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l;rairrF5iir " -t mg LvE"c'nat'ng rL 'fa
J . Froderio Remington and T 1aa " LIGHT PMIWAPn - i VH
. . i Arthur Brisbane, witli pictures - . 7Tl5- W ?Virwr" iw -. a w . THAT RUDYAKU. j n H
RAIN and wordu. describe the great- jJf V-JA )SVOT- V ' 4 FAIIPD" KIPLING M1 i fH
m!i est righting man that over Wr3rg5r r M. , t----rWaPT- ''iJi7XA"4-n7 ,T sax !4&Ai 1 51 FAILED. MLIIMU. - B-M
ZJ l1V0d on carth-i . OTj fil jtl ' PWWfflW W (iff II M TBISt 1 (B II Compltte with the G. $
I js 11H THE SUNDAY WOHLD, j &$$, ' lllgll 1PWP IP l Sunday world, J
YYou Want " ThFUghFThat Failed '", That 'Goes With To-Mor row's World. 1
I Sunday, August 28.
J At tliis timn one million men nt Icnst
U Bro talking about a certain oli-kiiowii
J , itiou of tuis ltcpubliu nutl cU'cussiue!
J Lis chances of success in n coming con-
B test. Grovor Clovolnuci iBnot tho man's
J name, nor is bis name llonjamin Hnr-
rison. Tho uinn who occupies huntlrocls
I of thousands of adult minds and spurs
I all small bojs to uoble eudonvor is Mr.
I John L. Hullivnn. It is not uny do
I lire to add to man's fonduoas for llght
I ing that lmi indncod The Sunday Wont n
to prepare for to-morrow such an account
I of Mr. .Sullivan as slinll inako overy man
I who studios it feol that bo bos seen tho
fighter under a microscope. Far 'from
Mr. Kemlngton Is an artist whoso work
every one Knows. Ho Is tho only man per
haps who makes every crcaturo that ho
dtaws look as though ho wero allTo and
doing his best. Ills paintings ot thin
legged but vicious Indians; ot ton-heavy
bisons, and ot bad, tall cowboys are so
truo that they mako tho Impending dis
appearance of thoso apccluiens trom tho
earihssurfacoa matter ot slight Impor
tance. -Mr. Itemlngton Is fond ot line ani
mals and men. W ltli Arthur Urlsbanc ha
spent two dajs btttd)lng tho physical
inikc-up of Sir. bulllvan, tho one man
who could knock down ncovvbornnd his
pon) , tbruw an Indian about as far as the
Indian could throw a tomahawk, or glvo a
bison a bevcru hcaductio with ono little
pui.ili. Mr. Kemlngton has sketched
what he suw, and tho pictures, a flno lot
of them, will bo published in The fctusoAV
Woi id to-morrow. Thoyglvo a far bet
ter idea of tho wonderful fighter than
an) thing that has ever been said or writ
ten about him, and ever' man with actlvo
blood will delight in studying these artis
tic impressions of tho man whose groit
ucss rests on this solid rock: "1 can lick
any man on earth."
W hen, lu the beginning, (he race to which
bulllvan belongs was demonstrating to
tho rest. or mankind that It v as meant to
rule this planet, w hat was It that counted
In tho struggle? it was not tho flno
jootry In the Anglo-Saxon, nor any non
sense ot that kind. It was the sort ot
muscle that at this moment Is tucked
aw ay In great hunches In tho neighbor
hood of John L. Sullivan's shoulder-blades.
It Sir. ltlchard Vtatson cilldcr Is writing
pooti y to-daj , happy In tho consciousness
that ho belongs to the conquering race,
it is because in tho beginning that race
consisted largLly ot hulllvans. Theritoro
evil) man, tro.a a poet down to a banker,
may and should (eel Interest and tako
prklo In John I. Sullivan. These things
uro ip!alned fully by Arthur Iirlsbauo
in Uio aitlclo which ho has prcoared
iltli Mr. Kemlngton. Mr. llrlsbano Is
jeculiarly titled to explain to man
find what, a great man John I.
