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Mffif- "' , ,,
&$' J'tibfUntd' by the Press Publishing Company.
HD; i l 58 to 63 Pari How, New Tori.
MR: ,
b (Including Postage) :
K. JVOJ.83 No. 11,330
E 'Xatond at the PoetOfflce at New Totk ieeond.
M elaai miliar.
K ,
Blf' -bramou offices:
BK ' betweea Slit ind 83d !., New York
KV PHILADELPHIA, Piu-LKimrR Bciniwa. 113
BU LONDON OFFICE 3 Cocmrun St.. TmriL-
7? ' aim 8QCARK.
p .Midstwimer Growth.
Bl '4 Comparison of the Num
fe '' cW 0 "Worlds" Printed
a- 4. Vf Julys.
&f July, 1884 2.314.1 13
KV .July, 1886 5,870.328
R July, 1888 8,427,731
WM July 1890 9,350,200
K& ' My, 1892 11,779,529
mO: The Record Per Day.
M July, 1884 74,648
f July, T886 .' 189,365
Bf,' July. 1888 ar6
w, July, 1890 301,619
Kl July, 1892 379,984
Rc '
Bt&H ' ,1 TBS WORLD villi not, under any cirrttm-
K ' tanee, nofd itself responsible for the return
? daSt-kttptna of any rejected manuscripts
Wmh'-i V vr pictures, of Bhatsoerrr character or value.
f$, Xo'exceptton will be mart 10 this rule with
BRjj . nwtrd to either letters or Inclcsures. Xor
Rkjf ?'? "" editor enter into correspondence con-
E$ 'i otrnina unavailable manuscript.
Bft The Evening; World Prints sso-
R? cutfexl Press News.
Kr .
RxV'1 Violence Ium ccasod it Buffalo. Law
K ',s d order have prevailort in so far as they
Pj!y , affect the peace of tho community and
& the protection of property. There is
RK ' ODPOttnnity now to consider another
.' phase of the general troublo which has
7- been presented through testimony before
R ' tho Btate Board of Arbitration.
Bi' I is eharced by men who were engaged
E? in the strike, but who denouuen tho riot-
E' in?, that the Ten-Hour law as applied to
Hr& the oonduct of steam railways, was vio.
B. lated by corporations against which tho
BKr strike was directed. This is n matter
HBiC' vrtuoh interests the publio evou moro
K'f (; Titally than it does the railway laborers.
B;; To work employees ou the roads for such
K$ a continuous length of time that thoy fail
Kn physically nnder the strain is to menace
Hp i the lires of passengors. Jinny times be-
B&V fore now suoh overwork and such failing
Bife- hate led directly to fntal accidents on the
ELi rail.
Bm, The charge made at Buffalo against the
Hj&' railway companies must be fully lnTcsti-
Kfe; KRted. If it U true, the stops prescribed
Hjl '. hy law, against the corporations, must be
HK& promptly taken. In no respect are em-
B? . ployers any less bound by tho statutes than
HKp, are their employees.
fej. Under tlie personal direction of Dr.
W Bbmisj, of tlie food inspection depart.
HW' tnent, a raid was made yesterday on many
JRv ' fruit stands in tho east side districts and
B" large quantity of decayed and uuripo
Jp; fruit was seized. Undoubtedly tho
Hk- Taid achieved a good result for tho
Ufp time. There is the possibility of
K,! 'dire luiechief in every unfit or
Hpi'r ,,unrlpe pear, peach or applo bold at any
Bs?' stand or store. To prevent tho sale of such
W&J wares is a duly of tho health officers at
BJ" Cny timo, and is just now in line with the
jkf strict precautionary measures being taken
$(i against a cholera visitation.
E; But, to be thoroughly effective, such
HE" inspection as was made yesterday bhould
t ,be made daily. Visits ouco a week ecn
& would not be enough to tnsuro perfect
BK results. There should bo no opportunity
Bfc for dealers to dinposc " bctnecu times"
BBn of their nnhenltby slock,
k chifamen befohe the oameea.
Ci? If the luw reciuirini.' the photographing
Bfi,X of Chinamen was pasted because Chum.
&' Kta look B0 mucu "I'ke that it is next to
Bf?4, imvouiblo to tell them opart, then there
f ho nohopothat tho measure will add
BJfct anything to the art resources of
Ki this country. Were it not that tho
K. Government wants a souvenir of every
BE' Slantyedsonof CoNtrcius within its bor.
k . Aen ,n ,no hapa of a cabinet photo of
B9&" ,l,ra-, ono Bowery ochicvement in the
Photographic lino would suffice for all.
K It wnld I 0 passjd from hand to hand
E nntil the final Chinaman was reached
BB&r "c' H misht bo filed away for future me
afc''' In rase the re wa auy further photographic
BBi-t- "orriment of the heathen.
BEr! i " lt' iiitT0 cau,lot uo much variety
BB-1;V ih Mon8llan. rogues' gallery vhich
Bj5 " to havo in Washington. The auto
BlfepPhwill differ, but the san.e bland smile
BBBFBM.T'forra lnnocnce vrill charaoterizo
PW Picture, and you might as well try to
eK-MllU, a
lndivldnallze their plgtalli or partes red
slip sentence in laundry literature as to
say of your own knowledge and belief
from their counterfeit presentmeut which
is Hoch Hlng and which Is Won Lung.
And what difference does it make to any
body anyhow ?
" This cannot havo the effect of ohang.
'ug or dlharranging our traffic arrange
ments in auy vny. Tboiio arrangements
aro so obviously advantageous to both
psrties that neither could afford to Inter
rupt or thango them. Tho Phila
delphia and Heading Coal and Iron Com
pany will contluuo in tho futuro it bui
ness of putting its coal on tbs nmrkots at
as fair prices as it is abln to secure."
This is part of the comment of Presi
dent McIiKud on Chancollor McGill's
decision against the Beading comblno. It
will be noticed that there is a lack of ref.
erence to any arrsngemonts ' obviously
advantageous " to tho public or to prices
for coal an fair as the peoplo can secure.
But these things will come.
