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m wUmesWafo
By HMIHU by lA jtym tiNiallntr Oompanu.
Ht ' SS w'3 Tkt Row, Niw Toil
Bj (Including Pottage) :
IX si
Kvt -
Bft Vol.83 No. 11,330
MM Eatarad at tb. Post-OBo. si X. York M saeoad-
R claM mattar.
Q rvBRAKon orrtcE.ii
Wl tTOBLO L'FfOWN OFnct-l)6! Baoaowav,
K8 MMi Jialanrl 3M.U.. . York
'3 Maniao Arc
B6 BROOKLYH-SOJ Wasarno -ox St.
K PHILADELPHIA. Pu-Litora Bcietna. It
ME LOKDOS OFFICE-33 Cocx.rca St.. TTjL
ib autraax.
Midsummer Growth.
A Comparison of the Number'-of
"Worlds" Printed
in Five Julys.
J July, 1884 2,314,113
I July, 1886 5.870.328
I. July, 1888 8,427.731
July 1890 9,350,200
July, 1892 ".779.529
i The Record Per Day.
!: July, 1884 74,648
if: July, 1886 189,365!
July, 1888 ar6
t July, 1890 3i,6'9
If July, 1892 379,984
I '
TUB WORLD iei1 not, under any circum.
ttances, hold itself res.onlbl for tht return
I ,r taf.kerptna of any rejected manutcrtpts
i or pictures, of whaltorrer character nr ralue.
' Xo exception will be made to this rule with
regard to tlthtr letters or tncloturei. Xor
seiM th editor enter Into correspondence, con
cerning unavailable manuscripts,
iC Tna Evening World Prints auo-
mM, dated Preis News.
! Violence has ceased At Buffalo, law
'i aad order have prevailed in 10 far a they
affect the peace of the community and
the protection of property. There U
?f opportunltv now to consider another
phase of the general trouble which has
t been presented through testimony before
the Bute Board of Arbitration.
It la charged by men who were engaged
in the atriko, bnt who denounce the riot
ing, that the Ten-Hour law as applied to
the conduct of steam railways. was rlo
lated by corporations against which the
j strike was directed. This is a matter
which interests the public evenmore'
jtf Titsltythan it does the railway laborer.
-T To work employees 011 the roads for suoh
Yi continuous length of time that they fail
$ physically under the strain is to menace
tt the lires of passengers. Many tlmeV tie.
M fore now such overwork and such failing
-A hare led directly to fatal accidents on the
if niL
'J The charge made at Buffalo against the
p railway companies mnst be fully inveeti-
& gated. If it u true, the steps prescribed
jSjj by law, against the corporations, must be
fs promptly taken. In no respect are em-
ployars any lest bound by the statutes than
rjr ace their employees.
W Under the personal direction of Dr.
H Bbtxx, of the food inspection depart-
Bent, raid was made yesterday on many
'( frntt standi in the east side disiricts and
i large quantity of decayed and unripe
f5 fruit was seized. Undoubtedly the
PS raid achieved a good result for the
, time. There is the possibility of
,jj dire mischief in every unfit or
l! jp"1 P. Pch or apple sold at any
Drjs fCnd or store. To prerent the sale of such
Ejf wares is a duty of the health officer at
W !S ay time, and is just now in line with the
wA Strict precautionary measu re's being taken
;R against a cholera Tisitation.
3 But, .to be thoroughly effectire, such
RlS inspection as was made yesterday should
ifjj be made daily. Visits once a week eTen
Iby would not be enough to insure perfect
R results. There should be no opixjrtunity
lv for dealers to dispose "between times"
Wiijt of their unhealthy stock.
l. If the law requiring tne photographing
HP of Chinamen was passed because Cnina.
Bj men look so much alike that it is next to
M impossible to tell them apart, then there
Q can be no hope that the measure will add
k. anything to the art resources of
& thii country. Were it not that the
mm Qownment wants a sourenir of every
R$j ilsnUyedaonofConrrjcios within iubor.
mtv ders in the shape o( a cabinet photo of
M him, one Bowery achierement in the
j photographic line would suffice for all.
mA It could be passed from hand to hand
KiJ until the final Chinaman was reached,
&, when it might be filed awsy for future use
MtU in case there was any further photographic
k worriment of the heattien.
? Am it is. there cannot be much variety
t to the Mongolian roguei' gallery which
1$ wretob9reinWaahington. Ibeauto.
' graphs will differ, but the same bland smile
VS and oriform innocence will characterize
each picture, and you might as well try to
j lndifidoallxe their pigtails or parse a red.
I slip sentence in laundry literature as to
eayofyotiT .ottb knowledge 'arid belief
from their counterfeit presentment which
is fitch Sine and which is Won Lung.
And what difference does it make to any.
body anyhow?
" This cannot hare the effect of chang.
'ng or disarranging our traffic arrange,
ments in any way. These arrangements
are so obviously advantageous to both
parties that neither could afford to inter
rupt or change them. The Fhlla.
delphis.arjd iieadjng Coal andiron Com.
pany will coatfou frfthe future its buf
on of putting its coal on the markets at
as fair prices as it is able to secure. "
This is part of the comment of Preei.
dent McLton on Chancellor McGill'h
decision azainst the Heading combine. It j
will be noticed that thtre is a lack of ref. i
erence to any arrangements " obviously
advantageous " to the public or to prices
for coal as fair as the people can secure, j
But these things will come. '
The paint has been reached where, to
the outside public, such recurring stories
as that of the buried miners in Wales lose
their immediate suggestion of hor
ror. But lo the wives and children and
friends who are bereft every time one of
these underground tragedies occurs there
is just as fresh and poignant and awful a
grief aa if the same thing had not so
many times 1 alien to the lot of others.
It ii unfortnnste that there should be
that story of blackmail on the police beat
Patrol to recall in connection with Capt.
