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4lMt"Vl:S ' ' THE WORLD: SATURDAY fiVEtflNQ. AUGUST 27. 1892. ' '" " ' 1Jj!!l
. l( WPB4tMi
K 'M aW tn tu paper-box factory at th
A?!!"- an trek out.
BWSmt Kwu rumored that nearly half of
BHf A aaa been caught in the buUalng and
PMtt'flpt McCulUgh Mat a roundsman and a
Hg?.ifa of policemen around the neighborhood
HfctWrltX the report
IPfulk'fiw Minutes later two policemen brought
Kffai&lUM etatlon-house Mary Kllen Hanly.
BF-:fJ; TaUeae Mee and clothing were burned.
BkJJs&JMiiwb J. Donlln, of Houston atreet,
Kw&MaaftcWit girl and found that her Injuries
lUWirV probably fatat
B'jytWaUme reports of more persons being
BPaTea and otherwise injured caused Capt.
Klj' ,.Jll(i1lllli to summon ambulances from St.
MppymmaV and the New York Hospitals, and
Bhfe fiiitk taa arrlTal of the ambulances came ad
BtU'ijjjsrtni"1'! crowds of men, women and children.
K45liXO.0 o'clock a portion of the rear wall
R$ttC Wooster street buildings feU, and
BJiWi III Ungwaaaer, who, with another
Kr&riaan, was directing a stream, went down
jEfjWimral brother-Bremen went to hts as
KIaMaaee and extricated him from the mass of
HrH$ tsarta. He was lound to be Buffering from
BbV' fMsraa and cuts and bruises, and he was taken
K&'i sa'an ambulance to St. Vincent's Hospital.
Bn Atthe time It was thought that tho other
Iw faa.an had been caught by the tailing wall,
KvAtMMwaa afterwaras found to bare eared
$ P ptatselt by Jumping.
Rk ParlBi l this time the fire raged with
HwVS Mdh furr that the firemen began to fear that
aaavfci. It t would spread to the buildings Nos. 107,
feHaVatitlin Greene street, directly In the
Hj&t'mr of the Wooster street buildings.
Ks'W'5311lai sparks, together with tho Intonse
KwC'tiaati bad already melted tho tin covering on
Hppfft thereof of the atttlon-house. The bricks on
HP? tlM P1106 street aide of tho building were
Blk!' ecorcbUg rapidly and It 'was necessary to
Kjv ' kMp a constant atrcrm on tho building to
tfe ' vea.t further damage.
Kni At 11 o'clock tho flremon wero re-entorcod
BKjyLay'two mora engines from uptown, and tho
Bjft'.jv rk ol saving the buildings In the neighbor
Hgp, kBUiat stood In danger of igniting from
Hk" -Wjsag parks was rigorously pushed forward.
fWLV't , Tweoy Thousand Hpectetora.
K. Vi,At ll.iO o'clock tbere wore not less than
RJIfa.000 people gathered In the narrow streets
K'( Maat lead to the scene of the fire.
Hpjl,itTka air was black with the smoko and
RiiilsBtag with the fumes of the burning wool
Kfty'emthe first noorot the building luoandl:!!!
RwfWaaiteT street, occupied by Delt, Butler
' .The flro bad ei tended by an "L" to the
Kr,lrttUdlni 'Nos. iso, 122 and is Prince
Vfllatrtet, occupied by small tradesmen and as
Bn teaementa by tholr families.
mpri.i Mt the firemen had bigger game to fight
Bn4erea the Wooster streetvlae, tor the great
IWy.Warabouacs and factories were In lmmlnen.
Bi'A'4 A"1 tne Ore was permitted to lick about
HwrijftM timbers of the bulldldgs in Prlncestieet
Bi?a.ctt had already collapsed, and a painted
fSladlen standing among the debris In front oc
Kfitha ruins that was once the Widow Weinman's
ftf,' jrar Store, was slowly robbed of Its palut by
HftlStt flames.
B'Vt tWnUo big Chief rtugh ilonncr stood at tho
B'eorer and watched bis mon struggling to
BWaeaater greater conflagration tn tho Wooster
KTLHathKt hires at industry, and snuggling to
R;r; eae'tlM corner building, In which was the
t'idattooa of cbarles Kern.
H9i!u Bonner stood watching, forces of men
Lvtfaaa Engines 87 and'SU, who bad mounted to
HkVPWM "I the buildings and were pouring it
B$K-iWo-l into tho seething cauldroh below , tbrr
Kfteaie a warning r-r-ia I
mMpH Fall of the Walla. !
Ht:?iri jfl.'Xhere was a cry troni on tne roof and n re-1
ffgl ' aaaadlng ahrlek irom the gathered thousands I
Rvas);-to street as they scattered, and iheu '
Mfo.'3aara was a mlgktr roar and a craab. I
Bl .VjJha front walls of Nos. vjz, mi and l'.'O I
mil "'i'!0,ter atreet bad lallon In a heap. I
KjJW.I'rom the heap arose a grcai black cloud of I
HSi- vt Dut ro It had cleared nway tho tlrcuirn
EJ;-jaja'tbe street were rushing pell-mell upjn tho
KS.ivJWW.mado mound, whlah mlvbt be tbc gravu
K'"isooand of tbelr fellow ure-nghters.
m'S v ,be nlr cloarfa a halt dozen firemen
KAl!tambered down the nre-escaoo on No, U'O,
B5fe? Jaa as they descended yelled that some oc
5;?; "'h)lr fellows had gono down with collapso of
Bkvs: 0 building.
&& " firemen became aappcrs and miners
;'.- MM Worked with lightning speed on the heap
Jfjj jCMe6rte.
fti&4 Htel' Broht Oat.
Sftrjiho crowd closed In upon the workers and
p'' 'Cau McCullagh and his mon could not drivo
f5 J tm back Ull, after ten minutes' nork.thcy
iRJtasgktd out the bruised, bleeding, uncon
iejiUM form of Morris stack, a fireman of
B jSrtt there wero more, and w hue men car-
J-'.,fledStacK to the police sutlon orer tho May,
2M-Miir continued the digging- They soon uu
fe Jatrted Fireman McCoy, of Engine :i3, but
Pt ''jfcfPtW they had a ennnca to examine him he
'"kajslt work with tho rest. Ho wasunlu
- Aaother man waa liberated a moment later.
tf (J had a badly bleeding band, but bouna a
K dkarchlef about It and resumed work.
