors' Union, basent
two ortantters to Brownaville. tfAt New York to
organise tbetr trade at tnat plaoo. A aueotesful
meeting was bald on Saturday at tbe Brownsville
.Hotel on Kookaway avenue.
The labor organlletiona of Pittsburgh are prepar
ing tor a grauo parade on July C, 30,0 10 men belog
expected to participate. Proeldent Uompers bat
boon Invited to mike the oration at Thomas Arm
atrong's sravo, wblob will bo decorated.
Flint Glass Worker.' Looal Union No.!, Brooklyn,
haa elected tbe following delegates to tbe Htoabon
vlllo Convention t James Hmttb. w dllam Averond,
Jonn Vogei, Jama. Alonahan. Patrlok fcbban,
Adam Htelnmeyer, Thomaa Clark and Chrta. Janvi.
Tbe Ilobbken Bartenders' Ualoa reported at r
terday's mooting of tba llndaon County Central
Labor federation that J. Hrobatoh. proprietor of
Rook Cellar Para, refnaee to omploj ttnloa anen,
A special committee waa appointed to visit Kro
batob. Bakers' Union No. 03 ha called a special meet
ing for next Hatnrdsr to reoonslder Its action In re
fusing to tako part In tbe plonto of tho local Bakers
nnlons. Last week the Onion had thirteen mem
ber ont of employment and eighteen tound work at
tbo labor bureau.
All trn political oeoncmlsv first of all reoognls
tbo faot that the larg majority of mankind as
wsgo-workera. end not nntli socletv b baeed npon
that faot will Joatlo aad unlvraI bppins pro
vall. Tbo etrlking oapmakera reoelved tl&O from tbe
Danbury. Conn., Hat Trlmmara' Union on Hatnr
dar, aa unknown frutnd ftont SJ100, tbo Hatmakare
donated 10O and th United Brotborbood of
Tellor ta& Tb mn ar now on atrik l'& daya.
Tb OvaUrraen'a Union Intend forming Na
tional organisation. JTb looal nnloae ot ew Yora,
Hrooklrn, Baltimore, Albany, Soarord, Del., and
Norfolk, V., bvalrsdj ird to tend delegate
to tbe contemplated Natlonaf Convention.
A oommltto from tho neart of Oak Assembly.
K. of L-, wse prossnt at yesterday' meeting of
Coopora' Union No. L, and from tbeUisousstons bad
It appears that the prospeota of forming a Coopers
Trade Oouncll are bright.
Representatives of Brewers' Unions No. 1. 23,
24, 30 and 8 met at 1061 beoond avenue yesterday
and ord. rod a stnke at Fetgsnspan'e Brewery. If
tho men working there refuse toumply with ib
ordr tbey will bo expellad.
Tb Tboatrioal Protective Union complains of tb
Klralfr Brother who, it is aald, have employed
carpenters below tb Union acale at their new rtldo
rado Garden, in Weebawken, A oommiitteo ba
bn ppolntd to lotervlaw Measr. Klralfy.
Th Phoenix Prototlv Aasooiatlon, oomposod of
the railroad mployes of the Mgbth and Ninth
avenue lin, has Joined tb Central Ibor Cnlon,
wbero it will be represented by VI m. If. Kogera,
EatHok Drnry, P. il. smith, Tboma Bogara aad
rtimr O'Connoll,
Applications from two bopa for permlsSMm to
tak m two approntio aaob nav been rejected by
Olgar Paokera Union No. 251 All mmnr r
problbtud working at tbe abop la 123 Pearl etreot,
Whar tb olgarmaker are on stnk. Tb rlpt
at tne laat meeting were 1 11 LbO.
The member of Keentrlo hnainers Union No.
1 have votod against tbo amndmnt of tb Central
Labor Unlon'e constitution Increasing thitnuinbvr
of deleg atea from tbo different looal orgaulsaUoBS.
Tbo Kstrprls Aaaoclatlon also voted against tb
Tbo rprentt!r of th Nats York ramr'
Union bad a oonfernc with tb Boea AMootatVon
yesterday evening, at wblon tb latter rd to
comply with the demand, of tbo men. and tho atrlao
will probably be noolared off t hi avenlng wb-n tbe
men will bold spoolal mooting t CI .roodon If all,
Tbo strikers will reoeive their weekly beneflt at 2
bBl sroamVar
Jf "m BbsB
Too msny cooks will spoil th broth,
And mako tho guesla exceeding wrotb t
una cook, ooo dish, enough to know,
At brasklaat tble should b ll-O.
n-0 (Hornby's Oats) is threo
times as palatnblo, threo
times us nourishing, threo times as
Sopular as any other oats preparod.
esido3, it cooks in three minutes.
Your grocer has it.
71-73 Park PUo, Now York."
The Story of a Young Man's Wooing and
the Troubles That Came of It.
?' '4 '" evening with a friend wbo
" little out of Hsmburg. Am my boree
"retnelnslgntofmybome I was surprised
l l it " ln WJ ''nf' counting-house.
f,: " wu nrlJ S tfclook. I threw myself
r h.Z. aj llor" bd entered tbe room. My
J la. r. "" M "u wttMng desk, evidently wait-
a, or ttfr,
U,,'',0,'J "horning, nenry, aald be. without
lui.ecn " "', p'n "' ,m Ul1 ,D'" J0U
tato i 1Z' l w,8t y ,0 mttt arrangemenU
m "to ,0-mo"o' t noon,
'iv nM, '"rr-andon wbaterrandt"
t "wthdi-1 crhd In uioutsbmenL
ortJeatt'r.!ai'h,,r ' 1I,rcn,m hereon. '
,,aknow1,5rl Mtrr7 sl11 wl'om x a n0'
r klpj?817, " ta 00I 'Maurs swd joa
js.,7'- Jpw caolot bstwewa tare tungsv
' Bat suppose I don't like any of them t"
'No nonsense, Henry," aald my father
aternly. "Vou are tostsrt st noon."
