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You Want " The Light That Failed" That Goes bWiihiTo-Mor row's World.'lm
. . , EH
Sunday, August 28.
At this time one million men at least
ra talking about a certain w oil. known
citizen of this Hepublio anil dUcussiiii;
bis chances of success in u coin i up; con
test. Groyer Cleveland is not tlio man's
nanio, nor is bis name Benjamin Har
rison. The man who occupies buuilrods
of thousands of udult minds aud spurs
aill.iilf.lj hois to noblo cudeaor is Mr.
John L. ' Sullivan. It 1b not any de
sire to add to man's fondness for licht
inc that has induced The Sunday World
to prepare for to-morrow Mich an account
of Mr. Sullhan ab shall muko cvory man
vtho studies it feel that bo has seen the
fighter under a microscopo. Tar from
Mr. Hemlnirton Is an artist whose work
every 01 o knows. He Is the only man per
haps lio nukes every creature Hut lio
eliawalook as tbouijhhc wcro ullve anil
dolus Ills beat. Ills paintings or thin
legged but vicious Indians; ot top-heavy
bisons, anil ol bail, tall cowboys are bo
ti'ua that they inako the Impending dis
appearance or those Hpecliuens from tho
i trtn's sttrmco a matter ot blight Impor
tant. Air. ltcmlnirion Is fond ot line unl
innlbnnd nun. With Arthur UrUbare he
t.,uit two days btuiljlng tile physical
m.iki-up ol Ar. t-ullltati, the one man
i. ho could knock down a con bo' and 111.)
pun, tliruu an lull an about as far as tho
lndun uouMthiow a tomahawk, urtrnc a
tlbou a fecio headacho with one little
I unili Mi. Hi Winston Inn sketched
uliat he ban, and the picture", a lino lot
ot Hum, will be published In '1 lie K'Miav
Woklii to-uiurnm. '1 lie five , far let
ter idea or tho wcnuertul filthier than
am thliu that has ever been b.il lor wi It
ton about him, and ever man with uctUo
blood will ih light In bluilyliigthcsonrtls-,i!c-luipris:Iunbot
the man whose great
' c s rests on this t-olld rock: l can lick
an) manoii larth."
Wm-n, In the biKluninsr, the race towblcU
Milllvau belongs was dcmor.btintlu; to
tho i est ot mankind that It was meant to
rule thlb planet, nhat was It that counted
in thu snuggle? It was not the lino
poetry In thu Anslo-baxun, nor any non
sense ol that kind. It was the sort ot
muscle that at this moment Is tucked
way In great bunches to tbs ncighuor
I hood ot John L. Hutllvau's shoulder-blades.
II Jlr. ltlchard Watson UUOcr Is writing
po"ti l o-day, happj in the consciousness
that he belongs to tho conquering race,
It is becauso In tho beinnlug that race
consisted largely of sulllvans. Thoreiore
every man, lrom a poet down to a banker,
ma) and should feel Interest and take
pride lu John L. bulllvan. These things
ate explained lully by Arthur llrlsbane
In tho artlclo which he hai prcuncd
with Air. Kuinlntrton. Air. llrlsbane Is
peculiarly ntted to explain to man
kind nhat a great man Jobu I-i-ullltan
Is. It was his proud privi
lege to behold Air. tiulllvau ab he
lonverseJ lu Irlondly tones with tho
1 riuco r ales ; to study his proud bear
li' at lie Hi st ciicno In l,ht or thu shores
ot Ii el u,d ; to bjmpalbUe with his snug
gles nltli tho I'lChch (lann'uaao vvhllu
lialuliu m 1'iaiico, lu tiUnc-as often that
c cr itiuu whim Air. hulllvan e,voJ
ii.iiuioJly describes as " kn(.cklli' a
nu.i u mile-,'' All. llrlsbane, wltuu ildellty
tin, imiit uuiiucatiuuaply truublu lius-w-11
In his crave, la)s batu to tho public
the soul, the mluil and CBricUll) the
nn.Mles hi Air bulllrun. 'Ill In htor) by
1. mil. ifi 1,11 and llilsbanc v. Ill probably
tatlsiy ihti niebt a dent bilker tor Annul
id.o auuut (ho baldest hitter on caitli.
'Id uitti'icuiaii d nun, wlii writes (or 1
Ini tiNiuv Womu uulj.jniwho never
Mil (o Ini-t 1 ucl and entertain ut the bame
ilin , wmc thiiwcek. on tho subject ol
1 lilts, dubs mine 10 us from England,
jud Mr. .McAllister cxplalus how Impor
tant till) aro lu lire here below and what
tho hould be. did members ot thebnlon
club win ile.lo'hl lu Air. AlcAlllstei's '
iciiilniM elites, ar.il j oung men who expect
to bu iniuiUrs when they get rich will
I U Inai the oli.cct which they have In
hilm! is Imltid worth while.
Tin sishav Would, for the amusement
I I Its icudeis, will publish complete In to
inorrm a idltlou Klpllntrs nuvel, 'lhe
U.'ht iimt lai(ed" 'lhls Is a btory that
lias nut ror Us motive nouso of this great
c untij uud Mr. Kipling in writing it
.t ipiaiicutl) nut suffering Horn lnili
- 1 as ho usually Is. It Is a tiood
' 1 ' 1 n-iid and cast aside. It will In
'Tot without werr)lnfcT the loader.
i-iuy man, alter reading tho artlclo which
"cleu vAuiicrson haa wrltteu for thlb
nuuiii 0 'l in. boNOAY Would, will proo-1
ubi) m ebe'tlcrcare or hluuclf than he
has dunu hitherto lu tho vyuy ot eating
"idiiiiiMirtd niiiuy oars io his Ulc. A
'"rnaii pinor.rcailor wllh n tutu tor
tntiini lnvihiigailoti, calculated tint If
'"a liuudriil'lliousauil mm wolildacton
'h' mlviie e;ivi 11 by Helen W'utterbon that
cum would live two jearH loiiforcn an
vti.ifo than would otherwise have been
the case, and" thai many millions will be
"UK il to the wealth of the nation by those
ai ilei jours ot effort on the part or highly
iiitc.iijuni men. 'Ihe artlclo tells that a
iuau't, bod) is like an engtuo and his lood
'brum. What science I as to say about
'he mil or the engine is attractively hot
'"' h. Mo,t winers would do tuch n
1 1' e o( work clllferently from Helen Wot
U'm n. .She makes every lino of It Inter-
I'i'liiE bDNiuT World to-morrow, Mrs.
