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Wr' THE WORLD; SATURDAY EVENING, AUGtJST 27. 1891 - " '' x u
K Sjunday, August 28.
K!v At tbli time one million men fit lcnt
ft, BM telkine about certain wcll.Unuwn
B oMItSB of thli ltepublic aucl iHscundnc
Mrf ehncei of tnccens in it coniinR ron-
Bf-r- tssfc Grorer Cleveland Is not the roan'.
Bv ' BMDt, nor is bis nntno llcujainiu liar-
H' rlaon. The man who occupies, hundreds
KL' of thotissnds of adult mind and spurs
Hrc? J1mm11 boys to noble endenvor is Mr.
K- John Ii. Sullivan. It li not any do.
K Ire b add to man's fondness for tljjht-
Hff 1B that has indnced The Sunday World
h to prepare for to-morrow such an account
B: ' Mr. Sullivan as shall make every man
Bi who studies it feel that be bss seen the
H, fighter under a microscope. Far from
Hr- that.
Hk Mr. Remington Is an artist whose wor
KSa every one knows. He Is the only man per.
K" haps who makes every creature that be
Hr7 draws look as thouih bo wero alive and
Br dolus his best. Ills paintings or ttiln-
Hu legged but vicious Indiana ; ui top-heavy
Ktx bisons, and ot bad, tall cowboys aro so
H true that they make the Impending eils-
ffitf appearance of those specimens rrom t liu
Ktt earth's surface a matter ot slight Irapor-
HfV" Unco. Mr. Remington Is fond of flno anl.
B4 ' saalsandmen. With Arthur Iirlsbano he
Hf "pent two days studying the physical
Hk. make-up ot Mr. Bull! ran, tho one man
','1' who could knock down a cowboy and his
H-ty Pooy. throw an Indian about as tar as the
Brf Indian could throw a tomahawk, or give a
Kaf bison a severe headache with one Uttla
K? punch. Mr. Remington has sketched
Kji' , what ho saw, and the pictures, a flno lot
Kp' ot them, will be published lu Tii s S iinday
K' Wobld to-morrow. They give a tar bet-
Bgji UT dea ot the wonderful nzhter than
B anything that has ever been said or writ-
B ten about blm, and every man with active
K" blocd wU1 delight In studying these arttsi
H ' Mo Impressions ot the man whose great-
K' ness rests on this solid rock: "lean lick
V any man on earth."
H- When, In tho beginning, the raco to which
Kw Hulllvan belongs was demonstrating to
Bt, ' e rest of mankind that It wis meant to
K;l rule' this planet, what was it that counted
Ek to the struggle? 11 was not the Une
Kr poetry in the AnRlo-saxon, nor anynon-
H& Mnse of that kind. It was the sort or
Hpl muscle that at this momont is tucked
BzV' wy great bunches la tho neighbor-
KJj hood ot John L. Sullivan's shoulder-blades.
:i U Mr. nicbsrd Watson Odder is writing
Bv poetry to-day, happy in the consciousness
Mm that he belongs to tho conquering race,
KG? It ts because In the beginning that race
gS' cooalsccd largely ot Sullivan. Tbcrcioro
H every man, from a poet down to a banker,
M'i, Bay and should leel Interest and tnke
K'; pride In John L. Sullivan. These things
P. are eiplalned fully by Arthur Iirlsbano
K 'In the article which be has prenared
K with Mr. Kemlngton. Mr. Iirlsbano is
Hf. peculiarly ntted to explain to inar-
HE't kind what a great man John 1.
B,'VffV BuUlvan Is. It was his proud prlvl-
' lege to behold Mr. BuUlvan as he
Hf-ii' conversod In friendly tones with tho
KVV Wince of Wales j to study his proud bear-
K , i tag as he first came In sliht of the shores
B3c of Ireland! to ay mpathlzo with his strug.
HP gles with the trench language whllo
Hw-' training in France.; to witness often that
RS'-I' operation which Mr. Hulllvan good-
fsssssR- nataredly deicrlbos as' "knocking a
, man a mile," Mr. Brlsbano, with a fidelity
c that must unquestionably trouble p,os.
E? well In his grave, lays baro to tho putillo
KL4 ' the soul, the mind and especially tho
Et ' muscles ot Jlr. Hulllvan. This story by
8 Remington and Iirlsbano will probably
K,(f satisfy the most at dent seeker for knowl-
Kv "'. edge about the hardest bitter on oortu.
E; ward McAllister,
Hff- I'hls dlttlngulsbed m.m, who writes for
Wt'f Tuk8vnoit World uuly, nndnbo neer'
$', toll to instruct and enlvrltiln at the sumo
M tlms, writes this week on- tho subject of '
R' clubs. Clubx cainc to us from England,
K end Mr. McAllister explnlns how impor-
K$ ' tant they nro to llfo hero below and w lut
K$' they should uc. old inenibors of tho Lulou ,
i'v Club w"1 dollght in Jlr. McAlllsteiM
Kg; remlnlscensos, anil young men who ovpect
E'f to be members when they get rich mil'
HFi feel tbat the object which they bare in
H-'vfr , , mind Is Indeed worth nhllo.
BkjJ Vns 6cmat World, tor tbo Amusement
Mali' ' ,U relcr, H1" Publish complote In to-'
jfrS morrow'j edition Kipling s novel, 'l liu
fcV light That railed." Thli Is n story tint
L, has not for lis motive abubo ot this great
Kt country, and llr. Kipling in writing it
Bj& ( "as apparently not surferlug from Indl-
Kl- (estlon, as he usually Is. It Is a good
Ka story to read and cast aside. It mil In-
mpif terest without worrying tho reader.
PBs Everyman, after reading t he artldo which j
Hf' Helen Watterson has written for this '
Hs; i number of 'i uk Hcndat Wokli, will proc-
Kj5v? ably tale better care of himself than ha
ME has done hitherto In tho way of tallng
H$4. hd thus add many years to bis lira, a
pP German proof-reader with a turn for
H& patient Investigation, calculated tnit It
Wry 0ue Hundred Thousand men would act on
B(ji ' the advice given by Helen Watterson that
K' ch would llvo two years longeron an
fi" average than would otberwlo hare been
Kv the case, and that many millions will bo
Kr added to tho wealth of tho nation by tbrso
B' added years of effort on tho part of highly I
Wffi Intelligent men. The article tolls that a
te man's body is like an engino and bis food
K4e tbe ,utl' whal Belenco lias to tny about
Ufcp tho fuel for the engino 13 attracts oly set
pj. forth. Mot writers would do nuch a
1$. Plece ot work dirrerently from Helen Wat-
rt ' terson. She makes every lino ot It Inter.
Mffit "llag- - I
Wki$-. InTnx SniuuT JYokld to-morrow, .Mrs.
mi4 Van HenncUeYcontlnuis her description
KU ' ,ne World's Fair wondei s. It li a gratu
Wfw '7'D' tribute to the convluclng character
K 0' Mrs. Tan Iteusseiaer's trltlclsin tbat
HV Chicago should have tecognlz'd the cnith
Im-fe;' ot ,lw MYcro remarks which tho was
ig? compcUed to make on Chicago arch!-
K r. tecturo. It la a fine thing to bo recognized
.' " ,h8 biat art crltlo In America, but
K'J , adnjBrers ot Mrs. Van ltensselaer-a writings
H. w,u ' bw Prtdo on learning thnt
i'rf Coicago, the enerjetlo but untutored,
Re bw humbly before her wisdom.
