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m Number of "Help Wanted" Ads. Published ll, -yV M - fpY . v Af ""sS Number of " Help Wanted" Ads. Published JH
0iv7$r Mo fevej AtWAs Ending Nov. 30: mHI fllfa )1l3 TpsiTTrffi' .fiT ff(lStff -i I tf'MlIM X ffsila 0.ri7 fAo eFo Months Ending Nov. 30: Wk
In THE WORLD - - 163,301 W& ill ill IK IfllBW (&mV' 1 I ill I 1 I 1 U In THE WORLD - - 163,301
i k' In the Herald 63,552 - HIS V1 Ji'1 V m the Herald 63,552 M
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I LA I it A.
K A Possible Glue to the
Bomb Thrower.
I His Severed Head in a Boi
I at the Morgue,
Or Eussell Sage Nearly Recovered
II from the Shook.
Condition of the Wounded Men in
JL Hospital.
Young Norton' Body Taken to lilt
ltm Home for IJurlul.
Ef A most Important fact, which may serve as
T a cluo to the Identity ot the murderous mad'
I man whose bomb-throwing exploit In the of-
Sec ot Husscll Sngo yesterday afternoon
.U causing tbe lossot two lives and themalm
' tag ot several persons has created such a
M J tremendoua sensation throughout tho coun-
try, was brought to light this morning.
.V It v 111 be remembered that In the height ot
I yesterday's excitement, when nil sorts of
I. wild lumors and stones were flying about'
LL thy accounts nearly all agreed lu one point.
wfr " Ihit point was that the name of the mys-
jvl teilous d)uamlter was "Wilson." It was
"p E&ld by Mr. Sage that when ho found himself
I face to faco vv 1th thn maniac In the little antc-
mom of tho outer ofllce, tho latter presented
blm a em don which was the name of "II. D.
It wns learned this morning by au Evknimo
j WoitiDicporter that tho card presented by
F tbe assassin to Cleric Norton at the window
Q' ' of theouttronico two or threo minutes before
mf 11 r. Sage made his appearance, bore the
r names Wlllson Hcdcnberg," ot 111 Broad-
I The man said he wanted to see Ur. Sage
I about tho negotiation of some bonds, and
I declared that he came from Mr. Rockefeller.
W Wlllson & Uedenbcrg, who have an onice at
the address mentioned, are engaged In the
W promotion of business enterprises, and fre-
quently negotlato bonds for companies that
' B wish to raise capital to start their business.
I The senior member oi the rlimls Hugh It.
I Wllltcn. He Is a young man, but has had a
large experience w 1th cranks and enthusiasts
D who have schemes which they are bent upon
I putting In operation.
l An Etinino World reporter found Mr.
I Wlllson In his ofllce early this morning.
I Asked If he had any Idea who tbe person
I could bo who presented the card ot his firm
I at ltussell Sage's ofllco yesterday noon, Mr.
, V Wlllson replied t
V thinks ii k has sekn tub assassin.
B 1 have been reading In the papers the do-
fsS ecrlptlon of tto head which was found among
yf tbo debris In Mr. bnge's offlce, and whloh 1b
f J supposed to be that of tho fiend who tried to
I blow up the building.
I " I am very forcibly Impressed with this
I , dcsci lptlon, as it agrees in many points w 1th
It that ota man with whom wo had somoaeal-
I logs a few mouths ago.
II J "lie was a man about forty years of age
fl i and camo from the West. I cannot give you
VJ his name or any particulars about his rest.
mT dence or his business, for I might be doing the
jM person I have In mind a very groat Injur)'!
J but there Is no den lng the fact that In Its
I main points his description agrees very ao
I curatcly with that ot our would-be client.
" " It lb about seven months since I have seen
blm. He had a bohemo to promoto and came
lr to us. I didn't know who sent blm here, but
II we hndbuvernl visits from him. We did not
fl think well of his proposition, so we declined
U to do business nllb hliu.
JM. " Ho was uu American, I am certain, and
rJl eecined to bo well Informed and well edu-
)U) - cated. At that tlmo there was jiuthlng in
yT bis innuuor or cuuversatlou which; would
give ile to any suspicion that ho Was not
B "His conversation w.n perfectly rational.
L but beseemed to be hoiiicu hat cranky. The
BA points of lewiublatice, which struck mo In
WW rtudlng tbo descilptloii of the head and
L-J features of the suppoM-d bomrt hrower, aro
f tbo u:
1 it i: DirKirrioN taiuuh.
I "Tho uisternvr Mhncamo tons was ruther
a toll man, nllh a sallmv oimplcAlon, and
I i regulai' leature.. Uu had a i4ldbhbrown
MBit $jb-'lZlib -'jjty-', ry l& ,-fcS
beard and mustache, which he clipped rather
close. They were very stlrr and bristly.
"Ho also wore his hair, which was rt.irU
brown In color, uud tlilcc mid straight,
brushed right up from bis foreheud In the
did. Wo usually give them to our visitors.
"AbI hae said, howotcr, It Is now more
than flvo months since I have seen him, and I
haven't tho slightest Idea what became ot
Tho police have not yet lmestlgated this
clue. They are trj lng to solve tho problem as
to whether tho bomb thrower Is tho mysteri
ous "John Walsh " w ho has been writing
threatening letters to Mr. bago recently.
Who Walsh Is nobody knows; but quite
recently -Mr. sago rocehed a long letter
signed by this name, In which tho writer said
he must have 1,200,000 at once.
lie had a good deal to say In this letter
about the recent dispute between the Stand
ard Gaslight Company and President Wallaco
U. Andrews, ot the Steam Company, and
mentioned tho 11,200,000 In stock which be
longed to the widows ot Uen. Spluola and tho
late Mr. Monhelmcr.
He declared that be was going to marry
both these ladles, and demanded tho money
from Mr. Sago In order that ho might bo
placed on a financial equality with them.
Bcvei al other letters followed, signed by the
same "John Walsh," In which tho demand
was reiterated and threats ot bodily harm
were made in case Mr. Sage refused to comply
with the request.
