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.'fe '!
They Have Contributi. Ovir
$20,000 for the Campaign
in the West.
E9ports from Other Papers in the
Educational Alliance.
Ninety Democratic Journals Aiding
in the Move to Win the West.
Yetterdiiy Contribution! to tha
Kuud Footed Up $087.00.
From Thin Morning' World.
:.II.Tilr, llolou"(ilohr I.OOO.UO
W. .11. rJIngnrly, Philadel.
phla "Herord" 1,000.00
Y. V. Whitney 1,000.00
Jmm smith, Jr.. Newark.
N.J 1 ,000.00
Theodore W. Jhrn 2.J0.U0
"A .llember ( the .llaahat-
lu Club" ZOO.OO
1'ranrla Lrud Mtataen 100.00
A. J. V.. fcaal Oranse 100.00
"Caeh" 10U.no
Ir. John II. Woodbury 100.00
Emannel Iloratau V Hen,,.. IOO.OO
HoiirId. We Bnruliam, flab. .
kill Landing, N. Y 100.00
Adrian Dlckerson, lllooia-
Hrld, N.J 100.00
tfov. William E. ltueaell, (
.Vlneeackuaetle, through the
"tJlobe," Beaten IOO.OO
RntcllOb lllcka IOO.OO
Kterelt P.Wheeler 100.00
Neman K. Alack, BuOnlo
"Times" 100.00
Jaaenh Austin fllllet. Flab.
kill Landing, N. Y 50.00
Laurence 1!. Hexton uO.OO
W. II. Tallanadge, islam ford.
Conn 00. OO
Grand letal acknowledged
In vestrrday's "World" .. 910,822. Rt
Tetal received yesterday up
la fi F. At. by "The World" 420.15
Total reported onto date by
ather newspapers, exrlnlve
of ameunta hitherto entered 237.75
Grand total S20.AIO.7l
The Milwaukee "Journal" Starts Off Ita
urk with a Check for SUtlO.
The Milwai'ier Junruai. )
MILWAUKEE, Aug. 23, 1(U2. (
JMnat'r Wttttrn Htmotrattf Campaign Fund
on behalf uf the Milwaukee Journal 1 In.
close check tor t-'uo, which please credit to
jour Western Democratic Campaign Fund.
We know the opportunity the tarirr-strlcken
West offers the party ot tUo people, and that
Eastern Democratic leaders Use yourself
havo come to appreciate the situation hero
tills us ltu new llle and determination.
Tlie advanco Wisconsin has mado politically
has been by boia and honest discussion or the
questions belnre the people, and your assist
ance will make this educational work oven I
more thorough and the result more certain, i
We shall ntu. our readers to send contribu
tions to you. ' L. W. NlEMAS.
Fr tu the " Boral.l," Klismbeih, N. J.
Central Xcio Jerteu Herald, I
El.UABKTU, N.J., Aug. U4. f
iianaqtr Wttltrn Dtmocrattf Campaign Fund:
It Is with great pleasure that I In
close, check tor S43.70, the first instalment
of money collected by the Herald for the. good
work lu the West. I am heartily In accord
with your efforts and will do what I can to ,
make the amount a large one. I believe with
you thut the West Is a good Held In w Men to
work. The seed was planted there years ago,
nod the harvest Is now ripe for the reapers.
Let the Western campaign Fund be spent to
educate the people 01 the West In truly Dem
ocratic principles and In preventing ' blocks
of rtto' and such ltcpuullcan methods, ami
there will be a tidal wavoof Democracy that
will sweep the country. '
a. T. Pendleton, Editor and Manager.
From " The Columbian," Hloomaburg,
The Columbian,
it ooMjscno, pa,, Aug. as, imp.', f
n he r ollow tag-named persons tend In their j
roiiiiibullons tor the 'Western campaign
lund: t
'. II. Mercer. J. H. Towusend, J. K. Bitten
bender, I. Lowenberg, w. B. Taylor, c. II.
Bobbins, o. A. Herring, llranl Herring. A. I.,
trltr, (I. l. yulck, William Cbrlsman, J. I.
.line, c. H. Campbell, MoCloskey Tracey,
Alexander Bros. & Co., all 1 each.
Inilosed nnu check lor 1.'.
The Post." ot Tuver, Col., Joint.
UrrciAi. TO TDK WOULD. 1
Benter, Col., Aug. ae The Krenlng Post
has taken up the Western Campaign Fund
movement, and Is now receiving subscrip
tions. In to-night's Issue the Pom editori
ally xaj a:
The New York World's Western Cam
paign Kuud W Increasing with gratifying
lapldity. It cmbrces contributors irom more j
man a dd.en Mites, uud bus interested the I
erruiis ot inuiu man tony ot the leaning,
Hemocratlc and ludep?ndcul newspapirn of,
the country. Tho distribution ot thn fund ,
tor legitimate oainpatu expenses In the West- '
tii and Northwestern htates has been
lniruRtcd to a committee of honest and eml
iieuiinon. who will bo responsible lor the'
uledelHerj and proper disbursement of the
jnoney. Tho oblect Is lo provide sucn litera
ture as will present to tho minds of the
people mo important Issues to be determined
o tliu Campaign. That tho citizens of Colo-
adornav uae an opportunity to join in this'
universal snd popular movement, for the
political regeneration of the West tho
hri-ntv I'ufi bis opened a subscription list
mid win co-operato with Its esteemed metro
politan contemporary in the collection ot the
juiid. Several subscriptions have already
been received, and tiiose, with othsrs which
"r onto lu the meau time, will be acknuwl
rujed in to-morrow's issue."
A !e(lnnlnc nt Ornenaburar, I'n.
Iltolner and iteron'rr. 1
UltKsAflBL'ItU, l'i., Aug. -'.I, 1NU2.I'
Inrlnscd find my check for $10 In aid of the
Western Hemocratlc Campaign rund. We
tl'lnk thlsamovo In tho right direction, as .
Jeflrmlv bclloo uioro than one Western I
Mate will bo found In the Democratic column
in .November next, and every dollar cnntl lb
uttd lo tlili fund will old thb good work.
W. U. Coswav.
'" in the Henllnnl," Carrol', lu.
CtxHoi.u la., Aug. no. wubsctlptlons to the
Vestom Democratic campaign Kuud through
hf .-eiuli.el, li).
Nebraska Funds anil Nebraa'ta Corn,
itrrrui. to thk wnHi.n. i
dhaiia, An;. Ho. subscriptions through
(luiaha Urria.llerald, Jt.T.'i. making our
t'dal (Kl.3.-,. Nebruskn muds, like her corn,
grow slow tut btire.
From the tl'Nelll "Null," Annllirr
Nclir.nka All.
IrrrciAC to tuh wnm.n.l
"'Nnu, Neb., Aug. tin. Thna O'Neill Sun
t'peuod kubscrlptlon for Western campaign
fund to-day by subicrlbtng (... M. K. llar-
nuon also gives &. 'lotal, jlO.
'nereasltijt Numbtr of AlllM Who
U'lll Appeal lor Fniula.
The editor ot rerr Democratlo lournH wfco
W that he can collect anj rm irnm his
K lytiiuents Is eordlalir Invltti to Join tit
1 contribute
Name ...,,,
Make (.hecks and mon j -orders pay alio to
the Western Democratic campaign Fund
Address all cornmunlcatlous to tho Western
campaign Fund, box 3.334 New York city.
All contributions will be acknowl
edged In the Morning WORLD.
"The World" ka yonr subscription
to the Western Hemoomtlo Canipalrn
Fund. Bcoree or Hemocratlc newapapera
In nthtr parts of the country have nllo
opened their toluniut to lei-elve ronlr
bullona. All the money rnl.ed will he
txusiuleil leelllnintely by Hie advlcnnfii
committee or leading Weatern Itemo
erl In waclna; a. vlgoroua ednratlonal
rampaJen In thnse Wnalern Statea which
have cone Ttepublican In elections
lillhertc, but now slve the atroneeat In
dlcatlonaof it tendency towarda Dfluoc
raoy and TarlrT JleToruv
The larcer the number of subfcrlp
llona. regardleaa or their alxr, the creator
will be the moral effect. W 111 you help?
lr so, send a check, a registered letter, a
money-order or caah to the address given
nbovr. Alao, If convenient, till -ip the
blank In order that your subscription
may be acknowledged In the columns ot
"The World."