Ktl. ,c,'1'h writer, who produced
b&XT :" "We MenTn a
sHHHKsa:fC om." h written a short story lor Tux
LBHIIIIB'v' P'' Woxlb. Americans who believe
issllllllK?' rto.UeorceVirashfngton no more sincerely
iasiiiiiWwr-? u" KiUbnian can.
not be runny will study Mr. Jerome'i
style with surprise, perhaps.
Kacbvtenk Tnr. eCNDAT Worid revlowj
tho painful labors of the professional
humorists. Jokes and pictures are re.
Mowed, and to each ninctcentb-ccntury
Jester his due Is meted out. Words of
wisdom accompany this review, and of
rrltklsm as well, Mr. Moody, ho wrltrs
llic review (oi this week, concludes thnt
tills would tea ploomy world If we had
nothing but tho week's work of funny
men lo cheer us. He praises Mr. Taylor
and censures London Punch. He Is se
vere, but Just,
The racing tout Is a typo springing up
In this land and multiplying as betting
grows. Ho Is n careless, happy creature,
well worthy study. Mr. Kaklns, who
knows moro about facing and racing ani
mals, horses and men, than any ono elite,
describes tbo day's llfo of a typical tout,
bomo day tbo great American novelist
will come along and surpilao everybody
by making a good story out or plain
homo types. It tho great American nor-
ellst has already discovered hlmselt he
will do well to keep Mr. EaUns'n writings
on hand. They will be good to paste In
bis novel.
Mr. Da Koien, In the language of Ibaun
cey Depow after dinner, Is n man whom It
Is unnecessary to introduce to any Intelli
gent audience, llr. Do Kovou writes for
The Sunday Would, and for no other
paper on musical topics. Every one who
Is Interested In inusto will want to know j
what Mr. Ue Kovcu has to say In Tiik '
Bdndat World to-morrow. Thoso who
do not know much about muslo In the ab
stract should read all that Mr. lie Koven
says. If onlv out ot gratltudo for tbo solid
comtort they find In singing his song,
"Olil Promise Mo that borne Day You'll
Ho Mine.-'
Tho nbovo are but n fow of the features
of Ibis good number of The hUNiMY
Would. The sumo number tells of somo
I aomlerfcl nirln who nro coming to town
1 and who can kick and othorwisu perform
in it way lo cure nny pessimist. Their
pictures nro attractive and art has repro.
dueod thorn in The Woni.n faithfully.
The uholorn is a nlco, creepy topic now.
It has not lioeu neglected. Thoio who
liko to shudder will be nblo to urntify that
liking in moderation by leading Tut: Kti.v. '
way wonLu'n gruesome remiuiseeuoes. A.
1 now Ituwery is discoereil imd described.
Tho Juggernaut of literature, otherwise
tbo formulns with which oditorx of all
, hinds crush the soulu of incorrigible
writers, are printed in nil their heartless-1
nss. Uudd Doble, who cab drive atrot
ting horso better than any 0110 clso. is
1 held up to public admiration. Ho are tho
I groat trotters that tiavo shaved down the
seconds in tho mile.
' Oet The Sunday World, read it nil.
, and you will bless the modest writer of
this Inadequate ndvertlscmout.
A Philadelphia Man Fats a Bullet
Into His Head.
Word has be;n received from Philadelphia
from the relatives ol William II. Robertson,
who committed suicide In Iront or 40 Vcs-y
street last night by shooting hlmbelf In the
The despatch says that Robertson has two
brothers In Philadelphia Perry A. Robert,
sou, of lOUt) South Sixth street, and Charles
1 T. Robertson, or 11)17 South Sixth street.
I Robertson was a press-feeder In tho office
ot the l,nlle' thine Join nal. Ho boarded at
10!!(1 South blxth street with bis brother
l'crry. Ills sweetheart, I.llllo Hunter, only
Utedufcw blocks atiay at the corner ot sixth ,
and Hoffman streets, hho was very much
affected on hearing or tho tragic death or hrr
luvtr. Arcordlng to the reports Iran I'hlla
delplua Kotertsou wax much addicted to
I I.nst night nt 7.no o'clock Officer Noonan, of
tho SecouU Precinct, vi as on Vcaey street near
Church street. He heard a pistol shot and
ran In tho direction of tho sound. In front of 1
40 Vesey Ktieet ho .found a gnod-louMng,
neatly drained young man, about twcniy-nto
J ears old, with a bullet. bole In Ills right
teuiplo. livpiio Ilia ambulance irom Uium
bers Mroet Hospital arrived tho man had 1
brcnthidhtuast. I
'Hie body wuh remtivea to the church street
police ututlon, wluio It was lound 10 Iw that
of ltoberuon. 'rno man hod nryfevvaitl
3les about bis clotlioi aside from tho rovolter
mth which he took his life.
A letter was found lu his conl-pockot ad.
dnissed to his In other Perry, In which hu
bsMhewas Hick aud tired of Nework"
and would Uavv for I'tilladelphla at 5 o'clock
this oltornoon. In his Irousers pocket was a
ceillnvutnoi i;cod ouaraclerfiom K. Uenuett.
uf the . irtf' lli.uf Ji.iinml.
1 heru w;as n policy bofK of tho Velropn'.
Itan l.ue Ii.siiruncocoinpaiiy.shmvltig weekly
payineutRDt 1 10 lit m April 1 tu AAig. H. 'Hvo
nvll.M.niivti.11 Icw-jienclls rouipicted Iho
0 itili There wai not n cent of monej In his
pockets, 'ihu u.ilj isim.w at the Moiguc. 1
In tho Btntlonory Business Boforo ,
His Ortlnrttlon. !
Tho Itov. Father James v. McKvoy, of St.
Leo's Church, lrvlugtrn, N. J., la dead, so
was for many years In the stationery busi
ness, with hi brother In this my. blx years
n?o ho was ordained a priest and astlcnoj to
St. Patrick's parish, Newaik. 1
Ho bad leen poster 01 m. Leo's Church
IrMnt;ton, for thu past rour years.
Kftlner.McEvoy hasU-en great surferer
fromsilnal tiomiles for years, and was ric
queutly lncajiatltatcd for bis pilestly iiutlis
by his allllctiun. Ho died i sterday nlleriiooti
at tho homo of Owen Rjau, MOW, sixth
streot, Jersey City. n '
Foil Out of Window Whllo Aaloop.
1 Whllo asleep early this morning at a n:n.
dow on the third floor of 1.1:1 Sullivan street,
John Lennhan, fifty jears Ud, rolled out and
tell tu the sldeu alt. At St. Vincent's ncspl.
ttl tiiny say he is suffering from a fracture ot
right hip bone aud lacerations ot tho scalp
and fool. v
Chlor of tbo SlHsoton Indians Doad.
H v ioclTrii rum-. 1
Hbows's Vah.sy, Minn., AUf.'T. (Ill rlel
Rvnwile, agid fotcuty, chief 0! ibesuseton
lndlaLsdled yestcrdft). At tbo ttmoiiriho
ySUS lna,8acro lu lhl1-- bo had a farm of
,1,000 acrts mar tho p-eieut city iift.ran.
tlllc on ibe Minnesota ItUer. lll Influetire
.1 fJV.0"! l'I," ustU lu ""Piovo the conui.
Hon 01 tho Indians.
8hot Her for Rofuelnar to Marry Hlrn.
