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H? hundred ftrls In the paper-box factory at tho
WRI ' tim's the Ore broke out.
1?" Next Itwaa rumored that nearly half of
lOV them bad been caught In the building ana
,wer suffocated.
mF '"pt. McCUllagh Bent a rotindsmah and n
HpF. squad of policemen arouud thn neighborhood
Km , to serlfy the report.
BSs A lew minutes later tv o policemen brought
Bm Into the station-house Mary Kllen Ilnnly.
Rf whose face and clothing wero burneil.
v Dr. Edward J. lionllu, ot Houston sired,
Bwf examined the girl and found lti.it tier Injuries
Bm-Jj, j were probably fatal.
KyV lly this time reports of more persons being
BraT burned and otherwise Injured caused ('apt.
Hr JUcCuUagh to summon nmbulnnces from M.
Pp Vincent's and tho New York Hospitals, and
1$: with the arriral ot the ambulances eatno ad-
Ek ' dltlonal crowds of men, women and children.
Ft' At 10.40 o'clock a portion of tho rear wall
ft, ot the Woostcr street buildings fell, nuil
m Fireman Langwasser, who, with another
Ejc nreman,waa directing a hi ream, went down
Erfe with It.
Ey' Several brother-nrrinen went to his as
K ststanoa and extrleatcdhtm from the mass or
W& debris. He was found to bo surferlng from
EV , burns and cuts and bruises, and ho was taken
KH. In an ambulance to fct. Ylnconl's Hospital.
jw At tho time It was thought that tho other
H' fireman had been caught by thu falling wull,
P but ho was afterwards found tobavosavid
Wjki . lilmtclf by jumping.
BffW During all this time the lira raged Willi
Hfe auch fury that tho firemen began to fear that
Ei7' It would spread to tho buildings Nos. KIT,
&!, JOO audill Greene street, directly in thu
U-. rear ot the Wooster street buildings.
Pfl&i Flying sparks, together with tho Intense
K heat, had already melted tho tin covering ou
F tho root ot tbe ststlon-bouse. Tho bricks ou
J, the Frlnce street side of the building weio
HY'- scorching rapidly and It was necessary to
!- 'keep a constant strcrm on tho building to
" pretent further damage.
Bff" At 11 o'ctock tho firemen wero rc-intorcod
K$t BT tw0 more engines from upl own, and thu
Htvp' work ot Bating the buildings In tho nolgnbor-
j??' hood that stood In danger of ignltlug frum
Bfep' Hying sparks was vigorously pushed turn urd.
Btfj-"' Twe'at'y Theaaaari Nnerlutora.
fy At 11.40 o'clock tbero wore not less than
?! , ' 80,000 people gathered In the narrow streets
Ky that lead to tho scene of the lire.
The air was black with tho smoke und
l') y stifling with the fumes of the burning wool
HyT on the first floor ot tho building mo and IStf
Hrar '"Wooster street, occupied by Belt, llutler
Br r co
,Y Tho Ore had extended by an "I," to the
&' buildings Nos. i::o, iy und isi Prince
Bjprv street, occupied by small tradesmen and as
WRi tenements by their families.
&' But the firemen had bigger game to fight
&" for on the Wooster street Bide, for tho great
Hu warehouses and foctnileswero In Imminent
tow danger.
p And so the fire was permitted to lick about
BjM, the Umbers ot tho bulldldgs In Prince sheet
jwV which had already collapsed, and n painted
??' Indian standing among tho debris In front nl
Hf,. the ruins that was once tho Widow Weinman's
Hfyi , c'SV store, was slowly robbed ot Its paint by
K the flames,
-While big Chief Tl ugh jlonnrr stood at thn
MPpf' corner and watchod his men struggling to
&$,, master greater conllagratlon tu thn Wooster
tj street hives t Industry, and struggling te
K., iate the corner bulldlug, In which was th
(;' saloon of Charles Kern.
P As Bonner stood watching, forces of mon
from Engines 27 and 33, who had mounted to
k , the roots ot tho buildings and wero inuring a
Kjc flood into tho seething cauldron below, there
BM came a warning r-r-irr l
& Frill of the Walla.
hjii uwc ttk9&it7 lroin on iae root ana n re
E.w stranding shriek from tho gathered t iiousamiH
F ' on the street us they Hcattered, and then
M - there was a mighty roar and a crush.
& Tho front walls of Nos. lx:, lm and lyii
R e'y Wooster street hod fallen In a ho.ip.
HEi From the heap uroso a great black cluud ot
Eft , dust, but ere It bad cleared nway the nrcmc!i
Kr? on tho street were rushing pcll-inrll upon i lm
?, new.modu mound, which might be the grave-
&"'' mound ot their fellow flre-nghlorii.
Hgj) ,Ah tho air cleared a half dozen firemen
C1:, clambered down the nrc-esenno mi No. r.'ti,
HPj'f'. and as they descended jelled that, home of
STm ' their fellows bad gone down with collapse of
E. the building.
& The firemen became sappem nnd miners
K' , and worked with lightning speed on the heap
P ot debris.
L .Fireman Hiack llronibi Out.
;.. The croiTd closed In upon tho noikerd and
K) Capt. McCullagh and his men could not dm
uTt', , them back till, after ton minutes' work, tliey
Ejfyf, . .dragged out the bruised, bleeding, tincnn-
HK.-" 'bdous form ot Morris stack, a flreiuau of
&;,., I-ngtne 27.
j Hut there were more, and whllo imn cai.
K i rled Stack to tho police Hlatlon overt hu wa ,
mPli others continued the digging. '1 hey Minn tin-
Bfi earthed Fireman Mccoj, ot 1:1151110:1:1, but
B beforo tboy had a cnauco lo exumlno him he
K&l was at work with tho rest, lie wasuniii-
", -Jured.
Kw; Another man was liberated a moment latei.
Bt'- Ho had a badly bleo ding hand, but buiuni u
handkerchief about it and resumed work.
R& Tho whole pllo was turned over, but nu
V& 'other Injured man was found.
Kyjta Uxtreme IJnellon (tHrrril,
Ehf Stack received extreme unction from a
K' ? Priest ot Bt. Anthony's Church, lie was
K tatentoSt-Vincent's Hospital, HUfTerlug vvlih
&:;, i contusions ot tho head and back, a broken
W&ft ' ' lea leg and probable Intiruul Injuries. He
fcw nay die.
t' Ureupauu of llir lliilldluK.