I could but obey my father's order, so noon
found me on board ship, with Hamburg gradu
ally fading from my side. Instead of going
directly to tne boose of my future father-in-law,
I left tbe ship at Bolougne and went to
Pari. I rented a furnished room, assumed
tne title of "Lord Jobnsburyi" and tumbled
about for two weeks, seeing, heating, and
mating whatever pleased my fancy,
I found the solitaire waloh my father had
destined for my Isncee had become loo, sot
carried It to a Jeweller'a store "lo be repaired,
While there, two ladles came In, one of whom
was advanced In year and th other y oncf
and extremely beautiful. Bae examined
pair ot earrings, but tbe prlet was loo hlih, so
she reluetsntly hsnded them bo. I quietly
paid tb price demanded aad beggsd Mr to ao.
r. u. ttUr. MAtaUsTs'fiU c to pay lblr itrlks
fcMMent thU .jTooina will b otDot.d. lilt
nn worktDf lor Bom Tbomptao will b ordrJ oa
trik to-Borrir If ihjr ao not ct thlr wiim da
tbtti Ihii ftfwrttftOD. Mst Wdndf lh FrfcmrV
UnloDtof Nw Vrk oJ Tltlnlir will hold JolDt
UMltAf o Her npoa unitexl tin la th latar.
Tb bolldlnf iftd4 oaloQi of Btaltlmor bar Joy
fullj sveoNpttd tb propoattloa mtnatloK from tin
York to torn a fUttoail OnvnUUon of Dotvrdi of
walkiog Ujtcti.
tHlMitM Mtrkst. 8ponr od MtttUi-koMh
hfcT ba ppolBt4 tnmbjn of tb Labor U
rommitt.oI irw Iladtoa Untr Ootral Labor
KdrUloa L. Mtki wu iotd tnneUl bo
Tb rtrm frot th plcnio for th baflt of tb
triktor honiMntttha and lambrbaii(itr,arTDvd
br th Cntral Labor Uolan on May 30. at Jonev'a
wood, atnoaBttoabMt toOUofar. bat many tlok
Uar till oaUUadUiiT aad aUboldra tboaam
ar rqotd to aoooant for tbm this weak.
Th Olxartoftkan IntatDatlooat Union will com
mono to collect Hi 33 onl aiiaMraot fjradrsr
tltinf tba Union libal to-d4y, 'I h rofipw at Trail
dant Atfauk.at'a affle UL tanth war J, U 80,94 an!
1.477.1W harn bfen ttpntM. Th I taeullr
Hoard bu unantmoatiy saitsilnad tba dottion of
tba Prtttldaat asaintt tanmut-uoaM won.
Th Joint KxnctsilTA Hoard of fi NVw York
Ita'vM1 Untrtnst alixt-d ttia fotlowtac ofl.rr on
lUinrdnyi Krnoit Mahl.CurrrapoadlciKanl llVanrd
In 8TFtaryj O, Qullhnu, KmncUl SacrtttTyt
Wri, lUlfr, TrfAmirnr,, For Jnn(. a maim-Mt
Ine m cillatt, lh In it at ton fe for t bat t joluiuc
i that tnexMinff will bSl For the atrlktnc min
hranf Umtoffo. 31 flK)will b aakad irout the
Intarnatlonal Kxaaattr Hoard.
"In tharaUtlnn that now obtain a, ntna-tantha of
thoaa who work for waaaa araaaraaliy powria to
ma aborathalr prant oonditlon aaa alara on th
auction block waa to walk fra to bU own home. A
ft ltd, boDfiitaa prolttarian wain olaai la tha vary
foonattn oi tha Wsotld'a to da atrial ayatam to-day.''
ThA OrranUatli n Commit, a of th Oantral Labor
Union ha. i errad fta prujtct of ore anlxlnf tha
brick lartra tiot boloiiKtac to tba Intarnatlonal
llruklRrarji Unloo, aatUatorcaniaatlon lntauda lo
nnra'tloUy aniaca In the labtboi,r afltatlon In
th near futnt-Mana itbaa baan tbougut baat not to
inteifftre with thain at prcsant.
Thalabalof tha United Outom Tailor Union wan
Indoraed. Wa kin I)altat Moaaxinan and Meti-
Jtrwera Inatruotea to demand a uniform aoala at
laaa Manrln'a aliop.tn.day. The vaoancteunn fie
Cxacnttva Board. oaaaad by tha re-lunation nf Dei
caUaXUnraaud llermao. will pa filled next batur-
Tba Pollah branch of tba Boo I all at Reoilon of Naw
Yrk haa alaeted Jaoob Tyxtynftl KioUnoiat Sec
retary. O, praff, laaaurer, M. Ttlr, Gorre
pond in f and ItaoorJloff? (Srorataryi K. Benrr.
Deieiaia to tba Central Committee; Meaara. Koa
olnakl, Wlatnlaroaki and Hayiel, Aud it ore Yea
terdiy a number of tba tnambora went to I.lliabatb.
N. J, lo oraanlee a Pollah branob In that city, and
next IHuodaf a branch wlllb urcanlxedon htaten
ThaCanWal Labcr Union liaa takon atepa to join
handa with tba tarmera. DtVettf Hy. Collin.
Tbomaa Doyla. J. J. bull.ram John I taker and
llaorK K. Llord hare been apyotnted aa aapeoial
enmirjHtea to report upon tbo plrtrorm adopted by
tha Clnelnoatl conferapoe. and thlr flndtna will
h eubmltted to a caneral enta o( th afnilaled
untona with a Ttew. If poialblo. of an p port log tba
naw party.
mm -
Triasjedy aa the Prolinbl Outrome nf am
EleelUn DlepVit..
Grkkkville, MIbs.. May 24. L. II. Book
was sliot and perhaps rnartsllr wounded at
fiunnhon yesterday by Price Blancharrt.
niancuanl was one of tbe judees of eleotion,
Thursday, at tbeQunnllon Preclnet. Buclr.
was. It is said, endeavorlna to vote parties
wbo, according to Blanchard's judgment,
wars not entitled to vdte. A heated discus
sion followed, during which Buck drew hia
pistol. Blanchard, bfing unarmed, taldt
" I am unarmed, but I will see yon again
and settle tbe matter. "
Tbe two met caan&Uy yesterday evening
and Blanchard fired on Buck, inflicting dan
gerpns and, it la thought, fatal wounds.
Buck killed Ram Glenn two years ago at
Uonoord. He is the same Buck who, fifteen
vears ago, with other members of Ills fnniilr.
became lmolted in a bitter and desperate
feud with the Warflelds nt Lacnnia. Ark.. In
wbioh ono or morn membere of the Buck and
Warfleld families were killed. Buck coming
ont of the Toud with the blood of one of the
WarSelds on his bands, on wbioh account
he was afterwards a fugitive from Justice.
He has been ongaged in several difUcultiea
while in Bolivar Conntr.
