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JOHN L. SULLIVAN. I " --. -Alfad'iiCSgeM
Frederic Remineton and- ? It tEU3fcAlr M" ,X?iT 7Y FH
I jj Arthur Brisbane. with pictures !3Mrsi v !feBsw ,. THAT RUDVARD. 1 jjiWW
The Metropolitan Opera
' House Gutted by
Entire Contents of the Struc
ture Said to Have Been
Engines Summoned to the Scene
by Five Alarms from All Parts
if tlii City.
Interior of the Most Beautiful
Playhouse a Mass of -Smoking
The Lost It Estimated to Be
Net Leu Than a Million
Tie BMfftUSMQt XrtropOltttB OperfeKoaea,
the pride ol Nsw Tort, U In almost total
Fire Drake oat there about 0.30 o'clock this
morning, which gathered headway with inch
rapidity that within less than an boor alter
the alarm was sounded the entire Seventh
avenue halt ot the building was demolished.
The root had'tallen In, the walls were tot
tering and the entire space which had been
accupled tor the enormous stage, the largest
any opera-house In the world, was a roar
lag furnace of flame.
The Immense auditorium, with Its hand
some decorations and furnishings, was also
completely wrecked, and It was only with the
most persistent and berolo efforts that the
firemen were able to prevent the flames from
extending to the apartment-house section ot
the building on the Broadway fide.
Hernia Properties Destroyed.
Besides the great loss to the stockholders ot
the Opera-IIouse, a rest amount ot Taluable
scenery, properties and costumes, which It
has taken years to accumulate, hare been
totally destroyed, together with all the musi
cal scores and other Taluable works which
belonged to the Opera-Bouse.
A very targe part ot the scenery and cos
tumes and designs for the new works to be
produced at the coming opera season be
longed to Mr. Abbey.
The work ot preparing tnls scenery has
been going on all Bummer long under the
direction ot Mr. Hoyt, the aeenlo artist, and
a large part ot It had been completed.
It is estimated that his losses alone will
xceed aioo.OOO, and will possibly reach
Besides this, all the scenery which was to
be used In the new ballet which Is to be put
on the stage at the Casino was being stored
in the Opcra-Uouse, where It had been
painted under Mr. Boyt'a direction, and It has
now gone up in smoke and name. This alone
was worth tio.ooo.
New scenery for " The Tempest," which Is
to be produced by AugustlnDsly at the open
ing ot the season, rallied at $10,000, at least,
was also consumed.
Darned Out the Bis Stae.
The stage at the Metropolitan, In fact, has
been an Immense scenlo workshop all Sum
mer long, and within the short space ot a
tingle hour the result ot all this labor was
completely destroyed.
No definite estimate ot the total losses can
yet be made ; but as far as can be judged
they will considerably exceed half a million
dollars, including the damage to the building
There were only tour persons In the build
lug at tho time the flro broke out. These
were capt. Scattergood, the engineer;
Charles Brown, the stage carpenter ; another
carpenter named Baxter and Cornelius Mann,
a boy of sixteen years, who assisted the scene
Plumes Appeared on the Staae.
The three first named wero on the stage
when they were startled by the bursting out
of names and smoke'about half way up In the
tiles near tho front ot the stago on tho Thirty
ninth street side.
Tho stage it as closely hung with drops, and
both new and old scenery was standing all
around the dies.
Tiio flro spread with terrible rapidity
through the mass ot innammsDlo material
"1 Hie threo men fled tor their lives.
Nothing was seen at the time ot Cornelius
Mann, tto toy who had gone up to the paint
rtom some tlmo previous-
Food for ihr I'lamea.
' 1 he stage Itself was fitted up with scaffcM
I' S tor the sccno piintrrs, nnd In less time
linn It takes to tell It tho rlamcs Jumped to
"u light wooden structure and rlggtng, nrnl
tut wiit.it t igc was nblnre.