' on Kensselaer continues her description
ulthu World's ftirwonaero. itlsgrRt.
k ft.
f tying tribute to the convincing characler
of Aire. Van ltecsseiaer's criticism that
Chicago should have recognU'd the truth
or the sOTcrc remarks which bho was
compelled to inako on Chicago archi
tecture. It Is a line thing to bo recognized
as the best art critic In America, but
admirers of Airs. Van Kenssolacr's writings
will feci a new prldo on learning that
Chlqago, tho energetic but untutored,
bows humbly bcroro her wisdom.
lhls rnjrlHh writer, whi produced
" htagc-I and " and " 1 hree Men In a
Ltoat," has written a short story tor The
Bcmiav Would. Americans who bellcvo
In (icorpo Washington no more sincerely
than tlioy bellve that an Englishman can
not bo runny will study Air. Jerome's
stylo with surprise, perhaps.
Kaon week Thb H'nday World reviews
tho palnlul libors or tho professional
humorists. Jokes and plot mi's aro tc
Mowed, and to each nineteenth-century
Jester his dno Is meted out. Words or
wisdom accompany this revlow, and or
criticism as well. Air. Aioody, who writes
thu review loi this week, concludes thtt
this would be a gloomy world If w,o had
nothing hut the week's work or tunny
mm to cheer us. lie praises Air. Taylor
and censures London I'uucli. Ho Is sc
ere, but JU3t.
Tho racing tout ts a tyuo springing up
In this land and multiplying as betting
grows. Ho Is a careless, happy creaturo,
will worthy study. Air. Eaklns, who
knows more about 1 aclng and r-clng ani
mals, horses and men, than any one els ,
describe the day'H life of a Dplcal tout,
tome day tho great American novelist
will come afong and surprise evorybody
by pinking a goud story out of plain
homo t) pes. If the great, American nov
elist has nlrcad) discovert (1. himself ho
will d' well to keep Air. Kaklns's writings
pu hand. Ibeywlllbe good to paste in
his novel.
Air. Dp Koven, lu the language of fhaun
cey Depew alter dinner, Is a man whom It
Is uuucccHbar) to Introduce to an); Intelli
gent nudlenee. Air. Do Kotoa writes lor
'Iuk bu.NiiAT World, and lor no other
paiier on musical topics. Kvory ono who
Is Interested lu music will want to know
what Air. lie Koveu 1 as to say In Thb
Sunday World to-moiruw. Thtso who
do nut know much about music In the ab
stract should read all that Air. Da Koven
tais. It only out of grntliuile for the solid
com (1 rt they find In bin King his song,
j'Ojii.'romlso Aio that some Day Ttbu'H
The ubovo are but a few of the features
of this EOO'l number of The buNr.AV
WoitLiJ. The samo uuiuler tells of somo
wonderful girls uho are coming to town
mill who can kick mill other wlbe perform
m a miv to cute uuy pebbiuiUt. Tlieir
li.cturesnro nttrnclno uud nit has repro-
iluiou thcin in Tiik Would faithfully.
The cholera lb a nice, cieeuy topio now. ,
It has not been iieirler'ed. Those who
1 like to hhudilei will be nbiu Io uratiiy that
1 likiui; in 1110 Lrntiou by uuilnii; 1'ul Hu.n-
,dvvWVk h'b gruisome reinintbcenoes. A
new lluwery is dibcoteied mid deseriliet.
The Juggernaut', of literature, otherwise
the toriuit as with which editors of all
kinds 1 rush tho bonis of incorrigible
I writers, aie piiutoil in .ill their hi unless.
less. Iltiild Dobl, who can drive ntrot-
1 ting burse bettor than any 0110 else, is
held up to public admiration. Ho nre the
I great trotters thai liavo shuveo) down tho
BeconiU in tho mile
(let Tin Sunday wonin, rend it nil.
und you will bless Ihe modest writer of
this i'uadeiialu i.ilvertUouient.
Conterrft Will Play in Prpspect Part
" und Deveroll in Wnshlneton.
At Prospect I'nrk this afternoon at 4
o'clmk CcniernoA.bin-a band w,lll play the
fnllnutnir seliTtinns:
l'li htir-'iuui,li(l Utnnrr." HTerturo. "la
Mr o." .Miner; balud. " A Althr wn.' 11.
E CsMliruo. walla, tut Jirudlvr," vvuld. J
tviif.-i 1 tuitol, ceml'lim." Illiiillfr. rndi c
lion. ' llio lii'W. 1.1 lriliiHHio4ln, ; orl lt,
ltu."0. I. conlij, uivrlct. ' lh Darkj'j
Dreiini." . nopulr mln Alon, Heilly iiiil
tlio4uu," UrUiu. i-Uii. " hslmla," Boickticnt
Altrcli, "Giruilat luiio," triligeJ bjr Cuu.
At Washli glon Park, also at 4 o'clock,
D.-ver IP Hint v.ill plv asfollow:
Intio luctloj. "6lrlviatill llannpr," Ke),
art ut iiiiril. luvtui," amuofttlli; OTi.r
t rs "hxinual." teelhDii. conert .',lii,
l,L!l. rnd mlrctioj ,' Worlii'i Pface Jubl.
leu. ' vrr. I)OTerelI.eltotlan, "Mlrfr IruralirU"
Hi iilmrd si St I'cter'n, Huliia), Miiiul. flo.
tlnii, "Veeuiw ot m i.uard.". It tmurauHI.
van, icalou, AdilaDLa," Devfrvll. hunttnif miu,
litnirll.tif"), luealwti. , aBleoiloii. "llaaaant
AlemorUa," llliulfko, bnala, "Hall Columbia "
To-morrovr nlteruoon, at Prospect I'ark,
the concert will be by Contcrno's baud. The
rollowlugLClcctlous will bo given:
lutroductluu, "Ml Oountrr. 'Tla of Thta."
offrture. "II Conm d'F.tM," MartMaaU,
uraier, Lurllno," Wallata, A Maria. "In
hacrad Alamcry nf Mr Alotbir," 11. fc. Ooutarii.i;
(llorla, " Iwalfth Alaaa." Jlorart.arauU jjleftlon.
'llimiBoanil.lillll,"tliuii"l.iirlure, "Dlohler
unrl IUur," hnile; romante. " Allabtella Coiiil
rtunlK," Ui!iauill:roinaulnitantala. "llnMaloni
l a l'et."(. t. I'nnturnol niarrli, from "Leo
noraHympliunr,''ltalf.iiiiiiloar, "Old lluudrtd."
