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SPORTING I :gife. Mrtuii pitfiM
PinkertDns and Work
men at War at
Many Killed on Both
Sides and a Num
ber Wounded.
LocM-Ont Hen Fi'ililm
Willi Dynamite, Cannon
anil Blazing Oil.
300 Hired Vidocqs Held
at Bay by 5,000
Angry Toilers.
Mill Hands Ridicule
and Fire on a
Flag of Trace
The Situation Crave
and the Governor
Appealed To.
incur, to th imno world. 1
Hoiiestbad, Pa., July 0. A bloody battle
Ins taken placo between the workmen
Ilccled out of Andrew Carnegie's mill and
aoo riukerton men sent from Pittsburg to
Invest the works.
The (lent occurred at dayllgUt at the steam
boat landing near the mills, whero the work
men were massed to prevent the officers from
U tiding.
Ike detectives, according to the statements
U several eyewttneHaes, began hostilities by
opening nro with Winchesters on the men.
Ike nro was returned from revolvers and
luotguca, and the workmen made so deter
mintd a resistance that the officers were
unable to laud
Several persons wero wounded on each side,
id It in reported among tho men that Qve
Hulerton Uetoctlves were killed outright.
Tlie detectives are still on barges tu the
rlvir, unublo to land, and a statement Irom
laem cannot now be obtalnod.
Oa tlie side t the workmen seven men
wire wi unded, and one of tbesc, the foreman
Hi bo mill, is said to have died sluco the, en
f'gciuent. At 10 o'cloak the detectives began firing
plu at some of the workmen, still on the
tier tank, and It Is supposed that they are
tuparlnr; to make another attempt to land.
1 Be workmen havo secured arms and am
Munition, and a desperato Oghtls In pros-Pect.
It Is said that the umorles of the Homestead
lost, ut theu. a. It and bona of Veterans
"I the lllUrnlau nine company have been
,e"ed by the lockid-out men. Whether or
-i tliis Is so, the mill hands have certainly
ecurtQ guns and ammunition from some un-
pectea quarter and are fairly well equipped
' Ulcus.
tui noBTimj bemewed.
"oiEsikiD, July o.rnhtUwM renjswed
about 8 o'clock, and the battlo continued for I
fully half an hour, lc was precipitated by
the Plnkerton men making an cflort to effect
a landing.
Mil r I oeounAN, djloc, ihot through lr(i ma
.liir Nitta, ihot through Im
Mad-tin Muhihv, shot tbroitb leg.
William Hiet, probibly fttallr
The wildest excitement prevails In the
town. Thocsands of workmen from all tne
surrounding plaoea are reported to be march
ing towards Homestead to reinforce the
mill bands.
In the second engagement Henry Btrevgel
was killed and several men were wounded.
William Poy-was shot and killed In the first
A workman named Wallace was fatally
shot at Ninth street. He was removed to his
The workmen have built a fortification of
steel bars on the river bank nnd over 1 ,OQO
mea are within.
The crowd on shore Is constantly Increas
ing, and It Is more determined than ever to
John Kane.
Habrt llcants.
Diwildkb, received two woande.
It Is rcporteditbat the captain of the rink
ertons Is dead. In the first assault ho was
seen to fall, and he has not been seen since.
The men swear that the rinkenons will
never land wAUe a man remains allvo la
At this time (8 a. v.) a body of the men are
rolling barrels of oil to the river. It Is tholr
Intention to set Or to tho oil and burn tbe
Plnkcrtona from the position they hare held
with safety since daylight.
I arorrrs ubinq blaiina oil and a cannok.
11 a. M. The strikers have fired a car of oil
New eoDvertlog mill, UB-lneb plete.
prevent any ono landing from the boat.
All the trains are carefully watched and all
means of entrance to the works aft guarded
by the men, and a desperate struggle Is
Hefore the second attempt was mado to
land, the officer In charge of tho detectives
announced to tbo crowd of workmen assem
bled on the bank that bis men were Pinker
tons, and that he would land them If bo bad
to mow down everybody In sight.
lie lucu uruereu ma lueu eu uuvance, ttaq aa
tbey advanced from tbe barge they were met
by a shower of lead from the rifle? and pistols
of the workmen.
