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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, August 27, 1892, FUTURITY EXTRA, Image 2

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Bt.lf' ''able, for lk bad been faste'hrd ud to mike
Kj rooto lor the pnlntirs, and thero was nothing
HE' to prevent the, names Irom shooting out Into
Bfy S tbu auditorium.
H5? Tbo first alarm, which was sent out rrom
Kf. T tncpmntoboxlntbebuslnoss omcc of tho
Eft'' theatre, was received at litndquwrtcrfi at o.W
I&, "
K''f Jfour mtnutis later came, utblrd alarm from
K$ the box at Broadway ai:d Thlrt).nlnlh strcot.
K, and this was speedily followed by a fourth
H, alarm and several special calls as soon as
H' Cblef Conner arrtrcd an J saw bow serious tho
?' situation was.
Hk These calls brought about fifteen engines
Wk. and bait a dozen truck companies, and ilia
Bfi firemen were soon nt work on the burning
Wl' tJpcrs-Uouso.
mffi Tho black smoko of tho engines nllcd I bo
Wril streets tor blocks around, and great crowds
f collected In Broadway and hoventb avenue
jj&rt ana the side streets to watch tho w ork of de-
?' struct Ion.
i7 Tbe Whale Mlrurtnrr In Flnrnm.
P At thlstlme flames were bursting from the
falling clotie's and pieces f burning scenery
wnlcli wera dropping down on tho rlage ou
all slues.
"A moment more and ho cnull not havr
teen fnteel, for no onu could possibly line
reached lilin.
"'1 he lad was Immediately taken In an nm
bulane 0 to Ilcllcvu? Hospital. 1 do not think
ho can lte, for besletcs being terribly burned
he was crushed and mangled by bis fall fioin
tho fllis."
Ilneinarrr Abbey n Heavy f,n.rr.
"1)0 you know what .Mr. Abbey's Its will
"I haven t tho least Idea. Ilu Is In San
Francisco and has been K legriiplicd to. I
bollcvo ho has the costumes for Ihti operas
thatarotobo produced stored In the bull,
lug, nnd If m Uiey wist b; totally tlcstro)cd
either by tiro or water."
'I ho amount of Insurance was said I his
afternoon to hate been only $10,000. Tula
wnj on tho tapestry and stago appliances.
Iho building was supposed to bo nrcproof
end It I. not yet I ni'vn lor how much It was
j root Of tbe stage at tbo Seventh ac
' nue end of tbe building and
-,4, from tall tbe windows on that stdo
& . and the dense clouds of thick black smoke
f 'which poured from tbo top of tho building
Js could lo seen for nillos around.
j,- Within less than halt an hour alter tbo fire
ft got tinder headway tbo roof "of the stage fell
,jf t In with a terrific crash, sending up showers
& of blazing cinders and forked tongues of
Dame which shot up a hundred feet lntotlio
iS, air.
i Work oftbr I'lremrn.
U Despite tbe fact that streams et water wero
ff being poured luto the building from every
pi side, they did nut seoin to mako tbo slightest
U Impression on tho blazing furnace within.
fej A dozen lines of hose wero taken In through
(S ' the Broadway entrance and water was
' " poured into tbe auditorium In Hoods from tbo
J boxes on both side's.
Q , Even thing In the theatre was ruined, and
;'5f- tho parterre ooxta on both sides ot tbo stage
jS Were rompletoly burned out.
:V', f A staging bad bcon built over the orchestra
r scats and tbls was strewn with charred
S beams and rafters, and groat pieces of
i nlMteFlhg wntcb bad fallen down from the
u' walls and celling.
" Edmund C. Stanton, who was seon by an
', Etkniko Woki.d reporter, sal 1 that tbe total
'y loss could not be less than 1,000,000.
jw (Inly Alight Insnrnncr.
5' ' Mr. Btanton tald to mi Evening
!j World reporter, niter tho flro was gottou
W under control, that tho Ion would ocrtnmiy
p .loot up 1,000,000. Asked about tbo Insur.
X" ance, ba ald tbat there was soma Insurance,
- but tbat It was light.
i" "Mr. JlcClarren," he continued, "has
VI. charge ot that matter. Tim building, tap-1
C estry, Ac coat noarly sn.ooo.ouo, but tho I
h' lnsurancn was not an) where near thai
i' oinounu
k "If tho asbestos curtain had beou dropped I
sV1 1 think thu fire could liato been coufluod to I
tbo stago.
'H "This Is tho (lrft flro of Importance that
iw" bni ever occurred In the building."
" "When dvyou think tho Opcru House can be
j, opfneor"
SKj "1 aco no reason why tho season cnnnot bo
j opened as Intended in the latter pari of u-
fs Vember."
Up tlAtllHT BY Till: FI.AatllS.
tMf t'ornellus Mnnn Ilnriiril nnd llrulnrd nnd
j V III iVobabl) III)-.
?3 Charles Dro u, th stage carpenter, was
ESjU one of thoso In tho building when tua nro
,W. Irolte out nnd tells how it starti d.
J,T "Ibadbcinlu thu theatre ahiit an hour
MjjT sad n half." bo sau to an Kiemmi Wokiii'
fyf reporter, and was working 011 tho sta.'o
ffi?, with ano'her carpenter naintil Ifixter and
W Capt.fccattergood.the engineer. 'I Imoiily oilier
Z? pt-rnon In tbe building, so far as I know, was
iSi tcrnellus Mann, tho painter's to), who is
L'f-; Mnplojoi by Albert Operll, tho scenic artm, '
Wki. whureprisentsMr. Iloyt here. I
11 Tbo stage nnsfull of platforms nnd rig.
fo;V glrg lor the seme painters, uudlhu extended '
WbJ out beyond tpe proaconluin. 'J ho llro proof
BJ curiam was rained.
Wtj-jk. "All at once a lot of smoke burst outfrem
m$. 'be files on tbu Thlrt j-nlnth street side, Just
? nslde tbe prcsoanlutn arch It was followed
W&f Immediately by a rush of rlnme, and we all
M0j 'n for the Thlrty-niath sireet entrance.
ISp T' "Iho engineer went nrst to iho prhateflre-
rt, nJartnLox, which is behind tho btaje, nud
r, sent out tho nrst alarm
vj "The flics we-o tilled with drops and
ltJJ scenery, and the (lamej spread with such
,1 rapldltytbat It ws almost ill 0 au expl slui
'ti. Wllhln tlvo mlnutos aftcnards ltu.is lm.