The plan has been formally approved
by Chairman Harrlty, or the National
Committee, at fallows!
DxuocitATic National Coiimittre, i
No. 130 fifth Avenui, New York.
To Uifdllor nm WorUt
The movement for an energetlo and ag
gressive campaign of education and organiza
tion In Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan,
Minnesota and other Western Htates Is ex
cellent. It deserves encouragement from the
Democrats of the East; In fact, substantial
support should be given to It by tho Demo
crats of the entire country.
I bellevo there are tens ot thousands of
Democrats who have not been In the habit of
contributing to the National Campaign Fund
for want of opportunity. The Democratic
National Committee has been and Is likely to
be unable to reach them, and they will doubt
Ies3 be glad lo avail themselves ot this means
otghlngtotboiund which It Is proposed In
raise lor the expenses of the campaign In tho
'1 ho contributions to tho Campaign Fund ot
the Democratic National Commlttco tor the
expenses of the general campaign throughout
ILe country will doublles'i bu made In tha
usual way, and wilt not, ot courre, Interfere
with those to be made to tha Western Demo
cratic campaign Fund, to which latter all
who can should contribute.
I am sure that your effort, supplemented
as you expect It to bo by that ot very many
other ' Democratic newspapers, will be pro
ductive of good results. I look for tho move
ment to be one ot the most effectlvo olds tho
Democratic party will have In the present
Campaign. It will still further emphasize the
declaration mado by Tns World that the
next President muse te a Democrat." Yours
respectfully, William f. Uarrity.
Aug. 15. ,
Western Democratic Campaign Fund Alliance
and send word by lettor or telegraph to Tni
World to that effect.
A national conflict Impends. An unprece
dented campaign ot edusatlon In tho West
may be carried on It there be money to pay
for organizing meetings, providing speakers,
supplying pamphlet-) and making It certain
that oery doubt lul cter shall bear or read
the gospel truth of Democratic doctrine.
Unless Democrats contribute what they
can to tho parly treasury the fight against
the Republican foe will not be as vigorous as
It should be. Every little helps. Mites make
millions. A dollar all around will turn the
scales ot victory.
No matter how insignificant may seem the
sum collected by a newspaper In a small
town, a hundred such nmmtuts will make an
Impoi'tDg aggregate. Besides, all tbu money
ro Collected will mean just no much more for
the Western campaign than there woulJ bo
If this plan had not teen placed in operation.
'Hie Importance, therefore, of the co-operation
Of as many Democratic newspapois a-i
possible U manifest.
Ninety newspapers are now In the moe-ment.
Kxtracla from Newspapers Wnrklnc for
the Weiteru Democratic Fund.
Irrin. tit ,9e Jrlfil, A,e Ot twill,, .
An acllvo campaign has teen inaugurated
by the Democracy In tho Western Mates.
Tho congressional c'.ectlous of ikpo showed
that lour or tUe of theao Stales have anil-'
Itcpubllcan majcrllles. 'Ihcro Is spleudld
fighting ground In Illinois, tu Iowa, lu Kan
sas, In )ileL:;;an, lu Nobruska. In all that .
section the tariff plank of the Democratic
plattcrm Is more ncicptntile than tho high'
I'lotccllon Mew.s oftho ltepubllcans. In nil
that fjectton tho fnrmers have abandoned the j
iiepubllcan party by the tens or thousands
The National Democratic Eiecutlvo torn,
mlttcti has appointed a sub-commlttco to
take charge of the work In this held. To en
able that committee to do effecttvo nork the
New York World has undertaken toraliea
campaign fund by general subscription all
otcr the country. The Win has been asked
to join In the work and cneentlily lends lis
The houth has a deeper Interest In this
movement than any other xt-uloii oi the
eo'tntiy. The addition of I luce or fo'ir
Northwestern Btales to the Democratic ro'
u inn will break the sectional line. It will
tac tho edge off o( such sectional measures
as the Force bill. It will remove the choice vf
tli" President from thn always close ntate of
New York and Insure Democratic su, rcwacr
lor many years.
The Houtu should thrrorore respond to tho
call and lend substantial aid lo tulsiund. It
Is a metier In which all our people aie deeply
Interested, nn1 If every o.imcs: Democrat
will only mrwardasma I contribution the sg-.
gri'Sitlc will be Urge.
An lll'llirfciimlit from 'leune-.se1,
lion. V,'. II. .!ui:ks;n, n leading polltlrlnn of
TcnuenKee, Is at tho Hoffman House, Itefei.
ilng to 'luv WowLD'n Western Campaign
Fund jesterday he said: "It desenescn-cournjt-mcut
and ludor.-nieut. It Is a good
Idea not lo depend altogether on New York
S'.ato and to devote attention totue Welt,
whero the l.'emocr.Hs huvo a lighting
lien. Jackson Is the owner of Telle M.('aT
Block Furtn, wbloli Include such blomlod
jiorf.es a hniilior; l.uko IllacUluru, Ire
quels, which won thiee great events In hug
liii.il thi Derby, I'rlnce of Wales nml
U'ger Ircinont aim lusreriur r He
imported (item 'li.ni and UonlW mid bred
'lammauy, lluiuiiaiul Piccior Kir it.
Execution Apnlns: a Gas Company,
CAWnxs, N. J., AUC. '". An execution was
Issued to-day In this city against the Mer
clianttllle (Irtsjtvtit nnd Viif I cpr.i'any to sat.
WIS n judgment oi Jilouu mfavuruflhv
lttf Jersey Trust .comrauy.
Redecorated and Furnished, Five
Begin the Season To-Night.
New I'lnys at Some, Old Favorites
Hold the Bourda nt Others.
The theatrical Reason In Brooklyn will get
well under way this evening when Ore play
houses will throw open their doors tor tho
season. The theatres l bat will open to-nlht
are the Columbia, Holmes1 Star, the Amphlon,
I-en Avenuo Academy and tha Novelty, col.
Sinn's Park Theatre Inaugurates tho season
on Monday evening ana the Bedrorl Avenuo
Theatre will open with a nutlueo ou Labor
During tbc Hummer months a great itnsny
Impiovcments have been made In the Colum
bia. I'alnters aud decorators have been at
work on the Interior ol tu house, a new
smoking-room has been fitted up downstairs,
and easy chairs have been placed In the lob
bies. Tho play that will mark tho season's
opening Is one admirably adapted to n sum
mer audience, lor "Incog,'' with Charles Dick
sou In the leading character. Is a comedy that
Is light aud full of laughter aud song. Mr
Dickson will be seen as Tom Stanhope alias
Jack Darling, a part-In which ho mado a hit
last soaaon. "The Man About Town," a one
act comedy drama, will be given as a curtain,
Tha Amphlon will present a very pretty
picture this evening. The house has been
thoroughly cleaned, and upholsterers havo
cocn at work lu various parts. Charles
Klein's American comedy, "By Proxy," has
been selected as an opening attraction. The
play will be presented by Charles Matthews's
company, which Includes A. s. Llpman, Lionet
Bland, Harry Brown, Harry Carlton, Misses
Leonora Bradley, Katharine Florence, Enie
canning and Lizzie I)u Hoy. The comedy
will be ulten a ino stage setting.
Tho first performance at tho l.eo Avenue
Academy under Its new managers, Messrs.
Pearson and Dawson, will lo given to-nlghl,
when J. K. Emmet win present tho play
made famous by his father, " IrlU In lie
land." Mr. Emmet bos several new faces lu
his company, a new song, entitled "An Al-
lne Hover," will be introduced. The theatre
as been newly carpeted, a now drop ourtala
baa been hung and the boxes have been hand
somely draped.
