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You Want "The ' Light That Failed" That' Goes With To-Mofrow's'WoTldm
afl - - - - - '!v5H
I Terrific Fire in a Paper
I Box Building on
I Wooster Street,
Scores of Girls Caught
I Behind a Blazing
-I Stairway.
flames Spread to the Prince
i I Street Police Station and a
I Tenement House.
f Pour AUhiib Sounded, While En
s J gines Were Hard to-
$1 Obtain.
3J A Fireman and a Girl Fatally Hurt
JY Several Other Persons
' Severely Injured.
one ol the fiercest fires In tbe history ot tho
" ary-goods district broke out at 10 o'clock this
morning on tbe first floor ot the nve-Btory
' trick building at lsa Wooster street, occu.
pica oj- tho United States Frame ana Picture
Uto persons are known to have been seri
ously injured besides being burned.
gj Tbe Injured.
in Marv (IDVK7ZO, seventeen years old, 210
Thompson street; employed m Wagner's
h paper-box factory ; badly burned about tho
1J race and arms whllo attempting to pass from
" tte windows of tho fourth floor ot No. 124 to
time or 12J VAoosterstreet; taken to St. In
cests Hospital.
Marv hunt IUmt, twenty-three years
old, ot 20 Henry street, liurned about tbe
lacu, bunds and body while trying to pass
from the windows of 124 to those ol 122 oil a
ljcla"r. the flames reaching her from the win.
d js below. Takon to bu Vincent's Hospital
u i UM 1). spkbby, aged forty-eight, Hies
In 'i nrapklns avenue, Hrooklyn. Employed In
i.cldbcig s United States picture-frame a nop.
Ilnnied and bruised, Takon to 8t- MncenVa
Jaiob I Asnwrisiii, fireman of engine ad,
azed forty years, nan Injured about tbo head
and face, but was able to w alk home.
Mourns Htack, fireman of cnglno -'7, burled
timer falling walls, and taken out bruised
nd bleeding, lie will probably die.
The building in which tho tire started Is one
of tbreo big buildings, 122, 124 and 120
N nosier street, extending bacg towards
t.rccnu street nearly ono hundred feet
and occupied principally by a paper-box fac
tory and small tailoring concerns.
ibo building .Na 120 13 ono door from the
corner of l'rlnco street.
Ihoappc.nancoot smoke Issuing from tho
flrit floor of the bulldln attracted tho at
tention of heigt. Jlarry, on duty In tho ITInce
tticel station, directly across the street-
no sent ojt an alarm and roused there
tones from their beds In the upper stories.
Capt. McculiagU waslu tho statlun-houso at
thet'taound ho telcgrapbed for reserve! of
HioMnth, 'lenih and Fifteenth rollcePre
cincts. I licro was somo delay before tho firemen
arrived owing to the tiro which was then
burning in tho Metropolitan Opera-IIouse
hating uiicd most ot the nrcmon below bev-tnt)-!,teond
The lames soon sprcid through tho build
lug and to N'os. 124 and ma
trow ds began to pour into Wooster and
1'rluto s:rcets and tho wildest excitement
ibo people In tbe burning buildings rushed
lilotuobtuct, and those lu the upper stories
fan over tho roofs of tho adjoining housos.
Two alarms for cuglues wero followed by a
tulid, andwbcu tho engines from the lower
part of the olty reached the sceno of tho fire
'he three buildings were one roaring mass ot
1 pearly two dozen streams of water were
'"acted against iherai-hot mass, but lor a
""jgllmc they had uo apparent effect.
jho flames soon spread to tho old foui.story
Drick dwellings 120. 122, 124 and 12U l'rlnco
Ibo north wall and front of tho Wooster
"feet buildings fell nt laao o'clock with a
"f'h that hurled homo of tnn naming ma.
'rial up agalust tho sldo of tho statlor-houso
A "w minutes later tho three upper stories
oi tho l'rlnco street buildings collapsed and
"unipod tons of brick and mortar on Inn
"et Glcquel, of mo second 1'altalloii, by
"'stliueurrhed on the scene and ho sent
L"t bur a dozen special calls lor engines.
'Mr thin arose that there were over one
hundred girls In tbe paper-box factory at tho
time the fire broke out
Next It wan rumored that nearly half of
them had been caught In tho building and
were suffocated
Capt. McCullagli cent a rottudsmah and a
(.quad of policemen around the neighborhood
to verify the report
few minutes later two policemen brought
Into tho statlon.houso Hnry Fllon llanly.
whoio face nnd clothing were burned.
Dr. Kdward J. Donllu, ot Houston street,
examined tho girl and found tint her Injuries
wero probably fatal.
Hy this tlrao reports ot more persons being
burned nnd otherwise Injured caused capt.
.MeCullagh to Mitniuoi ambulincs from M.