M"1 pcstlble lor auj ono to gu on thu lugo.
K Marled In lir I'nlnl Itnniu.
M-. il cannot tell how tho lire starKd, but I
MtL tlnttt must haw) bcui in tho pslit riNim
Jm, '! I'O I o' Corrtllus was inljbed as mjoii at. wo
PRw eot cutRlle ot 'be bulldln? ut. imc BOnt. 111 -
ffiff"' Malrto tho paint room just lefore the lire
m Iroke oju
' "1 learned soon ultirnards that ho bid
y- bcenciushtbyihoilHtiitMin the landing of
' tbo becend ll-r and that he haj Jumped to tbo
. Blagi."
gj Albert Opcrtl, the scenic artist who repre-
n-' rents Mr. Hoy t, tho scenu painter, iinljiut
.gt arrived at tho Opcra-llouse to begin his worl .
aj lor Iboday wbeutbeuiarmof tire was git cu
X "Homebody told uw my palm bOT was ml.
li, lng," be bal,"ai.d I iaii lu at tne 'Iblny.
3t ninth street entrance.
I enned lu by Iho Hame..
K .." ' hM,a """u " J'lllag for help In the
, Oles, und looking up I taw Cornelius on the
j larding. He was railing plteoujl) for assist-
jft, snee, nnd was shut off ironi nil escape on one
fcfe ildo by tho nro and tbe other by the well.
B??r bole.
BfU. " I shouted to him lo ho'd on for a minute,
tfsf V d then ran acrosa tho atreet to tho inery
Bt?.''.. abloto get a ladder. When I returned a
jsj'.jinomentuter Hound hlra lying unconscious
A - .on the ttsgo at tbe eottom ol the well.bole.
LBBM "T0 V10' "ore be bad been Handing
B'tV?S'rn,,rtIjr 'nrl0Pva In flames. had
BWjL:!.??-Sft."?? "J? " out "f1"" r 01 tus
The toss In stage wardrobes Is estimated at
from 1100,000 to lno,ooo.
rrenery That H'm Iturned.
The scenery for twenty operas was being
prepared by Painter Hoyt and was nearly
completed. Among tho operas for which tho
scenery was being prepared were tbo follow,
"Don utoannl," "Trovatoro," "Hlgc
lctto," (jueen of hbebu," " 1Afrlcalno,"
" lllonzl," " Flying Dutchman," " K.
dello," " Faust," Hamlet," " I'rophcte,"
"Lakmc," "Mlguon," "Tannbaucser," "I.o
bengrln," "Hhclngold," " blegfrled," "tlot
tcrdaeminerung," "Die Walkeuru" and "Tris
tan and Isolde. '
lu addition to those Hoyt bad painted
sconcrj for llnwthorue's" Scarlet I otter," to
bo pro'ented by MaiiBllcld nt Daly's, and tor
" Klcurd orange," wllh which tho Casino Is
to bo cpened HcpU in.
Tnobcenory for tbo "Scarlet Lotter" was
rspcclilly nimble.
htencry was also stored In the building for
sonin road plajs. anion.- which Is tbo " Plant
er's Daughter."
Tho boxes III the pnrterro were burned and
water-soaked, aud will Imvo tu borelilmiueel.
Tho boxos were fitted out by the owners.
Among the boxes of which the furnishings
was totally destroyed weio thoso ot Jav
Mould, (iiorgo II. Wuren, vVllilam C. Willi
nej, Cyrus W. Field, Jeremiah Mlllbank, (J. N.
Curll., Ileniy clews, Auntln Coroln, Calvin
llrlco nnd Cornelius Vnndorbllt.
Itnin.irn Tbul ICxploslons Oreurrril.
.ICTSliuu llenrj. of tho Hxonatto Mtrrur,
claluii that whllu iasslmr the bulldlnj at
U.lo o'clock there wero two explosions Insula
the building In quick sueci'Kslou. Ho says ho
notlfiod n policeman, but that no limstlga
linn wus uiaUo.
Mr. Miinton, who has been Hjcretary of tho
Directory, resigned last .May and win biio
ceeutd bv Mr. Mel nren. Tho latter Hated to
an l.vEMsei W OKI 11 reporter that II 0 Insur
ance woiihl Voter tho lesson tho building.
Ilo reltisi 11, though, to stato tho em unit of
ttisiiriiuce, or thu companies In which It Is
Tin: iitiuM'.n I'uiiiiinsi:,
It Com X'.',I(IO,(MJO lo H11II1I It nnd tns
TboiiKht 10 Ilu I Ire-proof.
'I he Metropolitan (ipera-llimso was built
at an eponso of about 'J, 100,000 bysotenly
stockholders, lach of whom Mlbscrltcd
:io,ooo, und null ot whom became tho
emncrof eneicf thu nvrmj boxes, choice or
whUli waselccliti'd by lot.
Ile-delca tho luvestment ot (30,000, box
billirs linto had to pij nn assessmeul every
seaion nmouutlng to ironi II, sou to J.'.non.
When Mr. Abbe) got bis lenso of tho opera
bouse' at tho end of last season It was matte
a ennilltiiiu thut the assetsm:nts should
Dining the pist nlnnjears in tny changes
lute been made In th" list otbox.holui'i s anil
Motkli liters 1 hi' tii'ijt recent list Is us tol
Ions: Purler e 1. ogdcu Occlct.
". Jay llould
I :i. Ceorg-' I'laleuh Wetuinre, The Mlsse3
Ogden, NNe'dliesti ; I ly i.oddaid
4. liioigc I'eatiol) Witmue
ft . t. l lu met born, Monda); W. P.
t,urnct Wednetdij, i:eilon Wlntnrop, Irl
da. ik Mrs. A. . bhermau, Wullace v, n
dreitp, half season.
K. tjrus W. Field It. (I. Dunn, Wednesday
T. w 11 lain c. Whit iej , h. c. Harriott, Jlon
11. Mrs. William Aslor.
10. Mrs. Otboin.
11. John J. Wysong, Monday; w. strrrs
Wi-Us, Wcdneida); J. H. Ilee'emau, I rUny.
IS. Miss Lallcndtr, Monda) nud Friday;
Mrs. J. Xllbank, Wednesday.
ilk Ceorge N. Curtis, Jaiccs A. llostwlck,
E. T. Knowltou, Monday.
14. Henry Clewt, Mcnday; W. II. utar.
buck, WednesiayuW.ji. inmnn. 7rluy.
