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- - - -- - - 11 ! 1 .
Stevenson, Kelly and McCor
mick Realize Their Peril.
Scribner, of "The Piokwiok," the
Latest to Weaken,
The Notorious Excise Exchange Still
In Full Blast.
Cnrey Welch's "Hole In the Wall
and Jim Sullivan's Hotel Also
Doing Business.
A Table Subject to Daily Change.
BILLY MclJI.OItY In the Tombs.
lu Temporary Itetlrement.
JIM .lIcCOK.lIICK...I)lve Annex Cleseil.
Dive Annex Closed.
KunnluK on Half Time.
Anothor dive-keeper, the fourth during the
week, has tacitly admitted tho righteousness
or Thi Evenino World's crusade against the
outlaws ot New York and the truthfulness of
Its descriptions of tho orgies for which their
dons hare becomo notorious by closing his
resort during certain hours ot the night, and
by "toning down" the performances, Im
promptu and otherwise, that hare long been
features of the place.
This man Is Proprietor Scribner, of " The
Flckwlck." The change has been wrought
not by moral suasion, but by a wholesome
fear or the laws he and the other outlaws had
so long violated with impunity. And this
fear The Etenino World Inspired.
Proprietor Scribner closed his resort before
IS o'clock last night, and the habitues were
hustled out to find shelter elsewhere. This
action followed close after that takon by
Honest " John Kelly.
When Tin Eteninu World's search-light
was turned upon Mr. Kelly's triplicate den at
blxth avenue and Thlriy-tlrst street bo
promptly realized his danger and closed his
assignation annex and gambling hell alto
gether, and has Unco conformed to tho ex
cise regulations with regard to bis bar
room. Jim McCormtck, whose dire Is almost next
dcor to Kelly's, hoped to profit by Honest "
John's embai rassment. He did for ono night,
and then the light was turned upon his re
sort, llo bos since found It expedient to
follow 11 r. Kelly's lead In closing the assigns-tlon-rooms
back of his saloon.
Frank Stevenson was thu third outlaw to
realize his danger. His blnk of Iniquity on
Bleecker street, '"lhu MlUe,"wisa place of
ercu worso character than Mccormick's or
Kell) 's.and when tho bearch-llght was turned
In his direction feai overcame auger and he
left the city, lie Is still lu hiding. Last night
'Tho MIdo " wa3 shut light.
Mr. Carey Welcli, propilctor of "The Hole
In the Wall," Mr Jim sulllvau, proprietor of
Farley's Hotel; the Livingston brothers, pro
prietors ot the Exclso Kxchnngo, and a few
other outlaws still crntlnue to run their dives
lndetluiice of the Ian. Hut that they aro
sorely troubled over tlie exposure. tUat has
overtaken them Is evident by the changes
made to glvo a seointug of respectability to
th:lr resorts.
'llio noarch-llght will bj directed against
theso dens until they also are closed.
The January (J rand -Jury Is now lu session.
Dlstrlct.Attorncy Do l.anccy Nlcoll has an
nounced his Intention to prosecute and, punisli
keepers of dives. At bis request tuo pollco
arecollectlng evidence ngalnst these rtens and
their proprietors. '1 bat evidence will be pre
sented to the Ciraud Jury. The outlaws
will go.
Bcenos Enacted nt tho Infamous
1 Sllclo " Are Dupllcdtod Here.
Mr. C.irey Welch, proprietor of "The Hole
lu lug Wall," at 117 Fourth nvenue, was
highly elated last nlglit at what he was
plenum toieiin u vindication of the character
orhl tlaci. Mi. tNil'lirviciri'd to the ai rest
of J c(iulne 1 1 e ami Mar) Dily, of "."-'8
East 'lrrnt).i.iiitli street, win were
(bailed ultli mliiH-i) tij Medical Student
J'JHphC. Il.lll, Wiljl.iet tU'U In '1 Uo Ilcle
In the Wall " on 'I uesday nuht. The women
secured a Scotch verdict ot not pi ov en " and
were discharged. I
Mr. Welch gave h!j word of honor to his
guests that these women were ns Innocent of
tho theft as on tho ti ty they were born, but
at the same time he lsucd an ordi r to his
bouncer " not to let them d unes In the pl-icc
again." " It's a downright shame that Mamla
and Josle have been barred out. It ain't a
square deal. They bring men In here and
make 'em spend tnelr money, and Welch
ought to stand by them when they're In
trouble," remarked a sympathizing "lady"
friend Indignantly to her companion.
" They'll stand In with you when you go
through a bloko, and the) 'II take their dlvvle,
but when you're caught they've got no use
for you, and If you haven't got any other
friends to tho pen you go. It's the last time
I'll come In this place." And out she went,
After tho aong came a dance, then a selec
tion on the piano and violin. Some of the
women became drunk, and a party ot them
then entered into a hlgh-klcklng contest,
using their companions' bats as targets:
Go It,"
" Higher."
' That's the stuff."
Don't be afraid."
The creatures were urged on by remarks
Hko these until they sank exhausted on the
Door. Then they were dragged to one side
and left to themselves to sober up.
Similar scenes could be witnessed In " Jim "
Sullivan's assignation annex last night. Miss
Daly and Miss Frlese were not barred from
Mr. Welch's former partner's den. They were
there, the star guests ot the evening.
Another Infamous den which was open last
night was tho Excise Exchange, 330 Ilowery,
wnlch Is a duplicate In infamy of Mr. Frank
btevenson's Slide. Tho samo class of aban
doned and depraved beings frequent It.
The license ot the place is lu tho namo ot
one Davis, who is also the manager. Ned and
111 Livingston are the real financial backers
of the place, and to the Initiated they are
known as Its proprietors.
Like Stevenson, tho Livingstons have made
money enough out ot their trafllo of vice and
Kin to spread their Iniquity, and they aro
said to be the owners of a new dive Just
opened on the Bowery, which Is managed by
a man named Stokes. The latter wastormcrly
associated with Davis In the management of
tho Excise Exchange.