&ulilnu is. It wa3 his proud prlM
Ugo to Lehold Jlr. Sullivan ns he
eoncrscd In friendly tones with tho
1 rlute of alts j to study his proud bear
ing as he llrst carao In siht of tho shores
ot Ireland ; to sympathize with his strug
gles wliu thu l'rench language whllo
tr.ilulng in l'l anco ; to witness often that
operation which Jlr.lhullUan good
natuieJly describes as "knocking a
man n mile," Mr. Brisbane, wllba fidelity
that tnu-.t uniiucsllonably tioublo Ilo.s
well In hH grae, liys baio to tho public
thu snul, 'the mind and cspeclallj the
muscles ot Jlr. bulllvan. This story by
Kemlngton and llrlsbano will probably
batUfy tho mobt nidcut Becker for knowl
edge about tho hardest hitter on earth.
Ihlt duii'iguiihed man, who writes for
'I in Simiay Womn onlj.audwho neer
falls to instinct and entertain at the feauio
t Hue, writes this week on tho subject ot
cluLs. clubs mine to us from Kngland,
ml Mr. McAllister explains how Impor
tant they nro to llto hero below and what
they Miould be. old members of the Union
Uub win delight In Mr. McAlllstci's
I imliuscencs, nnd young men w ho expect
to bo numbers when they get rich will
feel tint tho object whlrh they have In
lalud Is indeed worth while.
'I in. biMitv WoniD, for the amusement
ft Its leaders, will publish oompleto lu to
morrow's idltlou Kipling a nocl, "Tho
I i.'ht That 1 ailed." This Is a story tnat
bus not lor Its moth o abuse of this great
cotintu, and Mr. Kipling In writing It
v us uppirently not huffeilng from Indl
it'stiuu, ns ha usually Is. It Is a good
btory to read and cast nsldo. It will In
terest Ithout worr lug the i eider.
Everyman, afterreadlng tho artlclo which
, IKlen Patterson baa wjltteu for this
Uiiirtier ot 'J m: busiiAY Would, will prob
"blj tnko better caro ot himself than ho
linsduno lmuoilo in thu waj of tilling
and thus add many years to his life, A
l jm,aii proor-rcador with a turn for
I tioni instigation, calculated tint It
"lc IlundiedThousaud men wouldacton
, 'he aiUko eivcn by Ilolcn Wnttcrson that
oath would llvo two jears loiigercn an
acrago thnu would otherwlt.ohavo been
lLoca,e, and that many millions will bo
Maou m tho wealth of the uaUen by these
added eirs ot effort on tho part ot hlghl)
uie.iUi.iii men. Tho article tells that a
Miii'a bodj is like an cngino and his food
'hi lmi. vt hat hdonco Ins to bay about
tm. luelfortlioinglno Is attractUely bet
IMIU. Mot witters would do such n
l ii m ot work dtrrercutlj Irom Helen Wat
iumii. bho makes every line of It Intcr-
' itilnj.
'JiTni! bcMiir Wonui to-inorrow, Mrs.
o renssclaur contlnutaTitr dcecrlptioa
the oriii'i fair wondei s. it Is a graU-
M '
t) lug trlbuto to the convincing character
of Mrs. Van Hoiisselaer's irltlclsm that
Chicago should hoo ricognl7(d the truth
ot thd toero icniarKB which bho wbb
coniptlled to maku on Chicago archl
tcctuio. It is a flno thing to bo recognized
as the best art critic In Amcilea, hut
admlreisof.Mrs. Vaiiltous-olaer'Bwiltlngs
will feci a now pildo on learning that
Chicago, tho energetic but untutored,
bows humbly bcfoio her wisdom.
This Kniilish writer, who produced
" stagc-1 and " nnd " Thrto Men lu a
lloat," has written a bhort story tor Thk
bCMiAY Worn n. Americans who bellcvo
In (itorgo V ashlngton no more slnceroly
than they belho that an r.nglUhman can
not bo tunny will htudy Mr. Jerome's
btylo with surprise, perhaps.
Kieh weak Tim hi'sntr Woiitu rcvlows
the painful labors ot tho professional
humorists. Jokes and pictures aro re
Mewed, and to each nlnetconth-century
Jester his duo Is meted out. Words of
wisdom accompany this rcvlow, and ot
criticism as well. Mr. Moody, who writes
the review tot this week, concludes that
this would bo a gloomy world if wo had
nothing but tho week's work ot funny
men to cheer Us. Ho praises Mr. Taylor
and censures London Punch. He Is se
vere, but just.
