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V' MH?' rutHthea lv "" J'l "' l'ubUtMny CouwanV-
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r. ' bt iMiuatng fottave):
J' ! i pnn.iioNTii nor.
H J, J ': PKKYEAH sa.au
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I $ :H
BH i 'B Vol. aa No. 11,007
H jaH Entel atth.roet.Offlce at N.w Yorkaeeecotid
' fH :
B :i, 'JB balween31ltari.mil at.., New Yuri.
l J' -flH ' BIlOOKLYN-n00 Uni!.iloMBr. IIAIU.KM-
B -" li i s "" department, ltd IIabt lJSraSl, Ailter-
Kn e(l tiaerMnt.it 337 EaarllSTII ST
H K' PHILADELPHIA, Pa -LtuiQLn Ill'llnivn, 11J
IK? H.' Booth Hth St. WAHIIlMiTON-lllO WtuSt.
B Hv 'K IOSDON 0HT1CE 33 CocnH'tR ST., TlulAL-
B li'J fl ' 6qdai,c
B Fl H Tho Evonln' World Prints Abso-
B Lr' li elated Prone- Nows.
B B' l . 1
ilii I
I IB' 36,213
B I -I -P-E .ir.
H ' H
H ' !
BM T HBt Tt" following flffuro nro takon
lB !v' flMR' Irom the books of THE WORLD
H E&i.aff or comparison to which estoomed
B t'?i ' contemporaries may be plotiBod
B ''yviflH i to subject thorn:
K i'' ' Jctal mimbtr cf WORLDS printed loia fde
t ?&K iu""g Kmb"- ,B0 9.208,780
B '& IH ''"' nu"k" f HOMDb prmttit bona fit B
B f B1 tl?J!T: 10,331,420
B H 4B
l; Toiat gain for
I IB ".to: 1422,640
tV'w-Bii .. -, . . , -., .. . .
H ;iaV
B tv'H' it avcrage rat day ion pccmbch, ibbo.
B MBI 297,068.
B &l 'Hi
B foB 333,271.
B MB ror,i ' PER DAr F0R ,89U
I ' B - 36,213.
H 'i 9B: " "''' "m,,cr ' "10 crip, or inlhicnu,
H & tnB vlilch in junt now ftpreuilini; itnulf nbuut
ft 3K) "ie c"y ulu' "IU co""trv UCUTnllv, tlio
X HH old remark about tlio coinmrtive h1ucb
i 1V' ' of u oucco of iira-Mjiitioii uml a puuml of
H , "' nH cur0 nlI'lies with ob much forco i iu any
i'' J''i'B? other I'onncotion.
H C RS With such an iiiKidiouH nnd iluncoiotm
i -ilil'? (lifcaso Blalkiuc nbout tho unlinnry iiilcu
i Kn ' BO"-caro mUBt bo inoiu Hlrictly kept
m ',. flV. than OTer. Neglect of ci;u tlio nmiplont
i!' '39K cold in tlio licml lb ilnuKCixniB. A colli is
i '-' HHF-' a form of iuUuiunuition It may nflonl u
$ JaVHi) rallying poiut for a hout of other ills.
V kMH' Tnkms taiu, hoHcsi'r, (Iiiuh not imply
'!1' 4UHl rushtuK into tho tielf-udiuiuiNtiutioii of it
Hb '' llSMB' thoilitnml and olio potions ur Imttled
.t 'ffSH'' cnre-ullH. Tho lirist ihsi-iitinl iu piehorv-
i 'f S8j' '"" health is ,( 'lo Binsildo idimit it.
B !''?" UHrt Keep your feet dry. That ought to he
UK xSWBli t r,D J'"ct 'HtnlilUIit i niiinuc thu Hinrml
?'" jamMR ccmmaudiuints. 'I lint it isn't mi estnb.
B ''i 9nvl' lished and religiously olmnul in tho
H !s aHH cims.0 of many and man) u case of liuger-
';i .HuBI-' ini; illness crMiddc uly fnlal attack.
ft jBTBE? Mtli dry ftot, not too much buuilliui:
H tifllHr up of tho body, nor, on the other baud,
''& iHBl t too abrupt u throwliu; off of wraps when
4 nBl?' ' dy IB lunch hented, with ri'uulnnlv
.f BR; ' uau". w'"' n deturiuinatloii not to
ixlHiaKr vorry, nor to dully with unknown and
''1k1v pel lups perilous mediiul concoctions, u
""' JHB'T person it very ptomisiugly eipuppd for
$ tMtmk a Winter of fiucribsrul aoiiiiiuce of many
'? UnSif r:z pleMitent physical lllb.
-.' Hn'I
V'' ilW ' ' ' ' arb eoTcn " uiightshout in chorus
H i, Uftl,t the lnalrnnouittl victims of one John Ax-
SlBt'l nruaoN,. an euteipribiug ccutlcumu at
B '?- HI ?'!' present ilotatnoil by the Cleclnud police.
)' fBft' Tho prisoner has becii " My Jo-lohu "
T ' 'mHw ' to fair ones iu a chaiu of towns eiteudiin:
' ! from the r.icilio icmst to Mnssucliusctts
t''' '01 HB ' J!ay- A" ,lie "ivcs nrero Wl" dowered
"S HHn' ' and each bus stiong pccuniiirj reason to
F 4 l39Hl : recret the day when she nnd Jons "were
Jv fB, first ucqunim." liurnug accidiuts, how.
H ''' flS ever, AsinEitbox ban now come to tho end
H 8V of his uiaritul aihenturmg.
BBH ik1 JHiHrn
) '',
lr'iBBW; A young man ibo in hloepiuc m police
tHlEr fctations o' nights is on his wit to l'hila.
ojHjB (lelibia to jiroclaiin himself the lung lost
i llflii Ciiaiilev Han. lie lould lmvo saod
"-flTB vearuud ttar by stopping off at Chicago
tflH Bul1 liroc,ftil"llll.' bluiKclf tbo original
' :" IHH Tabcott. And ocn iu Philadelphia ho
H 9 HI '" l' moro"nrl"ly received if ho will
B '- if f! tiudly nllow hnustlf to be ei.Uauk Pre .i.
H ?;' f 'Hfi d,ut Maksu.
I si1 i ;'
i i ll1
H 'f IB' 'lli0 r'ulll0rl,it"1 at Dttinille, Ky., uro
H ' 1 W keeping tho Mayor of Komursot, Ky.,
H 't f Hji from tho I anils of threatening lynchers.
H V 1W" ll '" " 1utstl" f tlle' nI wisely em.
i !' a ! plojed. A Koiuorset girl has become a
BHIhU( hopeless maniac because an assault
HHte tho drunken desper.