In sltuatlou thli low resort differs some
what from other dives. Ills a double-docker
that Ij, It has an upstairs anuex. It Is
reached from tho street through a barroom
and by a slJe door. The asslguatlon-roora Is
tcparated from the barroom by a glass parti
tion, which also shields It from prying eyes
on the stieet; not that any attempt Is made
to hide tho shameless doings within. Iho
I object Is to attract people Inside and Induce
them to spend tlielr money.
As soon as a Msltor enters, and almost be-
I f oi e he Is seated, a waiter In shirt aleeves
I strides up to him and asks: Well, old man,"
or, as the case may bo or as fancy miy olc-
late, " youiu fellow, what'b It guing to be?"
" Draw one," tho waiter shouts nlth all his
might to the barkeeper. And similar cries,
mingling with the banging of the piano, the
twunglcg of u banjo, tho ribald songs and
tho loud talk and laughter of tho people at
the tables make of the place a Udlam.
Davis, tho manager, sits behind the
cashier's desk and Is kept buy making
change foi a half dozen waiter. Still, he
has time to look up lio and then to greet
some dissolute woman Just arrived.
The "atti actions" at tho fcxclie Exchango
' aro not tho women, but the tlacs of men who
Irequcr.t it. Tney Imlfile tho diess and
manners of women paint their laces and e)c
brJws, bleach their hair, wear biacelets and
address tach ether by tinale names
l'.veiy table aud chair wat occupied last
night. Duwnstalrs visitors wro entertained
by music on tho plain and bnnjo and ly
ccurso songs, while ujtsialrt thiro was not
men standing room obtainable to nltnoss
tli disgusting scenes t.ikinv; place then. '
'I ho upper and lower floois are connected
b a private btalrwaj lending from the bar-1
room, and this nas coiisiunll crowded with
men cugerl waiting to get uimnlrs.
The Hour is covi red with n line wlvet ear-.
pet, and the nails ore richly deoorateJ The
popular dunk In this ptrtuf t.io homo Is I
champagne, while dmuistalrs, where betrls
the cuinui u drink, the llo ir Is bare and very
dirt, and ob-ceno pictures Instead of costly
decorations euier the wall.
While buslLessis alnajs rushing at the
Excise Exchange, at present Its olumolias
been Increased on account of the closing of
Mr. Frank i-tevenson's "Hide."
i The performances which made "The
slide" ono ot the most notorious ot the Im
moral dens In the city are duplicated heie
" She's talking big now. She's got a dollar
or two. Hut she'll be on hor uppers and eat
ing snowballs soon. Then she'll be back here.
Sec If she Isn't. There's more money In this
place for them than there Is In Sullivan's,"
said a waiter after the angry one had gone.
Shouts of '-Song I bongl" came In chorus,
accompanied by stamping of feet and pound
ing ot tables with beer glasses, and the
waiter changed from prophecy to song. For
a wonder, tho song was less vllo than those
usually sung here, and disgust was plainly
apparent on tho faces ot most of bis auditors.
They wanted something highly spiced with
nastlness. Like the beer In the place, songs
ot the sort to suit their deprmed tastes had
always heretofore been on tap tor customers.
"This town's getting altogether too good
to suit me," said one tough. "I thought
Welch had more nerve than tne others, but
I'm blest If he ain't showing the white feather,
HII"TU cxy a c Exchange :
The place Is frequented by the same painted,
abandoned men and women, the surroundings
are the samo and thu conversation quite as .
low and vulgar.
The proprietors know that they are running i
a dive In every respect as bad as Stevenson's,
and they suspected that The Evfniso
World's oxpose of tho outlaws of New York
would not be completo without an account of
the doings in their den.
so, for the sake ot appearances, they closed
early last night, or, rather, at 1 o'clock this
Dullness lu tho Excise Exchange does not
begin usually until midnight, aud this early
closing movtment means a big dincreuco
In profits to tho proprietors, but Buch
action was expected by tho habitues, who I
had read ot The Evemmi Worids deter
mination to rid New l ork of its outlaws.
It n as confidently predicted that the dire
would nol be opened at all to-night.
This Is understood from a remark made by
Manager Davis, who Is reported to have said
to a friend :
"1 don't know what we will do, but I'm
afraid that Evening World Is too much for
us and that we'll have to shut up shop just
like Stevenson, Kelly and Mccormick."
Mr. Scribner, of the " Pickwick Club " dive,
1347 Broadway, is still defiant, but his law
less conduct Is not gaining much support.
The men and women who frequent the as
signation annex have been In contact with
the law often enough to know that nothing
can be gained by openly def j lng It. 1 hey ex-'
pect a police raid at any lime, and therefore
absented themselves last night. There vvcro
not more than a dozen people lu tho back
room at any time, and as there was no gamo
to pluck these habitues left early.
Shortly after 11 o'clock tho lights wero
turned down and no ono was admitted alter
11 closed, by Jlmlnec I" exclaimed ono ot
two young men who fouud tho door locked
before mtdnlgbt. " I told you so. I knew
he'd have to close, too."
Speaking of the licenses under which the
dives are conducted, President Meaklm, of
tho Excise Hoard, said to a roporter :
" I hav e aln a s voted against the granting
of a license to tho place known ns Tno
Slide,' but havo been outvoted by my associ
ates in tho Board. The applicant tor tho
license was John McGrew. Ho It an iceman,
and I do not believe ho has an) thing to do
with tho place be end selling Stevenson Ice.
"1 am ready at ny time to conlcr with tho
Dlstrtct-Attnrpey as to the best method to
obtain evidence against 'the Mldo' or any
other similar dive. I am now and always
havo been In favor of the ono man power In
oxclso matters. Ono man should bo given
tho whole say as to who should have licenses
and be made wholly responsible for tho ie-
suit. The present system Is not conducive to
the best results."