The paint hsa been reached where, to
tho outside publio, such rocurnng storios
as that of tho buried miners in Wales lose
their immediate suggestion of hor
ror. Hut to tho wlvos and children and
friends who aro bereft ovory time ono of
those underground tragodies occurs thore
is just as fresh and poignant and awful a
grief as if the samo thing had not so
many times fallen to the lot of others.
It is unfortunate that thero Bhould be
that story of blackmail on tho pollco boat
Patrol to recall In connection with Capt.
Cint'iNTxn'R application for retirement
Tho Captain is among tho most genial of
men and has dono moro than twenty
years of good service on tho force.
Even poor Yorlck's skull never did
such ghastly service as the craniums of
the murdered BonnEXs will have per
formed if thoy aid in establishing the
Fall Hirer police theory of a daughter's
awful crime.
Chicago's beer war is ended and prices
will go up to tho old figure. But in a
city where tho drinking water needs dilut
ing before taking, the malt product will
doubtless remain still tho cheapest bevor-ago.
Nearly a generation has passed away
since President Johnson startod out on
tho famous tour which was immortalized
under the tltlo of "Hwingin' Hound the
The health officers inspecting the pear
and applo stands for decayed stock aro
literally carrying out the old adage: ' ' By
their fruits yo shall know them."
FnznanicK Oatloud will not succeed
in convincing anybody that his jump
from High Bridge was meant for a leap
into fame rather than iuto eternity.
Hevolt is unseemly in the Salvation
Army. Tho warriors Bhould remember
that old church hymn: " We aro not
dividod, oll,ono army we."
The Injunction against the Heading
Combine does not soem to havo any effect
in preventing the Conibluo from putting
up the price of coal.
The Annexed District poople still have
the courts, though the Mayor and Alder
men have failod them. Fight the trolley
menaco there.
That cleanliness which is next to godli
ness will stand oven nearer tho top of the
list among preventives of a cholera
Tho Wilkosbarre married man who has
eloped with a uiillluor doubtless got his
inspiration from a bill for his wifo's new
London appears to luue extended an
invitation to tho cholera to pay a visit
and theso invitations ara always accepted.
Chicago takes to a now steam motor for
its North Hide surface railway ralhor than
introduce tho trolley to its streets.
Nobodv wants tho cholera; yet the
health officials will bo 011 tho koeu jump
to locato it, if it comes.
Fatal yachting accidents are making a
fair place for themsolves in tho list of
marine casualties.
A groat many men will find to.day that
thoy have bought wiong futures ou tho
Uncalled For.
irtom Ttuth, 1
Kthel I had a headache ic-dar, and I read
a lot ot your old tellers.
Ooorge Iitd they cure tho pain t
Kihei ihey did; 1 ulu) nnd relief la
The Height of Meanness,
irron ri.i-mt.. 1
" Well, If thai ain't mean !" exclaimed the
prisoner. "Kery ono 0' the atones in this
paper they've glnimo to read Is Mo bo con
tinued.' An" me tube hunx next mvKl"
iit TVufA.I
Mrs. 8a)back--bai is meant by tho
1 phrase " The church militant?"
hnayhicK I suppose 11 has sciuc relercnro
I to the lauuas : don't ou t
I Rather Hard on nirasolf.
I 6ald the lecturer: "The roads up theso
mountains are too steep and locky for own a
donkey to rlhnb; ihort'lorii I did noi alterant
But That's Another Btory.
Frnm fA Anaon C.twrtrr.)
I olce from tho Attic- Mrs. hllnner! Mrs.
Skinner I
Voice from the llasemei.t- Well, Mr. Never
pay, what's tho matter now y
I "I told Katie tbn morning to put some 011
til my lamp, ami H mer did It. and now It's
Itomiout. TbU Is lln third ttiuo It's hai
pciml."1 '
'Well. 1 thnuifhi j cm iikeu Mr. Kipling's
"What. In heauit's name, hue Mr. Kl.
llngssiurlescntiodii llh my lamp:"
toy, tlui s '1 ho Light "1 hal I alii d.'
At a Vestry Meeting.
The Chairman The Chair will not dispute
the point with Mr. carter.
iJIrtCarlcrT7bec.Da,r naa fetter not.un.
less be takes his cost ofT.
The Chair did noL
aaissiA;.. At!' if. "- ' f ififlaV'M'rr' If 'fcl'a.'tfs'ifa
I was much amused last evening by a dia
logue 1 chanced to overhear on the Warren
street station platform of the Ninth avenue
Klcratcd Itatlroad. 'ilio speaker were two
young women. "This talk nbout men giving
up their scats In crowdod cars to girls just
Locauso they aro pretty Is all bosh," said one.
"I'm not a bit good-looking, and I know It,
but 1'vn had seats offered to mo when thero
were half a d07cn prettier women standing
up In the Hiino slslo. It's all In knowing how
to ptuy upon tho sympathies of tba men." ' I
wish to goodness you'd let mo Into tho w
rrct, lhcn,"SAl(l the other, wearily, "for 1
havo had to stand up on tho train night after
night." "I'll dK It," said tho other. 'Mou
lust watch mc"
Tho train came along nnd tboy ncro swept
with tho stream of humanity Into a car In
which there was hardly elbow room. I man.
agon to got In Just behind them, ho as to make
a mental noto of tho proceedings. When
fairly In the car tho girl Who bad first spoken
hoaved a prodigious sigh, rolled up her eyes,
pressed ono hand to her bosom and staggered
so that I, thought she was about to fall In a
taint, anil 1 Involuntarily put out my hands to
catch her. Bbo rewarded mo with a smllo
that seemed Inexpressibly saa. Two men
who witnessed tho performance sprang to
their feet and mado a tender ot tbelr scats. ,
Tho young woman gavo each tho samo sod
sort of smile sho had bestowed upon mo and
dropped Into ono of tho scats, whllo her com-1
panlon took tho othiT. ' My, but it works
llko a charm," 1 heard No. a whisper In a tono
of admiration as I turned away to hldo a 1
ln- . . .
Horace J. Colvln, Now Knglnnd Passenger
Agent of tho Canadian Pacific Itatlroad, is a
frequent visitor In this city, and few railroad
men have moir friends In tho fraternity.
From Tlttt Sturnlng't World.
