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What Became of the $4,000,000
Raised by Backer?
Tho Broker's Hothods Similar to Those
of Ferdinand Ward.
Customers' Collateral Used for His
Own Purposes.
Judgo Harden's Cuso Thought to Bo
Only Ono of Many.
What has become ot tho (4,000,000 which
Abraham Backer, the Broadway noto broker,
-bo (tiled two weeks ago, claims to have lost
In Mi business?
This Is the question that Is agitating tho
business community Just at present, and no
explanation has ret boon forthcoming, either
(rem Mr. Backer or his representatives.
Abraham: Bicisn,
Except among a certain class of business
ten with whom he had dealings, Mr. Backer
as almost entirely unknown, and when the
tnnouncoment that ho had tolled for (4,000,
000 was made people began to ask, Who Is
Backer f
It was said In reply by his representatives
that ho was one of tho largost dealers in com.
merclal paper In town, and that he handled
erery year an average of a 15,000,000 ot tho
icsl paper In the trade.
As It has not appeared that Mr. Backer suf
fer! d any losses from the failure ot business
men for whom he negotiated and sold notos,
which might have forced him to make an as
Hgumcnt, tho fact ot his failure under tho
circumstances Is one ot the most remarkable
features ot the case.
According to the statements mads at tho
thin of his failure. Backer was crippled by
tun condition of tho monoy market, whloh, it
tvas -.old, made It very difficult to float tho
quantity ot commercial paper whloh he gen
Tally handled, and also to the decline In
value of cortaln Southern railroad bonds, of
wUi h he was a largo holder.
With regard to tho money market. It may
be sold that rates have been easy for a long
time, and so far as the details of the. falluro
haecnme to light It does not appear that Mr.
Hacker had any difficulty In discounting tho
Pper ot hla clients at many of tho city banks,
eicn without tho dopoalt of collateral se
curity. At the samo time Mr. Backer oom
pcllcd his customers to furnish collateral with
their notes, which ho handled.
The facts which havo dovolopodln connec
tion with tho arrest ot Mr. Backer, which was
first announced in jesterday's Bvrniko
Woki.d, on tho complaint of Judgo William
D. Harden, o( Savannah, throw new light on
the caso and bring out somo startling fea
Among the queries called out by the talluro
was ono as to whether Mr. Backer had not
been practicing somo irregularities In his
Settlings with his customers, and why a largo
quantity of collateral securities pledged to
him with tho notes which ho sold for his cli
ents had mysteriously disappeared.
It was also said that altcough tho papor
haibeon discounted by Hacker, the proceeds
Had never found their way to tho makors ot
the notes. Ills sudden falluro had thrown
Merythlng Into confusion, and anxious credl
tors wcro unable to discover what had becorao
otthclr money or their securities.
The suit brought by Judgo Hardon, how
w, gives Borne Insight Into Backer's
methods of doing business, and from tho
titeinent made In court yesterday by Mr.
CM.erme.ycr, tho Judge's lawyer, It would
ppcar that thoro nro numerous other crod.
tors of tho bankrupt note-broker In tho Biuno
wat with judge Harden,
Judge Harden alleges In his affidavit that
on Man h 14. 1800, he dollvered to Backer at
"Isonice, -JS5 Broadway, u noto tor (10,000.
At the same time ho delivered to Backer
securities v tho aluo of more than (10,000,
consisting of debenture bonds ot the Central
aalli'iad and Banking Company, of Georgia,
'alued at o,70O, and certificates ot tho
waunah GasllghU'ompany, valued nt(3,SfiO.
Ilie note was payable on Oct. 1, 1800, but
as renewed from tlino to time, tho lastre
jai e.imingduo on Aug. IS, two days ago.
" Juij 8 Judge Harden wrote to Backer
Wwut th,. further renewal of the note, and
lumrmodln reply that it ho would pay
18,000 on account and leave tho gamo necurl
J as collateral, thu nolo could bo renewed
w ninety da a.
J'r. Hacker's failure occurred before this ar
"trernLUt was carrlod out, and Judgo Jlar
W" eaine to town at onco to look attcr his
li a id fcccurltlos.
" found hi noto at tho National l'ark
"ok mid paid it, but uono ot tbo securities
'"a h. t) ,d delivered to Backer were there
"""iUt-ra!, nor had any collateral bcondo
?TUUJ W'Jru by Backer when he got tho note
The ji.u-o ruoao tna startling discovery,
"' as ho says in his affidavit, that
J?t0' U'W deposited liU railroad and gas
J '" tho Merchants' National Bonk to
""" a loan procured Dy himself for his own
. aa ha charges that Backer did this
'MuUntly ul uionloualy and with the
lntont to deprive him (Judge Harden) of the
right to the ownership In thoso securities.
Although the lawyers who represent Judgo
Harden Intimate that very large sums of
money have been misappropriated by Baoker
In a similar manner, they decline to give at
present the names ot the creditors who make
these charges.
Tho amount thus Involved Is said to be sev
era hundred thousand dollars, for In dls
oountlng notes tor private Individuals Backor
usually demanded security as collateral for
the loans, with a margin ranging from 10 to
0 per cent, ot the face valuo of the note.
On the strength ot his financial standing
he would get these notes rcdlacounted at the
banks without putting up collateral, and, it
Is charged, would use tho scourlties to pro
euro loans for his own use.