When the editor of the Roaedale Unlew
shot Editor Hull, of the Democrat, at Hose
dale two years ago and escaped from tbe
Sheriff's posse he sought refuge in Buck's
bouse. Bnok kept him from being taken by
the ofilccrs. who had warrants for him,
gnardlng him with a sanir armed with Win
chester rifles. Tbe Sheriff of tho connty.
knowing the determined oharaoter of the
man, rather than have bloodshed, decided
to let tbe matter rest, and tbe slayer of edi
tor Hull made good his escape.
At 10 o'clock to-night Buck was still nlive.
bnt little hope of his recovery was enter
Jned. at m
A Husband Wbo Waa Infiirlnted br s
Poet-Mortem Rxnmlnatlop,
Bcrrixo, May 24. Coroner Eennoy
called to the Polish distriot late last night
and found lying in abed In a squalid room
in one of tbe tenements the body of a woman
who bad been dead some time. It was bard
to gat any information, but through an in
terpreter It was learned that a child had
been born at o o'clook Friday evening, an
other twenty-four bonra later, that tha
woman bad been attended by an nnlicensed
midwife and bad died from negloat.
In tb bed was found a knife, which tha
dead women's husband tried desperately to
get. He, waa finally put out of the room,
and tbe door was locked while a poit-nioi-tem
examination was made. He went down
stairs, got an axe. returned and mado a fran
tic effort to chop tho door down, but waa
prevented. .
At tbe conclusion of tbe autopsy he was
admitted and flung himself on tbe dead
body, threatening to kill the Coroner, and
was only kept quiet by being locked in tba
room with tbe corpse. Both babies are
A DBarue Operation Huceeufnlly
Performed 1st Boston.
Bobtok, Hay 24. Dr. John F. Young, of
the City Hospital, was called ten days ago
to attend Fred Coffey, aged eleven, of Ho,
3.14 Dorchester street". Bouth Boston, who
was troubled with a pain In the chest and
difficulty in breathing. Medicine failed to
give relief, aud an operation was determined
Last Sunday an Incision was made in the
bov' side, tho pericardium was penetrated
and lialfapiut ot thick, pale-colored fluid
via discharged.
The boy wax conscious during the entire
operation, but at Ita conclusion he tell into
s deep sleep, which lasted lite days. Uu l'ri
ilay morning he opened his eyes, looked at
Ins mother, who had brvn continually at
his side, smiled, ami raid he war much
better. Blnce then he has steadily improved
and is now out nf danger.
1 he operation ban been seldom attempted,
and, when tried, has almost invariably re
sulted in death.
JlRS. WlKSLOWs SooTOMO HTBUP for children
teetblna: rets tbe ohlid aad oomfort tbo mother.
'You are very kind," she said, blushing,
'andtneie Jewels are very lovely; but were
they still more beautiful I could not accept
them from a etraapcr."
I urged in vain, and again expressing their
thanks, tbey went away. To my delight, a
few days later I met the ladles walking In the
Tullerlra. 1 hastened to them with earnest
questions, requests and asmrsnees, and after
a long conversation their cautiousness seemed
gradually to give way to ayinpslny. I took
advantage of this tact to offer ber the solitaire,
and It was placed firmly on ber finger before
sae could think ot sny opposition.
Ismdolnss great a wrong to listen to
you as to accept this 'diamond, "salifsbe, "but
yon are binding yourself to an ungrateful girl,
for I accept tbla against my will. "
My happiness was to be. rudely Interrupted,
for tnree days after this I suddenly found tb.it
my money was reduced to five loula. I
thought th matter fiver seriously, and finally
decided td gu to Bordeaux. Aa 1 could not
appear before Jlr. Peterson like a beggar,
some bracelets, also Intended for my naneee,
com in Just right, though they brought me
only eighty Una.
Tit .Journey to Bordeaux passed oulekly
enocirv and Jar. iPeteraoa welcomed me
yrmly. In tb course of our convention he
apokeofaletwrtroramy fatter, and I started
to oater Mf excuse) for my dtlsy in orrivrng,
but h would; not listen to It,
i jMfJFiM)tf .dassUvM an svai- tioaa
Giants Have a Hard Task Out
Out for ThiB Weok.
Corbott Takes That $2,BOO-Vlll
He Fiaht With Slavln?
To-day the New York begin st Chicago
what should prove, from all the baseball signs,
the hardest eerlea of their Western trip. An
son's men have been giving fine exnlbitlona of
the National game as It should be played, and
the Ulunts will need all of their glgantto ttleot
and skill to co'te at all successfully wlih ine
Windy City team. Brooklyn plays to-day at
Tne two games played yesterday In the Asso
ciation were at Columbus, where Baltimore
batted out the game In the nluth inning, score
4 to 3. and at Louisville, where the Dome team
ahut Washington out 0 to a At Cincinnati,
police atopped the game, bnt Kelly's team
aohleved fame by getting to town on time,
from Philadelphia, by mesne of a special Dyer.
Chsmplonshlp atandluga up to to-day:
Itagu; Hn .(. Jr'e.t rt'e, Wne L4t, At'J.
Chtesio 18 N .lift'-! Boston ... L'll 10 .Ti'l
Plltsburit.M II .fttIO Baltlrooro.u:! J I .(170
Cleveland lfi 13 .ft'lH St. Ixtula.,3. 17 .653
Pnlladel... 14 13 ."lHiAthlotlo ...10 17 .4KA
Hostnu... Ill 14 .4Hlll.oul.Tille.lH VM .450
New York. IV 14 .dlltfiCinelnnau. li U'J .4:1(1
Hrooklrn., 10 II) .yM.llOoliinibne. A i:l .:IH5
(Jlnolnnall 10 17 .370'Watiln(t'n O 23 .JtHl
e a
It is $18,000 that la offered for a Blavlo-Cor-bett
fight ln New Orleans. Hy the way, Cor
bett did not Indignantly spurn t&e S9,b00 ln
gold offered by the California A. C. for Thurs
day night's performance with 'Jackson, but
packed It In a canvas bag and took It with
him. Ho expects to be In New York ln a fort
night. A despatch from Oalveston, Texas, ssys that
the Galveston Athletic Association has deter
mined to offer a $1, Ooo parse for a meeting be
tween Jack Burke, of Houston and Andy
Boweu, the fight to take place within aeren
The pool tournament which has been going
on for some time past among the members of
the Lorlllard Athletic C.nb, wo completed laat
Saturday night. J. Fay proved the victor, with
twenty-six games won and ten lost. II re
ceived a costly gold medal. Seoond prize, a
handsome sliver water p'tcher, went to H. V.