Tho Western Campaign Fund yester
day passed the $20,000 mark by moro
than half n thousand. The total to last
night wns fJ20,G10. Kenrly ono hun
dred Democratic newspapers nro now
co-operating in tho good work, and Its
success seems assured. The Western
Democrats meet the help with contribu
tions, the Kiistcrn Democrats approve,
the Southern Democrats applaud, and n
vigorous nntlonal campaign will bo tho
result if all give who aro interested and
able. Have you fielieil the cause t
Botintliti 117 thit 1 tilorlDc mm daring 1 dij'a
work ooniumct flv ouuci, of inuionlir tlctua.
Hirbtrt Hpvncir, tb ptiilotopbir, li tltd to bfl 1
rain of lingulir modeatr, with 1 jfiutU volea itid
alniMt femlnlDe grace."
Birih Ilirnhinlt tl fortr-ilgbt yeira old. Rh
wli clirduiiitl Iloifni, " but ctiioged lur mini
to Hirih lor 1 riliuu known only to herielf.
Kola li ! J to IkIimo thit tin tlmt I not fir dli.
tint wheu Krinca will igiln tiko up irml agitnit
An in iimpll of tin amount of gold In tho
world, tho mlmi of Ntw Zrilaud hiva alone pro
duoed 350,100,000 worth of the precloui metal.
Bong to the Clover.
Oh, 1 eonir to theclorer,
1 hal iweet nid rover.
Which tin leeit riot orer
illelr timet to elajr,
In wIiohs tleplbe the ehy plorer
lllee bt rind aover.
'Wher.t uiitdttn iml lover
Ami children etrir.
Oil. thormit, frignnt pleeee
btie.n wllh the ureree
i.f the tiliik itid Mhlte ficee
llrretlilng perluuie,
Mhre tlni luitnirjr wind rioee,
lalleu with time
Ol eitrjit-uver eperee
Uf 1 lover hloutn
til rotrHirait Mithluff, in .Yw Orltfint rimel
ivmorrn'. Coast Impudence.
New ruglend mitda ire chillier.
Trie hotithern li.ilee tinnier,
Uliii.iio tuitdt ue ellller,
'1 hiu girl ul t'llilurnli.
.San iiiflrliro AViri l.tttnr.
A Desst of Burden.
Hhe didn't know rreuih, end ehe didn't know
t- re lice,
And ehe wonder."! oft, In in Innooeut war,
With 1 ewevt little iueuuiiant eort nf 1 gliiKe,
Why "mother" wee mere," in tho Prench
people ear.
Itut inou through the French ruril dlatrlcti ehe
And waa allotted at the burdeua of poor women
And ehe tliluka now ehe knowa whit the trlta
laagLiae meant
In doivriuiug 1 further merely 1 mare.
.lou.v" Mail,
A Bummer Wooing.
The wind went wooing the roeee,
l'or the roue wie filr.
How the rough wind won, whoknowl?
Itut he left her there.
1'ir lea, from her pfiol, he tloee,
Duea the free wind t'aref
' "uul. t'haHtlltr MvuUoi.
Tho Body of tho Nobleman to Be
Taken to Franco for Burial.
It was tho body of Mr. It. P. Wllklns" fhat
was removed Horn tho dde entrance- of tho
Hotel HeUedero to an midettakers wagon In
tho dead watches of tho night, but the casket
Into which It was afterwards put, boro tho
uaiuo of llnron linger do Sulllti-rc, and a mass '
was said to-day lor tho repose of his soul, In J
tho chacl ot Ht. Patrick's Cathertrnl, only
his brother, Huron llnymond do Mcllllcre, and
his wile: Viscount d'.bttc, tho French Can
huMlrueral, uinl tho clerks from tho Consul
am surrounding tho casket.
'Ilio hod) will bo taken to 1'rnnco, whero It
win bu Interred in the family chateau ot
Thus ends tho hluaulnr career of the deaf
uinl dumb nobleman who hud wandered tip
and down ilio vuith almost continuously dui
ItiKhlsllii) ut tllty-two ear. Ho died ot
llrlghl'h illvuho ul tho Ileltedere, whero ho
bad teglsteieil under tlio name ot li. M. M.
kiiiHtiu A tn.'. IT. and taken to his bed.
Ilo was attended In his lllncvt by his prl-.
vuto heeietarj, . .1. Halierj, and Xlrs. 1
1 1 latter). Iludled nl Miiidown, Wednesday.
. T heron, is nonppureut reason tor tlit-secrtcy
01 nls iiioM'ineiiis, ji t his own brother, com-1
lug i'ii Hum Nenport, was oltigeu toeall,
upnnupt. H) rues in aid htm In nndtuj tho
plate brie the dead in.m lay. 1
In mt'iiM-ly wenlth, llanm llo.-er leates
nnnthcr lirntlier, 1 raneolsdoMlliere, of Paris, '
and u slsiii, Mliictss de gaii, relits,
ot tliu hobllll) ut the Nnpolconlc creation.
Cttppn Will Mny tn Control nnd
Lolboldt In St. Mnrv'a Park.
Cuppa's hctenth lteglment Hand will giva
tLn usual concert on tho Mall, central Park,
this alterniuit at 4 o'clock. '1 he follow lug is
tho piiigraintne I
Mar spangled llanner.
Mirrh ...llella"
tltetaure lultilu Ma.chera"
llrandeelet.tloll Utlieunau tllrt "
I liphoullllll eolo.
I . , Air Vane Muat H e Then Meet '
! "all lietudiiutlna"
illti'tlum IheMmeof ' onntli"
Me, Iran lieu, e.. "Chli."
tlltro.tllitlO'1 Irym III i, t " Melater.liuer, "
'.. '"'. ' Mirllu Unhliigtoa "
1 he tli.U' Patrm
' ' II l I "limit ia.'
'I Lira will tin inune In st. Man's Par), bt
I.eilmUt'n iwelllh llegliueiK Hand llilsaltti.
nuou at 4 ti'tlpck. '1 ho lullowlug Is the pin.
, 1 he Mir Spangled llanurr.