CAarsYTZR's application (or retirement
The Captain ii among the moat genial of
men and has done more than twenty
years of good aervlce on the force.
Even poor Yorick'i skull never did
ueh ghastly service aa the craninms of
the murdered Bohdzki will have per
formed if they aid In establishing the
Fall River police theory ol a daughter's
awful crime.
Chicago's beer war is ended and prices
will go up. to the old 'figure. But In a
c.ty where the drinking water needs dilut
ing before taking, tne malt product will
doubtless remain still the cheapest beverage.
Nearly a generation has passed away
' since President Jobxson started out on
the famous tour which was immortalized
under the title of "Bwingin' Bound the
The health officers inspecting the pear
and apple stands for decayed stock are
' literally carrying out the old adage: By
t their frniti ye aboil know them."
I Fbzdsrics Oatlosd will not succeed
in convincing anybody that his jump
from High Bridge v,a meant for a leap
into fame rather than into eternity.
Revolt ii unaeemlr in the Salvation
Army. The warriora should remember
that old ehuroli hymn: " We are not
divided, all one army we."
The injunction against the Heading
Combine doee not seem to have any effect
in preventing the Combine from patting
up the price of coal.
The Annexed District people still have
the courts, though the Mayor and Hlder-
suen have failed them. Fight the trolley
menace there.
That cleanliness which la next to godli
ness will stand even nearer the top of the
list among preventives of a cholera
The Wilkesbarre married man who has
eloped with a milliner doubtless got his
i inspiration from a bill for his wife's new
London appeals aohaje extended an
invltatiOn'to the cllolera to pay a visit
and these invitations are always accepted.
Chicago takes to a new iteam motor for
its North Bide surface railway rather than
introduce the trolley to ita streets.
Kobcdy wants the cholera; yet the
health officials will be on the keen jump
to locate it, if it comes.
Fatal yachting accidents are making a
fair place ior themselves in the list of
marine casualties.
A great many men will find to-day that
they have bought wrong futures on the
Uncalled For.
Itea rrolA.
Ethel I had a headache to-day, and 1 read
a lot ol your old letters.
George Did tner cure tbe pain t
Ethel They did; 1 alvrajs nnl relief In
The Height of Meanness.
troi rtJ-dii, )
"Well, If that atn'titean:' exclaimed the
prisoner. "Every one o" i he storifs tn this
paper they've gimme to rrad Is to be con
tinued.' An' me to be hutij n?xi ween I"
Von TrwIA. J
Mrs. Bwarback What is meant by the
phrase " The church milium?"
Bwajrback 1 suppcae It baa aome reference
to the canons ; don't jou t
Rather Hard on Hlmielf.
(rvo ii4rm,.)
Said tbe lecturer: "Tbe roads up these
mountains are loo steep and rocky for eten a
donkey lo climb; there.'oro I did not attempt
the ascent"
But That's Another Story.
fro W Italian ftnrr. J
Voice from the Attic Mrs. Skinner I Mrs.
Skinner I
Voice from the Uasement Well, Mr. Never
pay, wrist's tho matter now ?
"Hold Katie tbla morning to put some oil
In my lamp, and she never did It, and now It's
gone out. ThU Is tho third time It's haiv.
pened." '
"Well. I thought you liked Mr. Kipling's
"Whst. In heaven's name, have Mr. KId.
ling's stories got to do wtih ray lamp!"
" Why, that's' Tbe Light That failed. '"
At a Vestry Meeting.
fyoN nj Bin. i
The Cbalrman-Tne chair win not dispute
tbe point with Mr. Carter.
Mr. Carter The Chair had better not, un
less be takes his coat off. '
The Chair did not.
ia&iftk4 W W ti'i, T3iii3si?aH'ff''1 if I
! was much amused last evening by a dla
lorue I chanced to overbear ea the Warrva
street station platform of the Ninth evenoe
Elevated Itallroad. The speakers were two
young wctcen. " This talk about men giving
up their seats In crowded cars logins just
tecsuse tbey are pretty Is all bosh," said one.
I'm not a bit good-looking, and I kn)w It,
but I're bad aeala offered to me when there
were hair a dtten prettier women standing
up In the sime slsle. It's all In knowing how
I to plar uoon the ajmpatbles of the men." " I
wish to goodness rou'd let me Into tbe se
cret, then, said the other, wearily, " for I
have had to stand up on tne train night after
nljhL" " I'll do It," said the other. " You
just wstcb me."
The train came along and tbey were swept
with the stream of bumanlty Into a car In
wblch there wai hardly elbow room. 1 man
kgei tn get tn Jmt behind them, so as to make
a mental tote of the proceedings. When
fairly In tbe car tbe girl wno had nrsl spoken
beared a prallgloui sigh, rolled up her eyes,
pressed one hand to her bosom and ataggered
so tbat 1 tboucbt she was about to rail In a
faint, and 1 Involuntarily put on tar handa to
catch ber. She rewarded me with a amtle
tbat seemed laexpresslblr sad. Two men
who witnessed the per.ormance sprang to
tbelr feet and made a tender cf their seats
The young woman gave each tbe same aad
Aon of smile she had bestowed upon me and
dropped Into one of the teats, while her rum
pantos took the other. Mr, but It worka
like a charm," I heard No. 3 whisper In a tone
of admiration as I turned away to hide a
rin- ...
Horace J. Colvtn. New England PasMnger
Agent of the Canadian Taclflc Itallroad, la a
frequent visitor In tbls city, snd few railroad
men have morv friends In the fraternity.