Itadowlir, twrntr-turee won and ten lost, J,
Hayes, with twenty-four won aud twelve lost,
got a silver cake basket.
An Interesting plseon match will take place
Jnue ill at Dexter Park. Lnuz Island, between
trams composed ot the seven crack shots of the
Kruerald and Wauregan Qun Clubs. Eaoh
man will shoot at ten bird.
A special pennant race haa been arranged br
tbe Kruatta Committee or the Newark iactit
Club for tbe annual opening of their Club
house at Bayonue, which takes plsce May aa
The Amcrlcsn Association contemplates In
creasing Its schedule of championship gsmes
and prolonging it aeaton.
Memorial Day will be a great day among the
tennis players, and there will scarcely do a
court In this vicinity oa tnat occasion which
will not be occupied. Many of the clnba will
make It their opening day of the sesson, and
will wind up the day with dinner snd dancing.
One of the big events ln athletic circle will
be tne annual gamea of the Intercolleilate
Athletic Aasooiatlon, which are to be be.d on
baturday of tnl week at Berkeley OraL
o e
Corbett believes In the old adage of a bird In
the hand bring worth two ln tne hnsh, ao ne
haa accepted the 13,600 allowed by tie Cali
fornia Alhletlo Cluu.
The entries for the fllteentn annual games ot
the Pastime Athletic Club will close on Sat
urdsy of this week wltn J. P. Boyle, No. 1171
Hecond avenue. Tbe gamea will be held June
6, at Jones's Wood.
Owing to the unpleasant weather yesterday
ln msny parte ot the country there were uot
many homing pigeons liberated. These races
are always Dut down for dunday on acoount of
it being the safest dy In the week for loft
owners to risk their birds.
Nearly all of the boat clubs loctted nn the
banks of the Harlem Itlver were repreaented
ou the water yesterday afternoon.
A sporting man aald yesterday that Frank
Slavln mignt be a very good flgnter, but he cer
tain! r la a very poor trainer. He says he la not
exactly lazy, but he doesn't like to work, and
he really la not half training at COLey Island.
Tbe Xavier Athletic Aaaoclatlon will hold Its
third anuual members' games on baturday of
this week ou tbe Manhattan Athletlo Club
The otacers of the Passalo Itlver Amateur
ltowlng Association are making great prepar
ations for tnelr seventeenth annual regatia,
which takes lace on Saturday of mis week.
"Ib bn deaplr inUr
v tiled In the lDrtUvtion of
?V your met bod of Uvtmsat, pu
XrV ticuUrljr tbtvt portion pr
l cribd In roar 'Treat 1m for
, 1 tea O0.7.' mm conrtnttt
tagjO I Aot your (ralMMf for .;'
9H1 "new aWd deay in rnaltt i
fW ht ( known to th4 mwlir-tl
fjtky vrofitiion. I ihavlt rvooinim nd
Ymr It la my prtunloo, and 70a ein
rfv to ra t any time, ibould
you dMiii a proper."
The wilter of abort li apracticinr pbyiotaa and
unknown to na. W bare oorei of similar Utter
ou t)Ie. It rfr to our wonderful a item of treat
tnentby wbioh tbe
Health of Men
Is Baslly, Quickly Permanently 1! eat ored
Veakiiena. Nervouanr, Debility, ndall
the tram of evils from oerlr error or later exoeseas.
tbe resaltsof utrerrk. Iokn. worrr, Ao. I'ull
strensth, development, and tono irtren to every
orsan and portion t th bony. Simple, natural
metbods. Imtnediato Iroprorement eeen. Failure.
Impoeelble. 2,000 roterenoes. Book, iplana.
llona and proof mailed (eaelodl fro. Addreea
llltili tEDCAI, CO., 04 Msuxwra at..
home," said he, "but If my eldest does not
suit you they shell be sent for."
We drank to the bealtn of my future bride,
snd Air. Peterson then snowed me to my
I was amazed when I saw Constanoe the
next morning. I could find not a defect any
where. The build, the figure, the complexion
belonged to no country but to that of btauiy;
and the brown hair which fell over her white
ne.k In luxuriant locka and the sparkling
brown eyea were th only signs which showed
her relatlonstlp to Prance. Was It so wonder
ful, then, that two weeks after my arrival 1
went to Mr. Peteraon and asked him for the
band of his daughter f
The old man led me to ber and Jplsoed her In
my arms.
"That's rlzht," he cried. "To-morrow,
Constance, I shall writ to yonr slaters, for
they must be borne for the wadding."
Angellque, the second daughter, came In a
few days, but Victoria stui remslned away.
Thla delayed the tnarnsge, snd I hsd sufficient
opportunity to become acquainted with the
two sisters In their difference. In Angellque
each womanly eharm was on a smsller scale
than hsd been apportioned to Constance, but
she was somewhst cast down In her manner.
OradoaUy this apparent sadness left her and
only the ghost of tl remained In the enarmlng
body which nature had eqilpped with trrteliit
bl Interest. y
We KraduaU beetaMaseni taUsau, and, I
.. jtC -- . . -' ljll-
Varna and Fortu far Hbrawd llueaaer
I "The tt'orld'" Ilstlqn Advert!
lest Contaal M.cond Avenue llliinm
lag with Flvrr af Kbelorln and
Clllt.rlac wltts Kama of Poetry.
tllKltV. la another vote
to be taken on tlio
1,00(1 sign Idea, tbe
tl'tli in tliu scries, and
to-tlayV batch wind
tip tlio lot for tbo
woek. This vote will
be on siens from (101
to 870. and the voting
will cover those fig
mesonly. There are some
good, rattling verses in these closing hue
diedsuf the long Keries. and tlio same rules
about tbe balloting will hold. Pick out tho
best three in your Judgment, put the threo
numbers on a postal card, ami send it to
Rlgtis. box 2,.tn4 N. Y. P. O. If your
numbers agree with tboso fixed br the popn
lar choice a a first, second and third you
will get the weekly prize of 10 lo the suc
cessful guesser.
The closing daya or this great sign exhibit
does not show any diminution of the inter
eat in them. Tbe rnsb of tlun suggestions
still comes in, and the early ballot, taking
chances upon a portion only of the week's
total, come in llle an avalanche. O. J.