Mncent's nnd tho New lork Hospitals, and
with the arrival ot the ambulances caincnrt
dltlonal crowds ot men, women and chlldrch.
At 10.40 o'clock a portion of tbe rear wall
ot the Wooster street buildings tell, aud
Fireman Lungwasser, who, with another
fireman, was directing a stream, wont down
with It.
bevcral brothci. firemen went to bis as
sistance and extricated him from the mays of
dobrls. How as found to be suffering from
burns and cuts nnd bruises, and he was taken
In an ambulance to St. Mncent's Hospital.
Althollmolt was thought that the otbrr
fireman had been caught b) tho falling wall,
let he was afterwards found to havo saved
himself b) jumping.
Uuilim ull thin tlmo tho Ore raged with
st'cli turj that tho tlicmen began to fear that
It would spread to the buildings Note 107,
ion and 111 areene street, directly In the
rear of tbe Wooster street buildings.
Flying sparks, together with tho Interna
beat, bad already melted the tin covering on
tbe toot ot tbe stuion-housc. The bricks on
the rrlnco street slda ot tho building wero
scorching rapidly and It was necessary to
keep a constant stream on the building to
prevent lurther damage.
At 11 o'clock tbo firemen wcmc re-enforced
by two inoro engines from uptown, anJ tho
woik of saving tho buildings In tho neighbor
hood that stood In danger oi Igniting fiom
tiling spatka was vlgorousl) pushed forwaid.
Twrnu Thousand i!irrmtur.
At 11.40 o'clock there were not less than
20,000 peoplo gathered In the narrow streets
that lead to the bcone of tho Arc.
The air was black with tho smoke aud
stilling with the fumes of (ho burning wool
on luu first floor of the building 120 and 12'.'
wooster str.ct, occupied by llolt, liutler
4 Co.
Tho firo bad extended bynn "I. "to the
buildings Nos. ICO, 12.! aud 12 rrlnoe
street, occupied by small tradosmen and as
tenements by tbelr families.
But tho Piemen had .bigger game to tight
for on tbe Waster street fide, lor tbe great
.warehouses and factories were In Imminent
dangtr. ""
Aud so the lire was permitted to lick about
the timbers of tho bulldidgs In Prince stieet
which bad already collapsed, and a painted
Indian standing among the dobrls In front ot
tbe ruins that was onto tbo Vt Idow Weinman s
cigar store, was slowly robbed ot Its paint by
tbe flamer.
Meanbllo thiol ilonncr stood at the
corner and watched his men struggling to
master greater conflagration In tbo Wooster
street hives ol industr), and stiuggltng to
save the corner building, In which was tho
baloon ot Charle3 Kern.
as Bonner stood watching, forces of men
from Koglnes 27 and us, who had mounted to
tbe roots of tho buildings and were pouring a
flood Into the seething cauldron below, there
came a w arnlng r-r-tfl I
Tnll or tbe Unll.
There was a cry from on tbe roof and a re
sponding shriek irom tbo gathered thousands
on the street as they scattered, and then
there was a mighty roar and a crash.
Tbe front walls of Koj. 122, 124 and 1'.'8
Wooster street bad fallen In a heap.
From the heap arose a great black cloud ot
dust, but ere It had cleared away the Urcmcn
on the street were rushing pell-mell upon tho
new.mado mound, which might be tho grate
mound of their follow lire-lighters.
As tbo air cleared a halt dozen firemen
clambered down tbo fire-escape on No. 120,
and as they descended yelled that some ot
their fellows bad gono down with collapse of
the building.
The firemen became sappers and miners
aud worked with lljhtnlng bpced on the heap
of debris. I
1 Irtaau Mtarlt Rrsuikt Um.
TtMCrOAd closed In upon tbe workers and
Capt. MeCullagh aud his men could not drle
them back till, utter ten minutes' work, they
dragged out tho bruised, bleeding, uncoi.
sclous form ot Morris black, a fireman of
Engine 27.
butthero were more, and while men car
ried Muck to the police station ovei tbo wdj,
others continued the digging. 'I hey soon un
1 arthed Hreman Mctoj, oi Kngtne :u, but
befuro thoy b id a cnauco to examine him bo
was at work with tho rest, lie was unin
jured. Another mnn w is liberated a moment later.
He had a badl) bleedlug band, but bound a
handkerchief about It and irsumed woik.gjB
'lliu wholo pile w.ih turned our, but no
other Injuied mau was found.
Kxirrrae IJnrtltiB OfTrrrd.
Mack reeelttd extremo unction from a
priest of St. Anthony's Church He was
takentoM. Vincent's Hospital, sulfertng with
contusions of tbe bead and back, a broken
left leg and probable internal injuries, llu
may die.
The llnuiasr.