The racing tout Is atyne springing up
in this land and multiplying as betting
trows. Ho Is a carclcsdf happy creature,
well worthy study. Mr. taVlns, who
kbows nioru about racing and racing ani
mals, horses and men, than anj ono else,
describes tho day's llto of a typical tout,
botuo day tbo gnat American novelist
will come along and sui prise everybody
by making a good story out ot plain
homo types. If tho great American nov
elist has already discovered blmselt ho
will do well to keep Mr. Faklus'B writings
on hand. They will bo good to pasto In
Mr. Do Koten, In the language ot Chaun
cey lk-pow after dinner, Is a man whom It
Is unnecessary to Introduce to any Intelli
gent audience. Mr. Do Kovon writes for
Thr Sunday Worid, and for no other
paper on musical topics. Kvcry ono who
Is Interested lu muslo will want to know
what Mr. Co Kovcn has to Bay In The
- Hex uay Wohld to-morrow. Thoso who
do not know much about muslo in the ab
stract should read nil that Mr. De Kovcn
nays, It onlv out of gratitude for tho solid
comfort they fjnd In singing his song',
"Oh I Promise Mo that some Day You'll
Do Mine."
The above nro but a few of tbo features
of this (,'ooel number of The bu.viuY
Would. 'Uio same number tells of soniu
wonderful guls who are coming to town
und who can kick and otherwise perform
m a way to cuto any pessimist. Their
pictures aro nttruetno nutl art has repro
duced thein in Tiik Would faitbfullv.
'J be choluiu is a liieo, creepy topic now.
It has not boon neglected. Thoso who
like to shudder will bo ablo to gratify that
likiutr in moderation by rending The Sun
day WonLo'b grutborao reminiscences. A.
now Honery is discoered and described.
Tho Juggernauts of literature, otherwise
tho fonnnlas with which editors of all
kinds crush tho souls of ineorrigiblo
writers, aro printed in all their heartless,
ess. lludd Doblo, who can drhentrot
tinc horso better than nuy ono else, is
held tip to pubhu ndmiration. ho aro tho
creat trotters that lia sinned down tho
soconds in the mile.
(let Tur Sunday World, read it all.
and ou will bless tho modest writer of
this inadequate ntUertisement.
In the Stationary Business Before
His Ordination.
ho llev. rather James l' McEroy, of St.
Leo's Church, IrWngton, N. J., Is dead I'e
was tor inauy years lu tho stationer) busi
ness with his biothcr lu this city. Sit years
ago ho w as oruatutd a priest nnd assigned to
bt. Patrick's parish, Newark.
Ho has been pastor ot St. I.eo's Church
lrtlngton. foi tho past four j ears.
Father McKioy baa been a great sufferer
from spinal tiouhles lor yeais, and' whs fre
quently Incapacitated for his priestly duties
by his aflltctloii. Ilo died jesterdny afternoon
at tho homo of owon It) an, L'lou. Mxlli
btrcct, Jersey city.
Fell Out of Window Whllo Asleep.
Whllo asleep early this morning at aw in
dowon tho third Moor of 1.11 sulllt an street,
John I cnahan, fifty ) ears old, rolled out and
fell to tho sidewalk. At St, Vlmcnt'H llospl.
tal they si) ho is suffering from a fracture ut
right hip bono und lacerations ot the scalp
and fool.
Chief of the Slsaeton Indians Dead,
tnv MKiATri rum. 1
Bbowv s Vailky, Minn., Aug. 37. (labrlcl
llenvlllo, aged seventy, chief ot tboMtseton
Indians died yesterda). At tho tlmooftlie
Slou'c massacro In lNUS, ho had a farm of
:i,ooo acres near tho pnsont city otuiacc
vllleon the Mluncbota Jilver. Ills Influence
tins alwais been used to improo tho condi
tion oft ho Indians.
Toot $5,000, Loft ft Block of Wood.