Chief of tho Slsaoton Indians Dead.
Ikt aasnciATtn rnrta.1
BitowN's Valley, AHnn., Aug. 27.-Oabrlel
lteuvllle, aged seventy, cwtl or tho blsseton
Indians died jesterday. At tho time or the
I Bloux massacre In 180U, he haa a Wrm of
U.000 acres near the pro-cut city or Orae-c-!
villain the Al.nne.oia niter. Ills Inaueuce
has alwavs heea used to improTe the condi
tion otlbo Indians.
-"RRfc--. RR
The World Postal Card,
because'of its simplicity and
- -l.rtL . . i
Riob Futurity Stakes tho Fea
ture at Bheepshead To-Day.
Kingston, Dr. Ilnsbrouek unit Other
Good Ones to Meet.
The Coney Island Jockey Club throws open
the gates at their btautl ul couisoat Miceps
head Day this arternnon tor the t'nll meeting,
and ir the weather permits It Is expected that
fully lvvent)-nve thousand people will to
prc'ont. Tho track, however, vrlll be In bad
condition, as tho recent rain cannot be drlid
out In time for the laoci. There arobeveii
well-Illlcd events on tho card, lour or which '
atestukes, but the onewhlch will draw the
crowd Is the rich luturlt), tor twc-joar.olds.
lu this race seventeen joungsttrsiire tinmed
to go to thu post to do battle Ur t Ills ma-,--ultlceut
purse ami thu result will bo lought
Inch tor Inch. 'J he Average Mul.i s, .it a milo
and a sixteenth, has In II such gocd uucs as
Kingston, Ucekon, teuniw.cll uud Dr. 'II as
brouck, unil should rcMilt In 11 raltlim; llulsh.
'ltvj Dolphin blal.es, lot thue-)iat-olils. at a
mile and a lurloi.g, and the tire-en btakes. ut
anillc, bothun ll.e turf.t hould prpve'lnter
esllng. 'Inkcn In nil the pingruuitiic Is
wormy of the hlklust pinlsi- aim will b
well worth nine uilies lu bee. Kutrlesand
selecllans inlUw :
1 lit Itace. arrp.Ukea fnrtthre..)fftr.oli!a
and upnard, uf ilorain. nltli itl I ui) uil Iml ie 1
aittes au.l ailuwaucta. rltu and a halt lurlonga.
Waliolt i Camllm l' 1'i-xaia Ui
.1 mplta blall.-a UrnimHtr 1.1
jtiH.tjn MaMo'a !la liillir Ins
V. LakelmuU Ih.r US
lluiri.lau lliu .' hi. 1.IU IKS
( haplordN I'oluniac- Ins
AI. K llwy.'r' llaioii.t-i , Ins
VVaU.itH I aim nil's Dlabiu Ins
Alarcui Daly v hir3iattln-w HM
VV. I-. Daly'" ball i , nil
VV, II Jeuulim'. Ho i II HI I
F. Kecue'a White Horn ,. Hit
J. A. A A. 11 Mum. L.oulu 101
Potomac may cuplino tho opentn? r.uo
wlih Tormentor secuiid ami lto--u 11. third.
t-eo.id lla f. V itUFCtiMake-ifor tnoear uliln,
ol eloeaeli, lthl,luU ailtltnl. enjllle and al.
Iiriaiiipa.hfii lurluni:.
Ilainilellru.' li.x li.r . l'Ji
,1 A. Jt A. 11 Aliris'tt .lllulibUAtlA . .11,
j,. I.. l,lllt:.n) sDLu II Ill)
i.Kwnt'al1 oJWa 10.1
huiki-ri-iatan i' vlftnuitti luu
A. bl al.a'i. I'ailsnthrt.pUt llio
Marcu LUIy'n lluhuni.) ion
VV. U. JeiiulDa'i.'.uiarllzaiolt ICO
(iidsim k na'y'ai.uoi'.iMolt Inn
,1. Al. lum-utt I'limnii) ln , luu
T. V. Ciilh'a Irfelanu luu
Mailiaon l-Ublo'a alalln lull
I, Id. m A lia'i' Anulo I' iolt mil
lllemlon Hublo' I'.ollngAicK II .'
Jurttillr a '.'"
A. lkfliapd a Lady lirlruoitt 1.7
Allanali till? UT
Allnnebalia should win tli" .second race.
Qlinne coll and SJUdlu may be next.
third Haoe.Tbo Avf ram ukea. a aweptiki.
(or thre.y,ar.vlda anil upward ui u oacu, uith
l.tOUalurll ti.alllDaa(d allowan el. une mlia
Ii, r.ut.tv iciigioT r, u
.1. A. A-A. II Mmrii Itfc-Lou I'Jl
u. A. uon.i i u. . ij.iin.wun in,.
I.. tt lor.llMu'. bluimrr ld
VI, LiWilnnl 1V liaj Hit
il. c. Uali'a I.i'nlo , nit
llroxol IIikni'h Ua) Win 10J
W. M. Harnck'a Dr uanlirmina leu
J, C. 1-olla.iatiee a (lluaiulutf U.l
A. .1. la att' fiulty u7
W. Jepulnj'a Alary hiotiu. U7
lhe AvOrase ht.ikcs .diuuld go to Kingston,
with Irnnavvell and !'. Hasorouci. bc-cond
aud third.
Vojrth Kaeo T'ifl rutntlty. a 6He-ntakea for
t.VG.Vt-ar.ulll. flialr Ul lSliO.t) KIllHllil tlllll Of ICJ3
each lur mines o nru 1 lu IttSj. n.id u iiQJeieU f jr
tile pr tree uf mli inarw. unlw-a atrtie ojthy
Jul) 1... lbtll it ilWi nnlcaa btriiun utitbrjulx
10. lbUJ, a laljt.flN lu pay A'-llaJ liiioi al, tin.
Cvin-y Ulatidduckey Unil, tuajd tli.SUU, frutunly
Uaahloid Alanof'a PI Jtua l'.'l
J. A. A A. II. Mori It a 1 licit' VI I
1. au f,fh a Mcrretlu ., US
Hlciulou btanlo -i Laity Violet US
Walcott 4c Lamulii IV Ppaitiu us
Al. P. llnyer'ri llainmla , 1 lii.