0 ''tTha'wholo pile was turned OTer, but no
, '(her Injured man waa found.
aVT Bairesaa UnctUa OfTerrd.
flw 'rttaek reoelred extreme unction from a
iijji fTleat of BU Anthony's Church. Ho was
k XtbkentoBt. Vincent's Hospital, suffering lth
aantoalons of the head and back, a broken
S lft teg aud probable internal injuries. He
f aaardie.
0 i Oeeapanta or the Blldlnr.
P 4AiTha buildings lnrolved in tuo nre were
fl, yoacupled as follows :
V Kelt, Butler Co., large handlers of wools
tff 'and raw furs, the who.e of the flvo story and
.hasiment buildings iso and isa wooster
If, atreet; completely dostro) ed.
f Oyldberg's United states Plcturo and Frame
t$ Company had the basement and first noor oj
?j , Koa. 124 and 120 Wooster streeu Destroj ed.
ci,:, Blutnenstock, manttfacturor of cloth hats
Hb,, and caps, occupied the second noor of Nos.
Kmsaandieo.' Their loss was 7,r,oo; insur
K5 tTanot, 200. Destroyed.
K'$& f -The Kelly I'ubllshlnj Company nad the
j&f f ' bird Door of tbeso numbers, lirrtroycd.
MA'u H" Wagner, manufacturer of paper-boxox,
Kyi accupled tie fourth and mth floors of 124
Kt and 12a Destroyed.
KU The next was the corner of Prlnco street,
Kj&t ' occupied on the ground noor ai u saloon by
Kjay.- Charlea Kerns. The other doors were used in
L?W?Kein-rooms. This building was badly
PTj.' 'damaged by water.
Kg ' Jn Prince street the first house baek of
mfffi m'h'a aaloon was No. 124, occupied on the
Kft VI?9W Bwr hyan ItaUan barber shop and
mtV lZ?Uow Weinman's little elgar store, while
jjB 4ithl umllles of these people Iked above
?.. ?atoreatSa 122 was occupied by Par
mtink' mtU noe dealer, who lived on the
gffi; ;.A feora above. Destroyed.
HtlJfe.- lao WM " residence of Charles Kern
Kggtjjf Mta4 and praettcaUy destroyed.
MWZlffiw. w lla J- Uugo-s bakery.
WmSSS?7 " 0rem
Kw fifattiKytBr, wu unaer cntroL
slafcl''miTliSirfr. -WBtd to be 2Ao,ooo on
(ConimuM jrom Kril Pagf.)
able, for It bad been fastened up to make
room for the painters, and there was nothing
to prevent the names from shooting out Into
the auditorium.
The first alarm, which was sent out from
the private box In the bualness office of tho
theatre, was recclred at headquarters at 0.2 j
i. N.
Pour minutes later came a third alarm from
the box at Broadway and Tblrty-nlntb street,
and this was speedily followed by a fourth
alarm and sereral special calls as soon as
Chief Bonnor arrived and saw how serious the
situation wa.
side by the fire and the other by the well
hole. I shouted to him to hold on for a minute,
and then ran across tho street to the livery
stable to gat a ladder. When I returned n
moment later 1 found him lying unconscious
on the stage at tbc bottom of tlio wcll.hole.
" Tbo place wbcro ho had been standing
was entirely enrelopcd la flames. I bad
hardly tlmo to drag btm out of tho way of tbo
falling cinders and pieces of burning scenery
wnlcli were dropping down on tbo stage on
all slue.
"A moment more and he could not hare
been saved, for no ono could possibly have
reached him.
"The lad was Immediately taken In an am
bulance to Bcllevue Hospital. 1 do not think
he can live, for besides being terribly burned
ho was crushed and mangled by hts fall from
the files."
Afnnacnr Abbey m. Heavy I.oaer-
Do you know nbat Air. Abbey's loss will
"I havfnt tlin least laoa. He Is In Han
oRXflBVsBoP JaWHl jajj SfliLi
BBBBshvosT Sk'sJLJ Bjajffl M&fBevLyVXEjHajnM?ejBnt H
moVufiaamoi flaaliil u T0HlaulVBEnlB2vs!LBli I
M MBBBBBaBrBMBslsaaaaBoap Bssmgaj oBae laloll Sk Ssjbvzavi, lll tIS awl
BHaBBBBaoaaBmlsBaBBm , ' rrsaBaan tpHbbT rJoswi BBBBBBasawal BBBosKfasI aa
Mr'tUlll'llLITAN lll'KllA.llllUhK.
Tbeso calls brought about mtcon engines
and halt a dozen truck companies, and tho
nretnen wero soon at work on the burning
I be black smoko of the engines tilled tho
streets ror blocks around, and great crowds
collected In Broadway and Seventh avenue
and tbo side streets to watch the work of de
struction. The Whale Structure In Flames.
At this time namoa nero bursting from tho
roof of the stage at tbo Setenth ave
nue end of tho building and
from all the windows on that side,
and the dense clouds of thick black smoke
which poured from the top of the building
could lo seen for mllos around.
Within loss thin half ai hour alter the nre
got under headway the root of the stage fell
In with a tcrrltlc crash, sending up showcrj
ot blazing cinders am' forked tonguos of
name which shot up a nundrcd feet luto the
Work of the firemen.
Dcsplio tun fact that streams ot watur wero
being poured into tlio building from overy
Md;, they did not scorn to maUo tbo sltghtes:
Impression on tbo blazln? furnace within.
A Uooti lines ot hone were taken tn through
the Broadway entrance and water wat
poured Into tbo aujltorlum In flools from tbo
boxes on both sides.
Mcrylhingln thetbealre nas rulnod, and
the parterre boxes on both sides cf tho stage
wet 0 completely burned out.
A staging had been built oror tho orchestra
scats and this vwis strewn with chaired
beams and rafters, and great pieces ot
plastering. wnlcn bad fallen down from tbo
walls and celling.
Kdmtind C. Stanton, who was seen by nn
Evenino Would reporter, said that tbo total
loss could not be less than 81,000,000.
Only SIIkUI laxiranrc
Mr. Stantun said to an Hvkninu
Would reporter, alter tho nre was gotten
under control, that tbs loss would cortalnly
loot up (1,000,000. Asked about tno Insur
ance, he ' aid tnat there was somo Insurance,
but that It was light.
'Mr. McClarren," he continued, "has
cbargo ot that mallur. Tbo bulldlug, tap
estry, &c, cost nearly a:i,ooo,ooo, but tho
Insurance was not nnywhero near that
" If tbo asbestos curtain had been dropped
I think the Ure could hae been connued 10
the stage.