The Novelty reopens with "The Daniel's
Wife." The play has lived a long llmo and
had wonderful popularity. It Is a simple
play with simple motives, but of great in
terest. Harry Lacy and Ktnlly Hlgl will tnko
the leading roles. Mr. Lacy Is an actor of the
romantic lypc, and Emily Ulgl Is an emo
tional actress of considerable ability.
'Itie star Theatre, redecorated throughout
and supplied with lour pretty now boxes,
win open Its doors this evening with " The
I l'olico l'Jlrol " a" tbo attraction, the play
l will bu Interpreted by a good company, nnd
I the scenery is a special feature ot the pro
duction, one selling shows Huymaiket
Hiiuaro In Chicago, whero the Anarchists
rioted. In this act tno Identical horses which
. passed through the riot will .e shown.
At all or theso houses tho samo attractions
1 will hold tho boards next week,
i Managers William E. and Walter L. Sinn
I will usher In tho season at tho I'mk 'theatre
on Monday evening. "The I-ower of tha
Press " win be produced by Augustun Fitou'n
company. The play doals with characters
and scenes familiar to people living In a great
cltv, while the story Is told in such a way as
to enlist the interest of the audience. Tho
drama will be handsomely set. Nat C. Good
will is billed to appear the following week in
a new comedy, " A uilded Fooi."
Manager Laurent Howard, ot tne Bedford
Avenue Theatre, la ready to open on Labor
l Day. This bouse has also been brightened
ud. "Oood Old Times" will be the opening
I attraction.
At Huber flebbardt's Casino on Monday
tha programme will includo the Davenport
brothers, acrobats; Lay ton sisters in songs
and dances : Paul Stanley, comedian : Frank
Clayton, musical artist: Nellie lr.iul.lln,
songstress, and soveral others.
The Cornelia Sinks at Her Dock In
The tugboat Cornelia belonging to II. il.
Dann, a marine engineer, of 317 East One
Hundred and Twenty-second street, was
j tank shortly bcroro s o'clock this morning at
the root of Baltic street, Brooklyn. William
1 Fields, the engineer, who was asleep lu th
cabin, was drowned.
The crew consisted of cant. Jams V. Joun
ston, Fireman James Morris, cook William
McKcnno. Deckhand John B. Donovan und
Englueer Fields.
cupt. Johnston went to his home In South
Brooklyn mi U o'clock last night and left the
crew In charge of tho vesseL The men tc
tlred about midnight, and about two bourn
later they were awakened by th capstxlugot
the boat. The Urenun, deckhand and cook
succeeded in escaping irum thrlr berths in
tllelf night-clothes.
A puiicumau succeeded In scouring the
I bodyot Engineer Fields, whlob was reuiocU
to an undertaker's establishment.
The cause ot tho tuffs sinking has not yet
been definitely ascertained.
'the Cornelia was built In 1HT0 and wa
recently reatted. Bho was tamed at t:i,.oo
and was insured.
RACE war in a church.
, Italian and English Speaking Catho-
i Ilea at Odds.
' Fngltsb-speaklng abd Italian dements are
a war In tbo catholla Church of our Lady ot
Mount carrael.
Father AloTslusMeOsola Is t be priest. Ills
predecessor was1 Father carniody, who was
' compelled to retire on account ot the hostility
of the Italians.
On Aug. 17 the Italian gavs an excursion
to celebrate their Victory. Father Banks, of
tbn English laotlou, wa present.- do was
Antonio Pelruzl, a saloon-keeper, who testi
fied his aversion to Father Batiks by pom
melling Mm in the face.
'iho English-speaking faction are getting
up a petition to the Archbishop tu have
Father Cartnudy, who Is now In Home, reinstalled.
George nnd Nellie UcAulltTe end
Tholr Baby Arrested.
I Ceirge and Nellie McAulinV. husband and
wile, and their six-mouihs-oUl lufant, were
i prisoners In the l.to .Wcnue Court, Wl.Uams-
burg, to-day. McAullrTu was iharged with
Itirnl-btbg no home for his wifo aud cbll 1.
Mie alleged she had been obliged to sleep In
hallways and her busbani lndglten her but
torn four mouths.
Nclllq whs charged by Delcctlve-sergt.
John llradj with lulling her child's head un
I he (lilies avenue railroad lincK to have It
run mcr bv un uppiiiaelilng ear.
Both prisoner pleaded nut guilt).
- w
Report tliat tie la rtnl'.nved as the
Italian Minister.
lliron I'nra, Italian .Mlul.ti r in I he United
f I. H en, left fur Itunc UiU inorulur ou the
North Uci man l.lcyd HUamsblji U'erru. It, is
I said that there Is In bun now Minister to.
tuko tho placo of Barn'i Fair ut Wathlngton, 1
ami that the latter will not ictiirn. .
To an KvLMMi World leportec llarnn I'm a
l hli morning reiused to stuto whcihoror not
I no slur j o( his alleged recall was line.
'I he Minister weut nbosrd tho ship last
ni?ht. He It travelling without any at.
lenJauts. j
March ortkr rincur,
HMd Hit Remtftos set HHIIlr of theA.latfo
L'liutota dtterlkad !" Kaaaaeeoela hi; nitkitt-
i iiiere. "THa WanaarInK Jtf ." . M'l.u. ih" li I
iajJilhtrlf, aeatt-urcroil'tBixliATiaxnctar.V
Conferences tvt Which the Work
. , Is Being Laid Out.
Mr. Piatt's Visit to Keptibllcin
National lteiidqujurter.
Chairman Nelson W. btultb, cf the Turn
many Hall Uoncral Ccmmlttec. bad a long
lutcrtlew to-day with chairman Harrlty and
Secretary Sheena.ot th National Democratic
Committee, about campttgn work. Tarn,
many's Committee will attend lo tho
distribution of campaign documents for tho
Natlouat committee In this city, and Is other
wise ready and willing to assist In snaking u
thorough canvass lor Cleveland and Steven
son. The preliminary steps tor au active lljht
have bven taken. It was announced
this morning that bonus leaving lor
KlchOeld Springs yesterday Mr. troker
directed a mil lo be Issued for n meeting
ot the Executive Cunitulltee of Thirty Sept.
0. At that meeting a plan of eampalgu la to
be submitted lu tha (Irnpinl lommittco
and tin Commntce un Organization will bo
agreed upon.
Tho story thnt Mr. Croker had gone away
to confer with senator Hill nnd Chairman
Harrlty was said to bu without Inundation.
Mr. Harrlty Is going to Long Branch tu goo
bis fntnll).
senator Hill Is at Albany, and Mr. Crokor
will remain at Ulehlleld springu over huuday,
aud perhaps will hot bo back in thu city until
Sent. 0.
F.x-senatr Thomas v. I'lstt was seen this
morning by an Kvkmno World ropoiterln
regard to his cull ou chairman cai tor al
National Itcpubllcan headquarters estomv.
It waaMr. Piatt's llrst nppearauco at Na
tional heu,liuurters.
" There Is nothing Mgnlllcant lu iny vLslt to
Mr. Carter. ' said Mi. liait. "As I have
already said, I am loyal lo the ltepubllcati
Mr. Piatt had nothing more to add to that
statement, he said.
Sbe Writs Several Friends to Call
at the Jail.
Annie Louisa Kmmer, tho sprightly bru
nette, who Is charged by John r. Bellman, ot
130 Evergreen avenuo, llrooklyu, with hav
lng obtained money lromhlm under false
pretenses, looked a t title tuusledthU morning
attir a night In the Itaytnond Street Jail,
where aho Is held In default uf f.iuo ball
ponding trial on Thursday uoxt.
Miss Emmer was much displeased at the
story which sbo had heard had gained cur-
rency, that she was Identical with ' Hand
some Lou," tne "steamer-runner," who Is
known to the steamship people and tho police
as one of tho shrowdest couddeuco women lu
the business.
Annto's checkered career has brought b.-r
Into proinlncnu several times. She Is coull
donl that slid will get balltr-dny from baloou
I Keeper Thompson, ot 7BU Broadway, Brook
1 1) n. But sho has also written Mrs. Wltthorr,
of 34 Central avenue, and Mr. Lvncck, ot
137 cook street, to eome to see her nt the jail
with the view to asking shera tu go on ucr
ball In case Thompson should refuse.