18. Adrian Iselln, Uayld Bluart, Wcdnes.
ay. ,' - '
ifcAiUnCMtoVv 'WW 1 i
;, AitcM nw1 ftrjh tf jf aWPJ
IT. Wttllim D. cloane, II. MoK. Twombly.
in. II. 11. Ilemsen,, Monday i clarence An-i
drows, Wcelnesdart llobert Ooelet, Friday. !
in. II. Knlckerbackcr, Mondiy and Mats;
J. II .scbirr, Uednesday; McCoskry llutt, t'rl
du. an. llolxrt ooelet.
.'. 1'. o. French, 0 Id performances; llusscll
lloadley, onn perform inces
as. 11(0. Ileniy Wnrrcn.
Ui. .1. Hood Wright.
J 1. (leo. Hobart Warren, odd performances;
.1. Auieti-eius Hamilton, Henry T. slo.inc, even
j.-, Hbrldgo T. ilerry.
'.'11. I.utber Kountze, Mrs. paran Mtovons,
cten perlorinanri'H.
ST. I'. C. Jlorrntt, Monday, p. P. Uirh,
J. K. Alexanelre, Wednesday. Thomas Htokes,
1 rlday,
-K. W. Seward Webb.
SI). 1.. J. 1 Iter, Monday; J. T. Farlsb,
We-dnesday ; C. C. Ilaldwln, Friday.
:io. Ullllam K. Vanderbltt.
111. (leorge Do Fore it, Monday; Thomas
1 Hitchcock, Wednesday; K. K. (Junther, t'rl
'day. :w. Ullllam Rockefeller.
XI. Calt in 8. Hrlcc.
.14. Ileber 11. Bishop.
:IV Cornellns Vandcrbliu
no. Cicorgo s Dowdolo.
37. Ilradley Martin.
so Tho Director.
4-J Miss Catherine Drexel.
ii wtu'40 noujji.
41. (lenrge F. Biker, n.C. Fahnestock.
4:l .Mrs. Marshall o. lioberts.
4B. James Harnman.
4r. J. c. llnrron, M. D.
47. Dr. Jackson, Monday ; F. N. Bbaron,
I rlday.
4H. II. (J. Marquand.
r.o. .
40. Mrs. J. c. Ayer.
si. 11. T. Wilson.
r','. Walsion 11. Brown, odd performances
Adrian Iselln, eten performances.
r:i. llobert L. cutting.
04. Mlvs McEckron, Monday; C II. Han
ford, Wednesday; Addison Cammack, Friday.
tr. James A. Iloosovelt.
A7. James Htlllman.
no. D. o. Mills.
UI. W. I. Breese.
(l.l. O. B. Jennings, odd performances. O. O"
Haten, even performances. John K. Parsons.
fill. J. l'lerpont Morsnn.
US. Hamuel V. Babcock.
07. Kdward Cooper.
M. Charles Lanier.
110. James tlordon Henett.
(10. W. II. Tllllnghost, odd performances ;
William M. Klngsland, even perlormances.
()'.'. c. p. Huntington.
tu. W. E. Connor, a P. Moroslnl, Wednes
day. 71, Ooorgo Bliss, odd performances; Levi
P. Morton, oven performances.
(10. Adrian Iselln, ji.
7J. F. :. Lawrence.aeorgo s.acott.Wednes
da). OH. Win. Kutnclander.
70. JnnU'H c. Parish.
7.'. iTcdtrlcdoodrldce.
llraerlptlon or the Bulletins.
The Ope'rii-Hoiisr, which lsahugo wnlto
building oicuprlng tho wbola block be
tween 'I hlrty-nlnth nnd Fortieth streets,
and between Broadway and Netenlli avenue,
interna plot of grouud aoo by yoo reel, or
4S.000 sijur.ro feet.
'1 ho exterior Is ot prossed buff brick, with
dresslnh'sorterri.cottn, the design being a
slwplo treatment et the Italian Kenalssance. ,
'Iheio are seventeen entrances irom
tho street, and on 'Ihlrty ninth
and lorlleth streets nnd on Bread
way them are l.uga vestibules, with
but and eo.it rooms adjoining.
'iho ten et is :n bv ml1 rout, with a parlor
connected lu such a manner that tho fojer
can bo tomcrlcd into a concert or lecture
room, with the parlor for a stage.
'iho auditorium, which Is said to bo tbe
largest lu tho world, contains three rows ami
n It elf of tuxes, laa In all, with each of which
Is connected a salon t wtco the slo of tbo box
itself, in which reircshments may ho served,
wiapslcrt ana Mslts rccclted between the
'1 be stn jo Is 0(1 feet it Ide, 70 feet deep, and
U'U tetft lilgli It nlso goesjsomo :io;teet
below tbu floor, maklug tho atallabie ipaco
abemt lAOIect.
Ihe bulldlug was always said to bo thor
oughly tlre-proot as possible, brick and Iron
eiitt'ilns almost exclusively Into Its compost
Urn. It was opened for performances In October,
Ihh.l, iiudcr tho management ot lleury
blnco the flrst season It has been devoted
chiefly to i.ennan opera. Manj or the Wag- -nr
operas have been produced here recently
wlih ere tt splendor anil effectiveness 11 Is
also tho scene o( the ereat balls each seison.
The Metr ipollt 111 opeia-lloust w.isop-ncd
In (ictober, IhH.l, witn a seison ot Ifillau
oj eru, under tho management ot llcuri 1
Abbcj. 1
'1 he billowing j ear Iho directors decided to
lmugur.it!' (m' nun one ri. under the leader
ship ot Dr. DaiiiroiCh, wini w it suceeedeil af.
tcr hi- e'eatn bi utmi soldi.
( ri,i 111 oi hc.il tho boarils here for
s-teii ) ears, such uorksas lite) WaUueic," 1
"lthelu' Id,' ule'gli led, ' Dli-llotteid ein
meiuiig,' " Ian1.hn.5e1 ut.d other (anuus '
lie rm 111 opirasreccutngtueir tlrat Intrrpre
lalln'i n thlicouii'i).
Mf. bl' came lotheironl list ten and
gate a siiccosilul seaeun of trenehand Hn'.
1 111 opera, ami last Winter seeur-d a lease o
llieMiirj.oU'o for three seiihons.
Mr. Mils') miao extensive) preparations for
th.' riming scat hi, t.hlcii promisjd to tuthe
most lullliint in the l.lnori or tho Metro
poltian, aud IikI engage!! an e'xcepinn illj
nnei'iinpaiii, besides pieparln? an linmtiisj
iiiiiount ut new seiner) und costumes.
