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f JOHN L. SULLIVAN, -T A Fascinating Novel, w jJH
Frederic Remington and 2 'wJzP VBJS- BY 'K$1B
, 1 Arthur Brisbane, with platures - .rSLvFT 1A :-?:gasS?-N. LlUrll RlinVARD 1 ! 'H
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You WaTh72UYMJ?aiMflM World.
The Metropolitan. Opera
House Gutted by
Entire Contents of the Struc
ture Said to Have Been
Engines Summoned to the Scone
by Five Alarms from All Parts
of the City.
Interior of the Most Beautiful
Playhouse a MaBS of
Smoking Buins.
The Loss Is Estimated to Be
Not Less Thin a Million
The magnificent Metropolitan Opera-uouse,
ths urlde ol New York, la In almost total
Hro broko out there about 0.30 o'clock tbls
morning, which gathered headway with such
laplalty that within leu than an hour alter
toe alarm was sounded the entire Seventh
avenue bolt ot the building was demolished.
Tio root had tallon In, the walls were tot
terlng and the entire spico which had been
occupied by the enormous stage, the largest
tf any opera-house In tho world, was a roar
lng furnace ot name.
The ltnmenso auditorium, with Its hand
tome decorations and furnishings, wag also
completely wrecked, and It wan only with tho
most persistent and herolo efforts that tbs
Bremen were able to provent the names from
extending to the apartment-house section of
the building on tho Broadway ride.
fcenle Properties lle.troved.
Kcstdcs the great loss to the stockholders ot
tbcOfer.t.lloube, a ast amount or taluablo
icenery. properties and costumes, which It
ban taken years to accumulate, have been
totally destroyed, together with all the musi
cal scores and other valuable works which
belonged to the Opora-liousc.
A ury large part ot tho scenery and cos
tumes and designs tor tho ncwrworks to be
reduced at the coming opera season be
longed to Mr. Abbey.
Tho work ot preparing tnis scenery has
teen going on all summer long under the
Mrectlonof II r. lloyt, the soenlo artist, and
a large part of it had been completed.
It 14 estimated that bis losses alone will
exceed $100,000, and will possibly reach
besides this all tho scenery which was to
be used in tho now ballet whlcn Is to be put
m tho btago at tho Casino was being stored
In tho Opero-Ilouse, wbero It had been
painted under Mr. Hoy t's direction, and It has
now gouo up in smoko and flamo. This alono
worth 1B,000.
New Fccnery tor " Tho Tempest," which Is
to bo rroduced by Augustln Daly at the open
ing ot tho season, valued at 10,000, at least,
"as also consumed.
Ilnmrd Out the tttat Hinge.
The stage at tlio llotropolltau, In fact, has
Mm an immense scoulo workshop all Hum
"jer long, and within the abort sprtco ot a
"agio hour tho result of all this labor was
completely destroyed.
Ho definite estimate of the total losses can
I'M be made ; but as far ns can be judged
toey win considerably exceed half a million
Hollars, Including the damage to tho building
Thoro were only four persona la the build
"! at tho time the fire broko out. These
ero capt, scattergood, the engineer;
-narie, Urown, tho stage carpenter s another
"rpentcr namod Bauer and Cornelius Mann,
4 boy ot sixteen years, who asalsted the scene
Fltiinm Appeared an the fitne.
1110 three nrst named were on thestago
ln they wcro startled by the bursting out
M Barnes and smoke about halt way up In the
0 " near ths front of tho stage on the Thirty
with streot side.
The htago was closely hung with drops, and
Mthnew and old scenery was standing nil
wound tho nies.
The iiro spread with terrible rapidity
ami0"8 ,b3 mMS ' Inflammaolo material
the three men ned for their lives.
nothing was been at the time of Cornelius
nn, ite toy who had gono up to the paint
room totao time prevlouv
Fod for the Vlmata.
ne stage itbt it wo fitted up with scaffold
It u" ,rll"'IC'ne pjaun,ana la less llmt
l thi Ukt t0 t(U ,l tno "ItM JanpM to
1 S! !'k! w?odm m
m ""wholostagewatWaM,
M -iijrcprqot dfoewum,w iWlt.
y (Conl iMa OH WfW4rt4xv, ;.