Onde & Co. seem to havo an unlimited sup
ply or sood black and red ink. Their artist'
arm lias not weariod, and tbe young men
v. ho do the posting ud bare not lost their
alertness nor their cleverness in getting tbe
lettered Inscription into position.
It certalnlydoeslookas though that 1, 000
check waa really to chang bands, and that
O. J. Gudo .V Co. will bo the wlnnora ln
tnelr unique oontesi ot timo against enuur
ance. of brains against weariness. It was a
lone tussle wltlon they laid out for thorn
selves. but It waa not beyond their strength,
if the outcome so far 1 any standard. '1 here
is every proapect now that tho greatest ad
vertising scheme nt many a year will and up
in a blazo nf dorr for 1'HK Woulii and the
clever llrm who have so ably carried out
this oontisct
Here is tho list for the final day of this
week as they went tip on Hecond avenue on
Baturday. The list should havp atioeared
in regular routine ln The Would of yester
day. Lut thltigs don't always follow in tbe
order they should either In orouMdoof a
newspaper office and so the list appears to
day. Note it. vote It. and by next Wednes
day morning the oount of the ballot may be
D At Perfection Is olosely pursued by WonLn
04X "Wants." 3U0.74& published laat six
months 1800 1 1)01. 03U iu lbM7.
D1Q "A little leeroln Is a dangerous thine.'
Ortraaf Tako The Worlu and keep oat of dan
ser. You'll find mnob learning In it.
Q A O The latex freak Is th man who failed to
OttO gat a altuatlon by advertising la ru
OA A l"b bts Indloat prosperitjr. People
Oiafc who us World "Waaia" wear bigb
Q J K If a partner rou shonld need.
Odhy For jruur boelnetato sureeod.
You can gat ono aoon Indeed
o Through tho lolumcs of THE WORLD.
Q A (1 Old shoos sr thrown away and prosperity
Oob) Warns on all who make good nss ot
WOBLD "Wanta."
fl J n " f .ifa la a Intirnav. nn we o.
Ot i Throngh manv a soene of joy and vos."
The VVORLDour joiseao much Inereas.
And shorten woes by bringing peso.
Q A Q A land where the newspaporaall oppoa
OttO wrong.
And rlaht for the poor aad oppressed.
AsTUE WoilLU baa doue wltb arm that
And courag that only to giants tielong
Till Its rlrals grow aick and distressed.
Qii, Oh. for a land where tber la no grippe.
o4fcV Uuta grip on The WonLU Want"
Wbero a fellow don't have to Inooasantly
Hot teas that ar bitter Ilk aag and
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shekel wtl,
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Ing It.
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and laat.
awarded my kisses and sighs to Constance and
my conversation to Angtllque. As often sa I
saw tbe one I lost my heart with love; asoften
ss I listened to the other my whole soul fled to
the charming conversationist. Eaoh time It
hung In the balance, boon the acale began
alternately to sink and rlee, aud again two
weeks after my engagement I loved the beau
tiful Constance when I aaw her, while the
Image of the chsrmlug Aogellqu shared my
dearest thoughts.
One evening I set out tor the Gummer.house,
where I thought the company was, and when
nearer I distinctly heard the melodious voles
of my fiancee.
'I am sorry myself about It, "said Con
stsnee, butltcannot be changed."
"If you only wished to have It charged,
Constance, " said her companion.
"Dut I may not wlan It, Mr. D'Argenet.
My fsther U? under obligations to the lather of
Mr. Waltmano, and I must be content with
thla unworthy stranger for my butband "
I had heard enough ana betook inyaelf to the
bouse by the same way I had come. Next
morning I went to Mr. Peterson snd told him
test I could never have the slightest claim
upon th hand of the girl whose heart wsa
already glvtn. lie was so angry that I had
trouble to hold aim beak, and yielded only
when I sofgeated that pernktM Angellque
would console a disappointed lover, and I
thought that tn a abort Urn I should Urehsr
pomlowal, U i new tttvksrtsed to do Ms
Woven Wire Sprinfjs . $2.10 Botrifforators, Hardwood $9.90 I Chamber Suits, Antique $12.00 liH
Hair MntlronsoB . . $8.75 j Extension Tablos, 6 ft. $3.90 Sideboards . . . $9.00 J
All goods marked at lowest cash prices, but accommodation is given if desired. iMW
136, 138 AND 1 40 WEST 23D ST. M
jBlBaeBTaaavvVa'AwavajaB llMMMt
057 Whn Adtm unJ Kt lott ptradU,
OO I Am. out nf Yiini wre roiijthlr liutlei!.
Why Hicu illii lhf not idsiTtt-r
AU, llifrv uu .N. Y. Wohld,
ro 04 lin of hit ppr wfr itted tn
OUO iimltnt one nwuol rue Would.
f Mi Vfrl. xM, icl lt ilrr llnilm riclitld
Ol)t Ai-ttr .1 k fur riiv DvuUcUeu Antiouuren
tuTiik lm: 11,
8--i llrftbitnu.ck'
I f 'Jim ''ttppfrtonHy" in WoilLU
tut) " thftt iUt tultt you.
Vials I Mhnklna- On Political llenslentlon
tsy Morsnanlens.
IsrrciAi. to Tint wonLn.l
Halt Ljikf. Utah, May '-M. It was
announced this morning by the Dallv Herald
that tlio controlling interest in that news
paper had been purchased by a syndicate of
Oeutilo Democrats, headed by It. C.
Cbamlierx, the millionaire owner of
the Ontario mine, and Frank II.
Dyer. oi-Unlteil Blatea Marshal. The
Jlernlit has heretofore been a strsightout
Mormon nowspaper. and this change is a
sismllcant steu in the political revolntion
now taking place In this Territory.
The political oondlllons iu Utah have been
entirely different from those existing in sm
other section. I he Mormons have been ar
rayed together under the namo of the Peo
ple's patty, while all other element of the
E opulation have been amalgamated In what
a been known ss tho Liberal party.
The abandonment of polygamy by the
Mormon uniircii la now almost nutversany
accented as having been in good faith. Thia
romoves tho bond bv which the old partlea
have been held together, aud the movement
for political organization upon national
linos has arisen from the changed condi
tion. Two weeks ago the Democrats organized
and promulgated a platform of principles.
Last woek a Ileptiblican organization wa
started, and 1 now being raunlly pushed
forward. There are some Democrats and
some ltepublicans whnliatenot jet con
sented tn abandon the Liberal pary.