,1. Iluiitet1 Loio.cl , IIS
t. A. 1 hrpf-iftlr lr.uuU 11A
I tnpirn btaliln's l oinaULlie HA
r. Ilt..ciini4u'rt (,... luraker llu
I. !( lOfum'a Hplladonna I e'l 11V
Valley l.nu -.ubltVlhiil-, Jm IJ5
.1. I I'm ear A cp-' Hnu Ill)
(.. ."!. Kie'a Umle iliiil 1US
1'. A. DliKl'a I.I Uirwmil I Ill,
I, U. Morru's tit Vialloy.r .'.... . IUV
llldeou i' Ualf'" AnuiJ I . voll Ill J
'I tie wilier has nut changed ids inlnu ubniti
thu I'ututii), but ill:, a Almellpi bttur ilun
rvc .) i.uJy Vkl t.iotl l.uvelacu should havu
the i luce between Hum.
I'ltlli 'Ka e.TI.e Du pliln btakea, a aweep.taki-1
for lhrv.)HarHiliUof oOeacli. uilh 4. J Jill added,
ngtia tie and allofcne a. una mile and a fiillei.c
Drui.li A Uoi-r'a l(i kpu.kel JiV
it. I'. U. I'uy'. l.rs Iny , tl
lL.hl rl M.nor'i-Ic. lie .. Ill
.Vlareu. Il.li'ahtr uilitr , 117
11. A. .Io il A f o , lieiii lirti II 117
VV. .lelililllilVIt iMer 11U
.1 K. l-epp, r A 0,,-e hir Arthur '..... Hit
Ham no ii Ma tle'i Kilkmii.i. 110
VValeolt A C'niDtMiir utro till
.1. 1 . Pepper A On a Hm.'r 11)1
J. A. A A 11. Vlurru e Aunt 11 . U'J
Pickpocket may l.iu.1 the Dolphin btakes.
Kur.iua) may bo second aud holler third.
hUtu llie.-Hieeitai rf m eauti, ultn
$1,1)00 added, pei al.iol ami alluualitea, unsuillu
id lurf.v
1 I. Lorillard'a blelpner Mi
J l,, FullanJlii-e'elJIoiml lit 117
II roK i A Ilnera'a Alay win Ill
Kaucoiai htable'a J Ilia U'J
VV .M. Ilarriea'alom llo.ir. , l.'i
1 lupireb ablo'a'lr. alle I Hi
J. J. AKCirfiriy'a I u-dlaial l'jj
The sweepstakes shotilil ipi to Kied 'laral,
with Alay v In und (lloamlug lluhblug alter
erenlh Itace Purae l.ei)0,aelllii)f allouaoieri,
ven.eigLtha ul a lolle
Wacott A I amoball-a Diablo. 112
r. I.iutanald'i I'arainrita. 112
J. Aio auahllna key VVt 1117
,1. A. Ileimell'a lemple Ill
Al, 1'. Dwyer'e Mratlalt Ills
VV, C, lal)'a('ynuure,.,... 101
.1. .1. AltiCalTerly'a llaz.elljr.t -.12
D. T. I'alalfera KIr.ovir PO
The closing race should ! won bv bluhlo,
wlthilatlchursl second and Ke West third.
Murnlnij pHpers1 Soleotlona.
at sitkrrsnrAD hav.
First Itnce Potiinae, lloey.
hecoud luce Alinuenaha, Marcellus.
Third liace Dr. HaAbruuck. Ueckon.
Fourth llace Itflludrliui gelt, l.HUy loleu
1 1 1 h llace P.irada), l-wmaffulk
hlxth llace Mil pn-r, Alay AMI.
Sevtulh llace Dlatlo, 'lemple.
Urst llacr potpnue, Ilahipio'
beennd Hace Doct'.r, Aunlo r,
'Ihlrd llace bingslou, hcpiltv.
1 ourlh ltaci Alnn Ho. I au) Vlolc-r.
Ultll llau'-lgulle, Kllkeuii).
Mxlli llace siilpner, Hloutiiln.
heieuth ,tacu DiaUIn Key West.
First Itace llosa II., Tormentor,
becond'ltuce bkndl, trnrtu mil.
'third Itace Dr liusbtouck. Kingston.
Fourth Itace Alorrllo. lAivelace.
Ultll Itace I'arailav, Kilkenny.
Htth llace Tom Koucis, I'lul Taial.
bevetitb Hate Diablo, llailcburst.
First llace-I'essara, Potomac,
second llace Minnehaha, llollegartte.
'Ihlrd Hate Kingston, Tea lra
Fniirih Haco 1 ad) V If let. LUlgurwood.
Firtn lluci' Mlkeiitiy, I'lcpocieu
flxin llae-i" Mav Win, rfliltwier.
tcv nth Hact Diablo, .MrslialU
Flrt Hace Potomac, l'essara.
becond Kate skadl, l'roclda.
Third Itace -Kingston, Dr. Ilasbrouck.
Vourlb Usee Alorellu, Lady Violet.
Fitlb llace Kilkenny, Pickpocket.
Sixth llace blelpner. Alay Win.
beveuth itace Key West, Cynosure.
Dealers Will Demand 25 Conts
Moro a Ton After Sept. 1.
Keudlitg Combine's Inlention to Defy
tho New Jersey l,ivw.
ltctall coal umlcrs In New York have taken
prompt action upon the doclslon ol tho sales
agents ot the ntitliraclti coal producing com
panies who voted 'lhuisday lo advance llio
price or etui. Al meeting ot thi Detail Coal
l)ialei' i:chaiigelieldUst night at Klttleth
street and Uxlngtun nici tie, It vras decided
to add M conts to the retell price er tonot
coul, thesauio to take elltct next 'Ihursd.iy.
It was slated lUiit since Jan. 1 liut, the
whole-mill dealirs had n.lvnnccd tho price or
bvture coal l.::o pu- ton. The onl) corre
spundliig ncllou ol tho letult dealers up tp
the present llino had been nu Increase lur.i
tall 1 1 lees ot '-'.'i cents per ion, leaving llio
I dealers $1 0.1 to the I nil.
I It w at announced alter last night's meeting
that, Uglnnlng next 'lhursluy, the price or
"red ash coal, all blzte," HJ be(lt.'.'i per
1 ton. A jrur ugolt wns r..-h. "White ash
c.iul. all.sles," willto-.t."i.T."i per ton, Instead
ol .", y., a last year.
' Another ni-etlngor the lli-lall Coal Kx-
cnange will be lrld next ! rhlnvnl which It Is
i expect lit i hat '.'." Ci nls moicwlll b.'itiuotid
I tu be n Kled lo the price or cool Tho dealers
t hum thin even Ihcn they will Ui behlutl thu
w holes tiers.