Jflioiliupron drop-curtain was uot avail-
iConU'tura wi Second Past.)
Morello, Lady Violet and Love
laoe Most Thought Of.
The Truck la Henry and the Time
Will Be Slow.
farxciAt. to tbs ttkxwh world. 1
SnisrsBEAD Bat Racs Traci, Aug. 27.
From the present outlook the Great futurity
ltacewlltbe run In the rain. Dull leaden
clouds hung over tho courso this morning
firing everything a dreary aspeot.
The track la fellcck deep with mud, and
although men are kept harrowing it all tho
time It will bo In very poor condition.
Hundreds of men are busy putting every
thing In readiness to entertain the huge
crowd that will come to witness the great
struggle between the youngsters.
The colts this year are far from, giving tho
premiss ot the magnldcent array that faced
the starter last season. The youngsters that
have shown themselves to be In the first divi
sion are not entered, but those who will go to
the post are very evenly matched so far as
form goes.
Jt viUlJ)eja.bArf struggle, ana the one that
passes'the wire a winner will at least know
be baa been racing.
Owners and trainers came -down early and
took a look at the muddy traox. Some walled,
away well satisfied, others saw the chances
of their well-trained charges fading away.
The first-named set was Frank Van Ness,
owner and trainer ot Morello, the most ad
mired ot candidates, and the great Jockey,
Jimmy MoLaughlln. van Ness walk9d out
on the track, and, looking up the long stretch,
smiled to himself with the remark, " I'll win
sure, Jimmy."
fat ballot, jb.
The traok will Just suit the dashing son of
Eolus-cerlse,and the muddler it gets the bet.
ter.After having a look at the track Van Ness
and McLaughlin went over to Qravesend.
where the great colt Is stabled, to give him
his last and finishing touches.
Van Nesg Is rery reticent and will not say
much to any one save bis most intimate
friends, but It was learned that Morello Is as
ntascan be and will be ready to run tho
race ot his life.
Flttpatrlok will have the mount, and he
has tipped all his mends to haven. sweller "
on the colt. He will be brought over from
Oravesend about noon.
Many people ask who Morello has beaten
to be admired so much, but by looking up his
races tbey will see that although be has not
had a chance fit any of the crackajacks bis
races have been won In such an easy manner,
and in each instance be has given away tons
of weight.
Lady Violet, Mr. Belmont's Oily, upon whom
many pin their faith and dollars, is bred by
the same man, August Belmont, who for the
past two years has sent out the Futurity
winner, Potomac doing the trick In 18U0 and
Ills Highness last year.
Jack Joyner, who Is training the Belmont
candidate, wears a doleful expression, tho
cause of which Is the muddy track. These
poople had looked for a good track, but will
not give up the chances ot the big stake till
after the race, . ,
Lady violet's last appearance was In the
Junior Championship, when she was beaten
by Don Alonzo, but It Is said that she has Im
proved greatly since.
Lovelace, Mr. Hunter s candidate, has
beaten some ot the best colts shown this year,
but lias in turn been beaten.
Tho colt's last appearand showed that he
had too much ot It. out ho has been having a
good i est aud will bo very dangerous.
Blr Francis and Lldgcrwood will carry the
Kliret colors. The former la a winner, but
the latttr Is a maiden, and has shown some
remarkable, trials, and tho Stable will put a
bet on him.
Frieze, the candidate of the all-scarlet, Is a
speedy youngster, but It Is salil he U not at
all partial tu the mud, nnd cm hardly bo
classed as very dangerous.
Comanche's form of late has been miser
able, but he like mud. 1IH chances do
not loot i very favorable, though Albert
cooper's friends will all hate a bet on
the lloltadonnn colt. He beat Dr. Itito
a hard in the July Makes In a hot flnlsn, and
has been rocelvmg all the cure and prepara
tlon possible. He may be classed at very dan-
S Mirage. Gov. Koraker nnd riuttts, the Wet
ern candidates arc all winners, imt of the
trio IMiilus is essentially mud horse, lnWtit:
won nt Chicago in ilri ii inuil. He Is aldi
r list nit great oulsldHciianre.