Hie purchase nt tbo Ilrrnlit has been made
by Democrats who havo been prominent in
eiieotlng a party orcanlratlou. It li avus no
doubt o their intention to push on with tho
programme they have laid ouuandit removea
all doubt of Hie sincerity nf the Mormon
In their exprrhs declaration that ihey are
ready to nnito with the two National nartlea
and abandop all Idea of Church domination
of politics.
On the Ileptiblican sido the Halt Lake
Times (Gentile) la advocating a party
organization, and Is seconded by
many of the ablest Kepubllcans
In the territory. Cunsnlcuous among
them Is Sttprotue .ludtre .ant,
who arnnired fame hy his enforcement of the-anti-polygamy
lans, but who now candidly
admit that all controversies between the
(loiernmentand the Church am at au end.
With one or to exceptions sll of the Feileral
officers believe that party division In Inevit
able and are actually supporting the Repub
lican movement. The opposition is headed
by local office-holder.
It is generally believed that this move
ment will tend to the early admitting of
Utah to the Union as aHtato, a the terri
tory has a population equal to that of Wy
oming. Idahn, and lieada combined, with
1:0,000 toanare.
Nerrrturv Truer Think Nhr Will lie
Heard I'roin Next sit Cnllaa.
WaaniKOTON, May S. Secretary Tracy
said to-night that the Navy Department
had not received any newa to-day of tho
United States cruiser Charleston, which ia
in pursuit of the Chilian insurgent steamer
Itata. This is the seventh day since any
word hat been roceived by the Department
direct from the oommander of tbe
The Secretary ia of tbe opinion that the
vessel will be beard of next at C'allao, Peru,
for he believes that had she intended to put
ln at Panama, tbe place at which it waa ox
pected she would touch, she would have
been heard of before thla time.
Secretary Tracy's attention wa called tn
nmht to tne despatches from Ban Francisco
reiterating the statements heretofore mado
that an agreement has been entered into
between tbe Insurgent party of Chili aud
the United States Government for a
peaceful surrender of the Itata.
The Secretary, however. refused to
disenss the question, merely remarking
that he had nothing to say about the mat
ter. Inquiry of State Department officials
to-nicbt regarding tho alleged arrangement
referred to elicits the reply that, n far as
they are aware, no such agteement haa
been entered into.
A fladly Nrared Mardarer.
iNinaMiroUH. May 2. Sheriff Charles
E. Marlett. of Ilinlimoud. atopped in this
city yesterday for three hour whilo on his
way to the Jeffersonville prison with mur
derer Kinney, during which timo Kinne
wa lodged ln the county Jail. While
endeavoring to burglarizo the residence of
a Mr. Morgan, of Randolph County, Kinney
wa discovered by Morcan and murdered
Mm. and 0011 after, fearing that he would
beljnchad. pleaded guilty to the chargoof
murder in the tlrst degree and waa sen
tenced to prison for life. 1 ho Sheriff being
Informed that a mob waa gathering to lynch
Kinney hurried him out of town. Kinney
waa brought no back streets and through
alleys to the county Jail I ere, aud appeared
to be by far the worst scared man ever seen
in Indianapolis.
m m
Killed Ilrr Child with is Hammer.
Osiiunsn. Wis.. Mav'-M. About 7 o'clock
this morning Mr. Corngati killed her lit
tle six-year-old sou hy striking him five
times on the head with a hammer. His
akiill was fractured in three diflerent place.
The woman ha been insane for onie tune,
and it was only recci.Hr that she attempted
to choke him to death.
Thus the matter was finally settled.
Angellque. however, did not receive the
news with the pinnate I had hoped to sec, aud
from that hour tha did her brat to make me
repent of my bargain. I regretted a thousand
times that I had changed an agreeable slater-In-law
into a cruel heiroltied.
The uncle from Uochelle, In whose house
Angellque hud beeu visiting, csme wltn a
young man who wss ssld to be a cousin.
Angellque embraced them both, and my ketn
lover's eye thought It saw a fetllng loo tender
formttelya cousin. My paileuco was at an
end when she trotted the cousin with greet
klndntas, while she showed only stubbornuou
towards me.
'Merely to put you to the test, sir," she
ssid, when I complained.
That means that you cut me to the quick
to see If my hesrt still btats," I cried In anger;
but I will soon bod a way to put an end to
Highly enraged, I went to my room. There
I came acroes a letter of my father's. In.
scilbcd, "To the Moved naneee of my son."
I thought these loving words ot a future
fathrr-In.law would soothe ber, so I took the
letter to her.
It is not fur Die," she said, 'for you do
not love roe, but at 1 uke th plaoe.ofone
more beloved. I will ot en tho letter. "
'HeiutlfulI splendid!" she cried, when eh
hod read it, "You bare a very worthy father,
0dbf0aajurBt1ia. lUBkWW
Tho Acme of Perfection in Comic Opera! ,m
Wtiy pT IolUr tortcdit oitrr theatrsawbat cni biMwn htro la rqul entirely and pi en dor foraPlm' i?
loct.a r welrome Mutrrpiaoa. br a cant of International Ttetat fcrpntatta, A Htm Maiwatlj Jaan 6m "MMm
(ItAntotieiiX, lUrrjr Uncm. , 1ln Hailtl, Thoma Wbwte. anJ 1ii.pf.rd, tha Miser. Jams A. Uoooalt. " SH
Ilia r. ( tbe character! lJ wall known ariiata. Grand and p.cturqi c bonis of lr-lt. lrHttt flaft- 1H
on, Peaaauta, .to. tiortou and n-ai title ROAoarj apeclall palntM lor tbla Maa. "JH
Unitae tJhlmauf Ualla importeu cxptuailjr frum Nonnandjl ,1
Han Kraiclitnann, Klnirnf Ventriloquiitat La PaliU Slinntte, Tapor PraatldUtitatanr, tDbarUalqo H
CabalUttO Oablnot Act. in 1'ia tttoatrn a ISaooml Coiopinyof Vaudefilla Mpeclaliala. Including Oarroll mwM
and TL.oii.Uti O motr t'ompanrt !' Uoioti, Irish i'simmtlan Itrwnnan. Olotf Dan ear. and a tons amy H
of Champion CnnivllsDS. liurif'iUB Kellers nd Ianttr Uanor. H
UUIUH'M I1K1 8TII AV1C. MUSKK. Admlaalmi lUf. Hata, 6c. Haaortad Btt, lOo, Immm
Opan from 10 A. M. to 10 t. M. lloarl 1'erfortnancaa. Urtnd ba.-red Coo cert bandar, ltolOPM 11
f 4 BJ B P and other ipaolaltlas
Tft J O W IJ C named abo (or
" Uautleman. Ladtea,
to,, ara tha beat ln tba world at tha prioea.