The buildings Involved in the fire were c
cupled ns follows:
Belt, miller A. Co., large handlers nt wools
and raw furs, the whole of tho Uve.stoi v and
basement buildings 124 and 120 Wooster
stieet. stock tompletely deitrojed. Loss,
4100.000; lusuiance. 410 l.ono.
(toldbeig's I idled Mates I'll I ure and 1 rame
Couipum, basement of 121 ncd l'.'U Wooster
street. Loss about U20.000.
M. llloumenstok, manuiacturcr nt t loth hats
and caps, second floor or 121 und 120. lo-s,
7A,ooo : insurance, 40,ouo.
W. J. Hell), printer, third floor of 124 nnd
1211 Loss, 1(1,000.
Tbe two top floors of 124 and 1 20 were used
as n paper-box factory by II, ogner. Loss
Thonextwas thncorncrof Piluce htrcet,
occupied on tho ground flooi us u aloon by
Charles Kernes, "jlieotuer iloors wire used
as looglor-rooms. 'Ibis building wits badl)
damaged b) wutei.
In Prince street the first homo back of
hern's saloon was 124, occupied on tho
ground floor by an Italian barber shop and
the MJow Weinman's llltlo tlgar siore.
whllo tho families o these people lived
nbove. Loss, U1,0C).
'lliobuildlug 12.', one ston, occupied by a
Khoemukt'i, 1'lscne I'oidou; less about
.No. 120 was the Ihree.stnry Irlck le-ld'iiee
or (Jbarlus Kern. DestrojoJ. ljsitioooo.
1 im slore No. I1H Is '. Hugos baker),
wnlch was iloooed by tho firemen
At 12.1.0 tho lire was undi r cjnln'1
'Ihflossesanifi-llianird I"'Uj 2."iO.O0() on
tho biilldlnis, whliii who uMMrictures, and
about i."0,oeOcu jiielrcJD'.rutj.
Winner of the Futurity
of f92 at Sheepshead
Bay Track.
The Race Was Run Off on a
Heavy Track, but Seen by
an Immense Crowd,
Three Other Stiko EventB Helped
to Make Up a Brilliant
Racing Card.
bhEEisuiib Uay Hack Ikaci, Aug. 27.
Tho Futurity btako of '02 has been won by
Lady Violet was second.
Ilclladonna was third.
Time 1.12 1-5.
Ulaarr, .Tarkey nnd Tlr or Unnaina
h rhaTH br the Heesrds.
18S8. Proctor Knott, rldaen by llarnes, car
rjlng 112 lb., won In 1.1," !'.
lisho Chaos, with Day up, carrying 100 lb.,
won In 1.10 4.. "1.
1SU0. Potomac, ridden by Ha mil ton, carry
ing llG lb., won In 1.1CJ4.
1801. Ills Highness, ridden bi J. McLaugh
lin, cairylng 100 lb., won In 1.1& 1-3.
Three Ilrllllant Ninkr i:ent Bmlilr tbe
finciAi.TOTnrrvrsi!iowoatn I
SlICKriUEAll llAV ItACk Tback, Aug. 27.
When tho bugle called tbe horses to tbe post
for tbo first race at bhecpshesd to-day the
weather was dark and gloomy. About noon
the sun tried to peep tbiough tbo cluuds and
lend a mcro pleasant aspect to things, but
only for a few moments did It succeed. T hen
It hid again behind tho leuden-bued clouds.
Karl) in the day people commenced gather
ing In the grand stand, and tho prospects
were good, beforo tbo great event was run,
101 a much larger crowd than was at first an
ticipated. A big gang of men wero kept busy harrow,
lng tbo track all duilng tbo morning, but It
was still very deep with mud, and It became,
sure that tho 1 uturlty of lbUJ would be tbo
first to bo run over a bad track.
Tbe card for tbe day was an excellent ono
as u whole containing seven wcll-flllcd
cicni, Jour of which ueiostako.
'1 be stuke events beside tho Futurlt) wero
I tho Average, at a mile and threo-slxteenths,
the Dolphin, at a inllo a and furlong, aud
tbndieeu, at a mile.
Jacob Huppeil added bis colt hi. Domingo,
by tsu Hlalsc-I ady Primrose, to the futurity
list lato in the afternoon. The eolt was to
curry 108 pounds.
Thirteen horses wero original!) named to
go to tbe post ror tbo opening race, but six
wero withdrawn. Potomaewas a but favorite
and was nurcr beaded.
'1 he light lor tbu iiUeo between Oold Ilol
lai, 'tormentor and lloo) was a good one, tbe
three nnlsblng necks apart in that order.
