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bbEjiLv '' H
r tihny'5 slate on view.!
Mfw Politicians' Forecast of Nomina-
Htl tions to Bo Mado in tbo Fall.
Infi; Only One of the Coroner to De
HEDp Renominated.
Hjf local politician, consider tbe naming of the
HJjiBi Tammany IUIl slate lor next rail's election
Hftff ' about the easiest bit of gticMirorfc they lias e
Km&iir encountered lor rears.
Hr The Wigwam nominations (or tour ot the i
BK most Important places hat e already been dlv
HK! counted 6y appointments br (lor. 1 1 111 at the
Hm, request ottho organization to nil lnter-clec-
HV- tlon vacancies.
HQK OUcn these tour nominations as a cer-
HK taint?, the experienced politician can tell al-
HnR,' most to a nicety how tbe balance of the
KKf. ticket must be arranged to aatlsfy sections
HK and factions.
H Here U tho Tammany ticket which they
HK forecast:
npp' ' For Supremo Court Judge deorge L. In-
aBBBMi:feaf fjTSham.
Hjw For Judge of the Superior court Ucnrr A.
HHp GDderslecre.
K For Judge of tho Court of Common Pleas
EK1 EogerA. Prior.
LK For Judges of the City CourtJohn Henry
HK' McCarthy and Leonard A. Glegerlch.
HEHf For Coroners Ferdinand Levy, William
KK Talt and Dr. John 11. Demarest.
KVt Judges fngraham, Ollderslcere, rryor and
KBr McCarthy are considered an certain to be
iiHRKr nominated for election to succeed themsehes.
b.s hy Chief .liid je Mtnon M. Khrtlcn, of the
KK City Court, sslinso Krm expires, should be
Km? dropped, will not bo understood by every-
H bod, but tho leaders are said to know of
HBHf private reasons which will prevent his being
Mp named.
K; county Clerk Glegerlch, who hat expressed
WmWMLK a desire to return to tbe bench. It Is said. Is
WkwmWSmwt considered the most OMrabls candidate and
WkwmwBMb will probably 1 nominated.
n The election of the County Clerk to a Judge-
WkmmmBm KnlP would leave a desirable, vacancy to fill
HHMl Tf hlch. It Is sold, the organization weuld ask
SjHkW; ov. UIU to appoint John v Carroll, the
mkWtskW leader la the Twentieth Assembly District.
WmWWK' ST. Carroll's promotion would leave vacant
HHi the 1 0.000 cl-rVshln or the court of Special
HBSfif Sessions, and for tuls place Leader William
HHt? J. McKenna, ot the Mxlli Assembly District,
SHr Is said to be the leading candidate.
n The shake-up in the coroners' office which
iHBIjK the ticket contemplates U particularly Inter-
RflR estlng.
WkWKtY I( would leave Coroner Levy the only menv
V ber of tbe old Board renominated. Alderman
1HB William Talt, of the Twelfth District, would
WAWUkwm.' be named In place of Coroner Daniel Hanly,
HK Jr.. and Dr. John II. Demarest In place ot Dr.
PjPjPM' bchultze,
HBg coroner Hanly, who was succeeded by ex-
mmmlmMr- County Clerk Patrick Keenan as Tammany
x Hall leader In tbe Twelfth Assembly District,
BHHKf It Is declared, will be dropped tor the purpose
B' of allowing tbe new leader to name his lieacli-
B: man. Alderman Talt.
S Coroner Schulu, ss bile credttea to the First
mkmamWS' Assembly District, Is a resident of Harlem
iBf and the Twcnty.thlrd, or Harlem District
'RK. Organization will. It is IwUripd, Insist on
He naming Dr. Demarest, President of Comn.lv
aK. doner Ullroy's Sagamoro club, as bUoiic-
WkmMM cessor In the Board.
JlK,, The prognnstlcatora have given up the
HHlK naming of the anil-Tammany ticket as an un-
HK solvable problem.
K- vacant dock berths.
HHKtl Ten Hungry Applicants for Each
HHs Fat Position.
BS When Tammany Hall secured control of the
HBEN Dock Department by the appointment of
Rf Comnilsilnner Phelan in May last a shout of
LVi JX wcnt up from the horde ot unplaced offlco-
BK- hungry braves.
LbbUKL Tlle most de5jrat,c position In the depart-
Hw cent to the minds of these seekers after
W place arc the dnck-masterehtps, acd there
aK lias been a small army "t applicants for them.
Wkmtmmmf There are no vacancies, but It Is not con.
C Eldeicd a difficult matter to make them and
MHB there arc said to be at leant nity braves who
B m-egi'lng about declaring that tnny have
BnR Wn premised appointment a.s dockmaers.
& is many ot the dockmaMcrtt arc relatives
WmWwKS or friends of ltepubilcan nato Senators, to
Hv whom tbe Dock Commls.!nners are aatd to
Br hate been bbclden forleglilatlon.lt H sug-
K' Ceiited that but lew vacancies will be created,
K 'd tbat Ih're will be a v. ailing lot of dtsap-
KiHm polnK-d appMcants In a few weeks when It Is
HilH' found that there Is no room for them In the
ni Iepartu.ent.
HK ar. Oray Not a. Candidate.
BR El-Gov. Gray, of Indiana, repudiates Edltcr
EB W. Scott liar, of tbe Shlbyvl!le Drmocrnt,
HHB In ao far as he claims to be his political agent
K3K' In this city.
Wv In a despatch from Indianapolis he Is cred-
ML, Hed villi saying that Mr Kay Is not author.
nB lxedby htm to make an) alliances.
n He further states that he li not a candldat
BSflp for the fcosd place on the Democratic Prtsl-
Kv- dcctlal ticket for lhU-.
H. Van Cott'i Little Doom.
Blir The llcrrli Heights Republican club of the
Hw Annexed District, hai oddd Us mite to the
Hrar.K' Van Cott Gubernatorial boom by IndorMng
If-tK ths Pratmaster's candldacv. TUls is thr
m tbirty-nrth organlzatum In the city tu declare
lklti ,ur Po&tmastcr Van Cotu
HMT Arpo!ntd by Seattle.
E. it Commissioner Beat tie to-day appointed
iiHS VL Thomas S.Healej.ot the Tivemy-M-cnnd Ai-
LLB&w hembly liUtrlot, a foreman In the Mreu
v '1 Cleaning Department.
B, 1 Lady Caroline Wins To-Day'e Event
Bl t et Sandown Mooting.
R . Ut t.ocHTtt miss 1
HHtt 1 Lommjs, July 11. Thl was the secordda)
HnK of the iandjwn fsceuud bummer -Vietpig
Kr? & "nti sreat race sras for the National Breed' n.
HHtti Produce Stakes, l.ooo sots, added to a swoc) .
Hv ttakes of 10 sos v i-acii : the br,H-der of thj
Hl& vlnner to receive 200 sovs.tbe breeder and
iHB f? owner of the second each loosovs., and the
BK 'E breeder and usvter of the third each 50 boss
K f "Utof the suiU-s; to run at two ears old.
R' 4 Use furlongs.
. fi It was won by Mr. IIpcit Milner'sbaj flllj
k i Lady Caroline, by Macbeaih. nut of 1 i:,..
K .. i he rial Jen. Mr. II Lbaiili'i uxv nils l
B M Hermit, bv Hermit or i.aium, out of siI.l-
B A tlra nai '-ec"ud,and (.en. (jin-n Williams
nil A b3T C011 1'eii-loner. by ltoj.il lkmytou, out t.1
MRtt Legac) , third.
HF Settlers risrhtln? Flames or Propai-
Hm inc to Flee Before Thoin.
M let iinciATo racis.l
Hpjt Kin.T Sir. SlaiitE. 5!U'h., July 1 1 The en-
HK tire wooded parti n of ( hl,peivu County atd
BD! the Canadlau terilttry north of It arc on Die.
Hnffj fcettltrs are u-lng burned out and escrybdy
BtiF Is fish' lag Hie flam".
HyJ Detour. Hills, eves liaber, Wellsburg,
IPw tcammon Cose ad ra'inj other places aie In
HBKaC Imminent danger. At Detour the people hase
HIkHS tuelr household efftrts packed leady to take
V Ul Lake llunMi by boat.