Dtaeis In coil protess to believe that the
dee Moil or I'lunci llor AlcUllL, or New Jetsey,
di-cl.il Hi;; the Heading c-oinblnu Illoal, will
hnveiioelTecl up in teal prlcis. Intact; the
President or lhe ltendlngs)iilem. Air. Alcbenil,
savs ihoiiidei or the chauctl.or will have uo
morn lulluc-ncc liiiiu h.s companies than If
addrtbsi-1 loan Indian.
. Tho tullrocd cnmiunlis. It Is understood,
will nprinl lrui Cbaniullur Aledlll's de
' cislnu mid UBt the case In llio highest com is
, ot .New Jitm') nnJ, piS-IU). ihu Federal
courts. In lhe mi-an time, 1 lesldeul AlcLeod
sa)b. llio (leels.on will not nirect. the eoal
trade a-i coudutt'd ly luu compaiihsln tho
The injunction oriloied b)nlto chancellor
will retunlu In lonc.lt is said bylawjers,
until rcvirsed by the Court of Krrors and
AppenK li ear.not bo i evoked or stayed, but
II Is said that Hie rullwa) companies will eel
around It by changing tome of ths details of
i their pun i or opciutlons.
- m a-
Tho Body of tho Nobleman to Be
Tnknn to Frnnco ror Burtnl.
It wns the body ot "Air. U.S. WllkluV'tbat'
was rc-innvad I nun tho Unoeiitiuneo ol tho
Hovel Uelveiloie tu an undertakers wagqn'ln
"the dead ii niches ol thu nlgl'if, but the cuskt t
Into which It was iifttrwnrds put byre the
name ol Heron lioger lie beilhcre, and a mass
' was said to-day lor the rt'oscof his soul, In
lhe chapel or bt. I'utilik's Catlifdral, only
his brcniier, 1'arou H.i) raond do bellllero, and
his wl(e; Viscount il'.bac, (he French con-
' s-iMii'uoral, uud tho ch-rlJi lrom the Consul
ate surrounding the c ibket.
The body w til bo taken to Fi nnce, w hero It
will bo Interred In the lamlly chateau ot
Thus cuds tin-sluular career ot the dear
und dumb pobleiuun who had wandered up
mill clo.iu the- eji 111 aluuist continuously dur
Hiililsliro or lllty-two jears. He died of
lirlglit'H disease at the Belvedere, vvhcio h.i.
hud ruglstvittl undir the uami-or it. b. Wil
kinson Aug. IT. unil taken in Ids Uil.
lie was am tided In his Illness p) his prl
v.ile brc-relun, W. J. Hatter), aim Airs
ll.uurj lliiellcd at ktindjwn, Weiliu-sUay.
'I tu re vi as no upi arcilt reas m lur he nc-ortcy
ot tils uioveuiuiiib. )ol his own brother, com
ing on (rum .ovivn, was olligeu to call
upouHiint.lt mes to aid hltn lu iluuitig the
place where ihe (lead m U Kiy.
Huniiinsfl) vvtnlih). II iron Ko.-rrlc-.nes
ni other br I her, Francois do SelHerr, or I'nrls,
and a bistei, 1 rlncs do bagan, ii-llcs
oi thu nublllt) ol lhe .Napoleonic cicaUon.
Policemen Fall to Locaco It In tbe
Hiiunted Oenanto Hotnl.
I'cllci-iuaii dallagher and Deiccllo Wis-
tuucu were vur) vUliaut, but they lallcd tu
i catch the ghint or the Oct aide Hotel at Wen
illilghtnii, ten l llu rem) e were unable locmiy
out Iho oritirs or l.'Ulel or Police AlcKuue to
(."give It a good clubbing und bring II to Ueud
iU.i(krs, II )uuiau,
Whether it. was thcghoit orthe man who
Is said io have b- en loully muiileied In loom
ill) oi tho uccunlc, rUbt ovei thuparl), oi
bomebiidy or something els1. gtit"t or the
hdniclr) Ipslst with c-natlcrlng teeth that
bonic'thlug has bo. n hiuiuplnH' uboul tho
I halls mid poundliu on the walls ot thai Hour
I Hi an uncanny rashlou at all houiK or night.
I Chic! Alchane is sceptical, aud hcuw his
'ordei to" Dluhtne ghost li )ou can catch 11
and bring It lo Hcadiiuorteib."
Tholr Camp Is Broken and a City
Four a an Epldomlc.
n -. Ar.riAno pnri.
Ceuak Itn-iiis. la., Axx. 117, Wbllo Orace
Church choir, blxl)-llV0 lu uutuber, Was
camping at Dccoruh one of tho members was
taken down wllh bcurlct lever.
1 ho Health Ulllcer hero wlied Dr. (ireen to
keep the bO)s by themselves until an Inspec
tion had been made.
Fur bomu reason tho order was not obeed
and thu u-ys went 10 various pails ut the
city Thu Health officers uru uliirmevl HI the
ptuspcel ot an epidemic.
Saratoga Forecasts.
I Irst llace Alargucrllc, Chlswell, lk
reiilghu Miu'd Hacu Alatcl Clcnu, Toann, lllval.
'third Itatv ruueliu, llllteu, lladgc.
lourtb Hue,! aanui Anita .Stable's best
(Snloulca or llio tlrande).
Filth llace Paragon, Llthbcrt, Lavish.
Gloucester Beleatlons.
F'lrbt llace (ilenmouud. Favorite, Clover
dale, bc-condltaic Diehard T.,Lltlle. Nell, Kstello
Third llate-Carloon, Heck, 1 lorlmor.
luurth llace lleiuarlus, Chatham, Hus
tcid. Filth Itace castaway II., I'elhara, Juggler.
hlxth llace llela, Airtight, U-ather block,
, r-
Ibeonly dinrne batwaea a Harana elf ar a4
a.r rxm tux Ae a ali-lobaoo ctrin la alia. a
s .
- . -
Sullivan and Corbott to Start Soon
for New Orleans.
The " !( One ' Will !o Next
Thursday, Corbfltt Home
Dnys Later.
Thoe two gladiators ot tho roped arena,
John I. Milllvun and .lames J. Curbctt, for
one or whom the night or Kept. T w III be tnnko .
or break, nre both vvellnlgh through with thu
arduous p-irt ot their training.
1'ri piirailniisure being made at botneanoo
place. Inn uud l.uek Arbour lobri nk up cimp.
Iu n low duH both of tlieo xceiies ot groat
Inlet est tho past ten weeks will bo deserl'oil.