Morello, Lady Violet and Love
laoe Most Thought 0
Tbe Track la Heavy and the Time
Will Be Slow.
flUOIAL TO TH1 ITCmiia woir.o.l
BnEcrsniAB Bat Racb Track, Aug. 87.
From the present outlook tho Great Futurity
Hace will be run In the rain. Dull leaden
clouds hung orer the course this morning
giving everything a dreary aspeot.
The track la fotlcck deep with mud, and
although men are kept harrowing it all the
time it will be In Tery poor condition.
Hundreds of men are busy putting every
thing In readiness to entertain the hngo
crowd that will come to witness the great
struggle between the youngsters.
Tbe colts this year arc far lrom giving the
premise of tho magnificent array that faced
the Btarter lost season. The youngsters that
have shown themselves to be In the first divi
sion are not entered, but those who will go to
the post are very evenly matcned bo far as
form goes.
It w 111 be a sharp struggle, and the one that
passes the wire a winner will at least know
he has been racing.
Owners and trainers came down early and
took a look at tbe muddy tract. Homo walked
away well satisfied, others saw tbe cuances
ot their well-trained charges fading away.
Tho Qrst-namcd set was l'rank Van Ness,
owner and trainer of Morello, tho most ad
mired of candidates, and tho groat Jockey,
Jimmy McLaughlin. Van Ness walked out
on the track, and, look in? up the long si retch,
smiled to himself with tbe remark, " I'll win
sure, Jimmy."
rT mallov, J 11.
The track will Just suit tbe dashing son of
Eolus-cerlse.and tbe muddler it gets the bet
ter.JAfter having a look at the track Van Ness
and McLaughlin went over to dravesend.
where tho great colt Is stabled, to gtvo him
his last and finishing touches'.
Van Kesg la very reticent and will not say
much to any one save his most lntlmato
friends, but It was learned that Morello Is as
fit as can be and will be ready to run the
race of his life.
Fltzpatrlok will have the mount, and be
has tipped all blx friends to havo;a sweller "
on tho colt, lie will be brought over from
dravesend about noon.
Many pooplu ask who Morello has beaten
to bo admired so much, but by looking up his
races they will boo that although he has not
bad a chance at anyot tno crackajacks his
races have boon won In such an easy manner,
ami in each instance he has ulvwn away tons
ol weight.
Lady Violet, Mr. nclmont'a filly, upon whom
many pin their faith and dollars, U bred by
tho same man, August Belmont, who for tho
past two years has sent out tho Futurity
winner, l'otomac doing tbe trick lu 181)0 and
ills lllguness last year. ,
Jack Joyner, who Is training tho Ilolmonr.
candidate, wears a doleful expression, tbe
cause of which U tbe muddy track. Thevs
people had looked tor a good track, but will
uotglvouptbochanoesof tbe big stake till
after the race.
Lady Violet's last nppearanca was In tho
Junior championship, wlieh she was beaten
b Don Alonzu, but 11 Is uald that she has lm-
PLovelce, Mr. Hunter's candidate, has
beaten somo ot t bo best colts khown t bU j ear,
but has in turn been beaten.
Tho colt's last appearance bowod tbat be
had too much of It. out ho has oren tan lng a
good rest and will bo very dangerous.
blr Francis and Lldfterwoou will carry the
KUret colors. Tho former II ft wlbner, but
the la'ur Is n maiden, and hat showu somo
remarkable trials, and the i?tablo will put a
bet on him.
Krlcre, the candidate cf tho all-scarlet, H a
speedy youngster, but It is said he Is not at
all partial to tho mud, and can hardly be
classed as very dangerous.