The millionaire, who receives no end ot
letters of this kind, as bis nephew says, paid
ho attention whatever to tbe demand at nrst,
Imagining It to be only tho Idle threat of a
harmless lunatic
Afterwards, during the earlier part ot tho
present week, when the letters began to come
In almost every day, he became a little
nervous and sent for Inspector Ilyrncs.
Tbe Inspector called at Mr. Sage's onice. at
71 Broadway, several times. Mr. Sage
showed blm tbo letters, and ho undertook to
look up the writer. It Is said that the In
spector was on his way down to Mr. Sage's
offlco yesterday when tho climax canio and
the crank got lu his fiendish work.
There Is no doubt whatever that the bead
and the Bhreds ot the human body now lying
In a pine box at tho Morgue aro those ot the
body ot the murderous inaulac.
The bead and face are In almost a perfect
Btato ot preservation. From tbo neck thcro
bangs a long strip ot blackened tlcsh and
muscle, which tells ot the frightful force
w bleu to ro It from tho body.
The bristly hair of the redclsb-brown beard
and mustache. Is slightly blnged, which gives
to It a Homew hat kinky appearance.
Tho e clashes aro burned off, but tho short
dark hair, which stands up btralght and thick
from tho forehead, Is not marked by tho flame.
The features are very regular, tho neso
straight and well proportioned, with dellcato
nostrils, though tho face Is somewhat elon
gated and thin.
1 ho forehead Is high and retrentlng and the
ears are small and well formed. Tbe skin of
the face Is somewhat reddened lu patches as
though slightly burned, and wheio the nat
ural color of the skin Is tioeu It appears some
what tallow.
The eyes are wide opsn and staring, tbe
pupils being very much contracted. They
jj.;y-4,i-'i'i'..'Jea;)).rt'--tJ.4J'A','M-f - -
arc largo and full, and In color arc of a bluish
one of thn most noticeable things about tho
features Is tho mouth. The lips are full and
rod, and the teeth while, regular and remaik-
pompadour style. His eyes were blue and
large, and soft In expression. There was
nothing wild about them, as I remember.
" The descriptions given of tho head at the
Morguo glvo the same general features, as to
hair, beard, eyes, and so forth, and although I
can hardly believe It Is the samo person,
still tho correspondence of detail Is so strik
ing thut I am going to tho Morgue this aftoi
noon and take a look at tbo head. I could
tell In a moment If It was tbe same person.
"There has been plenty of time for him to
go crazy since I saw him. We na o n great
many cranks come to see us, and I do not
often remember them from ono week to
another; but somehow or other tbo appear
nnce of this particular man Impressed itself
upon me, and I have a feeling that It may bo
the same person.
" During bis negotiations with us he never
expressed any animosity toward millionaires
In general, or ltussell Sage, Jay Gould or any
one else In particular. He might have taken
some ot our cards with blm, and probably
ably perfect and beautiful In their formation.
Tho trunk ot the body has been blown Into
shreds. One arm, tho left, was blown off at
the bhoulder and broken at tho w rbt.
The right arm has disappeared entirely.
Soveral lingers and tho thumb or thu right
bam were found and are In tbe box at tbe
Morgue, together with a hundred other
scraps ot flesh and bono from various parts of
the body.
The left leg Is almost Intact from tho hip
down, but only tho foot and lower portion ot
the right leg was found.
Tarts of tho man's body w as blown through
the floor Into tbo old ofllco of the Union Trust
Company below, and bevcral fragments of it
were picked up there by the police In clearing
away tho wreckage jesterday afternoon.
It Is eWdent that the explosion must bavo
taken placo In closo proximity to tho dyna
miter's body, otherwise It could not have had
such frightful effort.
It looks as though tho hand bag which ho
carried, and which is bald to have been filled
with nltro-gl'cerlne, or fulminating powder,
exploded as ho held It In bis right band.
borne think ho may have simply dropped It
on the floor at bis feet, and there Is another
theory that be threw a small bottle or bomb
containing the explosive at Mr. Sage. wiOoh
missed Llm, and, striking tho wall or floor,
The concussion from this Instantly caused
the larger quantity, which the bomb-throner
still had In his satchel, to explode, and In
this way tho perpetrator ot this awful crime
was himself blown to fragments.
Robertson Will Recover, Though
DUfleurad for Life Tho Others.
At Chambers Street Hospital this morning
I. L. Robertson, the whlie-halred father ot
l'rank Robertson, tho twenty-ycar-old clerk
In Russell Sage's onlec, awaited anxiously
tho report of tho doctor on tho condition of
hl3 son. It came at u o'clock. The doctors
bent down word that tbo unfortunate young
I man was doing as well as could be expected,
'and that there was a fair hopo for his
reco ery.
Young Roberlbon was horribly mangled by
the terrible explosion. Thero was hardly a
portion of his body that was not Injured, ono
I eye was completely smashed and tho sur
geons found It uccssaiy to remove It. Thero
was a great gash torn In his abdomen and his
legs and at ms were cut and torn, llut what
was diagnosed by tho atnbulanco surgeon
from a hasty examination as a double com
pound fraciure of tbo base of the skull was
found on more careful examination to bo only
an ugly scalp wound.
Concussion was feared, but did not develop
last night, and tho young man may recover,
though he will bo frightfully disfigured for
life. He lived with hid father at Avenue A
and Fifth street, Bergen point.
Charles W. Osbjrn, Mr. Sago's cashier, and
tor many years his conndcntlal secretary,
also 1) lng at thu Chambers Street Hospital,
was improving this morning. That was tho
glad news that Rev. Ur. J. M. Farrar, of tho
j beventh Avenuo Reformed Church, Brooklyn,
! took to Mrs. Osborn at her homo, luti llcrkc-
Mr. Osborn received multiple wounds and
gashes, tho worst of which was a laceration
of tho neck. Ho Is a manor titty-two years
and suffered much from nervous shock,, but
the physicians thought this morning that ho
would got well.
Tbo other victims of tho explosion who
went to Chambers Street Hospital wore Ben
jamin F. Norton, who died there yesterday,
and batnuel G. Calhoun.