HHHB ato official whom arc
lH.BEjBMyP!Pf Jus' as a Jolfo. a drunken man at Pitts.
kHN'HPK' burg he d up a carload of people by pre-
VflHV' ranting a brace of buil-dug pisto'a.
r B'HmK 'i"B W(D0U Proeil to ho empty, but
H B 'Ur a ,UUe tljcy Bcemea lo u" tllnt
B . HC enr FO C0Inlllete.v tuut there w.6ii't
& ?" ML L room enough for the humor of tho affair
H V'BB t0 dlsnla' iUelf-
H' '' Tlu kllliui; of a Uhited States corporal
'BPli' ' ft Bcut'uc' f 'liB ow" troop on tho
H ri'nK expedition ngaiust (Iavza is a ltmeutabla
B n'P Incident, Ilu't there it the Ustimouy uf
tlit'lf the dying wan that the sentinel obeyed
Ht Wi '
'ordera, and that ho (tho corporal! was at
'fault iu not nusnering tho picket cbtl.
1 lenge.
A Lehigh County, Pcnnnjlvaiiin,
teacher, fired upon from ambush, had
the hulleU slopped and his life sineil by
tho Bchool-books ho turned under his
coat. Popular educntion is indeed a
bulwark of Ule nnd liberty.
Tho revolver has fniled as n mcars of
discipline in a school in Delano Town,
ship, Kansas. Kispousibihty for tho
failure rests with u big hoy pupil, who
knocked the toachtr down mid took tho
pistol away from him
'Iho Kaculti at Columbia Collcgo will
dlsciphno studeulB who (iigaged iu a
ricont enthusiastic uino-nisli. Jt cer
tainly does seem as if tho football rush
were enough for any 1'aculty to cordially
'J here's a now lymph In tow-u It is
announced ns " Kor u'h Hmph with
Ki.eiis'h improvements." Sceptics will
interpret this as meaning that it's a liiiuo
old " remody " with n brand-now crutch.
Now it is said that nil of tho Hnrrisoii
ofllcc-holderH iu Pennsylvania hao been
ordered to tho work of beating Quai.
No simplo boating about the bush this
Germany has had a bli77urd, It mav
bo said to ha o btcu thu I'.mplre's greatest
blow Biute Hisvjauck was dtpostd.
Sambluiii is for peace -providing hn
gets his own way. Ho is any other man.
After all it waB " 1'iro Alarm " I'oiiakkh
himself who got extinguished in Ohio.
urnce l'llklns, who relirricd her plaio as
leaillng ladr In lloslna Vokc-i's rnmpany lu
i.iuv, us fho mi) s, llto wns untx nr.ililc In the
(Qiiiniiny, Isitsplrltul ynuig woman, nnd she
docs not propose to ho disposed of ti Man.
agcr Morris on hand, hlie lias engjgi U i ol.
Itohert li. liigersoll, mid a suit tm tin wa
son's salaiy slan s .Mr. (.cell Clay anil K"lna
ikes Clay In tho laic. ( ol. lmrersoll snjs
thai i ho little woman Willi tho abysmal eyes
anil the distinguished lulr will suirly win.
1 see that the long Island llallmad Kim
pan nuil the I'ar Hockwny Haul, aro at
logiri rlirad". 'I he lunk pi oplc, li Is said, on
one "ti-uslon paid a tft.ooo thick ot tbo Corn
pan all in finer dollius, m.il made matters
all the wuisu h) doling thiui out ono at a
time. A complaint has been mudo to tho
flanking Depaituicul at Alb.ui).
'I ho superstition regaidlng stlllng on trl
d ij sccuis to hae txen lurried out by tlio
Mlantomunoli. since her departure tor gun
piacilco she has met with avartetjrof mls
lortuiiea. A slnrm riclaied practice, her
steering gear became disarranged, the lij
drnullu machinery would not work, and Dually
tho Hiiownlorm again put u dauipei on tiring.
'i lie ttstb will prubuiil) bo made li -day.
I hear that the .North Kltcr .Natlonol Hank,
wlilili (ailed hiiiue iiinnths iign. Is ulsiut to
start up again, but nuclei a new name. He
i eher lllgglus tho nuap inanutiutuiii, fclis
It out that tho nccrssai) lupllal has been
Charles I'aisuns, wluise lalest deal In .Sew
York and New Thikhuid Is Just ii'iw the talk
ot Wall strict, IccomporatUel) u nuw man
In railroad ufTulrs. He did ii"i go Into Hie
business till lie was fifty iais old, hut Ids
shrewd deal with the .iiidutllts In the dis
position of thu ltuinc, Walirtimuniid (igduis
hurgand lilMipilel gunning hihiiun lur New
elk and Niw l.iigliunl shows that lie Is
i iptal to tho best as u ni.inlpululoi, and Just
at present he Is on tlio tup ( tlio heap.
Now that the ihcuilsts ot tlio Hoard nt
Health hiMi iiuiiounied tin Ir dUemei) nt all
soils el ipiei i tilings 111 tlio lintiiu watel
timid people me tnUng lo inhiii.il and ma
in nl spring w liter as a houiagc. lots of It Is
Wins' tnmight down hem .Mulne, u lib his
lamnus fur Us pure spilug wain, ami Imii
drtdsnf Uginsks lllliu with sparkling wider
Irom the l'lno 'Iree state smll the cargoes ot
the steamers coming down thu coast. Must
uf thu hospitals In this city mo now using
natural mini r.il wnttis Instead ot Ciulon for
thtlr patleuts.
Nothlnjr Moro Than Coronets.
A title lias a woiiderlul Ititluiitio upon the
average Hrlllsh Jur. 'I here is imlhlliK "liicuc
than iniunctsln KuglauiL"
Invitation to " Go to RUucUa."
tlli tke ( htatift 1w, 1
In the free list or the Mi Klulej law appears
the iiisteiluusnrllili "divl-dlW." I'mtahl)
some pioplo know what It Is, but a good
mauv tr.uillirx will I Link It lau yurlnt hint
Icir tbo ltcpubllcan olTlie-holdirs who ex
umlni) the baifgae at the duiks.
- m
Bnnlth's Worthless Popor.
)oMl'.i 1 1 lla I, I) hi, Ifilyr,
The man vt ho built n paper hultatlon cell
Ingot (piartcitd oak In the Nin nik Assem
bly hall has had bis Dills tin on n out of
eourl. 'I hit a another kluduf apr Judhlall)
declaicd uiui golluble.
Public Oftlce for n. Prlvato Doobt.
, iuill.1 llo.lon JM.I.l
t-rom this time on the duties nt tho oniclals
or the elMl si rMceut the I nllid Mates will
bo to jnuuitico tho choice n( Harrison dile
gate.H to Hie Mluneaiulls I ohm utloii.
Always "Turn tlio fin.cnlH Out."
ii (At I A.l,i il'.i ) vi ,
Illtcrn jiai.s ago Hie i.ouriunenl of J,u
uialra lutreuuetd tho I g)pilan hhneuuiou lo
lid tbo Island ot the laneint. Now upilr
has been Issued tnrtlic suicessful extermina
tion ol tbc knncimioii.
Certainly Ho c:an, If Ho Doosn't
Iftt'hl tt lllllOH UloU j
'Ibe lasblcuablo .ouugwtmnu lion wears
her watch mar her sheuMir. 'I ho soung in.m
whu does nut suuvv w Iu n it Is lime to o can
no longer plead ignuiai.ei.