Comancho'a form ot lato has been miser
able, but he likes mud. Ills chances do
not loos; very favorable, though Albert
cooper's friends will nil have a bet on
tbe lielladonna colt- lie beat Dr. Illc;
a hard In the July makes in a hot finish, and
has been receiving all tho euro and prepara
tion possible, lie may be classed as very dan
gerous. Mirage, Uov. Foraker and Flutus, tho West,
ern caudldttet, uro all winners, but of the
trio riulus Is essentially a mud horse, having
won at Chicago in deep mud. Ho is said to
have a great outside chance. ,
Uncle Jim Is a maiden, but within o few
flays he has been freaking all tho stop-clocks
njuweeni n quite elated over ma
chance and luve engaged UojrfeU w ride
mU-jmi UMi fates I tbat order.
Third Case of Cholera from
Among the Gemma's
Other Exposed People Are In the
City and in Outbreak Is
Dearth of Dootors in Hamburg
Nurses Strioken Down
by the Plague.
The Pestilence Has Entereotter-Rd
dam Despite the Strict Pre
cautionary Measures.
London, Aug. 37. Another passenger who
arrived at dravesend Thursday on the
Steamer Gemma from Hamburg bos died from
cholera at the Oravcscnd Hospital.
There is deep Indignation at the careless
ness of the medical officers who inspected
and passed tbo Gemma, particularly In view
of the fact that they had been ordoied
to bo most searching In tbclr examina
tion of vessels from Infected ports. The
whole affair shows bow utterly useless quar
antine regulations are unless the offlcors
charged with their enforcement are Intel
ligent enough to know tbe danger to which
they expose the whole people If they do not
properly fulfil the duties Intrusted to them.
Considerable uneasiness has been created
by the knowledge that eoine of tbo Gemma's
passengers are lh London.
The whereabouts ot all of them are not
known to tbe authorities, but a strict watch
will be kept by all the medical and sanitary
officials lor the nrst appearanco ot tho
It Is considered that an outbreak Is inevita
ble. Dearth of Doctor. In Ifnaburc
Birlin, Aug. 27. A despatch to the t'o
sttche ZHtung from Hamburg, says : " There
is no apparent decrease In the cholera in
fcplto of tuo cool weather.
The disease has appeared on tbo Islands In
the Elbe. Hundreds ot wealthy people have
quitted the city.
ltutlrnta.ni Get. the Plague.
Hottirdam, Aug. 27. Every precaution
has been taken to prevent the Introduction
ot cholera, but notwltbi tandlng all tbe efforts
of the authorities tho disease has effected an
entrance Into the city.
The Drat death from tho disease-that of a
woman-occurred here this morning.
The dearth ot doctors Is severely felt.
Several nurses have died. Tbe school attend
ance has dwindled to only 40 per cent, ot the
usual figures."
I.oncer Dealk-Italla In Itnasla.
St. ririntsBtJRO, Aug. 27. Tho official
returns show that throughout ltusiJa
yesterday there were reported o,oaa
new cases of cholera and 3,202 deaths from
tho disease. This Is an Inorease of o:il new
cases and 28." deaths as compared with
Thursday's figures.
In St. Petersburg 108 now cases ot the dis
ease wero reported yesterday. Tho deaths
numbered 27. Compared with Thursday's
figures tbls Is an Increase ot G new cases
and 0 deaths.
I;lse Ncsv Cn.rs nt Aulwrrp.
AKTWKKr, Aug. 27. Flvo new cases ot
cholera novo beet, reported here sluco j ester
day morning. Ono death In tho samo time
has been reported. Tho authorities do not
consider It necessary to ooen a lar.jretti.
Huminnrr Men.ure Under f'on.lilrrnllen
by hteuin.blri Companies
The cholera scare has now reached sucU a
pitch that thero Is talk ot putting a completo
stop to emigration to tbls country from tbo
Infected districts so long, at least, as tbe epi
demic prevails.
Secretary of the Treasury Foster ssytuat
although Immigration Into tho United States
cannot be prevented, e can make such regu
lations for our ovn protection as will com
pel thoso who do not comply with them to
return to their own country.