HHw Wa lu're lias tAr-: nu ''"' " '"r m er three months
NT V? uPa lbv ' mm y u '- a eiiclUr londl Uu to
HBfi T" ,iiat during the d.eadml nre of lbTa, vrlien
WJViH hundred ot jvpb iicrUU-d all through th
VK' b nurtb.
WbUL ',,le ,xln ' Obscured, breathlrg Is dirccult,
! ft"'! r d ns- isth airssl'U inuke that fu
WMmv Slafjt'axmwi-. .u ltin.lth dinicultj, ri-
!( ffi EUUlcs la the grounding ot live baia.
B A Draperatn Murderer Smoked Out.
HK K iJnu KbCE, Art- July 11 Nlrnrod Ehev
Hw Md, a mu'.l'itr under sentence ot death,
Br f -Hea- M wedn fdav ai.d took refuge In a
HH'I rav m.Ii s.hUr y,ft Kim. j!e shit athla
nil'' lUTiUe.a. b.na..y uoundinz silllarU Johu-
Hr th bat ssa.tsaily kuiavesl out and taken,
Hn f '' aarcrcij rrauudtd.
Autopsy Dispels tbe Theory of His
Suicide Id Uaspelh Woods.
History of tbe Prao a at Waegner'i
the Evening He was Killed.
Deeper mystery than ever surrounds tho
ca"of Karl Orw, whose lifeless tyxly was
found In the svoods near Maspetb, I. 1.,
Wednesday atteruoon with two stab wounds
In the breast and other marks Indicating that
be was a victim ot foul play.
Un the head, an Inch above tho right eye
brow, and extending towards the ear, another
wound ssas discovered at the autopsy, and It
was found that the nov had been smashed In.
Hoth Injuries may have been Inflicted by
a blunt instrument, or possibly were caused
by a fall.
Tho discovery of Parts green between the
clothing and the flesh only Increased tho
mystery. One theory is that Grms's mur
derera smeared tho poison over his bodr In
order to make It appear that he commlttid
suicide. I)r ,Iudon, howeser, ssho con
ducted the autopsy, states positively that
there were no traces of mineral poison In
Gross's Intestines.
Th police feem to be moving very slowly In
the affair, although there are reason why
they should work hard to solve ihs mystery.
Thtse facta are established: Gross spent
the last day of hU Hie In Charles Maegnsr's
saloon on the comer of Graham avenue
and Debevolss street. Ho went there at
loe'elock Monday morning and hung around
tho place all day. Tosvards nightfall other
men dropped In, and during the evening, be
side Gro'S, there svore In the saloon Iraak
flegerman, Adolph Pelslnger and John Keller,
the latter an leeman.
Waegner had rlaced some chslrs outside
his saloon for the ti'-' of his customers. At l
o'clock be attempted to take tho ehatrs In
side, leeman Keller became angry and aski d
Waegner It he thought he (Keller) would
steal anything from him.
Gross and Keller hid had words during the
evening, and GroM took up tbe Insult to hU
host. According to Mrs. Waegner, Keller got
angry and made a rush for Gross. They
grappled and were separated.
incy renewed the nht InMde the saloon.
Grows calling Kaller a liar Blows were es
changed, and Wagcner again came to Gross's
Keller and two or three ot his friends pud
denly found themselves outside on the sUt
walk. lira. Waegner was alarmed, but her hui
band Induced her to go to bed. He remained
UP to watch the atloon and protect Grots.
Keller and bis companions remained out
side, vowing vengeance un Gross, charging
him with being the cause of the trouble.
Gross lay down on a couch In the rear of
tba saloon. Alio. no o'clock the men were
still outside, and Waegner asroko his wife
and directed her to take charge of the saloon
Taking his res olver, Waegner starudoulof
the saloon, svlth Oros by his sllc.
They svere met with yells bj the crowd.
The right of th resoiser evidently scared
Keller and tho othern, for they showed bo dis
position to make an attack.
Wagner and Oroas svalked several blocks,
but were closely folloned by Keller and his
mends, and so they returned to the ".aluon
At 11.18 Policeman Brenner, of the Sixth
Precinct, was appealed to by Waegner. He
took Gross In tosv and svalked up towards
Bitsbwl k avenue a couple of block's, and then
tho officer left Gross. That svas the last seon
of him by any but his murderers.
At aegner b giloon all knoivledgeof Keller
Is disclaimed. It Is said there that he was
enly a casual customer.
Undertaker ltuoff, who had chirgo of
Oross'H txdy, bellvb that tbe man was mur
dered, and bis bod) placed svherc It was
round after ho was killed. Then his slayers
scattered Paris grten about to lead to tho
supposition that G roes committed Milcldc.
"My opinion," said air. ltuoff, "Is that he
was fliist stunned and then a knife was used
on him."
Throo Dollars a Day for His Week
in tho State Camp.
ftrrciiL to Tiin rvsvio world. 1
fSTiTBCinr, PKKXSKiLuN.T.,July 11 The
members ot tho beventy-Brst Heglment this
mirntng began preparing for their return to
civil life. After turning In State property
they marched to get their checks for their
week's svork.
When the Beld and statf marched up, rapt
Eddie Gould went svlth them andarcept.d
his check for a week's work nt e:i per day
with as much pleasuro as though ho svas not
Jav Gould's wealthj son.
Prlsate Samuel A. T. WlUes. of Company I,
mho was bayonetted while trslng to run the
guard, did not pass a quiet nUbt. Tbe doc
tors tear suppur.stlon mas set la.
The Soveno-tlrst sstll leave campnbsut r,
o'clock this afternoon on the steamboat Tut
ehester. The M-psrate companies lease about
3 o clock on special trains.
The Twelfth Hejlment, svhlrti takes the
rla of the .v.-seutj-nru In lamp, sU leave
Its armor) at blvtl th Rtieet aud Ninth ave-c-e,
this aflermif.ii and gn ab ard the T
cheMer. svhlch sslll carrs the gav militiamen
up the Hudson tu Pcektxlll, returning with
the t-cventy-tlrst's I) )"
(i I. Ilttnau Dowd. In command nt the
Twelfth, takes about hU hundred men lu
'lb' liniment embarked at the West Klfty
nlt.'li btrcci ilia-, basing svon murh applause
on the May Die Iwelitb la gMng lu tor a
record at the lamp, It alteailj L Ing noted
t"r approaching ciobo to a nguiar army
Col. bond's stalf this morning lncludel
Lleut.-Col .. A Sillier, Major It. W. Uonard,
sctlng Adit J u a) best WalnsvrlgLt ; me
ltelu.ental Itupettor of nine Practice, Cnpt
John Macaule) : th-tumtuUar, tpt v.c
Coskr) Butt; the (Juarti nna-ter, t'4pt F. p
Poster?, and burgeous .Selsou Heur) and c. L.
other ofllcirs In command of companies
eie. Capti K. C in Mi, c. J. Seller, C. b
Burns, llleccker Harnard. Prank llooavelt, W
II. Yurpt r, wohlti.tib content, W. II
Ktrby J h. I'.orliiid and John Bo) Ian. The
imccr of tneuas was capt. c. S. Burns, and
the ufneci s ot t be guard Lleuts. Arthur schu
mau and W. Cocburti.
Actress Gray, However, Will Recover
Her Patrimony.
Dorothea Gray, formerly of Dlxey's Com
pany. Inherited vM.Ovt) marks In German)
V'e ur.ey svas ou ihe svay to her rt prevrn
tatlse at os-iabruek, lL.noser, froi.. the exe-1
cutoi other faihei acstuteat I.ahla, saxuny,
when some thief roUb'd the ssoll. BUchoff i (
Co., her American loiiker, hase ncelicd the ,
asBurance of tbe Oerman Oosernmenl that i
t Ui-11' lie dot V.II1 b i epalu lo her.
Dorothea ss at .!iilst!ied Ad Ihetd Feltcltas ,
Katitlle IK.rothiu son Itotbkl'.hsou N hwan
etifili. bit pipassasa 'Ms.ll-knossn p-ll'l-ctau
' am irrr.tly, for Urxander NSolIgang
v in Iloth. In b-lracb. Baron cf M-hssmvriiM.
was lieri'. of th- sai hv'n.Alietib.glv.her
Kaium''rheri ind ilauntuianu b'-lnes.
small fcondertb it l'raulelu so i bchsvarren-
fels nrd her natts elaud f r the Laud of the
Ireei Hue she met ami married James B.