.B It Goes In n, Jera .y Town
IfuM M ht itttm ( J.) Affai
Wild ducks are plentltul. Dlaiy
tradeliaslalliu'jrt. eldcken stealing
contlnuej. " Louit comities to-mor-row.
Now Is the duiinrs hariesi.
I Congratulate
lltflf Out I una lIcoU'8 Sur-ipunlU. Mi
iiiuuiUstntfol liftctaluioitmluouic iutt'or.tyie
t-la 1 t.t lt LroVea Uowu b urfurk,uu tlttt
Itouhl notii- nU'ttta, M vtimiftuli Ituovt tv
Jett, dj tit:nt.t iu Kellent 1jk r and I cft'uel
lUllv. inbiutulL. 1 w iliutii) kitituaiauw
Hood's Sarsaparilla
tleUttUKulciuelntLeUnd." 11.11. Ito.t, ot
ltutti & i-duy.lluruttu. Utilcri.ltochnter.N.V.
' They Toll Loss Fortunato Sisters
How Husbands Aro Managed.
Interesting Literary Competition for
" Evening World " Readers.
A Discussion Profitable Alike to
Matrons unci Molds.
'I ho discussion started at u reicnt meeting
nt huiosts on tho question " Ilovr to munage u
I Husband" has already det. loped many Inter-
e sling theories on this Important domestic
Ideas upc n this btibject will he printed In
tin so columns upon thu following:
'Ins l.riMMl Wnmn tclll vlii- a 'julit aoithlr
nt'jtr In llir I'urniiii irn. tttijwi Vrst
"I01T TO MASAUk A IllsBAMI." J hi Jilnil
I iiiimr ic loiitatuert in tir'i humiinl troi rts,
, irrlthn nit our tltlr v thr I'Ul.r, idle the
uniVff'5 nniiif mill ittltlu'ttn tint mit'viitt llu
fui juiUfirilfuii), iiid tVifltcrd'l to IleaUANli
KIM I Oil, I.1K.MMI WoKIU, I't'LlTKKllL'liniNO.
, Hopoat If Nocensnry.
l,i II,, lOar
I (Jet aw tthment befoio innrrlagall possl.
I lile. .Make jour husband trunsferull avalla
I blc piopolt) to) on lliia-e he should tall In
bu-lness. Al'o pioiall upon blni to Insure
his llto In our finnr or that or any family
jou may have. When this Is done enjoy life
In your own way, and II our huslnnd's tastes
do not usslrnllatn wit h j our own get a divorce,
marry ngalu and lepcat the programme us
oitui asnecessar). Amkkican Wiie.
Drnwn from Exporlonco.
lull,, i. in,,,
Myldcuol managing a husband Is not to
" manage' " him.
A man objects to 1h lug In. in iged, us n rule,
anil It lssneaj to make one's hushutnl happy,
II (lie wife would cmlj si c It III that light. 1
nuiiiwldiiw now, bill In the seven jearsof
inj hnpfiv luirilisl lite time was not onn
iross wind between no liusbind anil mi self.
1 nlwiosuet him at tbo dour; was really
glad to see him and he knew ir. I was
always pleased to do little things Ml him-
.In li nu in t Meter lilu Liltvfvorfl i Irrnr mniiliiit
Huh as gcttliu, his simpers, cigar, evening
pipir oi all) otliel nine he might ilc.slro.
Alwajsre.id) to llsicn to nicnumsof bttsl.
ness. In help with wilting or leave luv own
re tiding to phi) agamooi imds or whatever
be might desire.
I never allowed my babies when they
came to Interfere In an) iiiij with my litis
bancl'i eomfori oi happiness, although the)
were not neglected.
lwashappv In d dug these thlngi, because
I loved mv husband, and In return iheto was
Dot an) thing he would not do lor me, even to
the giving tin or soiuo pleasure ot hlsuwu,
had 1 desired It which 1 nevet did.
My Ide.enr mitiaglrig husbands is to do It
entire!) tlnough the midlumot love
Attend to tbo Little Things.
TW A rtiiinr
'I he power of a wife tor good oi cvlllslrre
slstlbli. Home must tie the seat of happi
ness or It must he lnrevcr unknown. A good
wile Is to a man wl.doin, courage and
strength. A husband de lights In enterprise!
and ai'llon. but to sustain hlin ho needs ii
:rinitill mind unci a whole beau.
lo maintain lilseiptiiuhntl) iiiidetiintiosure,
hotiie iiiusi be in litlu a pliue or re pose, of
inaie, ot ehee i fulness, of comrort ; hut If at
I iioiiie lie Illicit nn column, and Is tbeio met
I ultti had tempi i, btilleuncsH or gloom, hi)
sinks Into eh spall,
I l( join hiishiiid sometimes looks a little
llciuhhd when he entile s home, do not say to
i lit in, "What nils .ou, in) dean' llou't
botlie t him, he will tell v on eif his own accord
It lit nl bo. I el htm uliine until lie Is Inclined
lo tulk. take up your bonk or needlework
linti'c evet let hlin Ilnd a slilrt-huttoti miss
j In.-. shlrt-buttiin Pi lug nil n collar ur
' VMilst-baud lias fiecpietitlv jiroduccd thu Mist
Impitlcui wind in noil l I'd lite.
I eii I his meals lead) In tltnr, luce hlsioit
and lint nil ready brushed tm going out. Aud
Jou eau manage a husband cusll).
.Mrs. It. (1.
Novor Show Jeulouiy.
, J,i A IU.;
'Hie right kind or i wife, can manage most
an) kind of a husband, I') he Ing sweet, Mud,
patient and confiding, let him feel that )ou
look lo htm liu i oiupaiilunshlp, advice uud
piuleellnn, even It )itl eau give It all better.
Never know more than ho knows. A man
likes to have bis wlro usk him to explain
things to iu i.
Alwuis Is) reaelv to go out vheneverho
wlshcs)ou .Make lilm rul )oucniiy nil the
snorts and pliusurcs helloes. Never com
plain of "nothing to wear," nut put on the
ver) best ou hare ami look Just as prelt) us
ion i an.
II lie drinks, don't seold and be ugl), but
slum )ou ure the same loving little wife.
Vnicnn tell him iilterwarilH )ou Lnnw ho
took ton mut hand vuii know he wouldn't
again, Ac. 11 he wants 11 ut borne give It to
htm and take u glass with btui, too.
It )ou nic Jouluus in ver show it or give him
oc eitslon to be so either, but let him see other
gent I. men admire )otir goodnc ss, Ac.
I alwavs bave in) wa) b) lilting him
think lie lias his own wa), Mrs. Mac.
Rtudy to PIorbo Him.
IiiIA. 1,iVr
Husbands ure a study In themselves, and
t he inure w e study and tr) to please him the
belle r wc will bo repaid lor our trouble. 'Ibe
beat wa) to manage a man Is to please him In
ever) wa) possible.
A in m's hnmu should alwu) s be kept cheer
ful and happy and bright. Alna)s siudy
what he lists best; get bis meals up nicely
with some thing lh.it )ou know be will appre
ciate and at the Hue time benellt bis health.