Undo Jim is a maiden, hut within a few
k dat s lio has been breaking all tho kinp-tlocks
In tho country.
Ills owners are quite elated over his
chances and hate ciikn.-ert Huggi-il l ritlo
lilm. Of Unrli Jess and .spartan II tli-cau l
iald. ns tnry mo torn pi or pericnnciB.
1 ukca lu all Mi'iell'i, Uiy viuiet an I Love
law" Mfm, to tHliir i nl the writer ex
toots to tec thiiu hulili in llut order,
Third Case of Cholera from
Union,; the Gemma's
Other Exposed People Are in the
City and an Outbreak Is
Dearth of Dootors in Hamburg
Nurses Strioken Down
. by the Plague.
The Pestilence Has Entereotter-Rd
dam Despite the Strict Pre
cautionary Measures.
1st associated ritita.
Loxdom, Aug. ST. Another passenger who
arrived at Uravesend Thursday on the
steamer Oemma from Hamburg has died from
cholera at the Oravesend Hospital.
There is deep Indignation at the careless
ness ot the medical officers who Inspected
and passed the Gemma, particularly In view
ot the fact tbat they had been ordered
to be most searching In their examina
tion of 'vessels from infected ports. The
whole affair shows how utterly useless quar
antine regulations are unless the officers
charged with their enforcement are Intel,
llgent enough to know the danger to which
they expose the whole people If they do not
properly fulfil the duties Intrusted to them.
Considerable uneasiness has been created
by the knowledge thai some ot the Gemma's
passengers arelri London.
The whereabouts of all at 'them are not
known to the authorities, but a strict watch
will be kept by all the medical and sanitary
officials for the flrat appearance ot the
It is considered that an outbreak Is inevita
ble, s
Dearth af Doctors la Hanburc
BxatiH, Aug. 27. A despatch to the ran
ttscht ZtUung from Hamburg, says : "There
Is no apparent decrease In the cholera in
spite ot the cool weather.
The disease has appeared on the Islands In
the Elbe. Hundreds ot wealthy people have
quitted the city.
Hotterdam Get the Flagae.
Botthdah, Aug. 27. Every precaution
has been taken td prevent the Introduction
ot cholora, but notwltht landing all the efforts
of the authorities the disease has effected an
entrance Into the city.
The first death from tho disease that of a
woman occurred here this morning.
"The dearth ot doctors Is severely felt.
Several nurses have died. The school attend
ance has dwindled to only 40 per cent, of the
usual figures. "
Laager Death-Halls la Kasala.
St. Pitibssuxo, Aug. 27. The offlciM
returns show that throughout Russia
yesterday there were reported 8,053
new cases ot cholera and 3,583 deaths from
the disease. This Is an Increase of 631 new
cases and 285 deaths as compared with
Thursday's figures.
In St. Petersburg 10S new cases ot the dis
ease were reported yesterday. The deaths
numbered 27. compared with Thursday's
figures this is an Increase of S new cases
and & deaths.
Five New Cases at Aafwerp.
AsiwEBr, Aug. 27. Five new cases of
cholera hare been reported here since i ester
day morning. One death In the same time
has beon reported. Tho authorities do not
consider it necessary to ooen a lararett J.
nummary Measures Under Consideration
by hteamtlilp Companies.
The cholera scare has now reached such a
pitch that there Is talk of putting a complete
stop to emigration to this country from tho
Infected districts so long, at least, as the epi
demic prevails.
riecretsryoftho Treasury Foster says that
although Immigration Into the United Status
cannot bo prevented, w e can mal.o such regu
lations for our o t n protection as will com
pel ihobo who do not comply with them to
return to their own country.