A Humored Deal to Place Htm In
Frank Hlecock's Seat,
A story wo3 circulated about City Hall to
day to the effect that Tammany Hall will not
make any great demand for stale patronage
this year, allowing tho county Democrats the
lion's Bhaie.
The reason, ns tho story goes, H found lu a
I deal by which Tammany Hall Is to name thu
1 United States Senator to succeed Fiank Ills-
'cock next j ear, aud that Its cholco has nl-
ready fallen on Congressman W. Uourko
Concerning this story Commissioner Ollroy,
( halriunu of inmnuny's committee nf
, Tvviiitj-four.sald that Mr. Cockriiu has first
class senatorial limner In him, but thai su Mr
I as he Is concerned hu Ins no knowledge tint
any arrangement has men made to send hi in
toibe Lulled stales senate.
Suit to Kocover Lcrce Blocks of
Iowa Railway Stock.
i Justice Barrett, of the supremo couit, has
granted to llobert K. Dow an Injunction le-
I straining the Iowa Central aud the Central
I Iowa Hallwav companies, Kir-sell Sage and
othtistnm pai'lng with rr dividing 1,000
shales of common stoi k aud 1(W shaicauf
prelirri'd stiii k cf the Iowa central, lo which
the plulntllt claims to be entitled.
Hold Under tlio Bottlers' Law.
Justice Kllbrelb at ISsox Market, to-diy
held Bottler Israel Weltjen for trial on tho
charge or hav lng In Ida possession bottles be
longing to other manulaeturers. Ibis Is tho
thlid I line Weltjen has beeu arrested for this
. .i m
I nx-Judero Hllton'a Brothor Dead.
Dr. Joseph Hliton, ex.C'oroner and brothei
otJudgullenr) Hilton, died nt bis residence,
U'7l r.ast llreodA iv, ibis miming. Dr. 1111-
( lou was bCVc'iiD-threo jears old.
A Dog Causes No find of Arrosts,
Replevins and Civil Suits.
Her Owner's Fight to Get Her Away
from tho Borgli Society.
Tottlo Cttn Kill Huts, and That Led
to All tho Trouble.
Summonses served to-day In civil actions
brought in the city Court, form tho Ian link
up to date In a chain of legal complications, uf
which a white bull-terrier, with a brlndle
patch over her left eye, Is the Innocint cause.
'loltie, the terrier, Is the propcrtj ot (loorgo
H. Hidden, u Jefferson Market butcher, who
raised ber from pupp.vhood and values her nt
I'.'fiO. He had her out to board nl a dog fan
cier's, aud because of the latter's action Mr.
UedJen has been bi ought into unpleasant
notoriety asn rat.balur, while he sajs bo Is
as lnmicnt of wiong-dolng ns Tottle hersi If.
The finder tuok 'loitto to a rat-baltlng
enterlnliunenlln a stable nt 1'J West blxtj.
second strict Christmas Eve. She didn't
know it was against the law lo kill rats fur
sport and nequltted herbell with so much
credit and attendant excitement that with
four other dogs nnd nine two-legged pilsoneiB
she was locked up by the polite.
The twi-legged members of the rnt-baltlng
party pleaded guilt j In Special Sessions es
terday and wero fined H'.'O each. Four of the
dogsweie el ilined by thcli nwncis, who re
ceived them upon their written deposition!
that the dogs were present at tho match
without (hell knowledge.
But lottluhad considerable notoriety yet
before her.
rcndlngtht'trlalo'ltuoral-balters, In com
pany with the other dogs, lottle was placed
In the eustody ot tho llergh Sjclety by Police
Justice orady. Word came to Butcher Heel
den that his pet was a prlsonei.aud he sought
Supt. Cha-i. II. llanklnson's advice nstotho
means of getting her In his possession ngnln.
"lie told me," said Mr. Iledden, "that I
couldn't gel her unless 1 sued tho man who
boarded hei lor larceny. 1 knew nothing of
her being taken to the ral-plt, and would
never have consented to It. 1 knew lhatslio
w as my dog, and I wauled her, fao I got out a
writ ot replevin.
" That's all I vo had to do with the affair.
I never saw a rat-pit in my Hie, and I don't
assoclnto with people who frequent bueh
places. To bo sure, tho dog can kill ruts, but
she's not to blainu for that."
City Mai shal Charles 11 McDcrmott took the
writ that Civil Justice Moore, of tho Third
District Court, had Issued, and went to the
Society's kennels nt 11 1 East Twenty-second
street, where, with tho aid of his assistant,
Charles Peterson, he secured Butcher Hod
den's dog.
President John P. Hnlnes and supt. Hankln
son vigorously objected, ev en when McDcr
mott showed bis writ, and llnally hud him
.and Peterson aircsted under action S3 of
tho Penal code, which makes the taking,
' under any process of law of personal
property In charge of an officer a misde
meanor. crpt. C'lliiehy, of the East Twenty-second
street pollco station, locked the men up, but
admitted them to ball. At Yorkvllle Court
jesterday Justlcu ltyan discharged them on
condition that McDcrmott produco thedog at
Special sessions at tho ti lal of tho i at-balters.
1 his was satisfactory to bupt. Ilanklnsiin,
who did noi press tno charge. IlutMcDer
molt wasn't sutlsiled. He Bought Inwvor
MyerJ. Stein, who at once began an action
for3,000 damages for filvi luiprlsoninont
in the City Court, and obtained orders for the
arrest of Piesldent Haines and supt. Ilanklii
8ou from Judge John Henry McCarthy.
A civil action was also brought against
Cupt. Cllnchy.
McDcrmott's assistant, Peterson, hastened
to Lawyers Harnett and Moral), opposite
Jefferson Market Court, and they Issued bum
monsjsln a civil uctlon for iH'J.OOO damages
against Messrs. Haines and Hunklnsou.
Supt. Hanklnbon was served with Peter
son's summons last night, but at 10.30 this
looming neither he nor President Haines hud
I been arrested on Judgo McCarthy's orders.
I Hauklnson claimed that the action of the
Society was Justllled by section s:i of the
Penal Code, and that Justice Ityan had rccog
ti!7fri it.