Inv 4nciATxn rnr,
Chicaoo. Ill , Aug. 27.-rr.tuk a. Krelscb.
man, a printer, bss been refuted by Mrs. Ida
Haucell on an average of rnco every month
for two years. Kreischmsn had bis usual
lucungain last night and thot the woman,
Inflicting a wound which may prjvo taW
Aotress Bav Rundlo Is Dead.
Actress Hay Rundle died at Bellovue llospl.
tal early .this morning jroin lllneu resulting
rrom a railway accident several weeks aw.
Krv.rundbtcicty wua iioilr.ea.
1 .
Should American Women Be In
trusted with the Task ?
The Question Debated by tho Goldey
Literary Society.
Argil inrnta, Pro and Con, Concerning
This Vexed Subject,
Interest In the Chinese Sunday-school
question has become ao general tbat the
Goldey Lltcrarr Hocloty took tbo subject tor
1 debate at Its regular weekly meetlog at 8
I West Fourteenth street last night, and at the
clcsn decided br a vote, In which were only
two negatives, that American women should
not teach Chinamen.
Tho Goldey Society bss a membership or
sixty bright young men who have received
training In oratory through vhlts lo tho
Society ot such men as Cbauntey M. Depow,
Itov. I'ather Ducoy and Col. Robert (J. Inger
solL Only timely subjects arc debated, and the
questions sro always handled with kklll that
would 00 credit to Washington statesmen.
For several weeks tho labor trounlcs hsve
received the forensic attention ot this .society,
and before the debato last night a member
gavo bis opinion of the probable effect or tho
Homestead strike. Following that the Presi
dent, Mr. V. Ik Love, stated the question for
debato as follows:
Htiottid, Tint we do not ftor tho t.ichlnt cf
Cblnett lo oar flundaf. Softools by AmsrLsn
The President called attention to Tux
F.vxmno Woiilr's treatment nt the question,
and said : " l'eoplo have stopped laughing at
Chinese riunday.schools, and have begun
thinking about them, and as the Ooldey de
bates only questions ot general Interest tbo
subject Is timely."
Tho debate was opened by John J. Corbett,
who was glvon twelve minutes to outline tho
argument in pie affirmative. The speaker
did not connno himself simply to on outline,
however, but started In on a logical argu
ment, which hu presented In a forcible and
pleasing manner.
Newspapers reflect publlo opinion, ho said,
and hu aiiked tho speakers on tbo nrgallvo
side to point out one reputable newspaper
which was willing to defend tho present sjs
tem of teaching In Chinese tiunday-schools.
"All newspapers that have proven them
selves to bo tbo f 1 lends of humanity uro
united In tho delonso of American woman,
hood," said tho Bpeakor. "and those most
I Irlendljf nro the most constant In showing
I tbo degradation thai results from American
womoti teaching yellow heathen.
"The Chinese as a race, do not asslmllato
with Ameilcans, except tor pronu Thcyaro
opposed to Inventions; thcyaro opposed to
the clvlltratloii ot tho West, except Insomuch
as It furthers their selfish Interests."
Chinamen will not become Christians, the
spoakcr held, btcauso the teaching of Chris
tianity reveals to them Ibe doctrine ot future
Thoy do not Uko Christians and Christians
do not llko them. Even tbo girls who teach
them do not at first Ilka their pupils, said Mr.
Corbett, but thoy want n fad.
. Tho heathen are willing to ho taught, not
for the purpoMjof becoming i.urlv.ains, but
in Order tu learn the English language, estab
lish thomselves tu the social world aud get
good suppers and Christmas Pi esents.
The speaker ridiculed tbo calm that young
girls, wituoiit knowledge or thoolugi, could
leach the uitute chinaman tho doettlnesof
Christianity, 'ibo Chiuesu, ho declared, aro
a deceptive, cunning ruie.
L. E. Milllvuti opened In tbo negative.
Tho teaihlngs 01 religion, 110 claimed,
should not be confined tu the boundaries or
tho United mates. Ho pointed out that the
questiou was whether "American nomeu,"
not young American women," should teach
"All iho teachors are not young and bloom
ing maidens." ho said. "Many of themaiu
older than tnelr pupils. Women ure moro
BuecesMu! as teachers becauso they better
understand tho uniutorod mind. '1 no mother
can teach a child better than its father, and !
bci can n nomun tench a Chluaman more suc
cosslully than u man."
Alvlu Hummcrr, tho next speaker, said that
thtivhlnR30 as a raeo lend in return elvlliia
tlou, Tioiauo Chlnumen arc not progrcMtlVe.
"They lower wages and they pmorte iho
disgrace of tho opium hault," hiMontlnued.
"'I he quoMlon Is snail Aimrlcahs permit tho
womou, of whom Ibuj 1110 so proud.tocomc In
contact with tbli worst class 01 humanity : ,
The men whomako thulans ot this country
Imvoseon tho dangets uf association with
stKhiiratoand hnvu enacted stnltites thnt
pievcuichlnamou rrom landing on American
"ir American women want missionary'
work to do, w hy don't ihey w ork In tbo slutnH
uf our own elty, where there uro thousand of
uitr own raco who have, never heard the
teachings of Christ or know thsttheio u such
a leluc nan mlwionnry" I
li. a. uinmou lollowid In tho negative, nnd
tried touispuscor llionifciiuientni .Mr. Hum
mere by tho statemem thai Chinamen do not
cheapen labor. Holbuiuht It au lusult 10
American women tu intlmato thai they
should not be permitted lu attend Cblncio
Tho noxl speaker, Andrew Durne, objected
to converting Americans In tho slums with
a puilcemau'H club, aud sending Filth nvenuo
Indies Into Mott and fell streets to talk
nlmut tno tiolaen Rulo through opium smoke '
that would slugii thj wings 01 an uugel. I
American wouvm mm-h. to lookout ron
tho white race," he Laid. I
Mr. F. a. Ilran based his .rgumont on the
claim thai n-, Luropeans had Introduced '
opium 111:11 Chlnn.lt Is tne duty or tho Cau-1
caslan raco 10 rvdoem the Chinese.
k. F. McLaughlin favored mtnMonary work
ainuiig thu ihluise, but not by American
women. Heicrrlng to the topic of Intermar
llages.ho said: "In the niture wo do not waut
to have with us a raco without a name,
to bo shunned by all and go through m8
burdened with a disgrace that was the resuli
ot nineteeutli century folly." .
.lames Lovlnm aud James Ilrltmann con-'
eluded the deo.ite with Interesting arguments
on both tides, l'resldont Lnvo then gavo his
diclslonon tliouientji ot tho arguments lu
favor or tua aillrmntlve. 1
A vote of tho audience was afterwards
taken on tho merits ot tho qucuon, nnd only
two persons were recorded in favor of Ameri
can wnmo'i teaching tho Chlneso In suudaj.
Mrs. Liechtenstein Chargrnrl with
I Libelling Couneol Noble.
' A policeman this morning went to the
hn:s of Mir. Annie Llchlensteln, In I.oug
1 'laudllty, nnd tuved 11 warrant issued by
JY,,,1ha"'"Bb. charglug her witherlml
m, H"1 .uii'ornliun counsel toloiuon
l..;i1rI-'c!1,l'lnthiwliB or Postmaster
YlillliiinllilipiiKti'ln. and Is proprietress or
si'i ailii'UUU"'J " '""'''' '11U'"',UI'Q ln '-cog
Btorv of iho Crownlnir of H, w.