I Unlc-be. the coming oonte-it ends In a draw
I one ol Cbc-tn will be tamous us the pluc-o
vvln-re the champion or the world did bis
Ntilllvan will shake the dust of flood
I (irouiid lrom his leet noxl Atcndiy mornlug
nt least that Is llu" time set by his backer,
fbarloyJobustnti, lor his departure. Johnston
'will not lell Hie exuet time thai bulllvan
leaVis, us he wishes lo avoid any crotMs that
may bu on hund in get a glimpse at the
ithntnulon when he nrilves it llrooklyn.
I Johnston wlllgodotvn to the quiet bong
Island village batuiila) night and accompany
the pin !., , vrlilcn will consist ul bulllvan,
Jack Ashlon, Casey, Hilly .Morgan and thu
Jap, bulllvan's valet, to Hruoklyn.
i):i the arrival ol the parky carriages will
be on band to convey them to l'hll Ciesey's
place, neai j Degrsw ana court strocts, llrook
lyn, 'lhls will bo tho big tellovv's hoad
iliur;ers until he leaves lor Now Orleuns.
Ha will rimaln pretty quiet at Case)'s on
.Monday until nfltr supper and will adjourn
to Cleimont Avenue lHttk about H o'clock
to his testimonial benclli. After lhe shuw
John 1. wru'iiie him baoW to Cse)'.
Tut-bda) and Wednesday will bo devoted to
plu)lng liuudball and puucbltu the bag.
'l hu intention is to have tho big tellow do
just enough hoi 40 prevent him ac'cuuiitla
llugany additional weight prior lo slaitlcg
I 'lhe departure will bo made at 5 o'clock:
Thursday alteruoou lrom the West Shore de
pot In HoLoken. As has already been told n
bpeclal train will carry the sulllvan cotcrlo
lo New Orleans. A car will lie ntted up with
training apparatus and otlior things uoros
nuy lor the big pugilist's comfort. Ills person
will bo sacred on Hfo way down, only tho
Inner' circle having out lee to the prl rat car.
There will be a supply of Long Island Vnler
and eatables besides a cook toprepare Wulll
van'srood. The party wllj consist of'trioso
already named ami Frank At or an, bulllvan's
theatrical manager. '
I 1 ho Crescepv Uy will We reachod Saturday
'evening, tho routo polng hy way or Iluffilo,
Cleveland and Cluclnpall. Ibe bulllvan head
(luarlers in New Orleans will be 45 Hantpart
street. He will qo bis work there nt the
I Vnunj .Men's Gymnasium.
I Tho bulllvan paity win have arrived at Its
destination by the time Corbett anil Irlends
start south. Ihe latter will remain at Loch
Arbour until tl.o last minute-, corbett villi
como up to thu rlt) Alan Jty morning, how
ever. He Is io moot Alpt'utrroya Aladlson
brume Garden at lO.HO, whtn arrangements
will Lo made ror tho tnui-rounil boxing oon
tost between the two which Is lo cmne on In
' this city al(er the return rroui Now Orleans.
Vvitoi' tlin ftlinu Alnndiiv tin, his Pnllrneni.,,,
will lu'-s iho night nt tho Coleman House,
returning to his training iliartets the next,
nttrmoi.u. Hi-will iisumn training, or. ar,
inn rate, doeiioiiBh to kei-phltu lit and fuel
imrwili. Hi and hi i parly will leave Mich
Arbour In time to catch I he corbctt" siwlal,
which leaves troni thu leunstlvanU clepit,
Jerv Lit), at -t n'cloik stturdav nrtei-no-in.
" Pomeii lour ".Ilin Kill nls i haven spe till
ear. n ttcil up with a piim tilug-bag, weight -mathliie
and other devices lu kitphlm on
eciuu; uho a H ei ml iiil-lne, hii iid to guard
asalnst uuylujiiri lo the Inner man. eVn.
bett, Mauager Hr id). Trainers He anev, Dil
lon, linlvutid Vcvf). Mlkit Duiovau, his ung
Ned nnd prohaM) t orbelt's f ither will imikit
uptlio puly. 'HieninioNi-woiieiiis.il is
cxwi ted. inVe nlmui loity lioiirb, unless
ii stop Khuiill li.- made en rout. . perhaps
Komeiviiiri-Iu glnla.
In New Orleans lln innn who hopes In w hip
-ulllvan will mil tin at a i rlVrtii-resiiiffinv,
thai or a trl-nil nuns house adjourns lli-i
dlirnplei lute lie will won. nt the roumi or
Hill Southern Athletic- flub, rurbitt tralni-.l
here for his contest irltli Kllraln, his hrsl
bHttliaway lrom Imim.
on ilin nl.'lit ol s-i-pi. 7, at lio'chrl, both
men will repair to the ring or thu Olympic,
club and then
Legal Teobnlcalltles May Let a Mur
derer Go B'ree.
lev atoriATiii rarst 1
Nn Frnciio, Cab, Aug. VH, John lie
N'nlty, who has been In Jail hero lorfuur
)ears under sotilenae or death, Is "Judicially
dead," uud )-i he may never hive tho rope
pi iced uround his nick.
AlcNull) was tu be bunged jcMvrda), but
lhe tlovernnr'b reprieve uld tun soeelly the
lime tor exi cuilon and thu prisoner must lie
resvnti ticid.
Judge Muriliysa)H: "Tlmo ol extent Ion
having pih-sed, MeNJlt). In inntimpuilon ol
thu l.iw is Judlel.dly dead. My court Is d me
with Ulm." r.iuil,-e tlurphyathi-iis tu this
opinion tue murderer will bo set tree.
Took 5,000, Left a Bloclc of Wood.
1ST ar-ftocuttti raKka.l
Ti-fi-oi a, 111., Aug. t!T. Three-card monte
men hwlnulcil Farmer Kphraliti Uiessback
out ot " ono ot his hird earnt.t mom) )(-s-tenia),
leaving u box coutaluliig ,i bluek or
wood. .
it, The
E ' iWorld
AND lww W1 i
f- Postal
8UCCE83.1 VdlUt
A . "J4T rV .lffcj &' ''tlij'-W
The Metropolitan Opera
House Gutted by
' Flames.
Entire Contents of ths Struc
ture Said to Have Been
Engines Summoned to the Seine
by Five Alarms from All Parts
of the City.
New York's Most Beautiful
Playhouse a Mass of
J Smoking Ruins.