Thnusrht Plirmles Killed Hla Mother.
Michael MrDerinott. aged thlrly-thrce, ri
SI Fast tcventt-tourth street, was com
muted for cxiralnation asto his ssnlty by
Jusitcti lalnlci In V.rkvt!l ('emit to-dnt.
Meliernibti UtnineTl'ilet.t laslnlgnt I'lioiuh
the hallucination tint he hadscvu bis muther
murdered by pigmies.
Funeral of DerJ O. Clarke.
Tbe funeral of Benjamin o. Clarke, rresl-
dent or the Thomas Iron Company and awell
known cgnre In Iron and steel business
circles, wbp died m Antwerp. Belgium. Aug.
Getaway Day at Brighton
a Good One for
the Talent.
Johnny Lambley Leads In Winning
Mounts at This Meeting.
The Brighton Beach Haclng Association
brought lis meeting to a closo yesterday
artcrnouti, and R wrs one or tbo best get
away daysever known to tho talent, that Is,
Irom tbe talcut'11 standpoint. The weather
was simply miserable, but nevertheless tbo
usual crowd ol regulars turned out to wltncbs
a lalrly good card run on. iboMessls Kngc
man, perhaps, wore the most pleasant smile
of nil, us tho meeting has been one of tho
most succeislul ever known 10 Brighton
Beacbers, and to hecretary bass Is meat of
tbe credit due, as Lis untiring efforts bate
made tba programmes what they were.
Favorites almost made a clean sweep of tho
purses, !udhjo being the only ouo that did
not land tbo meney. l!ndoubtedl the raojt .
popular win of tbe altcruoou was Jimmy Mc
Laughlin's Key West. There Is hardly n turf
man who has hot a warm spot In his heait tor 1
the uue-tlmogrealesl of America's Jockeys and .
one and all ate more than glud 10 sco his col
ors In the van. Key West Is n greatly Im
proved colt since Jimmy has taken blm, and
w 111 give pretty near an) body's horse an argu
ment. "Billy" Lakeland landed the big purse '
with crotchet, and the Duke ot Brighton must
have won u barrel of money ovei bis filly's
victor). In this race lndli Rubber, with a
belter boy up, would have beaten CrotchcU
but Coffey, as usual, was satlstiod to take the
worst ot tbe start, and was lengths out of thu
race on tbe back stretch, but rounding Into
tho stretch be brought the Rubier horse, as
many trainers call htm, up with a rush, and
was catching ihe fast tiring raiorlle at every
Jump, but could not eiulto get up.
Early Blossom opened tbe tun by galloping
tho distance In the first race and winning
easily. Four tu flto was laid against the
Blossom's chances at tho oj cuing, but tbo
money canio In so fast that her price was
soon cut to 1 to a. Taking tbo lead at tbe
first jump sbu was never beaded, winning
pulled up by a length and a half. Indigo was
made a hot favorite for tho second race, but
hu was never In It, tbe Woodland Stable's
useful filly, Josephine, making a runaway
nice cf It. The thlru race was perhaps tbe
most spirited betting an air or tbe aiternoon,
" Father Bill's " Alcalde and Johu Cavanagh
bring equal choices at S to 1, whllo '-nobla
and Joxlord each rcceltcd good support.
Bolivar cut out a warm clip ror 11 quar
ter ot a mile, when enobla went
tei tbo front, and Johnny Lumley was working
hard with Hal) 'a colt. In the'slreleh .enobla
c mmenced totlre, nnd Luinbiyby tlgorous
riding gut Ali'sldo numo llrsl 11) h ilfn length.
Jack .McDonald t rough t Bordeaux otcr rrom
Moumouih Park und entered blm In tho last
nice, lor 111 Uons. at six and a halt furlongs,
'Pbcn ho proceeded to got back his looses on
Chesapeake by plunging beatlly on the colt,
getting as good us -'H to 1. Bets wero de
clared orf on uccouut of the scratching of
Paulino Hall and iho Maggie Merrill colt, and
ut the end Juck was loiced to take 7 toflior
his mone). Hotdeuux won, but only by tbe
nurroevest kind ot it m;ulu, just cntchlnj
(Jlorlaua on ibo post.
" Father William" Duly beads tho list or
winning onncis ut tho Beach, his hories
having placed tiru'7f to his ervuit, l.l.lu
winning $3,400 ol It. Billy Likelund comes
next with lU.IIUO, ot which Lord lialmcuy
golf I.000 and crotchet ;.4.r.o. 'ibat usoiul
little horwi .lack ltoso put ta.AOO lu I cm
Barrett's pecket, and had It nut been fur hard
luc he would hate got ten $1,000 more.
M. I'. Hw)cr has sold tho running qualities
ot I'otnmau to S Satiford A Son, and cbcia
pctiku's big brother will race Under llictr
colors in the lulute.
Major Thomas s good filly, Hejectlin, has
?:onuwrnuguidwlirnot start in tbe Futur
y. 'Iho hopes unit dollars nt mau) of thu
Kentucky loloorls were placed on this
daughter of Lougtellow-lllillgut.
Johnny Lamhlcy rodo an excellent raco on
Alealdu yesterelu). J. Whalen Iwl lots ot
money on the coll nnd won heavll), but be
can luaiik the bo). Lau.bley leads the list ot
winning Jockc) s at Brighton.
Dolph W heeler got all his (Hernia down on
(lu)aillu the last rare yesterda), and the)
hate n't gotten up yet, und rrom thu wuyliu).
all ran never will.
A Midwife Suspected of Botnsr Im
plicated In n, Woman's Dea'h.
Mrs. Margaret Vandertecr, ot 378 Dean
street, Brooklyn, was held this morning with
out ball lor examination In the Butler street
Police Court on luesda), on suspicion rf
being Implicated in tho death ot Mrs. Mary
Kiel"), i;itri)-onei jcars old, eit 4.U West
lorty.nlnth street, New York.
Mis. anle ten Is 11 ml 1 wire and conducts a
l)lng-lu Hospital she holds n diploma Irom
a New ork college 01 snrgei), and has neter
been In trouble pretlousl). I
An nu ejps) on Mrs. Itlebe's body will be
made thlsulicruoon.
John Morlnrty Committed to tho
Inobrlnto Aeylutn.