; t .ilklns. at.d ijey me uosi Using lu Biook-
i lyn. Dorothea Gray t. he.-stae name.
Uamott's Tntol Caroas.
lav Attocurxn latKEL
Tcmola, III., July n. George 1). l!nrntt,
' I a promt tent iltU-n hi Nessniii, entertd the
f dressmaking shop of si n. l.mma ooodss lu Inst
. useuiut;. and threw Id- arms around her
I '1 tiu liuultcd huii, u i v.iid a nu'cU"t and
' struck Burnett a utal blow un the head.
I Fitziirntuons Gets ills Diamonds.
i (uv AxocuTcn rarss I
, Ht. Piut, Jlinn., July 11 ThrongU efforts
. ot detectives ltob-rt Fltislmmons, the pugll
, ,lit,ba.s recovered tho diamonds lo&t In tho
robbery at White Bear Lake some days ago.
Blacksmith Lenz Crushes His
Wifo's Skull Like au Eggshell.
Then He l'led and tbe Police Have
a Hurd Task to Catch Him.
Capt. Cllnchy, of th East Twenty-second
street statlou, and his detecttses are hard on
the track of Jacob Ltnr, svho last night beat
, his wife's b'alnsout sstth an Iron hammer at
their home at 319 K.ut Fourteenth street.
Mrs. Lcnzwas taken to llellevue Hospital
mortally ss-ounded, her husband lias lug al
moil pounded her head to a Jelly. Her skull
Is fractured In two places, bhc Is forty-six
years old.
Jacob Lenz, tbo woman's husband, Is a
powerfully-buUt German, a blacksmith by
trade. He has been out of work some tbne,
and spent his time drinking.
A fesv months ago Mrs. Leni hired the
house .Till Hast Fourwentli stris-t, and suli
let the looins. In this way she supported
herself and family and pros ided for her hus
band, ulio would not s,ork. He ssaa In liquor
most of the time.
He came home about 10 o'clock last night,
drunk as usual, and bgan to quarrel with his
wife. Ho demanded money from her and the
would not give him any.
Knrag.d al her refusal he attacked bar with
a hammer weighing five pounds, striking her
over the head ss libit.
Tho first blow knocked the poor woman
down, and then the brute struck her ropeat
edly on tho head and onco In the face, fractur
ing her Jaw.
He hit her six times on tho bead, cracking
tho skull In tsvo places and lacerating the
6calp In a horrible manner.
The svoioan became unconeclous, and Leni
fled from the house, leasing her dying on the
Neighbors beard Mrs. Leni groaning and
entered the house. Thoy found lira. Leni In
a pool of blood and so horribly mangled thai
her features were almost unrecognisable.
The apartment was bespattered with
blood, and the Boor was swimming with It.
The neighbors calUdln tho police, who hau
tho woman removed In an ambulance to llelle
vue Hospital.
An examination by tho surgeons showed
that th blosvs from the haminw bad erashsd
t hrough her skull, shattering t he bone In two
plai-es and Using bare tho outer covering of
the bnln.
Mrs Lent remained unconscious all ntgbu
and till, morning nu gala lo be kinking, ihe
ilixtoriMiU It was lmposslblu ho could re
coser. The hammer, covered with blond, was
found In the room svhere the fraea occurred
The police hase iueu pussuk.lou if It.
Immedla'cly after tlw "tufta was taken to
the hospital the d'tectlsei began to search
for Lenz. A thorough war h was made of all
the houses and baeksards in ihe neighbor
hood, but no trnce of Lenz could he found.
The poltce hope to gel him before the day Is
out. A general alarm has been sent out fur
him from Police Headquarters.
Inr's crime Is very Mmllar lo that com
mitted by James Mocutn, who svas electro
cuted In King Mng this week.
Slocum quarreled with his wife, kicked and
beat her. and then battered her about the
head svlth the h-ad of an axe and a thick
article of potter). Ho fled and ovaded cap
lure for three da) s.
Samoa's Enslaved Warriors Soon to
See tbe Snores or Tataila.
Ihe four Bamoan ss arrlors, surslvors of the
band of nine gouth hea Islanders who came to
this country a year ago to exhibit themselves
In dime museums nnd enjoy the pleasures of
foreign travel, are lu ecstasies ovur the pros
pect of speedily returning to their native
Through tho eCorta of Tint Would ar
rangements hase been completed for the de
parture of the Samoans from this city next
Free tranportailon has been promised to
them by the railroad companies as lar as
'an Francisco, and the) will sail on the sad
In ono of Carl Sprcckcls's steamships for
A World representative svlll accompany
the little band as far .is fan Francisco to
make sure that no unw-rupulous and asa
rlclous showman kidnaps them on the route.
When the ss arrlors learned of their good
fortune List nl-bt thoy fairly Jumed with
Joy and executed ou Impromptu svar dance to
let off some oi tin lr surplus spirits.
At least three of theui did, for the fourth,
Cblel aiarme,!, I, not Using with hi-, fellois.
survlsors, bjt Li slik ssttb consumption lu
IP lies uo Hospital. The good now s has had a
ss onderfull) bracing effect upon him as will
as the rest of his band
When the reaction came he sat up In hi.
ilttle cot In t heeousump' li e i ard at llelics ue,
ai.d basi Ing his fats' In tils binds, pt teari,
I gladness, and his masslse bii.v.1 lioneil
svlth sobs ot emotion s.hich shook his puwer
ul tramn.
I be otben are Tastta. Nina and F..I. The)
are all nottsl Hatmuti brascs who luvrenon
nuown amo-ig tLi-li fellows by man) iks?dsut
valor and might.
'1 he W out n bus toij the story of tho wrongs
and suiroi lugs, .f tbe.e untortunale men, ami
h- Bil-ert-iand harrt-hl. is which iuse fallen
lo their loi ulnee th-vlefl tlwlr Island home
In the mu b m Pa. inc.
Ihe) sure lured truin homo by scductlsu
proiulx-s, and base iraselled through Europe
aiidlnthu C'Utitr) under the uiaiug. u.etit
ot cruel and hea tl ss dime museum agents,
whohnie grosvnrl'bat their expense. The
Use mi-uilxnuf tlu bitidwhbavi perlihed
were ilteralls coinpellid lo dancw to death b)
their lurd-hi aited taskmasters.
Mass-Moetlnir In Eattory Park to
Turn Out tbe Structure.
Citizens who arc opposed to the wholesale
grabbing of Butter) Park by Ja) Gould aad
bis Elevated lutlroad soelates held a ma-. -meeting
last eseblug tu the plaza overlooked
b) the Barge Olhe.
A plattortn had been erccud, and tho c n-e'-rt
by the ilxt). ninth Heglment Band,
svhlch pre-coded tha meeting, served to brln
together a large concourse of publle-jplrlte
'I hi i lulrman svas Lawrence J. Callanan
and City ehamUrlaln Thomas C. T. Crab
the principal speaker. Otto Ktmpner, Ldward
c. Byrnes. Geu. James o Itelrue and Aldut
man t'lytin also made addresses.
llcsolutl insdni ui:clng the liattery-grab-bTSat.d
authoiUlug the apiuljtuieni of a
Committee oi One Hundred to ask the Park
i ommtssijners to res-oke ilio present iH-rmli
b virtue tif which the Elevated road ..k! t,
the Park were read b) becretar) Uarre't a id
I adopted with a shout. Not oue dissenting
Vje-e siashuird
. on tbe speakers' sta-id were Erastu
I Wlina-i, sldeimeii DufTs. Kunzeu, Vann and
M rrto, Mrs. V. 1. H'v, mus Frances SI i.
Us, Sllss r. siurrls and Leiijainlu p. Ilulchlu-
suu, ot c hlcago.
Tho South Dakota Alliance.
i Ihv 4nciTro r
HcnoK, S. Dak., July 11. The Alliance In
I dependent conference referred the question
of reorganizing the Independent party ot the
state to conform with the Cincinnati plat.
rorinto the Independent central committee.
This practically means that the Cincinnati
Elatforui vill be adopted by the Independents
t ere.
Florenco Birch's Homo Has Au
othor Big Sensation.