As the epidemic Is Increasing in virulence
every day at the Infected European
ports, tbe necessity of taking tbe most
Btrlsgent measures to prevent Its Intro
duction here Is becoming more and
more apparent, and the health authorities
have nearly come to the conclusion that an
entire suspension of the Immigrant traffic
may be demanded should tbe situation ohow
no change for tbe better.
Tbo North derman Lloyd Company has to a
certain extent lollowed the policy ot the
Hamburg line, and has announced tbat It will
hereafter carry no steerage passengers who
come from Uussia so long a the cholera pre
vails there.
At the present Use, UU.CopyUxer
The band of Indians who have declared for Harrison should be added to Mr. Clarkson's collection of " ladies,
bicyclers and school-children." World Editorial.
steerago paasongerc before they are allowed
toomoarkat llremen. They are compelled to
remain under observation In specially desig
nated bouses In Bremen for fire days before
tbey can go aboard ship, and on each day ot
their quarantine tbey must submit to a special
medic Examination.
Dr. Ilnmllton Hnya Vlalliinrr and Nat nn
Alarm la llrmuudeil.
BY ABROClATf D mv.ff. 1
CntcAao, Aug. 27. John 8. Hamilton, ex
Surgeon.dcneral of the Marine Hospital Ser
vice and at present In the Marine Hospital
Vorvlco here, sounds a note ol warning to
those health officials In tho country w no are
doing much to convlnco the public that
cholera Is near at hand.
Trot. Hamilton takes the vlow that unnec
essary and repeated warnings ore liable to
produce a panic and result Injuriously.
Prof. Hamilton said! "I think there In ab
solutely no occasion lor alarm, although
there Is every reason for extreme vigilance
on tbe part ot tbose Intrusted with tbe man
agement ot our sanitary matters.
"Tho National and local authorities have
better sanitary arrangements thaucer b
fore, the laws are moru practical, and sani
tary sclcncj has more resources than for
merly. Tho sanitary oincrrs throughout tbo
country are tully alert but somo ot
them seem to forget tbat one of tho
most Important futies of an officer charged
wltusanltary administration Is the prcen
ttonof panic, which paralyzes tho Industries
and dries up tho rlinlinpl of trade, and does
almost as much harm tin the epidemic Itself."
I'lin.rngrr. an I.n Taaralnr, thr C.IIIrrt
and tltlirr hlilii 1 xamlnrri.
fFrnai. to tuf rvKxifn tiom.p. 1
U.UAKANTIM, b. I., Aug. !.'7.Lu Touralne,
tbe French line steamship which sailed last
Saturday from the cholern-lnlcctcd ort ot
Havre, has, contrary to tbe rxpcttntlons of
tho Quarantine and Health officers ot New
Tork, escaped tho uuonMable ells' Inctloti of
being tho first ship to Introduce tho plugue to
the Western Continent.
Grave apprehensions havn been felt by
quarantlno nniclals because adrlcct had been
received from Havre that immiKrauta who
bad travelled with tbose who had secured
passage on La To.tralne, and wUo had been
compelled to remain m port on i.oeoiint ol the
crowded condition ot the steerage, had been
soiled with tho cholera bvlore tbn ship left
the harbor. The suspicion that thoso who had
taken passage must necessarily bo infected
and tbat the ship would bu plague-ridden be.
fore reaching this port appeared to be well
founded ana was Bharrd by the health au
thorities on this sldu of the ocoan.
1 ho Quarantine officials tro fully prepared
to nnd some of tho 412 stovrngo passenger's
on the French liner sick or Infected.
When La Touratno dropped anchor off
Quarautlno at C.SO tbls morning. Health
Offlcor Jenkins and Deputies Tallmado aud
Sanborn boarded tbe ship without delay.
The) uno Ship's burgeon M. Derrecngolx
waiting tX tbe ladder, his face wreathed In
No plague here," aald tho Surgeon. " Wo
aro all sound end well, thank God."