" The discovery of tho methods puraucd by
Ilaoker certainly places his caso In a very pe
culiar light," said Mr. Uhtermeyer, for It
was at first supposed that tho failure was a
perfectly honorablo one, and simply due to or
dinary business reverses and an unfavorable
condition ot tho money market.
' I do not think that Mr. Einstein, who Is
Mr. Backer's assignee, would have taken up
the case It he had understood In tho begin
ning what the circumstances wore."
Mr. Einstein was not at hla office to-day,
and It was said that he was attending the
funeral ot a relative.
Mr. Dyett, his law partner, who la author
tied to speak for him, said that he was not at
liberty to make any detailed statement In re
gard to Mr. Backer's liabilities, but ho de
clared with much emphasis that tho arrest ot
Mr. Backer was simply an attempt to uso tho
criminal procoss for the collection of a debt.
" Mr. itacker, he said, is not guilty ot lar
ceny, as he had no Intention ot stealing tho
property that was deposited with him as col
lateral. There must be an Intent to steal at
the time tho property comes Into the posses
sion of a person who appropriates It to consti
tute a crime.
" Why, even tho renal Code only makes it n
mlsdemoanor tor a pawnbroker to sell a
pledge without proper authority, and says
nothing about other pledgers.
HI bellove that Mr. Backer hassuSlolent
assets now to pay 78 cents on a dollar to all
his unsecured creditors, while those whloh aro
secured will, ot course, get everything that U
duo to thorn, lie has given up everything,
and hla wife has even offered to release her
dower In the real estate which he owns.
" The truth ot the matter Is that Mr. Backer
did business as a private banker and secured
himself by taking collateral from hla custom
ers. , As long as he was accommodating them
he was a god, but now there is ' none so poor
to do him rovorenoe,' " added Mr. Dyett, glv
lng Impressive emphasis to his Shakespearian
The lawyer thought his client had a perfect
right to use the BoourrUes of his customers
whenhsgotlntoa tight plaoe, and Illustrated
his tine point ct law by saying that It he hired
a horse and buggy to take a ride in good faith,
but before he came back he suddenly changed
his mind and decided to sell the rig and pooket
the proceeds, he would not be guilty of grand
larceny, but only be liable to a civil action for
the conversion of the property.
"You cant steal anything In which you
have a special property or ownership, as In
tho case of these seourltlos," he said.
Mr. Dyott added that the arrest ot Mr.
Baoker might overthrow the negotiations
which were In progress for a settlement with
his creditors.
At the Park Bank It was said that Judge
Uarden's noto was offered for discount by
Baoker some time after It had been delivered,
and that he had been accommodated on tho
strength at his standing In the business com
munity. i think," said Cashier nickox, " that Mr.
Ilaoker will come out ot this thing all right,
and pay all his debts. lie was no doubt
pushed for money, and tho securities held by
him had depredated In value. Uo thought It
best to stop snd square up, and not got any
deeper In the hole."
Tho motion to continue the Injunction ob
tained In behalf ot II. Myers A Bros., bankers,
of Savannah, CJa., against the Merchants' and
Central National banks, restraining thorn
from disponing ot oertaln securities belonging
to the firm and hypothecated by Baoker,
came up to-day before Judge O'Brien in the
supreme Court Chambers.
The counsel representing the banks were
not ready to go on and the motion was ad
journed till next Tuesday. About 7D,ooo
worth ot securities aro Involved In this suit,
of which tho Central National Bank hold
about $50,000.
The examination ot Backor, who Is under
815,000 ball on tho criminal charge preferred
by Judge Harden, takes place at the Tombs
this afternoon.
$12,500 FOR THE FIGHT.
Paolflo Athlotto Club Wants tho
Fltzslmmons-Prltcnard Battle,
Sam Frakchoo, Aug. 14. The Paclflo Ath
letic Club, ot this city, has offered a purso of
$13,000 for a finish tight between Bob Vltz
slmmons and Tod rritchard, the English
middle-weight champion.
The Quotations.
Opon. High. Loir.
Ara.ritAn Cotton Oil W tf "?H
Atoh . Top. & BuU It 88M 84 3SH
:ind fc-A.th.ro. .... M K 48
Che.pekt 1 Ohio lit pM. .. 4 4i 47
(.'Memo Om .. 45V4 46V 4Bu
Ohi filar" OuToii . . WJJ uefl 82
cScif?S Rortui.il...... iooK loefJ iocs
Ohle Mil A St. Wat 4 tiQ
Cbio., Uuokli. A I'm VH J4J ljt
fjl.f .' tin . Chto AHIL . . 61 63 61
Ool A Hock VIU. . .. 34M 34K 94K
He , L.k. A Wiit . . lUiU UM 18JH
till JUtUtlMd 46 4JH 41W
KJlton Gun. Klourlc H8 H8 US
Uk.Hhor... 10HK llOjl 103
Lk Krl. A VYMlirn 1W4 Wi 1SK
Ia.uIi.I11. t N.lhTille . . enU Mi 65t
Miiionrt HKilio . 6JM iH 67
N.l Cord. Oo.f. JlK Olfr OJK
National LMd..... ,5M ,JH Iff)
New Jnn.j Ontra.1 lllh 111M 111M
N Y.lik. Eril A Wt ...... jl 1VH 1.