Mayor Boody Mad a Tour of In
epsotlon on a Tug.
For the first time since Mayor Boody' ac
cession to office In Brooklyn ho bos Just vis
ited Nowtown Creek to Investigate the al
leged nuisances there.
1 he Mayor wa accompanied by corpora
tion Counsel Jenks and Health Commissioner
tirllMn, and they were met al the head ot
Grand street by representative taxpayers of
tbo Fifteenth and seventeenth wards. 'J he
party embarked on tlie lug Mascot, intend
ing to make a tour all along Newtown creak.
The Mayor (aid he had seen and smelld
enough by the time tho party had examined
the bone-boiling factory ot II. Kcrt Meyer
and the garbage work uf the Andrew Wlssel
company on t urtnan's Island.
Most of the visitors were sick by that lime
and tho party re-onibarkcd for (I rand street.
The Mayor tout the citizens that, tne nui
sances were very bad and they had Just cause
for complaint. Ho urged them to aid the city
authorities to abate the nuisance, and prom
ised that immediate step should bo taken
ngalnt the nuisance makers both In Kings
and (Juecns counties.
They Jump on a street Car and Pelt
the Conductor with Mud.
Two boys, Elmer Olsc'u, thirteen, 0(17
Hicks street, Brooklyu, and Fred Llppman,
inn years old, of 87 Luquer street, were
taken 16 the Hamilton avenuo statlon-houso
this inointngon a charge of malicious mis
chief. Ira Iteyuolds, conductor on a Jay street
car, told the police thut the bo s Jumped on
his car nnd, aftor riuglug up scleral faros on
tbo register, threw mud at him and then
attempted to escape.
Ho reiused to make a complaint against
them, anu thty were not held.
Ha Steps Off a Plank While) Board
ing a Vessel.
Coroner Llndray, of Brooklyn, was notified
this morning of the death of lxe Wong, n
Cuinamati, who was drowned In Newtown
Creek. ;
Leo was about sixty years old, and was at
tired In a dark cutaway coal, with von slid
trousers loruiatcb. Erly last evening he was
bosrdtng Hie steauiuoai (ilensblel, hi the
Kings county Oil Works dock, nesr llluu
Wllo Bridge, ui.il fell from iho cnngplnuk.
In his pockets were a ring, uelUcr waich und
3.su In money.
Turkey Denies that Moslems Flrsd
missionary Burtlstt's liouso.
Irv ttoeiATrn enr.l
CoNSTANTts'orLR, Aug. 37.-1110 I'orlo re
rrntly ordered an Investigation to be made
lutu the burning of tbc bouse of the Itev. Mr. '
Bartlett, au American intsslouaty at Dour
dour, In Asia Minor,
A report has been received slating that Iho
destruction was due to tho larclessnessuf nn
American servant and not lothu fnu.tll?lra
of Mosleii's.
The I upon adds that Mr. Bartloll's life Is
not endnngered lu any waj.
Tho Turkish ornclals believe that the
United States will accept this explanallon. j
Christopher Kalsor Wan Drowned. '
'1 be corpse of nu unknown man, found In
thewalerat Hunt's Point svvrral days eg, ,
was this nurning Identified al the viorgiii, us
mat of Lbiistniiher linlser, seU'iiij-.wo .
ecrs old, of ,-,:i North Tenth si rot t, Bruo' . I
li n.
Brooklyn liouaes liobbod. I
During Iho uty lit iho apartments ct John:
Walker, 311M Fulton nveuiie, lirojLlyu, wrri)
entered nml Jewelii valued pi .", stolen.
Bridget Dolan'x uparlinenis, at 1)3 Nmnl'iinl
street, v.cru lobbed of elolhlog Miluc.i .11 i;l).
"I.oua I-lnitd It'illrmiil."
, AftfrSept. B. LOllllh't. 1. lJ.lo.lt,. titin luj,
ienvlug- Bruoklyn ft 'J.fii ua I .)ir Itlin I I.I) at ,
2v. Si., will rjii un i'.inar. tn, rtiiiir.Un. tij,
in I T it'll 110, ltili jr Stu . ar o; at 7. an. jiii- .
pnitttT. 15 I. 51., m.l tun uu llluaia llJ iUa. I
liar billy.
- mm
'llcine, invert home,
t.ritrvtrro Ziuiute,
lUre't t.o tiluvelUr Amur."
ITOTlded It h Tlie WoiiLDU VOMANy
FAUE.W ichurrlniedetcMriUr,-
Four Oity Eegiinonta Arrive from
Buffalo To-Day.
Thoy March to Their Armorios
Amid Great Applause.
Capt. Kilvvlii CJonld nud Others Get
a First Tints or Military Mr.
Four more New York Clt regiments, the
Rcveuty-first, Twenty-vcoud, Twollth aud
Ninth, returned from Buffalo this morning,
nud iikul!i Iho uillltln ut the city Is all on hand
ready for a cnll nt any lime. The Twenty,
second i oaohed the Urand Central Depot at
u.'.'U o'clock, iho Twelfth at 11.40 and tho
Ninth at P.. lo. The regiment mado a fine
appearance ns they marched to their armor
ies. 1 he Sevenly.firM Kcglment, Col. Francis V.
tirccuo commanding, rcuchid Jersey city by
thoLilo llallroad at K.4U o'clock this morn
lng, and it stalled up Broadway from Cham,
bers street to lis preteut hesdipurters at
Lexington avenue and One Hundred and
Soveuth street.
The regiment occupied two ucotlons of a
special train which left Buffalo at 0 o'clock
la't evening.
Twelve ordinary coaches and two bsggago
cars were used In transporting th Seventj
nm to this city. All ot Iho officers returned
wllh II, excepting Ueut.-C'oL Dennlson, who
obtained a nirtougn on Thursday.
Iho soventy.flrst was stationed at East
Buffalo to protect, the Erie freight and stock
yards und tho Lake Shore stock ard.
Among the officers of the Beveuty-arst who
returned this morning was Capt. bdwln
(lould. Jay Gould's second son, who Is In
spector nt rtlno Practice. "It was a capital
roughing experience," he said, "and not so
very aisatieeahlc. although It was much
harder thau thu woek wu spout In camp at
l'coksklll. '
When the scvonty-flrs". lleglment reached
tho armory the men found an appetizing col
lation, spread by Maxzettl at tho Instance uf
Col E. t. Shunerd.
It was ii).io o'clock whon train No. l'.1. In
two sections of eight cars each, brought the
Twentj -second lleglment Into tho Urand ecu-,
tral station. They were a weary ntuldirtv
looklng lot of men as they formed In Hue
along tho platform at tho east side of Park
i avenue.
After they had taken their places In line
Company n started In tu sing the song.
wo'rc ilolng Homo To-day." Alter that they
sang "We'ra ilolng Home, No More to;ltOini."
Cant. All. lie Frocc, of the Veteran Club of
the Twenty-second; dipt, l'rcemun, Lieut.
Ascoturb. yaarterraosterMUler. 1 lent. Luther
and about a dozen other members of the
Votoran corps vieru thero In meet tho men
with an Immense number of relatives und
The Twcmy.tocoud, heuded by I lie drum
and bugle corps ruarchud Into Porty-Micoml
street, to thu Boulevard und to thu urmory,
whero a lunch bad lieen provided.
Under the Inspiration ol the applause uf
the spectators tbo men marched a steadily
as they ever did at a d-ess parade.
Th Twelfth risglment leH Niagara Palls at
a:io o'clock last night nnd reached the cirand
Central Depot about 1 o'clock. Tho Ninth
left at midnight and arrived about '-'.HO
o'clock this afternoon.
Illpples of Trouble Aleug Ike llouda
FallaiT the Troopa' Witharnwal.
nv Ataociann ina.
BtFrALO, Aug. l!7.-Soma o the switchmen
who know they can't gt their old places back
are talking strike. Those who are likely to
be put to work In their old places look on the
strike as a thing of the past.