As the epidemic Is Increasing In virulence
crory day at tho tufected European
portR. the necessity of taking the mo
Rtrlrgont mcasiiros to rrercnt Its Intro,
miction here Is becoming moie and
more apparent, and tho health authorities
I have nearly come to the comluMou that an
entire suspension of the Immigrant tramu
Buy bo demanded should the sltuatlou show
no diange for tho hotter.
The North Gcrmtn I.'.oja company lias to a
certain ex unt frllowed tho policy ot the
Hamburg line, nnd lias announced that It will
hricalttr carry no Btotrago passengers who
come from Kusms so long as the cholera pre
vails there.
.It the present time, this company la exer
cising the greatest cat In the lnpcctlon of tu
JK -.'?' ;rk- 'itftti2aaaMai'aAaMaaaaaaaas
"The band of Indians who have deglarddTor Harrison .should be added to Mr. Clarkson's collection of "ladies,
bicyclers and school-children." World Editorial. 1 '
steersge passengers before they aro allownd
to emoark at Bremen. They are compelled to
remain under observation In specially desig
nated houses In Bremen for five days before
tbey can go aboard ship, and on each day of
their quarantine they must submit to a special
modlcal examination.
Dr. Hamilton Says Vlallanee and Nat an
Alarm I demanded.
Chicaoo, Aug. 27. John s. Hamilton, ex-Surgeon-General
of the Marino Hospital ser
vtco and at present In tho Marine Hospital
Service here, sounds a note ot warning to
those health officials In the country who are
doing much to convince the public that
cholera i hear, at hand.
Frot. Hamilton takes the view tbat unnec
essary and repeated warnings are liable to
produce a panic and result Injuriously.
ProL Hamilton said: "I think there Is ab
solutely no occasion for alarm, although
there Is every reason for oxtreme vigilance
on tho part ot those Intrusted with the man
agement ot our sanitary matters.
" The National and local authorities havo
better sanitary arrangements than ever be
fore, the laws are more practical, and sani
tary science has more resources than for
merly. The sanitary officers throughout the
country are fully alert but some ot
them seem- to forget that one of the
most Important duties ot an officer charged
wltn sanitary administration Is the preven
tion ot panic, which paralyzes the Industries
snd dries up the channels of trade, and does
almost as much barm as the epidemic Itself."
Paiarnser an I.a Tearalne, tke Glllert
aad Olber Blilps Examined.
Qcakaktimc, 8. 1., Aug. 27. La Touralne,
the French line steamship which sailed last
Saturday from the cholera-Infected port of
Havre, has, contrary to the expectations ot
the Quarantine and Health officers ol New
York, escaped the unenvlablo dla'lnctlonot
being tho first ship to Introduce the plague to
the Western Continent.
Grave apprehensions have been felt by
Quarantine officials because advlcos had beon
received from Havre tbat Immigrauts who
had travelled with those who had secured
passage on La Touralne, and tvbo bad been
compelled to remain in port en account ot tho
crowded condition of the steerage, bad been
seized with the cholera before tho ship left
tho harbor. The suspicion that those who had
taken passago mutt necessarily bo Infected
and tbat thu shin would bo plague-ridden be
lore reaching this port appeared to be well
founded and was shared by the health , au
thorities on this sldouflbo ocean.
The Quarantine ortlclals trcro fully prepared
to find some or tho 41.1 steerage passengers
on the French liner sick or Infected.
When La Touralne dropped anchor off
Quarantine at r...lo this morning, Health
onircr Jenkins and Deputies Tallmadge and
Sanborn boarded the ship without delay.
They foijiid Ship's Surgeon M. Drrrrcagalx
waiting at the ladder, his face wreathed in
" No plague here," slid the Surgeon. We
aro all sound and well, thank God."