" Mr. Hedden could havo obtained his dog,
as did other owners," said supt. Hiinklnson,
" had he proved bis ownership at the trial of
the rat-ball era yesterday."
Capt. Cllnchy was also served with tho
summons In McDcrmott's action last night.
A"sembl) man Stein said this mornlugtbat
after the arrest of l'n sldent Haines and bupt.
Hauklnson bu would make a motion beforu
Judge Moore at the 1 bird Judicial District
I Court that the two otllrors of the society bo
' adjudged guilty of contompt lu disregarding
tbo writ of replevin.
Meanw hlle McDcrmott has the aog.
A Pormlt Sought for La Resralon-
! citu'a Stnsro Performances.
An effort will be made by the managers of
' La llegaloi.elt. i, the child dancer, to secure a
penult Iioui .Major e.ianr to allow hcrtojei-
, f jrm on the stage lu this city.
I Correspondence on the subject has al
ready been had between i!im and the Mavtr.
Lu liegalnnclta Is the granddaughter of the
late ltev. Dr. Kwei, to whom the 1'iesldenl of
the society ior the Preveiulou ot cruelty In
I Children pi' nils' d thai lie v.milt use hWln.
flueuce to keep the little one off iho stage-.
Lost Ono of Hor Crow by Yellow
TI e steamer Plato ai rived Irom Klo do Ja-
nelro lo-dav and is detained at (Juarautlno
for luinlg.itlon. During the vojuge James
HaU.on, a lireman, elli-elui .vellow lever and
w as burled nl si u. Dtheisol thocrevv tell 111
i ol the .ainedl-eae, but itcoverej.
New Brooklyn Pollco Justice.
Mn)or Hood), of HrookUn, to-day ap.
pointed efi.Asscmbl) man Itobert Conuolly to
succeed Police Justice Thomas J. Keiitm, uf
I the l.utes AVi nue FolluM ourU
.Mr. Liiniioll) Is a lon)rr. 'Hie salary Is
IJi.uoo a j car, and thu unexpired teim I.
about two ears.
. 1 m
ho kucuI md ho lng in lUio.it lriullc,V
Sho Tolh in Cou t How Nur:e
Soarvant Shot Her.
He Pleads Not Guilty, and Is Re
manded to Jail.
(jrniid Jury Kxpectnl to Indict II in
Tills Afternoon.
Herbert bearv ant, the English nurs, who
bhotMis. Coia Chapman lu the breast nnd
hand at IIS St Mark's nvenue, Brooklyn. Nov.
Ull, was bioughl up lor c rumination befnie
.lublleo llglio in Iho Butler btrcet Police
Court, BrookDu, this morning.
"i- III. I,.. T-
mijffl 'fri'i '" r. . v u 'imii,' i
i .'
Mis. thnpmun was In couit to swear to a
complaint charging him with felonious as-1
saull. I
Sho camo dow n from her home In a e ir
rluge. Mrs. Chapman wore u lung coat
trimmed with fur and lojked warm aud com
fortable, i
V hen tho caso was called Scarvaut stood ,
In front of the bar beside his lnw)er, J. Oral
ton McXIuhou. Mis. CLapuian was asked to'
svviar to u complaint charging tho prisoner
with assault lu the llrst degree. She replied I
that sho would aud made the following
statement: ,
"Nov. ".'3 last, about ti 30 a. m., I was I) lng
In bed In thu back loom, third Ho jr. My Utile
I dog scratched at m) bedroom dour to gel out.
I gol out of bed, npi ned the door and let thu
dog out lu the hall was.
1 then went to bed again, leaving the beJ
room door open so that in) dog could got lu
when he camo back. Meantime I went lo
I bliep.
" Whllo sleeping, a nurse In the employ of
' my husband, by tho nnme of Herbert Henr-
'v ant, came Into my room, llo came to tho
bed whire I was sleeping, and placed his arm
under my head and 1 felt something on my
" I awoke and sat uplu bed, when I dlscov
eied that II was scarvaut, lhu nurse. He sat
on tho idgo of tho bed be side inc.
I ' I bald tohlm: 'Leavo the room tminedl
ately. How dare )ou ccuio into my room r
I "He said to me: 'Don'i bo mean, Mrs.
I Chapman.'
room and take advantage ot me, 1 being tin-
1 protected, having only a helpless husband In
I " 1 told hlui hu was a coward to come Into ui)
the house. Ho then put his bund to his l.lp
pocket. I said: 'How duro you make a
'threat? lou aio moro ol a eowurd than
I " Ho bocainu very angry and said : ' I will
' show )ou whether I am aennard or not.'
j " He then rushed out of tho room anddown
stairs, but tame back In un Instant und camo
I ov cr to the bed w hero 1 v as and sat dow n on
I tbo edge of thu bed at the foot.
" He pointed a revolver that ho had In his
i linndsut inv face. I nut un my right hand
and a bullet from the revolver went Into in)
right hand. He then pointed the revolver nt
mybiensi and tiled, iho ball entering my
body below the heart.
" Ho men rushi d out of tho room and dnw n.
stairs, and that was the last I saw of him. 1
sat up lu bed a lew inoini iuh, und then went
I to the tear room on the samo floor und rang
1 the messenger rail for nu ambulance, and
then went downstairs and opened the front
I door. I
I "lwent upstairs again to tho third floor
and then cumo down to the second floor,
1 where I found tho ambulance surgeon and un
"'Iheyputme on a sticlchtr and carried
, me to tbo Seui y Hospital."
I '1 ho complaint w us rend to bearv ant.
" 'I he prl"outr pleads not guilty," said Law.
)er McMahon, "and waives examination to
go before tho Grand Jury. 1 also reserve the
right lo cross-examine Mrs. Chapman on the
statement sLe now makes lu court.'