Calhoun, a telegraph operator In the orflce
of Washlngtor E. Connor, walked to the hos
pital after tho explosion. He bad received a
tremendous blow on the right side of the
head, and was much dazed; but tho surgeons
found that bo had sustained no serious In
Jury, and after his wound was dressed ho re
turned to the sceno of the explosion and was
about all tho afternoon.
A great knob appeared and grew to the size
ot bis fist back of the right ear, and tbo man
grew more and more confused, till be was
tlnally induced to go to his bomo at IDS Dean
street, Brooklyn.
His Ghastly Severed Head Not Tot
Tho disrupted and disintegrated mass of
liuunn llesli and bones belonging to the frame
ot the dead dynamiter lay In au ordinary
pine box at tho Morguo this morning.
The bloody, severed head, which was taken
to tho homo of Russell bago last night and
there Identities by him as that of tho man
who had demanded tho great sum of money,
was returned tu tho Morgue by Inspector
ltjrnes's ortlcers shortly before midnight.
There were comparatively few visitors to
thu dead-house tbHloreuuvZ, r.nd those who
did appear were Impelled by curiosity.
Several attaches oi llellevuo Hospital re
moved the lid and paied i the ghastly bead,
but no uno could say ho bad ever been It
1 ho turn and rngg.-d remmrtts of the cloth- (
lng picked up at the bcene of tbo explosion
are piled cm a table In the autopsy room. As
sistant MnrgucKeepcr I'lnnlgau examined
the blood-stained fragments this morning In
the presence of an Kvknivu Vorlii reporter.
Thcro w as a portion of a ptlr ot trousers,
strlpod In n bluish grav.aplcco of n black
cIothovrrcn.it and pieces of a black dlagonr.l i
coat nnd vest. A sleuvo of a white cot
ton undershirt aud two pieces of gray
cotton drawers and brown overshlrt
were tlfere. 'I hero were, besides, shreds
of a white linen shlit, a bltck suspender, a
light-brown, lelt-hand kid glovo; a pair ot
laced shoes and n piece of the rlin ot a black
derhj hat, to which was attached a wind I
The clothing was of n mediocre quality, in '
examining the piece of trousers u button w as (
found with the name of "Brooks, Boston." I
This would indicate that thu trousers wire
made lu Boston by this llrm. It may possibly
furnish u cluo towards the dynauilier't)
The glove was numbered T and was stamped
"K." The him or tbe shoes was No. 11.
Asslstaut Kecpir Flimlgan said to tbo re
porter that he would nail up the box con
taining thu body nl the dynamiter. Tho hor
rlblu fragments wjuU! be kept at tbo Morgue
until .Monday, uud It not then claimed the)
would bo burled lu Potter's Field.
Ho Was Injured Chiefly by Bhock,
and Drove Out To-Day.
" Mr. Sago Is very much better," was tho
answer that a servant at the house, liut)
ruth avenue, repeated at Uasl a bundled
times this morning lu reply to Inquiries alter
his condition.
There was a constant stream of visitors at
the millionaire's home. Most of them left
curds. Only a few of the many who wanted
to seo Mr. Bago personally wero admitted.
Among these were Almon Goodwin, President
(lallaway, of thu Third National Bank, and
George J. Gould, Jay Gould's son, who re
mained for nearly an hour.
Ur. J. 1'. Munn, Mr. Gould's physlcan, called
nt H o'clock and again an hour later.
"What Is Mr. Sage's condition t" bo was
asked by an Kvkvinii World reporter.
" Ho Is getting along splendidly. Ho suf
' fered moro Horn bhock than from wounds, and
has almost fully recovered."
" Will he be able to go to his offlce to-day J"
" He Is able to go, but I advl,cd him to keep
quiet for a day or two. Ho will go out for an
ahlng to-day that Is all."
Reporters were not admitted to see Mr.
Sage. Ills nephew, Russell Sage, Jr., an
swered all questions. He bald that Mr. Sage
had no furtber Information to give tbe press.
Mr. Sage had had a long conference with
Chief Inspector Byrnes last night- More
than that tho nephew refuaeu to tell.
Among tho early callers to-day were:
Charles N Talbot, W. E. Conner, Will
i lam Warner Hoppln, W. It, Grace, J. C
Wyman, Br. J. II. M. Messemer, Randolph
W. Townsend, Samuel Sloan, II. M. Flagler,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Wallace, Col F. K.
Haln, Osvvln O'Brien, William Rockerellcr,
John Sage and Walter Beverldge.
Visit of a Mystorlou3 Crank to the
Western Union Building.
There was a startling rumor thU morning
that tbe man who exploded the bomb lu ltus-
l wll Sage's ofllco yesterday hud also visited
thu Western Union Telegraph Company's
: building earlier In tho day In quest ot Jay
Investigation by an Evening World re
porter developed that a man, evidently crazy
I aud of bomewhat similar appearance to Mr.
' Sago's assailant, wont up to the fourth Moor
of tho big building at lua Broadway about
ld.'JO jesterday forenoon and told Doorman
Michael Dovvd, at the operating rooms, that
ho wanted to collect a bill, but didn't know
I whom be w anted to bee.
' Doorman Dond sent blm downstairs again,
and tho man disappeared. He had a beard
something like Mr. Sage's assailant, but wore
1 a slouch hat, light gray overcoat and carried
no handbag.
Body of Young Benjamin F. Norton
Taken to His Home To-Day.
Benjamin F. Norton, who was gathered up
a shattered wreck after the explosion and
taken unconscious to Chambers btreot Hos
pital, died within an hour after his arrival
there, or at 1.30 o'clock. lie bad sustained a
1 compound Iracture of the skull, besides Inter
nal Injuries. He never recovered conscious
ness, and died Just as tho surgeons were
about to perform the operation ot trephining,
tho lost resort In such cases.
Norton was only nineteen years old. He
was a stenographer and tpovvrlter In Mr.
Sage's onice, and lived with his father,
George C. Norton, at For Rockaway.