About thlr'.y-nvo of the old employees of
the Lehigh Valley have applied for reinstate
ment, and s'imp have boon put to worn.
Tho w Ithdrawal of the troops ha resulted,
as wax to be expected, In Increasing the dim
cultles ot operating the roads. Non-union
uu n have feared violence and In some cases
havo quit work.
The polke icport agtnirolly quint night In
the lallru.id district, though thero was some
thrown, ir or atones ut Lake shore trains near
Babcock street.
Yonksrs Ouardaman Qet Home.
irrrciir. to mi irnsiaci wosi.o.i
YonrziM, Aug. t;7. The Fourth separate
Company, N. ., 8. N. Y which was called
out to do duty at the recent riots In Buffalo,
airlved home at, l. in this morning. Thero
was a largo crowd at the depot to reoslve the
soldiers, aud a fine collation wu furnished by
tne ladles uf Yonkcrs.
A Brive Patrolman Commanded.
Acting supt. Mackcllar, of tbo Binoklyn
police, this morning Issuid a general order
commending the conduct ot Patrolman
Philip llogers. of the patrol boat, who at I he
risk or his lite, rescued Johu Collin from
dt owning.
Roberts and McCollum Will Be He.
leased on These Terms.
Argument on a writ of habeas corpus In tho
enso ot Win. II. ltobei u and Nell McCallum,
who nro under arrest and charged wu n run
nlng a bogus banking bustncts at 10 Wall
street, known as the Finance Trading Cuin
puny, was heard by Judge ii'ltilcu In tho
preino court. Chsmlers. to-day.
Tho resi.lt was an agreement between Iho
prisoners' cuiuael nml Iho District. Attorney
t uat ."iiJJ ...ill shall Lcgltcn lor euli o( the
The London Blngor Sail for N'ovz
York on thn Normannlo.;
1st AttoeitTsti err...
Iomios, au. S7. Lottlo collluj, the well.
Lnonn English music hall stt.ger, sails t.day
from southainpion lor New York on thu Hani.
burg.Amencnu lint w.eainc r Ncrmanii'a.
Dunn's Prediction that Rain Will
Cloar Away.
Local Forecast Official Dunn aald this ninrn-
lug that the weather for tl.o totnaludcr of the
j ilny would bo clci'rluz. Fair weather can bo
I ex peeled tn-inoriow.
thu humidity this morning leglvtrreil s'l
1 perreiii.. nml liasiulleu a Irillesliui'Wl h nn
el.n -ml u wind.
1 rnctured n. Co,lnr.I3on.
Llunii-jrai-old Thoinis canavnn. oi rii'.i
' Butler street BronkUu.icIl from nshed lu the
icii'uthln lioti.u und fraciuted his lu.la
Five-Year-old Thrown from n Car.
j Thomas llanrahsn, tiro years old, ofh.M
I Dougliss street. Brooklyn, was thrown off a
lliti'r r mrcct oar )t Llglil. lilt leg was
In nr-il.
j rii from an Kiavnttd ."tntlon.
Jrwph Durl.'y. living m ...: iloiallien
ati i.uc. Bnioklju.feit from the KdigiCoiiu '
I Kletnlid Hsllread stcilon at l!iguway i.
title eirlv ths uior. ItigtiiidHi'sialiieu a revere
sc;a i poui.iL.
Leuth from Tr ria Oronr.
Joseph Vrankllu, of Aii Bii3hulcU atentie,
Urjokljn, died In hi. cttuerluo'.s llqsrllal rvt,
, l o'clock this iiiocmng Ircul .a i!osi uf pails
I green, w hlch hv took uu Wednesday. i
--a. , .1
Nearly Suffocated in tho Park
slip Pit, in Walos.
Twelve Bodies Itrcovrred and Over
One hundred Misting.
1st uociiTTUra'.M.
London-, Aug. 5-'T All night long I he volun
leer rescuing parties kept up m their work at
the Parksllp pit, Iho sceuo ot tho explosion at
Bridgend, Wales, yesterday. At 0 o'clock
this morning they hid penetrated UOO yards
into the main than.
Whllo a band wero working their way
further Into the pit a sound was beard that
caused them to suddenly suspend operations.
'Iho nclso was repeated. H could not b
mistaken. With n benny cbcer they again
bent to f?ac!r task with renewed energy.
Creeping and souic time b lng flat on tbelr
stomachs tbej aatancod, while those behind
kept tho tunnel clear. At last tho separating
bank of rock and earth tell Inward, and the
rescuers entered an open space, In which
were huddled together nineteen of the miners
who had Icon imprisoned slnco yestorday
Most of tho liuptlsunrd men had been bsdiy
Injured and burned so seriously that special
arrangements will havo to be made to get
them from tho pit.
Tho nuslcty among the throng about tho
pit mouth Is plllfultu wllnosx. As soon at It
Is posslblo tho oniclals will learn the names
of tho rescued men, aud thus relievo tho
strain which their relatives are undergoing.
The alter damp Is tobtd thnt the work of
rescue Is ottcL retarded, tar volunteers being
driven out of the excavations until the air
Ten bodies wero recovered of men who did
not havo a second' warning nt the late hang
ing over l hem. Two utber bodlcawcreso
terribly mutilated that Identification, la
scarcely probable
'1 he Lord .Mayor of London win open a
relief fund lor the distressed families.
Latru i.iii) r. m Thlrty.nlne of tho Un.
prlsonod miners have boen brought lo tno pit
hend. Whon they wcio recornlrd they wero
frantically embraced and kissed again and
Nelll Committed for Trial for Murder
and Blackmail.
lor AitoriATrn rsiat.l
Iondon, Aug. i!7. Thomas Nell!, Indicted
for the uiuidcrof Malllda Clover, was again
arraigned before sir Johu Bridge lu tho Bow
street Police Court to-day.
J. W. Mcculloch, of Ottawa, ont., trstlfltd
jthitlichad raado tbo acquaintance of tno
pilsoner at Blanchard's Hotel In (Juobcc, and
Nclll showed him a bottle, saying that It con.
, tnlncd poison. He .sold ho had given poison
In capsules tu women.
In tbo couiso of tliclr conversation Nelll
produced a also beard, whlih besaldhewoio
In order to prevent his Identification.
sir John Bridge committed Nelll for trial
for inuider and blackmail.
A Letter of Compliment and Advlos
for tha Grand Old Man.
London, Aug. 7. Henry Labouchere bai
written a lettor to Mr. Gladstone, cornpll
meeting him upon his chivalry in accepting
the sole responsibility for the arrangement of
the Ministry.
In this letter Mr. Labouchere declsies hi
unswerving loyally tu Mr. Gladstone, but ad
vises blm not to permit tlie pressure of the
Home ilulcrs to swamp lladl cai measures.
An Ex-Cnptnln of British' Fuallleors
as a Handv Forger.
1ST AatOC'IATTD rtf. 1
Loxnox. Aug. y7.-teolt Sanders, an ex
Captain of Fuslllcry, has U'cu arrested at
Liverpool on thn charge of forging n check
for a?:i,700 In the name of Lord Londesbor-
It Is slated thai Sander's stenllngs amount
to avono.nno hi.ooii.ouo). Ho had booked
iiasrages for hlnisell and a woman tu the
vVrst Indies.
Prince Fordlnanr) Opon the Expo
sition at Phlllppopolls.
lev AttflciATri, rstta.1
S.OKM, Aug. :.'7. Prlnco Ferdinand opened
the International Exhibition at Phlllppopolls
to-day In the pretence of 10,000 visitors.
1 he town Is picturesquely decorated.
i an - . ..
Conterno Will Play In Prospect Pork
and Devoretl In Washington.