Klgbt of thn original seventeen starters en
tered InlheKccona race ut avo lurlongs. for
two.year.olds, wero scratched, leaving nine
I tofacothcstailtr. Tho Morris lllly, Mlnne
lnihu, uiin hot un onto nml put the talent
In n good humoi by simply galloping all thu
way, winning under a pull b) a nock. Lady
Iiuimont, an outsllir, was second Just ns
eoMij, 1'roclda third.
tlldeon and. Hal) flnullj refused to allow
flun.it rick io rldo Morullulu tliu Futurity
and Ilaywaid gotthu mount. 'Inrals child
Is dead aud Mevcnson will ride bntrtau.
hweepstakes for three-) car-olds and up
ward, with 41,000 added; nvu and u halt
tui lougs-
I Starltri IWI.Al,. Jr! rtr Wrl. , V-,
I' n.ni.i., ins. I.imUjj. 1 'u 1"
' i. glii Hullir His. Man I J"
luruientur 1 J J .rnion.. n a as
Hut, HH .lUmlltou. -' Sn 4
IlllU I01,l,LiiiDI. 4 2 r
Huunel lllS,.(ui . .... 7 1 h
ll.oral. IilJ LUtl.li.ld ft 0 7
Toil HetliTif Hctnin.u, 7 to 10 and out lor.
m-ntor, Ctii 1 nnrt Stud, tlnld llollir. S iud '.' 10
1 , HDitirT, Sliul Jtol, (Jfnrfi., 1 J and 4 to 1,
llojj, 20na Btul, JjUih, 7Unrl'Jt)lol
After u short delay they were sent away tu
1 a good start.
1 potcmac, the favorite, was In front, and,
remaining thero to tho end. he won handily
b) a li ngth aid a bait, (iold Hollar w us sec
mid, a heel; Leforo 'tormentor. Tlme
i.oh :i.v
Mttiuels paid : straight, ttf.10, place-, 17. '.'0.
Cold pollur pall SU. 00.
A sweci stakes for lwo-)car.olds, with
il.oOO added ; II vo lurking-.
tatl'r H(7Ar. Jitlt 'r', HI, tin.
Minnolsai . IM .Lltti.lwlil 1 I" In
I .,! Ilcliuit U7 ,1.1a uol.jr , tin ?!)
rrjill H) .ll.iui ton i J 3t
it f miiutloi IIJ.IUrii.il .' 'I 4
: Nt.dl 10't brr.ltt d , i
Piilaiibruimt .lit) I'1'! '! '
irolUwII "; 1 anil'U) . 4 7
Miru.llii' ., . H9 tunica... fi 6 H
AlUnonnllr 01 Paon 8 S U
Poll lUliluE Mlni.h.lia, rl to A and d toSj
PliNids, 4 auil b to 5. liiroll. lo'.l. li tuu 2l Mar
t.ilu., Oaid 'Ji r,.ladln 10 ud H, Ailtnali Ally.
"Z alia St lArir ltliuiu', (io aud 8 couiiuct un,aO
ami 10; I'liili it,i;u.l.l, lO.ml 10.
1 hit fmorlte got uway In front and was
iKVtrtiiiiuhf. winnlng'iiiider sllfl pull by
kUtsl.. Ld) IUiiuuiuiUH outsider, oui, looted
The hand of Indians who. have declaicd for Harrison should be added to Mr. Clarkson's collection of "ladies,
bicyclers and school-children." World Editorial.
nil the others, gettiug tbe place, a length apd
a half bo r oi ii 1'roclda. 'lime l.oa 4-r,.
.Miuuels puld, straight, (10.00; place, 18.55.
Lady Belmont paid (20.7S.
The Eclipse Stakes.a sweepstakes for three-year-olds
and upward, with 11, 600 added;
one inlloand three-sixteenths.
Starttn. Wttllti. Jofktyi, Ftrt, Iflf. 7n.
T.a Irar 10H. JUroil.on.. 3 'l 1"
Itaekoo ,121, LlUl.imd. I 4 '.e,
Kmgitou lit.,UBlilM... 4 2I .!
L.panto , 1U3 J Lambl.j 16 4
Nl.lpn.r.. ... ......100. Dou.lt... 6 H 1
Poit H.ttlnc Klnaiton. StoaandHto S.Bl.lp.
r.r, "J and 3 u 6, Tea Ttat, 7 to 2 and at an ,
Prcton; 15and3;Lapanto, 20 and f.
Tin columo dcTotaxI to Turf matters
will be found on the Second Paffe.
8be Cams from Bmmburtr Augusta
Victoria Blghtod.
(irrciAL to tmi inntHfi woar.o. I
cJoakaminx, 8. 1., Aug. 27. The steamship
ltussla, from Hamburg, arrived at Quaran
tine this afternoon at l.ao. Tbe health au
thorltits boarded ner ana remained until 2.30,
nnd found no cholera, bbo was thoroughly
disinfected before being allowed to proceed to
her pier.
The steamer Augusta Victoria, also from
Hamburg, was stgblod off Fire Island at 1.48
r. x.