Kj: Tho buildings Involved in tho (Ire were
Kf ' occupied a! follows :
WH Uelt, Uutler & Co., large luudUrn ut wools
W andrawturx, tho whole of the iivn hturj and
KAv" 'basement buUdliigs r.'u aud !.. '.Voustir
Brf urcpt; completely dostrojed.
jt, (loldberg's United btatcs Picture and Frame
.-' Company had the Uaseuieut ami iirt iloor of
K Nos. 124 ana 1','U Woiter Bta'Ct. Destrojcd.
K.a ' Ulumenstock, munufactuier of cloth hats
K-3" and caps, occupied tho secund nnor of No-,.
K ' 124 and 120. Their loss was 7,:.t)(i ; insui.
ffM auce, 2,&00. UestrojeJ.
Kr; ,J"ho Kelly Publishing I'ompjur timl ilP
jf-. hlrdfloorof thesu numberh. lipMroyed.
BNV Wagner, manufacturer of upei.Hip-.,
bW'K wcupied the fourth aud llfili Moors nt r.'i
tts.t undlL'U. Destroyed.
R. Tho next vv us tho corner f Prime stin-i,
tW occupied on the ground ttoor a- a mUmui Iiv
By Charles Kerns. 'Ihoothcr flour- vv(roiie.l. is
tj. looglng-rooms. This building was iM,nr
Kj , damaged by water.
H Iu -'rtnen street the first house bad. of
MM&, Kern's saloon was Nu v', occupied ou tu
JP" groundrleor bysu ltullau barber blmp ami
Eg the Widow Weinman's llttlo clgur htore. vv hlle
kP tha tninlltcs of these people lived above
' Gutted.
BS T''9 Btore l - l-'2 n as occupied by Par-
JK don, a small shoe dealer, t ho livid on the
t', floor 4 above. Destroyed.
Kk !Co" lao WM u,e reslUouco of Charles Kern
ft-X-if Outtod and practically aestrojeu.
Jj' Tha store Ku 118 l J. iiua a bakery
H'' .- -Tbii'i'r "r" ar comrol.
sW! thihiiMffiW'-natedtobo -.so.ooo on
j'Ur);q- M
(r.)Hf(mifrt rrnm 1'DH vjr.)
nble, for It Imd been fastened up to make
mom for the piluters, and then' was nothing
lo prevent the flames Irom shouting nut Into
th" auditorium.
The llr-t alarm, which was hciiI out fiom
thu private bos In llio business oilier of llio
thcatie, was received nt Iiea4ii.irti.is at us::,
i. m.
l'our minutes Inter camo a third nlnun from
the box at llrouduay ni d 'ihlrlv-nlnthstrcet,
and this wa 'Bpce'dlly followed by n fourth
nlnrin nnd several apeclnl calls as soon as
Chief Homier nrrlrcd and haw how serious the
situation was.
sldo by tho fire and the other by tho well
hole. " 1 shout od to him to hold ou for u minute,
I and then ran oj ross tho Mrecl to tlio livery
I stable to get A ladder. When I returned a.
iiiotueiit later I found him lying unconscious
nu the stiigu nt tin: bottom of lluj wilMiole.
I " 'I ho plaec nheru ho hail lii n ntandlng
was entirely enveloped In names. I had
li inll tluio to drop; him out of tho way of tho
falling cltiilers and pieces of burning sicnery
wnlcli wiro dropping don n on the stage on
till side-.
" moment moro nnd ho could not hnvc
hem saved, for no one could possibly have
I cached him. '
"'I he lad was Immediate!) taken In nu nm
ti'il.uiic to llcllcvuo llospllal. 1 do not think
he can llvo. for besides being terribly burned
he w os crushed and mangled bj his fall from
the lllis." .
.Mimaaer Abbey a llrno l.onrr.
"Doiou know what Mr. Abbey's loss will
" I haven t thn least Idea. He Is In San
'I heso talis brought 'about nttenn cnglues
and hnlt a dozen truck companies, and the
llremcu wero noon at work on the burning
Opera. House.
The black smoke of tho engines titled tho
Htreets for blocks arouud, nnd great crowds
collected In Ilroadwny and Seventh nvenuu
and the sldo streets to watch tho work ot de
struction. ,
The Whole ritruelurr In Flnme-i.
, At this time flames were bursting from the
roof of tho Mugo ut thu Seventh ave
nue end nt the building und
from all the windows ou that side,
and Hie dense clouds of thick black smoke
which poured from tho top of the building
Loidd bo soon for mllos around.
Within less than half an hour after tho flro
! got under headway the ruofut tho stage ifell
In wltha torritle crush, seuillng up showers
of blazing cinders am forked tongues ot
flame which shot up a hundred feet Into the
Work al'lhr firemen.
liesplle tho fact that streams of water wero
beluir poured Into Uio building Irom every
side, they did not .hucui lo make tho sllgblost
Impression ou the binIn; furnnce within.
A duzon linns of hose wero taken In through
the llroanwny ont ranee and water was
poured Into tho auditorium In floods from thu
boicson both sides.
i:crjttimgln the theatre was ruined, and
tho parterre times on both sides of tho stage
A si aging had been built over I ho orchestra
seals und this was strewn with charred
booms nnd rafters, nnd great pieces of
plastering vvnlch had fallen down Horn the
walls and celling.
Kdmund ('. Slanlon, who was seen by an
Kv s.nisii vViiiuii reporter, said that tho total
loss could not lm lets than l,uuu,uou.
Oiilv Nllahi lusiirmice,
Mr. Mautnn sulci lo nil Kykmnii
Wnsiii nporlor, ulier tho flru vvns gutteii
under control, that the loss would certainly
i fool up 1,1100,0(11). ssked nlwiil tho lnsur.
anee, ho n.ild tnat there was sumo insurance,
but tli.ijt 11 was light.
' Mr. Slct'larrcn," hu continued, " has
thargo of that matter. The bulldlug, tap
etrj,Ae., cost neail ll,iioo,()ti(), but tho
lo-iir.uii'o was not aiijwlieie near that
" If thoasb"st(n i ui lain had beendioppcd
1 thluk the lire could havo been confined to
the stage.
'Jills Is the (list nm of Importance that
hmever occurrid In the bulldlug."