Tbe officers fell back for an Instant as If
repulsed, but they wore promptly rallied,
and marching eight abreast endeavored to
get ashore. They wero driven back again,
Armor mill. New open-bearta mill.
standing near tbo works on the p., V. and C.
road, for tho purpose of setting Oro to the
detectives' boats In the river. They expect
to set the river on nro.
A small field cannon which during the
night the strikers bad placed under a pier of
tbe Pemlcky Bridge across tbe river, and a
It Is not definitely known how many men
are on the two barges. There are thought to
bo at least three hundred In the parly, but
some or these may be non-union workmen.
Several of the l'lnkertons were hit, but no
ono ri allowed to go aboard and their loss
cannot be definitely ascertained. It H re
ported that the captain of the tug Is amoug
the dead In tbe flotilla.
Already seven of the locked-out men bavo
been killed. John Morris was killed In tbe
last effort to land the officers, and at least
six others were wounded
Tho killing of Morris seems to have crazed
tho people, and men, women and o'llldron aro
running through the streets, crying for re
venge and tcr blood.
The killed on tho workmen's sldo nre:
John MouRif, ihot through oeutro of forehead,
merrled, but uo children i wee A heeler.
Henri Htrieukl, aged tentj-oiie reare, un.
merited, ehot through neck Anil killed Imttutlr.
Mabecowiiet, a Hungerlea laborer, ibot
through br.Ait
Hi iifa rOBREST, ehot through tbe hetrt.
Ariuurw Sibieoel. brother of Heorr. ihot
through tht ch.it.
MeRTIx Pov, a tattler, married tod IdiM fle
following are the names of the wounded,
but there ato believed to be other casualties
wnldh bare not beeu reported :
""" I l
ten-poucder at the Pittsburg, Virginia and
Charleston yard mill entrance, furnished a
surprise lor th l'lnkertons when nre was
opened with them. Had the gunners been
mora skilful they could have blown tbe
barges out of the water. As tt was, tbey
carneu terror iu iu riaaenuim as me oaiis
went skipping aoroa the river.
No move has been made to stop the shoot
ing. Not a soul caa be seen on the boat and
no word can be gotten from or to It.
Tho workman claim that at least Qve men
on tho boat wero killed or fatally Injured.
One man alone says he saw sU fall.
Dr. J. Osborne s house Is turned Into a hos.
rltal and lie baa treated ten mon. On every
hand men are gathering ammunition of all
kinds. Every poaslblo form of nre arms Is
being gathered and shotguns are being
loaded with buckshot.
Ibe steamer I.lttlo Hill came down tbe
river shortly bef oro 11 o'clock this morning
to take off the l'lnkertons who wore Impris
oned in their barge. There was a largo num.
ber of new men on the boat. The moment It
reached the shoro a regular fusillade took
Tbe I.lttlo lllil bad an American nag on the
baw. 1 ho men say It bad absuuncu for tho
l'lnkertons Imprisoned in tho barge. At all
events a fusillade began In which t ho strikers,
tho I'lnkerlons and persons on tho I It tie lull
took part. It conllnm d ten minutes and was
inlxid with hoarse, derisive cheering from
the men In tbo mill.
The cannoneers across tho river nred three
cannon balls at tbe Ilttlo 11111. Their aim
was bad, ano one ball entering tbe open
hearth department, took off a man's bead.
'lho titrll.crs now claim that besides the
captain and lieutenant of the l'lnkertons,
four other men were shot and fell from the
barge. One Plnkrrton man, becoming des
perate, jumped off the ror and tried to swim.
He was drov. ncd. The pilot the Llttlo lllll
wait killed.
Tbe boat was driven off. and proceeded
down tlie. rlur. Ilio men liavc lo.oji iHj. il
to bavo It held at the lock
A Hag of tiuee njsdlsplajeu In tho Pink
ct Inn men at noon nnd was s .ol diinn. It
was hoisted the h-c mil time t,Mi the sum
result. The thlid Mine tbo Hag vtaxhlil id
with bullets and hirdly emugli f It leit to
hoist again.