Louis C Gllhorn Shoots Himself
Through th Haad.
Louis C (lelkorn, aged thirty-seven years, a
German brewer residing at 07(1 First avenue
(ommlttod suicide to-day by shooting himself
through tbe head. lis was married.
Five. Trunks of Valuabls Ctothlnsr
Deputy Surveyor Collins, with special Cub
tomj Inspectors Drown and Donohue, con
fiscated five large trunks belonging to a
cabin passenger on La Touralna which ur
I lred to-day.
these contained a number of crapodresne
and a largo quumlt) of temulo weailngap
parcl valued at s:me thousands of dollars,
Gloucester Races.
lirrciAL to t vi.sixo wniLn.i
UL01CK8TEH ItAcr. Tracx, Aug. 27. The
races werd continued bero to-day with six
events. Truck heavy; attendance fair:
First luce Ptirho fiioo; helling; four nnd
nnc-hatf furlongs. Won by olenmouurt- Hut
tie U) second, PIckldeno third. 'J line
I o "'hH
becood llace Puroa S.100; selling: me lui.
longx. Won by Moderate, lilchard r. second,
Llltlo Nell thlid. Tlmo i.oiik-
Money to Beat tbe Suspender
Makers, A. lellows. Chairman uf tbe Mispecder
Makers' Lnlou No. 1, pajs fie tuspendir
manufaoturers have agreed tbat each firm
affected ti) tho strike Mull conirlbuto sioo,
to bo used In breaking up the buapemlci
Makers' Union.
Death of a Baltimore Judge.
1ST AtanciiTxn prrn I
Haltiwokk. Aug 27. Jtidgo William A.
Mewrrt, of tbe supreire court of this ell),
died yestcrda) at bis home, agid sll).scv(ii
Una a Load of Silver Coin.
Tbe steamship Ijnt.wLlcj bailed this morn
ing for llreirrn. carried tin 000 ouuees of
Her aud 20,000 Mm lean dollars.
More Than 20,000 PersonB at the
Great Tournament.
Exciting Races at Manhattan Field
Despite the Weather.
Some of the Notable Kvcnts Won by
Wcll-KnoTTU Klderi.
If ricui. to thi iTixiva worn n 1
Manuattan Fixld, N. ., Ai. 27.-X(arl)
20,000 peoplo attended the Oram! Deling
carnival of the Manhattan A. c. which was
was bold at the Field at On Hundred and
rifty.flltb street Ibis afternoon. Despite
jesterday's rain tbo newly prepared truk
w as In splendid condition and just boforc the
games wrrt called tho threatening looking
cloud banks whlcu ovcrmiug tbe sky all the
mornlog broku aud thu sun shona out
All tbe famous local crack ocllsts neie on
sand to taku pari in the spnrls Including
Wlndlc, llaibcr, llerlo, lies-, mm 'lu lor, but
the abseuco of ytuimerroau, who had an
nounced bis Intention to compete, was a
'1 lie officials ot the da) were:
Kcrertc, 11. h. ltiymuud, 11. 11. c; Judges,
tliurgu W. turr, 'I. A. MeKwn, c. II. bus
comb and A. II. Curtis; 'lluurs, . ('. Hughes,
Kugene Van hchulck and (ieuikC A. AVer) ;
Lruilres, .lauus K. buiman, I. A. luwcts,
lames 1. Ilalgbtaud lemi .ri. i ; clerk ot
the COin-KC. li. I. Illoomilelil: itartr, W.
lleK. Hostwlck; OtlleUl handle ipi'Cl, I'. I'.
Ihecouitnlttio In cbArgoof the antes con.
slsledof Hubert H. iloiu) penn), (.lulniuii ;
W. IL Dedraaf, .1.11 Audirhon, .1. A. Atkin
son, 1'. II. How land, and 1.. I. llclllm.'
t'upps's Hand, which nus staltonrd in the
centre ot thu lawu, luttilshcd Inspiring mush
for tho occasion. The ratt-s Wire m.t,rltl at
'.'.ir, with the one mile liundlcap, which was
run In thrcn heats, In 2.2h '.' i, '.' 27 i-" nnd
2.27 4-r, rcspeclhel), after u closu contest In
each cuse.
The winners were ('. H. 'Ihompson. llcrcur)
Ik c, in the first heat ; 11 c W hoi ! i, M. A.
t ., In the 'octikI, nnd P. tini"Ch, Oranci
tt bcelmeii. In the third VWudk.wbo was
scratch man In tho first licit, dropped mil
after two laps.
A limit of fi minutes ."0 seconds was placed
mi tbe second event the tnc-iu'.aopiti race
from tbe scratch. The onl) ones in the race
were la lor, llerlo, Laukii ami llvr,Hio M.