17. Morning's Waftd.
The Western Campaign Fund yetcr
day passed the $20,000 mark bj more
than half a thousand. The total to last
night was $20,610. Nearly one nun.
dred Democratic newspapers are now
co-operating in the good work, and Us
success seems assured. The Western
Democrats meet the help with contribu
tions, the Eastern Democrats approve,
the 80 u l hern Democrats applaud, and a
vigorous national campaign will be the
result if all give who are interested and
able. Hatt you helped the cause t
Bcltnlitt. tv thftt Ulorln man darln dty't
work ntiBf fif cranevt ot maiaUr iuu.
I fltubm 8pDCs)r, th pbiloophtr, ! mIj to bi
' nio of ttticaUr modMt, wttii ft atl vole tad
liacftt fcmlDla .."
Arfth DwfDhftritt it fortj-lgbt ' ' So
wu chriMtbwd 'IUMtb," tut cbftbfeii Lr d4Md
tu tlftifth lor I. Nu known only to hiriwlf,
Zo'ft it tat i to bolMf thtt Uit tint it not Ur dit
tftnt wta liftnc w.Jftffttn Ukt op nnt ftgftlntt
k ftn tifttnplw of tho ftmoant of fold In tb
Torltf, tbt mta M of Jttw ZoftUod bftrt tlout pro
dacd t2S0tt00,UOO wortb of tho prweiout mtUl.
Bona to the Clover.
Ob, ftong to too olftfor.
Tbt tt tji4 lufftr,
Wbicb tb- t not ovor
Iboir tbiiti to ti7;
Id wboto drptbt tbt tb plortt
Ultt to Bnd cottr,
Yt otrst intld-n nud lot off
And cLtldrvn atfftjr.
Ob, tho eool, ftftf rant pltwo
btroirii with tbt trtcftt
1 tbt pink and Mtalto thtm
BrMthlof porfow:
W otro tho Loantrr wind rao,
LeMltn Wltes UftMM
Of opt-oror apftooft
Of cloftr biosta
A4U feMttutssd 5utl4ts, in jr.w Orttmni ftHto
Coaat Impudance.
JVow Eofltnd maldt art chill Jtr,
Tho Houtbaia ifttaka Unitr,
Cblcftgo matdtot tUlior,
Than glrla of taliiorni.
Cast frameiseti Jftw$ Lt
A Beast of Burden.
Aba didn't know Fronch, aad aba didn't know
And aba wondtrcd oft, lo an Innocont war.
With ft awtt llttlo inaooclant tort of ft (lanoo,
Wbjr "raothtr" waa bioto," aa tht, rrtnch
popl tar.
Bat anon throoch th Krone b rural dutastu abo
And waa ahookod at tho bnrdana of poor woman
And tho tblnka now aba knowa what tha trlla
In daaorluiag a muthar m raaral a roar.
-CAi-.tifo Jroif,
A Summer Wooing.
Tbo wind waot wooing th roaoa.
Fur tbt ro wat fair.
How tbo roagh wind woo. who knowa f
Hat htltft btr thtrt.
Far ftwft from ntr pool, bo blowa,
Pvoa tbt frto wind cart f
stun Chamtltr JTomII,
Tbe Body of tbe Nobleman to Be
Taken to Franc for Burial.
It was tbo body of " Mr. R.S. Wliklua"that
was removed from tbe sloe entrance of the
Hotel Belvedere to an undertakers wagon In
tbe dead watches of the nlg-bt, hut the casket
Into which It was afterwards put bore tbe
name of Baron Koger de beilliere. and a mass
was aald to-day for the repose of his soul. In
tbe chapel ot 8t. r at rick's Cathedral, only
his brother, Usron Itaymond de Sellllere, and
his wire; viscount d'Ataac, the French Con.
aul.Grnrral. and the clerks from tbe consul,
ate surrounding the casket.
The body 111 be taken to France, where It
will be Interred in tbe family chateau or
Thus ends tbe singular career of tbe deaf
ami dumb nooleman wbo had wandrrrd up
and down the earth almost continuously dur.
InjttiUIUo ol nttj.iwo rears, lie died of
Hrlgtil'a disease at the Hvltrdtre, where ho
had registered under tbo name oi 11. h. n.
kins on Auf. IT. and taken to bis bed.
He waa attended In his lllnrna by bis pri
vate M cretar). . J. t lattery, and Mrs.
Flattery. Ilciilrd at iundo n, wedn, aday.
f hf re ai no apparent rt'ion tor the secrecy
o( au inoiemeniH, jet bu oun brother, lorn.
I Inif mi Horn .Nertport, was obliKru to call
! uionriipi. lit rnei to aid him In nndloir ibe
1 place urri- the dead man lay.
Immensely wealth), Harun Hover leaes
another brmlier, Francois des-elllere, of Pans
. and a sister, I rlnces de Sanan, rellca
ot the nobility ot the Napoleonic creation.
Cappa Will May In Central and
Lelboldt In St. Marv'a Park.
Cappa's .seienth lirelrntnt Band Kill cite
the uiual concert on the Mall. Central park,
tbla atternuin at 4 o'clock. The tallowing U
the prot;rama.e'
HUr.SpaoilM Itnrr,
icli 'RvIIa
O""'"" . - lutllln'ttctnr"
lrtDi..llloo .... . Btb.mlan OIl "
Uupooaium tolo.
,. Air Varl Moat W. Thn II ..t
wain .... . Eiiud.aollDA"
Ot.m or. rhbl. of -Hints"
Mtiiran IIaqca.. ... thlo."
IntrodoctlOD fruin Ihi opt " MittrlDffr,"
'7itlT:".".. , .. attrtoa Waablasrea"
lbuli' ltrl
" Hail, Colombik.'
There win be music In St. alary'a Parle br
UlLoIdt's Twelfth Keglment UnJ Ibis ajter.
noon ut 4 o'clock. The following is tbe rro
irrainme: Th Hur flposl4 BaDDtr.
Xr "Boral llaitnt"
y,.;"" - aab.itloi."
Walt;, "J4r.nbl4ll.t"
txMllor, ,,"l"uor JuoU4n"
(rol Solo.