The Lpss Is Estimated tp Be Not
Less Than Half a Million
Fire broke ont In tho Metropolitan Opera
lloubC.ThlrtTtMnih street and Seventh are
nue, a row minutes after U o'clock thin morn
lug. Tho blaze started on the Seventh avenue
, side ot the imlldlng, In lbs quarter where
tho largo quantities or costlj scenery and
stage properties ero stored.
becond and third alarms were bent In
within a low moment. A fourth alarm was
turutd In al 0.3U o'clock, and iho nrtUat
1 ar..
. 11 vras feared that the entire Mructare
vrnuldbe gutted, uud al 10 o clock It ap
peared lo he all ablaze.
! Hopes vvcic entertained thai tho front part
ut tho Mrui'i lire could I saved, hut It neemea
I that tho remainder would bo totally de
bt to) id.
I A call lor an ambulance wan sent out, but
It Is not) ct know u thalanr lives have been
hist III lhe building.
I An engine broke down at Thirty. third
I hi ri el und 11 road iv ay aud it wns said Hi it one
of thu tlremcn vva-t badly Injurcl.
Knglnrs were btot.ght from every beet Ion
'or l hmorrltery ad Joining and strenuous cr.
lorM were nude by the Department to t?avo
1 thu (ipira-lloinH- and l Tuluuhle contents.
I M 10 13 o'clock It was seen that tho
btructiiro was euniplctcl) guttca and would
prove a iut.il loss.
A -.ei-tie-pilnter emploved In the building
was si-rloiial) lujiticd, and was taken away lu
a Neiv York ispilul ambulance
Ills name- u.is not learned.
Tho hottest part ut the lire sci med lo bo
nlmui the stage, on the M-veulh n Ten no i-ldc.
The MutiopoilUn ()pera-lloue was built
j at an evpensoot about -Moo.ouu bymivtniy
! siik kliolders. fjih or whom nul'ScrlU-d
1 i.TO.uuu, aul each or whom Income the
joivncrol one of the uiviuty boxes, choice of
' which was decided b) lou
Hcsldcs the luviHtiuviit ol :iu,uoi), box
j nollirs have had to pa) an aaacfeiuuni cvi ry
reasou atpuuntlng tu from fl.ioo to J'.'.joo.
I Hiien Mr. Abhoy gut hU lease of iho oiera
linuseal tho end ol lust season It was made
a condition that Ihu assessments nhoulil
i ease.
' liurlngthepafct nine) ears many changes
I huvo been made In th list ol box-holders and
atiickhollers. Tho most recent list Is aa fol
lows: I'arterie i. ogdeu Occlct.
u'. Jay tiould.
t-M ftp!
3. Oeorgs Peabody Wetmore, The Jllsses
Ogden, Wednesday ; Kly flixldard.
. lleorge Peabody Wetmore.
V W. C. bchermerhorn, .Monday; W. 8.
Giirnec, Wedncsda); Egerton Wlnlhrop, Frl-
tl. Mrs. A. VV. Sherman, Wallace C. An.
drews, half season.
K cyrm W. Field. It O. Dunn, Wednesday.
7. W Itilam 0. Whitney, H. C. Harriott, Mou
a ilm. William Astnr.
10. Mrs. Usborn.
tl. Jobu J. Wjsong, Monday; W. Rtorrn
Wells, Wednesday; J. II. llcekman, Friday.
1-'. Miss callandcr, Monday and Friday;
Sirs. .1. Vllbank'i Wednesday.
in. tleorge N. Curtis, James A. Host wick,
K. T. Knowlton, Monday.
14. Henry Clews, Monday; W. II. War
buck, Wednesday; W. II. Intnan, Friday.
15. Adrian lsl David Hluarl, Wednes
day. ' Ul. Austin Corhlu. .
17. W llllum D. Hoano, II. McK. Twombly.
1H. II. (I. Iteinsnn, Mondny; iTareneo An
drews. Wednesday; Uotiert Ooolct, Friday.
11), II. Knlckerbacker, Monday and Mats;
J. II. bcblir, Wednesday; McC'oskry Ilutt, Fri
day. no. ltobert Uoelet.
ul. F. o. French, odd performances; ItusseU
Iloadley, even performances.
y:.'. (leu. Henry Warren.
U.l. J. Iloo 1 Wright,
-4. Oeo. llobart Warren, odd performances;
J. Augustus Hamilton, Henry T, Sloaue, even
S3 Klbrldgo T. flerry.
'Jil. Luther KounWe, Mrs. Paran Ntovens,
even perlormanres.
7. 1- f. Motfait, Monday. 1. P. Lewis,
J. K. Alexandre, Wednesday. Thomas btokes,
y. W. Howafd Webb.
t-'ti. L. J. Letter, Monday; J. T. FarUh,
W dnesday ; C. C llaldwtn, Friday.
tin, William K. Vanderblll.
.Tl. Cleotge Do Foreit, Monday; Thomas
lilt chcock, Wednesday; . It Uunther, Fri
day. M. William Itockefeller.
Mil. Calvin 8. II rice.
.14. Heber It. Bishop.
35. Cornelius Vanderbliu
3D. tleorge S. Dowdoln.
riasT tim.
37. Bradley Martin,
au. The Director.
4t Miss Catherine Drexeh'
44. tleorge Kemp.
41. Ueprge V. Baker, li; C. Fahnistock.
4tL Mrs. Marshall o. Koberts.
4a .lames llarnman.
45. J. C. Ilnrron. M. V.
47. Dr. Jackson, Monday; F. N. Sharon,
in. II. a. Marquand. ,
ri). .
4 P. Mrs. J, CAyer.
51. H. T. Wilson.
5-. Walston U, Itrewn, odd perrcrmances
Adrian Iselin, eveniierlormanois.
53. Robert L. Cuitlng.
54. Miss M.-Kikrou, Monday; C II. 8an
forJ, Wednesday; Addison Oammack, Friday.
5T. James A. UoosevelU .
.",7. .lumesMilllman.
51). D. u. Mills.
HI. W, 1. lreee.
iuk o. B. .lenulngs, odd performance, o. OJ
Haven, even performances. John li l'urbonr.
.Ml. .1. IT-rront Morgau.
ilo. baiuuel 1), llaliiock.
07. Lojnard lKipcr.
,"ie. ch tries liinicr-
CO. luuiea (lordon Henett.
ill). W. II. Tllllughast, odd performances ;
William M. Klngslaud, even performunccs.
tut c. P. Huntington.
114. W. ft Connor, . I. Moroslnt Wednes
day. 71. titorge Bliss, isid pcrforinauccs; Levi
P. .Morton, evon performances.
Iiiil. Adrian Iselln, jr.