' Justice 'II3I10 iimandcd bearv.mt back to
Jail and Mrs. 1 hopman re-entered her carriage
nnd diove to tho Court-House, she visited
Dlstrlct-Attorne) Bldgway aud was taken
before tho Grand Jur) , lo whom she repealed
ber stor). Several statements mado by the
pollco wero read aud Mrs. Chapman left for
'lhu Grand Jur) will consider tho case this
afternoon, and will probably mean Indict
ment ngalnst Searvuut lu the Court of se
slonslo-iuorroA m ruing.
Hor Pooplo licscuod by Capo May's
Llfo Savlnc Crow,
InptriAT. to Tiir ,mcnisii vtomn 1
CirE May, N. .1., Juu 7, I he 100-tou
schooner Jacob Dur)ee, capt. joung, laden
with lumber, irom Norfolk, Na., lor Atlauttc
Cll), cutne ashore al tape Muy Point at :i
o'clock llils morning.
'1 he captain and crew were tnki n aohorc in
the breeches bum bv the ll(.5.iv lng crew.
Ilie'e wax a hl.'li mm .11 the urn und Iho
pasaee to the i-li re was alien led with con
siderable risi. I he schooner Is now on the
rock- Itl-.p s-lble she 111.1) I e saved Hi r
load uf luuilxi makes her biujant aud she
will be llgutend al unce.
' Father McKonna Doucl nt riushlnir.
1, 11 rut vo llt rvi sis worart I
1 liciisu. I. I., Jau. s lie v lather Mc
, Kiuna, (or llllcen jiars pastor of St, Ml.
c'lail's rbur h, died at 11 ' o'clock last
I night of old u.v. ilewaselghi) )carsoUl.
A Russian Monthly's Alarming
Reports on the Famine.
I htoe'Ks AnVolrd by Tnrulrr Troubles
nnd the Klieillve's Illness.
' fr t Af,orurrn pnr, 1
Lostios, Jan. 7.-1111' Hustlui monthly,
-.''irojirnii l tfpnyrr, cciiitHtns such alarm
ing ai counts o( (he famine In HuMa that It Is
' astonishing lion the ap ir sui'ec 1 ded In pass-
' lng the llusdau press ce isntshlp.
I Ihe.Vfie 1 1 implies the pr sent famine
in Hussla wl'li that lu lrelviid In lstil, and
eiintrists the measure! adopted b) the two
(iiivcininenis to alii v lute tne dl.ti ess ot the
llba)s: " Nobody lu Hussla ever Imngliiul
I hut her economic condlll in wis so wretched
Nun Hint the true st ite uf a ft 1 1 s Is revealed,
old) a inadiuan would plunge the country
Itito w nr or foreign complications for years to
'1 he .Ve iUTiiirr ridicules the stories of Bus
Klin oppression c f the Muv. 11 derlares that
th ) are Hi much belter condition Uian the
l(usi in peas Hits. '1 he charges ot frauds li)
iiirmniis and Jens, II says, nru totally with
out loutidttlou.
Tangier Troubles and tho Khedive's
IUiibbs AHoct Foreign Stocl:.
Irv AsmiruTin rnr,i I
losmis, Jan 7. t this hour 1 30 r. 11 -the
tone at the toek Kxchango here Is ex
Ireniel) rial. Ihls te-llu,' Isuuelotbe de
pri'ssl hi on the Berlin B mrse.
I he iiepresdin Is eiiclill) mnrked In
Turkish and Lg)pllin scciiiitles, aud lsont
lng to stall inenlH tint 1 ranee will not pei
inlt the I Hiding ot l.nglWi h illors at "1 ungler.
'Hie question of la ding British sailors at.
1 angler urlses Irouithe ribelllon among the
native tribes In the vicinity ot that city.
Two British warships urc 1) lng off I angler
to ptuuet British Inteiests there, and the
British Minister, it has been reported, warhol
the llovereorof lnnglerthat It betouldnot
guarantee the salet) uf theclt) agaltut the
rebel tribes ho (the British Minister) would
have a force landed Irom the warships tor ,
that purpose.
'1 ho flat tono of tho stock market Is also
parti) duo to the illness ot tho Khedive uf
Egypt, who la suffering from a severe attack"
or Influenza. Ills rendition Is serious.
Paris, Jan. 71 r. . The Bourse la weak,
owing 10 the 'laugter lueldeut.
Henry Irvine's Wounded Son In No
Immediate Dnngor.
iit A,ortATi:i mr,, I
Hei fast, Jatj. 7. The surgeons who are lu
attendance upon Lawrence Irving, second son
of Henry Irving, the celebrated English
actor, who accidentally shot himself with a
I revolver In the right breast nt bis lodgings
I hero to-duv, held a consultation to-day re
garding tho condition of Hie patient.
I Upon the conclusion of Iho consultation the
surgeons announced that be was In 110 Im
mediate danger.
Ashforth nnd O'Brien Appoal from
the Extradition Decision.
Losuov, Jan. 7. Joseph J. Ashforth, tho
defaulting 'I reastirer of tho Ho)al Arcanum
Bulldlpgnnd Loan Association, uf Brooklyn,
N. Y and Thomas O'Brien, tho Albuu) confl
uence man, w hose extradition wu.s ordered by j
Magistrate Sir John Bridge In the Bun street
I police courl u week ngo, huvo appealed from
. blr John Bridge's decision. )
'Hull clopurliire foi the United Slates will
consequently be de!a)ed foi some time.
I British Imports Wont Up In Decern
I bor, Exports Went Down.
' I.onios Jan. 7. 'I ho returns Issued by th9
1 Board of Trade for tho month of December
bhoiv that the Imports lucreaEod jC:i,s:io,O00
and Iho exports decreased il,. 140,000, as
'compared with lliusu for tho corresponding
month or lsnu.
Thomas George Anson, Earl of
Litchfield, Is Dead.
Irv ARsiiru mi enrai 1
Losnos, Jan. 7. 1 he Earl of Lltchtleld died
ihoinns George Ansou, second Esrl of
I Itclinelil, Iscouul Anson and Baton soliei-
tun, was Lorn Aug Ifi, lN'JS, and succeeded
lu the titles upjtl the death of his father
March is, 1H'.4
He will Le succeeded by his eldest son,
Thoinai. rriucls Anson, who was born Jau.