Remarkable Stories Told About Turn
Klcharrinon, P.x-Cosrboy and
Alleged IJamllt.
firrrni, to tmf rvrKts-o woat n 1
1st lr. I. I . Jt'lv 11 Not slaco the arrest
of Il'irmc litre lu the prett) milliner, charged
with seitlng lire to ber own store, has this
part of bmg Island been so stirred up as It Is
to-day over the search for Tom lllchardson,
ex-rosvtioy, suspected robler and supixsed
occupant cf underground dwelling places cun
ningly constructed In tbe sandy scrub-oak
land betsveen here and Brentwood
None of the elements of the dime novel are
lacking In this sensation tho b'ld bsndl',
mrsterlouslv dlappearlng In the ground,
robber cave's filled with booty, luxuriously
furnished eh unlirs nwaltlng a beautiful cap
tls, the e-ret posl-ofllee In un old tree, nil
are here to recall the wildest stories of lite In
tbe wild West.
Tom Itlrhardson Is about thirty years old
His brother James is twenty. They were
born on Willi sm Oalne-fs handsome place
when their father was gardener there. The
family moved away some years ago.
James returnl and secured employment In
a store. Tom, Is was said, went to Texas,
srhere ho became a cowboy and Slexlcan
Anj how, wh' n ho came baek to lllp vmv
thlhg more than a year ago, loin wore his
hair long, dressed In a plcttirenyte garb,
which Included a huge sombreso, was a reck
less rld'-r, a dead shot nnd a hero In the eyes
of the county lads and lasses.
He wotvd and svon the pretty daughter of
Police Justice Waller, of Uavshore, svas made
constable and might hae lls-ed a peacelul
life. Bu he got Into di br. abused his wife
and was finally, about eight months ago,
kicked out by his father-In- aw.
Ths Tom disappeared, and almost simul
taneously a crls of d"prei1.ittons on the
farms and eountry houses U gau. Hen roosts
were n bbeit, ealtlu killed, food, clothing and
sllu r siol' n.
Among tho slitlmsweroev-Supcrils-ir Vail
whoso i.'iOO aldemey cow was butchred
ulUlam Van Attd-n, of Brooklyn; the Peck
and Austral plaienlullrentweiod, and Lasvser
Frank It. Lawrence. Itesvards aggregating
$l,7.".l wero offered without result,
week ag ' Thursjas Lot Be-tamln and
Ab x ris-inibs ivhpe bin klebcrr)Itig Is tn-en
Isii;i uml Urt-nnvciid ulMMMri d a tin nl ue In
the own svlih potatof a and peas em king
No one was In tl. 'lit. and in imlng sus
pb 'mis they notified s une Isllp tolks A lore
nuu on li. li. e o ion i s tuine started out to
make an Inn u,m 1 ui, ssiib h rrsjlud In the
dlsi ovtry near the lln plac of o eive, the en
trance to svbl -li isas Inge'il Hsli eonei'iild
He svas found much of tuo baoty stolen dur
ing the Wlnle-r.
The inse svas comfortably furnished, but
the occupant svas missing Papers Ivlng
mound, however, led to the liellef that lorn
Itlcluit dson ss as t he rot ber-di "Her.
W Idle standing around t h em ranee Joseph
Marlon sa)a ho saw ltlcuardsou approaih,
with a havy fasee beard ibcn Ithhardsou
dlseeiverud that he was remgnlod he In
stantlv dlsappe.u-esl, as tluiugb Into the
ground, and search for lilm svas lrultless.
Last Monday anotbor case ssas elleovered,
although more luxuriously furnished, and tu
one of the chambers a stake was driven li the
floor, to which a chain was attai bed. It svas
suppovd that Itlchardson had prepared to
steal his wife from her father's hnmeund con
ceal her here.
since tho search for Tom has continued
night and day, Wednesdav James ltlehardsoti
wusarrosUd lle-snld lorn tola him he was
enmplng In tbo woods, but would uoier tell
ss here.
James said they met at a point near Sox
ton's Mwamp, not far from the first case, and
that the) used a crotch lu a certain old tree
as a post-ofhVc
Jains was released, but Is under siirvel'
lanet while the hunt for his brot her Tom goes
on. 'Ihe whole country round Is elicited b)
the stories told, and If Tom Is not captured ho
will be regarded as a second Jesse James.
Fearing a Whipping, Little Joe
Schubert Took Poison.
Uleen.ycar-old Joseph Schubert, of 300
South Third street, llrookl)n. who sisallowe-d
a elosc of Paris green In front of his home last
night, was In allying condition this morning.
It Is not I'xpected that ho will recos-er.
He took enough cf tbe poison to 1,111 a hall
dozen persons, because he ssas afraid his
father would whip hlu tor lying to his
be-hubert sent his fon to otto Thigode's
bu'eher shop, at south Fourth and K"ap
streets for some' meat and gaso hlmmoue) to
pay for T he boy told Butcher Thogode the
meat as for Gcorgo Hjder, svho Us is In
bchubcrl's house, and tbat It should be
lie took the meat home and told Mi mother
the meat ens, ss cents. Mrs Sihtib-Tf put
the meat on the flro to cook for "upper, ltyder
camu home, but left ths houe In a Ms inlu
utes to go to Ibogesle's for some yteak.
How about the meat I lut sont homo by
Schuts"rt's boy?" asked th" butcher
" I don't Lnosv an)thlug about it." replied
ltyder, but I'll gi anil ask my wltn."
Mrs. lt)der svas surprised, nnd declared that
she had sent no one for meat. Hsder vlttcd
the tchulierl's and nkcd to mo the boy.
Little Joe cam. out, and wU'ii he vise ltyder
he broke do u ami confesses) hai he bid Un
poiedonlhebuiiher lu ord"i lo get money to
Mrs. schulien whipped her son and told Llm
Ue could prepare foi an uber ehailsemeut
ss hea his fat he r cum home.
While Mm. s,cbubert was in the front room
the bu) look his hat and e!t th-) house. He
is cut to a paint shop un lln ula), seherche
bought lOcetits ssurthof purls gicu.
He then le turned home and asked whether
his lather had arrived. Being tcld that hl.
either had cume home and was watting to see
blui, the bo) sv.'ttt out ag-ilu and bunosved u
cup ln,m a Lelghbor.
lie went airois the stieet to a drinking
fountain, when- he mixed the p Uui ami
drank It all. Ills pain ssas so Intense tbat he
cried out in agun).
A polleimai. tr un tho Bedford avenue sti
tlon took him t" a line; stnro, where anetnetle
n as given, and h svas then taicu to St. Cath-e-tnes
I wanted to kill myself," be said during
the night Pupa svas gang t w hi me ami
I bad a light w ith my bruhi", and I knew l
would gel ih wi rs' of ii, so I ran out ot the
house and tiled to kill myself."
An Evaded Law to bo Itlij'.dly En.
forced Hereafter.
Shipping men In this city are much exercised
over a leltir recclsed by Collector Kihardl
from tho Treasury Department directing tbe
enforcement ot the law that forelgn-bullt
vessels owned br American citizens are sub
ject to a duty of 50 cents per registered ton
every time they enter u part cf the L cited
Tho letter svas the outcome of the bil-.rrteg
to this port of Fred it. V e ider'.lil s i. .em
ya.nt Cctii'.u. ror, which lu U.ihiscd In
Lurone. 1he)aeht legls.eiesl 3S0 ions, ..nd
ilr. Vandirbtii sris akid to pay liiri
' light money, ' as -lie diitv eoileei.d nnd -i
'hlalaw Uialied. txiug u-.d lu uiuici iu thi
The enforcement of the law, svhrh, to an
extent, has been a dad letter, win mako It
i s ery costly for owners ot rorelgn-bullt ) scats
and trading ships.
Doyle Committed as a Witness
of tho Umbrella Murder.
I)ut for a Hospital Surgeon, Hobbs'a
Slayer Might Have lleen Cisught.
Detective McCarthy went before Justteo
Murray, lu the Vorkvllle Police Court, thLs
morning and asl.ed to have a prisoner svho
acsomoanled blui coiunilileil to tbe House ot
McCarthy's prisoner was James Doyle, a
painter, who was the companion of Walter
SMlllain llobbs and an unknown trran who
g' ugesj out llobbs's eye svlth the frrule of an
umbrella, from tho effects of which he died at
lb llesue Hosrllal yesterday. Do)lewasoom
mlttisl Doyle, Hoblis and th stranger hsd ben
dilnklng la the barroom of the ' .Mails-ton
House," cirncr Thirty-second stre-et anel
Park avenue. Alte'r leasing the nloon the
trlObC,iarate,l, llobbs and the unknosvn gsjl.'g
towards lIiigion as-enii".