""h Itnval Marine''
overture "Zauhenlote"
""1 .Morgenblitter"
Ra.eotloo.. "Poor Jooithia"
Coroet Holo.
ffs., "ulelbUI aBlr"
5l"o eta
Wall , tliolllgo"
Gslva "iKumi.triide"
$238.18 MORE TO-DAY
Now Thero Is $13,485.44 in tbo
Sick Babies' Fund,
Tho Good Work of One Little Long
Island Woman.
Katrs and KntertalnntetiU That
Yielded Vnluiiblo Uesults.
All letters rnntnlntne money fur lh
Hlrh Ifahv Fnnd ationld be mldresard t
the t'nihter or the .New Yurk World,
I'ulllztr lliilldlna.
Honntlnna nf rlntlitna. cVr. should be
ml to .lira, ICoberla, U1T Weat l-orl
ninth atruct.
Pravlnnetf eknowledged 13,347.3A
Mra. Adela Uunnall, l'rtraalla. I.. I.... F3.I0
llirn Thettre, .V. Aal.urr Park m.7'J
A. H. Jeaiurun, Montlcello, N, Y 'J.S.0Q
llerthiHimiiela, (lo.hen, N. V 30.10
Mr. .1. II. Klrltlind 1C.01)
Vilritl.ltertr, N. V 10.00
Four Litt'o Miulene, Hrnoklvn (1.C0
One Hundred ind Mil teentli Street Fllr 5.81)
Idilllni-kindMlleKerter CSS
K. V. M ! 0.(0
Joreej Lite Fair 4.3.1
TwoSchoolbota il.fS
Keeere Houae, Arverne.hr.ttie.Mei 2.00
Katie Hcliaodler, llerthi Mormion K.'iS
linnleMoKeuni 'i.00
atadlaon avenue pirty 2.00
IMIth 1'owell. Hallle Heedorf 2 00
'our Mouth Hlverglrle 1.13
Four Paemc (N.J.) girl. 1 4.1
Ollvo V. P., Ilrooklyu 1.00
Juhnjiinea Klaber. l.l'O
It. M 1.00
Klchatd iml Florence 1.U0
llllljr, JlckinJTomro .01
What ono llltlo woman can do Is shown
hero pretty plainly. A humtner-nlght enter
tainment nt l'eui sails, I. L, which took placo
on Aug. "(I and added H3.T.-. to tbo alck
llablcs' Fund, was arranged and managed on.
tlrely by Mrs. Adolo I)iinne!l, ot Kast Itocka
way, I. I. Hho canaecd tho surrounding
villages and gathered an audience which la
number nnd elegance surpassed an) thing
that has been, known In that locality.
Mrs. liunoell not only took upon herself nil
thu dutlos of a nmnaser, but added to her
financiering her scrtlces as an artist- Her
recitations were tho fcnluro ot tho evening
and elicited deserved recalls.
Mr. unit Mrs. John l'lnlaysoa and Miss
Florence Uunnoll helped acceptably to fill an
hour's programme, assisted by tho kind
hcartod portion of tho HuekMllo Centre Hand,
whoso music, under tho leadership ot Mr.
Alvord, was excellent. An orchestra having
fulled In Its promlso to provide, music for tho
dancing, which took nlncu lroin u to 11'
Messrs. HIU, Infjiills, Curtis nnd Mjcis v0i
tintccred their services, and tho close of ,).
evening was as brllllaui us Its opening.
Miss Dunned grnccmlly disposed or .nn
flowers, which had been donated by Dr. kkLw
of l'earsslls. and Master Whittler, with nf '
friend Master Ihhcr, sold " help tho poor nn rt
needy" lemonade. Walter Jonos, of Hock
lllo Centre, gavo the uso of tho Lyceum.
Among the prominent patrons wcro Mrs.
P. V. Myers and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. i K
Itosenfeld nnd Mlsi Ilcsslo Myers, 01 Hock"
nwuy lieach; Dr. lirlswnld and Col. J. j. (iar.
licit, of New Vork; llr. White mid ininllv
nnd Mr. und Mrs. Ntimnnu. ot l'earsalls
Mrs. Jarrettnnd Mis. lllottiinr, of Knst Hocki
awuy, ana -Mrs. Vincent, of Koekvllle L'ontre
Mrs. Dunned offers her services to any
charltntlo benefit s a reciter.
The Money Divided.
At an entertainment given nt Long Ilranrh
for tho Hick ILtlics' Fund and Hebrew Sam.
Inrliiin, Ilio Bum of IK.',.-1 was realized. We
tuke pleasure In lutlnslng !i.ia.
Ll.lllU CllUfk", 1. bUULHAN.
LUlle and Llzto.
Woscnd you hcrowltli I0 us a contrlhu
Hon to tho Mck llables' 1 umL This utnount
Is tho result of a nlr held lust Wednesday at
HIM West Muoly.soventh street. Many of
tho pretty knlckkniicks sold were mado und
douaiecl by Unlit girls, whoso st mpa.hles had
been aioused tiy the Morles told Iu'Iiir F.vkn
inii WtiKl.ii nbout tho suffering children uf
lids city. Ion dollars Is noi a great sum, but
wu earnestly hope It will help to relievo tho
distress uf tho poor Httlu tols.
l.irzir. (Ikmhki,
17fi West Ninety-seventh street.
1.II.1.IE Fl.OTTWhl i.,
IT',' West Nlnety-eeventh street.
All Under Fifteen.
T rJttor i
An entertainment was given on Monday,
Aug. 'is, nt tlie Pnvlllou Hotel, Far Kocka.
way, und 10..'. leall.ed. through thoofforls
of thu uudui signed, all tiudtr ilittcn years or
ago :
J'uancis MoKm, .Inssru Dowi isu,
t kt'iiu McllAVirr, Milt Dowi.inii,
1'ar itoekaway.
Mabel and Oracle.
Inclosed please Und .10 cents for the hick
llablcs1 Fund, tho prorceds ot a small alr
hold at TT llalsoy street, Urooklyn, by Mabel.
Hoso and (iracls Fuller. '
Mtsxr, and Uiiacik.
Uyra's Pennies.
rerAe Jvflloc
Inclosed plcaso nnd money order for si, the
amount saved by Mjra Harmon, aged mo
years, bbo has sated her pennies or two
Two Little Sympathizers.