31, ls.',tl.
Two Womon and a Man Sustain
Serious Injuries.
A norso and wagon driven by Luclen
Vennela, of Il- Bleecker street, crashed into
a cable car at one Hundred and 1 wenl)-flflh
1 street and Eighth avenue ibis morning.
llnrles Ausli, ot a.14, Nvcst One Hundred
and Thlrt)-slxlh street, Mar) sehlolmsun
and Hose sehlolmaiin, of 77 West one Hun
drcd and 'I went). eighth street, had Unb
races severe Ir cut by broken lass.
Vtrmela was arrested.
His City Clerk- Clots tho Other Ono
Enjoined by Judtrn Dytman,
Ma) or Cilran, of Long Island city, and his
Clt) Lie ik, Burke, to-da) obtained an Injuntj
Hon from Judge D) kmati ielraliiliig T homas
I euro from Interfering with Burke In dis
charging the duties 01 his ortlce.
1 Talr and Colder.
I U. S.WEATIirs Be-
( w -vn rkac New Yoax,
' 1 2 Prde 'r 1 ' "" " 'uC"'
fry Lr )!? joremsl lu ou(A-
jTIV U! iiiAlrin .NfW I'ork,
jy'F . tr.cludiuj -'"ij
iSSC rMl -J2 I'taml a jc
l" l-r" Unrfii lo.i.iriiicfl
I ?$&?- '"" .vo'"i"" '"
S "JS" Jtriry I a ' ' .
.J luuvr. nu iiterti'
rW(.tfi'td. i-'i'Aiil-
i,Ml,,, .y 1 ij ir,n iii Hint run
I he In owing record stiows iheihatgesiu
tie (em 1 mure Io Hie UI mi itv.lour
I. airs. in. iniurlsin with th-corresponding
ilali'iif last ) ear. as indicated b) the met
luometer at 1'ero's Pbsnuacy.
lmii. 1, j IMI tJ.
Ja. u .1 .'J a w ,J i'1
Cam 1.' .'I il.' a tll il
A trig trmratullwr eotr,uudias datU,l
( f04r, .j, a,srA.
Flowers and Congratulations j
Awaited Him in the Chamber. I
I'lie iluiiso Stesolves to Adjourn from j
'lo-Duy Until Motuliiy. j
inv A,socMTrD errs, I
WismsciTos, Jan 7 When thi Senate
met at noon to-day, every statt was repre
sented b) Its l wo senators 1 xcepl the state of
Nevada, from which Mr Jones has not )et
been swon In for his no a lei in, and thoHtato
ot New Yir... whine Senator-elect (Mr. Bill)
h .il not ptisei.led himself.
Ihero was .1 veiy convincing Indication,
however, In the shape ot a laige stand of
roses on a desk In the renr row of iboDemo-
1 ratio bile of the hamber that Mr. Illscoek
was to bo lilt no longir pining for a col-
Alter pra)tr by the Chaplain, Mr. Bill en-
' tend the chamber from the cloak-room, nnd
I was soon surround! d by sennturs from both
bl.les, welcoming hl.u lo his now scone of
public dut).
As mkiii ns the Jouinnl was read, Mr. Ills-
cock iiiiuiiiilicid tint David II. Hill, seuutoi-
ilcel 11 em the state ot Ni ork, waspres.
lentunl pteporeJ lo tuko tho oath of onice.
The Mi.-l'ie-ld. nt I'lVl'.td Mr. Hill to come
I foiward mil lake Hi" oa'li, which he dhl
U'lder the escort of Mr. Illscoek. When 1141
1 wint lnek lohls seat, the greeting and con-
gruliiuitliris w. ie rein wed.
Atiionz the p-ililou , presented and ro
le uclwiie sev, nl irom tho Illinois state
lining,' In liver or nil Inco m t ix; of a popu
lui viterorthe elislloii 01 smalms; nl Iree
11111II dellveiy to tin meri. uf Unproved water
w i)s. of fne blndir twine and against deal
lugs In uptlms
Among the hills Intro luced aud referred
were the folljwliig.
By .Mr. Vimii. ror a nnnutnent to Den.
Oi, i-iii". or th" Ilevolutlinnry Arm), on the
batile-lieM of Gullfoid, N. e .
I By Mr. Peru r, ror lhu loan ol mone) to tho
fnrnii rs uf lhJl inn.
II) Mr. culluiii. to regulate commerce car
ried on bv telegraph.
On Motion ot Mr. Cockrcll ho was excused
rrom s' rvlec mi iho Louimlttieon lmml.rii
Hon, Mr. Mcl'hcrsin irom si rvlco ou tho
Column tee on lenllorles, Mr toliiultt on
Interstate Ommerce aud Ml. Nuurhees 1111 1
relations wlin 1 uuada, and Mr. Hill (N. Y-)
w as appointed In those places.
I When the SpeaW pro tern, ascended to his ,
sevt lu thu House. Jusl in th hands ot His
tlock pointed 10 the hour of noon, there were
cumpRratlvi.1) lew inembcis present.
' Alter the opening routine, on motion of
1 Mr. Springer, ot Illinois, It was ordered that
j when the HoUjo adjourned to-day It be to
meet on Monda) next.
1 lie call ot sta es n as thi n resumed, tin ler
which evil the loltowlng fill", among others,
were liitinduccd aud rtlerred:
I By Mr. o .Sclll.ot l'enns)lanla To amend
the Interstate Commerce act sons to lermlt
I the allowance of extra baggage lo cummer
, claltravdliT. .
1 By Mr. Iilngham, to allow first and second
! class postiuiistc rs 10 suspend clerks und other
1 niployees lor not exceeding thirty d lys for
Also 10 reduce thi postngo on fourth-class
I matter.