Hoylo watched th"tn as they crossed the
streit. Ihe) were haslngn heated argument
oierthoreiatlse merpsot th I.agllsh J xXey
Archer and the Ametlcan Jockey Hamilton.
When they reached Ihe sldesvalk they
clinched. The stranger suddenly leapeel
biek and raising an umbrella he carried,
struck a blosr with the pointed end at Hobo's
llobbs, with aery ot jaln, fell to ths sldo
ssalk, and the strauger ran asvay.
Dish and several o-hT men who watched
theencouuier fr uiaelisutnu trtej to aaslsl
ll"bbs to tlsc. He c ulu not walk, and an
ambulance from Belles ue llosilial svas sum
moned. Dr. Wllmarth, the same Intelligent youth
"ho declined that a mau from Washington.
I). C, wasan alfn nnd ih 're-fore mt entitled
to admission In p.eip'vtie, pronounced llobbs's
nound ainMo scran h saslng: "lie-11 be all
light niter he Kleops off his drun."
As tbe feriule of th- umbrella penetrated
the brain four Inches, Htibbs could not has-e
Uen sased, but n eiureet dlagtiuMs would
probabl) base enabled the police to arrest tho
assailant at once.
N i one, not esen Dvlo, his given a good
description of the fell. is. He la an English
man, tall, smooih-rac, d, and probably u
waiter by occupation.
'I ho Mansion llouo Is headquarters for
ssutiirs and otlurs emplojed by the best
families and lu th cluo-houses In the neigh
borhood. 'J ho stranger ss its seen lu ihe
saloon scseral times, but no one knew bis
nuine, and noone pant inmi;!i attention to
hlin to describe him aeeurately.
Dosle, howesci, lould llentlfy him If he
c nilil si e him. and theremiv was bsjke.l up,
'l he man s whereabouts havele-cume a mat
ter nt exhaus lve Inquiry wbh the police,
iinyle leeoinpatilrsdeteeils, sin Ih'lr scuixh.
Iloblrs was until rcieutly emplo)ed by
Adi lph Lad -nburg at Hempstead. He was an
1 tiglll.iiin, and his otii) known relative Is
his m her, who Use. somewhere In Iltrk--hlre,
Knglard. He Hied In thLs cl.yatthe
house of airs. Mchumara, yos Last TblrtJ
ibird street.
She Was Jealous of Mr. Schneider
and the Widow Miller.
Philip Schneider, Superintendent for School
Commissioner Straub, of Biookl)ti, ssho U a
building contractor, Ib this morning nursing
several deep cuts on his face and body. In
flicted svlth a lawhldu In tho hands of aa
angr) woman.
The woman who piled the whip with such
telling effect Is Mrs. Anna LurS, of ISM
Troiumnn street, Brooklyn. ,
Time, 3 o'clock vesterday morning; place,
trout stoop ot bchnelder's house, lodl Wll
loughby avenue ; cause, Jealousy.
Mrs. Lurk makes no secret of the fact that
she Is In lose with Rcbueider. Schneider h
equally frank In his avowals that his whole
aim and bject for a month has been, "to
avoid that woman."
He succeeded, until fato tempted him In the
person of the buxom Widow Miller, with
wham ho ssent on a pi -nlo to Uldgeuood.
Mrs. Lurk heard of It and lay In ambu3h for
Sehuelder tinder his stoop. Her daughter
Catharine svas with her.
As Schneider approached tho house Mrs.
Lurk i-prang from her pluceof concealment,
and beforethe astonished man could recoser
mm his surprise ho was sotimllv t labored
with a whip Mrs Lurk Is a big w .man, has
a Kiw erf ul arm and em this occasion she e
crcisod its full lorce.
schtif Idei," said she. " rrlesl like a baby."
To ev,e-,iie further punishment he ran to the
Fotirtee-ntli ul-Prcclne t Polhe station and
..ame back wl.ha policeman, whereupon Ihe
woman retreated and bu entered his house In
Si bnelder formerly Hied In Mrs. Lurk's
hou.se. Her husband Is an Insalld.
-He cannot llso lomr, nnd 1 th night 1
woulel look out for the future ; so Sehuelder
and I ngressl to marry ns soon ii he svas
dead," Mild Mrs. i.urk lo a repeirter. In ih
sau.e tone that Mill probably would rel it
tbat a svort bless dv had died and thai she
ssas going to gel another.
Schni lJer sslil that he had agree-d to marrs
Mrs. Iuik nftii. her husbands d -tnlse, but
hat be nail changed his lutnd Klcev he met
tni'WIdosv Miller, whom he would c-stubitsh
as his housekeeper lu his new hune.
"If he does,'1 remarked Mrs. Lurk, "I'll
repeat the di M-," and she Illustrated bet
wends with a swing of her strong arm 10
show Just how hat d -ho would hit him.
Discovered In the Mountains of
Josephine County, Oregon.
nv associated mm. I
San FiiAMisco, Cal., July 11. The nni
tirr this m"rnlug announces the discovery ot
an enormous cavern In the mountains of
Josephine louut), Ore., about twelve miles
uortbof the California line and about fort)
miles from the coast.
Many of tbe passages are described as of
great beauts-, containing In them seml-'rans-parent
stalnitpes, giant nilU-nht'e pillars,
pools and streams ot pure, cleir water.
creek lions from tho main opening to thi
I'he .Vitiuiiier party spent asseek lu er
pl rl ig the case and found Innumerable
riassages and i lumbers, and hmmI uil.t s
r ili the entra'ieo ihey dl.cjsen-d a small
lake "f clear svmer ami a ssatenall thirty ice t
in In tght.
Large numbers of flash-light photographs
were taken.
The only sign of any animal life svas found a
short dlsiau, e imu tho nuance, win re a
fesv hones trdleattsl that beats had used It
for a lair nnd e-arrled thi-lr prey then.
It wasevlinated that the main iKHlvof the
case was l.iuo feci irom the surtarouf ihe
mountain, and the casern Itself appeared u
be lull) as laig? as Mammoth Care lu
Fair nnd Warmer.
Hit associated rnn.i. 1
Vauuisoton, July
r-v 'fO 11. rm.'ut (iieti-
if J X4 rcri-ciier(i!ii
ZfiipgS Tliefollewpigre'ctrel
L-siiftsJ? khossUieihaiigesl i
"c-J 'I" temperature for
I the idsi iuent)-toui
hours, In eorio i- 'in wi.i uie csurosiKiuilluij
date uf la ),ar u.lnui-a.ed by Iho 'hci.
mumcter al i crry s rh tiiic)
I J) Jfll 1S0J 1RJ1
i a. m. .. n f s a . c to
'tax Ci Ci Ifi.a W It
I Amu. iiuprtlur ior evnmvndlu cUU IMI
Uf. 6st.
Kerosene, Fat and Oiled Eags
Deliberately Set Ablaze.
Two Attempts In n Illxe Tenement on
Fourth Avenue.
Firebugs were at v-ork again In Brooklyn
this morning, nnd not since the
s ties of fires caused by Firebug Mil
ler who was recently sent to
the Klmlra lleformatory. has there been so
much excitement among occupants of tene
ments. This morning's attempt was directed to
wards destroying the large tour-story tene
ment at U3'.' Fourt li avenue, but tho flames
were discovered In lime aud the damage svas
Francis Decker andjils wifc,llvlngwlth Mrs.
Augusta Frlak, svho occupies tho fourth flat,
we.e awakened al -1.30 o doc-i by smelling
Hot ig about tho flat lo ellscos er t he cause
the) tiuiiiJ smoke ei u.lng In undei th' doors,
t'pin ir Ing Into ihe hallwa) smoko was
puffed into their fares.
Mr- frlnk was asv ikned and the party
wen' duv istali-slo and the cause ot the lire.
On the second door thv found a lot of rags
saturated with ctl, blazing up against the
Kerosene had been sprinkled OTer the floor
and was blazing up to the celling. They put
out Ihe blae and continued dosvnstalrs.
On tbe tlrst floor they met another blaxo. A
lard tlriln, tilled wlih rags, s raps of fat and
oil had been lighted aud had already burned a
hole through the floor. This Are svas also put
out a id the no, ice were notlVd.
Hro Marshal Lewis, ssh i slatted th house
lati r, sail It svas a-i attem,it to s Hie house
ntlre. 'ihe hul'dlng Is osvned by Frede-lck
Brown, of lmi llooiier street.