Undertaker Duffy removed the body ot
Norton to his undertaking rooms at 10 o'clock
last night, and It n as taken to Rockaway to
Much Damage to Property Dono by
tho Sudden Storm.
Good Ground, I I., Dec. B A furious
wind-storm visited Long Island last night. It
was tho fiercest ever known. The wind blow
a hurricane, doing great damage to property.
The bandsomo residence at bhlnnecock
Hills, which has been building for William F.
Chase, of New York (It), and which was
nearly completed, lies Hal upon the gruuud
tills morning a complete ruin.
The high wind completely wrecked It. The
loss Is considerable. All tho sheds adjumlug
tho new dub-house were blown to pieces.
At Good Ground two barns nereup-et by
the hurricane" and several buildings were
lifted orr their foundations. No fewer than a
dozen ) achts are tu snlluters, being lined en
tirely out ot the water by the wind and Hung
upon tbo meadows.
Tb Western Union Telegraph poles for a
distance are down.
The Barge Washington One of the
Victims of the Storm.
Tho coal barge Washington went shore on
the Rome shoals last night, but was floated
at T.&3 to-day. hue Is bully damaged.
The schooner Adele llndell, which went
ashoie on the Homer fix weeks ago, went to
pieces during last night, and hor wreckage Is
drifting about thu loner bay.
Tho most prompt cure for Headaches Is
Heavy Traok May Eoduce tho
Largo Fields at Guttenburg.
Tormentor to Try Conclusions with
Karly Illossoin.
1 he track at outtenburg to-day will u fet.
lock deep lu mud and will have tho effect of
musing numerous scratches lu the lather
large ileitis.
'lhecntrUs promise Intcreslltig raring to
day, nnd long shots villi prnbablj I e th" rule,
lor heavy going nlwajs causes reversals In
Tormentor, Early Blossom, bit George and
1. title l'red are all at home lu mud, and should
make a pretty race. Ruth, .Marie I,., veil,
ballsbury and Kocquifnrt ought to go well
The entries tor tbo opining event aro as
Flrnt ltiov. l'urie 400, lutideu tno-)eirul,ls,
tlv lurluiig
1. Itraii'i, Martniut ,, lot
W l I)l) a Ktil.k-Kmck Itlljr I II 7
K. lli.!lr'ii MolUu ll,u... Ill 7
l.it'vUiorSUtjlw'ii Un.Atj full 10
A, VV titffUT'M llruukin Iu3
.1 II AUL'rf rry'i AniuHim,, ins
I). .Mfrriniau' ticnryi 11 ,. 10V
VV II, Mil rtlx't M. Autliunr Ill
1'. II ltstn'n Vm'a'UI lo'i
i:tiiilriNIBlila' llaltliui' 103
J. U . Mufth'it I.lttl luoiiiUr 10",
A. Tnumpaou' Manic , llli
I.Kl) I1(ul lllj
0. Kerr'a llnral 1,... loz
J ,N Mulhiillanit'a Untie . llli
'Ihls Is a hard lot to select a winner from.
Lady I bolul has only been seen uine In
public, but her performance was so grind that
tbe writer oxpeets to see her win to-day.
Kulck-Knuck (Illy may no the i miner up
and Little Tuesday may bo third.
Second Hare Puraf 440il aellitif , all furlong
Kbattan MaH'f Nparllui Ji
T. II. ll)n'. I'atli.lh. II j
rraaceut Cltr Htllile'a Flamtfoot 117
I 1'. II. ltan'a llauulbal 117
1. II. I.ixea INilidura , , ,. IK
, RicclaiiirHtablt'a.luUO lit
W, I'. Ilaly'a Hold m no
I M .1. lUty'a Utiruar colt , , , loj
i O. A. Jonea A I'o.'a MagiU Miinihj in
Glfii Inlantl Mabln'a Arcln (tallln '.It
Thu Uproar coll, If ho stuns to-day, may
win. lie has a big ndvaulngo lu weight.
bpnrllngmavtie the runner-up ud I'ol).
doru may be tlilid.
Third IUca.-1'uraettOOi aalllnt; all a half
Y. M llrar'" Donrihu" MS
I.aroaahjr Brtia 'Lillian 107
W. ( Dalj'n Ituqurfort lUt
T. II HlMi'a Knth 'J7
Lliartreuae U3
W I,ord!' .Slant, Loioll, lit
M. J. Daly's Salnburr in
hiiiiua J 11
Roquefort ought to win tbls raco without
trouble. Ruth seems his most dangerous
competitor, for she defeated blm at six fur
longs when they last met.
Then Roqueiort gave her thirteen pounds.
To-day he gives her suveu, mid the uxtaa ball
i furlong Is lu his lav or. Ruth may be second
and Salisbury may be third.
I Funrtu ltac.Iurn,i fGOO, paualtles and allow-
' ante, mil, and a furlong
rbdadtiibi hutilit's Klmb.rlj HIV
W U. iMlj'a Lepanto. ltia
J. B CainpliwU'a (Jan-Can 112
A. llairl.'nThc r.irum VI
T. l!err' Birthday 0J
Klmberly may win this raco, with Lepanto
second, can Can may be third.
Filth IUi'c.-Pur. M)0, handicap; Are furlonr".
Empire Mable'a Tormentor lit
,1 11. McOnnlck'B Karly H'osaotn 1U
D. T. l'nlslfer'a hlr George 10J
F. McCahe'a Vo utitoer II 101
T Htan'n Irlngle . 101
W. 11 Iloller'i. l.ltlli, Fred 101
A. ThoniiU'jn'a Mabel (Jlpiiti.,,, 100
F Leonard's Mohican Uy
W O. Daly'a Fagot .. . 8J
Karly Blossom ought to be the first over
the line In this race, though Tormentor and
Sir George should bo close up.