I Alsoinnuthorle additional leavo bc)ond
, thlrtv dnvH 10 letter-carriers nnd clerks dls-
ablcd In the performance of duty.
I . m ti
Er-Senator Colllns'e Sixteenth Dis
trict Contoat Opened.
hv AfisoriATrrirnf,
Aldanv, Jan. 7. In tho Senate Chamber
this morning Senators Boescb, Endres and
Emerson, the nowl) appointed Senate Com
mittee on Privileges and Elections, met nnd
took up tho contested election case of Collins
ngalnst Derby, In which ex-Senator M. F.
( olllns claims the sent lor the (sixteenth Sen
atonal District aw nrded to senator John 11.
II. rb), alleging in egularllles In tho election.
I I he counsel ior sen iter Derby vvoio o. L.
Ingalsbe, of "-audy Hid. and Geurge B. Well
lngtou, or T ro). 1 lie counsel for ex-senator
(olllns vreio CorpnralDn Counsel W. J.
Iloibe, of Iroy : County Judge I- K. Grlltlth,
of 1 10), und Judge J. M. hitman, uf Sandy
Al 10.4."i o'clock the committee was called
to ordi r b) Lhalrmau Hoc sell
benatur Bin si h lead the petition filed by
the contestant, d-clailng that 10 Iho best uf
his till"! he had received 11 uiajirlt) of the
.votes cist tor .-eiialur, and alleging fraud
ulent vo lug. Intimidation unu u her viola,
lions of the Ball 't-HUorui Ian.
The llrst witness callel Ior the contostnnl
was r.lm-i E. Barnes, a Democratic worker at
the polls In Jlu nick Falls. He testlltid there
were si ver.ll Dem "e'ratle voters who were
I uway lusehenectaly on Eleiilon Iny.and hit
1 had offered to pay their tare ir they would
ouie homo and vote. Tliev) inn said the
Bepuhllians had offered Hicm mote.
1 in Mdblli 11 workers had len present In
side Him pulling place, but he could not get
In. HepubllcatH had wrliti 11 different names
I 011 the ballots In luce of tne 11 lines of tho
. aiididates for Justice of the sessions.
He had a list or iwenlj-three Democratic
voters who til 1 not vole, on EleelDn Da).
The) had leeii approached and presumably
bribed losla) anav uo.n the lulls. The re
turn of the IM of Democratic voters showed
isu Dem ! mis In the village had not voted.
1 ross-xainlu. d b) Mr. v Munition, witness
sill he had no jers mal kuowlelige of Iho
purch ise or voles. He had paid the expenses
of Hnee out-of-town workmen 10 coino homo
and vole, but ho did not know how they
voted. '
Thlstsasecet billot," said the witness,
and the audience liu.lusl.
I witness thought every man had his price
The Democrats mlglii have had 70o or nsno
In the town. He went lo'lroy and gol It.
Sobidv gave It to hint Ho found II In a
bundle lu a room, Just like any other buudle.
Sherman's Ronomlnatlon.
CniCMiu's, o , Jan. 7. Senator Sherman's
frtends are Jubilant al hu victory over For
aker In last night's Hepuhllcau joint Sena
torial caucu v. The veteian senator was re
nominated b) r..l votes o Foraker's 3H It Is
denied that Mckinley took an) part lu the
The Ceremonies Took Plnco at the
I Stato-Houao To-Day.
I iff ahocictfii rnrss I
' bosios, J.an. 7. Thece'iemcnlcs attending
lb inaugurailJU of Hie state Government
lor ISO'." look place al the state Houto to
day. Gov. Busscll gnve a reception lu the Execu
tive Chamber In the iotenuo.i and Mrs. Bus
sell's friends gathered lu the Pardon commit
tee ll'oin.
"I he Legislature met In Joint eonveutlon at
: 0 clock. I lure vvire p'rscnt besides the
mei.il'rso( the two houses, the Justices uf the
"sunieiue and .superior Courts, the memters
of the I xteutlve council, the Govemoi's
uillltar) stuff, heads ol depariuienls and In-
1 ' VlrBHluse!l and Mrs. Halle, wife of the
I.leutenaui-Governor, and their guests were
I In Iho Members gillerv. After taking Hie
ciaihololll. etlciv. Iiussoll proceeded 10 lead
bis Inaugural address, which was coutlncd 10
State Issues.
... i
Denial that It Is in the Least of t
Apoplectic Nature.
But It May Necessitate His Absence
from Washington. 1
The Secretary Hopes, Ilowevrer, Ut li
Return to Duty To-alorrovr. A
Wasuivoton, Jan. 7. The physicians la '
nttendanco on Mr. Blaine deny absolutely "k
that his s) mptoms on yesterday were In any
degree apoplectic, as announced In a New
Yen k paper.
I T he attack, however, whatever It was, was I
severe, and tho Secretary la again unable to h,
attend to business. -i
He Is resting well this morning.
I It Is not unlikely that he may be obliged to J
leavo Washington as soon as he Is ablo to J
, travel, and seek a warmer climate and the J
benefits of n rcleaso from tho cares ot office. j
I T ho greatest concern prevails here as to bis &'
condition. 'J
Mr. Blaine Sonde Word that He'll SJ
Bo Out To. Morrow. A
fUT AltOClATED ritEll.l 3
U'lsntNOTON, Jan. 7. It was stated by Mr. 5
Blaine's private secretary this morning that W
the secretary was feeling aU right, but would '4
remain at home to-day for rest. ,J
The Secretary sent down word that he ex- $
pei ted lo be able to go to the Department to-
morrow. "ff
Dr. II) alt called this morning, and after S
looking at tho Secretary and chatting with $
him for awhllo advised that ho keep Terr
quiet to-day nnd try to rest himself. The
Secretary followed this advice and remained i;
lnhls room during the day.