N. V,, LakahrttAWrat. pief. 60J( 6iW 6M
Nortb.ra I'aclflo W j iH
Korth.ru r.clnc pre! i 63 eilj
North Am.rloin . 1JM 1JH IS,
lot.rio A WmI 15 . 1V 13
l'KltloMall S3 8J Dlk
I'hl'ad.lrihla A lle.dn. WH 2ffi!
Uloh A (V..t 1'olot T.r . la 1 1H Itt
llli.li AW.jt l'oinn.rprol 6i, W
&&.&? -.- m m p
iSp.o""- f.M JM
tVauuli prtf , H ?? ifH
Wh..UnAUkUrl. 31S4 SIM H'A
A full account of Wall street affairs will bo
found in Tub Evrnino World's a o'clock
special lssuo.
No. 20's Festival To-Night.
Manhattan Council, Na 0, will have Us an
nual festival at Jones's Wood Coliseum,
Sixty-seventh street and Avenue A, this
To-Day's Record of Minor Hap
ponings About Town.
Chronlolei Drleily Drawn fromNote
Dook nuel Dookot.
0,3(33 Itnmlarants To-Dny.
Tho arrivals of Immigrants at the Bargo
Office to-day reached 8,353.
Fire In' a Drolnsr Estahllahtnont.
The dyeing establishment ot William Fatt,
at 773 Second avenue, was slightly damaged
by Gxo this morning.
Two Postmaators Moot
Postmaster Van Cott called on Postmaster
Collins, of Brooklyn, to-day and Inspected tho
new Brooklyn Post-Ofnco building.
Taken Glok in the Doth.
Widow Teresa Talk, elghty-flvo years old,
of SIS Kast Twonty-fourth street, was taken
suddenly sick while In the public bath at tho
foot of East Nineteenth street at 10.30 this
morning and was sent to Bcllovuo llospltal.
Caught In tho Act.
Jamas UcCauley, ot 10 Marlon street, was
this morning caught by Dotecttvo Lake In
sorting his fingers Into tho change pockot of
a man on Fulton street, and at tho Tombs was
held for trial.
neld for Snoak-Thleverr.
Charles Ashman, ot 100 Park How, was held
at the Tombs this morning charged with
stealing two cotton wrappers and ono apron
yesterday from the Illckmann family's apart
ments at S10 William street.
Trloet to Ilstcuo a Prisoner.
Anthony May, of 1404 Second avenuo, was
sent to the island to-day tor assaulting Police
man Cooney with a slung shot and trying to
rescue Charles Myers, who had been arrested
tor abusing hla mother.
nyutarloal on an L Station.
A woman about twenty years old, with dark
hair and eyes, and wealing a blue dross and
black sailor bat, was takun with a hysterical
tit In the Elevated station at Third avenue
and Ninth street at 8.40 o'clock this morning.
She was sent to Bellevue Hospital.
Droke a Chair Over Ills Iload.
Morris Salkls, ot 187 Eldrldge street, who
got Into a quarrel with Jacob Faber, In tho
latter's coffee and cake saloon, at 180 nester
street, and broke a chair over his head last
evening, was held In Essex Market Court this
Two Abandoned Infanta.
A male Infant about two weeks old was
found in the area of 107 East Fltty-thlrd
street early this morning. A female child
one month old was found In the hall of 401
East Thirteenth street. Both are at PoUoo
Foil from tho Fifth Btorv.
John Carson, of 528 West Fifty-second
street, a carpenter working on the new build
ing at S48 West Fifty-first street, tell from
the fifth story to the cellar to-day, breaking
his right arm and cutting hlsihead. lie was
taken to Itoosovelt Hospital.
Swallowed the Toothache Remedy.
Sequins Ludwlg, of 153 BloomOold street,
rJoboken, who was taken to the statlon-houso
last night, supposed to bo suffering from poi
son, recovered sufficiently to go home this
morning. He 'Lad swallowed a toothache
remedy Intended for external application.
Manager Holm Surprlsod that Ho
Was Lost.
Christopher Helm, manager ot the Stout
Tate farms at Keyport, N. J., who was re
portod missing, returned to his homo to-day.
He was reouperatlng In the Orange Moun
tains and neglected to notify his friends, who
feared be had beon murdered becauso ho bad
a largo sum of monoy on his person.
Holwla Hold for Assault.
William A. Helwlg, ot 84 Thirty-ninth
street, Brooklyn, ws held In Jefferson Mar
ket Court to-day charged with assaulting
Martin Ulgglns. who in attempting to escape
from Helwlg tell down a grain bin, fracturing
his hip.
Annie Loft Homo in a Huff.
The police of Brooklyn were asked this
morning to look out for Annie Burns, twelve
years old, whose parents live at 818 Paclflo
street. The glrllsft home In ahuff on Wednes
day. She Is tall and slim, has dark hair
and eyes, and when last seen was dressed In
a dark plaid dress.
Fireworks at the Beach.
Tho " Fall ot Paris," with Its fine military
display and tableaux, Is drawing large au
diences to Manhattan Beach. Tho engage
ment of Achllle PWllon, the French gymnast,
has prerron a great buccoss.
To-Day's Trip of the Floatlnrr Hospi
tal. A trip of the Floating Hospital ot tit. John's
Guild was given to-day by (Joorgo A Clark fi
Brother. There were 078 children and
mothers on board, and forty-thrvo little onos
were lelt tit tho beasldo hospital.