John Morlarl), fiirnltttio dealci, was n
rested tr.ds) em eoniplalnt of his brother
Philip and wile Margaret, frr being an habit,
uat drunkard
lie- ns ukdn 1 1 .le-rferon Market Police
lemit and wiiscuininliieil to Hie 1 oil Hamil
on Inebriate stliiiii lor 0110 mouth.
A Wllllamsliursr Shop Closes Owing;
to TlieftH of Mnchln'sry.
I James Mclaughlin nnd Prink Donnelly,
, aged fourteen )e us were In the Lee Vteniie
I police Court to-da) charged with stealing
headers laltted at fioo Irom Ui-orge IP
Beeves s pinning mill, at i;7 Cirecne street,
Iho work of me (hop was si hindered by
IheiKssof the boade rs, Mr. Ileetes setd. that
tho lactory had 10 closs eow 11 for adat.
riiebo) hull the headers at brink cker
1 man junk store, vm b rankuii sti ee-t. Ac ,.
ei min was held in f.M)e) bonds loansitenor
receiving stolen proinrty, and the bo)s weie
helu lor examination.
In Touch with tho Beer,
Although the pickpocket may not enjoy the
society of the higher classes, still he likes 10
I to Ju - touch - w lib well-to-do jwople. ,
Jb.Cl.s.,!tti, , . . ,. ,
Third Case of Cholera from
Among the Gemma's
Other Exposed People Are in the
City and an Outbreak Is
Dearth of Doctors in Hamburg
Nurses Stricken Down
by the Plague.
The Pcslilcnoo Has Entered Rotter
dam Despite the Strict Pre
cautionary Measures.
Hit associated net... I
London, Aug. UT. Another pacscnger who
arrived at Urave&end Thursday on tho
bteamer (lemma rrom Hamburg has died Irom
cholera at the Oravesend Hospital.
There is deep Indignation nt the careless
ness or the medical officers who Inspected
and passed the Oemna, particularly In view
ot tbo tact that they had been ordered
to te most 'searching In tbelr examina
tion of vessels from Infected ports. Tho
I whole affair shows how utterly use'cs3 quar
I antlne regulations are unlets tbo officers
' charged with their enforcement aro Intel
ligent enough to know the danger to which
they expose the whole people If they do not
properly fulfil the duties Intrusted to them.
Considerable uneasiness has been created
, by the knowledge that some of tbe Gemma's
passengers are In London.
The whereabouts or all ot them aro not
known to the authorities but a 6trlct watch
will b) kept by all the medical and sanitary
oftlc.als lor the nr.t appearance or the
I disease.
It Is consUci cd that an outbreak Is Inevita
ble. Tho St. Janifs's (Jnielte says that two
' cbsch or Asiatic cholera bate occurred at
(ilasgow. Tbo patients, a man and a
I woman, who wero among n party of Gorman
emigrants on their way irom Hamburg to the
llnllod States, have been talcu to a hospl.
tnl. Tbo party of emigrants In whl:h the
man and woman weia travelling hate been
Isolated and n close watch Is kept on them.
Hearth ot Doctor In llambitra.
Hkhlin, Aug. Ml. A despatch to tbe Vo
sfucfie Ztitung from Hamburg, says: "There
Is no apparont decrease In the cholera In
bplto of the cool weather.
The disease has appeared on tho Islands In
tho Kibe. Hundreds ot wealthy people have
I qulttrd the city.
HiiiBCnn, Aug. i!7. Tho official cholera
statistics show that on Thursday there weie
alio new cases of cholera reported In tbe city
and 130 deaths. Up to noon yesterdsy thero
woro 1H3 new cates and 7M denths. These
figures Indicate a largo Increase In both new
cases and deaths. All the schools aro now
'Iho lloursa to-day itos thinly attended
and thu general buslnoss or tbe city Is be
ginning tu sutler from tbu prosence ot tbe
Itottrrdam (lots tbe l'lnnuc
ItOTTiHiux, Aug. 1:7. Etery precaution
has been taken to prevent tho Introduction
I of cholera, but notwlthi landing all the efforts
or the authorities tho disease has efTccied au
entrance Into the city.
The flrst death from tbe dlsoaso-tbatof a
woman occurred here this morning.
Iho dearth of doctors Is bovercly felt,
scteral nurses bate died. Tho school attend
ance has dwindled to only 40 per cent of tbo
usual figures."
l.onarr Drath-Itoll In Keiola.
Ht. rkTKKSBCRti, Aug. ST. The oniclil
relurrs show tbat throughout l(usla
jestcrday there wero repotted o,H.")l
new cases of cholera and fl.sni deaths from
the disease. 'Ibis Is an Increase of 11:11 new
cases and S85 deaths as comparel with
Inursdaj's figures.
I In M. Petersburg los new cases of the dls-
ease ore reported )clerdaj. Tho deaths
numbered -7. tompated with ihur-daj's
ligurosihls is an Incieaou of ii new cases
1 undo deaths.
Hie Nrer C'nsrs nt Antnrrp.
AvTAHir, sug 'J7. Htc new cases of
cholera hive been reported heie oloce jes'er
diy morning, one death In tho same time
I has been reported. 1 ho milln rllle-do not
coiiildet It necetsar) to nnen a lazirctl .
Il Unlrm lite lleiniihi''', r ,n (.nirs.
liiiDArE-T, Mig -J7 .seveial Hungarian
nettspiperseleclire that a numlerot eases of
true sslitlc choleia hate occined at tho
Iron (.alesof the liuiiibe, and lb it throw,
break ot the dreaded dliease has lei'n con
ctaled b) I be u in lion I los.
siimmnrr.llenxirrs liiiler (oneli'.rrnlloii
by Mrnmsliln 'nmiiililr.
The cholera scare has nowieached such a
SimpEy Awful
' Ht5Mi. "l h'1 WB,t ,fc" doe
1 yiMsA ten r.Pel tbe 11 oral
L S ene 01 rrnlnn thev
fj "t" SlJS. i'er mw. It w. on
S(tf fii) '"V rm, r.ce.nilne-k,
KkSV, y and .imply ate mil
'' 1 r,Tf tears -o I tYn
I dktf!' Ai- lu uk" lluod'n hier.
mX9 ilrryi l"l nr'"' nd found
Il.e.i. V . I eirner. irantohetl. I too'i tea
lolllf. and waa pert eul cured. For the pait
lour rears I have bad .n,l ... ulih m,i" "
irr.. O. W.luni.a, farmer. Claewi), N.y.