A. O. crncks. 'Ibo llnisli was exciting, tnt
lani quarter Icln,- inaau lu J I 4..1 seconds,
ciiualllng the track recoid
l.i)lor won b 4 feet from lliuil.tr, with
I IKrlus close tutrd. 'Mine "iin. 44 ).
Ibu bnlf-mllehiiiidloapbruii,iliiiiil twet t).
cliibt starters mid was ror. in ihret heats.
1 he lirsi heat was wnu b) N. K. iunnsnd in
l.OM 4..1. second luat, ilrorko 11. Mianutui,
I'riapect Wheelmen, In l.tm !-.". I bud heat,
i. n 'I liompsuu, Mvriur) Win el (tub,
l.fili 1-5.
1 lie nuancr mile open scrauh rAi c w is won
flrorce F. 'lay lor. V, A, i In .10 2-" secunils,
nflei inn vclllia brush with Willie Wli.dit,
who got t-ecoud plan. 1'iter .1. l.eil i nils
I he final hi at In the mr-ti,lle h ui'Jk ip
wis won b) I'. s Ihniip-uii, Mi l cur)
W. e , with 170 vj-urt, stall l,i
2 minutes 2.1 1.1 srcind. Iniiant Mclean,
it)0)aMn, h. c. w. tiicuiid. il. c. bkinucr,
10O)aid-s h. c'. W. Ibnd.
'llhf, rrrttt hm',
If it ner lot i.ntit,
J I ri r im tilnir III.' houtr,"
PlOTidrd It bus Tn! Worm's WOMAN'S
PAGE, which Is printed everyday.
- ftJUXJ.J.l lM.Wmmmmmjmmrm-mmm
Ronald Defeats Salonloa In tbe
Kenner Stakes To-Day.
haiiatooa Hack Tkack, Aug. 27. Tbe
races wore continued hero to-da) , with firo
events lucludln; the Kenucr blokes. 'Irack
soft, attendance fair.
rinsT BACr.
Purso 1000. lor twooe.ir-ohls ; five and
oue-lnlf furlongs.
f-lmrlin ll'Af. Jo,.n Ulrnliiht tilllnn
1 1'lk Knlitht ..101 Uorria 7- i
J Marauant luu I I Irnu II
J Muon to t . W IJtiliii . 6 1
Hiinngbuu, lutnam aod t al.w.ll al.o ran.
Mnoncolt took tbe lead, wlih Mnrguorltn
second (in Iholoncr turn 1-lk. Knight mred
to the front and won b) thrie lengths irnm
Marguerite, who was four In troi t of thu
Mnoncolt. lime 1.12V,.
srxnMi racc.
Pur 1000; six furlongs.
fr.rl.r.. iriaAf. tke H, ,Vf'il l.Mtw.
1 luanu 1 1 J Mjril a-I
2 I laetla InO sir.u.r 1J 1
Jl'irdllirrr .. 11 J J I liuii .. . 1-1
Atab.l til.nu, lulrrsnaiidmuiMi.t alN(, lan.
I l oauo led from nag m wire, and won easily
from Llzelin, who beat lord Harry linn
lengths lor tho place. Tlmo 1. ITS,.
Tainn iiacc
Handicap; purso 7."); "ue aud one-Ms-teuntU
Mirl.ri. M.rAr. J.ft.iyi. MratvAf httti
1 lllltl. I0 II. .Ion.- 7-1
J llada. Itlu K.Dmnr, S 1
diianltlar. Hi i slirli . . ..IJ-l
ldr ha .nor an I henrlua kl.u lan
lllltren was rirst awu) nnd hi id II to the
wire nvo lengths In front of Italic, who was
tour lengths better than Ouuiblcr. I lea
l.r ;4.
intrTii KAcr-
'Ihr Kenner Miikex; ono and tliroi-iiuaitei
st,irtr ll'tvr. t rl"li yr'i0tttiit
I Kiuaid Ill .Mum. II '
I Saltmi a .... Mil I-. lloaiifl . I 'J
Itlilitautlr. 11 ll.tl. ..1-1
llliijdralide um HW uway and led to the
l quarliT. In the last luilung llnuahl tuok the
leud und won b) n length trum .s lionle i. Klo
tlranda was beaten nfr. 'I line .1 21'm.
i it 111 HAth.
l'urtu (.100; sl luriongs
Mirf.r., IliiAl. 'i.v'. Mr'iAf tffi.
I 1 Utl.b. 1UJ 'liinl a- I
I J I oltnnid I il I lluau... Is 1
.1 lactlcliiu . UJ Iltui ...... - 6
National, I 111 trrt, Olai.r, Fiank 1.., Parajcu
at il I'aina) al. la
LuvNh htartcd olf in tho lnd unl main.
tallied lliasll) to the win, winulug thoiueo
fiom Lottouadu b) ttiiee lenjths, wim tin-
Ishtd two Iclu'lhs better tbut 'laclklan,
llblid. 'lime I. IP.