"This Is tbo first nre of Importance that
hai ever occurred tn the building."
"When do you think tho Opera House can bo
"I Bee no reason why the season cannot bo
opened as Intended In the latter part ot No
Cornelius Mann Flurneil nail flrulMd and
Will 1'robnblr Die.
Charles Biowu, tb" stage carpenter, was
one ol Ihos1 In tuo building when tie flro '
broke out and tells bow It started. I
" I had been In tho tbeatro about an hour
and a hull." ho tatd to nn Kvining Would '
reporter, ' and aa working on the at ago
with ano'ber carpenter named Baxter ami
IK-rson In the building, so tarns I know, w.is
Cornelius Mann, tlio painter's toy, who Is
employed by Albert Opertl, the scenlu artist,
wti'j lepresents Mr. lloj t here.
The stage was full of platforms and rig-
. glng for the scene palntcis, undtlils eztmdid
I out beyond the proscontum. The flro proof
curiam was rained.
" All ui on eo a lot ot smoke burst out from
tbo Hies on the Tblrty-nlntb street side, just
nslde the proscenium area. It was followed
Immediately by a rush ot names, and wo ull
j ran for the Thirl'). ninth street entrance.
I "The engineer ent nrst to the private nre
alarm box, which is bcblnd the stajc, and
I H-.'nt out the nrst ularm.
j "Tho nics wero tilled with drops and
'scenery, ana the names spread with such
rapldll) that It wm almost like au explosion.
fvithln live minutes afterwards if was im
losslble for any ono to go on tho stage.
Marled In the Paint Itoont.
" I cannot tell how the tiro started, but I
think It must have been In tho paint room.
I Tbo boy Cornelius was missed as hoon as wo
! got outside ot tbo building. He bad gone up
stairs 10 the paint room Jus; before the nre
broke out.
" I learued soon afterwards that he had
beenoaugbt by the nanus on tha landing ot
the Becond tier and that be had Jumped to thu
Albert Opertl, the scenic artist win repre
sents Mr. Hoyt, tbo scene painter, bad Just
arrived at the Opern-Uouso to begin his wock.
for tho day when the alarm ot nre was'glieu
"Somebody told mo my paint boy waa mlts
lng," he silo, "and I ran In at the Thirty
ninth street entrance.
Peaaea la by the Flame..
I heard some ons yelling tor help In the
flies, and looking up I saw Cornelius on the
larding. He waa caUlng pltoously for assist
ance, and was that off from all escape on one
Francisco and has been telegraphed to. I
believe bo has tho costumes for tho operas
that are to be produced stored In the build
ing, and If so they must bo totally destroyed
cither by nre or water."
Tho amount ot Insurance was said this
afternoon to halo been only $50,000. Tnls
wnson the tapestry and stage appliances.
Iho building nas supposed to bo fireproof
and It Is not yet known for how much It was
Tho loss In stage wardrobes Is estimated at
from $100,000 to si .0,000.
Scenery Thnt Waa flurneil.
The scenery tor twenty operas was being
prepared by Painter Hoyt and was nearly
completed. Among the operas for which the
.scenery was being prepared wero the follow
Ingi "Don (llovaunl,'' "Trovntore," "Itlgo.
lctto," U.ueen of Shebn," " L'Afrlcalne,"
" Itlcnzl," " Flying Dutchman," n.
deilo." " Faust," ' Hamlet," " I'rophete,'
" l.aktne," " Mlguon," " Tunnhuueser," " Lo
hengrin," "Hbelngold," " Meglrled," "Hot
terdaeiiimcrung," "Dlo Walkcure" nna " Tns.
tan an I Isolde.'1
In nddltlon to these Hoyt had palntet
scepcry for llnwthorno'a Scarlet Letter," ti
be pretented by Manslleld at Daly's, and foi
" Klcur d'Ornnge," with which the Casino li
to ba opened Sept. 15.
Tns scenery for tbo "Scarlet Letter" was
ospcclalty valuable
Scenery was also stored In tho building for
some roiid plays, among which is tbe " Plant
ers Iinugbtcr."
Tbo boxes In the parterro wore burned and
wator-soaked, and will lmo tu beretrlmmed.
The boiea wero ntted out by tho owners.
Among thu boxes of which tbe furnishings
was totally destroyed ero tbaso ot Juv
flnuld, (ieortu II. Warren, William c. Whh
ncy, ujrus W. Field, Jeremiah Mhlbnk, c. N.
curtli, Henry Clews, Austin cornln, Callu
llrlio and Uarncllus Vunderblll.
Uuuiara Thai F.xnliiHltiuii Oeriirrnl.
Joshua Henry, of tho fnvimiKfa Jllrroi;
olalnis that While pn-itinif the building at
IMU o'clock tbcro were two explosions Inside
the building In (tilck Mlcce3slon. lie says ho
notlilod 11 policeman, but that no Invcstlga
Hon mils made
Mr. bunion, who has been Secretary of tho
Directory, resigned last Muy and was suc
ceeded by .Mr. McLaren. Tbo latter stated to
an Kvimnii Wokld reporter that the Insur
ance nould covor tlio loss on tho btnlulng.
Ho refused, though, to htato the amount ot
Insurance, or tho companies In which It Is
TUB 111) It Mill IM.AVIlOLMi:.
It Coat 82,1(10,000 10 Ilnlld It nnd Wa
Thought 10 llo I'lrriirouf,
The Metropolitan Opers-llouso was built
at an expense of nbout 2,100,000 by seventy
stockholders, each or whom subscribed
tlio.ooo, and each ot whom became the
owner ol ono cf tho netenty boxes, choice of
which was decided by lot.
HotlUos tho Investment of t:io,000, box
holders have baa to pay nn assrsiniont every
season amounting to Irom f 1,500 to $2,500.
When Mr. Abbey got his leaso of tho oper.i
housiiat tho end ot last f.ea.son It was made
a tondltlon that tho assessments should
During the past nlnoyean many changes
hao been mado In th list of box-holdera and
Htoeklioldcis. 'I he most recent list Is as tol
Ions: l'arter.c 1. Ogden (loclct.
2. Jaj tiould.
-rn UGt B
:i. Ceorg? Pcabodj Wetmorr, The Misses
Ogden, Wednest.iyj i:iy tloddaid.