Tho surgeon reported that tLcre was not a
caoof sickness on board oilier than nial dv
mcrdurlng the voyage, and that the steerage
paia-ngrra In part leu'ar wei e In an unutually
good state ot hsatth. capt. Frangeal pro
duced a certificate, which was attached to
mMaal T'VriMl 'V'l'frn'ir'M??1' lTV:'"i'li'' asms
tho bill of health given by tho American
Consul, Oscar V. Williams, at Havre, certify
ing that there wero no Italian immigrants
aboard coming from any cholera-Infected dis
trictsIn fact, none coming from points south
ot Leghorn, and that passage tickets wero
Issued from the immediate neighborhood ot
tha placcsjom whence the Immigrants earae.
No reference whatever was made to Russian
Immigrants In tho Captain s certificate.
Aug. lu, the day preceding the sailing ot
the vessel, Conbdl Williams cerliflcd lint
good health was enjoyed In tho townot Havre
and the adjacent country, without any sus
picion of plague, cholera or contagious dis
temper whatsoever. This certificate was also
attached to tne other documents, constituting
Ihoblllof health, and Is dcomrd extraordi
nary fn view ot the concession of the authori
ties there tbat the cholera Is prevalonu
Tho bill ot health, with the additional
Consular certificates, did not, however, deter
Dr. Jenkins from taking extraordinary pre
cautions. At bis request tho 250 saloon passengers
were lined up, Inspected carefully and passed.
Tho 110 sccoud cabin passengers vt'ro sub
jected to tslmllar treatment, and then the
steorsge was visited.
There was a total number ot 415 Immi
grants, nearly all healthy looking men and
women. Thoy wero examined individually,
and questions wore put aud answered satis
factorily. Not a symptom of dlarrnmal
ttouble, the most suspicious Indication of the '
dreaded disease, cuuld be found and the pas
sengers were accordingly passed.
Then the disinfecting vault under the Pur
ser's oitlca was visited and found to bo In
readiness for the fumigation of the baggage.
Dr. Jenkins personally supervised the oper
ations, and had all susplclous-looklng pieces
of baggage taken npart, spread out In the
steel-lined, atr-tlght vault: and the steam
turned on until the heat registered 213 de
grees. The baggage was kept In the dlsturcctlng
room lor two hours. Then the malls, as an
additional precaution, wero disinfected both
by steam and sulphur, as tho leather bags aro
deemed especially adapted tor concealing and
preserving dlseaso germs. Ths more rus
plrtjus pieces were kept In tumlgatorfor at
least five hours, and when tho ship
weighed anchor and started for hor
pier at S.45 o'clock a quarantine
Agent went along to see tbat Dr. Jenkins 8
Instructions were carried out, and that no j
baggage was landed that had not been
When th; tugboat Lcarthg the Quarantine
officials and an IIvbmsu Wohi.u reporter
let'. La Touralne and steamed away
for the duck Dr. Jenkins nnd his
deputlos wore profuse In congratulating
each other over the delaycJ arrival of tho
plnj'iir. L'ach declared that ho had tc It al
most sure of finding tho dlsra'-c u hour J tho
"I can onlj account for laTouralho'sc
cape," said Dr. Jenkins, by tho fact that tho
h'tamshlp authorities are honest, thorough
nnd persevering In their endeavor to
keep out the disease. They aio tit.
taluly carrjln- out my smrgcsllons I
at Havre aid uninfecting all meeraw'
baggage and subjecting each Immigrant to a.
rigorous cxamliullon. 1 do not ft licit at e
rajsclt, bait at it, that the disease lll iioljrt
' come, tut 1 Icel much easier slnco I found tho
I-rcnubiiion all right.
"I will not Kcl Jusltned In assuring the
publls that the dNcasi will not get to this,
port until lmmljruuu (rum all t.uropcan ,
(CoiiliNU a on tjrcsnd raj.)
Conferences at Which the Work
Is Being Laid Out
Mr. Plait's Visit to Republic in
National Headquarter..