"When do ou thluk the opera llousocan be
opened V"
'1 sumo re.ixnn why the season cannot be
opened us lutendeil in Ihe l.tllet pari of .No
vember. '
it hut t 'I'm: ri...ii:H
Ctiruelliix .lliiiin lliirueil and ltruUil hiuI
Will I'r'uliublv Hie.
i liarles Hiowii, tie" stage cm pouter, was
one of thiisi In the liulldlug when thu lliu
bioke out and tells how it started.
"1 had been in the Ihe.itiu aluiil un hum
and a liulf, ' he said lo nu l.v immi Whim i
leporlir, and was wuikltu' on tho atagn
with ano'her carpenter tiaiuei! Itutir aud
Capuscatlergood.the I'uglnccr.'l liuonl) uthir
person In Ihe building, o far as I know, was
t-oi iicllut Maun, llio painter's bo), whiiis
vmplujcd b) lberl upeill, thUMOiile artist,
who rcpic-enls Mi. llojt heic.
'I ho Mage was full of puifonns and rig-
I gleg foi thu sieiie painter.-, andtlils I'Memlcl
i nut beyond thu piosieniuui. 'llio file piuol
curtain wns raltitd.
' All ut unci' lot nt oiuoke Must nulfiom
the flics uu the 'lhlrtj-iilnili sireelslile, Just
I uslde the proscjulum arch 11 vv.is.tuthivvtil
Immeillatcly b) a rush ot tlamcs, and we all
iuii fur the 'llitrt) -ninth Mreet euti.mci..
j "Ihe etiglneir went tlrst In the private flri-
i alarm box, whlcli is lichlud Ihe stage, and
sent oul the tlrst alarm
"The tiles were filled wllh drops nnd
"ceniiv, nut thj flumes spread with such
lapldlt) thai It wssulmost like an explosion.
WHhlii live lutuutiis attertr.irds Itwas lm.
possllile tor an) on to gi on the stage.
I "M line, I In llir I'iiIiiI Itiiuui,
i li.uinoi tell liow the Urn started, but I
i think it inu'-t have lieen In the paint room.
Tho hoy i urL-lliis was ml'seil us soon lis we
got outsi lent in,, iiuiidlng. lie had gone up.
stairs tu the palm r.ionijusi K'foie the fire
, bioke o.K.
" 1 learned soon afiirvvards that he had
bceu ciught bv tlie names on tho lanllug of
ihcBccnd tier and that he ha 1 jumped to the
MDtnoperil tlif seinu artist whj reptc-
, stlils Mr. Ho) t, ihe rojiii' painter, had just
rrlvidul ihiiitr,i.ouse to belli his woik.
lor iheuii) when Ihe alann of lire wasglven
"somebod) told luv in paint buy was inl-.s.
'Ing," he halci, und I iau In at tho lhlrl).
( ninth street enti aticc.
i'anurd In by llir t'lauie-.
" I heard no-no ono )elllng for help In the
files, and looking up 1 bow Cornelius on tho
landing.. He was vailing pltcously for assist
ance, aud was shut oft from all escape oa oho
l'ranclsco and has been telegraphed to. 1
liellevn be has tho costumes tor the operas
that are to bo produced stored In the build
ing, and It so they must bo totally destroyed
either by llroor water."
'Ibo amount of Insurance was said this
afternoon to havo been only $.10,000. This
was on tho tapestry and stage appliances.
Tho building was aupiiosed to bo fireproof
and It Is not jet known for how much It was
The loss lu stage wardrobes Is estimated at
from 1 1 oo.ooti to ttnu.ooo.
Mi-rimry Tlmt Wan llurneil.
Tho f etiery for twenty opcrns was being
prepated by 1'alntcr Hoyt und was nearly
i omplcled. Among the operas tor which tho
kceuory was being ptepared were the follow
ing: " Don Giovanni," Trovatore," " lllgo.
Icl'tu," 'iueen of Shobo," " I.'Afrlcnlnc,"
" lllunzl," "i'lying Dutchman," " Kl
dello," " Fnust," Hamlet," " l'ropheto,"
Uikme," "Mlgnon," " Tannbaueser," "I.o
heugrln," " llhclngold," Hlegfrled," "Oot
terdaemmcrung," "Die Walkcure" nnd "Trlv
tan and Isolde."
In addition to these Hoyt had painted
i Hceher.v ror Hawthorne's Scarlet latter," to
bo presented by Slanstleld at Daly's, nnd lor
" riour d'Orange," with which the Casino is
In bo opened Bcpl. in.
Tne scenery lor tho "Scarlet Lctler" was
especially valuable.
Scenery was also stored In tho building for
some road plays, uiiioug which Is tho " ITant
eiJs Daughter."
'I he boxes In the parterre were burned and
water-soaked, und will have to bo rctrlmmed.
Tho boos wero fitted out by the owners.
Among the buxurt of which the furnishings
was totally dosUoyed were those of Jay
llould, (leorgo II. Warren, William C. Whli
lie), Ortis W. l'leld, Jeremiah Ulllb.nk, C. N.
curtij, Henry Clews, Austin Cumin, Calvin
llrlce und Cornelius Vanderbllt.
Itiiuiurn Tluil i:t,lilnns Oerurrrd.
.Iinhua Henr). nf llio lrmnnllo Mtrrr,
claims I hat while passing the building ut
tun o'clock there were two explosions Inside
the building lu quick succession, llo says he
notlllod a policeman, but that no Investiga
tion wus made.
Mr. stantnn, who has been Secretary of the
imectoi), resigned last May and was suc
ceeded bv .Mr. .Mel.aion. The latter slated to
an Ktpmnh Wiuiin reporter that tho insur
ance would cover the loss on ihe building,
llo refused, though, lo statu the amount of
Insurance, or the companies lu which It is
Till! Ill It. MID PI. AVIUM -l:.
K (' N'.'.HHMIOO lu Hull,! H hi,, I ll
'I'll ii ii uli l iu Hit I'lri'iiruot".
'Ihe Metropolitan Opera. Houso was built
al nu cpeiisotaboiitr,,IOi),ouii bysoveniy
j stoi kholders. each of wlioui subscribed
:tii,liou, and each ot whom became the
owner nf one of thn seventy boxes, choice of
which was decided by lot.
Ilesldes tho Investment of tuo.OOil, box
holders havo hud to pay an assessment overy
season amounting m Hum l,5UU to $2,r.o0.
When Mi. Abbey got ids leaso uf Um opera
house ut l he end of last season It was made
a uindltlou that tho nssessunnts should
i ease.
During the past nlno.vears many changes
havo been made In Um list ot box-holders aud
slockliolJcrs. ThniimM. icccut list Isas tol.