Tcsron, III , Aug. jh Time-card monlo
men hwlndlcd I'armcr i:phralm Diessback
outof",000 ot his Imrd cirned money es
terday, leaving it box containing a tiloel, of
w ooa.
m m
Gov. Easlo Has a Chanco for Life,
luv AiiocuTEii rms.l
Louisyili l. Uy., aus; y7. Ui. T. Stuckey,
who has just returned from thobedsldoof
Uov. Eaglo. at Itlchmond, sajs Mint the cow
ci noi'B condition Is critical, but that he has a
cnancu lor recovery.
m m
Shot Hor for Refuslno; to Marry Him.
triT AifociAxrn rnrsi 1
Ciiicaoo, III., Aug. 27. Frank A. Kretsch
man, a prlntei, has been retued b Mrs. Ida
Haucellonnn nirogcof enco i very mouth
for two )ears. Kretschmnn hid his usual
luck again last night and tho: the woman,
mulcting a wound which may proro latal.
1hanlrdlf(tranohclwMn a lU.lut clear tad
Iiwtxi. lUt ACtl All'tftlKDitacicutlV t !
The Metropolitan Opera
House Gutted by
Entire Contents of the Struc
ture Said to Have Been
Engines Summoned to the Scene
by Five Alarms from All Parts
of the City.
Interior of tho Most Beautiful
Playhouse a Mass of
Smoking Ruins,
The Loss Is Estimated to Be
Not Less Thtni Million
The magnificent Metropolitan opera-uouse,
the prldo of New York, Is lu almost total
Uro broko out there about o.no o'clock this
morning, which gathered headway with such
raplalty that within less tuan an hour after
the alarm was sounded the entire Seventh
avenue halt of the building was demolished.
The root bad fallen In, tho walls wero tot
tering and the entlro spaco which had been
occupied by tho enormous stage, tho largest
ot any opera-houso hi tho world, was a roar
ing furnace of name.
Tho Immense auditorium, with Its hand
some decorations and furnishings, w as atsu
completely w recked, and It as only with tho
most persistent und heroic tfforts that llio
firemen wero able to prevent the names from
extending to tho apartment-house section of
the building on the Broadwoy fide.
cenp Properties llratrojFil.
I'e'ldes the great loss to tho stockholders ot
the opcra-llousc, a vast amount ot valuable
f cencry, properties and costumes, which It
has taken )ears to accumulate, have been
totall) destrojed, together with all the musi
cal scores and other atuab!o works wblth
belonged to tho Opera-House.
A cry largo part of tbo scenery nnd ros.
tuines and designs for tho new works to be
prwluced at tho coming opera be.ison be
longed to Mr. Abbe-y.
Tho work of piepattng this scenery has
been going on nil summer long under tho
direction ot Mr. llojt.the scenic artist, and
a largo part of it had been completed.
It Is estimated that his losses alono will
exceed 100,000, and will possibly reach
lic-ldes this, all the scener) which was to
bo used in the new ballet which Is lo bo put
ou the btagu at tho Caslao was being sloied
In the opera-lloue, wbcio It had lH.cn
paluted under Mr. Ilo)l's direction, and It lias
row gone up in siroko anil name. '1 his alono
was w rrtli Sift Of u.
Nov, hciu-j ,or "'llio Tempest," n hlch Is
to bo produocd'iiy AU'.'iistlii Dal) at tho open
ing nt thu season, alued at stU.UUU, at least,
was also consumed.
Hur I Out Hie IIIk Mime.
Thu stage ut tho Mctioxilllun, In fact, has
been an Immcnso heenle workshop all hum
mer long, und within tho Bhort space of a
b;tigl hour tho result ot all this libor was
complete ly destroyed.
.No dellnltc estimate ot tbo total losses can
jet lo made; but as far as can by Judged
Hie) will considerably exceed half a million
dollars, Including the damage to tho building
There wero only four ersons In the build
ing at thu time tho lire Irokuout. Ihese
wero Cnpt. facattergood, the engineer;
CIuilcs Uronn, thestagu carpenter j another
caipentei named llaxtci and Cornelius Mann,
abo) of bINttenycais, whoaMslsd thosciiiu
I limits Appeared "" 'he Matr,
Tho three lirst named wero on tlioslago
when tho) nerobtartled by tho buiatlngoiit
of flames and smoke about half way up lu tho
tiles near tho fi ont of tho stage on tho Thlrt)
ninth street side.
Thobtage uastloacly hung with drops, und
both new and old teener) was htaudln all
around the II lea.
Tho 'llio spread with tcrrlblo rapidity
thiougu thu uiabsol imiammaele material
and tho thite men Hod lor their lHes.
gibing was been ut thotlufuof Cornelius
Mann, tho toy who had gono up to tho paint
rcoin some time prodoub-
1'Mri Isr Iba .FIbmw.