Bibloy nnd Party n Cnnnrd.
irv rfoi tatip rnrs. 1
liocitCKTrit, Aug. S7.-Thn rioii has a
teltgram Horn lllram W. siblej sajlng ho Is
Mif, and aepeclalht.itlng thai tho report of
tho wrecking of the j acht Waplil Is a canard.
Thatlho whtlo party H safe and wllljoinihe
yacht on Monday. ,
Toronto, Aug. a7.-Tho report from Kagi.
naw or iho disaster to tho yacht Wapiti, in
the Georgian May, la a wicked canard.
The yacht Is now safely at anchor In col.
Ilngwood Harbor.
So accident has taken place and no Urea
were IM, j
&!fei.jf && 4 v I 4.
Dealers Will Demand 25 Gents
More a Ton After Sept. 1.
Itentlliijj Combine's Intention to Defy
the Now Jersey Ijuw.
Retail coal dealers In New York have taken
prompt action upou the decision or the sales
agents of tbe anthracite coal producing com
panies who voted Thursday to advance the
prlco of coal. At n meeting of the Retail coal
Dialers' Kxchaogebeld list night at Fiftieth
street and Lexington avenue. It was decided
to add SB coots to the retail price per tonot
coal, tbe same to take effect next Thursday,
It was stated tbat elnce Jan. 1 last, the
wholetalo dealers had advanced the prlco or
slovo coal il.no' per ton. Tbo only enrrc.
spondlng actlflft ol tho retsll dealers up to
the present time had been an Increase lure
tall prices or yr cents per ton, leaving tho
dealers S1.05 to the bad.
It was announced after last night's meeting
that, beginning next Thursday, tbo price uf
"red ash coal, all aires," will bo (0.S5 per
ton. A year ago It was .",. .:. White ash
coal, all sles," will cost 3.75 per ton, Instead
ot S J.'.'.", as last year.
Another' meeting ot the Retail Coal F.x
change will beheld next Frldav at which It Is
expected that -'.' cents moro will bo ordered
lo bo added to the prlco ot coal. The dealers
claim that oven then tboy will be behltd tho
Dea'eis lncoal proress tobellevo tbat the
decision of Chancellor McOlll. ot Now Jersey,
declaring tbe Reading combluo Illegal, will
hare no effect upon coal prices. In fact; tbe
President or the Reading system, Mr. ifclx-od,
says tbo order ol tbo Chancellor will have no
more liifluenco upon his companies than If
addressed to an Indian.
The railroad companies. It Is understood,
will appeal from chancellor Mcdlll's de
cision and test tbe caso In tho highest courts
ol Mew Jersey and, possibly, the Federal
courts. In the mean time. President McLcod
says, the decision will not afreet the coal
trade as conduct-id by tne companies in tho
Ibe Injunction ordered by the Chancellor
will lomaln In force. It Is said nylAWjers,
until reversed by tho Court or Errors and
AppenR It cannot bo revoked or stayed, but
It Is said that the rullway companies will get
around It by changing some or the details or
their plans ol operations.
Hns NanngerlM Aspirations Other
Loudon Theatrical Notes.
lav associated rsxsa.t
London, Aug. i!7.-The (inlety Theatre
closed on Saturday last and will not open
aaln until October, when "Cinder Ellen lip
Too Late" will be again presented. Frea
I I-esllo will return to bis original role, but It Is
I reported that ho aspires to mansgement and
high comedy. It Is likely, It is said, that ho
will retire rrom burlesque and leave his placo
I to Arthur Roberts.
I Regarding a rumor i hat bas been In clrcula.
Hon lor some little time past tbat she was lo
1 become tho leading lady at the Gaiety
Theatre, Miss Minnie, Palmer says she knows
i nothing about It. Bo It Is sate tor the present
to say that the rumor Is unfounded.
llnry Irving bss accepted a comedy, writ
ten by Mr. J. M. Ilairle, Ibo author of
" Walker, London," which bas had such a suc
cessful run nt Toole's Theatre that Mr. Toole
was forced to forego his usual vacation.
1 blgnor I.ago has engaged Maclntyrs and
Eugene oudln tor his Autumn opera season
at tbe Olympic Theatre. Ue Is also trying to'
secure Mine. Album.
Mr. II. l'ottlnger Stephens and Mr. Edward
Folomon are engaged In writing a new opera
to be called "Tho Bpanlsh Main.' Messrs.
Stephens and Kolnion nrc together responsi
ble lor a series ot comic operas, beglnnlug
with " llil'co Taylor," which Is btlll being
played ln tho provinces; and besldoj tho
work already mentioned, which Is being
written to the order ol a big nnn ot music
publishers, f hey havo ln-preparatlon a comic
opera founded on tho old English ballad of
"Sally In Our Alley.
Tho Manhattan Mhlet'o Club'a An
nunl Carnival.
The second annual cycling carnival ol the
Manhattan Athletic Club, tobo held at Man
hattan Field this nftcrnoun, elves promlso of
eclipsing nil previous meets ot tho kind.
The track Is so hard and compact thnt tho
rain or yesterday did not aoften It much, aud
uuless there Is more rain to-day It will prob
ably be ln fair condition. Nearly nil the
crack riders hereabouts are entered.
The entry list Includes W. Wlndle, Oorge
Taylor, P. J. perlo, c. M. Murphy. Uecrgo A.
Hanker, A. D. Rich, Carl Hess. c. K. Stedman,
J. W. Judge nnd llnrry Hawthorne.
The ovouts Includn u quarter-mllo open,
half-mile open, holi-mllo handicap, one-mile
open, one-mile handicap, two-mile open and
nve-mlle Eastern championship handicap.
The prizes Include everything rrom a grand
piano to a shaving-mug.
Mlnnlo 8ellg-mnn'a Husband Will Fie
Tier Leadlnsr Man.
I At last Robert Livingston Cutting Is to be
a real live actor on tho professional stage. Ifo
Is to play Sachs, a Pery, Cashing, handsome,
hearl-entrsneln-,' joung Russian ortlcer. In
the play "My ofllclal Wife," In which Mlnnlo '
Scllgman, tho joung swell's recently acquired
. wile, rlayn the heroine. I
' The contract was entered Into with Manager
Frank W. r-nneer yesterday.
"My ortlclnl Wife "will have Its first pre
sentation In 1 hlladelnbla Oct. :tl. Meanttino
I the leading man and the heroine aro studj
Ing their lines In concert nt Long llraneh.
aud both reiusa to say how much Hob Is to
get as salary.
Four Bore Chnreed with Thoft
Michael Dempsey, sixteen years old; Frank
McCorniacK, twelve; Joseph Newcomc, four
teen, and Henry Iiuttncr, twelve, wero pris
oners In Harlem court today, chatged with
steallnc brass plates from 1 bird avenue sut-face-ear
dcorant the sinbles on One Hundred
and Thirtieth Btreet. Dempsey whs h?ld in
$.100 for trial, and tho others were committed
, tu the care of tho children's Society.
Death of Agotl John Lowo. '
inv ASsnriATrn i-iriil
I'tica, N. Y.. Aug. su John Lowe, cf New
, Yrifc, a n ember ot ihn New York rroduie
Exchange and well known in tln.iuchl circles.
I died in lowilllo to-day. He was seventy
Lost HI Right Arm. i
William Clark, of New York, who was rm.
ployed .ii thj laundry connected with tho
Reach Hotiss at fca flirt, N.J.,had his right
ftPh'LVV!. "u WB? '"erplylrulsfd about
the head this morning while atiimpilnr to
o,'L,t:'am,nu,,,a',es?.ra b0U"11 ,r4,n- U1 ttrfh' ,
I Rotholz to no Tried for Gtoallntr the '
H'.ne-. !