Supplied a Thirsty Crew with Water.
The captain of tho steamer Oermanlc of the
White Star Line, which arrived this morning
from Liverpool, reports that on Aug. ll ho
sighted tho schooner Barbara Hake, of New.
loundland, flying signals of dlstroba. She was
out ot it ater, and was given a supply from
the Oermanlc
Edward UcDormott Bollevod to Have
Committed Buloldo with Poison.
Edward McUermott, a lodger at the South
Fifth Avenue Hotel, 520 South Fifth avenue,
died suddonly Bhortly after o o'clock this
morning whllo standing at tho entrance of
that hostelry.
He had been drinking heavily for tho past
two or three, days, and was under the Influ
ence of drink tlili morning, lie Is supposed
to have taken poison.
A letter found on tho dead man was ad
dressed to Mrs. Jennie McUermott, his wife,
at 430 Washington street. Brooklyn. There
Is no number 430 in that thoroughfare.
Tho letter Indicated au lutentlun to com
mit suicide.
Tbo body was taken to the Morgue.
A Wealthy Chloarroan'e Suicide.
CnicAoo, Aug. 14. James Wallace, at one
Umo chief ticket agent ot the Northwestern
Railroad In this city, committed suicide last
evening at his home by hanging himself by
a strap from a portiere pole- He had been a
member of a jiromlnont club, and was pos
seabed of considerable wealth. Ill health had
made him despondent.
a.- . -MsflitSlWtf.a
Tsang Ding, tbo Gbinoso Grocor,
Now in Hiding.
The Health Board Intends Sending:
Thorn to North Brothers Island.
The nealth authorities decided this morn
ing to take summary action In the case ot
"Prang Ding, the Chinese leper, and order his
removal to soma Isolated place whether the
Chinaman was willing to go or not, but Tsang
Ding had evidently made up his mind not to
bo caught again.
The officers found his house locked and
Ping could not bo found. It Is believed he Is
In concealment Bomewhcro.
The other leper, Ong Moy Toy, was also re
leased from tho Charity Hospital this morn
ing upon the demand of his friends, the ofn
clals having no authority to dotal n him.
Oug Moy Toy was spirited away soon as hn
arrived on this sldo of tho river. Oug Moy
Toy was arrested at noon, however, at 34
Mott street.
in rni 3d floor uvs9 liter toaxo sirs.
The Health Board will hold a meeting to
day and declare both ot thorn afflicted with
contagious dlseaso'and secure their confine
ment on North Brothers Island when found.
OfDoers are now searching for tho two lepers.
On tho report of Iaspectors Doty and Blau
velt, Tsang Ding, who lives at 87 Mott street,
and Ong Moy Toy.a gambler of 34 Mott street,
were sent to the Charity Hospital as supposed
lepers, Monday last
After n thorough diagnosis the dootors ex
pressed the belief that the men were victims
of th dread disease.
They were kept at tho hospital while the
nealth Board considered what disposition It
could make of thorn. Yesterday afternoon
Booraem and namilton, of 100 Broadway,
lawyers for Ding, demanded his release on
the ground that the doctors had no right to
dotaln him.
Ho was allowed to go, and camo back to this
city. Ho went directly to his former home,
but remained there only a few minutes. Ho
went out again, and has not been seen since.
President Wilson and Dr. ndson held a con
ference, tho result ot which was that they
went to 87 Mott street early tills morning to
take Ding away. They were convinced that
he should be Isolated.
The disease la more contagious among Chi
namen than white people, and tho isolation of
tho lepor was decldpd upon to prevent ltn
spread In the Mongolian colony. The only
question was where to send the lepers.
With Ong Moy Tojrand Chin Hop sing, who
was removed to the ffharlty Hospital several
weeks ago, tho city now has three new lepers
on Its hands.
Thero Is no regular leper hospital. All per
sons suffering from contagious diseases aro
sent to North Brothers iBland, but the learned
doctors do not agrco that leprosy Is a con
tagious dUcaso In this climate. So there was
the rub.
It was agreed, however, that this was a caso
where prompt action was necessary.
The Health officers determined to exercise
the discretionary powers they possessed hi
guarding against oontaglon. and enroroe
them In Tsang Ding and Ong Moy Toy's casus.
No. 67 Mott street Is a nve-story tenement
house occupied by Chinamen. Italians and
Uusslan Poles. Eight families live there.
Tsang Ding occupies rooms on the third
floor. Ills doors were looked and baited this
morning, and In response to a queallon as to
Ding's whereabouts, a Chinaman said ; Him
gone away."
Ding Is a wealthy merchant. Ho owns two
grocerlos, one at IS and one at 34 Mott
street. Ha was not at either of his Btores.
Ills manager saldi "Mr. Ding gono In
The tenants ot No. 07 do not seem to b.)
alarmed that thoy had beon living In the
house with a leper, although Ding's face was
covered with lesions common In leprosy.
The bouse has not been disinfected. Tho
tenants do not soem to rcalUe the danger
they had Incurred. Leprosy Is a strange
word to many of them.
When spoken to about the matter and
asked If thoy knew they bad a leper for a
neighbor tho family occupylngho rooms op
posite Ding's said i
We know nothing about tho Chlnaman'n
business, but ho Is a very nlco man."