Te ! rrillor'
Wo are two little girls need elcTcn. We
a) uipulhlio so mum with the poor babies wo
thought wo wuuld try nnd add a mile to
their aid, so wo held a small talr and siut
.l, the proceed. W o ulh It nail beon more.
Hat lent. Lianna and Mi.smk.
Eight Woodbourne Olrla.
To II, lilli.r
Wehorewlth lnclo.-.e a check for tlktiO, tho
proceeds of nn entertainment given by tho
children of tho Merntt lloiiav, at Wootl-
bourne. I'leato detute llios.imo to tho Mik
llables' Fund.
KlTl MrillllTT. MtallK MAUkKV.
U IIIKI, llUM-ht, Mill LIE HkNBkf.
1.0ITIK MKvrtl, MdMI'l MAltKhV,
Sadlo Sacrlflcod Her Zlthor.
To I) r.liee-
t-adle Tucker, ot soo couth Second street,
Williamsburg, Is a pretty llltlo girl, ntno
j ears old and a ferttnt admirer of nis Ems
isu Wiuitn. When Hie read In 'inn I.vksiso
Woiiinol tbesurfcrliigsof Ilio babies whto
parents are lo poor to take Hum to tho
fotimry, sm determined to help thotundor
canlcdln tlielr beoalf. Hut of tier slender
stole of pocket mone) she had thkets punted
ofierlngastho prlo fir a rell'e her ciielcest
possession a prttt) harpiiher The nnin
was brought off last night and the lnrluril
n aie the ptncecits ii tho saleof tickets.
MIss'iiiCKi-r as tery fond or her zither, hut
HKCOucllcil to Its loss tiy tin thotuhtsot the
good the iiioney will du tho sljk babies.
Throo Qlrls, of Brooklyn.
foil tJllor.
Inclosed plcass Dad t?o for tho Sick llables'
fund, tho proceeds ot an entertainment and
fair given by three little gtrls, Clara Ollle -pie,
Ktta I"eck and Cassis Johnson, assisted
te'Lrcitly'lt aBa btla " -J J0Ui:lM
.1 I
. iXff-K-t&.M,!FL-, r
Sullivan and Corbett to Start Soon
for Now Orleans.
The Mlgr One" Will Oo Next
Thursday, Corbelt Later.
1 hemo two gladiators of tho roped arena,
John I. Hiilllvan and James J. Corbctt, for
out! of whom the night ot Kept. 7 will bo moko
or break, nro both wcllnlgh through with tho
arduous part of their training.
l'repai attons nro being made at both Canoe
I'laco Inn nnd Lock Arbour lo break up camp,
in a tew days both of thcio scenes ot great
Interest tho past ton weeks will bo descrtu d.
Unless tho coming contest ends In a draw
ono of them will bo lamous as the placo
where tho champion ot the world did his
Sullivan will shake the dust of Good
Orotiud from his feet next Monday morning
at least that Is tho tlmo set by his backer,
CharloyJohnston, for bis departure. Johnston
will not tell the exact time that (Sullivan
leaves, as be wishes to avoid any crowds thai
mny bo ou hand to get n gllmpso at tho
I champion when bo arrives at Urooklyn.
j Johnston will go down to tho quiet Long
Island village bnturday night nnd accompany
tho party, which will consist of bulllvan,
Jack Abhlon, Casey, Hilly Morgan and tho
Jap, Hulllvan's valet, to Urooklyn.
i On the arrival of the party tarrlages will
bo on hand lo convey them to Phil Casey's
place, ncarj Degrnw and Court streets, llrook
lljn, 'I his will bo tho big fellow's bcad-
quarters until he leaves for Now Orleans.
I Ilo will remain pretty tpilet at Casey's on
Monday until after supper and will adjourn
to Clermont Atcnuo Kink about H o'clock
to his testimonial benefit. After the show
! John I. will hie him back to Casey's.
I Tiitbduy and Weducsday will bo devoted to
playing handball and punching tho bag.
'1 ho Intention Is to havo thu big fellow do
just enough work to prevent him accumula
ting any additional weight prior to starting
'I ho departuro will be mado at Ji o'clock
Thursday utteriioon irom thu West Shore de
pot In lloboken. As has already been told a
special train will carry the Sullivan cotorlo
I to Now Orleans. A car will be lilted up with
1 training apparatus and other things noccs
I sary tor tho big pugilist's comfort. Ills person
I will bo sacred ou tho way down, only tho
Inner circle having entree to tho prlvato car.
Thero will bo n supply of Long Island water
and eatables besldos a cook to prepare Built
Kan's food. Tho party will consist of thoso
I already named and Frank: Moran, Sullivan's
theatrical manager.
Tho Crescent City will be reached Saturday
ovenlng, tho routo being by way of Buffalo,
Cleveland und Cincinnati. Ibo Sullivan head
quarters In New Orleans will bo 43 Ilampart
street. Ho will do his work thero at tho
Young Men's Uymunsluuk
Tho Sullivan party will havo arrltnd at tt
destination by tho tlmo Corbelt unj frlonds
start south. Tho latter will remain at Loch
Arbour until tho last minute, corbett w HI
come up to tho city Monday morning, how.
ever. Ho is lo meet McCaffrey at Madison
Square Harden at lo.tio, when arrangements
will be made lor tho ruur-round boxing ton
test between tho two which Is to come off In
this city after tho return Irom Now Orleans.
Alter thu show Monday tho bl.x. calllornlau
will pass tho night at tho Coleman House, '
returning to his training quarters tbo nett
nltcrnoun. Ho will rtsumo lialnlng, or. nl
any rate, do enough to keep him lliand feel
Ingwell. Ho andlils party will leave Ixch
Arbour in tlmo to catch tho "corbelt special."
which leates from tho 1'ennsj It anlu depot,
Jersey city, at 4 o'clock Saturdav afternoon.