Chairman Nelson W. Smith, ot the Tam
many Hall Utnerat Committee, had a long
inlert low to-day with Chairman llarrlty and
Secretary Sheonn, of the National Domocrallo
Committee, nbout campaign work. Tam
many's Committee will attend, to the
distribution of campaign documents for the
National committee In this city, and Is, other,
wise ready and willing to assist In making a
thorough canvass for Cleveland and Steven
boo. 'I ho preliminary steps for an active fight
have been taken. It w announced
thl morning tbat before leaving for
KlChmid Springs yesterday Mr. iroker
directed a call to bj lsued for a meeting
n( the Kxecuuto Committee of Thirty sept.
0. At that meeting a plan of campaign is to
be f submitted to the (jenerul commit lee
aud the Committee on Organization w III be
agreed upon, i
The story that Mr. Crokcrbad gono away
to confer with senator Hill and Chairman
llarrlty was said to bo without loundatton.
Mr. llarrlty Is going to Long branch tu see
his family.
Senator Hill Is at Albany, snd Mr. Croker
it 111 remain at Klnhfleld Springs over Sunday,
aud pel haps will not be back In the city until
sept. u.
Ex-Senator Thomas C. Piatt was seen Ibis
morning by an Evknimi Worid reporter In
regard to his call on Chairman carter at
National Republican headquarters yesterday.
It was Mr. Flail's Ural appearance at Na
tional headquarters.
There Is nothing btgnlfleant In my visit to
Mr. Carter,' said Mr. Plait, "As I have
already said, I am loyal to the Hepubllcan
Mr. Piatt had nothing more to add to that
statement, he said.
Ronald Defeats anionics. In the
Konner Stakes To-Day.
fnv AfsocuTin rBEM.1
SAimociA Hack Irack, Aug. 27. The
races were continued hero to-day, w th tlvo
events. tai'Indlnx the Kenncr Stakes. 'Irack
soft, attendance fair.
iinirr nacc
I'urso (HOfl . for tt.c-year-otils; rive and
one-half lurlougs
AMrr. ra. M '. ..r.y, .S'lff hi rH
1 I'lk Knlgtit 101 Mum. 7- 6
U M.tf i.til ii.0 T. I jrnu C-
J Mm rat . Jl (I.I tin. . . 3-1
ftprinsljucK, I'utiiim tod i'aliwrtl alia ran.
Ninon colt took the letd, Willi Maiguerltn
second on the lower turn Kile Knight (orifed
in the from nnd turn b) three leniiis irom
Marguerite, uIm was four In iront ot tin.1
Muuacclt. 'lime l.l','. l
rrosti nice j
Iiire tuooj sli tnrlnrgs. '
Virr.r,. II. !''. f v,, ttr'nht h' li.
I loino .... 11 'J M r . - I
U l.lffttp. .... 1IHI ..,.,.,,jr M I
4 I ..ml llir II'.' .1 Hum 1 1 '
Mtb.l I.Imiii. Iitfrrnu Aiii!Zn,...t .1... tu i
inano led irom flag lo wlic, and nun easily i
from l.i;etia, who beat l.orj Ilany loir
lengths iur the place, 'lime I.ITJj. i
Tninn rack
llandlcan: puue ST.'.O; cue ami one-six-teenth
5'arl.rt, HW-flf,. Jf.H ,trtlkthi'Hm
1 lillUrn 101. II..I0I10 7-fi
J lU.tt IIIU..I'.Oidll V'l
U l..mt!r ss. .Ulan 11-1
lady hunor .u I lnl.in ! iai.
Illltren waaflot awar and held It to ths
wire tivetengibtliifiontiif Ifadge, who was
toiirlt'Uiilha betur Iban Gambler, llmo
rti iYlssaaa,Malllray1i?rf'-V-'f''
Morn of Bridget Sullivan's Testimony
In ttaa Borden Murder Case.
far Astoct atkd ranaa. i
Fall Hivik, Aug. 27. At tho Borden hear
ing this morning the evamlnatlon of Bridget
Sullivan was continued.