People's Party to Spend More.
TorA, Kan., Aug 14. Only 11,100 was
expended by tho People's State Central Com
mittee, last fall, In a campaign which elected
flvn ! rongrewmen, eighty-four legislators, it
I'nlted States Senator ana a majority ot
the county tickets. This fall tho commllteo
has decided to spend 1 10,000.
I T II IS W O It I. 11 H (1 1' V 1! 11 1
i i .
Veins of Coal In Matno.
bv ASsooiATXr. puffin. 1
Math, Mo., Aug. 14. Tho drillers for coal at
Small Point have passed through a 37-lnch
vein ot fine cannel coal, and are now In slate.
A larger bed is expected lower. They aro
now duwn 378 teet,
Chickasaw Intruders Must do.
Oiisisvillr, Tex., Aug. 14. Iteports from
the Chickasaw Nation say the Byrd party
were victorious in Monday's election. The
result means that the intruders must go.
ar v- MsjtllBptHflfcBtotn1
Widow of tho Tenth Prosidont of
tbo Unitod Statoa.
She raised Away This Morning at
the Aro of Klglity-clght.
1st amocmtid raxssl
NAsnviu.1, Tenn., Aug. 14 Mrs. James K.
Tolk, widow of the tenth Prosidont ot tho
United States, died at 7.30 this morning at
her home In this city.
Mrs. Polk was taken eeriously 111 Wednesday
evening at 7 o'clock on returning from a short
drive, and owing to her extreme age olghty
elght years llttlo hopo was entertained of
her recovery.
The troublo was general congestion of tho
system. Bho passed a quiet day yesterday but
BufTored periodical attacks ot Intense pain.
Last night she grow wvakor and steadily
failed until the ond come this morning, sur
rounded by a tow loving friends and relatives.
The entire city Is giving expressions of pro
found regret at the passing away of the hon
ored lady who has graced the community with
horidlgnlfled presence for more than half a
contury. Bolls throughout the city were
mournfully tolled, announcing tho sad event.
Mrs. Sarah Childress Polk was tho daugh
ter ot Joel and Elltaboth Childress, and was
born near Murfroesboro, Tenn., Sept. 1803.
Her father was a farmer In easy circum
stances, she was sent to tho Moravian In
stitute at Salem, N. C, where sho was edu
cated, and returning home still In her teons
married Mr. Polk, who was tbon a membor ot
tho Legislature of Tennessee
The following year Mr. polk was elected to
Congress, and during his fourteen sessions In
Washington Mrs. Polk's courteous manners,
sound Judgment and many attainments gavo
her a high place in sncloty.
On her return as the wtfo of the President,
having no children, Mrs. Polk devoted hsrsell
entirely to her duties as mistress ot the Whlto
House. She held weokly receptions and
abolished the custom ot giving rvfreahnienu
to the guests.
Bho also forbade dancing as out of keeping
with the oharacter of these entertainments.
In spite of her reforms Mrs. Polk was ex
tremely popular.
Mrs. Polk became a communicant of tho
Presbyterian Church In 1834, and maintained
her connection with that denomination until
her death.
She had lived continuously In Nashville in
Polk Place from the time of her marriage, ex
cept when In Washington during the Con
gressional careor ot her distinguished hus
band and while mistress ot the white House.
Eighty-eight Degrees of Hrimidity
and J3evonty-seven of Hoat.
There are a dozon degrees less ot heat to
day than on Tuesday, but tho air Is charged
with 88 per cent, ot humidity, and It makes
the atmosphere sultry and oppressive, even
though there were only 77 degrees of hoat at
A humidity ot 68 would be about normal for
such a temperature, but 88 makos us all en
Joy an Involuntary Turkish bath, with n
southwest breeie ot only aeven miles.
Prophet Dunn promises oloudy, sultry
weather till to-morrow, with a possibly slight
sprinkle to-nlgbU Then clear skies to-morrow
and a potnt or two warmer. The outlook
la for a pleasant August Sunday, too.
1 he temperature win not go higher than 84
during the next forty-eight hours, however,
and If the wind shirts bo as not to blow In
quite so much of tho sea's molsture-llfe will
be quite bearable.
When Caught Henry Brooks Tried to
Swallow Evidence.
UenrylBrooks, of 314 West Thlrtlothtreet,
and Walter Tazewell, ot 100 West Thirty
second street, both colored elevator boys In
tho wholesale bouso ot A. Frledlander A Co.,
377 Broadway were held In the Tombs Court
to-day, charged with grand larceny.
Brooks was seen leaving the store last even
ing with a valise. Lie was Joined on tho side,
walk by Taiewell.
Thoy wore arrested, and a thirty-dollar
plush saoque, Btolen from the huuse, w
found In the valise.
Brooks had takon the firm's tag on It, and
when arrested he tried to swallow it, but tho
policeman choked It out ot his mouth. On his
person were found several pawn tickets lur
similar goods.
Jeraoy's Now Pawn-Tlokot Decision
Doesn't Go Here.
A decision affecting pawnbrokers rendered
In Newark caused considerable talk among
the fraternity In this city to-day. The Oourl
decided that a pawn-ticket Is not negotiable,
and that a pawnbroker who surrenders goods
to a person who Is not the rightful owner of
the ticket given therefor Is liable In damages.