"Rapid Transit" ISifc
KIup Clf. Htyllih, Cnm-scsba.
fortable and Durable. HUlfc. 2
any auklt?,ncTf r ttlnda, Kwa I JJ"WB,IM.'ul
on or i iff iuirl.. and t?a.iy. p miAWsFirx
It can I removed without SJriflTiliW
thehabda. For en ay walk, f SflJllsWtKtS
Ingtor standtnu It la unea- h 7V7Ti '1
celled. The flaplil Trauilt ft ilrffl& ri
will Mil on ita m nits, A trrn&J&
andlaetpeclaJly u-lapt- jf-r &&Wwr
ed for Itallmad Men U: jSfi?4 JA
who want to re- fT'" vJr-
moTA their ahoea J r Vw& 4
tlm of dSDr. One trial will oonvlno alt who
want a stfilah. ciutlortatile, eaj ehoe. for eale
errrrvhere. If roar tte.l.r has not ol thm, a.k
him to avt tbem fnr rnu. Take n. .ub.tllule
W. I,. IIOIItll.AM. Ilriirkton, .IIhss.
Bold at NCWVOUK. -103, 140, 8113, nitT.
' Hail. IO.VI. Ul!l- l?',Ul,,..vr.-'itJ?,l!',ts
ildri, Itiatl.Sltlltl.Vtilll.aAOliadaro. ,1 17.
335, AIIT, II1S7, 113. ?' ft th ave.i 4lll,
07H. HOA. llliAUlbav ifll, IHI Are. A.tif.
lf)tlAve.ft : l(ll.2at.'Jt! Oreenwieli at, ,H!.
iblB. 3NKnwerrt IrtN llro.cluey i KM Whilelinll
at.:S4tl, S7II (Irand t. . I ."ill, AI3 Canal ,.;
UU r-nlton at. iSN'.t, t)3 1 l), oO. Itllll 10th
av. iH3 Ave tlt31 New Chambers at. ; 122 I'ark
rows IOI. !(,, ,113 I'ast Houston i st. t I 13
Division st. t 37 I Ituitsunst, corner Hlh st. and
Kth eve i eomer llf bib SL and ltd ave. ; I t Market
at. :f(l2Tearl at.
hnotiRLYN -tn. 3io, mil, 1031. igj.
I SOU Uroadwan 4, ISJO. li. iirtl"1".'0-' .".?.'
A;il rulton st. iM, 2II.UII3 Ursndst ; Hll
rlatbosbava. i 510 Vr"a.iliili'Ua , 27fi Colum
bia at. , 2.JS. fltf I 5th ave.l IIIIII Van Itrnat at.
tlH titiirt. . . lit) 111.1 ae i 80s llrldn at,
nita-Kluililtil ave. i 3 WiMidhulI sl, 3SI,47.i
Msnhattan aTa.. Dreennoltit.
.IER.SKY CITV. -I 2lJ. 'JllO, 034 Newark ase. i
4N3 Communlpaw a.
Petinl Jisrreii' It.vrnatn fur Itelnar
Wbicped nrcanae Hhe Met Ilrr I, over.
Atmksk. fls,. May 24. James Jsrrett. of
JacVsou county, a Drosperou farmer, ban a
handsome damrhter of sixteen named
Fannie. Among ber admirera is a younir
farmer named IEobert Mcllao, who bad boen
1 articulsrlr attentive to lier. bnt who was
nbuoxions to her father. Fannie, however.
was fond of "Hob. "and was determined tn
see him whenexer the opportunity offered,
rardless of her father onpoaitlon.
Mr. Jarrett told hl dauabter jestenlar
that if she ever met Mcltae as-ain he wonhl
whip her soverelv. This aiiKered the airl.
and thatverj1 afternoo'i slw stole away,
met ber lover itl a nelulibortns? meadow and
tonka Ion it walk v.itli him. On her return
her father kept his promise and whipped
The family had sonp for .dinner to-day.
and Jarrett was taken very ill after partak
ineoflu He I in u dvine condition, ami
Fannie has confessed that she put rat
poison in his soup plate.
Air. U.eeal Drnte the Iteport that lie
hald He Hud llouahl Two.
larrciaL to Tiir wnai4.i
WaMHXOTni, D. C. May-,'4 Mr. T. E.
llnessle. proprietor of the Arlington IIoteL
ileclares that there i no truth whatever in
the report printed in the L'iovelanJ .ruder,
to the effect that ho recently staled before a
meeting of the Hotel Mm Association that
itaislaliires could he butittut and that he
himself hsillKinclit mo.
"The story i too absiint to notice, sanl
Mr. llousalc. "Vhe remark was never made
ami there is not tbe uliitlitest foundation or
tbe paragraph."
Flrr In n I'eiilirmlnry.
JEVtTnwK Citv. Mo.. May 'J4. -At l
o'clock this evenitic lire broke nut in the
rlulltvau Saddletree Tompaiiy. Instil tho
walls of the State I'ruitentiar. rhe los Is
J170.U00. Thrro waai-niiatdcraiile ctcite-
I nient anions the couMcts, hut no disturb.
I ance.
Jfe& J jf iJ T EXTRACT
how cUJIy cltls sdaru themselves, snd brides
most of ulL VS 111 you not show me the Jewels. "
I looked st hrr iu terror, sud the re.iizailou
of my thnuehilessnru strsck me ao forcibly
that I could not apeak a word.
Well, vou have not lost them 7"
My lather mutt have forgotten them,"
I su'.d. at last. "Will you let me see tbe
letter I"
The letter rcadt "The solitaire and the
bracelets, which my son will deliver to you
with ibu letter"
I stood sa if annlallsted snd cursed ln my
heart a thoutand times tbe hour la which I en
tered Mr. i'eteraons house.
Victoria arrived late one evening and the Im.
patient father set tne weddlnirs for both
daughters for the next dsy.
In tne morning D'Argenet came, embraced
me as his biolber-lo-law, and led me Into the
room w sere the marriage waa to take place.