&F.C- "Bl.lb b.1 ralr"
Mltloa 'Pt''
J1' I- . "ntlo"
Uslep - ''toaaiitrsadY
$238.18 MORE TO-DAY
Now There Is $13,485.44 in tbe
Sick Babies' Fund.
The Good Work ot One Little Long
Island Woman.
Fa!rs and Jtntertalameata Tbijt.
Yielded Valuable Results.
All lellrra raralne mrv (or tk '
Pfrk Rabr read atieeU ke aiMret
the O.fel.r af the " V.rk Uarle.
ralllavr BalUlaa. I
llaeatUae f el.lhlaK. At- akeaU kr
msi I. Jin. Uekcrta. 317 Weal r.rl
alalk alra.U
Pr,.-,.'ntko'11 .... - 113.247 ?
Mn. Ad.l. DsnD.il, Ptintlll L. 1 ... IE3.I0
Barn Totatr., K. Aibar Tark 34. VJ
A E. jMinn, Monllcllo, . Y 3VO0
Btrthaeanail., (Jo.h.n. .1. V :0 10
Un. J H. Klrtland If. 00
Fair at Lit W. N. Y 10 CO
rr LIU'. Maieni, Brooklrn t.10
Ua.llDndrd ami SiuotaStrtt Fair t.8u
I Ida hlo-k a4 t .! K.rt.r i.Zi
E. P l P 4 10
iJ.mrCH; Fair 4.52
TwoHahooltoj 3.H
lUtcr. Hani., ArT.rn..bj'th3. ... &f0
K.tl. SchaKll.r, B.rlka Normaan. ... 3.35
raoaU McK.nna 3.10
klmdlaon atenn party 3.00
Edith Powtll. Halllt SMdcrf 1 00
Font foutb Blttt fir 1.T5
lour Paa.au: (N.J.) f rl 1.43
Oil.. V. P., Brooklyn 1.00
John Jam. Klabr 1.10
IL M 1.00
HlefcaidandFlor.no LUO
I Billy, Jack an 1 Tommy .01
I What one little woman can do Is shown
here pretty plslnly. A fcumtr.cr.nlght enter,
talnment at Pearsalla, L. 1., wblch took place
' on Aug. 2d and added 183. 75 to the blck
1 Babies' Fund, as arranged and managed en.
J tlrely by Mrs. Adele Dunnell, or Eas: liocka.
j war, L 1. She canvassed the surrounding
villages and gathered an audience nhlch In
numwr and elegance surfassed anything
tbat baa been known In tbat locality.
Mrs. Dunnell not only took upon herself all
the duilei of a manager, but added to her
financiering ber services as an artist. Her
recitations were the Itature of the evening
I and elicited devjrved recalls
Mr. ard Jars. John Flnlavson and Miss
Florence Dunnell helped acctpiably lo fill an
hour's programme, asilsted by tbe kind,
hearted portion of tbe llotkvllle Centre Band,
whose music under the leadership ol Mr.
Alvord, was rzcvllent. An orchestra bating
fulled In Its prouilie to provide music fur the
dsnclng. which took place from u to 11'
Metura.11111. intslls, turns and Mjera .,
unteered tbelr tervicee. and the Uoteof .sJ
evening Mas aa brilliant aa Us opening.
Mian Dunnell krace.ullr disposed or the
Dowers. Wblch had bten donated by Dr. He air
of I'earaallv and Master WUlttlrr, w0 ,'.1
friend Master risher. sold "help tbs poor and
needy" lemonade. Waller Jonet, of Hock.
MIlo Centre, gave the uso ol lb. Lyceum.
Among the prominent patrons ncre Mrs.
F. v. Myers and daushtw; Mr- and Mrs. L E.
Kotenfeld and Mist Beasle Myers, oi Hoc.
aay Beach: Dr. Urlswaldand col. J. j. oJ?.
oett, of New York; Dr. White and fninllr
and Mr. and. Mrs. .Nermann, of J'earsail
Mm. Jarrett and Mrs. Blottner. of tast ltuci
away, and Mrs. Vlnient, of Hocicvtile centre
Mrs. Dunnell offers her aervicjs to anr
charitable- benefit s a reciter.
Tbe Money Divided
r ( rntT-
Av as entertainment given at Long Branch
for tbe Sick Babies' Fund and Hebrew Sani
tarium, the sum of aiK.25 was realised. We
take pleasure In Inclosing 10.13.
BSaTKIM HoTiisniN, I. Hosinblcm,
Havwoian UornsriiH, 1. La-vina,
Llllle and Lizzie.
r. trr4ttrl
We send you herewith 10 as a contribu
tion to tbe sick Babies' Fund. ihU amount
Is the result of a lair held last Wednesday at
108 West Mnety.seventn street. Many of
the pretty knlckknucka sold were made and
donated by little glrla, whose aympa.hlet had
I beeu aroused by ibe stories to.d In Tur Kvkn
IKd Wosld about the surjerlog cblldren ot
this ilty. 1 en dollars la not a great sum. but
we earnestly hope It will help to relievo the
distress of the poor little tola.
Liizik Oshwil,
175 WestNlnety-sevenihatreaU
172 West Mnety-renth street.
All Under Ptftoen.
r. rtiior ,
An entertainment was given on Monday,
Aug. 'ii, at tbe Pavilion Hotel. Far ltocka.
way, aud 110 26 realized, through tbe efforts
of tbe undersigned, all under nileeu years or
ago : -
raiitcu McKm. Joesrn Dowuno,
CtciLla McDavirr, Mazia Dowlivo,
Jinnii McDaviTT, Kins Dowii.sn,
Far Kockaway.
Mabel and Oracle.
T l Editor
i Inclosed please Ond 60 cents for the Sick
Babies' Fund, tbe proceeds of a smsil fair
held at 77 llalsey street, Brooklyn, by Mabel.