4. Oeorira 1'eaboj) Wctmore.
0. W. c. bchermcrhorn, .Monday; W. s.
Gurnee, Wcdnesdaj; Kgerlon Wlntbrop, Fri
day, a Mrs, A. W. Sherman, Wall ice c. An
drews, half season.
s. Cyrut W. Field, It. o. Dunn, W'rdnoiday
7. WU lam C Whitney, 8. c. Harriott, Mon
u Mrs. William Astor.
10. MraOauotn.
11. John J. Wysong, Monday; W. Storrfc
Wells, Wednesday; J. U. Beekman, Friday.
12. Miss callender, Monday and Frfday;
Mrs. J. Mllbank, Wednesday.
in. aeorge N. Curtis, James A. Bostwlcfc,
E. T. Knowlton, Monday.
14. Henry Clows, Mondsy; W. If. Star
buck, Wednesday; W. II. lnman, Friday.
15. Adrian Iseltn, David Stuart, Wednes
day. 10. Austin corbln.
17. William D. Sloane, II. McK. Twombty.
18. 11. a. ltemeen, Monday; Clarence An
drews, Wednesday; Hobert Goclct, Friday.
10. II. Knlckerbacker, Monday and Mats;
J. It. schlff, Wednesday ; Mccoskry Butt, Fri
day. 20. Hobert OoeleL
21. F. 0. French, odd performances; Kussell
Uoadley, even performances.
22. Uco. Henry Warron.
23. J.. Hood Wright.
24. Oeo. Hobart Warren, odd performances;
J. Augustus Hamilton, Henry T, Sloane, even
25. Klbrldgo T. Gerry.
20. Luther Kountze, Mrs. Paran Stevens,
even pcrlormances.
27. K. C. Moffatt, Monday. P. P. Lewis,
J. . Alexandre, Wednesday. Thomas Stokes,
28. W. Seward Webb.
20. L. J. Lcltir, Vo.idiy; j, T. Farlsh,
Wednesday ; C. C. I'aldwln, Friday.
30. William K. Vandcrtlli.
ai. (leorge He Fore it, Monday; Thomas
Hitchcock, Wednesday j B. It. Gunthcr, Frl
doy. :i2. William Rockefeller.
:i:l CalMns. Brlce.
:H. Hcber It. Bishop.
:i.'. Cornelius Vandcrbltt.
::o. George .1. Bowdoin.
.17. Bradley Martin.
50. The Director.
42 Miss Catherine DrcxeL
44. Oeorgo hemp.
41. Ucorgo F. Baker, HO C. Fahnestock.
411. Mrs. Marshall O. ltoberts.
40. James Harnman.
45. J. c. I'nrron, M. D.
47. Dr. Jackson, Monday ; F. N. Sbaron,
48. H. o. Marquand.
1 50. .
41). Mrs. J. c Ayer.
51. It. T. Wilson.
52. Walston II. Brown, odd performances
' Adrian Isellu, even performances.
5:1. Ilobert I cutting.
54. Mlbs McEckron, Monday; C II. San-
ford, Wednesday; Addison Cammack, Friday.
5.1. James A. Koosorelt.
57. .lames St lllman.
50. D. O. Mills.
1 (II. W. . Ilrcose.
j ti:i. o. li. Jcnulngs, odd performances. O. GJ
r Hacn, even performances. John K. Parsons.
, 5(1. J. I'ltrpont Morgan,
(is. Samuel D. Babcock.
, 07. Kdward cooper.
58. charlea Lanier.
00. James Gordon Uenett.
00. W. 11. Tilllnghost, odd performances ;
William M. Klngsland, oven rerfurmancej.
O'". c. P. Huntington.
04. W. K. Connor, 0. P. Moroslnl, Wednes
day. 71. George Bliss, odd performances; Lerl
P. Morton, even performances.
(HI. Adrian lselln, jr.
73. F. C. Lawronce,George 8. 8cott,Wednes
day. (IH. Wm. Rhlnclander.
70. James c. I'arlalu
72. Frederic Ooodrldgo.
Orarrlptlon of the linllitlni,
Tho upcra-llouse, which li a huge whlto
building occupying tho nhoH block be
tween Thirty-ninth nnd Fortieth streets,
and between Broadway and Seventh avenuo,
covers a plot of ground 200 by 200 feet, or
42,000 square feet.
Tho exterior Is ot pressed buff brick, with
dressings of terrt-cotta, tho design being a
Blmplo treatment ot the Italian Renaissance.
Tbcro are soventeen entrances Irom
tbo street, and on Thirty - ninth
and Fortieth streets and on Bread-,
way tbcro nre largo vestibules, with
hnt und coat rooms adjoining.
Tho loyor Is 34 b 82 feet, with a parlor
connected In such a manner that tbo foyer
can bo converted luto a concert or lecture
room, with tho parlor for a stage.
The auditorium, which Is said to be tbe
largest In tho world, contains three rows and
n half ot boxes, 122 In all, with each of which
Is onnected n salon twice the sire ot tbe box
Itself, lu which refreshments may be served,
wiups left and visits received between the.
Tho stage Is 00 feet wide, 70 feet deep, and
120 feet high. It also goessomo yo;teet
below tho noor, making the available space
about 150 feet. i
'I he building was always said to bo thor
oughly lire-proof us possible, brick and Iron
entvitns almost exclusively into Its compost-,
)t was opened for performances in October, '
IRK.'l, under tho management ot Henry
bluco tho nrst eeason It has bcon devoted
chleny to German opera. Many of tbe Wag
ner operas have been produced hero recently
wlih great splendor and effectlvenesi. It Is
also tho scene ot the treat balls each season.
Tho Metropolitan Opera-Houss was opened
lu October, 1kh:i, with a Beason of Italian
opera, under tho mauugement of Henry K.
Tbo following year the directors decided to
Inaugurate German opera, under the leader
ship ot Dr. Damrosch, who was succeeded at- I
ter Ills death by Anton Scldl. '
German opei a held the boards here for 1
seven j ears, such norksas" Die Walkuerc,"
Hbelngold." Siegfried." DleOotterdaeic-l
ineiung," "Tantilinuser" and other famous
(lermau operas leielMng their nrst Intcrprc.
tatlou In this country.
Mr. Abbey came to the front last year and
I gac a successful neajon of French and Ital
I Ian oper.i, and last Winter secured a lease of
tbe Of cr j-llouso for three seasons
j Mr. Abbey made extensive preparations for
j tbs coming wason, which promised to be the
'most militant In the history of the Metro
politan, and had engaged an exceptionally
nne company, besides preparing an Immense
amount ot new scenery and costumes.
Funeral of BenJ. O. Clarke.