1 believe thi ro me a great man) men un
happv th'ough in glut ut this. Iidoesnol
re quire rlclu s to ge t up a nlco meal.
Ne vir sinld or get In n temper ut jourluts
bind, even It he has dMiu tilings which dis
pleased jou. sptak klndlv and reason genii)
with blm. 1 think )ou will derive moie from
ibis nitthod than vvith a boisterous tongue.
Nevei deprive hlin or the right vrt of
pleasure aud do nut be Jealous because )ou
cannot aceempap) hlin to every place he
ciii will llnd this thu best wa) to manage u
husband. Mrs. 11. I).
Bo Qulot, but Firm.
lull' tiluvr
It Is not ntiessar) to be a slave to a man.
'Ibere uie two extremes whlchtle niajorlt)
ot wcmin go to ; one. working and worr)lng
t lie Ir lives uw u) , lucollui, tuklug things too
, A man wants a companion. Make a home
cheerlul; have his things wheru he cun lay
his l.ai dsem tliein; have bis aieals on time,
audit jou have any gtlevnnccs and worrleti
don't blurt lie m out as be cciues In the dooi,
l Led out rum biislnerk Wall until he Is
rested alter a good dinner, lou will llnd
be will be a good llstcuer and sjiupatbtrer
then, perbajis thaw out aud tell )ou his
mountain ot business troubles. ou will find
)iiirseir giving blm advlic and your molehill
. of tiouble win Jisappcar.
I.t a wi," is' eiuiet and firm about her
I rights, she will nnd that her husband will
! give Iu to lur better Judgment. Mrs. V.
TlirouRh Ills Btomacb.
( j. it f rrf.io.
I 1 think tho test plin to manage a husband
Is to Ind htm w ell, usk him uo eiuesllons, and
let him have bis ovtn way, Jknkt.
A Hint.
He How Is It that jour comln always In
sists on plajlug whenever 1 am talking to
the Perhaps she wants lo touch your
smckES BY a I
It Boats Italy.
A born Now Yorker, who speaks tho
Italian language like n book, was getting
his boots blacked near the Post. Office tho
other day by n middle aped Hnliau, and
he said to him :
"1 suppose youbuvo niadu plenty of
mouoy over here ?"
" les, 1'vo done pretty well."
" And in u veur or two mote vou'll be
going back to tunny Ituly V"
" No, I think not, I like this country
very well. Indeed, ItcsicleK. there aro
many advantages here for m) childion
over Itolv."
"In tho way of education, jou mean?"
" Yis. I have a boy fifteen voaia old
who is already at college, and will stay
thero for many years without costing me
u dollar, One couldn't do that in Italy."
" Hardly. Yuur boy must be very
smart V"
" Oh ! he iK very, very hinort."
" What collcgo elid jou send him to r"
"It Is at Klmira. It is one big building.
There mo many bojs there."
" Is It called the Hcformatory College?"
"Yes, yes! Tho ltcf or -um -tory
Collcgo I Very large. Very nice. Lots
of boys thero. Mv Antonio stay thero six
years and it cost me nothing!"
M. Quad.
Albaul drew the largest auellcnie of the
season to the Metropolitan Opera-Housc last
Bight, and gave additional proof of what
mbsiciil commissions all know, that shots
the best Marguerite on tho operatic stage to
day, (louiiod's opera never had a moro pet
fect interpretation. Albaul not only shone,
herself, but her lustre was reflected, bho In
spired Jean dc Ittsike, and his Faust was a
tapltul piece of work.
'the most, remarkable ftaturo about tho :
peiformaneo was Its effect upon theceeu
pants of tlio boxes, who, as a rule, cbat con
fidingly through tlio pcrfoimuuco unci hold
nnlmnted receptions Alter "the .lew el Song"
h id been enlieluded, theiu wasu moment of
supremo silence, ns though the uudleiieu weio
alruld ot losing n note. 'Iheu tin re was a
volley of applause mieh as Is seldom heard
In ibis house. Albaul sang this number
I with her soul It thu ex reiliui can bo
. allowed. There was no llrcwoiky elTtct, no
clap-lrap business. The snug was vocally
' aud hentlinentall) exquisite. 'Iho song at
I the spinning wheel known as "l.e liot de
'I hull'" mis another gem thut was fault
I lessly Interpreted. Time wus In fact no
flaw Hi the work of the star, and comparisons
with the efforts of other artists Hi this role
become Insufferably odious to the other
l-duuaidde llcske, a victim of tho grlp.wos
out of the cast, and his place was filled by
scrholliia, who made a fall Mephlstopheles.
Hlg. Mariupouia did very well Indeed as Val
entino, and Vnscheltl was a satisfactory
Wagner. Mine. Scale hi sang thu role of Slcbel
with good effect, and Mile. Ilaucrmelster
was tlio Martha. Slg. Mauisl conducted In
his usual admirable wa).
ruust" Is so ficcpiently massacred in the
rendition that a leally creditable per
roruiante Is an event of largo musical Im
portance. T bo opera Is so familiar and so de
lightful that It cannot he suiicsslul uuless It
, Is pertc illy presented. Mine. Albnnl will
have thu sailsractlon of knowing that bho
contributed greatl) to tbo best pcrfoimance
or thu ope i atlc season.
A Hard Knock.
II ruin Comlt I
VMIej Abl Who'll mend your clothes when
I am dead? ,
llubb) Nubod). I'll bo nblo lo afford new
Thoro Is Ono.
fruit Oruiitfes It'1
"Are any ot the colors discernible to the
touch V" naked thu school teacher.
" I have otti n tell blue," replied the boy at
the head ot the class.
A Sensible) Reluctance
lr I, Juilili l
Dctlarry I'm ulrald )ou are only trying
to ue'oidcul when .vuu say that all girls ure
Merrltt I don't think so. The on!) present
I ever made a girl that she dldu't want to
keep vies udlar).
It makes a
luxury of
Oatmeal-Eating (
and does it
I Easily !
i - ...
Facts, Fanoioa and Fashions That
IJelight the Gentler Sot
Dulnty Hpeclmens of House and
Kvenlnjj Slices Letter Pads,
with Dletlouury Accoiiipuul-
tnent Bureau Sachets
Uugllsh Ulscult lloxev
for the Tuble.
Many dainty Bieclmcni or houe and even
ing shoes are to be seen, the most noticeable
bilng the handsome) " Couutiss" sbne, which
Is made In a great variety ol delicate shudes,
and adorned with n bright butterfly, worked
In lrrldcsceiit beads aud Jewels. Tho very
newest blue and green shades arc reprchcutcd
In this shape, and a strikingly novel effect Is
produced b) u shoe made of palest primrose
kid and ctnbroldcicd with a largo butterfly
In rich cut Jet beads, while another eliec
tlvc combination Is scarlet morocco
embroidered with Jet. Tho black velvt
shoes, with smill bucklo or stud or
brilliant old paste, lire still lu vogue,
nnd aro quite the idlest thlbgs for theatre
wear. Perhaps the most i homing shoe of
all Is tbo Ureek sandal, lacing high round tho
unklo, which, when made of white kid, with
silver or peurl embroider), or In delicate
prlmiosuntid black, Is calculated lo exhibit a
pretty foot to the very best advantage. lor
house shoes and simple evening wtnr for
young Indies there tue neat Court shoes,
ornamented with Just a small bow of ribbon,
or with a slnglo steel or crystal stud
Letter pads are to be had In no less than
forty shades ot fine li athur. The pockets aio
discarded, but for tho traveller a dictionary
I of r.'o.ooo wolds Is printed on Inclosed sheets
sewed tu with tho blottcis.