Detccilie Ueynolds la Investigating tho
Tbe Actress Wants $50,000 DanagK
From tbe Mani,aUn B;ac!i Hotel.
Miss JIabcl Sterling, tho actress, who was
turned out of the Manhattan Beach Hotel
June -4. has made gocd her threat to take
measures to secure lcpaia I m for the ssrong
dme to her. She hxi begun asult for tflO.OOi)
damages against Hotel Clerk Simeon Lcland.
She bases her action upon ihe ground of
defamation of characier, and says that svhat
ever she ncosers In ihe courts she will devote
to charitable objects, for she only desires vin
dication from the lnaults to w hlch, she says,
she was subjee ted.
Jllss Sterling Is a blor.de, tall nnd shapely,
with hands line features and big blue eyes.
She went to ManbaiLiu Beach Juue 15, uu
the advice of her ph.s sle Ian,
For more than a week she remained quietly
at the hotel, spending m mi of the time In her
room with hr maid, end) one gentleman
called to seo hei duitoglhat Interval and she
Onehatunlay she camo to Sew York on
busluc-ss aLd ss-as taken 111 In the city. Her
brother, (Jeorgo F. Flae-k, accompanied her
back to Manhattan Bc-ach and went to her
room with her.
While he was there a bell boy knocked at
the door and presented her bill. Whou she
went down to the office to asiertnlntho rea
son Tor this Strang" proceeding, she bays
clerk Ls-land Insulted her and ordered her
outot ilia hotel.
hhe relume d to her room bo mortified and
humiliated that she bis We dosvn completely.
1 he hotel porter came lo her room a few inlo-
utes afterwards and said ho was sent to take
avrav hr baggage
Min left the hotel with her brother. Atter
svnrds an apology was tendered by clerk
leilind, but Miss Merllng has determined to
seek vindication In the courts.
Sandover in AU the Courts.
Jooe-ph Sandorcr. a )eiung clerk living at
30T Montgomery street, Jersey City, svas held
In the First District O.urt In that city this
uiurdng for assault and baue-ry. He has jet
i to appear la the Third District Court uu a
similar ibarge, and In tho second District
cuurt to answer a charge ot larceny.
sTien Eaby was elclr, r-e rcto her Castorfi
A'hen she was a Child, she cried for Castorls.
Vhea the bacame Miss, she clung to CaMorU.
Vbavn the had Children, she gave tluxa Caxtorla
Josepii P. KcHngh & Co.'s
Wall Papers, x c c
"Their colors nro trnc, tho.r
linos are heantiftil. tlieir
prices are tunjerate. tliotr
srarietv la large."
Ol'H Crli-brielril Hrmeelli-s r
hstnd 2c itimp for tiJuM
t inturuitton to
The FrevsntiiB Remsdi Co.,
P. O. Ili.x ZMZC, N .l its
fCbtkMlr, Kmsllsk nUm.Ef Brnnt.
f. VJ IfCl tftrCJiKrslr(.- ! fist J5
tfsVyJtsiu "''' r, Ht6 Poi ' lUi rsi-(i VtW
-v Ccs' kt i . i j nni-sta V
M cs TjTukr niclhrr. ; fun JRsj s V
I Af Hftrst'i-li trui milium At llf'ltl,
( W or If Ol'iJI 'ta Ifo.'-l UUT-
rjs jP) it fcJi l4 'Itt-J J fcl i ties" I i'r
Jl IT U r-tnrn Luli. 1 0.UOU iMtlnviUo.
h 'if
ChlrbsrviUr Chelate! C, iladicn npr.
-a -
,(YTI1 st IlYANwi i 'atn nm i MUN'IIiY,
ImIt 1J, At l' o'clusti., ti Urtl lttj UxvhktiL'u,
','J.KZ lJhrt it ,
jndr dir- lion of Joint H Armld lUfrrdsi.
No 72f lfTRMM AYU ,
ShWl . tu &r
Mi;?nHrer.t 5-to.j 1 ath 1 lit, tvltu iti r . al1
'mnrifTvniP'iii. mtn. km trurigp nrichl'r jjd
UU Wfr't i 1 '. s.JT t.-ut t-Rl. IiUl l m,
Cu;riti 1'irV,' L" rwui m 1 ht.rui.arh
VUJLTT& roWi.Rs, AiioMiMt risillllsmit
AUintsv IwMJsii.Ul iiruaJwiy
f --To ike Stay-at-Hie M
We knot tv ell er i mi u-li.'- it H-i h
Ulo. tsit o iti j Jul nil fi'rr'tUt a 1 i-smii
, wtjeu youhet li Uvri 1er 4H eft. i )iu Jltu
1 L.u. ! ', n r nirit I'trk i i....it 4 "u
I feel n&ilti ot ,Si-t ork Clljf, av it- pri
Ulra "tax t nt for r 11 t't' i hie1 n lei)
(uarants mi lnt 'OPn n .u of Uii)t
tan " I. " uli an I Ninth ar 1 and rturn
lUi'rxasl tu u 'Atloi fare llintit. Iittl.-r,
Id triiu a t -treats tfra'l! ihJ lr4-s ow
buttui c t' "t u jipiu 11 w T ci a
bOJinur itte vurner-stortM uf win 41 iva (aiil j
IT JJU Ut taw tr4 acltl tnce tien iaae ara
tJiecboUcn ut all btMclal 9 1 cad aud Y iva-
day. July rjaad 14, tiniot) A M . ai uur otc.
btl CARLO gPlllATlOf.l, T.nor.
Fit f.ltlnl HAHTOKI. Uirlton..
Al Kaeb Otioort.
"Paris, from Empire to Commune,"
Pk & SeC.tSRsli! h. KM Td lUhtful
i KPSjQsSiSrSrraMAtM rffl RlB ftcaia
jtsralnccnt btiao anil mammoth acr ir'um e,tn
Din. oiea Iilam clam Iseke. Dlni.er. la can
-KltnDaihUna ' Trie dairy." lloallag, Lath.
Inf. tuami. bowling aoJ bll.'ariit.
ritTl'.S It.fes Cur"tendltl U JlMttt5A.W.s
am li . 1 an, 2 . s to aivi s s.j ! u j.w.ipj
1arf Pr.vkj-n 9 0s. lOen II 0) A M, 13 IS Hi.
j.ei.115 1- u siisirrft,h. ner,s;aiom II SO
a u t 12 ss, j ij, S.1S. 4 1 , 6 iu r si boais
LFas-B i. LLN Isl.AMHOlf a si for ffij Btrel anj
r'trlJ,K R. ll.JA II. ml 1115 1' M lorTurlJ
CDlji3 3a,eou.((Ut7liOanl&uoe X rerilllandiLga,
Sea Beach Route,
Culver Route,
Bay Ridge Ferry,
From Font of Wliitrlinll st., Terminus of
ki.i:vti:ii hosiis
mtu tt vy lim:,
Ui:i.T LINK.
fCssti wnncttnsr st F..T F.H. ;rlth trslnn for
Con- l.anl l CI'l.VEK and SUA IIKAe II
ROLTESleaTeWnlt.'i! I ft h r! ; ll In
10 1U A M , tUau ua'f hour v fr .'J) 10 40 A t to
9 40,111 20 V M Suo'ly, 0 10 A. M and lia'f
ho ir'7 fn in III 10 S. M t- IJ Siland "-rv tvtmtr
mlnn'eK lo I 10, D se 10 HI 1" I Itetnrnlne,
lait tral- a leT f'onr f.land at 10 2S 1 M hr
eamnn lirL.t. 40iont
in STEiaoFiiE
Coney Islam! an" Long Braneh.
YtV day Ttmr Tnhr for Cnner lalend
ritou vi:T 23i) -t.. . lt.-. io, n
A. M . U M , 1. 1 40. I Al, A li. i 10, 5. 6, 7 8
aid DI1 M
FHOtl l'lf It (M:) n, 1 N. ll.-ITIsttfrj
l'Uo Rtation ElavatoO rauietd.) -d JO, 111 .0,
11 10 A If , IJ SO, 1 30, 2 1'. 1 3 11. t Jll,
a 30, fi .10, 7. "ID. 1 JO And 0 no P. SI. I'.KTI'UN
ISO, I.I'IVK ('OMil'lNMNII Pir.lts-Al
III 411, II 40 A M 12 40, I 40, 2 40, i ii 4.10.