I'arter e t. ngden t.eelet.
'.'. .l.i) iiuuht
:t. i.eorgs Pcabody Wetmore, The Misses
Ogdou, Wednesday j I'.ly (ioddard.
J. Ceorgj I'eaboly Wetmore.
.'. . c. schetmerhorn, Mendajj w. s.
Uiurticc. Wcdnesda.vj Fgertun Wlnthrnp, frl
it Mrs. A. . Sherman, Wallace c. An
drcvvH, haltstuson.
K i')rus W. Field, It ti. Dunn, Wednesday
7. William c. Whitney, a c. Harriott, Mon
P. Mm. William Aktor.
10, Jlra. ujbvra.
! ijvAj
11. John J. Wyiong, Monday; W. Storrs
Wells, Wednesday; J, II. fleekman, Friday.
12. Miss catlcnder, Monday and Friday;
Mrs. .1. .Mllbank, Wednesday.
1:1. (leorgo N. Curtis, James A, llostwlck,
li T, Know Hon, Monday.
II. Henry Clews, .Monday; W. II. Star
buck, W'cdnesJay; W. II. Inman, Frldiy.
IS. Adrian isclln, Duvld Stuart, Wednes
day. HI. Austin Lorbln.
17. William D. sljanc, il. McK. Tnombly.
1. It. (I. Ilemseti, Monday; Clarence An
drews, Wednesday; lioliert octel, Friday.
lti. II. Knlckerbiiikor. Monday ami Mats;
J. II. Schlfr, Wednesday; .McCoskry llult, Fri
day. 20. lioliert (ioelet.
21. F. o. French, odd performances; Itusscll
Iloadley, even performances.
'.'2. Oeo. Henry Wurreu.
23. J. Hood Wright.
24. (ico. Iloburt Warren, odd performances;
J. Augustus Hamilton, Henry T. sloanc, even
25. Klbrldgo T. (Icrry.
2U. I.utherKountre, Mrs. raran Stevens,
even performances.
27. K. C. Jluflatt, Monday. P. V. I.cwl,
J. K. Alexandre, Wednesday. Thomas Stokes,
2H. W. l-eward Webb.
20. I. J. Leltsr, Monday; J. T. Farlsh,
Wednesday; C, C. Ilaldwln, Friday.
30. William K. Vanderbllt.
31. George Da Forest, Monday; Thomai
Hitchcock, Wednesday; K. It. (lunthcr, Fri
day. 32. William Ilockefeller.
33. Calvin H. llrlce.
34. Heber It. Bishop.
35. Cornelius Vanderbllt.
3tl. tleorge H. Ilowdnln.
37. Bradley Martin.
30. Tho Director.
42 Miss Catherine Drexeh
44. Uoorge hemp.
41. Oeorge F. Baker, HJC. Fnhnestock.
43. Mrs. Marshall u. Kobcrts.
40. James llarnmau.
45. J. o. llnrron, M. D.
47. Ur. Jackson, Monday ; r. JC. Sharon,
4N. II. a. Marquand.
00. .
4. Mrs. J. c. Ayer.
51. II. T. Wilson.
52. Walston 11. Ilrovvn, odd jiertormancc
Adrian Iselln, even performances.
53. Itobcrt I. cutting.
54. Miss McEckron, Monday; c. II. San
ford, Wednesday; Addison Cammack, Friday.
55. James A. IloosevolU
57. James stlllman.
50. D. O. Mills.
ill. W. I. Ilreose.
03. o. Ik Jennings, odd performances, a. ti
Haven, even performances. John Ii Parsons.
5tk J. ITerpont Morgan.
05. Samuel D. Ilahcock.
07. Kdwurd Cooper.
nc. Charles tanlcr.
00. James (lordon Ilenett.
ot). W. II. TllllnghoHt, odd performances ;
William M. Klngsland, oven performance'.
(12. c. P. Huntington.
114. W. . Connor, O. P. Moroslnl, Wednes
day. 71. Cleorgo Bliss, odd performances; Levi
1. Morton, oven perfoi inanccs.
on. Adrian Isclln, jr.
73. V. c. I.awrcncc.Ueorye S.Scolt, Wednes
day, (is. Win. Ithlnelaudcr.
TO. James C. Parish.
72. Frederic (loodrldge.
llmerlpllou of Ibr HiilltlliiB.
The operu-House, which Is a huge wblto
building occup)lug the whole block las-'
tween Thlrt) -ninth mid Fortieth sticets,
aud between Ilroadwny and Seventh avenue,
covers a plot of ground 20U by uno feet, or
42.000 Mpiain feet.
'llio exterior Is of pressed buh brick, with
dressings ot terru-cotta, tho design being n J
simple treatment nf the Italian llenalssance.
Them uro seventeen entrances Horn
tho street, and on Thirty - ninth
nnd Fortieth stieets and on llifeid
way thiro are largo vestibule, with
hat and cuat inouis ndjulnlng.
'llio io)ei Is :u In N2 feet, with n parlor
conucctcd In such n manner that the fiijer
can bo con v tried Into u concert ur lecture
room, with tho parlor for a slugc.
The auditorium, which is said to be the
largest In the world, contains threo rows and
n half of boxes, 122 lu nil, with each of whh.li
is connected a salon tnlco tho slro ot tho box
itself, In which rclreshments may lie seived,
wiapslifl una visits received between the
T ho stage Is ml feet wide, TO tcot doop, and
120 feel high. It also goesisomu 3u;feet ,
below tho flour, making tho available apace
about 150 feet. i
Tho building was always said to bo thor
oughly lire-proof us possible, brick and Iron '
entcrln-; almost exclusively into Its eomposl-
It was opened for jierfunuances In October, '
lhsti, under the management uf nenry '
Mneo the Prst season II has bceu devoted
chlcfl) tu tivrmau opera. Mou.v uf tho Wag
ncr operas have been piodiued hcio rennllv
wllh great spleudor and effectiveness. 11 Is I
also the scene ut the great balls each seasuu.