Over two hundred and nity pieces of slliei
I were presented to tho Caraud C'ailna at
I tbo recent eelebtutloa or their tllvir wed
ding. It Is understood that the carlnaex-
piessed u wish that tho gifts might hive gone
tu bwcll tlio ramlno 1 tmd.
Druggists and chcmlslH tuke orders for cold
cream and cbargoab much to (111 a U'4-ounco
glass with tbo genuine! rose grease as a Huh
avenuo eateur docs lot a plum pudding or a
tart cake.
A bureau bachelor silk Is eonsldeied lndls
wnsiblu b) man). One of sllesia Is very nice
for ordinary use for onesiir. Cut two pieces
ot sllesia or silk tbo sle of the bottom uf thu
drawer, with a thin layer of cotton to bold
the orris loot or other powder vvith which tho
sachet Is pel fumed. Tuck this at Intervals
with a pretty shade of worsted, binaller
sachets of this uro very pretty lilted to tho
bottom of the glove, handkerchief aud collar
boxes. Thu peifumu thus communicated Is
delicate und less uvcrpowerlug than that or
A prett) und nut ut ull expensive addition
to the equipage of tho tcu or lunch tuble Is
thu hukllsh biscuit-box, Intended tu hold
cracknels, snaps, doughnuts, biscuits genor
all), but which admits of mi) aiuuuut ol
masquerading. If It b a little box jou can
j use) it lo hldu u marmalado Jar, u glass of
Jell), ut a pint bottle of piesgrves; nt .i plueh
you eau use It ful loaf sugiu, eru-lud Ice,
nuts or small fruit ; tbo laiger onesina) som
as an ornamental shield fur u pot ot gtceulu
, blossom, to set In a window or on u dining
table, while tor cercmon) In a small way )ou
can tumble out the biscuits, rill the Jar with
feins, roses or cut flowers, und thero jou
huvo a Jardiniere lit to set be (cue the tired
ejes qf a queen or an arllsl. Covcud up,
crackers and nil, tho box, It pretty, will put a
patch ot beauty on tho parlor mantel or tho
cabinet shelf.
Paddy Slavin's Friends Say Ho Is
Not Treated Right.
The city has had Its sporting pouulallou in
creased lo a tousldi ruble extent during tho
last day or two b) the arrival of well-known
pet son iges, whu are hat o tu witness the grund
Interstate cocking main, which will be de
cided duilng tho next iweutj-tour hours.
The birds rcpre-cnt the mutes of Cali
fornia and Maryland, aud a vast
amount or money will change hands on the
result- The Calllornla birds aro mostly Japs,
but tn different strains, and surao otlheiu
have vvondeilul records. The Laslorn birds
have game reioids, aud the heavier coin Is on
theli side. 1 he crowd thai will surround the
pit win bo much larger than was anticipated.
1'riends ot raddy slavln suy that tho Aus
tralian Is being treated too roughly for bis
lalluru to cover Johnston's money. They
claim thut 11 Is unfair to take advantage of a
limn because bo Is unfortunate. They lurther
state that Blavlu will get tbo necessary
money with which to make a match, and then
he will have some foundation to tulk upon.
Those who ure backing John 1-. Sulllv unsay
that slavin can be accommodated even now
If ha will come back and uost bts forfeit.
Mav In would have had many moro friends to
du) It hehkd nut lieguu his war or words as
bcon as lie left this ill). Marin's conduct Is
regarded by many as .exceedingly peiullar.
Ir tie Is the man he Is represented to be, nnd
whose chief ambition Is to become champion
nj the world, he could becuro plenty of back
Ing even tt be was considered an even thing
with the Llg fellow.
John Tcemer, tho oarsman, has written the
.Win- (nurttt that he Is uuvlous to arrange
a race wtih either llaulun or Ouuduur, threo
or four miles, ut tu.nuo aside. The race to
be rowed lu Ibis country In May oi June.
Tiemer has teen listing fur a nine, ami Is
nuw- lonslitcied tu be lu good condition. It is
quite llkel) that Uauduur will accept the
Thei Williamsburg Athletic Absolution will
send quite a elele.'ailoti over to Uergeu I'ulut
Mouda) night to compete ut the athletic
contests en mo New Jtrscv Athlrtle club.
1 I llnian, their crack wrcstlei ; Jullui I elber,
Jack Travis, Iddlo bwienej and Jue bhortell
will be among the number.
tharlle White, the well-known captain of
theCllnlen A. C, sa)s he has kept most ot
his crack boxes In training, and thut the
Club's gymnasium Is belug uillUedver) gene-rail)
with men wno expect lo compete at
the coming armory and Indoor games.
Tho West hide Athletic Club Is doing good
Winter work. About thlrt) men are In actual
training, eiosi-iouuto ruuuiug, g)mnaslum
work'and boxlug Is wry freely Indulged In.
The Union Athletic Club will run over the
usual course on Suuda). since the Union has
beeu devutlng so. mum attention tu cross
country work the gjmnaEluni has been moro
generally used, and the Interest has luereased
in the club athletic competitions.
The Acme Athletic Association is planning
soMiral athletic entertainments tu ve given
before the bummer season opens. The
Acmes have several very clever athletes and
among litem some well-known boxers.
Tho dates ot tha-lndoor games ot Company
I), Forty-seventh ltegltuent, und the New
York Htatu boxing championships, to bo held
by the star Athletic Club, clash- They are
both schedulM) tor Jan. U.
Manager Russell Lets His Play
eis Do Just a i Ho Likes.
A Uurienque or "The D.inelnc Girl "
Done by Lunibs,
" I'm not one of those managers," slid John
II. Hussell, of "The City Director)" com
pany )esterday, "who object tu the members
otiny organization making Individual hits. I
want each mau and vvuui in to make a bit. 1
luslst that they shall all make hits, and It
they dun't, I lire 'em, and there jou arc.
That's all tucrclstof ine-comcdy, anyway
a compauy thai Is slrotu I" every point.
The) can do exactly whatthcy like provided
I like It, and ever) one who has a specialty
can air It " Mr. ltiissell Intends to do nothing
l but "Tho City Directory" this season, but he
Is shortly going to Inti educe u good muuy
" topical " novelties, lie has a new bong,
called " When He Itesko Strikes High C,"
and another relating to the " Tcndtilolti "
District. 'Ihen helsgoln to make known a
burlesque cm latlgulo," called " Itussell's
dgaicttc," and others, ns"Tho Lion-lamer'
uud " The Couutiy Circus."