If l.ambley rides the latter ho will be very
hiitlt lUce l'urae $400, aelltag.aeTen furlongs
VV. C. Hal)'. Illenliioui ,1 HI 7
1 A. Thompsiin'A hlr tteorg. II loj
VV liugaii'a l)uen ol Irtiinpa lot
H. Aruiauona King llaxeut loj
M .1 Ualy'a Bohemian 10Z
B, Leonard's blr Has 117
K ll.her'a lorn lla)os , J7
I), Korber's llsrry Ireland lis
J, B. Cotlins's Romanes UV
Aunt .lane . lia
W. J. Solera's War lltiko UJ
T.J llealei's Double t'ro.a ot
, II. Isaac's lttiahlight Do
.1 b LsmiibeU's'ls.so Ho
VV. II, Holler's Standard 75
i Tom Hayes may win the last event, with
I Harry Ireland second. Glenmouud may oeat
the others.
I Morning Papers Selections.
I First Race Marmont, Anuawan.
Second Race Uproar colt, Sparling.
'lblrd Itaie Donbhuf, Uraiuclort.
Fourth Race hlmberlv, 'Ihe Forum.
Fifth Race Trluiile, Mr George,
blxth Race Tom Hales, sir oeorge II.
First r.ace Knlck-Knack Illly, Marmont.'fi
Second Race Catherine B., Julo G.
Third Race Roquefort, Salisbury.
Fourth Race Klmberly, Lepanto.
Filth Race 'loi mentor, Earlv Blossom. '
blxth Race Harry Ireland, Romance.
First Race Knlck-hnack (Illy, Mcllle Davis,
second Race Sj.ai'llug, Catherine B.
'I htrd Race Marie I.uvell, lloqui lore.
Fourth Race Klmberly, Thu 1'urnm.
tilth Raco Fully lllosstiin, Sir George,
bltth Race Bohemian, (jueeu of '1 rumps.
I'll st Race Knlck-Knack llllv, Marmont,
btcoud Race Maggie Murphy, Catharine II.
'Ihlrd Race Ruth, Marie Lovell.
Fourth Race KlmberlJ, Lepanto.
Kllth Race 'I rinulo, hlr George,
blxth Race King llazem, 'lorn llnjcs.
First Race Marmont, St. Anthony,
r-ecimd Raco Tho Uproar coll, Maggie
Ihlid Race Ruth, Marie Lovell.
Fourth Race Klmberly, Can, Can.
Filth Race Little Fred, Trlngle.
blxth Race Tom llajes, Bohemian.
: Double Tragedy and Anticipated
Sensation In Wyoming.
lm AMnriATrD rittai.l
! IlrrPAlO, Wyo., Dec. fi. John A. Tlsdale, a
ranchman living near Powder River, nil J
another ranchman u lined Jones were shot In
tho back by ambushed assassins Tuesdi)
morning on the highway a few miles from
this city.
'1 hu Impressson Is I bat Loth men were mur
dered lor supposed cuttle rustling.
It Is lielit'Vi'il the oftlcirs have evidence
against the murdtrers. and It Is whispered
the uamis will shock tbe eutlie state.
An Idaho City Burning.
j (vt AtsocuTrii rnrat 1
broEANK, Wash., 1) ,",. A despatch from
Ctiur d'Alene city, Idoh i, nl 1'.' no .'.,
states that the tnw n Is on fire and assistance
netdeiL A special train with a tire euglno
'it II here at 1 o'clock.
VVeaVnesa of men, due to n.erwork, ill health,
eice.ses, lr , may he quickly aud thoroughl)
cured by a new scientific syslein perfected by the
trie Medical Co , Niagara equsre, tluflalo, N. V.
Write to them foe etplauatory pamphlet, which
the. offer to mail treeln sejled letter IDey refer
to J.0OO oured patients. V
V. A- 8." HtleU l.irurlrr Has
for fears raalutalued its cltelleuie. Drug!)!.
It May Eeceivo tho Wife-Mur-'
derer on Monday.
Witrdpii Hrtiwii Thinks Ho Will
Meet Ids I'n to with Fortitude.
I.rft.t TMTTtr rrrsiya worn r, 1
' mnci simi, N". Y., Dee. .1 When Mnitln 1).
Loppv, the condemned wltt-murdeiur, awoke
I nl T.:i" "cluck this morning, he sat on his
urn row b'Ml, rubbing his eves, for several mo
no ills leluro he went to tho faucet In the
i til In r tit It's oil t perlonu his ati.uilons.
i Good morning, Loip : how do you feci 7"
asked tiiinrd liernbet ler.
" 1 list rale, Mi,' leplliil Loppy.
This man, who 1 to tile In theelecttle chair
us soon ntitr midnight to-morrow as Warden
, Brtiivii ma) del in ino.t convenient, was ns
chterlul as though he had an lndellnltti lease
j of life.
He Is n petullar diameter, almost as
changeable lu hl in ls ns the winds, lie
vvcnitotied.it 11 o'clock last night " feeling
good," he hitld, unit his slumber was less dis
turbed than iisiitl.
He had been luuth pleas d by having for
his supper a dish ho had bum itsMng for for
Home two weeks slewed eel?. It had been
Impossible to obtain the eels for Loppy betun1,
altlu ugh the local maikets had been searched
by the W'iiriln'.s tudeis.
Thecniidi'innetl men are allowed to clooso
what the) phase tor tin lr meals, and It It Is
possible to suppl) their reasonable desires It
Is done.
Levy's breakfast consisted of beefsteak,
eg,' titmlft, filed potatoes, toast and corfee.
llo ute htartlly, nnd then, lighting a cigar,
sat on his bed mm urTcd II with appaient
com out moot.
Although hesavs nothing moro than that
ho liels good and does not wnnt mi) thing
done tn fc.tve llllo, Loppy has Impressed
Principal Keener Connaughton as being the
most Intelligent man that has been confined
In the dentil cells.
I llo occupies thu second cell lu the original
I Heath lluiisj direct!)' opposite the enlrunco
' Irom the dark cells. Mcllvalne and Trezzu
lire confined In the now pint across tho corri
dor though which Loppy will walk tu the
death chair.
'lo Warden Brown he Is very respectful, but
shows mi Inclination tn speak of his convic
tion, which at tho Tombs ho was constantly
railing against.