The surgeon reported lhat thero was not a
case of atckneu on board other tliau mat dc
mer ddriBg tbe voyage, and tbat tbe steerage
paaeoagara la particular were lh ah unusually
foctf nut oi fcemlth. capu Frangeul pro
daee4 ft erWUate, which waa attached to
ayiaataaaii.iai,i' i .1 rV? " -'i
tho bill of health glvon by tbo American
Consul, Oscar F. Williams, at Havre, Lenity
lug that thero woro no Italian immigrants
aboard coining from any cholera-Infected dis
tricts In fact, none coming from points south
ot leghorn, and that passage tickets wcro
Issued from tho Immediate neighborhood ot
tbe places from wheuco tbe Immigrants came.
No i elerenco w hato er was mado to Itusslan
Immigrants in tbo Captain a certificate.
Aug. in, tho day preceding tbo sailing of
tho cssel, consul Williams certified tbat
good lioatth was enjoyed In the town ot Havre
and tbo adjacent country, without any bus.
plclou of plague, cholera or contagious dls
tt mpcr whatsoever, Tbls ccrtlncate was also
attached to tno other documents, constituting
tho bill of health, and Is deemed extraordi
nary In Mow of tbe concession ot tho authori
ties thero llmt the cholera Is prevalent.
The bill of health, with the additional
Consular certificates, did not, however, deter
Dr. Jenkins from taking extraordinary pre
cautions. At his request the 2trj saloon passengers
wero lined up, Inspected carefully and passed.
Tho 110 second cabin passengers wire sub
jected to similar treatment, and then tho
blicrago was visited.
There was a total number of 4 IB Immi
grants, nearly all healthy looking men and
women. They wero examined indlldualiy,
and questions were put and answered aatlt
faciorlly. Not a sympton of diarrheal
trouble, the most suspicious Indlcatlou ot tbo
dreaded disease, cuuld bo found and tbe pas
sengers were accordingly paescd.
Then tho disinfecting vault under the Pur
ser's ofllce was Wilted and found to bo In
readiness fur tho tumlgatlou of the baggage.
Hr. Jenkins personally supervised tho oper
ations, and had all suspicious-looking pieces
ot baggage taken apart, spread out In the
sttel-ilncd, alr-llght vault and the Menu
turned on until tbe heat registered 2l:i de
grees. '1 ho bagrjogo was kept lu tho disinfecting
rojin lor tno hours. Then tho malls, as au
additional precaution, wuio disinfected both
by steam and sulphur, as tho leather bags aro
deemed espoclall) oaaptcd tor concealing and
prescrMng disease germs. 'Ihj tuuro sus
picious plecos weie kept In fumlgator for at
least live hours, and when tho ship
weighed unchor and started for her
plor at h.45 o'clock a quarantine.
Agent went along to see that Dr. Jenkins s
Instructions ueio carried out, and that no
hatt.'age was landed that bad not been
When the tugboat bearlhg tho Quarantine
oflicl.ils and .in Eikximi Woklu reporter
lop. La Tournlno aud steamed awny
for the dock Dr. Jenkins and his
deputies wero profuse lu longratulallug
each other over tbo delajed arrltal ot the
plague. Kach declared that hu uad felt al
most sure of fludlng the disease aboard tho
" I can only account for La Touralue's es
cape," said Dr. Jenkins, ' by tho fait that the
s'-caauhtp authorities aio honest, thorough
and pcrtoverlug In thtlr endeavors to
keep out tuu disease. Ihey are cer
tainly currying out my suggestions
at llawe and uninfecting all steerage
baggage and subjecting each Immigrant to a
rK'Oiotm examination. I do not felicitate
m j self, however, that tho disease villi not yet
come, but I leel much easier since I found the
Henchmen all right.
I will not feel Juitlded In assuring the
publlo tbat tbe disease will not get to this
port until Imminent lrom all European
((Vntfnut d on Second rag.)
jf.v,liLiw- ..,'t. C-'-iiiVif'ii'ia-ifJiVit'-'iaeAMaaaWai
Oonferenoes at Whfoh the Work
Is Being Laid Out.