The ataco Ksou was fitted up with scaffold
The band of Indians who have declared for Harrison should be added to Mr. Clarkson's collection of "ladies,
bicyclers and school-children." World Editorial.
Ing for the sceno pointers, and In less time
than It takes to tell it tho names Jumped to
the light wooden structure and ringing, and
the whole stage was ablaze.
Theflreproot drop-curtain was not avail
able, for It hid been fastened up to make
room for the painters, nn J there was nothing
to prevent the Homos from shooting out Into
tbo auditorium.
The first alarm, which was sent out from
the private box In tho business ofllce of tho
theatre, was received at headiiuaiteis nt U."."i
it. u.
i" llnrrlpllVu of the llnlldhiB.
Tho Metropolitan opera-llou'-o was built
at an cxponse of about t-M0U,0UO by setnty
stockholders, each of whom subscribed
30,000, and, each or whom becamo tho
owner ot one of tho beventy boxes, choice of
which was decided by lot.
Besides tho Investment of f.io,O0O, hot
holders linvo had to pa) an asscssmont et ry
season amounting to from f 1,500 to $,',ruo.
When Mr. Abboy got his leaso of tho opera
houso at the end of last season It was made
a condition that tho assessments Miould
Tho ppera-HouBP, which is a hugo white
building occiiplug tho wholu block bo.
tween Thlrt) -ninth and I'ortlolh strectx,
and between Droadwn) and Seventh nenue,
covers a plot of ground '.'OO by yuo feet, oi
4,000 semaro feet.
Tlioetterlor Isot pressed burr brick, with
dresslugnof terrn-otta, llio design being a.
blmplo treatment ot the Ilalliu lenalb-,aneo.
Thcro are seventeen entrances trom
tho btrcel, and on Thirty ninth
and liulleth streets nnd cm llrfid
way Micro are largo vestibules, with
hat and coat looms adjoining.
the !0)cr Is :u bi YX feet, with a parlor
connected In such a inanntr thut thu uvjer
cau bo converted Into a concert or lectiiio
loom, with thu pirlor tor a stage-.
Thu auditorium, which Is sild to bo Iho
largest In tho world, cnntilns three rows unit
a half of boxes, 1'-!:; In nil, with eieh of wbii h
Is connected nbiflon tulco the slu nt the box
llsilf, in which ittrehlinients may bo served,
wiapsleftuud visits received between tho
Tho stage IsliO feet wide, 70 feol docivnnd
Via leet liljh. It also guessoino :io;tiet
below tho lloor, making thu available jpaco
about lot) feet.
Tho building was olwa)ssald to bo thor
oughly lire-proof as poiblblo, brick and iron
entering almost exclusively Into lis composi
tion. It was 0 ened for performances In October,
lKtS'l, under tho management, of Hcnr)
blneo thu tlrst tcasnn 11 has been devoted
chlctl) lo ticrinaii open. .Mm) of tuo Wag
ner operas havu been produced hero reieutly
wllhgreat tplcndor and effectiveness, it u
also the fcecne ot thu gnat b .1U e.icli sc.ibon.
Guests Floo for Thoir Lives South
Dublin Market llurned.
iit AffioeiATin rim I
IH'nt lv. Aug. J7. '1 hu bouth Dublin Market
caught Hi v to-day and wna baincd to tho
Adjoining the market was Vtaricu's Hotel,
which was crowded with guests, 'ijiu nrc
communicated to the bulldlrg, and In a short
tlmo the wholo struetuto was w tapped lu
The guests wero panlc-stilckcn and ned la
every direction, many narrowly escaping
vrftu their Uvea.
Tammany Leaders Exercised Over
the Local Organizations,
Kcncwed Interest Is manifested by politi
cians tu tho progress ot the organization ot
(lei man Cleveland and titcvenson Clubs, be
lattso it is said that the movement Is backed
by thu Anti-snappers. Tito activity of
thu May convention Democrats lu the
local Held Is looked upon with suspicion by
politicians of tho 'I Igor stripe, 'lbe move
ment Ik professedly In thn Intciest of tho
National candidates, but at tho same tlmo
Its promoters are building up a powerful
local organization.