T.io mill workers Into beard mil tho
mllltla has been ordered heie, and thev now
seem to bo determined U lid tho place of
every I'lnkorton man before tho troops got
here. .Men on both, sides of tho rler oppo
site tho bargo containing tbo l'lnkertons ire
lying In nnll lor some of tbo detectives to
show thcmsi'ltes. The mon tiro at ctcrj
moving objeot on tho barges. An occasional
shot comes from tbe barges. It Is thought
some of tho Plnkorton men liavo boen
wounded during the sklrmlsnlng.
The car of oil which was set on nro for tbe
purpose of setting nro to tho boats failed to
In an effort to burn tho barges.
There was lntenso excitement this after
noon over n report that 400 deputies In
charge of tho Sheriff had loft Pittsburg on
two barges to Join tho Plnkerton people.
I Photo bj World Artist 1
do tho work Intended. Tbo oil flowed down
the bank, but did not burn tar out on the
At 3.30 o'clock this afternoon tho cannon
Hie cannons arc bombarding the barges
every few moments, a shot sometimes telling
and carrying aw a) pieces of the vessels. The
l'lnkertons bldo and seldom return tho nre.
About 3.40 this afternoon tho lioso carriage
fc 10 'H uOKkS
IPIiotobx W11r.ll Altllt 1
were still roaring and thu rattle of muki trj 1
continued. A suddon resort to dnainlle,
however, added a new and dangerous le
nient to tbo counict. At that time the mill
mon began throwing dynamltu cartridges
over the bauk at thu burgts In tbu rlui.
holHtet It is lilt Willi 11 bullet A striker
S 1I111 il iidnilssloii to the pump house oer tlie
Ibugis and shot twice beforo a vclle) Itom
the bat go diuo hltn out. Ho billeves ho
killed 1 guaid
U0U (Ml lOSS 01 (lit HIT ON rlllK
'1 his nltoi noon the -trlkurs eaiuured n (100
gillon nll.tnnk at th" esst end of theworlA
ul M1111I11II station. Tho stuff wnssct on tire
and lot Inioilio rlcr, but n strong wind blow,
lug In tbu oppovltodlreellon ssed tho barges
n few j nrils boluw.
At thesiiiio time shots were nred from the
Doits nnd returned by tbe strikers. Ono mnn
on tho boat was seen to fall oterboard, but
ills comrades being afraid to cxposo them
stives to attempt iconic, tho man sank. 'J he
' men aro talking of nrlng two other oil tanks
as Uketi to tho mill to connect with an oil
tank, and thus squirt oil on the busts and
set tbtm on 1110. The men aro also laj lug a
natural gus-jilpe tow.1rd9thobo.it '1 hey want
to (.end a strong stieam of nil oral gas tint
will eutilopc tho boat and tbcu light It with
UII1 IMStl!,.
Tho mti hope bj this means to blow up the
It looks a If tho Imprisoned dft(Ctlcs will
never escape alive If nightfall comes aud
there Is no rescue. 'ILo men hao secured
another cannon, nuking three In all with
which tbey are shooting at tbe barges.
.The l'lnkertons raised another white nag
at 3.90 o'cloolc The arm of tho fellow who
a urpedo. If IhlslssuccctsfultbedetectUcs
will Inio to h'aio tho bargis, and then a
hahil-lo.liaii.1 1 niciiniiT will take plaie.
Kl ISSOI IhSIFSIS oit riu. kill 1 HASPS.
's.lfi 1. ii-lrni theuand workmen frum
tho honth side mills of Pittsburg haw
Just marebed luto Homestead riltb nags aud
banners II) Ing,
1 bey say tbey luo come- to thcissUtauco
of tho mill Innrts. 1 lie cscltcmcnt Is Ihcn ak-le-
Supplies of ntniiiunlllon and arms are bcfiig
ftirnlohol to the workmen by the cltlrcns nt
Homestead, nnd are arrU lug from I'lttstirtg
o'clock this morning.
Twelo men were shot and a number will
probably die. Among tho wounded, It Is re
ported, wero nva Plnkerton men.
At an earl) hour this morning .100 l'luker
ton dctoctlcs arrived In Pittsburg from the
East. Ihey wero quiet I) marched to tbo
Monongabela ltHer, where they wem loaded
on barges and shipped to Homestead at
The news of their arrival spread rapldl),
and when the steam tug Tide towing tbe
barges arrived at Homestead there were
f.,000 people watting to meet them.
Ab soon as the Pinkertons attempted to
land they were resisted by the men and a
battle followed.