Charles Rotholr, of nil E.nt One llundrrd
and Tnenly.tjurth t,tret, the yiung man '
who, It is allrged, stole a diamond ring be- '
longing to bl sweetheart's slater. Mls Mar-
uSyTwttvS' ,1T- ta1 one Hundred ' '
?lS(Tw.lP!jr"C0Pd "TK-i. v as to-lay held In i
t700 bill fur trial at fpei lai rssoni i j
Tammany Leaders Exercised Over
tho Local Organizations.
Chances that Full Tickets Will lie
Run in Several Ouuntlci.
Renewed Interest Is manifested bypolltl
! clani ln the progress ot the organization ol
German Cleveland and Stevenson clubs, be.
i cause It Is said that' tbe movement Is backed
by tho Antl.bnappcrs. The activity ot
I the May Convention Democrats In tbo
local neld Is looked upon with suspicion by
politicians or the Tlgor stripe. Tho move
ment Is professedly In tbe Interest ot ibe
National tcendldite.s, but at the lame time ,
Its promoters aru building up a powerful
local organisation. I
From a remark made by Senator Plunkltt, I
tho 'I nmmony lesder ot the Eighteenth As- j
tcmbly Dlttrlet, It Is presumed that tbo Wlg.
wum bas tnken cognlanco ol the movement,
" A'c'll catch up with those fellows before
Hept. in," h" t aid.
Thoro will b?m?et!njs or the Tammany
Hall committee on organization and the
(lonernl committer carlr next month, and
tbe status or tbo anti-snappers may be In.
I quired Into then and thoy may hear Irom tbe
. "regulars."
The work ot organization by the Antt-nap-ners
bas begun In Urooklyn. An active pre
paratory campaign Is also ln progress In New
York, Erie and Ouondago counties, aud
confirms the statement that full local tickets
aro to bo placed In the neld In every large
county in this state. Provisional headquar
ters havo been opened In Brooklyn at 103
Montague street.
A call was Issued to the clubs formed prior
to tbo May Convention to re-enrol) them
selves as Cleveland and Stevenson clubs, and
up to ttls morning the clubs In the
following wards, claiming' a combined
membership ot 1,500, have joined the Anti
Snapper League- First, Eighth, Fourteenth,
Firteentb, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Elgh
teentb, Twentletb, Twonty-flrst and Twenty
fifth Wards. , ,
A Is proposed to extend the organization to
every ward and to establish a central govern
ing body to have charge of the management
ot the campaign.
An enthusiastic meeting ot German Ann
Snappers was held ln Wcndel's Casino, Fori
fourth street and Ninth avenue, last night,
at which a letter from Mr. Cleveland
was read. The letter was in reply to
a communication Informing the candidate or
tbe proposed organization or a Cleveland
C'luo. Mr. Cleveland expressed his apprecia
tion ot the correspondents' efforts In tbe
cause of Democracy and complimented the
German citizens lor their zeal in his behair.
Venezuelan Insurgents Violate an
American Ship,
Capt. Woodrlck, ot the Red " D " lino steam,
ship cara;a, irom Venezuela, reports that
while at rortu Cn cello tho revolutionists
rorced him to surrender alx Venezuelan Con
gressmen, pjesengcrs on his ship on their
way to this country.
The six Con.'icsstnen were refugees. The
steamer was boarded by can. Urdaneta, an
Insurrectionist who Is conducting a llttlo
revolution or his own, and tho surrender of
tho re:ugees was demanded.
Capt. Woodrlck refused on the ground mat
tho men wore under the protection or tho
united states Hag.
lie sent for the American Consul, Mr. Riley,
who sustained his position.
In tho mcou time Gen. llrdnneta collected
an armed forco and threatened to boiird
the vessel It the Congreasroon wero
not, given up. In order to avoid
danger, It is said, the refugees went ashore
without being takep. The American consul
agreed to ptoiect them 11 possible.
Probably Fatal Cutting? Affray Fol
lows a Game, of Pool.
Anthony Merrnll, twenty years olJ,Us lying
.In tho NeWiork llnspl'nl wlih nvn stab
, wounds In his back, two of which may prol
ably cause his deatb, all Inflicted, It Is alleged,
I by William Charles.
I Charles, who is said to be a waiter, resides
with his wIVatUHH Mxtb avenue, nnd . Mer
rsll. who Is Unmnirlfd, boarded nt :.'07 West
Tnt'iit)-slxlh street. In a saloon at the coi. ,
ncr or twenty-seventh street nndbeventb
aicnue, last ulgliiihjv disagreed over a gamo
of pool and came to blows. I
Merrail, being the bifg.r or tbo two, was
I getting the leJt ot the ngut when Charles
drown razor. Merrail ran, hut at tnecomor
of Twenli-elghth sticci was overtaken and
Detective JsmesSloane.o the West Thir
tieth street at a-Ion, arrested Charles. i
i . .. i
Mayor's Reasons for Flgnlnir tho
" Huckleberry " Ordlnanoe.
Thoscilouor Major Grant ln signing in"
"'lrolley"act, vMjIch will gridiron ibe al
nexed District with railroads, le ihe subject
or a gtea1 ileal or comment to-day. seme pop
ple denouncing It In unqualified terms, whllj
others teem to regard it as perfectly June.
Mayor Grant gives tuese reasons for Ills
Hint, that It Is In accordance with his pre
vious! oxprcss'd Mews.
boeendly, because, tho Hoard of Electrical
C'intioi decided home time ajo upon us id-
Thlidly." because inpld transit Is greatly
needed In the Annexed District.
Fourthly, becuuse many ot the proo-rty.
oncers along the lino ot the proposed reads
raror the scheme. " v ,
Flithlj, tecnusohe thinks that the price or
land along thnae routes will lu euheneed. I
Got tho Pullot in lllu Ank'o.
Sebastlano Kadlec, a liquor dealer at 107
Mulbcrry street, was carelessly handling n
loaded revolver In Iront or his store w hon the
weapon exploded and Itadleu was wounced lu
tho left niiKle. Ills injury was Urested at tho
Mulberry street nation.
Illl IbHIl HlH Illinium Will I I I I j
lli. hu . ainr. Ir. I rrnn PiLmi .al.i lti ,?
taVvifisPte-i tt .f..1fi!ii&,,: !
laaAskiyail4iiAJ J.i' '','& flr ? ' ''
I The buccessfut Obesity Spooiallst.
-EL $L
Un.Allreafanle.Oreirai. Mn. Wtijtht' Jirtan
tretment,iaollvi i siir treatment. IPs lbs.
Th follewlaa mihii hatu tak.n trstm.ntof
I)r. Hnrdsr, nlth u of wslaht s. slrea Mlow,
'Ih.rwfll briollysomt sllloanlrlMU illnpi
are laelpssd.
I . w.iht WfUbl
. I ... . hfor. Altsr. Loss.
Mrs.Ttaehsl C.fobns.o,
. PsolOcJnnclloD.U..... tit lb. 117 lb. 178 lb.
Mrs. Alls Msl,
Orron, V.o aid " 168 " 108
B. b. Ojp.
..Oniro. Wlsu CIO " SOJ " 1.15 "
BliiiMn Van Wiski.,
N Franklin, III 421 " 298 g "
Mrs. laffori. Kmniso,
i Knrtleldw.ll, c. ..... 278 " 173 100"
Mrs Ssrsli Birnor.