Tho funeral of Benjamin O. Clarke, Presi
dent of tho 1 bomas Iroc Company and awell-'
known ngure In Iron and ateel business
circles, who died In Antwerp, Belgium, Aug. ,
JS. .".& If1?.. mor,1,I, at "ht late rest I
dence, at 320 Maalson avenue.
. a
(Continued from Ftrit Pagi) .
ports, wbetber I nfected or not, are denied ad
mission. "it is tbe most advisable safeguard, and
In view ot tbe awful ravages of cholera In
Europe and the rapid spread ot the disease
tbere, 1 ould recommend such a course for
tbe present at least.
" If immigrants ire not brought here they
cannot bring the disease."
Tbe Edam, of tbe Netherlands line, from
Rotterdam, was passed this morning. Sbo
bad no passengers. Her cargo was fumigated
snd ber crew examined.
Tbe Bt, Honans, from Liverpool, a freighter,
was also passed, nothing suspicious being
found aboard.
Tbe Manitoba, from Liverpool, an Attantlo
transport ship, was closely inspected, si
though she sailed prior to tho appearance of
tbe cholera there.
The Gellcrt, of tbe Hamburg-American line,
arrived off Quarantine at 8.80. she bad
more than nve hundred passengers aboard,
and had been out slxteendays from Hamburg.
Tbe Augusta Victoria from the same port
has not yet been reported, but Is duo to-day.
Caly the Returns fro-n rjambnra'i KpU
detain lteialvrd To-Day.
Inr jmiioiuin rmii.l
Washington, Aug. 27. Tbe only Informa
tion In regard to cholera received at tbe State
Department up to noon to-day was contained
b a despatch from Consul Johnson, at Ham
burK, who cabled that there were 203 new
cases and 1:10 deaths from thedlseaeo In that
city yesterday.
Precautions Taken to Keep the Dlreiae
Out or the City.
Tbe beads of the several departments of
tho Health Board wero at their offices very
rarly to-day. They were arranging tbe de
tails connected with getting tbe city In tho
best possible sanitary condition to copo with
tho cholera should It make Its appearance
President Wilson was In consultation with
Sanitary Supt, Dr. Cyrus Kdson.
Dr. Charles F. Roberts, Superintendent of
the Bureau of Contagious Diseases, anl Major
Bullock, Chief Sanitary Inspector, were also
In the conference.
President Wilson said : Everything Is be
ing dono thnt we know how to do. Wo nro
working' hard to get tho city as clean
ns possible. It is In a fairly good
sanitary condition, anyhow. Wo will put our
whole force ot Inspectors at work to-day and
to-morrow. They will work for tho moit
part south ot Fourteenth street.
" Tbe Inspectors have located the worst
spots, and we will proceed to clean them up
as provided for In tho resolution passed oy
tho Board yesterday."
Asked It the Health Board oould by any
order on Its part closothe port to Immigrants
from Infected districts, President Wilson re
plied: " No. Tho Board of Health could not do
that. Tbo Health Officer of tho Port might
possibly do so. Wo can kee: ti.o vessels
nt or below Quarantine, and mnko our ln
s cctlons bo vigorous as to practically make
the work as effective aa It Immigration was
"What do you think," ho was asked, "of
tho action taken by tbe Executive commit
tee of the statu Hoards ot Health at Indian
apolis yesterday, nt which -a committee waa
appointed to visit be various ports along tbe
Atlantic and Pacinc coast and Inspect tbe
effectiveness of the quarantine.
"I know very little about tho meeting at
Indl4r.ar.olls," be said, "but I judge that tho
plan Is a good one. An j thing that will aid at j
such a time as this cannot be otherwise than
President Wilson declared that he would
attend to the work in band all tbe rest ot to
day, and would go to Quarantine to seo
Health onicer Jenkins this nttcrnoon.
Dr. Kdson said : " I think we have things In
pretty good shape now. Thorough Inspection
Is going on all tho time, and Is being pushed
more vigorously all the wnlle."
Dr. Edson, In commenting upon tbe action
ot tbo Executive committee of tbo State
Boards of Health, said: "Tho people In tbo
Interior cities are entirely at tho mercy of
1 tho authorities In the seaboard cities. They
aro naturally anxious tuknow what Is being
dono In tho way ot keeping out the
cholera. I think their plan ot send
ing a commlttco to examine tho
Quarantine systems at tho several ports Is
rt good one. I think tbey will nnd that every
thing Is being done that can be done In other
cities. I know tboy will nnd It so hore."
Major Bullock. Chief Sanitary Inspector
was busy sending out his corps ol Inspectors.
Tbe Inspectors have orders to proceed accord
ng to tho line laid out by Mayor Grant and '
tbe Board ot Health.
Circular laaned to the Police Force
Health Commissioner Grimn, of Brooklyn
Issued the following circular to tbe Brooklyn
police at noon to-day:
it liiUnc com torn? knowldtht thtterma
cf penult trititad bj this I)prtmtnt for tho Im
mi1UW tnuiftrof ri( arrlrlng at a Brooklyn
pUr hate been tlulatad, I raquaHt that you will
lltua au order requiring polic ufflotri toenlorcea
trlct compliance with aacb permit.
Iba poialbla Introduction nf cholera makei It
necesiary to adept the moat rlsld precaution!, and
with tbe purpoae of aiding the Department I lorlt
your oo-operatlou.
I stifneit that the police tbroughout tbe city
be directed to eee that yard and alley! are kept
oUan, Kattere iwept, partlculitly in tenement
dlitrlcta, and that no accumulations of 81th ba al
lowed In tbe itrectt. and generally no violatlooa of
an.tary ordinance be permitted."
II Cholera Appears It HI'I Da Promptly
Oealt Will.
Tho Health Beard of Jersey City has taken
nctlvo measures to prevent the Introduction
of choleia Into that city. Particular atten
tion Is being slven to the matter of securing
cleanliness ol btrcets and yards, and tbe In
terior ot buildings is being looked after.
Tbo police have bcon ordered to assist the
Health Board In every polb!e manner.
Preparations bae been mado to isolate any
cases of cholera that may develop.
I Preparations ol a similar naturo havobeert
I mado by the Health Board of Iloboken.
Simply Awful
UJHKk "I had what the Coc '
"gwjj tors railed h ioret
L H raeeorrraru!allirr
ly !yi rvrr ,aw- II was on
yjfti' fr). aj rnl farc and neck,
S r "d was limply awful I
! I Five years ago I began
Aaag" Jkl ' Hood's Nar.
lMPvelHVa"Parllla, and found
MBMaiaSBHsVH tb sores gradually be-
;ec. w. Turner, gaatohcal. I look ten
bottle and waa perfectly cured. For the past
four yearel bae bad awoo Health anil "u
-"''.' . Tca. farmer. Oalwar. K.V.