Chaplain Edgerton, of the prison, and
Chaplain Law, of the Tombs, who havo called
upon Loppy, tlnd him th" silent nun, listen
ing attentively to rrllsinua Instruction, but
with nothing tu say lurther than that he Is
Hu is a stubby, thick-set fellow, somewhat
dear, and hllud lu one uye, and as he bits In
his, khlit. fclievcs he Is not tho sort nt man
that wnuU Impress one ns possessing courage
or will-power. But hu Is it veteran of the
war, aud Wanleu Brown thinks hu will walk
to death with furiltudc.
Warden Blown has now arranged his busi
ness so that ho will have nuthlng elBe to oc
cupy his attention until Loppy is burled
I buslde Mocum, Wood and Jugiro.
I lo-da) such little details as have not been
completed will lie atteinlul to, the dynamo
will be again speeded and the Death Chamber
iirrauged for the electrocution. The chair
has been packtd up In the elictroeutloner's
closet Uncu the Julv killing. It will bo
brought out and pitied In position with thu
rubber mats surrounding It, and then all will
be ready.
In fact. Warden Brown said this morning
thut If nece- ai) heiould UeUroeutu Lopp)
. upon tlvu minutes' notice.
' It Is understood tint no chnnge will be
made in the nut hi dot nppDlng thu electrode
Irom tli.il adopted In July, one i lectrode
will be applied to l.opp)'s rorehead and the
other to the call or the right leg.
tape, llllbcn, the ) aid-master, who ha?
charge or the macldner) ot oeaili, s.ijs that
alter tlie quadruple clcciincutlon he made an
experiment, which o nvlnces blm ilia, even
the blistering nt the II -Mi can be obviated.
He 1 licnla liurkit of vnteron each -Id? of
the chair legs I, hero a c mdemned man s feet
would rest, and Ins ited the positive wire In
one bucket and the negative wire In tho
other. Ht)a)bli utii thu dyuumos up to n
voltago of 1,700 vults, but tho water lu
neither bucket was In aled ttia bulling debtee.
Cupt. Hubert's Idea Is that lloilianosi r leet
of the condemned man should be placed In
buei.etsof water, aud that In this manner the
I circuit would be completed and thu man
I killed Instantly withoui leuvlngaii) marks on
his peison to show the manner of death.
His. McDonald, Laud) and Rockwell, the
btate'a experts. th clde the maiintr of (tpp)lng
.,,,, niirr.mt. Iniiinir. .'mil time urn ntti n r
thu current, noneier, aim inuy are appur
tntiy sitlstled with the foreh ad and leg
contacts, uud that method will bo again
Lopp) 'scorn n now stands on a pair of tres
tles In the back loom f the Heath t'liambir.
and he has not tn .t thin thlrt)-slx hours
vvhlth he can t lalm lor his life.
He expt'Cts to he summoned to his death at
nti) moment alter the clock strikes tho hour
of midnight to-morrow.
Soon Afterwords Ex-Pollcoman Mur
phy Was Found Doad There.
Kx-1'tdlt.emaii John Murphy was lound
1) lng dead In the hall of his house at 1 i:i
Grand street, lloboken, at r.'.lS o'clock this
morning. .
Joseph Douzler, who lives In the upper part
' of tho saiuo house, called out from the win
dow to l'ollcemin Kerrlguu as ho was pass
lng anil told him thut ho had heard groans
and strange nols. s In thu hall below, but was
afraid to go down and ascertain the cause.
When onicer Kerrigan went In hedlscov.
ernl Murphy l.vlng on thu stairway, head
I downward. Ills b-et were fast lu thu bil'is
i ter and lite wasevtlnct.
I Murph), who was sixty ) ears old, was dis
missed trom t he polh e forcu lirteen years ago
I tor InUiMrath u, and has been ot mtcmpciato
habits ever Mine
ii.roncr l'arsl nv. who was notified, wis i r
I the opinion that thu man bud accidentally
j full di duwuslalrv
A Now Syndlcnto Trying to Got the
Driving Park Club's Lease.
A sjudlcate, the composition of which Is
unknown, but wltMi Is reprern'Mcd by C. II.
M,l miiia and lied Gcrken, Is utter Fleet
wood Park. It It is made the New York Drlv.
I lng club an i hi r lor tho nve ) ears' letseof
the 1'hetw i dint k and buildings ami tor all
1 the i Bib'-, tnoval'l. pr ipirt).
i '1 he sum nil. r d Is . il 1 lu ho about f'j.'i.Oflu
a Vear, and tho Club will probably accept the
utter at Its n U met ting, nhlci will tn held
on Wrdhtsdu) evening, Dee. u, at the Hotel
'Ihe s)ndleite proposes to h dd runnliig.
Hotting and stcephtha'.e luces, uuuauual
spring hre and cat th sh iw and all sorts of
I open-air ioits and .tmuseii eut.s.
TKK merilaof N.lHipchewtng tobacco are maul
fold I'atket lulls punch It keep nioUt to the
Is.t grstli I'lie be.t nue cut Audpaikd so at
tractlrely and neatly that all must admire & ceuts,
all dealers. V
Ut.telUo)a..Tabl.d'ltoleDluu.r,l,li-8l'.iL V
Miflfflf OF THE DM.
Royal Funeral for Dora Pedro
Urged by a Paris Paper.
Duke of Devonshire lyliiK Kronen
Army Term of Service.
fli Am.ur UTrn pnraa.l
Paris, Dee. .. Iho accounts of tho scenes
at the ileath-bYdot Horn Pedro, ex-Kmperor of
Brnll, show that to the v try Inst his thoughts
weieot the country over which he bad mi long
ruled and whose welfare, deBplto the treat
meut accorded U) blm and his lamlly, ho had
si closely at heart. I
Theex-Kmpenr was conscious to tho end.
At almost the lust moment huexhoitetl tho
Countess d'zu, his daughter and formerly
heiress apparent to tho Uraeltlan throne, nnd
her husband to bear up against mm row and
tn pray with l.l.n itirthn gieatness and pros
pcrlt) of lliazll.
The countess rt'Ku has no present Inten
tion tnprote.it lo th Brazilian Government
against her exile from the countr), but she
maintains at; her rights lu count cllon with ,
the n own. sun sits nhuls ready loieturn to
Brazil at thu I'lol summons sunt her.