At Piospcrt Park this afternoon at -t
o'cloil; ccntrrnn son's band will play (bo
tollow lng selections: I
"The Stsr.Spinrleil Ilinnr:" orrrlnr. "la
Sir"." Alitor. Iil !. " A Muthar't Irfire.'MI,
l: Conteiu.i. wtllr. "The idenidi-rt. ' VtaM.
teutall tuliol, "rimi'l'ie." Ilinillfri (rind i.ec
li'in. " tli (leratoi Irrlanl. ' l.tMlnet uterlart,
i"lTth,"lt. P. conlriDO. iijirlca. " itie liitki'c
IlrMni." -- pupuitr t.lettlun. " llalll r,i,1
Ilia suu," Htahan.i aalep. Kaliula." Uoartrroli,
' lrrh, "CrniltiA laicuMi," airatiatU tr Cuu.
At Washington Park, alo at 4 o'clotk,
Hivtrili'a liana will pur as folluwr
IntrojiittiuD, "blarS-panaltd Panii.r," Kart,
araad marcn. " VVtauiimuia," Zaini.cliaill; arrr
liir. "rainunl," ilnelhureti! .tuneeri wallrea,
liuacali arAtid letlmt .'-rturiu't raa Julii.
lee, ' Arr Dttverall.ie-toc'.ian, ' hll.er TramtieU "
Mas iilarM al t Pflei'i, Home). Vlvlmli -I.e.
i I Ion. V.uljian ef iSe liuard." .-.lr rtriurulll.
' nn, Rt.'ap, "AillUme," Defeielli hulilli.a ene
.lM..llptne, iluealn.tlt leelion, "I'laaaaul
lleiuurte.." Iffljl.kei rirala, " Hail I ultimhu, "
Tcniciruiv allert.non, nt Ptospect Park,
thuti.neeri will Le by foiitcrno's land. 'lb
lollontiigtclic'tloiis Kill te given;
I li Irr Hurtlnn, "Mr Cs-ilrlrr. "tl. n( Thee"
r.frljre. "It Cn le il'fmvt." il.nlji-iti
. erajer, "l.nrline," VVal'iret Am Ma'll. "Ill
, saoir.l .Vfeimr ..I Mr Mutlier." H. I Cintcrtm.
i llltiri.. " leelftli M..." Moratt crand .alll in.
! ' llnnien anil ,) 111 lei, " I Ian nodi uvtrlur. " III ,i,ter
d It.rer," Snppet roiuasrt. " Al a Hieila i'u .h
tlrnte," IbihtLill. loiiiMilii' la-tuikla. I lie V'l.lnii
1 1 a Pftei.i'U. K f'cnttlnnt uurih. frmi, " l..o
iiQia S)iii.li..iiz,"ltaniattulot)( "Old Hundred "
' Fell from a Ecr.lTolS.
. in nrge Valentine, of 47 McDougall Miret.
llrookli ii. whllo al work on atraffold on a
new Pi ltdliig nl Hio.1 twayiiid Mirtuernvc-
. line, lliioklyn, fell tu dm gioiii.il aid su.
i .lined iiiiiinui lupine-.
Iln'd (or Mio Cireii-I Jurv for fiobbery
Mired Brlltnn, who tss aiiestrd several
ilaisago tor rniiolLg .V. . Wepsieret Co., the
Itp oklv n Jewi lloi s. .f i wo iloen silver t ju ji,
,.is ltd, morning held lir Hi" i.rainl j'jih. i
' Buffalo Firemen nlu-n Hrme. i
1 1 he members uf Buffalo- Exempt Firemen's'
Aisiolitlon. who have been vlnliln; ihe
v vluniei r I'lremeii's Astocl illon of HrtoWyu,
I lilt lor homo this iiiornln"-. They were es.
tilted tiiliiu liny by tliu ltrookl)u orgaulZk-luli.
P.obbfd Dining Their Vncntloiu
iierutt TO 111 KVI-MN0WORL1.I
Ntv.ARt. Aiii!.'7. . ltosnell Ward's house
on Avon avenue was ic.dty dtsiovercd to
have been btti'glarl.'ed aud robbed ofc.'.soo
vviirtU ( fllvrrwaro and other valuables. I
I 'lb) family were away at thclxtch. audit li
I but kuurtu w heu the then wa couuntttcd. I
Speculation Tame on a Much
Firmer Market.
Operator's Summer Absenoe Causes'
tho Dulness.
General i:ie of Oir-llalf to til
Thres-CJuarters AU Along
tlie L'ur.
Wall Strut, saturday.Aug. 87. Specula
tion w as tamo to-day, the sales up; to t hi time
the Exchange closed having reached only
(17,001) shares. The dulses was not uaex-
I bected, many operators having left the city
)caterday for their country homes.
Tho tono ot tho market wa firmer and
prices tmprov od fi to i per cent, sugar waa
orratlc, rising Jf, to ll'-'M, declining tollKi,
selling up to lliisj and closing at mat,.
Minneapolis. St. Louts preferred broke 4i,
to ;:u, and rallied to 43)4. Illchmond West
Point Terminal prafcrrrd broke 3) par cent,
tleseral Freight .stent William M. Jo ice, of
tho Pennsylvania, hallraad Company, says
that bin (ompaiiy will not conourwlm the
other roads In tno aavjctweut ou sept, it)
uf tolls un anthracite c aal, nn tho ground that
i the situation does nut require It.
I Tho July report ot the New Jerney Central
; road shows nat earnings- of IJH.I.o'S, a de
crease of au2,7ul, nud fur the seven months,
;r.Xi:i,'.':u). au lue: JH of :i.-i,40.'..
I 'Iho bank statement showea a lots In re
serve ot CMIil.OOO. which reduces tho
amount held incxceis f bgalrequlremtnis
to li,KS7.H7u. Loans e "nuded l.UHII.auo,
llabllitln decreased 7,3.10,ioo. legal tender
Increased 11,300 abd tnecte decreased (4,.
The following are tee compar itive figures:
Ah. 10. Aug yT. CAo...
Loana.t43,uSt,snns9j,i,aT,1vO D'c.i,aa,ani)
UT'ds t,sjf,i,oo ii,ss,suuiM. l ua
Dtp'lta tzt..l!l,l(iu Blj.OSl.iuu Iia- 7.S90 S00
Clrau'a ,4,0U i,ii,UOU bac I1Z,.U0
Closlcs Quotation.
Dm. Iliaa. i,w. rin.
Anerlcta larar Uaf.,.. 113 lliVa ill!4 ll'.'lt
anar, sTatarltar. ntal.. ium iutji im'l iul
AnrruauCotuaUll.... 4H M 4Ma M
Sua .'loo. ssuu.a. asU Hu 3s)J all
alt. AOMe , HTM SIM 7 JlW
CMatceakaa onto..... -IM ajij au -j3H
oEicantauv M 134 ii
Chic, Uai. a gala..,, IUl9 101W lIVt 19JK
llueaioa tTortuiraat... IteB ill llofl ill
Cl.ic. UU. a uu I'aai.. S2I1 ejW ;!. SJU
tkic.Uockla. aft.... W bli B-Jlj
cmo. A b.a.1. III. pref.. )l H Ai wu
Clav..Cia.,U ASt. L 0I e (at il
Col.alluok. Vallar.... 34VJ 3X UiU 3iH
UolmooUoalairoa.... ai .A4 SIM la
. i-unaaitaattaOaa lllH llsh ills llf
LML. Uak. A Wxi ..I. litj Uftt itt litH
u.iii.1 AKl.illr.n.o. .. id 1. 10 li
Kan. A Hlo tlranda old. 41 W 41M tH 4iU
Dla. CatllaresHl S)t all Kfa 4nJ
honon iv.aulna III. Uu. HU 1.IJ Ina 103
l.rern Bar A VVInar.a... I'.M I'-tt llUa !'.
I, an. KUclllcCo. Ilali 1104 1164 llH
lnTAl'Btral il... , 4) il 41 tl
laeladallaa V3I 13'( V3' VSK
I 14. Shore 13 , 131 lit 1st
I I oai.rllia a r..b,iila.. UN tu 08H All
lul....V. A.aiJOl Jfrt v'-i 'Jl VtW
Manaattan Caaaal lai ljv 1SJ Mi
tt.bliatun Meaab It ll l!