I rotu a remark made b) senator ITunkltt,
tho Tnmman) leader of tho l.lghtrenth As
(cmbly District, It Is presumed that tho Wig
wam has taken cognizance of the movement.
" ie.'ll catch up with thosu fellows be tore
Sept. l.'i, ' ho said.
Thcro will bs meetlntrs ot tho Tammany
Hall Committee on organization and Iho
(ieneral committee earlv next month, and
the status of tho antl.snappnrs may be In
Mulled Into thou and they may heur fioin the
'Iho work of organization by thcAntl.uap
peis lias lieguu lu rliuokljn. An active pio.
paratory cunpalgn Is also lu progiess In Now
York, 1 rln and, Onondigo counties, nnd
eonnnns thehtnKmenl tint full local tickets
nro tn hn plicedlntlio neld In every largo
cou'il) lu this Stale. Provisional headquar
ters hivo been opened In lirookljnat nil
Montagtio street.
A call was Issued to ibednbs funned prior
lo tho Ma) couvintlou tu ic-euioll theii-
I sc Ives as Cleveland nnd M vuison Clubs, and
up to 1 1.1s morning tho clubs In the
I P Mowing winds, claiming a combined
membership of l,.",oo, have Joined the AMI
Knapper League- I'list, Klghth, lourtcenlli,
lllletnth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Hgli
t. until. Twentieth, Tnrnt)-tlrbt nnd 1 went)
tilth Wards.
It Is proposed tu extend the organization to
every ward and toembiuho central govern
ing bod) to havo charge of the ming uicnl
ot I he eiinpnlgi,.
I An tniliuslutlc meeting ol Herman sntl
Snippi rs was held InWendel's casino, loitv
rout tu street and Ninth nvcnue,la-i night,
nt which a letter mm Mr. Clcvrland
was rcsil. 'llio lett-r was In icrly to
a itimmiiiilcitlon Informing tho candidate of
the tuopostd organization of a Cleveland
, e luu. Mr. Cleveland exnreswd Ids npiireeli.
tlnn of the coiresuondents- elforls In Mm
cause of lietuocrac) and complimented tho
ticrmiii cltleua for their zeal in his l-elialf.
Story of tho Drowning of II. V.
Slbloy nnd Party a. Canard.
luv zoriATin rnr.'
HociiFsTUt, Aug. ur.-Thn fz.iwi Ills a
tcle';rim from Hlnm W. slide) sajlng lie l
ban, and nspeclil ttailiig thut the- lepoit of
thu wiecktugot Iho yacht VAniltl Is i csn ird.
'I hat tliu wnclu pait) Is bile and will Join thu
)acht on Monda;.
loitosTi), Aug. -.-7. The report from Mag),
niw ot tho dltislcr to tho yucht Wapiti, tu
thu c.eorgl.tu Hay, U a wieked cauank
T hu yacht Is now safely at anchor In Col
li ngwood Harbor.
No accident has taken place and no lives
were lost.
. . . . . . .
Third Case of Cholera from
Among the Gemma's
Other Exposed People Are in the
City and an Outbreak Is
lav jiiociiTrD rnna.
Iomios. Aug. i-7. Another raesenger who
arrived at elrnvesend Thursday on tho
ste-nmer (,einma from Hamburg has died from
cholera nt tho tirau'stml Hospital.
There is deep Indignation at tlio carcles
ncsnotthe imdlral nttlccrs who Inspected
and pnssed the (lemma, particularly lu Men
ot tho fnet that the) had been oidcied
to be most searching lu their exniulna-;
Mon of vesels fiom Infected orts. Tho
wholo affair shows how utterly useless uuar
atitina regulations aro unless the otilcers
charge 1 with their enforcement aro Intel
ligent notigh to know thn danger to which
thoy expose the whole peoplo If they do not
j proper!) fulfil the duih s Intrusted tu them.
considerable uneasiness has been created
b) the-know Inlxo that somo of the (oinma'i.
passe ngers aro lu I endon.
Thu whereabouts ut all ot them nro not
known tu tho authorities, but a strict watcli
will hi kept h) all the medical and sanlinr)
officials lor tho flrtt appearance of tlu
dl'case. It is considered that nn outbreak Islnevltn.