Thu lunulas nl Itoiii Pedro will belntcirctl
In tho lamll) vault nt Lisbon. Before tho
lxly Is taken trom Paris a solemn letptlcm
hl.'h mass will bu celebrated In the Church ot
the Mailed Inc.
Iho diiKliitt, the organ of tho Count of
pails, urges the Government to honor the
late Doml'cdro by glvlnghlm royal obsequies,
i it cite t as a preicdenl for such actlin thn
1 ra,e of the ex-King of llauuver,vvhoso luneral
was marked by ull thu pomp aud clrcum
btniue which attends tho burial or royalty.
Death of the Duke of Devonshire the
Question of a Few HourB.
Inr AinortATMi ritFi.l
London, Dec. f. Thu latest Intelligence
from Iho bedsldo ot tho Duke ot Devonshire Is
1 that his death Is only a question oi a lew
I hours.
i By the death ot the Duke a vacancy will
I occur In the llouso of Lords that will be filled
by bis son nnd heir, the Marquis of Hartlng-
I ton, the well-known member of tbo nouso of
I Commons.
I Iho titles bomo by the dying petr "o
i nuko or Devonshire and Marquis ot U&rtlng-
, ton, created In lout; Karl of Devonshire,
created in ltlls; BarJn Cavondlsb, created
'in iuo.1; Karl of Burlington nnd Baron Caven
dish, Pecruge of the United Kingdom, created
lu im:ii.
Porta Whero the American Hog
May Enter France.
Faiuh, Dec. 5 The Journal Offictn to-day
publishes a decree authiudzlng tbe Import of
1 American pork Into France.
1 Tho ports of entry, however, aro limited,
and Importations can bo made only at Dun
kirk, Havre, Bordeaux and MarscUles.
i m
I '
Another Pretty Mystery-Making
I Girl Who Is Tired of Life,
Justlca Mecdo's eyes beamed sytnpatbttl
call this morning on tho face of an uncom
monly pretty young girl, who stood beloro
the bar of tho Harlem Police Court, charged
with having threatened tu tako her own Ute.
i The prisoner was not over eighteen )ears
old, and she was dressed modestly In a black
astraclian-trlmued Jacket, a dainty orange
and black hat and u steel-gray dress. Her
small and shapely hands were neatly gloved
in black gauntlets. Great dark circles framed
her big blue eyes.
. She was arrested last night on Second ave
nue. Just above One Hundred and Twenty
Fecund btreet, b) Policeman Dixon, ct the
t mo Hundred an 1 Twentv-alxth street sta-
UIIU IIUUUIIU uu ( .niutjuiu .in, ..-
Hon, to w horn she had declared her Intention
of jumping into the river. ,
To the Judge's question as to her name and
her reas'ii for wanting to end her llfothe
fair )0ung prisoner, In a faint whisper, re
plied: I
My name In Belle Knowles. I live In Marl-
burn, Mass., and left there jesterday to come
lo New York." I
1 here she stopped and no amount ot ques-,
i tinning would Induce her loglvu her reasons
! for her bulclrtal threats. I
Ho) our parents live In Marlboro?" asked)
Justl.'c Meade, In his geutleal touts.
"So, the) do not. My pnients live In the '
West. I hive been living with Mrs. Milton
Day, of IH Mechanic street, In Marlboro," was
the pilsoner s lepl).
w here did )Oti intend to sleep last nl?ht
after ou reached here J ' IbeJmve Inquired.
I don't know, perhaps I should havu found
rest in tho rtver,"vvas all tho uufortuuato
girl would say.
It was plain that she cared very little as to
what might bciumu of her. Justlcu Miade,
tllieitid mat she be remanded to tho station ,
hi u-e unt 11 to-morrow. '
Beiiu Knowle-s.lt that reallv be her name,
walkid mechaulcally away Irom the JudUlal
chauilvr with the officer, her despairing ga
In nl up in thegrouud. 'Ihe Justice dliei ltd
ofllcer Dixon to communicate with Mrs. Hay
lu Marlboro and Inform tho latter of the
)outig woman's preJIcameut.
Dnnth of Bishop Wndhnms.
I frr Aasiicuiru rsrsa.l
I Watirtown, Dec .'. Right Rev. Kdgar V.
, Wadhams Bishop of the Dlicesu of Ogdensj
burg, died at ibn KpUcupat residence lu Og. I
deiisburg, about s o'clock this morning, aged
' seventy-lour sears, lie has been 111 lor bcme '
tlu.e. 'Ihe cathtdral and city hall bolls weio
1 ""
1 System of Two Year's Service Not
i to Apply In thn French Army,
fnv AssocuTrp meat.
I'viiih, Der. ,V The members of the sup rlcr
Co iiis.l cfWar have decided against applying
tue sjstem of two years service lu tbo French
The Wlialebaclc Off Point Loboa.
in AseiiciATto rural I
Ss Francisco, Dec. ft -The vvhaleback C.
W. Wet moro was signalled off Point Lobos, i
cab, je-terda). Tho W'etmoro Is tho first of !
the whaleback class ot vessels lo make a trip
to this c last, and left Philadelphia lorbcattlu
si s
Copt. Koefe, Fourth Infantry, Dead,
i bt saaociATiD rniaa.)
1 IloifE Citv, Idaho, Dec. 0. (.apt. Joseph
Keefe, Company C, Fourth Infantry, died hero
, j ester Jay.