Undo William Simpson's manager saldi
That decision wouldn't hold water here.
Unless a stop-ticket is asked tor we deliver
goods to whoever presents the original ticket,
lhe ways of Jersey Justice are queer, and It
Is safe to say that the present decUlon will
not establish a precedent In this state."
Mayor Chapln Ablo to Eat Chlckon
Taurttowv, N. V., Aug. 14. Mayor Alfred
C. Chapln, of Brooklyn, Is belter to-day. Dr.
Fanning said at noon to-day that he found
Mayor Chapln's condition greatly Improved
'Iho fever has malarial!) subsided and hLs
general condition is D-Uer. His aieilto Im
proves and lio Is ablo tiTrat chicken and mut
ton broth.
Edward Dripper & Sons' Liabilities
Amount to Over $5,000,000.
LoKPOM.Aug. 14. The statement submitted
to the first meeting of tho creditors of Edward
dripper & Sons, corn factors and wharnngers,
ot this city, who tailed July IN, shuyed that
the firm's liabilities amounted to over
1.000.000. Of this sum a-58,000 Is unse
cured. Against tho unsecured Indebtedness
there are aweta of 31,000. Tho unsecured
creditors agreed to accept ten shillings In tho
m m
j T II 11 WOK I, 11 'H u V V U It 1
t I A Wpeclal Midsummer IlUcouni Uu- j
; til Hrpl. 30 on Ilouaea .V Aparlanenta. :
vl -m-.tji-mlitmt-4ilu Mm. .
A Famished Fox saw somo olustors of ripo grapos hanging from a
vino. After trying for somo time to got at them and seeing that it
was an Impossibility ho turned away, saying : " I could get them if
I really wantod them, but I do not think I will s they aro sour and not
as ripe as I thought."
Bermuda Beats Him at Nine Fur
longs at Saratoga.
Baratooa, Aug. 14 This was tbeBeooud
extra day ot the second meeting ot tho races
here The weather was clear and warm, the
track fast and tho attendance, large.
Owners' handicap; flvo and a halt furlongs.
FinrUri. WAfl. J9fh.1l. Straight lIUr.
1 PrlncMa lkml's 96 .Ilrj.nl 4-A
3 Dojn.t. .. 88. Himra. 9-1
8 r..rl... 60 l'.rkln 6-1
St. Charles, Kittle tind Luray also ran.
American pools Prlncoss Howling, 810;
Ocypete, 86; Fearless, (3; neld, (3.
The race was won by Princess Bowling.
Ocypeto was scoond and Fearless third:
Tlmo 1.08)4.
Purso 8000: nine furlongs.
StarUrl, WAI.. Jnelt.yt. Straight l.tlinf.
1 lUrmndA .. ..Ill Ilriapl 8- s
3 Unol. )lot 117 Tm.1 11-30
5 Palutlno ... . 0..Nr...i 10- 1
Bulflnch also ran.
American Pools Uncle Bob, C36; Bermuda,
(18; hold, 87.
Bermuda won, "1th Uncle Bob scoond and
Palestine third. Time 1.A6M.
Purse 8780; seven furlongs.
Starlet. WAf., Jthtyt, Straight h.ttinl.
1 ILIIihoo. .. 107 Jtiram. 71
iLordlUrrr 105.. Lord lUrrr 8-1
3 llallo of Orn.100 Gorman,, .. 6-1
Oberlln, Montague, Sad", Virgin II., Pow-
hattan, Costa Itlco and Sam Corey also ran.
American pools Ballyhoo, (IS; Iml
Harry, (13 ; Costa Itlco, (7 ; Belle ot Orange,
(0; field, (7.
Ballyhoo won, with Lord Harry second and
Belle of Orango third. Time 1.30.
Ono mile.
Won by Kedfellow, with Castaway second
and Burlington third. Time 1.43.
nrm racr.
Belling; six furlongs.
Won by Bustod, Josie Vi'clU second, Long
leaf third. Time 1.18.
A Bcaffold on the new building at Walklns
street and Sutter avenues, Kast New York,
fell at 11.46 to-day with two men on It.
It Is belleued the reps holding the scaffold
was maliciously out.
John Nledecker, aged 30, and Harris Mun
ster, aged 30, both of Walklns street, were
seriously Injured.
Joseph Klenska and Nloolo Dammenscherf
were arrested on suspicion.
The Mlaalng Boy's Body Found In
the River This Morning.
At 7.80 this morning the body of eight-year-old
Thomas Norton, of 8(1 Harrison
street, was found In the North ltlver at thu
toot of Dnane street. '
lie was last seen on Wednesday Ashing at
the foot of Jay street, where he was waiting
for hla uncle u flnlah his day's work. Ho sud
denly dujpieared ut about 6.30 r. at.
Til II WO III, D'H O Willi! :
A Special Mid.ummrr Illaruunt I'd- '
lil Nfipt, 30 on Ilouril Wanted.
Pitcher Weatervolt Dooltnos.
Ibt AiaociATan ritar.ii I
Haciinsacx, Aug. 14. Huyler Westervclt,
the star amateur pitcher of the Krglewcxl
Held Club, who was offered (1.000 for tho
balance of the season by tho New York Club
managers snd (3,000 to pitch he it senuu
for tho Club, is uiithorlty tor tin' bUteuieul
that be has declined thu oiler.