' llbnntN PtLLNcnre liver Ills, ronrtlu-
ion. blftoorneu. jaundlc-r, alo htatehea
They 'Have Contributid Over
$20,000 for the Campaign
in the West.
Reports from Other Papers in tbe
Educational Alliance.
Ninety Democratic Journals Aiding
in the Move to Win the West.
Yesterday's Contributions to the
Fund Footed Up $037.00.
From This Slornlng'a World.
!. II.Tajlor,IToton"lllobe" 1,000.00
W. il. Mlngrrly, Phlladel.
phla "Record" 1,000.00
V. C. Whitney 1,000.00
James !mltli, Jr., Newark,
N.J 1 ,000.00
Theodore V. Alyere 830.00
"A .Member at tho .Manhat
tan Club" 200.00
FraneU l.ynae Htataon 100.00
A. J. V., L'nat OraiiSe 100.00
"Cash" 10D.O0
II r. John II. Woodbnrv I00.OO
Emanuel UotThian Sc Hon .... 100,00
Itoualnen V. Iturnbaan, Flah-
klll l.aadtnir, N. Y 100.00
Ararlna Ulrkeraon, Blooni-
Beld, N.J 100. 00
Cor. William K. Knsenll, of
Maaaaehnsetta, throush the "
"tllobe," Hoatca.... I0O.OO
Rntclliro II Irk. IOO.OO
Everett P. Wheeler 100.00
Norman E. .Mack. Iluflalo
"Time." 100.00
Joirnh Austin Olllnt, Flab.
kill I.anilliiaT, N. Y 60.00
I.anrrneo K. Scxion OO.OO
W.II. Trtllmndcn, rStninlnrd.
Ciuii AO.OO
Ornnil total acknowledged
In vrstcrtlay'a "World" ..910.822.81
Total received reaterilay tip
InflP. ill. by "The World" 4C0.I5
Total reported up to flair by
of amounts hitherto entered 337.73
Grand total 820.010.71
Tho Milwaukee " Journal " Stnrls Off Its
Work with a Cheek for S200.
Tint MlLWACIRK Journal,
MlLWaCaili, Au;. SU, 18U2. f
MtoaBtr.'Wtttm Umocratte Campaign fund :
On behalf of tbo Milwaukee Journal I In
close check for 1300, which plenso credit to
your Western Democratic campaign Fund.
We know tbo opportunity tho tarHT-strlckcu
West offers the party of the people, and thnt
Kastern Uetuociatlu leaders like yourself
have como tu appreciate the situation hero
nils us nlth new ie and determination.
Tbo advanuo WHconMn has mauo politically
bus been by bold and hi nisi dl-cuaslon or Iho
questions before tho people, and your assist
ance will make this educational work een
more thorough and tho result more certain.
Wo shall ask our readers to send contribu
tions to you. L. W. Niluan.
From the " IleraM," Elizabeth, N. J,
. ," Central Sew Jersey Iltn.ia,
ELUiBIllI, X. J., Aug. Hi. j
Kanaatr Vttitrn DimnertMtlr Campaign fund:
It Is with great pleasure that I In
close cheat for in.70, the first Instalment
of money collected by the Herald tor tho good
work In tbe West, lo hear Illy In accord
i with your efforts and will do wuat I can to
mako tho amount a largo one. 1 believe with
l you that tbo West Is a good held In uhlch to
I work. The seed was planted there years ago.
and the harvest Is now ripe tor tho reapers.
Let the Western lampalgn Fund be t.penl tu
educate tuo people oi the West In truly Dem
ocratlc principles and In preventing " bloeka
of live' and such Hepuollcan methods, niu
there will bo a tidal wave oi Democracy that
.will sweep the country.
A. T. Pendleton, Editor and Manager.
From " The Columbian," Bloninaburc;,
The Columbian,
vtLoounncso, Pa., Aug. 23, iuii2. (
The following-named persons send lu their
contributions for tho Western Campaign
J. II. Mercer, J. It. Townscnd, J. K. Bitten
bender, L. Lowenberg, W. U. Taylor, C. II.
Kobblns, o. A. Herring, Grant lleirlng, A. L.
Fritz, t). M. yulck, William ;hriaman, J. L.
Kline, C. 11. Campbell, McCloskcy i Tiacey,
Alexander Bros. & Co., all at each.
Inclosed ana check for tun.
The " Post," of Denver, Col., Join..
Dsntkb, Col., AU?. SB Tbe Krenina tost
has taken up tho We tern Campaign Fund
movement, and Is now receiving subscrip
tions. In to-night's lssuo tbo post editori
ally says:
" Tbe New York Wont D's Western Cam
palgn Fund Is Increasing with gratifying
rapidity. It embrces contributors irom more
AKF you should
happen to
get a package im
perfect from any
CclUSCa t f
T k Hornby's
1 l"vJ Oatmeal
Take it back
and get your
money again.
than adoten states, and has, Interested the
efforts ot more than forty of tbo leading
Democratic and Independent newspapers of
tho country. Tho distribution of the fund
for legitimate campiln expenses la the West
ern and Northwestern mates has been
Intrusted to a committee of honest ana emi
nent men. who will bo responsible lor the
sate delivery and proper disbursement of the
money. Tho oblcct Is to provldo such litera
ture as will present to the minds of tbo
people the Important Issues to bo determined
by the campaign. That tho citizens of Colo
rado may have an opportunity to Join In this
universal and popular movement for tbo
political regeneration of the West tho
Keening post has opened a subscription list
and will co-operate with Its esteemed metro
politan contemporary In the collection of the
fund, several subscriptions have already
been received, and those, with others which
may come In the mean time, will bo acknowl
edged In to-morrow's issue.''
A Ueg-lnnln: nt Groenaburf, Pa.
register ana Recorder,
GBETMSBURa, Pa., Aug. 23, 1602.
Inclosed nnd my check for bio In aid ot tbe
Western Dcmocratlo Campaign Fund. Wo
tblnk this a move la the right direction, as
no (Irmly believe more than ono Western
State will be found in the Democratic column
In November next, and every dollar contrib
uted lo this fund will aid the good worlc.
From the " 'entlnel," Carroll, la.