Papor.MJIl Owners Unlto In Wlint
Looks Like One.
;rrnr.ioTni iimixo wm.cn I
'Ikkston, N..I , Aug. 27. A emnpau) lino -I
puiuitd hero tc-duy, whnjveapllul Is :i ooii
I nuu, 1ms tbe appiarameot n paper tnwl. Il
will In km mii us thu I nlttd 1 ucir to npaii)
and the IciurporaurH aio a'l Cciiterned in
iniwr mills li NiwJcrsev, New ors ai.il
'I be) n: Hubert Fulton, of VontilJlr,
i N. .1. I. l.llunkel, uf Mldillito'vn.o; i lurltn
W. Aicrj.cit PhcvnU, N. ;.! I. Ktnviiii, (it
halilwinsMlli. n. ,; A. J. "-mar., iv Werlil
I ark, N .- J. t Kine, nt Hklnri, Hid . aim
IMil M I ultm, of Now u,. It willb,
lucated ut Pntersou
i Kliteen f-ulcliles In Ton DnyB Be
I cause nf I.eat in Triasto.
I nv uriuvri isui I
'iRirsri. Mig. 27 Wltbln the pt-l ten
di)sslvtci'ii pervjusbac ccmuillted suK.de
hire while laboring iud!r nirntal deruuje
uieuts btougbt on b) the eic-itive boat.
Ibaoalr diflcrffnrat)tft.u a llarana ilxaranl J
S1WA.XM Tilt Al'iaali-iulivociarila la ,ua ','
They Shoot the Man Who D'scovers
and Spoils Tnalr Plot.
fur AianriATtn ram. I
PiTTsst'BU, Aug. 27. An attempt was made
to wrck I he. enstbound Chicago and New
icirk limited express on the 1'cniiaylvaula
load near Kaon, Ph., this rooming.
several tics and ploces of Iron wero found
tied to tbo track b) a farmer, who set to work
to lunovo them. Whllo engaged In doing so
he was shot twice, one bullet entering the blp
and lie other lodging In the calf ot his teg.
I Ho succeeded, however, In clearing the
, truck ai d the train pissed In safety.
The purpose of the dastardl) plan must
have been to i rb tba passengers and mall cars
In tbe excitement following the wrecking ot
the train, which Is the fastest running be
ween Pittsburg and Chicago.
One of Thero Bsn Four foars With
out a Ledger.
lT AMiC!A--rn rnras I
litrPAlo, Aug. 27 Bank Kxamluer Whit
ton p'porls that tbo IblrdWurd Permanent
SitMiigsaiid loan Association and the Frle
Count) Permanent Havings und l-oau Associa
tion are lnolent. They are of the "Pe-ma-nc'iit
dliiiu " order, ot which thnre arc several
la lluffalo.
Tho l.rlu CouLty has teon lu oxlstance four
' vearx, during which tlmo a ledger bus never
, Ken kept. It owes Its shareholders 107,000,
1 loi 1 inline b)iil tHMioo ttctliljus nni'lts.
i 'the Third Wurd owes Its shareholders
in 1,000, including about .il.ouo nt rkilthm-,
pronto. Hat li associations says the examiner,
iiao been doing nu Illegal bulness-
Mr. WhlttonHayi tl.it liu will not ho sur
prised to find many ct the other dime con
cerns lu I'lettv bad shape.
Compiny Incorporated at Tranton
to Bu'ld Ulovated Roads.
rrrrt.t in tvr .vrtsa nsr.v.1
llitsTov, N, I, Aug. 27 corporation
known a- the Ptun city Development rom-
puny ut Jti-ey l It), with a capital stock of
i t I,ooo,o0(i, was lnrorHirnlo1 U-da). Their
bisln5s U to build, opcr ue aud promote
I il)t ited rallwajs.
ThJ lueoriorutois un) John N.llacot, of
I 1 tst orange: ('. II. 1 udlnw, uf New II run i
wiek, A. I. lalrchlid, of New er: mi ait
Lymiin, ot Hi wim rood, N. J., Hid V. M. Hat Id
son, of New v,rk.
I -
The World Postal Card,
; because of its simplicity and
I utility.
c , wtm
- VlaM
- ' f Jaaaal
The Metropolitan Open I
House Gutted by 1
Flames. 1
Entire Contents of the Strw- m
ture Said to Have Btin m
Destroyed. . M
Engines Summonid ti thi Scm fl
by Five Alarms from All Pirti vM
sf the City, ' i
- - - si'rJal
Interior of the Most Beautiful
Playhouso a Mass of .