Mr. Piatt's Visit to Republican
National Ileudquarterl.
Chairman Nelson . Smith, of the Tam
many Uall Uenernl Committee, had a long
interview to-day with Chairman Harrlty and
secretary Shcenn, of tbe National Democratic
Committee, about campaign work. Tam
many's Commllleo will attend to tho
distribution or campaign documents for thn
National Committee in this ell), and Is other,
wlso ready and willing to assist In making a
thorough canvass for Cleveland and Steven
son. T ho preliminary steps for an active fight
havo been taken. It was announced
tbls morning that before leaving for
Itlchfleld springs yesterday Mr. croker
directed a call to b-- Irftufit for a mectlni;
ot the Kxccullte commliteoof Thirty Sept.
u. At that meeting a plan of campaign Is to
be submittal to the neneral tommltteo
and th 'i committee on Organization will bu
agreed upon.
Tho story that Mr. Crokerhad gono away
to confer with hcrmtor Hill and chairman
Harrlty was said to bo without foundation.
Mr. Harrlty is going to Long lirauch to see
his family.
Senator Hill Is at Albany, and Mr. Crokor
will remain at ltlenileld Springs over Sunday,
aud perhaps will not bo back lu tbe city until
Sept. u.
Ex-Senator Thomas C. Piatt was seen this
morning by an IUbsisci Worid reporter In
roztnl to hts call on Chairman Carter at
National ltopubllcin headquarters jesteraay.
It was Mr. Piatt's llmt appearanco at Na
tional neodiiuarlars.
11 There is nothing significant In my visit to
Mr. Carter,' said Mr. Piatt. "As 1 have
already said, I am loyal to the ltepubllcan
Mr i'latt had nothing more to add to that
statement, he said.
Ronald Defeats Salonlca In the
Kennor Stnkos To-Day.
Inr AtsocuTan rnss..
SaxATOiu Hack Thick, Aug. 27. The
races wero continued hem to-day, with flo
events, including tho Kenner Mukes. Track
soft, attendance lair.
must race.
Purse i)00, tor tncwear-oMs; tiro and
onr-hall furlong.
l,rl,ri ll"M,. Jerlni. ilratlH lltttnn
1 I'lk Killklit to I Mum. 7 5
J M.ranrnt 1UU 'I Hnu s b
J Moon toll . '.U llrlmu . ,6-11
bpnuabaoK. Putiitm and t'til.wttl al.o ran. '
I Ninon colt took 11,1) lead, with Marguerltn
second tin the lovnr turn I'lk Kntght forged
to the front and noil by three lengths lrom
Marguerite, who was four lu front of tho ,
Muouccll. T1IUC-1.12H-
srcnMi RACE.
Purse $000; six lurlnngs.
ffrfrt, ir (!.. '..t-i. flr'nklbtnimt.
1 loatio 11 J Moril. 3-1
'.' l.liflU lliu . to.n.j 1J-1
U I ru llarrr .. . Hi .J. I Imn ... :, 1-1
IMab.ltil.nu, laf.rno and Itaiapoat ml.o ran.
Toaco led from flag to wire, and won easily
from Llzrttn. who beat Lord Harry four
lengths forlheploce. rime 1.17H.
Handicap; purce S7'0; one and ouc-slx-tfonth
Marlrr., ir.Mf.. Jov: fflfotf Af llff,
1 lll.l.fu lllt..H. Jou.. 7-J
3 MJii lun..r.Dua. 4-a
Sp.Mlilar..., t.Ulab. 13-1
L4r buDrlor aaa r.utlon al.o ran.
lllllzen was nrst away and held It to tbe
wire rive lengths In front ot Badge, who waa
four lengths better than Gamw.r. TUao
Mors of Bridget Sullivan's Testimony
in tho Borden Murder Case.
fnr AtaociATXD rsra.. I
Fail Hivek, Aug. 27. At the Borden hear
lng this morning tho examination of Bridget
bulllvan was continued.