The Motropollt.su opera-llouso was opened
In octobor, 1HS3, with a season of Italian
oH'ra, under tho mauagemcnl of llcury li
'1 lie following year tho directors decided to
Inaiiguiate (iirmau opera, under tho leader-!
ship of Dr, Danuoscli, who was succeeded at
tcr his death b) Anton s uli. ,
German opera held tho boards hero for
Beven yeais, such works ns" Die WMkueir,"
" llhclngold," Siegfried," " Dletiottcrdaein. j
meriing," Tannhaiiser" and other famous'
German operas receiving their first lutirprr '
tatlauln tliHcouuti). "t
Mr. Abbey came tuthelront last )ear aud
gave a successful easou of Ftench and Hal
Ian open, and last Winter secured a leae of
the opera-llousc for three seasons I
Mr. Abbey made extensive preparations for
the lomlng season, which promised to bj tl.e '
most brilliant lu tha history of the .Mcln
polltan, anil had engeged an exceptional!)
fine company, besides preparing nn Immense
amount of new stener) and costumes.
Funeral of BenJ. O. Clarke.
'ihe funeral ot Benjamin t. Clarke, prcsl
dent of tho Thomas Iron Company and a well,
known figure In Iron and steel business
ittc-hT!!Sd.1!.? ,u Ant"rp.nifium.Aug.
12, was held this morntn? at His late real
atacv, at aso Jaadaon arenue.
(f'uiifNifM from I'trtt Payr)
, ports, vvhelher Infected or not, urc denied ad
mission, "II Is Ibo most advisable safeguard, and
In view of Ihe awful ravages of cholera lu
, Kurope and llio rapid spread ot the disease
there, 1 would n commend such a course for
, the present at least.
" If immlgraniH'iro not brought here they
cannot bi lug the dlsousc."
The Kdain.of tho Netherlands line, from
; ltollerdaui, was rassed'thls morning. She
had no passengcis. Her cargo was fumigated
and her crew examined.
'J ho Ut. Honoris, frota Liverpool, a freighter,
. was' also passed, nothing suspicious being
found aboard.
Tho Manitoba, from Liverpool, an Atlantic
trunspotl ship, was closely Inspectod, al
though she sidled prior tu tho aupcaranco ot
the cholera there.
The (lellcrt, of tho Hamburg-American line,
arrived off (;uarantlnp at H.30. Sho hud
uioru than live hundred passengers aboard,
and had been out slxtcendajstrum Hamburg.
Tho Augusta Victoria from tho sarao port
has not )ct been reported, but Is due to-da).
(Inly the llelurns ffom llnmbTirs'ii i:il.
lie in I,' Hr iveil To.Dny.
iy nmoruTi'ti rursit.l
WvsiiiMiinx, All?. '.'7. Tho only liiforma
tlou In reguid tu cholera lccelvcd ut the state
Dcpaitiucnt tip to noon to-day was contained
jn n despatch Mora Consul Johnson, at Ham
burg, who cabled that there were 205 new
cases nnd 130 deaths irom thedltcasc lu that
illy yesterday.
rrrenntlons Tnken lo lirrp llir Dl-eaur
Oul of Ihe ('Iiv.
'Ihe heads of tho several departments nf
tho Health Board vveru ut their offices very
early to-day. They were arranging the de
tails connected with getting the city In the
best posslblu sanitary condition to copo with
tne cholera should It make Its appearance
President Wilson was In consultation with
sanitary supt. Dr. Cyrus Ed son.
Dr. Charles 1'. Itoberts, superintendent ot
tho Bureau of Coulaglous Diseases, and Major
Bullock, Chief Sanitary Inspector, were also
lu thoconterer.ee.
President Wilson said : llverytblng Is be
ing done that wo know how to do. We aro
working hard lo got tho city as clean
as possible. It is In a fairly good
sanitary condition, anyhow. Wo will put our
whole force of inspectors at work to-day and
to-morrow. They will work for the most
part south of Fourteenth street.
, The Inspectors havo locatod tho worst
spots, and we will proceed to clean them up
us provided for In tho resolution passed oy
tho Board yesterday."
Asked If the Health Board could by any
order on Its part close tho port to Immigrants
, from Infected districts, President W llson replied:
--.su. i uu joiuru ui ucaun coma notao
that. Tho Health otllcer of tho Port might
possibly do so. We can keep tLo vessels
nt or below Quarantine, nnd make our In
spections so vigorous an to practically make
tho work as effective as If Immigration was
"What do you think," he was asked, of
the action tukon by the K.-vecuthe Commit
tee ot the State Boards of Health at Indian
npolls yesterday, at which a committee wns
appointed to visit ihe various ports along tho
Atlantic nnd Pacific toast and Inspect the
effectiveness of thn quarantine.
" I know- very little about the meeting at
Indlacupolls," ho said, " but I Judgo that tho
plan Is a good one. An) thing that will aid at
such a time as this cannot be otherwise than
President Wilson declared that ho would
attend to tho work in hand all tho rest of to
day, and would go to Quarantine to see
Health officer Jenkins this afternoon.
Dr. IMson said : " I thluk wo have things In
pretty good shape now. Thorough Inspection
Ingoing on all tho time, nnd is being pushed
more vigorously au tho wnlle."
Dr. Kdson, In commenting upon tho action
of tho i:ectitlvo committee ot tho stale
Hoards of Health, .said: "Tho people In tho
interior cities are entirely at the mercy ot
the authorities In tho seaboard cities. They
nto naturally anxious toknow what Is being
douu In tho way of keeping out tho
cholera. i th'nk their plau of send
ing u lommlttco to examine tho
(mirnnilno S) stems at the several ports is
a good oue. 1 think they will find that every,
thing Is being done thnt can be done In other
cities. 1 know they will find it so here."
Major iiullock. Chief Sunltnry Inspector
was busy sending out his corps of Inspectors.
Tho Inspectors Imvoordcrstoproceeilaccord
ng to tho line laid out by .Major Grant and
tho Board ot Health.
iiiionKi.vv-t iijcAi.Tii no s iti.
(Trciilnr lamed to Hip Pollen Force
Health Commissioner Orinin, nf Brooklyn
Issued the following circular to tho Ilrookl)n
police at noon lo-duy:
ll havlni rum to niy knowledge that the terma
cf a pinultf niilml tij Ihlt Duiuitniant for the lm.
niKdlate traiKfrVnf ! arrlvlnx at a llmokljii
llerliaviibrrn vlulitrd, I requent that jon mil
Imieaiiiirdrr reiiulrlni iolUs nfficera toenlnrtea
ktrict comiilliure with turli iitruiil. j
'Ihe iioiMble lultixtuitlnii nf cholera rntken il '
nrre.iar lo adept Inimoil rljiil preraullonr, and I
wllh tho li'irP"" of iMInt the llrpeilmenl I irnlle
jour ro niratmi,
I nagcint that the police tlinulKhuut Ihe cilj
lieillti.-leil In ee that jant- ami allej are kept
lean, nuttera e.epl, particularly lu tenenienl
llllrlcla, anil lhal un arrutuulatluna nf hlth he al
lnae.1 In the atreetl aud ienerall an Tiolatfooa of
alliolarr erillnancra bo permitted. '
It Cbolrrn Anprnra II Mill lie 1'roinpil)
lltiilt Wllh.