Miss Isabelle Coe, who Is plaj Ing the lead
ing rolelu "Nlohe" this week 111 lliooklyn, Is
ver) charmed with tho pint, In which bho
dcii'sn'l havu to bother about dnsscs, the
classic gowns woiu b) the icvlved statuu
being of the ver) slmrltst description. Miss
tools the wile ot Huslncs Ma'n-igir Prank
.Mihee, of the Madison squat T heatre. Mr.
Me Kit) went to bee his wire's performance
Mntulav night. To Ids friends, bo
s.Ud, " Well, I on tell jou, Im
roiul of lur.' To oilicis he simply ii
marked, " It ain't tor me to s.w If she dons
well, oi otherwise, t.ouhd see fur joursclf."
They have high old times at the Lambs'
(lull, bul the) tl) very hard lo keep them
qulel. On Simdii) nUlit ti burlesque of " ' h
naming lllrl" was given, nnd Horn .ill de
scilptlonsll wasnvci) hilarious affair. Ilany
ceiiior, thoeoiiiedhin or "Hie T'llp tot'lilnu
town" iippeiieit us Hrie-lll-i Ives, uud did a
skirl dance. In n dres festooned wlfh Ink
utid while popcorn; Mail, I)iuh plavcd the
part ot eju.iker .lohn, and l.d Holland wus
seen as the Duke or (ioc sclmrv. Hurry
Arthur -tones would have Inula 111 It he could
have seen tho way In which his play was
Manager Ilammersteln made a dellnlte
nirnngcincnt ji'bttrda) with Max 1'ieeuiau
he who Is alvvu)s n signing from Hit l aslno
b) which liiemati wilt stugo thu operas at
the Manhattan upcra-llousu next bummer.
For once, there lsu sit of eheius people
who are not kicking. They are thu men and
women who appear In "The lion-Tumi r," nt
the llroadwa) lheatie. 1 his slate ot things
Is due to thei fact that In the first nctcueh
memlKr ut the chorus appears In different
and distinct costumes, of Mich a character ns
to attract atte ntlon lo the Individual instead
or to tho collection. St ige Jllrce tor Marker
has given everybody special work tod i. thus
lalsliig the chorus parts- lu the dlgnltj of
minor rotes. Hence, general satlsmetlon
This Is worllt cliiniilcllng, foi as a rule the
chorus is gloomy and u great source of
Tho open time at the Columbus Theatre,
caused by the dlsb indincni or the scanlau
coiupanj will be tilled h) the saintly 1-anny
Klce In A Jollv Mil prise," which tho lad) Is
nt present playing tu Illinois.
lhailesll. Welles Is to pi iv Vincent Stirn
rojd's pan In "The .lunl t l'attner" at
.Herrmann's Theatie, Ml. -te rniu)d having
Le en engaged rur a few weeks tilily.
I little Mls Amelia (.lover, the Amirlc.in
Ibklit uuiiicr. Is an ludifatls'uble worker.
I hViiv morning she Is ai the liljnu Thiaito
pruiilsiug us vigorously as tbuUL'h her life
depended upon It. Miss (Hover Is a very In
dependent liodv.and bcr principal aim Is to
be original. Although u great many people
compure her to letty llnd, Miss Glover
doesn't consider this a ver) great compli
ment, she Is thoiougld) Interested In net
work, nnd enjoys lur danilng ns much as If
it were not her bread and butlei.
John W. Jennings, tho lively old man of
"Dr. Hill" renown, will pruuabiy star in
" i oufuslon," which he piajed recently In
Philadelphia. W bethel It was the farce oi
the sedate utinoapm.ro of Phtladelphl i that
was too mui h fur the actor will probabl)
never be known. Certain It Is, however, thai
became baikfrom tho cjuekir City eiy 111,
and he lias only Just lctt hti bed.
Those theatrical men w hu am not going to
have theatres on Htoadwa) next seasjuaru
Just at pieseut decidedly In the minority.
There was a brilliant and unusually lai go
audience at Palmer's Tie an e last night to
eelebiate the one hundredth periurmaiice of
"Alabama." The theatre was beautifully
decorated with flow irs und evcrgrcins, while
round the bulcunles aud down tho sides of the
proscenium arch were the titles oi all the
successful plays produced under Mr. Palmer's
mauagemenl. The souvenir was mi exceed
ingly dainty uffali, consisting or u little book
between celluloid covers und containing
pictures ut the pla) and the programme
printed on white satin. Attached to the
whole was a genuine cotton boll. '1 be actors,
particularly Mis. llooib, Mr. Stoddard und
Messrs. Harris uud Holland, were re
peatedly applauded and several recalls fol
lowed each tall of the curtain. "Alabama"
has taken on a new lease or lire.
Mtiee Analo I outer, eUughter of the Secretary of
theTriurr, i ft rather prettr girl of medium
belftit, with light-brown hilra-id browu ejee, Stio
U elid to be very fond u( a good bortu
Speaker imp', wife ie a thoroughly donieetio
woman, preferring the attraction, other home to
tho gajretle, of eoilety Yet .lie hae maile her
tiouee uoteit throughout Georgia for the hoapltal
Ity that l. di.penaeil tliero
The po.t-omie at Gibraltar le lu cliarge of Mien
Cre.cell, who I. paid a .alary of tJ.800 (or her
work. In addition to her regular dutiea .tiebai
charge of the Uovernuient telegraph office aud
aeteral eubordlnate poet-orhce la Morocco
A race was won at LUcrposl recrntly by a hone
tbat had undergone the operation of tracheotomy
to cure roarlog The fact tbat he had a itlver tube
lu hie throat did not aeem to iuipodo hi. speed.
The Only War.
Ihiw Brooklyn Uf:
can a man live on tl.OOO a year In New
" Ue can II he has hospitable trlends."
m m
To make room for new
Spring styles, now being
prepared, we have se
lected from our regular
1 ,600 pairs
'in both Opsra and " Com
fort" shapes, that have
'been good value i'or
$5.00, $6.00 and $7.00,
which are to be sold at
the uniform price of
Tho meeting Jv of I oral ncnibly J.CJi', K. of
I. , riite-Cuttmu ami lni);)trtt, ha bffii t,liuceJ
frutu iJiurmiBjn tti Mutiday-i
I neutrii 1 ricini'ts I'ttlon .No li hn cloi tt-ii Itia
foilimiiikl unii.ru Win Hill, M U PMrM .Min
n it i c V, 1 ., U.AA. AKiieM.O. .V, itubt Mull, 1.,
uud eJno MoCortitiLL, I S
HkerV L'ui.icisi N(M Jj, 4J. 17. 71, 'U, W, JUrf.