" Pompadour " Jim will uls havo a special
car, lilted tin with a punchlng-bag, wclgbt
machluo and other devices to keep him on
eugo j nlso a special cuisine, so ns to guard
ngulust anylujuiyto tho Inner man. Cor.
belt, Manager lirady. Trainers Dclancv, H1I
lon, Daly and MoVcy. Mlko Donovan, his aog
Ned and probably Corbet t's father will mako
up tho party. Tho run to Now Orleans. It is
expected, will tako about forty hours, unless
a stop should he mado en route, perhaps
somowheioln Vliglnla.
In New Orleans tho man who hopes to whip
Sullivan will out up at a private restdenre,
that of n friend whoso houso adjoins tho
til mplo Club. He will work nt tho rooms of
tho Southern Athletic Clul). Corbott trained
here for his contest with Kllraln, his first
. bnttlo away from home.
on tho nlzht of bept. 7, at ti o'clock, both
men will repair to the ring of tho Olympic
, Club and then .
Policemen Fall to Looato It In the
tlnuntod Oceanic Hotel.
Policeman tlnllnghcr and Dctccllvo WIs
tnnce wero very vigilant, but thoy lulled to
catch the ghost ot the Oceanic Hotol at West
llrlghton, ana therefore wore unablo to carry
I out the oruers of Chief of Police McKnno to ,
"glo It n good clubbing and bring It to head
quarters, If joucan."
Whether It was the ghost ot the man who
Is said to have been loully muraerod Hi room
:io of tho oceanic, right titer tho parly, or I
somebody or something else, guest of the
liosteiiv Insist with chattering teeth that,
something has been .stumping nbnut ilio
hulls unit pounding on tbo nulls or in.it floor
In mi tiucauii fashion at all hours of nlgnt.
chlof .McKanu is seeptlc.il, and hence his
order to" Dlub the ghost li you can catch It
and bring It to Headquarters"
I 1 .
Legal Technicalities May Let a Mur
derer Oo Prop.
HT AStooiTrn rnrm.l
!san Fiiam'imo, Cal., Aug, us. John Mc
Nuity, who has lecn In Jail hero for four
jears under sentenso of death, Is "Judicial!)
dead," and jet he may netcr havo tho rope
placed mound his neck.
1 McNulty was to bo hanged jestcrday, but
thoumeinors repilcvo uld not specify the
tlmo for execution and tho pilsoner must Lo
i resentenced.
Judge M'uphy snjst "Tlmo of execution
I having passed, MeNJlty. In eontimplailou of
Ilio law Is Judicially dtad. My court Is dona
wli n hrm." li Jud.'e Murphy adheres to this
opinion tuo muidi-rcr will bo set nee.
Their Camp Is Broton and a City
Fears nn Epidemic.
It- AfrcrjtTrn mites.'
Ckiuk ltAi'iu.s. la., Auj. s;7. Whllo draco
Church choir, slxty-nvo In number, was
ramping at Decorah ono of tho members was
taken down with scarlet fever,
Tho Health omver hero whed Dr. (irecn to
keep tho toys by themselves until nn Inspec
tion hud been made.
For some reason t he order was not obeyed
and tho bojs weut lo t annus parts of tho
I'lly 'lho Health o.lieeisuro nlarnwd at tho
prospect ot an epidemic
Toole S5.000, I.olt n Bloc- of Wood,
inn iteot'itun mi.. j
Tiscni t, III., Aug. -j;, Tluu-raid iiicnto !
men NninlKM Farmer Lplualm DressuaciJ
out nt $.-,,iiou nt Ids hird enrneil money jes.
terday, leaving u b.n cuutaliilu.' a llotkot
W ytsl.
aov. Eagle Has a Chance for Life.
I hi Aieocuitii mini. I
LonsTiLLh, Ky., Aug. S7. Ul. T. Htuckey,
who has just returned from the bedside of
Hov. Kagle. at ltlchmond, ears that the (lot.
eruor's condition Is critical, but that he has a
chance for recovery. eu
it , i,
ft3Lgys-f Mr& ,a (- ,?ry:n t ia
A Season of Sashes.
bashes cf oterv description, In solt, rich
tones and faint, cloudy tints, are twisted
about the waist with a cart-less puff behind,
or bound tightly ncross tho hips nnd knotted
at one alio or dlitctly In front. Jinny of tho
very delicate sashes aio tccur.-d like Swiss i
girdles and, passing under the arms, aro car
ried high up in tho ccntro of the hack, whero
a hugo spread bow gives tho finishing touch
to this original design.
One of Worth's most dashing costumes In
somo odd, gold-threaded Oriental fabric Is
furnlsbjd with a piquant sash drapery In
warm red, olive and golden shades, which
starts nt lho arm-holes, crosses on tho bust,
Is curiously wound around tho tlguro and H
finally brought forward from tho hips, where
It Is effectively looped In tho Cleopatra mode,
the fringed edge falling nlmost to tho foot ot
tho skirt.
Another Parisian fancy plants a hugo bow
upon tho bust, tho ends ot which, after wind
ing twice nbout tho waist, cross behind and
! take a forward and downward courso to the
toot of the skirt In Iront, whero thoy finish In
another big bow.
) , Bukdat, Aua. 28. S
f lUlEAITAtT. )
( Compote of Pearl.
JMonlded Farlni. Cream.)
t Latnb Chop. Sliced Tomitoea. (
J Brown llreid. Corlae. )
( mnMxa. f
x Cream of Corn Soup.
Young Dock, New Tnrnlpi.
) Piked Tomatoei. V
(Chicken Croiuettea. Peu.
1 Lettuce Salad.
I Waitra Cheeie.
Ice.Cream. 1
V Coffee. f
) scrrxit. S
Sardlnea. Him Blndwlcbee,)
A IrulL Cake., (
Iced Tea, )
Kansas Girls at Home.
It tho mothers ot tho girls who wear glasses
could get together and compare notes, they
would probably discover that lor somo reason
It hurts their daughters' eyes a great deal
moro to sew tlvo minutes than to read an
An Atchison joung woman uses wr'tlng
paper with "Stand I'p for Kansas" engraved
In one corner os her motto.
No girl who wears buspcudcrs should scream
when a hug gels on her.
only seven girls in Atchlnson succumbed to
tho suspender btilc. Hurrah. A tch son
(Kan.) Gluto.
A Real Gypsy Queen.