Witness said : "Somebody was Mck at tl-e
bouso the night bemro the murder. Mrs.
Ilordon sail alio and Mr. Ilordon were sick all
night. They hud been vomiting and looked
" When Lizzie came down she said she had
been sick but 1 did not- tioilco that she
looked no.
"Miss Llrrle had been moving about eight or
nine mlnutCB vthon she went upstairs to her
Ihe District-Attorney asked the witness to
tell them again about tho words used by Liz
zie abotlt going out, locking the door aud
Mrs. Borden receiving a note.
Objections it era raised, but were over
ruled. Witness said when she came downstairs
Miss Lizzie told her she heard her father i
groaning wnlla he was In the back yard.
w hen ahe came In the screen-doer was wide
open. I
She recognized the laugh In the upper hall
way spoken of ytaterday as that of Miss
Llzle Borden.
Since the tragedy occurred she had ncter
seen Lizzie liorden crying.
Quests Flee for Their Lives South
Dublin Market Burned.
Dcbi.ik. Aug. 27. The 6outb Dublin Market
caught fire to-day and was burned to the
Adjoining tho market was Warren's Hotel,
which was crowded with guests. The fire
communicated to the building, and In a short
time tho whole structure was wrapped In
The guests were panlc-sttlckcn and fled In
evory direction, many narrowly escaping
with their lives.
Turkey Denies that Monisms Fired
IkMss'onnry Bart'atl'a rjousa.
Irv AMneiATrD furis.!
C0NfTASTiNon.v, AUJ-. 27. The Pone re
cently entered an investigation lo bu uiado,
Into tho burning of the house ot the liev. .Mr.
Ilartlett, an American mUslooury at Dour
dour, In Asia Minor.
A report has beeu rccelted stating lhat tho
destructloa was due in the (arclessnessur .in i
i American erraut ni.d not to the fanatlilsm
I of Mosittrs. ,
Tl. report ad is that Mr. llartlett's life Is
not endingerct lu ant ttav.
Tno 'imMsh afllclals I ollet i that iho
I'lillcJ Siau.s will aiccpt thlcx,innatlou.
Sixteen Filicides In Ten Days Be
cause of Heat In Trieste,
irv AitnctAirn rsrts.l
TntrT. Aug. 27. Within the past ten
days ids. teeit persons hare committed suicide
here while lr.uorlng under mental derange
ments brought on by the excessive heat.
m a.
ThaMlrdlfannoelwIvM. a llarast lfwaat
stwixm rax A.ctaaii.iubccocir.tw U i.V
. -SfM
Terrific Fire in a Papir
Box Building on
Wooster Street.