1 The physlclau said there was no apparent .J
reason wliy the Secretary should not resume J
bis oillelaldulles tomorrow. It 13 therefore
possible that he will attend the Cabinet l-
1 meeting to-morrow. M
j At the state Depart mont there were waxier- 1
uus Inquiries as to the Secretary's health. j-
T here were also many callers at the house. ,7j
7 I
Share Prices Booming and the ,
Bull Movement Is Unoheoked. W
Wall Street, Thursday.'Jan. 7. Speoula- g;l
Hon at the Slock Exchange displayed greater $-
buo)ancy to-day than at any time since the iff
Inauguration of the current bull movement. J-
purchases were on a scale of great magnt-
tude, and in many Instances tho advance In T
prices vv as sharp. t
The Quotations.
Op. rfffk, Zew.
AmtilCAiiSiiC'lUf.daprif.,. J fm SH 5
ArirrkAllCutUll Oil .... SOW SOW 3JV A
' Aiiiirlcsn Colt, i Oil pr.f 07, 68U M
AKh , lop IS nil It 43Vi tCi 4bM k
HiiS.lo. 11 4 1-ltu 43 Ck I
i aiisiU South, ru Oll, SIM 61 W A
I hiip.AliAOnj 'J CSl !6M 56H li
I li..il.W. A Dlno l.t pr.l..., COVt COW Suit 5
e"l,e.p,tli.iOllloadprf IV 7U JO ,
Ihkuut Nortlinnt., Ill J 117, llSW V
Chic. "Mil. HI I"nl 8JK MS gi J
Cine, Mil i St. I'aulpM .... Hi 1J4, 123M
I'hio , Kikltlnd 1 Pto 1HW 4Vl 2l S
Lhte A I uMii HI Pfl 103U K"iM 102H A
I I., ,eln . Chic. St. L . ... 14K 15 74M
C'ul A llcx-l., Vsll.j SlU 3IW 31
falnrado CuAl a Iron .361 .31, ,3bjl Xf
' D.I , Uck A VV.t 135H lSKtJ J39t I
IWuml lludion HI , 1W US 1
ll.ui.r UI" ilttndt prof 47K 4S,, 4TM j
III. 1 Ctttlt Kd CS 67M 60
1" loin. , . llu .1H R .8M
1 T.mi.V. tl Sdpnf... IS, 1S 1;I .
lermBll k Wlnoo. 11M llh UM .1
l,r,ou By winoo. iij i ,iit
lllinoi.l .iur.1 109 lou 109
loni Central 14 1 14 S
lnwaCeuirslpnf JIM jK 'IJj
Iclniu I, tt imt ttl 64 0i
l..klrif A VV..tr.iprf OVH .' JM
l.oul.,ilui .St.tmll Sicj om 81 i
Lout, . N.w A.U i Chi .. .31 31 SUM
laiuUvilla. S L. A Ti 1W 15K 1M4 .
Mlnu a St l.oui. 10W 11 10M j
, .Minn .isi.l.iut, pr,f -iS 2J SJh
I Miojiirtl'Ailna . .. 3H 05 tM
MUmuiI, Ktn.A, IT.iu .. VO aO 14
Mlt.ourl. Km. A T.ia, pr.l. 2M SIM "iVH 1
.Stt Cor I Co . ... ! H Jt.
Sal. Cor I Co oral 1002 lOlS lCUJU ,-.
Nat l.wl rratt , iM 3fJ , ,
Sew . I. rey Central Ill, 113(4 113
So Yorkl-eiural UtH lloji IBM
I NawVora 4 Northern pfd 1 1CJ It
S, V. a Sew Eiiflaud 4S SO 4ii
' N. Y.. Cnle A M. I. 2d pfd.. 44,, 44, 4J
I.N.Y.. UW.l.rie i We.t 31W 3M 33W
I N. Y . Lak. hrlei Woel pld.. 14lJ Je'J JUS
S V. Sjea. A Weetern .. .. 111! 1-')J )H
N Y. ha.j .t Weatern pfd,. 40 46 41H
NortnVrn Paclnc lii W JJH
.Northern paelno pref JV 10JJ
Sorlh American 17U 17M 17M
lliiltrloi V. eelern 21h JlVa 31U
Ontario Minion 4JH 4j 4M
OretuuMiorl Line 31Va 31U 3114
I'.iinc Mad 3t m, 39U
Plilla A K.adln .. ,. . 4JS 'H 411.
, Peo , Dec. 1. U..lll .... 9JH JH
'I'llU.C.C ict-L ... 30 30 30
I" A VVe.tern pief 4JX 43 4-'H
..!'...... Palace Car Co lji( 1SV 1M
Rich A We.t Point Ter 13 J6IJ 15l
'Mali i We.tPoiut lerpfd C JO 4
si Paul A OinahA a5.' ,t.lH ,no
i ft. Paul A Omasa pi.f . 10J 1M 1J9
1st I'aJlADulatn 4 J6JJ 4S
Ml,er CerllBiate "JJH JS !
south Carolina .
.soctlieru Pa.lot . . 41 41 41
lenn. CoalA Iron . .. 4IW olj 44
T..I , AnnArUrA.N M "JOvJ 'iC., VOlA Wl
I'nloi. Pacirc jsj, Jh ",'
VVaU.lipret L 3J 2itf Jfw i!
We.lern lliiion lelciriph n.tj HIH Htu 1
Whee InjAUkeErle ..... . J'Si 3JJ 34 ,
WheellilsAl.Ak.l.rie plJ 7U! UW WX &'
. full aceri'int of Wall s' root affairs will b S
found lu Tin. Evkmsu Wokld's SporUni g
Extra. &i
Ten Deaths from Grip. 3!
i The total number ot deaths reported atthe
llea.th Board to-day was 13.'. Tea of these Jf
wen from grip, five males and llvo females. f
T here aro liUJ iioltietneu on the sick list. "S
Her Dock Fixtures Washed Away. w
Tho German steamer Burgermelster leter- ?s
sen, from Antwerp, reached this port to-day r
I lu a damaged condition. During a storm at '
sea her deck fixtures and thrco of her vcntlla- A,
I tors vrere swept overboard. r?

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