1 V.elloan Canttal, lilt lS't ISIt l.'li
I Miaa. S.laiafa....;.. I IS IM ISM
Sltno. A m. Uuu uf... 4 J 4iW ail VA
lutoari PaalM (Ira M t"H M4
Mc. Kaaaaaa iaiaa... toft )H..!H UM
HaLUofd.Co 1SiA IJoHlStiij ISui
Nat. Card. CO. plo. IJlG lilH lit lilt,
SauLulfo 44 4J 4414 41S
Sat. LaaU (Xn pld, f4 V V7 VM
irrtrassv.1 'isg i
t. Y..uaa.Wai.r. 7 t if ,1
Scnharo raeiBa veal... SM M aiV Is
floiiii Aaamu jaT nk fsu HM
Or. lull Aar. .. . T7J3 7?5 7775 771,
latineMall 31 XI 31 J.I
fbha. A lUjaina A7M M 7a 7t
. k.w. v.k; ;.:.;. c 1.3
, M.a.W.KTr. a ST 7 f Si"
St. Paol A Omaha siU iiu ft &,
I W. L. Soathweanra...,. M uli ) l'a
M. I.. SoutnwMl.rnpi 18K 1t 1K IS.
Blltar OrtlBr.u. ...... ibU SSW Lii RsQ
SoatBara PmIUc ,,. 36J4 SOW Ills! SSm
Iol.Adii Atl.orAN.li. -JS 'j 3S 'i8
'im. AO.Oan 4T 47 47 47
tiLuuPaelaa.lia.. 10 111 IS 10
Waatarn Onloa Tal.. . 'JeW VH4 V7M UIH
JwbMliacAUka En. 'isU tsta Wl 'i'S
WlmlitaaLaa. K.pl.. io 7eH 70 7ul
lilnlna stocks.
The following are the closing quotations ot
mining stocks at the Consolidated Exchange
to-day :
I UII. AitiJ.i Bhl. Atid.
American llororataka 14 00 U.lHl
Ms 01 .09 Hem fill. . 3. HI -
Allv. S'l .Oi'.lrauSllrar. .Cu
Aditoal'un 1.00 Irca IUII. . .1(1 ,'J
AapanM.A IKIacatoaA
1 K Co., l.dl) -t pain 50
Hall lata.. .US .'.Ul.actaea. . ,113 .UK
Unlet. r ., I .'1 l,rt. On, .14 ,IA
ll'.t l.lttleCMaf .14 ,7
Bilclier.. l.U U.il l.eu
Hulie - .: Maullov, .. ,'ii
Hular.... ,dl Mon., , .III
llirrelona. .0.1 -. Ifiiiin u& .15
Hrae .-:.V - With Jl.l.a
Srnnaiun. II .If lal 01 .'JO
Hflutont. ,.)i .37 Nurlh Star r,3u
Catemiala lOnlaiiu... 30.011 4l.au
II. II. . ,!IV l.OOOpblr . . 'J.00 -
Ctaahar ... .45 -.Oilantil A
Croan P't. .4 Mlllrr ... .OR
l on. Iniu... . lePlriuauth . .75
rurr.oiiie. ic .'J5lpboeiii.d .10 -
I'aalleCr'k - .OilPSoaBla A. .ii .00
I'ol, Ln... .QU KeblntuD
Con Cai. ' Cau .. .35 .60
III. 10 -SaTiae..... .60 -
Cimtlovk llarra N,. 110
Stork .11 13 rttaadard . 1.4a
Honda . IB. 00 Slnrinonnt. - .OS
vtip. in en iintlaro, .1,11
' nunkin . .10 sn hetiat
Ileailoo.il tian...... .10
Terra . 3 la 3.20 tlliarl.irl .3n
KarataC'n I.4H - 'mall ll'n'a .UU
, l.l.l-ll.l.... .JO -til. !lu, Co
iailiar I). i of I. V .30
I eni.t . , .?S rii.aona.. - .'ll
Cf.ul.l .1 i loan tu
Cirry .74 lllilimrut.. 100
Hal A Nor- Ward l, in I.I .'.3
flu, 1,011 V.l..llcll .40
, In-
. tri'l cf !ci
V and siifTerlnp':
t healthy nrol
. Tifjnriius, la-
I w tlcid of worn.
I v out nml weak;
I XbrlBht eyr.i,
j I clear skin, rosy
JfWiffliok JLL.ac!ioekK--you
TCJifc- 4 -) -L. wouldn't thlrk
E9KHkjHMaaBKcaBBBl " yra!i "i0 Kxmn
w o m nn , and
It's pll rlun to t!io usoof n few bottles of
Dr. Pierre's l'aToritn PiTserlptlop.
I AVhat tlili tnnUcIr.o tins ilono for thou
sands of dollenta sroinrii. It will il for
yr.i:. If yott'ro ovenvorfccl nml debili
tatcd, il will bull .vou up if you're
Isirno down v7lth Iho chronic ncbespalns,
nail woiItnrs:n ioculior to your sex, It
! leUrvrs .-.ml t-niT". It In'.Igcratn th
tj-ste.ii, p.iridcs tbo blood, iniprovc-s dt
Ctwtirn, and rettoreo flevli nml (.tirnfrth.
J Kor nil tho painful (rrcstilai'itlra nnd
diseases of wimion pcri-xilenl imltis, pixv
I lapsv; cril o'her ill'rphrcti-.rnts, i'carms-
, down r-nfi'io'is, nml wroUiiM 0", It'd the
1 onfi rcmislr w offoctivo thnt it can b
B'iinr.t.ifelf If it doesn't benefit or
nirs. yen lievo your merer tsck.
li You vvani"tuTalFe Tea it Perfecloi
'i t oi;.. -.tl" ! i'a. i
If yivi ueOerloii le. we title t'a btiait in till.
, .lr, al el tn i.r ib. 'irrit.
II yon u I'oflae, Irr rnir "4S ' I lendi to uuli.1!
1 o'ir " 41" r... II la in ben Send for a iirli.
la to
I'sjl," 4N4.X A KI'JIP,
4) toil 43 Ve.er .1.. .Van York t'itr.
IIi.ii'I he iiqnl a lion I e al
Venetian Liniment.
Tiilieu Inlrrunllv It art like n e.bnrui
far bolrra.ll an rira. Diaeutf r. t?ollr.
'rami., BM.rn. ftek .lleadaelie, A.e.
vViinustril i.rrirtlly kainltu, tre
tf.lt. aeroansaml"; rneU.hottln. alao
I dlrnlloua larrae.l lls.qnililaaand pl
t-tratlaar aualltira Sra frit l-iaedlaioly,
U reals, bsld by ail Urauliit.
' 'H
The Health Board Apparentlj WMBH
Much to Investigate; lf
Itnpoulble to Kep Track t KT9M
Uate of Ita, It to BaM, ,!$
A report to the effect that there had V jj
wholesale disregard among ra(dtalfakij
conditions of th permits for the trlktV';w
ment uf rags Issued by the Brooklya aassssfa ,
authorities was current to-day. cvflMH
It is well known that there are b-tM)YIl
If not thousands oven, ot bale of rt''
stored In Brooklyn, notwlthataadlaf IMtsft'dM
that no storage permits have been lasattt svJmB
tho Uealth corqmlssloner since rsbnunr. ,-H'i' B
so certain Is It that dealar In rf I Tf'
nored th condition In th bonds nalia ,-lj
they are allowed to carry on bolRett4MMi9
was laid this morning that a rtfld lQTMMf4'
tlun would be made. .''.'. ssaal
Dr. D'llomerguo, head ol the pTialta)lrjlK
said to-day that owing to the large asatlir ;'r
ut shipments ol rag received entry avv;.U,i
It Is impossible to keep tract otsvi7M3. )!?
All tbs rags ar uppoaed to be sold mmm '(?
arrival, and to belaken outtid ta pHaja rH
county lines without being landed. !
sometimes, the doctor Mild, the afresta W jwti
unable to dispose of the whole conslgsi" &
teioreband, and thirty or lorty tales WnlM 5
be leit over from a shipment. sJi.LU
It wai fair to suppose, ho added, that ,
or these bales Ond their way Into steraM ;0
houses In splto of tho vigilance ot the offloaraV (
It is t xpe:tcd that a report will us nuvde t "
Health commissioner Orimn before night (,
spcctlng the true state of affair. XSaaal
aaa 3saal
Ona of the Watar Tower Craw JIr.'A
on tho Way to It. '!