1811 S, 5tbst.,laTso.
wcrlb, Kn 27 " 170 " 10.1 "
Hsnn'.M. and with no starvlnc, la
iouTstil.D. or bsd.ffsrts. Irr particulars
call or addrtH, with Oc. In sumps,
Dr. O. W. F. Snyder,
McVlcxtr's Thcilre Building. - . . CHICAGO
tho wunderfnl reaie
to citro
all ncrnms ittpensns.
such R Wise
MesNury, Iisa of
Hrnla rower,
Usidnelie svnsie
tail's?' Smisli
ners. I.assltsidr, all drains and loss or power
In either sex caused hy overexertion or exeenslvs
use nf tobacco, optniu or stimulants which soon
lead to Infirmity, Cunauniptlun aud Insaultr. Put
up rionvenlont to carry In vest pocket. Ml per
package by mall 1 0 for fc. With nvery U order we
glvo a lerifffri tfiiorrtn'f fo ciirs or rtfund the
ijoipt;.ClrcuarrW. Nerre Need Co..Cheao.
TorSalaat Hudaut'a Pharmacy, (KBVar, M. x.
AtWm Wilson's. 10M19 and 1311 B way, W. Y,
at Alriaa Imili, 101 Fulton St, , Ero iVlyc, V. T.
10 Stalls, 100 Feet Deep,
D. 12 m:ittiluV ST., SEAR HOTT J P.
Waist, rs siui fii.l included In rsst, whleiil.rtv
sooablo; good light and T.ntllsllon, hlgb esillnf s.
with a topenor WAOO.N WASH, carrlsg. l.r.
lorssiorag. for from SO loBU wsgons on sMond
floort rat-bin snd bsr'oft or.r stabl.: all c.111
with f .How pins; no dost orhsjss.dt ground floar
farnislissplentrof coach and carrlsg. room;uio
'.tH!ltlu'a, eSi" n(1 Istnros, with large, pleasant
rosebmsn's room on tblrd floor; being In central
location, eonf.nlenl to I rldgs and ferrlts, Is.sry 1
I slio lor Isksr, grocer or inllLmsn; would al
j UlACESllOr, ssoD.sntlr.std.Ullgbttdbs.r. 1
eral windows looking ont on .scant lots, offering I
noolslreetlon toilghtsnd .entl'atlon; the stable
part wculd make a good BLACKSMITH 8UOP;
tbe lease runs to Nsy, 181)4, with th. prtrileg ot
renewal lor two j.ars mors, lnqnir. of or al.
dr.s tihOKUt. 11. LhDLig, Pulitisr building.
I lisrr r- . uui .iv .uliiuriMU Wmism
. ana
I A lrVVJ ,Jl!Lniwlo at-- -
Wasfm' '3 f " without. A I
flHs,II"'T,,,! .pniba. I'liUnuUIII
-rhm nni J'lBeejlnjjrnl. V Vyj
I m t:aihis,tr i.n,....a ....u.iil ssraoA,
Pennyroyal pills.
OHaiI mt 0-)j Otnalae. A
7rs.t!Tr.l(aM. tAoisasts
"Uln't OMWi .'ftHSArVt
Ut4n4 Bnd Is H..J u UoUSStW
mtlsllln l,.t, ,im Uo blueni,. W
'. Tak. no otber. Alt V
4im,ftu llflnl ma ,n4 InlitHou
H lisl.l. r im. 4, ,,,, ,,
rsrlKilin. u,U.tl,l, ., ..Sflle;
ft, iale., It i'tttr, br retort. Mall.
IsU ev su i...i n."ittts. ?,Ktliiift.. p.
I llfreci Line to Mainra Falls.
l,.A,!,,"n!l",JI,?.d,Prt 'rora irand 0n.
tr M.tion. tint onlrrallrit.il station In tuecllrof
?5Yo,l' Trslns I.ste as follo.si '"
TR.3t A. .U.-bMPiRK .llATii EXPRKSS-
nrlv.C Bualo6 10 P. M.. Olsfion 4.4ft P. M
ll?. ',.rlJ,i7A3,,,.!AU-KoL AILaairSars.
"ll A'. " .tAttA'IOOA. LAKH OEOROK
. AND .iiil.NTKKAL SiPreiAI-U.cept hMidays,
''",'":"', Auirom'a-k Mouuialns, Hutlaud
10 00 .,ii.-ni:w vomc axd fiiicAoo
j. 1-i-.D Ji.jJ.IMlTEU-D.1. at Chlcsa" at.i"
,hVtfarV1,,DAT KX,'RESS-nr .ic.pt
I. O P.-'lL-'AllATOOA LIMITED (SatiirJsf
on)-l.o Tru) B.10 l; M.;aaratoea,c.lu ".
1 rfMit-s;.r,TH0HT,,.wn?'ERW VKXTIBULU
i.'.'oiWoL??.,. 12$F iVp-'iV 'dl"o'...
rtfcS-iogi'ffi'SS or.?ni "'-''
ak!p,KlVAlT,',,Ai, 'J K,1Y ANU "ARATOCA
rDgOtriATirs '" "" thruuali Dron.
i.!.".!"'.,!1 It.11 A- M-!"" In""'' i P'a"s!
1 T, ' ' ul"om"1llc. lU.aSj .Saraaas uil,
7?i?iiiiJlri?W?lil' N.!A.'?.A"A l'A'-'s ni
M. ; Lis,!,, , (1, OJ tlinOil, G..J A . U A'
, opoi, 3. .vi p. ji. , M, iAU.,.:iiv i "'"'
il.M) P. .M.-l.lil.rr.DrAST A l.ihlsr.ln,. I
earpsioiKersf..rlioihlr onl. -"''" I
fl. I.1.1'. .-i.llie'Ai.ii Mnlir l"l'l!P.;" '
THE llIIK,4lilf' Hit j"e" tVrin.h ,,,',:
VIIMItl.IlM ItlVION. IV ymi 1. V. I "t
JHAI.til.01 . l itf'it,Vl J "up 11
f.itth Ail una 1,30 P '!. . t3 111 II . ,ili?. '
a.M o.tt IP. V'l " ",d ""'" ""'i Pi' t.
Ri"". ""''''"I irrlnt. tlilat, tri.t ,p,., ,
st'T " 1 'lli'il'i '.',J.r'' "Mrsl MstliV 0;
ij's:. . .llvir.?;j,.,;jTiS?.:.i ;:iff-Nv:
Uf ': '.! i:'i",.,,i!,",;.",.-, TJ" H'" ' '"" 7 ,
tllsiir. n .,, , tidier ttsli..ia It.
Alii.fi.si . ein ft tirH.iesTirt p ) 10
;;.' -:V. .v?,,1,?."'8 . --.-. m". ..'.p
.10 km T.in.'r. eiiriitnin iuii:i.s
t.n rutilnSKor. i.ei'l Piijnnritr A(ei I,
ti ni of tlin stRper., v.'oio rnaacn-'
Kff- or. tlio Qilr'.
tev.Jl nietntifivi or lite Arlon rolety, ulio
lateUeen tiavfllitij,- tUictirti (termany for
lie pan tlxneeka ai.tl rrevlv-ltiir nrutluns In
1WJ!?' .nrr.'.Vrt ' "' n.f "'ns oti 1 lie strain.