No Cluo to Hannah Iloblnson's tiur-
raeiciu. to Tils EAsNifa wortd.!
Jamaica, L. I., Aug. 14. The detectives who
are trying to find a ciuo to the murderer ot
Hannah lloblnson, whoso body was found at
Olendale Aug. 3, havu had no encouragement
from their work on dltf erant dues.
Overtures Hade to Striking Cloak
makers by Two Firms.
There Is a prospect that the strike ot tho
1,000 cloakmakers, cutters, tailors and
prensers In the shops ot Julius Stein & Co., at
C07 Broadway, Friedman Brothers, at 333
Canal street, and Benjamin it Co., at 405
Broome street, may bo settled to-day.
At the headquarters ot tho Consolidated
Hoard of Cloak-Cutters and Operators, which
ordered the strike, It was said this morning
that already two of tho firms whoso men went
out yosterday had made overtures towards
effecting a Bottletnent, and It was expected
that the third concern would bo heard front
before the day had passed.
Dion W. Burke, the walking dclegato ot
the Cutters' Union, said to an Evrnino
World reporter this morning, that tho stilko
could not last much over to-day, as far' as tho
threo manufacturers are conoerned. This was
the busiest part of tho season, as the utiles
for next Winter were now being made up.
The Btrlke," Bald Delegate Bui ke, " Is thu
result of low wages. 1 ho firm of Frledmnti
brothers have been paying lower wages than
any oilier nrm, and thoy have consequently
been ablo to undi rwn other houses. Wo havo
been trying to make terms with tho Frled
mans for some tlmo, but failed.
" As tor stetn A Co., this firm has for somo
time boen cndoavorlng to make Its factory
non-union. Several of Its men were anted to
leave the Union, and when thoy refused to do
so were dlscharged.
" llanjamln & Co. have been employing non
union men, and our men refused to work Willi
Delegate ntirke said further that there was
little likelihood that tho strike would tw ex
tended, as the other manufacturers and tho
unions were on tho best of terms.
A number ot thu strikers were at tho head
quarters at 48 Franklin street this morning.
Several cuttern told TnR Evrnino Would
man thst the statement glvon out yesterday
at the office ot Friedman Brothers thai tho
strikers bad been earning as high as (40 a
week, was untrue.
They declared that tho firm sold their
goods so low that It was lmiosatble for them
to pay such prices, and that tho average rato
of wages was tar below that claimed by that
Col. Phlstoror to Hoad the New a.
A. R. Commander's Staff.
Albany, Aug. 14 Acting Assistant Adjt
Oen. Frederick Phisterer has been selected by
Commander-in-Chief Palmer, of tho a. A. It,
as bis Adjutant-General.
Col Phisterer Is of Herman birth and en
listed in 1858 In the Third United states
Artillery. Tho salary of his new office Is
(3,000 a year.
John II. Hoyer, one of the attendants at the
frro bath at the foot of Grand street. East
HU er, km discharged this mornirg by Deputy
Commissioner HolanAn lor exacting monoy
from patrons ot the bath for tho use ot bath
ing suits.
Umplro Hopkins Not Out.
IIacaknsack, Aug. 14. Umpire John Hop
kins, ot tho Amateur r.iseball League, who
recently resigned because Capt. Flnley, of tho
staten Island Club, assaulted him, hoa with
drawn his resignation.
Slightly Warmer To-Morrow.
Washington, Aug.
T m. artnr; Ar
af r- grtillv variable
"? J gllglMv wurrrwr anil
sj I oenenUlKiKri'arur-
r - f The following rec
ord shows the
changes In thi temperature tor tho past
twenty-four hours. In comparison with the
corresponding date of last year, as Indicated
by the thermometer at Perry's Pharmacy i
18J0 I89. , 1890. 1891.
Si M. 7 III ll II ... l) IS
e a - ef ea I la u. .. 74 is
Ai.raf tmp.rtar. for oorMpoadlog laU Iaji
"The Prr" Prre RxcorBlprjB,rTRR
PREsa will oontiuu. tU rt. of e.rand t Extor
tion, nasi wMk Tl.k.(. and full partlonlar. in tn
burnW I'., O,.r0,ti00 Li Imo uk.nthla
w..k. Unlvr of roar n.vftdMlu In a4f bm.
m ,.l. . - . ,.....
1 IsbbbbbbI
' IH
The Manager of Female Ball-Flayers M
Accused ot Abducting Her. fl
Sho Is Sweet Sixteen, but Wati't M
Whoti Sho Loft Home. H
1 bbbbbbb!