Hose snd Oracle Fuller.
Mabzl and Orxcis.
Myra'a Pennies.
r rtixrri
Inclosed please find money order for 1, tbe
amount saved by Myra Harmon, ageii fle
Tears, bhe has saved ber pennies (or mo
I Two Little Sympathisers,
ra r rtiTt
We are two little girls aged eleven. We
sympathize so much n Hit tbe poor babies no
thought we would try and add a mile to
tbelr aid. in we held a small lair and send
f:i, tbe proceed. We wish It had teen more.
Harlem. Lianna and Mi.miic
Eight Woodbourne Girls.
I r it . rflla.
We herewith tcclorp a check for 13.50, tbe
proceeds of an entertainment gUen by tbe
chlMreu of the .Merrill House, at Wood
liournc. Please devote the samo to ihe Sick
Babies' Fund.
l.onis Mil ik. Monica Miaair,
tun KciiNisr, Viviait i'amt.
Sadie Sacrificed Her Zither.
I To IS. rlttr a
' Sadie Tucker, of 2lo South Second street,
Williamsburg, Is a prltr llttlo girl, nine
jears old and a fcrtrf nt admirer of 1 lit Et is.
isu Woklp. When she read In 'Ihk Fvkmmi
WoRLnot tbesuflerlugsoi the babies nmiv;
parents are ton ioor to lake llnmioiiie
counrry, sue determined to help theiunJnr-
canned in their befalf. out of her slender
Btore of pocket money aha had tlckits punted
odenngastbe prize Icr a raffle her iholcest
posseslon-a pretty harp zither. 1 he ruffle
i was brought off last night and the Inclosed
i ill are ibe proceels of the sale ot tickets.
' Mlsalucier was ery fond of her zither, but
Is reconciled to Its loss by the thoughts ot the
good the money will do tbe stck babus.
Three dtrls, of Brooklyn,
fa it . rur
Inclosed please find 120 for the Sick BabteV
Fund, the proceeds ot an entertainment and
fair given by three llltle girls. Clara (illle.
Ple. Etta Peck and Caasle Johnson, assisted
. by tbelr irlends, and held at 22 Douglas
iireet,Brookljft, '",
.-I '
Eullhran and Corbett to Start Soon
fcr New Orleans.
The ' Big Una " Will Go Next
Thursday, Corbett Inter.
Those two gladiators of tbe roped arena,
John L bulllran atd James J. Corbett, for
one of whem the nlgbt ol Sept. 7 will be make
or break, are both wellnUh throat with the
srduouYpart of tbelr training.
Preparation are being maile at both Canoe
Place Inn and Lock Arbourto break up camp.
In a tew day 'both of theae scenes ot great
Interest the past ten weeks will be dnerte d.
Unless the coxln; contest ends In a draw
one of thm will be famous ai the place
where the ctiamrlon of the world did his
hultivan will shake the dust ot Rood
Ground from his feet next Monday morning
at least tbat Is tbe time set by his backer,
CharleyJohnston. for bis departure. Jchnstoa
will not tell the exact time that Sullivan
leaves, is be wishes to avoid any crowds Ihsi
may he on hand to get a glimpse at the
charoDton when he arrives i'. Brooklyn.
Jobtston nut go down to the quiet Long
Island village Saturday night and accompany
tbe parly, which will consist of cuRlvan,
Jack Ashton, Casey, Ellly Morgan and the
Jap, Sullivan's valet, to Brooklyn.
On the arrival ot tbe party carriages will
be on baud to convey them to rhll Casey's
place, near. Degraw and Court streets. Brook
lyn, This will be the big fellow's bead
quarters until be leaves ror New Orleans
He will remain pretty quiet at Casey's on
Monday until after supper and will adjourn
to Clermont Atenue lilnk about 8 o'clock
to his testimonial benefit. After tbe show
John I. will hie him back to Casey's
Tuesday and Wednesday win be devoted to
playlug handball snd punchln; the tag.
The Intention Is to have tho big lellow do.
Just enough work to prevent htm accumula
ting any additional weight prior to starting
The departure will be male at 5 o'clock
Thursday afternoon irem the West snore de
pot In Huboken. As has already been told a
special train will carry the sulllvan coterie
to Sew Orleans A car will be ntled up with
training apparatus and ether things neics
sary lor tbo btg pugilist's comfort. Ills person
wulbesacreJ on tbe way down, only the
ltiLer clrclAatlng entree to the private car.
There will be a supply of Long Island water
andeaiabliabtslJeia cook lo prepare Sulli
van's food. The party will consist ol those
already nam-d and Frank Moran, Sullivan s
theatrical manager.
'Ihe Crescent Llty will be reached Saturday
evening, the routo being by way of Buffalo,
Cleveland and Cincinnati. The Sulllvan bead-qua-ters
tn Ncn Orleat.s will be 46 liampart
street. He will do his work there at the
Young Men's (ij mnaslum.
The eullltan party win have arrived at Its
destination by the time Corbett and friends
start south. The latter will remain at Loch
Arbour until the last minute, corbett Mill
come up to the. city Mondav momlnsr, how.
ever. He n to meet McCaffrey a Madison
square Harden t lu.tio, when arrangements
will iv tuude lor tbe four-round bnxlng con
test bc.ween tbe two bich la to omeon in
this city nfterthe return irom New Orleans,
titer the annn Monday the bl Carnornlan
will pa.es Ihe Ughl at the Coeman House,
returning lo his training quarters tbe next
atlernoiiii. He will rtaums training, or. at
any rate, do enough to keep him tit and feel
ing will. n and bit party will leave Loch
Arbour in lime to catch the '-Corbett special."
which leaves from the PennaUanla depot
Jersey city, at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
" Fompejour " Jim will ala liare a special
car, ntted up with a punchlng-bag, welgnt
maehlne ana other devices to keep him on
edge; also a special cuisine, so ss to guard
against jnr Injury to the Inner man. Cor.
belt, Manager Brady, Trainers De.aner, Dil
lon, Dalv and VcVev, Mike Dmovan. his dog
Ned and probably lorbett'B father will make
up the parly. Tbe run to New Orleans, It is
expected, wllltakn about forty hours, unless
a stop should be made en route, perhaps
somewbereln Vhglnla.