1 hip ttriliTt. 'I hey are tlie Urr-i m tUs jsrluni
'1 11 liu 11. 'I lis oilieis nil come back la elif.
tieiii 1 units uuring the next iwy wwiS, ,
I titles guaranteed
T by tli'Osrrosii'Aniellcin Ileal lVale Iltlo (l.tsrante 1 Co. t
I Free Excursion Sunday at 10.55 & H." ! jft..''bcfsten''baK
sWssljaajaBiiassssssssssssisBsisw.assBWSj . Xtmwrv-j1ITr-l t-SSXUVl.)mi lastaswiw laMamj 1
W: from lUrlfrn Tllflihn Orftnti Crolnl Dnpnt, : : iroru llarleni DlTMlon CSrnurf CenltalOcnoi i
A : sad irom Mott liaien mation lu unuutos j : ml from Amu J I Aran htatluu 10 inlnutej l
j Httr letter '
k M
7 fcUND on call roit fiiei: passim. I
! WESTCHESTER LAKE SITE GO., ,oa-",7,h,?.!D.,,WAV'
tgst Tickets (o Be Had from Our Agents t Either Depot. J
Iron Steamboat Company
Tllli ONLY ALL-WATKlt ItOUTll '10
I 111! ON.Y 1IOAT.S JttJNMMl II)
POr. I1UNKY lSI.ANll-Frnm W.tt -23.1 al , N
II.. 'J.UU. 10.111), ll.llll A. II. s IDM.s J.tlC. 1.41.
j.:iU,a.i;, 4.1U. o.o" o.ou. i.oii, ti.uu, v.uap'
JI. From Pier (nen) No. 1 N. it. (near llalterr
t.lscs itsttcu elovat.J roails), 11.31). 10 .10. 11. tie.
A. M.j IV'.DO, 1.90. 'J.15, 3.01', .1.11. 4.40, 5 311.
(..30. 7.30. S.ao 'J.3U P. M. hllrUKMNIl rilllM
CUM1Y IHI.ANf) 1(1.40. 11. 411 A. .M.: .12.40.
1.40. 1.40, .'I.US. 1.10. Clio, 0,43, 11.40. 7.10
8.40. 9.40, 10.40 P. Al,
lOlt ltl.l.lt:.N POlYr-Vram rtrldet Ihik,
nrooklju, 0.00, 11.011 A.M., 1 00, .1.00. .",.00.
7.00 P. M. From Hist St.. r. H.. a.so, n si a!
m. : l.vo. :i.v!0, o.iio. T.ao P. il. Pioni l'Jutu ot.I
. ll 11.00. 11. Ml A. .M.J I. Ml. 3 00. ", ill!
p. m. ncTurtNiNc rrtosi liu.nrx poikt.
t 11.00 A. Jl.; 1 00, 3.00, 8.00, 7.00 anil 0 t'O
i-.'iei'irsloii to flonrr I.lnnil .-() t'mia.
hxitirwlon lo llrlileti I'utnl. IO l.'rul.
Erie Lines. Every Suntlay.
SIiiiIiiiIii Gli, H.
107 mile, from New Vork, on th lisnl nf th.
beantlful Delaware Itlter, l.Otltl feet abo.a tbeeet.
ftif Chambers at. 1I.S0A..M.. West Had st-K.-JJ A.
M. Nearlr 0 boars at ibe Uleo. lli'iue b l. 00 p. Jl.
Greenwood Lake, Ik
41 mile, from Nn York In tbe midst ot a primers
forMt, 1,000 feet sho.e tide wster. It Chant
7"5 oV'tf.a7P.'iiM" 'A3i " "" A' "' UCB" "'
Hnnov E kewest'
n ls!and
r'f.iyjl'V'fl H""l jprooklyn.Ferrj. loot
ol hltehall at., al Ijaller.v. Inol l.rli'.ci!
ronneclliiB will. J-,lcvaIeit train, lenili To
TIIK WEST KND KOUTF.runs throurh the moit
picturesque eculon of Lonir Island anil lima ,as.
..users near P.tu's Fireworks. 'Iialnt toutiect
llh boats ai follows-
. LKAVi'.NKW YOHK7. 7.30, B, 8.30. 0. 9.30.
1 aP.-3 .l J .XaJ? A . M. . 1 2. 3 0 i then Halt hourly to
i i, j v. lo p, ai.
n,,,Ei."ttWIKU' 1"t.,"l' l'." Cone, l.land for
SSiliat. leirjr and Ul-lon Utpot, llrooklrn, 1'J
tx.cnrnloil Tickcla, 33c. elirit Heal iiTanr.
and College Point
v o . ai n r it w, s u n ii a v .
Twentr minutes' d.lishtfnl sill bjrlr-nrt tr-ain.
1 iSfi" !ro? '?' last lioth st.d.lcratol ICK.stslinn
sws.ViVa1 1KI'.M and 3d ares.) lor rollea-o Point
Arn,d.Plf.No.r.i:i u"" MIMMri.V, from I
si..iil?,-'A.'i,iM.. ?n i!f" V ""'!' """' 1.I'
lllijKlA till s P. SIT Uat lust troai Nona
Ujsou 10.30 P. M. rnre- 10 Cimiih.
To NOltlll limcti si,a hT oiccant Summer
w7."oJ."? ,Mt 34,1' t..,audl.leitilear. yU
Kast DSdat. f'rrlea.KK. I'nm T tenia.
NKIV IMY SlinfclKK 7m5?'
An hour's ssil up th. KO.MANlK; HUIl'-OV to
SrHAiYiERS LEAVE 1 3th si. N. R.,
;o.-.-LM:ui(bio.N Tl(jKirr-;U.
,.'.r.n.'.11.01""1 I'xeuralon, ajo. Siim.Iai, Attn. '2".
ii'i'i'i' i.MiwoiM'.rV. pi(Pri..it'piti(ji
Meaners leara Uth si. ilsttriin at .UUisir.K
,. lOmlnntes later), :, 'I i, u a. M . 1" M 1
ForlL.,7. 'f. Ill, Ml A. M.. PJ II . '1 'J "l
Intrrmedlalo lauillnrt are tai!. Sieaninrj aud
n.KAA.M' vau.lV em nvn ro li.
Dally June, 131b St.. 10,3, 4,0, B ajil 10 P. II.
Bs'i'f D.AY FXCJlni'ld V Mramers Re lllrl nirt
Alcertlns will tear. ,Y York icot r.f Franklin
n- s '"laj. Julr 'J4. for lliMan.l and IIIEtili-.i
lleaohonl. at ii.iiii A. M. lor lllmiisnqs. 111.
ii Ja11 ..,,Ci1.,Jank. """t nlMniflialn lauuinvi
n .,!0 tii f IietM,S'S1' ''" "' Hank at .'.30
P. M., Hlthla.dtat3.30 and 4.30 P. M. Uacur
sloa, OOr,
Exriuisiov'ToTvFhT toi,t. t.vi.-r ,mi
looableni iliilj irirept Mn dir It ninnnr
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The Itrsctt, lliiift anpolntrd end U-iest prlt.il
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lOiinr.r. tnr i.MtH;.ri'.''H:t !
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!!'" ra i .en iui,.i1l,l).r.uo.t.t sidurtiin
Jirst.oisos uruen isul.lt.". 4 5 luilualor's Him
III. If" AM'at " "M 0" 'i.iw. I?
100 Choice Lots on Seati Estaif
GEORGE W. BARD, Auctioneer,
!l PY lr -IOI!.NT VIlltNHN, N. Y.