Scores of Girls taftt
Behind a Blazing
Flamu Spread ta tki Mmjl
SlreatPoliciStatintMli 'U
Tenement H..u. ?1
Four Alarms Sounded. While En4
gines Were Hard to ' M
Obtain. ;
A Fireman and a Q:rl Fatally Haiti &3
Several Other' Persons PsM
Severely Injured. M
one of the fiercest fires In the fcluory ofjni) JM
dry-goods district broko out at 10 O'clock telSiH
mornltg on the first floor of the rlvistory:H
brick bu.Mtng'at ISO Wooster street, ocesV tgU
pied oy the United Hales Frsme and PIctmfai.ftM
Company. -Ksb1
Flvo perrons arc known to have teen bbtV-H
ously Injured cesllesbeln? burned. aal
.. .vSbb1
Tbey are : vlesl
Tar Injarrd. Mssi
Tho injured were as follows: vi9
Maiiy lltNKZzo. sutenteen years old. dleTrfU
ThompEon street; employed In Wagoer's t4"
paper-box factory: badly burned about' tie -.JH
race and arms while atiemntlng to pass trots mSm
tne windows ot tho lourtn floor of Na 124 to M9
tbiise or 122 Woosterstrect; taken to BUVJai&9
cent's Hospital. J -i5fe9
Mary Lli.xn Ham.t. twenty-three years sJiS
old, of 2il Henry street. Burned about lit Ijfm
fare, hard., and body whllo trying to pass a)4S
iroin the ind(iwsnf 124 tu those ot 12i n a J'Jn
lailder, thu ilames rracning her Irom the win fH
duwn Dclow. Taken to st. Vincent's HoasMaL' tB
William 1). srrKnv, aged lort)-elghtJnTes;Via
In Tompkins avenue. Brooklyn. Employe Hu;H
uoldberg's Vnlird states plcture-irame saou-jM
nurncd and bruised. Taken to St. VlnceaCa mM
Hospital. ,' ,.iiJB
Jacob Lavoweisxr, fireman ot eturhse fulAVtH
aged tarty years, it its injured about the aWdy'r.39
un I face, out was able to walk home. (ft&U
Mokm stack, nreinan ot vntlne 27. bBTtcdH
unaer falling walls, and taken out brasNAfH
and bleeding. He will probably die. 'ya
j The building in which the fire started Is one uB
ot three big buildings, 123, 12 and 19 V.M
Wcostei street, extending bacx towards 'ijvB
Greene street nearly one hundred teet-frgj
and occupied principally by a paper-box fse ;!
tory and small tailoring concerns.
The Lunulas: Ne. 128 is one door frcai Ua'fl
corner of ITInce street. -iB
The appearance ot smoke Issuing iron t'heB
first flocrot the bulldlnc attracted the at-?H
trn'ton ot Sergu Barry, on duty In tbo PMocaH
street station, directly across the street. t9
He seat out an alarm snd roueed 'B,vr,V
serves from their beds In the upper start.1 f$m
('apt. McCullagh was In thestattun-houasat 'fH
the time and ho telegraphed for reserves at JNM
the Nln'h, Tenth and Flitrenth PoUcoPrs)fM
clncta. H
There was some delay before the flttattajftfl
arrived owing to the fire which was tb,JWH
tiumtng In the Metropolitan Opera-'Upuse H
having called most of the nrtmen below MTH
cnty-second street. j usaal
The flames soon spread through lbs Wsn?H
log and to Not. 124 and 122. ' " fB
Crowds began to pour into Wcostsr,,s'?lH
Prince s'.rcets and the wildest xclttsiM yK
prevailed. I'H
1 be people In the burning buildings ruihfajH
Into tho strict, aud those la the uppvr storteeijBfl
ran ot rr t ho roofs uf tho adjoining bouses. tJmU
Iwo alarms tor engines were followed eye, JH
third, and when the engines from thetowr4jJBH
' part of-the dry reached the scene ot tip Jke.vM
the threa buildings wero ono fpailnr ms'se et-ijBjB
names. "v; M
Nearly two dozen streams ol water weVH
directed agaluu tho red-hot mass, but for eKH
long time tbey had no apparent effect. t'fe'B
1 Iki riamrssoon spread to the old four-atorypB
brick duellings 120. 122, 124 and 120 l'llaoe.felBH
strceu , .'iA-PJ
The north wall and front of the Woeater9H
street buildings tell at 10.30 o'coei tiltUaJPJ
crash tbat burled some of the llamlnipisH
lariat tip against the aide of the statl -buusejPPJ
A tew minutes later the threo upper utlsfJBjBJ
ot the Prince street buildings vollapaed aJH
dumped tons ot brick and Luortar nJatTBH
street. , irasBBal
Chief Qlcque), ot the Second llattaltoa, eJJJPJ
this time arrtted on th acne uMjKJH
out half a dozen special cslls 107 engltuV'4
Aery then arose that there "''"flH
t ' " ''""VC'.esi

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