The l'lnkertons opened nre, and at ib first
volley two workmen fell. 1 bis euraged tht
croud and they boro down upon the linker
tons with resistless force.
Nobody stopped to Inquire whethor the
newcomers were deputy sheriffs, Plnkerton
detectives or non.iiulon laborers.
After tbe exchange of shots the crowd
grouped on the bHUk ft It baek, climbed over
the heap of rubbish and rushed towards the
big trestlo leading to the Pemlcky ltallroad
Probably .100 of tbe men stood their ground
and returned a desultory nre with their re
volvers ut the Invaders, 'iheao shots did
little or no apparent damage, aud thn locked
out men, finding their weapons tut ffectlve,
slowly fell back before tbe withering lire of
tbe Winchesters.
The tlmlbhot uf the eugagcuieut 1 aiao from
. the barge. It w as aimed ut a Ltg lluiigarlan
who stood at thu water's edge. 'Hie ball went
wide of the human largi'l, built was tbo sig
nal to the I'lukertoii men to Ik gin, and lor a
full ten minutes tbey contluued to lire.
Tbu first to full was Martin Herri . a healer
In one of the mills. He w us shot In the left
side and ft II lucu downward on a pile of nshct
Close beside Merry stood a big Hungarian
He stooped over Merry's prostrulo bod, and
as he w us In the act of ruining him bo "tug
gered, and an Instant later fill by the side of
bla comrade.
'IMS bloody siK'itacie aroused the Iro of thu
crowd, and with a hoarse (beer halt 11 doin
mill rushid to the pliee. where .Mirry and the
lluugarlan lay.
The) picked up I he bodies ami larrltd them
behind tho trestle, one uf thu rescuus, 1
Melnliwun, who ntusedto t,ne his name,
was shot In the left Irg Just as ho ralsid
Merry's head Irom tbegruund
Merry and the lluugarhiu were carried
over tbe trrttlewnrk to the Pemkky tracks
and then taken to the nnicu of Hr. Purm 111, on
Dixon street. TIih doctor, att.r a hasty ex
amination, announced that twlli men would
probably tile.
iiitutifs nesnmoisn wat'spru.
I IT inure of thestrlkeis were' uouudidand
twuuttbem ury seriously, but ibtywiru
spirited aw a by their friends, and It was Ira
possible to get their inmes
1 ho shotM of tho strikers were also well
nlmod, nssoveral Plnkcrtona are reported dangerously-wounded.
Tho Plnkerton men did
j e 1 ' 1.
ruiiciiASEti iiv (wiiNFOiE, ruirrs a to.
(phoio br World Artut 1
and McKiesport. It Is feared tbe caniave
has but begun.
tT AtenriATED rnr..l
PiTTsnnRO.Pa., July 0 A nerco battai be
tween Plnkerton detectives and tholookcd
out employees at Homestead occurred at 4.30
not land, aud another encounter may oceurj
any momoul, KvltemcntUat fover beat at
It was exactly 1 o'clock when the steamer
aud barges wcio sighted by, the watchers
gathered on the river bank, a mllo below tbo
town. Directly tko nect was sighted three I
west roRTios op TnE rAnsrotB piant.
New b.tin mill. Twvlte-lnok mill
heir preei chop Tw.utj.tbree laeh mill.
Old ouanrllui mill.
HKTWKKN THIi At'T & HltAVO. 10c.
Half Dime, tc, sll-lobeccu ilgfrettea, ere tbe
si tnaa Bid. br Tbei. U. Uslk EiuiM USi.V
.H J1 ' H V vJjjl
messengers, each mounte.d oa frtib horses,
started fur Homestead, shouting at they went
in advance of tbo barges.
some one notified tho onglneer at tho clee
trlcllgbt works, and tor a second time tbe
barsti-i oleed wbtstle sounded iba general
alarm. 1 ha people responded with wonderful
alacrity. ,
'1 here were old men and young men, eldorly
women, mothers with (hair babes in arm and
any number of children la tbe crowd when
tho detectives opened Ore
Two unknowns were taken to their homes,
some aletanca from Homestead, evidently
badly burl.