I will sell at snrMon on SATUKDAY. fentenib
3. lfli.t. at s p. .'I .in thet.roinl.es. nno.r larj
tent, (he bIiuto Iota adjeiuire th. ttell kpow.
.IttNT-S em! JlciVOV ettato In the CITY
.IIUINT l.ll UN, ditto -Now Haven P.iilroil
and 'OOIILV.S, n-i the llarlsm ltstllosd.wltnli
4(,0 feet cf ihu horiecar lino tu ttojnt vereet
n i at wltestUn. special trsius on dy of tsl.
Titles ..uarniued su I ntured frenef ocst. rtsm.
math fi.o lunch earful. Terms, maps, nhel
raplia. full psrtlculsn snd tsases of GKORtll
". HAfltl, Anctlotee., Mount Vernnon. N. Y
andJOIlN A. AMUNDhUX, Attorner, MOBrosi
war, .New York City.
st Plnoieit. !C. .1.. onlfu and uuward. Apph
lo (iA(;i: iV CO., 311 West 59thal.
Long Island Railroad's
Manhattan Beach.
ill..U()lti:"s' I-A.llOirs COTfCRUTS
i.UAVr. roor i:ast vnti ne.
C.20, 8.40. 10.10, 11.10 A. M., la.40. 1.40, '7.W,
"3.60, 4.6o. n. Su, snd halt noarlr theresfisr
r u Hsturilsy.. 2. lu. 3, 10, 4. 10, ft. 10 P. M. i t.n t
1. .1. e . tmoua.. J-.MU, HI., ...to. 3. 10, 4. 10j
f 10 P. HI : huiidji", 8.40, 10.10, 11.10A. M.J
13.10. 'l.ao. 1.40. J.iO, J.iO. M.20, J.40, '1.311.
and hsli hourly irom 4.40 to 0.10 P. M.
WlUTKUtLL hTy. terminus n( all .1.TSW1
roads and fctreet'csr lines, bourlr from 7.10 A. M.
lol. 10 P.M., snd hsll-hourlvfrom 1.40 to 9.11
1'. M. AnmllUNAL TRAIN haturdars, 1X41
P. M. t on t . 1. .1. u. rse. daya. 11 40 A, M.
J'J-JO P. M. bundays hourly from 0.10 A. M. ti
(Tliesotrslnsar. fast express. Tim., 00 rata
tites from L. L Cltjr. Koaton.; (Parlor cars aa
all trains.)
itouM) tiiip. ao c'isnts.
nrtocK'M cut and rrtYSTAi. pai.aci
i nti:voitK.
F.rcry erenlna; at 8. 30. eac.pt .Sundays ft Moadaya
All.lIl.ssio.N-, 2S (!I!,TS.
Oriental and Manhattan Hotels.
ium: it(o.ift-i:xci:i.i.ii.T cuisine.
f.11, 7.33, 0.1(1. 10.05, 11.10 A.M. l
1.35, 2.(10, '2. 45, J.05. 4.0J, 5.02, o. OS, 7,01
8.15, tf.OO, s0.30, 10.25, '10 55 P. .M. SalurisH
on l).
buiiilsy. 7.15, 0.18, 10.15. 10.48, 11.08, 11. 2J,
11.50 A SI. .12.15, i.U3. 1.35, 1.4s. 2.10, 2.J!
2.52. 3.10, 3.40. 4.1.1, 5.15, (1.15. (1,48. 7.01
7.25, 7.52. B.ll, 8.25. 0.10, 0.33, 10.22 P. 11
ItOUMl Tit 11 oOCM'l's.
.I.PAVP lOlir HAST 34T11 ST., N. Y.,C.t,
7.50, 10 8(1 A. W. : 1.20, 4.20, ,V 20,
Fee Time 7ablos.
lllilliilTON IlCAl.'H.
DiiT liuawlTON UIMCII.
DUAia tii
Eay Ridge Ferry,
I'crnrctiac st llsr Itldt. will
Culver Route and
Sea Beach Route,
te trot , f Whitehall ft., tsrmlcusof el.eslH
riVs. Punlwai and 7th are. line, and Belt lias,
t-.o-trly irom 7. Ill tn 10.10 and bslf bonrly Iroa
10.40 uiitlt J.lilsn I lO.ill P.M. hundara, 8,11,
I'.lOi.nd'J.ln, aid lull iii.urly to 1.10P. M. rati
iltji 20 ml'iutes to II. 10, and at 0,40, 10.lt,
1C.4I). 1 lit (ralna li'.ra C'ouey lalsud itsilysl
11.01. him. U,,, l'.-n ! 5L Llcursioa IKI.U
(UicuH. Tune, 40ioinute..
rti.N'.s I'ui.MVAI. OF YKMCB N
IMi i I!S:YOUKrs
At Y.'o.t UtlcLtJu ttury uullt eso;nl 51oalsysl
P. .hi.
"A riiftivxm i woiti.ii'H iwik."
rt .-., Tbe rasil
fi.' itsS?frfv macnlUssai
A.-ri''J'-i-i,,f''.!X It sort in II"
rZA Ji"!- Vs ftZJA HshtlnlsaUM
e-.i- ti--,1 ij -1 4 lTTS nvn al !
Vi ?' f.V . W I '. taHMcnirltaai
ftA'iTJ.tiV iffin" t.J
p fp! I liliard. inini I nutirJtM oboi
(i'i i anrH' urn tu!, IHn;ur a Jditrlf.
i iii'Ji PiiJTTii? i" 'li'.'-M."' riTt'TTi.ii .t.. MJ
i'.li. t.4S. 1M.4.. . ft.. IS.U.IM.ll.3.J-3
l.atl. MR '. H I !!(, V.'l) hT., Ii I'v J'
10 l ii, i(t 'il. Jl.t'ii A . 1J.4B. V.l. ;45vVi
n. 4 . p. i fi' i iii mii sr. miooM.v.
.., H..H. in.i.l, )i. m A. M i 12 SO. l.d.?J5S
"..". . ai p. m. 1'ittiM rn.r.N- iiAW.ViS
A ii. it.. ll,n It .,i .12 1 St.. 11.45. l.fVl
aid T. ,ii p, m.
IOi'.- -t .VI nt-ltlN Tlt'OKTirfift
sii,si.v r.t rr.n'ojrioiiociiartiii.ipjf,';
lllbtmu. ti'siui ioi t tu .la tt.. N.J'-f.ii,
A, 51. Imrte I, nK lir-tiic'i 1 P. W. i""1"""
tllltts ."..lie id.
ji..-i'p t hi- AMPiPfAt: nttip'c. , .-
Ti.o liisiTiiUu'iit If a n niultiojioosiuasi.t
iiAV'eiuriis. ,
fail il-. Is t..s l.Tnon. L uj
vlllrsp'ren Ihu T'nlrl ei'o.' anl tiulo tni rr""
ti.iiaviilis vi n l.ll.il. ,,.,pel.l.
Umlliirat Vunkaia, i'-ui. J ai"l.wr'.Ss.i
leaTltit. P.ml. tt)t , l.T tVl r.fs.ll" A. Sl.l JVJ!
10(11 St.. A. K , D.U, ".e.t .it ,(,. V.'Mt
listtanyllls. 122K, .i.. ll.to . tl.l
Lsurfl,'. 47Ui i:lt , t uud in thf !;""
r'arir ntlt.l.l . I I'Ticursloit. 8U etaVt.
- M

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