In New Orleans the man who hopes to whip
Sulllvan will uut up at a private residence,
that of n irlend hose house adjoins the
Olympic Club. He win work at the rooms of
the Southern Athletic Club. Cornell trained
here for bis contest with Kllraln, his first
battl away irom home.
onthenlrlu of Sept. 7, at 0 o'clock, both
men will repair to the ring ot the Olympic
club and then .
Policemen Pall to Locate It In tbe
Haunted Oceanic Hotel.
rollceraan Gallagher and Detective WIs
tanee were very vigilant, but they failed to
catch ihe ghost of the Oceanic Hotel at West
' Brighton, snd therefore were unable to carry
out tbe orders of Chief of Police McKane to
give It a good clubbing and bring It to head
quarters. If you can."
Whether It was the ghost ot the man who
Is said to have nccn loully murdered tn room
30 ol tho Oceanic, right over the parly, or
somebody or something else, guest of the
hostelry insist with cnatlerlng teeth that
something has been stumping about tho
balls and pouodln on the walls of that floor
In an uncanny fashion at all hours of nlgai.
Chlei McKane is sceptical, and henLt bla
order (o Dlub tbe ghost It j ou can catch 11
and bring It to Headquarters."
Legal Technicalities May Let a Mur
derer Oo Free,
lev ASincuriD runs. I
Saji Francisco, Cal., Aug. 28,-Jobn Mc
1 Nulty, wno has been in Jail here for four
years under semens e of death. Is "Judicially
dead," and yet he may never bare the rope
placed around his neck.
McNulty was to bo banged yesterday, but
the Ootcrnor's reprieve aid net specify ibe
time for execution and tho prisoner must bo
Jude Murphy sajs: "Tlmo of execution
having passed, MeNjlty. in contemplation of
the law Is Judicially di ud. Mj court Is dono
with him. II JucUe Murphy adheres to this
opinion tuo muidinr will be set free.
Their Camp Is Broken and a City
Fear an Epidemic.
I- Arorurrn rnv..i
CrnsB Kahih. la.. Au,-. 27 While Grace
Church (holr, Mstj.fHo In number, was
camping at Dccorau one ot (be membvis was
taken down with scarlet fever.
The Health Ofi:cr heie nlied Dr. Orrcn to
keep the bojs by themsUves until an Injixc
tun had been made.
Mir sonic n.ts.in the order was not obeyed
ncd the bois went to various parts ol the
city 'Ihe Health oniiers aio alarmed ft tbe
prospect of au ei Idemic
Took 6,000, Loft n. Bloc of Wood,
inr aisociiTro rnts. I
Tuscola, 111., Aug. 27. Thrce-card monte
men swindled Farmer Kpbralm Dressbsck
out nt (.1.000 ot hl hard earned money jes-'
terday, leaving a box remaining a LU.kof ,
Gov. Eagle Has a Chnnce for Life. I
lav a.iimhtih riiul I
LousviLi i, Ky Aug. 27. Di. T. Stuckry,
wbo has just returned from the bedside of
llov. Eagle, at Iltcbmond. aays that the Oov
ernnr a condition is critical, but tnai he haa a
chance for recov ery. .
jiPtjayBmtiUUiUl) N ja BBaWleLgBPB
A Season of Sashes.
Sashes ot evrrr descrtpi Ion, In soft, rich:
tones and faint, rloudr tints, are talvted
atxui the waist with arsrtless puff teblnd,
or bound tightly rtrosi the hips snd knotted
at one se crdlrectly In front. Many ef the
frery dellcateaa")' ariTjccuSo Uka-Sslta
girdles and. passing under tbe arms, are car
ried high up In Ibe centre of the back, where
a huge spread bow tires tbe flnLshlag touch
to this original dealzn.
One of Worth's most CssMng costumes In
some odd, gold-threaded Oriental fabric Is
furnish d with a piquant sash drapery in
warm red, olive and golden shades, wblch
s arts at tbe arm-holes, crossev on th-busi,
Is curiously wound around the figure audit
finally brought forward from the hips, where
It Is iflectlvely looped In tbe Cie paira mode,
the fringed edge falling almost to the foot uf
the sklru
Another I arlslan tancy plants a hugo bow
upon tbe bust, the ends of which, alter wind
ing twice about the waist, cross behlnlanl
take a forward and don nnard course tn tte
foot of the fklrt In Irom, wh. re they finish tu
another tig bow.
') BUVDAV. AC3. 39 S
I Compot. of Pair.
JMonM.I Ktrins. f raaro.)
Lamb C3ei filled Tomatoes. (
Bibwn Brand. Coff.j. )
( riBxza. (
s Crm of Corn Sonp. (
YonnsDnek. N.w Turnip..
) Pakad Tomato.
Chicken Croqartl Pats
i; Lattcc. Salsd.
Wafara Cha. r
lee-Cream. J
C-iffaa. (
. j scrris. A
SardtnM. Baas EandwIobM.)
V tram CskM. C
t Ir.1 Taa, i
Kansas Grls ai Home.
V the mothers of the ttrls who wear glaraes
eould get togetnar and compare .notes, they
would probably discover that lor some reason
It hurts tbelr daughters' eyes a great deal
more to sew Ore minutes than to read an
An Atchison ycung woman uses wrtlng
paper with "Stand Up for Kansas" engraved
In one corner as ber motto.