Tho Health Bouid of Jerse) City has taken
active measures to Prevent the Introduction
of cholera Into that city. Particular utten
lion Is being given to tho matter ut securing
cleanliness of streets aud ynrds and the in
terior ot buildings is being looked after.
The pollco have been ordered to assist the
Health Board In ereiy posslblo manner.
I'lcparatlons havo Ken lundo to isolate any
cases of cholera that may dev elop.
1'ieparntlous of a similar nature have been
made by the Health Board ot lloboken.
Simply Awful
2PK. "I bad vhat the doc !
"taSft tors tailed the Moral '
L , fH . oi"seroriiailheT I
F "r W&. ever . It waa m '
l i'J niy arms, face and ne.-k,
DaK yf aud nu aiiupl) as fill ,
I live )ear aito I bea-aii
Jkaf ," U1" 0d' ar-
aJHBsapnrlllai, ourt found
taHoferjaBaMaiwaR Ihe aorea arrailuall) he.
tiro. tV. Turner, ran to beat. J took ten
bottles and w.a perfectly cured. For tha paat
four year I have bail atoori mavlih anil
aorr.. O. W. Toaxat. fann" ("alwf'.s."
They Havi Contributed Over
$20,000 for the Campaign
in the West.
Reports from Other Papers in tho
Educational Alliance.
Ninety Democratic Journals Aiding
in the Move to Win the West.
Yesterday's Contributions to tho
Fund Footed Up $037.1)0.
(From This Morning's World.
f. II. Taylor, 1loalon"lnlir" 1 ,000.00
W. .SI. Mlnarrlv, l'ullmli-1.
pliln "Iteeord" 1,000.(1(1
U. C. Whitney I.OtlO.OO
Jamri Mnllh. Jr.. Newark,
Throdnrr W. tlrers a.TO.CO
"A Meinhir nl' the .Slanhai-
tan Club'' 00.00
I'raueie I.Mlde Mtelaol IIHI.Oll
A. .1. V., i:n! Ilrnnir 100.00
"Coah" KlO.Otl
llr. John II. Voodbnrv KIO.OO
Kmannel HnlTmnu A- Hon 100.00
nouglnaa W Uiirahaui. Flah-
kill Landlna, .N. Y lOO.OO
Srlrlan lllrkrraon, Bloom-
Held, N.. I ICO.OO
(lov. William K. Kiisarll, r
iSlaaaaeliuaettN, thronah the
"Ulobr," lloaton lOO.OO
KatellflV lllchN lOO.OO
litrrett I'. Wheeler I0O.00
Norman K. Afaeh. HutTaln
"Tlmrs" lOO.OO
.Inaenh Aomin (illlet. I'luli.
kill l.anitlna, N. V .10.00
l.anrenre K. Heaton 30. OO
. II. Tallmnriarr, ISIamlord,
Cunu fiO.OO
(rnnrl lolal arkrinvvledaed
In veetrrday'. World" ..10,82B. SI
Tolnl reerlved yealerday up
lo 3 P. M. by "Tho World" 410.I5
Total reported tip to date by
Iher oenapapera, rarlualt
of aanaiint hitherto entered Z3T.TA
Craud total SSO.fi IO.lt
Tbo Milwaukee " Journal" Starts Off Its
Work with a Check for S200.
Till! Mll.WACIIE Jovrnat,
MILwaoiIR, Aug. .'.'tl, 1803. f
Manaqtr Wttttrh VemoeraUr Campaign Fund .
On behalf ot thsMllnaukco Jum mtf I In
close check for t"00, which please credit to i
your Western Democratic Campaign Fund, i
We know the opportunity tho tariff-stricken ,
West offers the party ot the people, and that
Kastern Democratic leaders lUe ) ourself
hare come to appreciate the situation hero :
nils us with new lite and determination. I
1 The advance Wisconsin has made politically
has been by bold and honest discussion of tho
questions before the people, and your assist
ance will make this educational work even
more thorough and the result mora certain.
Wo shall ask our readers to send contribu
tions to you. L. W. Niihan.
From tho " Ilarali!," Elizabeth, N. J.
Centra! .eto Jrrsev Uemia, 1
Elizasetu, N. J., Aug. 24.
JTanaftr Wntru Vtmocratie Campaign Fund.
It Is with great pleasuro that I In-
closo check for 43.70, the tlrst Instalment
. ot roonoy collected by tho lleraia for tho good
work In tho West. I am heartily In accord
I with your efforts nnd will do wnat I can to
make the amount a large one. I bcllevo with
i you that the West Is a good field In which to
work. The seed was planted thero years ago,
and Ihe harvest is now ripe ror tho reapers.
I et the Western (.ampalgn Fund be spent to
, educato tho peoplo ot the West In truly Dem
ocratic principles nnd In preventing blocks
lot five' and such Kepuollcan methods, aud
there will be a tidal wave ot Democracy that
will sweep the country.
A. T. 1'enuleton, Editor and Manager.
From " The Columbian," iHormiabiirg,
The Columbhni,
HLOOMBBcan, I'a., Aug. 5, IHli'.'. f
'ihe foilowlng-nnmed persons send In their
contributions for tho Western campaign
1 und:
.1. II. Mercer, J. II. Townsend, J. K. Bitten
liender, I Loweuberg, W. Ii. Tu)lor, v. B.
Bobbins, u. A. Herring, Ornnt Herring, A. I.,
i'rli, o. M. tjulck, William Chrlsraan, .1.1.
Kline, c. 11. Campbell, McClObkey t Tracey,
Alexander Bros. A Co., all l each.
Inclosed mm check for tl."..
J. K. HrrrixBEXDEif.
Tlio " foal." of Denver, Cnl John.
DrsvKB, Col., Aug. .' Tbo Kirnlna ton
hasiakeuup tho We lern campaign Fund
movement, and is now receiving subscrip
tions, in to-ulgbt's lssuo tho Voat cation
ally sa.vn:
' The Now York Wonui's Western Cam
palgn Fund Is Increasing with gratlfvlng1
i apldlly. It cmbrccs contrlbulois irom mora
KF you should
happen to I
get a package im- '
perfect from any
cause, ....