I Ufu. bUiootcan, Jaundice, sw baadacbeV
I pltrh that there Is talk of putting a complete
I stop to emljrallon to tbls country Irom tbe
j Infected districts so long, at least, as tbo epi
demic provnlls.
Hecretaryotthe Treasury Koster Mys tust
although Immigration Into the United Utiles
cannot bo prevent' d, we can make such regu
lations for our otu protection ss will com
pel those who do not comply with them lo
return to their own country.
As the epidemic Is Increasing In virulence
every day at ths Infected European
ports, tbe necessity of taking the most
stringent mctsurcs to r re vent Its Intro
duction hero Is becoming more ana
tnoru apparent, and tbe health authorities
hnvo nearly come to tbe conclusion that an
entiro suspension of tbe Immigrant traffic
may be demanded should the situation show
no rhange for thu better.
The North Herman l.loya company has to a
certain ex unt lollowed the policy ol the
Hamburg line, and bos announced that It will
hereafter enrry no steerage passengers who
come from ltussia so long as the cholera pre
vails there.
At the present time, tills company Is exer
cising the greatest care In tbe Inspection of Its
steerage passengers before they are allowed
to ernuark at Urrmen. They are compelled to
remain under observation In specially desig
nated houses In Uremen lor five days belore
they can go aboard ship, and on each day or
their quarantine they must submit to a special
medical examination.
Dr. llnmlltnn Hutu Vldlnnee and Not an
Alnrm la Itcmnnrieil.
Iiv ArsnetATPt) mrs. I
CnirAoo, Aug. 27. John B. Hamilton, ex
burgeon. (Icncral ot the Marino Hospital Sei
vlcoand at present lu tho Marine Hospital
Service here, sounds a uoto of warning to
thoso health officials In tho country who are
aolnc much to convince tho public that
cholera Is near at band.
Prof. Hamilton takes the view that unnec
essary and repeated warnings are liable to
produce a panic and result Injuriously.
I rot. Hamilton said: "I think thero Is ab
solutely no occasion for alarm, although
there Is etery reason for cxtremo vigilance
on the part or those Intrusted with the roau
agemont or our sanitary matters.
"The National and local authorities have
belter sanitary arrangements than ever be
lore, the laws are moro practical, and sani
tary scleno has more resources than for-
ruerly. 1 ho sanitary officers throughout the
country are fully alert but some ot
1 them reeia to forget tbat one ot tho
j most Important duties ot an officer charged
wltn sanitary administration Is tbe preten
I tlon ol panic, which paralyzes tbe Industries
I and dries up tbe channels ot trade, and does
1 almost as much harm as tbe epidemic Itself."
Pussenceri on I.a Toeiralne, (lie Oilier!
nnd Other (ships I xnmlnrd.
r.rrciAL 10 thz ksknino woaLr. 1
QCAKANTiNk, S. I., Aug. 27. La Touralne,
the rrencli lino steonibhlp which sailed last
talurday Irom the cholera-Infected port ot
Havre, has, contrary tb the expectations ot
tbe (uarantlno and Health officers ot New
I York, escaped tbo unenviable distinction of
being the first ship to Introduce the plague to
tho Western Continent.
1 (Irate apprehensions have been felt by
j quarantluu officials because advices bad been
'received Irom llatre that Immigrants who
bad travelled with those who had secured
passage on La Touralne, und who had been
compelled to remain in port on uccount ot the
crowded condition of the steerage, bad been
seized with the cholera belore tho ship left
, t ho harbor. The suspicion tbat those who had
tal en passage must necessarily be Inlocted
1 and that tho ship would bo plague-ridden be
1 fore reaching tbls poit appeared to be well
founded and was shared by the health au-
t borllles on tbls side ot tbe ocean.
1 he ottara-ittne officials were fully prepared
' to find tomo of the 415 steerage passengers
on tbe Trench liner sick or Infected.
When La'iouralne dropped anchor on
, Quarantine at :,..o this inornln.-, Health
Officer Jenkins auJ Deputies Tnllmadge aud
Hanborn boarded the ship without delay.
I Thoy founa ship's surgeon Id. Derrecugalx
I I waiting at the ladder, his raco wreathed In
, ' smiles.
I "No plague here," said ihe hitrgeoi. Wo
are all sound und well, thank Clod." '
The surgeon reported that there was not a
1 cutout sickness on board other than mal dc
, mer during the 1 0) age. and that the steerage
puisengcrs In nnrtlcu'iir were In en unusually
good slulo 01 health. L.ipl. I'raugcul pio
eluced a ccrtltlcaf, which was attached 10
the bill of health given by tho American
consul, Oscar I'. Williams, nt Havre, eertlty
lng that there nero no Italian immigrants
' aluanl coming from any clulcra-lnlected UIs
' trlois In fnct, nor 0 coming from points soul b
or Leghorn, and that passage tickets it ero
llisuodlrom tho immediate tielgliborhjoel or
' tho places from whence tho lnmlgrau's came.
No relet enre whatevei was made tollusslan
I Immigrants In tho Captain s ccrllrtcate.
I Aug. ly, iho day preceding tho sailing ot
tho vessel, Consul Williams ecr.lfled tint
goodhoalth w as enjo) cd In the town ol Hat re
and tho adjacent country, without any sus
picion of plague, cholera 01 contagious dls
tcmpei whatsoever, lblsccrtltlcate was also
attached to the other documenls, constituting
tbo bill of health, ant Is deemed exlraordl
nar) lu Ion ol tbu concession of the authori
ties thcie ihm llie cholera Is pievale-it.
llio bill ot health, with the additional
Consular eeriincates. did not, however, d:tcr
lir. Jenkins from taklugextraordlnai) pre
I cautions. j
I At his request the 2.VI saloon passengers'
1 were lined up. Inspected carefully and pissed
Tho 1 1 0 fcccoiut cabin pasjen-crs wire sub.