No girl who wears suspenders should scream
when a bug gets on her. I
Only seven girls In Atcbta'on succumted to
the suspender style. Hurrah. .la A j
, Kan.) Globe.
A Real Gypsy Queen.
Queen Siberia, absolute ruler of 8,000 gyp
sies. Is twenty-eight years old, with told and
strUlug mien. Her hair Is raven black
a orned with many ornaments : her features
regular, ryes bright, teeth as white aa snow.
Her country seat at Oxfordshire, England, is
as good as money can command. Her 8.000
subjects each pay her $7 yearly. Her mother,
the eld Queen Britannia, died near Newark,
. N. J., about two years ago.
Chairman Carter's Wife.
Mrs. Thomas IL Carter, tbe wl'e ot the
Chairman of the liepubltcan National com
mittee, was a Miss Ellen Lillian Oalen, the
daughter cf Hugh F. Oalen, of tho r rm ot
Thomas H. Power t Co., burdware merchants.
She was born In tho vicinity of 1'uget sou'id,
and most of ber life previous to and since her
marriage has been spent In Helena, Mon. Ic
was there that she Orst met Mr. Carter, who
was practising law In tost city. Her mar.
rlage to him took place n tbe Winter of 1R80.
Ne lie Oalen, as sne was called by her Inti
mates, was educated In the convent of Notre
Dame, tn Indiana, vi hence she was graduated
In music In isso. In 1882 she flnlsled the
ac-idemlc course and was awarded the medal
for excellence In the French languige. In
addition to these ftmlnlne accomplishments
Mrs. carter is a capital shot and an expert
horsewoman, having acquired eniiloncy In
botb these branches while yet a mere child of
s venor eight running about oa her father's
ranch. Mrs. carter has one son, John Galen
Carter, who was born atom two years ago.
Mo Wedding Cake in Italy.
A very pretty custom was brought to my
mind tho other day on tho receiptor cards
announcing the marriage ot a young Italian
friend. Wedding cake is an unknown quan
tity In that rchltaula, tontons and comnta
taking tu place. Tbesa sweets are served at
tbe em; of tbe wedding breakfast or dinner,
and each guest carries away a generous aup.
ply. The amount destined to be taken away
Is pnt up la either a fancy cardboard box ,
In silk bags, the bonbons first having beet
wrapped tn asl papers to prevent tbem from
soiling tbe dainty sonrenm These bags are
often very elaborate and expenilve and allow
of great display. They are sometimes made
of choice bits of rare old silk and brocade, but
more often are of heavy white satin, either
embroidered or painted with the monogram
of the uniting couple.
Caramel Pudding.
Make a plain boiled c-'stard of a pint of
rr Ilk, one egg, and a smsll tablspoontul of
corn starch. When thoroughly cooked set to
one sldo of the range and make the carameL '
Put a cup of sugar In a small frying pan, and
stir over the Ore until It melts and gets a
dark brown, but It ramt not burn. When
caramel cd, bring the custard forward and
pour the caramel In with one baed, stirring
quickly with the other. Ihe caramel seems
to harden at one;, but continued stirring will
make It as smooth as custard, chocolate In
color, and a peculiar delkloja Oarer. Put In
olines and serve very coll.
" Blood and Iron's " Boss.
It Is hinted by those la authority that
Princes Usmarckls largely responsible lor
the piesonl altitude ot her husband towards
Gen. ion caprlvl. at whom the loyal wi e is
furiously indliaii oi account if tbe dlsmls.
sal oi ber huscand In t be Ueneral s favor. Ir
tbls be true ve may yet witness another con-1
Dagratton 11 hied by the blaze o. a woman's
Bath-Houm Dainty.
A delightful addl'ton to bath-room dsln les
Is secure! b) tbor ughl) mixing together une
.unce ilmtuto t-euzolo, ine of orris tincture,
ten (l.oi oil of dm u and ten of nrroiL A
tabli.ponfuldr,p,eJlntoa pla o water win
le suniilubl lor ibe calh First wash thor
oughly au-i iilpedry. ibeu api.l by means of
a Al clotu or spon.e to tb.- ei.tl. e suruce ot
the bed) This tie, aratlon will not nnlr lm
,nr a Ira rune to h :kln, rut add ma-t-r'.all
In lis btautl Keep 11 ctuie ell
iored Un II Muter is added It wlllnjltw
lound so pleasant aa an odur.
for fair or Dark Women.
The pretty young lady In evenln; attire
wears a gon ot nle blue sjtln, trimmed
with )elluw loses and bands of lhesun.c
shade, and a Irlli ot ecru Leg around tne top
of I he bodice. 1 he fan Is yellow. This cen .
tinatlun Is equally teccmlngto fair or dar
wimen. .ll the prettiest dresses wom by
yo urg wearers Just now are of satin or surab
or watered silk with line-slrlpes
One Comes, Another Goes.
His I te is buck I
No more nt night.
When seems (be (own (o htm a sombre sight, '
Too out. and gray, i
May he go forth with palbt to make It bright.
He's bad his day;
Ills wife la back I
But who is that
Ith glossy hat
And step as Bf.rtngy as tho step of fawn,
Wbo leave at night, returning with th
It Is the other man whose wife's just gone.
He'll see tho painting dono I
He 11 hare the fun:
The town shall never stay
So dull and gray ;
Ills wife has gone I
Pineapple Souffle.
Tare and grate enough pineapple to make
one pint ; ad J one pound of granulated sugar;
mix well and squeeze In juice or one lemon!
I o half a box of gelatine add half a glass of
cold water; soak until soft; then set over a
kettle of hot water. Beat the yolks of threo
eggs with egg-beater and stir Into the pine
apple; when gelatine Is melted add to the
pineapple and pour all into a dish snd set In
a pan of cracked Ice; stir slowly until I: gets
thick; then add one pint of wbtpped cream;
turn into a mould wblch has a cover; put a
tbln cloth over the top; nt the cover down
closely uver the cloih; psck the mould In a
mixture or chopped Ice and salt. In two hours
It nil) be ready to serve. In the centre it
will not be frozen, but the outside portion
will ireezo a mile'.