110 ttuet l'.M Hir In nrreild .Itll llirlr tnu it(ll) rr
port is tu tht m nei.it niti.f iho (.tLtt rt'ifiveJ laat I
luonth amuumtil tu tl U JtJ
hn vizueaoi tha liuliliT nt thu itoria Mtk
Unrko. Meiinuy, I. I , ht.e i rrdai.'t abuut
'2) per iPiit I lie men nro t.oiir.1 tier ing n Ktrikfs
1 Tim Vine n t unit Anphalt I.Tcr tfnion I.. A.
4i-t, K odi.lu' cIwtM thn follimin ulitprs:
I ha Iiiinn, -M W , iVttr limlb'j. V. , I Mo
Huih, IC .S. 'jd M. Mclliiiih, I- h
Orht-pr fill Ijc tlectl tlili fveiih1 by the 1 ourlli
Ii inion ( the I iboierh' Union 1'iute. tid hov-ioty
Ht htujvrna.it Hull, iilioby thn 1 oun )rtiirii'N Ai
mjcUtlun a nit bj tbn Jourt tj men dastitti m' tJnltui
1 hi onraiiiieii bluo one iiittnrs an 1 Ilairrt of
tbit tUi villi -leiuaiul tbrt f iKht-bonrilaj iniflf tr
dty vi Aiutl 1, anil thai ain Mfciiyuino i t aucct jb,
ai thi-ir UnioQ (.ouinrlsea alinoit u.ery man tu the
I lb I'nllPti llrbrp t 1 rau Tninnt am clnulat
' tnj; ajetiiiuii to do-, 1 lu.ir, aelxiiiif hint to ar
dun Prhiik KluiiiijoU, Iho cluukmaitf i nbo was
( nt tu stiiK Mil.' tor alUktM luitiLliiatiuu tn the
Tltriol thro.. hiK -i JaiuEalih
ilabifiiieptiuc if tap-Hniuhi in 1 tit evemiiif at 7 1
Ludlow ttiecM 'Hit it-imu tur this trirvue in alout
toiuiomi ln.;ii ate tin tin re.l uJ, 1 he ii.fi.
trig rnri caiud to diiLam Lciw tu title over thu dull
.lunenh Uaroinbhn lut been f-Ieotnl ltiii!ie
.Manager oi the ( luikiuakcra Unlou by au over-'
whehiiiiii ii aj ril Ho will apeak at a mahu-
iiu.ptluif tt'-iui.ri iw cvetiiuK at hvcrott Hall, J 3
1 ait 1 ourthftreet
The- United Moiir-Sett.' tTidou ban oleiU-ri tliu
fotlowitii; I'tluiT lor tlm ennulut; li mouthri John
Ma l..i'u, I'reiti U'lit , John Mulrauey, ke-l'Tni-l-drnt
1'atrtck M iluta),! tua lt-tal ht retarj , Jow-ph
Hurre), HtH.urilltii; heiratarv, Kertit) Udly, lreat
nrei, and I'atili k (jutni , trrfeaut-Bl-Arnm I
LKnl Atvtfiubl 4,Ht8, K of I, Uran Workers, I
elected '1 Ikjiiibh turojihofxan ami Jamei 1 eene) dfle
cateh to the annual leu-don f N. T. A .No. '.'
i the miinberuf vfhuno lotal aHwemlilien vrt a iruietiktid
I by niiutecn newly orgauied biaiiLhat 'act your.
i 1 liiri uveiuni; the uev utTiitra uf L. A. 4.8J8 will bo
.metalled ,
Kor tbootrlklm print era hi (urmany thr Unltrtd
Uebietr rra-lt'n ITnlona utll k'ie ;f Jill, ii,0 He
I reiv 1po.;raphical Union ban (.ollectol frl J bo tar , I
the Cltiti Hal and (apt)y ratora' Union and thu
Libert MusUn' Uuloimave is eat ti.whtloLabiuet- I
Make, V Litloii No. 7 loutrlbuted JU. t
I.iKit Aa-riuhl 2.41U, K. of L , Carpetiterd, U. I
0 . ban eletted .J, 1 (tmrull, M W. Mi.
atiy, W I . . John 'IhnnipBo i, i' ,) ,1 Da j. K
h . N I .Mci'adilen, V t. , ,1. M(1umoii, V a ,
h Ca.ai atch. J, Dura ml ami Jtilin (iiin, liunteati,
frr-nk Donoliue. W S. . Kin, ( P , r. P. '
Daly, I K. , V. J. Ilenuesoey. StHt, and 1) . ,T. I
J Dalj and Hugh WliorUke), Delegatta to tho K,
of),, htato I'ongrfsn. i
Throtgirij-ora of the. (traml I ndse of tbo Piano
Makem' Uniott report to tlio ieuitlvn Hoard of
that bo 1) tbat matn-meet limn vtl! bn be.d in pi
doipliia, to-morron ieutiic tut iu Haltlmore on
'1 ueaday, I turn Haltiinore tl e uranlera will kj to
liritl Ujrra Union No 11 lift epi(ed UilHami
tNt.hut.ler, Prtautent, Albert Dreiei , i Preni-1
dent I.miU No iiiami, fitinncUl Ne.ntar' 1 rank
Hpiid, lleiordliir. 'imretary A Knoll Mrt'tary
ef D ath Heimht I'uud, datn. llp, 1 icanurer I
Uenrt Kuiu, I orrenponding elrrvtarl) tivuraie
amlt?r, beraeuiit-at-Arnut
1 hi new oftneraof I.. .l,Qntt K of I , Mem.
litter Helper, are .! ,1 Henry, M V j. i
late, 1 .1 A Miller. H . , A Martin, 1
IS ,A Nicely. J' ,,I, hhaui 'lllOhnj, A ,1 I oht.dlo,
Stat I'.aiaua, J. , A, .Niu l,,l A A I u.itutt,
1 , S Hacua, 1. KeUej , P I In. lies, Irutleen,
. MhUIii, .(. A. Mihr, .! J, It im. rj, Arhitratorn,
11 olluit., h Kelne, j,J H.nr,A Marili, M '
Tarkln, DtilfgatiH to the C. 1. U , A Martin,
Walking Delegate, .
Dflig&t.' Ldward Mclnighlin, ct PinurrHalve
Palnteia' Union No 0, jTufHlt'd to the lltdMliitr
Tradttn betlon of the r I, U jehttnay uaimt
the fitlmiPfiton uf a de In ato fiom Progri'ixlro
Painters' Union So I, win,, it N allegetl eni
plcje 1 on thv l.ightb lUglmeut Arm r and wont
ing foi the noii'Uniou agot if ii la pr ila)
De egate .McIougblln uj inntructeti to tefer the
Hroof of 5uperiority.
It costs more to make Royal Baking Powder
1 than any other, because its ingredients are more
highly refined and expensive. But the Royal is
correspondingly purer and higher in leavening
strength, and of greater money value to the
consumer. Attempts may be made to substitute
other powders for the Royal by the grocer,
because of the greater profit in them to him.
If so, send them back.
The chemist of the Department of Health of IlrooMyn, after examining
the various powders, said : " The Royal h superior to all baking powdevra
with regard to leavening power, economy in use, and ucalthfulncss.''