jected lo slmllnr treatment, and then tho
j neerage nastlsl.ed. 1
I 'llicro was a total number ot 41.1 Imml
giants, ncuilynll health) looking men anil
wumcii. Ihe) were exaiclnoi indltlduill),
and questions were put anil answered satis,
lacioill). Not .1 s)mpiori or illarrhccal
I trouble, the most suspicious Indication or the
ilicididdleaso, ce.uld Lo round and the pa:
stngers were accordingly pssd 1
Then tho disinfecting tault under the Tur
scr'sonicc was tidied aud louuil lo bo In
readiness for the It.imgatton ot thu baggage,
in. Jenkins person 1 h supe rvlhol thu oper
, nlle ns. and had all siispliio'i-.loiiking puces
'of Inggiga taken a.url, sprviil out in t lie 1
1 strcl-ll .eel, 1 .light tault and the steam I
I tinned on until tlio beat rejlsttreJ aia dc
grecs. I
I '1 ha baggage was kept In tho dldnfictlngl
room inr ttvohcuis Tlieu tho malls, as an
additional procauilon, weio dlilnltcted both
by s:cam and sulphur, ni the leather bags aro
deemed cpee la ly aaapled fere once a ingand
prctertlng dljeaso genns. I lit more wn
plrlaus nieces wero kept In rumlgalnr ror at I
least rite hours, nud when tne ship
weighed snclnr an! started tor her
pier at K.4.; o'clock a quirantlno
Agent went alonitosee that Dr. Jenkins s
Instructions wero curried out, and tbat no
la.'jugu was landed that had not been
When iho tugboat bearlbg Ihe Quarantine
officials and ai LrrviNU Would reporter
lep la lot'rslue and steamed awayi
(for the dock Dr. Jenkins and lilsl
deputies wero proiute n congratulating
, eacU puier oyer the Uflayod Wsl 01 tbe
' plague. Each declared that ho had felt al
most sure ol finding tbo disease aboard the
" I can only account for La Touralno's es
cape," said Dr. Jenkins, " by the fact thst the
s'eamsblp authorities aro honest, thorough
and persovertn In their endeavors to
keep out the disease. They aro cer
'talnly earning cut my suggestions
at IlaTre and dlslnlectlng all steerage
I baggage and subjecting each Immigrant to a
I rigorous examination. I do not Icllcltato
m) self, however, that the dlseaso will not yet
come, lut I icel much easier since 1 found tbe
Frenchmen all right.
' will not feel Justified In assuring the
. public thit tbe disease will not get to tbls
j port until Immigrants from all European
ports, whether Infected or not, sredcnled ad-
"It Is Ibo most advisable safeguard, and
In view of tbe awful ravages of cholera In
Europe and tbe rapid spread ot the dlseaso
there, I would recommend such a course lor
the present at least.
' If immigrants are not brought here they
cannot bring the disease."
The Edam, of tbe Netherlands line, from
llotterdam, was passed tbls morning. She
had no passengers. Her cargo was lumlgatcd
and ber crew examined.
Tho St- Konans, Irom Liverpool, a freighter,
was also passed, nothing suspicious being
found aboard.
'I be Manitoba, from Liverpool, an Atlantic
transport ship, was closely inspected, si.
though she called prior to the appearance ot
the cholera there.
The (lellert, nltho Hamburg-American line,
arrived oil Quarantine at K.30. Sho bad
morn than rite hundred passengers aboard,
and bad been out sixteen days from Hamburg.
Tho Augusta victoria Irom tbe same port
has not yet been reported, but Is due to-day.
(Inly the Itrtnrnn rrom llnmbira's Epi
demic He elvrd To.Ueey.
ir amociatid rarss.l
WisntNOTOv, Aug. 27. Tho only Informa
tion In regard to cholera received ut tbe Stato
Department up to noon to-day was contained
in n despatch irom Consul Johnson, at Ham
burg, who cabled tbat there were 205 new
cases and 130 deaths rrom the disease In that
city yesterday.
Precaution Taken In Keep the Dliease
! Ont of Ihe City.
I Tbe beads ot tbe several departments ot
1 the Health board were at tbelr offices very
I early to-day. They were arranging tho de
tails connected with getting the city In tbe
1 best possible sanitary condition to cope with
the cholera should It make lis appearance
President Wilson was la consultation with
Sanitary bupL Dr. Cyrus Edson.
Dr. Charles F. HooertB, Superintendent ot
the Burcauof Contagious Diseases, and Major
Hullock, Cblef Sanitary inspector, were also
in tbe conference.
President Wilson said : " Everything Is be
ing done that tve know bow to do. Wo aro
I working bard to get tho city as clean
as possible. It Is In a fairly good
, sanitary condition, anyhow. We will put our
I whole, force ot Inspectors at work to-day and
to-morrow, lbey will work for the most
part south ot Fourteenth street.
"Tbe Inspectors hate located the worst
spats, and we will proceed to clean them up
, as'provlded for In tbe resolution passed rjy
1 tbo Board yesterday."
I Asked It tho Health Board could by any
, order on Its part closo tbe port to Immigrants
from infected districts, President Wilson re-
1 "No. Ihe Board of Health could not do
that. The Health officer ot tho port might
posilbly do so. We can kcey tLe Teseels
at or telotv Quarantine, and make our In
spections so vlgoroas as to practically mako
the work as effective as If Immigration was
"What do you think," he was asked, "or
tbo action taken by tho Executive Commit.
j tee or the State Hoards or Health at Indian
apolis yesterday, at which a committee was
1 appointed to Mslt jbc various ports along the
Atlantic and PaclMc coast and Inspect the
effectiveness or Iho quarantine.
, "I know very little about the meeting at
, Indlar.ai oils," be said, " but I Judge that tbo
plan Is a good one. An)filngtbat will aid at
su.'h a lime as this cannot bo otherwise than
I bcnellclal."
I President Wilson declnitd that ho would
attend to the work in baud all the rest or to
diy, nnd would go to Quarantine to see
Health officer Jenkins Ibis atteruoon.
Dr. Fdson said: " I think wo have things In
pretty good shape now. 1 borough Inspection
Is going on alt tuc time, and Is being pushed
more vigorously all the wnllc."
I Dr. Eoson, in commenting upon tho action
I of the Executive Committee if tho btatc
Koardsof Health, said: "Tho people In tho
Interior cities are entire!) nt the meicy of
1 the authorities In tho seaboard cities. Tboy
are naturally anxious to know wl.ut 13 being
dtno la the way of keo.iiug out tho
1 cholera. I th'nk ihelr plan ot send
ing a committee to examlno tho
Quarantine s)stems at the setcial ports Is
a good one. I think the) will nnd tint etcr).
tblng Is being done that can be done In other
cities I know they will find It so heie,"
I Major nullock. chief Sanl nry Inspector
wns busy Bending out bis corps of Inspectors.
The Inspectors bat eordets to proced accord-
I ng to the lino laid out by Mayor Craut and
! tho Board ot Health.
C'lrrnlnr fuseird lo the Poller Fearer
To. Die r.