Ills not known just wno was shot on tbe
boat. One, man In particular was teen to
drop as If Instantly killed, but wnttber bo
was or not cannot be told at this writing (7
a. m.), as It Is Impossible to gel aboard tbe
'1 h mon aro thoroughly aroused and de
clare thu not one of tbe l'lnkertons will be
allowed to enter tbe works.
Hefore Ibe arrival of tho boat! the men,
fearing that the de teethes Would succeed In
getting Inside the works, made an onalaugbl
on the fence and luufeetotthetncloaurtwas
turn down.
Tho moment the people on the bunk raugnt
a glimpse of tbe nolllla a crowd of I bom made
a break down tbe road towards tbe works
beu the head of the Hue reached the city
farm fence, which has been built out scleral
leet Into tbe water, mty men or more used I
thilr shoulders as batlertng-rams, and al
most In a twinkling had baltired down I ha
Once through tbo fence tbo crowd poured
along tbe stio) imhaukmeul skirting the
rlur fence ut thu lamella company, and
ile-.) Ho thu mud und tho uneven character of
the ground the) LuaJu rapid heudway.
It n a strangely silent eroud rw
words were spoken and ihe-o sprang from
tin lips uf the wumeu, wbu were apparently
as anxious to partlclpatv In the conOUt as
1 thilr Husbands, brotht rs and sous.
rrom Hcmestead 10 the pumphouse It ti a
'good two miles, but, all things considered,
tbesu half-drrsed men and women made the
Jourmy In ri curd-breaking time.
oucu there, tbey gathered Iu one solid
mas-, the women, or at least tbe most uf
flit 111. uti Ibe outskirts. The front rank of
thl- solid all of humuult) stood ut the
water's uo nUc. and eTrry moment the
erowd grew lu numbers and determination.
slowly the Tldo brought ber silent tonson
down the channel, .lust below tbe Pemlcky
UlJgu she partly turned ber prow tow ards tbe
shore aud then, amid tbu shrieks uf steam
whistles und the aiigry groans and hisses
from those gathered un the banks, tbe occu
pants ul the boats etrlpped tor action.
hacuonu olihcm wis armed with a Win
chester rifle and each rifle was leaded 10
I kill.
I slowly tbe boat edged towards Ibe landing,
IContjnued on Second Tafe.)
t a 1 110-1
I! ! "1
IKE un it. 3
A Pool-Room Wir: De- I
dared by Pfnt
Engeman Ti-Biy. I
m' i
Lord Oalmen, Defeat! (irlf Bits- 1
som Quite Eullj, (I
Iipecul t n the BvrNitra) wrwu.. ;'
Conbt Island, N. Y., July a The Western '
llnlon Telegraph Company's wires were or- '-
dered off tbe Drlqbton lieach rape course this ra
morning by order of President George Enge- H
man. 1 here is every prospect that the old ffm
war between poolrooms and racetracks will (jU
bp renewed. .'J J
Tho trouble all originated In, the price of ';'
service. 1 he pool men wanted the Brighton "uM
beach Association to lurnlih reports of the uU
races at a cheaper price than they paid the 4u
other tracks, and President Kngeman refused J
to do It. 'Ibis was the tatter's version of the xU
twuble to-ilaj. He said: U
" I don't see why tbe Urtgnton races are not '
as g(od as those on otbei tracks. Certainly nU
the programmes here furnish better medium .'?
lor speculation than those of the other Asso- l4fl
cmtlons. I thought I should receive as much S
as Kheopebead Hay or llonmouth or the JH
others and refused to out thfT price", i bavo aH
notlflud lnsiactur Uyrnea that no commla- 7
slons will be recelvrU at this track from the) 9
pooiirooms." 't'l
According to tba Western Union employees ,.-
who bain established ontees at the Hotel B
llrlghion, no effort will be made by tbe pool. 'H
room men to secure tbe results of the -iB
Ilrlghton raced. If they do tbo llrlghion man- .fl
agnment will do all In Its power to preserve vfl
Irt news. ' ;!