(srrcur. to thk world.1
Carroll, la., Aug. 20. subscriptions to the
Western Democratic Campaign Fund through
tbe Sentinel, aiu.
Xebraykn Funds nnd Nebraska Corn.
isrrciAt to tub wonLn.l
Ouaha, Aug. 25. Subscriptions through
Omaha WvrlU-Wrald, $4-7, making our
total (lf!.u."i. Nebraska funds, like her corn,
glow tlow but sure.
From tho O'Neill "Sun," Anothrr
Nebraska Ally.
IfTTrtAT. TO tjtf wnnr.Tj.l
O'KitLf. Neb.Muif. 25. Tho O'Neill Run
opened subscription for Western Campaign
Fund to-day by subscribing 15. M. F. liar-
Ungton also gives 45. Total, f 10.
Ten Prttr for flubs That It.iUn the
Oreateat Amount by Oat. 1.
A numocr of Inquiries were made at tho
headquarters of tho Western Dcmocratlo
Campaign Fund )esterday relative to Tns
Woki u's cHer ot sill; banners for those ten
clubs that shall tui u in tho greatest amount
of money to the fun 1 by baturday, Oct. 1.
Those who called showed the greatest
Interest In iho proposed contest, nnd a num
ber ot organisations promised their heartiest
co-operation. 1 here Is likely to be ke'ou coin- '
petition for tho trophies and tho efforts ot the
clubs lo win the coveted prlrcs are critaln to
idd many hundreds of dollais to the fund.
To hnve a i-hare In fo excellent a cbujo as
this great educational movement represents
Is a reward In ltsolf, and every Democrat who
has contributed his dime or his dollar should
feel that conscious satisfaction IhAt tollows a i
good deet'.
Thr Wom.n. however, wishes to reward
tboso political clulM that mako a particular
effort to Increase tho amount of this fund,
and for that reason thetiH prizes aro offered.
Tbelr Intrinsic valun will bo v. ell worth
sttlWnj l&r. Kach banner will bo of fill;,
mounted nn handsome bardnood polos and
cross pieces finished In gilded n.etiil. On
them will bo llxed the names ol tho candi
dates nlth an appropriate motto. Tho name
of the winning club will also bo painted In
gold letters on each banner, which will bo
heavily embroidered with gold frlngo and
Tiij conditions ot tho contest aro a fol
lows: Ten banners will be gion to thoio
' ten club3 whose subicilptlons reported from
time lo tlmo In Thk Would reach tho largest
totals on Oct. 1. Hubs rurttclpitln1,' will
send In ihclr subscriptions to tho Western
Democratic Campaign Fund, bo-c 2,:i.4 New
Yurk city. The subset Iptlons so bent In will
bodally reported In The World, and on tbo
books ol tho lund a separato account will bo
kpptof the amounts contributed by each or
ganization. I'ei sons not members of a club
may have their subscriptions credited to such
orxunlzatuu ai tboy may specify.
Here, tbrn. Is a chance for th9 political
clubs not tui'y to win something highly orna
mental for their club-rooms, but at the samo
time lo renuer a gieat amount ot good to the
uius.; of tarlJ reform, ltcports from tho
West show that tho Democrat! havo exi cl
ient chances of winning in luna, Illinois,
Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
All that Is neoded to secure thesohnppy
result3 Ik a lund sufficiently lar.ro to enablo
the Democratic managers to place bcloro tho
j watering Itepubllcans of the West such cam
palzn apeakors und lltcra'ure ns will bhow
' them thai their burdens nro duo to McKln
lcylsin and that relief enn come only through
tho triumph of Democratic principles.
Let all clubs, then, enter Into this competi
tion, and by tnclr friendly rivalry help along
u cause that Mill lasuro beyond doubt tho
election of Cleveland und btecnnon.
An Increialtic Number of Alllea Vflio
Will Appeal for Fumlt.
Tbe editor of every Democratic Journal who
thinks that ho can collect any sum Irotu his
constituents Is' cordially muted to Join tbe
Western Democratic Campaign Fund Alliance
nnd send word by letter or telegraph to Tue
Woklu to that effect.
A national conflict Impends. An unprece
dented campaign of edu:atlon la tho West
may be carried on If thero bo money to pay
for organizing meetings, providing speakers,
suppl)lng pamphlets aud making It certain
that every doubtful voter shall Lear or real
tbo gospel truth ot Democratic ooctrlne.
Unless Democrats contribute what they
can to the rmy troasury the tight ugalnst
tho ltenubllcan foe will not be as vigorous as
1 it should be. Eery little helps. Mites make
1 million!-', a dollar all around will turn thu
scales of Mctory.
No laatter how Insignificant mav seem tho
sum collected by a newspaper In u small
, town, a huuured such amounts will make uu
' lmpo'-lng aggiegate. Ik-nldes. til tbonioany
o colleUed will tnenn Just so much more lor
tbe Western campaign tliuu there would to
It this plan had not been placed in operation.
Tho Importance, therefore, of tho co-operu-
, tton of 1.8 many Demotratlc newspapeis as
! possible Is manifest.
! Ninety newspapers aro row In tlio moc-tnent.
Eitrarls from NcwapnpeM Working for
the M'n.trrii Dvinncrntlc Fund.
(f ri 4 Atc Mid, w Orttan,, .a,
An active campaign has been inaugurated
by tho Democracy In tho Western states. I
The congressional elections of 1800 showed
that lour or nvo of these Mates hao antl-1
ltepubllcau majorities. There Is splendid
' fighting ground In Illinois, In Iowa, in Kan
sjs, in Mibl.jr.n, in obiaskn. In all that
section the tariff plank i.f the Democratic
' plnlfcrm tsmoie ocLcntable than tho high
protection views' ol the liopubllcans. In all
that section tbo farmers havo abandoned tha
ilrpubllcan party by the tens of thousands.
Tho National Domojrntlo Exccutlvo com
mlttco has appointed a sub-commltteo to
take charge ot tho worK In this Held. To en
able that commlttco It) do effective work tho
New York World has undertaken to raise a
campaign fund by general subscription all
over tbe country. Tbo velta has been nskocl
to loin In thu worJt and chconully lends Its
The couth has a deeper Interest in this
movement tbau nny other section ot the
country. The addition of three or tour
Northwestern states to the Democratic co:-
I contribute
Name M
Date '
Make checks and money-orders payable to
tho Western Democratic Campaign Fuad
Address all communications to the Western
Campaign Fund, box 2,334 Now York City,
All contributions will be acknonU
edged In the Morning WOULD,
"The World" naka your subscription
to the Western Dmocrntle Campaign
Fund. Scores of Democratic newapapera'
In nlhtr parts of tho country have also
opened their cntumui to tccelve contr:
butlnna. All tha money nil-eil will be
rxiicndril lFcllliiiatfly by the atlTlcanfa
committee r.f leading Weat-tn llemo
crMa in wairliifiT o vle;orona educational
cnmpnlsn In thnss Wealern States which
hate cone ltepubllcau In elections
hlthrrtc, but now clve the alroncrat In
itlcatlona of a tondency towards Drlnoe
racy nnd TnrlfT HufoTtn.