Sylvester Franklin Wilson, a theatrical M
man and tomato baseball club manager, better ' H
known by hlH professional name ot W. 8. H
Franklin, was arraigned in tho Harlem Police H
Court, this morning on a chargo of abduction. H
Tho complainant was Agent William A. H
Finn, ot the Children's Society, who charged ' IB
Wilson with abducting pretty llttlo Abble IH
Sunderland, of Btnghamton, N. Y., and making: H
her tho star feature ot ono ot his three female B
baseball clubs. , HH
Abbto herself was present In court with her 'sal
father, William II. Sunderland, who had come B
on from BlDghamton to assist In the prose- ! HH
outlonof tho alleged abductor ot his daughter. ; HBa
Abbto la a very pretty gtrL Sho has saucy IJ
black eyes, regular features and a wealth ot ; HBl
dark tresses that Bet off hor petite but plump HBl
form to perfection. Sho Is wonderfully well J BVJ
developed for her ago. '5. HBl
She worn a short dark bluo flannel dross, a S BBl
bright red Jacket, brown leghorn hat, black 3 HBa
stoeklngs and canvass baseball shoos. She jl HBl
looked every Inch an Amazon basebalhpUyeri . HHJ
and as she stood carelessly leaning against : BSJ
the railing In front of Ills Honor with her- , fHH
hands on her hips she scorned to be saying i I . :'HJ
Oh. hurry up I Play ball I" SH
bIbbbbbbbbbbbr bbbH
JKsSm m
if yfe I
ffllHi' III
Aetna suNDsnLArror ' BBl
Agent Finn wont to the bat first and swert SaVafl
to his affidavit. Abble's father made a sunt- 'I-'l
lar hit, and then Lawyer William F. Howe, 1111
Wilson's counsel, resplendent In diamonds , l
and a now summer suit, caltod time. Isbbbbb!
"Your Honor," Bald he, "this little girl - 'taB
tells me that sho was Blxtcen years old on the , 3
4th of March last. Isn't that true, sissy!" ' Bbbbbbb!
turning to Abble. 1-LVal
Abblo sbmewhat reluctantly admitted that lflVJ
Mr. Howe's observation was consistent with . H
the truth, and the big lawyer asked to have Irbbbbb!
tho game forfeited and his cllont discharged. - fflVJ
llutrgent Finn called tho court's attention ' .jffl
to tho fact that his afildavlt charged that the ' IflVJ
alleged ofTeusowos committed In December' , IBBJ
last, when tno girl was only fifteen years old. .
Justice Meade then decided to hold Wilson ,
In (1,000 ball for examination at3.30Mon- J
day afternoon. 1 1
Agent Finn told an Kvekino World re- ! 4HH
porter that ho and Agent Schultcs arrested 1 s
Wilson last night, after a long search for him. 'j
For several weeks he had been boarding the j 'I-BbJ
girl at tho house of Mrs. Deekman, a crayon j ilBl
artist, at 3341) Third avenuo. i, ,:"BVJ
Tho agent says also that whllo the alleged -j i'
oITensn was committed In December last, " IbbbbbbI
the girl had really gono away from her 'bbbbbbI
home with Wilson a month or two previous. . H
I lo had not compelled her to play ball In the . H
field with the other members of his ball club, H
but had treated her rather as a mascot, her . HBi
most arduous labors consisting In selling ; --Bal
scoie-eards and pictures of tho players In the . 'j.HJ
grandstand. HBl
Wilson himself dentes that there was any j' lj
nbiluctlnn on his part- He says that while his , ;.H
club was playing In Illngbamton last Octo- h HHl
Wr Abble camo to him and asked to Join hll ' ' tl
Her father was In Jail at the time, Wilson
alleges, and as the girl appeared to be over , t,HHl
sixteen, ho allowed her to go along with the -
Ho says that ho took great Interest laths -.HH1
girl, and whllo the Club was not on tho road i'SBl
he had placed her In a school In this city. BbbbbbI
He pronounces his arrest an outrage and TbbbbbI
tho result of an attempt on the part ot one ''jaswJ
of bis dlschargtsl employees tVblackmatl him. , IQBl
Agent Finn denounced Wilson in court this IH
morning, but Justlco Meade told him to re 'fl
tene bis opinions, as tho man's record. It he H
had one, would come out on his examination. Vrbbbb!
Lawyer Howe retorted by saying that he 'j&VJ
" had been behind the scenes himself In thl H
case, and that some little birds had been taflH
whispering some ery Important Information ilaVJ
regarding th' act Ions of the Society's agents. Jl
The girl her-elf hail nothing whatever to fH
say, but It was remarked that sho did not re- loHH
gard her accused abductor with even a look , jjHBl
of dwavor, and Law) er Howo intimated that j IjttVJ
she had been forced into tho caso against her 1 jflBl
will. J .WM
llson is forty years old, and besides con- UHj
trolling threo female baseball nines also I HJ
claims to have two theatrical companies on diHH
tho road plaj lng the "Little Counter" and '!
" The Corker." IsbbbbbbI
Is Dlalr to Go to Itussla? JIbbbbbI
IcrrciAL to the etinino worlh.1 - jfflHJ
Wasiunoton, Aug. 14. A rumor Is in clr- yfSfl
culatlon that Henry W. Blair, the unaccept- ilflVJ
able Minister to China, may succeed Charlea j WrHH
I Emury Smith as Minister to Itussla. .
Four Voars for Corrlgan. HSVJ
Driver Francis corrlgan, of 03 West Broad- laVAl
way, was neutenccd to four years In State r PiVAl
prison to-day by Judge Cowing on his plea of SflBai
plea ot guilty ot stealing (43 worth ot good , !
from Thurber, Whyland 4 Co. ' BBH
Hit for Rofualntr a Drink. - HHBl
Patrick Hanlon, ot 3 James street, was held 1 BBb
In the Tombs court to-day charged with IUU ' J
ting Bartender James Hughes, otua Chatham 9HHJ
street, with a beer-glass for reluslng to beU HBO
him a drink. '

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