Drnrth of Dortor In Ilnmbnrc
IIxkiin, Aug. -J7. A despatch to tbo Tu'
ffcf,rifiiiiafroui Hamburg, says: "There
14 no apparent decrease In tho cholera In
spile ut thu cool weither.
Tho disease has appcaird on tho Islinds In
the I lbe. Hundreds of wealthy peoplo have
(iilltedthu ell).
Hollrriluiu (.et I lie i'lnKiir.
1Iottkham, Aug. -,'7. Ever) precaution
has then taken lu prevent tho Inlroductl m
in t hole ra, but not w Hut landing all t he efforts
of thu nullioiltlwa.tlic disease his effected an
entrance into tho city.
The llrst death lioni the dl-easo-tl. it ol n
woman -oecui n d here this mornlni .
I "lhu deal l h of doctoi-s Is severely telt.
several nurses have died. Tho choed attend.1
aucc nas dwindled tu only 40 per rent, of thu
usual figures."
J.ontft-r Drntfa.KotlB In Uutln. "
Sr. 1'i.TKuiicaa, Aug. U7. Tho official
returns show that throughout ltuula1
yesterday there were reported 0,1)53
new cases of cholera and 3,'jfl'J deaths from
tho disease. This Is an Increase of 031 new
cases and UH'i deaths as compared with
Tnursdn' figure.
In bt. Petersburg 10H new cases of tho dis
ease went reported yesterda). The deaths
numbered 27. Compared with Thursdays
figures this Is au lncera.se ot 5 new cases
and . deaths.
Hunt in nr .llrnsiirei I'ndrr C'oMnlilrrmtloti
bv Hiruinnlili. CoMtpnuli
The cholera scare has now reached tuch a
plteh that I litre Is talk of putting a rumplcto
stop to emigration tu this country trom the
Infected districts o lung, nt least, as the epi
demic prevails.
beere-tary ofthe Treasury roster stystuat
although Immigration Into tho United States
cannot hu prevented, wu can make such regu
lations for our o vn roteeiten as will com
pel those who do not comply "with them to
return to their own country.
As the epidemic Is IncreaMnir In virulence
every day at tho Infected Uuropeau
ports, the iieceslty of taking the most
stringent measures to rrevent Its Intro
duction hero Is becoming inure nuu
moru apparent, and the health authorities
have-nearly come to the conclusion thut uu
entire suspension of the Immigrant trnfllc
1 may be demanded should the situation show
no ehango tur thu better.
The .NinlU (.crmau t.loyd compau) has ton
certain e,eut followed the policy of the
Hamburg line, nnd has announced that it will
hereafter carry nn uteerago passengers who
tunic from ltus-ia so long as the cholera pre
vails tlieic.
At thu present time, tbh compan) lsever-cl-lng
I he gicnltst care In lhu Inspection ol Its
btceiage pjssengtis buloie the) uro allowed
tu emu uk at Hu men. 1 hey aie compelled tu
icmalii uu lerob ervatloii lu specially desig
nated tiuiis-H lu llreme-ii lor nvc da)H boforu
the) can go aboird ship, and on each day of
thelritiarautlnuthe) mu-t submit to a special
medical examination
t MCM.II 11N-T A I'tMf,
II r- ll.iiitlllnu --ii.H lltnnee and oi rii
lnriu ! llrniHitdril.
II v AifoiiAtrp ritr. 1
Caieino, Aug --'7. John s. Hamilton, ex
surge on-t,encr.il of the Marine Hospital ser
vice urn at preent In thu Marine Hospital
seivlcu here, sounds a noto of warning to
those health onielals In the country who are
dotiij inueli lo convince the public that
tin lira is iiar at hind.
l'rof II million takes tho view that iinnec-ca-.li
and tepeated warnings ale- llablu to
pioduce i panic audrisi.lt Injurlousl).
l'rof Hamilton said- I think there Is ab
solutely no cccjslon for alarm, although
Mm i-Is every reason for extreme vigllamo
uu the p in of those Intrusted with the man
agemeiil ot our Binllur) matters.
The National and local authorities have
better sanltar) arrangements than ever be.
lore, thu laws are more practical, and sanl
tar) bilenca his more resources than for
uctl). Thoi-anttary otilcers throughout tho
'eountty nn- fully alirt but some of
them teem to forget that ono ut tho
most Important duties ot an officer charged
with sanitary administration Is tho preven
tion of paulc, which para!) zes the Industries
and dries up the channels of trade, and does
almost tu much harm as the epidemic. Itself."