2 o'clock. m
That Barge Disaster Not So Bad
as Beported. '
The Twelve Scows In tbo fleet iflH
Were All Capsized, "irfl
" Vfssssssi
IlAVLKsritAW, N. Y., Dec. 0 It 13 now H
known tint mil) t wo lives were lost by the up- jH
settlngof the twelve brick barges off Croton ' jH
Point In the tcrrlblu tornado that swept olaafl
down the Hudson River last night. i.jH
Ihe news of the disaster was first luarned '
from W. Curran, a Imat-hand on the Louise, ''M,
who swam ashore at this point, and as soon ILI
ns ho recovered from his fright related the . .H
btai tlltig story. : 'M
Hu said that twelvo barges loaded with jH
brick wero being towed down the river by tbe 'H
Cornell Ton lng Company's steamboat Town 'tssfl
I Whn off croton Tolnt tho swellof tbo river 'H
: was ro great that tho steamboat was com- lisjH
i pellet! tn change Its course. This caused tho ; :H
barges to bunt each other, and In tho terrible , jlH
I windstorm that swept down upon them a Laaaal
moment later they were upset and every JH
i barge w ent down. jH
There were nve men to each barge, and H
all but two men reached shore. safl
Among tho barges wero tho Irene, Capt. aaaaal
.James Kennedy; tho Dolson, Capt. Pat 'H
' Cahllt ; Louise, Capt, A. Bradbury ; the vH
Lizzie and Louise, Capt. Christie Ray ; the H
Iircnnan, capt. Jas. G. Scott, and the Ellen 'H
C. McGulie, capt. G. Larkln. '
" Wo were In tho cabin playing tho con- 'jH
ccrtlua," said Curran, "when tbo accident H
occurred. I ran on deck right after the l
shock, but all I could see was ono scow run jH
6m top ot another. H
"I was thrown into tho water and escaped rjH
by sw lmmlug ashore." H
At tbo ofllco ot the Cornell Steamboat com- 'H
pauy, at tbe foot of Uetbune street, tbls iH
morning, It was said that three ot tbe barges H
were owned by tbe Diamond Brick Company, ' JH
two by the Tompkins cove Stone Company, ' H
aud that Capts. Brennan, Christie, 8,cott and ii'sH
Lynch owued ono each. TvlaB
Oov. Bill Takes Up the Dutchess 'tjl
County Case Promptly To-day. SbiH
r?T ASForiA-ntD m-e.g.i H
Alsant, Dec. & Oov. Hill arrived from laaaaai
Elmlra early tbls morning, and at 9 o'clock , .H
sent word to Theodore Hoffman, County Clerk 'M
of Dutchess County, who was tn the ante- ! H
room ot tho Executive Chamber with ' al
his counsel, Judge J. Rider Cady, VAaH
and Charles Cussom, ot Fougbkcepsle, that i'vil
he was ready to proceed with tbe hearing on ' 'jH
the charges ot misconduct In ofllce, preferred ; 'jH
against him by the chairman of the Dutcness J M
County Board of Supervisors. "' H
i Mr. cussom read an answer to the charges,
demlng them epecincally, saying that Mr. sLaH
, Hoffman acted In good faith durlug tbe cmer- Tosssl
gency which arose In tho county Canvassing sjH
hoard. (
'ihe Governor said he understood the ques-, taaaH
Hon thoroughly. Hero was n spectacle of the - IH
worker the Mate Board of canvassers being ' C-iaH
tied up on account of a County Clerk refusing . 'H
to tin his duty as required and specified by M
tbe Ian. r Laaal
Ills Is a ministerial position and It was his ' M
duty to blgn the return when requested to by M
the County Board ot Canvassers. He was not -jLfaaaal
the one lo Judge or Its regularity. fssssH
Judge Cady asked for a brief delay until isiaafl
Mr. Wilkinson, ot l'ougnkeepale, who thor- 4aaaaaal
oughly understands the circumstances frcui Hl
w inch t he-,o charges arose, could be present. vlM.
lie also reterred to the couclllhvtory mens. JiBaH
tires now- In progress before the Canvassing liaaaafl
Board, and he thought that the radical step 'H
lontemrlated by the governor should bo sus- 'vLH
pended pending the tettlemcntof ull thesa ".'"I
questions between Democratic and Rcpuull- IJH
can counsel. IB
'Ihe Governor replied that the bearing -.
could go on. jH
Railroads Blookaded and Business IB
Suspnndod In the Dskotas. lH
The blizzard In tbo Northwest, was still M
raging this morning alter two days. 31
Railway tralus are stalled all along the 1
tracks tn North nnd South Dakota. 41
At Chicago jesterday the wind blew ntty- AH
tour miles an hour. jH
At Northtleld, Minn., tbe mercury dropped H
40 degrees In an hour. H
A loot ot snow fell at Ellendale, X. D.; at flH
Grafton drills reach thu housetops. 'jLH
Heaviest snow far three years at James- rlTaM
town, X. 1). Ulfssfl
BuMness at a standstill at rembrla, N. D. H
Roads and sldew alks blocked vv lth snow. H
Carrie Bowers Now Hopes to Be t
rtoleased on Ball. '1
The parents of Carrie Bovvers, tbe Green- . jjfH
point girl who shut her alleged faithless IH
lover, Walter Foster, on Get. SO last, have ( H
engaged J. Grattnn MacMahon to defend her.
He will apply to Judge Moore, of Brooklyn, .fl
for her release, under bond, from Ua)mond HI
btreet Jail. BV
luster's injuries were at nrst supposed to IH
be tatal, but he recovered so as to be able to iflPjB
return to his work. A week ago he over. ,
exerted himself, and the wound opeiud afresh. flaflfl
It Is believed now, however, that ho Is out of flHfl
Miss' Bowers Is bald to have stated, when ;
told thut Foster was recovering, that she was '
glad shu hadn't killed hlni. ''H
Burglars Came In the Night. IJH
Frederick W. Heurlchs, a broker, retried
to tho Biooklyn pnllco this morulug that BH
thieves had entered bis house, MO Congress a9BB
I street, during the night and stolen bitver- 'H
ware valued ut 30.
(Jon. Howard to Spealc on the Bowory tsHVJ
(.en. u. u. Howard, ot the United states jaVfl
Army, will deliver an address to joung men flVal
In the Young Men's Institute Hall, 2Ti TJraVjBjl
Bowery to-morrow, Sunday, at S r. u. Thero vM
w 111 bo special sluglug by a male chorus. 'taVBH
l'lay ihla Jolly tlasoe 1 Travel. V J?,9Pfl
,-,6. t s. . i' t. j. it 'r L'-M9KMIBM

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