Witness said : "Somebody was sick at tbe
house tbo night before the murder. Mrs.
Borden said she ana Mr. Borden were sick all
night. They bad been vomiting and looked
"When Llzrlo came down she said she had
been sick, but I did not hotlce that she
looked so.
"Miss Lizzie had been moving about eight or
nine minutes when sho went upstairs to her
The District-Attorney asked tho witness to
tell them again about tbo words used by Liz
7.1o about going out, locking tho door and
Mrs. Borden receiving a note.
Objections wero raised, but were over
ruled. Witness said when she camo downstairs
Miss Lizzie told her sho heard her father
groaning wnlle be was In the back yard.
When she camo In the screen-door was wide
She recognled the laugh In the upper hall
way spokeu of ytsterday as that of Miss
Lizzie llordeu.
Since the tragedy occurred she had never
secu Lizzie Ilorden crying.
Guests Flee for Tbelr Lives South
Dublin Market Burned.
Dunnv.Aug.27. The South Dublin Market
caught flru to-day aud was burned to the
Adjoining tho market was Warren's Hotel,
which was crowded llh guests. The tiro
communicated to the building, and In a short
time tho whole structure was wrapped In
The guests were panlc-stilcken and fled In
cery direction, many narrowly escaping
with their lives.
Turkey Denies tbut Monloms rired
Missionary Bartlett'a House.
fpy aaaocfATxn rnr.1
CONMASTlxui'L!:, Aug. 2". T he Porte re
rently ordered " Investigation to be made
into tho burning of the bouso of the Hcv. .Mr.
Harllott, an American missionary at Dour
dour, in Asia .Minor.
A report has been received stating that the
destruction ns due to tbo carelessness of an
American servant and not to the lanallclsm
ol Moslems.
The report adds that Mr. Bartlott'sllfo Is
not endangered In any way.
Tho Turkish ofllclals bellove tbat the
United States will accept this explanation.
Blxtoen Suicides In Ten Days Be
oauso of Heat In Trieste.
lux AiaociATrn riiEai.l
Trieste, Aug. 27. Within tho past ten
days sixteen persons ha to committed suicide
here while laboring under mental derange
ments brought oa by the excessive heat.
llwaalydlfrcmMBMtnwa.s Havasa cteafaad
KTWksa rus ACTaall nocgclailw is alM,V
urn nil? i info u -
-,.. ..i, - - m fflllsaslPLssfl
BLAZE 12. 1
Terrific Fire in a Paper- m
Box Building on -'M
Wooster Street, 1
Scores of Girls Caught M
Behind a Blazing :m
Stairway. M
Flames Spread to the Prince ,9
Street Police Station and a ifl
Tenement House.
Four Alarms Sounded, While En- :;iaH
gines Were Hard to 11
Obtain. '''fl
A Fireman and a Girl Fatally Hurt fjkl
Several Other Persons il
Severely Injured.