7s I B a I A I B m. ma a . Bl
ryo py nooq l
uwMi onuDii
Offer To-Morrow I
Pillow Case IusHd I
Sleeting I
at the following Special Prices) I
Best Quulity -12 inch. Muslin, I
10c. yd. I
Bust Quulity 45 inch. Muslin, I
lie. yd, I
13ost Quality (5-4 Sheeting,
14c. yd, I
Host (Jimlity 8-1 Shooting, I
17c. yd, I
Ucst (Quality 9-4 Shooting, I
19c. yd. I
Best Quulity 10-4 Sheeting,
21c. yd.
5 case's l'linccBS Cash-
mci'ii Cluicliltih stud Kn-'lfJJ
lesh riiuiiii'l. Mtluo l'Je.iUI
y.iril; at '
oQ pieces AVool Serges nuil) .
Cheviot", aluo 25c' Up
yard; at ) l3"
5 cases Ytird AVitlo Best
Amoiie-'au Challies, val- hP
uo 12Jc. yard; at....) U4UI
5,000 leimiant's in Calicos, Twills,
huttings, Outing Cloths, Ging
hams, ritmuulk-ts, at
5C- Yard
Juji' ttis sale only.
, matter to tre Union of which tho delegate la
, mtniLor
Iho Arbitration Committed of the Huiidlne
Trades Station of the t I. U. te orted to than
bod) intercity thai.) J. Morrl-oti, wb employs
ton-nniti plateur-, au 1 .ludga P II. Dugro.N
who ban a lojitraut with Morris n, are delaying thai
A tion wlilili tt ry i rt mifii tl e CiMiimitteetn order)
tbat the work may bo tiutshod hefortt dwtmlto actlori
1 takei rti iftue was reftrrt-J tn tbo Central
labor Union, with the reiouimendatlon that th
llll-lulerl.oubu toinuilttee take the matter la
1 'I lie Joint U ( uti-e Hoar 1 of the Central Labor
1 .tderati Hi-, if Si v rK, Hrondyn ant Hudnoa
i t ouuty heliatifolil mctit g j enter!) orjnlng
en I rent-l-e I to pi s i thu uvit-tt agalutt Liewer'a
I ter. Vmoiii thur thui.t it n at ate 1 tliat Nam
lioniperi had t uin at t.oontr'it brewery lrat Mon
day trying to settle tlm troutle about theaoren
diKt-hargetl turn, b it ho ha 1 beuti as aucceaaful a
all uthera befoiobim
At yesterday i meeting of tho liulldini; Tradei
tstt tioiiuf the rntrnl labor Urlon tb following?
i rrneiitialH w in r teivnd Y torn Progrefif
PaintiM' Union V.i 1, John J (mnfn, Daid CaU
Uiiau Dai Mu'Dtl", I Coukhnandlj J Hrotta:
fruinthf Itncklityern Union. Martin bhield and
l,oiu line) from tint ( Jmaiiiental Plasterers and
Miop HhuiIh' AnxKiiition, David Hrbe-t, from
the ProgretiHie t.-Ki lation of Kteam-t-ittera
ilep!, MiLhael larkiu from the lin and -heet-Jruii
Wuraifit.' Umuu, illi-ui Merklin
'I hq meiiiberit of tbo Jnurneymeu Tailor Pro
teuue and Heneobtiit Unlou, uho ar tu anftlut
the tentr.il Labor Union hi arranging an enter
toi'iment Itr the bHiielU of Hotert Crowe, are
JI.iihM. Atiderdon, HoHonzweli'. Andrew Hoekef
and .JaUNen.who wire ippointed eterdijT oTmiing.
.Met-etit JohamiNi'n, Mo Irour antl Heeker were lu
btructuJ to inaktiatrangcnienta for a maaa-meetlaa
of tatlorn.
Now officers have Iron elected by local bakera
uulo i a totlowh No. .IS lotted Win. Koeiier
Heiordlug hetrtitary.il. Sat-tia, Mnancial hecre
tan , 11 aMtttelholter, I'orienpondlng hecretary;
I It r M'li, IreBtirer.J PraolU, Doorkeeper;
Men sin. Winter, Huunewt and htelnmetz. Irutee6(
.So.ij) but i nomm , l)Hi.herir Prraiilent, Win
Seilti, Vico-Prciblent, J. Haerniann, Htrcording
.Wtr.tar , II .scumldt, rinmitial Secretary , M.
fUeniann, Ireanur'ir, A. Snennen, Win, hell and
i) isweiifirn, Ini'teea, No. J7 Joseph (.retiring,
1 renide 1,11 Aditing, Uo-P.-etident, f rederltK
Itommel, Hetor Hug and Correspond ig hetretary;
1 ouU 1'gpter. I inain lal Sotretary, Lharb a IUag.
Iretaurer, Martin Voolkel, Cbarle liirbch d4
Lruet Hiuennle, Trusteds.
Eligible List of Roundsmen Sent
to the Police Board.
The Clvll-i-ervlco Hoard to-diy sent to tha
Tolho ComuiSslimci'3 tho following list ot
roundsmen elUiulu for promotion to se
U'cants, with their btanUlutf, and fnm which
i levin fei'iccants will he appointed to-mor.
iciw .
llimiel Will '.H OTIlioe McCullagh 95 'J
i 'llininia I'.iiirlilli UT 37 II A. Ilaialaehrii. VJ v
,loi. II lleh-au II t tti lohn Jl O'Keliro. IS JJ
I tiimia. I nmn VM, IT. 1 I arhe S Uaker J
I'alrhk Mnraii. tl 5 Till I tun .1, Hanuory 'J -J
.lame. I) MeA.laui It tb..leieph Irorj ,....!';?,,
.laeiieHl' 1 c kr 0,1 Ull'l.ummil! KuJell. i; ".
I.iliruitl I'. V alii is VI 17 .lohn .1. ParU 9t.g
1 pita MuKeiiiia .1 1 eio Dciini. .I.Ureiinaa 111 tl
e. h.hihuuwftcler Hi Mi'l.eorgi. D. helUere fl ;?
( hi. A I arl.en.uu til IU, lame. 11 inner J ill
Jaime I'. Iveiieijr 'mi Vcl'l'atrlik While ".jl
,lul ie VV. Smith Win I II Marron . '!
Jam. , hani. . 'iii Oil .leturaoii deed. .?,
I'liarleeJ Itjan till. I'atriik Culljr 8jt O
fraoiia ilcLaraon v i .III Oiear Wayl, 8tM
ejivlllei A. Ciott aj Ij.
Mas Clonry'u Dreach-of-Prornlse Suit
Va&3 In n Mlutrlal.
The Jurymen lu thu suit brought hy MM
Jhirv.cieur) niralnblMlchatl 1 loou forf,'5,000
uamae,'Ci for hrcuch of promise or marriage,
uliilln Jtielgeihuient's t'lty Court, llrook
1 n, thli mtirnliii; uunouneed thai they had
been uuahlo to airee upon a verdict aud were
AnUnpremedltiuad Donoucmon-
rruiit ('uifife 1
Hob HunVum (rictor)-Falluro 1 I bhould
thluk It was I Wit), tho whole play vva
ruined I
rulr lloslcss llnvv wnathat? , ,
llotiliuiikum Win, nt the end of tho last
act a bteaui.plpo burbi and hlsxed mo on th"
btaice 1

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