5. B 41. (! 40, 7 40, 40, t.40 and 10 .11 P. M.
Tiiir-Ttni.iir'iiit wivn mi cn.
Fllll II i:T 22l NT., . It. -0 10 A.M
and'l.SOP ni. FKtlJll I'll It (Ninl SO. I
N. It -1J A M a.'S 4 P ML HtTUHNINn.
l.tAVI' OITAN I'lTH-ll IS P M. an-lf 15
P XI PARK T) LllSl. nitAVCII AM) Hrl
TII'X "6 f PVT-S MM.' i: I HF.. 60 e KST.
Cl?Lstra li u. to Ii ar Hranc'i un Sundjr.
Manhattan Beach.
Trnlnn I. ruse Pool uf 11. Still M X, Y.
dliljn "(l(.i,-pl Slildayl S.'iO. 10 "0, 11 20 A.
SI 12 20. I .10, 2 , 0. .1 JO 4 Si S 30, C.0, 1 00,
7 30. 8 00 K in 0 O'l J 20 " .So P Jt
AliniriOSALTRSl.N-. will!, r.n en Hstnriara
imlMniiiii 1 &0(hjndar onljl, 3 0i, 4.00, 5 UO.
O.onp M
SSIl'TI IUII.KI' .lfr Inn-nrallili-Tit.ilraaila
and etrair- ar lrvi. , ri (ni-n 7 I I tu 1 . lo.aid
half ho r from I lo t , ' ! i P SI Su-ida.K,
hourly from I 10 A M t.tlloP Ad litlji.al
hoat laB st W 4n P M S.t r'i,riionlv
iai..iioitr.'N imu .ii-sitAiii.i: hand.
AND .RNf FIRI SORK! otry rroniuis .a.
apt Sunda) and Uosda;
and College Point.
T O - II O If IJ O YT, s IT i) ; y.
1rt mi net ' .-'WMt ii mil 1 -lijaint uttY.m.irw
roui ! t . 4t .' 'I il- l I ItK ariiu m Jjth
it , '.J a' r M ft if ) t. t'Ol.T UJ I'Ui.N?. 7. i
M t i" hiHirlv ti ' P M tuiu Ki (Jranl
ner. NnilT'I Ii A' t rv-y tall hour 'rr.ru P
M ti . V M are 10 Cent- kt U&1
(ttt-o S'nrtT P.t n 1 i lit I1 l
TuN'OUIIIl.LAt .aU..ojrftl - it hfricir,TU
Ut.i iiii J4at 'irrun H il . .ui'dCuiti.
TItil.Sh l.fcSVh I.ON I,LI I'lTY
Tor ItocWa-a. Pari a i t W'.r etations 6 .11, 7 IS
;i IS. 10 2i. II 1 A 'I . I.- 1 . a IS 1 li. 1 13.
4 15, t. 16 C 15. 7 IS, K J",, i 16 10 20 P M
Scnlara T IS S'.l ,. 10 Ij. 11 OS 11 oO A M .
I 2S, 36, II',, 4 13, C 15, 7 UO. 7 00, a 25.
D 30. 10 ('!' M
AdJitloual siainii will b. ran whan trarM requires
STI(.i:i,l.AII IM'I) A .1 T.IIUKTT
WV.l 2Jd al., 'J, 10 -0, U -0, 12.46, 2.1o, J, 6.
r, ' 30
SltotlOtbit and D'j at 15 andSOmtnutn later.
Fare oSlg round trlji
in. luasnlacont, n... t'irf-d,-cL iron ateamer,
Clttln J AM Kb LYNCH,
will raaka TvgjL&r l i I'lai inorulns rxournonato
landln? at Yonlet-r. lona U'and and SVt Point
f-a.lufr Ui4.di.t .lurk. Ilrool)n, at K 2 SSu.t
10lh N. It at 'J I M l.naiii.J SS'..t 22 I .1 .
5 H.,alil 15. SI. ihsllaoTill.. UJlh .1 . N K ,
Ml s il DutrUL 47th UrLM-nent ll.nd in
choice muale lare antlto xraad .sour. Ion, 60c
OUANO Kl)U..l R OUalON, 2 :. M;NIAY,
.IULY 12. iMOID Sli A USe.NII li EV,
V'EW Ol ni"- SSiiltLlJ-nEN'ilW.NM) I'AI
.8CUFK SS'U li. KK.-1I1L PAIIK A 10-lllLL
bill. UP lill lli-relKle. IIUDMIN
teani.r lfa. e anal at . Icnilin at 221 tt . and
31lhkl..N il . 1 ant !. minute latr, 10,11
A M., 12 V . I. -2. 2 1'., I 1 i. 0, ., S 30, 0 ,0
and 11 P M ttrturnine lea.. Port lw, H, S .10.
II A Jl . M2 SI , I, 2 .1, S -C IS, -i 30 and lo
M Mndltati all tho Intennn liat laiidiujrs ar.
raado PI' i-ASI V sl.l EV ullllS b to l.t
spiiljtol SS' bPOinFL'K.dVlltnirtn. t DAILY.
1 A.sALhT , I l A M , 3. S.J 15AN11 J 20 P Jt
Eitii R!i.svY-spEriAL rxruns'ova
Miohola .len, tSjndar., oolv 11. ltv. idSt
0.2& A. it. .1 'la-norra at., 'J J S. M. Ill irnln
itar.Sholio a it P M. Tso atop. mmidI Pat.r.on
ejllLUMSODl) LSKt;. SSlnndara aud Sun
da)., 70- ll, lueadara. leas. 234 bt , -i 23 A f
Cliamlwr. It , J 30 A. .1. tsjndaa, l.ar. 2Ji at.,
V.63 A M i nauicra at., lu A, M. UJlu
Iratn. r.l.ruir.
fowMtectiric ti
Sa,47, ili C" .enK, c brnto and Cftv
f Ai-fif22 ' .dla.ar. ltho.tt m.IIrtn
SmuvU, !M.fc.ru .al.dUlu.lialKKal
eYVfilljaSI alundiiw-i sHMtncnta an
'VviJi3 l'"V?t h. U.rman. OwM'.t
"l 'VW.Kfc.'Cv. an I crvexlan, cr Tlrt
hf3&$f$& Tfl WK FIECTIUC
'H?fer Ear .WUUCE IX
Hs'.Wi 9-t flroe.w.T, Jl .
' n.ct,rhloairn 14
A cotij rf l)r A Ow.n'a Cl.v-tr'o STor.d neallwl fre
EBTEflxmAPllY and ljp..rlllnr ItT.ona alSlB
IS roads. ar,.S, Y. ,Urm 1 lar wc.kicall or writ.