V Hornby's
1 J Oatmeal
Take it back
and get your
money again.
than a dozen statet, and has Interested tho
efforts ot more than forty ot tbo leading
Democratic and Independent newspapers ot
the country. Tho distribution of tho lund
for legitimate cnmpaln expenses In tho West
ern 'and Northwestern Mates has been
Intrusted lo a comralttco ot honest and emi
nent meu. who will bo responsible lor the
hale delivery and proper disbursement of tho
money, 'ihoobleetis to provide sucn litera
ture as will present to the minds ot tho
people the Important Issues to be determined
In tho campaign. That tho citizens ot cole
indnmav nave an opportunity to join In this
iniHerpnl nnd popular movement lor tho
iK.lltlcal regeneration of the West tho
.'lenfriv I'ott bus opened a. subscription list
aim will co-operate with Its esteemed metro
politan contemporary lu tho collection of tho
mini. Several subscriptions havo already
been received, nnd those, with others which
may en mo In tho mean time, will be acknowl
edged lu to-morrow's issue."
A llealnnlna; et fireenabnrg, Pa,
Itegtitrr anil Recorder,
UllEESSBVHIl, Pi., AUg. 'la, 181)-'.)'
Inclosed find my check for 110 in aid of tho
Western Democratic Campaign Fund. Wo
think this a more lu tho right direction, as
we firmly believe moro thau ono Wostcrn
vtatn will be round In tho Democratic column
In Norember next, and every dollar contrib
uted to this fund will aid the good work.
W. II. Conwat.
From the " henllnrl," Carroll, la.
larrciAL to tbe woM.n.1
C'iRiiot.1, la., Aug. :.' Mubscilptlonstothe
Western Democratic Campaign Fund through
Xehtathn Funds anil Nebraska Corn.
larrciAt. to th would. 1
(iiuiu, Aug. !.'j. Subscriptions through
Omaha u'u M-lleritld, $4.7."i, making our
lutnl (iin.S.'i. Nebraska fuuds, like her corn,
grow slow but sine.
I'runi the O'Neill "Nun," Another
ISebraaha Ally.
(erriAi. to mr. woat.n.l
O'Ntitl, Neb., Aug. US. The O'Neill Sun
opened aubscilplion for Western campaign
Fund to-day by subscribing .". M. F. Har
rington also gives .". Total, $10.
Ten I'rlfea for rinba That Raise tbe
Greatest Amount by Oct. I.
A numoer of Inquiries were made at tho
headquarters ot tbo Western Democratlo
Campaign Fund yesterday relative to The
Woiii.o'b offer of silk banners for those ten
clubs that shall turn In tho greatest amount
of money to the fund by Saturday, Oct. 1.
Those who called showed the gieatest
Interest In the proposed contest, and a num
ber ot organizations promised their heartiest
co-operation. There is likely to be keen com
petition for the trophies and the efforts of the
clubs to win the coveted prizes are certain to
add many hundreds of dollars to the fund.
To have a hhare In so excellent a cause as
this great educational movement represents
Is a reward In Itself, and every Democrat who
has contributed his dime or his dollar should
feel that conscious satisfaction that follows a
good deed.
TrtE World, however, wlshos to reward
those political clubs that make a particular
effort to Increase the amount of this fund,
and tor that reason these prizes are offered.
Their Intrinsic value will be well worth
striving tor. Each banner will be of silk,
mounted on handsome hardwood poles and
cross pieces finished In glided metal. On
them will be Axed the names of tbe candi
dates with an appropriate motto. The name
ot thn winning club will also be painted In
gold letters on each banner, which will bo
heavily embroidered with gold fringe and
Tbe conditions ot tbe contest are as fol
lows: Ten banners will be given to those
ten clubs whoso subscriptions reported from
lime to time In The Wohld reach the largest
totals on Oct. 1. Clubs participating will
send in their subscriptions to the Western
Democratic Campaign Fund, box ,3.'4 Now
York City. Tbe subscriptions so sent In will
ho dally loported In The Woblo, and on the
books of tho lund a separate account will bo
kept ot the amounts contributed by each or
ganization. Persons not members of a club
may have their subscriptions credited to such
organization as they may Hpeclfy.
Here, then, Is a chanco for the political
clubs not only to win something highly orna
mental for their club-rooms, but at the samo
tlmo to renacr a great amount of good to the
cause of tariff reform, lteports from the
West show that tho Democrats havo excel
lent chances of winning in Iowa, Illinois,
.Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
All that Is needed to securo these happy
results Is n fund sufficiently large to enable
tho Democratic managers to place beforo tbo
wavering Ilcpiibllcaus ot tbe West such cam
pnlgu speakers and literature as will show
them that their burdens are duo to McKln
lc)lm nnd that relief can come only through
tho triumph ot Democratic principles.
I.tt all clubs, then, enter Into this competi
tion, and by their friendly rivalry help along
u cnuso that will Insure be) ond doubt the
election of Cleveland und Stevenson.
An Inrrraeliif Number of Allies Who
Mill Appeal for l'liml.
Tho editor of every Democratic Journal who
thinks that ho can collect nny sum Irom his
constituents Is cordially Invited to Join tho
Western Democratic Campaign Fund Alliance
and send word by letter or telegraph to The
Would to that effect.
A national conflict impends. An unprece
dented campaign of education In tho West
may be carried ou If there be money to pay
for organllng meetings, providing speakers,
Mippljlng pamphlets and making It certain
that every doubtlul oter shall hear or read
Ibo gospel truth of Democratic doctrine.
I'ulcss Democrats contrlbuto what they
can lo the party treasury the right against
tbo Heptihllcan foe will not be as vigorous as
It should bo. Kvery little helps. Miles raako
millions, a dollar all around will turn iho
.scales of Xctory.
No matter how lnjlgnltlcant may seem tho
sum collected by a uewspapor In a small
town, a honored Bucb amounts will make an
Impotlug nggiegale. Besides, all the money
po collected will mean Just so much moro for
the Western campaign than there would bo
If this plnn had not teen placed lu operation.
'Iho Importance, therefore, ot tho co-opera-tlon
of as many Democratic newspapers as
possible Is manifest.
Ninety newspapers aro now In tbo movement.
Extracts from Newspapers Working for
the Mraleru Democratic l'uml.
IJVorn Ihi .Vu lltlta, Au Or!i, a.