Bebe R'bbon as a Trimming.
Bebe ribbon Is a much-used variety of tbe
many widths ol ribbon so greatly and so van
ously employed for trimming dresses, bon
nets, parajols, ic, to say nothing ot the
recoratlon of fancy work, where ribbon ot
this sort figures conspicuously. Bebe ribbon
trims admirably evening gowns of soft silk
and combines well with lace, enhancing tho
light enect of that particular decoration.
Sheer wools are also suitably trimmed with
narrow silk or velvet ribbon, wnlch Is put on
in straight rows or made up in a series of
loops more or less long, or In tufts or pom.
pons, and when these are placed in juxtapo.
Billon on a gown, to hold lace In place, they
are frequently connected by two or three
si rands of the same ribbon.
A Morel Window-Cleaner.
A new nn low-cleaner haa been suggested
as an Improvement to the olf.fashloned n Up
of rubber, fastecel on a band of wood or
metaL Tbe great trouble experienced with
these bands seems to be tbe difficulty of ap
plying water. The sew suggestion la to at
tach a rubber ball lor holding water to the
handle cf the window-cleaner, by means of
which the winnows may te vl.orously
sprayed. Such an arrangement as tbls would
certainly save trouble, thoujn the averaja
house-scrvactprelcrs a chamois to any rub.
ber win. i-w-tieancr.
'An English Newspaper Woman.
Miss Marie jCiluct Belle c has a pair of
d'mples (hat she found useful In overcoming
tbe continental prej iclce to intervl-wers, for.
Miss Bellx: is an j Hliah literary woman,
who began ber career ly securing for the
I'all Halt Gatetle some veiy valuible inter
views from promloent European statesmen,
whose excluslvenese, Invulnerable to mascu
line Inquiry, melted before MUs Bcllocs
graceful questioning.
Although Miss Be lo rijolc-s In a " career,"
she Is but Just pas twenty. She possesses
an advantsge over most writers In tbat she Is
equallv at home In both French and English;
In fact. s. me cf her best stories those of a
piquancy more apptecl.ittd In France than In
England, have appeared In Parisian maga
zines. 1 MENU.
) MoxsiT, ADO. 29. C
( zaiAirAst.
Fruit, )
flrlta. Sojar and Craaav. t
Fncaaaa. ol Driad F.aL SaraUea Chips.
I Holla, Oofla.
I LrmcH. '
( Cold Dnek. Mayonnaise of Teasata.
Tbln Brand and Batl.r. i
) T'- I
( cisxia. (
( Cream of Fh Soap.
Btell.1 Slrloli, Tomato Saace, r
Fr.nen Frl.d Potatoes. airing fiufc l
Ltlnc. fa'ad. (
WafM.. raaaaa. )
( Chiliad WaUrmalon. t
) CoSm. 0
A Mew Mexico Woman.
Near tbe town of White Oaks, N. M, lives
one of tbe most remarkable women even ot
tbls moat remarkable age. The house In
wblch she lives, a low whlte-walled adobe
building covered with green vines and Oiled
out with rich carpets, artistic hangings
books and pictures, exquisite chl na and silver,
and all the dainty belongings with which a
re lined woman loves to surround herself, was
built with ner own handy. The huge ranch
on which It Is located, with Its 8,000 cattle,
Is managed entirely by her. It Is she wbo
buys or takes up the land, selects or cot.trols
the men, buys, sells and transfers tbe cattle.
be Is also a skllr.tl and intelligent prospec
tor, and found the valuable silver mine on
her territory. In which Bbe now owns a half
Interest, bbe sings charmingly, accompany
ing herfcelt n the piano or guitar, and bandleJ
a cambric needle r a water-color brush as
dexterously as ue uses an adze or a Jack
plane. 8he entertains delightfully at her
home, whist parties, little dances and even
en occasional german. tier name Is Mrs.
Barber and she cos been twice a widow. A
woman wbo can run a ranch, build a house,
manage a mlno and engineer a successful
german deserves a prominent place la th
ranks ot women ot genius.
The angel sleeve-large, wide and loose.
One long puff, one short one and a deep
A Urge, short puff sleeve with no trimming.
A loose puff gathered Into a long, plain cuff.
Lengthwise puffs to the elbow, finished'
with a short Metvo band.
A large puff and close cuff to tbe wrist, with
a fall o; lace half way down tha sleeve.
The deep fall of lace reaching below the
, elbow in the back and open and short In front.
A full sleeve gathered Into a band of velvet
below tbe elbow and finished with a faU of
When Will This Be ?
When tbe sparrow has a toothache
And the bluebird tears ber gown,
And the robin falls to Bobbin'
If a chipmunk tumbles down.
That day a mole and a bat may see
A cow Jump over a drlrd-applo tree.
. FevfV. (oaijafa.
Some Expensive Things. ;
Tho feather or tuft of feathers at the apex -ottbe
Prince or Wales's crown was takes
from the tail of the ferluah, of the bird of
paradise species. These feathers are the only
ones of I heir kind, and are valued at (50,000.
It took twenty years to get them, and caused
tbe death of more than twenty hunters be
fore they were obtained.
Next to man, tbe mica, one nt ihe Grackis
species of birds, found tn tropical and sub
tropical countries, excels all other animals la
its Imitative powers, and particularly in ths
Imitation of human speech. When domesti
cated these birds far excel tbe parrots la
tbelr distinctness of utterance.
Tht Sultan ot Morocco owns the most ex
pensive blcycle.tho whole ot the framework of
which Is nickel-plated sad which cost alat

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