BjMrMfjjjfjTnPjJjMlrtaii ii igMie n. 1
OI'I'ICK Ul' Tllll "4H
Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co., V
Equitable UiilliMnKt o. ISO Itrimdxrnri flj
New Yobs, Jalj 0, 1391. I
r tt Stoeihotdrri ff ths 1
At th mpettnir cf tb ilockholdrrs of tbli Com K
Pnjheltlt LnuUTlIt. Ky , on Jalj 6. 1331, t f
which :i(IS.IUI nhai-ft wrrr rnt). thotockof
thii Cotnpny ImrttMHl r thf Amount of
97(MM).000, la &ocorslnc ntth the foUowlnfi
reanh tlon
'VHi:nt:AH. Tb rhsrtrofthfil.OUISVtLtE
th mndDniii thfrrlo tnthorlrn thU Tompiny
to Inori' It capital vtotk to in tmo'jtjt efficient
to repretent the full cost of It mid and brincbw; JP
and It
"WHEREAS, Knehctrl.il itock U now forty- L
eight million ($48,000,000) dollar , and
WHEHBAS. It is necMiiry to rilsa m oner to jM
psy for the railroad, othfr property, rlfhts nnd jH
franchises of the KHNTUCKY CENTRAL RAIL- M
WAY COMPANY, and to pay for thi compftny'B H
proportlonatp purt of the propii-d Increased toe If JtliV
ofthetfAmiVILI.K. nurrNOO(A AND HT. All
LOt'lS RAILW V. ai d for other irposet and MM W
I "WHtni.H It is hfMorn I to l for the inter- mI'M
. rtnof thfto. kliol.teri thAtthe.anltalntockof th TXtS
' Company be lticrf,e1 to tlieanm of fifty fife mill- Km
Ion i'tS, 000, 0C0) dollars irh mm tcing below LH
the cst of the road and liranch of the Company, 4tB
. "RFSOLVKD. Tint the capital stock of th TM M
tOMPANYb andthename is. hereby tucreased Kl
from Ibesnmof fnrty.iSbt million (f4R.000.O00 luRafeaS
! dollars. a now eiifttlnctothesara of fifty-flreiuill- iK
I ion $''. dOO.nm)) dollars, and that tbe President S M
and IMreilnn he. and thef are. authorlred and Hl
jdlreitfd tu tak. ttp to lsne aurh additional B
stock, an t that tl'ey band are further authorized, IT
in their riiwrMton and from time to time, to d1- I't
p-ee nf Mich in irim upon an 'h terms and lu such k
manner as thry iray dura lest for the interests of 3
the Company, sod to apply the proceeds thereof aa j0 Wk
indicated in the ahovo preambles, such InereWd j. H
stk. hov?Ter, not to he voted upon until aoih- . I
totJ of " Sm ' ( I
President and Directors tu ('lspuin of the name ojjJT t4 B
any portion therenf in thtir discretion and npoHK I jm,
a icb terms and in arch manner as they rosy deeiBH Ly JM'-
bee for the Interest of Ihe Company, a portionjg
s irh intreascd rl -ek to tho acsresate itmoauA A H
$4,800,000 if hnrehy nTrret to the st. khoUW-llL VV
the priof $70 per eharo (which stock is not AH
articipite in thediii.lend dfv lared parable AoT H
1. 1S9I i. tti I bone who hal1 e shareholdeM otV V
record on tho UonVn nf vho fVmpny .July 31, 1891 Hi
at 1 P M , in the proportion of ton per cent. (10 , '
per t ent of their fteveril holdinjfs f H
RtockhnHeni harscriMnc under tbe forerolor
privjlece shall pi 10 per share nn the date of tub H
ecrfptlon r 'rrt(n2 a temporary receipt of tho Com- m M
piny therefor, and ire remain. ni; i(0 aratnsttho f H
delivery f the trtmtat. of utm k on Aua 11, W mm
lUl. repreientinc tbe.r wTeral ihmrlprlon. Ut. hSi
stihxriiptimw will be rtrrhcil nt tlit AWhi
ofllcr of thp lninpni, 120 Hronrtuuy,. vHfV
N'" York tit, up ti mill hii-!iulin July YUl
CS. mi)I,nl UoMocK 1. M. f txttvr wLlch ifl.V
time tltr rlajlit to Nit4i.i lUr tlll expire, IHj
Notirr where sabrriptlom can he made and pal ) H
for in London, Enelaud, will be duly announced Vti
and pnhlishe 1 ltr 4 ftf
lleflpu for fractional amuunta of stock will 4. li
exchinp-1 forsto-k uion final payment only whoa W
presented in amounts of 100, or multlplqsV i
thereof, ll n
All rlshts tosilifcrlbe fur anch Increased itoc 11
will cease unless each subscription is made aa abovftl N
proTlded. Al
On failure to make payment In fill within thp tH
time provided, a'l rights will bo forfeited 41 i
Pormsof subscnptioi and all information In ref- V. Mm
erencetothe al ore may 1 obtalued at the New '".
York ofSco of tbe Company. k, fp
Uy order rf the Board J
Chalrmao. 9
pboWgeIoeljnl I
IUI.I. Mi.l'Ti iiiist. pitortTrsTRMl, luiii. H
uaia i;kik iumm. uooiis. ;
r.jBosfoitr jl
'Ihe iDVN'IVr'i Vi in l M ISS Vf HUSPTTS in IkM
i cmumi ci n 1 a-e 1'ier n 1 1 V ) 2 t N R toot of UIbmY
1 V,s'r n,1 tl .'' l' ' da, v. -x pt bunrtar Vjfrmwm
n xet urMl 1 in i statu r -n ie trve at 172. rYsH
l1. 'fl, 11 i, ll. V7 an! 1 M Hmadwar 7 if lUMMW
fth e . 11 -t Uth At , -I'M .a( 1 Uh St , Itt mWmW
Ts-ilji. i . H.l e 'o- li ose. Como- fsHs
fn iitn an ( Winu.i.r 11 -ts- a. r York t Court lmmm
K v nt m . V si ru toT si (.lid J" llro i Tayt V, 1 BH
UrooKiyii, or b t ei rnxi ('urtiauit .Jl W
l.'.MUK It' I'TI' TO It VTOV "!n TUP 1SAJS;V lf,
. .OM.V lllltl- -1 -HUMS UlH'TK IO I
V Iflt il.AiSi.Tr I'll.lf l.MJH.lTt'll Jl
wirr' ftholo ! anl'a"l tarracati.i it la. ti
Nral'i, r'C, V P mi M , i , i a 11 it . at 1 II
I- 'I .1,1 , " XII .-S .!.'.' .,i, r.,m.re-
., rrrl it a ' .ku.vaiA or bl n k,,l,oc ui.il Coil II
laadt. 4-1 1 II
M'liISI. UPISIV i;n ltsiTJ"
!,' im m l VirriMi, tl Put anJVatrh A
Hi . i". I.inj '.n s l.r:.-i nifht Ujatuulr, n- mm
turn e 1 it ita. rti ' t H
r,poz7"J5 9m
fmMmsrws: If
L.eryV 1a , rap. tr shine Pfli,
Cnn mem In (-tm.pt yav J J(. p 51 rE'
Krac' " I U all Ini.r. li' ,111 n h - , 1
C V. SSoS. Dm. ,. il IIhNllI St S I'ra't.
jvroxjtoinu rsnK itActx , audi lAifdxT li
Kl AS I'nOMILT AT til p M 11
MOfinill'SHK -A.vt JI'ltOSlE PS.R1C Jf
On .lull IH 2S, (li .!!, H m, ji Am
'JJ a id . I A-m.l 4. S r 13,j0 -i3.
rxcur.mi farn. IS.anta ' Kxcurviun fan.40 ceala. Jmw
Kill F. Ml'l.li ST Utll II il.Ai l.'i SWt
Il.fl -iliKiioiif i-e'j A l i MSsrT.PraVl iBJ
In ailJIlimi, tba N-. YnrW Jim.Ii -y I lull will rlr SBH
raie.alJeiuiu. Park on Auv 7. li, 14, to, 'Jl, "JO. HBii
H4 amu un w ni' ,iru ir ' mr '
All lrai.ro. ui.iti. na . f,r ..tllll famlll... W 1
rne bio frmu P'e.Ato 1 station au 1 1 ., tral 1'ark. V
Will SUM AY AMI 58111 tr ' 1
ruiwiTUitE. I
r.ri'ityTiiiVn ko7i-hcTmr Vllt
ir.rr!t,N.i l ' ."'' titi'i'.T.cuiiTViNs, ml
jMC'Tl'lti.r., 1 iI.III.Mi.IIi:i, A.c. ' W lj
lur n.b.-l on fii mot h iral l.rm, ?
oll'aiuient liii.iieii.a.ltck oi haul.
OpcDC.vullllts. i.'l ftll .T0 , U,t. Jl.. . jaj.la IS
Kt llCO. . j
Fl'liNITlfRK .old . notlilnB rino7rodiiwn I lour- j
nt rreuit .ioniums Hoi k I'li-u areuinifA Man. I
ut.clur.r a Ac.nt, I0J SS'o.l ."Jib .t. I
un. pr.r., no mor. ...1 or laks-i
NolhiDu lb. mail.r witb tua tMtti,
Volmn. ol bu un.ss inika. oor lo. pnofc
To paj mor. u to tbmw 4 mon.r ,var,
'.olJfilU'l up ho'iilllJlj up, .uiajlUf SJa.1 a
S'itb I'un I r..U Oaa, bOa.
l.eiuui.a. wliil. you .Ui,. So Urn, loi. I
Of ,a al. nljht. ,ia .nd Sand.r I
IM NTAI, A.sll lAI'Klv A
2.0!1.7,u V.A' ' "r. I III, , " ' Yrtc f
"" K,''Criii )
BHim ' !
iTlK !?"i,,U"v?nlniialn whlch'M mi ill
fSL "" WKttouV' '
. . ....aw-W I

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