Smoking Ruins. fiM
The Lots Is Estimated tt It :S
Not Less Than a Million M
Dollars, jM
The inagolflcent Metropolitan Opera-Houss, , ffiH
tbe pi Ide ot New York, la In almost total ;pS
ruins. . j$M
Fire broke out tbcro about 0.30 o'clock tats -,sjM
morning, which galbered headway with such $yM
raplolt) that wltbln less than an hour alter '
tbo alarm was sounded the entire eeventat sfl
avenue ball ot tbo bonding was demolished. &U
The toot bad fallen la. the walls were tou K
terlng and tbe entire spaco which had been JiM
occupied by the enormous stage, the largest tj3fl
of any opcra-bnuo lu tho world, was a reef jH
lng furnace oi name. , sfl
'ibe Immense auditorium, with Its hand. y
soma dee orations and furnishings, was also
complettl) wrecked, and It was only with tbe tj
mewt persistent aud herolu itfortstbuVtbe
firemen wei o able to prevent the names Irons '"
extending to the upartment-house section ot
the building on the Uroodwa'y side. '-j
Hrenlr I'reperilea Itratrojed, K
Heildes tbe great loss to tbo stockholders of , J;
tbo Opcra-IIouso, u vast amount ot valuablo S
wenery, piopcrtlcs and costumes, which It fffi
Ins taken )cara to accumulate, hare been y
toioll) destroyed, together with all the musl j
cl eorcs and other valuable works which t-S
liclongcdtotbeOpcra-Uousc. 'm
A veiy large part of tbo scenery and cos- ti'M
tumesuiii designs for the new worts tone .-'ij
produced at the coming opera season be- lm
longed to Mr. Abtx ) . Va
'ibe work ot preparing this scenery has fM
been going nu all Summer long under tbe &9
direction of .Mr. lloyt, the scenic artist, sail )m
a largo part ot It had been completed. ' $M
It It estimated that his losses alone wilt r-.'jjB
eveced tioo.ooo, and will possibly reach jm
su o.ooo. fiM
Ilcsldcs Ibis, all tbe scenery which TO to jffj
boused In the new ballet wbicn Is to be put V
on the stage at tbo Casino was being stored ,.(
lu the opera.Ilouso, wbcro It bad been 9
painted under Mr. Hoy t's direction, andlt has 9
now gono up in smoke and flame. This alone ,A j
was worth Slii.ooo. M
N'ew scenery lor "Iho Tempest," rbl:h Is Jtf
to lie produced oy Augusiln Dal) at tbe open- eiM
lug.of the season, t alued at S 10,000, st least, .jfl
was also consumed. fM
llnriieil tint Ibe His rttaar. j.'M
Thn stage at ilic Aletropolltan, lu fact, has JJM
Uenan Immense scenic workshop all bum- JfeM
mcr Ion;, and within ibe shoit space ot a ,MM
sluglo hcur the result of all this labor was sjfl
comptetcl) destroyed. MB
No definite esttmato of tbo total losses can. eftfl
) el be made ; but us far as can bo Judged ',
the) will t onslderably exceed halts million 9
dollars, Including the damage to tbo building ''!(
Itself. M
Thero were only four persons In the build- 9
lng at Iho Hue iLo lire trokoout. These ''t
were Capt. f-cattergoid, tbe engineer i AB
I'li.ii l. llrnwn. thn stacrn earnnrr , nnnlta.p jfcxJaaal
carpentei nnnied llaxter nnd Cornelius Mann, kH
i Ki) nf sixteen ) cars, who assisted tbe scene "rVjl
painters. 'tffl
Muinc. Apprurnl su the hint. 'EsJfl
Tl.o three tlr?t uaincd wero uutbestage dfl
when Hie) wtru startled by tbo bursting out ''H
ot flames and smoke about ball way up In tbe l-jvfl
illts near t b9 fi ont of tbe stsgo on tbe Thirty- f.:B
ninth street side. gsH
Ibcslcge wasclosely hung with drops, and nY?Bfl
With in w nnd old fceut-ry was staudlag all -vPJ
,ii oiind Ibo tiles. iiB
'Iho li iv apicid with terrlole rapidity !fj
through tbe inassot Inilamiuaole material ,B
i aud the Ihieo men fled for their lives. 'IvjB
Nmlitng wnssoeitnt the time of Cornelius ..(aB
Maui), the toy who had gone up to the paint MB
irum some time previous. vH
I'ood lr ike I'lainn. ""'oB
Tbe stage Itself was ntted up with scaffold ,.VjH
lng for the scene, pilnters, and lu less time 4-fSB
than It takes to tell It the names jumped to JJH
tbe light wooden siructurr and rtggtag, aml-SH
the whole stage was ablaze. vlttpfl
The nrc-prcot drop-curtain was not avssVjH
' T' fil i ilitfrfeiil TiVatilMr ilMaiaB

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