The lather, the two sisters, the uncle and tbe
cousin wtre there besides the IprlesU Victoria
was absent, boon two ladles entered tbe room,
snd I wss greatly astonished when, as tne
resder ha already gueued, I tecognlied la
tbem the anut of Parts and her beautiful niece.
1 oonld contain myself no longer. I new
away from the table to Victoria and eetxod her
Sana, which she care tne, blushing deeply.
Is It possible T" said L Ihavanoclsima
upon year forgiven bar. Uw lot wcleh yen
JOHNSON, Hypnotist. :,
In a moot amualnc exhibition. ''H
EMMA SCHILLER. Skeleton Girl.
KI1KII, Oinim dli.. llaiiMr; WILLIH, lb Uv 9
Ina Mall .Mani UUOHI1R, the Turll Boy. J9M
SON WELL. Rattlosnake King. 'fl
The (ire.ie.l Irl'b Uomediins oa Kaith ' i'M
Untied for Una Weak. $jt
UW and JOHN KEiELl, - I
OUKRVVABHAK, JOltlt tl AltT. '?
"w WORTH'S w 1
CTH AVE. AND airnt r-l'. 'Ma
Our Ouno Hall lillxl ,1th L1V1NU VoitDKBH 'jM
A0KAnK niAlCM.
laTII hTRURT TIIR TIIE, near 6th Av. ' iiM
Kv.ry I Miht-Matlnees Wed. and Bat. JUM
It.served Clrofeelra tHra!e and llaleoor, 60. 7vl
In toe renowned l.ATKR UN. ' JBVaa
Nelt Weea-Kffle Kll.ler In MIHS MAWalltOs M
BIJUII TllfAlnit. Uroa.lajns,rSOUlBt. H
h verj KUIil Matinee. Wd. and Hat. fMM
aui Monrna'st CVlabrlttat imm
la tli HoMickin,t r'aroUomedf, tmmm
Aunt Bridget's Baby. iW
hTUAHI' r.ObSUN. 'ifl
IN .1mW
Speolal Matinee 1UURNUAY AFTERNOON. 'fl
lar -'. (or the Charity r und Uenent or tb Coo- ""29
fednraleCaaip of New York, beate nowonaal. 9
COl.fMll'JKI HKATIlH.U5lh. t, .near Lei. v. fl
MttuniMr hwasun Otand nlLaU Ooera, h
101) nkl.&l. (JHOKUH. OUUHliIHA. lOO '-
Kvpai-ii ir, M'Hidy, lVrdtieialtjr Friday. iUfo- l
Jtti, luvi.iiijr, Thnrwda and htturdar Uatmatt,
Carmen i haturJay ni.r'it. ilonamlan Ulrt. H
MaLllNn snd I.AM- WKsK ot 3
11. K. llllKIlNd, Id lis Now Drsms, li
Kl.i.Naei'KUl A Ureat llltl
iffiJ..i.3rSr: ALONE IN LONDON, 1
eea. J jq. 1-HIU SAWYER. S
SXARRItlAr-'H TMKATRb, SJth St. snd Slh av. '
11. W. UANI.nY Uaaaaw
MVlll MONTH. " M
...llll. KllltAUII IIAItltfGAN. Ja
LijfaL. Htary Krr. Sat. Mat. Laaj wait. Jj
Ohirla truhiuan'a Uota-riiana in OtlletU'a naw K
roariDK CtiinvOjr Mattnata Wad. and Hat. 2.
CAhlNO. llroadwarandtathat. V
l',.nnn at r.ld, Uattiea atardar at 3. . ,',:
AdmBuiDU j0 cents, including botheptartalnnunt. , H,
Keersid hestsOro'i. Circle and Baloonv Ado.
wt&.tvSiu ! E .GUSH OPERA. I -nV!rKS&.
Uixniflcent iSpactacular Prodaettoa. ii
iiiu lUdinvK. a
Intniducioc tb Oraat Hblpwraek Roana. Mm
TKRRACK (JAHDE.V. 68lQ .t77nar M ara. Am-
brtf'a Ulra aarr evauinc. lo-oifht Poor Joa
atbi,n, Tuatwlay, Ovgcar htudantt Wad., Vla4iw
mana. Kasrff4 aaan. jtfo., Tbo, Adrntaatoo. 30a. $jM
eden MU?rler-iT,';tii?trAft:jr- m
COUlll, 13tandlV)KastllhsU 9
Uroltevlrlon plar, ererir arum, a and vl.e.
JIstlne.s. M.,n Tuee,. Thurs.. and SaS, 2
ou -UT1MIK50. JJ
Hlon., tlun lIUnebl of lt,W. Behmaa, Tratvr Wjr
kv.rr evrninir, sletloe.e Had. and Bat. w
This ueek,w.tb Matiner Wed. and Hat., '3
"1 am mr own no longer," she replied wlt If
lastnllf. oashe disulsjcd the Jewels, 'I bear 3
the purchase moaej npon nir hand." i$'
L'ome, cousin,1 said Anzelique, alnee -.S)
mj brb eeroora haa deserted me, let us to .'J
throuah the ceremony together. II majdo V,
what be wlshea." L
My emoarraaament waa ovc. I looked at A
the father Inqulrmily. but b ( inld not speak 5
Irom Mltatlon. He placed our hands together jffi
snd led us to tbe other conple. Th priest -5
then began without waiting tor oommand, J
and ln ten minutes the tbre slatera became (jHH
three wives. fM
Victoria, wbo wsa wltb tbe annt In Parts,
lesrned what news hsd been received from In. M
German bridegroom, and she knew how to x. A
plain the sadden disappearance ot Lord jW
Johnsbury, whom, contrary to the promise she SM
bad given her lather, she bad learned to love. Xm
Bhe wrote quickly to her sUwr Angellque, whe
understood ever) thlnz and drew una plan to j1
my punishment. m9
Four weeks dew by In tnls delightful famllj 1ftJ
gathering, which seemed like (our days. m
When the time csme tor separation I beared W
taj father-in-law (or bis blessing. '
I have no blessing (or you except what IS
you yourself have taken, " ssld he. Yon ore 9J
taking Irom me my dearest daughter, bnt still ,-M
I thank ynu, (or I first, through yoa, beeosse , jS
an entirely happy (sl her. "A cSopt rr6m Vu t H
Orrtnon ty H'lHrawi Auu OnMHJOeMctm ( JM
,88. ,-fe rpfwr,'y JJbLMm

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