Health commissioner firlffin, of Hi no Urn
Issue 1 Ihe following circular to the Brooklyn
police at noon to-day:
It l-at ni com. tamytnowlfitgalhat tbe, term.
ff a lurmltiMntdJ by ifcla Department fur the lm
neJIete trn,fer of ras. arrWinr at a lliooklyn
pirrhteretxen violated, I rrqnt that 7011 will
le.i e an order rei ilrlox pollie ofosra toenlcrcea
trlct eompl'anre ,fi(h ftcrh pvrmtt.
The po-ilMe Ivrodi.rtlon if cho'era rnakea it
n.ce. -j 10 adopt tne meet il Id precaution', and
uilhthepnria'ciof aldlns Ihe Department I Inrlts
i ar ,.nper.tton.
I Vi.it that the police thronghort the cltj
teilireolrd lo .es that jardi an I alleys are kept
clean, nutter, meet, partiral.il la tenement
etlitrliti, mil that no accumulalloDa or tilth In at
10 ed In the .tre-tj. aid cenera'lr no tiolatloca cf
em tarr ordinances he permitts.'."
j 11 i:v crr of-h ii, ai.iuit.
It fcolfrn Apprnia It t I I tin Promptly
Dealt Wltr.
The Health Heard or .lorsey uty tins taken
active mrasures lo prevent tho Introduction
or cholera Into thit city, rarilculai attin
lion Is b. In.' git on to tne ma tei olsoeurlng
tliMnllness 01 street! nnd yard', and tho In
tetlor ol buildings Is being looked after.
Tbo police have been ordered to assist the
Health Hoard In ercry poslbla manner.
Picparatlonu bato been made to l&olato any
cases of cholera that nuy develop.
Preparations of a similar nature havo been
mado by tho Health Board ot llobokcn.
rm rVl'A.
. ""Utrenurfcy-You arc charged with steal.
Ugthlckeus: do you wantal"wyvrr
i Moetinowbill-No, vr Hunaa.
I Judge nunc) Why not?
1 Moso Hnow7ialIli please de co't. Pa like
More of Drldtjitt Sullivan's Tesstlmon.
In tba Borden Murder Cms.
1st AsrociATiD rate... I
FallKitek, Aug. 27. At tho Borden hear,
lng this morning tbe examination of Bridget
Sullivan was continued.
Witness said: "Somebody was sick at tkt
house the night before tbe murder. Mrs.
Boiden said ehe and Mr. Borden wero sick ut
night. They hud been vomiting and looked
" Wben Unto came down sbe said the hat)
been sick, but I did not hotlce that aha
looked so.
"Miss Lizzie bad been moving about eight et
nlno minutes when sbe went upstairs to her
Tbe District-Attorney asked the witness te
tell them again about tho words used by Lis,
zlo about going out, locking tba door and,
Mrs. Borden rccolvlng a note.
Objections were ralsod, but were over,
Witness said wben sbe came downstairs
Miss Lizzie told her she beard her father
, groaning wnllo be was In the back yard.
W hen she csmo In the screen-door was wide
She recognized tho laugh In tbe upper balk
way spoken of yesterday as that ol Miss
Lizzie Borden.
Slnco tbe tragedy occurred sbe had nevaf
seen Lizzie Borden crying.
Guests Flee for Tbelr Lives South
Dublin Market Burned.
nr AiaoctATED pans.)
Dublin, Aug. 7. -The south Dublin Market
caught flro to-day and was burned to the
Adjoining tbe market was Warren's Hotel,
which wns crowded with guests. Tbo nrs
communicated to tbe building, and In a short
time tho whole structure was wrapped la
1 Homes,
ijie guests were panlc-stitcken and Oed In
etery direction, many narrowly escaping
with their lives.
Luccy Escape of a Union Picks
Cbased by Confederates.
A Bhoele Island soldier, while on ptektt
cuard, it as rushed upon byn party of
' Coofeclerata cavalry. Ho fired at the
foremost of them and rau. Before hint
was un open field nbout fifty rods across,
houti ded bv an old log fence, and bevotd
that a thicket of biiers and underbrush.
' For thii bushy retreat the soldier started,
I n half doen horsemen after him.
I iortiinatelv for Iho fugitive the rains
had softened tbe soil, and the horses
slumped through the turf so badly that
pursuit won slow. A pistol bail psssoel
I through the runuor's hat, but he reached
' the fenoe, and -villi one bound landed on
top. intending to Rivo a long spring ahead,
but the o.d fence crumbled beneath h.s
I weight nud down he went.
Hut Inck invored him again, for n hog
had rooted out n cutter nt this place, aud
nt tbe moment was ljiuLjinit, Tue sol
dier fell plump into ine hole, and the
, frightened hot; uttered cole squonl and
scampered into tbe uuderl.r.txb, leaviug
tho newcomer in posicssiouof the wallow
nil 1 buried underneath tho elehris of tlis
1 lencc. A minute more and uir dashed the
j horhomau. Hearing too rustle ot the
1 rleoing hog In tho bushes they supposed
it to be the picket, says Iho TiiWi' Com.
, pa,iion, nnd dashed through the gap in
the fence and hastened on. When tbe-v
were well out of sight the fucitite
crntvlod out of tbe imid-bole and ran back
to camp.
1 'Ihe tallowing Uav one of the amo
1 horsemen wns taken prisoner. Our hero
recoguirod him nt ouce
"lsay," he asked, "did touentchthat
hoj yesterday r"
" We did that," retorted tbe prisoner)
"but it wasn't tho ote we wero nfter."
Woman's Curiosity.
o. Lift. 1
"Johu," she said, as they lert the soda roun.
"What Is II?"
"V. asu't in cents a good deal to pay tor
glass ot sarcapatll a;"
D soouraelnir.
Irnni luc&.J
" 1 his Is tho first poem I ever wrote," sal
' tbe maiden, as sho untied tbo pink ribbon.
and smoothed tbe toll.
I "Ahr rerlled tba unreeling editor, as he
went oter the lines; "and It Isn't much of a
poem either."
In tbe Orcbard.
Trom ir.
He How the trees are moaning and sighing
bhe-So would you. It you were as lull el
green apples as they are.
An Easy Victim.
irrotn rwrlr.J
Tempcrancs Worker And what cautel
) our downfall, my good mam1
I Horrible Exnmplo It was this stage real
Ism, mum. I was acting tbe drunkard In a
temreruflce piny, and the manager Insisted
on my tislnie real whisky mum.
2&F you should
happen to
, get a package im-
perlect from any
cause, ....
JS Oatmeal
Take it back
I and get your
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