Queen frlbcrla, absolute i uler ot 8,000 gj p
sles, is twentj-elght jears old, with bold and
striking mleu. Her hair Is raven thick
niorncd with many ornaments ; her featured
regular, eyes bright, teeth as whllo as snow.
Her country seat at Oxfordshire, England, Is
as good as money can command, ner H.oco
subjects eacn pay her tl yrarly. Her mother,
the old (jucen Itrltaunla, died near Now ark,
N. J., about two years ago.
Chairman Carter's Wife.
Mrs. 'i nomas II. Carter, the wito of the
Chairman of the llep-ibllcin National Coin
tntttce, was a. Miss J.llcu Lillian union, the
daughter cf Hugh J", (.aleii, of tho t nn of
Thomas II. row cr x Co., hardware merchants,
t-bo was born In tho Mclnlty of rngct bound,
and most of her life prctlous to nnd since bor
marriage has been spent In Helena, Mon. It
was there Hint sho nrst met Mr. Carter, who
was practising law- tntnnt city. Her mar.
Hagolohlmtcokplaco in the Wilder of isho.
(Mf A. t
Ks3i -Si
No'.lie Oslen, ns snewas called hy her Intl.
males, was educated In tho convent of Noiru
Dame, In Indlaua, whence ehe was graduated
in music Inlhso. liusvjsho llnlshed lho
actdeiulc coure und was awarded lho medal
lor excellenco In tho French language. In
nddhlon to theso timlnlnu accomplishments
Jlrs. Carter Is a capital shot and an expert
horsjweman, Intlng acqnirtd eltltlency tit
loth Iheso lirnncl.es while jet a mere child ot
fi tenor eight running about on hi r father's
raih-h. .Mrs. Cniier lus t ne s.ni, .inhn (Jalcn
enrtert wlin wnshoin nloi.t two ) ears agr-.
No Wedding Caha in Italy.
Atcry pretty tustcm was brought to my
mti.d lho other day on tl.o lecelplof cards
announcing tho manlageof a young Italian
friend. Wedding enke Is an unknown quun.
tlty in that peninsula, toubons and comma
taking Its place. These sweets are scrvod at
tho en.; ot the wedding breakfast or dinner,
and each guest carries away a generous sup
ply. The amount destined to bo taken away
Is put up in cither a fancy cardboard box ,
In t Ilk bags, thi bonbons first having beet
wrapped In oil papers toprotont tLcm from
(.oiling the dainty souvenir, Theso bags are
often tcry elaborate nnd cxpmlve nnd allow
of great display. They aro sometimes made
of choice bits of rnro old silk and brocade, but
moro often are ot heavy whlto satin, cither
embroidered or painted with tho monogram
of tho uniting couple.
Caramel Pudding.
Make a plain boiled custard of a pint of
milk, ouo egg, and a small tablespoonful of
eorn starch. When thoroughly cooked set to
ono side of lho range and make tbo caramel.
1'ut a cup ot sugar la a small frying pan, and
Mlrotcr tho II ro until It melts and gets a
dark brown, but It mint not burn. When
caramelled, bring tbo custard forward and
pour the caramel In with one lined, stirring
quickly with tho other. The caramel seems
to harden at once, but continued stirring will
make It as smooth as custard, chocolate In
color, and a peculiar delicious flavor. Put In
dlsncs and servo very cold.
"Blood and Iron's " Boss.
It Is hinted by thoso In authority that
Princes i Ulsinsrck Is largely responsible for
tho present attitude of her husband towards
Hen. von Caprlvl, at whom tbo loyal wire ts
furiously indignant on account ot the dlsmls
sal of her husband In tho Ucneral's favor. It
this be truo we may yet witness another con.
narration lighted by tho blaze of a woman's
A Bath-Room Dainty.
A delightful addition to bath-room dainties
Is secured by thoroughly mixing together one
ounce tincture benzoin, ono of orris tincture,
ten drops oil of lemon and ten ot nerolL A
tablespoutul droppod Into a plntot water will
bo sufficient lor the oath. First wash thor
oughly and wipe dry, then apply by means ot
a soft cloth or sponge to tho entire surface ot
the body. This preparation w 111 not only lm
part a fragranco to tho skin, but add ma
terially to Its beauty. Keep tincture well
corked. Until wator Is added It will not bo
found so pleasant as an odor.
For Fair or Dark Women.
Tho pretty young lady In evening attire
wears a gown of pale blue satin, trimmed
with yellow roses and bands ot the same '
shade, and a frill ot ecru lace around tho top '
of lho bodice. Tho fan Is yellow. This com.
binatlon Is equally becoming to fair or dar-c
women. .Ml tho prettiest dresses worn by
yo tii-g wearers just now are of satin or Burah
or watered silk w llh llnc-slrlpes.
One Comes, Another Goes.
Ills wife Is back!
No more at night,
When seems the town to htm a sombre sight,
Too dull and gray,
May he go forth with paint to make It bright.
lie's bad his day;
Ills wlfo Is back!
But who is that
With glosty hat
And step as springy ns the step ot fawn,
Who leave- nt night, returning with the
dnwn 1
It Is tho other man whose wife's Just gone.
He'll seo tho pnlnl Ing done I
llo'll have tho tun!
'I he tow n shall never stay
tsn dull and gray ;
Ills wlfo has gone!
Pineapple Souffle.
I'aro and grate enough plncnpplo to make
ono pint ; mil ono pound of granulated sugar;
mix well and squeeze In Juice of one lemon.
'I o half a box of gelatine ndd half a glass of
cold water; soak until soft; then set titer a
kcttlo of Hot water. Feat tho j oiks ot threo
eggs with egg-beater and stir Into tho pine
apple: when gelatine is molted add to the
pineapple and pout- all Into a dish und sot In I
n pun of cracked lie; stir slowly until It gets
thick; then add one pint of whipped cream;)
turn Into a mould which hasneorer; put a
thin cloth over tho top; nt tho cover down
clos.-Iyour tho cloth; pack tho mould In a
mixture o: chopped Ico and snlt. In two hours
It will bo ready to cno. In the centre It
will no: ho frtven, bdl lho outsldo portion '
will Hcc7u all tie.