73. I". C. lawreucc-.Oeoree f. Hcotl.Wcdnes
da). UN. ui. lthluelauder.
70. James c. Parish.
7-J. l-reqirlc tipiHlrUgo
The tijera-Iluusr, iihlch Is a huge white
building occuplug iho whole block be
tween Thirl). ninth and Fortieth streets,
and hclKeiui Broadna) and seventh avenue,
I covers a plot or ground you by yoo feci, or
I 4f.ooi) fipi&re feet.
I The-evltrlor Isof pressed burr brl"W, with
! dres.ln.-s ul itrn-cstia, the design bl-lng a
i El.uplo treatment ur the Italian lteiuls,jnce.
I Iht-ro are evenlee en.iaius.-s lrom
tho street, anil on Thirt) ninth
and Hirtlelh streels ami on Bread-
Way ilnro are largn ve-sllhules, wllh
hat and coat roouia adjoining.
The io)ci Is .14 b b-,' leet. with a parlor
connected lu stiiU a mautier thai the lo.ver
cau ho converted lutu a cum art or lecture
room, with tho parloi lor a stage.
lhe aiillturluiii, which Is .said to be tbe
largest In lhe m rl.l, eout jlus three rows and
a hall ol h ikes, 1-J-J lu all, wllh each ol which
Is I'.'iii.iTte.l ,i salon tnlco the .she ol thu box
It-e-ir, In which reircshments may be served,
w taps left uni visits received between the
The stage Is Oil re-el wide, 7d leet deep, and
r.'i) leet lil.-h. It also gocssoin ao;teet
below tbe noor, making the avallah.e ipaco
about 150 reel.
lhe bulldlug was alwa)Hsnld to bo thor
oughly tlre-priHir ns posslnle, brick aud iron
entering .Umisi cxeTuslvely Into its ccmpual-
It was o- ened ror perrorintiices In October,
lt-63, uuder lhe management of Ueury
tlneo ihe first season It has been devoted
cbleny io Dei man opera. Many or the Wag.
ner cjperas have been produced here recently
wllh great splendor and effectiveness. It Is
also the scene ot tbe great balls each season.
BLAZE il 1
Terrific Fire in a Paper- ;9
Box Building on M
Wooster Street. 9
One Hundred Girls CitifM 1
Behind a4 Blazing ' ' :M
Flames Spread to the PrtfU fjM
Street Police Station and ' 'M
Tenement House. fl
s -fael
Four Alarms Sounded, While En- H
gines Were 'Hard to tH
Obtain. iH
Fears That Several af tht Em H
ployees Were Burned t " 4H
Death In the Building. tB
A fierce flro hroko out bout 0 o'ctaet vv;3H
In the five-story brick buildlpjr. 183- 4''3H
1S4 Wooster slreet, - occupied m p
a box factory by Hlchard A. Wafaer. CM $J
hundred and twenty nrls were, K rcrt m ( H
the upper floors. .1
It U feared Bomo ot them lost their Uvea. t!bbb
lhe stairway was a mass or, Qames kfew vijfH
mlpulc-3 after the fire broLo out. .1
ou the first floor was the esUbUahaaamt M FBH
the United states Frame and picture Com- ,'!M
pany. The two upper floors were eoospled vl
by Waif ner. "4H
Four alarms wero sent lo, but tke aactnes ,i -"iIbh
were slow in arrlvtnir onlntr to many ol taem JslH
having cone to the Opcra-llou'se fire. avV
' At o.us the north wall of the bo,l)dlnj 'VH
In. -.11
One Dreraan was cauablln the IMMmwiII Bl
and badly Injured. Lj9mJ
Three ambulances were called at 10 aVelock. ) i"fB
lhe Eighth Precinct Police blatlon-houM "JB
on the south side of Prlnfro street, atood la Bfl
tho tierce heat ot the flames. The roof ftqgtlS iflfj
lira at 0,15, but the firemen sat e$ Me taU4 ;H
mi.-. . pH
boon alter tbU the root of (be Ms ntlnt ' V4H
house, lis bprlug street, oauyht tt. H
'lhe tenants became scared and MMtl i'IBV
them moved cut. B'1
Shot Her for Kofualnir to Uacrry afbm. J91
Ibt ituiciaTin riaat.l -.ieaWail
t'uiriuo. 111 , Aug. 27.-Franlc X. KfwtiCaV 'vj
man, a printer, has been refused by lira. Ida IHfJ
Uauce-lton an average ot once every aoala ?H
Mr two jcars. Kreiscbman bad kit woal S3bb
lurk aaln last nlL'hl and shot tej womaa, jisB
luillittot,' a wound which may prove fata). ''B
An Eollpso Recorded a Berpeofe) 'MaVail
Effort to Devour the Moon. IpPJ
It U ii tlme-lionorod belief in Turkey IBa
nnd many other Oriental countries tiiat eH
in eclipse of tho moou is caused hy -ST
liujjo ilrnou that seeks to ilevpur ou; tTel
. " aiher)- sister world." nnd in niakirjf the 4H
uttempt winds bis slimy body about it, ''SH
' thus iiidius it from terrestrial observer. B
A writer nu the llraudun Austrwuia 'iB
Coustantinoplo on the picjUt of Aug. 33, 'jM
1 1877. tin- iiot-atioti of tho tjreat eclipse H
i tliruiiKhout Kastcru Euroio and VYeittrn 'IvLsrJ
Asia, ami ai a witueiei to he peculiar $ laH
cerciuotiy of " luikai-iuayi-yi," whioh iB
was iiilculatcil to trco Luna front ber ''CfcH
hcalv antagonist. Tliero was a general at- lil
tempt made to frighten tho "dracon" Lfl
, by linns inuskols and revolver and by "" 'iBH
liealins upou drums, cymbals, kitchen &H
titousils, ,o. tM
i Ai. in times past, it was soon found SI
that the moou wua beprinniu-; tu show Iter 'ieH
face, uml consratulntious were every- 't'Jlaail
nhere heard upon the victory gained. .,(3?iH
This qneer lunar hacen-ltion is not con. fta!
Iiueil to auy claw, liutTa helieved in by faSH
the rich uud poor, ipnorant aud educated AaaaH
alike, tiaH
"llomf, tvrtt home, j . JLH
Jit U etvr to huinWe, iLaail
Thert't no place lite homtf hlkLal
Provided it has Tuk Woklo's WOatAJTi l
PAUK, which is printed every day. lJH
' ,'fJH
.& i rifl
VI" I' V I'ajH I if? iTtlrAaftr5aitn' aiaMlaMaBaBaPJaB

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