11i lnrger the number of anbaerlp
llnna, recunlleaa of their else, the areatar
will be the moral effect. Will you helpf
If an, Betid n check, a registered letter,a
mnney-orilrr cr caah to the address given
nbove, Alao, If convenient, nil -ap ths
blank In order that jour subscription
mny be ncknnwlcdjred In the columns of
"Tho World."
The plnn fins been formally approved
by Chnlrm in Hnrrlty, of the National
Committer, aq fnllnwat
Democratic National Comuittii, 1
No. lu'j Finn Avende, New York.
Tn thf Zttttnr of fh World i
The movoment for nn encrgetlo and ag
grcsbUo campaign ot education and organiza
tion In Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan,
Minnesota and other Western mates is ex
cellent. It deserves encouragement from ths
Democrats of tho Kast; in fact, substantial
support should be given tolt by the Demo
cratn of the entlro country.
1 believe thero aro tens of thousands ot
Democrats who have not been In tbe habit of
commuting to tbe National campaign Fund
for want of opportunity. The Democratic
National Cummlttee has been and In likely to
to unable to reach them, and they will doubt
less be glad to avail themselves ot this means
of glMng to the fund which It Is proposed to
raise lor the expenses of tho campaign In tbe
I Tbc contributions to tho Campaign Fund ot
the Democratic National committee for tbs
expenses ot the general campaign throughout
thu country will doubtless be made In tbe
usual way, nnd will not, ot course, Interfere
, with thoso to be tnndo to tho W.cstern Demo
cratic campaign Fund, to which latter all
, who can should contribute.
i I am sure that your effort, supplemented
J nsyuuoxpoct It to bo by that of very many
other Democratlo newspapers, will be pro
ductive of good results. 1 look for tbe move
ment to be ono ot the most effective aids ths
Demociatlc party will have In the present
campaign. It will still further emphasize the
declaration mado by Tue World that " the
next President must be a Democrat." Yours
rcspcctitilly, William F. Uarkitt.
I Aug. 13.
nmn will break the sectional line. It wm
take tho edgo off ot such sectional measures
ns the Furcu bill. It win remuvo tbo choice ot
the President trum thu always closo State ot
New York nnd lnauro Domocratlo supremacy
lor many years.
I Thu Miuth should theiofora respond to tbe
call nnd lend substantial aid to this fund. It
la matter lu which nil our people are deeply
interested, and it every earnest Democrat
will only lorw.ud a siuail contribution the ag
gugato will bo Urge.
An Indoraoment from Tenneasee.
Ocn. W. It. Jackson, a leading politician c
Tennessee, Is at tho Hoffman House. Heter.
I'm? to Thr World's Western Carapalga
Fund j'cslerday he said: "It deserves en.
couragement und Indorsement. His a good
Idea not to aepend altogether on New York
Slato and to devote attention to tne West,
! where the Democrats huvo a lighting
,en. Jackson Is the owner ot Belle I"1
Block Form, which Includes such bIoo.,-1.'
norcs as hnqulrcr, l.tiko Blackburn, In
quols, which won three great events In Enp
Und tbe Derby, Prince ot Wales and bu
i.eger I reicout anil Inspector B. He
imported r.i eat Tom and Loyalist -and bred
Tammany, Huron and Proctor Knott.
Ingenuous. '
I from rrlA.l
Judgo Durfey You aro charged with steal
lng chickens : do you want a lawyer?
Mose Snowball No, Yer Honah.
Judgo uurfey Why not?
.Mosomiov. ball-It It please de Co't, Pd like
ter keep dem chickens inyso'f, alter habbln'
all ile trubblo rr glttln' 'em.
....w a w aaa a
w TTetf, la
N ' etead of sick
V nnd suffcrinp':
t hoalthy and
v ylgorous, In-
I x stead of worn-
l cut nnd weakj
B bright eyes,
J a clear skin, rosy
fft':'?' l aal t ml ll an "1 -"''- T""
WU!U-.44v.f.-.iL wouldn't thick
ti&&&U$to!ttitf&&mvton it was tho came
woman, and
it's nil duo to tho tiro of a, few bottles of
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
What this incdicluo lins dono for thon
Eonda of dclicato women, it will do for
you. If you're ovcrworhod nnd debt
' ttitod, it -.-iIl build you up if you're
borno itomi with tbo cliror.io aches, pain
nnd vrc.l:ntucs peculiar to yot bex, il ,
roliovcs ,ind curi-T. It invigorates thy
tyjtrai, pjrifica tho blood, improves T
Cer,tion, anil restores Ucsh nnd strongth.
For all tho painful irrcfnilarilics and
disc.ir.ca of m mien periodical pains, pro
lapsus cr.d otLcr t!isplacement!, bearing
down sonbttloni, mil wcaknrcses, it's" the
only remedy to pfleelivo tliat it can be
Cruaraiifrn!. If it doesn't Ix-noflt t
cure, you huvo your money back.
I If You Want to Taste Tea In Perfectloa
TU OUK 41TiM. .,,ku
If jonu Orion 'lea, we lino the nntlt In taia
clly. at 1.6(l i-rlb. '1 rr It. . , . .,.k I
ll run u.o C'cltto. irr nur 'MS" blend I to roie
our 41" Tea. It li ltr lint Baud for a ur lat
itat to
T, AXAM A- K;".1IIV.
1 and 11 Vvaev at,, Ne York Cltr.
IJiiii'i bo nlibnul n bollle ol
Venetian Liniment.
Tnt-rii lntrrimlly.lt nrta llhe a rWf
rorCholer.i,lt tirrlurn l);riijer;. Col";,
f'rninim, niiseu. firlt .llciK'arLei "
urrurtril m-rlectly hnimlej. t"jJJ
nmli Hrromininvlnir each, nllle.. '"
illrrt-tluuN nrrue.) Its-onihlnaTOiin
rlrnllna: uuoill.ea arn felt .IniiuedialJJa
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