Bobe R bbon as a Trimming.
Ilebo ilLbm l., n intiih.used variety of tho
luanj widths otrlhbt n bogreatl) andtotarl
tmsly employed lor tilmmlug dressts, bon
nets, raiasoH, Ac, ;o say nothing ot tho
decoration of fancy worl, whero ribbon of
j this sort llsurcs conspicuously. Ilebo rtbton
trims adnilrnMy evculug gowns of soft tllk
nn I combines well with lace, enhancing tho
light cflcct of that particular Ueccrnthvn.
Sheer wools aro nlso suitnbly trimmed with
nai row silk or velvet ribbon. wnichU put on
in sualght rows or m.idi up in a scries of
loops more cr lcsi lung, or In tints or pom.
pouj. nnd when tiiesenio placid In juxtapo
M inn on a grwn, to hold inro lit place, they
am iH-qiiintly connteled by two or threo
s i inds of ti.o samo i ittnn.
A Novel Window-Cleaner.
A new nlnlow.eienncr has been suggested
as an Improvement to lho old-fashioned strip
of rubber, fastened on a band of wood or
metsL Tho grout trouble experienced with
these bands seems to be the difficulty ol ap
pljtng water. 1 he now suggestion Is to at
tach a rubber bail tor uoiainj- water to the
lifttif iTiiTp-r-if TfifrT
handle of tho window-cleaner, by means ol
whlca thu winnows may bo vigorously
sprayed. Such an arrangement as this would
certainty savo trouble, thougu tho avcra
honse-scrv ant prefer.! a chamois to nnyrufc.
bcr win. t-w. cleaner.
An English Newspaper Woman.
Jllss Marls I'dnldo Uclloc has a pair of
dimples thatsho found useful In overcoming
tho continental prcj tdlceto Interviewers, for
Miss llelloc Is an iiglish literary woman
who began her career ly securing tor t0
l'alt Matt Gazette some cry valusblo Inter,
vlows from prominent Ktiropean statesmen
whoso exeluslvcness, Invulnerable to mascu.
line Inquiry, melted beforo Miss Uclloc a
graceful questioning.
Although Jllss Ilc'loc rejoices In a " career,"
sho Is but Just past twenty, bhe possesses
an advantage over most writers In that she Is
equally at homo In both French and English;
In fact, some of her best stories, those ot a
piquancy more appreciated In France than la
England, have appeared In Parisian mags.
) Moxdat, Aco. 39. I
C laiAxrAar. x
( Fruit, )
I Orltf. Sugar and Cream. (
Frtcaeiet of Dried Eoef. Siritogi Chlpe. J
I Holla, CoSee,
( LrrtCH. '
C Cold Duck. Mironnllaa of Tomato. '.
Thin Bread ind Butter.
) T"' )
I DlsNlB. I
C Creim of Tea Soup. X
Broiled Sirloin, Tomlto Since,
French Fried I'otitore. btrlng Beanf. l
. Lettuce St'ld. (
) Wlfera. Cheeie, )
e Chilled Watermelon. v
J CoQeo.
A New Mexico Woman.
Near tho town of Whlto Oaks, N. M., lives
ono ot the most remurkablo w omen even at
this mobt rcmnrkabto age The houso In
which sho lives, a low- whltc-w ailed adobe
building covered with green vines and filled
out with rich carpets, artistic hangings
books und pictures, xqulsito china and silver
and all tho dainty belongings with which
icflncd woinun lote.s to surround herself, w.j'
built with ner own bawls. 'I he huge ran ly
on which It is located, with Its s.uuocattit
Is managed eutliely by her. Hlsshewil,'w
buj s or takes up thu laud, selects or cot.tr '
the men, buys, bells and transfers tho can
Sholsalsoaskllf.il and Intelligent prospicf
lor, and found tho xnluablo sliver mine ff
her territory. In which sho now owns a lul
Interest, she sings charmingly, accompan
lng herself m the plnun or guitar, and hand! 'a
a cambric necdlo ir a water-color brush ki
dexterously as sho uses an adze or a Jact
plane. Sho entertains delightfully at her
home, whtst parties, Httlu nances nnd evea
en occasional germnn. Her name Is Mrs.
Barber and sho has been twice a widow. A
woman who can run a ranch, ottlld a house,
manage a mlno snd engineer a successful
gcrman deserves a prominent placo In tu
ranks of women of genius.
The angol sleote-Iargc, wldo and loose.
Ono long puff, ono short ono and a deep
A large, short puff slccvo with no trimming.
A looso pull gathered Into a long, plain cuff.
Lengthwise puffs to the elbow, finished
with a short sleeve band.
A largo piir and closocufT to the wrist, with
a fall of lace half way down tho sleeve.
Tho deep fall of Inco reaching below uu
elbow In tho back mid open and short In front.
A full slccvo gathered Into a band ot velvet
below the elbow and finished with a fall of
' iiifMiiiiiLLai4NMii.uiiimnm
When Will This Be ?
When tho sparrow- has a toothache
And tho blueclrd tears her gown,
And thu robl'i fnlli to sobbln1
If a chipmunk tumbles down.
That day n mole and a bat may seo
A cow jump over n drled-applo tree.
FourA'a t-ompaait,,
iVo'ne Expensive Things.
Tho feather or tuft of feathers attheap'X
of the Pilncs ot Wales's crown was takes
from tho tall of tho ferlnah, of theblrdof
paradise species. Theso f enthe rs are the only
ones ot their kind, nnd aro valued at $.')0,tXift
It took tweuty jenrs logct them, nnd caused
tbo death of inofo thnn twenty huntcrsbo.
foro ihey wcro obtained.
Next tnrran. tho mlnn, ono nf IhcOraclU
bpecles ot birds, found In tropical nnd sub
tioplcul count lies, excels nil other nnlraaUW
Its Imltatlvc.rowcfH, and partlculirly la tM
Imitation uf human speech. When doracjU
caiod theso birds far ixctl tho "parrots l
their distinctness ot utterance,
The Sultan ot Morocco owns tho moite '
pensive blcycle.tbe whole of tho rramowort '
which U nickel-plated and which cost al
f . t )

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