' 4vsH
one of tbe fiercest fires In the history of the V 'EB
dry-goods district broko out at 10 o'clock this '!H
morning on the Drat floor ot the five-story 'H
brick building at 1211 Wooster street, occu-
pica by tbo United States Frame and Picture VH
Company. bbbbbbI
Five persons are known to have been serv. Jill
ously Injured besides being burned. "itlaM
Tbey are : .-alfl
The Injured. iisV
Tho Injured were as follows: . ''$ssbbb1
Maky uukezzo. suventecn yesrs old, 810 i3H
Thompson street; employed in Wagner's 'H'bbbbbI
Fiaper-box factory ; badly burned about the TJJM
ace and arms while attempting to pass from f-M
the windows ot the fourth floor ot No. 124 to SssbbbbI
those of 12'J Nsooaterstrcet; taken to Bt.VIn- "KH
cent's Hospital. 'sbbbbb
Mary Lit km Ham.y, twenty-three years ?IJbbbbb1
old, of 20 Henry street. Burned about tbe -'-IbbbI
faoe, hands and body while trying to pass 'bbbbb1
from tbe nindowsol 124 to tbose ot 122 on a TbbbrI
ladder.'the flames reaching her lrom the win- v bbbbb1
duws below. Taken to St. Vincent's HospltaL -.SbbbbI
Whliau I). SriKRr. nged forty-eight, lives 'bbbbbb1
In Tompkins avenue, Hrooklyn. Employed In FbbbbI
tioldberg'a United states plcture-irame shop. TibbbbI
Burned and bruised. Taken to St, Vlncenvs . bSsbbbbI
IlnspttaL vl
Jacob Lakoweisir, fireman ot engine 33. V SbbbI
aged forty years, was Injured about the head JbbbbbI
and face, but was able to n alk home. ''''bbbbb
Morris stack, fireman of engine 27. burled ''kbbbbI
under falling walls, and taken out bruised 'isBBBal
and bleeding, lie will probably die. ltJbbb1
1 The building In which tbo tire started Is one 'sbbbbb!
ot three big buildings, 122, 124 and 12a l-i
Wooster street, extending bacc towards 'Jbbbbbb!
dreeno street nearly ono hundred feet "Vbbbbb!
and occupied principally by a paper-box fac- v-nlH
tory and smalt tailoring concerns. I'ssbbbI
The building Na 12a Is one door from tlio Jbbbbb!
corner of Prince streot. bbbbbbI
The appearance ot smoke Issuing from the PH
first floor of the bulldln; attracted the at- 'bbbbbI
tentlon ot Sergt. Barry, on duty In tho Prtnco JaPaH
street ststlon, directly across tho street. 'bbbbI
Ho sent out an alarm and roused the re- , 'bbbbb!
serves from their beds In tbo upper stories. '-sPH
Capt. McCullagb wasln thostatlon-housoat 4bbbbJ
the time and he telegraphed for reserves of il
the Ninth, Tenth and Fifteenth Police Pie- 4fH
clncts. bbbbbbI
Thero was some delay before tbe nremen dsBBBBBi
arrived owing to the flro which was then "H
burning In tbo Metropolitan Opera-Uousa
having called most of the firemen below Sev- AbbbbbI
enty-sccond street. bbbbb1
Tbo llan.es soon spread through tho build- .bbbbI
lng and toNos. 124 and 122. c'gPPfl
crowds began to our into Wooster and 'bbbbbbbI
Prlnco streets and the wildest excitement jIbbbbbbb!
prevailed. sbbbbbbI
Tho people In tho burning buildings rushed H
Into the street, and those In tho upper stories "jXjbbbbbbI
ran 01 er tho roots of tho adjoining houses. bbbbbbb!
Two alarms tor engines Hero followed by a bbbbbbbb!
tblid, and when the engines from tbe lower oJbbbbbbbI
part of tho city reached tho scene ot the tire r-H
the three buildings were ono roaring mass of .Cobbbbbbb!
names. '"JbbbbbbI
Nearly two dozen streams ot water were rt'l
directed against tho red-hot mass, but tor a hfH
long lima they bad no apparent effect. bbbbbbb!
T be names soon spread to the old tour-stury v.isbbbbbb!
brick dwellings 120. 122, 124 and 120 Prlnco .'LPJibbbbI
Street. i9BBBBBBBi
The north wall and front ot tho Wooster faU
street buildings tell at laao o'clock with a -19PH
crash tbat burled some ot the flaming ma. f JJPH
terlal up against the side ot tbe statloc-houie ' VPH
A lew minutes later the three upper stories "Ybbbbbbbb!
ol tho Prince street buildings collapsed and f '!PH
dumped tons ot brick and mortar oa tn r;lPPJ
street, -1ibbbbbb!
Chief aicttuet, ot tbe Second BattalWo.by ''bbbbbb!
this time arrived oa the scene aadestf '' iPH
out halt a desea seeelal ealU for engines. J i M iPPj
A cry then arose Mat there weosW;sVy;" stlll

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