An active campaign has been Inaugurated
by tho Democracy lu tho Western States.
The Congressional elections ot isuo showed
that tour or five of theso Mates havo antl
Ilepubllcan majorities. There la splendid
righting ground lu Illinois, In Iowa, in Kan
sas, in .s.lchlgan, Hi Nebraska. In all that
sea lou the tariff plank of the Democratlo
platfcim lsmoro acceptable than tho high
1 lolectlon Mews of the republicans. In all
thnt bcctlon tho farmers ba7o abandoned tho
Republican party by tho tens ot thousands.
'Iho .Notional Democratic Kxocutito Com
mittee has appointed n sub-commltteo to
take charge of tho work In this ricld. To en
able that lommltteo to do effective work tho
New York Would has undertaken to raise a
campaign fund by general subscription all
over the country. Tbe Delta has been asked
to loin In the work and cheerfully tends Its
Tbe Bomb hu a deoper Interest In tula
movement than any other BocUoa ot tho
country. TIM addition of uuvo or four
I contribute
Name ,
Make checks and money-orders payabli
tho Western Democratlo Campaign Fo
Address all communications to tho West
Campalgu Fund, box 2,354. Now York Cltj
All contributions will be acknoi
deed lu tlie Morulnj- WORLD,
"The World aske your aubaerlptl
lo the Weatern Democratic 1'atnpal
Fund. Hcnrea or Democratic newapap
In oilier parts uf the country have a
ipeneil their roliimua to leeelve coal
bullous. All I lie money raised will
expended leglllinnli ly by tho advice,
toinmlltee of lendrnr Weatern Dee
rente In waging slaToroua educatlei
rnmpalcn lu tlinse Weatern btatea whl
lime jrone Itepubllean In electli
hitherto, but now clve the alronceit
illeatloiia tif n tendency towattla Ilcm
rai'3' ami Tariff Itefonn.
The larger the number of sublet
tlona, reKarillesB of their else, the a;rea
will be Iho moral effect. Will you hel
If an, aenita check, n rerlateied letlei
iiiuney-oriler ur caali to tho address gh
abuse. Also, If convenient, till -ip
bljnk In order that your snbscrlpt
may be acknowledged In the columns
"The World."
The plan lias been formally appro
by Chairman llarrlty, of the N'atlo
Committer, aa follows:
Democratic National Committee, ;
No. iau Firrit avenue, New YorLj
Tt Iht f.Hlnr ! T WVlrM
Tho movement tor an energetic and
greslvo campalgu of education aud organ!
lion lu Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Jllcblg
Minnesota and other Wostern States Is
cellent. It deserves encouragement from
Democrats of the Kast; In fact, substan
support should be given tott by the Dei
crats of tbe entlro country.
I believe there are tens ot thousand
Democrats who have not been In the habll
contributing to tho National Campaign Ft
for want of opportunity. Tbe Democn
National Committee has been and Is llkel
bo unable to reach them, and they will dot
less be glad to avail themselves ot this me
of giving to the tund which It is proposed
raise lor the expenses of the campaign In
The contributions to the Campaign Fun
the Democratic National committee tor
expenses of the general campaign througb
I the country will doubtless be made In
usual way, and will not, of course, Inter
1 with thoBo to be made to the Western De
I critic Campaign Fund, to which latter
j who can should contrlbuto.
1 am sure that your effort, supplemei
as you expect It to bo by that of very m
other Democratlo newspapers, will be
ductlvo of good results. I look for the m
ment to be ono ot tne most effective aids
Democratic party will have In tho pre
campaign. It will still further emphasize
declaration mode by Tint Would that "
next President muse be a Democrat." Yi
respectfully, William F. Hakkit
Aug. !.".
Hum will break tho sectional line. It
take tbe edge off of such si ctlbnal meast
as the I'nrco bill. It vv ill remove tho cholc
the President from tho always closo btati
New York und lnsuro Democratic sui rem
for many yoars.
I The Mouth should therefore respond to
call and lend substantial am to mis lund.
Is a matter In which all our people are dee
Interested, and If every earnest Demot
will only forward a small contribution the
gregate will bo large.
An Indorsement from Tenne.see.
Gen. W. II. Jackson, a leading polltlchu
Tennessee Is at the Hoffman House. He:
ring to The Wokld's Western Campa
Fund yesterday he said : " It deserves
couragement and Indorsement- Itlsafi
Idea not to depend altogether on New Yi
Htato and to devoto attention to tne Wi
I where the Democrats cave a flgbt:
(Jen. Jackson Is tho owner of Belle Mi
Mock Farm, which Includes Bueh Moot
j uorses as Knqulrcr, Luko Blackburn, 1
' quols, which won thiee great events In El
land the Derby, I'rlnco of Wales and
beger Trcmont and Inspector B.
imported Great lorn and Loyalist and tH
Tammany, Huron and Proctor Knott.
From TVvlA.I
Judge Durfey You are charged wltntu
lug chickens ; do you want a lawyer;
Ioso Snowball No, Yer Uonah.
Judge iiurfcy Why not?
Moss Pnowball-H it please de Co't, I'd I
ter keep dem chickens myse't, after habt
all do trubblo cr glttln' 'em.
r w Well. I
' X. ' '-I. ,; stead of at
f' and suflerlt
.' j , healthy a
K rigorous, i
I w stead of ira
I v out and wei
J bright eji
. I ' clear skin, ro
flBaaVaaeAamtaaaaBisat ( O b e e lc s 71
I9f! H--U wouldn't thii
mKaeC it was the au
it's nil due to the use of a few bottles
Dr. Pierce's Favoritei Prescription.
What this medicine has dono for tboi
sands of delicato women, it will dp Ii
you. It you're overworked nnd debt
fated, it will build you up if jotf
borno down with tie chronic aches, pau
nnd wceinesiios peculiar to your sex,
relieves and cures. It invigorates tl
system, purirlen the blood, improves
gestion, and restore flesh and strengta
For all tho painful irregularities M
diseases of women periodical paint, jr
lapsus and other displacements, tfi
down sensations, ana weaknesBss, iti 11
only remedy so effective that it cm i
guaranteed. It it deeent benefit
cure, you have your money back.
If You Want to Ttste Tea In Perfictiii
TItV OUR "41" TMN.
If 70a use Gallon Tea, webaie tbe flassiui"
cltr. at l. CO par lb. Try It. ......al
11 ou viae CoSee, try our 41" ldJ""H
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