A Pro broke oat at l.soo'etoethlsaors."H
lng on tha fourth floor ot tns Ov-tory blink i
building 74 to 78 cuff street sd7tall.-H
Ferry streeu " faaai
The flarots were coqQncd to tat 4rr''v
the structure occupied by Charles 11. BcWreV,)5
k Co., manuttcturers nt leattw Mlf. 7.!v
total loss on stock 1 IL',000 and to the bu8: ." M
lag the tame. -, 1-:.
Whllo responding to the alarm, TruK '
liellly, one of tbo crew of Water Tower 5o.l,.fM
fell from the machine and Injured his rtfh't
leg. ,,bbb1
T'our work horses were suffocated by a Bra vV'saal
which broke out nt IMS a. h. tt-day in it J
stablo ;.'ui itivlngton streeu They werai
owned by L. u. Prusch, John Decker. Heary
Loch and John Bsdon, carunen. Tha loak-
1,000. "AlM
- f BBBl
$400,000 Dunsge-A Nw,s?i
Ooss to Pres Amid Hamasl'' -"j B
AcarsTA. (is., Aug. tl7. Fire tbl moralSf 'mM
destroyed the Alexander Druf 4t4J
Seed company Building, Fleming ', 5;
Bowles's furnlturo warthouM, u,. ".fiaal
smytho'i crockery store, Harry Hall's PMHH
fraph gallery. Joseph It-Lamar's Uwa4oa,'9
homas c Barton's wholesale moaio sad ssr-iB
lug.macniues. the residence ot Leroy MUtrH-lH
I and thn VhrouMe office. Loss estlmataa at-V'iB
400,000. taana1
The entire morning edition ot the CArnUets '-S1
was worked off while the bulldlsg watt S
flames. ' ',X"'-,J
PEOPLE'S V!SMr c. -.t p-v--. 9
if ait Wak Tha Vnattta. TSVeJIaaaal
'. ,atifJW
aerand Proprietor. WMkoomaMsefas AaeviSKa'iVvanTaa
Mat.. I'um.. Wed. and bat,;! UarrAaWa '"
alttad by Mlae Kmll Hicl and anparb aaas. 4a)AV9BH
THIS PLAKTKHR Wlft. Matt aV-MIasSaifi
at Bladlar la Ta Par Trala. r1fj
' lim
San rl.....f .31 1 Baa a.U ..C.43 I Mooa aata.. .S
ston watxr touat. :i''1bb1
A. M. , K,-vl.
Saadrtfoak JJ.rO jj.l -
floTinor'a falaod 11.1 11. av4bbb1
Hall Uat. 1.01 - 3
Low water to-dat. V , ifl
Sandy Hook , 4.SI L(l ''!)
(loTernor'e Uland.... a.00 ft. J-jB
UallO.le....,, CST 7. 1 J ?
Toclianga Ki.lern atandard tlaa toNwY
maaa tiuiaaubtraut four mluntaa. j aaaal
x ARatvrr. i t.'!fl
I Steamer La Toaraln. I.'apt. Fraaa-s!. Ita '.'!
Ilitte au.. iO, with raarebaudlM, ) oah.a aa. - .'SBBI
.a.i strarax vaaeeoger. lo A. torstt, an leas a .!
tl.bwatoA. M. . .v;
Sl.m,r Call.it. Cant. Wlaekltr, fron etaavaaea
Aov. 14. Tit Ua.ro IT.wlth raaaaea, U aHE .!
and oi atoeraa taaaoiara to II. J.Corlla, aTmain.
at tne bar al C.30a. M. 'fVOmU
Steamer Cltrof Blrmioshas., Cast. BJt. frs ;;?)
Saranaaii An. 14, attb maransBSlte aaapiaaao. -)
sere to K. I. Walkar. . ,1,SB
. vlLai
Ar.borla. Ctaasov. ' '
Am.lerrtam. UMUrtuua. ,'bbb1
Allaa, KU(Ua. i'Vaaaal
llama, liarohura. ' u
Eme. Breaaea.
l-truria. Uferpool. e Hffj
Knletattoekot. It- Or ea-. .-ATaaal
1 a Hrelaane. Havre. VaBBal
MIhImIrpI. loBiloa. 'Jt
Soecea, llalvaalon. bbb1
Naeaaa, iJrerpoul ibbbbI
Werra, uaaua. IbbbI
, Vuionil, Usr.ns. '' Ij9H
TO IAU. ACS. 3. naBal
aiolletfaea. P.mtaatSs? Y
Caarokee.CStrle.lrB . 41bb1
.NaixxHbee, SafaBaaU S.MPM .JH
PI Drrtdo. Sa Orlaana LMPK 'l
II.t.1, nremea 10.MAM aaai
to bail avo. II, Waaai
Alho., Klncatoo , .. usbbbbI
t lly of Paile. Llrerpooi 13. tO It Yt
li.tioanlr, l.nsrpoul . , I'aaal
Nltfatt, Ha.ana 1.00PM .-" t . iaaal
Muoralaud, Antwerp 11.04JB1-
San Mircoe, Galfeituu S,MPal
Mr to-dat. i Vraaal
Andef.KinAitnnABt.il. ''.'''Baaa!
Suirento. llaiounrr Aus. 11. . .A cannS
At eiuta vietorla. Itanibnrt Ang. IS. -JbbbbI
I JaodaS Ullr. Sweu.ee A at. 13. ' r'BBBBai
PUiiua, (ilbraliar Aus. 13. K ftsanfl
PCS A CO. . ''' V5
Ar'rone. Llrerneol Aaa. 30. I' j'naH
t'ne.f.la, lllaa.ow Aus. 19. fSal
','aronlr. Ll.erpool Ana. 19. AA SJV v
Slate of Lallfiinla, lllaetow Ana, lie ,'ffaaB
bsrvia, Liverpool Aug. 'iu. li(ieBBBBl
1 1 1 Atrn. 3. -'.bbbbi
Al.ena Port 1,'mon Of. 30, ' 4eBBBai
Colotado. Hull Aur. 1 . -.'tfaBBBBl
Ma , Eren en An .30. &&bbbbbi
Tmatao, U.varia Au., id. H
lcr. Alio. S3. 'CTaaH
Prlealand. Antaerp Am. 30. itALU
i'ewpott. Colon Auc. 3. saaal
Pjlfnoela, UtBibars Aaf. 14. !?4anna
cue too. 31. 'aBal
Telooplf, f.lT.roel Aaf. 34. XimmW
I thn. Hretnen Aoa. TU. - ''TOAaaal
Veeadam. ttitlerdam Ae(, 3D, ..SaBBai
I Matlol.St. cltta Aug. 21. t -Rjaanfl
bt'r ttrr. I. ,'sbbbbI
I. Una, Chrialltneand Aus. 1. r'rllwBBBl
Cit ol Wastuuxloa, llATana autr, 31. . !
t'OltUlUN POUTS. i-wbbbbI
IrvcASLS.I J'.4bbbb1
lflM, Aur. 37.-T WnlUJUr Ifaa ltaalK
floilo.alud (ton. LiTetpoolfur W.w TerkBttJt
p. M. Aug. 30. ' vVHH
Weather Foraortat. 'tjBaaai
'or n ruin- eitavui al s r. tl. S''ii1t!jH
.Vui'lft'r'vw'""r, AMs"i, ywfuwrd by ft tAB
fii7 ; ttttlluiwtt) teiApevntxr ; Irak north '9
rru-frrftfto.'iid, -V'' ' -"laaaal
Th loUowicg record tfaowi the cVvstsjM M
th eapcrtur acrlaf tM'SBStaHMI)'1
.n...M1 .!., .l A.-,.lll,USJ.al
rVv' ' bbbbbbbI
' - ' TH ''' aillVl -'bI -Ji-----aB

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