'it g&J"tAft '- tsiiftimJ'.il'a:tsi xusf.1
2 O'CLOCK. ;;fl
Terrific Fire in a Paper- II
Box Building on fl
Wooster Street. 1
One Hundred Girls GaugM ':M
Behind a Glazing
Stairway. m
Flames Spread to the Princs m
Street Police Station and a ' "fB
Tenement House. '
Four Alarms Sounded. While En -
gines Were Hard to , JjB
Obtain. ."1
r JH
One ol the Girls and a Firemu H
'"""' ' 'vKM
Burned, the Former rM
Fatally. SM
one ot the fiercest nrea In the history of the Cv1!H
dry-goods district broko out at 1 0 o'clock this vJH
morn It g on tho tlrst floor ot the five-story !JH
brick bu.ltUngat 12 Wooster street, occo 4H
plea oy the United Mates Frame and ITcture 3H
Compan). $4H
Two persons aro known to have teen sett- 4rH
ousl) injured besides being burned. V-'sH
They aro ; H
Makv l.tjrs- Hani.v, a paper-box maker "'H
of83 Catharine street, burned so seriously jfH
that her recover) Is doubtful. , '
John Lamiwafstk. Hroman, attached to '"SliB
Knglne Company No. :n, burned ond Injured ''4'jH
' by n falling wall. '
Iloth were rerrovca to St. Vlncont's Dos. mSJH
pllal. "H
1 llThobut'ding In wLlch tho tire started Is ono U'
of three big buildings l"'- 124 and 1!2C -H
, Wrostei street, extending bacK toward1 H
(ircno street nearly ono hundred feet MB
and occupied principally by a paper-box fao MH
tory and small tailoring concern-'. vft'H
Tho building No. jso H one door firm tho 4-41
i rilHI
. corner of Prince street. n?K
Theappeirancoof smoke !s3ulntr from the VK
nrstroernt the lulldlu; attraled the at- -sB
tentlon ntsergu Harry, onduty InthoPrlnco 'l-jl
street station, directly across tho street. ienl
He sent out an alirm and roused tho re- 4,f
! serves f rem t heir beeTTrWtfiwr stories. - iH
i capt. Mccullsgli wis lu thestatloffihousoat; ?aJU
. the time nrd he telrgriphcd for reserves of jJ'B
tho Nln'h, Tenth and rittccnth I'ollco Pre- "JW
' clnets. "iH
l There was some delay lx-fore the nremen '"B
i arrlvpd owing to the tiro which was then ,H
burning In the Metropolitan operv-Houso ti'H
! I hav Ing called most ot the nremen below Sev- flB.
l enlj-sccond stieet. SJHB
The namis soon spread through the build- ivflH
ingand toNos. mi and 152. rfl
crowds began to pour into Wooster and "IH
Prlnen s'.rccts nnd tho wildest excitement TBJ
prevailed. "m9
T he people In the burning buildings rushed sifl
' Into tho street, and those in tho upper stories "jBH
' ran over the roifsof the adjoining houses. s tflfl
. Two alarms forcnclncs wero fllowrd by a ikfll
i tlilrd. and when tho engines from tho lower fJsfll
pirtof the city reached tho scene of the Hre i$J
the Miito buildings were ono roaring mass ot f hB
, names. t?H
Nearly two dozen streams ot water were , fH
. directed ngvlnt tho red-hot mass, but lur a l'l!
1 longtime they hid un apparent effect. .-B
The Haines soon spread to tho old four-story ,Val
brick dwellings mo. 1U2, 151 and I'.'li Prince 'H
street. IH
Tbenorth w allot tho Wooster street bu'ld. ifflj
Ings fell it 10.30 o'clock with a crash that isfll
hurled Mimo ot the naming material up VwBB
i against tbo side of the stallor-houso. "'viflB
A lew minutes later the three upper storlei jStflBJ
i ut the Prince street buildings collapsed and JiflH
i dumped tons of brick aud mortar on tne . 91
. btrcet.' H
Chief Olcqucl, ot tho Second battalion, by t
this Mine arrived on the sieno aud ho sea cVJJB
1 out half a dozes special calls for engines, 3-JB

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