There Is no doubt that there Is a heap ot ',?
trouble ahead In tbe racing world. From an fl
authoritative source un Uveninu World re- ,fl
porter learned to-day that tbe so-called taw S
and Order I eaguo's campaign against lion fl
mouth was being engineered by the Pool- S
room King, Peter He I acey. fl
It Is reported tlia: the tloumouth ABsocla- -.'S
tloo's olllclaU hais learned this, and that ",H
there Is to lie a combination of the raoo ffl
track against the poolrooms; in other words, " H
tbe old wnrwill bo renewed with all It on- ;H
pleasantness. .M
The Iirlghtun Be ich managimaiit U S en. jfl
couraged b) the large attendance at Its track
that the) have decldedl o race on Saturdays '?H
against Monuiouih Park. I Is explained, '-g
however, that this must be dono In order to iM
getthe thirty days allowed bylaw. 'ssl
The attendance to-day w as large. The prj. ''jt
gramme wat excellent, Bndsome gocd racing; mIPJ
was promlsid '-M
1 he opening o ent contained a fair Held of 'J
sprinters, wiih tsrly lllo.aoia and Lord Dal- JH
meny een-iip farurlies. The latter waa '
plunged upon aud backed down to odds on, r
harly Uloisom receJIuir to a to l. Against ,yiH
the others It was "Write your own ')S
ticket "with the exception of Daisy Wood- k'H
riiir. who was well plajed. Lord Dalmeny tM
had no trouble In beating bis field. Early vbebI
HDssom was second, and Lallab, a SO to 1 jeeeI
ihanec, as third oH
The second race was a maiden an air, and M
us usual a hall doeu good thlius were 'jM
playtd. The) were 'tradesman and Sierra rgH
Nevada colt, Hon loyage and flallanda. ;H
raise 11, a 7 to 1 chance, UDsel all calcula-
tlnu b) winning easily from knlck Knack ')
nily, an s to 1 ibanie. West over was third. ;'M
T he third raie went lo Harvest, tbe favor-
lie. whu beat I'rlnci- (lenrge a Ifnirtli In a gH
prett) nnlsh J'cstmaster was third and M
philanthropist fourth, bui tbe judges placed gH
courtship, win) w as cith, lu third ptaee. H
IIHNT uais. H
1 urse J0U; selling ; throe-quarters ot a M
milt. H
Mjlf.' Hilllli J.rl.v. il'l. uir. ri'. E
U.rJ Dtlmeu) .,,, lllll llsiul.luu 6 3 II fJBBJ
Lsrlr Hlo.iom 102 T. UroD U II VH H
Ull.ti ev J Uuibl'r J e 8.
Alrlubl lu Imbley 1 ! a bB
D.l.f UuvuruB ...III! eoler , t 1 JJBffl
LllLberl IU Ibomuioli S II BkH
Pomuu lnT Wllh.H SOT
Uu.rleruuitir VS ilclllou. , V u H Sggl
Klii,urlJ. Ut lm ., A 7 V B
Pant H.lllUtflMirtl ll.lmeaj, T lo 10 end oul JBBBB
Isrlr llliom. 2 end to 10, Airtlgkl, 16 end 41 )
l).li WuuJmfl, il) end 7, Lelleh, 3D end l SBBBJ
Klnbrlbt, 0 ud U LllMxrt. 40 and 111 M
guerurnje.t.r, aO eud ;t, 1'okioo, Do and iO. bbbbj
Airtight led tor a quarter and then gave L
wa) to hurl) Hlossom, v, ho showed the way H
Into tbe stretch, with Lord Dalmeny, Airtight Jggggl
and Lallab closu up. Lord Dalmeny then H
came una) and wou hands down by three JM
Jeiigths from Harl) Blossom, who beat Lallab iggggl
length and a half fur tbe place. Time !
l.K.H Ml
Mutuels paid i .straight, 3.70; place, 3.40. M
karl) Ulosaoiu paid i'..r0. jHf
siiosd race. H
purse 1,')0O, of which 73 to second and t'-'G H
to third, fur maiden three-year-olds, to carry
110 lb.; llie furlongs. ?&
ltjrl.r. II l. Jtrli SI Wf II". ,H
l.li. 11... . 110 Nobl 3 la is 'tSl
Kulckklllek Ull) 1U6 l..Iilll.(, I -It 'At IBBBB
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Knlckknaek nily got awar In front and set l'JD
the pace to the turn, where the was over- ''
hauled by False B., who led the rest of the v?K
route and won easily by two lenftu ttv &:M
s.. . - ,lkl-fViJ',RBBl

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